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RE: Renovation

Hello everyone, I have an old(er) 2000 Class-A diesel RV and I just turned over 100K miles on it. The unit has and is serving us well, but it's starting to show it's age and is in need of some pretty significant repairs. We absolutely love this RV. It's not too small, not to large, small wheelbase, a little high-tech, but not too much. Anyway, we're prepared to drop some serious cash to get her back to tip-top shape and along with the repairs, we're considering a complete renovation. Update pretty much everything with the exception of the engine/trans. :) So, new walls (due to some water damage) new floors (showing age), cabinets (starting to loosen up, and are showing age) and we figure, while we're at it we might as well do all the furniture as well. Questions: Have any of you ever done this? Where did you have it done? How did it turn out? Roughly, what would could I expect to pay for a complete gut job, replacing everything with new but equivalent pieces? Thank! Brian What is your budget for this work?
Skid Row Joe 11/21/15 11:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What is a good percentage off MSRP

Wife and I are both in early 70s and finally ready to see the country.Looking at new motor homes and have read on other forums that you never pay MSRP so I would like to get some opinions on what is a good percentage off. Thanks for any help.40% off MSRP, is the goal I would shoot for. Anything over 35% off MSRP, you're in a good territory to buy, IMHO.
Skid Row Joe 11/21/15 11:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What is a good percentage off MSRP

Mr. William, I don't claim to be the best negotiator as it depends on what you are buying. Dealers know that everyone wants 25% off of MSRP. It certainly depends on how popular the models and brands are that you are looking to purchase. To us, what was more important was getting what we wanted on the coach as we had both of our coaches built. Did we get the 'best' price, probably not. But, we certainly get excellent service. MM.So, what % off MSRP did you get on your last two coaches bought new, then?
Skid Row Joe 11/21/15 11:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: AGM battery advice

Very low internal discharge rate in AGMs which is an advantage if you store for any length of time. I had one in a race car that sat untouched for 2 years plus and then fired right up when I had to move it.This is good to hear. I have a Mercedes-Benz diesel that sits up for a month at a time. However, with the onboard computer drawing power from the battery - who knows how long the thing (AGM with 900CCA) will last?
Skid Row Joe 11/12/15 09:45pm Truck Campers
RE: BORN FREE of Iowa sold to an investment firm in Des Moines.

I don't think that is true. Born Free Motorcoach is now owned by an investment group based in Des Moines, IA.Their regional office may be in Des Moines, but the ownership of Born Free is now based in Japan. The only thing owned by heirs of Dodgen are the building & associated real estate in Humboldt.
Skid Row Joe 11/11/15 10:11pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Health insurance on the road

United and Cigna have national plans. We have been paying for our own insurance for twenty years. While not cheap, the ACA has saved us money and we get better coverage, lower deductibles. I would recommend finding a reputable agent that carries many lines. When I said this, I had not learned of the changes from 2015 and 2016. United and Cigna have discontinued their national PPO policies. Deductibles have gone up, esp for out-of-network. There are national plans, but they are in network. The best we have found is a Humana POS (point of service) National. $4000 pp deductible. HSA compatible. About $1500/mo, a little less than this year but we had lower deductibles and more co-pays. As long as you have your heart attack near a Humana network facility, you will be covered after your deductible. The network in FL is pretty good; Shands, Mayo, Orlando Regional, etc. Humana has one of the largest nationwide networks. Out of network deductible is fairly gruesome; $16K pp. All your annual diagnostic stuff is covered per ACA. It seems all the ACA does (and it is not insignificant) is remove the lifetime cap, make policies available to those who were previously un-insurable, and require preventative tests paid for. Pre ACA we had to pay for every office visit, every test, rates were higher, deductible about the same and we had a two million life time cap which we had eaten away at about half. While affordable, it is not cheap. Should be called slightly better than it used to be for some people. If the ACA is repealed, we will both be un-insurable. I'm sure our wonderful leaders will get it sorted out by the time I hit 65Given your very high premiums, I would guess that your deductibles are very low, or, your income is rather high, to the extent you do not qualify for a subsidy. When you turn 65, you won't have to worry about whether or not there is an ACA in place. You'll automatically go on Medicare, or, Medicaid - whichever one you qualify for, you will be covered.
Skid Row Joe 11/10/15 06:32pm Full-time RVing
RE: Gas vs diesel value

Thank you for all the replys. I will now include older DP's in my search. I had always presumed they were a lot more expensive than gas. But in the 8-10 yr range they are more affordable.ALL coaches get a lot more affordable in terms of price-lowered, when they're approaching or beyond the 10-year mark of age. Good luck finding something you like!
Skid Row Joe 11/10/15 10:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gas vs diesel value

Mileage put on a diesel are not mileage deducted (NADA) from sales price. Gasoline units are mileage deducted. That's a rather stout testimony for the reason why diesels hold their premium values so well.
Skid Row Joe 11/10/15 10:21am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Floor Plan Pet Peeves

I have been inside many, many motorhomes and only once did I see a toilet that was not behind it's own door. It was a custom coach that apparently was 'not' delivered to a customer. The bathroom was in the middle of the coach like you see on most. The toilet was pretty obvious if the bathroom door was open. So, the only way to get privacy was to close the door between the kitchen and bathroom and the door between the bathroom and bedroom. If your partner, kids, or other people were in the bedroom, they would be stuck until the bathroom person was done. Crazy design. And this was an expensive coach that a lacked a lot of thought. MM.Most Foretravels were built like this for many years. Very few had their own potty closet.
Skid Row Joe 11/10/15 10:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: coach net or good Sam roadside service?

What is the least expensive way to get the high-grade towing service coverage from coach-net? Do I need to belong to FMCA first, to get the best annual towing rates/coverages? Also, I need the towing coverage to take my coach to the nearest Ford Heavy Duty Service Center. Not the nearest garage. Not all Ford dealers will work on the heavy/Super Duty motorhome chassis. Thanks!
Skid Row Joe 11/09/15 03:07pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Leaving RV for a few days while travelling

Most parks (snowbird parks) forbid the running of a generator at all. We've left our MH on site for some multi-day (overnite) trips in our toad....never a problem, either with the coach or the park. Simply turned off the water...but left the pedestal electric on....should we have had a power failure, the fridge would automatically switch to "gas" (propane) and then switch back to electric when power is restored. No need for any a/c Jan-March in the Phoenix area anyway.Do you ask for a discounted rate for those days, or some other recompense for the days you're absent? Might be a discounted rate for just storing your coach on-site, is what I'm wondering about here...
Skid Row Joe 11/09/15 02:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Leaving RV for a few days while travelling

Airport parking.Since 9 11, this might be a problem though. Best call and shop/plan ahead to leave an RV at any airport parking lot.
Skid Row Joe 11/09/15 02:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Health insurance on the road

Spent some time looking on the healthcare.gov site today. We are paying about $1800/mo this year but the plan is being terminated. Looks like we can get a Platinum plan with much lower copays and deductibles for about the same price. It appears most of the plans are national plans. I have questions, so I am going to call them tomorrow and/or talk to my agent, who is also a healthcare.gov navigator. We are both 62.Thanks for this, BigKatuna. I'm hoping for a similar outcome going forward into the 2016 health insurance coverage decision/dilemma during open-enrollment time this year.
Skid Row Joe 11/09/15 01:44pm Full-time RVing
RE: Can you really boondock in the Summer?

I despise boon docking when it is very hot. We will camp when it is hot but we need to be plugged in.Absolutely agree !
Skid Row Joe 11/05/15 10:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Leaving RV for a few days while travelling

We have also done that several times. We left the motorhome at Yellowstone at the Grizzly RV park and drove to Jackson Hole, staying in a Hotel to tour the area. If you store your coach, make sure that your generator is set to come on in case you lose power at the RV park. Good luck, MM. What happens when the park loses power at 3am and your generator comes on and you aren't there to turn it off? On our previous coach (which is the one we were in), it would kick in to battery power until the batteries got low, then the genny would kick in recharging the batteries then turn off once charged fully. On the new coach, I have two options. I can set the genny to come on immediately when power is lost then it will turn off once city power is restored. Or, I can set the genny to come on when the batteries reach a certain point to recharge. That cycle will continue until the power is restored. The batteries would last quite a while running just the fridge and other small demands. When leaving the coach, I would turn off the electric water tank. The new coach has a very quiet generator as it's in a 'hush box'. MM. What is the discounted per day rate when leaving your unit, basically in-storage there? Or, wondering is there a discounted rate available at RV parks, in general when storing a unit for days/weeks on your spot?
Skid Row Joe 11/05/15 10:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: TC in Laos

.......it's not a truck camper!Excellent observation..... It's a Class C!
Skid Row Joe 11/05/15 08:46am Truck Campers
RE: Full timers towing vehicle?

Just purchased a 42ft pusher & would like to know what the full timers like to tow. A small vehicle vs a larger one. We are considering a Ford 150 super cab (2013 that's towable) Thank you for sharing your experiences. We tow a Honda.
Skid Row Joe 11/03/15 09:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Health insurance on the road

Very True ! The only difference is the employer in many cases is a for profit Business and can raise prices to cover the cost if they want to increase coverage . for the govt its "raise" yours and my taxes .. they don't sell any products to raise prices on. Also in my case if we are lucky and make over 35 ? grand a year the subsidy is ZERO so I have to pay 15-+ grand making my true income on that mythical 35 now 20. The great equalizer I guess!! If I made 25 I'd be subsidized and only pay 4 grand leaving 21 grand Humm? I ran those numbers last year .. Not sure about this year.As pointed out already on this thread - your premiums are based on your age, AND your income after expenses. This is the Gov't plans, not open for interpretation. It's really pretty easy - if you're unhappy with your premiums, either make more, or, less income! Many of us pay $0 zero out-of-pocket for our Gov't.-mandated healthcare plans. It's not that hard to research. Really, it's not!
Skid Row Joe 11/03/15 09:29pm Full-time RVing
RE: TC in Laos

My good friend sent me this picture, he is traveling the world by bicycle, and ran into this guy in Laos. Here's his story: Met this French gentleman in Luang Prabang, Laos. I first went by his camper parked on the Mekong for a couple of days just to read all the stickers on his camper which were from all around the world. What caught my eye was a sticker from Key West my old home. Finally I biked by one day when he was home. He has been on the road for 4 years driving everywhere. Even thought I could not understand his French and he could not understand my English I could see a sense of adventure in his eyes as he spoke. I am very fortunate to meet such people and have the experiences I have had so far. I am a very lucky person. http://i.imgur.com/Wae0sK4.jpg I thought it was a really cool interaction. Maybe someone here knows him?Looks like either an F450 or, an F550 Ford Class C. Nice looking rig!
Skid Row Joe 11/03/15 09:12am Truck Campers
RE: Health insurance on the road

You are getting a government subsidy for your plan. My plan with the $1400.00 premium is a PPO Silver Plan with a $5000 deductible and a maximum out of pocket of $6500 per person. It does cover the first three doctor visits, lab tests with a 20% copay and drugs are tiered with a copay. I am probably going to move to a PPO Bronze plan because I will save nearly $450 a month, but we will no longer have any drug coverage or lab coverage. The deductible will increase, and the copays for covered events will also increase. Just an FYI, the cheapest Gold Plan available to me is $1857.00 per month. As for age, both my wife and I are Sub 60, by a few years.Your premiums are based on your income. This is mandated by the Gov't. If you'all are 65 or over, your drug prescriptions out-of-pocket are capped @ a $2,500.00 annual maximum per person. In the meantime, prescriptions are dirt cheap when you're with an ACA sponsored healthcare plan. I suggest you shop and buy your BCBS Plan through the dot gov website. It's way cheaper. Unless you've got ongoing medical issues, Bronze is what makes most sense to the well-heeled set of folks.
Skid Row Joe 11/03/15 08:38am Full-time RVing
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