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RE: Utah 12 Bryce to Torrey

I think just about every rental RV rented out in the west ends up on this road at one time or other. Very well traveled route by RVers of all skill levels. Normal width lanes and road, but there is a section without any shoulders and steep slopes which gives some concerns. It's just physiological as most don't find staying in their lane to be an issue on most roads. I love the area and try to get down there to explore at least once a year.
Searching_Ut 05/28/17 08:45pm Roads and Routes
RE: Rear sway bar w/5th wheel?

I'm not sure of Cg with the rail mount Andersen hitch, but the ball mount version shifts the load aft of the rear axle. To be honest, I didn't notice any issues when I was using the Andersen Ultimate to tow my 5er, and I have my B&W set as far aft as possible as well with no issues. I've heard others have had different results though, to include a workmate who swapped out his Andersen for a different hitch claiming stability issues, especially in wind. He didn't even get it home before turning around and going back to the dealer. His 5er was quite a bit to heavy for his 2500 RAM so it's hard to say what the real issue was. He seems happy with it now though. Good luck. When you get everything dialed in these things tow pretty good, even in winds strong enough you start to get concerned about the rig ending up on it's side. Mine rocks quite a bit in some of the crosswinds so common on I-80 across Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming.
Searching_Ut 05/28/17 08:35pm Towing
RE: Towing boat question

You're good to go in Utah, and most of our neighboring states. I've towed doubles a lot with bumper pulls, but am still debating putting a hitch on the back of my 5er. My bighorn, and virtually all of the other similar 5ers I looked at when buying this rig aren't at all overbuilt in the frame department. I'm not sure It's up to even towing my little utility trailer and RZR. I should just be able to keep int under 65 feet total length if I decide to go that route. As mentioned, backing up is difficult, especially if the trailers are of significantly different lengths. You have to watch your turns a little more carefully as well. The biggest problem I ran into however was parking everything in the campsite. Big sites tend to be at a premium if you're a weekend warrior. Sand Hollow has a lot of good options, and you'll probably be okay at Flaming Gorge. Lake Powell depends on where you're looking to camp. Even at the developed sites you can always leave the truck and boat trailer in the launch parking area if needed so it's all good there. Again, the only concern I would have is making sure the combination is solid enough to not end up damaging something.
Searching_Ut 05/28/17 07:55pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Alexa, are you connected to the CIA?

I do find it troubling how many folks are monitoring and tracking virtually everything I do, from eating habits, travel habits, television and internet browsing tracking, association matrix's of who I meet with etc. How much adding Alexa into the mix adds to this data mining is probably insignificant given everything they can already do. Of course any security threat posed by Alexa already exists if you have a cell phone. There are good reasons they won't let us take a cell phone through the door of an even moderately secure building.
Searching_Ut 05/27/17 06:44pm Technology Corner
RE: How did I miss gocampingamerica.com?

Thanks for the link. As you know, there aren't any all encompassing web sites or apps out there. Options are always good and appreciated.
Searching_Ut 05/26/17 07:23am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Any RV parks halfway between Denver & Las Vegas

thank you I checked Green River on google earth but didn't see any rv parks from the air. should have googled it. That will work out great. Make sure you're looking at Green River Utah and not Green River Wyoming. There are 3 Campgrounds that I can think of off the top of my head in Green River Utah which is on I-70. They should show up easily from any aerial photo. When heading East on 70 make sure you don't go past Salina when you're low on fuel. There aren't any towns or fuel stops in between.
Searching_Ut 05/25/17 07:42am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Resi Fridge draining batteries, please help.

Looking at the energy star sticker for that model refrigerator and assuming 85 percent efficiency on your inverter you should only be using around 90ah out of your batteries per 24 hour day. As a result, if there were no other items being powered by our batteries you should be able to get approximately a day on the batteries before hitting the 50 percent state of charge figure. How long do your batteries last without the refrigerator running? Do you have an amp meter by any chance so you can see what else might be drawing from the batteries, and how much they draw? Any chance the inverter is trying to power the water heater or some other high drain item?
Searching_Ut 05/18/17 05:19pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Don't Wait

It appears many are seeing it as either wealth building, or fun and adventure. I'm here to tell you that you can have it both ways. Many of my fondest camping memories from my early years involve an old military surplus sleeping bag, visqueen plastic and clothesline to make a shelter out of and a coffee can for cooking with a handle made out of a coat hanger, and a very crude frame pack. Would spend weeks at a time backpacking with that setup. Later on added some simple climbing gear and checked out the Tetons from on top rather than just looking up in awe. Via a military career, spent years living in and touring Europe, to include rail pass backpack trips in my younger years, Tip of Scotland to End of England bicycle camping, concerts, castles, bullfights in Spain, Kabobs in Greece, Octoberfests, medieval banquets, visiting every states and multiple countries, mountain tops for Mt Washington on the East coast To Whitney on the West, etc. etc. Finally, having just turned 58 we are retiring to start Memorial day weekend, nice bank/investment balance thanks to living life within our means, a couple pensions, and the house and all the toys we owned outright. I totally agree with finding a way to do it now, don't wait. Having said that, there is a world of adventure to be had while still being smart and responsible when it comes to planning and saving for your future.
Searching_Ut 05/14/17 08:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: Wow! Come Back Toto!

That same windstorm was creating a lot of havoc further south on I-80 across the salt flats. Sustained winds over 60 when we drove out to Wendover Friday afternoon. Passed one poor guy with a truck camper crawling along leaning at an angle steep enough I wouldn't have kept going. Put a couple semi trucks on their side, and an SUV up on the center divider. Think he got disoriented in the salt fueled whiteout which you kept going in and out of. We had decided to motel camp this trip and boy am I glad I did. Had we got the fiver out there it would have been a sea sick night at best. Of course City of Rocks is right on the north end of that wind corridor, where besides the possibility of going over you have to worry about poor visibility, and flying debris.
Searching_Ut 05/14/17 07:40pm Truck Campers
RE: Our Solar/Inverter system install

Looks nice. Sounds like it will be even nicer once you get your second panel installed. I think you'll be quite pleased with the results when it comes to keeping your camping trips virtually effortless when it comes to your battery system.
Searching_Ut 05/11/17 08:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: Solar Panels (why are people going small?)

Slightly off topic, but does anyone "out west" use a swamp cooler on an RV? I haven't seen one in ages, but used to have an old TT about 35 years ago that had one mounted on the roof. As I recall the swamp cooler carried a coleman logo, ran off 12vdc and had a fairly low profile much like the regular ac units. biggest downside was that you had to fill the reservoir on it manually. Worked reasonably well on the small tt that was maybe 18 foot.
Searching_Ut 05/11/17 05:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Solar Panels (why are people going small?)

To a very large extent, it all depends on your expected usage, and what sorts of compromises are going to have to be made. Unfortunately, solar is also one of those areas where accurate information tends to be hard to come by as many make some pretty wild statements as to how much energy harvest you can expect etc. Sort of like figuring out how good of gas mileage you can expect based on forum responses. Some will have you thinking you can get 20mpg with a certain chip etc... Higher wattage panels tend to be physically larger. Finding the space to position it on your roof might be an issue, keeping in mind that shading even a very small amount of the panel reduces the output significantly. My RV roof has 2 full profile Air Conditioning units, a couple vents, TV antenna etc that cause issues over much of the roof at different times of the day, sun angles etc. You'll also want to research different types of controllers and parallel vs series configurations. Larger panels require mppt controllers which can add some benefit in a series configuration but have some downfalls in certain parallel configs. Picking the right tool for how you want to configure your system involves compromises that you have to work out for your situation.
Searching_Ut 05/11/17 08:05am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dropped the fiver today, and how was your day? Part 1

Wow, what a tough break. You would think the tow driver would have known better. Having been an avid off road 4X4 driver my whole adult life you definitely learn, and see fist hand on occasion just how much damage you can do with a winch, or just a tow strap and bad angles. Hope the insurance companies take good care of you.
Searching_Ut 05/11/17 07:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dropped the fiver today, and how was your day? Part 1

?? What are we looking at here? Top of hitch doesn't look like it's attached to the truck bed. Why are the suspension photos there, were you moving down the road when this happened?
Searching_Ut 05/10/17 09:54pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tavel in Southwest USA in summer time

Myself, I don't mind riding the Southern Part of Utah deserts in the summer, but I tolerate heat pretty well. Daytime temps are often between 100 and 110. That said, Utah has a lot of high elevation areas you can ride that with literally thousands of miles of dirt roads and ATV trails. You can camp and Bryce canyon, and easily hop on Paiute trail feeders from there which allow you to ride pretty all of the central mountains of Utah, especially since you can also connect to the Arapeen trail network. As mentioned, ATVUtah is a good place to start to obtain trail maps etc. People just think of the the slick rock areas in Southwest Utah, but there are some somewhat limited roads and trails in the San La Sal mountains, and some downright beautiful high elevation trails in the Abajo mountains. The Henry mountains also have some good forest service type roads to explore. These mountain areas stay pretty reasonable temp wise and can get quite cool at night. At the mountain tops you might even need a jacket on a mid summer day. The area up from Flaming Gorge West in the Uintah mountains can be great temperature wise, and is very scenic and fun. As mentioned, many of the trails I really love are restricted to 50 inches wide or less, so if your polaris is the 50 inch RZR you can ride those. If not, I doubt you'll feel deprived as the options are almost endless. Let me know more about the type of riding you prefer and I can provide more specific options.
Searching_Ut 05/04/17 05:27pm Toy Haulers
RE: Crimp, Solder, Crush

Digging into connections and terminations, I have found only mechanical connections are accepted on aircraft and marine applications with only some exception. Having worked a wide variety of aircraft electrical systems over the last 39 plus years, mostly of the military fighter variety I can vouch for the crimp connector only requirement for power wires. For signal wires however, they've gone to mostly solder connections often environmentally sealed solder via a hot air system that also environmentally seals the connection during the soldering process (Basically heat shrink sealer over connection while melting a solder sleeve. Getting the connections just right takes a lot of practice, and we have to re-certify in high reliability soldering every couple years. For crimp connections on the larger power wires, aviation electricians use regularly calibrated crimpers on mil spec sized connectors on mil spec sized wiring so that you get a constant predictable connection every time. With smash type crimping techniques it's kind of the wild west and hard to say just how good it's going to be, or predict if it will overheat or not. Solder connections on the same sized wiring however is tends to be not much better and has it's own issues where it tends to fail when the connection overheats. As for the Silicone friction tape, everyone that is inclined to try and fix anything should keep it in there tool box. Air Force Mechanics refer to it as F-4 tape. The orange/red version is designed for higher heat areas. For areas that might get oily or greasy we just tie off the ends with a little waxed flat tie string and the stuff holds up really well.
Searching_Ut 05/02/17 08:52pm Truck Campers
RE: A/C Overloading My Generator

On the plus side, your troubleshooting so far seems logical and provides good information to work with. As for your dealer???, I know a lot of folks running 13.5k air conditioning units on that particular generator. Don't know what the comment on the starting capacitor was all about. My timber ridge tt had a coleman 13.5k ac unit that wouldn't start with two paralleled 2000 watt generators until I added a start capacitor. Why soft start caps aren't standard equipment on all units is beyond me. They can extend the life of the compressor motors as well as making them less demanding on your generator. As for an easy way to test the generator to see if it is having issues, what other means do you have to put a load on it? Being a 3000 watt unit you'll want to use the 30 amp plug, maybe power up your trailer and try running maybe a hair dryer, and some other high drain item on a separate circuit breaker inside the trailer. The problem will be having a good idea of how much of a load you're actually putting on the generator. If you have a kill-a-watt it would give you a good idea of what individual things you're plugging in draw power wise. Access to a load bank would be really good, but unfortunately I only know a few folks with access to those.
Searching_Ut 04/30/17 07:21pm Beginning RVing
RE: A/C Overloading My Generator

As others have pointed out, the DC converter depending on what unit you have can draw enough power to trip a 2000 watt generator when the batteries are low. You can turn it off by tripping the circuit breaker, or pulling the plug etc. The water heater as mentioned can be a large draw as well. I'm missed the water heater switch setting and tripped my generator when trying to run AC more than once. As already mentioned, without a good starting capacitor, even a 13.5k ac can trip a 3000 watt generator. I too have installed the Supco hard start caps in my last couple rigs. They are reasonably priced and seem to hold up well. Finally, are you taking your Handi out of ECO mode prior to turning on the AC? Most of the friends I camp with that have the Handi find it won't run the AC in ECO at the altitudes we camp at. Not sure how they work at sea level. Hope you get it sorted out
Searching_Ut 04/30/17 12:05pm Beginning RVing
RE: Be Perpared to Pay if you want to Play

Like many other things that come up on these forums, if you have information others might find useful, you often share your experience. I was fortunate in that in my early years, I encountered an excellent financial counselor as a result of my wifes cancer, and the debt that ensued. While the debt was a real issue, the lessons learned as a result were life changing. Simple lesson; avoiding debt when possible, and living within your means are the best wealth building tools at your disposal that don't involve high rates of risk. Surprisingly, I learned you only have to "sacrifice" for a very short period of time to get ahead and stay there. As for not having the good things in life, I've also found it had just the opposite effect in that we could have even more. Having just turned 58 I've been to every state in the nation, 11 foreign countries, had a wide assortment of RV's, cars, trucks, ATV's, boats, etc. I've climbed mountains from the alps, to Mount Whitney in California, and Mount Washington in New Hampshire. Run the Rubicon on the West coast and explored the Swamps of the south East via swamp boat. Watched plays in theaters from the Odeon in London to Tuacahn in the red rock of southern Utah. We've been able to do far more than most, and wouldn't call it sacrificing. Following an adventure filled working life, in 4 more weeks we'll retire, paid off home built the way we wanted, driveway and garage full of paid for vehicles, and enough in the bank to provide us a very comfortable lifestyle well past 100 years of age should we be so lucky. We're also set for the inevitable issues life tends to throw your way. In the end, it really isn't about putting off life for a future date. It's all about finding the way to enjoy life to the fullest while staying within your current means. In doing so, I think your means will grow to the point where you can do so much more than you would have been able too.
Searching_Ut 04/30/17 10:24am Beginning RVing
RE: Be Perpared to Pay if you want to Play

Hmmm, when the bank, that really wants to loan you money won't, it's generally because the think there is a pretty high likelihood you won't be able to pay it back. I think the credit union is giving pretty bad advise recommending taking out a large loan prior to your retirement. Myself, I can't imagine going into retirement with debt. RV's can indeed be expensive, and unfortunately they depreciate rapidly. Surprisingly, for the bigger rigs you even find the dealers trying to talk you in to a 15 or 20 year loan on the more expensive ones. You'd be upside down your whole ownership with something like that.
Searching_Ut 04/29/17 10:03pm Beginning RVing
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