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RE: Walmar Manor

Can't answer your question but when I first glanced at the subject, I thought it was another WalMart thread. WalMart Manor????
Pirate 07/27/14 05:38pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Two Directv Hr34/44

My install was set up with one Genie, one client, one DVR and two HD receivers. They lied about the price not going up so I had them to disconnect the client and the DVR. So I have aGenie a two HD receivers. Why do you need two Genies? They work with regular receivers and you can take one or two in the trailer. Oh they didn't even want the client or the DVR back, there sitting on a shelf in the garage.I want to record more than 2 shows at a time in the RV. I don't want to dissemble the house entertainment center each time I go camping.
Pirate 07/26/14 04:53pm Technology Corner
RE: Coleman 15K rooftop heat pump

I've not gotten the point of a heat pump in a RV at all because of the single motor fan design. Why not just a regular A/C and a heat strip, although the best bang for the buck is a Cheap Heat system to supplement the RV furnace, and not bother with semi-working heat solutions from a device designed to cool the environment.Cheap Heat was my first choice but the way my plenum is set up, there was no way I could make it work in my RV.
Pirate 07/25/14 05:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Coleman 15K rooftop heat pump

RVcomfort gave you an over-simplified version of what really happens. The thermostat does not know if the furnace is running or not. When there is a 5-degree separation between the set temp and room temp, the thermostat "assumes" you want or need help from the furnace. If the heat pump by itself doesn't bring the room up to the set point over a time period, the thermostat "assumes" it's ineffective and that's when it gets locked out. There's an example of how it works in this document http://www.rvcomfort.com/rvp/pdf_documents/1976497.pdf. I have like you sometimes wanted to use only the heat pump to raise the temp more than 5 degrees and found the furnace kicking on to be a nuisance. I've considered the toggle switch you mentioned, haven't done it yet. I often set the thermostat to 4 degrees above the room temp and walk it up as the room temp rises. Just another example IMO of poor design, optimized for those who don't care to understand how things work at the expense of those who do. If "electric heat" isn't working I'm perfectly capable of noticing that and switching to "gas heat". RVP decided that IF there is a greater temp called for than 5 degrees, you would have to run the HP a very long time to heat up the RV. So, they have the Furnace come ON if you set greater than the 5 degrees. IT DOES NOT LOCK OUT THE HP IN THIS SCENARIO. The HP is on standby and if the set temp gets to that 5 degrees with the furnace, the HP comes on and heats the rest of that 5 degrees. Normally, unless you have an extreme blue norther hit you and the outside temp drops dramatically, when the inside needs more heat, the tstat calls for Heat and the HP will come on and heat that next cycle. And continue doing so. DougThey said something about the cycle trying 3 times and then it would lock out heat pump for 2 hours.
Pirate 07/24/14 04:31pm Tech Issues
Coleman 15K rooftop heat pump

I was hoping I could go out in the winter (50 deg) and turn on my heat pump so it could warm the rv over several days to 70ish. Found it will call for furnace when there is a 5 deg temp difference. I thought I might be able to wire in a toggle switch to disconnect the furnace wire but the rvcomfort folks tell me that if I do that the heat pump will kick off for 2 hours due to no furnace. Anyone know of any way around having to use my furnace and just let the heat pump bring the temp up?
Pirate 07/24/14 08:01am Tech Issues
RE: RV Campground Andriod Apps

How do they compete? Do either one make any money at all? I thought they were both voluntary type websites. I like parky on my phone but i usually to to rvparkreview for the reviews and ratings. It will take a long time for rvparky to get where rvparkreview is.
Pirate 07/21/14 05:14pm Technology Corner
RE: RV Campground Andriod Apps

RV Parky works great. Constantly being updated. Some make a contribution but it is free to all.I still wish the rvparky owner could see about importing the data base comments from rvparkreviews.
Pirate 07/20/14 04:51pm Technology Corner
RE: Two Directv Hr34/44

Only one Genie per household. They are trying to cut down on theft of services where one person buys 5 receivers, uses 3, gives one to his Mom and one to his brother and they don't all have to pay for what they are getting.Come on Bill, they could just use regular receivers to steal services. Anyway, I have read that D still only allows 1 but have read a few times where they managed to get 2 activated.
Pirate 07/17/14 04:23pm Technology Corner
Two Directv Hr34/44

Has anyone had any luck getting a second genie activated with D? I want one at home and one in the RV without a second account. Thanks.
Pirate 07/16/14 06:47pm Technology Corner
RE: ARPrv refrigerator control

I put one on my rv. Questions?
Pirate 07/16/14 05:05pm Tech Issues
RE: 2006 Winnebago Sightseer 30B

Make sure it has tow/haul on the stick shift. 2006 was the year of big improvements to the F-53.
Pirate 07/16/14 04:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Brakes - No Brakes

Same thing happened to me. Following another rv in stop/go traffic in Florida during summer. After several hours, Rv in front of me emergency stopped due to an idiot pulling in front of them. I slammed my pedal down, NO BRAKES. Slammed into low and used parking brake to stop after having to pull off road to avoid rear-ending rv in front of me. About 1 hour later, had brakes again. I learned then to keep the fluid changed every 2 years.
Pirate 07/15/14 04:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dash AC Issue

Another issue that is common is the control valve in the Evans/Tempcon system. There is a way to check easy. Find your heater hoses going into the air box under the dash. Take a pair of vice grips and clamp one hose down hard. See how the air temp is after 10 or 15 minutes. If it gets cool, the control valve is broken. If the compressor is not running, you can always get can of juice and a can of dye and fill the system. You may find a leak that way.
Pirate 07/15/14 04:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dash AC Issue

Ford owns the compressor, the rv builder owns the rest of the system. Is the compressor running? If not, is there oil blown all over the area of the compressor? I had a hose that rubbed on something which caused a loss of coolant. Luckily I took it to a shop that only worked ac issues. They had to make a hose. They also had all the parts they needed. I would find a shop that specializes in automotive air conditioning. Not a chain shop like firestone or pep boys for example, or the other fix em up joints, just a small shop for ac.
Pirate 07/14/14 05:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Unhooking at Mama Gerties

If it is that big of deal, get a different campground, I did. Gerties is too steep for me.
Pirate 07/08/14 05:40pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: http://www.arprv.com/

NO - It does not bypass the safety feature Yes - You will need it connected to a computer You will need the proper version ARP it has to have the data logging port - most do notI have right version, I just haven't messed with data logging. I thought it was logging or normal ops, I didn't know it did both at same time. I would really like to have a remote display for this gizmo on the dash so I can see in real time what the grade differences are doing to fridge temp.
Pirate 07/07/14 04:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: http://www.arprv.com/

Is it correct when data logging you have to have it connected to a laptop or something while travelling and it bypasses the safety features of the device? Or am I wrong?
Pirate 07/06/14 04:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: private campsite listings

Not only have you become a recent rv.net forum member but you are now officially a GOF alumnus, too. Your antagonistic reply has just landed you on my blocked member list. I asked for suggestions about a website, not your opinions on our campsite. FYI, anyone who needs a place to boondock on our property who is an rv.net forum member can camp here free if the site is available. Or, just about any place on our six acres. We are aware that there are people who are bad neighbors but we have only met the good ones. Our homeowners insurance covers our campsite. To everyone else, thank-you for your replies and I think we will join the boondockers site as we enjoy meeting folks like us who aren't that fond of crowded campgrounds. We would of course offer free camping to those members.Hey, that poster brought up some real good points about having others use your spot. You will never know if they prospective campers share the same values as you. You will also need to think about insurance. Suppose you have power issue, now you find yourself in court. The list of possible pitfalls is endless. Good luck
Pirate 07/05/14 05:30pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Mama Gerties - New Upper Level?

I thought the "old" upper was bad enough.
Pirate 07/02/14 05:33pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Unified tow brake question

I usually have mine set to a high number too. Don't recall any heat issues or anything like that. May depend on weight of toad. Mine is about 4.5k.
Pirate 06/30/14 04:23pm Dinghy Towing
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