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RE: Winter camping in a popup?

We have been down to -10 degrees several times with our Outfitter. No problems. We do cover the large window by the dinette and that is about it. We have a heated basement and two 6-volt batteries. We have solar which generally helps and just in case have a 350 watt Honda generator for the starting battery, have never needed it. We use the factory furnace. Winter camping is good. Good luck.
Oldtymeflyr 11/21/14 10:14pm Truck Campers
RE: If Anyone is Looking for an 8.1 Burb - NOT MINE!

CDlaine; Its not unusual for GM or for that matter any of the big companies to produce hundreds or in the case of GM thousands of units either on order, for inventory or just to use up parts. I know a fella who bought up 50 of the high hp Buick Grand National engines, how many years has that been and he still has a couple. According to GM they do not supply the 8.1 GM engines GM racing is another animal, but they are not and have not offered the 8.1 because the 502 based on the 454 is a better platform for a high performance engine. I have noticed that Mercury Marine is offering the 502/8.2 engine in their current lineup so GM or a supplier must be making it, maybe someone like Dart. Probably more than needs to be said. Thanks.
Oldtymeflyr 11/15/14 11:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: If Anyone is Looking for an 8.1 Burb - NOT MINE!

There is a reason the 8.1 isn't built to put in pick-ups any more. For the cubic inches it is it is weak. The 8.1 at the time was the classical big torque gas engine and it does the job of towing very well and when not towing it likewise performs very well. The reason the 8.1 is not made any more has nothing to do with its performance. First emissions were an issue and big bore long stroke engines would take more engineering and more money to produce. Secondly and more important was the fact that an 8.1 was a $1000 option give or take a few bucks. The diesel was an $8000 option probably adding a few bucks, the diesel also helps mileage ratings. GM would rather sell the diesel, then the gas engine. Also, dropping an 8.1 engine, which GM did in in 2007 from the truck line would save money. After mid 2007 the 8.1 engine continued to be used in marine applications. As of this year the 8.1 is no longer produced for any market. I have had diesels in the past, and they are the tow beasts. There are certain advantages in a gas powered tow vehicles (we have owned two 8.1) and that is why last year we bought a low mileage (under 50k) 2006 GMC 2500HD after having spent 150K miles in our previous diesel.
Oldtymeflyr 11/15/14 08:32am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tear in cover

"Sailrite" has a tape product that is pretty good for patching canvas. The price as a tape is somewhat expensive but for what it does its economical. My ADCO cover was okay after the first year, there were problems after the second year and after the third year it was thrown out. The wind is not their friend. Good Luck.
Oldtymeflyr 11/13/14 08:37am Truck Campers
RE: TC Tour of Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks

Very Nice. Thanks. Rick
Oldtymeflyr 11/12/14 07:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Frong suspension upgrades for GM, any experience?

Our camper adds 300# to the front suspension. Our current engine is an 8.1 but when we had the diesel there was a lot more weight on the front end because of the diesel. My torsion bars are cranked up approximately 1 inch. No alignment was necessary. I have done this on both a 2004 diesel and our current 2006 8.1. There have been absolutely no problems and no unusual tire wear. I am now running 285/70/17 tires. You are right to focus on the bump stops. They are important to the GM 2500 series suspension and that is the reason yours are shot. I switched out to Z71 yellow polyurethane bumper #15835667 on both our former diesel and our current 8.1. Probably 100K miles on them. They have worked well. I looked at the product you are looking at but based on other recommendations, I went with the GM product and have no need to change.
Oldtymeflyr 11/11/14 08:10am Truck Campers
RE: Pop-up lift options?

Regardless of the camper you choose, the Fantastic fan does help with cranking the top down and sucking in the canvas. Our Outfitter has it and it works well. Secondly, Heco is a good lift but it will eat old cranks. The old cranks have a soft gear and they just wear out. Plan on buying a new crank. Good luck!
Oldtymeflyr 11/05/14 02:28pm Truck Campers
RE: Tucson area

We have been to Tucson many times and have seen ATV's on the city streets, like Speedway. Not my thing, but ......
Oldtymeflyr 11/05/14 12:16pm Snowbirds
RE: How do you get toasted?

A cast iron frying pan. We just don't have a lot of space.
Oldtymeflyr 10/31/14 02:40pm Truck Campers
RE: September in Washington (North Cascades & Olympics)

Nice trip report. Thanks.
Oldtymeflyr 10/27/14 08:29am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: cooking grill

We always carry a Coleman Grill Stove. It fits and its always allowed to be used, even during fire bans, at least around here. We carry charcoal, and I actually prefer charcoal but its not as fast or convenient. We have not had trouble finding a grill to use charcoal and sometimes we carry a small hibachi.
Oldtymeflyr 10/19/14 03:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Need New Shocks

KYB mono max. They work for our rigs. Good luck.
Oldtymeflyr 10/10/14 11:20am Truck Campers
RE: Furnace power draw

We have a low temperature thermostat, it goes down to 35 degrees. It really cuts down on the cycling and keeps the tanks warm enough not to freeze. We can live with it quite well, not all people can. Good luck.
Oldtymeflyr 10/10/14 11:18am Truck Campers
RE: Truck starter dead?

Its starter related. It sounds like the solenoid is gone and the starter may be bad as well. We had a 1993 Suburban and it worked hard and the exhaust would burn up the starter and or solenoid. Good luck.
Oldtymeflyr 10/03/14 07:12am Truck Campers
RE: Pop-Up Truck Camper

We have had both. Previously we had a Lance, now we have an Outfitter. A big plus on the tent type is mobility in the back country. Ours is just low enough to keep on going whereas a full height TC is going to be bushwacking a lot of limbs causing damage to the camper, or just not able to proceed. On side hills we generally have an advantage of a lower center of gravity. As far as setup, for us its not an issue, maybe 3 minutes at the most, if a full height TC has a slide well its about the same. From my experience its just easier to unload a popup and it fits in our garage. Part of it may be the electric jacks. Some people talk about boondocking being more difficult because the popup is showing, well most people just don't know and don't care. Its never been an issue anywhere, including downtown Washington D.C. Oh, how about those bears. Our roof fully loaded is probably about 700 lbs, drop that on a bear that is dumb enough to climb up 7 feet, and try to get in through the vinyl and he is going to have a sore neck. A bear is more likely to come in through a lower open window or a door, and guess what, a hardside has the same openings. Winter, we are comfortable down to about -20 degrees. We like ours, The hardside campers have their supporters, and that is fine with me, to each their own. We have owned ours for 7 years and 60,000 to 70,000 miles. We plan to keep it for the foreseeable future. Good Luck! Rick
Oldtymeflyr 09/23/14 07:51pm Truck Campers
RE: Another Alaska trip

Heck of a trip. Well documented. I look forward to looking at it in more detail when the weather is cold and the snow deep. Thanks. Rick
Oldtymeflyr 08/20/14 09:33am Truck Campers
RE: outfitter apex 9.5

We have a 2007 model that we bought used from Outfitter in 2009, it had very little use on it. We have put a lot of miles on it well in the excess of 40,000 miles. If the outfitter are looking at has the electric waste valves, you may want to make sure they open and keep them open and just use the outside valve. Our black water waste valve has failed and its necessary to do a repair, this is not easy or inexpensive. The water tank drain valve needed replacement. I replaced the original batteries this past spring. We do regular maintenance, all RV's need it. Both my wife and I are very happy with our choice. Its a good solid, quiet, comfortable and dependable rig. Knowing what we know today, yes we would buy another one. Good Luck.
Oldtymeflyr 08/12/14 03:49pm Truck Campers
RE: I70 west out of Denver

I think we can all agree that Friday afternoon is something to avoid if possible. We have a place just south of Georgetown and travel the road a lot. Its not unusual to find a dozen vehicles of all types and sizes on the side of the road on a hot Friday afternoon before you hit the top of Floyd Hill. With a big trailer and a hot afternoon, you have to watch the engine temps very closely. Even with a big turbo the grades do take the starch out of acceleration. Don't be surprised if you are near the bottom of your gear range, its just part of the mountain experience. Thousands of vehicles use the road every hour, its a nice route.
Oldtymeflyr 08/08/14 07:10am Roads and Routes
RE: Cottonwood Pass

I will second that every time we have been over Cottonwood pass its been wash boarded. The only thing to do is really slow down. Last year there was construction on the paved road between Almont and Taylor Park, it required a detour that was steep tight and generally messy. Some rigs would not like these conditions. Good luck.
Oldtymeflyr 08/08/14 06:57am Roads and Routes
RE: Sierra Spine Tingling road trip

Nice post.
Oldtymeflyr 08/05/14 02:08am Truck Campers
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