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RE: post closed

I will do my best to keep it, believe me..... There never was, will never be, a doubt in my mind that you will do your best... You're doing great! Do you actually know any other way? ;)
SCR 04/11/15 06:42pm Workamping Forum
RE: post closed

I never thought of this forum as anything more then the classified help wanted section of a newspaper. I wonder if these folks write a letter to the editor of their local paper offering their opinion on the jobs posted. Unfortunately our society has become meaner and nastier. Perhaps it's the anonymity that the poster hides behind. If this part of the RV forums is forced to close because of a few it will be a great loss to many.
SCR 04/10/15 04:58pm Workamping Forum
RE: Tv reception question

Only two TV's in your 8 1/2' camper? Good God man, how do you cope with such primitive living conditions. Heeheehee J/K :-) It's primitive if one is only black and white. ;)
SCR 03/23/15 05:40pm Technology Corner
RE: Do I have to turn off computer over night ?

I use a desktop and have never owned or used a laptop. Having said that my morning starts with turning on the coffee pot, start the computer and brush my teeth. By then I'm good to go. The computer stays on all day. When I'm finished using it for the day it performs some security scans, does any needed maintenance, images the drive to a second internal drive, synchronizes some other files from the second internal drive to a external drive along with a copy of the drive image then shuts itself off. Given that the my boot time is under a minute and a half I really don't see the need to leave it on all the time. Besides the coffee takes longer then the boot and I'm not going to do anything till the coffee s ready.
SCR 03/14/15 06:20am Technology Corner
RE: Do I have to turn off computer over night ?

I have a Dell lap top and have been turning it off every night. Is this necessary. It takes a long time to boot up in the morning. I have win 8.1 How long is a long time?
SCR 03/04/15 02:18pm Technology Corner
RE: COE public records?

All the bids once opened are in the public domain and must be available upon request. Not necessarily true. While successful bids are subject to limited FOIA unsuccessful bids are protected and exempt from disclosure. See the following pertinent part of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Title 48: Federal Acquisition Regulations System PART 24—PROTECTION OF PRIVACY AND FREEDOM OF INFORMATION 24.202 Prohibitions. (a) A proposal in the possession or control of the Government, submitted in response to a competitive solicitation, shall not be made available to any person under the Freedom of Information Act. This prohibition does not apply to a proposal, or any part of a proposal, that is set forth or incorporated by reference in a contract between the Government and the contractor that submitted the proposal. (See 10 U.S.C. 2305(g) and 41 U.S.C. 4702.) (b) No agency shall disclose any information obtained pursuant to 15.403-3(b) that is exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act. (See 10 U.S.C. 2306a(d)(2)(C) and 41 U.S.C. 3505(b)(3).) (c) A dispute resolution communication that is between a neutral person and a party to alternative dispute resolution proceedings, and that may not be disclosed under 5 U.S.C. 574, is exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. 552(b)(3)). 24.203 Policy. (a) The Act specifies, among other things, how agencies shall make their records available upon public request, imposes strict time standards for agency responses, and exempts certain records from public disclosure. Each agency's implementation of these requirements is located in its respective title of the Code of Federal Regulations and referenced in subpart 24.2 of its implementing acquisition regulations...... Read more information on the sourced site link below Source: Subpart 24.2—Freedom of Information Act FAR, DFAR and AFARS are included in all COE contracts by reference. More information in electronic form can be found here: FAR Site
SCR 03/02/15 07:25pm Workamping Forum
RE: Satt radio

Love our Innos, but they are no more. I think they still sell the Roady, but no memory so no my music capability. You can still find an Inno and Inno2 on Amazon but the asking price is ridiculous. Inno Inno2 They are showing only one of each in stock. eBay has some listed as well. I have an Inno2 use it everyday, purchased just before the GEX - XMP3 came out.
SCR 02/27/15 08:52am Technology Corner
RE: COE public records?

Ahh well to each their own. We did it for the money and the site was the frosting. We were not restricted to a specific area or district and bid what we wanted to do the job. If there are two of you working in a 4 on / 4 off 16 hour a day contract with the 8 hours you're trying to sleep on call. You're paying a far heftier price for that waterfront site then we would be willing to pay. Of course the less the hours the more valuable the site. Different strokes for different folks.
SCR 02/26/15 12:40pm Workamping Forum
RE: COE public records?

I don't think that the COE can release information on "Sealed Bids" under FOIA beyond the current successful bid unless the awarded contract is challenged. In addition I don't think that the FOIA is relevant to unsuccessful bids due to a specific exclusion. In other words you can't find out what I bid on a contract if I didn't win it. All COE contracts include reams of regulations by reference. You would have to do some heavy duty research of those inclusions.This can really make your head hurt and probably best done by an attorney familiar with contract law. Remember you are in fact contracting with the Department of Defense which has the funds for the COE in it's budget. As a former Park Attendant contractor from 1999 to 2014 I think I would have been very upset if one could simply demand to know what my bids on previous and current contracts were under the FOIA in order to use that proprietary information to under bid me. After all that's the point of "Sealed Bids." On Edit: Just to add. You in fact may not have had the lowest bid for the contract you win. For example, if I bid several contracts in the same district and I am the low bidder on several of those contracts the COE will select which is the most advantageous to the government to award me. That is to say if I bid $10.00 a day lower on one location and only $5.00 per day lower on the one you bid more then me you could win it. The government will award me the one I was $10.00 low on. It is not something where you can bid several different positions in a District, be low bidder on several and pick the one you want. The COE will offer you one without reference to the others. If you decline that offer you have in effect declined all bids made for that District.
SCR 02/26/15 11:23am Workamping Forum
RE: Any of regret going fulltime Rving

My only regret will be that I will run out of years before I run out of wanting to know what's around the next curve or over the next hill.
SCR 02/22/15 09:38am Full-time RVing
RE: Dont know where to put this

It's not going to as easy as asking in a RV forum. If it was we would all be doing it. Whatever you decide on will have to be unique and most likely involve the Internet if you are going to rely on repeat customers. Most campgrounds frown on in park advertising if not outright prohibit it. I wish you good luck in your effort..
SCR 01/21/15 08:14am Workamping Forum
RE: What's with the Win7 updates?

The operating system interface that happens to be on my system is of little consequence to me. I'm from the DOS days and rarely if ever use the interface provided by any of the Windows versions. It's just not how I learned to use a computer. Many complained about not having the Start Menu with Window v8 so Microsoft made it available. Quite frankly I never used the Start Menu from the second day I had a Windows based computer. I find it to be completely useless and time consuming. The task bar is just about as useless for me. Touch screen seems completely unnatural on a desktop system. But that's just me and it's not for many people.. I use other programs to create a menu systems to access programs, active windows and system tray that works for me. If Microsoft wants me to update the OS they have to give me something worth spending the money on, so far they haven't. I will probably be on 7 for some time to come or until I need a new computer. I'll be 75 when support ends for Windows 7 so it will a hard sell :R I don't for a moment think that I'm n the market share that Microsoft is trying to hit.
SCR 01/17/15 05:44pm Technology Corner
RE: What's with the Win7 updates?

enjoy the updates while they last, since Windows 7 is now "end of life" and in process of being fully discontinued and unsupported by Microsoft This will hlep clear things up: Windows lifecycle fact sheet
SCR 01/16/15 01:33pm Technology Corner
RE: Is there satellite reception at Smokemont in the Smokeys?

Contact you employer and ask. If possible try to find out which service provider the former host had. Otherwise I would hold up on a new subscription till you arrive and determine the possibilities.
SCR 01/13/15 12:18pm Workamping Forum
RE: negativity

Excellent, outstanding, much needed and...Greatly Appreciated !!!!!
SCR 01/13/15 12:06pm Workamping Forum
RE: caretaker position for RV owner

Sorry you got such negative feedback. I'll bet there is someone out there who would jump at the chance to stay in such a beautiful place. The problem is how to reach them? lizzie Seems to be less and less posts offering work positions here. My guess on why is each is greeted negative anaylisis by those who have no real interest in the work anyway. I agree regarding the negative posts to this and other job offers. Unfortunately people tend to post their feelings about a position without intentions of taking it no matter the response from the OP. You who are doing this know exactly what I'm talking about...Quit it... If you don't like the offer forget about it and walk away. Your personal opinion is not needed or wanted. On the other hand seeking clarification about an offer is quite acceptable and assists others that may be interested. However, negative responses to the clarifications... see above.
SCR 01/11/15 10:10am Workamping Forum
RE: Brrrrrr

We're in Quartzsite, AZ......NOAA.gov says possible SNOW on Thursday........I think I hate NOAA!!!!!! Yeah NOAA is always messing with the weather.
SCR 12/29/14 08:28am Full-time RVing
RE: WIN7 updates being blocked. Any ideas?

A young associate recently left my job, and the Lenovo WIN7 machine at his work station is now in use by me when I fill in at busy times. While removing things that have nothing to do with the job, I discovered that no software updates have loaded for a long time. Tried to load them, blocked. Ran windows trouble shooting, no luck. Spy Bot and Malwarebytes, no luck. Update settings are for auto, firewall settings are also locked. Heck, I can't even change the background pic. Running Security Essentials, no other tool bars or anti virus in place. Even created a Admin user, still no luck. Do I have any alternative to wiping it and reloading the OS which our IT guy did not run a copy of at the time of the install and who now lives in the UK?. Really don't want to have to buy the software. How can I find out if the software is even legit and can that be the problem? He wasn't named Slim Shady for nothing. BTW googled it also but opinions all over the place, and I trust the people this site more. I think you should go over to Windows Seven Forums Join, it's free, and post your issue in the proper category. There are IT professionals from around the world that freely give of their time to help with problems. They are extremely trust worthy.
SCR 12/28/14 09:13am Technology Corner
RE: 000 000 0000

Some idiot or idiot company spoofed our cell number and our number showed up on the recipients caller ID. The first day we received about 100 call backs, amazing how many people call back to people they don't know, until I turned it off then overnight we had 50 some messages returning calls. Some were called multiple times, their messages were pretty nasty not that I blame them. After that I didn't turn the phone on or check the messages. Verizon said the only thing that could be done was change our number which we did. Apparently you can't get in to much trouble for spoofing a call ID.
SCR 12/24/14 06:20pm Technology Corner
RE: Stupid question

The question is, how do I remove the TV from the stand? My RV remote batteries leaked and ruined the remote on my Insignia TV. I've been unable to locate a replacement remote and the TV is pretty useless without it. I tried a remote for a different model and it didn't work and I've tried a universal, but can't program it without the TV model number. There's no part number anywhere on the remote. There's a place where one may have been glued on at one point, but it's not there. I have an Everest fifth wheel and the TV seems to be bolted in from the bottom, but there's no screws, bolts, velcro, or fasteners of any kind visible. I need to get to the back of the TV to find a model number to look for a remote or I need to replace the TV. Take a look at Replacement Remotes Or Mr. Remote Or Remotes Hope you find it.
SCR 12/20/14 03:43pm Tech Issues
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