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RE: Monetizing videos on YouTube: Experience/Comments

Mike, Go to youtube, search for youtube partner, start watching the how-to videos.
Snowman9000 11/23/14 03:35pm Technology Corner
RE: How to measure how much solar we need?

Agree with Rjsfishin's first post. In earlier times, solar was very expensive, it made sense to do an audit and a lot of figuring. Now, you can install a pair of 100w 12v panels, mounts and hardware, 8 AWG wires, fuse or better yet an audio supply breaker you can trip for service, a cheap PWM controller (read and or ask here), some terminal ends for wiring, and a cheap meter, all for less than $400 DIY. If down the road you feel the need to go big, the 8 AWG wire, breaker, and controller will be replaced. You'd be out say $50. IF. That's my generic recommendation. Which 'audio supply breaker' do you like. Do you have any photos or suppliers links? Thx! I've bought and installed them, but have not gotten the RV out of the building yet to be able to comment on how well they work. Here's what I bought
Snowman9000 11/23/14 03:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Monetizing videos on YouTube: Experience/Comments

I've made several hundred dollars over the course of a few years from a simple how to video that has over 200,000 views. Guys like Hickok 45 (gun reviews) or Mark Crossfield (golf club reviews) must make a REAL good amount of money. Monetizing is the correct word, as used by Google. Navigating their account setup is horrible IMO. In fact, I haven't seen a payment for a few months, so I need to go through the maze and see if I'm getting close or what. They pay when the balance gets to $100. I have no control over ads. Google does whatever they do. Mike, the bottom line is, make a video that people want to view. Sign up with Google and sign up for monetizing it. If enough people view it, eventually you get paid. I just lucked into mine. Someone on a forum asked a question. I made a 47 second video to show them how I did what they were asking. Over time it got viewed a lot. I am no pro, but I would say, most youtubers talk WAY too much. Organize your thoughts, spend a little time editing if need be, and keep it short! Edit: Looks like earnings are down, I think Youtube lowered the scale IIRC. For the past 365 days, I've accrued $90. Better than a kick in the head, but it's half or less of what I used to earn. I had included a link to my video, but I notice in reading up on this at Youtube that linking to my video in social media violates their terms of service.
Snowman9000 11/23/14 02:37pm Technology Corner
RE: Fuse converter, or not?

The reverse polarity fuses are the fuse for the converters output. Adding another would be redundant. Good to know. As Roy wrote, it needs a fuse or breaker close to the battery for protection for the wires and battery. OK, as I mentioned, I have that.
Snowman9000 11/23/14 02:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Fuse converter, or not?

Anything hooked to the battery will need a fuse. The battery is capable of delivering hundreds of amps during a short circuit. What if your converter shorts internally? How will it do with 100, 200, or more amps flowing thru the short before your main battery fuse blows? That's why I'm asking. In my case, the main fuse is 100A, though.
Snowman9000 11/23/14 06:16am Tech Issues
RE: Fuse converter, or not?

the converter wires directly into the fuse panel I should have mentioned, I'm asking about a separate deck mount converter. It's nearer the battery than the panel, by quite a bit.
Snowman9000 11/23/14 06:15am Tech Issues
Fuse converter, or not?

Been reading archives, but not clear whether a converter's output should be fused. (This is not about the reverse polarity fuses found on all converters.) I have a main battery fuse. The converter can generate current independent of the battery. But unlike a battery, it is current-limited. The former would suggest a fuse is needed; the latter would suggest it isn't needed, as long as the wiring is sized for the current. I've looked at manuals for all the major converters. Most don't show any wiring or mention fuses. One shows direct wiring, no fuses. Edit: I'm talking about a deck mount converter, near the battery.
Snowman9000 11/22/14 10:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Your Wish List for RV Manufacturers

As another poster suggested: Solar and inverter prep, could be a simple as a conduit in proper place for each. Battery chargers which work well when running off a generator. Inverter-type generators. Twin beds Choice to omit dinette for sofa bed or dual recliners. I like your list more than mine! Twin beds can really free up space in smaller rigs.
Snowman9000 11/22/14 03:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Where did you get your Electrical knowledge?

Snowman9000 11/22/14 10:45am Tech Issues
RE: Your Wish List for RV Manufacturers

Solar and inverter prep, could be a simple as a conduit in proper place for each. Battery chargers which work well when running off a generator. Inverter-type generators. Yes, better leak prevention would be great. Starting with simple things like silicone gaskets under screw heads.
Snowman9000 11/22/14 10:32am General RVing Issues
RE: Campground Reviews

From what I can see, campgroundreviews.com is the same content as rvparkreviews.com, with a little different formatting.
Snowman9000 11/22/14 10:27am Snowbirds
RE: How to measure how much solar we need?

Same as Steve, I don't feel like I need more solar (with my 490W). But I constantly see people with same size solar running generators 6-7 hours a day, on the same camp in the same weather. First I asked, for curiosity, then stopped. They either can't provide any explanations, or mumble something about the wife that "wants to do many things at the same time" - have no idea what this could mean. None of them bothered converting lights to LED, none have proper 12V fans for hot weathe, and most of them spend many-many hours in front of their TV sets (which are usually also not the most modern and efficient). You sound like Handy Bob. :) Maybe their controller was a long way from the batteries, with thin wire from there. I'm finishing up my roof install now. The process has showed me that there are so many ways a solar package could be screwed up, it's not funny. It's one thing to read about solar here. It's another to figure out exactly what to buy and where to put it in the tight confines of a small Class C with batteries in the step well. Despite how mature the solar industry is becoming, there is still a lot of adaptation, trips to the hardware store, and problem-solving needed for RV installs. Mostly I'm talking about specifying/purchase decisions. Plus poor installation. Panels too close to objects on the roof. Wire size & length. Lossy circuit breakers. Poor connections. Poor controller or settings on same.
Snowman9000 11/22/14 06:16am Tech Issues
RE: How to measure how much solar we need?

Starting sometime in January in AZ, I'll be collecting off-grid data on 300W flat on the roof versus 100W portable on the ground. Also trying at least two different PWM controllers. One is single stage, it will stay at 14.x, temp compensated. The other is a newer version of the same model, temp-compensated 3 stage with bulk, then 3 hour absorption, then float. Will be interesting. I will be using a meter that tracks AH in and out. I hope to post a daily log like Mr. Wizard did for a while. If anyone wants to send me any other controllers to test, let me know. I'll mail them back no later than mid-March. I'm not expecting anyone to send me their controller, but if you want to, I'm game. There are "tests" on youtube that are not worth the time it takes to view them. Even here, there is a real lack of comparative data, I think.
Snowman9000 11/22/14 06:03am Tech Issues
RE: Strange Part in a Strange Place

What they said. Check valve on water heater.
Snowman9000 11/22/14 05:54am Tech Issues
RE: Small Engine Storage

During winter, what is the best way to store small engine equipment such as a generator? Is it best to have the the tank, lines and carburetor completely dry or should there be treated fuel left in it? Right now, every piece of equipment I own is completely devoid of fuel. Bruce I've done both. I like the dry method, especially if there is a chance the engine might not be used for a long time. I've had bad luck with the old Sta-Bil, probably due to ethanol in the gas. However, the new Marine or Ethanol versions (might be the same in different packaging) are a LOT better. They seem to work well, so I use those when I feel like it. It's possible to still get carb problems with either method, in my experience.
Snowman9000 11/22/14 05:48am Tech Issues
RE: Non Park Model Arizona RV Resorts?

If for this winter, the two state parks mentioned will be fully booked. in the sections with hookups. Do look at the Maricopa County Regional Parks: Usery Mtn McDowell Mtn White Tank Mtn Cave Creek Lake Pleasant Seems like I'm forgetting one. Those are beautiful parks, big sites, water and electric. Full of big rigs too. We have stayed at The Arizonian out in the end of Apache Junction or Gold Canyon. It certainly has some permanent sites, but it's not a park model type place. It's out in the desert, lots of land to hike into. Many of the guests have ATVs and go on trail rides. There seems to be a model airplane and helicopter group, plus the usual clubhouse activities. And a rugged "golf" course which is really just raw desert with some mats for tees and I think sand greens IIRC. You can probably get a spot there on short notice. http://www.arizonianresort.com/
Snowman9000 11/21/14 07:59pm Snowbirds
RE: New to winter--cabover leaked!

Sounds more like a leak. If you know the source, that's 95% of the battle!
Snowman9000 11/21/14 08:17am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Testing the new to me NON MPPT 20 amp Charge controller

I'm on both sides of the fence. I bought an eco-worthy PWM for under $20, and it failed after a few uses. Then try to get help. You can buy a Morningstar Sunsaver 20, a high quality unit, for $54, maybe less. My best offer was $54 and they took it: http://www.ebay.com/itm/390959321802?_trksid=p2059210.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Of the two, I prefer the latter as a better performer and value. I have no experience with the Solar30, but it does look intriguing for the hands-on type of owner.
Snowman9000 11/21/14 08:13am Tech Issues
RE: Need design for portable outdoor TV stand/tripod

Several good ideas here, thanks! The camera tripod and work light stand led me to find this photo light stand, less than $15 shipped on ebay: http://images.cecompass.com/productimages/L/LSD_7.9FT/LSD_7.9FT_A.jpg height=240 But now I'll have to look at the sat dish tripods. One of these ideas will surely do the job.
Snowman9000 11/20/14 05:45pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Need design for portable outdoor TV stand/tripod

My RV's TV mounts on a Jensen mount like this: http://www.jensenrvdirect.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/310x/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/M/A/MAF10_1.jpg height=300 The TV (with mount) lifts up and out of the V-shaped bracket, which is attached to the wall. I have another V-bracket, and want to make a simple but sturdy folding or knock-down stand in order to use the TV out in our lounging tent. It's a small lightweight. TV, 22 or 24 inches, I can't recall which. Storage space is at a premium in our small Class C, so it has to fold or knock down. Seen something that will do the job? Have something? I'm all ears. Thanks. I'm considering a simple folding chair. Ready made, attach the bracket, done.
Snowman9000 11/20/14 03:53pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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