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Taking Granddaughters on a new adventure

....for them! Decided to take my two granddaughters, 18 and 15 on a short flight on a commercial aircraft. The 15 year old is somewhat skiddish on elevators and tight places. She wanted to travel to Belize with me this year for a Mission trip. I told their grandma that before I invested $1600 in a trip, I wanted to she how she does on a plane ride. I am taking her older sister to help her along in case she has a meltdown. We are flying on Southwest from Little Rock to Dallas Love Field, having a 3 hour layover and returning. It is a good time to let them see the whole process, check in, security checks and airport experience, Making them a little more worldly as they may soon be travelling by themselves soon.....
Redcatcher70 04/17/14 08:28am Around the Campfire
RE: Already missing a friend........

JayGee, we are planning our Mission trip for July this year. My 15 year old granddaughter is going with me, this is her first trip. We will have one day for fun time. She LOVES zip lining, so we will go do the zip line for a couple of hours and then do the cave tubing the rest of the day.
Redcatcher70 04/04/14 04:15pm Around the Campfire
Already missing a friend........

Most of you may not be interested in this, but if you want to skip it that is fine. October, 2007 I traveled to Belize City, Belize for our Church to see what we could do about helping with Mission work there. I met several Church members there and they all suggested we talk with a man named Lincoln Jones Sr. We met with Lincoln and his family (wife, Margarita, two sons and one daughter) many times over several days and they were all excited about starting a Church in a rural area about 35 miles from Belize City in a town called Burrell Boom. Lincoln was not your typical Belizean, standing about 6'3" and solid as a rock. He loved God, his family and really wanted to improve the quality of life for his countrymen. He had a quick wit and loved to tell a good story, he and I sit for many hours swapping war stories with each other. He made many friends with people from Florida to Texas on their many trips to Belize. When we started the Church in Burrell Boom, they had seven members and have now grown to almost 100 members since 2008. I am not sure of his exact age, maybe 55, but we lost Lincoln suddenly this week to a brain disorder. I don't call many men my brother, but Lincoln was special to me. We had a bond that was strong, in faith and friendship. Looking to the day we will all be together, so long Brother, you had a good life...........
Redcatcher70 04/04/14 11:16am Around the Campfire
RE: Home Depot now selling batteries

Its not WHERE you buy them, its how you TREAT them, like the other post, only a few manufacturers for all the different "brands". JMHO..........
Redcatcher70 04/03/14 10:09am General RVing Issues
RE: Good start to day?

I just logged on and was going to make a post about what a good morning I was having! :B Woke up this morning about 8:00 AM, put on a pot of coffee, with all the makings intact, drank a couple of mugs, (not those little fufu cups for us), made a bowl of Multi Grain Cheerios and threw in a scoop of dried cranberries, a little no fat milk and all is fine with the world! If I had known retirement was this good I would have done it when I was 25 years old!!!!
Redcatcher70 04/03/14 09:58am Around the Campfire
RE: I finally learned my lesson....... (UPDATE)

Well, the dryer is home from the Repair Shop, of all things it was the door switch! The repairman called me about 90 minutes after I left his shop. When I took it in, I worked with him and we metered every wire, switch and relay we could find and no luck. I left it with him and he started working on it with a fine tooth comb. He said when we put the meter on two of the four leads to the switch it checked good, but he noticed after pulling the switch off the dryer, that the button was a little off center and kind of soft to push in. He took the switch apart (I thought it was a sealed unit but he took it apart) and the spring that works the switch had slipped out of position and was shorting out when the power button was pushed. He re-positioned the spring, installed it and it started right up!!!! While it was in I had him replace the seal between the drum and front panel, it was worn out and losing some heat at the seal. I am glad he is one of my old Boy Scouts, he could have charged me for a new switch and I would not have known the difference. Brought it home today and attached the vent hose and gas line, opened the gas valve and plugged her up, heating and tumbling like a new one. I priced new ones at Lowes and Home Depot online yesterday, one like we own start at $489.00, maybe this old one will last until I go to the Nursing Home.......
Redcatcher70 03/21/14 05:54pm Around the Campfire
I finally learned my lesson....... (UPDATE)

If something around the house breaks down, let the OTHER guy fix it. :R Our Frigidaire gas dryer decided to take a rest, the drum belt broke. I have always tried to do my own repairs on everything, cars and trucks, washing machines, re-doing the bathroom and so on. Mostly because we are not rich, and that is the way I was raised also. But this dryer has broke me down! :M I have a friend, (he was one of my Boy Scouts way back when) who owns an Appliance Repair shop. So, I go talk to him, he says "piece of cake" to replace the belt, and that is also what I thought. Anyway, I buy the belt, pull the dryer out, UNPLUG the electric, and I do replace the belt and re-assemble the dryer. Did I mention my hands look like I stuck them in a bag with and angry badger! Everything inside appliances is SHARP. :E Plug it up, turn on the dryer, NOTHING. Work the rest of the day checking wires, switches anything I could find, NOTHING. I am taking it to my friend today, let him get his hands cut up and do all the cussing, I am DONE! :h
Redcatcher70 03/20/14 07:41am Around the Campfire
RE: How did you handle spouse retiring?

If you are already dreading having him around all day, when it does happen you will be just a ball of nerves!!! Talk to him NOW, see what he thinks life will be like when he does retire, if your idea of retirement and his ideas do not mesh, you are both in for a long miserable time together. I retired a year and half before my wife did, we both retired for medical reasons. We get along, share the housework, and have two TV's if we do not like what the other is watching. She is not much on traveling now but I still like to go and sometimes do an overnighter with friends and grandkids when I want. The longest we are apart is when I go on a Mission trip to Belize in July, but with the Internet we still stay in touch while I am gone. The important thing to do though is TALK, see what each other expect from the other during retirement, he may have plans to fish all day every day or take up golf, you don't know if you do not communicate..........
Redcatcher70 03/17/14 02:31pm Around the Campfire
RE: Whats is IBW ?

When I googled "IBW", the closest thing I could find was "Ideal Body Weight", which may have referenced in a TV ad. By the way, my Ideal Body Weight is whatever I weigh at the time............
Redcatcher70 03/07/14 10:44am Around the Campfire
RE: Old Fashion North Carolina Hotdogs

Well, since this post has gone to******according to the OP, I thought I would add my .02 cents worth. In our travels over this here U.S. of A., we have found that foods you may have grown up with or are used to eating in your area can have vast differences, even if they go be the same name. Lets talk chili dogs or "coneys" for a minute. The OP suggests using Castleburys Chili Dog Sauce. We have tried it and think it tastes terrible, but to each his own. We love the Wolf Brand Chili with no beans for our homemade chili dogs. A good chili dog must have cheese in some form and slaw. We were in western Iowa last September and stayed in a small town with little choice in dining options. We stopped in a small restaurant and ordered food. I spied a foot long chili dog on the menu board and asked the counter girl what came on it, she answered "hot dog and chili". I asked if they had slaw and cheese and could they put it on the dog. She looked back at the cook and they both looked at me a little strange. I then asked the cook if I could tell her how I wanted the dog prepared, and she was glad to oblige my request: Open bun and lay in a good squirt of mustard Place hot dog in bun Lay in a layer of shredded cheese (or warm cheese sauce) on the dog Add a generous layer of chili Top with a good covering of slaw Neither person at the diner had seen such a dog but both said they would have to try it later......
Redcatcher70 03/07/14 09:33am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Traveling from Texarkana to Eureka Springs

From Texarkana, follow I-30 to North Little Rock to I-40. Take I-40 west to Conway. AR then take Hwy 65 North. Follow Hwy 65 to Harrison, AR. A couple of miles north of Harrison, exit on to Hwy 62 West. Follow Hwy 62 into Eureka Springs. There will be some hills, they are unavoildable going to Eureka Springs from any direction, but this is the easiest route I know of for you.
Redcatcher70 02/25/14 02:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Sun Screen, Front Side Window

Have you looked at putting up one of those little sunscreens that people put in their cars for their babies? They have suction cups for easy removal and most I have seen are see-thru. Look over in the Baby section at Walmart or other stores.
Redcatcher70 02/21/14 07:25am Around the Campfire
RE: Say what you will about Nascar

Maybe but, I still can not sit for two or three hours watching cars make left hand turns..........
Redcatcher70 02/21/14 07:21am Around the Campfire
RE: Remington Arms

Remington Arms is also expanding their ammunition plant here in Arkansas. They manufacture both centerfire and shotgun ammo.
Redcatcher70 02/18/14 05:26pm Around the Campfire
RE: Cutting the Wire with AT&T (sorta)

Ms. Mama, yes you can but you will be asked your physical location as explained to me by the Straight Talk people. I don't think I will try to call 9-1-1 to try it though. As with most cell phones, 9-1-1 will ask you for a location or address when you call using a cell device.
Redcatcher70 02/11/14 11:50am Around the Campfire
Cutting the Wire with AT&T (sorta)

Several months ago I posted about dropping our land line with AT&T and going with Straight Talk (Walmart) home phone service so we could keep our old home phone number. After talking to AT&T (which is also our DSL provider), we would lose our DSL service also, drop one and lose all sort of thing. In our area, DSL service is limited and expensive. I was informed that we could sign up with AT&T Uverse and keep our DSL. After scratching my head and asking several dumb questions about why not just leave my DSL like it was and just drop the home land line, I called AT&T Uverse and signed up. They sent me a new router box which included Wi Fi function, that STILL plugs into my home phone jack! I then called Straight Talk and they converted my land line home phone number over to their cell based home unit and I just plugged my home phone units into their box. Everything works!!!!!!! I now have updated equipment, losing my old Netgear Wi Fi box, same DSL speed at the same price as the old AT&T DSL. We are saving about $40.00 a month using Straight Talk compared to AT&T land line, and all the equipment is working fine.
Redcatcher70 02/11/14 10:03am Around the Campfire
Online College courses......

Talking to our granddaughter this morning, she comes by three mornings a week for breakfast before going to class at the local CC. I know she does some work online and asked what she was taking this semester. She said she was taking P.E. online, I went, "duh" :h, what sport do you play online? She tells me it is not actually P.E. but how to set up a home training and monitoring schedule, and she does get 3 hours for the semester long course.
Redcatcher70 01/17/14 08:33pm Around the Campfire
RE: selling a car back to the dealer?

Do you have any retired friends? I, from time to time, sell a vehicle for friends or family. I live on a busy highway, lots of traffic. I park the vehicle in the front yard with a sigh on it, I also post in the window all the info for the vehicle. People stop, read the info, and if interested knock on my door and we dicker. When a live buyer is ready I have the friend/family member come over and finish the paperwork. I have sold eight or ten vehicles in the last four years this way, saves friends and family time and headaches and gives me something to do. I do not like dealing with Craigslist and the hassles with the scammers, I like face to face and I am honest with people when they have questions, just a thought you might try.......
Redcatcher70 01/07/14 08:21am Around the Campfire
RE: It is a shame both games on at the same time.......

Well, did you watch that Go Daddy.com bowl? What a game!!!!! Good playing on both teams, AR STATE had to pull it out of the hat with a second string QB in the final minutes and THEN block a field goal to win the second year in a row. My only beef was with the talking heads kept talking about Gus Malzahn's offensive scheme was being run by Arkansas State, he has been gone a year and they were running John Thompsons' offense. Thanks Coach Thompson for the memories, he is now looking for a job, good luck.......
Redcatcher70 01/06/14 08:21am Around the Campfire
RE: It is a shame both games on at the same time.......

And having 2 DVRs would let me do what, record one and watch the other THEN watch the one I recorded? Nope, not me, I like my football games real time, watching a recorded football game is kinda like kissing your sister, just not the same and not real fun either. I can watch a recorded TV show or movie, but prefer watching football games as they happen....
Redcatcher70 01/04/14 07:38pm Around the Campfire
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