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RE: AZ 260 to 87 to I 40.

We will be leaving Camp Verde the first of April, headed for Michigan with a stop in Sainte Fe. Looking at taking 260 to 87 and pick up I40 at Winslow. I have Driven 260 to the 87 intersection but not 87 to I 40. We are pulling a 34ft 5er, need 13 ft clearance. Would 87 be Ok. Iam thinking that by the time we get to 87 we would be about done climbing. So the road might not be too twisty. Thanks for any insight.Your right, you need to see that area also.
Supercharged 03/24/17 01:12pm Roads and Routes
RE: Oregon Coast vacation

I have done them all, just do what you enjoy.
Supercharged 03/24/17 01:11pm Roads and Routes
RE: How many days for Yellowstone

If you don't hike I suggest four days. And if you do hike stay at least a week. Lots of stuff to near the roads. But the best is on the back country trails and taking day hikes.The day hike can be as little as a hour if a bear come after you.
Supercharged 03/20/17 10:10pm Roads and Routes
RE: Pull behind

Can anyone tell me if a 1989 f-150 5 speed (over drive) manual shift can be pulled 4 down? I have a sweet running 1989 and would like to take it with me on some trips.How much is your gas card limit
Supercharged 03/19/17 03:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Another criminal idiot in the National Parks

Damages salt flat at Badwater He drove across the salt flat at Badwater in DVNP, got stuck and abandoned the van. Faces $5000 fine and 6 months in jailSee how old the van is, look for a guy with a long pony trail.
Supercharged 03/19/17 03:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Who Are WE RV'ers Really?

It has occurred to me that much of the contentious discussion on this site that so infuriates the moderators and others is due in part to the varied ideas we have about just who is an "RVer" and the different needs and outlook that those differences result in. Just take a couple of innocuous issues like: Staying at Walmart or what makes a good RV Park or what exactly is Boondocking? these topics can go on for tens of pages. So I thought maybe a definition of terms would help: (LOL) (Note Caps are for emphasis not yelling.) Vacationer: Someone who uses their RV for weekend or a bit longer summer trips primarily for holiday purposes. Full Timer: A person who uses their RV for living in WHILE TRAVELING the MAJORITY of the time. They do not spend long periods in one place unless it is to Work Camp on an occasional basis. WorkCamper: Someone who has an RV primarily to live in while working almost full time in various locations. Resorters: These are the people who take their monstrously large Class A's with their new Masarati toad to to those posh, gated and "discriminating" "Resorts" that outlaw anything under $100k in sticker price. Often seen in beachside communities with annual mean incomes of 500k and up. Tom Joads: Those that live in their RV (usually old and in need of repair) in either a trailer or RV Park full time and never move it. This category also covers those that live full time in places like Quartzsite. Wannabe's: Those with giant fifth wheels and Class A's that never ever leave the driveway. They took one or two trips and that was IT for them. Escapees: Those that have recently bought an RV to travel and live in because of a life changing experience such as a divorce (she got the house) or the death of a spouse (Was it REALLY an accident her falling down the stairs?) or recovering from a terrible bout with Cancer and realizing there is more to life than sitting at home watching The Big Bang Theory. Snow Birds: These folks consider themselves RVers for sure but really they are just people who want a cheap second home in a warm place. They rarely camp in a national park (most of their rigs wouldnt fit through the gates) or go anywhere in them in fact many are stored in place. I have noticed a lot of backing up drama with this category. I am sure there are other groups and sub groups but the idea is there. It is therefore no wonder that we tend to disagree a lot here on this site about even the smallest issues given the far different perspectives we hold. And this is in no way to be construed as any implied criticism of ones choices. Just observation. I am not one of those who sees the entire RV community as "One big Happy-Camper Family. That is Marketing Myth for sure, encouraged, stimulated and partially engendered by Good Sam Enterprises along with almost all other RV related businesses. There are a lot of wonderful folks out here on the road. And some not so wonderful ones. It's just like at home. All in all I have been full timing more than two years and just in 2016 ALONE I have stayed in 87 RV Parks of all types and prices offering me an unparalleled peek into this thing we call RV'ing and the people who do it. This does not include part of 2015 or all of 2017 which I just didnt count for this post. So If I extrapolate those numbers out that would make a total of 138 RV Parks for my time full-timing so far. (this does not count staying with relatives, wal marts or State/Natl Parks.) Now I know the argument will be made that since we all OWN an RV we all have something in common. This may be true but it is insignificant when put up against the MOTIVATIONS for having an RV. Anyway are there any other categories? Add some of your own or expand on those I have listed or just comment. And a note to those with impaired senses of humor I am sure you dont't know who you are, the above should be read with a light-hearted "tone" in your head. it is not a "Call to Arms". This is a great post, now watch them jump on you.
Supercharged 03/19/17 03:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Who Are WE RV'ers Really?

Why is it important I have a label? The better to pigeonhole you. It's not important but it can be useful. Ya mean like having an online name like "irishtom" or "NYCgrrl"?;). "troubledwater" is obviously looking to buy a bridge:B.And maybe a big hug to.
Supercharged 03/19/17 03:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Who Are WE RV'ers Really?

Good fun job by the OP. My buddy calls the folks that grab good cheap campsites and hold onto them for months at a time, "Homesteaders". Very popular in Corps of Engineer parks where the campers have friends in the front office or trick the system by switching sites with their buddies on a scheduled basis.I like what you said, keep it up.
Supercharged 03/19/17 03:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Is 70 the age to stop towing

This makes no sense :h, there are pilots who fly planes well into their 70's and beyond. It depends on the individuals health. One size does not fit all when it comes to aging. I'm 72, pull a 30 ft 5th wheel from pa to Tx every winter. We will be leaving the Rio Grand Valley in two weeks, hugging the coast from Tx to the Florida keys and then north back to Pa at the end of April. My wife and I still go to a gym, and are otherwise very active.WHEN DRIVING in Tx. it is hard to hit another car or pickup because Tx. is so large, hope you make it home ok.
Supercharged 03/19/17 02:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Is 70 the age to stop towing

This is age discrimination and trolling by some young person.Not a young person at all, but Supercharged is a bit of a troll and generally just posts to get people worked up about something. Or to create some humor! I personally find his posts quite funny most of the time. BarneyI WANT TO THANK EVERYONE FOR TAKING THE POST OVER 11,000. PEOPLE TALK ABOUT ME A LOT, LOOK AT IT THIS WAY, I'M JUST LIKE DONALD TRUMP, BUT WITH SMALLER COTHES ON. Now I'm really curious. What was the largest amount of reads that one of your posts ever got. BTW, does that mean smaller gloves also?Sorry, don't know how many.
Supercharged 03/14/17 05:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Phoenix GoodSam RV show. Anyone going?

Was there.
Supercharged 03/06/17 06:30pm Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: Overheating issue

As i've posted before we have been having troubles with the engine overheating since the first trip we took in the motorhome. Took it to Freightliner twice under warranty and nothing found. Took it back three more times after warranty and put a temperature sensor in it, a thermostat, and finally pulled the radiators out and cleaned them. I'm a retired FF and I had our FD mechanic do some research on the matter, and he found a service bulletin on the fan clutch. He came out and took it apart and sure enough it had the oil leak around it that meant the clutch was bad. Ticks me off Freightliner couldn't figure out the issue on their chassis! Oh and the fan clutch was $900!! BTW, The story is it would only overheat in traffic at the end of the day or if you stopped at a toll booth etc. Had to have run all day and got the heat in the motor, just idling in the morning etc, would not make it overheat. If anyone has a similar issue or chassis PM me and I can send you the link to the service bulletin.Add ex.engine oil cooler problem over with.
Supercharged 03/06/17 06:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: campgrounds dropping out

Passport America worked well for us. We move almost everyday. We like to leave about the time the shift starts in the morning at the Police station.
Supercharged 03/06/17 06:21pm Coast to Coast
Rally In The Valley

Chandler, Az. March 7-10. I plan on going the 8th. hope I can meet you all that day. I will wear a white hat, and black shoes. I guess the show will be a large show to, I was at the Good Sam Show at PIR Race Way a week or two back. I may bring along my dog, if I can get one by then.
Supercharged 03/06/17 06:14pm Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: Is 70 the age to stop towing

This is age discrimination and trolling by some young person.Not a young person at all, but Supercharged is a bit of a troll and generally just posts to get people worked up about something. Or to create some humor! I personally find his posts quite funny most of the time. BarneyI WANT TO THANK EVERYONE FOR TAKING THE POST OVER 11,000. PEOPLE TALK ABOUT ME A LOT, LOOK AT IT THIS WAY, I'M JUST LIKE DONALD TRUMP, BUT WITH SMALLER COTHES ON.
Supercharged 02/28/17 09:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Pulling with half ton!

Hey gang. New to the site, and surprisingly for being Canadian, new to RV'ing. Just buying a 2007 Jayco JayFeather 29D. GVW is 7050 lbs. My question for you experienced towers is this: I have a 2006 Chev Avalanche (don't judge me, normally I'm a Ford guy), it is the 5.3 V8 1500 and I am almost certain the gear ratio is the 4.10. What can you tell me about using this truck to pull my about to purchase 29' featherlight TT? Thanks for your wisdom! Towed 30,000 miles with as 1/2, my 5th 27 ft. lite was 5000 lbs, with 1200 pin weight. I tow all of the Rocky's many times. a 4.10 would help, but your rear spring are not that heavy. You won't be happy. Buy a 3/4 or get under 25 ft. trailer or 5th wheel.
Supercharged 02/20/17 04:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: How to accept payment for Travel Trailer

I accept cashHave them lay it right down next to your 45.
Supercharged 02/20/17 04:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Summer storage in Arizona

Hello: Don't know if this is the correct place for this question but here goes. We are planning to leave our 5th wheel in Arizona over the summer and am wondering what if anything is suggested for ventilation or leaving water in a bucket for moisture. How about a solar vent fan? Or just leave it alone, like we do in Minnesota. As it stands now, I can leave the bathroom vent open as it has a vent cover. I have cut 1' blue insulation board to cover all windows from the inside. I'd like to do more but don't really know what else to do. I know the sun and heat are hard on it but so is dragging it back and forth each year. Just looking for ideas or comments. Thanks. Paul...When you get back it you might be able to put all of it in the back of your pickup.
Supercharged 02/20/17 04:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: What would you add to your RV experience?

A cell Phone ban outside your rig so I do not hve to listen to other peoples conversationIf you are that close, get out of W-Mart and go to a nice park.
Supercharged 02/20/17 04:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Walmart

The information I have is that WalMart has a "welcome" policy for RVs/overnight. It is the local townships that can and will have policies forbidding overnight RV parking. Perhaps an individual on the township committee owns a campground nearby. Who knows? A problem that has been mentioned on this forum many times, is that some RVers park at a Wal Mart...throw out their awnings, put out their grills and stay for a couple days. (All because they want to save 20 bucks.) That spoils it for everyone else.People that head for Fla. seem cheap. If I was going RVing in Fla. I would just go to the nearest RV Park and shop and 7/11 and show W-Mart I don't need the discount anymore.
Supercharged 02/20/17 04:21pm General RVing Issues
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