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RE: Your trailer usage anually

10 year average towing distance is just under 7,000 miles a year. Lot of 3 and 4 day weekends, generally 18 to 20 of those a year. 2 to 3 10 to 14 day trips per year. To much driving not enough camping, but that will change in about 6 weeks when both the wife and I have chosen to retire.
Searching_Ut 04/21/17 05:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: AGM Battery Longevity

As a general rule of thumb, a properly maintained AGM battery life expectancy will be about 12 percent less than a comperable well maintained flooded cell battery. How long that will be depends on a lot of factors but can be quite predictable. As has been mentioned, you need to find a way to do a load based capacity test. If you find your battery has 80 percent or better of your original capacity you're inside most mill specs and have a good battery. If your under that depending on your specific needs you might still be okay for quite some time. With most good batteries you can find a manufactures life cycle chart which is helpful in figuring out how much additional life you can expect from that particular battery.
Searching_Ut 04/21/17 05:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Who tows with a '13 or newer Ram

Have a 2015 SRW Ram, AISIN tranny. For towing a 5er configured as my generally is at just under 15k it does good, really comfortable seats and ride that work for long towing days up to a thousand miles. Quite reasonable fuel economy for a 1-ton. You're hearing all sorts of pluses, so I'll list a few of what I consider to be faults: Brake controller doesn't give full braking at slower speed and may or may not give full braking to trailer in a panic stop even at high speed. If you have the center console installing a controller that works is difficult due to space constraints. Auto rear air suspension and snowy/cold weather don't get along well. Most noticeable if you tow in the cold/snow where it's common to get a "Service Air Suspension" light when you start up after having been parked for a bit. The fixes they've come up with so far for the issue help but don't fix it. AISIN transmission far more prone to hunting than the Chrysler variants. You end up having to manually select your gearing most of the time when towing. As mentioned by others, steering is typical Ram somewhat vague feeling setup. Not bad really, but nowhere near as nice as the steering in comparable Chevy trucks for instance. These trucks are definitely freeway cruisers and not for running empty on winding mountain roads.
Searching_Ut 04/20/17 07:50am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Vacuum cleaners

Our 5er came with a Dyson Cordless rather than central vac system. Seems to work good, plenty of power and the batteries last more than long enough for use in such a small area.
Searching_Ut 04/18/17 08:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: How long is too long?

It all depends on what sort of camping you intend to do. For "RV Park" camping, more often than not you can get rigs in there up to or over 40 feet, and won't necessarily have to fit the Tow vehicle and trailer in the same spot. These are the sorts of places with dump stations or hook ups, and that are listed in places like RVParkReviews etc. For Forest service and BLM type camping, my current rig at a little over 35 foot listed is to big for at least 65 percent or more of the campgrounds I'm aware of in Utah. They're the sorts of campgrounds with long dirt roads to get there, maybe a pit toilet and if you're really lucky a source of water somewhere in the campground. Of course all the best campsites I'm aware of involve getting there via backpack. In the end, it's all a mater of compromise and which style of camping you, and more importantly the spouse prefer.
Searching_Ut 04/17/17 08:34pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: CPAP Machines RV's

With my current rig I simply run a 600 watt pure sine inverter powering the whole rig at night. Runs my runs my S-9 Vpap through the night without any significant drain on the batteries even if I run the heater. The inverter is also powering our cell phone chargers, an alarm clock etc. With our previous rig which we boondocked in almost exclusively without solar I had a separate group 24 battery running a 400 watt pure sine inverter that powered my machine. If we were only going to be camping 3 or 4 nights on long weekends which was our most common type camping I never bothered with charging the battery back up until we got back home. It would make it 4 nights before hitting the 50 percent SOC level most of the time.
Searching_Ut 04/16/17 08:29pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Water Muley Lookup -- Blanding UT

There is an RV park in Monticello as you're coming into town from the Moab area that I've dumped at before for a 5 dollar fee. Can't remember the name of it but it's right across from the Rodeway inn motel. Blanding also has an RV park that will let you dump for a fee but I've only stayed there, not stopped to dump only. Not any city/public places to dump that I'm aware of other than the commercial RV parks unless you hit the one in canyonlands.
Searching_Ut 04/15/17 09:59pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Duel Fuel Class A

Many years ago, many of the fleet vehicles we'd use were converted to run on propane. The conversions never worked well. They had noticeably less power, were hard to impossible to start in colder weather without starting on gas and converting once warmed up. Of course the tanks were huge as well taking up half the bed of the truck. For a RV where pulling power is always in need I would think they would be a poor choice. Again, the trucks I'm discussing were gasoline converted to propane. Had they been designed from the ground up to run on propane the outcome may have been different.
Searching_Ut 04/13/17 08:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Which UTAH State & National Parks Should Not Be Missed

.... Gunlock SP and/or Sand Hollow SP Gunlock is okay if you're boating/playing with kayaks, paddle boards etc. It's just a place to camp on a reservoir. Sand Hollow is a more scenic Reservoir for water recreation and has one of the best play areas in the state for ATV riding, both sand dunes and serious rock crawling options. Neither is really worth visiting if not into the water or ATV stuff in my opinion. (I personally spend at least 3 or 4 days every year at sand hollow) Otter Creek SP Not particularly scenic, primarily a reservoir for water recreation and a good ATV trail base camp Bryce Canyon NP Personally prefer a couple days here. You want to hike down through the formations if possible, take in the sunrise and sunset over the formations and check out the night skies. One good option is to camp at Kodachrome Basin instead and drive here for the day. Kodachrome (Check out as passing enroute?) Has about 5 or 6 hours of hiking trails that will give you the gist of the area, fantastic night skies, tends to be a really quiet campground to where you find yourself amazed at how noisy the airlines are way up in the sky. Capital Reef State Park It's a National Park, has a lot of great hiking trails, quit pleasant campground. You could easily spend weeks exploring here although most seem to just drive through Goblin SP Interesting area to explore and hike. Nice little campground here as well. You also have some easily accessed slot canyons in the area. Depending on how much you enjoy hiking, spend anywhere from a couple hours to a couple days. Arches NP Depending on your hiking ability, how early you start, and how crowded it is you can see most of what is worth seeing in a long day. Moab (where best to stay O/N here, ideally boon docking but ..... and how long to explore?) Canyonlands NP Dead Horse Point SP (Is this worthy compared to what else we'll be doing?) Huntington SP - ?worth a look see enroute or ? Just a reservoir in a not particularly scenic location. Good base camp for driving out to the dinosaur quarry, or a reasonable drive to the little grand canyon area. Starvation SP - ?worth detouring a little to check out? Water recreation on a reservoir, nice base area for ATV riding Deer Creek SP - ?look see or worth staying at O/N? Again, just a reservoir for water recreation or area to base for ATV riding ....
Searching_Ut 04/12/17 08:29pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Hwy 14 from Cedar City to Bryce Canyon?

14 is a beautiful area to play in on and around. Makes a good destination in itself. That said, this time of year, while the road is open and clear, you still have a fair bit snow on the upper elevations. The road tops out at around 10,000 feet. Cedar breaks at the top, go a little north and hit Brian Head ski area. Coming down the east side there are some nice campgrounds, lakes, lava tubes to explore, you can do a short hike and check out where part of the virgin river comes out of the mountain prior to heading down through Zion. Unfortunately, most of this isn't really available yet due to the snow, especially the stuff where you drive down a dirt road for a bit to get there. I've towed many rigs up that road over the years as it's popular recreation area. My personal thoughts are it's a good easy drive although bit of a workout for the engine on the pull. No issues at all with a car.
Searching_Ut 04/11/17 09:06pm Roads and Routes
RE: Stopping For Gas

Once you get used to it you will find it natural to asses fuel stations as you drive by. As has been mentioned, plan your route out prior to pulling in. Keep in mind that the longer the trailer, the more likely it is to have a lot of ass end swing if you try and turn sharply while leaving the pumps. While I've never tried it, I'm thinking hitting a fuel pump is a bad idea. Sounds tough, but I rarely use truck stops and seem to find places to gas up even in small towns. Have had to back out of the pump a couple times though.
Searching_Ut 04/10/17 07:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: li fe po4 battery upgrade?

I personally don't see Lifepo4 batts becoming mainstream for RV's in the foreseeable future. I was involved in field testing them for the military a couple times in recent years and they did considerably worse than we anticipated based on accelerated lab testing. The cumulative effects of temperature, sitting idle fully charged etc. we encountered in real use had a considerably more of a negative affect on life than the manufacturer data had us expecting. You'll want to make sure your BMS takes care of shutting things down during discharge when any single cell drops too low, build in protections to prevent charging when too cold, or too hot, and I personally wouldn't take the battery into the top 10 percent of it's capacity either keeping it between 90 percent and 20 percent. If possible it would be good to have a method for dumping the charge down to about 40 percent if it's going to be sitting idle for more than a couple days, especially in hot weather. Finally, keep in mind that personal observation compared to measured data can be significantly different with new technology. People tend to see what they expect to see. It's also wise to compare apples to apples. Those using batteries in a marine environment, or maybe aircraft environment face significantly different conditions temperature extreme wise than what you might encounter in a land based RV. Finding data for use in situations closely resembling what you may encounter can be difficult give the relatively small amount of information currently available.
Searching_Ut 04/10/17 06:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Fifth Wheel "airbag" kingpins

I had to replace my pin box for reasons other than ride quality, and decided to put a 5th airborne on it just to ease the pounding on the 5er. Many of the issues I've had over the years with my assorted RVs have been a result of the pounding they take going down the road. It makes a noticeable difference in how well things stay in place in the refrigerator, cupboards etc. It also makes a noticeable difference in the truck when you hit the hard bumps, uneven concrete joints etc. Hard to quantify effects but I'd say it's worth it. Not sure I would have changed it though if not for needing to replace the pin box though as the ride was already good.
Searching_Ut 04/10/17 06:37pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Why did you choose a 5th wheel

It's all personal preference. I've owned an assortment of TT's, a class A, rented both class C and diesel pusher, and finally settled on the 5er primarily because the wife absolutely loves the floorplan. It also seems the best compromise for me so we finally found something we're both completely happy with. As for which is most comfortable driving, I actually prefer the 5er over even the diesel pusher. Seats are very comfortable, rides quite smooth when loaded, easy to do long days if needed. I tend to feel the need to call it a day sooner when driving a motorhome. Downsides to the 5er is you have a large truck as your daily driver. I deliberately kept to a weight towable by a SRW which helps, and have always been a truck guy but a truck is a pain sometimes in city type driving/parking situations. Downside to the motorhome is that you need a toad, and can't back up without unhooking it. Floor plans just don't seem as nice either. For pulling into the spot, I find motorhome quicker and easier with pull throughs, 5er a better quicker option when backing in. Assuming auto level in both rigs, time is about the same. No matter which you choose, you can hit the same destinations, and enjoy the same adventures.
Searching_Ut 04/08/17 10:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New 5th wheel doesn't tow well

When my Andersen hitch trashed my pin box I installed an 5th airborne pin box to go with the new B&W hitch. While I wasn't really experiencing chucking to any extent prior to the new pin box, the towing now is considerably smoother. How did the damage happen and what kind of damage did the Anderson do to the pin box? Initial Post on Damage Follow up I'm actually pretty surprised I haven't seen more on the issues posted in the forums. In talking to folks since I had my problems I've encountered numerous folks who have had issues once I start talking with them. The difference really doesn't make sense when you compare it to reviews etc you read.
Searching_Ut 04/02/17 09:05am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Generators and Inverters

We have been looking at 5ers a lot recently and I noticed only one we saw had a generator and none of then m had an Inverter. What do u guys do for any kind of power when over-nighting at a Rest Area, Walmart or Truck Stop? With my fifth wheel over-nighting in a parking lot where you can't put out the slides means you really don't need AC power either. Without the slides out you have access to the bed from one side, access to the bathroom, and little to no access to the living room kitchen etc. For boondocking, portable inverter generators, bigger battery bank, inverter and solar panels easily run everything but the AC.
Searching_Ut 04/02/17 08:40am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New 5th wheel doesn't tow well

When weighing, it will let me know the total weight of the trailer, but how do I determine pin weight? Do they have a method to weigh just at the pin? Look up how to weigh RV on CAT Scales. There is a Youtube video or two out on how to do it, and several good webpages. You pull on the scale so that the front truck wheels are on one scale, back truck wheels on scale 2, and the trailer axles on scale 3. Get the weight, then weigh again with the truck only. By seeing how much extra weight is being carried by the truck with the trailer hooked up you'll know what the pin weight is. In your case with the Andersen adapter your front truck wheels will probably a few pounds lighter with the trailer hooked up because the hitch carries the weight slightly behind the rear axle.
Searching_Ut 04/01/17 09:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Preparing RV for trip to Europe

I did 4 separate tours in Europe during my Air Force Days. We'd take all our household appliances and run them off transformers. It would be easy to wire one in-line to your power cord and power the whole trailer. I wouldn't expect you to have any issues with any electronics on the transformer, but induction type devices such as motors run a little hot on 50hz. I'd check the microwave, and air conditioner specifications and see if they rated 50/60 Hz or just 60 Hz. If they are only rated 60 Hz they might fail on you a little sooner than normal but you'll probably get away with it. For my gas grill I used "Calor Gas" which were an exchange tank service like you see in America. I bought an adapter over there that allowed me to connect those tanks to my US gas grill. I didn't take an RV over there so I'm not sure how hard it would be to get tanks filled vs the exchange tanks, which I only used in England, not on the continent. To ship a propane tank you have to get it certified as drained and purged which cost as much as buying a new tank when I got over there. I'm assuming you will have to register your truck in a country in Europe. I believe it will fail in any of the countries I can think of unless you add amber/yellow turn signals in the rear, and possibly a rear fog light depending on where you're registering it. You'll want to check on that before you ship your truck. Sounds like a fun adventure.
Searching_Ut 03/31/17 08:51pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: New 5th wheel doesn't tow well

As others have mentioned, weighing your truck, and truck trailer combination might provide some useful information. You Goosneck ball mount version of the Andersen hitch moves the center of gravity of your pin weight 4 inches aft of the bed goose neck ball, which was probably pretty close to right over the axle, resulting in your now carrying the weight behind the rear axle. This coupled with possibly being a little on the heavy side pin weight wise for your suspension can make the ride less than Ideal. Beefing up the load carrying capacity via Air Bags, or other means might help if this is the case. (Again real weights would be of benefit) When my Andersen hitch trashed my pin box I installed an 5th airborne pin box to go with the new B&W hitch. While I wasn't really experiencing chucking to any extent prior to the new pin box, the towing now is considerably smoother.
Searching_Ut 03/31/17 04:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: converting a Sprinter with Ikea "stuff"

The laminated particle board used in most Ikea furniture is both heavy, and weak when it comes to holding up to the sorts of vibration, shaking, flexing it's going to encounter in RV type applications. It's almost amazing how much you can tear stuff up driving down the road, even if you're using well made stuff,
Searching_Ut 03/30/17 04:44pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
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