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RE: Solar Panels

It really depends on how much power your particular refriderator uses, and the conditions you camp in. Most of the information I see on the net in regards to soar requirements drastically underestimates in my opinion. You also need to account for other uses such as parasitic draw, lights, tv if you'll be watching that any etc. For my system euth flat mounted panels I plan on 70 percent of rated output as an average. In the spot I'm in now trees shade part of the panels 3 to 4 hours towards evening. Hasn't made much difference though as we have been getting afternoon rain about the same time of day. It's actally rare that our summer dry camping is in ares/spots where solar haverest is optimal. In the winter we use sothern areas where tree cover and afternoon showers aren't really an issue. Plan your system for where and how you'll use it
Searching_Ut 08/17/17 09:21am General RVing Issues
RE: Removing personal info from web?

I don't worry much about those sites. In my case they are less than a third accurate. Address history not even close, relative list is a joke etc. If anything it would throw someone off that was trying to research me
Searching_Ut 08/16/17 04:54pm Technology Corner
RE: BEWARE Sportys To Go Tire/Auto Service I-15 Beaver UT

Thanks be to American Express. One thinks when one is in Utah nobody could possibly be dishonest. X2! Many slam AMEX, but I delt with them for 20 years with a corporate card, and with our personal card. They have been very good to me in charge disputes, they will have your back! We use it as the pay all card, then pay off at the end of the month, points and peace of mind. I too havr always been treated well by American express. They tend to be real good with disputes. As for dishonesty in Utah, part of the culture is scamming folks. If you look at crime stats, Utah generally rates high per capita in larceny, theft, and assorted white collar type crimes. Rates really low in some types of crime and top 10 in other catagories. Not a place to let your gaurd down.
Searching_Ut 08/15/17 10:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: What defines a TT as a "True Four Season"?

It's all marketing terminology. I havn't seen anything on the market yet that I personally would call 4 seasons, but the outdoors rv "Timber Ridge" I owned and my current bigborn claim to be 4 seasons. I would only call them 3 season personally, or may 3.5. Run the heater enough in the colder months and both ac units full blast when it's warm and you might get by if you thrown enough gas and electric at it. They sure don't take care of it with insulation
Searching_Ut 08/15/17 04:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: For those going to see Eclipse

We've been in place for a week now, Gros Ventre national park campground in the Tetons. Almost on the eclipse path centerline
Searching_Ut 08/14/17 10:26pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: New to cross country towing

The important thing is to know your personal limits, driving once you're fatigued can be dangerous to you and others. Up until this year, when we retired, the destination rather than the journey was the objective most of the time. When possible we would often depart around 2 or 3am, and drive 800 to as much as 1000 miles on a few occasions. We would only do the long runs when we could be at the destination in the single day, and leaving early and arriving late wasn't an issue.
Searching_Ut 08/14/17 07:41pm Beginning RVing
RE: Tire blow out

I think the most important aspect to getting good results is to go with a large rating buffer with the tire you purchase. To a large extent this is built in when you go with LT tires. If you can get the speed/load charts and see the difference in how much lower an ST tire would be rated at the higher speed rating of the lt tire the difference really jumps out at you. Pushing anything to the max increases odds of failure.
Searching_Ut 08/13/17 04:29pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Blue genny guy did the unthinkable!

I've been parked at Gros Ventre in the tetons for 5 days now, and while I havn't really needed the generator I fired my predator 3500 up a few times to ring it out more. The place is generator city so it's not like I'm adding much to the noise polution. So how are you enjoying "getting away from it all"? :W We knew it would be a zoo this time of year, especially for the eclipse which we are staying for. Smoke is clearing from the skies though and last night was good meteor shower viewing. Not really camping or getting away from it all by a long shot but not bad for a national park I guess. In a positive note I don't feel out of place playing with the new generator toy. All the inverter generators are very quiet compared to the stuff in the motorhomes. Really hate the noise makers in the diesel pushers. I think they install amplifiers on the generators in allegro motorhomes.
Searching_Ut 08/13/17 02:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Blue genny guy did the unthinkable!

I've been parked at Gros Ventre in the tetons for 5 days now, and while I havn't really needed the generator I fired my predator 3500 up a few times to ring it out more. The place is generator city so it's not like I'm adding much to the noise polution. Runs fine at a little over 7000 feet. Definately quieter than a honda 2000 as I could head the honda in the next site over the predator. I was pulling 13 amp ac at the time. I used tbe sound meter on my phone to compare to my champuon 2000 inverters in another post. Started and ran my 15000 btu air conditioner from eco mode at this altitude. Was also running fridge on electric so total ac amperage was 22 amps with the ac on. Outside temp was only mid 70's so it would be easier ti start ac than it would be in hot conditions. Havn't really measured fuel consumption but my perception is it's a fairly high. So far quite pleased with this little gen.
Searching_Ut 08/13/17 10:40am Tech Issues
RE: BEWARE Sportys To Go Tire/Auto Service I-15 Beaver UT

Sorry you had to go through this. I lodged a complaint about this company years ago after the guy in the cart tried to "refuse to let me leave", with such dangerous tires on my boat trailer. Without going into details, I had to convince him of the error of his ways. Fortunately I didn't end up getting in any trouble. Why this place and a similar setup in Scipio havn't been shut down is beyond me.
Searching_Ut 08/13/17 09:35am General RVing Issues
RE: Traveling to view the Eclipse ?

We retired earlier this year so have the option of getting in place early. We checked in to Gros Ventre in Teton National park tuesday and will stay till the 22nd. Not at all a bad place to have to spend a couple weeks, and we're set up nicely for dry camping. Are a is already packed, but always is this time of year
Searching_Ut 08/10/17 10:50am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How much propane will I use?

The half gallon a day sounds about right in warm weather. My 18cf Norcold drinks the stuff with the burner running pretty constant when it gets pretty hot during the day.
Searching_Ut 08/09/17 07:25pm Beginning RVing
RE: I-86/84 between Pocatello and Boise ID

I've towed across it a couple times this year. Much better than I 15 from Salt Lake City to Idaho Falls. Other than the slight delays for construction not bad.
Searching_Ut 08/09/17 07:18pm Roads and Routes
RE: Champion Generator & SurgeGuard - Ground-Neutral Bond req'd?

It gets more interesting hearing what the fault codes are indicating. Sounds quite different from what I'm used to fault code wise with my Progressive EMS. I didn't see where you have run the AC off of shore power since you put the new surge guard in. Knowing for sure it works when hooked to a known good electrical outlet would be helpful in trying to narrow it down to surge guard, ac unit, or generator. Also, are you using any adapters on the end of your power cord to connect to the generator, ie. a dogbone to go from 50 to 30 amp etc.
Searching_Ut 08/04/17 12:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Harbor Freight/Honda smackdown....

It always mystifies me that we have 40-50k in a tv plus that in a rig, then folks go blind when it comes to generators. Two years a go the park ranger to tell my neighbor to turn off his loud clunker, thankfully. My honda was running as well, they never heard it.... Happy TrailsThis right here is the whole issue to me. I'd rather have no power at all than use a generator that can be heard outside my campsite. Spending a few extra dollars to get something that won't annoy the neighbors is worth it to me, and I think the world would be a much better place if everyone thought about their neighbors' comfort a little more than their own. I haven't seen a generator yet that can't be heard in a neighbors campsite when used in a formal campground. In fact, last month I talked the neighbor next to me into plugging into my electrical system and charging off my solar system rather than running his 2000 watt honda. They are less noisy than open frame when run at lower power settings, but still quite noisy in a nice smaller forest service campground. As we sat around the fire that evening drinking a couple brews and enjoying the night he was asking all sorts of questions about my solar system as he planned on getting his own so that he would have to run that **** generator as much. Generators are noisy, and even the with inverter models the noise level goes up rapidly as the load on the generator goes up. Running one of any sort in a campground is not being respectful of your neighbors. Just being "less" annoying doesn't mean you're not annoying.
Searching_Ut 08/04/17 09:13am Tech Issues
RE: Utah's National Park Electric Corridor.

As to why lead based batteries are still in such heavy use, it's because they are very economical, and they just plain work well in a wide range of conditions. Remember, in the early days of the automobile, electric ruled. It was the shortcomings of batteries that resulted in the gas engine becoming the norm, and unfortunately, it's still the shortcomings of batteries that are keeping electric vehicles, self sufficient homes etc. from being a good choice for most. A lot of my neighbors have had solar installed on their roofs due to the large subsidy available right now. In fact, Utah has the second highest per capita solar installed in the nation. Unfortunately, virtually all these homes are a grid tie system without the ability to operate independently should the grid go down. Keeping the cost down also requires net metering which is a method of forcing other grid users to subsidize the solar systems operating costs. Currently the cost of building the generation and distribution of the grid is built into the cost of the power. As more and more solar comes on line, the methodology of billing will have to change so that the folks running solar actually pay the actual costs of the services they are provided from the grid.
Searching_Ut 08/03/17 08:48am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Champion Generator & SurgeGuard - Ground-Neutral Bond req'd?

I use a bonding plug with my champion 2000 watt inverter generators. When I'm paralleling them I only have to have the jumper plug on one of the generators. As mentioned the jumper plug probably isn't your problem. The surge guards are more sensitive to low voltage than the protection circuits on the generator. My Progressive EMS trips immediately at 104VAC whether it is in bypass or not. With my 15k air conditioning units I can't reliably run the ac with the little champions paralleled without the EMS tripping. With my 3500 watt HF inverter generator, I can start them reliably only if I don't use the ECO setting on the generator. The hotter it is, the more power your ac uses at startup, and the higher your elevation the less power your generator puts out both of which can cause issues. I have a couple hard start caps I plan to put on my dometics at some point but haven't gotten around to it yet. Too hot on the roof right now. Good luck, and let us know what you find
Searching_Ut 08/03/17 08:19am Tech Issues
RE: Installing wood stove in RV

We see a lot of the sheepherder trailers in the mountains when we're out and about enjoying the scenery. They virtually all have wood burning stoves in them. By looking up photos and plans for them I'm sure you could get good ideas.
Searching_Ut 08/03/17 08:04am Beginning RVing
RE: Harbor Freight/Honda smackdown....

Hmmm, I guess I could do a study to see if red or yellow generators are stolen more often by leaving my champion 2000 generators out where they could be stolen. One of them is red. As for getting what you pay for, I think that is true to an extent. I've found more often than not, the more expensive items are much worse value. For instance, with my little champions, the Honda 2000 generators cost twice as much. To be of the same value the Honda would have to be twice as good. I know a lot of different folks personally with an assortment of both types of generators and both seem to do well, with the only real difference being the Hondas handle a little more surge load. I don't know anyone who has trouble with either generator other than the normal carb issues caused mostly by not using a fuel additive with alcohol gas blends. As Mex mentioned, time will tell how these new HF generators work, but at a third the cost of a comparable Honda, they would have to be fairly bad reliability wise to be a worse value.
Searching_Ut 08/03/17 07:47am Tech Issues
RE: Costco vs Sams

I have, and use cards for both. We got to Sams a little more often, but that is because it's a lot closer. I've always got good service from either one, but costco tends to offer a better warranty on electronics so we generally buy those at costco.
Searching_Ut 08/02/17 09:52pm Around the Campfire
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