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RE: Laptop set-up like Desktop?

The DELL XPS LAPTOPs can use one of these DELL D3100 DOCKING STATIONs that will plug into the DELL LAPTOP USB 3.0 connection. This will run multiple HD Monitors and other devices. I'm sure other LAPTOPs can do this as well... I have been using the DELL M90 WORKSTATION laptops doing this for years using a standard DELL DOCKING station that connects to the laptop from a large bottom connector. You just snap the laptop into the large connection and it locks in place. I really have not had a DESKTOP computer for years now. It is so neat to always carry everything with you when you move around. My DELL M90 is a XP-PRO operating system which is out-dated now and I have been sort of in a hold now saving up my monies to get a WIN 8 DELL Workstation laptop. I can also use the XPS docking station that would plug into the USB 3.0 port and do almost the same thing alot cheaper... I am looking on the DELL OFF-LEASE COMPUTERS sites where you can get a real good deal on a certified high end DELL workstation laptop. Roy Ken
RoyB 02/25/15 04:03pm Technology Corner
RE: A "preferred" cigarette lighter cellular charger???

Mex - I have two of these in my TRUCK setup. One up front and one in the back of the center console. Oh just remembered there is a third on inside the truck center console. Think they all came from WALMART or LOWES... Having the DUAl PORTs at each location is great... http://i184.photobucket.com/albums/x104/sidewinderdotcomdotau/USB/usb-mk2_zps3936993b.jpg height=200 I also added a couple of these BLUE SEA permanent mount type sockets in my off-road trailer. https://dh778tpvmt77t.cloudfront.net/images/products/1016.jpg height=200 I have alot of USB CHARGER connections these days between the Ham Radio, Cellphones, and computers etc... I would think the permanent mount type like from BLUE SEA would be the most quality unit. Plugging an adapter into a 12VDC socket is only as good as the connection it makes. Some of those 12V cig lighter sockets are not very high quality connections... If I am going to install a cig lighter connection and plug in my off-road trailer for something I would purchase a matched set from BLUE SEA for best results. This is especially good for max DC AMPs you are requiring to use. Bad connections always results in heat as you are very aware of... http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/7183xeXA%2B7L._SX522_.jpg height=300 Roy Ken
RoyB 02/25/15 10:20am Technology Corner
RE: new PC for rig

I was setup pretty good using my OLDER DEL M90 LAPTOP WORKSTATION with a DELL DOCKING station setup. I was running dual 24-inch monitors, ext keyboard and special equipment supporting my HAM RADIO and MARS RADIO comms. I am also very interested in AUTOCAD DRAWINGS and such in the electronic design world. We are also doing aot of photos. I was never able to upgrade my older WINDOWS XP-plus operating system to WIN 7 or WIN 8 so have sort of gone on hold now saving up to purchase a WIN 8 DELL Workstation series LAPTOP using the DELL DOCKING STATION concept. Having the LAPTOP was the best solution for us as we can just grab the LAPTOP from the house and plug-it into the RV setup and continue on. We lived out of mulitple portable USB HARD DRIVES however for storage of things... The big downside for us was getting high speed internet connections when we needed it. Our solution was the VERIZON MIFI units but it does not support anything like you are asking for... I notice HUGHES SATELLITE is now advertising high speed MOBILE internet using satellite. My past experience doing this in my working years was not good. Maybe HUGHES is on to something now - HUGESNET good luck... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/25/15 09:43am Technology Corner
RE: Axle Ratio and tow rating

We selected the middle ratio for us... The 4:10 give you most towing weights and least fuel mileage The 3:73 gives the best of both worlds for towing weights and fuel mileage The 3:55 gives least towing weights and best fuel mileage. Those were the options I have on my 2010 FORD TRUCK. I notice the lowest 3:55 is not offered on the newer trucks now. Roy Ken
RoyB 02/24/15 02:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Parasitic loads - GM trucks & SUV's

Once the start batteries get discharged the first time they just are not the same anymore for holding a charge especially in cold weather. I am fighting the same thing on my 2010 truck with it's original battery. If I don't drive it much the battery will turn on the interior lights ok and move the seat forward when you put in the ignition key but not enough juice to turn it over. I do a five minute trickle charge and it fire right up and hold the charge all day long running my errands. I am going to add one of those Solar 5-watt charger that sits on the dash. This is always in the sun all day long so should keep my battery up pretty good when sitting... I will just plug this into one of always HOT cig lighter sockets http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/61ys5-6xXSL._SX425_.jpg height=300 I notice AMAZON has one for $49 - just be sure they have the reverse diode feature to keep from running down your battery hen not in the high sun... Replacing my battery with the OEM ford version is a couple hundred dollar it appears... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/24/15 11:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: Oh crap!

It would probably be easier to clean up if you was in Australia. They always claim the poop pyramid forms the other direction DOWN UNDER... hehe When I first started reading this I thought it as going to be a going down the highway situation leaving a trail haha...
RoyB 02/24/15 09:12am Travel Trailers
RE: Bringing a generator with to a FHU campground?

My 2KW Generator lives in the tail gate corner of my locked and covered truck bed. It goes where I go. There has been many times I got to use my generator to jump start dead batteries and help someone. I guess this brings up a question I have about what a camp ground would do if they lost 120VAC power for long periods of time. I have never been at campground that lost power for long length of time yet. Most everywhere we go here on the East side of the US all seem to have generator run time restrictions in place. I have not found any public place that allowed the generator to run after 8PM at night. I am assuming the campground would allow anyone to use their generator if they lost commercial power??? Maybe they just don't enforce the NO generator rules... Of course with our robust OFF-ROAD setup it wouldn't bother us at all. Now way would I miss NCIS on the HDTV hehe... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/24/15 08:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Wire Size to Connect 2 12V Batteries?

My thinking is 4AWG cable being so much available and does not coat all that much I use this gauge for all my two up to four battery wiring projects. All of my wiring uses the appropriate sized ring terminals. I always use equal lengths when wiring is used together for like connections. I buy 25-foot spools of Marine Grade ANCOR cable purchased from EBAY STOREs for around $50 and cut my own DC cables. I also use a 8-ton hand crimper and adhesive heat shrink ends when using the ANCOR BRAND Ring Terminals. All of my 12VDC connection use the battery component stubs just about everywhere. I also use BLUE SEA HD Switches, Terminals, Fuse Blocks, etc for all my 12VDC projects. This allows me to make changes when needed and not have to do the wiring all over again... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/24/15 08:14am Tech Issues
RE: bat wing upgrade?

Actually there is no such as a HD ANTENNA. The DIGITAL TV just uses higher frequencies which is why you need to add the UHF DIPOLES add-on to the BATWING antenna... All of the HD signal decoding requirements is done at the HD TV receiver side of things - not the antenna. Roy Ken
RoyB 02/23/15 07:46pm Technology Corner
RE: Freightliner & Truck Camper

Bunch of more photos on this site... I bet you could rig something up to work... The only drawback is the overall height - what is that 13'6" ??? http://www.powersrv.com/Portals/6/PropertyAgent/554/Images/292404.jpg height=400 SPORTCHASSIS FREIGHTLINER Roy Ken
RoyB 02/23/15 06:42pm Truck Campers
RE: Using a 3000w inverter and generator

What we do is run all the 120VAC items we want to run from the inverter which is connected to a calculated battery bank and all of the 12VDC items connected directly to the batteries. Where we camp has generator run time restrictions in place so we run off the batteries and hopefully don't drop our charge state below 50% before 8AM the next morning when we can run our generator. The only reason for the generator is to re-charge the battery bank in as quick of a time frame as possible. The only reason for the solar panels is help re-charge the batteries so we don't have to run the generator as much. This is what we would have to do here on the East side of the USA when camping off the power grid where the campgrounds usually have generator run time restrictions. The 3000W INVERTER will require a very large battery bank if you are planning on loading it down full load. This would be pulling 250 AMPS DC current plus losses from your battery bank if fully loaded down. That is alot of juice to pull... Your solar panels would have to produce a very large amount of DC current to run directly off the panels. The only good use for using the solar panels is to help charge the batteries during the HIGH SUN time of the day. A typical 120W SOLAR panel will only produce around 5 AMPS DC current when in high sun. High sun is usually only 5-6 hours a day... Need to do some good planning on what you want to do with your setup and beef up things accordingly... Just my thoughts... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/23/15 01:05pm Truck Campers
RE: Natl Parks & Sr Pass

We also get 50% off for the campground fee inside the NATL PARK. We camp alot at LOFT MTN on SKYLINE DRIVE close by here... It has a $15 entrance fee to get on SKYLINE DRIVE and $15 a night fee for the camp site. We usually stay five nights so it only cost $37.50 for the week. when we leave the SKYLINE DRIVE to go get groceries or whatever we just show our pass when we come back... Roy and Carolyn
RoyB 02/23/15 09:39am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions

One of these days we will start seeing where OUTLANDISH RANTS are ending up in slander lawsuits... Doesn't everyone know what is entered here on these forums is immediately posted on the INTERNET where it lives on forever...
RoyB 02/23/15 08:56am Travel Trailers
RE: Solar Options

Anderson Power POLE Disconnect connectors are popular in the Amateur Radio world... Solar PANEL Quick disconnects would be nice as well - Could use panels on the roof or setup on the ground... I saw one setup where the solar panels was the widow shades... They were on hinges where you could move up and down and keep in the sun path. Have also read about the flexible panels that you can stick almost anywhere... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/23/15 08:45am Tech Issues
RE: Officially Shopping For a Used PUP!

We have been pulling our 2008 STARCRAFT OFF-ROAD 14RT POPUP since late 2008 all over the mtns around Virginia and south the Gulf Coast and as far West as Okla/Texas. http://i738.photobucket.com/albums/xx22/roybraddy/WestmorelandOCT07004.jpg height=400 This is a 4000lb setup and with my F150 4WD SUPERCAB Truck I do not need the weight distribution hitch setup. Does just fine behind my 2004 and now my newer 2010 F150 truck. With minimal wind resistance with the low height towing I get excellent gas mileage/ All of our roads seem to go through Gatlinburg TN and that is my first gas stop leaving out of Virginia and heading down I81. I love the RT version STARCRAFT trailers with the high wheels and front deck to use for more supplies. Between the truck bed, back seat of extended cab, and the 5x8 deck on the trailer we can carry some serious supplies... http://i.imgur.com/aOuiAeO.jpg height=300 The 14RT floorplan suits us just fie with all the modern conveniences we need... http://www.rvrentalssanantonio.com/14RT%20Floorplan.gif height=200 This is my current floorplan layout to support my Two Way Radios and other OFF-ROAD items... http://i.imgur.com/B0JtldQ.png height=250 Coming from the TENT CAMPING world back in the 60's and 70's when we lived in the Tempe Arizona areas going to the POPUP in 2008 was a natural for us. Have enjoyed every aspect of our OFF-ROAD POPUP setup. Did look a couple of times for something bigger with solid walls but never made the change in the end... We are planning to add solar panels and maybe enclose the front deck somewhat to carry supplies more out of the weather. I am also very interested in the independent wheel suspension like is offered in the Australia off-road trailers... http://assets.cougar.nineentertainment.com.au/imagegen/p/800/600/assets/traderspecs/2012/09/20/misc/28848_sign.jpg height=300 http://image.rvmagonline.com/f/features/1207rv-boondock-king-kimberly-karavan-trailer/41687703/1206rv-16%2Bthe-boondock-king-the-kimberly-karavan%2Bkimberly-karavan-suspension.jpg height=300 http://i.imgur.com/HmgahF3.jpg height=300 http://i.imgur.com/4DsdpWC.jpg height=300 Photos from GOOGLE IMAGES Our camping off the power grid is to run all the things we want to run from INVERTER and 12VDC items directly from the battery and have my battery bank system setup to make it through the one day/night run and not discharge the batteries below 12.0VDC by 8Am the next morning. Then we will run the 2KW Generator to power up the trailer which will re-charge the batteries back up to their 90% charge state in a quick three hour time frame. Then we are good to go for the next one day/night run off the batteries. I can do a good 12-14 of these 50% to 90% battery charge cycles before starting to lose battery performance. have to charge back up to 100% state of charge which takes a good 12 hours or so of generator run time to accomplish... This is what we do at any rate... You may find us at ELKMONT camp site F8 during the fall season... Roy and Carolyn...
RoyB 02/23/15 07:06am Folding Trailers
RE: RV Park in Flagstaff AZ area

One thing we found out real quick was to steer clear of downtown FLAGSTAFF close to the RAILROAD TRACKS. The East-West RAILROAD is very active with trains going every 5-10 minutes it seems all night long...
RoyB 02/22/15 06:37pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Can U run top ac going down the road ??

I'm still thinking about that very long extension cord. I bet coiling it back up when you get to the camp ground is going to be a pretty good task.
RoyB 02/22/15 05:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Spammers!

Too bad it can't be only way in is to have a well known sponsor that is already a member... Hard to think up a real fool proof way to be a legit RV'er or Camper... Maybe we need a secret handshake hehe... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/22/15 01:38pm Forum Technical Support
RE: East Coast Ferry Use

Was looking on GOOGLE SEARCH about OBX and Ferry ops. Here is FAQ put-out by NC FERRY SYSTEMS Operations... NC FERRY OPERATIONS FAQ http://images.travbuddy.com/5892_11661289375646_bigthumb.jpg height=400 Says they can handle any RV that is roadworthy Roy Ken
RoyB 02/22/15 12:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Traveling With the Propane On

IN my small footprint trailer I do not have propane on until we setup for camping. My small fridge has a 12VDC setup so we usually fire it up on 12VDC a couple of hours before arriving. We too use the 5-day ice chest big time when camping. I keep the bottom full of ice all the time and have a snap lid plastic box sitting on top of the melting ice for meats and things we don't want to get water logged. Roy Ken
RoyB 02/22/15 10:36am General RVing Issues
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