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RE: Lake Superior Circle Tour TR (pic heavy)

Good trip. My wife and I did it in 1973. That picture of the Bridge is a very good one. Thanks. Rick
Oldtymeflyr 09/20/16 08:50pm Truck Campers
RE: Trip report : Norway in the truck camper

Wow! Good TR. Thanks. Rick
Oldtymeflyr 09/20/16 12:51pm Truck Campers
RE: Camping well below freezing - Sweden over winter

One issue is the propane regulator, it may very well freeze, we have had that happen and of course things don't get warmer. (The Dakotas 2015, that was 41 below zero, we hit the motel.) Our other problem in very low temperatures was a freezing water line, added a 12v 2" computer fan and that circulate heated air to the right location. Tanks, we will put in window washer fluid or the non toxic anti freeze. People stay in mobile homes in these sever low temperatures, no reason that a TC cannot do it with the proper set up. If electricity is available I would use it for heating and cooking--no flame and put insulated covers over the TC, like are used to insulate concrete. Its still cold. Good Luck.
Oldtymeflyr 09/19/16 07:21pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck Camper Disposal?

I would suggest listing it for $50 and see what happens. Free can cause lots of problems. Some of the car recyclers will take an RV, I know that Colorado Auto Parts has a few. Also, Five R specializes in RV recycling. Otherwise, see what Waste Management policy is on taking it at one of their transfer sites. Also, Douglas county has a disposal site just north east of Sedalia. It its a go, put it on a flat bed and haul it to the dump.
Oldtymeflyr 09/14/16 09:19am Truck Campers
RE: Advice wanted for RV Park near fly fishing

Why tie yourself down. At first you will probably want to move around a little. To check out an area, locate the fly shops. Visit the shop and you will get as good a local information as you can. Then work to find an RV site that is close to where you would like to fish. For instance in Tucson there is Dry Creek Outfitters. Phoenix is warmer but there are still fly shops in the area. Also, books such as "Guide to Fly Fishing in Arizona" will have tons of locations then work backwards to an RV site. New Mexico is just too cold for winter fly fishing for trout, kinda icy. I have a lot of guide books and have found them useful. Rick
Oldtymeflyr 09/06/16 01:49pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Dually Chains?

I don't like chains. I carry a set for the rear axle, we do have 4 x 4 which makes a big difference. We have not used the chains for maybe 10 years, and that is fine with me. In bad weather, there are two overwhelming issues that must be considered, visibility and the other vehicles. The road may be clogged with stuck vehicles and just because you can move does not mean that there is any place you can go. Just one truck across a two lanes in the middle of nowhere and its time to so something else. Classic case a spring storm on 285 south of Cumo Colorado, the road was snow packed, some blowing snow, visibility maybe 1/4 mile, not much traffic, but a small semi lost it on the first curve/downgrade south of Como. The road was blocked. If you know the area, there are not a lot of options. We returned to Arapahoe Hills.
Oldtymeflyr 09/06/16 08:04am Truck Campers
RE: cast iron burner

We have used that for fish boils and brewing beer. Put a cast iron griddle on it and cook a steak, I bet it would taste great.
Oldtymeflyr 08/25/16 07:01pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: How we make RV pizza

We have both and oven and Cobb grill and will use the Cobb in the summer and the oven in the colder season. Its fun to make Pizza while camping and it tastes good.
Oldtymeflyr 08/25/16 06:51pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Best lobster in Maine

As far as I am concerned there is no best. The people of Maine take their Lobster seriously and present it right. Just about anywhere is great.
Oldtymeflyr 08/19/16 02:17pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Tire inflation

Buy a 120V compressor. First is just much more powerful and durable. Secondly its cheaper. BTW, I use an old MV50 compressor that is the first 12v compressor that I have owned to actually work more than once on our 80psi tires. I like the Viair products but frankly the 120V contractor models are inherently more robust. Having a TC the most we can carry is a 12v model. Good luck.
Oldtymeflyr 08/17/16 03:31pm Beginning RVing
RE: TC with Aux fuel tank

If your budget is $4k, go with the trailer.
Oldtymeflyr 08/13/16 10:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Looking to downsize

You have to figure out what you want. Hard side, soft side we have had both. Liked both and now have a Outfitter. We have used ours in below zero weather a number of times and soft sides are no problem. We have an Outfitter shortbed because every inch counts. Out in the middle of the desert, what difference does it make. But a few campers going though the woods just a few inches taller us will clear the brush or give a good marker for where we might get into trouble. Cassette toilets are popular, we have a dump at home so its not a big issue for us. You have a Class A and are up to speed on dumping. We also carry a blue sewage tank. As far as stealthy camping, with a popup, we have been all over the east coast, In downtown DC they have no idea what a popup camper is, and with the roof lifted they don't have a clue. Its a problem for those who know truck campers because they know, but rest of the world is numb, funner than a crutch. We have only been run off one time from a parking spot in over 9 years. BTW, being from Colorado, take a look at TC's on the road. Its an interesting mix. To me there are a surprisingly large number of popup TC. As far as the weight goes, if you built your jeep, you can deal with the weight. Good luck.
Oldtymeflyr 08/13/16 08:14am Truck Campers
RE: Camper helping a camper... Stuck in Mub

I hate to say this but you had the solution, a good tow rope and maybe a shovel is all you really need. All the other stuff is for people looking for trouble, not that, that is bad. Besides all that equipment is too much work. You were just in a bad spot --- unlucky and all the skill, planning and equipment cannot prevent bad luck. In a reasonable amount of time someone will come along to help out and get things moving.
Oldtymeflyr 08/04/16 04:16pm Truck Campers
RE: TR Ironbutt Cannonball run: Grand Teton NP

You are good with the camera. Thanks, I enjoyed the pictures and the report. Rick
Oldtymeflyr 08/01/16 06:53pm Truck Campers
RE: Driving in the sand

Lake McConauay? We have been there many time. Try 65 psi. If that doesn't work then you can go down to about 40 psi. You should be okay. Just DON'T spin the tires, manage speed, sometimes slow some times a little quicker. Use low range always. And, carry a chain, someone will give you a tow if necessary, I think you will be just fine. Shovel, well, I don't believe in getting stuck. I have been to the east coast beaches and lets say its different, the rules, well... BTW, there is not much beach, we were there a couple of weeks ago and it was near max pool. On the east end there was some beach, not much, but the crowds should be gone for the most part. West, at Sand Point there was some beach, very limited. Have a good trip. Rick
Oldtymeflyr 07/26/16 05:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Detroit to Tucson...three weeks...?

I would not take highway 50. If you have a 35 foot trailer you are in for some excitement that would not be fun. Its two lane most of the way. Monarch pass is okay, then a pass or two here and there, then La Salle, its lonely out there and tight. You are best off to take I-70 then cut south to the Moab area. Much better roads, facilities and plow services, it can snow any day of the year in the high country. Yes, roads are closed in October. The Grand Canyon campgrounds close in part toward the end of September and more October. You need to look and have a plan. Most people seem to like the southern route. Good luck. Rick
Oldtymeflyr 07/24/16 05:32pm Snowbirds
RE: Electric Trolling Motor Battery Charging

Thanks for the comments. Outboard motors just do not produce that much surplus electrical energy. Our 30hp Honda has a total of 10 amps. We may run it for half an hour a day fishing and that's it. If it was EFI a lot of that 10 amps would go to the EFI system. I don't troll with the 30 hp because it will make oil. With a load it works just fine. I am going to look at the RC charger a little closer and see if it that will do the trick. I like this because it may be the simplest in the end, just one more not two more batteries. I will also consider a couple of smaller 12v batteries, one on the solar charger and using one. Our batteries in the camper are generally fully charged in an one to two hours, so there is usually plenty of time for charging the second trolling motor battery. Thanks, I will follow up with a report, probably in October at the latest. Rick
Oldtymeflyr 07/22/16 08:24am Truck Campers
Electric Trolling Motor Battery Charging

I am trying to figure out the best way to charge a 12v battery that I use to power an electric trolling motor. Our main boat engine's electrical system does not have the capacity to charge the trolling motor battery. Our TC has 180 watts of solar panels, approximately 17 volts, going to a Samlex a PWM controller rated at 30 amps charging two batteries. Right now the TC has two 12 volt batteries, but I can switch in two 6 volt batteries. We do not have an inverter. Our current solar system works well and we have all the capacity we need. We are usually off the grid, boondocking, when using the boat. Naturally we need to charge the battery in the evening or at night. I have thought about getting an inverter to run a battery charger and let it be at that. I have also thought about just rotating the 12 volt trolling motor battery into the camper battery bank and see how that goes, a little inconvenient. Any comments or suggestions? Rick
Oldtymeflyr 07/19/16 01:15pm Truck Campers
RE: LT 285/75R16 Michelin LTX Tires on stock GM Rims

I would not do it. The tire and wheel must be designed for one another, you will have more instability with the narrow wheel. We went with 285/70-17 on a Dodge wheel, Some years fit. Two years later and maybe 25,000 miles its been a good ride. $200 for the wheels in very good condition. We have Michelin's they are a very big stock tire. Costco will not mount the tires on the wheels on a GMC but they will mount the tires on the wheels on a Dodge. Costco mounts the tires, I mount the wheels on the GMC.
Oldtymeflyr 07/07/16 06:00pm Truck Campers
RE: Durango-Mancos-Rico west side of La Plata mountains Colorado

We were just in Durango for a few days. If you have a hose, most gas stations will let you fill up. Where you dump should be potable water. I have been in Santa Rita Park, I just don't remember the dump station. Durango has full services, Autozone's etc. They have a Walmart etc. Walmart is probably your best bet for miscellaneous camping stuff. There are hardcore backpacking stores in Durango. There are two campgrounds north of town, Rose something or the other and I believe United. The last one we stayed in was United and that was probably 13 years ago. Mancos, has a good fuel stop on the east side of town near a liquor store and at the intersection with 184. You can probably get water there as well. Remember you are in the west, things are still a little different, maybe a little more friendly.
Oldtymeflyr 07/03/16 07:22pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
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