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RE: running lights on cars and trucks

You have to cautious adding ADDITIONAL lights on the front and rear of US vehicles... It seems there are SAFETY laws on how many lights can be ON at the same time. There is also laws on when a light comes on and in most case must be done in conjunction when one turns on the vehicle lights. Cannot be a separate toggle switch somewhere. The lens all have be US DOT approved and will have a DOT number stamped into the lens. Adding lights under the front and rear bumper frames etc also falls into this category. Adding the fancy LED LIGHTS BARS mounted into the front grill also falls into this category. We OFF-ROAD Truck and Jeep guys knows too well about all of this when it comes to passing SAFETY INSPECTIONs. For years we all got away with it by placing socks over the additional lights - Don't think that is allowed anymore now... Adding additional lights to the side of the trailers is not a problem. Chances are very high you will have problems passing State Safety Inspections doing this... You need to check with your local State inspection Station before dumping a bunch of money into additional lights for the front and rear of your units. Running your OEM installed safety lights during the daylight hours is not a problem. I run my lights during the daytime hours alot when I feel they are needed. Just saying Roy Ken
RoyB 10/27/16 07:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Drivers license requirements going state to state

Just to keep from raising any red flags with the Law Enforcement folks I always keep my DL and my Vehicle tags and Insurance etc all with the same issue state. Roy Ken
RoyB 10/26/16 02:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Favorites in Google chrome?

I too switched from IE a long time back when it started eating up lots pf memory to run things. I use both GOOGLE CHROME and FIREFOX on my dual 24-inch monitor screens setup here with my laptop... The only time my Laptop is opened up is to hit the start button... I also use different folders for my favorites and can select with mouse and open the folders of my choice with mouse clicks. Kinda neat to be able to select the different favorites folders depending on what monitor mode I am using... Alot of the time one of my 24-inch monitors get used for internet HDTV requiring different favorite's setups. I also use Internet Public Service/Police Scanners from several different locations of interest. These give my large memory capability a big work-out... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/26/16 06:24am Technology Corner
RE: battery water going low on only 1 battery

Glad you are checking your batteries... Two things to look at... What is your converter/charger unit. Being an older trailer chances are it is a single mode 13.6VDC charger... You really should replace it if this is what you are using for a more modern multiple mode smart mode charger type. Progessive Dydnamics or IOTA brands are tops... I would not get a WFCO product as they are known for not going into smart modes when needed. It is well known that having 13.6VDC being applied to the batteries for long periods of time will cause boiling out fluids. This will eventually cause the battery to have an internal cell short which is not recoverable and require replacemnt. Another thing would be to make sure you are using a balanced connection to your two 12VDC batteries wired in parallel. Use a wiring scheme like this using equal lengths of cables inside the battery terminals... This insures both batteries demand the same DC current when being charged... http://www.rubyorchid.com/RV/images/Pianotuna12V.png height=200 Continue to watch your battery fluid levels on a tight schedule until you make corrections like discussed here... Just some of my thoughts here... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/25/16 06:00pm Tech Issues
RE: how to turn off front marker lights on the mallard m29

Which front lights are you referring too. the top mounted YELLOW lights are DOT Safety lights and should only be under control of the 7-way connector on the rear of the truck. There should not be any 12VDC being provided by the trailer battery for any of the US DOT Safety lights. These lights will come ON when your truck lights are ON. They are required to be 'ON' when being towed at night so having a manual control switch would defeat this situation. http://cdn.rvt.com/photos2/8736/7128736/7128736_1.jpg height=400 google image I'm surprised to see a lower white light shown in this photo as I have had problems passing State DOT Inspections of having manual control lights on the rear of the trailer. I suspect having a manual operated light on the front of the trailer would raise the same red flag. ???? Roy Ken
RoyB 10/25/16 04:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: 220v in 110v system

usually the converter/charger gets fried as it is one of the items always on... Several items have always on control monitor board... Microwave usually gets zapped... Most everyone claims they have a good 2000-3000 dollar loss so I am surprised to hear yours got protected like it did with just blown fuses... Count your blessings... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/25/16 08:40am Tech Issues
RE: Do a walk around at every stop!

Works for me as well... Check for hot rims and tires also... I always do this as soon as I stop looking for heated up items - then I go potty... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/25/16 08:14am Towing
RE: What's needed to connect Mr Buddy heater to stove gas line?

I elected to leave my small MR Buddy as is in its portable status and running from the 1-lb canisters. It converts alot of water when being used so it has to sit in a drip pan anyway all the time. Also with the concerns about always having a open window or vent somewhere I just didn't want to make it "too" easy to use. I have plenty of 1-lb canisters with us all the time as our Coleman Road trip grill uses them as well. Even with open vents we still don't sleep with our Mr Buddy running over night in the big trailer. Its our number one heat source in our OFF-ROAD POPUP trailer when off road. The built-in propane furnace heater is just way too big for our POPUP trailer. It drives us out with all the heat it produces and is also way to noisy. Wakes me up every time it kicks on. We don't run heaters in the POPUP trailer over night as well... Covers and a low wattage bed heater from Power Inverter works for us... makes that bon-fire at day break feel so good with the first cup of morning coffee... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/25/16 07:44am Tech Issues
RE: 32" TV Mount

That looks like it should work just fine. You can also paint your back board to more fit in with the wall decor if you like. Probably not so much an issue being hid behind the big TV SET all of the time. On mine I was not able to find any thing to mount my back board to studs anywhere so I used the MOLLY BOLTS in the four corners of the back board that spreads out behind the thin walls... This was for my 26-inch TV in my fifth wheel... I leave my large HDTV mounted all the time during the cold winter months. I just make sure the room has warmed up to normal temperatures for a short time before turning on the big TV screen. No problems so far doing this but we don't have extreme temperatures here where we live in Northern Neck Virginia. Your install Looking good... Thats a big TV set haha... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/25/16 07:12am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Easiest Winterizing yet!!

Hey RoyB-MA... Sounds good... It certainly is the way to go for my much smaller 12-foot box OFF-ROAD setup... I don't have that many water lines to worry about in my setup and the beauty is I go back to using water again by just adding water to the fresh water tank the next day... I carry my tankless 12V air compressor in my truck under the rear seat area and setup on the tailgate of my truck with the compressor where I can clip into the batteries mounted on the trailer tongue area. My long air hose fits the city water inlet where I use one of those air adapters. Using the tankless compressor allows me plenty of time to go open up water spigots one at a time and not build up any high pressure in the lines... The one only P-trap gets a douse of pink stuff. This is a ten minute job for me to do - The longest time used is draining the fresh water tank if it was full to start with. This also drains most of the hot water heater contens using the low water drain point if I open the Hot Water spigot. I just read another post where the guy found more water in his low drain point after he finished. I too do what he and others do and check for more water after I have finished... Sometimes I find some as well... I also do the manual opening of the Hot water relief value to allow it to drain better through the low water point for the other lines. I don't worry so much about leaving some water in the hot water heater. It has lots of room in it for expansion from a freeze. Nice install of your compressor... RoyB-VA Roy Ken
RoyB 10/25/16 07:02am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Satellite Antennas

I sure got a lot of use out of this Winegard SATELLITE dish setup. It has the head for DIRECTV and has two outputs on it. https://www.summitsource.com/Assets/ProductImages/ANW046.jpg height=300 I ran a RG cable to each of my two HDTV setups in the trailer. This portable stand has a great place to wrap up very long RG cables around it... I would always sit this portable stand on the truck hard plastic bed cover so I would always remember to stow it away when we left the camping spot. I also used one of those tone type SAT DETECTOR meters on one of the TV cable ports and could find the SAT real easy using this... http://www.makariosrv.com/product_images/j/974/Winegard_Satellite_Finder_Meter_24-0320-color__33823__62976_zoom.jpg height=300 I used two SAT RCVRS I would bring from home and my two long RG cables from the dish to each of the SAT RCVR Antenna port. Then I would run VIDEO OUTPUT cables to the HDTV VID PORTS. This allowed me to select SAT TV or CABLE TV using the TV Remote. Of course this was only good for standard definition SAT TV... Did this for several years and when the NATL BROADCAST came out with their change-over to DIGITAL TV I found the full blown HDTV signals from the local towns a better thing to watch so eventually stopped bringing all of my SAT TV items along with me on our trips. I use the BATWING antenna to pick up these local town HDTV signals just about every where we camp at... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/24/16 09:54am Technology Corner
RE: those looking at generators

If that is the Champion model 75537i Champion 3100 Generator - AMAZON https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/81YLYFid96L._SL1500_.jpg height=300 google image It comes with the RV 30 AMP receptacle and is very quiet.. Wireless Remote - Start and stop up to 80 ft. away and operates at a quiet 58 dBA, great for RVs, campsites, cabins and more... The Honda EU2000i is rated at 59 dB(A) @ rated load 53dB(A) @ 1/4 load... Sounds like a great buy... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/24/16 09:06am Travel Trailers
RE: If You Had $300 To Spend On A Laptop...

RLS7201 Richard... Thanks for the info... I will check that out... First glance just looks like one of the standard round DC Connectors... I'm all setup with Power Inverters for charging things when off grid but nice to know how things really works.... Thanks again for the info... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/23/16 04:33pm Technology Corner
RE: If You Had $300 To Spend On A Laptop...

One caveat about HP & Dell LTs is there 3 wire power supply. You can NOT use an aftermarket power supply with them. I like running a after market DC-DC power supply in the MH. With a HP or Dell, you'll need to fire up an inverter when off grid. Richard My DC requirement for my DELL INSPIRON 17R5737 is 19.5VDC @ 3.3A and uses a standard round DC connector with center pin on the DC output cable that plugs into the laptop. The DELL 6TM1C external Transformer does have a three wire connection to 120VAC which I assume is two 120VAC wires and a ground connection... The DC output from this transformer uses a long cable with a standard size round DC connector that plugs into the laptop. To run from an external DC Power Supply would only require the round standard DC connector plug and a +19.5VDC @ 3.34DC Amps capacity???? I don't see any problem running this laptop using an external DC power supply that would have 19.5VDC @ 3.34A capacity available. I don't think I understand your comment about the three wire connection... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/23/16 01:37pm Technology Corner
RE: If You Had $300 To Spend On A Laptop...

MEX - I replaced all of my old TABLETS and XP PCs with sales on HSN and QVS... Most of them offered the top of the line HP and DELL laptops deals with extra things included and 5 easy payments of around $100 a month... All was 3 day service.... They all came loaded down with software included and good deals on renting programs which seems to be the way they are done these days... This DELL I am using here is INSPIRON 17R5737 with INTEL CORE i7-4500 CPU - @ 1.80 Ghz 8.00GB ram 64Bit X64 based processor... That was the only way I get the top of the line units with time payments with no interest... This thing screams compared to my old DELL XP-PLUS M90 Workstation machine I was using... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/23/16 12:21pm Technology Corner
RE: 2004 BT Cruiser

couple of places to look for the converter and its associated 120VAC and 12VDC Power Distribution centers.. http://www.hilltoprv.com/console/watermark.php?src=14088&width=510&height=440 height=400 2004 BT Cruiser Google Photo... Check under the fridge behind the panel shown here... Also look under the bed panel you see in the photo. Something is mounted on the panel under the bed... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/23/16 10:02am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Are We Done?

If you planning on changing the RV the toy haulers models should be very easy to gain access to them... You can get them with just an open bay in the toy hauler section then can mod that to suit almost any needs you will need to have... Just a thought... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/23/16 08:48am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Our first fall camping

I love the late fall and winter camping. Most of the campground are all cleared out and you can still find a few that are still open. Here on the East side of the US there is little dispersed camping available to the public but you can still find some public places still open or will let you camp with permission. Most of the hookup items may be turned off and closed for the season already but these are not really necessary to have a good couple of nights camping off-grid so to speak. Always nice to make good friends with some of the park rangers in the areas you like to camp at... Haven't done it in recent times but even here where I live I used to go down to Westmoreland State park 25 miles away and TENT CAMP in the dead of the winter back on the trails with permission... Ranger would come by and have coffee some morning haha... Same goes for the camp sites up on the Skyline Drive here as well... Other places have their gates locked so that becomes a problem you have to respect... Nothing better for me then to wake in the mornings at a creekside somewhere and get my bon-fire going and sit around the morning fire watching the fish jump in the creek... Virginia has several public camping places you can do this. Otter creek and Sherando lake comes to mind back in my Tent camping days... Most public camping places around here close down at the end of October... The most weather extreme places within a couple hundred of miles for me here in Virginia is up behind Harrisonburg VA along the Virginia/West Virginia wooded state line. This is near a place called FLAGPOLE RIDGE in the GW Natl Park fed by forest service trail roads. I would imagine they got their first snow last night haha... I have had my OFF-ROAD POPUP trailer up there a few times... Big Meadows SKYCAM up on Skyline Drive only shows a cold morning here in the photo haha... No snow... https://www.nps.gov/webcams-shen/bvc2.jpg?20169231020 height=400 Roy Ken
RoyB 10/23/16 08:16am Truck Campers
RE: What Iam doing wrong??

Maybe this pictorial will help. The selector valve under the antifreeze bottle shown here either selects the pink antifreeze or the fresh water tank to feed the water pump as shown... http://www.gagscamperway.com/seasonal/Winterizing/watersystem.gif height=500 This is how my off-road POPUP is setup. I have a short hose laying on the floor that I simply just stick down inside the pink anti-freeze if I want to suck this into all of the water lines. Since my locations are usually not weather extreme I normally use the blow-out method using my small tankless 12VDC compressor to the city water port using an air adapter. This allows me to revert back using my water system anytime I need to and not have waste the cost of using the pink anti-freeze... I can blow out my lines and add a small amount of pink stuff the P-TRAPS for the over night freeze and then just add fresh water to the tank the next day to go back to using my water system. No pink antifreeze purging of the fresh water lines required doing it this way... Roy Ken
RoyB 10/23/16 07:54am Travel Trailers
RE: shore power 110 or 220

All 50 amp feeds are two legs of 110 volts. All campers are 110 volts. No such thing as a 240 volt camper. I think you will find some of the very high-end $$$ RV Traveler Motorhomes that have built-in Washer and Dryer combos will be equipped with 240VAC circuits to operate the dryer just like in the house. This is special wired to tap into the 240VAC HOT1 and HOT2 wire sources to do this. almost all of the other 50AMP SERVICE RV UNITS used for RV Travelers and RV Camping only will have two legs of 50AMP 120VAC service being used from the 50AMP RV Service connection. Roy Ken
RoyB 10/23/16 07:41am Beginning RVing
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