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RE: Trip Report from the San Rafael Swell

While having grown up in 11 states, I spent two years as a elementary aged kid in Southern Utah. On a couple of occasions we went and watched them fire those missiles from the green river complex to white sands. They would have a canopy setup for spectators with refreshments. Of course back then there were virtually no people in the area to come and watch. It wasn't crowded like it is now. You can still see one of the old missles that is stuck in the sand near an ATV track northwest of Monticello. Lot's of history in the area if you get out and explore. For your next adventure you'll have to find the site where they did some of the data gathering and blew up explosives above a tunnel gathering information needed prior to building the Cheyenne mountain complex.
Searching_Ut 05/18/16 09:31pm Roads and Routes
RE: Solar Charge Controller

I haven't played with any of the advanced programing yet. Got the solar installed last weekend, during the week I installed an inverter and have it wired, to include the wiring to where I'll install the transfer switch, but I am still waiting on it to get here. Doing a long weekend trip this weekend where I'll get the first chance to wring it out, see what sort of current draw I'm getting on stuff etc. This fiver is new to me, so I've only done a single overnighter without hookups so far. Being as how the fiver is parked on the street right now, I can't even run out the slides so I can turn stuff on and put a good load on the batteries yet to see what sort of charge rate I get when I run the batteries down a bit.
Searching_Ut 05/18/16 08:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar Charge Controller

I just completed the installation of my solar system this weekend, and must say I'm very impressed with the Bogart Trimetric 2030 and SC 2030 combination. The amount of controllability the system provides is remarkable, as well is the ability the combination gives for DC system monitoring. I have mine hooked up to 5 paralleled 100 watt panels. We have a 4 day boondocking trip set up for this weekend so I can try it out better under camping conditions. Currently it appears my 3 group 24 batteries will be significantly holding the system back. I can't justify replacing this year as we don't have any trips planned longer than 10 days at a time. Next year we retire and then I'll add a better battery setup.
Searching_Ut 05/16/16 08:14pm Tech Issues

I didn't purchase from camping world, but having a new Bighorn Fifth wheel I think he's understating just how bad the assembly, construction is on heartland RV's. Some of it is downright dangerous. For instance, I was just installing a Progressive industries power monitor and found the idiot doing the wiring used a knife or something to strip the insulation cutting and leaving exposed wiring on all conductors where the outer shield was removed. The main battery lead coming off the one of those auto reset circuit breakers on it, but the terminal lugs where oversized and are hitting each other meaning the circuit breaker is bypassed. I changed out the bathroom vent fan and noticed that the installer didn't run the screws through any of the existing holes in the vent flange instead just running through the plastic at random spots. Water pump was the same just running screws through the rubber feet not even trying to go through the existing holes. I won't even get into how poorly the wiring is routed once you pull the panel into the basement area. It's worse than a joke how poor the craftsmanship is.
Searching_Ut 05/02/16 09:12pm Camping World RV Sales
RE: Solar combiner box

I've just started building mine. Found a 5X7 weatherproof box on-line that didn't already have holes in it. I glued an automotive type fuse block inside that holds up to 6 fuses. For the grounds I'm just using a ground strip picked up at the local hardware store. All the wiring will be brought into the box with waterproof strain reliefs that I also picked up on line. 10g wire coming in from each panel, 6g dropping down to the controller, 5 panels hooked in series. The fuse box is pretty small so I debated using a 4X4 box but it would have been pretty tough to run all the strain reliefs into it.
Searching_Ut 04/27/16 09:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Fusing Solar Installation

...The fuse is to protect the panels wired in parallel..... Your input is very much appreciated, and has made me decide to stick to the original plan with a fuse block in the combiner box. I'd already purchased all the bits and pieces, but then started questioning myself as to why add the additional hardware instead of keeping it as simple as possible.
Searching_Ut 04/27/16 08:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Fusing Solar Installation

I dont think its needed i have almost 700w my fusing is at the input to the controller, NOT on each panel I guess my primary question is why fuse the input side of the controller at all. If the fuse is sized large enough to handle the peak power output of the panels, it will more than likely be large enough it won't blow even with a dead short. There isn't really any "Current pool" waiting in solar panels to dump in the case of a short like there is in a battery, or other type power supply. Being a PWM type controller, when the batteries demand it, the controller pretty much passes full panel output straight to the batteries anyway with the possible current flow going up less than an additional amp per panel under dead short when you take the battery resistance out of the circuit. On the output side of the controller, you could get a large current flow from the battery back to controller if something shorted in the controller, so it makes sense to me to fuse there, I just can't envision any situation on the solar panel side of the circuit where a fuse would protect anything, or add any safety to the circuit.
Searching_Ut 04/26/16 10:44pm Tech Issues
Fusing Solar Installation

This weekend, weather permitting I'm hoping to install 5 100 watt solar panels on the roof of my fifth wheel. The controller I'll be installing is a Bogart SC-2030 working in conjunction with a trimetric 2030. I have 10 AWG wiring I'll be running to a junction box on the roof for a parallel connection, then drop down to the battery compartment using either 6 AWG wiring on 4, depending on the route I'm able to take and how long that ends up being. My initial thoughts were to fuse each panel using a small automotive fuse block and 7.5amp fuses in the junction box, but now that I'm thinking about it, is there any reason to do this? Looking over the panel specs, the short circuit output for the panels isn't much more than the normal nominal output which would more than likely result in any fuse I used that would handle the normal max output not blowing even if my wiring shorted straight to ground. Are there any gains to be had that I'm not thinking about? I'll put a switch in line between the panels and charge controller so that I can isolate it if desired, and I'll fuse the output side of the controller as I can see where there could be issues there a fuse would provide protection for. I'm open to thoughts, ideas, or lessons learned by others the hard way.
Searching_Ut 04/26/16 09:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Fifth wheel length

It really varies based on where you intend to travel. My current 5th wheel is listed at slightly over 35 measures a little over 38 end to end and in Utah and a lot of the areas I roam in Idaho and Wyoming there are probably 70 plus percent of the forest service campground I can't get into. Many of those are small half dozen or so sites, maybe an outhouse, fair bit of dirt road to get to. I should be able to fit into almost all the state parks from what I remember the sizes as being. (Always used smaller TT's or motorhome prior to this rig). The national parks in this area are pretty limited in spot availability. Commercial parks no issues for the most part, but surprisingly while the length is no problem I've already run into slight problems in opening the slides all the way up on both sides. A lot depends on whether or not there is someplace other than the camp spot to park the tow vehicle.
Searching_Ut 04/18/16 08:26pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ya think this is too close...

I give up. Why are people saying "Fuel Pump loves you" "it is your truck suck the bottom of the tank"? Please tell me you don't think the fuel pumps, fuel pickup tubes float. If you do I hate to tell you but brand new, old, car, truck anything fuel the inlets are already at the deepest most part of the tank. At the very first start it is sucking from the bottom of the tank for the life of the vehicle/motor. So OP as long as you made it like someone said previously an inch is as good as a mile. Happy RVing :-) Modern vehicle electric fuel pumps are submersed in the tank and cooled by the fuel. Excess heat can lead to motor failure over time.
Searching_Ut 04/13/16 06:10pm Towing
RE: How to mount solar panels thin plywood bighorn roof

Thanks for the input guys. I'll probably go with something along the lines of the aluminum L channel between the studs. With the roof decking only being 3/8th inch plywood I'm not sure the bracket screws would hold going down the freeway. Historically we average about 7,000 miles a year towing, but with retirement coming up very shortly we're hoping to get a little more in. The road miles seem to be what tears up our rigs over the years.
Searching_Ut 04/10/16 07:47pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: ram 3500 4 or 5 springs

My 3500 RAM only has two full length leafs. Well you're special...... Thanks, I have been called worse!!! Lol.. I've still yet to see a Ram with air assist or air ride 2500 in person. Seems dealers in Seattle don't have many trucks on their lots. Prolly cause Dave Smith isn't too far away. Did have a salesman show me a 3500 they added bags to and tell me it was factory! Right down to the added on accessories price next to the window sticker. I have the air assist factory setup on my 3500 and it works pretty good other than when the underside of the truck gets all iced up. Then I sometimes get a "service Air Suspension" message when I first start the truck. As usual, the only thing the dealer has tried to fix it is a re-flash. We don't have any local dealers that can actually fix anything, which is sad. As for the factory air assist, it does a good job of both keeping the truck level, and stable when running maxed out on load. You get virtually no sag despite the load, unless you select the alt ride height in which case the bed lowers by about an inch. I always use that setting with my 5er as the truck sits a little to tall to keep it level.
Searching_Ut 04/09/16 09:08pm Tow Vehicles
How to mount solar panels thin plywood bighorn roof

I've got 4 100 watt grape solar panels on order and am now wondering how to mount them on the roof of my 2016 Bighorn 5th wheel. I replaced the bathroom vent on it today with a thermostatically controlled multi speed maxxair vent and during the install I noticed just how thin the plywood on the roof is. It appears the structural strength is primarily from the Styrofoam laminated between the wood. I can't imagine this will give me a very strong anchor for screws to install brackets to mount the panels on. It also appears that the aluminum studs in the roof are few and far between so it doesn't look like I could easily hit those and still place the panels in optimal position for clearance, shading issues etc. How are you guys mounting solar on the laminate Styrofoam roofs like used on the bighorn? I've seen some reference to using the flexible panels but don't want to go that route due to potential issues wit the panels themselves.
Searching_Ut 04/09/16 08:58pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Great deal on a 100w solar panel for TCs, but today only

I've got to say you truck camper folks are okay. I'm installing a Trimetric battery monitor in my 5er this weekend, and was planning to do an energy audit prior to picking up any solar panels. Saw the price and decided to order two. Afterwards I thought about all the space I have on the roof and ordered two more. Thanks for the tip. Now if any of you guys have any good methods of getting something huge into the great spots you get to go..... I kept keeping things small, but then the wife hated the rigs and didn't want to camp. Now she loves the camper, but I can't get to the areas I love to camp. Such is life. ROFL... I'm no longer thinking this was a good deal. Since at some point the delivery man is going to be showing up with boxes a little to large to miss I figured I ought to mention the purchase to the wife. Seems if I have the money and time to waste on solar panels for the trailer there is no reason I can't purchase and install a new dishwasher. I hate how that works.....
Searching_Ut 04/09/16 07:59pm Truck Campers
RE: Great deal on a 100w solar panel for TCs, but today only

I've got to say you truck camper folks are okay. I'm installing a Trimetric battery monitor in my 5er this weekend, and was planning to do an energy audit prior to picking up any solar panels. Saw the price and decided to order two. Afterwards I thought about all the space I have on the roof and ordered two more. Thanks for the tip. Now if any of you guys have any good methods of getting something huge into the great spots you get to go..... I kept keeping things small, but then the wife hated the rigs and didn't want to camp. Now she loves the camper, but I can't get to the areas I love to camp. Such is life.
Searching_Ut 04/08/16 10:44pm Truck Campers
RE: Replace OEM Ram Brake Controller w/Aftermarket BC??

We spent 1.5 hours in stop and go traffic in Portland this afternoon. Had to go from high 6.0 down to 4.5 to keep the trailer from pulling back on the truck at each slight speed stop. It's this truly a result of my heavy gauge star wiring on the axles? Chris If I get the chance this weekend I'll shoot some video or photos of my scope and the trucks brake controller display on the EVIC to show what's going on. The problem isn't something you'll see with slow speed normal braking, it's something that will show up if you try to do a "hard" fast panic type stop. Chrysler had decided to limit the output pulsewidth of the IBC so you don't get full voltage, and hence full current to the brakes no matter how big the wiring is. I did pull the trailer out of the storage lot this evening and it's parked out in the driveway. I have a new Maxxair thermostatic fan to put in the bathroom to replace the crappy thing that came with the rig. I also have a Trimetric 2030 battery monitor and Progressive industries Power Monitor hardwire system I need to wire in. Being a new rig, I haven't gotten back into the power panel wiring yet and am dreading what I'll find there given how shoddy the quality/workmanship has been on everything I've gotten into so far.
Searching_Ut 04/08/16 08:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: What Razor to get, 2 or 4 seater?

Thanks for all the replys. I just got a smoking deal on a new 16 XP1000 2 seater. You've got some serious fun in your future. The suspension on those things is a dream to use, and you'll really appreciate it when driving off road through fairly rough terrain at speeds that would get you a ticket on any road in California.
Searching_Ut 04/07/16 08:53pm Toy Haulers
RE: Replace OEM Ram Brake Controller w/Aftermarket BC??

In reading through assorted posts on the RAM IBC issue there seems to be some confusion as to how electric trailer brakes work. When properly set up, the trailer and truck should share the braking, and the total stopping distance in a panic stop shouldn't be much longer than what you would get with the truck alone empty. That said, the effectiveness of the trailer brakes vary based on trailer load, brake adjustment, tire condition etc so you need some means of fine tuning the braking so you get the most braking possible when required, but not to the point of locking the tires. Normally to dial that in you would set the gain to where the tires locked with the slider at full braking then back off a notch on the gain so that the brake controller would send the right amount of power to the brakes under max braking to almost lock the tires. Given no antilock brakes on the trailer this is the next best thing. Especially with the integrated controllers in modern vehicles you should be able to send a signal to the electric brakes proportional to pedal pressure and thus get smooth performance under normal braking and still be able to get the shortest possible stopping distance if required. By limiting the output of the IBC to only 65 percent or so and slower speed Chrysler has taken away the ability to dial in the brakes for maximum performance. That said, for my truck even with the gain maxed out it doesn't sent full power to the trailer brakes even at speeds over 45mph.
Searching_Ut 04/07/16 02:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: What Razor to get, 2 or 4 seater?

Lot's of trade offs to be made ..... So far we haven't had to deal with 50" vs 60" trails problems. Call it lucky but in Utah, Colorado, Arizonia and New Mexico we haven't had the issue. We rock crawl a lot and are in Moab now. The Sand Reeper has locking doffs front or rear. When on the road we unlock the 4 x 4 and the diff locks and roll. I have a DOT windshield steel doors etc. The new Sand Reeper is 1100 cc lifted and cool. Just a better deal for us. 10 feet 3 inches long in the 2 seater If you have locking diffs that would be fantastic. Sounds like you have a fair bit bigger engine than the only one I've seen where I talked to the driver. As I recall his engine was in the 800 class and the reason he couldn't get up the ledges was the lack of lockers. My RZR being an older one I have the opposite issue in that my rear end is always locked. Can cause problems sometimes. If you're in the Moab area be careful with the Canyonlands boundaries. Seems the park service doesn't allow "Street Legal" ATV's. The only places I've ever found it to be an issue is with some of the Capitol Reef and Canyonland boundaries as they have a lot of dirt roads going through parts of the parks. I don't recall any 50 inch trails in the Moab area as it's all old mining and jeep trails. That said you rarely if ever encounter any on BLM land in this area. You'll find quite a few in the areas managed by the forest service though. If you head a little south to Monticello, there are a bunch of nice trails through the Aspens in the Abajo mountains, several of the better ones being restricted to 50 inch rigs. Makes a great change of pace during the hot summer months where the 10,000+ foot mountains makes for a great way to cool off. Finally, I'm jealous of your being in Moab. We generally hit that area several times a year, but I traded my TT for a 5er last October and I've been waiting to install a hitch on the back of it until the 1 year frame warranty is up. As a result we currently can't take the RZR on camping trips. We're planning to retire early next year so we got a bigger rig more appropriate to spending long periods of time in. Once retired we intend to spend a lot more time in that area of the world, and will probably supplement the RZR with another UTV type vehicle more suitable to both on and off road travel, and hopefully with a lot more power for the dunes.
Searching_Ut 04/07/16 01:48pm Toy Haulers
RE: When have I reasonably earned a state sticker?

Oh, man. Years ago I drove my F450 on I-15 that cuts 15 miles on the corner of AZ. Since with my load I drove via weigh station, they charged me $15 for using commercial truck on AZ roads. Shall I file AZ tax return and claim the expense? If you've driven it recently during the construction mess they have going through the canyon you probably should claim it as a state of residence since that small strip can take a lifetime to get through some days. You never no when you'll get to drive through without interruption vs parking and turning off the engine for a couple hours.
Searching_Ut 04/06/16 09:01pm Class A Motorhomes
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