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RE: RV Full Time with COPD

I am sure if they make a Bi-Pap Machine that runs on 12v. You can find a concentrator 12 volt. I have a Bi-Pap Machine that runs off 12v so you should do well, Good Luck. Talk to your doctor, about it. I am sure he can help you.
PatrickA51 08/31/14 02:17am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: shore power in campgrounds

i was at a state c g in Tenn this week and the 30 amp service didn't putoff the amps i needed my ice maker would not kick the compresser inbut when getting home it worked fine question is was the c g power tower not putting out full amps A few years ago, my SWMbO and I were on our way home from a 3 week trip. We got to Pomona,CA, and after driving from San Louis Obispo CA. We decided to stay at the KOA across from the L.A. County Fairgrounds. At 730pm it was so hot we needed to run the A/C there were so many RV's running their A/C units, The Power plug on the pedestal, was only putting out according to my Volt Meter, less than 100v. more like 90v if I remember correctly. We unplugged and fired up our Gen. Set. We went to another campground which we belonged to Colorado River Adventures, went to their Cherry Valley campground. The pedestal we hooked up to smelled like it was burn. Had to replace our power cord and converter. At the time our RV was less than 2 years old.
PatrickA51 08/26/14 01:00am Tech Issues
RE: Power levelers question

WE purchased the 22' C with out levelers and installed sizor jacks in the rear just for stability, and one automotive jack under the frame by the steps this one I have to crawl under, place and cranck, if you can aford the auto levelling jacks go for them, have found that as I grow older I have a harder time bending to crank the jack, I now use 3/4" socket an extention a rachet addapter and a 3' long handled bar to crank the dam things. navegator What he said.
PatrickA51 08/26/14 12:45am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Progressive Insurance

Thanks for the info. I won't use them but also because of the political views of the owner /person running the company. Why do you think they call it Progressive? X2! X3 Try Mercury Insurance we have had them for 8 years no problems. Had 2 claims. One for the awning and one for structural body damage. Both claims paid no questions asked.
PatrickA51 08/25/14 02:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Need some ref. for insurance on a new Lazy Daze

I thnk maybe you should take a look here.link
PatrickA51 08/25/14 02:02pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Xantrex Prosine 2.0 2kw Inverter/100amp charger install

Boaty, That's a great lookin' install. But I wouldn't put the inverter in the same compartment as your batteries, even with the new airflow, but that's just me. And, yes, I know that they're AGMs, but they can outgas in an overcharge situation. A small risk, but it is there. Xantrex Inverter Q&A Good call, I missed that - I think we all missed that. It's never recommended. Looks like an excellent job. I have that same inverter/charger in my RV. I would make one suggestion; get a 12v pancake computer fan. and install it in the compartment. The reason I suggest that, I used to get error messages almost all the time when we were out boondocking. I installed the fan,(like people do for the refrigerator) and our error problems went away. Just a thought great looking install.
PatrickA51 08/25/14 01:36pm Truck Campers
RE: Need some ref. for insurance on a new Lazy Daze

Will be ordering a new Lazy Daze next month and need some companies for quotes, and how you have been treated as a customer. Thanks John In OR. Mine is with Mercury. When I have had claims, one my fault one not, they were on it. I like them. They just insured my new to me Itasca plus my off road equipment, trailer,house, hot rod. I have an agent in town, they come to the house if you like. Compared to other insurance companies, you know the 15 minute or less routine, the rates and coverage by Mercury is very good . I would say Mercury Insurance. With our policy we have a great towing plan. We call who we want to use and they pay for it. We have Coach-net but my insurance carrier will pay better and get us a tow truck in less time than Coach-Net or Good Sams. Also we get a multi-Vehicle discount, also we have our home owners insurance with and get a discount for that also. You might check them out.
PatrickA51 08/25/14 12:41am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Current Tips on Solar Deals?

Forum Members Solar Installations With Pics That's great thank you for the links.
PatrickA51 08/23/14 04:25pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Solar question

I currently have 2 group 27's house batteries in my coach. That's all there is room for. They are newer batteries (year old) and have no desire at this moment to swithc them out for two 6 volts. Been seeing that solar prices are dropping....given the fact that we don't do a whole lot of dry camping... how much wattage would suffice to keep our batteries charged? When dry camping, we would only use battery power for the 2 fantastic fans, water pump, LED lighting, and maybe some tv daily (12 volt). No inverter at this moment and don't have one in my sites as of right now. We do have the onboard generator that could be used to recharge teh batteries, but am thinking it might be nice to have someone that can keep them charged up. It is hard to answer without knowing what your average daily amp hour usage is. I use an average of 30 - 35 amp hours per day & have no problem replacing it with a 95 watt panel in the summer (high angle sun) on clear days. On the other hand, in winter and cloudy days, it doesn't come close. I'm feeding a pair of 6V Interstate 232 amp hour batteries. I basically have a Solar System like vermilye. I have 3 solar panels 100w ea. I have a 2500w Xantex inverter. I also have 6 6v U2200 Interstate battery's when we camp we use BLM Campgrounds usually no hook-ups for sewer or water. Never electricity. AM Solar is where we got our system Good luck. Happy Boondocking.
PatrickA51 08/23/14 04:20pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Current Tips on Solar Deals?

We got our system from AM Solar
PatrickA51 08/23/14 12:53am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Late Fall boondocking?

Phil, I think that is the difference -- to us, cold is a rare, temporary, and refreshing change from the dull warmth of southern Calif. To someone from a cold climate, there is no magic in needless suffering. To illustrate, one winter we flew from LA to Portland. When our five year old stepped out of the plane into the jetway, he inhaled the cold wet air and exclaimed, "Wow! It smells just like the freezer section of the supermarket!" I can just see that. LOL I like the Eastern Sierras myself for a refreshing change.
PatrickA51 08/22/14 09:40am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: California Sighting--cool old RV

Looks clean and week taken care of.
PatrickA51 08/18/14 01:17am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Sewer vent smell - need advice

I am having an issue with sewer odors in my trailer. They seem the strongest around the toilet. I've done some research on here and I think I've narrowed it down to the rooftop vent for the black tank. Can someone please give me some advice on how I should or could repair this vent. The pictures below are for comparison between the rooftop vent for the gray tank (which looks normal to me) and the broken or incorrectly installed rooftop vent for the black tank. Here is a picture of the gray tank rooftop vent: Gray tank (normal looking vent) Here is a picture of the problem black tank vent. It may be hard to see from the picture but the black hose/pipe that should be above the roofline is approximately 3" below the roofline. It also seems that the vent cover is broken because there is a larger hole here. Black tank vent (broken or not installed correctly) Any advice would be appreciated on the repair. I think I will be replacing the cover with one of those 360 degree siphon types that I've read about. I haven't taken the entire vent cover assembly out yet because of the weather today. I don't have a replacement yet and I didn't want to leave it off over the night. This is only a suggestion, make sure that your ( P ) traps in your sink and shower has water in them. Especially, in the bathroom also close the bathroom vent closest to the sewer vent pipe. We made a trip and were almost driven out of our RV by the odor from the sewer tanks. Good luck have a safe trip.
PatrickA51 08/18/14 01:11am Tech Issues
RE: LA to North Cascades: 395/97/20 or I-5 thru Seattle?

As much as I dislike I5, that is the route I would take if time is important. Take the leisurely scenic road on the way back. X2 From my experience driving Trucks I would go up Hwy 97. Because I usually used 97 before I-5 was completed. But with the advantage of the completion of I-5 I would take I-5. Then when you come back take the scenic route. Have a safe trip
PatrickA51 08/15/14 05:29pm Roads and Routes
RE: what would you do?

Re: former post looking to buy..I did locate a '96 Coachmen 24WB that I love,BUT....it had a leak at one time (overhead cab,passenger side bunk window) that has been resolved..however left it with some delam under the window and some interior damage on the front panel. The rest of the coach is in pristine shape,extremely low miles,and owners state they bought it this way,owned it 3 yrs. And no leaks since...SO..if the price was extremely right, would you chance it? Bear in mind,as per my "looking to buy" post,this is not for a bunch of travel (been there,done that for 25 yrs.!) I can camoflage the interior part..just worried about the delam under the side bunk window...how could I cover that delam part to not be so obvious? I like my units to look nice! Janalee I would run away from that deal. I know been there done that. We bought one from a family friend Who's husband Died. One of our other friends, helped her convince us to buy it. Paid thru the nose. It earned the loving moniker MFH (Motorhome from Hell). The thing leak worse than a sieve. Can You say "Run Forest.....Run"? Also we haven't seen or heard from our so called friends since.
PatrickA51 08/08/14 04:00pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: We're too good for your campground!

Francesca, I am with you on this one. I would never even stop at that place after seeing it. It is not a campground, just a large parking lot. Not my kind of place for sure. I'd sooner stay home. Sounds like a couple that are in Pismo Beach. There isn't even enough room in between to open your awing.
PatrickA51 08/02/14 11:49pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Will a Ford 450 chassis work...

You should be able to tow a Jeep 4 down, I see people pulling Jeep Wranglers all over with class-c RV's all the time.
PatrickA51 07/12/14 11:53pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: New travel trailer expectations

Hello fellow campers. Purchased a new travel trailer last week. First trip for the 4 the weekend. Fresh water tank fell out at mile 105 and was drug down the interstate until fellow motorist flagged us down. Hole in the bottom skirting, many wires wore completely through, hole in water tank. None of the camper electrical works. Trailer lights seems fine. Home we went. My question to the experienced rv crowd. What should I do? Insist on a new one, settle for repairs, be compensated for my loss of use Return it as fast as you can. No excuse for things like that to happen. I would opt for a completely different brand by a different manufacturer. Get a Lawyer, take it back where you bought it. Contact the State Attorney Generals Office about it.
PatrickA51 07/06/14 02:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Class A with Rebuilt title

I need some information about buying a motorhome with a rebuilt title. The one we're going out to inspect had a salvage title as a result of a serious accident and has been repaired so it now has a rebuilt title. I'm suspicious it may have had water damage. So much of the vehicle has been repaired or replaced, but no frame damage. My inclination is to bypass this one, but I am curious if a vehicle that has water damage but has been repaired will ever be a safe one. In California if you submit a title with Salvage on it you will never get a clear Title. Can you say "Run Forest Run!" even if it's only water damage you will never be able to get what it might be worth ifand if you wanted to trade it in on a newer RV I doubt you will ever be able to get a dealer to take it. Good luck but bottom line is Run and Run as fast as you can. JMHO
PatrickA51 07/04/14 07:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: TKR--Tomorrows the day!!!

Good Luck. My wife had her ight knee done on the 17th of June. She came home from rehab on last Friday. Also she is climbing the stairs well here in our condo. Goes tomorrow to the surgeon for follow up appointment. I think he will remove the staples.
PatrickA51 06/30/14 12:04am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
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