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RE: New tv arrived early

Congrats on the new truck and thank you! Hope she meets your expectations and gives you years of enjoyment! Don
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 05/29/17 10:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM's turn in the barrel

This is not the gov like VW and FCA ,its a law firm with a history of filling class actions and then looking for 'injured' parties. That is how it started with FCA last year and it eventually led to the EPA getting involved earlier this year. Dodge Truck Owners Accuse Chrysler of VW-Like Cheating Shiner is 100 percent correct, there were a hand full of owners that were approached by the law firm asking to test their trucks. Next thing you know FCA is in deep dodo with the EPA. You can bet that GM has the very same AECD's that FCA/Ram is using. The question will be did GM and Ford report them? Since their 2017 diesel trucks got the green light form the EPA I would think the answer is yes and we won't see the EPA going after GM or Ford. That is only a guess on my part though. Ford will be next as you can bet your the house that the same scumbag group of Ambulance Chasers are testing Fords diesel right now. Don
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 05/25/17 09:07pm Tow Vehicles

Just click the link to see a new way to tow a fiver!! BUHAHA Towing a fiver backwards with a bumper pull hitch!
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 05/22/17 12:53am Tow Vehicles
RE: Truck Salesperson

Yep Spud you are right. I just looked at the window sticker for my 2015 and no tow rating on it anywhere. My 2004 2500 Ram did have the Max Trailer Tow rating right on the sticker. Probably a liability thing? Don
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 05/20/17 02:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford BLIS w/Cross Traffic Alert

If it is listed on the window sticker and not removed do to another option then it will be on the truck. I don't think the BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) will work if have the trailer hooked up. The rear sensor will detect the trailer. I have to turn mine off anytime I have a trailer hooked up. Since the sensor is located on the rear bumper I can't see how it can not detect the trailer as a passing vehicle. My bet is when you have a trailer plugged in and hooked up BLIS will be disabled. Don
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 05/18/17 09:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Truck Salesperson

Spud most window stickers do list the max tow rating on them. Not sure if this is for as optioned but would hope so. I never looked for this on my currant truck but on my 2004 Ram the sticker had it listed on the sticker. Don
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 05/18/17 09:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Model NV5164 Pilot Automotive Wireless LED Towing Light

Not unless someone hits the rear of your car. the biggest issue is going to be damaging the car. The panels on vehicles are so thin now to shave off weight that when you go to remove them you could end up denting the trunk and you will be damaging you paint! Not sure what you are using as a toad but could you mount them on the rear package shelf if it is a car? There has to be a way to tie the vehicles lights in to the motor home right? Don PS you might want to have the Mod move this to the Dinghy Towing section. You will get more answers there.
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 05/16/17 08:44pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Build a truck

Can't speak to how Ford handles their customer order vehicles but all the FCA vehicles I have ordered two trucks and three other vehicles the customer gets the highest rebates at time of delivery. In other words say at time of order there where $3,500 in total rebates but at time of delivery the rebates where $7,500 you would receive the $7,500. There are some Ford employees on here that might be willing to give you a discount number to get a little more off the cost of the truck. Good luck Don
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 05/14/17 09:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Best Diesel SUV Tow Vehicles?

There not giving up on the Ecodiesel. The EPA has passed the 2017 engine but will not give FCA the cert to sell them until the 2014-2016 truck issues have been resolved. They had opened the order window for the 2017 for a week then closed it back down do to the Feds. Don Unbelievable... I guess the engine plant and the suppliers have shut down production? Either way this is not a good position to be in both financially and publicly. LOL nope the engine plant is still running Fish. As you know the engine is manufactured by FCA/VM in Italy and they use this engine in a lot of other vehicles. This only affects vehicles sold in the USA. Nice try though Troy and since FCA's has very little debt unlike GM and Ford they are not in any trouble. Look for a new partnership with BMW coming down the pike very soon. Hint think GM Ford partnership here. Don
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 05/11/17 09:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Anyone towing with the '17 F150 and 10 speed?

I would look at the tires before adding bags. Did you have the tires aired to the max PSI on the tire sidewall? You said you have LT load range C on the rear? I will assume you have the same on the front as well? If not then you need to do so. The 2017 f150 with the EB & ten speed should handle that trailer without any issues at all. There are guys on here claiming their older EB f150 is towing over 10,000# like a breeze. So something is definitely wrong here. Don
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 05/10/17 08:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford Sync DOESN'T Sync anymore, and it's bugging me!

You might want to do a hard reset. There should be directions in the owners manual or on the My Sync web-site. Then do the update and see what happens. Good luck Don
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 05/10/17 08:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Best Diesel SUV Tow Vehicles?

There not giving up on the Ecodiesel. The EPA has passed the 2017 engine but will not give FCA the cert to sell them until the 2014-2016 truck issues have been resolved. They had opened the order window for the 2017 for a week then closed it back down do to the Feds. Don
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 05/10/17 08:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Super Secret Chevrolet Trailer Plug

There it is right there above- the picture hints that I don't need the bracket, but the language says I do...so which is it? The receptacle shown in the link appears to have both a seven wire and a four wire socket beneath the cover. I'd say it needs a bracket just because it's bigger than a single seven wire. The newer trucks have both the 7 and 4 wire outlets in one plug. The 4 wire plug is the smaller top cover. If he had taken some time and looked before getting all bat/**** crazy he would have seen that. All you do is remove the bracket and install it into the bumper. Maybe he was just having a bad day, we all have been there at one time or another. Don
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 05/08/17 09:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Super Secret Chevrolet Trailer Plug

Wow your freaking welcome dude! BTW you can buy the OEM plug from the dealer you bought that cheep truck from along with the wiring adapter. Then you wouldn't have to be such an ass! But if you looked at the pictures on the link I posted it does look like all you have to do is remove the mounting bracket by pressing on the two clips on the backside. Then remove you blink cover and push it into the bumper opening.
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 05/06/17 11:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Super Secret Chevrolet Trailer Plug

What "plug" are you referring to? The 4/7 rear trailer plug or the brake controller? The wiring harnesses have the provision for you to add both at a later date if you do not order them with the truck. That didn't used to be the case and would require splicing in to the wiring harness to add a brake controller or trailer wiring connector. Buy the item you want to add in (from the dealer or maybe aftermarket), attach it, remove the protective cover and plug it in. You may have to have the dealer flash the BCM to get the truck to talk to it also. A quick call to the dealer or go to a GMC/Chevy truck forum to find out more about that. https://www.etrailer.com/t1-2017_Chevrolet_Silverado+1500.htm Don
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 05/04/17 08:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: ordered a new truck ** Updated, with pics

Congrats on the new truck! She sure is sweet looking! Don
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 04/28/17 07:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: Building a Dodge, oops, Ford TV

The issue with a HD 150/1500 is they are still running the same frame that a true 150/1500 runs. Then factor in the cost of the up graded parts, six lug axles bigger springs and you are paying the same price for a lessor truck. The only reason I bought the Ecodiesel is for the fuel mileage and ride. We no longer have a RV and do not plan on getting one until we are two to three years from retirement. Then it will be a smaller 7500# GVW trailer. In the mean time this truck tows my 6800# boat with ease and gets great mileage doing it. Plus it rides as good or close to my dads Caddy and that was out of his mouth! If we decide to get into a larger trailer I will sell this and go back into a 2500. But at the cost of these new 150/1500 HD trucks I don't see me ever buying a want-to-be 2500. But then I said I would never own a short bed truck either so who knows. Don
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 04/26/17 03:44am Tow Vehicles
RE: Building a Dodge, oops, Ford TV

Cograts on your new truck, had I seen this sooner I would have given you a Friends and Family number for a Ram. To answer your question, 3.5l EcoBoost V6....Well nope that is a Ford thing. 10 speed transmission....Rams have an 8 speed Blind Spot Information System with Cross Traffic Alert.... yes but only on the upper trim levels. Pro Trailer Assist...LOL Nope most Ram drivers know how to back up a trailer. :W Also if you put your hand on the bottom of the steering wheel you get the same effect as that little knob Ford has. Reverse Sensing System....Not sure what that is. Tailgate Step....Nope the man step is a Ford thing. GMC/Chevy has a cut out in the bumper and Ram has a pull out corner step (dealer installed option). Power Movable Pedals....yep and has had them since 2002. Hill Start Assist....Yep. If any of this is available on the RAM, they didn't tell me about it. As for the paylaod comments, Ram will be playing the "HD half ton" game coming 2018. Never understood why anyone would buy a want-to-be 2500 for more or the same money? But the manufactures love selling sub par trucks to people that have too much money. Don
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 04/24/17 10:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Proper tire pressure for load range E 10 ply tires

Don, 3 thoughts: 1) Included on my web page is an analysis of the pressure spec. Short version: The vehicle's tire pressure spec did not result in an overloaded tire. This is from Dr. Govindjee report on page 34. Seems to contradict you statement as to the affect of pressure and heat on a tire. 5.3 Thermal demands The climate related degradation of properties that was seen in the return tire survey points to the importance temperature plays in material behavior. Likewise, aging studies on ideal laboratory specimens show a measurable effect of thermal and oxidative aging. There are two major contributors to the temperature of the tire: (1) is the ambient temperature and (2) is the heat generation from within the tire. 1. Low inflation pressure, highway speeds, and heavy cargo loads all play a negative role in terms of contributing to thermal aging. When all three factors are present, the temperature rise in the belt region of the tire can be as high as 50C over the ambient temperature. 2. When carrying heavy loads and at high speeds, decreased inflation pressure can substantially increase tire temperature. 2) Firestone's own consultant (Dr. Govindjee) identified the problem in the tire. I could not find where he said the tire was defective however there were higher failure rates between Firestone's two factories. 5 Conclusions This study has found no single causative agent for the tire failures. It has found a number of comparative differences in tire models that are likely related to the tire failures and these are summarized below. The primary issue that impedes additional progress is the lack of established criteria for different types of tire failures. Development of such criteria is only today becoming scientifically and technologically possible. The other main point is why were no other vehicles seeing the same failure rates using the same tires that Ford was having with the Explorers? These tires were also being used on the Ford Ranger without any issues. The other thing pointing to low tire pressure and heat is that the vast majority of the tire failures were happen in hot climates. 3) The tire was recalled, but the vehicle wasn't. If the Feds didn't think the tire was the sole problem, why didn't they recall the vehicle? The vehicles were recalled Ford had to replace those tires not Firestone. The vehicle manufacture is responsible ALL parts installed on their vehicles not the supplier. The total cost to Ford for the recall was over 3 billion dollars. Barry
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 04/24/17 12:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Proper tire pressure for load range E 10 ply tires

Perhaps it is time I stepped into this: First, read my webpage on the Ford / Firestone situation a few years back. Barry's Tire Tech - The Ford / Firestone Controversy Summary: The problem was the tire, not Ford's inflation pressure specification. Second, the pressure listed on the sidewall of a tire is a MAXIMUM - not a recommendation. The tire manufacturer does not know what vehicle a tire is going to go on, so they can not make a universal recommendation that could be printed on the sidewall. Further, if you ask any tire manufacturer what they recommend for inflation pressure, they will point to the vehicle manufacturer's spec - the one on the doorframe. Read this. At best Ford and Firestone shared the blame. Most of the tire failures were happening in hot areas. Here is the smoking gun that puts the blame squarely on Ford. Ford insists that Explorers fitted with Goodyear tires have experienced far fewer tread problems than those equipped with Firestones. Firestone retorts that the same tire that shreds on an Explorer holds up just fine on a Ford Ranger. General Motors last week described the safety of the Wilderness AT tires it puts on pickups as "excellent"—although the No. 1 automaker said it was planning to switch to the Bridgestone brand for some of its vehicles this summer. (Bridgestone owns Firestone.) The number one cause of tire blow outs is the tire being run at low pressure causing the tire to over heat and blow out. BTW Copper Tire will tell you what pressure they recommend running their tires at. I know I called them. Don
Perrysburg Dodgeboy 04/23/17 05:43pm Tow Vehicles
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