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RE: Best and Worst Feature of your truck

Like: Cummins, seats Hate: Brake Controller, small fuel tank
Searching_Ut 01/19/17 05:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Edison Batteries

Is that the old chemistry ? I was under the assumption, there was some new chemistry changes involved in the batteries PT linked too The training/education I received on Nickel Iron was early 80's. I've been involved in First Article testing to verify contract compliance, and performance/suitability testing of batteries quite a bit over the years for aircraft, and other weapons systems but none of these have been of an "Edison style variety" I've only read some of the data from early military testing on them. NiCad, NiMh, Lead acid variants, and of course Lithium variants I've played with a great deal however in the bench and performance testing arena, not design. I did a search for an hour or so trying to get good performance data on these "Edison" variants and I didn't really find any data that appeared reliable. It appears these are made by Changhong of China, and that the American reseller advertising doesn't match up very well with the manufactures data and specs. Hard to tell what's going on without a lot of further research. My gut tells me that as well researched as the technology is being well over 100 years old, the batteries would be widely used by now if the reality could live up to the hype.
Searching_Ut 01/18/17 08:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Edison Batteries

It's been about 36 years since the military initially sent me to school on Lithium batteries, and during that training we spent a couple days on Nickle based batteries, with a large part of that Nickle Iron. They've been around a long time, and are well tested. They are useful in some situations, but I can't see them being of much use for an RV. Characteristics that make them a bad choice for RV's would include. Heavy, high ventilation rate of hydrogen gas resulting in needing to be topped off often, very low charge efficiency of only around 60 percent, high self discharge rate, very slow to charge, voltage the drops considerably as SOC drops, and poor ability to sustain even moderately high discharge rates.
Searching_Ut 01/18/17 05:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Seafoam Test....

I've found seafoam to be helpful in preventing the carb from gunking up, but not particularly helpful once it does. As others have mentioned, Ethanol free gas is better at keeping things from gunking up, and ethanol free with seafoam is better yet. Luckily around here ethanol free is readily available and becoming more available all the time. Most of our new Maverick stations have "pure gas" for the price of premium. It has it's own nozzle on the pumps, generally a blue handle.
Searching_Ut 01/18/17 05:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone using a Bakflip cover on a short box?

I have a backflip on my shortbed Ram, and so far haven't had any issues. I use it in the 3/4 folded position though not all the way up against the window. With a shortbed you want to be able to see the 5er when backing into a spot because if you turn sharp enough it will hit the cab even with cutouts. The underside of the trailer hasn't ever contacted the cover even in a sharp turn where I'm only a couple inches from the rear window. I do watch it close if I'm on really uneven terrain. I've used it with both and Andersen ultimate hitch, and more recently with a B&W companion.
Searching_Ut 01/17/17 06:26pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Utah in July..... A/C question.

There is a lot of variability in temperatures in Southern Utah due to elevations ranging to over 10000 feet in some camping areas. Zion, the Vermillion cliffs etc. July temps are often between 100 and 110 during July, but it does tend to cool off at night, albeit sometimes till fairly late. A lot of that area has really dark skies, so staying up till midnight and taking in the stars isn't necessarily a bad thing. Trick is to have a site where you'll be shaded when the sun is on the eastern horizon so your rig doesn't heat up as soon as the sun comes up in the AM. Unfortunately, almost every year we have deaths in the southern part of the state from hikers that underestimate the heat. Take lots of water, considerably more than you think you'll need, know your limits, and try to avoid hiking in the hot part of the day. I love exploring the area all times of year and you just have to adapt for each season.
Searching_Ut 01/17/17 05:53pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: National Parks and the Lack of Adequate # of Camp Sites

Seems the National Parks have hit record high attendance yet again for 2016. I know there has been a lot of discussion locally in the media in regards to how to limit visitation to the Utah National parks, Zion, Bryce and Arches in Particular. KSL News story on NP attendance
Searching_Ut 01/16/17 07:03pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: New 5th Wheel & New Truck - Running nose high - UGH!!

..........WHY , can't you simply purchase some of those blocks\inserts they use on the rear axles of 3/4 , 1 ton trucks and get longer Ubolts and add them to the suspension ? , jf Lifted trucks are common in my area, and I've seen more than one person do as you suggest only to learn that the lippert frame I-beams are not strong enough to support the side loads and get twisted due to the extra leverage applied to the shackles.
Searching_Ut 01/16/17 06:55pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: So what are your plans for 2017?

My plan is to turn memorial day weekend into never ending, retiring at the end of May. We've averaged 7k miles a year with our assorted RV's over the last 10 years, but now plan to start staying in each area longer and exploring more in depth with trips ranging from 2 weeks to 2 months. We've also booked a trip where someone else drives, cooks, cleans etc. as we tour the Pacific Islands on a 900 plus foot ocean going RV.
Searching_Ut 01/16/17 06:48pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Utah BLM settlement

One of the main environmental organizations in this case is the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance. Read the article. Lynn I believe the people of Utah should be the ones to decide how their land is to be used, not bureaucrats from DC or environmentalist organizations from California and other states. For the most part, SUWA isn't a Utah organization. Most of their very deep pocketbooks and membership don't come from the state, or residents of the state. The legal arguments they are currently "Settling" have been going on for years, and basically this agreement just says the BLM has to follow the already existing laws and regulations on management of these lands. Having been someone who explored a lot of these areas off and on over the decades, I actually testified a couple times a little over 8 years ago regarding road access that existed in some areas in question 40 or 50 years ago. The approaches to the argument have changed a bunch as it went along, and in the end, a whole lot of money was spent that would probably have been better used to actually manage the recourses.
Searching_Ut 01/16/17 06:27pm Toy Haulers
RE: Grape Solar 40 Amp PWM Solar Charge Controller

Solar controllers only show what the solar panels are doing, not what is going to the battery and how they are doing. Solar output goes to rig systems first, and anything left over goes to the batteries. Same with converters. A Trimetric monitor on the batteries only shows what is happening with the batteries, including whatever the solar can provide from upstream of the Tri's shunt. You have to subtract the Trimetric amps from the solar amps to see how many amps are going to other loads. There is a solar controller that has two shunts ISTR that does both jobs, forget its name. If you use the Bogart SC 2030 as your controller in conjunction with the Trimetric 2030 you can look at both solar output and how much is going into the batteries. Of course a trimetric will also measure battery current while you can look at the solar controller to see what the panels are putting out and get the same info, just have to look at two displays.
Searching_Ut 01/15/17 09:08pm Tech Issues
RE: 110 psi tire pressure??

I too have G rated tires on a similar weight 5er, and have found 110 PSI seems about right, even towing on snow and ice. After about 7000 road miles now tire wear looks even and minimal. I use a Viair 450p DC inflator that I clamp right to the 5er battery most of the time as it's easy to get at in my rig. The little DC compressor works as good or better than the craftsman 4hp 125 psi compressor I have in the garage which doesn't go high enough pressure wise to fill the trailer tires most of the time due to the way it cycles.
Searching_Ut 01/14/17 07:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Updating our status

Glad to see life taking a turn for the better for you guys. Hope things continue to improve and that you can live your dreams again.
Searching_Ut 01/13/17 04:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: National Parks and the Lack of Adequate # of Camp Sites

As someone who has attended quite a few land use type meetings over the years, to include a couple recent ones for Utah National Parks, it's interesting to see how varied the desires and opinions are in regards to park management. Simple fact is they can't please everyone, and the National Parks will not be able to accommodate the amount of use that is predicted through future years. Public perception of RV's in general is somewhat negative, and there really aren't any groups out there lobbying for use so I expect to see RV'ing, especially boondocking type stuff, going away completely on public lands within 20 years or so. Entry to the parks themselves will almost certainly become restricted, although how the rationing or limitations will be handled is something I'm not certain of. The Park service is still trying to sort that out. They've currently had to close the gates for entry on Zion and Arches a few times that I'm aware of now because the crowds got to big to handle, and the projections are that the crowds will continue to increase for the foreseeable future. If you've been to one of the western National Parks during peak season in the last few years you're probably quite aware how difficult just getting around the parks to the major sites has now become. While surface area wise they might seem big, the crowds are simply huge, and tend to want to all be in the same key areas.
Searching_Ut 01/13/17 04:27pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 6 point leveling????

Auto Level was one of the big deciding factors for us as to Fifth Wheel, or go back to a class A. It literally takes our setup time when dry camping to less than 10 minutes. Back in, hydraulics run front legs down very fast to take weight off hitch, unlatch hitch, pull forward, mash auto button, pull steps out while trailer is leveling, open door, run out slides and awning, put out lawn chair, open beer and relax. When it's time to leave it will also take the front end back to the same height you were at when you unhitched which makes hooking back up quite easy.
Searching_Ut 01/13/17 04:07pm Toy Haulers
RE: south Idaho thru Utah to Grand Canyon Lte March/April

Starting about the end of Feb to the end of May is my favorite time of year for exploring Southern Utah, and we head down there multiple times during this time frame every year. While temps getting quite cool, even below freezing sometimes are common, daytime temps in the upper 50's to high 70's are quite common and great for hiking. You'll also find the crowds greatly reduced which is great. If you do get a snow storm, it generally doesn't last on the ground for long, and the place looks almost magical with snow. Once you hit Boise, the odds of your hitting significant snow on the roads will go down a great deal, and if it does snow it tends to melt off quickly so if your travel schedule is flexible it shouldn't be an issue. Three Island Crossing state park east of Boise is just a little bit off the freeway, and will make a good overnight stop in an area likely to have reasonable weather mid March. Antelope island a little North of Salt Lake City might make a good stop for the next day. March/April are one of the best times to visit Antelope island because it's generally snow free and more importantly bug free. It's a good time of year to hike the trails and explore out there. In Southern Utah you'll want to check on when the Easter Jeep Jamboree will be going as it's one of the biggest events of the year in the Moab area and will be quite crowded. Bryce Canyon will commonly get snow this time of year, but in my opinion that's a plus. For exploring there Kodachrome basin state park is a good option as they have full hookup sites available. Watch the weather if you'll be taking hwy 12 as the section over boulder mountain is pretty high elevation and might get snowy. They clear it off pretty quickly most of the time though. Zion NP area is fantastic this time of year. Other than hiking canyons where you'll be in the water, you'll be there in some of the best hiking weather of the year. Most of the areas I like exploring in Zion involve quite a bit of hiking, which can be rough when the temps are well above 100 degrees in the summer. As long as you have a decent heater and plumbing that can handle moderately freezing temps for a couple hours at night you should find it a great adventure.
Searching_Ut 01/13/17 03:51pm Roads and Routes
RE: RVing solo

The advice regarding situational awareness, and common sense is good. Something I wasn't as aware of as I should have been earlier in life is where the statistical greatest risk you face comes from. Unfortunately, I learned this after I lost people I loved. In America, your greatest risk of being a victim of violence, or murder comes from those you know, not strangers. Use common sense, and reasonable caution and you shouldn't be any more at risk traveling/camping than you are anywhere else.
Searching_Ut 01/11/17 07:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: Towing two trailer at one time

As for towing doubles, it's quite common here in the Rocky mountain states. I've had several rigs set up this way, all bumper pulls which require some attention to detail when initially setting up. I've towed both trailer and boat, and trailer and utility trailer with ATVs. The biggest issues I've had keeping inside the 65 foot total length limit, and no special license or indorsement is required here. When towing the boat trailer combo, I would launch the boat prior to hitting the campground as it made unhooking and moving the boat trailer much easier so I could back the TT into the camping spot. Backing both trailers up wasn't hard other than I had to use a kind of zig zag procedures since I couldn't see the boat trailer in the mirrors when the whole rig was straight. You also had to be careful not to run into traction issues trying to pull the trailers back up the ramp as boat ramps can be slick. The above said, especially when doing doubles with bumper pulls you really have set everything up perfect so you don't get sway. Things can get away from you much quicker, and more violently with doubles than with a single TT.
Searching_Ut 01/11/17 07:32pm Towing
RE: Towing 5er in Portland snow storm

For many, waiting the weather out is an option that comes with some pretty significant downsides. I've towed a lot in snow, and on ice and don't have an issue with it at all except for the heavy traffic areas. The number of Americans who have virtually no ability beyond mashing the pedal and pointing is amazing. Defensive driving is always a must, especially in anything but optimal conditions, with the biggest problem I encounter being folks cutting in front of me taking away the following distances I prefer to allow in snow. Obviously, you'll want 4 wheel drive for the improved vehicle controllability it provides, and the extra ability for getting things moving is nice as well. Last January, we had to move the Son in Laws 5er from North Dakota down to Wyoming, and only had 3 days to get it done in (He's living in 5er working the oil fields). Unfortunately the time period we had corresponded to a big storm passing through. Day 1 was 950 miles or so running empty through heavy snow from Salt Lake City through West Yellowstone to Bozeman Montana where the roads and skies finally cleared up and we had clear sailings to the Watford City ND area. Next morning, hooked up the 5er and towed through snow and wind for 650 miles on roads that kept closing as we were driving (GPS kept saying road closed but gates were still open when we hit them). Stopped in a motel in Rawlins Wyo for the night as snow drifts closed the road to the RV park. Mid day next day, parked 5er, waited two more hours for I-80 to re-open and returned to SLC. Seems to work out for us this way quite often when we do our runs south periodically through the winter seeking a few days of warmth and clear skies when we can break away from work. As you can see in the photo, at least the wind blows the snow off the ground in the Wyoming RV parks. High ground rules in the winters here. http://i.imgur.com/qGcf1b8l.jpg
Searching_Ut 01/11/17 07:07pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Salt Lake City to Jackson Hole

Taking I-15 is an easy route, one of the easiest for winter, or towing. Not necessarily the most scenic until you get closer to Jackson. Several options of where to turn off, with hwy 89 through logan canyon and swinging by Bear Lake being somewhat interesting. I-80 to Evanston is about the same distance and time wise as I-15. Are you looking mostly for best time, easiest drive, or maybe most scenic?
Searching_Ut 01/11/17 05:28pm Roads and Routes
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