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RE: Electric Breaks and the law

What weight is listed on the Title you have for this trailer. That is what the Law Enforcement is going to go by when the trailer license is run through their system check. What is the model of the trailer. What will happen is Law Enforcement will possibly look over your way when passing you and your trailer and see the trailer breakaway cable not hooked up and it will go down hill from there for you... If all of this is mounted on the trailer tongue I would most definitely have it all hooked up working or not... If your trailer becomes disconnected on public roads and causes alot of damage or worse then your Insurance may NOT go in your favor if everything is not up to legal status. You know how all of that goes haha... Our State also requires a State Inspection Sticker for trailers that weigh a certain weight and have Brakes installed. If we have an expired Safety Inspection Sticker we can usually be allowed to pull the trailer to a Inspection Station if we call ahead and let the garage know we are in-route. Even my small utility trailer I have here has a valid State License tag on it... Its title says EW is 700lbs and GW is 2990lbs. All it requires is working safety lights http://www.hoopertrailer.com/meshbottomLandscape.jpg height=200 Roy Ken
RoyB 05/02/16 02:00pm Beginning RVing
RE: Driver's License Q

Your tags and Drivers licenses should be from same state. Otherwise Law Enforcement gets really bent out of shape... That is the way it used to be at any rate... Only the Active duty Military folks oculd get a break back in the day... Roy Ken
RoyB 05/02/16 10:44am Beginning RVing
RE: 12 volt electrical cord for tail lights

Thats what I would do - Pick up a 7-way Plug with short cord from ETRAILER that will fit your 7-way truck bed connector. You can order this from ETRAILER and probably also from AMAZON using etrailers part number. Will look like this... http://www.etrailer.com/Merchant2/graphics/00000001/pics/H/2/H20046_1000.jpg height=300 Etrailer sells these pigtails in two different length sizes. Be carful when you call your your truck bed connector a 7-PIN COnnector. It is most likly a 7-SPADE connector. I just call them 7-way or 4-way haha... Trailer connectors comes in PINs and SPADEs You can get the read out for the color wires from Etrailer to only tap the rear lights of the Truck camper and the +12VDC Power and Ground... You may also run into the problem where the slide in camper doesn't leave much room on the side to plug into the truck bed connector. Be sure to check that out before just ordering the short length version. Roy Ken
RoyB 05/02/16 10:04am Truck Campers
RE: Things I don't understand

I pee on a tree in the woods even here at the house haha... Kinda how I greet the morning with my cup of fresh ground coffee beans and say hello to all the Woods morning sounds we have here around us... I imagine the resident Squirrles and Birds all say "**** - here he comes again..." Wouldn't have it any other way haha... It was very foggy in the woods this morning at sunrise... Roy Ken
RoyB 05/02/16 07:25am Travel Trailers
RE: Things I don't understand

I pee on a tree in the woods even here at the house haha... Kinda how I greet the morning with my cup of fresh ground coffee beans and say hello to all the Woods morning sounds we have here around us... I imagine the resident Squirrles and Birds all say "**** - here he comes again...." Wouldn't have it any other way haha... It was very foggy in the woods this morning at sunrise... Roy Ken
RoyB 05/02/16 07:03am Travel Trailers
RE: Question on Multiple 12V Battery Connections

I too use the BLUE SEA Terminal blocks (AMAZON) which accepts the same ring terminals used in most RV Battery setups... These also come with a plastic cover that might be needed for your POSTIVE Battery connections in tight places... These are used alot around multiple RV battery installs... http://www.carolinaboatoutfitters.com/catalog/images/661-2104 height=200 Using Terminal blocks for multiple connections to different 12VDc loads is a neat way to accomplish routing problems and cleaning up masses of 12VDc cables. I am one that does not like to see more than two ring terminals per connection especially when higher DC currents are involved... I would be careful however not to introduce different charging length paths from your charging source when feeding multiple batteries. You want each battey in your battery bank to use the same charging path lengths to insure each battery in the bank gets the same charging current when being charged. Otherwise some batteries will charge differently than the others which may result in poor performance and eventually do harm to the battery. This is very important for getting long life out of your battery bank. Just some of my thoughts Roy Ken
RoyB 05/02/16 04:56am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Disabled internet adapter

Interesting to hear your comments that has sort of followed my recent changes here as well... What method used to work here has also changed for some reason. To get my WIN10 Laptop to switch to WIFI mode I have to physically remove my Internet Cable coming from the router. I used to be able to do this with connection changes from the taskbar. I do admit however that I have had a couple of wreid problems with my WIN10 Laptop with one being I lost the use of my COMM PORTS and AUDIO which I had to resort to going back to a previous RESTORE POINT to clear up things. This may have been the reason for some of this. However all is seemingly back to normal here now with my WIN10 Latop and I still have to physcially disconnect the CAT5 cable coming from the router to get my Laptop to go into WIFI mode... Maybe that is the way it is suppose to be. I do know when I remove my Laptop from my desktop area and walk around with it, it switches to WIFI without issue... When others start reporting something similar to my same operating situation I start thinking the latest WIN UPGRADES may have something to do with this... I am glad you are back to normal... Roy Ken
RoyB 05/02/16 04:36am Technology Corner
RE: Lights dimming

I would definitely check the fluid levels in your battery. This is usually what happens when your battery has perhaps boiled out the battery fluids and maybe you now have a bad cell in the battery. A fully charged battery should read 12.6-7VDC at the battery terminals and when you hookup to shore power this same DC Voltage level should jump up to 13.6VDC telling you that your battery is being charged. When on shore power the on-board converter/charger is attempting to charge your bad battery which may be the cause for the diming of the lights etc... If the battery checks good then this could also be the first symptoms of a failing converter/charger unit.... You need to monitor your 12VDC voltages both when just using the batterey and also when you are plugged into shore power... The 12VDC is changing levels on you causing the diming of things... Just my thoughts and guesses... Roy Ken
RoyB 05/01/16 04:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Low Voltage Cutoff

I think the 65 AMP Blue Sea Systems m-LVD Low Voltage Disconnect that Bend is showing would work just fine for me... http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/81Neauvqj3L._SX355_.jpg height=250 The MAX DC current I ever see is around 53AMPS DC Current when my PD9260C is in BOOST charge mode. My basic DC current drain is usually around 20-25AMPS when camping off trail for 5-6 hours in a an evening before going to bed after 11PM or so... This is planned for me as I know my battery bank will perform like I want it to and be at its 50% charge state by 8Am the next morning... I assume this unit has settable 12VDC states. I would want mine to be around 11.9 VDC perhaps... I am also curious if short periods where the battery bank is pulled below these setting would actually trip the system. I would want to have some sort of time delay action as I see my battery bank get pulled down below 11.0VDC on ocassion and then slowly taper back up to the more actually voltage state. Looks like a great tool to have here... Might look into this setup... Roy Ken
RoyB 05/01/16 08:08am Tech Issues
RE: Phoenix to North Carolina in July in C Class

I would look at I10 to 120 in West TX and go around the Dallas area and pick up I30 to Little Rock to 140 to Memphis and on to Nashville... Interstate all the way for the big travel rigs... Then you can get to the NC area on I40 and do your south run and come back using I10 all the way back to Phoenix I guess... The only bad area of I10 may be where it runs close to the border and fuel stations are far apart. You have to keep a watchful eye for Human traffic crossing into the US from Mexico any place you stop along this route... You also have to make sure your cell phone service doesn't jump to Mexico towers for roaming along this route as this might be a pretty good surprise bill from your cellphone service provider. I just turn my cell phones off until I get more distance North from the border areas. There is also the issue with possible Border Patrol random checks along I10 close to the border... Some good reading here I10 Border Patrol Checks I would only do the 140 around Flagstaff in the summer months for the many specific sites to see along the route when I am not rushed for travel time... With my small trailer bad roads is not a problem... If Route 66 was still a valid through road I would take it haha... Roy Ken
RoyB 05/01/16 06:53am Roads and Routes

We gave up on the campground WIFI a long time ago... Just could'nt depend on it at all... Having your own secure WIFI hot spot using the VERIZON MIFI setup is great. Works anywhere your Verizon CELL PHONE service works... My MIFI account is the older 3G but lets me check in with the kids, pay some bills, and do alittle of web surfing. My WIFI MIFI 3G dataplan does not allow any downstreaming. We use the OTA BATWING antenna for the local Broadcast Stations from the local towns to get our HDTV fill. Most often the campgrounds are pretty good with TV cable signals so we will switch between OTA and CABLE alot... Since we are in a POPUP Trailer we like to watch the local area live RADAR and local weather broadcasts to keep tabs on any on-coming storms. Roy Ken
RoyB 05/01/16 06:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Direct TV and on board antenna

I am sorry if I confused anyone... My OTA BATWING antenna requires 12VDC to sent up to the antenna using the same COAX line going up to the roof mounted antenna. I guess it depends where the COAX line is pulled to feed the SAT Receiver... If you use the front "F" type connector on the front of the antenna wall panel then all would be ok... If you pulled the coax that comes down from the roof mounted BATWING antenna and connected that cable to the OTA connection on the SAT Receiver than the roof mounted BATWING will not operate as it will be missing the 12VDC to operate the preamplifier inside the BATWING antenna... My concerns was only to keep the OTA antenna working.... Again sorry to have put information on here that I thought was important for someone to know... Me sorry... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/30/16 10:07pm Technology Corner
Helps to pay attention when posting pictures

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 28856965
RoyB 04/30/16 09:44pm Technology Corner
Helps to pay attention when posting pictures

I was making a post and wanted to add a couple of pictures along with my comments.... Did my usually thing to bring up the IMAGE icon to enter my picture information and nothing happens.. So I click on the IMAGE ICON a couple of times with no results... I was running my RV NET using the Woodalls portal in full screen mode so my first thought was to change portals and send my reply from there... Went to the Trailerlife portal and had the same results as I could not access the IMAGE form to enter picture information. Then I thought well maybe both theses portals are having the same problem so went to the main RV NET portal and typed in the post again up to the point where I wanted to add a picture. Same thing again - cannot get to the IMAGE form... This time I thinking I should reboot my computer maybe so I close the tab where I was at which drops the full screen and there to my surprise is about 10-15 IMAGE FORMs that was hidden by my full screen tab for the RV NET forum.... Geeesch.... I have never had that situation before of the IMAGE FORM not coming to the top of the pile when requested. Must have been that I was using FULL SCREEN mode on the monitor... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/30/16 09:44pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Water for Water Heater

This is simplified pictorial of how the water system works in the RV trailers... http://i1195.photobucket.com/albums/aa395/BC_Nomad/water_system_diagram.jpg height=400 The Hot Water Heater water may be bypassed with the Winterizing Bypass valves - SOmething to check... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/30/16 02:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Wilson Sleek came in today.

Jim - I have never really written down anything on sig strength etc... When we was at GOBER TX which is not a good place for signals even from VERIZON I really had problems with the mifi sitting in the truck which has the small stuby antenna. When we setup the POPUP and moved the MIFI to the longer antenna if worked great.. Of course the Trailer antenna was five feet more up in the air which probably helped too... We use the MIFI in the truck alot for internet connections using the tablets going down the main roads and that does a great job too. Every now and then it drops out but comes right back. Probably very much the same as using the cellphone in this case... That photo is somewhat misleading too. The antenna is probably only 15-inches tall maybe less than that... My stubby antenna is 4-5 inches tall I guess and is maybe only a 3db gain rateing... The longer antenna says it is a 6.12 db gain... Double the height and double the gain always has to work better hehe... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/30/16 11:04am Technology Corner
RE: New converter PD4655 doesn't go into boost mode?

I have almot the same setup here except I am using the PD9260C Converter/charger and I do not have the TM-2030 Battery monitor. I am using a remote BATTERY MONITOR panel which is reading my 12VDC level from my battery bank and also reading the DC Current being demanded from the 12VDC items being used in the trailer. When I am in charge mode this DC AMPS meter also shows how much current is being demanded by the batteries when being charged... My battery bank is three each of the Interstate 12VDC batteries which are probably the same model you have. The Standard issue Interstate Battery from the Trailer dealers. When I am first connected to shore power or running my PD9260C from the generator I immediately see the PD9260C go into BOOST charging mode and will read the 14.4VDC on the remote meter panel. If the batteries are fully charged (12.6-7VDC) then this will drop back to the 13.6VDC level in just a few seconds... If there is no activity in the trailer this will eventually dropback to 13.2VDC but as soon as something kicks- in to draw DC current then this will revert back to the 13.6VDC level Having the remote keypad I can manually force the PD9260C into any of its smart mode charging modes but depending the Battery Bank charge level it will revert back usually to the 13.6VDC level within seconds... In other words I cannot force my PD9260C to stay in the 14.4VDC charge mode if the batteries are already charged up. This depends of the charge status of the battery bank... I am not familiar with the TM Battery Monitor meter but I know it is one of the favorites panels folks have for monitoring their battery. In my case I will monitor my battery bank DC VOLTS and when it starts approaching the 12.0VDC level when camping off the power grid this tells me when I am getting close to the 50% charge state of the batteries.. When I get into this 12.0VDC state which is planned to happen around 8AM each morning I fire up my generator and plug the shore power cable of the trailer into the generator. Then my PD9260C jumps to the 14.4VDC Charge state and stays there for around two hours while charging my batteries. My DC AMP meter starts out showing around 53AMPS DC Current at first and this starts dropping back and after two hours the DC Current has tappered back to around 8AMPS DC current. Then I see the PD9260C drop down to 13.6VDC and my DC Amp current drops back to around 6AMPS DC current. It will stay in this mode after that. I then shut down my 2KW Honda generator after doing this mode for another hour. This being our breakfast time when camping we will make up our COFFEE for the day and stored up in a thermos and Momabear may be using the electric skillet etc... I have duplicated this routine many tmes when camping off the power grid with my setup... My only wish is I would really like to have the low battery bank ALARM your TM meter will do which is settable as I recall whch of course I would set mine to the 12.0VDC level. Your setup should duplicate this routine pretty close I would think... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/30/16 08:18am Tech Issues
RE: Battery terminals question

Different batteries will use different sizes I guess.. This is a spec sheet for the popular Trojan T105 battery T105 Battery Specs RoyKen
RoyB 04/29/16 11:44am Tech Issues
RE: ASUS RT-AC66R Router

TPC - Yup I heard that... Well I have had two high dollar network printers fail on me over the years... Being an old retired guy I thought I would go cheaper perhaps... This is an all-in-one type printer and has scan and everything so it works great for what I need now. ALso small enough to take on off-road trips with me as well when playing emergency comms exercises... Was just reading some other comments and heard someone say I do this with ASUS router too so why not try it haha... I too always thought you would have to have a network printer thing as well... Works for Ed above with same model so should work OK for me you would think haha... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/29/16 11:27am Technology Corner
RE: converter not working can't locate it

I would check this panel out under the fridge... This is usually where the power Distribution Panel is for the trailers. Look for the converter/charger will be in the bottom compartment. With the year of your trailer it will most likely be a WFCO WF8955 model... http://www.haydocyairstream.com/console/watermark_large.php?src=4191 height=500 OOPS DISREGARD.... I just now read you have a different RV unit... 2002 Holiday Rambler Atlantis 24 ft... Sorry bout that... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/29/16 10:59am Class C Motorhomes
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