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RE: Myrtle Beach State Park

There are several well liked camp grounds along the BUS US17 S. Kings Highway strip along the beach of Myrtle Beach. One just south of the Myrtle Beach State Park is a place called PIRATE LAND CAMPGROUND which is really geared towards the kids.. We usually stay at the next campground south called LAKEWOOD RESORT mainly because my sister is staying there in permanent housing. About the only thing I didn't like about the Myrtle Beach State park and the next SPRINGMAID Hotel is these are in the final approach for the Myrtle beach Airport which is just across the road from BUS US17. You can actually see the pilots inside the aircraft when it is landing. Most of the the time they make this a landing event for noise abatement but sometimes I guess they are forced to take OFF in the direction of the Ocean which is very loud when that occurs. Pirate Land and Lakewood are far enough south to get away from the real loud noise with aircraft. The next campground south of LAKEWOOD is OCEAN LAKES FAMILY CAMPGROUND which is another well known facility with kids in mind... On down the SOUTH US17 road just a few miles is another State Park called HUNTINGTON BEACH STATE PARK at Murrells Inlet which is one I really want to stay at on one my future visits down that way. It also has BEACHFRONT CAMPING or back in the woods off to yourself somewhat. This is a hugh piece of land. We have camped alot in both areas of NC OUTER BANKS and Myrtle Beach and it really depends of what you want to do. NC outer bank is more beach type atmosphere where Myrtle Beach has both beaches and a really nice town with all of its amenities. Hard to say which place is better... I suspect the kids will fall in love with Myrtle beach. Roy Ken
RoyB 07/28/14 11:11am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Arctic Fox 860 Boiled the batteries?

You really should make sure your older ARTIC FOX gets equipped with a good smart mode converter/charger unit. These smart mode converters if you don't have one will almost take care of your batteries for you... The older converter/chargers only put out 13.6VDC and over time this alone will cause your batteries to boil out small amounts of fluids. If you are not in the habit of checking for this then once the fluid levels gets below the cores then possible battery cell short occurs demanding all the power your converter can muster eventually doing alot of battery damage requiring replacement. When a battery gets real hot it is even prone to exploding which you don't want to have especially if the battery setup is inside your trailer... I installed four each 12VDC Interstate batteries on my off-road POPUP when I first got it in 2008 and lost one battery due right away due to boiling out the fluids. I installed a good quality PD9260C converter/charger unit replacing my single voltage older converter and still check my batteries every couple of weeks looking for low fluids which doesn't happen anymore but I still check it... The original 2008/2009 Interstate 12VDC batteries are just now starting to drop off on performance. I have done alot of camping off the power grid since 2009 with my 255AH capacity Interstate Battery Bank. The other thing that has really helped me over these few years is NEVER let my batteries get discharged below 12.0VDC which is close to being 50% discharge state before re-charging back up to their 90% charge state.. Roy Ken
RoyB 07/28/14 10:41am Truck Campers
RE: Stuck on I81 in VA with no help from my Allstate Motor Club

I guess you are on your way now... Was going to recommend Harrisonburg VA has alot of RV and TRAILER related help just down the road from New Market... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/28/14 10:21am General RVing Issues
RE: Name of this part?

Search GOOGLE for 'rv propane regulator cover' and when it loads up select 'IMAGES'.. See if you can match up your piece you need from the photos there. Then you can click on the image for more details... Hopefully a bracket is all you need. Roy Ken
RoyB 07/28/14 10:07am General RVing Issues
RE: We really need to thin out

Sorry to hear of the damage from the hail storms... Seems like the size of the hail keeps getting and bigger with out current climate changes. I too go over-board with all the things in my trailers. I call them PLAN B items haha... I am just thankful I have to room for them... It is amazing what so called supplies I can carry between the bed of my truck and the front deck on my OFF-ROAD Camper trailer. The wife calls them other names... Of course the one time we need them she is all smiles... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/28/14 07:51am General RVing Issues
RE: Got rid of the trailer, went back to tent camping

We do both as well... My OFF-ROAD POPUP trailer and TENT camping go hand in hand... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/28/14 07:44am Travel Trailers
RE: Crispy brown 921 socket?

Certainly happened in my POPUP trailer. The socket area, the lens, and even on the ceiling was being affected by the hot incandescent 921 bulb. Changing to the $4.95 ebay/china board was a no-brainer for me... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/27/14 12:22pm Tech Issues
RE: North GA Campground Fall 2014

My pick for best colors is CLOUDLAND CANYON at Trenton GA, I don't think they have full hook up however.. The fall colors is outstanding there... http://i.imgur.com/YGUqg.jpg height=300 Just down the road about 30 miles at DESOTA STATE PARK on the same LOOKOUT MTN at Fort Payne ALA does have full hook ups... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/27/14 09:01am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Satellite TV hookup

When I was bringing my SAT DISH and bedroom SAT RCVR with me from home I could never use the so called SAT CONNECTION on the outside of the trailer. It will not pass the DC Control voltage needed for the dish. The way I got my setup to work was run two RG cables from the two port SAT DISH HEAD to two SAT RCVRs ANT INPUT connection inside the trailer. Then I ran VIDEO cable from each of the SAT RVCR to a VIDEO INPUT of the TV SET in the Living Room and the second video cable to the VIDEO INPUT of the TV SET in the bedroom. Then I just select VID 1 on the trailer TV using the remote control unit. I am assuming you must be at home and using your HOUSE SAT DISH to check things out with. I routed my two RG cables into my trailer thru the storage bay door. I would do this temporary to see how things work then decide how you really want to get setup with a portable tri-pod dish etc... This is what worked for us for a season and when the NATL BROADCAST went digital we just stopped bringing out the SAT RCVR stuf.. Too much work to get the portable DISH pointed to the correct satellite for us... I have no idea how the new SAT TV hookups are done today. Digital High Def National Broadcast Channels TV from the local towns is great for us. Roy Ken
RoyB 07/27/14 08:36am Technology Corner
RE: Fantastic fan

The fantstic fan should fit the standard 14"x14" hole for mounting. Even in my OFF-ROAD POPUP they work great. Crack open a tent bed flap on the other end of the trailer and pull in the cool night time air. Roy Ken
RoyB 07/27/14 06:14am Truck Campers
RE: Good Cell Phone external Antennas????

I went with the WILSON SLEEK CRADLE 3G setup three or four years back mainly for my Verizon MIFI 2200 unit. This came with a small antenna which I have mounted on the roof of my OFF-ROAD POPUP. This is my docking station for the MIFI 2200 Mobile HOTSPOT unit providing WIFI to my tablets and devices when we are camping off-road. http://www.geek.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/WilsonSleek3.jpg height=300 I was surprised that the CRADLE also become an passive indoor antenna for my cellphones. Of course sitting my cellphone in the cradle really boosted the cellphone signal. I got the same type of operations inside my truck for a temporary setup. The truck would be more like your MH setup I guess being all metal... Again the Wilson cradle provided as an indoor antenna for our two cell phones.. Our cell phones are with VERIZON which seem to work great coverage wise for us when we are way off the beaten paths away from the Interstates... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/27/14 05:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How much difference between SD and HD

We depend on the NATL BROADCAST System from the local towns to give us the High Def TV signals when camping. Even when we are connected at the campground CABLE HOOKUPs we still watch the local BROADCAST TV stations using our OTA BATWING setup from the local towns that are transmitted in High Def HDTV mode. Once you start watching TV in High Def mode its hard for us to go back to the standard mode. I'm hearing some campgrounds are just now converting over to digital HDTV signals feeding the trailers. Roy Ken
RoyB 07/27/14 04:48am Technology Corner
RE: Testing propane alarm in more life like conditions?

I don't think I will be opening up an unlit stove burner to test for presence of propane. Sounds like a good way to blow up your trailer. I have two DETECTORS in my trailer. SMOKE and a combo of CO/LP GAS... The SMOKE Detector is mounted high on the ceiling and detects for presence of smoke from any source (including cooking). The CO Carbon Monoxide Detector (NOT a CO2 Carbon Dioxide Detector) is part of the combo detected that is mounted near the floor and detects the presence of dangerous gas that is a product of incomplete combustion of carbon coming from your Propane Furnace. The LP GAS Detector is part of the combo detector mounted close to the floor detects the presence of Propane gas coming from the unlit Propane Furnace or unlit stove burners. My SMOKE Detector is only equipped with batteries and the CO/LP Combo Detector is wired into 12VDC from the battery system. I hear beeps from my detectors from time to time that are low volume and maybe occur every minute or so. The manuals says these are low battery alarms. The manual also say an actual detector alarm will be be continuous and louder as long as the event is present. As others have stated I wish there was a better way of knowing if the monitors are working or not. I kinda like the idea of having TWO CO/LP GAS detectors installed and hope maybe one of them work in an actual emergency. Roy Ken
RoyB 07/27/14 04:35am Tech Issues
RE: Tv mount

here are two google search photos I always pass along showing what you need to do... Use MOLY BOLTS to hold up the back board and use regular scres for your TV mount anywhere on the back board... http://i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc123/SD70M/Sunny/Brunswick-LaborDay09/DSCF3803.jpg height=300 https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-xwvx2FY2H6c/TYjEnKdYBtI/AAAAAAAAAns/9KtZF12gx-E/s320/DSC02733.JPG height=300 Roy Ken
RoyB 07/26/14 07:23pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: 7 pin connection

Sounds like mistake on hooking up wiring on your 7-way connector... My Ford has a legend printed right on the case which blade runs which lights etc... Could be a ground issue as well... You can also go to ETRAILER.COM as they they are the masters for all things trailers... You can match up colors probably by looking up your make of truck. My 2010 truck also has separate fuses for each of these trailer connectors - I have three fuse panels on my truck Under hood, behind glove box and on passenger side kick panel... ANother trick I do is I carry a 7-way connector test adapter. If this work then there is no problem with the truck side. has come in handy a few times. http://www.etrailer.com/merchant2/graphics/00000001/pics/T/R/TR20117.jpg height=200 Just my thoughts Roy Ken
RoyB 07/26/14 05:28pm Towing
RE: Co detector

On my detector a low battery condition will emit a single beep every minute or so. According to the pamphlet If I get an actually alarm it will be uninterrupted and louder, and will continue for as long as the event is present. Most of us including myself are not savvy on what to expect. It is not easy for the manufacturer to provide an actual alarm test event. I have heard some folks like to mount two detectors and that way if only one is beeping then it is more likely a battery problem. Like others my alarms go off all the time and one always has to wonder if it was the real thing or Memorex.. Roy Ken
RoyB 07/26/14 01:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: New Antenna?`

Like stated above it is hard to beat the BATWING antenna. The JACK antenna probably is a tad better gain wise but with all the simple tests I ran here at my location looking at WASHINGTON DC digital Natl Broadcast TV Transmitter Stations that are situated on both side of DC I finally decided the BATWING was still the best for me. The KING is apparently more NARROW BEAMED meaning you really have to point the antenna right at the transmitting station where the BATWING has a larger BEAM WIDTH. Both antennas did the same great reception for me here in Northern Neck Virginia some 50 miles away from the DC area. The BATWING was able to pick up both groups of the WASHINGTON DC transmitters with a single pointing angle. I could not do this with the JACK. Had to move the antenna everytime to pick up all of the NATL BROADCAST CBS-NBC-ABC-FOX-PBS HDTV signals... My test antenna setup was on 15-foot PVC pole in clear view towards Washington DC. I have never used the Jensen ANHD20 OMNI-DIRECTIONAL antenna but the reviews don't give it a good rating. http://www.rvbusiness.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/Jensen-atenna-300x193.jpg height=200 I have played with one of these WINEGARD HIDE-AWAY ONMI-Directional DUAL DIPOLE antennas which also does not perform very well... It is a great PLAN B back antenna however... RABBIT EARS sitting on the roof is also a good back up antenna... http://www.adventurerv.net/images/Winegard-HA-0130.jpg height=200 The best antenna I came up with was one of these DB8 BOW-TIE antenna DUAL PANELs using four BOWTIE antennas in each panel. The one I used each panel can be be positioned. This works great for the house setup but not a good antenna to mount on top of a RV for mounting reasons. Antenna Direct and Solid State Xtreme Signal (AMAZON) are a couple of sources for DB8 antennas. https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/shopping?q=tbn:ANd9GcQy7Awmxz7T1Jwgz2sGtnKIf7ay4Dutw60jP2RJo6Tv-62wD6RU&usqp=CAY height=300 Roy Ken
RoyB 07/25/14 05:15am Tech Issues
RE: Using a small Inverter

My Home Entertainment PSW INVERTER started out being a 150WATT model. This didn't last very long and went to a 300WATT PSW model which was connected directly to the battery circuit. I ran a hidden drop cord using WIREMODE install kits from LOWES to my home entertainment area and also to the sleeping bed area. All you see at these two locations is a multi-connection 120VAC drop cord setup on the back side of cabinet top which includes an ON-OFF switch. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/311b0vXba0L._SL500_SS500_.jpg height=200 This is on 24/7 in my setup and being PSW I DO NOT have to worry about anyone plugging in something they are not suppose to making it human safe for us. After a year or so of a 300WATT model we finally ended up with a AIMS PSW 600WATT Inverter as the idea keeps getting more and more items you want to use it for. My power consumption is basically around 250WATT on an average but it is nice to have the additional power available for a few things that might get plugged in... We normally use the INVERTER for our home entertainment items from 4PM to around 11PM each day when camping off the power grid. I got my PSW INVERTER from AMAZON for $149 about four years ago... http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31c9pScy6aL.jpg height=200 Once you start using this emergency power source it becomes a very necessary item to have around - believe me hehe... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/25/14 04:09am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: SurgeGuard warns of a pedastal problem

I carry one the 120VAC circuit testers just for this reason. http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab263/wrvond/2014%20Coachmen/gfcitester_zpsf70f8fe5.jpg height=300 This will tell you the same thing. Of course since this only plugs into a 120VAC 15A/20A receptacle you have to use an adapter to mate up with the service you are testing on the pedestals. I have to admit I don't do this everytime and really should be. In your case the surge protector is always used so this is a big plus for you as you have just found out... Since the majority of the hookups use the 30AMP connections on the pedestals you can imagine the wear and tear they get. I always look for burn marks before plugging in. I usually don't go to 50AMP service pedestals but if the 30AMP side didn't look good to me I would switch adapters and plug my 30AMP trailer into the 50A side using the proper adapter. You know this has to be a big effort for the CG management to keep up with their used-up connections... Got to be a big job for them... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/24/14 03:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: Solar Panels - worth it?

small solar panels most definitely are only good for maintaining an already charged up battery... If you get behind the charge state curve the small solar systems won't be much help for you.. I have used a small low wattage output solar panel for years back in my JEEP days sitting on the dash and plugged into the cigarette lighter socket. Battery charging using solar panels with its controller is the same as using a smart mode charger. If you want your 50% charge state battery re-charged in a quick three hour time frame you have to hit the battery with 14.4VDC Boost charge for around three hours to get the battery back up to its 90% charge state. The discharged battery wants to start out using around 20AMPS of DC current which is only available from several solar panels in parallel. The beauty of the solar panel is the high sun may be around 6 hours or so what you are hoping for is to make the 90% charge state before you lose the high sun. Otherwise you will not benefit from the battery stated performance and it may get dark on you sooner then you wanted it to. Continuing to only re-charge to small charge levels will eventually do harm to your batteries. My rule of thumb when camping off the power grid is to always start my day/night run off the batteries at their 90% charge state. I have learned my battery usage and starting with this 90% charge state I know i can make it through the night until 8AM the next morning where i can start re-charging my batteries again. If I am going to run out high sun if I was using solar then I would switch to generator while still allowed to use and get my batteries to the 90% charge state. You have to come up with your own battery use requirements where recharging by use of generator would be the primary way and the solar charging of the batteries is a PLUS complimenting the generator method when camping off the power grid. Otherwise you will not be successful keeping long life from your batteries. This is the way I look at it at any rate... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/24/14 03:40pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
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