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RE: Good price on 12v 19" TV

Looks like a good deal.... Which model number is this CLC504E - CLC503 - CLC507... Do you know what the DC OUTPUT is from the 'BRICK' that plugs into the TV DC-IN jack... Some of those that I had looked at over the years are 17-19VDC... Assuming yours is working just fine on our 12.0VDC to 14.4VDC nominal DC Voltage range in our RV's... Also the one 'BRICK' powered type TV I was using years back was a bit to sensitive to DC INPUT variances bypassing the 'BRICK'.. It worked OK but did vary in difference viewing brightness depending on the DC OUTPUT changes using the on-board converter/charger unit... Running off-the battery when camping off-grid was the best stable viewing... Mine was a small 13-inch color TV before digital HDTV came out... When I am running my current VIZIO 22-inch HDTV from WALMART that plugs into 120VAC from my duty 600WATT PSW Inverter I see no change in running from the Power Inverter and the regular Shore Power connections. Just curious about RITE-AIDE CRAIG TV model... Might be a great BACK-UP HDTV for me... Hard to find the TV's anymore that run from the so called 'BRICKS' - Most have the built-in 120VAC cord it seems... I too would want to have a HDMI port... Thanks for posting... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/27/16 09:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tremont Cmg.-Townsend, TN-BEWARE Rates & Cancellation Policy

Oh goodie - won't have to worry about crossing their narrow entrance bridge anymore... Have camped there many times as well many times... Love any CREEK SIDE camp site... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/27/16 12:11pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Alternator output voltage too high, question

I see the 14.2-14.4 all the time when I first start-up my Ford truck. Then it starts tapering back to the mid 13's as I drive... The Truck Start Batter seems to work well doing this... When my truck is setting I see 12.5VDC most of the time on the VOLTMETER. They all seem to have going on all the time... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/27/16 10:05am Tech Issues
RE: Wireing for added tailights

Before you spend alot of monies BE SURE your tail lights meet the requirement of US DOT. In my State of Virginia the TAIL LIGHTS must have an approved DOT number stamped into the lens visible for DOT STATE INSPECTION folks.. I have done a couple of these on my JEEP and had to take them off in front of the SAFETY INSPECTOR before they would pass my inspection... Here in Virginia we also have required yearly RV TRAILER Safety Inspections... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/27/16 07:18am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Wiring 2 6 volt batteries

will look like this http://www.rzrforums.net/attachment.php?attachmentid=41308&d=1323916225 height=400 Th end result here using two 6VDC 220AH batteries is you will end up with 12VDC at 220AH capacity... You have created one pretty large 12VDC battery now... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/26/16 05:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Trailer running lights

I carry one of these 7-way Trailer connector tester units in my RV Tool Box. It's always nice to eliminate the truck side when finding problems like this... I got mine from ETRAILER... http://www.etrailer.com/merchant2/graphics/00000001/pics/T/R/TR20117.jpg height=300 I had to replace my trailer cord and plug one time and was an easy job as the leads were all color coded... Color for Color in the Electrical junction Box just under the frame... Mine used the large yellow twist on connectors... By the way I had to install a small relay and fuse in the truck fuse panel that was in an envelope in my 2010 Ford Truck glove box when I purchased it new. No markings on the envelope. This allowed the truck to provide 12V CHARGING for the trailer only when the Truck Ignition Key was 'ON'... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/25/16 06:35am Tech Issues
RE: honda 2000 generator with solar panel assist..

This is what I do camping off the grid alot. My 255AHs battery bank hold up good until 8AM each morning at the 50% charge state which I connect my 2KW Honda generator to the trailer shore power connections and use my PD9260C 60AMP Converter/charger setup to re-charge my battery bank to its 90% charge state so that I can do all of this all over again for the next day/run off my batteries.. My 50% charge state Depleted 255AH Battery bank demands around 53AMPs DC Current when first hit with the 14.4VDC Boost Smart mode charging which will taper back to around a 8AMPS DC CURRENT demand after one hour of charging. Normally I have to continue running my 2KW Generator another two hours to get my 255AH Battery back up to their 90% charge state... I want to add enough solar panels to give me my 8-10AMPS DC Current to use in the high sun to use for my battery bank after the first one hour run with generator. This should save me two hours aday for running my 2KW Generator if I have High Sun... I should be able to get my 255AH battery bank to their 90% charge state using the solar panels after I get past the original High DC Current demand running the generator first... I have always looked at the solar panels as battery chargers more than running them to operate appliances and lights by them self. Thats my game plane at any rate... I have enough room on the roof of my OFF-ROAD POPUP for two 100WATTs solar panels installed on the front end of the POPUP ROOF and a larger panel across the rear end of the roof maybe as much as a 250WATT panel... My goal is to always have at least a 90% charge state on my batteries before I start using them each day... This is almost like what you are wanting to accomplish but doing it in a different way... LATER NOTE: I see NOW you are NOT interested in doing this as I have listed so disregard all. (All of your comments were posted while I was typing up my post...) Just showing how I would run my generator LESS when camping off the power grid... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/24/16 08:51pm Tech Issues
RE: magnet resistance

It will be roughly around 4 OHMS... BRAKE MAGNETS will draw 3AMPS DC current when a full 12VDC is applied to them... WATTS-VOLTS-AMPS-OHMS Caculator Keep in mind all of the BRAKE MAGNETS will be wired in parallel so that will have to be taken into account if you just throw a OHMS meter across one of them... I would not want to unsolder or disconnect a BRAKE MAGNET just to measure it's coil resistance. That could create even more problems... I use a Sears CLAMP-ON AMPMETER around the one DC cable feeding all of the Brakes and hit them with 12VDC. Then if I have a single axle (Two Wheels) it should read 6AMPS or 12AMPS for a dual axle (4 Wheels)... My BRAKE MAGNET emit a faint audible tone noise when they are activated. Others will use a CAMPERS COMPASS up close to the BRAKE MAGNET and look for the needle deflection when 12VDC is applied.
RoyB 07/24/16 10:27am Technology Corner
RE: Full awning replacement

I'm guessing the replacement cost is going to be pretty high $1000 to $2500... Perhaps a four legged EZ-UP 10x10 patio awning from LOWES might work for you while you are working things out... They will cost less than $100... I see alot of folks using these up over the picnic tables in addition to their trailer awning... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/24/16 10:14am Travel Trailers
RE: Tent Cot Camping

When we was tent camping alot we always had a couple of these TENT BEDs with frame that had a slot to use a regular AIR MATTRESS... Those were great to use as well... http://dyn-images2.hsni.com/is/image/HomeShoppingNetwork/prodfull/origami-travel-air-bed-with-pump-twin-d-20130616170613627~259399.jpg height=300 https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/e4/36/ac/e436ac5bbfb9fd659b73a01a549e5bcc.jpg height=300 These came in two sizes TWIN and QUEEN... Got mine from Dick's Sporting Goods... Comes with nice roll around tote... I've recently see these being shown on QVC SHOPPING... We liked the two TWINS and just tie wrapped them together to make a QUEEN SIZE. There is one downside however using the Air Mattress to sleep on outside is the air pressure changes over night and you most always woke up the next morning laying sunk down into the mattress sometimes haha... You can see the edge of our air mattress portable bed setup in this photo http://i738.photobucket.com/albums/xx22/roybraddy/Facebook/Wall%20Photos/2406_1034514468395_1047_n.jpg height=400 Roy's Image Roy Ken
RoyB 07/24/16 05:50am Tent Camping
RE: This is a first for me!

Bill - Guess it looks better there than on top haha... When the man says get HDTV I guess you have to haha... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/23/16 03:57pm Technology Corner
RE: Unlimited AT&T/Cricket $60 a month

My Problem is I only have VERZION COVERAGE here where I live... All of the others carriers are like GREEN ACRES - You have to climb a tree or telephone pole to get out haha... I can spend a few dollars and set up a repeater/relay or just stay with the one carrier that works somewhat it seems haha... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/23/16 02:19pm Technology Corner
RE: What happens when batteries are low in charge?

Here is a typical 30A Wiring COnfiguration... http://i.imgur.com/z4audc3.png height=500 Note the 12VDC Power Distribution Panel runs from both the 120VAC Converter and 12VDC Battery.. The 120VAC Power Distribution Panel run from eother SHore Power or your Generator... A Power Inverter is an optional device that you install running from your LARGER battery bank to produce 120VAC to run those appliances as needed.. Roy Ken
RoyB 07/23/16 01:28pm Truck Campers
RE: $30 mini batwing at Fry's electronics

Thanks darsben1 I was too slow typing haha... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/23/16 01:25pm Technology Corner
RE: $30 mini batwing at Fry's electronics

Home depot sells them as well... $16... BATWING ANTENNA I miss browsing through FRYs Stores... Would stop by the one in Phoenix on the way home from work and when I got out of their it was dark already haha... The Antenna has a part number 05503... Don't know if one could trace that to a manufacturer or not... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/23/16 01:18pm Technology Corner
RE: Quality water pump

Does your water system work fine when you are hooked up to city water where the RV WATER PUMP is not required... The City Water determines the water pressure in this case... If you are only having water pressure problems when using the fresh water tank being pumped out by the RV WATER PUMP. Several things can be involved here lowering your water pressure... One quick test you can do is stick your winterizing tube down in a gallon bucket of water and operate the valves to winterizing. With the RV Pump ON you should see great water pressure coming into the sinks, shower heads, etc with the pump running... Air leaks in the lines are one cause for low pressure... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/23/16 11:31am Toy Haulers
RE: BC Cozy Campers - These are "small" for sure.

Thats my style of getting off-the-grid... http://www.bccozycampers.com/453.gif height=300 google image... I really have been looking at the more OFF-ROAD HD versions like these... Will go anywhere my 4WD truck will take me and get back too... http://cdn.hiconsumption.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Moby1-XTR.jpg height=300 Moby1-XTR http://cdn.hiconsumption.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Schutt-Industries-XV-2.jpg height=300 Schutt Ind XV-2 This one opens up with an elevated tent setup on top with ladder to gain entrances... These are very common type campers used in the Australia Out-Back camping... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/23/16 09:49am Travel Trailers
RE: Weather radio

We use the RADIO SHACK 12-260 model here, I went with the simple type ones as if you get the ones that has programmed spots for different counties and states then you have to keep programming those in as you move around the country side. Mine does a channel scan when you first turn it on and stops on the active channel... Another problem is you don't always know what county you are in so what you are listening to may be many any miels away haha I wired mine up with a radio shack DC AUTO ADAPTER plug and matched the right plug for the WX RADIO. This unit runs off 6VDC This allows me to remove the batteries and plug this into my 12VDC Sockets in my trailer. I got mine several years back when Radio Shack was alive and going strong. Don't know if you can still order these from AMAZON or not... http://sigma.octopart.com/490399/image/RadioShack-12-260.jpg height=300 Roy Ken
RoyB 07/22/16 01:33pm Technology Corner
RE: Arizona White Mountains Monsoon adventure...

Been there - Done that as well... We always headed for high country whenever we got a chance... The shorter quick trips We always headed for Apache Junction and run the Apache trail and back roads up and down the three lakes there... Had fun times in the Sedona-Jerome high country as well.. Jeeps and util tent trailers was the mode of transportation back in those days... Was fun with groups of Jeep Guys... Lived in the Phoenix areas in the 60s-70s... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/22/16 12:49pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Screws into the ceiling

I always use what is called MOLLY BOLTS. These will screw in and expand behind the wall that giving you lots of strength by spreading out the weight over a larger area. You can also completely remove the screw with this model and the base stays in tact... http://knoji.com/images/user/shelf-mollybolt.jpg height=200 http://www.howtodecorate.com/wp-content/uploads/061709wallanchor1.jpg height=200 Another popular bolt like this has a spring wing behind the wall but if you remove the screw all drops behind the wall... https://www.needco.com/Images/img/METINCP00002_49_PM_001.jpg height=200 The only other sure method is to put a back board across the area and use regular wood screws to hold up your items... Roy Ken
RoyB 07/22/16 12:41pm Travel Trailers
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