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RE: bayite DC 5-120V 100A DC Current Meter with Transformer

Got my 100A DC CURRENT meter order in from AMAZON yesterday... Pretty neat stuff haha... I was surprised how small the meter module was... I knew what the dimensions where but when you see it in real life it sure is small haha... I definitely can glue this to the back of of a speciality single switch box or a three switch box if I want to add different meters etc... This will be fed by flexible PVC line from the tongue area of my OFF-ROAD POPUP trailer where the battery bank is located. Like said previously using the three wire plastic connector head cable terminated in a PVC ELECTRICAL BOX like shown here ont the side of the trailer tongue I only need some 3-inches of this 3-wire cable with the plastic plug on one end and small terminal lugs on the other end. This then is terminated into a small terminal block mounted inside the PVC ELECTRICAL BOX. Then I can run standard 4-wire telephone cable between the front mounted PVC BOX and the single port PVC BoX mounted near my Inside Meter panel. This will solve the not knowing where to order longer lengths of this special 3-wire cable with connectors that comes with DC CURRENT meter. This is a CARLON brand Electrical Switch Box from LOWES https://s3.amazonaws.com/cesco-content/unilog/Batch6/034481/225973-ProductImageURL.jpg height=200 I can glue the flat area of plastic sensor transformer coil provided to the vertical wall of the PVC BOX and with the opposite side ports of this PVC box I can easily route my 4AWG through the box and the transformer sensor coil and have a water tight enclosure using a regular water tight electrical box screw on lid that has the rubber around the inside edge. Once the 4AWG cable in run through the box I can seal up the ports with RTV sealant. The third port of the PVC Box will have the PVC FLEX line in it sealed up with PVC Glue that will route my telephone round cable control line back to the meter panel location some 12-feet away. All of this works great with my previous similar install on my OFF-ROAD TRAILER underbelly open to the elements. Roy Ken
RoyB 05/28/16 08:05am Tech Issues
RE: Big foot 2000

I would slide some equal size wood pieces on both sides of the camper to fill in void area (2X6's or whatever fits) like KOHLDAD says...
RoyB 05/27/16 04:49pm Truck Campers
RE: Atlanta Georgia camping

We always shoot for places North of Atlanta around lake Lanier, Dahlonega, Helen, and the high country where the NATL FOREST starts up. I589 goes up pretty far NE of Atlanta... That's where all of the good RV Places are for our style of camping... Might be to far to commute everyday perhaps... Roy Ken
RoyB 05/27/16 03:27pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 14 day meal planning

I used to stock up on the frozen better pre-cooked meals like MRI's that was pretty good but after abit you start yearning for real food haha... One store chain (Maybe it's Albertson's) was known for its pre-made meals but not frozen... They are kept cool and wrapped up in their cold sections... Those are pretty good but you gotta watch closely if the start to spoil on you... Definitely good for a couple of days being out in the woods somewhere... I guess on a 14-day trip you may have to take on a few road kills haha... There is always peanut butter and jelly and POPCORN haha... Roy Ken
RoyB 05/27/16 03:11pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Let 12V battery drop to 50 pct, or top it off daily?

I have found topping off is great if you have a battery bank at 90% charge already. In my case when my batteries run down to the 50% charge state I have to start charging right away and due to the time restriction I usually only get to the 90% charge in a three hour time frame. If I had solar then the batteries will eventually get to the 100% charge state. The problem with going all the way down to the 50% charge state first your batteries have put them selves in danger. In my case I start losing battery bank performance if I continually drain them down to the 50% charge state and then bring them back up to their 90% charge state if I don't do a full 100% charge state after 12 or more of these 50% to 90% charge state runs. I guess crud builds up on the plates of the batteries that only a full charge will burn it off... I don't think I have ever had a problem with a good full time trickle charge on the batteries if they were at least at the 90% charge state to start off with. Guess all of this makes sense haha... Roy Ken
RoyB 05/27/16 02:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Need advice on installing 2 roof A/C's

Assuming your 2007 model is most likely a 30AMP setup. If so you will have to install a 50 Amp service or just run one A/C at a time. Roy Ken
RoyB 05/27/16 02:44pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Avoid percent sign on rv.net portal: any other bad signs?

The WOODSALL Forum is my main portal to use with TRAILERLIFE FORUM the next one to switch to. Very seldom use the RV NET portal here... I also use CHROME as main Browser with FIREFOX and next choice and IE as last choice... I have trouble with CHROME on keeping GOOGLE as main internet got page. It always wants me to use BING when I select a word or phrase to search... I have all the search defaults set to GOOGLE SEARCH. Don't have that problem with IE or FIREFOX... Roy Ken
RoyB 05/27/16 01:16pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Sliding closet doors keep coming off the track, how to fix

When I have a screw working out of a hole I can usually squirt some RTV into the hole first - then the screw. Then when all bonds up it is pretty difficult to get the screw out... Maybe you make this idea work with what you got??? Just a thought Roy Ken
RoyB 05/27/16 09:05am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Membership cancelled - fell outside unknown parameters

I use STATE FARM on everything here at the house... I have used STATE FARM since I was 18 years old... I used to also use AAA when I was traveling alot back in the day. Of course I only have a small RV trailer on the road and can handle most everything myself on it road hazard wise... If I was a RV TRAVELER I would probably need something else I imagine... Roy Ken
RoyB 05/27/16 08:57am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: bayite DC 5-120V 100A DC Current Meter with Transformer

MEX - I'll give that a try haha... I might like going down the slide myself... I am not interested in absolute super accurate for my Dc CURRENT meter use... All I need to know is that I am approaching the 50% charge state of my batteries when camping off the power grid and hopefully that occurs at 8AM each morning when I am allowed to run my 2KW generator for three hours.... I have been using the DC VOLTMETER method for the past 3-4 years and haven't hurt my batteries yet performance wise... When I see them dropping back to around 12.0VDC then I know it's time to shut down and recharge my batteries. We normally pull around 12VDC @20 AMPS or so each evening between 6PM and 10-11PM running our stuff. If I was only running a headband lite I wouldn't worry about it. Candles and D-CELLS is what I grew up on back in the TENT CAMPING DAYS haha... Would just be nice to see how many DC AMPS I am pulling from the camper appliances and how many DC AMPS I am putting into the batteries when being charged... This will become more critical when I get some solar going... To me who cares if it is a few percent off calibration hehe... Roy Ken
RoyB 05/26/16 06:58pm Tech Issues
RE: cable TV hookup

Did you try scanning in the CABLE TV. You also have to select CABLE from the TV menu... Roy Ken
RoyB 05/26/16 06:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fishing on the Road while staying in a RV (help)

You might look into the inflatable boats. May not take up as much room I'm guessing the North Texas lakes are all filled up once again in the Wichita falls and Archer City areas... Roy Ken
RoyB 05/26/16 03:39pm RV Lifestyle
RE: New to Camping, Questions have I

A great place to start out is your back yard then move up to a local Camp ground... You more or less have to learn on your own what you need to do... The camp grounds are all setup to handle all of your needs - most have a camp store... I always noticed where the local WALMART and LOWES stores was went finding a camp ground... Like driving your big truck - you will be an expert about 200 miles down the road... Some of us are RV CAMPERS and others are RV TRAVELERS and make the long haul trips. Roy Ken
RoyB 05/26/16 02:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: I may have been asking in the wrong forum....

I imagine most of us stay on the NEWEST POST page and get to glance at all the posts as they come through... I usually respond to all except the hugh motorhomes which are a bit different than the rest of the RV's Roy Ken
RoyB 05/26/16 02:31pm Truck Campers
RE: test

Had to stop to fuel up I guess...
RoyB 05/26/16 08:53am Forum Technical Support
RE: bayite DC 5-120V 100A DC Current Meter with Transformer

Got my order in on AMAZON for 2EA Think it said only 17 left... Roy Ken
RoyB 05/26/16 08:51am Tech Issues
RE: Atwood 3 burner stove

When I have a problem of a screw backing out of a wall I will squirt some sealant into the screw hole and then screw back up again. Once the sealant bonds the screw should not back off easy... Maybe your burner mount will allow something like that... Roy Ken
RoyB 05/26/16 07:02am Tech Issues
RE: Volt gauge

I'm doing the same thing here on my F150 truck. Most of my trucks at least had a menu where you could read your battery voltage but this one doesn't. Ordering from AMAZON... Have just the spot on the console just under the 12V Socket where they have a little compartment that was for some other option I guess... http://i.imgur.com/ebKMPF0.jpg height=400 Should fit this small meter pretty good. I will use the black sealant to hold it in place... http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/61CsXkMByXL._SL1200_.jpg height=200 Roy Ken
RoyB 05/26/16 06:41am Tech Issues
RE: bayite DC 5-120V 100A DC Current Meter with Transformer

I'm hoping the mode change is on the back... I will have three meters with their face glued to the back of a specialty three gang light switch cover. I will only have access to the back on the meter boards... Sounding better all the time... This is going to get me started on my two other high DC current projects. One in the house and another one for adding more batteries in the truck bed... All of this will eventually be my rolling UPS unit on wheels hehe... After I get all this figured out then I start thinking about adding solar panels Roy Ken
RoyB 05/25/16 08:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Cable, Air, switch

I'm getting too old for all of the newer trailer setups... Thanks for the manual that I will add to my digest folder... Roy Ken
RoyB 05/25/16 06:22pm Tech Issues
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