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RE: Towing 2012 crv

Make a stop along the way in the middle of your 6 hour day, and run the CRV for a while. You can tell how long to run it, because when the battery is lower, it idles faster. When the idle speed gets down below about 1,000 rpm, you should be good to go. Repeat when you stop for the night. Of course, be sure to turn off everything you can while towing.
Popsie 08/14/14 05:33pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Building and installing a slideout in a Class A Motorhome

We visited the shop of a man who took commercial buses (think greyhound), stripped them down, and remade them into high-end multi-million dollar custom RVs. He retired some years ago, but I'm sure there are others doing similar business. You might try searching in the custom bus realm for info.
Popsie 08/09/14 07:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What are the diff between tow bar, dolly, trailer?

4 wheels down is the easiest but many cars are not towable 4 wheels down. If you want to use your car that is not towable you can usually use a dolly, which further limits the cars you can tow since the dolly adds weight, and of course $$$. Not sure why you would want a trailer other than to protect the car or to tow a car you can't tow 4 down or dolly. I've seen trailers with a car and a golf cart, with a car and two motorcycles, a car with a workshop, and a car plus a lot of craft stuff to be sold at shows. I'm sure there are many other things carried in trailers in addition to cars that I haven't seen. :D
Popsie 08/03/14 09:28am General RVing Issues
RE: Insurance Rate Doubled after Accident--Help!!

Hmm, with perfect hindsight, would it have been better to pay for the repairs to the car out of pocket?
Popsie 08/03/14 09:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Backup camera on top-rear of 5th-wheel - any help?

I rode with a friend in his Infiniti. He has the "Around View" camera system which combines front, rear, and side camera images into a single composite view of everything around you and is especially good for backing/parallel parking. I assume it would take more cameras to put it together for an RV, but it sure seems like it would be useful.
Popsie 07/29/14 06:53pm Technology Corner
deionized water versus distilled water

I was watching a TV show about a family living off the grid in Australia. They had a solar system for generating electricity. The fellow made a point of saying that they had to use deionized water in their battery bank. I've always used distilled water (from the grocery store) in my lead-acid batteries. What's the difference between distilled water and deionized water, and would deionized be better for use in lead-acid batteries? If it's better, where do you get deionized water?
Popsie 07/26/14 09:01am Tech Issues
RE: Does antennea need to be digital???

All signals are analog when they hit the antenna. The difference is how the signal is processed and interpreted by the TV. Our 15 year old Winegard works just fine receiving the new digital channels. Of course, the bigger more expensive antennas may work better for you, but generally that results from being more directional. If you park where all the TV broadcast towers are in one direction (on top of a high hill near a local town, then directional works better. If the towers are spread out, then you may not be able to tune in all the stations without turning the antenna when you change channels.
Popsie 07/25/14 06:40pm Technology Corner
RE: Airing up rear duellys

Take a look at Cat's Eye or Crossfire.
Popsie 07/25/14 08:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Apps for laptops

There are several Android (operating system used in some Tracphones as well as many other phones) emulators that run on PCs. One of these emulators might allow you to run the Allstays App on your PC, but if the App relies on the phone features to provide your current Lat/Long location, etc., the Allstays probably wouldn't do you any good on the PC. You might want to contact the publisher of the Allstays App to see if this question has been answered already.
Popsie 07/21/14 02:25pm Technology Corner
RE: Pilot / Flying J to pay $92M for rebate program

Is this something that RVers should be able to get some sort of refund out of if they fueled up at a Pilot or Flying J ???
Popsie 07/14/14 09:39pm General RVing Issues
LG space-saving roll-up 60" TV for use in RVs

Here it is.
Popsie 07/13/14 03:09pm Technology Corner
RE: GPS is wacky

There are multiple parts to the system. One part is the satellites that orbit the earth and broadcast to the GPS receivers on the ground, on the water, in the air, etc. Another part is the calculations that take place in GPS unit to determine a lat/long/elevation for the unit. A third is the datum used by the GPS system (WGS84) which provides a mathematical model of the earth's surface. Also, there are the maps which are used to display the location of the GPS unit, nearby roads, rivers, waterfalls, Walmarts, etc. etc. to the user. Local maps in "backwoods" areas tend to be less precise, and are often older and were produced on older and local datums which don't match WGS84 (which means that a given lat/long location (say of a bridge) as measured by the GPS could be miles away from the place the bridge shows up on the non-WGS94 map. More money and effort is spent making the maps used in the GPS in your hand or your car or RV to be accurate in busy/important areas - while out in the boondocks they may have just picked up some out of date and inaccurate map because they don't want to spend the time and money it takes to make and keep maps up to date for areas which are seldom travelled. Note that the maps used in different GPS units may have been made by different map making companies and so may not show the same position on the MAP even though they calculate the same lat/long. There are more factors (like the use of local datums in map making) that can affect the accuracy of your GPS - such as a large volcano eruption which changes the earth's center of gravity :).
Popsie 07/09/14 09:18pm General RVing Issues
Flexible RV plumbing product?

I need to redo some plumbing in my RV. The current plumbing is the semi-rigid white plastic type that says PEX on it. I think they installed the plumbing before they put in all the cabinets and walls, and I need to run some new work, and I'd prefer not to remove the cabinets and walls to do so. Is there a suitable replacement product that is as flexible as a garden hose that I might use in my RV? It would make the whole job a lot easier.
Popsie 07/06/14 10:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Maybe you can help with an insurance question?

Insurance depends on many factors and each person's experience will be different so it's best to call your insurance company. It sometimes depends on what state the vehicle is registered in.Not just the state, but the zip code can greatly affect the cost of insurance. The zip code identifies the area which might be prone to hail damage, or have a history of lots of accidents or thefts, etc.
Popsie 07/05/14 05:48am General RVing Issues
RE: Best RV toilet brand

We replaced our standard issue RV toilet with a solid china Concerto toilet eight or ten years ago. It's very sturdy and comfortable to use. We've been very happy with the Concerto - it's more like home. http://i57.tinypic.com/2lnwis7.png
Popsie 07/04/14 05:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Soliciting calls on home phone.

We have caller id, and don't answer the phone unless the id shows a family member or friend. When we don't answer, the phone call rolls over to voicemail. Our voicemail message says "We screen all calls, if you really need to speak to us, identify yourself on our voicemail, leave a compelling reason that we should call you back, and include your number." The only ones who leave "compelling reasons" are political candidate calls - which we don't find that compelling :R
Popsie 07/03/14 01:25pm Technology Corner
RE: Breaking laws F Y I

I guess that when a tow truck is required to get a car to a repair facility when the car has broken down, unless they pull the car onto a flat bed trailer, they have to install a separate braking system on the car to be towed before they can pull it to the garage?????
Popsie 07/02/14 05:12am Dinghy Towing
RE: An Internet Explorer/Firefox question

We do NOT have Internet Explorer on any of our three computers, and we've never encountered a situation where that presented a problem. YMMVYou are just not very well traveled on the Internet. There are websites that use MS proprietary features that will not work except on IE. I use Chrome on all our electronics (PC/laptop/tablets) but still occasionally have to use IE. Chrome has an extension called IE Tab that let's one do this within Chrome (it opens IE as a tab in Chrome).Well, I found this list of sites that require Internet Explorer, and the only one on the list that we use is Netflix - which DW uses almost daily without Internet Explorer. So go figure :?
Popsie 06/29/14 06:13am Technology Corner
RE: An Internet Explorer/Firefox question

We do NOT have Internet Explorer on any of our three computers, and we've never encountered a situation where that presented a problem. YMMV
Popsie 06/28/14 05:39pm Technology Corner
RE: New (or not so new) SCAM!

Popsie 06/27/14 04:11pm Around the Campfire
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