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About these City and State Parks in TX and OK

I am looking at some places that have golf next door or within the park. I'll check rvparkreviews.com, but how are these CGs/SPs?: Texas: Lady Bird Johnson RV Park in Fredericksburg Llano River RV Park (city park) in Llano San Saba River RV Park (city park) in San Saba Stephen F Austin SP in San Felipe OK: Lake Murray State Resort Pk in Ardmore (Lake Texoma) Lake Texoma State Resort Pk in Kingston I'm mostly wondering if the parks are nice, roomy, scenic, whatever. If you have info on the golf, I'd like to hear that too. Thanks.
Snowman9000 03/03/15 08:44pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Reflections on 6 Months of RV Research! ;)

Mark, The issue as I see it is the seam between the roof and the wrap piece. Those seams are great places for leaks if they are not maintained. My strategy is simple. Maintain it. :) :)
Snowman9000 02/27/15 05:59pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Reflections on 6 Months of RV Research! ;)

Interesting thread - I've also been immersed in RV research for several years now, and we plan to purchase our coach later this spring. Although I like the Nexus and the Phoenix rigs, the Forest River Sunseeker 2300 seems to offer the most bang for the buck in a 25'class C: crowned fiberglass roof, azdel construction, large tank capacity (50,39,39), real queen bed (60 X 80) and a choice between Ford and Chevy. Also, since we intend to do some extended European touring I've chosen a slide-less floor plan - just not enough room for slide outs in the tiny pitches you run across in Europe. So, has anyone else checked out the Sunseeker? Regards, Mark... I have one on a Chevy, and we like it a lot. There are compromises that a prudent owner can take care of. One is the roof, and I want to address a common mis-impression, because some people assume it is truly one piece from eave to eave, but it isn't. Here is something I wrote previously. I have since Dicor'd the screws. =begin cut and paste= The Sunseeker roof is one piece of fiberglass. It is crowned. But it does not wrap over the sides. Instead they have a separate wrap corner piece, and seam covered with a typical roof trim strip, and of course where the sides meet the front and rear seams, there is a corner that catches water. It's not optimal IMO, but I will be closely watching and maintaining those seams. I have gone back and forth about applying Eternabond tape, but for now I think I will just stick with Dicor lap sealant and keep an eye on things. I need to put some Dicor over the exposed screws! Here is a photo of the top-side seam: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-orEJhB4zvMA/UwaXHn8GP3I/AAAAAAAABlg/Bi6OsySbcBc/s640/DSC_0062.JPG height=600
Snowman9000 02/27/15 10:50am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Little Dogs

I never see a big dog barking out the front window of a Class A at everyone who walks by. But I can't walk around a CG without encountering a little dog doing just that. Yeah, it's probably the owners' fault, but it's easy to think it is due to the type of dog.
Snowman9000 02/24/15 03:50pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Hole in grey water tank

Look at what is known as a wellnut. Available at any hardware store, and essentially the same thing as the OEM tank level monitor probes. Stick it into the hole, tighten down the screw or bolt, which pulls the back end of the rubber plug tight. I'd probably caulk over it when finished.
Snowman9000 02/23/15 07:35am Tech Issues
RE: Possible relocation to Minnesota questions.

Humidity is relative. (yuk yuk) I mean, anyone who lives south of I-70 in the eastern half of the US would laugh at what passes for a hot & humid spell in the twin cities. Even here where I am, 400 miles south of there, the summer in the t.c. would be a noticeable improvement. Whenever the happiness studies are published, MN comes out very near the top. I think they rank high on health too. People still do things in the winter, but a lot of them are indoors, no doubt. I'm sure a newcomer would do better by getting involved, making friends, and all that.
Snowman9000 02/23/15 06:36am Around the Campfire
RE: Strange rating system

That was our exact experience at PPL too! A lot full of smelly RVs. I posted about it here and not everyone was happy with my report. :)
Snowman9000 02/21/15 02:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fastline me on RV LED's

I would guess there are differences between ebay offerings. I have bought several batches from the following seller, warm white, and have been very satisfied. They were not greenish yellow. Highly recommended. http://stores.ebay.com/duan-led2010?_rdc=1
Snowman9000 02/18/15 06:02am Tech Issues
RE: is nexus extreme quality class c?

Phoenix Cruisers are very well made RV'S as is the Nexus However the interior headroom of a Phoenix Cruiser is only 6'4". Only 6'4" is about 7" more than either of us needs.... Yes, and in our Sunseeker, my wife can't reach the items in the upper cabinets. There probably is a lot more storage than in a PC, though.
Snowman9000 02/18/15 05:58am Class C Motorhomes
RE: I80 route to Middlebury area

If you are doing it this week, definitely take the approach from the south, not across NW Indiana! Bad lake effect snowstorms, which are very local to the area west of where you are headed.
Snowman9000 02/17/15 07:39pm Roads and Routes
RE: is nexus extreme quality class c?

BigD, was your salesman named Ken? We shopped there, didn't buy. But we thought the salesman was good.
Snowman9000 02/17/15 07:34pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: is nexus extreme quality class c?

OK, and this goes back to the OP's question about leak resistance, from the various photos I can see that Nexus front end body construction is the same as other mainstream brands such as my Sunseeker. That's what I thought. If OP is really wanting better leak resistance than the typical design, Nexus does not do that for him. And like Ron, I'm not saying Nexus is not a quality unit. Just that its front end of the body is not like Coach House, Born Free, Lazy Daze, or even PC.
Snowman9000 02/17/15 03:51pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: r vision what happened?

Well, if you are up for a little light reading: http://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/157894.cfm
Snowman9000 02/16/15 07:39am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Re-sealing roof with Dicor

The spots that are dammed will always need you to keep an eye on them. But if you maintain the roof, you should be okay. You can really clean the old caulk well with lacquer thinner on a rag. Wear gloves, and don't get it on the rubber roof. If you do, wipe it right off. It won't hurt the roof in just a few seconds. Be careful of the can itself dribbling onto the roof when you set it down! BTDT.
Snowman9000 02/15/15 08:22am Tech Issues
RE: I was wrong about everything! (Suspension problems, part 2)

Maybe your friend was super-attentive due to the assignment, and what he observed in the front would not normally be noticed or concerning? I agree with those who say wait till you can drive it and see for yourself. It sounds like it is much improved. As to tires, you can affect handling by playing with the pressures. Generally, if the front end feels too quick, you can help it with more rear pressure, or less front pressure. But, you don't want a pressure so low that the tires can't carry the load, and of course you don't want to exceed the upper limit either. If you google RV tire pressure chart, you should come up with the industry standard chart showing the load each tire can carry at a given psi. So if you know your front axle weight is 3000 pounds, you can find the lowest psi for your front tires. Same for rear. Actually to do it right you need the weight at each of the four corners, but lacking that you'll have to use common sense and not go right to the lower limits. What I'm saying is that you could end up with say 80 rear and 50 front, or something like that, to make it handle properly. edit: here is goodyear's chart: http://www.goodyearrvtires.com/pdfs/rv_inflation.pdf
Snowman9000 02/14/15 06:30am Tech Issues
RE: is nexus extreme quality class c?

The Nexus exterior construction is about the same as the big brands. Filon walls and a fiberglass mini-cap on the front end. I would expect them to leak at the same rate as similar units. Now if you look at Phoenix Cruiser, you are looking at a huge upgrade in leak prevention. All IMO. Sorry Snowman but I could not disagree more. Nexus is easily one of the best built C's out there. Nexus frames in steel (72% stronger than conventional aluminum framing). They use Azdel instead of Luan or plywood (stronger, lighter, higher R value and will NOT absorb moisture). The roof is one piece fiberglass with one piece fiberglass front and rear end caps. You won't find any plywood or particle board anywhere in a Nexus. Hardly the same construction quality as the so called "Big brands", not even close. I am also very happy with the heated tanks, remote control heated mirrors, electric awning, innerspring mattress, 7' of interior head room throughout the coach and power drivers seat (to name just a few of the high end features found in our Nexus). You can spend a lot more than the price of a Nexus but bang for the buck you will be hard pressed to find a better value. After nearly 18 months and more than 22,000 trouble free miles we are happier with our Phantom 23P then ever. :B Steve, the way I was analyzing it was not about the materials but the way they are fastened together and sealed. I might be wrong, but from looking at photos the Nexus is put together the same way as other conventional C's. Is that not correct? Leaks occur at seams and fasteners in my experience. I would agree that it is good to have materials which can better survive leaks. We had leaky Jayco trailer, and the floor being plywood instead of OSB saved me a lot of grief. Likewise, Azdel should prevent or reduce delam issues. To me, the top end of leak resistance is: Coach House, Born Free, maybe Lazy Daze, Phoenix Cruiser a little behind them, then Anything using a full roof to bottom front end cap (typically found on B+ models), then Any partial fiberglass front end cap, then Filon front cap at the bottom of the list. Me personally, I don't feel that roof material matters much in leak resistance, unless/until you start scraping the roof under tree branches. What matters more is how the roof edge seams are designed and installed. My Trail Lite had a TPO roof that was probably a more leak resistant design than the fiberglass one on my Sunseeker.
Snowman9000 02/14/15 06:16am Class C Motorhomes
RE: is nexus extreme quality class c?

The Nexus exterior construction is about the same as the big brands. Filon walls and a fiberglass mini-cap on the front end. I would expect them to leak at the same rate as similar units. Now if you look at Phoenix Cruiser, you are looking at a huge upgrade in leak prevention. All IMO.
Snowman9000 02/13/15 07:12pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Blind Spot Mirror

My Sunseeker came from the factory with one of these stuck to the lower outside corner of each Velvac mirror. They work fine IMO. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41GGivfju2L._SX450_.jpg width=240 http://www.amazon.com/CIPA-49404-Corner-Wedge-Stick-/dp/B00029WVII/ref=sr_1_4?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1423707941&sr=1-4&keywords=stick+on+convex+mirror
Snowman9000 02/11/15 07:27pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: I80 route to Middlebury area

We go over there often. If I was coming from Chambana, I'd go cross country. Danville-Lafayette-Logansport-Rochester-Warsaw-Goshen-Middlebury. Another good way would be US 24 to Ind. 15 at Wabash. Those non-interstates are going to feel slower, even though they are probably quicker. For an interstate type route: I-74 to SR63 north into US41. Go north as far as you want before cutting over to I-65. SR 114 and SR10 are not as "big" as US 24, if you are driving a big rig you might stick to 24 to get to I-65. But 24 causes more of a backhaul on I-65. When you get to I80/94, stay on 94 east. Meaning, when the time comes to exit onto the tollway, don't. Get off at US 20 (Michigan City/Niles exit). Continue straight west onto SR 2, and turn right/south onto US 20/31 on the west side of South Bend. Zip around to the east side of Elkhart, turn east onto US 20 to Middlebury. No tolls on that route. And you'll miss all of the thickest NW Indiana interstate traffic. It is a lot lighter east of I-65.
Snowman9000 02/11/15 05:51pm Roads and Routes
RE: Great tool for any RV owner

I bought the 110v corded Heavy Duty version on sale for 39 bucks at Harbort Freight. I Keep it in my toy hauler which has a generator. I figure I'll never need it away from my fiver so I saved a few bucks and don't have to worry about a dead battery. I was wondering about an AC version. I can run the genset to power it. I'll keep my eyes open for a deal on that one.
Snowman9000 02/11/15 05:30pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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