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RE: Cataract?????

I have had both of mine done. Took longer than 15 or 20 minutes, I had lens replacement along with the cataract removal. They placed drops in the eye and did not feel any pain at all. I also was on an IV and drifted in and out of sleep during most of the procedure. There is some discomfort for a few days later, plus wearing a eye shield at night for a week. I have had several shots in my right eye to try and reduce swelling in that eye but numbing drops reduced MOST of that pain. You can do it, I am sure having a baby is a LOT worse...
Redcatcher70 10/02/15 07:25am Around the Campfire
What a beautiful day

Fall is in the air, temps today are to be in the low 70's and I have a ton of yard work I need to do. :( It was so hot the last month or two that I put off any yard work except mowing. I have a fence line that needs so bushes cut/removed so the workers can put up the last portion of wood privacy fence, about 125 feet along one side. I got out this morning, gathered my tools and chainsaw and started working. Of course the chainsaw has not been used since Spring and it took quite a few pulls on the starter rope the get going but after the first start-up, it just took one or two pulls to start again. I was almost finished with the portion I was planning on doing today(have to pace myself you know), and I pulled on the starter rope and it broke off in my hand. :S Get my tools out and take the cover off and decided to let the mechanic remove the pulley and spring assembly. I take it to the local repair shop and ask if they could fix it while I wait, and they did. I know my sense of humor is a little far out sometimes and some people say they have to think about what I say sometimes. As I was paying the repairman, I was pulling on the rope a little and looked at him and said "is this going to make the saw start easier now?" He looked at me with a perplexed look on his face and didn't say a word. I could tell he did not quite get my joke and I said I was kidding and took my change and left. :W I should finish my cleaning tomorrow morning and then I will have Saturday free to watch football and eat chili all day.......:B
Redcatcher70 10/01/15 01:30pm Around the Campfire
RE: Question for you old guys.

You made me go look at my last card issued to me on 20JAN71. I had a A4 classification, after having put in my active duty time previously. I graduated from High School May of 1968, with a A1 classification. Almost to the day a year later, May, 1969, I was inducted and on my way to Ft. Polk, LA. I was on active duty a total of One year, six months and eleven days. Released from active duty on November 26, 1970. The A4 classification was because I still had inactive reserve duty for the remainder of the six years total of my commitment. I received my "Official Discharge" on May 15, 1975. I always said if they called me back up, there would be 100 guys leave my neighborhood, me and 99 M.P.s.........
Redcatcher70 08/24/15 12:13pm Around the Campfire
RE: Golf and Nascar

Just my observation but, it seems to me that a lot of their "greatness" comes from a lot of people overlooking a lot of their faults, plus forgetting that the great ones are also humans.... JMHO
Redcatcher70 08/17/15 08:51am Around the Campfire
What he needs for his job......

Our six year old grandson goes to work with his Dad sometimes on a Saturday morning when Dad needs to finish some paperwork. Dad is a Construction Superintendent. Grandson told his Mom the other day that when he gets a job with Dad he is taking her Orange office chair to his office, and he also needs his Nerf gun. I wonder what kind of paperwork Dad is doing on Saturday mornings....:h
Redcatcher70 08/17/15 08:48am Around the Campfire
RE: Auto Title Loans, what are your thoughts?

fj12ryder, I have a couple of "good ole boy" BILs that could take up the slack for me.....:B PS.. All of my comments were tongue in cheek remarks, but still Payday and Car title loans make more on the interest than my 401k by a long shot!!!!
Redcatcher70 08/04/15 04:58pm Around the Campfire
RE: Need help with fluorescent fixture (one side does not work)

In my working life, I had dealings with fluorescent fixtures, so a little of what I know may help, (or not). 1. If other fixtures are the same age as the problem one, they are antique fixtures and need to be replaced. "Leaking" ballast have been replace by electronic ballasts and if you are using F16 tubes or larger you are using a lot of electricity. We found it to be cheaper to replace the whole fixture than rebuild old style fixtures. 2. You may have a bad "tombstone" receptacle on one end of the fixture. 3. If you replace(d) a ballast, did you replace it with the correct ballast? Most of the off the shelf ballast look the same, but be sure to check they are for the correct voltage and the number and size of the tubes in the fixture.
Redcatcher70 08/04/15 11:09am Around the Campfire
RE: Campsite Liability - insurance issues

We sold our rig a few years ago, if this is what "camping" has come down to, I am glad we no longer rent a space in a campground. Can't sit around the fire anymore without fretting if someone will sue me because they do something stupid in my rented space....... I think your agent is milking you for a few dollars, see if they can provide information comparing policies sold verses claims paid out on such a rider on an insurance policy.
Redcatcher70 08/03/15 08:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Auto Title Loans, what are your thoughts?

If it was legal, (but private parties can not do this in our state), I could make a tidy little profit by charging just half of the interest that these legal loan sharks do. I could make twice the profit on my little nest egg than I currently do in my 401K account. Dang, there is always a stumbling block in my little schemes....:S
Redcatcher70 08/03/15 08:21pm Around the Campfire
Anyone else headed to Omaha for CWS......(UPDATE)

Friend and I are leaving early Friday morning to see some of the College World Series. Arkansas plays Virginia Saturday and then we will fly by the seat of the pants after that game. I am not much on baseball, but I like to watch college sports of almost any kind, especially bowl or championship games. The only bummer is we are staying in a motel, no RV anymore for our comforts....... THANK YOU OMAHA :B We arrived Friday afternoon, drove around the Ameritrade Park to get our bearings for the next few days and met some great people. I do not know if Omaha has much going on during the year, but I guess the CWS is about the biggest event and they do a tremendous job from parking to finding something to eat. My friend and I stayed and watched a total of six games and never heard a gruff word from anyone. I do not usually care for being in large crowds but EVERYONE we met, were there to enjoy themselves. Thanks again to everyone in Omaha for making our first trip to the CWS a great one and we are already making plans to return again. BTW, Arkansas lost two close games and were the first team out......:S
Redcatcher70 06/10/15 07:31am Around the Campfire
RE: rhubarb pie

K Charles, you are SO LUCKY you can get a real fresh rhubarb pie. :( Here in the deep south most folks do not even know what rhubarb is, much less make a decent pie out of it. Every year I go back to Iowa for a Family reunion and I always put out the word to my cousins that I WANT a rhubarb pie for our potluck dinner. I only get it once a year, its like Christmas to me!!!! :B I try to eat the whole pie before the day is over. Just eat your pie and the Tums after and be glad you have the pie, some of us in this great country are so deprived....:R
Redcatcher70 06/02/15 05:14pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Pets in a Resturant

I think Outback took fleas off the menu a couple of months ago...;) Seriously, I am with you, people need to leave their PETS at home while dining out, now Service animals are another story.....
Redcatcher70 05/16/15 05:55pm Around the Campfire
I looked out my window this morning....

And I saw a sight I have not seen in a looooooong time, :@ Army National Guardsmen hiking up the sidewalk with full packs. They were not marching, just hiking up the sidewalk, single file. It brought back some old memories of Ft. Polk, LA, about 46 years ago, marching around the base just to be marching, only difference is we carried our weapons (an M14 rifle), these guys were not carrying any weapons. Plus it is a mild 60 something degrees here, I was marching in July and August heat. I told my wife I sure do not miss those days at all.....:B
Redcatcher70 05/02/15 09:01am Around the Campfire
I am Now Qualfiied as an "Old Man"

I turned 65 in February but just yesterday, got down to Little Rock and purchased my Lifetime Hunting and Fishing License!!!! No more once a year stop to make the annual purchase for license. It cost me $40.50 (which included the Trout Stamp) and I am set for the rest of my life. :B Now, all I have to do is talk my DW in to letting me buy that new Bass Boat I have had my eye on.....:W
Redcatcher70 04/23/15 07:35am Around the Campfire
I feel this way sometimes too.......

We have been babysitting our 5 year old grandson since Monday, he has been under the weather and taking an antibiotic. Granny asked him yesterday if he is feeling better and he replied, "yes I am better, but my butt sure is tired of pooping so much." :S Kinda sums it up for me too...........
Redcatcher70 03/05/15 11:08am Around the Campfire
RE: Anyone here prepaid for a funeral?

Oaklevel, I think most states have some type of Funeral Directors and Embalmers Board like we do in Arkansas. This Board oversees the Funeral Home business and steps in when a Funeral Home goes under, so to speak. That being said, if all pre-paid plans are like the one we have, it is actually just a Life Insurance policy that is pre-paid to cover the cost of whatever you plan for and can be changed by the family at the time of the funeral by just paying for any additional cost at the time of service. All the Funeral Home does is agree to do whatever you plan for at todays price later down the road, it just locks them in at a set cost, and with ours it would have covered a vault and opening and closing if we had needed it. Here, we recently had a Funeral Home closed down by the State Board, any pre-paid plans were taken over by the State Insurance Board and they found another Funeral Home to take over the pre-paid plan for the old Funeral Home. No one lost their plans, just changed the name of the Funeral Home to be paid on the Insurance policy. There is really no need to fear over losing money or being left in the cold later, like I said most plans are just Life Insurance policies with the Funeral Home being the beneficiary.
Redcatcher70 03/04/15 07:00am Around the Campfire
RE: Tide Laundry Bar soap?

In many under developed countries, bar soap is very common. Washing clothes on a scrub board or rocks, bar soap is used. I saw it a lot in Honduras, Nicaragua and other Central American countries. It was usually circular, about six inches long and 3 or 4 inches in diameter.
Redcatcher70 03/03/15 09:28pm Around the Campfire
RE: Anyone here prepaid for a funeral?

Yes, we did both of ours a couple of years ago. We planned all of it, place where service will be held, music to be played, cremation, containers for remains, all we will need. We will both go to the State Military Cemetery and have the approval letter from them to use later. Our two middle aged children would not even sit down to discuss the eventual need for a funeral for us, so we did it and now it is all paid for, all anyone has to do is contact the local Funeral Home when the time comes and they handle it from there. Only thing left to do is write our own obituary, which we plan to do.........
Redcatcher70 03/03/15 09:18pm Around the Campfire
RE: My Dear Wife is a WINNER

Coolbreeze01 beat me to it, diced tomatoes and green chili peppers in a can. It is necessary to have a well stocked pantry with a can or two of "Ro-tel" sitting next to the Spam!!!!! :W
Redcatcher70 02/20/15 11:51am Around the Campfire
RE: My Dear Wife is a WINNER

Sorry Crowe, she does not have a secret recipe, she is a just a "dump" cook, dump a little of this, a lot of that. She uses the dry chili seasoning off the shelf, adds browned lean ground beef, tomato juice, can of Rotel, a can of diced tomatoes, a can of pinto beans, drained, and then adds dry chili powder until it tastes right to her. She makes it in the crock pot. It does not set you on fire, but has a nice spiciness to it. She probably would not have won if I had not tasted it and told her to add some more chili powder, the last little bit won it for her I am sure......:B
Redcatcher70 02/20/15 08:45am Around the Campfire
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