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RE: which phone OS??

dryfly - We have Verizon. I have a Motorola Android smartphone, my wife has an almost new iPhone 6+. In my opinion both Android and Apple make very good systems. So does Microsoft. I use Android because I have 3 gmail accounts for email and gmail works with Android better than iPhone. My wife has an iPhone because she plays games on her iPad and the phone has the same system. I also like Motorola because their phones are very ruggedly built. I have had several and the last two have had kevlar on the outside. This is the same stuff as bulletproof vests. Don't pooh pooh having a smartphone. They do all kinds of stuff. I use mine as a hotspot for wifi. I used it as a GPS. I use it as a calendar with reminders built in. I use it as an alarm clock. I have taken thousands of pictures and videos with mine. Just my humble opinion, but I think the smartphone is the most useful piece of tech gear you can own.
RFCN2 03/15/15 10:13pm Technology Corner
RE: 1995 American Eagle????????

Sitting with water in the inside that froze would get my attention. I would keep looking. Water sitting on the floor likely has damaged it. But, American coaches are very good ones. Ones that have not been soaked with water for an extended time.
RFCN2 03/15/15 10:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How Important is Double Pane Windows? (Precept 3UL & others)

Our previous coach had single pane windows. Our current coach has dual. There is a huge difference and I would never buy another coach with single pane. As far as the windshield always being single pane. True, but I close the drapes when the sun is on the front of the bus and that helps a lot.
RFCN2 02/06/15 08:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How to test drive a Class A ??

Since you are in CA, keep in mind over 40 foot and you are supposed to have a class B license. The CA DMV still calls it a "house car" license. The very first time I drove a large class A was a 40' Bluebird DP. I was at a large RV show in the middle of a big city. I had driven many class C motorhomes before, one 5,000 miles and one small 32' class A 2,500 miles. All of those were easy. The class A Bluebird on a packed crowded street and then straight on a busy freeway terrified me. I just did not have a feel for the size of the rig. My point is that I would recommend you test drive for the first time in a less crowded area. After an hour it feels comfortable.
RFCN2 02/03/15 09:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Newer floorplan designs

Another reason for so many TVs in new RVs is that they may be cheaper than any other type of wall covering except paint. We are down to one nice quality TV that is at eye level in the living room. That is all we need. My wife and I spend much more time on our computers, iPads, smartphones than TV. The space where the bedroom TV used to reside is now a covered cabinet we store blankets in.
RFCN2 02/03/15 09:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Best used DP value for 100K?

We are down in San Diego area a couple of hours south of you. The key things about looking for a motorhome in my opinion is that the floorpan meets your needs, it has enough CCC (carrying capacity) to tow and carry your stuff, you feel comfortable driving it, and you really like it. You do need to check to make sure there is not extensive water damage from a leak (s). But if you buy in the south west which I advise you to do it hardly rains or freezes so damage from water leaks is less likely. If you are going to full time or half time you need a coach with heavy duty house materials like solid counter tops, well made floor coverings and so on. Almost invariably the price it cost new is in direct proportion to how heavy duty stuff is. In my opinion it is very helpful to talk to the previous owner to find out what has been done to the coach maintenance wise and get records. It is very good to get a coach that has been well maintained. If you buy a coach that you don't know the details of it's background get an extended warranty so you don't break the bank. A rebuilt transmission is 7-8 grand. A used or rebuilt diesel is around 20. A replacement aqua hot boiler is 8,000. To replace a charge air cooler is 6,000 and so on. I like side radiators. I like air brakes. Cat or Cummins motor. No off brand motors. Shop and test drive a lot. Do not take checkbook the first seven test drives. I used the RVCG (RV consumer group) data sheets to narrow down my search. I do agree with their highway handling ratings. I only seriously looked at coaches they rated excellent in handling. The RVCG info tells you which coaches are, in their opinion, heavy duty. Have fun looking. I did. The coach you buy is important, the brand less so. You are buying a coach not a brand. And just because a coach is a brand thought to be good does not mean that particular one is. You need to make sure of that by yourself. So look in dark corners to make sure everything is made and assembled right. After 5 years of owning a Country Coach we are very happy with our choice. A very well made machine. And the factory is in Oregon 1 1/2 days away not in Indiana, many days away. Or Alabama, also many days away.
RFCN2 01/27/15 10:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Best used DP value for 100K?

California's rule is over 40' but below 45' you need a class B license. I have my class B license and they did test my air brake knowledge when I took the test. If you buy a coach with a tag and it is 40' or less you do not need a class B license.
RFCN2 01/27/15 10:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: BBC article on GMC

I had a 1975 Glenbrook for about 4 years. Sold it about six years ago. I loved the thing but she was a high maintenance girlfriend. She did go FAST though. I had to watch the speedo to keep from getting above the legal limit.
RFCN2 01/27/15 09:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Would you buy a 200k miles Pusher?

American Tradition coaches are a very high quality unit. Most cars will easily go 200,000 miles, most diesel motorhomes far beyond that. You can easily and for low cost get an idea of the motor condition by taking a small oil sample to Cat or Cummins.
RFCN2 01/12/15 08:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Best brand/model and why

Miramichi Cruiser - You are buying a coach not a brand. You should inspect and test drive them carefully and evaluate them based on your likes and dislikes. Pretty much you get what you pay for in new coaches. If you are looking at a Tiffin, Newmar, Fleetwood, Monaco, Winnebago that cost 250,000 they will all be very similar in quality and components. Lower end coaches tend to have less durable components like table tops, flooring, paint, carpet, and so on. If you plan to full time or spend six months of the year or more in your motorhome you should get heavy duty components that will not wear out quickly. Also lower end coaches tend to have small motors and rear radiators. Small motors are fine till you meet a big hill. One of my friends has an under motored coach from one of the better brands and it overheats on mountain grades. Rear radiators make it much harder to service or get to the motor. If you have no experience at all of motor homing then you are jumping off a cliff to go this big and expensive from the start. If you make a good buy on a used coach and you decide after a couple years to sell you will loose a lot less on the used purchase. If you are going to full or half time and you cannot get a new coach as durable as you need then get a used coach with better components. These are all just my opinions. When we looked for a motorhome in 2009 we bought the RVCG ratings. They rate almost all motorhomes and in my opinion do a good job of it. Better than us armchair guys and gals. Again my opinion.
RFCN2 01/01/15 08:22pm Class A Motorhomes

"all the girls in my family have IPhones" Get the iphone. Much easier to communicate with your girls. I think I am the only one in my immediate family with an Android phone, all others have iPhones. I will likely switch to iphone just to communicate with my family. That said if I was buying today I would get a 6 and not a 6+. My wife has a month old 6+. I like using it but too big for my shirt pocket. BTW - In my humble opinion Motorola currently has a better product line than Samsung. Either the Nexus 6, Motorola X, or Droid Turbo I prefer to the Samsung to any of the Samsungs. To me Samsung adds a lot of bloatware and software I do not like. On the other hand in the last year Google and Motorola have come out with some really great new features. But many people really like Samsung so must be a good phone. One absolute advantage of the Motorola phone that I have over my wife's iphone is reception for both 4G and wifi. Motorola puts in better antennas than Apple. It is an iphone and iPad weakness. My last Motorola phone was the same. Much better edge reception. Keep in mind that Motorola only makes radios since 1939. They are very good at it. All cops, park rangers, and so on carry Motorola radios. (not necessarily the phones but radios) But if I was you I would still go Apple to be able to use FaceTime, and Apple messaging easily between you and your girls.
RFCN2 12/30/14 10:12pm Technology Corner
RE: National disgrace

What is disgraceful is the chaos of the situation. National Parks have rules and they either need to be changed or enforced. If we are going to allow Mexican Nationals to enter a National Park and leave things for sale on the trails then change the laws to reflect that. Currently we actually spend money to hire people to do nothing. What a waste. Plus it makes the Mexican Nationals breakers of US laws and subject to penalties. If we are going to allow them to put things on trails then organize that so it can be done safely. On the other hand, I don't remember seeing things for sale on the trails in Yosemite, Yellowstone, or Glacier. So maybe allowing people to put commercial items in areas that are supposed to be wilderness is not a good idea. In that case we should take whatever measures needed to keep pollution off the trails. A fence seems like a good idea to me, and people who actually eject people who put things on trails that are not supposed to be there. With regards to the National Park I see this as a no litter and wilderness issue and not a political one. I volunteer at a State Park and we have Rangers and volunteers that actually enforce the rules. The park I volunteer at is only 15 miles north of the Mexico border. As far as all the other blah blah on immigration. Order is better than chaos. Chaos leads to anarchy. The immigration situation is definitely chaotic at this time. If people obey the rules you get more order and more peace and quiet. If there are bad rules, change em.
RFCN2 12/15/14 08:24pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Country Coach gives update on new motorhome production

This morning I got this in my email from Country Coach. ""The first Country Coach motorhome on a Dynomax chassis is taking shape in our proto shop. By the time you read this the 500 HP ISX-12 engine and Allison MH4000 transmission will be sitting in a shiny new chassis. It will be Spring before I get a chance to drive the new Allure 45' four slide coach. I can hardly wait!"" So it looks like Country Coach will begin production on new coaches next year. They have been saying they are going to and it looks like it will. We are very happy with our Country Coach. A key feature is that the new rig will be on the CC Dynomax chassis. So that means that it will have a semi-monocoque design which is (in my opinion and the opinion of most) a far superior (but more expensive) compared to bolting a house on to a rail frame. Only the best quality coaches use this design. Plus it will be made in Lane County Oregon. This is the area Country Coaches were made in the past and also Monaco. There is still a large concentration of skilled people in this area to build the new motorhomes. I am glad to see someone is starting up west coast production again. It seems to me ridiculous that the World's "premier" area with the most sights to visit with a motorhome should not have any production located there any more. Oregon has a long history of producing superior coaches like CC, Beaver, Safari, and Monaco. I hope I get to see the new coach when we go to the Country Coach factory next year.
RFCN2 11/06/14 09:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Garmin or Rand McNally GPS

We have had a Garmin RV760 GPS for about six months now. We had two previous Garmins and so familiar with the controls. I also have a 5" screen smart phone that gets google map directions. In the six months we have been using the Garmin 760 it has not once misdirected me in the RV. It has a large easy to read screen. Very helpful is that it gives you the lane you should get in to when you need to turn or make any other maneuver. It also has voice command. We tow a Jeep Wrangler. I got the optional back up camera with the Garmin that I use in the Jeep. Works well. I like the new voice command on my phone that is called google now. You can tell it to find a place and it works very well now to look up what you tell it to and give you directions to. For an RV the Garmin is a far superior tool. It is MUCH more reliable. 95% of the time the Garmin functions perfectly. I would say the phone and google might be in the 50% range. With a car you can easily pull over and stop to correct, but you can't do that in a 40' DP. Plus the Garmin tailors the route for the size of your rig.
RFCN2 11/06/14 08:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dropbox, Pros and Cons

My experience with Dropbox is that it is simple and easy to use and does not care what device you are using to access it. I still use the Google drive, but that is just non-photo files. Google has you save photos on Google+. I also use one drive from Micro Soft. This has proven so far to be a very simple and easy to use system that does not seem to care if you use Microsoft or Apple computers. I have not tried one drive on a mobile device or tablet so far. Google drive and Google+ are very good on android mobile devices. I also store some data and photos on Apples system. Apple is in the middle of changing their system so not sure what it will end up as. So far I have found Apples system much more confusing than Dropbox or One Drive. However, Apple did just fix their iCloud document storage system this week so that it seems to work better. And those are the ones I am currently using. I give Dropbox a thumbs up. The photo lab that develops and scans my film pictures sends me BIG files using dropbox. Works splendidly.
RFCN2 10/24/14 06:25pm Technology Corner
RE: MH vs 5er

I would buy what you like the best. However, I noticed you indicated you did not want to tow a dingy. Unless you plan to get a small motorhome, 26' or less, you really need a tow car. Lots more 5th wheels sell to full timers than motorhomes. I suspect because they are cheaper. I much prefer driving a class A DP to a truck. I really like driving our rig. Plus motorhomes are set up to dry camp easily. 5th wheels normally do not have generators and the systems to dry camp. Test drive a few and then decide.
RFCN2 10/15/14 08:51pm Beginning RVing
RE: Thinking Diesel. Am I biting off more than I can chew?

My experience is that lots of things need repairing on the boats and motorhomes I have owned. Many of the things needed repairs are fiddles. Meaning they are simple little things that you do not need to be an engineer to do. For example, this morning a screw on a hinge holding our console cover came loose. It took me about 10 minutes to fix it. That said, I have had lots of medium stuff go wrong on the rigs I have owned. Turbo, transmission, smart wheel, water leaks, coolant leaks, tow car hitch rebuild, back up camera repair, and lots more. The more complex the rig, the more opportunities to have stuff need fixing. My pervious motorhome was a gas. It was about as reliable as my DP. Having a kitty for repairs would be my experience. The kitty IMHO should be in the thousands and not hundreds assuming you are buying an under 10 years old DP that has not been abused. Keep in mind this is my personal experience and yours may be different.
RFCN2 10/15/14 08:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gas Tax by state

Dennis - my family has lived in S Cal for 100 years next year. I worked as a sales rep using the LA freeways for most of the last 50 years. Los Angeles freeways used to be wonderfully maintained. They were what the other cities of the World patterned themselves after to build their road system. There has been very heavy traffic on the LA freeways for decades. The roads started to seriously decline in the 1990's. The people in charge of maintenance either did not do their jobs or did not have the funds to do their jobs starting about that time. I have no idea which is the case. I suspect some of the problem is diverting funds to alternative transportation and projects that were supposed to help the traffic such as light rain, car pool lanes, bike lanes, rebates for hybrids, now rebates for electric cars, electric car charging stations and so on. These are all good ideas, but only if you maintain the basic method of transport which is still the roads. Neglect is the answer not more traffic. Maybe New Mexicans are more down to earth and do the basics instead of living in nana land like many in the once great "golden State" do.
RFCN2 10/15/14 08:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gas Tax by state

We have been camped in NM for several weeks. They have some of the lowest fuel taxes in the USA. Their roads are in very good condition. Compare that with Los Angles. All freeways in LA have been redesigned 4 wheel drive roads. LA roads are so bad that after the pounding I put my coach through six weeks ago I have sworn I will never drive the coach through that miserable place again. Oh, and California has the highest gas taxes in the USA. Go figure.
RFCN2 10/14/14 09:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What comes after you’ve selected the Coach?

A private seller has to sell you their coach. A dealer just has to sell you a coach. That said, each deal is different. Yes private sellers can tell you about the coach in detail, but how to determine if they are telling the truth?
RFCN2 10/13/14 09:09pm Class A Motorhomes
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