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RE: LEAST amount of questions at crossing?

The biggest laugh we have had was crossing from the Yukon into Alaska on the Top of the World highway - the U.S. Border Guard came up to the window and said: "You folks lost?". Loved it. Jay
RangerJay 05/10/15 06:47pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Oregon is on the Bucket List

Thanks again for the great responses - I showed the feedback to my wife this morning - kind of a mistake - she really likes what you folks have had to say - starting to look like "we" will be changing our travel plans for 2015 (all the planning has been done to visit the Gaspe) ..... it's exactly a 180 degree change in direction to go to Oregon ..... Thanks, Jay
RangerJay 03/15/15 08:23am Roads and Routes
RE: Oregon is on the Bucket List

Thanks for the quick responses and the encouragement - our interests are pretty much shoreline camping, national/state parks, scenic routes/vistas, history, local culture (dinner theatre, festivals), wildlife. Thanks, Jay
RangerJay 03/14/15 05:40pm Roads and Routes
Oregon is on the Bucket List

Oregon has been on our Bucket List for more than a little while - we've been a bit hesitant to tick it off simply because of its fame - we have always worked really hard to be where other's aren't - and Oregon seems one heck of a popular place .... if you saw our "Vacation Map" you'd very quickly see that we've left the busy places of the continent till last ..... maybe not a smart thing but that is what it is .... .... so ..... .... is a fall trip a doable way of avoiding the crowds? and the traffic? Our typical fall trip has us leaving home in late August/early September and getting back home somewhere mid-October - this puts us in Oregon for up to a 3 week period beginning mid September. Advice is really welcome. Thanks, Jay
RangerJay 03/14/15 04:23pm Roads and Routes
RE: Canadian Currency

It's smart to carry some funds from the country you are visiting - some (very few) small places may not use credit cards or debit cards at all - and I've always felt better about leaving a tip in cash rather than putting it on the card. American funds will usually be accepted at any business - but you can expect to pay a premium exchange rate. Get your Canadian funds at any bank or ATM - the bank will offer you the best rate. Jay
RangerJay 03/05/15 06:41pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Rabies vaccination document question?

I'm a little surprised your certificate doesn't already meet the requirements - that is whey they are issued in the first place - it is possible you simply have a vets vaccination record - not a certificate. You can probably call your vet and get a fresh certificate faxed to you before you go - we had a similar issue a couple of years ago and it took all of 20 minutes to get it resolved. If you are unable to do this then make sure you have whatever records you already possess and the name/address/phone number of your vet for reference in case there is a need to give the office a call. Having said all of this - in all our years of crossing both ways we have never been asked to produce a certificate - once we were asked "is your paperwork in order" and then waved on. Good luck, Jay
RangerJay 02/02/15 03:47pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Tourism Surcharge in Niagara Falls Canada

This is wider than a Hotel Tax - it is a Destination Marketing Fee that can be charged by the full range of tourism establishments in the city (not all businesses charge the fee). It is supposed to be a voluntary tax - there is not a requirement to pay - but it seems it is up to the consumer to be aware of the tax and to ask for it to not be included. Niagara Falls is a crazy busy place - often criticized for extensive tourism sprawl - it is probably the one tourism destination in all of Canada that should be rich enough to not require any extra tax. To add insult to injury - in Niagara Falls there is no tracking of the revenues collected - no one knows what happens after the funds are collected - no one knows how the funds are expended. Can't say I have ever heard of this kind of broad destination tax before - probably wouldn't mind paying it in more depressed tourism areas but here it feels sneaky and underhanded. Even one of the city councillors that opposes the tax says "it is just not right - people are being hoodwinked into paying something they don't have to pay." Jay
RangerJay 01/31/15 08:24am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Tourism Surcharge in Niagara Falls Canada

The latest information on this will be shown in a CBC Marketplace Documentary being aired tonight: http://www.cbc.ca/marketplace/episodes/2014-2015/money-tips-stash-your-cash (.... sorry - don't know how to do the "clicky" thingy .....) The key things here: - it should show up on your bills as an extra charge - you may not be told that it is a voluntary "tax" - you have the right to ask for it back Jay
RangerJay 01/30/15 11:20am RVing in Canada and Alaska
Tourism Surcharge in Niagara Falls Canada

Check this out: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/niagara-falls-tourist-fees-collected-with-little-oversight-1.1226724 .... then check your bills when purchasing goods or services in Niagara Falls, Canada - you have the right to ask for the charge to be removed. Jay
RangerJay 01/30/15 10:34am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: First trip--what would you do different?

The only thing I might have done differently was to spend more time - and it looks like you've already got that covered - we only had 2 months. Have a great trip. Jay
RangerJay 01/29/15 02:49pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Why I NEVER drink campground water

It's a smart to not drink from campground water systems - there is way too much opportunity to introduce bacteria into very small private water treatment systems. Jay
RangerJay 01/28/15 06:01am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: RV travel to Canada

Crossing should not be looked at as a hassle - these folks have a job to do - they aren't the ones that make the rules - the rules are there for a reason - they just enforce them. You can expect them to be interested in passports, residency, place of birth, alcohol volumes, tobacco volumes, perishable foods, pet vaccinations, firearms, where you are going and how long you will be in the country. You may also be asked about crossing with firewood and live bait (both a no-go). Presuming you have your stuff in order and are not trying to hide anything then most crossings will be uneventful - any "search" (last one years ago) we've gone through has been polite and mostly just a walk through - it's true that you may run into the occasional agent who seems a little overzealous - there is nothing you can do to prepare for that except bite your tongue and stay polite. Jay
RangerJay 01/20/15 07:19am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Cassiar Up and Down

Just a side thought on the rest of your Alaskan Trip Planning. Planning is great - but use it as a framework only - there is so much to see and do in BC, Yukon and Alaska that it is important to build in flexibility. In our own trip we found ourselves shifting our itinerary around quite a bit - spending a lot more time in the smaller places (Dawson City, Haines, Homer, Seward) and a lot less time in the cities (Fairbanks, Anchorage). Our itinerary didn't go out the window - but it sure got altered on a regular basis. Only other piece of advice - get away from the RV parks if you can and stick to public parks (National, State, Provincial, Territorial) - they might be a little shy on amenities but are pretty much all on stunning pieces of landscape - and they cost a fraction of what you will pay in an RV park. Enjoy your trip - I'm envious. Jay
RangerJay 01/18/15 06:55am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Cassiar Up and Down

Same as the rest - my vote is for using both highways - to miss either one is to miss a lot. Jay
RangerJay 01/16/15 10:54am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Gaspe Peninsula

Thanks for all your thoughts - good feedback here, on another forum and also private messaging - we are really looking forward to this trip - and more so based on the advice and thoughts received. Gonna start trying to resurrect my French - just downloaded a Google Translator app to my smartphone - pretty slick - if only something like this had been available when I was failing French in high school ..... guess the mid-60's wasn't part of the electronic age ..... Thanks again, Jay
RangerJay 01/09/15 09:55am RVing in Canada and Alaska
Gaspe Peninsula

We're planning a return trip to our Canadian East Coast this year - and the target for this time around is the Gaspe Peninsula. In years past we've really enjoyed exploring New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland but have by-passed the Gaspe on each of those trips. We've decided that it is time to go back and fill in the gap. For this trip we'll be travelling the latter half of August through to mid-September. Am hoping to get advice on where to spend quality time regarding the Gaspe and what not to miss - towns, parks, attractions, boat tours, cultural activities (festivals/theatre) etc. Thanks - and really looking forward to your thoughts. Jay
RangerJay 01/07/15 12:23pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Algonquin Provincial Park - power access

This might help you with understanding the rules around Crown Land Camping in Ontario - note that these rules do not apply to Provincial Parks: https://www.ontario.ca/environment-and-energy/camping-crown-land On the Ontario Parks Website you can check this webpage and find information around supported activities and contact information for individual non-operating parks: http://www.ontarioparks.com/park-locator Any park campground facility that has been closed and is no longer operated will be gated and posted no camping. Jay
RangerJay 01/01/15 07:26pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Algonquin Provincial Park - power access

It is unfortunate that any Parks were closed at all. Ontario seems to have forgotten that its Parks were originally set aside for environmental and social purposes - purposes that included Protection, Recreation, Heritage Appreciation and Tourism - nowhere in that mandate was Revenue Generation ..... Jay They are still open for day use. I can never understand it..........everyone "whines" about fiscal responsibility for the various ministries but when the .gov actually practices it, it's wrong? Send an email to the Premier, maybe she'll reconsider - NOT! Your are right about one thing - closure of Parks is not an Ontario Parks issue - it is a Government of Ontario issue. The Parks system has done an exemplary job of exercising fiscal responsibility for a very long time: Volunteers, Friends of ...., Campground Host/Hostesses, Community Partnerships, Self-registration, shortened operating seasons, reduced services, establishment as a Special Revenue Retention Agency, development of Park Stores and Fee Increases - quite a whack of initiatives and I'm sure there are more. The failure of fiscal responsibility lies with the Province on a much higher level - one regrettable consequence of that failure has been the closure of Parks. And as for "open for day use" - sorry - that doesn't cut it. Jay
RangerJay 01/01/15 04:32pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Algonquin Provincial Park - power access

Yes - it is sad - even angering - that Obatanga was closed. Our relationship with Obatanga goes back to the late 60's - before the campground was expanded, before the installation of electrical pedestals, comfort station, amphitheatre and even before a pumphouse was put in. Seemed a fairly comfortably used campground at the time and through the years it always remained one of our favourite Parks even though we visited it only intermittently (Neys, Rossport Campground and Agawa Campground are tough competition - agree with your comments on White Lake). Obatanga seems to have suffered a classic case of over-development - of "if you build it they will come" - but they didn't - heck of a hard lesson ..... having said that .... there had to have been other ways of dealing with its issues rather than shutting the entire campground down. Jay
RangerJay 01/01/15 10:11am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Algonquin Provincial Park - power access

It is unfortunate that any Parks were closed at all. Ontario seems to have forgotten that its Parks were originally set aside for environmental and social purposes - purposes that included Protection, Recreation, Heritage Appreciation and Tourism - nowhere in that mandate was Revenue Generation ..... Jay
RangerJay 01/01/15 08:15am RVing in Canada and Alaska
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