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RE: A new potential buyer, looking for insight.

Are you going to attach a sail to the pole to save on gas? Just kidding. I saw a couple of Wanderlodge Blue Bird motorhomes that had modern interiors like you specify. Sort of modern/ mid century look. A general rule of thumb is that if you are going to be parked most of the time a 5th wheel and tow car makes more sense than a motorhome. Whereas if you are going to travel more than park a motorhome is better. Up to you of course. It would be my strong, repeat STRONG suggestion that you learn lots about RVing before plunking down your 250,000.
RFCN2 04/13/14 08:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Online Storage-----Justcloud??

5thwheeleroldman - I use both a plug in drive like your Iomega and put some things in the cloud. If you have 80 gigs of pictures I would suggest that you keep most of your pictures on a local external drive. Why? With USB 3 the transfer rate is super fast. Many times faster than on line. I would suggest a new external drive. I have two recent Seagates and one Western Digital for my Macbook. I have used Microsoft's Sky Drive, Google's Drive system, Dropbox, and Ubantu 1. Ubantu 1 just emailed me today to say they were closing down their cloud service. So, IMHO, you should try to stick with a well known large service. Many of these small cloud services will not be here five years from now. Sky Drive - Works well with simple system to keep files up to date. Google Drive - I have used this one the longest and it works well. However, pictures storage is a PITA. Dropbox - very simple. very good. I also use iPhoto on my Macbook Pro. Apple automatically backs up all pictures I import into iPhoto. This is nice for a look at your pictures on an iPad, but is not intuitive to use at all. I would go with Dropbox or Microsoft Skydrive. Dropbox works cross platform.
RFCN2 04/10/14 09:26pm Technology Corner
RE: toll roads

Most toll roads are east of the Mississippi. Our worst experience with them is I 80 from Chicago to Ohio. Every few minutes you hand over another 20 bucks. As payback the roads suck. The condition is third World. Next time we go through the area I am avoiding that road no matter what.
RFCN2 04/10/14 09:05pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Lacking Power

Take it to cummins and have them put it on their computer before you do anything else.
RFCN2 04/08/14 08:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Scottish family rving for first time

susanbee - To start with enjoy Las Vegas, one of the World's unique and most exciting spots. There are several large Casinos with amusement park rides that should be fun for your Grand Kids. Circus Circus, MGM, and Landmark are the casinos I can think of that have kid rides. Do go to see the water show in front of the Bellagio. Free and fun. It will be hot in Vegas that time of year. I have not been to area 51 except for on TV. The other day when looking in the area I spotted the Al inn or something similar as an RV park in the area. This is a still secret military base and they do not have tours. Go see the falls at Twin Falls. From Twin Falls it is not far to Grand Teton and Yellowstone parks. Go up Interstate 15 to Idaho Falls and turn east on Route 26 and go to Jackson WY. Jackson is a beautiful small town just to the south of the Grand Teton mountains. Maybe the prettiest range in the USA. You can camp in Jackson or make reservations in Grand Teton National Park at Colter Bay Village. This is a lovely beautiful place to camp. They have spaces with and without hookups. You need to make reservations now. Stay 3 days take a raft ride down the Snake River. Leaves from the lodge 5 miles away. Go see some of the ranger talks and the museum. From there go north into Yellowstone and stay 3 days or so. Stay at Fishing Bridge campground. Also make reservations now. To the east of Yellowstone Park is the city of Cody. If you go there be sure to go to the Western Museum. It is huge and very interesting. You will need many hours to see it. A short days drive from Cody is Thermopolis Wyoming. They have the best dinosaur museum and tour I have ever seen. I think you can actually dig there for fossils too. This is an active area to dig up fossils. If it were me from there I would head north to Glacier National Park. Stay in a couple of campgrounds in the park, but be sure to stay at the Many Glacier campground. Glacier park is the in the Rocky Mountains. From Glacier drive west on Interstate 90 and stop at Lake Coeur d Alene. A gorgeous mountain lake in Idaho. Drive to Seattle. Go west from there to the Pacific Ocean. Camp on the west side of the Olympic Peninsula. Stay in a campground on the water. There are several in that area. From there head straight to Mt Rainier National Park. Not far. Camp in or as close to the park as you can. Go to Paradise in Rainier and hike the most beautiful summer wildflower meadows on the planet. If you are fit hike to Paradise Point. 2,000 ft vertical up from the lodge. A rental camper should fit in the Lodgepole Campground in the park. Head from there for a day trip to Mt St Helens. This volcano blew up in 1980. A spectacular day trip. Go south on Interstate 5 to California. You might consider a day trip to Crater Lake. Then stop for an hour to ogle Mt Shasta off to the east of the interstate right after you get in California. From there on to Yosemite National Park. Try to get a reservation in the park. If you cannot get one as close as you can. Spend two full days at Yosemite. From there is is a fairly short drive to Sequoia National Park. Stay in the park and see the World's largest trees and largest living things. From here back to Vegas. For paper maps go to AAA (American Auto Association) when you get here. They have a couple of offices in Vegas. Get maps and what they call tour books of all the States you will be visiting and going through. The tour books will have places to eat and things to do, with hours open and cost. For locating National, State, and local public campgrounds use this free web site. They have a tablet app too. http://www.uscampgrounds.info For locating campground ratings nothing beats http://www.rvparkreviews.com This is the RV park review website. The best rating source for campgrounds. There is also the Allstays web site with very good campground information. I would suggest getting a Garmin or similar GPS device with USA information. If you already have one where you live just get the USA software for it. Use a GPS like the Garmin or Tom Tom that does not need a cell phone signal. They work far better than cell phone devices for the remote areas you will be going to. Get a prepaid cell phone. I would recommend Verizon. They have more service in the remote areas. You can buy entrance to all parks when you get there. If anyone is over 62 there is a discount. I have a senior pass to get into National parks. I don't know if you can get one of those if you are not a USA citizen. Enjoy. The USA west is beautiful.
RFCN2 04/05/14 09:35pm Beginning RVing
RE: Firestone FS560 Tires

We have had four FS560s on the drive tires of our Affinity for 2 1/2 years now. They have been very good tires so far. At the time we bought the Firestone tires Parkhaus Tire also offered us Yokohama for the same price. The Firestone tires were made here so we bought them. They are owned by Bridgestone Tire of Japan but made here. At the time the Firestone tires were 28% less than Michelin. That was before the FMCA program.
RFCN2 04/03/14 09:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Comparable coaches to monaco Camelot

The Country Coach Allure would be similar to Monaco Camelot. The Country Coach was made literally down the street from the Monaco. Holiday Rambler and Beaver are both owned by Monaco and made models similar to the Camelot. I have close RV friends with a 2006 Monaco Knight and another with 2003 Holiday Rambler Scepter and both are very happy with their coaches. My point being that I would rate those two brands as very good. The Scepter owner had another HR before that. Fleetwood, Newmar, Winnebago, and Tiffin all make coaches in approx the same price range as the Camelot. The RV Consumer Group publishes lists of nearly all motorhomes in all years back about 25 years. Their information makes it very easy to sort through things like chassis length, carry capacity, motor size and type, chassis type, and so on. They also rate handling and quality. I used their information when we looked for a coach 4 1/2 years ago. At that time they had the most complete information package available. You can get information from them on line.
RFCN2 04/03/14 09:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Works ver 3 - .WDB files

In the past I have uploaded Word files to google drive and then downloaded them in the newer format. Although once you get them on to google drive that is a pretty good place to archive. Google is unlikely to obsolete them.
RFCN2 03/18/14 08:23pm Technology Corner
RE: Dateland, AZ to Oceanside, CA

By far the shortest way from Dateland AZ to Oceanside CA is I 8 west to 805 north to I 5. I 8 west is a radiator tester from Ocatillo to the top. Altitude change is + approx 4,200 ft in a short distance. I did it in January two months ago and it was still cool. I can do it in July too, but I have a recently cleaned radiator and a lot of excess power. If you have any overheating problems at all with your rig take the grade first thing in the morning or after 8 pm. It get really hot on that grade in summer. There are several water stations on the way up. I frequently see overheated vehicles on that grade in the summer.
RFCN2 03/18/14 08:17pm Roads and Routes
RE: Research Material; JR Consumer?

The RV Consumer group has more detailed info than JR. I used both.
RFCN2 03/14/14 05:59pm Beginning RVing
RE: Thinking of buying an RV, looking for advice/wisdom

Here are my suggestions. 1. Rent an rv for the trip. It is likely your Audi is not towable 4 down. If you rent something 25' or less you don't need a tow car. 2. Tow pop up behind Audi. Stay in hotels when needed. 3. Drive Audi to old classic hotels built in most national parks early in last century. Such as El Tovar at Grand Canyon. Awhanee yosemite. Paradise inn mt rainier. Many glacier at Glacier. Bring tent in back of Audi. Stay in campgrounds some of the nights and classic lodges other nights. Watch Robin Williams RV movie.
RFCN2 03/14/14 05:56pm Beginning RVing
RE: sewer stuff

Forgot you asked about chemicals too. I like the little packets from thetford. Unlike many others in this thread my waste does seem to stink once in a while. I find that if you are dumping frequently chemicals are usually not needed. If you are mostly full after a few days boondocking you likely will need some. Do not buy the cheap stuff at Quartzsite they don't work.
RFCN2 03/14/14 05:36pm Beginning RVing
RE: sewer stuff

I like the red ones from camping World. I carry 3 10' sections. Most of the time I only need one 10' hose. But if I need more I have them. My third section is still in the box.
RFCN2 03/14/14 05:31pm Beginning RVing
RE: Financing companies you have used?

We used Sunwest Bank and I can recommend them. They did their job we'll.
RFCN2 03/14/14 05:14pm Beginning RVing
RE: Laptop advice

Hedgehog - I have two Windows 7 laptops, a Sony and a Toshiba. I like Windows 7. However, I have not had any problems with XP or Vista either. I had 4 computers with XP and was very very happy with it. My wife has an old HP laptop with Vista, works fine. My point here is that all the Windows products I have had in the last ten years or so have been good. I would not worry about the Micro Soft OS you get with your new computer. If possible you should try to get a more powerful chip than the i3. My latest Toshiba is an i7 and I only paid 100 bucks more than the Lenovo with the i3. I did get my Toshiba at Best Buy. I have had about 5 Toshiba laptops over the years. I recommend them as reliable and good computers.
RFCN2 03/04/14 09:13pm Technology Corner
RE: Newbie looking for info

AzBob - Buy what you like best. Take a bunch for a drive. Be sure to take a longer drive up a large upgrade in a gasser. I have had both a class A gas and diesel. Both gas and diesel motors are very reliable these days and I would not worry in the slightest about letting either sit for a month. I personally liked both of my motorhomes. But the diesel pusher is a kick to drive. I look forward to doing it. With the gas one, not so much. But drive both and then you decide.
RFCN2 02/23/14 09:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Glacier National Park in July

VA Rebel - Both sides of the Glacier National Park are beautiful. We have stayed in East Glacier, Many Glacier, Waterton, and Lake Macdonald. All wonderful. The most spectacular mountain spot in the USA to me is Many Glacier. The campground there is OK for all size rigs. From there you can take the boat and hike up to see Grinnell Glacier (hope I got spelling right). Just the play of light on the lakes and surrounding mountains is worth the trip. Go to the lodge and sit around the open fireplaces. Watch the sunset. A bit north is Waterton Park. The RV park there takes rigs of all size. The view from the close by Prince of Wales lodge is breath taking. I recommend afternoon high tea at the lodge, but teen agers will moan. We have also stayed on the east side a couple of times.
RFCN2 02/23/14 08:56pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: California Hwy 1 from San Simeon to Santa Cruz

A fabulous drive in a Porsche with the top down. A terrible drive with a 40' motorhome. Not that it cannot be done, but maybe not fun.
RFCN2 02/23/14 08:37pm Roads and Routes
RE: BF Goodrich Sumitomo or Samson

On my last motorhome I put six BF Goodrich on it and was very happy with them. BTW the ones I bought were made in the USA which is a good attribute.
RFCN2 02/22/14 06:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Do you rent out your coach?

Depends on the coach. Class C simple ones or Class a simple ones, maybe, if I needed the money or really liked the people. More complex coaches like diesel pushers, absolutely not unless they are an experienced bus driver.
RFCN2 02/22/14 06:10pm Class A Motorhomes
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