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RE: Using 12V while hooked up to the tow vehicle

When I am in these situations I always measure across my batteries to make sure they are being charged before I leave. A fully charged battery will read somewhere around 12.6-7VDC using a multimeter around the battery terminals. When the charger is connected this voltage reading will jump up to 13.6VDC or more depending on the charging mode telling you the charger is connected and working... Everytime you run down your batteries below 12.0VDC you are driving a nail in the Battery performance coffin... I suspect your batteries are damaged now if you indeed ran them way down in charge state. Hopefully they were disconnected somehow when you left them... A $15 dollar cheap multimeter from WALMART/LOWES is a great thing to have around... Use mine almost daily when around my RV units... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/08/16 06:05am Beginning RVing
RE: Combining battery sizes in parallel.

We camp alot off-grid using our batteries. Can do alot of things every day but by 8AM the next morning will want to recharge my batteries from their 50% charge state back up to the 90% charge state so we can do all of this all over again for the next day/night battery run. I haven't gone with solar yet but having my small 2KW generator around is a must have item for me. It works rain or shine and even on cloudy days for sure haha... With my setup and small area for solar panels I probably would only get a solar benefit of reducing my use of the small generator down to perhaps one hour a day verses the three hour run to get past the 50AMPS plus DC charging current demand of the batteries for the initial re-charge procedure. Then the solar panels could continue giving me the batteries charge demand of 6-8AMPs for remaining of high sun for the day perhaps... Not having a generator around would not be a good idea in my setup. Got to have a good PLAN B here... My new battery bank I am working on will be two groups of 6VDC Trojans GC2 batteries in series to give me around 480AHs capacity... I too have not had good luck charging different batteries at the same time using the same charger. What I do here is use the on-board converter/charger PD9260C 60AMP Smart mode unit for the main battery group and then use my portable B&D VEC1093DBD 40AMP smart mode charger for the external batteries I sometimes carry with me for backup. Roy Ken
RoyB 12/08/16 05:52am Truck Campers
RE: Looking for a tiny PC??

Being small sure has its advantages.... I Noticed from the specs and description it may not have internal battery. Says plug into HDMI screen and power source to use. Didn't read any further to see for sure... I'm always around USB power ports around the house, truck, and RV unit so not really a big deal... I use my LAPTOP in this mode here all the time. Only open the lid of the laptop to turn it on. My external Dual Monitors, Keyboard, mouse, sound, aux connections runs off my USB 3.0 port using a small DELL D3100 Docking Station for all of my external connections... I have a DELL Sound bar under one of my Monitors... I use my Verizon MIFI unit for internet connection when running off-grid... http://snpi.dell.com/snp/images/products/large/c26-dell-docking-station-d3100-1-l.jpg height=300 Since I am already setup for this in my OFF-ROAD Camper using a GO BOARD I sit behind my wrap around seating this small foot print computer would simply be plug and play for me haha... I wouldn't worry so much having to deal with moving my laptop to the truck for security when we both go somewhere away from the camp site... Interesting for sure... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/08/16 05:20am Technology Corner
RE: Water only warm, not hot, after summer lay up

You may have the cold water and hot valves set wrong... This is easy to do with the older trailers that uses the three valves for bypassing the hot water heater during winterizing procedures... Check the position of the crossover valve shown here... http://www.forestriverforums.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=75117&d=1429907453 height=300 Roy Ken
RoyB 12/07/16 12:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Bill in Congress to increase Senior park pass to $80

The senior pass gets me into the Natl; Parks for free and then I also enjoy getting the camp ground fees at a 50% discount... Fun while it all lasted I guess... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/07/16 12:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Starcraft vs.jayco any difference

My 2008 Starcraft 14 R/T has 2x8 inch frames under the front deck and the tongue area. I don't think the look-alike JAYCO version of that has the same massive frames... http://i.imgur.com/laTkfzO.jpg height=400 Google Image Roy Ken
RoyB 12/07/16 11:55am General RVing Issues
RE: I-40 across the country

There is too much to see and do - Driving across country just does not do it justice.. What you really need to do is to go to one section of of it and spend a couple of weeks... Centered on Flagstaff AZ is a good example... I'm not even sure a couple of weeks would be justice for that area... I lived in the Tempe AZ area for a couple of years and never got to see all of the things associated with Northern AZ... Just saying... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/07/16 07:41am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Mr Heater Buddy

I use the small Mr Buddy Heater as backup heater in my off-road camper... The heat is fine but it does produce alot of water. I have mine sitting in one of those large camp stove grill trays (WALMART)... http://image.sportsmansguide.com/adimgs/l/5/578673_ts.jpg height=300 I get around 6 hours of heat from one of those 1lb canisters running on low... I have mine sitting on a high shelf which is kinda close to the roof fantastic fan which I open up the vent abit to allow fumes to disperse. This is one of the downsides to the Mr Buddy heaters.... Sort of strange to crack open a window vent to be able to use them. Even doing this we don't sleep with the Mr Buddy going - just get under the covers when we go to bed for the night. My battery bank does support running one of those lap heated blankets which we use as a bed topper... My POPUP has the big propane furnace installed but it is way too much heat for our small foot print trailer and we have it set very low to only come on if it gets down in the freezing temps outside. The noise from the furnace fan is very loud and wakes me up every time it comes on... I really would like to replace the on-board propane heater and loud fan for one of those vented CAT propane heaters. I have a perfect spot to mount one on the outside of a door much like shown in these two photos from google... http://www.modmyrv.com/wp-content/gallery/mod-36-image-gallery/cat-htr-4b-796386.jpg height=200 http://www.modmyrv.com/wp-content/gallery/mod-36-image-gallery/cat-htr-7b-796422.jpg height=200 Another idea for my small footprint popup trailer would be the Hydronic Heater using the hot water from the hot water heater tank. http://i.imgur.com/KdEVc.png height=300 This really has merit and you would only b using small muffin type fans for heat and propane kicking in ever so often to keep the hot water going. This is a closed loop for the hot water so it would not demand much propane to keep it hot I would think... This is photo how one dude used it in his small trailer... Reports from him said it worked great up in the mountains... http://i50.tinypic.com/2cgkkle.jpg height=200 http://i50.tinypic.com/oszvh0.jpg height=200 I was going to order one of these hot water water heaters to use. This would fit just fine where the propane heater is installed in my popup. Aqua Hot has two version of this - 100 and the 200 models. Kinda neat having the heat and fans in one small box... http://www.utvguide.net/news/uploaded_images/Aqua-Hot-100-753514.gif height=300 I also hear alot of campers will unzip the two halves of the sleeping bags and use those on the beds for great sleeping. You could actually zip up during the night if it gets really cold as well I guess haha... gotta have some good PLAN Bs I reckon... We camp off-road alot with no hookups and haven't froze up yet... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/07/16 06:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Camper drawing on truck battery

On my 2010 Ford I had to use a fuse and a relay that was found in the glovebox in an unmarked envelope before I could get 12VDC going to the trailer. The connection is only present when I have the truck ignition key on... I guess the different brands of trucks all do it different... On my Ford setup I also have a truck timer involved - maybe that is what you have too. When I turn my truck ignition key OFF and remove my keys the connection still stay connected for a couple more minutes. Then finally all of the truck interior lights and other 12VDC panel guages etc all shut down... This even happens when I have the trailer plugged into the truck 7-way connector. I lose all my trailer safety running lights when my ignition key is removed and times out. I wish that was on permanent. My older 2004 truck was that way. Someone told that may be an option setting in the truck electronics. My truck 12VDC sockets go off after awhile as well when I remove my truck keys... I only have one 12VDC socket that stays hot all the time which is located inside my center console. Roy Ken
RoyB 12/06/16 01:24pm Truck Campers
RE: 130 psi compressor for winterizing?

If that VIAIR model is a tankless type it will takes longer to build up pressure each time you turn it... My 12VDC Air Compressor is a tankless type and I have plenty of time to turn it on and walk inside my POPUP trailer and open a water spigot... I have the older MV50 Tankless 12VDC Air Compressor. Roy Ken
RoyB 12/06/16 12:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Brand New Member

Just setup in your driveway or back yard and after a few days you will know all there is to know haha... Anything new I always do this... Nice to have Lowes and WALMART close by... Your best helpers are your neighbor campers at the camp grounds... Feel free to ask questions... Best way to find out things and usually comes with a cup of coffee or a Texas long neck... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/06/16 10:19am Toy Haulers
RE: Are both generators equal?

You also need to check out your regular camping areas and see what the rules are for running your generators at public camp grounds. Seems like most of the East coast public places have pretty strict rules governing the use of generators including the Natl Forest/Park areas. Out West where alot of dispersed camping areas are available you can run them all you want I think. Here on the East side I have never found a public site that allowed the use of the generator after 8PM or before 8AM... This was main reason for us to beef up our OFF-ROAD camper from larger battery banks. I only use my 2KW generator to run during the mornings for three hours to re-charge my battery bank from its 50% discharge state up to its 90% charge state. Alot of folks that have built-in generators seem to get a reprieve on the use of the generator after hours. Guess it is hard to tell if they are running a generator or just running the truck motor... They watch for the portable generators big time everywhere we camp at. Being off-road for most of our RV camping have never really got into running air conditioners in the woods... Heavy tree cover and creekside breezes do us just fine haha... I suspect Air conditioners and RV Travelers go together big time... Making a run from Virgina to Tenn Smoky Mtns is about all of the RV Traveling we do it seems... Most of our Rv camping is within 200 miles or so of Northern Neck Virginia Roy Ken
RoyB 12/06/16 05:36am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Had an unexpected visitor this weekend

We used to tent camp alot back in the Arizona Days in the 60s-70s with our Jeeps pulling a utility trailer with our camping supplies in the high country north of Apache Junction and Jerome-Smiley Rock areas. Saw alot of Coyotes and maybe one or two Mountain Cats. The Javelina (look like wild pigs) were the ones that really got our attention. They always ran in large packs and were very very brave creatures... They would run right thru the camp sites with us sitting around the camp fires haha... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/06/16 05:20am General RVing Issues
RE: Speaking of batteries...

I equipped my 2008 OFF-ROAD Camper with four each 12VDC GP24 85AH Interstates. I lost one right away due to over charging with the oem single mode ELIXIR 30A Converter. Changed that out for a PD-9260C 60A SMART MODE Converter and the remaining three GP24 Interstates are still working. They are however slow now recovering from a 50% discharge state. Not bad for the 7-8 years of use. http://i.imgur.com/GqK7d.jpg height=400 Did many daily 50%-90% two week camping trips over the years... I am just now working on a new battery box and want to go with with two groups of Trojan T105's 6vDC batteries in series... Would really love to replace them with the Trojan 12VDC T1275 150AH batteries but can't afford the expense haha... My new battery box is retrofitting the batteries and dual group switch gear and monitors in a Torklift A-7710RS Metal box... Work in progress Roy Ken
RoyB 12/06/16 05:01am Truck Campers
RE: Need to Winterize in TX?

WX says a big cold wave is dropping down out of Canada this coming next few days... I would judge accordingly... I havent looked on the map but I think Round Rock is in the Austin area... Our POPUP trailer is much smaller and a very small water system compared to what you most likely have. We too like to keep on camping in the winter months so the blow out method is our best course for winterizing. Here in Northern Va just gets cold over night sometimes and warms up the next day... I cam drain my fresh water tank at the low water point with the sink spigots open and blow out the water lines using my 12VDC tankless air compressor. Then just add some pink stuff to the two p-traps I have on my trailer... The hot water heater will have drained down using the low water point but there is still some water in the bottom of it. It has plenty of room to expand if it freezes... Like at the house we always unhook any water lines connected to the trailer city water port... Used to live in the Wichita Falls areas for a few years back in the 60s... Some of the coldest WX I have ever lived through haha... Learned what a blue northern was when we lived there... Water lines will bust for sure if they have water in them and freezes up... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/05/16 01:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: ARP Technical Presentation in Quartzsite

Don't we all just love all of these acronyms... I watch my TV in the living room all the time hehe... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/05/16 09:45am Tech Issues
RE: Taijgate won't open

They make different type of tailgates with opening in them that might clear your TT trailer jack... Something like the 5th wheel trailer hookup is using... http://i1081.photobucket.com/albums/j345/mooger42/box1.gif height=400 Google image In my case however I use my covered and locked truck bed for alot of other items I need to use on my trips. I need a full tail gate for security reasons.. Roy Ken
RoyB 12/05/16 09:40am Towing
RE: ARP Technical Presentation in Quartzsite

What is the ARP DEVICE. I thought that had something to do with Internet IP addresses... Roy Ken Never mind - I googled it... Absorption Refrigeration Protection (ARP) device ... It is also an Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) is a telecommunication protocol used for resolution of Internet layer addresses... haha... Thanks... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/05/16 05:28am Tech Issues
RE: Crock pot cooking while traveling?

We have the raised lid electric skillet that does something similar for us... Haven't done it going down the road but sure use the heck out of it at the creekside camp site... Makes for a great slow cooker... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/05/16 05:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: neat way of adding more solar

Great idea - head wheels are turning already here... Been thinking about adding two 100 or 120 WATT panels on each side of my front fantastic fan mounted on my popup roof... Would look something like this google image http://i.imgur.com/HmgahF3.jpg height=300 Adding those drawer slides would allow me to add two more 100 or 120 WATT panels that would extend out over my front deck perhaps... http://i.imgur.com/aOuiAeO.jpg height=300 I'm already thinking all of these panels will be too much weight for my Electric Motor to raise my POPUP roof so will be planning to add the panels to roof by standing in the front deck area after the roof has been raised first. Still scratching head and looking for funds... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/05/16 04:35am Tech Issues
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