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RE: Best Ex-Pat area for full time residency

I have visited a couple of CA countries in the last 15 years, only for a week or two each year. never "lived" there so my opinion may be a little shortsighted. Nicaragua - pretty, coastal areas are nice and cater to tourist. Populated areas usually crowded and expensive. Locals seemed a little stand-offish to me but just my personal experience. Only spent a week there and from what I understand, most ex-pats can not buy land, they must rent on long term from the Government, not real sure on that. Honduras - went there about eight years straight and love the country and the people are some of the best in the world, made many friends while there. I always went into the interior of the country, never visited the coastal areas at all. They welcome outsiders gladly and if I had really concentrated on learning Spanish, this would be my first choice. Belize - I have been travelling there for the last nine years. One of the best things about Belize, they mostly speak English, the official language of the country. Very diverse mix of people and cultures. Belize depends mostly on the tourist trade for its economy. Being so small, you can be on the coast in the morning and the mountains on the Guatemala border that night. Cost of living depends on your taste. I have never been out to the Islands or "Cays", hope to visit this year in July, but they welcome ex-pats with open arms. As with all CA countries, fuel or gasoline prices are high and so is electric service. Not much help really I know, but just a general overview of my personal experiences, if you are comfortable with the Spanish language, you would get along better than I do, too old to learn a new way to talk......
Redcatcher70 01/23/17 09:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Nat'l Champ. Game Alabama vs Clemson???

Loved the game, defensive game for both teams was great! I take away three things from the game. 1. It was waaaay to long, just a tad over 4 hours. 2. Never was a fan of instant replay reviews, let the refs do their job, good or bad, the bad ones would soon get weeded out. 3. Commentators should do just that, quit trying to be Coaches on air. That's all I have to say about that......
Redcatcher70 01/10/17 02:20pm Around the Campfire
Grandkids are a HOOT!!!!

TSO has toured in our area for at least 15 years and I listened to them during the Holidays via CD before that. I have never had the chance to see them live for various reasons until this year. Here is the grandkid part. I called the oldest GD, she is 21, if her and her BF would like to go to the concert, she hesitated a little and finally said her and younger sister, (she is 17), would take me since I do not like driving at night anymore. We went last night, took them out to eat and had a GREAT time at the concert. They kept raving about the light show, all of the performers, the whole experience. They both said it the nothing like they expected, the best concert they had ever been to, which are a lot of concerts! I asked them what did they really think it was going to be, and they both said they expected a symphony type concert with an orchestra sitting in chairs play dull long hair music. They both said if we do not go back next year they will not forgive me. I laughed until I cried all the way home, they did not know Grandpa was so cool............
Redcatcher70 12/01/16 07:45am Around the Campfire
RE: Soaked Chip Smokers vs Pellet Smokers

Super Dave, soaking may delay smoke process some but it also prevents wood from catching on fire as soon as you put them in. Throwing on the soaked chunks is the LAST thing I do before closing up the smoker. I only soak the chunks for about 30 minutes anyway, so they catch on fairly quickly laying on the charcoal.
Redcatcher70 11/30/16 08:37am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Soaked Chip Smokers vs Pellet Smokers

I have always used a charcoal smoker and use wood chunks soaked in water with it. I keep a bag of hickory, mesquite, and apple on hand and sometimes mix woods together. I purchased a metal box and a small bag of chips, soaked the chips and put them in the box and then the smoker, but went back to the chunks, more smoke and lasted longer, JMHO..........
Redcatcher70 11/29/16 04:19pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Hi-Lo trailer?

When DW and I wanted to return to RVing last year we started looking at PUPs and decided against them for various reasons, mostly the cranking up and down and set up time. Last fall I found a 2008 Hi-Lo 1908 Towlite at a used car/RV lot and bought it. Set-up is fairly simple, open door, flip a switch and hold another switch down to raise the top. We bought ours for weekend use, no long term camping or distance traveling and it suits us fine. There is not a lot of storage space in our 19 footer, other larger models should have more storage. Ours is also a single axle and once set-up is very stable. I have not seen any of the newer models being built and know nothing of the lift systems for those. Mine tows great behind my F250 CC, V10 no problem! There is a Hi-Lo Camper Owners web site you may want to visit there for specific questions on certain models. Good Luck!!!
Redcatcher70 11/18/16 06:56am Travel Trailers
RE: Small Rant Alert!! Fuel Pumps/Commercials

Thanks for letting me vent a little. I live in a small town, AND on the wrong side of the tracks, literately, We had to wait years for someone to open a station on our side of the tracks or wait on train traffic and drive to the other side of town to purchase fuel. I will look for a mute button the next time I fuel up, just buying 12 gallons of gas for my DW car did not take long, just long enough to annoy me. When I fuel the truck I drive across town and pay 2 to 3 cents less per gallon and usually buy around 24 gallons and it takes a few minutes. Big Brother is EVERYWHERE. :E
Redcatcher70 11/17/16 04:13pm Around the Campfire
Small Rant Alert!! Fuel Pumps/Commercials

Went to our neighborhood Valero convenience store to fill up the DW Scion XB. I noticed when I exited the car that a LOUB sound was coming from somewhere. I thought someone next to me had left the radio on real loud while they were in the store. I then noticed that they have installed new pumps, the type with a small screen in the center and they were piping commercials through the pump. Very annoying to say the least, to me that is. It may not bother most folks but it was too loud and nothing but commercials played while I was putting in her 12 gallons of fuel...... Went in and told the Clerk the pumps were too loud and I hate commercials, she just shrugged her shoulders, Did I say I hate commercials, loud commercials.
Redcatcher70 11/16/16 01:37pm Around the Campfire
RE: So I played Human Lawn Dart on my Mt bike

I learned many years ago that rocks or gravel roads are NOT for riding bikes. Took about 3 or 4 rounds of serious road rash for it to sink into my UN-helmeted head. :S
Redcatcher70 11/12/16 09:02am Around the Campfire
RE: Bought a Scamp!

Feels good to be back in the camping scene, doesn't it? After selling our TT several years ago, we knew we wanted to have something that allowed us to be back out in nature. We needed a unit with a bathroom, and looked at several PUPs but never found one that fit our needs. One day driving around town, I found a 19 foot Hi-Lo that was extremely well taken care of and just fit the needs for the two of us. Easy set up, just enough storage and room for a three or four day trip and pulls like a dream. Just can not describe how good it felt sitting around a campfire the first time out!!!!! Go for it George.... Happy camping.
Redcatcher70 10/13/16 08:39am Travel Trailers
RE: How to sell my travel trailer

I purchased my used TT from a small Used Car lot here in town. He had a couple of other TT he was selling on consignment also. If you want your TT to be seen, and do not want the hassle of sitting by the phone all day, you could check a couple of car lots for a consignment sell, if you are in no hurry for a quick sell.
Redcatcher70 10/03/16 09:40am Travel Trailers
Any Ole Miss fans here, Question

Being a Razorback fan, it really makes no difference to me but, did someone hi-jack a No. Carolina truck and steal those butt-ugly powder blue shirts everyone was wearing Saturday. I googled the school colors and everything says the official colors are "yale blue and crimson". That may be why ya'll lost Saturday, just sayin'.....
Redcatcher70 09/19/16 08:31am Around the Campfire
RE: Another tire pressure question

If your pressure is within 10 lbs. and you are getting ready to hit the road, don't worry, the will heat up after hitting the pavement. If you are stationary and are not travelling anywhere it will not matter since they are close to normal in the afternoons. JMHO.......
Redcatcher70 09/15/16 02:07pm General RVing Issues
"GREATER" the movie opens this week

This is the story about Brandon Burlsworth, offensive lineman from The Univ. of Arkansas. Brandon was an all state player from Harrison, AR and became a walk-on player. He worked hard on the field and the classroom, becoming a two time all SEC player and on the All American team his final season. Burlsworth caught the eye of the Indianapolis Colts coaches during the Senior Bowl and was drafted in the sixth round. Tragically, he was killed in a car accident 11 days after he signed with the Colts. I have not seen the movie yet, but from all reports that I have seen, the movie is pretty well factual, from coaches and his family and former team mates. Check it out on the internet........
Redcatcher70 08/23/16 06:50pm Around the Campfire
RE: Spending the night in St Louis

We have made the trip a couple of times in the past ourselves. I "think" we stayed at an Extended Stay Hotel close to the airport. They had a shuttle van and took us to the light rail station by the airport, we bought tickets to ride right to the front gate of the Stadium, after the game we rode the train back to the airport and we took a cab to the hotel. The next morning the Hotel took us to the Airport.
Redcatcher70 08/23/16 04:21pm Around the Campfire
RE: Jacks

I leave mine up, makes for a faster get-away......:W If we were in it every day and walking around I might put them down, but otherwise I leave them up.
Redcatcher70 07/30/16 01:09pm Beginning RVing
This really happened......

Last week, returning from my annual trip to Belize. In the Atlanta airport Security Area, we had to go through the body scanners. A man in front of me was in the scanner and they had him step out and remove his belt. He re-entered the scanner and was holding his shorts up with his left hand and had his right hand up over his head. They instructed him to put BOTH hands over his head and he said, "but my pants will fall down." "Put both hands over your head" they said. he did, and sure enough his shorts dropped to the ground, revealing his whitey tighties. He was cleared, he bent over and grabbed his shorts and marched out......
Redcatcher70 07/29/16 02:05pm Around the Campfire
RE: Condensation on outside of windows

As others have said, dew point at or above the temp of the single pane window, thus moisture on the outside of the glass. Dew "forms" it does not fall from the air. Don't sweat it.....
Redcatcher70 07/14/16 01:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Renting RV out as a house/room on AirBNB?

You said your sister is close, but is she willing to preform maid service and other duties such as receive guests, hand out and receive keys, and other "duties as assigned"? I would be interested how it works after 6 months or so.......
Redcatcher70 07/14/16 01:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Break In

Dwayne, yep that really sucks!!!! When we had our regular TT it was parked in our side yard. We never left anything of value in it, no TVs, no game centers, no electronics, etc. I also never locked it, door was always left unlocked. One day we went out to start packing and found several small items and some canned food missing, drawers left open and a pillow case gone. The total may have been $50.00 worth of stuff, BUT no damage to the door frame, broken window or anything else. I made a sign and laminated it and taped it to the door window, it read, "NOTICE, there is nothing of value in this trailer, check it if you want, the door is unlocked." Never had anymore problems.
Redcatcher70 07/06/16 03:29pm General RVing Issues
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