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RE: Electric Frypan Technical Advice

We use the electric skillet all the time when camping off-grid. I use my 2KW Generator every morning at 8AM to start my three hour battery recharge cycle and we do some cooking using the electric skillet at same time... You can idle one back with some slow cooking and it doesn't demand much from the generator doing this... Ours looks like the on e shown above here Roy Ken
RoyB 04/22/18 02:36pm Tech Issues
RE: an invalid topic 2 AGM batteries and converter

I’m new here but what happened to this thread and all the other very useful information that had been posted? Rail Dawg - these are the bunch that actually lives in the trailer world 24/7 running off their batteries all the time... They have lots of battery charging experiences... Especially MEX and DON... Mex lives down south of us and holds out as long as he can and usually a Hurricane will run him off. Then he shows up in San Diego buying up all the parts to keep him for another year or so haha Don lives in the North cold areas in his big trailer going all over tuning up piano's... I wish I had his Trojan 12V T1275's The rest of us kinda blend in with our Battery stories when they let us haha... They all good people... Roy Ken https://i.imgur.com/SoQ6BfGm.jpg height=40
RoyB 04/22/18 08:40am Tech Issues
RE: Where should you dewinterize?

Ahhh the beauty of being a RV Camper verses the RV Traveler and having a small POPUP trailer.... I drain my water system at the low water point when it gets cold. I open the hot water water spigot while draining the fresh water tank and this also drains down my hot hot water heater leaving only a couple of inches of water in the bottom of it. Then I hook up my portable 12V Air Compressor to the city water port and blow out my one or two water water lines down the sink. Then I add a tad of the pink stuff to one P trap I have. Takes only a few minutes with the longest part being draining the fresh water tank on the ground under the trailer. I capture my sink water in two containers and when one gets full I haul it off to the central bath house or primitive toilet. If none of those are available I pour my gray water around a tree somewhere if allowed away from the camp site. https://i.imgur.com/eoY03.jpg height=300 Watch HDTV every night just like the big guys do hehe... Works good for us... Roy Ken https://i.imgur.com/SoQ6BfGm.jpg height=40
RoyB 04/22/18 06:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Military campgrounds and ID

The secondary folks that has the ID Card can stay but they can be bumped in the middle of the night by active duty folks which is understandable... Being DOD contractors we always got to stay at BOQs and other military places but always had to give up our stay if active duty folks came in late in the evening or early mornings... Looking for another place to stay at 3am is not fun sometimes hehe... Some of our trips they sort of required us to stay at Military locations since we was working on Military Systems but the same thing would happen there getting bumped in the middle of the night so that didn't last long haha... Being retired civil service I have stayed at a few Military camp grounds. Used to stay at the one at Lake Martin MAXWELL-GUNTER Rec Center North of Wetumpka AL. This was close to one of our DOD Space Surveillance Work Stations... Roy Ken https://i.imgur.com/SoQ6BfGm.jpg height=40
RoyB 04/21/18 03:56pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Changing location shown

Going to the bottom of the page to save my changes is where I always goofed up hehe... Took me awhile to remember to do that everytime... Of course it tells you to do that in the rules section but who reads those Right??? I also had problems keeping my signature photo small enough as well. I finally combined my signature photo with one of those location visited USA maps and saved that with Paint photo program at the required small size... Roy Ken https://i.imgur.com/SoQ6BfGm.jpg height=40
RoyB 04/21/18 07:42am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Where is charger/converter on Flagstaff pop-ups?

My first guess would be under this seat next to the floor.. https://i.imgur.com/WMLWbpT.jpg height=600 Google Image Being a new 2018 model you should have some books with it showing what model of Converter it is using. All of my installed appliances was in a large envelope stuck in behind the water heater... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/20/18 09:09am Folding Trailers
RE: 7 Pin Issue

Once my contacts are are all working good I usually quirt some WD40 into my sockets before connecting up. Seems like we all have duct tape - bailing wire - can of WD40 in the side pocket. Squirting WD40 in and then moving the plug around abit to get the WD40 into everything. ALot of folks like to use the dielectric greese from a tube which is probably better than the WD40. I've never tried that... The idea is to keep the corrosion down alot from sitting... Good idea sticking the 7-way cable end between the two propane tanks cover out of the weather. I do that as well when the trailer is just sitting there... If the blades are too bad to use you can purchase a 7-way cable from ETRAILER.com and hopefully it will will have the same color sequence your old one has. Would be easy to replace/hookup in the cable connection box. Mine is located just under the trailer side where the tongue area start. Standard Electrical box is what is using. The cable wiring is color for color inside the electrical box using those large YELLOW twist wire nuts... Sounds like to me it is just grit and grim on your blades and sockets... I back-in and hook up and usually pull my trailer out from where it is parked in a long section of the driveway. Then I can get out of the truck and do my DOT safety light inspection walk around before I leave my somewhat circle driveway... If one light isn't working then I squirt more WD40 into the socket and move it around some more. This usually fixes the non-working light not working due to grit and grim on the connections. Then the second test I always do is when I start out on the side road before leaving my house area I will use my Electric Brake Slider knob ONLY to stop the truck and trailer at the stop sign that leads out to the main road. This gets the moisture out of the brake drum area and makes sure my Electric brakes are working.... Guess we all have our working routines that works best for us hehe... Roy Ken https://i.imgur.com/SoQ6BfGm.jpg height=40
RoyB 04/20/18 08:40am Travel Trailers
RE: 7 Pin Issue

Assuming everyone here is talking about a 7-BLADE setup verses PINS. The Truck Camper is about the only thing that uses pins I think... This is my 7-WAY hookup... https://i.imgur.com/OMISCIc.jpg height=300 https://i.imgur.com/vQalEEr.jpg height=400 Google Images I plug one of these 7-way testers into the truck side first to determine which side has the problems. If all of the small LED lights work correctly on the truck side then the problem is connections of the trailer side... Gets me started in the right direction right away... https://i.imgur.com/AHdZgCH.jpg height=400 google image Roy Ken
RoyB 04/20/18 07:13am Travel Trailers
RE: 30 amp to 15 amp dogbone adapter for removable power cords

I carry the 50 to 30 and the 30 to 15 DOGBONE adapters in my tool box... Use them all the time. Alot of times when we are the camp ground the 30A Pedestal really looks ragged where you plug in. We just pull out the 50-30 dogbone cord and use that. Most folks use the 30A side I reckon. At home I plug into my 120VAC Garage receptacle alot or my 2KW Generator doing something... Good things to have in your tool box for sure... I got mine from WALMART in the RV camping section. Roy Ken https://i.imgur.com/SoQ6BfGm.jpg height=40
RoyB 04/19/18 11:14am Travel Trailers
RE: Connecting radio to Winegard batwing antenna

Just keep in mind 12VDC is sent up to the BATWING ANTENNA when in use. Whereever you tap into RG Cable just be sure you will not get into the 12VDC that run along the same RG cable to power up the RF Amplifier inside the BAT WING housing... Might keep your BATWING antenna from working normally... Might also burn up something in your radio circuit too... Just check for 12VDC before tapping into the RG cable circuit... Roy Ken Good point, a splitter could allow that 12V to back-feed into the radio. Scott I haven't ever checked but I think the electronics in the VANGARD Antenna Wall Plate should have diodes installed in the HDTV connections points to prevent this from happening. I need to check that... https://i.imgur.com/4FEl1Zr.jpg height=400 I know for sure I have 12VDC on the same RG cable feeding the BATWING OTA Antenna but do not know if there is also 12VDC feeding the main HDTV or the Bedroom HDTV RG cable feeds... Should be an easy test to make... I guess if you used one of those NO DC PASS splitters it would work ok... I think the OP said he has a BEDROOM feed that he doesn't use... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/14/18 02:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Truck batteries

Mismatched paralleled batteries especially comes into play when being re-charged. Each battery will want to see different charging AMPS depending on their internal resistance. When this is close to being the same with new same age batteries then both batteries will want to charge somewhat equally. If you have an old and new battery in parallel then what usually happens is the OLDER battery will drag the performance of the NEWER battery to equal the OLDER battery. Eventually both batteries will operate at the same older battery performance level... You can get around this by charging and using each battery independently and switch one into place to use when the primary battery starts dropping off in performance. i.e. not run them in parallel- just one at a time... This would turn into alot of extra work on your part haha... If it were me I would replace both batteries at the same time... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/14/18 12:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Connecting radio to Winegard batwing antenna

Just keep in mind 12VDC is sent up to the BATWING ANTENNA when in use. Whereever you tap into RG Cable just be sure you will not get into the 12VDC that run along the same RG cable to power up the RF Amplifier inside the BAT WING housing... Might keep your BATWING antenna from working normally... Might also burn up something in your radio circuit too... Just check for 12VDC before tapping into the RG cable circuit... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/14/18 12:17pm Tech Issues
RE: A/C and a generator

Just curious if you have problems running your generator anytime you want to. I have the Honda EU2000i to use for charging my battery bank every morning requiring a three hour generator run time. I sometimes have a problem with the camp grounds where I can run my generator... Its usually a few hours in the morning and then again a few hours in the late afternoon. I have never found a public place where I can run my generator after 8PM at might or before 8AM in the mornings... Private camp grounds is a different story and I guess dispersed camping would also be a different story. Here on the East side of the US we don't have many dispersed camping sites that I know of... With all of this in mind almost all of my OFF-GRID camping at Public Camp Ground areas is powered using my battery banks which of course will not support Air Conditioning... Just curious... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/13/18 03:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Adding Better Reverse Lights on a Camper

In our state the REVERSE LIGHTS comes under the DOT SAFETY LIGHTS purview meaning they have to be DOT APPROVED. The lenses are required to have DOT ID numbers and of course I'm sure there is spec on how bright they might be. They also have to be wired in to operate from you going into REVERSE and not be wired to an individual ON-OFF switch. I got around all of of this by mounting my back of the trailer lights to rear sides of the trailer. I can't see directly behind my trailer anyway so having side lights worked out just as good... Not sure if your state has any problems with your planned install or not. Just passing along my licensed state would do... Some guys have done rear trailer lights mods only to have to remove them to pass their required SAFETY INSPECTION... Checking with your local DMV/DOT would probably be a good idea before dumping monies into your project... My 5th wheel has the 8-inch scare light mounted high on the side of my trailer which is no problem here in this state. This has a separate ON-OFF switch on the inside trailer wall. https://i.imgur.com/Iz8qAtJ.jpg height=400 Google image My off-road Starcraft RT14 popup trailer has a single 8-inch scare light mounted on the front of the trailer to be used with the front deck and this has not been any problem. It has a separate ON-OFF switch on the inside wall. https://i.imgur.com/lnkMTp0.jpg height=300 Google image Mounting brighter REVERSE LIGHTS under my RT14 trailer rear bumper had to be removed because they did not have DOT approved lens and also did not come ON when going into reverse from my truck... Rear lights looked like these https://i.imgur.com/oF0dzoi.jpg height=400 Google image Just passing on a couple of my experiences dealing with DMV/DOT inspections... Roy ken https://i.imgur.com/SoQ6BfGm.jpg height=40
RoyB 04/12/18 05:27pm Truck Campers
RE: Planning for inverter for elec. refrig, while driving

Just keep in mind that a 2000WATT Power Inverter can pull between 160-180DC Amps from your battery bank when fully loaded. This will require HD cabling and more than one standard size batteries. You also want to not plan on using your standard truck alternator in a situation like this when charging... This is alot of DC Amps being drawn... You also should follow good installation advice and NOT install the Power Inverter in the same location as the Wet Cell Battery bank. The batteries can emit explosive fumes when being charged and a small spark from DC switching action could set off an explosion... Probably never happen but it could... Just saying.... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/12/18 10:27am Tech Issues
RE: Securing batteries in RV storage

I think you would want a WIRELESS ALARM to go off and notify a specific person... Setting off an local alarm in one of those places probably doesn't get much attention... There is probably no one there to respond to such of an alarm... Roy Ken
RoyB 04/11/18 11:27am Travel Trailers
RE: Lost power alert - is there such a thing?

There are 'WIRELESS LOSS OF SHORE POWER ALARMS' available for users to alert them in the case of loss of Shore Power... These may contact you via cell phone etc... Type in the marked line above into google search and follow the many sites identified... Roy Ken https://i.imgur.com/SoQ6BfGm.jpg height=40
RoyB 04/11/18 11:19am General RVing Issues
RE: Charging While Towing

My 2010 F150 Truck had an unmarked envelope in the glove box with a fuse and relay in it... Turns out this had to be installed in the truck main fuse panel and then would send back 12VDC to the trailer when the ignition key was turned on. Was labeled TOW something in the truck manual... Of course this only sent back 12VDC at a low amperage rate but getting a good trickle charge while going down the roadways for hours on end works wonders for the trailer installed battery bank... Might check your truck for this... Roy Ken https://i.imgur.com/SoQ6BfGm.jpg height=40
RoyB 04/10/18 06:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Question about campsite policies

Here is what I do sitting under my awning sometimes in my big easy chair. I have several DALLAS Can Coozies and I will slip one over a my favorite LITE brew and have a couple of empty COLA cans sitting on the table. https://i.imgur.com/nudOHPf.jpg height=200 It is very hard to tell which blue can is in the can cozzie. https://i.imgur.com/TEL55LW.jpg height=200 https://i.imgur.com/Dzn2yUw.jpg height=200 having several pepsi cans in plain view sitting on the table helps too hehe... I don't think the rangers would say much for any of us older folks doing this anyway... Most likely for the younger getting loud party folks Roy ken https://i.imgur.com/SoQ6BfGm.jpg height=40
RoyB 04/09/18 12:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bunk fan for a hot sleeper?

I am a big fan of these 10-inch O2-COOL fans from WALMART that operate from 12VDC, 120VAc transformer, or internal D-CELLS. https://i.imgur.com/HFY2SoL.jpg height=300 Works great for us in our OFF-ROAD POPUP for cooling or pushing warm air from our Electric heater.. Roy ken https://i.imgur.com/SoQ6BfGm.jpg height=40
RoyB 04/07/18 11:52am Hybrid Travel Trailers
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