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RE: not a TT q, more of a forum question...

If that is going to be too large for you you can make it smaller by lowering the Height number and leave the width number blank... Mine is about half the size of what you have here and I included mine with a photo of my trailer using Windows PAINT program or you can use PHOTOSHOP etc so I could show both the trailer and my states visited map in the the same signature line.. What you see in my signature is ONE photo... Roy Ken
RoyB 06/29/16 10:04am Travel Trailers
RE: Pure Sine Wave vs Modified Sine Wave for fridge

Some of the HIGH DOLLAR HIGH END Modified Sine Wave units will work... I wouldn't do it myself but mayby you should try out something with a motor like maybe a 20-inch portable fan. If the motor speeds up normal and DOES NOT START GETTING HOT OR MAKING LOUD HUMMING NOISE then you should be OK I guess... We have found anything with motors-transformers-solid stat electronics really need the PURE SINVE type Power Inverters. These duplicate the SINWAVE much like is being produced from the shore power and generator connections... Again I would not do that here as I have always purchased PURE SINE WAVE Power Inverters which works well with all things RV Camping... I did have a HIGH END 2000WATT House UPS Setup that had internal Batteries to swith to when loss of power. It was a MSW type Power Inverter circuit and looked good with an oscilloscope hooked up to the unit and worked with everything I had conencted to it. This was a high dollar item however... I kinda put the Xantrex Freedom 458 in the high end catagory just because of the cost of the unit... What you are reading about on-line is these cheap built and low cost chinese items that you find in the auto parts stores and Walmart-Lowes... Hopefully some one on here that has the Xantrex unit will dime in here... but a local test using a 20-inch portable electric fan might give you an good feeling as well... You can tell right away if it is not liking your Modified Sine Wave. It will HUM real loud and try to run at a normal high speed when you plug it. If you leave it plugged in very doing this thene you will soon see the so called 'BLUE SMOKE' coming out of the motor for a few seconnds then it is toast... Your fridge uses an electric motor so it will do the same thing if it doesnt like your MSW Power Inverter. Just my two cents from experience.. Roy Ken
RoyB 06/29/16 09:56am Tech Issues
RE: Online search engines for camper locations??

You have to play name games with the google search... RV CAMPING RV Parks RV Resorts Campgrounds RV Camp ground Camping etc I use google map and google earth all the time... Love google earth as you can zoom right on down to the park and see the sites with shade etc... I read on one of these forums where a guy had just lost his mother and zoomed down to see the family house soon after that using street view and saw his mom sitting on the porch. Scared the heck out of him... I'm surprised how up-to-date these Google Earth shots are. We just had a hugh overhead Electricl wires and tall supports go in here feeding a local Navy Base. Just a week or so after that was put up it was already being shown on Google Earth... Roy Ken
RoyB 06/29/16 09:08am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Online search engines for camper locations??

RoyB 06/29/16 09:05am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Battery's freezing?

If a battery freezes then you will see the tall tale sign of cracks in the case and no fluids inside after all of that ran out through the craked case after it warmed back up... Don't believe you have a frozen battery. You do have a dead battery however and being a DEEp CYCLE it is tooast now since being sitting there all this time being discharged. Death of batteries start right away just when the charge state hits the 50% (approximately 12.0VDC) charge state. We work hard here knowing what is going on with our batteries... Batteries are too expensive to have to replace them every year... I probably look at my batteries every four or five days here and glance at the Meter panels to see their approximate charge status... My batteries will show 12.6-7VDC after being charged up and sitting for awhile. They seem to like to drop down to the 12.5VDC range and sit at that level for months just sitting there diconnected... When they drop to 12.2-3VDC I also will put a trickle charge on them. My original battery bank was up and running in 2009 and is just now showing lower performance which is dropping down to the 50% charge state quicker than before... Looking to replace them this season... Out of my four batteries I have one go bad in 2009 becuase I was charging them with a single mode charger and boiled out my fluids.. I stopped using the ssecond one just recently in 2012 - it was not holding its charge like it should. The remaining two is just now starting to drop performance - One is good and the other one goes down to 50% charge pretty quick... Time for new batteries as all the special charging routines don't help any more... Roy Ken
RoyB 06/29/16 07:13am Beginning RVing
RE: New Laptop - How Much RAM do I need

WIN10 loves to have all those windows on your screen in little bitty squares all running... Not like the old days when you only had one or two programs opened at one time... I am running 8GB on my QVC DELL INSPIRON I7 Intel Core 17R5737 Laptop... Being a Radio Guy I have a good ten or twelve BROADCASTIFY tabs up and running all the time. This is my modern day RADIO SCANNER... Then in addition to that is the WINDOWS OFFICE Email-Wundermap WEATHER RADAR and several FORUMS (Radio and Camping) I have on all day long... Keeps my dual 24-inch Monitors going all the time and is still very fast... Usually fire up my laptop at 6Am in the mornings and shut down at 11PM at night... Retirement mode hehe... My older XP Pro DELL M90 laptop is sitting in the mix running my radio ops and it takes forever to just do simple things... But it helps out keeping some things off the DELL INSPIRON setup... All in a days work here... Roy Ken
RoyB 06/29/16 06:54am Technology Corner
RE: Win 10 - finding Removable Hard Drive?

I just click on the windows ICON in the bottom left corner and select 'THIS PC' My main screen is setup like WIN7 with small icons down the left side side and a task bar on the bottom. The main screen is a screen saver scenes from my colletcion of DARK NIGHTS... Everything here looks like my old WIN 7 machine but this one screams speed wise... Roy Ken
RoyB 06/28/16 08:51pm Technology Corner
RE: Question on fuse size

The fuse panel you are showing is the 12VDC FUSE PANEL. Your Air COnditioner is operated from 120VAC and will have a CIRCUIT BREAKER in the Power Distribution panel controlling it. You will see the 120VAC Circuit breakers to the left of your photo shown here. The only requirement for the 12VDC with the Air Conditioner is to power up the thermostat... http://www.irv2.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=131539&d=1467126760 height=300 bsmith image If you are plugged into a 15-AMP Receptacle in the house/garage using an extension cord and RV Adapter then your RV air condition can trip your house 15A breaker during heavy use. You may have other items in the house also using power from the same 120VAC circuit breaker zone. My house was wired with 12gauge electrical wiring and I have a separate 20AMP Circuit breaker that was installed for a compressor unit in the garage. This is the only thing on the 20AMP Circuit. I use this for my RV connection using a RV LONG Adapter cord. In you case I would find a 15A Circuit breaker zone that doesn't have any other appliances or lights on the same circuit if possible. The garage is always a good place to plug in and usually it only has a few lights and a couple of 120VAC receptacles scattered around the wall. Just keep the lights OFF and make sure nothing is plugged in to any of the garage recepacles... Just my thoughts here... Roy Ken
RoyB 06/28/16 10:18am Tech Issues
RE: Tv antenna

Actually WINEGARD also makes a WALL PLATE ASSY that has the RF Amplifier "BOOSTER" located in the wall plate assy for 'non amplified' type Rv Antennas.... This is the WINEGARD RA-7296 Single Amplifier... "White amplified wall plate with on/off switch and indicator light works with Winegard non-amplified 75 ohm RV antennas. Uses 12V DC. The switch plate has an amplified circuit and 3 ports in the back and one cable port up front as well as the 12VDC (cigarette lighter) outlet. When you push the button (LED is lit) the roof antenna signal is boosted and the TV receives that signal. When you push the button to turn off the LED, it allows the TV to receive the campground cable signal..." This RA-7296 WALL PLATE RF Amplifier is only used with non amplified type Rv Antennas. https://cdn3.volusion.com/dxylq.nruds/v/vspfiles/photos/22-8297-2T.jpg?1329399158 height=300 RVupgrades.com image Looks exactly like the WINEGARD RV-7042 WALL PLATE power supply and switcher that most RV Campers have installed to be used with the BATWING type crank up antennas. I suspect in the early days this was what was being used and got the name 'BOOSTER' which has stuck ever since haha... Roy Ken
RoyB 06/28/16 09:11am Tech Issues
RE: Need Advice re: Campgrounds in Northern Georgia

We fell in love with CLOUDLAND CANYON State Park at the I59 Trenton, GA Exit. This is up on the Lookout Mtn and is a very nice layed out Camp Ground. Beautiful during the fall leaves... Has trails and canyons with waterfalls... Camp store is great with another store just outside the main gate... We always stay on the WEST RIM side which has the camping spot with Patio Fences around them... Really neat... http://i738.photobucket.com/albums/xx22/roybraddy/CloudLand2NOV200805.jpg height=400 Roy's image http://i.imgur.com/e9AMlm.jpg height=400 Roy's image Lots of good views out over the Looklout mtn... http://media.rd.com/rd/images/rdc/books/most-scenic-drives-in-america/hidden-gems-lookout-mountain-af.jpg height=400 google image Neat looking out across the West canyon RIM to the East RIM and see folks camping there... http://i.imgur.com/T6DME.jpg height=400 Roy's image Beautiful colors in OCT... http://i.imgur.com/YGUqg.jpg height=400 Roy's image We go back ever chance we get... Roy Ken
RoyB 06/27/16 05:34pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Townsend Tennessee from I-40

Coming in from the North still doesn't help you out for a couple of loop back curves between Pigeon Forge and Townsend... I have never taken the US411 exit off of I40 to Sevierville. I don't think there is any hard curves in it... There was always something funny about US411 on getting on/off of I40... We usually come in from I81 from here in Northern Neck VA. We always use the I40 Exit 407 at the 66 road and is the best way for us to go thru Seiverville and pick up 441 in Pigeon Forge. Then you will want to take the US321/73 road to head for Townsend. This will be a good road until you get to Wears Valley where you will find at least one loop back. Might be two in the same area before you run into Townsend. Its doable but is a real honest loop back. Might want to check your close in maps to see if you OK with it. The only other solution is to go through Knoxville on I40 and then take I75 to Lenoir City exit which is US321 and come up through Marysville to Townsend... ALl good trailer roads going that way for sure... We always camp at ELKMONT inside the Natl Park with NO HOOKS on our trips and use Townsend as our base town for shopping and supplies... Might make a run down throough Pigeon Forge and Gatling and do some shops... I always go to the COLEMAN STORE in Pigeon Forge to see whats new in the camping world... Penty of great places just before you get to the Natl Park for HOOKUP sites to camp... Be sure to do the CADE's COVE run inside the NATL Park at dusk to cath all of the wildlife out that way... I may have lost track of time but it may be near the season where the Synchronous fireflies that live in the NATL PARK at ELKMONT CAmp is doing their thing. That area fills up big time and even road closures for this event.. It may have happened already as I recall its late May Early June for the national event... Roy Ken
RoyB 06/27/16 08:27am Roads and Routes
RE: 50 Amp Plug at Home

This is a typical wiring configuration for a RV 50 Service. As you can see it is two 50AMP HOT legs. This is called a 50A service butin reality it is a 100AMPS service... http://i210.photobucket.com/albums/bb122/EdConley/Plugs/rv-service1.jpg height=400 google image You can confirm this by using this chart and a AC VOLTMETER... http://rvtravel.com/uploads/1/50_Amp_240V_metered.JPG height=400 DMBRUSS Image If you use it any other way in a RV setup you will get fireworks... The two 50A service connections normall feed two zones inthe RV 50A Setup and on some of the high end trailer you can get a 240V circuit to feed a Washer and Dryer combo setup... The two 50A 120VAC zones is pictured here in this typical pictorial.. http://www.dmbruss.com/images/FullTimingLifeStyle/Adapters/50ampRVDistribution.jpg height=400 google image If you use a AC VOLTMETER and read across the RED and BLACK ZONES in this pictorial you will read 240VAC potential. Since this is not tapped to be used in most of the 50A Trailers it is no issue. However if you make changes etc you can get into some very hot stuff...
RoyB 06/26/16 05:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Huntington / Fox Fire KOA -- anyone stayed there?

If it is along the rivers I would call ahead and check... Everything flooded big time from the rains from KY to VA... Many flood related deaths reported in WV... I see FIRE FOX KOA is just West of a Saunders Creek and large MUD RIVER... Being situated right off of I64 you are probably going to find it in good shape. I do see the entrance to the KOA is off of US60. Didn't see anyway to get off the I64 road there at the KOA... Have to get off I64 at exit 28 I guess onto Johns Creek raod that runs into US60... Good shot af the KOA using GOOGLE EARTH search. I even see the sharp turn the other poster made haha... It does look pretty sharp for a big RV setup... Not sure how you guys get to WV but we also take I64 across the mountains from here in Virginia. I would also check around the Charleston WVA Area where I64 and US 60 run along the banks of the KANAWHA River... The I64 actually crosses the river at Charleston - might be flooded there as well... they are all just now getting out to investigate all of the se areas... Roy Ken
RoyB 06/26/16 01:47pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Wiring Air Conditioning to 30 amp Panel

My breaker panel has five large full size breakers slots on the 120VAC side. I have the main 30A Breaker full size and then installed 8 half size breakers for the 12-circuit breaker zone I use. Circuit breakers usually comes in three different physical size... FUl with single breaker - Full with two separate breakers - half size with one breaker I got all of the breakers from LOWES when I canged my old Power Panel for a more modern WFCO 8900 Series Power Panel... Some folks like to use the same manf type breakers so get the model and manf off the existing breakers and LOWES will most likely have your exact model line... http://2manytoyz.com/rockwood/converter/dscn8388.jpg height=300 google image Roy Ken
RoyB 06/26/16 01:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: Winegard to Jack King

Easy chage out Takes about 5-mins and most of that time is used climbing on top haha... It will connect to the crank up arms with existing connections... The 12VDC coming up the RG cable will work just fine with the JACK... You will not have to use the 120V xfmr adapter that comes with the jack... http://www.americanrvcompany.com/assets/images/kingcontrols/oa8001.jpg height=300 google image Note the direction to point this JACK antenna to the local town with HDTV would be to the right of this photo... I really didnt have much difference on my setup but I did notice the JACK has to be more precisly pointed at the transmitter station. I only had it up for a one trip checking it out. I use it at home for a 'CLEAR TV' Antenna. My BATWING Antenna lloked like this model with the small dipoles added... http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b298/professor95/wingmanon.jpg height=300 google image If your batwing does NOT have those add-on dipoles shown above then the KING JACK will be a hugh performance over your batwing antenna. This is how it worked for me at any rate... Roy Ken
RoyB 06/26/16 01:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: help on posting pics

We just moved from RV NET to one of its PORTALS like WOODSALL or TRAILERLIFE... Never have any issues now making posts... Roy Ken
RoyB 06/26/16 11:01am Forum Technical Support
RE: Keeping camper plugged in at home

We do the same here for our campers... The one drawback for us is the charging of the batteries. If your converter/charger always just puts out 13.6VDC then this will over time boil out your battery fluids. I originally had a single mode charger going and ruined one of my batteries doing this. After changing out for the smart mode converter/charger have not seen any boiling out of lfuids since then. I still check my batteries every couple or weeks or so just out of habit. Roy Ken
RoyB 06/26/16 10:56am Travel Trailers
RE: Generator that won't break the bank..

I know you have seen the use of generators here on the East side of the US.reports in the forums... Almost ALL of the camp grounds and Natl Forest areas from VA East to the coast and VA south to the Gulf all seem to have gnerator use times restrictions in place at the Pyblic places. Even the real OFF-ROAD places I go to up behind Harrisonburg VA and the wooded West Virginia stae line forest tails have restrictions as well. No where have I found you can run a generator after 8PM in these areaa at Public Camp Grounds.... I uess Private land at NASCAR events allows it all night... We just don't have open DISPERSED camping around here like they do out West.. Its almost a waste of good money to invest in a high dollar portable generator for running your air conditioner. Along the side of the road and at Private places here and there is the only place you do it anytime you want... This was one of the main reasons I beefed up my battery bank and other on-board system to use less Battery and the only time I run my 2KW Generator is to power up my on-board Converter/Charger unit to charge my batteries everyday when we first get up. Most places allow you to run the generator starting at 8AM... No way will my 2KW Generator will run my 13,500 Air Conditioner. I turned off all loads one day and was just running the Air Conditioner fan by itself and was able to kick it on but as soon as it cycle one time it kicked the Honda Breaker, I have heard some guys adding a HARD START Capacitor for the Air COnditoner ehlps make it start easier... I looked at mine one time and didnt have one... We camp in the shade and like to run the roof fan pulling in cool night air at night when we finally turn in. Our camping style is mostly outside all of the time anyway with our OFF-ROAD POPUP setup. Tjhe High DOllar guys sort of get away with with big dollar motorhome as I hear them running all hours of the day and night here on the East side... Guess it is hard to tell if its a generator or their diesel motor running... I got the 2KW EU2000i Honda back in 2008 and it libes secured in my truck tailgate area under my locked fold-a-cover truck bed cover. Totally out of sight when not in use. When I do use it I pull it our on the tail gate and point away from other neighbor campers for my three hour daily run time. If I point the exhaust of my generator to my trailer from the tailgate I will set off my CO alarm... I'm sure some have found places to do it at Punlic Places but I suspect most folks just do it anyway and then turn it off when they get caught or someone complains perhaps... Just something to think about... Roy Ken
RoyB 06/25/16 06:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: Onboard converter amps output for battery charging

Battery science says if you hit your battery bank with 14.4VDC charge voltage it will demand 17-20AMPS from the source for each battery in the bank. Your converter/charger source must have enoough capacity to handle the demand. This will re-charge your batteries to their 90% charge state in about three hours time. It will take a full 12-14 hours to charge the batteries to a full 100% charge state. A 90% charged battery bank will have a good 99% of total capacity for you to use when camping off the batteries. However you must do a full 100% charge state for your batteries if you do more thean 10 or so 50% to 90% charge state cycless otherwise you will start doing damage to the batteries... You can run higher DC Voltages but then run the risk of overheating the batteries and boiling out their fluids... This is why the Industry picks the 14.4VDc rate. Does minimal boiling out of fluids for the short time of charging... This is all posted in most of the Progressive Dynamics Manuals for their various chargers like the PD9200 series. We camp alot off grid and have our battery bank expanded to run all the things we want to run in ONE DAY and not drop our battery bank DC VOLTAGE to lower than 12.0VDC. Then the next morning we will connect our trailer up to our 2KW generator using a RV30A-15A long adapater and run the on-board PD9260C converter/charger to recharge our 255AH battery bank back up to its 90% charge state in a three hour generator run time. usualy do this at breakfast each morning. Then we are good to do this all over again for the next day/night run off the batteries... Have done this method many times over the past few years when camping off the batteries. Stll have the same batteries that was installed in 2009... I never had any luck with my WFCO 8900 series unit ever going into BOOST charge states. It always just produced 13.6VDC for me... Changed it out in 2009 for the PD9260C converter unit... 13.6VDC will take days to recharge your batteries to their 90% charge state. Progressive Dynamics says "Required 40-hours to return the battery to 90% of full charge and 78-hours to reach full charge." using 13.6VDC Roy Ken
RoyB 06/25/16 10:37am Tech Issues
RE: 12V Question

Here is a typical 30A TRAILER WIRING CONFIGURATION... http://i.imgur.com/z4audc3.png height=500 If you want to run OUTLETS and other 120VAC APPLIANCES when not connected to Shore Power or Generator then you need to have a POWER INVERTER installed. These will pull a large amount of BATTERY CURRENT when being used... A 1000WATTs POwer Converter will want to see at least four batteries in your battery bank... Roy Ken
RoyB 06/24/16 06:51pm Travel Trailers
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