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RE: Schwintek slides

Why not put more rollers to divide the weight Seems an obvious solution. Techs and I agree. Wished Tiffin had considered it during design/build. Of course now we have to address the floor indentation.
Semi Retired Grandpa 04/24/15 11:08pm Class A Motorhomes
Schwintek slides

2013 Tiffin 30GA. 15k miles - immaculately maintained. In Arizona Feb.-March. When retracting the front slide the rear portion of the slide (the kitchen) stopped and the slide was skewed. Stopped - extended - and tried again. Same thing. Multiple times. Looked online and found the slide could be manually controlled. Retracted. Took the MH to the dealer - now 3+ weeks later they have photos of the floor where the slide roller has indented the subfloor approximately 1/4". Therefore the slide binds and the rear motor stops. Tech convinced the rear portion is too heavy for the support system therefore indenting the floor - BTW - front floor shows no indentation. As a design engineer seems obvious to me. Tech has asked Tiffin for support - so far not responsive. Sent photos Thursday evening and hoped to have a better resolution today - so far no response. Seems a Tiffin design/build problem. Hope they'll stand behind their product. Will post as soon as we get their response.
Semi Retired Grandpa 04/24/15 10:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class A to Super C? Am I crazy?

I only wonder what 30' "super c' you're referring to?
Semi Retired Grandpa 03/16/15 09:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Camping in San Diego

Will never forget Campland on the Bay as it was the most expensive and overrated RV park we've ever stayed in. Paid $150/night for a very tight spot with a picnic table falling apart and signs along the bay warning of contamination. This was several years ago while on a trip with a couple of grandchildren. BTW - worked and lived in San Diego (actually worked in La Jolla) in the early 70's - a wonderful place at that time. And we've been Rv'ing all over the country - east to west and north to south - Alaska to Nova Scotia - for over 50 years. And I'll always remember this RV park.
Semi Retired Grandpa 03/16/15 09:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Redding, CA to Grants Pass, OR I-5

Kind of hope you're kidding. Grants Pass to Redding via I-5? Sometimes hear from students at OSU (200 miles north) driving I-5 to Redding for lunch at In'N'Out! Certainly no challenge except during winter snows (travelled the Siskiyous last week and no sign of snow - lowest accumulations on record they say). BTW - none of the several routes from I-5 to the coast are a challenge for a motor home.
Semi Retired Grandpa 03/12/15 11:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Removing the old TV (With photos) Tropical by National RV

Parked in Salt Lake City a few years ago in our Winnebago 31c when the TV began smoking - seriously smoking! - Turned it off - disconnected shore power - and it kept on smoking - figured fire was next. In a panic to remove the TV only to find it installed securely - took far too much time to remove - but fortunately never had the fire. Very happily dumped it into their dumpster with no damage except for the TV itself.
Semi Retired Grandpa 12/17/14 11:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Towing, 2008, Honda, ,Element, 4 down

Have towed an '04 Element since new. Twice to Alaska and thru every western state. No issues so far.
Semi Retired Grandpa 12/02/14 10:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ford cruise control

I really don't understand all the bitc+++g. If you are unhappy with the noise levels, add some insulation to the dog house. If you are unhappy because it kicks down too easy, learn to shut it off on hills and just use the gas pedal at a moderate setting a so it kicks down at a slower speed. I've learned to put my foot on the throttle to over ride the CC when going down hill to pick up some speed. I will also kick it out of O/D a little early when climbing a hill to ease the shift and maintain the desired speed. In any event, the CC on my old F53, pulling a 5000 lb toad, works as good as I can expect. Its not that we are bitc+++g just pointing out that CC have not gotten better over the years as the rest of the chassis, same as with our Nissin truck, every time it gets to a hill the CC shuts off, they can develop a smart CC that knows its in the hills and slows down the speed and just down shift 1 gear and not 2 gears, when I am on a long hill and maintaining 45 mph I can do it in 4th gear but if I put the CC on it wants to go to 3rd gear. I think todays CC is the same as 30 years ago, nothing has changed in this department. So true with the Ford - our SUV (car also) shifts down one gear at a time - the change barely discernible. We can travel up and down Oregon's mountains w/o having to adjust the CC. BTW - the car also senses the speed of the vehicle in front and adjusts speed accordingly. Very relaxing - a far cry from the Ford where even the slightest grade too often results in a dramatic change in engine RPM's. Far past time for Ford to bring its CC up to today's level.
Semi Retired Grandpa 11/24/14 11:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV parks California coast

Mission Bay RV would be okay, this time of year but is a distant third. . Stayed there ONCE several years ago with grandchildren. $150/night ($450 for three nights!) - picnic table falling apart - spot so narrow awning reached the adjoining camp spot - and signs along the bay warning of polution and hazardous swimming - and the campground was full. My wife and I had many words over her reserving and paying $450 in advance. This is one of those experiences we relate often as it was (and is) by far the most expensive 3 days of camping we've ever enjoyed in our over 45 years of RV'ing.
Semi Retired Grandpa 11/22/14 11:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ford cruise control

I really don't understand all the bitc+++g. If you are unhappy with the noise levels, add some insulation to the dog house. If you are unhappy because it kicks down too easy, learn to shut it off on hills and just use the gas pedal at a moderate setting a so it kicks down at a slower speed. I've learned to put my foot on the throttle to over ride the CC when going down hill to pick up some speed. I will also kick it out of O/D a little early when climbing a hill to ease the shift and maintain the desired speed. In any event, the CC on my old F53, pulling a 5000 lb toad, works as good as I can expect. Difficult to "shut it off on hills" when the slightest grade change will often cause it to shift down. I use cruise often - in the MH, car and SUV - and have become extremely sensitized to the Ford cruise control - watch it to the point that it becomes the most stressful part of driving! Yet is still sometimes catches me by surprise. I can tow a very heavy boat with our SUV for long distances over Oregon's mountains without ever experiencing this irritating situation. Ford can and should do better - other manufacturers certainly do.
Semi Retired Grandpa 11/18/14 11:07pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ford cruise control

My cc works fine uphill and down. If you think gear changes and high revs are a problem, try hooking 10 tons to your daily driver and see what the cc does then! Perhaps - I tow a boat that weighs nearly as much as our SUV and never experience the same problem. With the Ford I'm very alert to grade changes yet it still catches me by surprise - a very minimal grade and suddenly it shifts to a much lower gear (which? I don't know) and the engine rpm goes off the chart - enough to wake the wife in the copilot seat!! Immediate disengage but always irritating. Ford could and should do better!
Semi Retired Grandpa 11/18/14 11:00pm Class A Motorhomes
Ford cruise control

Last two Mh's have been on the Ford chassis. My only major complaint has been with the cruise control - seems technologically in the dark ages. I've learned to be super alert to the slightest grade, but too often is seems I don't quite sense the grade change and the transmission suddenly shifts down and we're travelling at super high RPM's. My daily drivers seem to sense the change, shift down a little to compensate & continue on without dramatic effect. BTW - the first was a 2005, the current a 2013. Ford can certainly do better than this!
Semi Retired Grandpa 11/17/14 10:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Chains for driving on snow and ice

Outside tires only. I gurantee you will not like installing a dual set. Probably won't like installing a dual set - however - in years past we spent nearly every weekend in Oregon mountains while snowmobiling and I can assure you we've been stuck in level snow parks when an outside only chain dug a small hole and transferred all the load to the unchained inside tire. Consider that you're really driving only one chained wheel and when it spins - have fun!
Semi Retired Grandpa 11/16/14 09:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: spare tires

I haven't had a spare in over 10 years! I don't want one due to a back injury many years ago. Changing a spare out on the road for me would be like wrestling with a gorilla with all the weight involved with a spare tire. I'll just call road service and wait however, long it takes if that ever happens to me. I've been RVing since 1976 and I've never had serious tire trouble out on the road. Similar experience - except we've been Rv'ing longer than that. Never a tire problem. However - what does one do if experiencing a tire problem in northern BC or the Yukon territory? As I understand it, Road Service will change your tire - if you have a spare. What happens if you don't? Or - if one carries an unmounted tire - will road service mount and install the new tire?
Semi Retired Grandpa 10/09/14 10:30pm Class A Motorhomes
spare tires

Have been off-line for awhile and expect this subject has been discussed in detail so my apology in advance. All our previous RV's have had a spare tire (and wheel) and we've traveled over most of the USA - Coast to coast, border to border, Alaska, etc. Our current 2013 Tiffin does not have a spare. We have Good Sam Roadside Assistance which really doesn't answer the question if we have a blowout or otherwise destroyed tire. I assume many of you are in a similar situation - so what do you do? Hope nothing goes wrong? Carry a spare tire (but no wheel) - or purchase a spare tire & wheel and perhaps carry it in the toad? Plan another Alaske trip next summer and will probably opt for a spare carried in the toad. Your thoughts and experience please.
Semi Retired Grandpa 10/09/14 09:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Advice removing water stains on front curtains

A lot of your cleaners like "Goo-Gone and especially "Oops" are really similar to dry cleaning fluid. Our Monaco had stains along the bottom edge of the front curtains from dragging on the dash when they closed. Every once and awhile I would use "Oops" and saturate the dirty part, rub it a little and let it dry. It did a nice job on the curtains. Wow! Curious as to which "drycleaning fluid" they're similar to?
Semi Retired Grandpa 10/09/14 08:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Oregon RV site Ownership

Here is a good start. Brookings is as far north as I'd want to be. Because??
Semi Retired Grandpa 10/09/14 08:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: I just paid $6.71 per gallon for diesel

Heavens, I saw all sorts of RV's in Switzerland this past May. Despite the horrendous fuel costs and road taxes. Those bakeries made it all worthwhile! Just returned from Germany-Switzerland-Austria. Was driving a car - not an RV. However, saw relatively few RV's (at least relative to the US) except in isolated scenic areas. Gasoline approximately $8.50/gallon (US) - + the road tax sticker purchased at the Swiss & Austrian borders. Great bakeries - exceptional coffee - but did you notice no one has screens on their windows? Often times saw flies all over the baked goods in the display cases. No one seemed to notice. Great fun though - already planning a return.
Semi Retired Grandpa 07/28/14 11:00pm Class A Motorhomes
Oregon & Washington folks heading south in the winter

Curious as to how you Oregonians and Washingtonians find your way south (Arizona & New Mexico) after the New Year. Seems we're often snowed in - east on hwy 84 can be treacherous. South over the Siskiyous (and beyond) is frequently very treacherous (two years ago were required to mount chains three times on I-5 south). We tend to head south a little later but often have road problems. Seems the only sure way is to travel along the coast and then well south in California before heading east. Suggestions?
Semi Retired Grandpa 07/22/14 10:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Yellowstone

Remember as late as 1981 driving into Old Faithful Lodge and securing a room for the night - contrast that to today when many make reservations a year in advance. Have visited Yellowstone many times over the past 45 years - snowmobiles in the winter before all the current regulations came into being - as well as spring-summer-fall. Have taken grandchildren on more recent winter visits - snowmobiles again but in a group & with a guide - as well as several summer visits. Seems always too many visitors and too many regulations - a NP that is truly overloved. Wildlife was once in plain view - now often well hidden. Everyone should visit this magnificient NP - but like too many of our wonderful parks just too many people ....
Semi Retired Grandpa 05/28/14 10:04pm Class A Motorhomes
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