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RE: Quartzsite - High Fuel Prices !

My friend in Phoenix told me today that Regular Gas there was $1.99. It's $2.19 here in Virginia... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/17/14 07:00pm Roads and Routes
RE: camouflage the Pathway X2

I have seen DISH COVERS being used all the time... http://skyvision.com/covers/images/dealer-skinz-group.jpg height=200 Check out this link... DISH COVERS Here is another link showing all kinds of covers ideas that might be of interest for you... MORE SAT DISH COVERS ALL INFO FROM GOOGLE SEARCH... The main use for SAT DISH COVERS is to prevent ice and heavy rain build-up on the curved dish. Some dish covers have an electric heater... If you are not wanting to purchase something then just put a cloth over your dish and see what the signal strength drops to... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/17/14 04:35pm Technology Corner
RE: Cass WV

Go find a bar near Green Bank and eventually they will bring you some moon shine if you keep asking for some... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/17/14 10:52am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: This is gonna get moved

I go through the whole forums list when I first get up in the morning and then I sit on the NEWEST TOPICS the rest of the day. This list the posts from all the forums subjects as they get posted. I bet alot of other members do the same thing... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/17/14 10:35am Truck Campers
RE: I'm amazed

We use our OTA BATWING on our off-road POPUP all the time... Gets great reception of the BROADCAST TV signals from the local towns... http://i.imgur.com/eqaVpto.jpg height=300 Mine is mounted on a pole up the side of the POPUP - I can reach through a window flap and rotate it when setting up... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/17/14 09:13am Class A Motorhomes
RE: To be foretold, is to be forewarned.

I probably would not make a run down SOUTH BLVD in Montgomery ALA after dark as well... Used to be the place to be with great eating places, top motels, Nite clubs, and MAlls... Certainly is not that way anymore - We was staying at the RV CAMP just across from the I65 truck stop a few years back and wandered out to get something to eat. Everything was all boarded up.. Finally got pulled by the local police and was told this was not the place to be after dark. They told us this was nothing less than a WAR ZONE after dark... We moved on the next day for more friendly places up I65... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/17/14 08:28am Snowbirds
RE: Camping? When did you start.

We started out tent camping in the mid 60's when living in North Texas. Really got into tent camping big time in the late 60s and early 70 while living in Arizona. Nothing better than waking up in the morning with the sun hitting the red rock mtns around Sedona AZ. Did alot of tent camping along the BLue Ridge Parkway and local tent camping here in Virginia in the late 1970s to 2008. Although we still love and do tent camping really got started in OFF-ROAD Camping with our present OFF-ROAD POPUP camper in 2008 to present time. We have camped all over the the south along the east Coast and down in the Gulf and as far west as Texas and Okla... Camper for life i reckon... Roy and Carolyn...
RoyB 12/16/14 01:45pm RV Lifestyle

I have one in my OFF-ROAD POPUP trailer and two in my 5th WHEEL Trailer... Great FAN... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/16/14 01:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: 12v inverter draw on batteries with microwave

What we did here with our OFF-ROAD camping trips with our 255AH (3EA 85AH Interstate in parallel was to purchase a el-cheapo white faced manual knob controlled 600WATT microwave from WALMART. We like to use this just to quickly warm up coffee and maybe a few minutes to do a quick frozen TV dinner type snack. Baked POTATO with our steaks is a must have for us as well and this microwave works ok for a couple of baked potatoes with my 1500WATT pure sine wave Inverter.. We probably only use our microwave maybe 10 minutes total during one day/night run off the batteries. http://i5.walmartimages.com/dfw/dce07b8c-a97d/k2-_6a9204d3-9ddf-4d71-add2-b85eeb22b0b3.v1.jpg height=200 I tried running my big 1500WATT microwave and it eats up my battery power rather quick... The small microwave solved this problem for us... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/16/14 01:07pm Tech Issues
RE: quality gone down hill.

I haven't owned a late model trailer in awhile The older JAYCOs were well known in RV Community for their quality. Then the manufacturers came up with the LITE VERSIONs you was suppose to pull with a 1/2-ton truck. Now everyone wants to have a LITE trailer line to compete in the business I guess. The so called LITE trailers that everyone is making apparently have alot of short cuts that makes them lite. The irony is we still can't pull them safely with the 1/2-ton trucks... There must be an end game in this somewhere... Being the OFF-ROAD enthusiast that I am I wish we had some of the Australia Quality built-in to our available trailers. The Australia line of off-road trailers really are built to survive the back roads of their country. Who could afford this Australia independent suspension setups they have on their Kimberly-Karavan line of OFF-ROAD trailers.... http://image.rvmagonline.com/f/features/1207rv-boondock-king-kimberly-karavan-trailer/41687703/1206rv-16%2Bthe-boondock-king-the-kimberly-karavan%2Bkimberly-karavan-suspension.jpg height=300 Photo from GOOGLE Images Just saying... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/16/14 12:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: Do you think this is a scam?

or your mothers maiden name maybe...
RoyB 12/16/14 07:26am Around the Campfire
RE: Dish Network on Mexico West Coast

I figured as much...
RoyB 12/16/14 06:57am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Dish Network on Mexico West Coast

I would think it would have been better than that... Have never been down that way so only speculation on my part. I do know the DISH NETWORK is on the equator and lined up with SanDiego. The DIRECTV Satellite is also on the equator but aligned up with TEXAS. Maybe California is just too far west of the beam fpr Mexico... It would be interesting to see if DIRECTV works better... Maybe some sort of spot beams are incorporated to limit operations outside the USA. MORE INFO HERE Roy Ken
RoyB 12/16/14 05:59am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Office area?

IN 2010 we was very interested in the JAYCO X213 trailer. We was looking at re-doing the bunk room area for a small storage area just inside the outside door and adding a L-Shape Desk with hutch in the remaining room after removing the bunk beds... This would be for our office and Ham Radio equipment complete with dual 24-inch monitors and office printer etc... I am presently using a similar setup in our house with this style L-shaped Desk with hutch kit from Office Depot.. something like this floorplan drawing... http://i.imgur.com/XDVcg.png height=300.. I was looking at this desk with hutch arrangement. Of course the L-desk would have to be cut down to fit the depth of the bunk room. http://epicofficefurniture.com/images/product_images/WC01712neal.jpg height=300 With the influx of the more recent toy haulers you should be able to design almost any office area you can think of... I have seen some layouts for office desk for computer in some high end trailers etc but always on a small scale. If you really want a working office I think you will have to build it yourself. It will also have to support tie downs and railing to keep things from falling into the floor when moving down the road... Plenty of material available from LOWES to do this with... VELCRO works great... http://www.rpodnation.com/uploads/492/Railing_1.JPG height=200 In the end we never went forward with this idea and still running the roads in our off-road POPUP setup. My office computer setup is on a flat table top with my laptop and Radio Support items all sitting behind our wrap around seating and unused tent bed area. My LAPTOP plugs into a DOCKING STATION concept will allows all of the items to be easily connected. You probably don't see many 24-inch dual monitors in an OFF-ROAD POPUP haha... This is my OFF-ROAD POPUP floor plan... http://i.imgur.com/B0JtldQ.png height=225 http://www.rvrentalssanantonio.com/14RT%20Floorplan.gif height=200 Everything has its place but all works for me sitting up on a mtn camp site sitting in the George Washington Natl Forest back forest road area on the WVA-VA wooded border state line hehe... Food for thought... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/16/14 05:41am Travel Trailers
RE: 5th Wheel Spec Height Question

You could always run some concrete blocks or some other raised platform for the base and place the RV PORT Frame on tops of the platform... I think you can also replace the side frames for higher one's as an option. http://www.saferwholesale.com/v/vspfiles/photos/B4L-12x26-Steel-RV-Carport-2.jpg height=400 Photo from GOOGLE IMAGES... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/16/14 05:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 12 volt batteries, solar panel and inverter.

With just a couple of 12VDC batteries you can only expect to use a small INVERTER around 300-400WATTS. INVERTERS take alot of DC CURRENT to operate. I have a 600WATT PSW INVERTER setup in my off-road trailer and I can draw around 300WATTS from the Home Entertainment items, a couple of fans/lights/ and recharge my cellphone and computers. I also have a WX ALERT RADIO and a few other low wattage items running. We draw around 20AMPS continuous from the battery between 6PM and 11PM and of course there is a constant parasitic draw of 1-2AMPS all the time. This drops my 255AH battery bank to its 50% charge state by 8AM the next morning which I have to re-charge back up otherwise it will do damage to the batteries. If you are wanting to run a 1500WATT microwave it will take way over 120AMPS of DC current from the battery bank to operate it. As stated above you cannot do a LOOP where you have a BATTERY running an INVERTER which in turn runs a Converter that charges the battery. Our science doesn't support this loop except in Star TREX movies. If you could do this then you would have an endless source of power. To do what you are thinking about will require a very big battery bank and then a way to recharge the batteries when you are off the power grid. Also all you can expect from a 7W Solar Panel is to trickle charge a battery. This is only good for topping off a charged up battery. I doubt if this 7W Solar Panel will even keep up with your always on 1-2AMPS parasitic drain with your trailer. To re-charge a single 12VDC Deep Cycle battery in a quick three hour time period you will need 14.4VDC with the capacity of 17-20AMPS of DC current to get the battery re-charged to its 90% charge state. A typical 120WATT Solar panel (alot bigger than your 7W Solar Panel) will only produce around 5-6AMPS of DC current when in the high sun and will only do this for 5-6 hours in a typical high sun day. It would take several 120WATT SOLAR PANELS (around 6 of them actually) if you wanted to re-charge a single 12VDC deep cycle battery in a three hour time period that has been drained down to its 50% charge state. Will take some serious planning and resources on what will support what you want to do camping off the power grid... take a look at some of the full time guys that live in the RV's 24/7 and note how many batteries they have on-board. Just saying... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/15/14 03:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: My idea for a Satellite stand with leveler

I got mine from a local RV shop here... Made by WINEGARD http://www.summitsource.com/images/products/ANW046.jpg height=300 This only has has a compass on it and also the up-down adj, CORRECTION: Mine has the BUBBLE LEVEL on it only not a compass... It folds down flat and you can wind up a good 150-feet of RG cable around it.. Being flat on the bottom it sits on my truck folding hard plastic bed cover just fine. being on my truck always reminded me to store the dish before leaving the area... Mine has a two port head on it and I run two RG cables from it into the trailer. One to the SAT RVCR for the living room setup and the second one for the SAT RCVR for the bedroom setup... Not all that hard to setup... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/15/14 01:43pm Technology Corner
RE: What is Quartzsite RV Show all about?

Sometimes called The biggest RV gathering on EARTH!... Hold on to your wallet... http://www.wheelingit.us/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/untitled.png height=400 Photo from GOOGLE Images Have fun finding your RV.... Not my cup of tea.... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/15/14 05:08am Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: 600 watt pure sign wave inverter

I have been using the AIMS 600WATT PURE SINE WAVE INverter for a few years now. I also have a AIMS 1500WATT PSW Inverter which is used as a backup and very seldom online. They are both hardwired close to the main battery switch. Has worked great for us over the years. I usually run around 250-300watts continuous over night and them maybe bump it to 500WATTS on occasions... My setup has two HD extension cords running into the trailer area being the Home entertainment area and a table top next to the front tent bed where we sleep. My gameplan is to run all we want to run on 120VAC using the Inverter and 12VDC item direct connected to the battery bank in a one day/night run when off the power grid. Then I will run my 2KW Generator with the trailer shore power cable connected using an adapter during breakfast each day to allow my on-board smart mode converter/charger to re-charge my batteries in a quick three hour generator run time. Where we usually camp has generator run time restrictions in place forcing us to plan out our battery usage real close... My 1500WATT PSW Inverter is to be used to run the trailer shore power cable with an adapter with everything turned off except the 120VAC Receptacles around the trailer. More of a backup thing as this will drain my battery bank rather quick if fully loaded down... My workhorse always ON Inverter is the AIMS 600WATT PSW model. Got my AIMS 600WATT PSW Inverter from AMAZON for $249 a few years back. Roy Ken
RoyB 12/14/14 02:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Batteries Stolen...Now What?

I don't think I would want to give up precious inside storage space unless just absolutely necessary. We always don't have enough storage space as it is. The best spot for the batteries is OUTSIDE with proper venting for gases and drainage for boiled out fluids... I have seen several good install of batteries using the TRUCK SIDE MOUNT TOOL BOX. The 48-inch sixe is great for up to four 6VDC GOLF CART type batteries. If you only go for two batteries which will give you around 225AHs you can always use the extra space in the side mount box for outside items storage. Your stolen two 12VDC batteries were probably around 200AHs or less. This is what a 48-inch side mount tool box looks like. Available from AMAZON and any number of auto parts places... http://b.cdnbrm.com/images/products/large/tool_boxes/delta_champion_innerside.jpg height=300 Getting one with the enclosed latch is probably the safest to have. Just having one with a lock clasp would not offer much resistance for thief. This is good install idea across the trailer tongue preferable up near the front of the trailer... http://i1270.photobucket.com/albums/jj603/lynnmor/FrontComplete-1.jpg height=400 You would drill down through the tool box from the inside through the trailer tongue. Then use the ROUND HEAD STOVE BOLTS pushed through from the bottom where there would no place to cut the head of the stove bolt bolt off from the bottom. The bolts and washers would be on the inside of the box... Inside would look something like this... http://i415.photobucket.com/albums/pp233/gilldawg79/149.jpg height=300 You may want to use a battery strap across each battery attached the sides of the box to keep the battery from bouncing up making the terminals touch to top lid when closed. This forum guy user 'GILLDAWG79' cut his vent hole opposite each installed battery as shown here and used a sink drain bottom from LOWES for vent. http://i415.photobucket.com/albums/pp233/gilldawg79/IMG_0802.jpg height=200 Sample photos from google images-Gilldawg79 The inside area opposite the batteries is great for installing BLUE SEA TYPE terminal block and fuse blocks as needed. The outside of the box is also great to install BLUE SEA 4-position OFF-BAT1-BOTH-BAT2 selector switches.. I always make everything with ANCOR TYPE 4AWG battery cables and ring terminals. All of the BLUE SEA ITEMS will have the lug mounts for nice looking battery connections everywhere... Since your battery cables have been cut off you may have to add a BLUES SEA junction type BATTERY TERMINAL BLOCK just at the trailer frame and then run new wiring from there to the battery box... While you are at it also note the PROPANE are also big targets for thieves... I mounted a long length pad log under the cover where the screw down lever is located. Of course being a standard lock this will be easy picking for the thieves but may slow them down. http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQL8d36Yny4EPYlIBqwu3MC0E5fVtu3mm0gc2-IwhL1taRYHES_q8DwN5ZO height=300 http://i263.photobucket.com/albums/ii142/dutchmensport/Trailer%20Tongue/IMG_1933-1.jpg height=300 The idea for me is to have outside lighting that comes on when someone walks up. This could also send you an alarm inside your house... My trailer has battery operated wireless motion detector modules on both sides of it from AMAZON that will turn on my trailer outside lights as well... http://g-ecx.images-amazon.com/images/G/01/th/content_26/Q2_2009/jasco-B0013V6S4M-1-sm.jpg height=200 Certainly ashamed you have resort to things like this. A good dog would help out as well... Insurance is great also... Roy Ken
RoyB 12/14/14 10:39am Travel Trailers
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