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RE: Three TV's two satellie receivers

You might want to look at one of these 'RF' REMOTE CONTROL units for DirecTv items... These units operate with the IR as well as RF and suppose to go thru walls and doors. Maybe this would get to your RECEIVER setup in the living room area from the bedroom area??? I assume this will require some sort of interface at the SAT RECEIVER area to work. I just received this info in an email mailing from SOlID SIGNAL.com today... RF DIRECTV REMOTE Roy Ken
RoyB 10/25/14 05:05am Technology Corner
RE: Carrying a motorcycle ?

You might want to look at the IDAHO TOTE type Dolly that attaches to your trailer or truck camper and has swivel wheels on it to help out with the added weight. http://www.cruiserlift.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/.pond/bounder58.JPG.w300h225.jpg height=300 Google Image I think in most states these are not considered an additional added trailer... Adding a platform to the rear of any trailer to haul a motorcycle will probably take some very special welding and support framing to be safe. Roy Ken
RoyB 10/24/14 09:12am Class C Motorhomes
RE: This BBQ Mat is Awsome!

I have seen them advertised on TV but I haven't tried one yet - looks like something I would enjoy... My Coleman Roadtrip grill however has a grated grill on one side and a solid grill on the other so I really already have both types of grill covered already pretty good... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/24/14 08:38am Truck Campers
RE: PD9260 Convertor Never Goes To 14.4V

My PD9260C Converter seems to always start out at 14.4VDC then drops back to associated charge after it reads the battery status I guess... Maybe all this happens because it is a C model ??? Roy Ken
RoyB 10/23/14 08:52pm Tech Issues
RE: No Counter Space!...my solution

I did almost the same thing buying panels already made up and fit down on top of the sinks. I also installed a fold-out desktop in front of the stove top. This folds out and gives a good working space in front of the stove... Then you can fold it down when done... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/23/14 01:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Boondocking and Water?

When camping off the power grid we always carry a couple of fresh water totes and a couple of gals of bottled water for cooking and making our fresh ground bean coffee. We will fill up our 30GAL tank before we get back in the woods for showers and washing dishes etc... We also carry a couple of gray water totes to catch our sink water... We most always are able to find a place to dispose of the gray water at the campgrounds. ICE CUBES and STEAKS makes us go look for them somewhere close by... Our 6GAL BLACK WATER WASTE Cassette Potti tote can easlly be dumped down the toilet at a bath room somewhere. Full blown WALMARTS are neat as they have everything you need in the store... Thats why they like for you to sleep over one night... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/23/14 12:07pm Beginning RVing
RE: inverters

I started out with a 300 PSW Inverter which was hardwired into my system and ran extension cord to my Home Entertainment system setup. We of course liked it so much we kept adding things we want to have ON when camping off the power grid. I eventually ended up with the AIMs PSW 600W Inverter which runs all the things we want to have on when camping off the power grid. This inverter of course only draws higher current when you add more units to it so that gives us the best of all situations. Being PURE SINE WAVE we do not have to ever worry about what gets plugged into it... I got my AIMS PSW 600 Watt Inverter from AMAZON $149 and it is on 24/7 when camping off the power grid. Roy Ken
RoyB 10/23/14 10:48am Truck Campers
RE: Back up lights

Just be aware the when mounting BACK-UP LIGHTS on the rear of your trailer they have to be DOT APPROVED type otherwise you will most likely fail your DOT SAFETY INSPECTION and have to remove them... The LENS of the back-up light should have a DOT NUMBER stamped into the lens... This is the way it is in our Virginia DOT SAFETY Inspection Stations at any rate... Mounting side lights on the trailer frame near the rear of trailer will not come under the same DOT RULES as mounting them on the rear of the trailer. Actually for us the side mounted lights are better as you can't view directly behind your trailer anyway. My 5th wheel trailer has the two 7-inch scare lights mounted up high on the rear side of our trailer. These guys light up the neighborhood when being used... I just turn them ON when backing up... On my OFF-ROAD POPUP the BACK-UP lights wiring is terminated in the 7-way Electrical Junction Box where my trailer hookup cable is terminated and is covered with one of those large YELLOW twist-on connectors. The BACK-UP lights wire is PURPLE in color but I imagine this color varies with the different manufactures on the 7-way trailer hook-up cables. When connected to the truck trailer connector I do have 12VDC on this wire when in REVERSE and with my 2010 Ford Truck Ignition Key turned on... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/23/14 07:35am Travel Trailers
RE: Cable question

This button on your TV ANTENNA WALL COVER PANEL is the override. When the light is 'ON' it uses the OTA ROOF MOUNT antenna. When 'OFF' it uses the CABLE TV INPUT signal from the camp ground. That is the way it works in my two trailers at any rate... http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/4101T41VGGL._SL500_AA300_.jpg height=200 Of course after I have selected which ANTENNA INPUT to use I have to go to the TV MENU and select the proper input ANTENNA or CABLE and scan in the channels before I can view them... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/23/14 07:17am Fifth-Wheels
RE: CB Radio - needed?

We have one under the truck seat and it is on all the time but has the squelch up all the way. Only picks up CH19 and what is very close to us. The language is so bad just hate to listen to any of it... Mine is an older COBRA CB mobile unit. It is only to listen to the truckers talking about road conditions. In all the years I have had it I can't recall ever hearing another RV'er on it... We also carry the FRS radios when at camping sites... They work like gang busters and have private line etc. Only hear each other... Also have noticed some towns like Gatlinburg has a FRS repeater network which really covers the whole town from the close-by mountains... Of course everyone has cell phones so that gets used alot between us as well... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/22/14 12:07pm Full-time RVing
RE: 12 volt coffee maker

We are fresh ground bean coffee lovers and use the Cuisinart Grind and Brew coffee maker. The beauty of this is it does all of this in about five minutes and pours up into a stainless thermos carafe. Fresh coffee stays hot all day long... We run our coffee maker every morning when we are running on our 2KW Generator each morning when re-charging our batteries. We tried the 12VDC coffee maker and a whole bunch of other 12VDC trucker things and it took around 5-6 hours to make a 10-cup pot drawing a bunch of DC current... Not a good choice. The coffee pot made a good way to pour oil in my truck motor haha... About the only thing I have left after spending around $150 for 12VDC items at a local truck stop is a couple of 12VDC clamp-on lights. Roy ken
RoyB 10/22/14 08:13am Truck Campers
RE: Wheel weights for heavy 5ers?

When I was driving I59 in North ALA pulling my 4200lb POPUP trailer on work trips the very rough Interstate road knocked off my weights on one side. That tire didn't last no time. I finally replaced both tires with around 5K miles on them and had them balanced again as well. Both wheels still look great after many miles on them. Roy Ken
RoyB 10/22/14 07:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Three TV's two satellie receivers

They make a device called a MULTISWITCH used with a dual or quattro LNB to distribute satellite TV signals to multiple (usually more than four) receivers from a single dish and LNB. The MULTISWITCH is built into the DISH and will allow multiple SAT TV connections. Each TV will require its own SAT RECEIVER. This is the way worked just a few years ago at any rate hehe... We used to fight all of this until the National Broadcast came out with the DIGITAL T modes for the local OTA TV stations. Now we just watch local HDTV stations using our OTA BATWING VHF/UHF Antenna where we camp at. Of course this doesn't include any CABLE TV stations but all we watch is NCIS and local news/weather anyway haha... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/22/14 06:39am Technology Corner
RE: PM3's on sale at AdventureRV

What settings are you referring too. The listed specs say nominal output DC Voltages are 14.4VDC for Boost Mode - 13.6VDC for Normal Mode - 13.2VDC for Float mode. Can you change these settings to a different DC VOLTAGE output? Good price for a convenient stand-alone mounting unit. Roy Ken
RoyB 10/22/14 04:29am Tech Issues
RE: Rebuilding the interior of Big Blue (many pics)

Great job - Love it... I have done a few of local rebuilds in my day... Since my OFF-ROAD POPUP trailer came pretty well equipped on its own I have just been redoing all of the wiring and other short comings as I find them... My love is camping off the the batteries and I got my first encounters living in the Phoenix Area Tent camping back in the 60s. A good Jeep with a beefed up utility trailer was all you needed. Spent a many camping trips up in the surrounding high country between Phoenix and Flagstaff... Love the red rock country... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/21/14 06:05pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Charging 4 12-volt house batteries with portable charger

The BATTERY SCIENCE rules for charging a depleted 12VDC battery in a short three hours time is to hit it with 14.4VDC for two hours and then 13.6VDC for an additional hour. If your battery charge source has 20AMPS of DC CURRENT available the battery will demand most of the 20AMPS for around 15 minutes and then start tapering back as the battery starts taking on the charge. If you have four 12VDC batteries to charge with a portable smart mode 40AMP charger like the VEC1093DBD 40AMP charger you can only re-charge two of these at time in a quick three hour run time with your generator. Then you will have to duplicate the same event for the other two batteries requiring a total of six hours or so of running the small generator. You can re-charge all four of these at the same time but it will not get to the 90% charge state in a quick three hour time frame. Having never done this I have no idea how long it will take to get to the 90% charge state for all four 12VDC batteries being charged with only a 40AMP source of charge current... Just something to think about... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/21/14 02:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Our sweet comfy 1982 Western Wilderness

This is a public HTTP address for a 9Ft Western Wilderness camper photo... http://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/reachoomedia/asset_images/original/112/004/249/01414_leejH4Aojdj_600x450.jpg I use the 'FREE' IMGUR.com image program to upload my pictures in to get the public address created. There are several different free image programs available to use. Placing this public address in the ADVANCED POST FORM 'IAMGE' ICON entry blank and adding 300 to the 'HEIGHT' entry blank this is what gets displayed for all to see... http://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/reachoomedia/asset_images/original/112/004/249/01414_leejH4Aojdj_600x450.jpg height=300 Roy Ken
RoyB 10/21/14 12:54pm Truck Campers
RE: Solar and battery help

Don't get all that excited with 100WATT SOLAR PANELS... A 100WATT Panel will only produce around 4-5AMPS DC CURRENT for the time they are in HIGH SUN. The rule of thumb is around 5-6 hours each day is the normal time you can expect full output of the panels. Out west in wide open country gives you more high sun of course... Your SRM-27 with a Reserve Capacity of 160 minutes will only produce 12VDC Power@25 AMPS for around 160 minutes (2.7Hrs). Having two in parallel will raise this to around 5.3 HRS... If you do this your batteries will be drained to their 0% charge state or 10.5VDC. You really don't want to ever do this to your batteries and most of us respect the 50% charge state and I really get excited when my batteries drop below 12.0VDC. Most of us think continuing to drop below the 50% charge state will do harm to your batteries. My thinking is to beef the battery banks and battery associated battery cables etc to run the thing you want to run when camping off the power grid so that you can operate things until 8AM the next morning when you are allowed to run a generator to re-charge your batteries... To me adding solar panels only enhances this operation and perhaps you won't have to run your generator as long each day to keep up with battery drains. All of us knows that in order to re-charge a 50% depleted battery it will take around 14.4VDC at a 20AMP DC Source for each battery in the battery bank. This will drop back to 13.6VDC after a two hour run and give you a safe 90% charge state on the batteries in around three hours total time. With a 90% charge state you can do the run off the batteries again for the next day/night battery run. If by adding solar panels you can expect around 5AMP of charge current going into your battery bank and if you have enough panels you might get this up to around 15AMPS for 6 hours on your TC roof size. In 5-6 hours this will put back around 30AHs into your batteries. If you day/night run off the batteries is less than 30AHs then the solar panels will be great for you to have. You will never get behind the battery drain curve having them. Of course this is not always guaranteed as some days will be cloudy and this could last several days where you won't get any charge at all that you can use. You would need to have the generator running your on-board converter/charger to replenish your battery charge for these days... I have been playing this day/night run on my batteries for a few years and we get by pretty good with our routine with around 255AH Battery Bank capacity. This of course have to be re-charged each day starting at 8AM each morning with our 2KW Generator running our trailer and allowing the on-board converter/charger to bring them back up to their 90% charge state so we can do it all over again the next day/night run off the batteries. My OFF-ROAD POPUP Trailer roof is much the same size as your TC ROOF and I am planning on adding two 120WATT Panels in the front and then a 240large panel on the rear side. This 480 Watts of solar should give me a good 14.4VDC @ 20AMPS for around 5-6 hours a day (160AHs) and really help me out keeping my battery bank drain so that using the generator will be minimal. Since my three batteries normally draw about 53AMPS DC current when first hit with 14.4VDC charge voltage I will have to use the generator for that first 0NE hour charge period. After the battery start tapering off the solar panels can deal with the charge source amps pretty good then. Then I can hopefully switch to the solar panels for the rest of the day to top off my battery bank to the 90% charge before the high sun goes away... This is going to be my basic routine at any rate when camping off the power grid. This is my take on adding solar panels for our camping off the power grid routine. All of this takes planning... Others have different ideas on what to expect but I am pretty confident based on my few years of running entirely off the batteries this is what will happen for us when we finally get solar panels installed. We watch our BATTERY MONITOR PANEL like a hawk knowing when it hits 12.0VDC we have to shut it all down... This is planned to happen at 8AM the next morning when I can deal with it... For your situation you may get by just fine having the solar panels and not get into your battery reserve capacity. What happens if it doesn't work like you have planned. Got to have a good PLAN B hehe... Not fun when lights go out at 10PM at night especially for needing the CPAP at night... For us a generator is must have item and as you know we folks that live on the East side of the US have all of the generator run time restrictions to deal with. So bigger battery banks and solar is good way to go... Just adding another GP27 battery will only give you an additional 96AH of capacity. So you question is can you live on 192AHs of battery capacity especially when you can only use 96AHs of that total so that your batteries will not go below 50% charge state. Add up your DC power drain and how long you expect to use it and see how you want to be battery wise. i.e your CPAP draining 12VDC@3AMPS needing to run for 8 hours will consume 24AHs of capacity... Just considering that only leaves you 72Ahs for other 12VDC drains. Not much to play with. Watching TV for 6 hours will eat up at least 24AHs... Hopefully you have changed over to LED lights already. Just passing along for food for thought on your end... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/21/14 10:43am Tech Issues
RE: Dual Trojans and furnace

The rule of thumb for us camping off our batteries was setting the furnace to around 68-72 and that would consume about one battery capacity per night of camping... We are always conscious of our battery drain and when it approaches the 12.0VDC level we will shut things down until the next morning when we can recharge the batteries running the generator. Noticed several in this thread indicated they was going to get the Mr Buddy type heaters to supplement their heat. Those are pretty dangerous things to have around in a closed-up trailer. Opening up a vent/window to make them somewhat safe to use sort of doesn't make alot of sense hehe... That is one of my absolute backup heat sources as well but we never let one run after we go to bed. The better idea would be to install a CAT 5 Wave type VENTED propane heater mounted in a cabinet door. http://www.modmyrv.com/wp-content/gallery/mod-36-image-gallery/cat-htr-4b-796386.jpg height=200 http://rvtravel.com/blog/rvnow/uploaded_images/Cat-htr-7b-796422.jpg height=200 I have been thinking of a making my HOT WATER heater into a HYDRONIC type heater to run one heater vent with axial type fan blower in my OFF-ROAD popup and do away with the propane furnace. Might just be the little bit of heat that would make the difference for us in our smaller footprint trailer space. Something along this line of thinking... http://i.imgur.com/KdEVc.png height=200 Might look like this installed in place of the propane furnace http://www.utvguide.net/news/uploaded_images/Aqua-Hot-100-753514.gif height=200 Roy Ken
RoyB 10/21/14 08:23am Tech Issues
RE: Mean Well power supply for my usage

Don't really know what you working on but IMO you would get a much better re-charge of your two GP-27 batteries by running your on-board smart mode converter/charger from your generator. Your two GP-27 batteries would then go thru their 14.4VDC Boost charger for two hours followed by an additional 13.6VDC Normal charge for another one hour period to safely finish the 90% charge state. Running a continuous high DC charge Voltage for manual extended time periods you will run the risk of boiling out your battery fluids which will do harm to the batteries... This is where smart mode charging techniques really keeps your batteries in their best performance duty cycles. Roy Ken
RoyB 10/20/14 04:38pm Tech Issues
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