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RE: Windows 10 Update Considerations

I'll be with Win 7 on both systems until either I or Win 7 reaches EOL in 2020. If Win 7 gets there first and I remember how to turn on a computer, and why I did, I'll deal with it then. Unless Windows 10 makes some extreme improvements by then I'll probably look at other alternatives. My computer needs are pretty simple and Windows 10 in it's present state doesn't offer me anything I need.
SCR 11/13/15 03:11pm Technology Corner
RE: Windows 7 computer has me stumped..

It's easy enough to determine if it's a heat issue. Download free Speecy and check the temperatures. Be sure to un-check any additional software offered.
SCR 10/22/15 09:32am Technology Corner
RE: Years full-timing since retirement?

18 years, about another 8 months and it's squat time.
SCR 09/29/15 02:05pm Full-time RVing
RE: Closed posts

I believe attempts were made to correct the situation on prior occasions and by other means. However, those attempts failed or were thwarted and the problem continued and in fact escalated.
SCR 09/26/15 07:29am Workamping Forum
RE: More Winodws 10 questions...Backup

For full backups and Image creation I use Macrium Reflect I use the premium version but the link is to the free one. I used the free version for years but decided to purchase a license.
SCR 09/13/15 06:41am Technology Corner
RE: More Winodws 10 questions...Backup

If you haven't tried this already, make sure you first uninstall the Memeo program completely, then try to re-install it. Memeo said the version I was using and paid for won't work with WIN 10.. Need to buy their new version which I won't do... Can't blame you there. I'm really not sure what that program does but from what I briefly read take a look at SyncBackFree see it it's something you can use. I use it every day to quickly back up and sync specific files and folders. It's a breeze to use and you can set up tasks in task manager right from SyncBackFree. In case you don't get that it's Free from the name ... it is.
SCR 09/12/15 06:01pm Technology Corner
RE: More Winodws 10 questions...Backup

When using Windows 7, I was using a backup program called "Memeo"... It was bought and paid for.. Now that I have upgraded to Win 10, the program says that it is expired and I must purchase a license...I reloaded the program from scratch and used the product key with no luck.. Memeo support requires more informationon the problem and I just don't want to go back and forth with them to try to resolve the issue.. Has anybody used the backup program that comes with Norton Security Suite and if so.. is it any good? If not, I am looking for recommendations for a new and inexpensive backup program for Win 10.. I don't use either 10 nor Memeo but looking at their website it claims to be compatible with 10. Perhaps you just need to download the latest version if you haven't done so lately. memeo-instant-backup
SCR 09/12/15 08:49am Technology Corner

If I'm wrong I'll be paying the price. Actually when most are wrong these days your machine ends up becoming someone else's BOT and we all pay the price. Quit pretending you know what's best and take the updates. There are some of us that do know what's best for our systems. Computers have been a hobby of mine for the last 20 years. Nothing automatically updates on my 2 computers. Not Microsoft or any other software. I'm not saying that I don't do updates but I do research them to see if I need them. There have been a lot of updates from MS I don't need nor were they for any type of security purpose. I find that when other software wants to update it's for a feature that I have no interest in or need. I've heard of to many systems that were bricked by MS updates. I'm pretty unhappy with the way MS went about attempting to install updates to my system for the sole purpose of gathering information in preparation to Windows 10. It's my Internet connection that I pay data rates for not MS. In my opinion they tried to install spyware and ad ware. If I wanted 10 then OK fine but they should have informed people as to exactly what was going on and made it an optional but they didn't. I think it was pretty sneaky. Nothing is free there is always a price to pay sooner or later. I will not be going to Windows 10 nothing there worth the 8 GB or so downloads to update both machines. Besides if I updated both systems, one each month, I wouldn't be able to use the Internet for 2 months under my data cap. When Windows 7 reaches the EOL in 2020 I'll decide what to do then,. Hopefully there will be a new alternative to Windows.
SCR 09/01/15 07:27am Technology Corner
RE: Getting Trailer Home

It would seem that FMCA/Assist is limited to a Motorhome and may not include Travel Trailer or Fifth wheels. You can be traveling in a motorhome, car, plane, ship, or motorcycle to be eligible for this benefit.
SCR 08/29/15 08:40am Full-time RVing
RE: How Long?

Going on 17 years, still out here roaming around but I get lost more often now and my truck keys have gotten better at hiding, I think.
SCR 08/25/15 06:36pm Full-time RVing
RE: Upgrading to new computer

We've scared off the OP *sigh* Yep. Frozen in techno terror!:E:B But hey, it's good to know one's limitations and tolerances. Perhaps when I get a new computer, I'll use the old one to practice "gee I wonder what will happen if I press this...." I appreciate all the help. cts "Pressing this..." probably won't do anything that a reboot wouldn't cure...with one major exception. The "Delete" key.
SCR 08/24/15 05:49am Technology Corner
RE: Upgrading to new computer

Strollin has given you a very good definition of bloatware. I would add that before you dig in to it's a removal I strongly suggest that you create an image of your drive as it is now on a external hard drive. As you remove things do it slowly and not all at once. As you are successful at removing each item create another image so you always have a path back should something go wrong. I have never had an issue after removing the manufacturer installed software but you never know. If you know enough to make images of the hard drive, it is easier to reformat the hard drive and reinstall the operating system IMHO. That's another approach however the idea was to remove bloatware. Unless you have a Windows Retail disk you are not going to get a clean install but in fact will just put it back to factory setting bloatware and all. If you do have the disk it would be a good idea to have the proprietary manufacturers drivers on a disk as you will need them. To The OP... It's really not that difficult however, I do understand your reflectance. The first time I decided to do the bloatware removal I was extremely worried something would go wrong and I would destroy my new computer. It didn't. If you want assistance there is a very good website with very knowledgeable professionals willing to help over at Seven Forums All the geeks you could ever want in one place. Sign up, it's free, fill in your system specs and ask away. There are numerous tutorials available on just about any subject relating to computers and the Windows Seven System. If you don't have Windows 7 there is also a forum by the same group for Windows Vista, 8 and 10. Look at the bottom of the linked page for the group that fits your needs.
SCR 08/22/15 07:02pm Technology Corner
RE: Upgrading to new computer

Can someone define "bloatware"... in English? I don't know what is needed and what isn't. cts For the most part "bloatware" is a bunch of software that the hardware mfr installs on a PC (I'm sure they collect a fee from the software maker for doing such) that is of marginal use. Many times it is trial stuff that bugs you to upgrade to the "full" version. It can be system utilities (like Anti-Virus stuff), games or everyday applications for doing such things as word processing or spreadsheets. Many times the PC Mfr installs a bunch of their own utilities that are of marginal value. It is referred to as "bloatware" because most people don't use or want it and all it does is take up disk space. In many cases, it can also consume cpu and memory resources because often the software installs little "helper" stubs that run at Startup to bug you to upgrade or make it so their program launches quicker. All those little helper things take up memory and cpu without much benefit to the user. Strollin has given you a very good definition of bloatware. I would add that before you dig in to it's a removal I strongly suggest that you create an image of your drive as it is now on a external hard drive. As you remove things do it slowly and not all at once. As you are successful at removing each item create another image so you always have a path back should something go wrong. I have never had an issue after removing the manufacturer installed software but you never know.
SCR 08/22/15 12:23pm Technology Corner
RE: Win 10 data update costs, you thinkk its bad Here

Free isn't always free..... Free can have hidden reasons its free.... They didn't write Win 10 just for the good of their health.... Apple went to FREE OS version upgrade model several iterations ago. Don't hear a lot of MAC users demanding paid OS upgrades back? Wonder what the price is being paid for FREE on a MAC? The cost of the Mac is about one and a half or more of a PC with the same specs. That's a hefty free OS.
SCR 08/21/15 06:49pm Technology Corner
RE: Win 10 data update costs, you thinkk its bad Here

Probably because no one has ever tried to be this intrusive before with an Operating system. They are currently seeding windows 7 and 8 to prompt you to update to 10. I block outgoing big brother calls, even to Apple, OS X really doesn't phone home that often and I see all out going Big brother calls. Google is Horrible. But, my Car is not phone home, may gas tank is not phoning home, so they are clearly not in the same leagues as Microsoft. If you want a comparison Facebook is as bad as Microsoft. It's all about getting our information to sell. That needs to stop or compensate users. If you have allowed automatic updates to Windows 7 or 8 you have already let MS in to collect data and send telemetry back to MS. It was included in the updates. I stopped automatic updates from MS years ago and do it manually. I only allow updates that I have researched to determine the need and hide the rest. I never install "optional" updates. Of course this is not for everyone as it is somewhat time consuming and every system is different.
SCR 08/21/15 01:48pm Technology Corner
RE: Win 10 data update costs, you thinkk its bad Here

I down loaded to Windows 10. Works good. Don't care what info they get, it is not top secret info. When they stop supporting windows 7, you can then buy 10. Get it free now or pay later. People upgraded to 10 for same reason they upgraded to 7. When they stop supporting 7, in 2020, I won't be buying Windows 10. I will seek other alternatives.
SCR 08/21/15 06:57am Technology Corner
RE: Upgrading to new computer

I recently encouged my daughter and son-in-law to by a Mac. They thought that a computer was like a TV turn it on and it works. Their use needs are simple and it works for them. I have nothing against Macs except the price. I got twice the computer for the same price of a Mac. I don't mind a bit of tinkering, in fact I enjoy it. I don't have crashes, slow downs or any other issues. I guess it's all in how you go about it. I really don't think one is better then the other. Choice is what makes the world go around and the Corporations rich.
SCR 08/20/15 07:04pm Technology Corner
RE: Upgrading to new computer

A Geek told me that Win7 and Win10 were very similar... Win8 was a problem and to avoid that. I may have to find a refurbished unit with Win7. I'm going from Vista Home Premium. I never had a problem with Vista. But now... things are going south and it stalls, freezes, won't load properly... just on and on. And...more websites are starting to not support IE9. Very annoying. cts I bought a new HP computer 2 months ago specifically to get one with Windows 7 Pro. It has an Intel i7 four core processor. I also have a 4 year old HP with an AMD 2 core processor. I have not had an issue with either one. The latest purchase was made to pass the AMD 2 core on to my wife and replace the 13 year old HP XP machine she was using for her emails and limited surfing. The XP still runs fine and will become an experimental Linux machine for the purpose of learning. I will add that the HP bloatware is removed from all of them. It's the first thing I do. There is nothing that relates to HP on any of my machines with the exception of the HP propriety drivers. The removal of that bloatware made a significant difference in operation of all of them. If your looking for a gaming system then building your own would be far more cost effective I believe. I don't use mine for games. I don't think Win10 is like Win7.
SCR 08/20/15 02:43pm Technology Corner
RE: Win 10 data update costs, you thinkk its bad Here

Me...for one And Me. The more I read about v10 the less I believe the "Free" goes much past they won't charge you dollars for the new system. What happens after that is still murky, at best, to me. As it stands now you will pay with your data and they will use that data to make a profit. Nothing and I mean nothing is ever "Free" from corporate America after all their main objective is to make money.
SCR 08/20/15 02:13pm Technology Corner
RE: Win 10 data update costs, you thinkk its bad Here

For the sake of me, I cannot see why anyone would be updating to Windows 10 with all of these issues?? What can it do that Windows 7 cannot that is a must have? Because it's shiny. People like shiny stuff.
SCR 08/19/15 01:30pm Technology Corner
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