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Bunk End Canvas

Hi, Anyone ever take you bunk ends off or have the sides pop out? My canvas is inserted into a metal slot along the sides and I noticed that towards the bottom, the canvas has popped out. I am sure other manufactures are similar. There is a hard rubber end the end gets inserted into the metal slots. I am able to reinsert it but it won't always stay.
SLSAntigua 04/24/14 10:53am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: newbie here looking for help

If it is just the 2 of you and no kids in the picture then a small Airstream TT is what I would get. Heat and AC. all weather package. Proven reliability. Silverado will pull it no problem
SLSAntigua 04/24/14 06:35am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: newbie here looking for help

Why would you consider a hybrid? Here were my reasons. 1. It is light. My tow vehicle at the time was a GMC Envoy with limited Towing capacity. 2. Under tow it is 22 ft, open it was equivelent to a 25ft Travel Trailer but had one more sleeping unit. 3. the Sleeping areas do not impact the living area. Find a travel trailer with a queen up front, a full bed in the rear, slide, dinette and sofa bed, stove, frig, bath with shower under 5000# and can be pulled with that type of TV. 8 years I Have no complaints. First RV. As with all toys, If you do not take care of them, they will cost you.
SLSAntigua 04/24/14 06:19am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Well who knew that deciding was this tough!!!

Sheripoms, What is your Tow Vehicle? You get all of the creature comforts in a HTT as you would in the TT. Bathroom is accessible. Frig runs on battery and propane for electricity. If you are unsure of HTT vs TT, ask yourself some of these questions. Do you plan to winter camp or cold weather camp? Now the HTT open, is probably 25 - 26 feet in length. Can you get a comparable TT with a similar layout and as much space and at what cost? Price, Weight and Tow vehicle are all factors. When we started, I had an SUV, GMC Envoy which pulled the HTT fine but getting a TT was not an option due to weight restrictions. Where to buy? Who ever has the best price but the real question is who is going to service it especially when it comes to warranty issues or arguing over warranty issues. Does RVT and RV Wholesalers have a good reputation for taking care of their customers? I'd go local and see if they can match it or at least come close. Sometimes there are added benefits to going to your local Retail Center.
SLSAntigua 03/27/14 07:02am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Found used 2013 Rockwood roo 21ss. Right price?

Obviously you haven't been on this forum too long because all of the Roo owners that I have seen here were very happy with them. I have a StarCraft with a similar layout and entering my 9th season and changed tow vehicles twice since. If and when I upgrade, I'll go to a 5th wheel. Maintenance is maintenance on any trailer. A skylight on a TT can leak just as much as a Skylight on a HTT. My maintenance has been relatively low. This year I am expecting to replace the brakes but that could be the same on a TT, maybe more so because the TT is heavier.
SLSAntigua 03/26/14 06:53am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Found used 2013 Rockwood roo 21ss. Right price?

Sorry, wrong floor plan, the 233s has the 3rd bed.
SLSAntigua 03/25/14 12:17pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Found used 2013 Rockwood roo 21ss. Right price?

That looks like a good price but would definitely not jump into it right away. It is late but there are still RV shows around and shop for the RV show price too. I have a Starcraft which is a similar floor plan to the 21ss Roo and the slide with the dinette and sofa works the best for me because it just opens things up. If you need that extra bed like the 21 dk, I would consider the air mattress Hide a bed option listed on Forest River's website.
SLSAntigua 03/25/14 12:13pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
Checked on RV and noticed a small leak from Skylight

Hi, Checked on RV last weekend and noticed the Skylight over the toilet is leaking. not much water but the seat was wet. Have one of those Roof vent covers and the Vent is open for ventilation. Hoping that since there was about a foot of snow on top last weekend accompanied by a big thaw, the water had no real place to go but in. I intend to repair the seams etc. I used Liquid roof the last time wasn't sure if anyone else used something different like eternabond. Secondly, the original skylight dry-rotted and broke apart. Are they easy to replace? Mine cranks up and also has a push button exhaust fan.
SLSAntigua 02/27/14 08:29pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Change Bed Support Bars with Cables

I think I'd prefer to still have the poles holding up the bunkends. I am a big guy, 6'4 290 and I think I need more than 4 screws and 2 aircraft cables holding my big ... up! Wouldn't want to find out in the middle of the night either!
SLSAntigua 02/25/14 11:11am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Dealer won't budge: What extras should I ask for?

Another thing to consider is just because it has a tow package does not mean it has an external transmission cooler which is a must for towing. Just an FYI. My last 2 GMC Envoys, the tranny coolers were standard where they were an option on Chevy's. I believe the same applies to Yukon/Tahoe.
SLSAntigua 02/25/14 11:04am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Dealer won't budge: What extras should I ask for?

WALK! 186000 miles? It better be a Diesel! If you are going to get something with that many miles on it, Check Ebay Motors and get a Diesel. The engine will last longer, it will pull the next 2 RVs if you upgrade and you'll get decent mileage. That switch is only for trailer mode which leaves the transmission in lower gear longer for hauling uphill. Crew Cab pickup especially if your family is growing. How many people are you taking? If that is reason for the Yukon XL, Look for a Ford Excursion, they came in Diesel and will haul what ever you want.
SLSAntigua 02/24/14 07:11am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Plagued with problems this weekend - Completely clueless

To Answer RandK-M, If you mean increasing the controller brake power, yes. While in motion and not applying the brake at all, if I dialup the controller, it will increase the brake pressure and virtually slow me down and stop. Returning home from Hershey, had not choice but to turn it almost completely off. But sometimes if I made a left or right turn, it would go completely green. Which leads me to believe it could be connector.
SLSAntigua 11/01/13 06:09am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Plagued with problems this weekend - Completely clueless

Here is an update. I read through the manual and it states that if you disconnect the red cable on the battery, it resets the circuit in the front storage compartment that mbopp spoke of. (I guess since you really cannot get to it.) I tried that but the battery is completely shot. I tested the battery which had 0 CCAs where when new it had 500 CCAs. Got 7 years out of it and I guess it doesn't owe me anything since unbeknownst to me, I kept it plugged in when not in use.:S I posted a question on Etrailer about the brake controller and they responded stating that power is getting to the brake magnets and that I should check the red wire from the controller. Also thought about checking the trailer to TV connection as well. Noticed that on the GMs the connector box gives you a schematic on the lid indicating the function of each pin connection. Thanks again for the replies!
SLSAntigua 11/01/13 06:00am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Plagued with problems this weekend - Completely clueless

One, there does not appear to be a problem with the brake actuator. The break controller still shows that the brakes are on on occaision. Weird sometimes on and sometimes off. Can't tell since if you increase the how much brake to be applied sometimes it will slow the vehicle down and others it is like they are not being applied. both times I am not pressing the brake. I am not sure of the voltage on the Battery since I haven't tested it. Thinking the battery was completely dead, I connected it to a Diehard trickle charger and it is showing fully charged. I checked fuses but I had no idea there was a box in the front compartment. I think I know what you are referring to. Getting to it is going to be fun. Is there an access to it from inside rv? I guess if that is tripped then putting a new battery in isn't really going to change anything?
SLSAntigua 10/29/13 10:07am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Plagued with problems this weekend - Completely clueless

First of all, thanks for all of the replies! :) I checked all of the fuses. but never thought of the actuator was the problem. If that had been pulled out like on our last trip when I first noticed it, even after parking it, would it have killed the battery just sitting there?
SLSAntigua 10/27/13 03:52pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
Plagued with problems this weekend - Completely clueless

Hi, Was taking weekend trip to Hershey Park this weekend and from the moment I disconnected the power to the house, my troubles started. As soon as I disconnected shore power, the propane alarm went off. Went to turn on lights, no lights and alarm went off. Basically no power from battery. Shore power everything works fine. Connected battery charger, full green lights but still no power...has the battery discharged? I have not monitor or pump ability either Interstate battery, 8 years old. Time for replacement? Second dilemma, since shore power worked, I could still use it. Brake controller is activating when not pressing the brake pedal on TV. Disconnected, reconnected. pushed the brake a few times it stopped but as soon as I pulled away and the next time I had to brake, brake controller remained on. Tekonesha brake controller. turned left of right and it world return to normal. a week prior I had an issue with the Cruise control on TV but only in the afternoon meaning, I could not turn it on. Does the controller think the brakes are on? is the controller going bad, is it the vehicle connector. This was our last trip for the season so we still made the 2 hour trip and had a great time aside from twisting my ankle. Could the brake controller issue and battery issues be related?
SLSAntigua 10/27/13 02:23pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
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