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RE: What is consider Full Timing to those that full time?

I'm a full timer because it says so over there <==================
SCR 10/04/14 02:39pm Full-time RVing
RE: Sometimes I Think I'm A Hoarder!

Your Hoarder traits will be cured as you make the final move in to your RV....Limited space has the final say in what stays or goes.
SCR 09/27/14 08:02am Full-time RVing
RE: The Reality of Full-Time?

I didn't see where anyone mentioned health insurance. I don't know if you have it now or not. I know you're young and most likely healthy but one dumb move can be costly. My wife fell last month and required 7 stitches plus an xray of her ankle, total cost was just shy of $3,000.00. Eight years ago I broke my foot, with complications, total cost was over $35,000.00 Just throwing it out there for your consideration.
SCR 08/12/14 11:03am Workamping Forum
RE: work campers/permanents/long term

Any CG that allows work campers or any type of campers get trashy is having financial or management problems IMO.
SCR 08/12/14 10:23am Workamping Forum
RE: About 99% sure it will work.

How about back to the drawing board? I hesitate to discourage you, but $400 per month for fuel will not take you very far! I go through that in two days on the road and your vehicle is not going to use any less fuel than mine does! Be prepared for very short and infrequent trips. I have to assume that the OP has covered the other expenses in their budget and is only speaking of a portion of their budget for fuel being $400.00 per month. Not knowing what kind of MPG the tow vehicle gets I figured on the low side of 10 miles per gallon and a fuel cost of $3.70 per gallon (The amount I paid yesterday). $400.00/$3.70 per gallon = 108 Gallons * 10 miles per gallon = 1,081 miles per month. Seems more then adequate to me. The USA is 2,880 miles wide so technically speaking the OP could drive coast to coast @ $400.00 per month in less then 3 months. 2,880/1,081 = 2.664 months. Increased fuel cost per gallon means less miles per month. Driving two vehicles means less miles per month. Less then 10 MPG means less miles per month. Still it seems to me that with careful planning things should be fine. If site fees are not covered then that is a horse of a different color. The Corps of Engineers offer a 50% discount on fees with a America the Beautiful Access Pass. for persons with disabilities.
SCR 08/09/14 02:28pm Full-time RVing
RE: Fulltiming with the Senior Pass

We've been fulltiming for about a year and a half and my husband just got his Senior Pass. I'm particularly excited about this. We really prefer public campgrounds over private and I think this will open up a whole new aspect to this already great lifestyle. I just wanted to start this thread to get some feedback on how other fulltimers use their pass. Any favorite campgrounds? Anybody use their pass almost exclusively-just going from one federal campground to the next? Any tips, suggestions or stories would be greatly appreciated! We're going to be doing a quick trip back East soon through Kansas, Missouri, etc., taking mostly Route 50 and then 70 through Indiana, Ohio, etc so if you know of anything we should check out along that route that would be great, too. This book is the best I've found for the Corps Of Engineers. Well worth the cost. Camping With The Corps of Engineers
SCR 08/05/14 02:18pm Full-time RVing
RE: TV is on the fritz...

The high voltage is shutting down for a variety of reasons, and you're able to do a crowbar reset cycling power. Sooner or later it will quit or burn up and fill the RV with smoke, then you will have a problem...... Everyone thinks these things run on electricity when in fact they operate on smoke. The electricity just circulates the smoke and makes things work. Once you let the smoke out nothing works. ;)
SCR 08/04/14 02:06pm Technology Corner
RE: Have you quit without notice?

I wonder what their reaction would have been if management came by and turned the power off, turned the water off and locked them both down in the middle of the night while having another volunteer parked in the road waiting to get on the site. All without any form of conversation with them. I can only imagine. To answer the original posted question, No. If I leave I give management a written resignation explicitly explaining why. This has only happened twice. I won't go in to the details but in both cases management told us one thing in the interview and did another when we arrived.
SCR 08/04/14 01:49pm Workamping Forum
RE: Open Tanks with no worries

Handicapped RV'ers would probably be interested in such a device.
SCR 07/28/14 02:38pm Full-time RVing
RE: A lot of respect!

Shiny STUFF ... If it Shines or has more then two lights on it it's gold. If at least one light blinks it's a best seller. The retailers sure have people trained. Kind of sad when you stop to think about it.
SCR 07/20/14 05:36pm Full-time RVing
RE: A lot of respect!

Stuff is funny. Nine years ago my wife and I sold her home and my home in the Midwest and got rid of a lot of stuff. Sale, donation etc. So we moved to Fla. and I had an 8 x 24 Ft. car hauler full of stuff. Then we built a new house 4 bedrooms 3 car garage etc. and we filled it with stuff. Well last Friday we closed on that house and are once again full timing. We sold stuff. Gave stuff away to neighbors and friends. Donated the rest. Had the Salvation Army come over with a 20ft. Box truck. They filled in from front to the back door. We still have a 10x20 storage room to clean out over the summer and winter. We leave for the road in the spring when DW retires. Oh yea and we are still fine tuning the stuff in the fiver. How many pens does one need. Anyway we will conquer our stuff. My rule now is if you don't use it in the next 6 months you don't need it. You never need it till you get rid of it, that's the nature of STUFF.
SCR 07/20/14 12:39pm Full-time RVing
RE: A lot of respect!

The battle with STUFF is never over. The very first thing STUFF does is hide to protect itself. It takes constant vigilance to root out and keep STUFF under control. Even after all these years of full timing the STUFF war continues for us, there is no end to STUFF.
SCR 07/20/14 09:44am Full-time RVing
RE: Best Spyware, Malware Recommendation

You are aware that Malwarebytes is not Anti-Virus Software. It was never designed to scan for a virus.To be honest, I've not paid attention to the definitions. I've paid attention to what works. My point seems to have been lost in the definitions, so to restate my point: Not running in Administrator Mode, even with no antivirus software, is much more effective at preventing viruses than running in Administrator Mode with antivirus software. IMO, running in User Mode is the single most effective protection against viruses in Windows systems. The only data backing this up is several years experience on 5 machines, 2 of my own and 3 of friends. Since cutting off Administrator Mode a couple of years ago, there have been no detected viruses on any of the machines. 2 of them run antivirus software, 3 don't. Regarding Malwarebytes, I've dealt with a number of viruses that were undetected by the antivirus software but detected by Malwarebytes. Malewarebytes was not able to remove some of them. I've not seen a single virus that the antivirus software caught but Malewarebytes didn't. Nothing scientific, one user's experience. I use a limited Admin account on both my systems and use a layered approach to protecting my data. I have never been infected on any of my systems since I started using the Internet in 1999. I think that the best protection of data on any system is an educated user. However, with an average of 82,000 threats identified per day in 2013 I want more then just running Malwarebytes from time to time protecting me. You can't argue with success and to each their own. I hope you continue to stay virus and malware free.
SCR 07/05/14 08:14am Technology Corner
RE: Another malicious site, like FBI is Blocking Browser

In 2013 there were an average of 82,000 new malware threats per day.
SCR 07/02/14 04:01pm Technology Corner
RE: Another malicious site, like FBI is Blocking Browser

This says "YOUR BROWSER HAS BEEN BLOCKED security-scan-8814.in". All I do is hit Ctrl Alt Delete and end process. I didn't run into any problems beyond that. I check my machine & go to Control Panel > Programs and Features. I don't find anything wrong. I immediately end task. So, nothing gets downloaded to my machine. Do these sites with these error messages cause any problems you can't see or detect? Anything is possible. However the problem may already exist on you system. If it were me I'd do a full scan with your AV and download Malwarebytes Anti-malware install the free version, update it and scan your computer. Malwarebytes Download Site If you are not comfortable and would like more detailed instructions I strongly recommend that you go to SevenForums Join the group, it's free. To get the proper assistance you will need to complete the "System Specs" when you join. I would then post your question in the System Security section I am assuming that your OS is Windows 7. There are lots of IT professionals from around the world that freely give of their time to assist with problems.
SCR 07/02/14 02:48pm Technology Corner
RE: Best Spyware, Malware Recommendation

In 2 years of running no antivirus software and not running in Administrator mode, I've had zero viruses as measured by occasional running of Malwarebytes. Prior to that, running in Administrator mode with antivirus software I had a virus get past it about every 2 months. You are aware that Malwarebytes is not Anti-Virus Software. It was never designed to scan for a virus. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is not meant to be a replacement for antivirus software. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a complementary but essential program which detects and removes zero-day malware and "Malware in the Wild"..... Source: Malwarebytes Support I am confused. How does a daily updated AV scanner (MSE, AVG, BitDefender) not get zero day malware before a manual once-a-week scan w/ Malwarebytes? Perhaps the following will help explain the difference: Malware Remover vs. Antivirus Software: What's the Difference?
SCR 07/02/14 12:28pm Technology Corner
RE: Best Spyware, Malware Recommendation

In 2 years of running no antivirus software and not running in Administrator mode, I've had zero viruses as measured by occasional running of Malwarebytes. Prior to that, running in Administrator mode with antivirus software I had a virus get past it about every 2 months. You are aware that Malwarebytes is not Anti-Virus Software. It was never designed to scan for a virus. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is not meant to be a replacement for antivirus software. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a complementary but essential program which detects and removes zero-day malware and "Malware in the Wild"..... Source: Malwarebytes Support
SCR 07/02/14 10:16am Technology Corner
RE: Bogus Verizon call

Notify Verizon security so they can put a flyer in with the next real bill. I get calls all the time offering me a lower interest rate on my credit cards. I really do have a credit card, It is a store card, I have no idea what the interest rate is (likely 20 to 30 percent) But the balance I know well.. $0.00, that's right ZERO, I'm not sure they will even honor the card any more as I've not been in that store in over five years. But they keep offering me lower rates on my non-existent cards. More then likely the first question they would ask if you called would be what is the account number.
SCR 06/30/14 01:53pm Technology Corner
RE: Best Spyware, Malware Recommendation

@SCR, have you "personally" tested your security methods for effectiveness? I have, and just don't go by reviews though consider them an effective starting point. Yes, I have and do test my system security. I use a layered protection scheme as well. There no single software or hardware that is 100% as you and I previously stated.
SCR 06/30/14 05:00am Technology Corner
RE: Best Spyware, Malware Recommendation

1492 You appear to be the goto guy for security in your workplace, where people get sloppy and tighter controls are warranted. But at home with their own PC, typical users will maybe take some precautions and not have to worry over malware/virus stuff very much - they want simplicity, and I think MS's new Defender for W8 and beyond is meant for us avg users. In the vid below, a guy tests W8 Defender and gives a positive showing. Demo of W8.1 Windows Defender built-in AV program Certainly not bottom-line proof of anything. But notice the point he makes about trying to stop all possibilities of unwanted internet. At the browser level, I could turn on one or more extensions/add-ons to do ad block, flash block, script block, etc. What results is a degraded browsing experience (almost no websites will show properly). And similar effects are seen on overall computer performance/experience when running stricter AV apps. I don't work in net security, and everything I comment about I currently use or have used on my personal systems. Are you saying you don't know how to install a program? That's all it takes to upgrade to a more secure AV package. The question I have about your logic can be equated to someone with a medical condition that randomly goes to someone off the street for treatment. Ultimately more for a placebo effect than anything in reality, because that is what they want to hear? Instead of going to a medical doctor or specialist who is at minimum acknowledged as having expertise in the field. The fact is, you can find anything on the internet that claims a point of view you want to believe? In any case, every company is going to claim they have the best product, as it's in their best interest to do so. And the reason that independent testing by organizations acknowledged for having expertise in the field is so valuable to the end user. Which is the reason I link to those groups that even the AV manufacturers refer to for feedback on the effectiveness of their products. Otherwise, the end user's info is based largely on marketing claims or opinions, which in most cases, tends to have little to do with reality? While I agree that the reputable testing organizations provide a useful service not all testing organizations are reputable. I don't think the average user will take the time to sort the good from the bad. Most will ask the doctor on the street what they are using for their security measures. It amazes me that people are always looking for the free or cheapest means to protect the information contained in their devices. On the other hand they will pay hundreds of dollars for the device and put the most sensitive details of their lives on it and risk it all on the Internet using free security software that they know nothing about or none at all. Occasionally I will visit the testing sites but find that the AV that's number one today may be number five in a matter of weeks or less. The security software I use, paid for, will tell you up front that there is no magic software that will protect you 100%. I have spent considerable time setting up my computer and understanding the needed security measures to protect my data. Most people will not take the time to do so. While I am far from a professional I don't consider myself an average user. I follow several security forums and have come to realize that most of the issues are self induced. They would not have occurred had the user paid more attention to what they are doing or if they had educated themselves a bit. @burlmart: I use several of the items that you referred to and very strict AV/Firewall/HIPS rules and find that my Internet experience to be just fine. Occasionally I will find a website that my security measures don't like but that's the point of having it. There are always other websites that I will not have issues with that contain the same information. This is not to say that our use of the Internet is similar or even remotely the same, it's just my experience.
SCR 06/29/14 10:12am Technology Corner
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