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RE: Supplemental Braking

Brian - was just looking at the Blue Ox BRK2012 Patriot Brake setup yesterday on AMAZON after reading a post on here... Those things sure don't come cheap... $1000 for the Main unit, $400 for a base plate setup, and $60 for wiring kit haha... That almost the price of a good older used JEEP... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/14/16 09:43am Dinghy Towing
RE: posting a reply.

I alway use a different RV NET portal when this happens... I am currently using the WOODALLs Forum with no problems... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/14/16 08:25am Forum Technical Support
RE: Remote Home Monitoring

I question how Home monitoring and RV Monitoring works when no one is around locally for the authorities to contact. When I monitor the local Police Scanner frequencies here when the business areas alarms go off there is always a KEY HOLDER involved. I suspect local authorities will respond when requested but when no one is around to talk to they will just do an outside security type check and then leave... The same goes with the RV lots... Then there you are going down the road somewhere 1000 miles away watching the alarms go off on your cell phone screen??? Who responds and Who lets the local authority folks have access to the property... To me it has to a more involved Plan than just having alarms... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/13/16 09:01am Technology Corner
RE: Too good to be true--$13,850 for new Starcraft 24RLS

Was looking at the different photos on GOOGLE showing the 24RLS Starcraft trailers. I see one shown only has a single axle while most of the others all showed two axles... Maybe that is the reason for the lower cost. http://www.bobhurleyrv.com/console/watermark.php?src=35094&width=650&height=370 height=400 Roy Ken
RoyB 02/13/16 06:19am Travel Trailers
RE: Quick electrical question : transfer switch vs charger

If you want to charge your two batteries in a quick three hour time frame using smart mode charging then you will need something to produce smart mode 14.4VDC- 13.6VDC-13.2VDC voltage levels with a capacity of at least 17-20AMPS DC CURRENT for each battery in the battery bank. The 45AMP smart mode converter/charger would be great for a two battery setup. I would not let them talk you into a WFCO converter/charger unit as they are known to have smart mode charging problems. Go with the Progressive or IOTA models. I am setup for four GP24 Interstate batteries here and I use the PD9260C smart mode 60AMP converter/charger. It takes just a little longer to charge up four batteries. I can do three batteries in the three hour charge time just fine here. It takes around four hours to get from 50% charge state to 90% charge state using four 12VDC batteries in parallel with my off-road trailer powered up by my 2KW Generator. I have enough room on my OFF-ROAD POPUP roof for three 120WATT Solor Panels. This would be great for me to use the generator first to get past the initial high DC CURRENT demand (about one hour) and then let the solar panels finish my 90% charge state before the high sun goes away around 4PM each day... My big problem is being able to run the generator anytime I wanted due to most camp grounds I go to here on the East side of the US all seem to have generator run time restrictions in place. Solar Panels would great to use at these places... I get to use my larger battery bank here parked at the house as well during local power outages. Always great to have power to use from emergency sources... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/13/16 05:29am Tech Issues
RE: Where did traditional oven go?

My bigger trailer has the combo oven/microwave... Have only used the microwave haha.. Came with a thick book on how the oven works. Never opened the book yet after eight years or so... Since most of our camping is OFF-ROAD POPUP trailer from the battery bank those fancy things are not that much important to have for us. We use our outside propane grille and big electric skillet for most every thing we cook up.. Microwave for the quick junkie food... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/13/16 05:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Vehicle Keys - Key Fobs - Locked Out

I carry an emergency truck key in my billfold pocket. In the truck I also carry my RV spare key chains.. My truck driver side door also has a manual push button key entry... I use this alot gaining entrance to the truck getting things... Its also great for locking all doors as well with just two buttons being pressed. I wish it would lock/unlock my tailgate key lock - probably does but I don't know how that works... I think my FOB won't lock the truck door if the key is still in the ignition. If I start my truck up on cold mornings to warm up I have to lock my side door with spare key that I carry in my billfold... I got a chuckle from the listing about the spare key being behind the license plate screw. We hear some license plate theft reports on the local police scanner here. I guess if the thieves get the key when they steal the tags they probably will just go ahead and put the tags back on and drive away with the whole thing haha... That would be my luck at any rate... On my OFF-ROAD JEEP back in the day I always had a hidden box location for a spare key... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/13/16 04:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: Boondocking and Water

We camp alot OFF-ROAD in the NATL FOREST areas around here. Just about all of them have a primitive rest room with fresh water source at or near the entrance. When we start running low on water in our fresh water tank I will go back up the trail and bring back 10 gallons or at a time to re-fill the fresh water tank... Being fresh ground bean coffee lovers we always carry enough bottled water of our favorite taste brand of water just for making coffee... This ensures we get the same favorite taste making fresh ground bean coffee... We use this water for cooking as well... The fresh water tank is mostly just for washing dishes and taking stand up showers etc in our OFF-ROAD POPUP trailer... http://i.imgur.com/35voHeR.jpg height=400 Roy Ken
RoyB 02/12/16 02:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: Is there a way to make MS outlook 2016 look like 2010...?

I changed over to WIN 10 and did not pick up the new MS OFFICE stuff. I am still using my 2009 MS OFFICE including the OUTLOOK program. Works just fine running on WIN10... I have really only used MS WORD and MS OUTLOOK out of the 2009 MS OFFICE package. Don't see any reason why the other MS OFFICE programs in the 2009 OFFICE SUITE would not work... Subscribing (Renting) to those new MS programs every year just didn't set well with me... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/12/16 02:22pm Technology Corner
RE: Frozen pipes inWinnebago 36Y

We do the lightbulb thing around here too... I found these THERMO CUBEs from AMAZON that really work great. These have different models for different turn-on temperatures. http://www.avianaquamiser.com/20110302thermocube.jpg height=200 http://www.ruralking.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/t/h/thermocube.jpg height=200 My OFF-ROAD POPUP trailer sits outside here at the house so I use the 35 DEGREE models which turns on at 35 degrees and then turns off when the temp gets up to 45 degrees... Also for my OFF-ROAD POPUP setup I run into alot of quick setups in the winter in very low temps alot. I found that things inside my popup would freeze up pretty easy behind the cabinet areas. My trailer does not have remote heat strips anywhere... What I did to solve this problem was to install these small 3-inch round vents (LOWES) inside all of the interconnecting cabinets that literally wraps around the inside of my POPUP trailer from the front tent bed area all the way around to the entrance door on the front side. The small round vents are just glued in place. These small vents allows air flow all the way around the closed cabinet areas. Next to the door area I mounted a thermostat controlled DC axial fan panel that will pull air all the way through the closed cabinets. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41keLh-Ly6L._SL500_AA300_.jpg height=200 This worked out great for these cold nights getting warm air inside all of the cabinet/storage areas... ADDED NOTE: I got this idea from Don a few years back... PIANOTUNA http://www.rvrentalssanantonio.com/14RT%20Floorplan.gif height=250 Roy Ken
RoyB 02/12/16 08:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why to Organ Pipe Cactus

NPS brings out the dangers of Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument in the heart of the Sonoran Desert. Please be aware of the dangers and your surroundings... Being so close to the Border brings on all of the illegal crossings and associated problems... Organ Pipe Cactus Natl Monument Have never camped there but have visited the area a few times back in my early Arizona days. It is gorgeous country down there... Also on the HOT side haha.. You are kinda on your own when you get away from the Monument Camp area... Be prepared survival wise... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/12/16 05:46am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Kitchen Layout

JAYCO has a great home page where they show the floorplans and the specs only for their models. Good to compare layouts side by side... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/12/16 05:31am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 4 Wire Flat Extension or 4/7 pin?

Be sure to check with ETRAILER.COM.... They have alot of adapter setups for 4-way and 7-way hookups... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/11/16 12:38pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Cost to install generator?

Where do they install a built-in generator on a fifth wheel... Seems like to me it has to be in a special location that is sealed from the living areas and have access to the ground from the bottom etc... This is in additional to providing external exhaust and electrical wiring and controls... You are already short on storage space as it is... I suspect the Motorhomes are designed already to have an on-board generator and the trailer type units will have to give-up some precious room to install one. Then after you get one installed you will have to follow all the rules when you can run your generator at public places... Sure sounds like a WIN-WIN senerial to me haha... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/11/16 07:13am General RVing Issues
RE: What generator size works best?

My generator needs is only 2KW and I could probably get away with just a 1KW Generator to run my trailer features when off the power grid. When I was first confronted with camping off the power grid I too wanted to go the Generator way to power up the whole trailer. This was not an option here on the East side of the US where most public campgrounds all have generator run time restrictions in place. Hardly any public places allowed the use of the generator after 8PM as well. Only the few dispersed camping locations which are very rare here on the East side of the US allowed the use of the Generator whenever you wanted to use it. With this in mind I ended up beefing up the trailer to run efficiently from the Battery banks with the thought in mind to accommodate my largest 12VDC power needs between the hours of 6PM and 11PM and then re-charge the batteries the next morning at 8AM when allowed running my 2KW generator to power up my smart mode converter/charger setup. Following the rules of never depleting the designed battery bank below the 50% charge state this method gives me a 90% charged battery bank each day to run my 12VDC needs for the next day/night run off the batteries. My batteries will produce a good 99% of their rated power performance with a 90% charge state. With this method I can do the 50% to 90% charge routine at least 12-14 days days before doing any damage to the battery banks... Since this allows me to re-charge the batteries in a quick three hour generator run time period I can fall into the generator run time restriction times without too much difficulty just about everywhere we camp here on the East side of the US. I have been doing this routine here on the East side of the US since 2009 and still running three of my original four batteries purchased in 2008. I lost one battery right due to using a non smart mode converter/charger unit and boiled out the battery fluids which killed one one my four batteries in late 2008. It is all routine now and we get to do just about everything we normally would do at a Shore Power location except of course with no air conditioning or with the using of the high wattage microwave unit. Also camping in cold part of the season sometimes gets a bit exciting when wanting to use the propane furnace all night long running the high wattage 12VDC furnace blower. I am doing all of this with just a 255AH capacity Battery Bank and of course can do more by adding a larger capacity battery bank.. My camping off the power grid experiences here on the East side of the US... http://i.imgur.com/35voHeR.jpg height=400 Roy Ken
RoyB 02/11/16 04:12am Tech Issues
RE: WIN 10 - IRS Free File Fillable Forms

X2 on Turbo Tax... Been doing that for years here... RoyKen
RoyB 02/10/16 05:44pm Technology Corner
RE: Amateur Radio License

Been into Ham Radio since the Mid 50s... Have used portable operation in tents from the mids 60s and now have a pretty good setup in my off-road POPUP trailer. Have 2M/440 units and IC-706MKII remoted to a central location where I can sit and get to the remote control heads and speakers etc... My 2m/440 antenna are located on the rear roof area mounted to the side of the roof. I have a fold up small tripod arrangement that supports a pole up about 30-foot where I use a 75M to 10M OFF-CENTER Antenna. My favorite bands are 75M and 40M... I also have a setup for a TARHEEL "LIL TARHEEL II" screwdriver antenna. Works out great from the POPUP trailer too but the long wire is the best to use for 75M/40M operations with its center up around 25-30 feet and ends run out to a tree connection on either side of it... Love to setup somewhere back off the road somewhere on a creek bed and enjoy working the ham bands before we turn-in for the night. I have a similar setup in my truck and I move the IC-706 main radio between the truck and POPUP trailer. I horsetraded for a second IC-706 remote head unit so all I need to do is just move the main radio unit. I can also just run a long control cable from popup trailer to the truck mounted IC706 main unit and just use that from the truck. This is somewhat dangerous sometimes however as I have run my truck start battery down a couple of times haha... I am working on a second 200AH PLUS battery setup in the truck bed to help solve this problem. This is my POPUP TRAILER layout showing where things are installed... http://www.rvrentalssanantonio.com/14RT%20Floorplan.gif height=175 http://i.imgur.com/B0JtldQ.png height=200 Roy Ken K9PHT
RoyB 02/10/16 04:45pm Technology Corner
RE: Does trailer connector need to be in pick up box

etrailer.com has 7-way extension kits you can install in the bed of the truck and plug the extension cord into the 7-way connector on the back of the truck. http://www.etrailer.com/Merchant2/graphics/00000001/pics/2/0/20027_1000.jpg height=200 GOOGLE IMAGE Roy Ken
RoyB 02/10/16 10:12am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cold Weather Camping Tips

We love to do OFF-ROAD camping in the winter season. Most campgrounds are closed anyway but some will allow you to camp at them without facilities or shore power. I like to put up camo barriers around my camp site. Cuts down on the wind somewhat and makes for a more private setup... Also having a couple of heater type plan Bs is great... We usually have a good bon-fire going daytime and late evenings. All we need is water and fire haha... Sometimes some extra gasoline for the 2KW generator helps too but it usually only gets run around three hours during the mornings around breakfast to charge our battery bank and make coffee for the day etc... Our battery bank supports the use of lap size 12VDC heater blankets. They help alot sitting around the trailer watching HDTV on cold evenings after the sun goes down... Running the propane furnace is the last resort thing we do... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/10/16 09:25am RV Lifestyle
RE: Solar Quick Connect

I have used the SB50's here for some extension cord type applications for high current cable pairs... The problem I seem to keep having in a good way to keep them from pulling apart. I usually end up using tie wraps around both ends and then pull them together real tight. Of course doing this I have to snip the tie wraps when I want to disconnect the two connection pieces... I really haven't looked on the POWERWERX site to see what they have to keep the connections together - Just reporting in my case they are pretty easy to accidentally pull apart. They work great making cool to touch high current connections. Don't know if others have this problem or not... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/10/16 08:49am Tech Issues
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