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RE: You might be an RVer if.

I should have added that my birthday was this past Tuesday (8/19) and I got my senior pass at the Ranger station about 8 miles from my house.
PenMan 08/21/14 11:31am RV Lifestyle
RE: You might be an RVer if.

You might be an RVer if you go to the Ranger Station on your 62nd birthday to buy your Golden Age Pass (America the Beautiful senior pass).
PenMan 08/20/14 02:27pm RV Lifestyle
RE: External Speakers, do you really want them ?

I turned on our outside speakers once when we first got the TT. I needed to know what switch position I never wanted to turn on again.
PenMan 08/16/14 04:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: I'll never do that again

All I can say is been there, done that. We all live and learn, hopefully.
PenMan 08/14/14 01:26pm Tech Issues
RE: How did you wire your awning LEDs?

The motor is fixed to the arm. Wiring goes to motor. Motor turns gears that roll the awning, the motor does not move. No need for anything special electrically speaking for the motor. IF You wanted to wire the LEDs from the motor wiring, that's a different subject entirely.
PenMan 08/14/14 01:16pm Travel Trailers

The Garmin works fine as long as you stay on highways. If you leave the highway for city streets it always tells me it does not know about RV accessibility. I live 1/2 mile from I-40 with nice wide city streets and no underpasses etc. and I always get that message when I'm heading home. The only thing I like better about the new Garmin RV GPS is it is a nice monitor for the back-up camera.
PenMan 08/13/14 05:36pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Pen turning while on the road ?

Bring your hobby along. I use a large Oneway lathe at home but have thought about using a small lathe to make pens or other small items while on the road. I find that I stay too busy with other things while traveling so I have not brought the lathe along yet. I do carry a nice sampling of gift items I have made just in case someone is interested. BTW, my name says it all. :B
PenMan 08/12/14 02:19pm Full-time RVing
RE: plumbing question - PEX fittings; brass vs plastic

I have used both plastic and brass. The brass Sharkbite fittings hold great. I use a plastic Sharkbite fitting in the drain on my hot water heater with a piece of pex out of it so I can avoid the splashing. The pex does not leak when installed in the plastic fitting but it easily pulls out without use of the disassembly tool that is required on the brass fittings. If you are wanting a permanent connection (which can be taken apart with the special tool) I would definitely use the brass fittings even though they are fairly expensive.
PenMan 08/11/14 04:00pm Forum Technical Support
RE: open range travel trailers

My family has owned everything from TC, Hybrid, Class A, Class C, and now an Open Range TT. Based on my personal experience, it is the best RV we have owned and we have tried many different manufacturers. We have only had it for 1-1/2 years but so far the only problem was a bad propane regulator which OR quickly replaced. They do come with China bomb tires so we are already looking at replacing them. I'm a big guy (almost 400 lbs.) and I can comfortably use the bathroom including the shower. The trailer feels rock solid when I move around too (none of the others did). We chose a TT over a 5er simply because of fewer steps. We went to an OR owner's rally in Texas earlier this year so I got to see many different units. There were a couple who had problems of some type with their units but they were in the minority. BTW, I have no connection to OR other than being an owner.
PenMan 08/09/14 10:00am Travel Trailers
RE: Be aware of driver license requirements in California

You only have to be licensed in your home state. You can then drive/tow in any state.
PenMan 08/08/14 03:24pm Beginning RVing
RE: South Carolina, Good Samaritan

Not sure if he was a "Good Sam". He was a biker type. Harley rider for sure. He drove a grey Dodge dually with cummins diesel. He was not hauling a TT, it was like an enclosed bike trailer. SC tags. Only way to thank this guy is to Pay it Forward. Biker types are the best. (see my signature) :B
PenMan 08/07/14 03:31pm RV Lifestyle
RE: South Carolina, Good Samaritan

Just curious. Was the good Samaritan a "Good Sam" member? Isn't that how Good Sam Club was started? I've stopped many times to help others on the road and have had others stop to help me. Always feels good regardless of receiving or giving. Thanks for posting.
PenMan 08/07/14 10:17am RV Lifestyle
RE: How do I get rid of odor in water

Turn off the WH. Drain the tank and refill. Turn the WH back on and you will be good to go. Might work but I doubt it. Did not work in my case. Tried sanitizing with bleach but ended up having to use the vinegar wash just like the owner's manual said.
PenMan 08/06/14 10:41am Tech Issues
RE: How do I get rid of odor in water

It may be sulfur in the water. If so the following is from the Atwood manual: "1. Turn off your main water supply. Drain your water heater tank. Reinstall drain plug. Remove the pressure-temperature relief valve. With a funnel use 4 parts white vinegar to two parts water. (In a 6 gallon tank that would be 4 gallons vinegar to 2 gallons water). 2. Cycle the water heater, letting it run under normal operation 4-5 times. At no time do you remove the vinegar from the tank Once this has been completed, remove the drain plug and drain the water heater. 3. After thoroughly draining the tank, to remove the sediment, flush the water heater. If you elect to use air pressure, it may be applied either through the inlet or outlet on the rear of the tank or applied through the pressure-temperature relief valve. Remove the pressure-temperature relief valve and insert your air pressure through the pressure-temperature relief valve coupling. In either case, with the drain valve open, the air pressure will force the remaining water out of the unit. If air pressure is unavailable, your unit can be flushed with fresh water. Fresh water should be pumped into the tank either with the onboard pump or external water pressure. External pressure may be hosed into the unit either through the inlet or outlet found on the rear of the tank or the pressure-temperature relief valve coupling located on the front of the unit. Continue this flushing process for approximately five minutes allowing ample time for the fresh water to agitate the stagnant water on the bottom of the tank and forcing the deposits through the drain opening. 4. Upon completion of the steps above, replace the drain plug and the pressure-temperature relief valve. 5. Refill tank with fresh water that contains no sulfur." This is what I ended up doing after using the bleach sanitizing treatment did not do anything about the odor. We had only used our own tap water to fill the tank as we mostly boondock and it does not have much sulfur in it but the smell was definitely like the rotten egg smell. Vinegar wash worked great.
PenMan 08/05/14 03:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Garmin RV 760LMT GPS pros/cons?

We've had one since March of this year. It has locked up several times but only when I was trying to get my backup camera to work. Now that I have that fixed it has not locked up again. Routing is another matter. I have only used it on two trips and it seems to definitely have a mind of it's own. First trip to Texas we had no problems except as soon as we heave the main highway it tells me that it is not cure we can take our RV anywhere. On our last trip I programmed it to lead us home from an area 100 miles from home. We go to this camping spot frequently so I was just testing Garmin. It did OK until we got to Albuquerque. I have it programmed to choose the quickest route and the way it routed me around Albuquerque was way off. We live on the east side of Albuquerque and it kept directing me west. It kept telling me to make turns that would have had me going away from home instead of towards it. When we were just one turn from home it was still trying to get me to go the opposite way. Never had this problem with my old Garmin. I'm thinking maybe the maps are screwed up? I did download the latest when I got the new unit. I must have something set wrong.
PenMan 08/05/14 09:59am Technology Corner
RE: Rotochock

Nothing compares with Rotochok. I'd guess a vacation is in order for them or possibly surgery (hope not) as they are a small, family owned/run company.
PenMan 08/04/14 03:33pm Tech Issues
RE: How did you wire your awning LEDs?

The end of my led strip ended up just outside my closet (how convenient or planned) so I drilled a single hole and ran the wire inside and straight down into a pass thru storage. I already had 12 volt power in the storage that I had run earlier. You'll love them. They can produce a dim glow up to a fairly bright light depending on what you need and how much you want to annoy your neighbors.
PenMan 08/03/14 09:14am Travel Trailers
RE: Boondocking near old town Albuquerque

I owned a shop in Old Town for a couple of years and I never heard of an RV parking area. The only place large enough for an RV is the parking lot at the big museum and I never saw an RV there (expensive to park there anyway). There are not any boondocking areas in or very near to Albuquerque that I am aware of and I live here. I think you can park at some of the casinos for free but some of them charge (the ones that charge have hookups from what I have heard). Hope you find something that meets your needs because Albuquerque is a great place to visit.
PenMan 07/31/14 03:46pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: gold claim

All of the gold I mine comes from jewelry stores and my DW wears it.
PenMan 07/28/14 03:56pm Workamping Forum
RE: Black tank and toilet paper and chemicals

A long time ago someone on here did a comparison between TP's by putting them in a jar of water overnight (IIRC) and also by shaking them slightly. They found that no two ply TP broke down very well. They also found that even some single ply didn't deteriorate while others did. I remember Costco didn't do too well but Scott's single Ply and "RV" TP both did well. I think there were other brands that worked good too but I forget which. IIRC the Costco tp and the Scott were the two that dissolved best. That is why we switched to the Costco brand. Costco has recently come out with some tp that feels more like cloth. I will not try it in the TT.
PenMan 07/28/14 09:32am Travel Trailers
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