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RE: Dead batteries in 04 Duramax 3500

Sounds like you might want to install one of those solar panel trays that you lay inside the windshield on the truck dash. This plugs into a always hot 12VDC socket and should keep your battery topped off when you leave it sit for weeks on end... Most that ypu find on-line are 5WATT Panels or less. You really need to locate at least a 10-watt model or more to really help out... Something like this GOOGLE SEARCH photo... http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTAyOVgxMTgx/z/JC4AAOSwPe1T0l9c/$_35.JPG height=200 I had one for my OFF-ROAD JEEP setup and it did me well for years... I need to do the same thing for my 2010 F150 FX4 truck. They have too much electronics always on in the new trucks. There is probably three or four computers running all the time... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/03/15 12:17pm Truck Campers
RE: 50 amp plug

You can buy the conversion kit from a coupe of places... ETRAILER.COM and AMAZON has them. CAMPING WORLD as well... Just be sure when looking on google to make sure you are looking at a 50A kit. They has the same kits for the 30A conversion as well... If you are not an electrical type I would would go back back the RV DEALER and have them make the conversion for you. This is not a good idea for your brother-inlaw or father-inlaw or friend to do the conversion for you. This must be wired for RV's and if wired like the house circuits etc you run the risk of blowing up a bunch of 120VAC appliances. Kinda hard to collect moneys from the family and friends. The commercial guys are insurance bonded for these things and should pay for what they blow up wiring it up wrong... lots of info on-line on how to do it.... Etrailer probably has a video of how their kit gets installed... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/03/15 11:37am Tech Issues
RE: Automatic Generator start with loss shoreline electrical

Its just me but having an auto start for things that use fuels etc really scares us to use when unattended. So many things can go wrong... We always just made sure we have fresh water available for the animals and a 12VDC fan going... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/03/15 06:42am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Transferring water

WALMART has two or three different 12VDC pumps in the boat section... That is what I use... I was using a 120VAC pump from an old washing machine but finally picked up a 12VDC model. Keeps me from using my duty INVERTER mounted under my truck seat. I used to do the same as you described and my OFF-ROAD POPUP camper has a pull out funnel on the fresh water inlet to help you hit the hole. Those 5-gallon jeri-can containers do get heavy. I ended up busting out the pull-out funnel and that when I picked up the portable water pump... I also carry a water hose to make it easy to fill up my fresh water tote sitting in the truck bed... Using the portable water pump I don't even have to lift the water container out of the truck bed... Works great for me... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/03/15 06:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Is it bad to drive with trickle charger on chassis battery?

In my JEEP YEARS i had one on the dash 24/7... Just be sure the panel has the reverse charge DIODE installed as most do. This will present the panel from discharging your start battery when the high SUN is not there. I also made sure the 12V SOCKET I was using was always "hot" after the JEEP ignition key was turned off. Kept my JEEP battery fresh 'topped off' all the time... I really need to install one on my 2010 F150 FX4 now... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/03/15 06:01am Tech Issues
RE: 2 Computers / 1 monitor

If you have a somewhat newer modern monitor it may have multiple video inputs. Just plug both computers into the separate video inputs on the one monitor and then select which one you want to display from its front panel buttons.. My two 24-inch DELL monitors has many different VIDEO INPUTS all selectable from the front panel button. It also has a picture-in-picture mode which I use alot for my older M90 Dell computer. It is displayed in a small PIP view down in the bottom corner of the large screen. I can select which computer I want to go to full screen ... I have been running LAPTOPS for years using the DUAL 24-inch DELL monitors. My laptop sits in a docking station and feeds both monitors allowing me to throw many selected views from the same LAPTOP across both monitors. When we head out in the RV I just grab the LAPTOP and plug it into a similar setup in the RV bringing all my programs with me where ever we go... I have a feeling however both your computers are old somewhat vintage types... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/02/15 07:37pm Technology Corner
RE: Battery charger warning question

I charge my trailer batteries all the time by connecting my 30A Shore Power cable from the trailer directly to the generator using a RV30A-15A long Adapter (WALMART). This allows the generator to power up the trailer on-board converter/charger to re-charge the batteries the same way it would if you was connected to shore power. If your on-board converter/charger is a smart mode type you can re-charge your batteries in a quick three hour time frame. The same would go for your portable 45 amp charger - If it is a smart mode type it will charge your batteries in a three hour period. If the converter/charger on the trailer or the portable charger is just a single mode high current charger than it will take around 12 hours to charge your battery. Either way that is a long time to run a generator... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/02/15 07:14pm Beginning RVing
RE: CW generator - Champion 4000

Here on the East side of the US you will only get to run your generator at most public off the power grid camp sites a couple of hours in the morning and then again in the late afternoon... Never after 8PM or before 6AM... It would be neat if we had more DISPERSED camping sites here like they do out West. Running a loud generator may have different rules... I have the 2KW Honda Inverter type Generator and the only reason I run it is to charge up my battery bank starting at 8Am each morning. This takes around three hours of generator run time if I start doing it when my batteries are at their 50% charge state. Then I can run off the batteries the next day/night run off the battery bank... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/02/15 03:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Los Angeles to Montgomery AL - 5wks on the road

I don't know if things have gotten better yet now or not but if you are planning on staying anywhere along SOUTH BLVD in Montgomery please be very much aware this is full blown WAR ZONE for crime... All of the nice HOTELS and Nite CLUBS from the past are all boarded up now... I would definitely not stay at the RV PLACE just south of the TRUCK STOP at I65 and SOUTH BLVD EXIT... Even driving up and down SOUTH BLVD looking for a good place to eat the local Police will pull you over and tell you it isn't safe to be there after dark... That was a first for the wife and me being told by the local police to go back to the Hotel on the East side of town where we was staying.... This has been this way for a few years now and last time we was there was only two years ago... SOUTH BLVD was the place to be just a few years back with all of its real nice hotels and places... Makes you want to cry to see them all boarded up now with bars in the windows... Hopefully it has got better - just passing on what we went thru - Used to visit Montgomery many times just a few years ago in my working years... All of the new HOTELS are now at I85 and EAST BLVD areas... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/02/15 02:34pm Roads and Routes
RE: My first solar installation, looking for direction

You definitely are doing things the way I would do it getting up to the solar panels.. I am currently doing my baby steps doing the DC POWER UPGRADEs getting my OFF-ROAD Trailer ready for solar panels. Good source of Dc POWER, Upgrading to reliable converter/charger unit, adding Inverter and learning how to live with the generator pays off... I am assuming you are also learning how to increase your living off the batteries by doing DC power savings things like changing incandescent lights over to LEDs. We are living off the power grid just fine with our 255AH Battery bank. We have been doing all of these things over the past 5 years and really have a great understanding what we can do with our DC BATTERY setup now. We are also just now at the point to start adding solar panels to supplement the Generator to keep our battery banks topped off. We learned up front the things we can do with the battery banks and have had great success in keeping our 2008 Installed batteries in great shape performance wise. The batteries are just now starting to drop off on performance. The biggest thing we learned was to never allow the battery bank to drop below the 50% charge state and keep them charged to the 90% charge state as soon as possible. We start this Battery re-charge process every morning at 8AM when we are usually allowed to run our generator where we camp. This takes three hours of generator run time each morning. This is when we make our coffee stored up in thermos for the day. Adding solar for us will reduce our dependency on the generator to about one a hour a day of run time. My battery bank wil demand over 50AMPS of DC current when first gettig hit with 14.4VDC boost charge. After around an hour this DC CURENT demand will have dropped to around 8AMPs. The solar panels will take over the battery bank charge the rest of the high sun day and hopefully get us to the 90% charge before the high sun goes away. I am planning to start out with two 120WATT solar panels and eventually add either two additional 120WATT panels later on or maybe just add a larger 240WATT panel. My ultimate goal is to get a good 20AMPS OF DC CURRENT coming from the Solar Panels when in high SUN. This is about all the room I have available for Solar Panels on the roof of my OFF-ROAD trailer. Doing all of this using baby steps will insure us we have an excellent built-in PLAN B capable battery bank setup by having both the Generator and Solar Panels to keep the battery bank up. The baby steps for us also has been a great learning experience on what to expect when camping off the power grid and what we need to have to do our style of camping. I think you are RIGHT ON doing what you are doing... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/02/15 04:51am Tech Issues
RE: Software Question

I use LIBRA OFFICE here... LIBRA OFFICE also has a nice drawing package that can save drawings in PDF format... I use that here since I could not afford my AUTOCAD stuff from work when I retired. LIBRA OFFICE is a free download... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/01/15 04:47pm Technology Corner
RE: Which Wire?

SInce you only see two wires going to the light fixture there is a big chance they only come ON when a light switch somewhere else is turned ON. If you tap into these two wires going to the light fixture then the fan will also only come on when the same light switch is turned on... Might not be what you want to do... If those two wires are HOT all the time (+12V and -12V) then your fan will work anytime you turn its switch ON. Roy Ken
RoyB 07/01/15 01:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: 921 replacement for LED Bulbs

I use the boards for the ceiling lights that DO NOT HAVE the regulator chip built-in to the board. The regulator chips are known to produce RFI which may interfere with (blank out) your HDTV reception and other VHF RADIO items like the WX RADIO etc... $4.99 a board and 10 for $40 buck a few years back from EBAY CHINA... The ROUND ONE with LEDs all around the assy seems to be popular for low cost. Don't know if they regulator chips in them or not. The regular chips allows the leds to be operated from long 9V to 15VDC or so DC POWER source... All the one I got say 12-14VDC and since they were very cost I got several spares. Have not replaced one yet since 2009... DO NOT BUY ALL AT ONCE. JUST Buy ONE and see if you like it before spending $150-$200 for replacements... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/01/15 12:09pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: External Antenna to Cable Connector

The problem you are going to run into is the antenna panel in your RV wants to send +12VDC up to your outdoor antenna built-in PREAMPLIFIER. The splitter in the CABLE TV LOOP will prevent this from happening. If you can get around this problem it should work just fine. I would setup another BAT WING or maybe one of those JACK Antennas at your house and once you manually point it correctly it will work great. I was able to re-do my SAT SIDE of the two external cable connectors to be a straight thru connection all the way back to the antenna panel bypassing any splitters etc... You can also generally get into the trailer parked under the metal roof pretty easy going through the basement door which has rubber seal on the edges. Other folks come down through the fridge vent.. being under the metal roof you could probably crack a window and come through the edge of that as well... Drilling through the sides of the trailer is no big deal to mount another TV CONNECTOR but what I don't want to do is mess with the roof. You could very easy have a RG cable connected to your TV SYSTEM coiled up laying in the basement area and run it outside when you are parked at home to connect up with your outside antenna... You could even temporarily run this RG cable across the floors and direct connect to your TV when at home if you like... Just some ideas here Roy Ken
RoyB 07/01/15 09:28am Technology Corner
RE: Flashlights for Camping

I have several of these CREE type of flashlights around here that uses the three AAA round battery holder. They small enough to carry in your pocket and do very well... Been using them for years... http://fasttechcdn.com/products/158/1580802/1580802-7.jpg height=200 http://img.dealextremeru.com/productimages/sku_164994_3.jpg height=150 Roy Ken
RoyB 07/01/15 08:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Honda EU2000i question

I had to to do the same mod here on my 1500WATT PSW INVERTER OUTPUT receptacles I was using to plug in my 30AMP shore power cable to power up my trailer receptacles around the trailer. This INVERTER I was using at the time also had floating neutral I guess... It would trip my GFI circuits without the bonding plug in place. Works fine plugging in the same ADAPTER into one side of the dual 120VAC receptacle on the INVERTER as shown above... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/01/15 07:38am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Making a Desk Top Icon

We have forty or so SHORT CUT LINKS on our DESKTOP. They got so many I had to create a DESKTOP FOLDER named LINK FOLDER and move of those links to it. Now I only have one link folder taking up space on the desktop. My desktop is usually a scene of some sort of groups of pictures we have taken and is in SLIDE SHOW mode changing views every few seconds.. Right now i am just displaying STARRY NIGHTS views. Then I might switch to one of our favorite RV CAMP GROUND groups of photos etc... I only have maybe five or six LINK ICON FOLDERs down the left hand side on my desk top screen. The rest are located in the bottom TASKBAR for the main things I jump to... I am also a big fan of DUAL SCREEN with remote keyboard - mouse- speakers for my LAPTOP SETUP which is setting in the corner with the lid down. My two screens are 24-inch DEL MONITORS... When we go camping I just grab the laptop and plop it down into a similar setup in my RV SETUP. Have all my data stuff with me at all times doing it this way... Roy Ken
RoyB 06/30/15 08:36am Technology Corner
RE: Great Smoky Mtn-Cataloochee

We too have been to the SMOKY MTNS many many times since the 60s but never too really have camped on that side of the the NATL PARK. Our favorite BASE CAMP place is ELKMONT... I was just looking at how to gain access to Cataloochee and both directions is really in very unknown territory for us haha... Will have to branch out on one of these trips and do some sightseeing in that direction. Roy Ken
RoyB 06/30/15 08:20am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Connecting inverter to shore power cord

Sometimes you can swap a full size breaker to a half size breaker - then you have two smaller separate breakers in the same hole.
RoyB 06/29/15 05:03pm Tech Issues
RE: I've come over to the dark side ;)

I guess I just don't have any idea what the term "DARK SIDE" means and what that would have to do with RV'ers. I do know there are RV CAMPERS and RV TRAVELERS... There are some RV CAMPERS that live in the small van's and like to do what they call STEALTH MODE and live in plain view places without paying anything... We like to think we belong to the RV CAMPING world. Our best times are camping out for a week or so on a creek bed somewhere way back off the power grid. Just like we did back in the Arizona JEEP DAYS and tent camping... I just keep seeing reference to the "DARK SIDE" and have no idea what they are talking about. Must be a younger generation thing... Roy Ken
RoyB 06/29/15 02:54pm Truck Campers
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