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RE: Little Rock AR RV show

Yes, I have been many times. I found our first PUP and first trailer at the Show. Since you will not be in the market for a new unit, there are some vendors and campground reps at the show to entice you with their many products and services. It in not a large show, 99% of the units are inside the Statehouse Convention center so that limits the number of show units. We usually spend about four hours at the show and walk away with a bag full of stuff. To really make a weekend of the visit, check out other sights to see in Little Rock, such as the Clinton Library, State Capitol Building, Central High Historic Site, and just a few blocks from the show in the Old State House used when Arkansas first became a state back in 1836. Come on down out of the hills and visit a while.
Redcatcher70 01/30/16 09:39am Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: Canadian Travel

Assuming you hold current passports, why not just carry them and then there is no confusion, use your cards for the cruise ships.......
Redcatcher70 01/28/16 08:41am Beginning RVing
RE: Pondering about moving to a one-story home.

Having never lived in a multi-story dwelling in my 65 plus years, I have no concept of "running up and down stairs". Like the other poster stated having acres of grounds to care for can require lots of bending and walking, extending arms over your head numerous times, and if you really want a workout buy a walk behind mower. The older we get, the more we are glad we have a one-story home, otherwise we would be sleeping on the dining table!!!!
Redcatcher70 01/25/16 07:13pm Around the Campfire
RE: Non matalic refrigerator

We used the vent hood in our old trailer also, but in the Hi-Lo we do not have a vent hood so I guess my wife will have to find something else to collect in our travels.....:R
Redcatcher70 01/16/16 11:09am Around the Campfire
RE: Which day to go?

We bought 2 units at the RV show, (different times and different units), and both times we were sure we were in the market to buy but looking for the right unit. We looked and priced, picked up brochures, talked to sales staff and then walked out. We had a couple of sales people tell us that "the price is good just for the show only", yeah right.... Went home, researched, talked it over, got our financing lined up at the Credit Union and walked into the dealership a week later and made the deal at or a little below the show price. This works better on a last years' model, but they will honor the show price, but be prepared to walk. DO NOT let the thrill of the hunt overcome you, that is what they are counting on.... Good Luck and happy LOOKING!
Redcatcher70 01/11/16 08:03am Travel Trailers
RE: This couldn't happen to a nicer guy

I own a 2004 F250 V10, just had the plugs changed this week, I have 72,000 miles on it and a week or so ago it was very damp and rainy and I had a miss, so I put it in the shop to check plugs and the sparkheads on each cylinder. The shop suggested changing the plugs but all the sparkheads checked fine. I previously owned a 1997 F150 with the 5.4, drove it over 100,000 and no problems with it spitting out plugs either.
Redcatcher70 01/06/16 09:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: Winter Preparedness

With a fireplace in the house, you already have 90% of your needs met! I just googled "cooking in a home fireplace" and there are tons of ways to use your indoor fireplace for cooking, with a couple of extra tools and grates. You can even use your Dutch oven indoors with a fireplace. Eons ago when I helped with Boy Scouts, teaching them to cook on an open fire was one of the first things they learned. Learning to cook on hot coals and not a blazing flame is easy to do, with a good grill grate and a couple of pans. I suggest you try doing this before you really need to, then it will not be hard to master IF there should come a need. BTW, several times I have used the gas grill with a side burner to cook and make coffee when we have lost power, all of this under the carport or in a garage with the door open of course. NEVER use in an enclosed space.
Redcatcher70 12/30/15 11:15am Around the Campfire
RE: So, are you going to a Bowl Game?

kellertx5er, I just read over on Yahoo that the Longhorns are going Bowling this year, they have reserved 12 lanes at the local Fun Times Bowling Lanes!!!! :B Coach Strong said his team was not going to watch everyone else play on TV and his team just sit around.....:S
Redcatcher70 12/10/15 07:57am Around the Campfire
So, are you going to a Bowl Game?

O.K., Bowl games are set, the last big tailgate party this year for some of us. With forty games scheduled, are you planning on attending a game this year? The Arkansas Razorbacks are going to the Liberty Bowl in Memphis on January 2nd. I attended the Liberty Bowl back in 2010 and ALMOST froze. I went prepared for cold weather but man, it was beyond cold!!! The Arkansas State Red Wolves are playing in New Orleans INSIDE the Superdome on December 19th. Never been to New Orleans or the Superdome, this sounds like a more comfortable trip to me. I can take the camper and hope it is not freezing down there at that time. Anyone else making a road trip to a Bowl game?
Redcatcher70 12/07/15 08:25am Around the Campfire
RE: I may have winterized but...

bondebond, we live just below you and yes I did winterize last week on the new to us 2008 Hi-Lo 19T. We thought about just blowing the lines and putting antifreeze in the traps but I did the full blown winterizing and parked the trailer. My wife is not big on winter camping anymore so we will wait until spring. When we had a pup I would keep it ready to go year round, especially for Deer Camp, but gave up hunting a few years ago. Nothing like a big campfire on a cold night and the snuggle under some sleeping bags and blankets for a good sleep!!!!!
Redcatcher70 11/24/15 09:28am Folding Trailers
RE: Question for diabetics (or those familiar with one)

Yes, stress is one of the major factors of raising A1C levels, I am personal proof. During and right at the time I finally retired, A1C was over 9.0! Also blood pressure was through the roof, I was lucky and had enough years of service and additional income from VA Disability that I retired at 59 1/2. Now, (just had A1C checked yesterday at the VA, 8.1), it is coming down slowly. You also have to factor in that you are aging (not meant in a mean way), and it may be time for some oral meds. Some people thrive on stress, and some, our bodies find other ways to react. Go to an Endo Dr. and find ways to lower your A1C......
Redcatcher70 11/24/15 09:04am Around the Campfire
RE: Perking coffee -- how long?

I have been perking coffee for over 40 years now, never timed it. Just use my nose and the color of the perk in the little glass jigger on top. Sometimes I want it a little stronger than other times and therefore, let it go a little longer, I have never made a BAD cup of coffee. These new fangled coffee brewers have ruined a whole generation.....
Redcatcher70 11/21/15 09:07am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Move your chair over a bit please....

RoadXYZ, yes we plan on a trip to Hot Springs, we used to go often before RVing, but have not been in about 15 years. Have you been to Garvin Gardens during the Christmas season? Campigloo, I have not been to LA since my Ft. Polk days in the summer of 1969. Also never got used to the chicory coffee but you never know!!!!
Redcatcher70 11/12/15 12:01pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Move your chair over a bit please....

Thanks everyone for the welcome back!!! I figured out a long time ago that you either LOVE RVing or you don't, and we have always enjoyed the lifestyle from tent to pop-up to travel trailer. We used to go a lot, when work would let us, then **** happens, you deal with it and go on. We are both retired now but health limits us to shorter closer to home trips so we will take what we can get, and thank God we are still able to do that. We will be enjoying some old haunts, and seeing what all Arkansas has to offer, which is a lot!!!! The coffee pot is always on, or a Diet Coke in the cooler, so stop by sometimes..........
Redcatcher70 11/06/15 07:13am RV Lifestyle
Move your chair over a bit please....

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 28638390
Redcatcher70 11/05/15 02:51pm Around the Campfire
Move your chair over a bit please....

Well, I guess I will be putting my chair around the campfire once again.:D We sold our old unit several years ago due to health and other issues and wondered if we would ever get back into the campground again. We have been talking about renewing the RV experience a lot about the last six months or so and today we pulled the trigger. We knew we wanted a smaller trailer than the old 24 footer we had and several days ago I was passing a small used car/RV lot and spied a used 19 foot Hi-Lo, a 19T Towlite. I brought the wife back to look it over and for a 2008 model, it was exceptional. The cooktop had never been used and it looked like the bathroom had never been touched either. The previous owner had put all the manuals and owners papers in a three ring binder and all systems checked out in working order. :C Waiting on money to get transferred from one institution to another, and I will pull it home the first of next week. I knew we would one day re-join the group, I never took the brake controller out of my truck, it has just been hanging there waiting to be used. I told my wife I will get it home and clean it up and winterize it so it will be ready next spring and she said "do you have to winterize already?" She was more ready to go than I thought she was...:W
Redcatcher70 11/05/15 02:51pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Cataract????? ((UPDATE))

I have had both of mine done. Took longer than 15 or 20 minutes, I had lens replacement along with the cataract removal. They placed drops in the eye and did not feel any pain at all. I also was on an IV and drifted in and out of sleep during most of the procedure. There is some discomfort for a few days later, plus wearing a eye shield at night for a week. I have had several shots in my right eye to try and reduce swelling in that eye but numbing drops reduced MOST of that pain. You can do it, I am sure having a baby is a LOT worse...
Redcatcher70 10/02/15 07:25am Around the Campfire
What a beautiful day

Fall is in the air, temps today are to be in the low 70's and I have a ton of yard work I need to do. :( It was so hot the last month or two that I put off any yard work except mowing. I have a fence line that needs so bushes cut/removed so the workers can put up the last portion of wood privacy fence, about 125 feet along one side. I got out this morning, gathered my tools and chainsaw and started working. Of course the chainsaw has not been used since Spring and it took quite a few pulls on the starter rope the get going but after the first start-up, it just took one or two pulls to start again. I was almost finished with the portion I was planning on doing today(have to pace myself you know), and I pulled on the starter rope and it broke off in my hand. :S Get my tools out and take the cover off and decided to let the mechanic remove the pulley and spring assembly. I take it to the local repair shop and ask if they could fix it while I wait, and they did. I know my sense of humor is a little far out sometimes and some people say they have to think about what I say sometimes. As I was paying the repairman, I was pulling on the rope a little and looked at him and said "is this going to make the saw start easier now?" He looked at me with a perplexed look on his face and didn't say a word. I could tell he did not quite get my joke and I said I was kidding and took my change and left. :W I should finish my cleaning tomorrow morning and then I will have Saturday free to watch football and eat chili all day.......:B
Redcatcher70 10/01/15 01:30pm Around the Campfire
RE: Question for you old guys.

You made me go look at my last card issued to me on 20JAN71. I had a A4 classification, after having put in my active duty time previously. I graduated from High School May of 1968, with a A1 classification. Almost to the day a year later, May, 1969, I was inducted and on my way to Ft. Polk, LA. I was on active duty a total of One year, six months and eleven days. Released from active duty on November 26, 1970. The A4 classification was because I still had inactive reserve duty for the remainder of the six years total of my commitment. I received my "Official Discharge" on May 15, 1975. I always said if they called me back up, there would be 100 guys leave my neighborhood, me and 99 M.P.s.........
Redcatcher70 08/24/15 12:13pm Around the Campfire
RE: Golf and Nascar

Just my observation but, it seems to me that a lot of their "greatness" comes from a lot of people overlooking a lot of their faults, plus forgetting that the great ones are also humans.... JMHO
Redcatcher70 08/17/15 08:51am Around the Campfire
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