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RE: Truck and 5th Wheel under $25,000 Possible?

kobesunset, when are you planning to return to the U.S. and what area are you relocating to? I still have my 2004 F250 crew cab, 6.8 V10 gasser, Auto trans, 2WD, and it only has 65,000 miles on it. I have not pulled a TT with it for 4 years and just use it for rare trips around the state. As a vet, I know money is not in abundance in the military and I have no plans on trying to sell it, but if you will be interested I am willing to make it available to you when you get settled back in the states. Thank you for your service, and keep safe. God bless...........
Redcatcher70 10/15/14 07:37am Beginning RVing
RE: Next New Football Coach At Michigan Should Be:

Bags, is that your way of saying that the BIG10 is a lesser conference than the SEC? Bielema is in his third year (he took the job late in his first year also) as HC at Arkansas. What makes you think he is ready to leave the program for a weaker conference? He is committed to a five year contract with a hefty buyout if he leaves early. I, for one, am willing to give the man time to build a program since Arkansas gives him enough money to pay a decent salary to his Assistants, something Wisconsin would not do, and could have done to keep him in the BIG10. His Offensive starting line this year is the BIGGEST O line in the nation, and bigger than most Pro teams, but they are young, and will be ready for the NFL when their time comes. I have not seen any smugness or arrogance on his part, yet, but saw plenty of it from former coach Petrino. I am a fan, I let the coaches coach, and the players play and enjoy all the games. JMHO...........
Redcatcher70 10/08/14 03:10pm Around the Campfire
RE: Craiglist buyers...scratching my head...

I don't do Craigslist, but from time to time I will sell a vehicle or other item from my front yard for a relative or friend. That's what I get for being retired and home most of the time and living on a busy highway. Anyway, when I do sell something, by agreement with the owner, I will set the price higher than what the owner wants, when someone really shows interest and wants to dicker, I have some play room to come down on the price. That way the owner usually gets what they want, buyer feels good by "talking the old man down in price", and everyone has a smile on their face when it is all done. Just set your price a little higher and let the buyer feel like they are getting a good deal.............
Redcatcher70 10/03/14 05:53pm Around the Campfire
RE: Please help...my burgers are tasteless

As Jim said, Cavender's only for us also. Used to use salt and pepper only and tried Cavender's and that's all we want to use now. Besides, it is made up the road in Harrison, Arkansas, supporting the local economy.......
Redcatcher70 09/19/14 04:17pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Camper burgularized in driveway !!

We were in the habit of unloading our trailer every time we came home from our weekend trips. We left cookware, bedding, and some personal stuff in the trailer, but for the most part it was empty, sitting by the side of the house, UNLOCKED. I figured if someone wanted in to steal something, it would be cheaper on me if they went in and found nothing to steal. We both worked 10 hours a day, so we were only home at night time. We went out to load the trailer one morning for a trip and found several items out of place and cabinets left open. Thief took a pillowcase and carried off our two burner electric hotplate, a couple of large cooking pots and the DW electric hot rollers and travel iron from the trailer. Nothing torn up or broken, and items less than $100 easily replaced. Only one time in the ten years we owned the trailer. I kept thinking how much more it would have cost to replace a broken window or repair a messed up door or door frame. If they want in bad enough, they will get in........
Redcatcher70 09/08/14 05:05pm RV Lifestyle
RE: 50 Ways to Lighten Your RV

When we first started, wife had to have the nice plastic plates, glasses, three or four different size bowls and cook pots. It didn't take a lot of dish washing to start to like paper plates, two sizes of cooking pots, and for bowls, we started using Ziplock storage bowls. Buying four each in different sizes covered our eating and storage problems. After several trips, we unloaded about half of what was packed in the trailer and didn't miss any of it............
Redcatcher70 08/26/14 08:56am RV Lifestyle
RE: "The beach was too sandy."

True story, I swear it REALLY happened. Visiting San Antonio, TX back in 1996, wife and I were on the River Boat tour and the driver/guide was pointing out landmarks of interest. We were almost finished and guide asked if anyone had any questions. A middle aged lady, with a serious look on her face, asked, "why did they build the Alamo right downtown among all the building and stuff?" I guess the guide had heard this before and with a deadpan face, went on to explain that way back in the early 1800's, there was no city of over a million people, just a small settlement, I had to hide my face to keep from cracking up......
Redcatcher70 08/25/14 04:13pm Around the Campfire
RE: Hongry?

Down Home, as I once commented about the smell around Clovis, NM, I was corrected and told it was not a "stink or stench" but that my friend, was the "smell of MONEY!" :B
Redcatcher70 08/22/14 10:06am Around the Campfire
RE: Will You Attend A College Football Game In 2014?

Yes, I plan to attend the AR V. Georgia at Little Rock in October. We are looking strongly at going to AR V. Missouri the last game on the schedule the Friday after Thanksgiving in Columbia. We may go to the AR V. Texas A&M game at Cowboy Stadium in mid September have not pulled the trigger on that one yet. I hope to also go to one or two of the Arkansas State Red Wolves games in Jonesboro, AR, they have been playing some good football the last few years.......
Redcatcher70 08/21/14 04:55pm Around the Campfire
RE: Hongry?

First, I do not know where you went through Basic Training to get SHRIMP served at a meal!!!! :E I was at Ft. Polk, LA in the summer of 1969 and the food was never as good as that. Our usual supper consisted of beef in some form, (usually roast beef), tough as boot leather, mashed potatoes, and some type of bean. :R As for seconds or additional food, we could not even take something off another trainees plate, we ate what we got, and sometimes we walked right out of the Mess Hall to the Dumpster in back and upchucked what we just ate. Good cooks, I never met one in the ARMY. :h Second, I admire you for trying the 72 oz. steak in Amarillo. I have wanted to stop and try it myself in times past. At my age, (64), my eating has diminished a lot, I don't think I would make it past the first 12 oz. now...... But you go for it, I admire you for trying. :B Third, where is the reunion and what unit is holding it? My old unit from VN holds one each year around the country, I have not been to one yet, but hope to make one sometime..... Thanks, you brought back some memories.
Redcatcher70 08/20/14 09:01am Around the Campfire
RE: Bare bones, middle class or deluxe

The article is very general in dollars and cents, but still on track. I retired at 59 1/2, she at 61, both retirements were health related. I worked part-time, 20 hours a week, as the Church Handyman until I turned 62, and then retired completely. The biggest concern here in the States is health insurance. Medicare does not kick in until 65 years old, until then you are on your own as far as paying for health care. We were debt free almost when I retired, we owed on my wife's car but other than that we just had monthly bills to pay. She was able to continue her Employees Insurance when she retired but at a cost, almost $600.00 a month to keep the same coverage she had while employed. I am able to use the Veterans Healthcare System at no cost to me. We both had pre-existing conditions and no Health Insurance Company would enroll us unless it was at a great price. We both put money in a 401K while working, bought ONE house to live in and paid it off, always bought and kept vehicles at least 9 years to get the max life out of them, (my truck is now 10 years old and her car is 6 years old), both with low miles and no need to get rid of them. We recently figured up our monthly income now and with Company retirements, Social Security and VA disability we are bringing in more disposable income than when we worked every day plus not making a 100 mile round trip four times a week! Like Fizz said, try to be debt free and have a medical coverage plan until you reach the magic number for Medicare, save what you can while you are working and MOST should have a MEDIUM retirement when they do decide to retire, JMHO.............
Redcatcher70 08/12/14 07:04am Around the Campfire
Amazing Week Last Week.....

Not RV related although I did see a Dodge duelly pulling a fifth wheel down the highway one day. Anyway, I spent last week in Belize with my youngest granddaughter, she is 15 years old. This was her first mission trip to another country, and what an experience I had just watching her. She did not know many of the people on the trip, she attends church with us about once a month, but she was a trooper! She helped in VBS with the three year olds, averaged about nine a day, and she loved it. There was a small language barrier, although their "official" language is English, they really do not learn English until they start school, about age five. They speak "Kreole" in most families and when they are in groups. I listened one night as she was talking to one of the ladies in our group about what she was seeing and experiencing on the trip. What surprised me was she said she wished every teenager in the States should come and see how most of the rest of the world lives, and how little they have, she sure appreciated her home a lot more. I could go one and on but I would take several pages about just last week. My granddaughter has already said she is going back next year, regardless if I go or not, she is hooked. We did have a fun day on Friday. Have you ever seen a 6'1", 280 lb. man swinging through the trees on a Zip Line, beauty and grace are NOT my fine points.......
Redcatcher70 07/21/14 07:35am Around the Campfire
RE: Weed killer...

Years ago,(more than 40), Dad had use mix salt, any kind will do, as long as it is dissolved in the water, and pour along the fence rows to kill the grass. Also whenever we made homemade ice cream, we poured the salty ice water around trees and stuff to kill the weeds. These were the days before weedeaters.......
Redcatcher70 07/09/14 07:24pm Around the Campfire
RE: OFF Mosquito repellant

I need some new repellant for an upcoming trip next week to Belize. I was wondering if the new "dry" stuff stays on well in a moist environment. I usually have to put on sunscreen then spray on the Deep Woods OFF, between sweating, rain showers and re-applying sun screen, I have to re-apply the OFF also, sometimes two or three times a day. At the end of the day, I am usually ready for a shower but I would like some bug spray that would stay on all day if I can find one. Thanks for the info though..........
Redcatcher70 07/07/14 10:45am Around the Campfire
RE: Questions for diabetics re: A1C check frequency-UPDATED

We are both diabetic, Type2. Me, I go to the VA and it is usually checked every 6 months or so and I run in the 7 - 8 range. Her, Insurance pays for a check every 6 months also, she is in the 6 - 7 range.
Redcatcher70 07/02/14 04:07pm Around the Campfire
RE: Had Cortizone shots today.....

Well. here it is Wednesday morning and both hands are still swollen and hurt. Yesterday, was really bad, I had to find some elastic waist pants to wear, could not stand to button or zip my pants! I kept moving my fingers, making a fist and straightening them out but they hurt like heck, all my fingers are swollen and hard to move. The areas where I received to shots are bruised black and blue. I have more movement this morning, so I guess they are getting better. Yes, cortisone does raise glucose readings do I am really watching the diet closely. Hope I am back to normal be the Holiday.
Redcatcher70 07/02/14 06:35am Around the Campfire
Had Cortizone shots today.....

and man, BOTH of my hands still hurt!!!! :M I am having trouble typing this, had a shot in each hand on the palm side, left was my "trigger finger" or pointer and my right was on the palm side for the middle finger. I had been waiting to visit the VA for about a month to get my hands checked for arthritis, the fingers were "locking" up when curled back against the palm of the hand, and starting to hurt all the time. Dr. said it is probably nerve damage from diabetes and recommended the shots. They should last for six to eight months before hurting and locking again, he says. :R If shots do not work he will look at doing surgery. He put the shots in the joints down on the palm of each hand, now they really hurt, should last about 24 hours then quit. Its hard to grasp a Diet Coke can and drown my sorrows.....:R
Redcatcher70 06/30/14 07:37pm Around the Campfire
RE: Neighbor killed my snake.

I have been reading all of the replies to this snake story, and no one has asked why you did not ask the neighbor the reason for killing the snake. We have small grandkids, and they like to play in the yard. Snakes CAN scare the begibers out of kids, they don't care if they are "friendly" or not. I do not care for them either so I may be inclined to dispatch one or two if I find them also. Now if a snake is green or black I may leave it alone, but a brown one is a dead one on my homestead. If I don't see a collar with "Hi, I'm Henry" on it, then its every snake for himself. I'm sure there is probably another snake around to take his place. All of this is JMHO, but lighten up on the neighbor......
Redcatcher70 06/25/14 01:08pm Around the Campfire
RE: Just received the strangest phone call ever!

I got ANOTHER one of those the other day also. I like to play with these guys, its a hoot!!!! He asked if my computer was on, told him no, wait a minute while I go turn it on, lay the phone down a couple of minutes until I hear him hollering for me. I pick up the phone and tell him I turned it on, now what? He says he wants me to log on and he needs to have access to it. I say wait a minute while I go to the other room and get logged on. He asks if I can take the phone with me and I tell him no, its plugged into the wall and the wire will not reach that far. He asks if I have a cell phone he can call, nope I said I do not believe in those things. He tells me he has to get internet access to the computer, and I tell him I do not have internet, the Government can keep track of what I do if I have internet!!!! He just hangs up..........
Redcatcher70 06/11/14 09:45pm Around the Campfire
Just when your faith needs renewed......

Something happens at the right time and place. A group of us from our Church loaded up grills, food and supplies to go and work in Vilonia, Arkansas after the deadly tornado Sunday night. We are only about 25 miles from them and we all know someone from that community. We get unloaded, set up and start grilling hamburgers and hot dogs for anyone who needs a meal. I am manning a grill, and it is mid-afternoon and we are all getting tired from standing on our feet all day and the heat from the grills. An older gentleman comes over and asked if he can have something to eat. Now this is an older man, his clothes look like he has had them on for several days, dirty and stained covered and he looks dog tired. "Your sure can", replies one of the ladies helping serve the food. He asks for a plain hot dog on the bun and a bottle of water, that's all he wants. I am standing there waiting for my grill to burn off before putting more burger patties on it. The woman serving him hands him the hot dog and water and he tries to give her a five dollar bill. She refuses to take his money. He insists she take it and she explains that there is no charge, all the food was donated and we are there to help. He makes her take the money and says, "I know someone needs this more than I do so please give it to someone who really needs it." What can you say or do...........
Redcatcher70 05/03/14 02:12pm Around the Campfire
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