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RE: One week left

Been retired for over 10 years. We work Amazon seasonal every year for about 3 months to help refill the travel coffers. We never have anything taken out and don't send in quarterly's. Every year I have to pay about 2 to 3K. I am not upset over this because it represents the entire tax for the year. This year I suddenly owed a little over 5K. This seems a bit excessive for two retirees who live off an investment annuity, teacher retirement (in Texas teachers don't collect social security,) and about $12,000 in seasonal pay from Amazon. We may have to rethink the seasonal work if this keeps up.
SteveRuff 04/16/14 07:10am Around the Campfire
RE: Bad Business Practice at Holiday World in League City Tx.

They actually did you a huge favor. This dealership has many negative reports about bad, shoddy, or deceptive work done after a sale. They seem to be among those dealers who want to sell you a rig then disavow any responsibility after the fact. All I can say is my experience with them has been good and have not heard anything negative. I had two warranty issues with the Outback and they resolved those in a professional manner. I will say that I was referring more to the dealership in Katy, however the one in League City also has a one star rating on Yelp. The Yelp reviews in the Katy location are universally bad. I am glad you had good service and I would hope this is the trend for this dealership because we could certainly use a good reliable place for maintenance and repair work in the south Houston area.
SteveRuff 04/02/14 08:33am Beginning RVing
RE: Strange energy field around a RV?

It happens in RV parks as well. When cross country traveling we sometimes pull into a park to overnight that is practically empty. If there is one other rig there, we will be assigned the site next to it. If we are the first and one more rig comes in for the night we will both end up side by side! Why can't they at least assign every other site until they are full and have to fill in the blanks?
SteveRuff 04/02/14 07:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Bad Business Practice at Holiday World in League City Tx.

They actually did you a huge favor. This dealership has many negative reports about bad, shoddy, or deceptive work done after a sale. They seem to be among those dealers who want to sell you a rig then disavow any responsibility after the fact.
SteveRuff 04/02/14 07:45am Beginning RVing
RE: Anyone tried the PaleoBurn/Caveman diet ?

I wanted to try it but DW objected to being dragged around by her hair, plus I couldn't find a club to use for hunting. I'm not fast enough to club the squirrels and the neighbors would object to me hunting the dogs and cats in the neighborhood. The mastodons and dinosaurs are in pretty short supply here. :)
SteveRuff 04/02/14 07:37am Around the Campfire
RE: Other single female full-timers?

I know at least 4. All of them have worked out their systems and rarely if ever need to ask for help.
SteveRuff 03/29/14 07:36am Full-time RVing
RE: First Time Camping:What to bring?

Find yourself someone in the campground that is finishing their first year of RV'ing. You can then buy all their stuff at a hugely discounted price because they will have discovered they really didn't need or use most of it! After 4 years of being on the road from 4 to 11 months each year I finally parked our motor home and started cleaning out the lockers. If I didn't know what it was or remember if I had ever used it, out it went. Much of it went into the trash, some of it went onto some shelves in the garage, probably to throw out at a later time. When I finished, I was amazed at how much storage I had created in my lockers, both inside and out. My rational was that if I ever really needed something, I probably wouldn't remember I had it or wouldn't have been able to find it, so I would end up and buy a new one anyway. Take your time. Buy only what you are positive you need or want and be ruthless about culling it if it doesn't get used. That one time, 6 years from now, when you want that deck of cards you put in, "just in case," will be moldy and stuck together too bad to use anyway. Buy you a new deck from the camp store or Walmart and enjoy!
SteveRuff 03/29/14 07:31am Beginning RVing
RE: Windows Update Qustion

Thanks guys. I have just heard horror stories about the Office updates so I was trying to be careful.
SteveRuff 03/27/14 08:49am Technology Corner
RE: Yummy Goulash

Yep. Always a good "go to" recipe. Mine is called Skillet Macaroni and Beef and uses a splash of Worcestershire but is basically the same. Quick, easy, and delicious. Thanks for reminding me!
SteveRuff 03/27/14 08:07am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Cannot Get on Internet With Laptop?

thanks folks I got it up and running and opening to my home page. Care to share what problem you corrected?
SteveRuff 03/25/14 07:11am Technology Corner
RE: Windows Update Qustion

You should be able place your pointer on each office update, right click each one and select hide update. These shouldn't appear again in future notifications. Thanks. That is what I'll do.
SteveRuff 03/25/14 07:10am Technology Corner
Windows Update Qustion

I have done my due diligence in trying to use google for this but have repeatedly come up empty. My question is: When I get the message that an update is ready (Windows Vista, Home) I always check to see what they are before allowing them. I now have many Office updates waiting, but I don't use Office on my system. I have downloaded LibreOffice and use it instead. Office isn't even installed on my system although I do have a copy of Microsoft Works that I rarely use. Are these updates of any value to me? Should I allow the updates? Thank you.
SteveRuff 03/24/14 09:39am Technology Corner
RE: Cannot Get on Internet With Laptop?

My DW couldn't access with Firefox after an update to Windows 8. I went into the settings and discovered that the settings had reconfigured to use a proxy server. I unchecked that and fixed the problem immediately.
SteveRuff 03/24/14 09:33am Technology Corner
RE: Can't get better...

Yesterday I played golf in short sleeves and tomorrow it's supposed to snow/rain here. Wonder where all the global warming experts are right now. I understand they have all the answers and I'd like to ask them a few very angry questions. The key to this query is the term "global." This article from the Washington Post is quite interesting and informative on the subject. Remember the recent Winter Olympics? While we have experienced an unusually cold winter, we are only about 2% of the global community and much of the rest of the world has had an equally unusually warm one.
SteveRuff 03/24/14 09:09am General RVing Issues
RE: Having a hard time with full timing

Missing your pictures struck a note with me. I might suggest a project for the two of you. Buy one of those digital frames. You can spend time selecting the pictures you want, scan them, and then put them into the frame. It will slowly run through them. You might even put them on flash drives and rotate the flash drive out every so often to keep your pictures "fresh."
SteveRuff 03/21/14 08:41am Full-time RVing
RE: Driving around those stupid roundabouts

My first experience with them was on Cape Cod in Hyannis I believe. This ol' Texan had never seen the likes of this and had to laugh when one block away we passed a business named "Rorary Auto Collison."
SteveRuff 03/20/14 09:26am General RVing Issues
RE: Handy Hints for colonoscopies?

Hint: After drinking a gallon of that stuff you will NOT want to drink anything else, 7-up, broth, or whatever. I did find sugar free Popsicles surprisingly welcome. Second tip: Splurge on a really expensive (read soft) roll of TP!
SteveRuff 03/18/14 08:36am Around the Campfire
RE: Fried Taters

I do mine a different way. I use either bacon fat OR olive oil and cook my onions and garlic first, just until translucent. I then remove them and set them aside. I turn the heat up and get a good brown crust on my potatoes, lower the heat, add the onions and garlic back in, cover and allow the potatoes to cook through. This way I get a crust on my potatoes but don't get browned or burned onions.
SteveRuff 03/16/14 09:01am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: How essential is an oven for fulltiming?

Our Allegro Bay came with the micro/convec Sharp and no oven. I cook everything in it and got to liking it so much I had the same thing put into my sticks and bricks to replace the micro only. In over a year now I have used the oven only once and that was because I already had the main dish in the Sharp! We have owned two motor homes and neither came with an oven so I have zero experience with an RV oven.
SteveRuff 03/15/14 07:53am Full-time RVing
RE: Another King Dome issue

We went through 2 repairs and then installed a newer KD only to have it go down a year later. We had the same $300 to $400 estimate for parts, not to mention I would have to remove it and ship it to them. No thanks. I went with the Winegard Traveler, and now have had trouble free service for two years and true HD with the ability to watch one channel and DVR a second or DVR two channels to watch later.
SteveRuff 03/11/14 08:50am Technology Corner
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