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RE: Do you think this is a scam?

If these clowns send out 100,000 emails and have a one tenth of one percent hit rate (100 hits), @ $5,000 each they'll net a half million dollars! I live in a city of 100,000 and have no doubt there would be 100 dupes among us...... :( People are so gullible!! Even the originator of this thread had to ask if this was a scam. Here's the last line of the OP's post Do they think that someone is dumb enough to bite on this? At least it make for some humorous reading with my coffee.
SCR 12/16/14 01:43pm Around the Campfire
RE: Windows 7 Update issue - KB 3004394

While there were updates for Silverlight included in this months cycle KB 3004394 was a root certificate update according to the link in my original post. MS removed KB 3004394 and issued KB 3024777 to remove the first had you installed it. Contrary to the initial recommendation by MS to uninstall KB 3004394 they instead now say to use KB 3024777. If you did not install the 4394 update before MS removed it or you uninstalled it you will not see KB 3024777. I elected to restore my system from a image I always make prior to the MS updates for just this reason. I have turned MS Updates off as they seem to be having some pretty serious issues considering this update cycle and the one that screwed things up in recent months.
SCR 12/13/14 05:37pm Technology Corner
RE: Windows 7 Update issue - KB 3004394

Just notified about this by the latest Windows Update that removes it. It hasn't caused any issues with me but you never know. There has been a range of issues caused by this update, one being that Windows Update stops working. Not all systems are affected and those that are do not necessarily have the same issues. I started receiving some errors in event viewer and my boot time increased.
SCR 12/12/14 03:44pm Technology Corner
Windows 7 Update issue - KB 3004394

Issue for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 We have found that this update is causing additional problem on computers that are running Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. This includes the inability to install future updates. The KB 3004394 update does not cause any known problems on the other systems for which it is released. We recommend that you install the update on the other systems. An update is available to remove KB 3004394 from Windows 7 SP1-based and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1-based computersMicrosoft Support
SCR 12/12/14 02:19pm Technology Corner
RE: Walmart - Internet on the Go

Sometimes you just have to take the bull by the horns and figure things out for your self
SCR 11/27/14 07:11am Technology Corner
RE: Dish Network loses 7 Turner Broadcasting channels

When I first went with DISH they offered A La Carte of 15 channels for $15.95 per month. They were hungry then now they are fat and well fed. Now I have 250 channels from DTV @ $107.00 per month. I watch about 15 channels. The other 235 I could live without.
SCR 10/24/14 01:50pm Technology Corner

20 hours of work per week for camping fees ..... is this the norm? at $10 / HOUR THAT IS 200 PER WEEK OR CLOSE TO $30 / DAY FOR THE CAMPING FEES. just checking..... Rates from the Website: Rates and Reservations Monthly- $675.00 Opening special of $590. Please call for details!! Weekly- $270 Nightly- $45 20 hours seems to be the norm. The minimum wage in Oklahoma is $7.25 per hour not $10.00 Source
SCR 10/24/14 01:42pm Workamping Forum
RE: Dish Network loses 7 Turner Broadcasting channels

The only thing I watch from Turner is CNN when something big is happening. Well, guess what? Yesterday I turned on CNN after hearing about the Canada shooting. What do I get? Lame MSNBC with Rev. Al Sharpton at the helm! I'm really honked at Dish. X2. I always listen to CNN when I'm working. MSNBC makes me gag even worse than FOX. I just want the news without the spin. DISH needs to get it together soon before I take a hike. I have Comcast internet and it would be a painless switch. There is no news broadcasted without spin.
SCR 10/23/14 11:16am Technology Corner
RE: Dish Network loses 7 Turner Broadcasting channels

Someday, cable/satellite providers will operate on an "a la carte" system, and I'll be able to pick my own channel package. They'll fight it tooth and nail in Congress for as long as they can, but someday it will happen.Unfortunately that is no longer likely. So many channels are owned by so few companies that they will strong arm the providers to keep carrying the junk we don't want to pay for or they won't give them the good channels. The only alternative (which more and more are doing) is cancel and use OTA and internet. That's one of the first things I'll do once I get off the road and settle down some place.
SCR 10/22/14 03:05pm Technology Corner
RE: Backing up computer

I use Macrium Reflect to clone the PC hard drive(s). Windows has some builtin backup and recovery stuff as well, but I've not used it. For backup of critical files to the "cloud" I use Carbonite. al I use Marcium as well. I do an image every three days and alternate between two external HDD's. I use SyncBack Free for daily backups of my data to a third HDD alternating between it and a flash drive. Over kill you say, probably but it makes me feel good. Cloud storage is out of the question with a 5 gig cap on data. Besides I have no idea who the cloud service is nor do I trust what they might do with my data.
SCR 10/22/14 11:44am Technology Corner
RE: Dish Network loses 7 Turner Broadcasting channels

Not much difference between Dish, DTV and cable or any other business for that matter. The current business model is give less ..... (Fill in the blank) to customers and get more money from customers for the lesser .... (Fill in the blank). As long as the customer keeps paying things will continue in the current direction. I'm old enough to remember when a business wanted to keep good customers but now there are so many people that they have three in the wings if they lose you so they quite frankly don't care.
SCR 10/22/14 11:33am Technology Corner
RE: Are Most Class A Motorhome Owners Hermits?

PatStab, well said! I don't think people realize how little time they spend outside their stick and brick homes. They venture out in their RV's on weekends and for some reason think that everyone should be outside as much as they are. I've driven through many a neighborhood with not a soul to be seen. As a full timer this is my home and after 17 years full timing I am more in to the comfort of my 'home' much as they are when actually home and not in their RV's. By the way I don't own a motor home new or old and never would. I prefer my fifth wheel but that's the whole point ...choice. Chose to be out, chose to be in, chose a motor home, fifth wheel , travel trailer, pop up or tent. To those who worry about what others do, and to much I must add. Does it really diminish the enjoyment of your camping trip if other people don't come outside and play with you? If so perhaps camping is not for you.
SCR 10/22/14 11:18am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Are Most Class A Motorhome Owners Hermits?

Six pages on why Class A Rvers stay inside???? :Z It's really none of your business
SCR 10/20/14 09:13am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What is consider Full Timing to those that full time?

I'm a full timer because it says so over there <==================
SCR 10/04/14 02:39pm Full-time RVing
RE: Sometimes I Think I'm A Hoarder!

Your Hoarder traits will be cured as you make the final move in to your RV....Limited space has the final say in what stays or goes.
SCR 09/27/14 08:02am Full-time RVing
RE: The Reality of Full-Time?

I didn't see where anyone mentioned health insurance. I don't know if you have it now or not. I know you're young and most likely healthy but one dumb move can be costly. My wife fell last month and required 7 stitches plus an xray of her ankle, total cost was just shy of $3,000.00. Eight years ago I broke my foot, with complications, total cost was over $35,000.00 Just throwing it out there for your consideration.
SCR 08/12/14 11:03am Workamping Forum
RE: work campers/permanents/long term

Any CG that allows work campers or any type of campers get trashy is having financial or management problems IMO.
SCR 08/12/14 10:23am Workamping Forum
RE: About 99% sure it will work.

How about back to the drawing board? I hesitate to discourage you, but $400 per month for fuel will not take you very far! I go through that in two days on the road and your vehicle is not going to use any less fuel than mine does! Be prepared for very short and infrequent trips. I have to assume that the OP has covered the other expenses in their budget and is only speaking of a portion of their budget for fuel being $400.00 per month. Not knowing what kind of MPG the tow vehicle gets I figured on the low side of 10 miles per gallon and a fuel cost of $3.70 per gallon (The amount I paid yesterday). $400.00/$3.70 per gallon = 108 Gallons * 10 miles per gallon = 1,081 miles per month. Seems more then adequate to me. The USA is 2,880 miles wide so technically speaking the OP could drive coast to coast @ $400.00 per month in less then 3 months. 2,880/1,081 = 2.664 months. Increased fuel cost per gallon means less miles per month. Driving two vehicles means less miles per month. Less then 10 MPG means less miles per month. Still it seems to me that with careful planning things should be fine. If site fees are not covered then that is a horse of a different color. The Corps of Engineers offer a 50% discount on fees with a America the Beautiful Access Pass. for persons with disabilities.
SCR 08/09/14 02:28pm Full-time RVing
RE: Fulltiming with the Senior Pass

We've been fulltiming for about a year and a half and my husband just got his Senior Pass. I'm particularly excited about this. We really prefer public campgrounds over private and I think this will open up a whole new aspect to this already great lifestyle. I just wanted to start this thread to get some feedback on how other fulltimers use their pass. Any favorite campgrounds? Anybody use their pass almost exclusively-just going from one federal campground to the next? Any tips, suggestions or stories would be greatly appreciated! We're going to be doing a quick trip back East soon through Kansas, Missouri, etc., taking mostly Route 50 and then 70 through Indiana, Ohio, etc so if you know of anything we should check out along that route that would be great, too. This book is the best I've found for the Corps Of Engineers. Well worth the cost. Camping With The Corps of Engineers
SCR 08/05/14 02:18pm Full-time RVing
RE: TV is on the fritz...

The high voltage is shutting down for a variety of reasons, and you're able to do a crowbar reset cycling power. Sooner or later it will quit or burn up and fill the RV with smoke, then you will have a problem...... Everyone thinks these things run on electricity when in fact they operate on smoke. The electricity just circulates the smoke and makes things work. Once you let the smoke out nothing works. ;)
SCR 08/04/14 02:06pm Technology Corner
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