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RE: Pre 2006 Ford F53 vs post 2006 Ford F53 vs 8.1 Workhorse

Drove an itasca with the Chevy engine for many miles - never exceeded 6 mpg - often in the 5.5 mpg range. Find the Ford better (6.5-7 mpg) - certainly not enough to brag about!
Semi Retired Grandpa 03/30/14 11:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Camping World

Junction City CW closed a long while ago as reported. Guarantee reopened in that location with a much smaller store (utilizing a small portion of the available space). The Coburg CW is now open.
Semi Retired Grandpa 03/20/14 11:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Winnebago 27N Vista...

Haven't owned this particular unit but both of our last units were Winnebagos and we found them very well built. If you like the floor plan, I wouldn't hesitate - Winnebago builds a very solid unit.
Semi Retired Grandpa 01/27/14 11:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Credit card limits when filling up the tank

Can't help with the gas cap settings,but found out from my credit card banks that if you let them know you are traveling during a certain time period and that you will be using the card multiple times a day at one vendor they will not flag your card. Sure helped on our Calif. to D.C. trip. Used same card 4 times at one gas station, $50.00 limit so swipe card - pump gas, swipe card - pump gas,and so on. No inconvenience should interrupt RV life. Not always - I use American Express for gasoline because of the rebate, Had problems on the way to Alaska in 2005 - out in the middle of nowhere and after pumping the gasoline. So phoned before leaving last summer and experienced the same problem! Called and told them I'd phoned prior to the trip and was told they still check! Go figure. At least I was able to use my cell phone last summer - no cell service in 2005 and the station wouldn't let me use their phone.
Semi Retired Grandpa 01/15/14 10:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Heat pump working at 28 degrees ambient

Seems to me the question is at what temperature does it become more efficient to heat by gas? I have my home heat pump switch to GFA at approximately 36-37 degrees. Keeps us comfortable and the combined electric/gas bills reasonable. All obviously depends upon the price of electricity versus gas, efficiencies of each unit, installation parameters, etc. etc.
Semi Retired Grandpa 01/06/14 11:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: success!

Wow, thats a tight fit! But congrats - are you going to wait until the weather gets better to christen her or are you going to get her dirty sooner? Actually took delivery earlier this year and soon took a trip to Texas followed by a couple more closer to home. Were gone from home much of the spring and summer and then it took much longer than expected to get the necessary garage work done - especially fitting an 18' door into the space available - then the MH sat on the dealer's lot for more than a month while they tried to repair the HWH leveling system.
Semi Retired Grandpa 12/02/13 09:08am Class A Motorhomes
RE: success!

My 1997 County Coach is 33' long and is 11'10" high. Just finishing up our new attached RV garage . We made it oversize just for those reasons you mentioned. Mine is 20' wide 48' long and the door is 14'x14' with 16' ceilings. I'm liken it … Sounds perfect!
Semi Retired Grandpa 12/02/13 09:01am Class A Motorhomes
RE: success!

Is it possible to build an extention or bump out on your garage? Very difficult as we live on a fairly steep hillside. The RV garage is built into the hill with concrete walls on three sides. The (relatively) level drive in front of the garage was built on the materials excavated for the garage - have minimal maneuvering room as it is and adding more would be difficult and expensive.
Semi Retired Grandpa 12/02/13 09:01am Class A Motorhomes

New RV garage 1998. 2 motor homes subsequently fit nicely. Then in 2013 purchase new Tiffin - specs. 31'5" overall length (12'10" tall) - should fit nicely except for height. Original door 18' wide x 12' tall - ceiling 13'10". Increase opening to 13' tall - door company spends two long days with two installers and owner supervision to fit opened door into 10" space. Finally retrieved MH from the Tiffin dealer yesterday after more than a month of warranty service - MH too long - can't close the door. Cut & remove rear ladder and it fits! Ecstatic! Now just have to shorten all standoffs and mount ladder nearly flush with the MH and all will be right with the world! Moral of the story - build that new RV garage much taller and longer than you ever think you'll need!!
Semi Retired Grandpa 12/01/13 07:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: HWH problem puzzles both HWH & Tiffin

1. I HAVE contacted HWH and no one at HWH has any info that your dealer or Tiffin contacted them about your specific problem. 2. I need a lot more info for HWH. Your Year/Model and chassis of your motorhome. The correct model number of the HWH system. THAT will be on the HWH operators manual in the Tiffin owners manual. 3. DID you do what I requested in my first post---test the system manually. It is kind of frustrating when people post problems, you ASK them to do certain things and they either refuse or do NOT do those things and they still go and post help for their problems. Doug (Tiffin dealer Tech (34 years) HWH factory trained(24 years). 4. Unless they installed an incorrect hose (NOT a HWH hose), there is NOTHING that replacing a hose will do to cause your type problem. The HWH system is self bleeding and will exhaust any air in the system after 3 or 4 extensions and retractions. 5. I asked if the WRONG fluid added to the system would cause your problem in addition to your problem. This is the reply I received from HWH on the 14th on Nov. We have been waiting for you to respond. Doug "I am not real sure what is going on, that is the reason I was wanting to look at his records and see if he called in or his dealer called in about it. I am not sure if the wrong fluid would do this or not. I would seriously doubt that would cause the issue but who knows. I guess bottom line is I need more information to even come close to having an idea with what is going on. It might not even be the jacks, it might be something with the suspension causing this". Sorry if you're frustrated. I personally haven't tried any of the recommendations as the MH has been at the dealers some 40+ miles away expecting them to take care of the problem. However - I printed your response and will see that their service department has it Monday. Planned a contact anyway as this has gone on far too long. BTW - all of the manuals are in the MH. W/O them I can say only that it is a 2013 Tiffin 30GA which is on the Ford F53 22,000# chassis. Don't know the HWH model number. Thank you for your input - I WILL follow up on it.
Semi Retired Grandpa 11/23/13 11:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: HWH problem puzzles both HWH & Tiffin

Visited the dealer Tuesday. Told me they had the Tiffin factory representative visit and look at the leveler problem. He asked that they check other new units on the lot - two gas and two REDs - dealer's rep told us all experienced similar problems. Seems at this point neither Tiffin nor HWH have any explanation for this problem. I'd have to look at the paperwork, but I think our MH has been sitting on the dealer's lot more than a month at this point - and they don't know how to address the problem! Still believe the system worked properly until they replaced a ruptured hydraulic hose.
Semi Retired Grandpa 11/22/13 10:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: which one? class A or Pusher? Why? thanks

Tho u only change oil once a year or 11000 miles on the DP. I did my gasser every 3000. Your choice but not recommended by the manufacturer. You should look at the test done by Consumer Reports several years ago comparing NY City taxis with oil changed every 3k miles to those changed every 7.5k miles. My daily driver is an SUV with diesel engine - oil change every 10-12k mile. Wife's is gas with the same oil change frequency (both determined by the onboard computer system). The diesel oil/maintenance cost is higher - and factor in the ridiculous cost of diesel!! My Cat engine oil change frequency is dictated by hours and duty. For light duty it works out to about 23,000 miles or every year. I can not imagine an OTR engine on a 3-7,000 mile oil change frequency. Also, comparing NY Taxis that are in constant traffic to a MH that cruises the hwys is a bit much.......no relevance. So, for me it's once a year regardless and that come to $300.00 at a dealer. You miss the point - many recommend oil changes for gasoline engines at 3000 mile intervals. Consumer Reports simply blue printed a number of engines in taxis (I think all would agree severe service conditions) and compared the 3000 mile and 7500 mile oil change intervals for engine wear - no difference. As mentioned - I change the oil in my wife's car every 10-14k miles as the onboard computer recommends.
Semi Retired Grandpa 11/20/13 10:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Thor Hurricane 32A

Sorry you're not accurate. If you are then you're one in a million. Commercial building with tpo and you reject all tpo? Ha. Your roof must be pretty dirty if you havent "maintained" it? Five years tpo and no maintenance here just a wash once a year which is what I consider maintaining along with checking caulking which a fiberglass uses the same. So your point is. Guess you you never heard of winnies roofs coming off either. There's nothing wrong with tpo PERIOD. Again - as I understand it (and while I'm an engineer I have no expertise in TPO), TPO (composition) varies considerably from manufacturer to manufacturer. I know many (if not most) trailers use TPO but it seem most higher quality motor homes have gone to solid surface roofs. In my (40 year) experience, aluminum and fibergalss roofs require almost no maintenance - they also don't bleed dark streaks down the sides of the MH (interesting to see the advertisements offering regular TPO maintenance). BTW - 5 years? As I said - I had an Itasca with aluminum roof (where I'd expect considerable problem from expansion/contraction) for 18 years and never did anything more than wash the roof - never caulked a seam. Ditto for the last Winnebago with fiberglass roof that we owned for 7 years. Many very long trips - absolutely no roof maintenance required on either unit and never a leak.
Semi Retired Grandpa 11/20/13 10:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: which one? class A or Pusher? Why? thanks

Tho u only change oil once a year or 11000 miles on the DP. I did my gasser every 3000. Your choice but not recommended by the manufacturer. You should look at the test done by Consumer Reports several years ago comparing NY City taxis with oil changed every 3k miles to those changed every 7.5k miles. My daily driver is an SUV with diesel engine - oil change every 10-12k mile. Wife's is gas with the same oil change frequency (both determined by the onboard computer system). The diesel oil/maintenance cost is higher - and factor in the ridiculous cost of diesel!!
Semi Retired Grandpa 11/18/13 10:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Thor Hurricane 32A

Price difference is just location and volume of dealer. Don't be put off by tpo roofs, been around for years. You have to care for both the same, reseal ect. Sorry - not accurate. We've had aluminum (Itasca) on a mH for 18 years - always parked outside - with no maintenance required - ever! More recently a Winnebago with fiberglass roof - 7 years and again no maintenance. Have a commercial building with a TPO roof and continual maintenance required. Personally reject any unit with the TPO roof.
Semi Retired Grandpa 11/18/13 10:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Thor Hurricane 32A

Decided against Thor products in making our last purchase because of too many obvious quality issues when looking at units on dealer's lots. Currently have a 2013 Tiffin - prior to that our most recent units were Winnebago - both Winnebago and Itasca - and thought them both very good motor homes. Suggest you simply compare specs - the Hurricane is on the 18,000# Ford - the Tiffin on the 22,000# Ford. Tiffin has the fiberglass roof - Thor the TPO. Look further and you'll find Tiffin has many more standard features - some optional on the Thor but many not even available on the Thor.
Semi Retired Grandpa 11/17/13 11:01pm Class A Motorhomes
HWH problem puzzles both HWH & Tiffin

New 2013 Tiffin with HWH automatic leveling system. Initially worked well. Soon after our first trip I attempted to level the unit while parked in our driveway only to have the left front hydraulic hose rupture. Big driveway mess! Back to the dealer where they replaced the hose. Now however the system bucks, bounces and makes excessive noise when the jacks extend. Dealer replaced a control valve - no fix. Replaced both rear jacks - no fix. Says they have consulted at length with both Tiffin and HWH w/o being able to diagnose the problem. Now awaiting November 19th visit from the factory rep to help diagnose and hopefully fix the problem. Becoming frustrating! Can anyone offer any insight?
Semi Retired Grandpa 11/12/13 10:50pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Brite Tek roof vs Fiberglass

All seams and protrusions should be checked at least once a year. I do it twice a year. The ac units have a gasket and require no caulking. Fiberglass, whether a gelcoat or painted finish, should be waxed or coated with a UV protectant. It will oxidize just as any other finish. Brite Tek requires only checking and resealing of seams and protrusions. drive by any marina and note those chunks of fiberglass floating in the water. no waxing, no UV protectant, nothing except perhaps rubbing off algae every once in a while. other than caulking the seams and various things mounted on the roof, nothing else needs to be done. bumpy Agree. Have left a sail boat in the water for extended periods - in saltwater on both east and west coasts - with very little maintenance required (teak trim being the only continual maintenance required other than annual bottom cleaning/paint). Also owned a trailerable fiberglass boat for 18 years w/o more than a general washing ever required to keep it looking like new. Also owned an Itasca MH with an aluminum roof for 18 years - used summer and winter - w/o so much as having to caulk a roof seam. More recently owned a Winnebago MH with fiberglass roof from 2005 until 2013 with extended trips thru the very hot SW and twice to Alaska w/o any roof maintenance - no caulking, no leaks, no problem. Looked like new when we sold it the first part of 2013. When purchasing a new MH eliminated from consideration all those w/o fiberglass roofs because of too many reported problems and long term maintenance requirements with other materials. I own one of those boats, and believe me they do oxodize and need protection from UV. Instead of just driving by, walk down and swipe your hand across the gunnel. I guess it depends on whether one wants to keep it in top shape or let it deteriorate. Its pretty easy to spot the ones that are cared for and the neglected ones, even from a distance. Go to the search bar and type in gel coat. You may be amazed at the number of posts regarding oxidation and fading of gelcoat.
Semi Retired Grandpa 11/05/13 11:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 20,500 or 18,000 chassis

Or - our 30' Tiffin is built on the 22,000# chassis. Rides well - far better than I had been led to believe by various negative Ford F53 posts. The heavier chassis was a major factor in choosing Tiffin.
Semi Retired Grandpa 11/03/13 04:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Protect-A-Tow

Have hadone since 2005. Used it on two trips to Alaska towing a Honda Element. Still have numerous rock chips on the Element. We continue to use it, but do think it wards off only the worst. Don't expect your toad to be totally protected.
Semi Retired Grandpa 10/31/13 09:47pm Class A Motorhomes
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