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RE: Mt. Rushmore

What would be other things to see or do besides Mt Rushmore and Crazy Horse for that area with 10 available days from end of June to after July 4 the Mammoth Dig site is pretty cool otherwise we usually take several days and explore Badlands National Park. very peaceful.
Stumps 04/10/18 03:01pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Mt. Rushmore

RafterJ +1 on Rafter J. great spot, nice amenities.
Stumps 04/10/18 03:00pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Storing a pop up question

I agree with keeping it closed - you keeping it dry, which is the biggest issue with storing a popup. you should be fine. when stored for long periods I would keep a few dehumidifying canisters on the floor and just be sure all food, etc. is out of it. mice can get into a popup pretty easily, but as long as there's not a reason for them to go in you're better off.
Stumps 03/21/18 12:45pm Folding Trailers
RE: How's the quality of the new Rockwood Popups

Mike, as someone who really appreciated the quality of two previous Jayco popups, this is sad news indeed. So Jayco will now become the Thor of Class C motorhomes - ugh. too bad, as we were considering them for a hybrid, but looks like Rockwood may be the way to go. I still like the quality of the new Clippers.
Stumps 03/20/18 11:14am Folding Trailers
RE: How's the quality of the new Rockwood Popups

Camping wasn't suppose to be this expensive. It's suppose to be a cheap and fun activity for the whole family, but almost every activity is cheaper than camping with a family anymore. And most campgrounds are so hard to get a spot anymore, I rarely get to go as I just can't reserve months in advance, working men take the time when it comes, we don't take the time first then not work.:) Mike - FWIW - in my extensive searching last year I found that Coachmen Clippers/VIkings had some nice features and seem to be at least as well made as everyone else. I know that may mean driving further to find a dealer, but may be worth checking out. In your area and over into Michigan there may be a few dealers.
Stumps 03/19/18 09:29am Folding Trailers
RE: Badlands KOA/ BlackHIlls Big Pine

The Badlands/White River KOA in Interior is one of our favorite campgrounds in all the US. it's in a patch of cottonwood trees along the river, and it provides an oasis of shade that's hard to come by on that area. it's a pretty spot, and peaceful.
Stumps 03/17/18 07:06pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Mathers Campground Grand Canyon

Thanks Folks! Right now we're planning on tent camping, so any site will do, just didn't know if some loops were preferred. we are in between campers at the moment but that may change prior to our trip to GC. We're hoping to get in at phantom ranch in June for two nights so we can hike down to the floor of the canyon and back up. we'll make our campground ressies as soon as they open.
Stumps 03/15/18 01:45pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Mathers Campground Grand Canyon

We will be camping here Summer, 2019. Any site or loop recommendations?
Stumps 03/14/18 08:16pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Mount Desert Campground near Bar Harbor ME

any feedback on this campground? We're tent camping here in July. any advice on what to see and do while there? Thanks!
Stumps 03/14/18 08:15pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What do you load in your PUP?

Congrats on your new Jayco! I have owned two Jayco popups and I am brand loyal to them - they make a good product and have exceptional customer service. You cannot go wrong with them. My vehicle as configured has a capacity of 2,000 lbs but I can spend some money and get it up to about 3,500, but I'm wondering if that's necessary. looks like the 10 maxes out at 2400 pounds. My recommendation is to go ahead and beef up your TV to 3500 tow capacity. Jaycos are well balanced and tow easily -never had any sway or tow issues. However, you can safely assume that even when you are careful in how you pack your camper you will be close to max weight. Remember, dry weight is before the appliances are put in. Realistically, how much do you all stow in your PUPs while you're pulling them? I have learned many things while camping, one is that every family camps differently. You first have to ask yourself what's important to you. the Stumps family's popup motto was: Keep it simple. we took what we needed and avoided takinig things we did not need. Here's what we packed: Popup outfit: We never used the onboard water tank. We also never used the awning, and on the second Jayco we didn't buy it. we use screen rooms over the picnic tables instead. We kept one of those under-the-bed bins on wheels with our set-up necessities: chocks, leveling blocks, hoses, fittings, camping tools, liquid wrench, duct tape, etc. and camp fire tools. this bin lived in the aisle when you open the small door, so it's the first bin out of the camper at the campground. in the kitchen area we stored dishware, flatware, kitchen supplies, cleaning supplies, and microwave. under the dinette we kept dry goods stored for the season, cleaned out in winter. we also had a collapsable laundry hamper, detergent. So - we kept the camper packed like this all the time. Our routine was on the last day of an outing, we cleaned and repacked before folding up the camper. This way the camper was backed into it's space at home and was ready to go on the next outing. we kept bedding on the mattresses at all times. For each trip, all I did was: pre-chill the fridge and load the fridge with cold foods throw in clothes bags and pillows in the center aisle prior to departure. this system allowed us to pack only cooler foods and clothes before departure, and we really didn't use the TV for storage. it also meant that with less than an hour's prep at home we could be on the road. it worked for us.
Stumps 03/14/18 07:34pm Folding Trailers
RE: Scamps

So much depend on your needs. When I retired we needed, a bed you could exit without crawling over your spouse, a good sized bathroom, pantry and linen closet and a bed for the dog. Yes - excellent point. I have owned two popups when the kids were smaller - 2004 and 2009. At the time the popup was a perfect camper for our needs - I could put all three girls across the king bunk, we had plenty of seating based on the floor plan, we kept camping trips simple so storage and packing was maximized, and it was easy to tow and maintain. NOW I am a dad of a 24, 23, 18 and 14 year olds. That's basically 5 adults on a trip, and also rarely will we ever all be on the same trip. Over my son's birthday we went shopping and had a great time sitting in all the campers. Our needs were quickly identified: we love been connected to the outdoors so fell in love with the hybrids - open bunk ends, lots of good air flow and light; seating that provides for a dinette and a couch across from each other; indoor bathroom (FOR DAD!); basic kitchen amenities and plenty of bed space options. the other requirement - easily affordable - also helped us identify the hybrid camper. We are brand loyal to Jayco, so we will likely start with them when we're ready to buy. What has been extremely rewarding is to hear my children all continue to ask to go camping and ask to do summer road trips. it's our way of life.
Stumps 03/14/18 07:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Scamps

Also staring at an Alto Safari. My reasons are design, interior a plus for me, exterior with the roof lowering plus the weight makes it very towable. Add in all that glass for a real outdoor feel from inside. Ya, I'm sold! Now to get up there and walk through one! To the OP: You have yours yet or still on the 'count-down'? Well - I will resurrect this thread! Feel free to chime in, the discussion continues. I had put down a deposit on a Scamp...then I got connected to a Scamp online group...THEN i started reading about an unreasonable amount of quality issues right off the lot with new units. I cannot imagine driving all the way to northern Minnesota to pick one of these up, get it home, and have to take it back for repairs, or pay for repairs out of pocket and hope the folks at Scamp reimburse me in a timely way. I pulled my deposit, and I'm glad I did. We continue to tent camp - heading to Maine this summer and Grand Canyon in 2019. I am 2/3 the way through my dissertation, so at this point I am going to wait until I have my doctorate and I have a new job, then I will go shopping. When I removed the tow limitations of the Subaru from the equation, my kids and I really like hybrids, esp. the Jayco line. My guess is that I'll end up buying a used TV specifically for what we want, and I'll get the camper that best fits our needs, but I'll just wait a bit longer. I'm good with that.
Stumps 03/13/18 12:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: Getting too OLD here - I reckon

Hey Roy! just wanted to say hi. I've been "between" popups but that's coming to an end soon, and with ownership I always ramp up activity on forums. Hope to bump into you somewhere.
Stumps 06/18/17 06:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Subaru Outback experiences

I do have a Subaru. 2012 3.6R Outback. I tow a 2200 lb utility trailer and even did Monarch Pass in Colorado. They do not come much more difficult than that for a major highway. There were no problems with power. Pulled the pass at the posted speed limits. I do have electric brakes on the trailer as you should have when towing with a car regardless of the make. I installed my own 7 way connector and am using the factory hitch and a Prodigy brake controller. I did install an auxillary transmission cooler for the 5EAT transmission. I have a s ScanGauge II that I use to watch my engine temperatures and transmission temperatures. Also watch the same temperatures with my diesel pickup when towing. http://i1183.photobucket.com/albums/x479/lavaphoto/IMG_0466_zps1c3e4777.jpg height=320 width=460 http://i1183.photobucket.com/albums/x479/lavaphoto/cb1e7d59-3a10-411a-a5b0-c28d7cff9803_zpsc462d271.jpg height=320 width=460 THANK YOU! This is a great post. I did get the factory install hitch, but I was wondering where to install the 7-pin. I love how you did it. I have owned two Prodigy's prior. Thanks for sharing your experience.
Stumps 04/21/17 07:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Subaru Outback experiences

I have a Subaru. I love it! It's my wife's car, it has 330whp and almost 400 at the crank. It runs 12 in the quarter mile. It's an epic grocery getter. That being said, I'm a male, so I own a ram 3500. I tow as fast as I want, I tow safely, and I do work with it. Please don't clog up the roads, waste other people's time, and more importantly put people in danger by towing with it. easy Enis Del Mar - we get it. you're a guy.
Stumps 04/21/17 07:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Subaru Outback experiences

I have neither an F350/Ram 3500 nor a a Subaru. But then the OP hasn't asked about towing a 10,000 pound trailer, now has he? To the OP, I would only say be aware that wind resistance will likely be more limiting than weight. For that reason alone, you'll be best served by some sort of pop up. A full-height/width TT no matter how little it weighs will suck up so much power you won't like towing it. good point - I will say I have towed 2 popups up to 5000 miles round trip, I always appreciated not having to deal with the wind.
Stumps 04/21/17 07:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Subaru Outback experiences

Stumps, you may want to check out the T@b Lin of trailers, they are teardrops but quite comfortable for what they are. I could pull one with my Jeep CJ 7 if needed. They also fall inline with the all wheel drive persona of the Subaru. Depending on the transmission you have you may want to look into a tranny cooler. If it's the CVT transmission I'm not too familiar with them and their needs for towing. For having such a light tow vehicle I would look at something with brakes on it, otherwise stopping could be iffy. This would require a 7 pin plug being wired in and brake controller. Yes, Yes and Yes. T@bs are in the running I always put an aux. tranny cooler on my TV's and always use electric brakes but all good suggestions, thanks!
Stumps 04/21/17 07:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Subaru Outback experiences

Friends of ours (family of 4) towed their good sized popup (Coleman Santa Fe I think) all over the West with their Subaru.... Thanks Downtheroad! I've been able to hear from a few folks who have towed on the east coast as well as out west - this helps.
Stumps 04/21/17 02:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Subaru Outback experiences

Erwin Hymer Group has announced they will be selling four of their ultralight Touring series trailers in North America during 2017. These are very popular in Europe for towing with sedans or compact SUVs. Gross weights range from just under 2000 lbs to a bit under 3000 lbs. The Hymer Touring announcement is available at: Erwin Hymer NA Touring Series Announcement Erwin Hymer Group NA just finished their second production facility for Hymer campervans and ultralight Touring trailers in March 2017, so the final products should become available fairly soon. Thanks Rocky! great information. and thanks to nearly everyone else who didn't follow my OP. (roll eyes emoticon inserted here)
Stumps 04/21/17 02:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Subaru Outback experiences

you never mention what the trailer weights, I assume you had a popup and are moving to a camper with more frontal surface and drag. ..... what did I ask in my OP? I don't have a ram 3500 But since were being smart grab some reality your sub isn't going to enjoy pulling much more than a popup! Thanks F350.
Stumps 04/21/17 11:30am Tow Vehicles
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