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RE: Where can I find steel 16x8" 8 lug wheels for 2500HD

Try your local junk yard, it should be full of them. Try craigslist, there are tons of guys who just can't resist buying a $xxxx set of fancy wheels, they need to sell their old wheels to offset the cost of the new very expensive wheels. The dealer may have some steel wheels that are used dealer takeoffs, and will carry a lower price. Rock Auto parts has had some good prices on new replacement wheels. Shipping will have to be factored in. I have had good luck with craigslist. I would not buy a set of wheels off of Ebay unless it was also local. It costs a lot of money to ship a wheel. Also, some Dodge wheels will fit older, GM 8 bolt trucks. This gets tricky because of bolt covers. Finally, GM in the past 2-3 years changed its bolt diameter. Older wheels do not fit newer trucks without an adapter and vice versa. Good Luck.
Oldtymeflyr 04/03/14 01:29pm Truck Campers
RE: More suspension help!

We use Air Lift bags, I think they are about all the same on a 2006 GMC 2500HD 4WD. Our camper is about 3500#. The air bags work well. The key is not to over inflate them. I inflate until the main spring pack is about to separate from the factory overload spring. The over load spring keeps the truck from swaying and at that point our truck is about level. I am not sure how your 2005 2500HD GM does not have overloads, I think it came from the factory that way. Were they removed? Good Luck.
Oldtymeflyr 03/20/14 09:26pm Truck Campers
RE: Winches: update -- problem solved, thanks to you!

Drill the hole in the concrete just very little larger than the steel bolt. It should go in fairly easily until you reach the soil beneath the slab, count on 3to 4 inches, then when you pull on the bolt sidewise, it should not pull out if you have done things correctly. I then counter sink the hole in the concrete too keep it from chipping at the surface. Good luck.
Oldtymeflyr 03/20/14 04:45pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Winches: update -- problem solved, thanks to you!

I use a winch to move our TC dolley. First is your winch mounted to a "board." I would switch that out to a piece of flat steel then securely attach the chain to the steel, I would use all steel for the winch assembly. Our winch is attached to the 6" concrete floor with a grade 8, 5/8" steel bolt 10 inches long, its a jam fit and its not coming out with any side pressure on the bolt. As far as whether the winch is able to be reused, unless it is physically damaged, that is burned up or the gears are stripped it can be unwound and start over. I use 3/16 inch steel cable and keep it from kinking too badly by going slow and sometimes, with the winch stopped I will grab the cable, wearing gloves and manhandle it into position. It works surprising well and has for 5 years. You may just need to start over with a new cable and be careful with it and don't let it kink. My cable wants to lay flat on the winch drum and when that wrap of the drum is full, start the next warp and that is where there can be trouble, just go slow and make the cable do what it needs to do and you will be okay. You will have the same problem you now have with the new miracle ropes. They will bunch up as well. Some boat winches use a flat strap, that will work but abrasion is an issue. Good luck.
Oldtymeflyr 03/20/14 08:31am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Time for new E rated tires. Any suggestions?

I too had been a fan of the Michelin's but not so much since they appear to have started having problems with their newer tires. The truck currently has Firestones and they have been working out well. I really don't know about mileage yet. Also, I use Tire Rack as a data base a lot but I find that they do not have all of the sizes of tire available on their spec lists. The Nitto Duras look good.
Oldtymeflyr 03/18/14 08:01am Truck Campers
RE: Trip Report: First trip 2014 Kodiak, Alaska

Nice, very nice. Rick
Oldtymeflyr 03/12/14 08:21am Truck Campers
RE: A camping year in review

That a pretty good idea. I enjoyed it. Rick
Oldtymeflyr 03/11/14 01:44pm Truck Campers
RE: Would you buy a truck on ebay?

I have bought three vehicles over the internet(long distance), including one on ebay and one on Craigslist 1200 miles away. We have also purchased a used low mileage truck from a dealer 1000 miles away. They were as advertized and have been good vehicles. You have to be very careful. If you are looking for a good financial deal long distance, its not easy when travel/shipping is included. If you are looking for a particular vehicle or an extremely low mileage vehicle, then maybe it would be worth pursuing. A lot of question asking and also getting lots of photos. Yes, I get the carfax etc. and they do help. Ultimately you just have to look at the vehicle, there is a lot that does not show up in pictures and on paper. If a vehicle is available locally its almost always the better option to pursue financially.
Oldtymeflyr 02/27/14 07:21pm Truck Campers
RE: Questions on an enclosed trailer

We have two tracks of E Track on the floor. We tie down primarily cars. Some E Track on the walls. Its a good product. We bought more clips because we found them useful. Interior bedliner. We just don't need it. I would think it would work well in wet situations. Good Luck.
Oldtymeflyr 02/23/14 07:04pm Truck Campers
RE: 8 gauge wire feed for truck camper?

You do not need to run another power line if you have the camper wiring you have described. A wiring diagram for the wiring bundle should be in your owners manual. The wire will probably not be an 8 gauge wire, its smaller. Our camper has the battery relay/isolator installed in the camper and will isolate the camper from the truck starting battery when the engine is not charging. If your camper does not have a battery relay/isolator its probably best if you do install one either in the engine compartment or in your camper ahead of the camper batteries/electrical system. Good luck.
Oldtymeflyr 02/23/14 05:33pm Truck Campers
RE: Cast Iron Nightmare??

Media blasting will do little more than clean the surface of the pan. I would not waste the media to do it. WD40 has a flash point, I am sure that a charcoal fire or the oven will easily exceed the flash point of WD40--that will burn away the oil. Time is on your side. The oil if any in the pores will work its way out of the pan to the surface and there may be some ash. Wash the ash away and do the heating/cleaning process again. Fire is a wonderful cleaner. If its a particularly rusty piece I will have at it with a wire brush or scotch brite pad on a die grinder. It can look very stark. I like old cast iron and have a number of pieces, when I get an old piece of cast iron I use the above process and when done cleaning, they are clean and ready for seasoning.
Oldtymeflyr 02/22/14 07:44am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: astoria campgrounds

We have been in both Cape Disappointment and Ft. Stevens. Both are good parks with about the same space between campsites. Ft. Stevens is a larger park, it is spread out and it is just bigger than CD. The facilities, grass and trees are all very nice at Ft. Stevens. We did not feel crowded. Cape Disappointment is a smaller park, the roads are narrower. It is on the water which is nice, but more so it is just different from Ft. Stevens. Its easier to get into Ft. Stevens make reservations for Cape Disappointment. I personally think both are very good state parks. Good Luck! Rick
Oldtymeflyr 02/10/14 12:54pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What is the best way to check propane amount?

We have a horizontal tank, the gauge is terrible, if it wiggles when shaken, then I know something is in the tank. When we fill, we will put the date on a piece of blue tape and attach it to the tank. We generally know how much we use per day of use, its pretty reliable in the summer. In late fall and winter we will use a lot more fuel. I might try the HFIR and see how it works. The sonic gadget, if it works would be worth it. Rick
Oldtymeflyr 02/09/14 10:01am Truck Campers
RE: Green River Ut

Green River is one of those have to places, if you have to, you go to the place. We have been going through Green River for probably 40 years(We used to stop, not so much in the past 10 years.) It has a decent museum. Somebody said there was a decent hamburger in town, maybe one place, maybe so. Go figure a bar in Utah. From what I can tell its one of those towns whose best days are in the past. Good Luck! Rick
Oldtymeflyr 02/08/14 05:57pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Battery charge leads for pop up TC

On our Outfitter we have an inverter/charger. It has worked very well. Battery Minder of battery charger fame has a bunch of connectors listed on Amazon. We have one on a pesky BMW battery..... and its well made, cheap and works. Good luck.
Oldtymeflyr 02/06/14 06:40am Truck Campers
RE: Which Differential for Truck Camper

Really it comes down to the gear ratios in your transmission. What is a 6-7-8 speed? Compare those ratios with your experience and you will find that you have at least 2 overdrive ratios and maybe a very low, 1st gear. Our 2006 GMC has an Allison 6 speed, 3.37 gears (an 8.1-the 8.2 was never an engine installed at the factory)and the GMC will not go into 6th gear with the camper unless its flat, very flat and with the slightest rise it will drop to 5th gear. We have installed slightly larger tires and our adjusted axle ratio is now 3.42. We had a diesel and some things I miss, but when we needed a new truck we went with a used, very low mileage and hard to find 8.1 GMC. Good Luck!
Oldtymeflyr 02/01/14 10:46am Truck Campers
RE: Battery Question

I put a second battery under the hood of our 2006 GMC. The battery tray comes from GM and was not that expensive maybe $30 (if the junk yard has a GM diesel, then you may be able to get the part for less). We are using the Blue Seas battery relay/isolator shown in RoyB's post. We put the camper on and take it off at the drop of a hat (a lot.) I do not want to be disconnecting another battery and finding some place for it at a camp ground or have another battery at the house. In the truck its always ready for use. Our camper, an Outfitter plugs into the trailer plug at the back of the truck. I am now in the process of doing the wiring. One of the steps I am undertaking is to remove the power wire from the fuse box and run it directly to the new second battery. The planning is done I just need to do it. When I am done the truck will run off of the original battery and when the truck is running it charge the second battery and the batteries in the camper. The second battery will be available to the the camper at all times, once I remove the relay/isolator from the camper (also in RoyB's post-I could have used that relay by moving it to the truck, but chose to use the Blue Seas due to convenience.) The Blue Seas relay/isolator in the truck will protect the trucks starting/running battery. We will then have three batteries to power the camper. If the truck starting battery needs a boost we would have to use jumper cables from the second battery to the truck battery although we could jump the Blue Seas relay/isolator with a short piece of cable. Good luck.
Oldtymeflyr 01/26/14 10:12am Truck Campers
RE: Enough power?

We have an 85 watt panel and it has worked okay with a two 6 volt 235 amp deep cells. We are good for two days in the winter without starting up the truck. Our camper has LED's because we use the lights in the winter quite a lot. Next on our list is a 140 watt panel, our controller is good to about 25 watts. My recommendation is to bite the bullet and go with a bigger panel and a bigger controller. The thing I really like about solar is that its always trying to work, if there is enough light its working. A generator is noisy, dirty, takes a lot of valuable time and work. Solar is the best. Good Luck!
Oldtymeflyr 01/23/14 06:53pm Truck Campers
RE: Trip report : Christmas in Cornwall

Nice trip. These winter trips have always been fun for us. Nothing to complicated and lots of relaxing time. After Christmas, we headed off to Glenwood Springs, CO for a bit XC skiing and dip in the hot springs. A two night affair. We enjoyed your trip repot, thanks! Rick
Oldtymeflyr 01/08/14 03:43pm Truck Campers
RE: 2013 Holiday Trip

Thanks, I needed that. Rick
Oldtymeflyr 01/07/14 10:54pm Truck Campers
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