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RE: Expertise and Experience Not So Much RV

Although this is not about RV's and motorcoaches, I ask here because of the diversity and knowledge of the members of this forum. I have been ask to provide expert testimony in a trial as an experienced aviator. Oddly enough there is the expectation that I should charge a fee. The only aviator whom I have known has done this is no longer living. So I ask here if anyone with a professional or skilled background has done this sort of thing and what fee did you charge? Given that we are talking finances which may be personal, I would hope perhaps to receive a PM to answer my request. Curious to know your area of expertise and a daily fee. My understanding things of this nature are not small numbers. Thank you, Don ParrishYou'll want to be certain of your various licenses and certifications, as well as having a healthy liability insurance policy as an expert in any field. An LLC may be wise to have, versus in your personal name as per the liability that your testimony may put you in. 25 years ago I carried a 1/2 million dollar liability policy on my expert business services. Very important. $200.00 an hour plus expenses is reasonable, IMO.
Skid Row Joe 10/03/15 12:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: need help getting my tag

John, you know the majority of the posters blame CW, just because they touched it. Good business practice would be, never pay for a unit until the title is in hand. We all know this would clog the pipeline to a crawl. Well, it's common course of doing business for me if I ever purchase anything from an individual. No money changes hands until I'm presented with a clean title, even if this means standing at the seller's bank and transferring funds. In this case, with CW in the middle of the transaction, I would think that they would make it very clear to the lienholder where the clear title should be sent before they pay off the note. RustyMaybe with you, but, believe me, it's not that way when buying used from a dealer - especially when the vehicle may have changed hands up to five times in a matter of a few days going from 1) lien-holder owner, 2) traded-in to dealer, 3) wholesaled @ dealer auction, 4) bought by a dealer that then puts it on his lot for sale. I bought a used Mercedes-Benz that had changed hands 4) times in less than 10-days. I bought it paying cash at a small dealer, then had to wait several days for the Title to catch-up to the dealer's hands I bought it from. The dealer I bought it from financed it through his small local bank. This ALL takes time, you understand. Channels need to be followed on liens, pay-offs, re-liens, etc., etc.
Skid Row Joe 10/01/15 07:14pm Camping World RV Sales
RE: Downsized and Regretted it?

I certainly enjoy our 45 ft. and will for many years. I've been toying with the idea of getting a class B. I like the Mercedes Sprinter diesel chassis by Roadtrek as they manufacturer an all electric (house) 'Eco' version Etrek that looks interesting. I'm thinking I could tow it behind the Liberty and take out-trips from a central location. We have a 20K lb. towing capacity. I can see downsizing in the 'older' years.There's a guy with a 42' Foretravel that pulls a 24' Born Free Class C.
Skid Row Joe 09/27/15 01:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Self defense while traveling

Do you really want to be the next Ferguson Policeman or the next George Zimmerman? Common sense is going to protect you much more than any weapon. I get where you are going with your argument... but neither Officer Wilson nor Mr. Zimmerman were found guilty of committing any crimes. Personally I would rather be the next Wilson or Zimmerman than the next; Deputy Bill Myers- murdered by handgun on 09/22 after serving court papers Deputy Dwight Maness- murdered by rifle on 09/14 after being shot responding to a domestic Trooper Cameron Ponder- murdered by handgun on 09/13 during a traffic stop Deputy Darren Goforth- murdered by handgun on 08/28 while pumping gas in Texas Common sense didn't protect them... but then again neither did having a firearm or bullet resistant vest. Its easier to find a list of officers murdered in the past month, its much harder to find a list of otherwise innocent civilians who have been murdered by gun toting criminals.Correct. Good on correcting the erroneous conclusions drawn by the previous post.
Skid Row Joe 09/27/15 12:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Camping at Sturgis

Very good. I was there last September, (no bikes) and was pleasantly surprised to find electrical hookups everywhere. I sidled up to a pedestal in a large market parking lot and had a very pleasant and free overnight. There a lot of 110AC outlets Up North in many parking lots for engine block heaters. Good advise!
Skid Row Joe 09/15/15 09:29pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Quality of Park Reviews

And this is one of the reasons why RVPR asks reviewers to revise and resubmit their reviews, rather than having its administrators edit them. We may correct a misspelled word but will not make editorial changes or deletions. For those we return the review to the person who submitted it and provide guidance as to the changes we think it needs. Our new software platform makes it easy for our administrators to write a personal note explaining what changes we think are needed.Although rvparkreviews wasn't the original subject of this thread, Joel, you've done a masterful, class act above and beyond explaining rvparkreviews substance and standards. A pure class act!
Skid Row Joe 09/15/15 08:06pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Dealer with Lowest Price On A New Winnebago Motorhome?

Motorhome Specialties in Alvarado Texas (just south of Ft Worth). No other US Dealer will match their prices. You can get their full all in heavily discounted price easy at their web site. I think their sales lot is almost as big as the entire city. These guys are super impressive and their pricing reflects their high volume. I'm just a fan, no personal interest at all. Are they a Winnebago dealer???:?
Skid Row Joe 09/15/15 07:46pm General RVing Issues
Dealer with Lowest Price On A New Winnebago Motorhome?

Wondering if there's a Winnebago Dealer to deal with that is known to offer the lowest price on new Winnebago motorhomes?
Skid Row Joe 09/13/15 05:34am General RVing Issues
RE: Smaller Prevost

I spotted a smaller Prevost coach the other day,a very nice looking rig but looked to be only about 26 feet long..Couldn't find anything about them on the web..Lets see if this gets deleted like the other times I posed this inquiry!!No picture(s)???
Skid Row Joe 09/13/15 02:21am Class A Motorhomes
RE: extrovert/introvert

Talk, listen and compromise. Then talk some more, listen some more and then compromise some more. Where there is a will, there is a way. There are many, many ways to travel and see the country. Just don't be too rigid. Involve the friends in the trip planning if possible. Ask what they have always wanted to see and where they have wanted to visit. As others have suggested, maybe invite the friends to join you in a location for a few days.As long as the friends pay their own way - great! Some ppl don't understand FT RVing, much less RVing. That's why there's motels/hotels! :p
Skid Row Joe 09/13/15 01:57am RV Lifestyle
RE: what is a toad?

I see " toad " quite often in the forums but I don't Know what they are talking about. Can someone please tell me what a toad is? It refers the "towed" vehicle being "towed" behind a motorhome. I guess some people think that, "towed," is spelled, "toad?"
Skid Row Joe 09/12/15 05:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Privacy issues with Good Sam Club

I don't recall being bombarded with junk-mail solicitations because of my past GS Membership. Nor, by my Camping World memberships, however, that doesn't mean that I haven't seen a few related to RVing solicitations come my way through my homebase mailing address. I don't view this as a problem, since the GS junk mail never stops. I haven't been a GS member in nearly 10 years, and I still get the GS mailings of all sorts throughout the year. I will say this; I have never had my email address bombarded by GS OR CW. I guess that's because they don't have it? I dunno. :@
Skid Row Joe 09/12/15 05:53pm Good Sam Club
RE: I think Im gonna sell mine..??

Right after the first of the year. Spring is coming at that time and people are beginning to shop for their toys in preparation for the upcoming recreation year.Actually, the start of the snowbirding season is starting right now this month, September, and runs through Thanksgiving or so Up North, where I believe Sully resides (Ohio or Indians?) So, it would help him to get a snowbirding couple in their Country Coach, that I am sure that Sully maintained well during his watch of ownership. :) Good luck, Sully! We're sure going to miss ya here when you retire from RVing. :(
Skid Row Joe 09/12/15 05:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Quality of Park Reviews

We like RVParkReviews more than the others for what they offer...the good and the not so good. I'm very glad that Joel, of rvparkreviews is answering many questions here, as well as dispelling any nonsensical rumors that some are positing. I, like the poster I'm quoting here, rely on rvparkreviews more than any other source when travelling by RV. rvparkreviews isn't trying to sell you this and that, nor do they have a hidden agenda. I genuinely appreciate rvparkreviews as my only source for finding popular, AND the out-of-the-way gems of RV parks and CampGrounds, that I would have never been able to find on my own without them. rvparkreviews straightforward, RV parks/CG listings are extremely valuable to this RVer! Once again, thank you, Joel!:)
Skid Row Joe 09/12/15 05:39pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: extrovert/introvert

Who knows - once she gets out on the road and starts having fun and meeting new people she might not want to go home.Possible, but doiubtful. Retirement is hard on the spouse that has stayed home while the other one works as the breadwinner. Couples can get cabin fever, especially in the confines of the RV. One couple I know takes separate vacations in their retirement. It's been working for 25 years. If the guy can handle it, he might want to leave in the fiver alone, and then if she wants to, she can visit every few weeks or what have you. Don't fix what ain't broke! :)
Skid Row Joe 09/12/15 05:30pm RV Lifestyle
RE: extrovert/introvert

Once we retire (2yrs) we plan to take the 5er and travel to every nation park and many historic points around the country. This morning she expressed concern about leaving all her friends for such a long time. Has anyone else had issues with this?If you can afford to, fly her back every once in a while to visit her friends in person.
Skid Row Joe 09/12/15 05:26pm RV Lifestyle
RE: I think Im gonna sell mine..??

The rig is getting too much to handle because of my infirmness...(thats a word aint it??) and I think my RVing days are over. Should I put her up for sale this fall or wait till spring?? Al I know is that it wont be cheap cause Ive got a ton of "extra's" that will go with it. Oil filters; hyd filters; fuel filters and so on and so forth. Wife and I both sad to see her go but both agree its time for a new chapter in the bookThe first thing to do is to list your rig for sale on RVTrader dot com. The idea of putting it up for sale with any consignment service a thousand miles away that then you either have to transport the rig to them, or, give them up to 15% of the sale price is ludicrous. Too many pitfalls letting a company take the rig and deliver it to, or, you driving it to and then having to fly home another 1,000+ miles to boot. The incidences of risk involved, as well as the great sales charges just don't add up. Far better to list yourself on RVTrader, and list on-consignment with a LOCAL RV sales lot. Good Luck!
Skid Row Joe 09/12/15 04:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Quality of Park Reviews

There has been discussion that RVParkReviews has declined/rejected less-than-pleasant reviews, to the point where I no longer use or recommend that site. As an administrator of RVParkReviews I can personally attest to the fact that there are thousands of negative reviews posted on the site. It doesn't take more than a few minutes of searching the site to find scathing reviews of quite a few parks. That being said, it is the policy of the RVPR that we will not post a review that is entirely a rant about a particular bad incident or occurrence. Reviewers are fully entitled to describe their bad experience and negative reactions in their reviews but the review must ALSO contain information useful to others even if they don't have the same bad experience. For example, a common complaint at lots of parks is that someone's reservation is lost or the site type requested is not complied with. This is upsetting and definitely worth noting in one's review. But if the review contains nothing but a recounting of this experience then it is of no value to someone whose reservation works out OK. For that reason we ask reviewers to at least make some effort to provide additional information about the park. We apologize if that simple request is too burdensome, but we believe it is important to provide our users with quality reviews. There are plenty of other sites that essentially post unedited reviews and anyone who finds RVPR's policies too difficult to comply with can always submit reviews to those. Joel WeissGreat to know, Joel. Thank you for your informational post here! I love RVreviews, BTW! I mainly use it to find RV Parks and compare prices in any locale. The positive or negative review gives me a heads-up on what I may expect too.
Skid Row Joe 09/10/15 09:19pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Base Idle, Fast Idle, Non Idle - Best Practices Diesel

This argument has gone on for years, but the specifics change. It used to be RV'ers liked to idle their diesel "because the big trucks do it, and it makes me feel cool to act like a big truck". Now the argument has shifted to "my diesel is so complicated I have to idle it even more, in a complicated way, and that it's still cool to act like a big truck". Why not place at least a little faith in the engine and coach builders to set these things up properly. Turn the darn thing on when you need to, get in and drive it, and shut it down when you're done.The original reason why truckers let their diesels idle are many fold. The best reasons why an RVer driving a diesel rig are also many fold. One of the biggest reasons why is to cool down the turbocharger mechanism with the recirculating engine/crankscase oil, and, to keep the air-pressure systems Up on the rigs that are also air-operated for their brakes and doors. If the diesel fumes and noise don't bother the owner when they're outside their coaches, then it's basically easier to let er run.
Skid Row Joe 09/10/15 09:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Need an opinion

Nope. Should have, didn't. Saw the facility, seemed professional, figured they were okay.Updates?? Are you out on the road getting this body shop work done? Name the store for a heads up to other RVers?
Skid Row Joe 09/10/15 09:10pm Class A Motorhomes
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