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RE: can i keep my gas tank filled all winter

Both my sons run Sea Foam in their high performance cars. I had never heard of it before and although pricey, I bought some for my vehicles and shed equipment. I run my RV genny once a month so I am not as concerned about fuel sitting but adding a stabilizer can't hurt.
Robocop 11/23/14 08:39am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Anyone have damage from blow-only winterizing?

I stopped using anti-freeze back in 2008 when I had still had my ROO. I usually also camped over Thanksgiving, NYE and in February so true winterizing was not practical. Since I bought the MH I am out during winter months. Once again, no anti-freeze used. I drain the lines as best I can and have not blown them out in four years. I do use low temp switched heaters in the basement and living area and to date have never had an issue to include the outside shower faucet. I guess one could suggest that is living dangerously but so far so good. And yes, I can hear Dirty Harry in the background!
Robocop 11/15/14 07:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Opinion on winterability of my rig

A variety of experiences and options offered. Having camped several winter seasons in my ROO, adaptabilty was Job #1. I have continued winter camping in the MH, admittedly only locally but Mid-Atlantic winters can be brutal too, just not as bad as our Northern and Mid-West neighbors. It is and has been a work in progress. Although I have ducted heat and a heated underbelly I rarely use propane heat. I do maintain a small space heater on a 38 degree thermostat in the black/gray tank and water pump area which keeps things 'warmer'. I have wrestled with emptying both tanks overnight and as observed by someone, the more thermal mass the lessor chance of freezing. But dumping each night is no big deal. I often do not detach the fresh water hose as well since it is heated but there really is no reason to keep it attached unless a steady stream of fresh water is absolutely necessary. That is why we have fresh water tanks. I have not insulated much underneath but do have reflectix inserts on every window and vent in the living area as well as plexiglass panels on the screen door. I use an oil filled radiator and one ceramic heater in the living area to balance direct/indirect heat. The coldest I have experienced for an overnight was a low of 25 degrees outside and it was a struggle to keep it toasty inside. I have had several days running where getting to a 40 degree high was a stretch. Of course that is when I scratch my head and ask myself "why"? A warm sweater, blanket, good DVDs and a bottle of Fireball help too!
Robocop 11/13/14 12:10pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Comfortable distance from Radiant Propane Heaters

Thanks Steve for the technical side of the equation. I was expecting a simple "yes" or a "few inches". Hah! However, it is a genuine safety concern. I agree on creating circulation as opposed to simply opening a window.
Robocop 10/27/14 05:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Comfortable distance from Radiant Propane Heaters

Quick question, off topic but related. I have yet to use my portable Buddy propane heater in the RV. I understand as long as a vent or window is open the risk of CO should be negated and of course making sure the detector is working as well. How open should a vent or window be? Of course warm air rises so maybe a roof vent would not be the most optimal. Thanks.
Robocop 10/26/14 05:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dish Tailgater

Does anyone use coax longer than the 50 ft with good results? I know they recommend no more than 100 feet but recently while in an Ontario Provincial Park I ran almost 150 feet to get a good sight line beyond the trees. I could only acquire one satellite but the reception was crystal clear.
Robocop 10/26/14 05:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Reflectix 'panels' for winter storage?

In my HTT the reflectix panels were a necessity in summer and winter. When I bought the Class C, although not as necessary I use them on all but two windows most of the time, dependent upon location and temps. The panels make a big difference in maintaining ambient temperatures as well as keeping UV rays from working on the interior. And I really appreciate when sunrise is not an automatic wake up call.
Robocop 10/26/14 05:29pm General RVing Issues

I saw the lesser priced Sleek 3G amp listed for $89. Those with 4G phones commented that it works well. I suspect the newer 4G Sleek model boosts signal more efficiently. I wonder if the signal boost is more significant with the 4G model and worth another $45? Rhetorical question only. That's what the credit card is for!
Robocop 10/20/14 06:15pm Technology Corner
RE: Using Dish Tailgator cube

I have used www.dishpointer.com as a resource for line of sight Google map orientation since I do not have an Apple product. The latter is outstanding when I have seen it used. At this point I did not want to drop $20 for the respective Dishpointer app. I also have the Satellite Finder app from Foxsmith Technology. Simple but efficient tracker. I just dowloaded Satellite Director by Zekitez. Very cool and immediate tracking results with audio and visual recognition.
Robocop 10/18/14 05:17pm Technology Corner
RE: Using Dish Tailgator cube

Most forested CGs are hit or miss regarding that one spot through the trees. And most of us in the Northeast do not get the 129 SAT anyway. Some days I do not get the 110 SAT either when the trees are too dense. Camping during the winter months does help a bit as the trees lose their leaves. The on screen zip code data only provides info regarding the location's azimuth and elevation. It does not manually change the acquiring of the satellites. All that is done by the Dish techs. I would say in the last year I have been more disappointed by the lack of optimal service in my CGs. But when I catch two satellites the sky's the limit. No pun intended.
Robocop 10/14/14 09:28pm Technology Corner
RE: How much is an RV parking space at home worth to you?

When I bought my house in '99 I had a grassy, crush and run driveway. My residential street is narrow and access is tight. Even though at that time I owned a 19' PUP I knew it was time to invest big bucks in a long and wide driveway, just in case. Now I have the MH, toad and a F-150 all tucked away nicely, just like on an aircraft carrier! I have always loved working in and around my PUPs, Roo and the Sunseeker. I can dump at home as well. It is worth everything to me to have immediate access and know it is as secure as it can be in my driveway. Having friends who own 40' MHs or 5ers and due to HOA restrictions cannot park them at their $500,000 homes seems a bit silly. Even more so when the HOA tells them what kind of paint and fencing they need to use. I did real estate part-time for two years. No different than having a pool in the back yard. You may love it and think it has great appeal but when it comes time to sell, someone else may not see it the same way and unwilling to pay that extra buck. I do not think a parking pad or extended driveway is a deal breaker for the most part when selling.
Robocop 10/04/14 07:08am General RVing Issues
RE: Coachman Leprechaun 319DS

I never try and bash any product. We all love our units and no manufacturer is immune from having production issues. I have friends who have had a Leprechaun for 4 years. The last two years they have had ongoing fresh water plumbing/pump issues which for whatever reasons have not been resolved satisfactorily resulting in constant leaking and an inability to have running water in the unit. Were it not for the fact they have a dealer winterize it for them I might suggest that may have contributed to the issue. As for me and my Sunseeker, I navigate issues as they come up as well. It is not a perfect world.
Robocop 10/04/14 06:33am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Stability of 31' C on E 450 chasis

This was my first MH so I can only compare to pulling travel trailers. I went almost three years not pulling a toad and found the handling to be excellent. Even with the toad for the last year, I still "drive it like I stole it" but certainly with safety being the primary consideration. I travel alone, have never weighed the MH and know I carry a lot of stuff. Other than extremely windy conditions on open interstates or a large profile tractor trailer whizzing by me too close, the MH almost feels like it is on auto pilot. Just turned 10,000 miles.
Robocop 10/04/14 06:21am Class C Motorhomes
RE: toad

And the correct answer is: It's like a girlfriend - everyone has their favorite! :B Sadly, I have no favorite girlfriend at the moment. However, I do like my CR-V. And I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once! LOL!
Robocop 10/04/14 06:08am Class C Motorhomes
RE: canada trip

I just got back from 10 days at the Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario. To my Canadian friends, it was the most fun I have had in a long time. Beautiful area. I have not crossed the border in years. I was actually a little nervous going over even though I had nothing to hide. And when the border agent asked me what my tag number was I drew a complete blank and instead of retrieving the registration card I asked if I could get out and look at it! And I gave her more forms of identification than she needed or wanted! Coming back it was smoother even as I had quite a few purchases I would have declared if asked. Yes, engage the agents in direct response to their questions. As a law enforcement officer I would have felt odd being searched but of course we know the world has changed and the protocols now in place are a necessary evil.
Robocop 10/04/14 05:55am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Good news for Verizon unlimited plan holders....

I just bought the bullet with VZW as I upgraded from a Droid I have had forever to the Galaxy S5. I was stomping my feet when I learned about losing the unlimited data (I had forgotten the new action they were taking and thought I was grandfathered in totally). However, I simply considered how I had probably wasted unlimited data over the years and was willing to try a new methodology. So, in order to get some additional discounting on the new phone and data plan I picked up a tablet with an additional line as well as always using wi-fi when I can, more so at the house. Sadly, we have done all this to ourselves in the search for more efficient communication. It comes with a cost. Having a pager seems so prehistoric by today's standards!
Robocop 10/04/14 05:02am Technology Corner
RE: Satellite TV

I have had the Dish Tailgater for a year. I do not have a Sat system at home. Initially I was disappointed as I thought all I needed was a good look at the southern sky for access. It can be trickier in heavy forested CGs or when bad weather prevails. The 'pay as you go' aspect is cool but not really a savings for shorter trips, However, when I have a great connection it is worth the increased per day cost. I have not had good luck with getting local channel access but all the major network channels and Sirius radio channels make it worthwhile. DISH customer/technical support is good but at times the wait on the phone can be forever.
Robocop 09/14/14 10:06am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Mild Rant. Don't Any of You Take care of your RV?

I would agree for the most part with the OP. Excepting my very first Jayco PUP which was 4 years old, my last 3 purchases have been new. Not so much that there was nothing out there that could have worked but I wanted more peace of mind buying new. Excepting of course issues we know may occur right from the point of sale. My last two RVs looked almost brand new when I sold them. I find keeping up with the Class C a little more daunting given the mechanical side of the equation and size. I do not consider mine a toy. I get out a minimum of 8-10 days a month when possible and then another 5 weeks for vacation time. I suspect when the use of our units is frequent and not simply "once in a awhile" it should be taken care of as an asset and not something eventually written off. I did not want to have a big dollar loan this late in the game but you get what you pay for. The first 10,000 miles in the MH have been most enjoyable and I am glad I bought new. If I buy a Class A I may change my mind!
Robocop 08/31/14 09:07am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Do not have to be old to own a Motorhome

I had to grow up a little bit more and make sure the bank would let me drive mine away. One more year to retirement and then I will really misbehave! However, I do miss a good tent, PUP or HTT. Well, maybe only a little.
Robocop 08/30/14 02:40pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ez pass locations

I never have an issue with my two E-Z Passes when utilized on my Honda or F150. However, on the Class C for the last 3 1/2 years it is hit or miss. I have moved it around on the windshield and for the most part 2" up and centered. Often in MD I am a violator with or without the toad. In NYC, it is hit or miss on bridges with toll gates. Anything else I could care less. If the overhead reader does or does not read my transponder in the Express lanes or the slow lane reader does not, all my tags are on file and there is no additional fee if it does not read. But I do hate to see the red light flashing and hear the alarm. It's like the whole world thinks you are a criminal!
Robocop 08/25/14 05:27pm Class A Motorhomes
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