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RE: I 40 near Memphis tn overnight parking for motorhome

The West side of Memphis I40 is loaded down with Heavy BIG Truck Traffic going in all directions... Got to be on your toes tip towing between all of that... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/25/17 02:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Verizon?

In my working years we were on the road all the time way back off the beaten paths working on COMMS SITES... VERIZON was the only carrier we could use... They are indeed spendy haha... They problem is they know they are spendy... AT&T is catching up somewhat however... I keep getting brochures about their using the DIRECTV network to give us downstreaming of SAT TV CHANNELS. No Dish Needed just use the internet and a big data plan... AT&T is now working here at the house pretty good. It was always real bad before. I always told everybody here with their AT&T cell phones they would have to do the GREEN ACRES thing --- go outside and climb a telephone to make their contacts hehe... One of my kids is now using AT&T and it works here at the house about the same as VERIZON does... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/25/17 02:13pm Technology Corner
RE: Can connect with android phone but not windows computer

I use Good Sam and Trailerlife here using firefox browser. Don't have good luck using the main RV NET portal... I normally monitor the RV NET FORUM, JAYCO FORUM, and the POPUPPORTAL FORUM setup in my tabs here all using the FIREFOX Browser... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/25/17 06:51am Forum Technical Support
RE: Wattages of wall socket

The 15AMP 120VAC receptacle should look like this... http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31bdAetCDFL._SL500_AA300_.jpg height=300 The 20AMP 120VAC Receptacle should look like this http://www.homedepot.com/catalog/productImages/300/52/52a94315-a52e-430a-a8f7-8c4064e585d7_300.jpg height=300 NOTE the difference is one side has a different position connection.. This allows you to plug in a 20AMP polarized male plug. You also can can plug in a 15AMP standard plug... This is for the two different rated receptacles. Your 120VAC Power Distribution Panel has to have the correct size circuit breaker if you want to use the 20AMP Circuit at its full rated power... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/24/17 09:29am Tech Issues
RE: Xm/Sirius satellite radio.

I have the Sirius Radio with NAV/TRAVEL aides and it costs around $24 a month... Paying by the month doesn't seem so bad for us.. Lets see now $24 x 24 months is $576.00. You had the better deal at $409.00 Mine came with my 2010 Ford Truck... Really gets used here when we are on travel with its weather maps and the such... Have all my News and Weather stations on the select buttons... Got my Willie Nelson Roadhouse an NASCAR going as well... Been using it since 2010 now and probably couldn't do without now haha... My kids showed me how to setup the trip thing one time and used our local hospital. They all went home and then I get in the truck and it says "Turn right here" and maybe "Turn Left there" and really gets mad at me and says "TURN AROUND NOW!!!" I didn't learn how to turn it off haha... Finally went to the hospital and made all of the turns etc. Got there in short order. Then as soon as I left the hospital it starts yelling at me again... Hard to teach old dogs new tricks I reckon... Been wanting to get the inside version of it and use it in my trailer with my same account... My 2010 truck also came with the rear step-up tail gate. I probably would never purchase one of those but it sure is a handy thing to have around too haha... Sirius Radio and rear step-up tail gate - What more could you want... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/23/17 09:01am Technology Corner
RE: Question on MSW vs PSW inverter

I wouldn't trust anything electronic or things with fans or transformers with a MSW Power Inverter... The BLUE SMOKE will get you haha... In the older days the PSW Inverter cost alot more than the MSW type Inverters. You can get a good 600WATT PSW AIMS Inverter from Amazon now for $130 I think I saw on their page yesterday... I use the AIMS 600WATT PSW Power Inverter in my off-road POPUP trailer. What I did was run two multi-tap outlet strips extensions cords from the Inverter with one going to the home entertainment area and the other cord going to a table top near our sleeping bed... These extension cords have a ON-OFF switch on them... We can power up all of our small wattage items we use everyday with this setup and not ever worry about them going up in the infamous BLUE SMOKE... http://epicdisplays.exhibit-design-search.com/ds-images/Supplies/large/multi-outlet-strip-web.jpg height=300 Google Image My AIMS Power (PWRI60012S) 600W Pure Sine Power Inverter is mounted as close to the battery main switch and still be inside my trailer... I actually leave it ON all the time when we are using the trailer... My small items usually only pulls around 250-300WATTS from the inverter usually between 6PM and 11PM each evening when camping off-grid... This is about 25AMPS being drawn from the 12V battery bank... https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61LpLDzpq6L._SL1000_.jpg height=400 It is sure neat for us having the PSW Inverter around when we are not on shore power or generator... We make it through the night just fine and by 8AM the next morning my battery bank is around 12.0VDC close to the 50% state of charge. Then I will run the 2KW Generator with the trailer shore power cable connected to it and re-charge my battery bank back up to its 90% charge state in around three hours og generator run time. We good to go agin the next day/night run off the batteries... Been doing this routine since 2009 Works out good for us... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/23/17 08:42am Truck Campers
RE: Bypass INverter?

It appears that is just a 400WATT Power Inverter... Didn't read the specs on it but you would want it to be a PURE SINE WAVE MODEL so that no matter what gets plugged into it won't go up in the infamous BLUE SMOKE thing... Electronics and MSW type Inverters don't do well being used together. Should be pretty simple Install with two heavy wires going to the 12VDC Battery and a 120VAC outlet on it with GFCI breaker on it... https://www.picclickimg.com/00/s/MTIwMFgxNjAw/z/cpoAAOSwcUBYGz7~/$/Demensions-DUI-12-400-126VDC-to-400W-120VAC-Inverter-Used-_1.jpg height=400 Google Image Just trace back on the two Battery cables and remove them from where ever they tie into your battery setup... Then just simply unplug the 120VAC cable... Have no idea how this would be installed in your setup on the 120VAC side. If your 120VAC Plug Male connector is hot (Reads 120VAC with a multimeter) after you unplug it from the Power Inverter and have shore power ON then you will have a safety violation and you must remove the wiring connections. It would be very unsafe to have a hot male connector laying around still energized with 120VAC power. i.e. someone may have hooked up a 'widow maker' double male plug short cable to back feed your 120VAC receptacles when shore power or generator is not being used. A very bad and unsafe idea... Two guesses who the 'widow maker' will be... A proper install would include a change-over 120VAC contactor when shore power or generator is not being used. Easy to test out just use a multimeter to make sure 12VDC is feeding the unit and when turned on with nothing plugged into it you should read 120VAC at its receptacle... A 400 WATT 120VAC power Inverter would draw around 32 DC AMPS from your 12VDC battery connections when fully loaded down... Most probably cause for failure is a dead 12VDC battery or bad 12VDC cables feeding it... This can be replaced with a much smaller unit in size like maybe the 600WATT PURE SINE WAVE AIMS Power Inverter model PWRI60012S available from AMAZON for less than $150 https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61LpLDzpq6L._SL1000_.jpg height=300 google image I use the 600WATT AIMS PSW Power Inverter with two drop cords from it feeding a multi-TAP Power Cord with one located in the Home entertainment area and the other cord going back to a table top near our bed area. Its not wired into the trailer system just a couple of Multi-tap extension cords you can plug into when you need to power up something from 120VAC when off-grid somewhere... I have the multi-tap head mounted on the back of the table top with all wiring out of sight.. I usually only draw around 250-300WATTS from my 600WATT PSW Power Inverter with a few low wattage things... 300WATTS of 120VAC power will draw around 25AMPS from my 12V battery setup... http://epicdisplays.exhibit-design-search.com/ds-images/Supplies/large/multi-outlet-strip-web.jpg height=300 Google image Roy Ken
RoyB 04/23/17 06:56am Tech Issues
RE: WiFi verses Powerline

In my work travel days I stayed in several hotels that used a similar box that passed their Internet connections to all the rooms in the hotel. You picked up the box when you checked in and then plugged it into any wall socket in the rooms... Then you held you head sideways with a strange look on your face when you plugged in a cable into the box plugged into the wall socket on one end and the other end into your laptop... These were not WIFI signals back then but direct connections... Actually it worked pretty good... Then when you checked out you gave back the box... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/22/17 08:56pm Technology Corner
RE: Trickle charging batteries

I don't have too good of luck here just trickle charging the batteries all the time... My trickle charge source is a small 10WATT solar panel laying in the windshield area of my truck or on top of my battery box... I have to do a full routine of charging my batteries using my trailer smart mode PD9260C converter/charger if I want to have the full performance from the batteries... I won't go more than a couple of weeks without doing this on my batteries... Just me I reckon but my batteries are ready to go using this routine... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/22/17 09:24am General RVing Issues
RE: Registration......Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!

Here in VA we have the one time permanent tag cost when you first get the trailer... Never owned a motorhome before so I suspect they would be registered like a Truck here... Tag renewal every year... For my trailers this is the only registration thing I know about other than the State here has yearly safety inspections on all road vehicles and trailers that meet the requirement... Both my off-road trailer and 5th wheel trailer have safety inspection stickers on them... The local county here have personal property taxes on land, house, trailers, and road motor vehicles... Even chickens and pigs are taxed here if you live on a farm... Recently they have something called a license fee now... This is in addition to getting the Tags renewed from the State... All of this is deductible from the Income Taxes if you can file the long forms... I was also able to claim my fifth wheel as a second home and got some help from claiming the Interest of the trailer loan only... I do know there are many RV'ers horror stories based on where you are licensed from. Most RV'ers that are full time get all of this figured out so they can get the best deal they can based on where the RV is registered from... The trick is to prove you live in a certain state to be able to have your RV road equipment licensed there... Lots of games being played here I suspect haha... All I know is it is best to have your Drivers License, State Inspection stickers, Insurance, and Tags all from the same State and the DOT and State Troopers will wave you right on through... No RED FLAGS to get them going.. Roy Ken
RoyB 04/22/17 07:52am General RVing Issues
RE: Fitted cover for Keystone Bullet Premier?

I got a well known brand for my trailer for big $$$ and it only lasted about a year... Replaced it with another high dollar cover item and it only lasted even a shorter time... I think the moral to this story is to put up one on the open sides garage type structures... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/22/17 06:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Discounts for Veterans or Active duty Military?

This is not for road assist but your valid CAC card can get you on a big number of Military camping spots. Some of these sites are pretty neat places to stay at... Generally, active, retired, disabled, and DOD retired civilians are permitted to use these facilities. In some cases these facilities are under the local commands and the rules may be slightly different - need to check with the particular locations for the best information... One of the drawbacks which is very understanding you can be bumped by Active Duty personnel at a moments notice haha... It all belongs to them and we retires are just visitors it seems... I have never had any problems doing this... Being retired DOD civil service with some 42years of combined GS and Active AF duty I was issued a CAC card when I retired from DOD CS to allow me into several Military Camp Ground facilities... One of the benefits here locally was I could use the base Hobby shop to repair things etc using their equipment... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/21/17 02:19pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: A few websites

I guess I have never been to Wisconsin or Michigan in my travels... Only been to Minnesota only once... None of my roads goes through those states... Been to Fargo and points North on that road a few times.. About as close as I have ever got I reckon... I bet my off-road POPUP trailer would be right at home up there... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/21/17 12:59pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Tow vehicle electrcal hookup

ETRAILER has a couple of generic diagrams of what it should look like... I picked one of those 7-way tester adapters from AMAZON that you plug into your truck 7-way connector and then you can do all of the truck functions and observe small led lights on the test adapter. For me this was great as it eliminates any problem coming from the truck side... They make a 4-way test adapter as well... http://www.etrailer.com/Merchant2/graphics/00000001/pics/T/R/TR20117_500.jpg height=200 http://www.harborfreight.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/i/m/image_16339.jpg height=200 All of my wiring fuses for this is on the truck side... The trailer does not provide any 12V power for the required DOT Trailer safety lights and functions. Roy Ken
RoyB 04/21/17 12:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Windows 11 ?

I think I have heard that Microsoft has vowed to never come out with WIN 11... Its going to be WIN 10 forever now or somethng like that...
RoyB 04/21/17 09:12am Technology Corner
RE: Custom build questions

I ran into a camp site once that had a pedestal that was shared between two campers... One guy makes out good and the other guy (which was me) has electric cords, cable TV, and water hose running across his patio haha... No sewer hookup here -Thank goodness... My electric cord didn't fit either but lucky for me I had a 25-foot plan B extension... Later I found out the camp ground had short extensions you could sign for if you needed one... Also the water port only had one spigot. I had to unhook the other guy and add a TEE so I could hook up to water. He left camp before I did so he had to do the same thing unhooking the water to get his line off before leaving... He then actually too off my TEE and laid it on the concrete pad haha... I now have a PLAN B TEE with each port having a ON-OFF lever... Sure was a strange camp site... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/21/17 07:36am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Ft.Pickens, Florida. WiFi ?

I looked up a couple of sites about FT PICKENS and both say there is NO WIFI... To be sure I would suggest you give them a call... They have electric hookups says both 30 and 50... You can easily find out about all of this by just doing a google search for FT PICKENS yourself... You can find their phone number this way as well... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/20/17 06:07pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Question for converter/charger gurus

I too read some of that but BESTCONVERTERs says this about the PARALLAX 8300 series... "8300 Series Parallax 8300 series (formerly 7300 series) are single-stage output converters providing a single voltage output of 13.8 VDC to the DC system for load and battery charging. For a more modern multi-stage upgrade, consider the Inteli-Power 4600 series or the Ultra III. These units will vary the voltage output depending on the State of Charge of the house batteries for faster charging and will greatly extend battery life." Gotta go with Randy at BESTCONVERTERS... I guess what we are seeing is the 8300 is the Power Distribution center and you need to make sure what the Model Number of the converter/charger unit is that sits inside the 8300 Distribution Center. X2 on Need more info needed... You certainly do not want to have a single mode 13.6VDC converter/charger unit... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/20/17 02:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Propane tank recertification

I thought I read there was a new ruling that the small tanks didn't need recertified for 12 years now. But a quick search didn't come up with anything... I know I read that somewhere recently... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/20/17 09:17am Tech Issues
RE: Constantly supplying antifreeze all winter instead of heat?

I camp in my off-road small foot print camper all winter long sometimes... It has the basic sink and hot water heater... Basic water diagram is this one... My shower is different than shown here which is one of those cassette potie/shower combo setups... http://www.title-3.com/images/Winter4.gif height=400 We do the BLOW METHOD when the temps start getting in the 30s... Usually the over night 30s and high 20s doesn't do anything to us and it all warms up up the next day... I first just open the low drain point and open both cold and hot water spigots on the sink. This will drain the one fresh water tank I have and also drain a whole lot of hot water out of the hot water heater. Then I do the BLOW OUT method using our tankless 12VDC small air compressor which uses a water hose adapter to fit the city water port on the trailer. Just takes a couple of minutes to blow out the lines. Then I just add a dab of pink stuff to the one P-trap I have on the sink... If it is going to be along cold period then I will drain the water closet on the cassette pottie unit... Doing it this way allows you to to just add fresh water to the tank when it warms up and you are back in business again. No pink stuff in the lines to worry about... Being small foot print none of this takes hardly any time to do and I have never froze up anything yet camping in the high country around VA and along the Blue Ridge Mountains during the winter months... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/20/17 07:37am General RVing Issues
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