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RE: Quality...

I know many of you others have already had this epiphany on the poor quality of the motorhomes, trailers and campers being produced today. But I continue to be astounded at just how bad the workmanship is! I jumped in a couple of Palomino campers today, just out of curiosity, and saw things that just made me cringe. I get it - it's about quantity over quality, maximizing margins. But, jeebus - where's their pride? Their self-respect? It reminded me of the GMs, Fords and Chryslers coming off the line in the mid 70's. Garbage. Pure, unadulterated junk. I'm not sure why there are no imports giving our manufacturers a run for the money, but I think our manufacturers should thank their lucky stars that there's no Toyota or Honda equivalent out there. Frankly, I'd be personally embarrassed to tell someone I worked at these places.Do you have pictures and specific examples you're writing about to show here?
Skid Row Joe 07/03/15 02:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Comparing Class A Cost To Travel Trailers

Steve, RVers have been wrestling with the either or question since Winnebago started making motorhomes in the early 1960s. Setting aside the truck camper slide-ins, this gave folks a choice in their mode of RVing. It is all dependent on what you (and your family - if you have one) are going to be comfortable in doing? Are you more comfortable pulling a trailer, or, driving the motorhome/towed combination? I'm more comfortable with the motorhome deal, versus the trailer pull deal. It's all up to you.
Skid Row Joe 07/02/15 01:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How to change norcold ac heater element

Does anybody have a good write or vid on how to change the heater element? Does the fridge have to be pulled out to do it? Any tips would be appreciated, thank you. May I ask how you determined the heater element was bad? Reason I ask is because my Norcold won't work on AC, only propane. Just trying to learn to trouble shoot my refrigerator's problem here. Thanks.
Skid Row Joe 07/02/15 01:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Fridge replacement

Finally got rid of that useless residential fridge and got it replaced with an RV fridge that runs on propane, 120 volt and 12 volt. Now we can get back to dry camping and going down the highway without having to listen to the generator. My thoughts as well on having a residential, AC only refrigerator - makes no sense for those of us that don't want to jockey running the generator endlessly when doing a lot of dry camping or boondocking when out and about. What brand and size refrigerator freezer did you buy, and where/what was your source for it?
Skid Row Joe 07/02/15 01:13pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Consignment...Seller won't budge off of asking price.

The people on this thread are so much smarter than me. They can tell the exact amount you should pay for something that they have never laid eyes on. They haven't seen the condition, haven't seen what options are included, don't know if there are any maintenance records, don't know the floorplan, yet they are sure you should get this or that much off the asking price. Sometimes the price is the price. For some people, it might be the absolute least they could take because they do have to pay off the rig. For some, they know it's priced right and it becomes a matter of principle. Others just plain get upset over people playing pricing games. You see people on these forums all the time telling you to tell the dealer to take it or leave it. Sometimes what's good for the goose is good for the gander. If you want the rig, and feel it is a good value, buy it. For something you are going to have for a number of years, getting another $500 or even a few thousand off the price won't change the experience one bit. The OP came to a public opinion forum and asked for opinions. The reasonable expectation was they would get them. X 2
Skid Row Joe 07/02/15 12:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Consignment...Seller won't budge off of asking price.

I would have the consignment dealer return your deposit immediately. That would have the dealer do a last ditch effort to make the deal go through for their sales commission. If the seller won't budge, go on to look for one that will. If NADA won't buy it, nothing will, IMHO. Some stubborn sellers are as some are suggesting here that the unit should be $15K higher. Balderdash. Low-Retail, minus the cost of the stuff needing replacing will buy it, since that is all any bank will loan on it - NADA. Tell the seller that too.
Skid Row Joe 07/01/15 11:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: The Value of a Friendly Staff

We spend a majority of the year traveling. Generally we will visit 15 to 20 campgrounds, most of which we have never been at before. I estimate that 90% of those CG's have a friendly helpful staff. There are a few that seem indifferent and not that friendly, then once and awhile we run into a CG clerk that is downright rude. At some point during the summer we return to our "home base" campground to spend 2 to 3 months visiting kids and grandkids. This "home base" campground is managed by the rudest person that we deal with all year! She has never been an RVer, loves to be "in charge", and never has a kind word to say to anyone. Due to the location and price of this campground we continue to put up with her, just like other campers there do. Based on our limited experience, it seems that other RVers working as camp hosts make the best people to have working your front desk at the CG. They are generally more friendly, obviously understand your needs, and never seem to be in a bad mood.YES!!! Your post hits a grand slam homerun with me!
Skid Row Joe 07/01/15 10:32pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: The Value of a Friendly Staff

It's far too easy to bash customers from an anonymous perch: your bashing contributes to suspicious and adversarial attitudes. The fact that this thread started on an upbeat note about the value of customer service should be respected and continued rather than bashing your customers anonymously and nonspecifically. Bashing is never productive and nasty commentaries contribute to everyone's perception of you.True dat. Anonymously bashing of RVers with that attitude you described, is getting old. On another related posting here: I have to also agree with the poster that said some CGs have a corner on the market on their location and price, so, the manager is flush full of RVers - and can treat 'em any way they want to. Then again, there's the location and price some of us RVers want, and have to put up with that attitude at the front desk. I'll overlook a lot at most any RV park based on price and location - but even I have limits to how someone treats me.
Skid Row Joe 07/01/15 10:05pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Looking for a DP from PPL

I am just starting my search for a used DP, 38' to 45'. My budget will be in the $150K to $175K range. I want a quality built unit and am willing to go a little older model to get the quality. Has anyone dealt with PPL? Seems like they have been mentioned quite often on the forum. Any guesstimate how much they will come off their asking price. I am aware they are consignment, but, I would think they give the sellers some guidance on how to price their units. Anything else I need to be aware of when dealing with them? Any other places that I need to look at? I have Lazy-Daze, close to me and I have bought from them before, with no problems, it just seems like better prices at PPL. In no rush. I am going to take my time and look as much as I need to. Thanks in advance for any help.I've shopped PPL before, and their sale prices for SOLD units are plainly logged on their website. It gives you a good idea of what a similar unit could go for elsewhere in your shopping and buying process. At PPL, you must have a good working sense of any coach's level of repair quality. They're consignment units that you have to be your own doctor when it comes to qualifying them. No one is going to twist your arm at PPL, they're too busy selling units to high-pressure any buyers. With your stated parameters - I would shop used Newells and converted Prevost too. If you're looking for an absolute quality made unit in your price range, and Up to a 45' unit, DP - they're the only units I'd be shopping. One of the biggest mistakes I ever made was in passing up a one-owner, 1991 Newell with 90K miles on it for $120K (asking) back in 2000 or so. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of thinking an almost new, top-shelf, fiberglass unit was the way to go. Boy, did I ever make a grave $$$ mistake there.
Skid Row Joe 07/01/15 04:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Looking for a DP from PPL

I would second Motorhomes of Texas. Their units are almost always nice and they are clean too. I looked at PPL a while ago and found mist to be harder used. Funny, that is where MOT sends a unit they do not think will sell or meet their standards if they take it in on trade.Totally disagree. Apples and orangutans..... One of the many downsides of dealing with MOT are their higher unit costs, and sales commission charges. Just because a unit is @ PPL in Houston/New Braunfels/ or Cleburne, Texas, doesn't mean it's automatically a lesser unit in quality than any MOT used unit. PPL has a vast selection of used RVs too - unlike MOT. MOT may be much pickier on what they will display for sale, but they do not sell nearly the numbers in volume that PPL does. The better bargains are easier to find at PPL, IMO. You just have to be ready to move on a unit @ PPL, because unlike MOT, they will move them fast!
Skid Row Joe 07/01/15 04:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: High electric bill for no reason

Try running just one AC at a time to save money. There's no need to run the bedroom AC when you aren't in the bedroom, and if you are needing a little air blown-in from the galley and living area, say while taking a shower in the hours you're using the galley and living area - just use a floor box fan. When you turn-in for the night, cut the living area AC off, and use only the bedroom AC. Keeping the bedroom door closed will further localize one AC unit at a time. Pretty easy solution.
Skid Row Joe 06/29/15 03:56pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Class C's don't come with cab carpeting now?

I've noticed that too. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has the rubber floor up in the cab too. Mine's a 2002, and the coach manufacturer carpeted that area.
Skid Row Joe 06/29/15 01:33am Class C Motorhomes
RE: The Value of a Friendly Staff

You know, I stayed at a CG a couple of weekends ago that I would normally rate pretty low on rvparkreviews.com. However, the people who ran the place were extraordinarily nice, upbeat, and genuinely friendly people. Those people changed my entire outlook on the place. I also use the criteria of price as a guide to how I will fill out my rvparkreviews dot com review of any RV park. Low, low price for the basics go a long way with me. Regardless some of the other criteria....
Skid Row Joe 06/29/15 12:08am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Is NADA book accurate for any Class C RV?

I have a very nice 31 ft motorhome that I wish to sell. I looked up the NADA value book and priced it at low book without adding any extras. I keep getting the same story from dealers. They claim it isn't worth the price I am asking for it because it's first owner was a rental company. It is a beautiful coach with 33,000 miles on it. It has one small scratch on it, and there is nothing wrong with it other than that. Has any one else had this song and dance from these dealers? Low retail NADA is reasonable selling it yourself - not trying to get that amount from a dealer. If you're buying a used unit, low retail NADA would be reasonable buying it from a dealer. This is contingent on the unit being in nice shape, clean, low miles, etc.
Skid Row Joe 06/22/15 11:26pm Beginning RVing
RE: Former or Inactive members

I visited with Supercharged in a Costco parking lot in Phoenix a few years ago. Interesting guy and we had a long visit. He really has a supercharged Chevy. He has a cabin in the mountains in New Mexico overlooking a beautiful lake. I P.M.'d him a year or so ago and he responded. Spending time with his Grandkids. IIRC, his wife was having some health problems. P.M.'d him a month or so ago and haven't heard anything. Supercharged surfaces from time to time. We're old friends here having both grown up in the upper Midwest and Great Plains.
Skid Row Joe 06/22/15 11:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: Former or Inactive members

Mandrake was another one that use to post a lot that vanished. Has anyone hear from Firedude?Nope. Firedude got burnt out on the whole deal, and just backed away by resigning his moderatorship.
Skid Row Joe 06/22/15 01:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: Former or Inactive members

Mandrake was another one that use to post a lot that vanished. He went belly-up in business, or close to it - lost his wife to divorce, expressed extreme distress about it (understandably) and downsized to his inland retail store - then basically just disappeared.
Skid Row Joe 06/22/15 01:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Contacting the owners of this forum

...But the biggest hole in your argument (and many others too) is this: How is opening another thread to discuss the specifics of a particular job offering where you CAN voice a negative view any different than just allowing it on the thread in question where it truly belongs? It's the same thing and more to the point how then does that protect the fragile feelings of all those companies out there and the people who work for them? 4X4, you must be a baby boomer? You surely have forgotten that we now live in the millennial age where we can never say anything that is not positive to anyone in a direct conversation, be it constructive or otherwise. Have you forgotten that the motto of the new millennium is I will tell you exactly what you want to hear and then do exactly what I want to do. If the two happen to coincide that is good, but if they don't it's not a problem because I didn't say or do anything to your face to hurt your feelings or degrade your self-worth! Hence, you must start a new thread so the OP is not exposed to any self-worth degrading constructive criticism or, heaven forbid, negativity! For the sake of trying to get along can we not just agree to start a new post IF we are interested in reading positive/negative info about a job posting? Best post ^^^ on this thread. Marcus Lemonis wants free speech here. That is a direct quote of his made in October 2013. The Moderators have been told to back off, since deleting posts that aren't vulgar have value. Marcus knows this, and wants that free exchange of thoughts and opinions around here. Marcus is one sharp businessman, and not tied to the old ways of shutting down free forum speech, with indiscriminate post and thread deletes. It's now contingent on us to stay within the boundaries. Have your say, but do it with decorum and class.
Skid Row Joe 06/22/15 01:35pm Workamping Forum
RE: Waze app for navigation?

I'm a big fan of Waze and use it every day for my commute. It has saved me from getting stuck in huge traffic delays many times.......I'm trying to get the Waze app to 'talk.' Will it give you verbal as you go alert for red light cameras, school zones, speed limit, etc. without programming in a destination? I can't seem to get it to work.
Skid Row Joe 06/22/15 01:18pm Technology Corner
RE: Who treats their diesel fuel?

For those running pick up trucks and farm equipment, it's great that they never needed an additive. But, were not talking about something that gets run everyday, we're talking about RV's that sit for long periods of time and then get their necks wrung for short periods of time. Power Service here. My diesels don't get run every day, or every week. I think it's a good idea to have a Racor brand water separator installed, if yours doesn't have one.
Skid Row Joe 06/21/15 11:38pm Class A Motorhomes
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