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RE: Fixed or portable solar?

I am wanting to put around 400Watts of panels on my OFF-ROAD POPUP trailer. I have the space on the front part on both sides of the fantastic fan and then a larger panel on the rear mounted across the roof behind the centered air conditioner. I need to have something to produce around 20AMPS of DC Power to charge my batteries during high sun... After adding up the weight I don't think my POPUP motor will lift my roof up with all of the panels added haha... Going to add too much weight. I really should get rid of the Air Conditioner that I very seldom use... Most of my camping is OFF-ROAD off my batteries. I was thinking I could mount the larger panel across the rear after I lifted the roof but that might be another problem in itself... So now I am thinking maybe two 100Watt or 120WAtt panels on the roof and then get one of those two 100Watt portable folding panels. I believe I can rig up a quick setup on the roof if I like to use it there or just have long cables for it and use around the ground to follow the high sun... Security of the folding panels is another thing to worry about I guess... Used to do that with my SAT DISH sitting outside all the time. Then I started sitting it on the hard folding panels on my truck bed snapped in place. That also made me put the dish up when I had to leave the camping spot. Guess I could do the same thing with the folding solar panels... My truck will have additional batteries in the bed as well to support my Radio Ops so maybe this would be useful for trickle charging them when I am just using my truck off-road... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/23/17 07:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: PhotoBucket lost all my pics.

Sorry about your loss of pictures... That is a bummer for sure... I bailed out from PB several years back and started using the FREE IMGUR... Its been so long ago I have forgot the reason for leaving... May have been they started charging for things??? My use of the IMGUR photo service now is solely for forums and posting pictures... All of the family photos is stored here on a couple of USB portable hard drives... All my kids use the cloud for these things now but being old school I just haven't got brave enough to trust the cloud privacy... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/23/17 07:13pm Technology Corner
RE: Help with Airflow into bedroom.

I am surprised that your setup does not have vents built into the ceiling... Why? The Keystone Summerland series is considered an entry level product so one can expect to give up some features that may be found in other more expensive models, ducted A/C being one. Thanks for the info Soundguy... That must be the reason... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/23/17 09:08am Travel Trailers
RE: Help with Airflow into bedroom.

I am surprised that your setup does not have vents built into the ceiling... Mine has ceiling vents cut out in the foam between the roof and the ceiling that runs from one end of the trailer to the other. Even my propane furnace uses floor mounted vents through out the trailer. I have run all kinds of cabling through these vents which was pretty easy to do by pulling down the ceiling vents that are installed about every four feet or so and fishing the cable from one vent to the next. On both ends of my setup I have ceiling mounted cabinets so I can use this to gain access to ceiling vents and keep all of my cables hidden from view. I figured all the of trailers did this... My OFF-ROAD POPUP trailer does not have ceiling vents but of course it is only a 12-foot long box so the built-in vents of the roof mounted A/C does just fine... I did look at a few photos on-line of your model and could not find any ceiling vents being shown in the many photos I found of your model. I see a couple of spots where mounting a fan up high built-in the wall. Was looking at some of those at WALMART recent for a different project and the axial fans probably are not all that loud... One would want to get a DC Axial fan for the trailers so they would work off the batteries when not on shore power. Something like this perhaps with a small louver vent on the other other side of the wall would move alot of air and return to the front room going under the door etc... http://en.academic.ru/pictures/enwiki/76/Luefter_y.s.tech_pd1270153b-2f.jpg height=300 Lowes has these small round vents that can push into a hole in the wall and glue in place or use small screws... They also have some of the plastic air lover vents as well... I have some of these in use in OFF-ROAD trailer where I am moving warm air inside the cabinet areas that wrap around the floor area under the cabinet tops... https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0989/5504/products/white_screen_0efd82d1-5e44-448d-84dd-e9eff58f9781_large.jpg?v=1463176467 height=200 Roy Ken
RoyB 02/23/17 05:12am Travel Trailers
RE: How do I replace a rocker arm switch?

I did a search on goggle using your part number and got the same thing DUTCH 12078 got in his link above... For $5.99 I would just replace the rocker switch... If you are drawing too much current then you may need to get a larger rated Rocker switch like SCOTTG says... Roy ken...
RoyB 02/22/17 09:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Need hd tuner for TV

They sell them pretty cheap at WALMART... WALMART also has the Digtal TV box that will convert your excellant HD TV signal back to the old analog TV signal so your older TV will watch it... Thats going backwards however haha... I know when the National Broadcast changed over from Analog to High Def digital TV a few years ago I threw away all of my old heavy TV sets and went to Walmart and got new LCD ones... The government issued a free Digital TV converter box back then. I never got to use mine haha... Its still in a box around here somewhere... No more snowy TV days for me haha... With the new digital TVs they either work very great or don't work at all haha... We use our CRANKUP BATWING antenna all the time and watch high def digital TV over-the-air from the local towns with excellent quality... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/22/17 07:12am Technology Corner
RE: Radio

This is probably not a fix for your problem but this is how I setup my JENSEN radio... My JENSEN radio of course is for a Automobile and uses two HOT connections... Main unit and what would go to the KEY ON position in the automobile... My connections were both wired to the same 12VDC connection on my setup. This means I have to set up everything every time I want to use it... When we are at a location for an extended few days time it would be nice to turn off the radio and have it remember your previous settings... To make my setup more like what is in the automobile I installed a second switch using the ignition wire connection. After I setup the radio using the main ON-OFF button I can now just use the side switch to turn ON-OFF the radio and it will remember my radio setting... If I use the main OFF-OFF button the radio then all goes off including my presets... http://i.imgur.com/tjWzR1M.png height=300 Roy's image Roy Ken
RoyB 02/22/17 06:24am Travel Trailers
RE: Every regret your small TT?

My size camper is perfect for what I want to be doing... My lifestyle is camping not traveling... To me it all depends what you want to do... We are avid tent campers from the 50s and 60s and really only enjoy camping off-road hopefully creekside somewhere. We do occasionally travel to the Myrtle Beach area for family visits and of course all of our road trips always go through the Smoky Mtns around the Gatlinburg area... If we were doing the RV Travel mode all across the country then it would most likely be a different story on what we would want to bring with us for Road trip comfort... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/22/17 06:13am Beginning RVing
RE: WFCO Converter

You will want to get a smart mode converter/charger unit... ALot of folks have problems with the WFCO products ever going into smart mode charging... I would replace your WFCO unit with a Progressive Dynamics or IOTA unit that will always work in smart mode when required... If the charger never goes into smart mode charging it will remain at 13.6VDC and is known to boil out your battery fluids resulting in battery failure unless you do a very regular Battery maintenance inspection routine... Read up on the WFCO products not going into smart mode sequences... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/21/17 05:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Plug RV into an invertor.

I have a 1500WATT PSW Power Inverter on my off-road POPUP trailer... Loaded down it will draw around 130AMPS from my battery bank setup... This will run down a regular 12VDC battery in about 5-10 minutes use time (If that)... You will have to redo your 12V system to handle such a load... You might just want to run a smaller Power Inverter just big enough to handle your Home Entertainment items and some indoor/outdoor lights... I have a second Power Inverter which is a 600WATT PSW Inverter that is my work horse Inverter setup (always on) and I like to run it around half loaded down. I can do this with my 255AH Battery bank using LED lights to run around 20AMPS DC load for other things we want to use between 6PM and 11PM and not let my battery drop below 12.0VDC which is close to the 50% charge state. Then I will run my 2KW generator the next morning for around three hours when allowed to bring my battery bank back up to its 90% charge state so I can do this all over again for the next day/night run off my battery bank... This all takes good planning to work out the pitfalls... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/21/17 05:04pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)

It is a federal offense to shoot down a drone, over your property or otherwise. It's called interference with the operation of an aircraft. I'm guessing that would be true if they were registered and assigned an Aircraft Number that would be visible from the ground... I'm thinking only those drones that are within air space of an air port only fall into this registry category perhaps... Being a small drone being flown over my house with no markings on it might be a different story... I need to read up on these things as they are becoming a popular item... Yes I am aware of Satellite Camera's zooming in on your license plate number from 200 plus miles up... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/21/17 12:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Military MWR Campgrounds

The couple I have been too were great places. I am retired DOD Civil Service and get the same privileges... Being a retired DOD with 42 years combined AF and Civil Service time would probably would have to relinquish my stay to a active military person at those places however... Retired Active Military probably has stay rights over DOD folks as well... I know in my work travel days always associated with us DOD types staying at government bases etc... I got moved out of Sheppard AFB TX base facilities one night around 2AM one night by an active duty Air Force type person. After that happened I would never stay at the Government bases anymore... Kind hard to find a hotel room after 2AM hehe... I slept in my truck that night... I would find the sites you like and use the heck out of them haha... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/21/17 10:05am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions

There is always the thief thing as well. They will just follow the drone to your house haha... The UPS and FEDX guys and gals are real good here where we live to bring the packages up to the porch out of the bad weather... Postal folks do the same thing for packages... I'm not all that sure what the Drone Life expectancy will be around here flying low over the houses. Lots of guns around here haha... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/21/17 09:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: exquisetely Rare Cellular Internet

Mex... Really glad to see you up and kicking again... We were all rooting for you after hearing about the accident... Thanks for the update.... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/21/17 07:50am Tech Issues
RE: Annoying Electrical Issue

I love these kinds of real stories.... Things seem to happen to us at the most critical times as well... This is the way KARMA gets even with us i think... haha... I can just see you running back and forth flipping switches haha... My first thought was being that perhaps the wiring for the other lights was using the wiring you was working with as a source. Glad it worked out ok... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/21/17 04:59am Tech Issues
RE: I-10 Westbound through Phoenix

We have always found I10 very congested during rush hour periods especially going thru the south portion around the Tempe AZ exits and the Airport exits... The other major problem we found with the Phoenix Metroplex was with most of the streets including I10 is they are mostly East/West streets and highways and it is really a challenge to see anything when Sun is setting. This is when the locals all pull into their favorite local pubs for 30-40 minutes and wait out the setting sun haha... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/21/17 04:49am Roads and Routes
RE: Tow Vehicle 7-Way Plug Emulator

Pretty handy.... I already am using one of those 7-way testers that plugs into the truck side and has small led's to show what the truck is doing... Always lets me know if the I am having wiring problems on the truck side or the trailer side... http://www.etrailer.com/Merchant2/graphics/00000001/pics/T/R/TR20117_500.jpg height=300 I have all of my 7-way connections on the trailer side in an electrical box mounted on the inside of the trailer frame and was always going to run a couple of wires from the 12V and Trailer Running lights to a wall switch mounted on the wall near the entrance door to turn on my running lights for emergencies to let Rescue Squad or Police know which trailer I was in at the campground when needed... Your box would be very handy to trace down trailer safety lights problems... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/20/17 10:26am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Brake controller question

My 2010 Ford setup tells me on the Console information panel that the Brake Controller is not connected. I suppose it makes a small DC current measurement to determine this... I also can determine if the brake magnets are activated by using a simple boy scout compass up close to the wheel. It will deflect the compass needle... My fifth wheel setup make a low pitched tone noise if you listen real close to the wheel with the Brake Magnet engaged... A real test would be using a DC Current clamp on meter around the brake magnet wire as each Brake Magnet should draw 3AMPs DC current for each wheel when engaged with the slider switch (Full 12VDC)... That will be 6AMPs for one axle or 12AMPs for dual axles... Everyone you talk with says be sure to check the wiring where it goes into a hole in the axle to go from side of the the trailer to the other. I guess the hole may scrap away the insulation perhaps... Roy Ken
RoyB 02/19/17 03:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Antenna Choices

This is my Ham radio Floor Plan for my OFF-ROAD Starcraft 14 R/T... http://i.imgur.com/B0JtldQ.png height=300 Roy;s Image This give 75M thru 10M (Even with throw up off-center antenna into the trees), IC706 setup... Two 2M/440 Antennas on the roof rear for my various local and repeater operations... I use the Comet SBB7 2M/440 antennas and the Little Tarheel II Screwdriver antenna on both my Truck and OFF-ROAD trailer... I move the antenna between both places... Also move the IC-706 radio head between both places... Been doing this setup since around 2008... Works out great for me but I like all over ham radio guys have to fight the Power Inverter noise when camping off grid... Roy Ken K9PHT King George, VA
RoyB 02/19/17 07:22am Technology Corner
RE: Have you tried this Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker w/LED Light

Pretty neat... Too expensive for this old cowboy however... Only those that have washer/dryer combos can probably afford one of these... I did however just pick up a real neat BLUETHOOTH portable speaker from AMAZON being the DELL AD211 mainly to use for my Broadcastify Police Scanner links outside... This has a range of about 40-feet from the trailer from the source... Great sound and volume for its size... Sits anywhere... DELL PORTABLE SPEAKER Model AD211(520-AAGP) 6x2x2 inches... http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51uk3QnpvrL.jpg height=300 Google Image I use one of these STARLIGHT SL1000 motion detector lights on my off-road trailer That i got several years back... The high Sun UV's however is starting to do a job on the lens however... http://www.rvsupplyparts.com/images/products/detail_7985_RV_Smart_Light_SL_1000_12-Volt_Motion_Light_Black.jpg height=300 Google image Roy Ken
RoyB 02/19/17 06:55am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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