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RE: Oregon SP looking at Flexible Pricing

Supply and demand. It is not a difficult concept to understand. For those that are unaware Oregon State Parks do not receive funding from the general fund. For the out-of-staters that don't like the current or proposed pay structure...oh well. More space for me.
RedRollingRoadblock 04/25/17 03:04pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Ok, Time to Come Clean and Admit Our Screw-Ups

Made my mistakes last season, going along the Oregon coast. Decided to stop at one of the lighthouses. The wife locked up the toad, getting ready to leave, I went to use the bathroom while she started up the toad and run through the transmission. I came out of the bathroom and we left. Went to stop at another place, got out and saw the headlights were on, told my wife she left the lights on. I walked back to turn them off only to hear the engine still running. Tried to open the door only to find it locked it's self??, the fear ran through us as we both realized that we didn't have a spare key??. Then we realize we are 30 miles to any town. Fortunately we found a lock smith in the town of bannon. The look on his face was priceless, as he exclaimed do you know your car is still running. I said yes henceforth that is why I am here, we now have a spare key for the toad. Same trip I also figured out not to listen to google maps, ended up on a logging road with the toad.I do hope it was the town of Bandon!
RedRollingRoadblock 04/24/17 05:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Great maintenance resource

RedRollingRoadblock 04/18/17 05:55pm Beginning RVing
RE: Cresent City CA to Jackson Wy

I haven't been on that route for a long time. I ran it about twice a month or more for years. For the most part the road is in good shape and has no major grades. There used to be a member here that lived in Swan Valley maybe (s)he will chime in. Sure someone will be around if they disagree. Then again I'll drive on a goat trail to avoid the freeway.
RedRollingRoadblock 04/16/17 03:14pm Roads and Routes
RE: Cresent City CA to Jackson Wy

May I suggest taking off I-84 at Mt. Home and taking US 20 into Idaho Falls and picking up US 26. At Hoback Jct pick up US 89 and into Jackson. Not advisable to take ID 31 and 33 and WY. 22. Doable but you ain't gonna like it. Truck stop at Chiloquin, Fuel at Bend, Burns, Ontario, Boise, Mt. Home, couple in between before Id. Falls but you won't like the prices. Lots of agriculture in the Idaho stretch so fuel shouldn't be a huge problem. Might want to check out Craters of the Moon.
RedRollingRoadblock 04/16/17 12:08pm Roads and Routes
RE: Air Ride Seat in F350

At the local Ford Truck dealer a few weeks ago and there was a sign in the parts department saying add an air ride seat to F-350 & 450 for $695. I think, didn't really pay any attention to it.
RedRollingRoadblock 04/07/17 10:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Oregon "CARRY CHAINS" requirement ?

In 44 1/2 years in a truck, crossing I-84 more times than I can count I have been checked physically one time. This was near the start of carry season near Hood River, OR. At the time I was dragging doubles around with a three axle tractor. I had to lay out chains on ground so Smokey could count them and inspect condition. I laid out three 3-railers, and 8 singles. Smokey was strutting around like a peacock with a big smirk on his face. He made a comment about delaying me told him that when I got back in truck I was going to enter 40 minuets for chain time and is would pay $22.50/hr. Grin disappeared as did I. Been through the drive by checks several times and as long as they saw chains in the rack they were happy. Could have wrapped a tow chain around the rack several times and they would have never known the difference. Never known or heard of a non-commercial vehicle getting checked but never asked anyone either. Now if your caught barefoot when the sign is up, all bets are off especially when you get twisted up and rightfully so. As far as myself I don't carry them, figure I'll wait it out. Driven too many miles in foul weather, why do so now?
RedRollingRoadblock 03/24/17 02:44pm Roads and Routes
RE: Oregon "CARRY CHAINS" requirement ?

I did six months in an Oregon county jail for pumping my own gas, Mitch. BAAHAAA Must have had gas confused with a bottle of Jack.
RedRollingRoadblock 03/24/17 02:07pm Roads and Routes
RE: Ford Transmission

Interesting discussion on the Ford forum at http://www.irv2.com/forums/f23/changing-your-own-tranny-fluid-326852.html One poster is a retired Ford transmission engineer.
RedRollingRoadblock 02/19/17 06:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hwy 3 to Hwy 95 to I-84

OP is traveling from Northern Panhandle of Idaho. Fare well Bend is a WA State Park on the Idaho border situated along the Snake River. Your route has some great scenery. Be careful of the long steep down grade near White Bird, ID. There is a good federal campground near Orifino. We travel along the Clearwater River on US 12 then take ID 13(not a straight road) back to US 95. Minor correction. Farewell Bend is an Oregon State Park.
RedRollingRoadblock 01/11/17 09:02pm Roads and Routes
RE: Class A body roll

Check your sway bar brackets and bolts and the bushing mounts. They have a habit of coming from the factory loose. I had one bracket break and couple of bolts loose at 6000 miles. Ford warranted it. How is your weight distrubuation?
RedRollingRoadblock 12/30/16 09:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 7th game of world series

Harry's Last Call This made a grown man cry......:B Congratulations Cubbies and thanks Budweiser. Brilliant and priceless!!! Yep. Brought me back to a better time when our son and GM, my MIL, would watch the Cubs. Most of his friends to loved them. Mostly in part to Harry. Then the dark hole of mental illness swallowed him. Sure glad Harry got to call the last out!
RedRollingRoadblock 11/03/16 04:45pm Around the Campfire
RE: Who installs base plate?

Guess I'll do it my self. It usually isn't too bad. You say you emailed BlueOx. Does that mean you already own a BlueOx base plate? I ask because my usual suggestion is to look up base plates on Roadmaster, BlueOx and Demco. Then look at the instructions they provide on line, and their photo of a completed installation. That can help you choose the one that presents the best look, or sets up at the best height to match your coach, or is the easiest to install. If you have the base plate already, I offer two tips: 1. Determine how much drilling is required and be sure you have GOOD bits in those sizes. If you're drilling large holes, a high-torque, low-RPM drill motor works best. 2. If the instructions call for trimming the car's fascia, don't just do it from the instruction pictures. Wait till you can do a trial fit of you own with the base plate installed. Several of us have found that far less fascia had to be removed to clear the base plate than what the instructions showed. No, I emailed the a local dealer who is listed by Blue Ox. Your additional comments are likely right on. That has been my thought process while looking at options. Haven't bought a baseplate yet, just got a car suitable to flat tow. Got a dolly so no big rush. It just really bugs me when someone tells you to email for information then they never reply. Of course then there is my Fleetwood dealer. I emailed them for some repairs on my 2007 Sunseeker that I likely could have done myself but just didn't want to do. Six weeks later they call me and I blew them off. Then four months later they had a floor plan that DW really liked and more bells and whistles than either of us really wanted at a good price. The rest is history...
RedRollingRoadblock 10/27/16 01:56am Dinghy Towing
RE: Streaming - Cell Phone to TV?

I don't know if this app is supported on your phone as we use iPhone. Tubio will cast to your TV if you have a Roku hooked up to it. Works sort of like Cromecast does except better. You can also stream current shows sorta like Playon but actually works. I really don't know all the details on the how to do it, that falls in the DW's department. It will suck phone battery so have a charger handy.
RedRollingRoadblock 10/24/16 09:51pm Technology Corner
RE: Who installs base plate?

In my case I asked my dealer when I picked up the MH from some warranty work. Got a dumb look. Explained what a baseplate was and I got a "yeah, I think we can do that." Sent an email to a listed Blue Ox dealer two weeks ago with no reply. Guess I'll do it my self.
RedRollingRoadblock 10/24/16 09:41pm Dinghy Towing
RE: RV propane tank replacement

I would contact a propane dealer, tell them your concerns and let them inspect it and make recommendations. A RV dealer likely would just R&R the tank.
RedRollingRoadblock 10/16/16 04:11pm Tech Issues
RE: f53 chassy

Like ductape said. Do a search for Cheap Handling Fix. You will find lots including some You Tube videos. Or go to http://www.irv2.com/forums/f23/cheap-handling-fix-72335.html and spend three hours reading. Park your MH level and have a the proper tools. IIRC a 17mm, 19mm and a 13mm(?). You likely won't need to raise vehicle. Loosen the down links at the sway bar. If you can't raise the bar to line up the holes or it is too hard to raise loosen the bushing mounts a little. CAUTION the bar could drop. Refasten the down links to the inter hole. ( To the rear if doing front bar, to the front when doing the rear.) Put some blue Locktite on the bolts, tighten and enjoy your new ride.
RedRollingRoadblock 10/12/16 10:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Towing a vehicle. What kind of set up

Just bought a Bounder 35k with a 5k tow package. What kind of set up do you use to tow a car? 1) find TOAD that's fits your needs and make sure its towable 4 down with no modifications 2) then add one of these.includes the auxillary brake https://www.amazon.com/NSA-RV-Products-RB-9050-Ready/dp/B00IK56P1U/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1475854150&sr=8-3&keywords=Rv+tow+bars 3) plus this (example only all vehicles vary) https://www.amazon.com/Roadmaster-5231201-Tow-Mounting-Bracket/dp/B0089UQ7D2/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1475854332&sr=8-2&keywords=Rv+tow+bar+brackets 4) wiring kit similar to this https://www.amazon.com/Blue-Ox-BX8848-Diodes-Taillight/dp/B003VARHBQ/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1475854443&sr=8-10&keywords=Rv+tow+light+kits Made links clickable.
RedRollingRoadblock 10/07/16 09:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Was retirement for you a good or not so good choice?

I was forced into an early retirement...by the DW. Glad I married such a smart woman. I spent 44 1/2 years in a truck and worked for about the last 30 years nights, the last 13 for an LTL freight company. The job was OK, enjoyed my co-workers but the company I worked for were bodily orifices. After all THEY invented the wheel. LOL. Plus the fact that they screwed me out of 6+ years of retirement, but that is another story. The DW put the bug in my ear to retire in about February, took her several months to pound it in so we set the date as September 30/2015, just short of my 63 birthday, figured no need to chain again unless I wanted to. That sounded good then on July 3 I walked into the managers office and told him I was retiring on 7/31 at the end of my shift. At 0809 August 1 I dropped my keys and badge on the office managers desk and walked out the door. Never looked back. Don't miss it one bit. DW still works but she works out of the house so as long as we have a decent cell connection were fine, She cut her hours to 30 a week a few months ago, so we do a little traveling, some hosting and whatever. When we are home I stay busy catching up on the deferred maintenance, setting up the new Bounder the way I want, drive the MH 60 miles to the DD once a week so DW can help with homeschooling the oldest grand kids. I got the better deal as I get to play with the younger two. Very glad I retired when I did, best thing I ever did. If I had a do over I would have planned better for retirement.
RedRollingRoadblock 09/25/16 09:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Oregon Coast Mid to Late October

Hmm, I just checked picking three day stay for random days in Oct. There was openings on all. On the date calendar are you sure you got October 2016? You might advanced to 2017.
RedRollingRoadblock 09/17/16 10:16pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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