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RE: Volta Li ion battery system

Just for thought. Google: "Fairbanks Alaska worlds most powerful battery energy storage" Watch the video on youtube. Chum lee Wow, I can't imagine the cost of maintaining that many wet cell NiCad batteries. We used to use those a lot in the military, especially on aircraft and aircraft support equipment. Nice batteries if you maintain them properly which means periodic cycling, equalizing, tear down cleaning, re-assembly etc. The maintenance is labor intensive.
Searching_Ut 07/24/17 03:29pm Tech Issues
RE: 100A DC Switchable Surface Mount Circuit Breaker Link

I made the mistake of trying to use a couple breakers like the one in the OP photo that I purchased off Amazon. One was rated 250 amps the other 200, both different brands. I got them instead of fuses, or quality breakers to use for my 2000 watt inverter. I'm not sure what the rating is supposed to mean, evidently some very short duration transient current flow or some sort of different Chinese electrons or something. In trying to run my coffee pot, trimetric showing I'm pulling about 74 amps of DC current, the 250A breaker tripped in under a minute. Tried the setup again, same results. Next, after once again waiting quite awhile to let the CB cool, just for fun I fired up the microwave which pulls about 165A on the DC side. The CB tripped in a couple seconds. I then swapped in the 200A breaker which was intended for another purpose and it didn't even maintain the coffee pot load for 30 seconds. I ended up using good old fashioned cheap amazon fuses and haven't had a failure yet. On the other hand, I have one of the inline fuse holder looking versions in line for my 600 watt inverter. It's rated at 80A and to date has never tripped on me yet, even though I have overloaded the inverter once to where it shut itself down. Of course I haven't actually tried overloading it to see if in fact it will trip.
Searching_Ut 07/24/17 03:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Heartland 5th Wheels

We switched from Cedar Creek Silverback to a '18 Big Country. Sure it has a couple bugs as do most, but we are very happy with it. Not a light unit by any means, but she tows as good if not better than our old '06 CC did. I could care less about a rear cap or not. It's cosmetic and IMO the rear end of our BC looks just fine to me. Seems to be very well built, but as always, some things could have been done differently. HL customer service has been top notch. Can't say that for local dealers. A plus about not getting a rear cap is that you probably have insulation in the rear end. With the Bighorn, they don't put any insulation in the front or rear caps unless you get the Yeti package.
Searching_Ut 07/24/17 01:22pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Was it really only 25 years ago.

Ah, the old days. My first computer that I connected to a network of any sort was a VIC-20, which was my second computer which I bought in 1981. If I had extra cash I could get access to Usenet message boards via compuserve, or go through a BBS system that involved a long distance call on an extremely slow modem. Fortunately, local BBS systems that didn't charge came around fairly quickly after that, and finally Q-link, which was much cheaper, although it only operated during the evening and night times. By then I had a big bad commodore 128. As I recall, you could download pictures even in the early 80's, they just took a long time and were gif format. Other than quicker access, and posting updates, I'm not sure I'd say forum type internet communication has changed all that much in the last 35 years. I'm sure moderators on moderated forums might disagree however due to the much heavier usage.
Searching_Ut 07/23/17 09:40am Technology Corner
RE: HHO Systems?

The idea behind HHO is to use the alternator of a vehicle to provide electricity to break the bonds of water molecules to make hydrogen and oxygen, which according to the claims, will add free additional energy to add power, give higher fuel mileage etc. Over the years, the theory changes as to why and how this is supposed to work. Unfortunately, the physics is that the energy released during combining oxygen and hydrogen to make water is the same amount of energy that is required to break water into it's basic elements in a 100 percent efficient process. We can't come close to 100 percent efficiency in using electrical energy to break down water, and current combustion engine and generator systems are very wasteful as well so this is far from even being a break even process. As for the sidelines of water in the engines, etc., they're just part of the fun of internet forums.
Searching_Ut 07/22/17 04:29pm Tech Issues
RE: 4 wheel drive

I really don't understand these diesel and grass problem comments. I recently sold 24 acres of sloping pasture I owned. Drove my two different F350 diesels all over it wet and dry and never used 4x4 unless it was sloppy muddy. Wet grass never a problem. I hunt in the TX hill country and we have a dirt and grass "road" about a half mile thru pastures to our cabin. Again I have never used 4x4 unless sloppy muddy. And have never had to use 4x4 to pull the 34' 5er out of a grass RV site. I don't think I am that much better driver than any one else. :h I must be a good driver too. I've been stuck in my field once. I wonder what people with motor homes do? They must always stay on paved roads. One of the things the folks in the motor homes do is ask us with the big heavy 4X4 pickup trucks to give them a tow. Especially in the areas where you see so many rental units it seems folks get their rigs struck quite often. I've pulled at least a dozen out myself over the years. Unfortunately for them, I wasn't always able to get them out, and those folks were in remote areas where a tow truck costs a fortune if you can find one that will come out.
Searching_Ut 07/22/17 09:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: HHO Systems?

The risk here is adding water to hot metal of your engine,, This promotes corrosion (Rust) and can lead to early engine failure. THat is a major risk, with major cost involved.HHO and water injection are two different technologies. HHO involves injecting hydrogen and oxygen gas into the intake. The gasses will not combine into liquid water. Water injection has been used in the past in military aircraft. When maximum power was required such as during takeoff, water was sprayed into the intake to prevent engine knock. Besides the heat, the byproduct of combining the Hydrogen and oxygen is water, which will be in the form of steam. Unfortunately, the energy released will be less than the energy required to convert the water to hydrogen and oxygen in the first place. Unfortunately, those basic laws of thermodynamics you learned in high school rear their ugly head and keep this from being a free energy source. Backyard mechanics often used water injection as well. My high school car was a 66 impala that I put a supercharger on, and water injection as well trying to be able to run a little more boost without breaking things. Besides piston engines, the military also injected water into turbine engines such as the early KC-135. The steam would help in generating more thrust for takeoff with heavy fuel loads. The system was a pain to maintain, with the crew chiefs having to periodically run tank heaters through the cold nights on the alert aircraft so that the water in the water tanks wouldn't freeze.
Searching_Ut 07/22/17 08:56am Tech Issues
RE: New LG lithium batteries $600 per KWH

Couldn't help noticing the warranty is for 80 percent of capacity after 7 years, 10 years at 60 percent if used under proper conditions. I'm sure that would include temperature controlled environment, and more than likely some load restrictions. Still it would be pretty good, although I would expect less than half that performance in an RV environment. I hope they keep slugging away at it and keep improving though. Personally I'd love to be able to make my brick and mortar self sufficient to include storage capability, and have already been taking steps to make my 5er as self sufficient as practical at this time.
Searching_Ut 07/22/17 08:19am Tech Issues
RE: Noticed warm water comes out of cold faucets. Why?

I'm with the folks suspecting solar heating of the hose and other plumbing. Over the years I've found it common for the water in the hose and plumbing to get pretty warm through the course of the day, especially if the hose is in the sun. When camping on the nice warm sands of Saudi Arabia thanks to Uncle Sam, we were using water bladders sitting out in the sun and filled by tanker trucks to provide water for showers. You learned real quick that you either took a shower first thing in the am, or not at all unless it had recently been filled by the truck. The water would get uncomfortably hot over the course of the day.
Searching_Ut 07/21/17 08:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: 4 wheel drive

If you have experience in driving a pickup, and haven't needed it, my thoughts are you don't need it. Myself, wouldn't be without it, and have gotten every 4X4 I've owned stuck, so while it helps, you still can find stuff you can't get through. For towing, on snow and ice, or mud and sand, besides the traction to keep going, steering and handling are significantly improved with 4 wheel drive. I prefer not to tow through snow, but end up doing it on mountain passes if nothing else at least once a year, generally quite a bit more. Can't see not heading south for a little camping in warmer climates a few times a year during the winter.
Searching_Ut 07/21/17 08:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Boondocking with satellite

How many hours per day will you be drawing the 17 amps? I added the Satellite at the same time as the ARP, solar panel upgrade to 1000 watts, battery bank upgrade to 460ah, and a second whole house 2000 watt inverter. So far about the most we ran the TV/Satellite was 5 hours a day when we had the grandson with us. Even with a fair bit of shade, afternoon thundershowers, using the drip filter coffee pot off the inverter in the morning, and running the 600 watt inverter whole house through the night I never dipped below 70 percent on the batteries as monitored by my trimetric. This time of year, most of the time the batteries are at least significantly supplemented by the solar if solar isn't powering everything and charging the batts. Next month we'll be camping in a single spot for a little over two weeks (Dry camping) without having a lot of stuff on the agenda. At that time I'll probably take the time to measure the requirements for each item individually.
Searching_Ut 07/21/17 04:23pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: HHO Systems?

Variations on the "modern" systems were quite popular back in the 70's, and you could buy the plans from many different sources advertising in areas such as the back of popular science and popular mechanics. I did a science fair project on this subject in high school back around 1975 where I explained the laws of thermodynamics and why a system like this doesn't work. Look into the efficiency of electrolysis processes, and how much energy is produced from burning hydrogen, no matter how you combine it with other fuels and it will all be clear to you. Now, for the ultimate system, use wet cell batteries, capture the hydrogen and oxygen gases produces by the electrolysis that takes place in the battery and you will have the ultimate energy source. Alternator produces electricity to charge the battery and it produces hydrogen which can run the engine. With the proper marketing, and the proper amount of conspiracy hype as to why this technology is being suppressed and I could make a fortune.
Searching_Ut 07/21/17 03:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Utah's crowded Zion National Park may require reservations

I went to a land use meeting where this was the primary discussion several months back. Arches NP was the primary topic there, but it was also discussed that this was becoming necessary in Zion as well. The proposal that gathered the most support was for a reservation in regards to date, and time at which you would be allowed through the gate in order to prevent the long lines that sometimes go for miles down the road at Arches. The flexibility issue was discussed, along with problems the reservation/lottery creates in places like "The Wave", where people have died from heat exhaustion having to hike in heat they might not venture out in if they felt the didn't have to because of the "reservation" for that specific date. Unfortunately, crowds are getting to big. There are already limits in many parts of the park implemented through the permit system. Simple fact is there are more people than the park can absorb, and the crowds get bigger every year. Not really any good options that will be fair for, and meet everyone's needs. I think Arches will see visitor limitation plans implement prior to Zion. The news article wasn't really very well researched as it has been discussed for a couple years now:Arches Reservation Proposal
Searching_Ut 07/21/17 03:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fantastic Fan vs. Maxxair

I've put MaxxAir Deluxe units in my last two rigs, both of which already had FanTastic fans so that I've had one of each in both rigs at the same time. I've found the MaxxAir less prone to bearing chirping/squeal over time. Hard to say which moves the most air as they both get a pretty good breeze going when on high speed. My MaxxAir units generally need the screen pulled down and cleaned more often than the Fantastic fan, which may or may not mean anything. The Fantastic fan has the rain sensor, no hood so it is generally closed when not in use. The MaxxAir has a built in cover and it is generally left open whether the fan is in use or not. My own thoughts are that either unit does a good job.
Searching_Ut 07/21/17 02:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Boondocking with satellite

I haven't taken the time to measure individual items yet since I made all the upgrades to my system, and added in satellite with an X2. From what I've noticed though, the antenna doesn't really add significantly to the load when it isn't searching. As for total power use, with the TV going on satellite (46 inch), a couple banks of LED lights on, the 18cf Norcold fridge with two extra cooling fans (ARP system), phones on charge, and parasitic loads, I'm generally drawing somewhere around 17 amps.
Searching_Ut 07/21/17 09:16am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Electric fireplace draw

You'll need to look up the specs for the specific fireplace you have, but the 1500 watts mentioned matches the manual for mine. That's pretty much pushing the limits on a 2000 watt inverter generator and would leave you very little capacity to run anything else at the same time. While I often use my electric fireplace for heat when hooked up to shore power, I never use it while boondocking which I do a lot of in the cold shoulder seasons. I might use the fake fire for ambiance without turning the heater portion of the fireplace on, but can't see where I would want to fire up the generator for heat when I can just turn on the furnace. To run the electric heat and charge my batteries, I would need to parallel both of my champion 2000 watt generators as 1 of them wouldn't be up to the task.
Searching_Ut 07/20/17 11:00am Tech Issues
RE: Heartland 5th Wheels

In rating my 2016 Bighorn, I would say it's bottom line as far as assembly quality for things like Electric wiring, prep of roof surface prior to installing roof rubber, basic fit and Finnish etc. They cover that stuff up well with trim though, so it doesn't look bad, and other than the electrical stuff which is poorly done to the point of being somewhat dangerous, not really an issue other than just annoying how little pride is taken in the building of the rig. I'd rate Heartland customer service a fair bit below average. Component selection and quality of components slightly higher end, keeping in mind they are mostly Lippert sourced. In saying Slightly higher end that is in comparison to an industry standard that is of pretty poor quality. Compared to older rigs I've owned, quality is pretty bad. They have added a lot of nice features though such as LED lighting, auto leveling etc.
Searching_Ut 07/18/17 03:44pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Should I remove the accumulator?

My 5er came with a 4008 water pump, and I ended up adding an accumulator tank, pipe insulation and flexible hoses to the system to help with the noise. The pump doesn't run anywhere near as smooth as the marketing would have you think. I'd definitely keep the tank.
Searching_Ut 07/16/17 02:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Pole voltage VS EMS Voltage

Any idea why we'd see higher voltage at the rig compared to the post? This is a 50amp hardwired EMS that has had a Hum since installed in 2015 - it this normal?That is a poor neutral connection somewhere and an unbalanced load. Really need to verify using same meter in both places. Master electrician knows this straight away. Agree with this. The EMS is likely reporting the opposite leg from the one measured at the pole. Is there a way for the EMS to display both sides? I'd bet the other side is 122V, making them average 125V. Maybe I'm assuming too much. When you say 50A, I assume you mean your RV has 50A split with a 4-pin plug? If not, disregard the above. Now I'm trying to remember the sequence the Progressive EMS display steps through on my trailer. As I recall, it steps through displaying voltage, current and frequency for both legs. I don't have access to check it out right now.
Searching_Ut 07/13/17 10:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: How are you locking your fifth wheel puck hitch to the bed?

I use a bakflip cover on my truck bed, which keeps the hitch out of sight when not in use, and does lock. I debated locks briefly for additional security but figured they wouldn't even slow anyone down that that was determined to steal the hitch.
Searching_Ut 07/13/17 08:47am Fifth-Wheels
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