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RE: Why a 5th wheel over a tow trailer?

The you can't use the TV bed is so lame it laughable! Most 5ers have large to huge basements more than making up for the loss of space above the bed rails. It also means that packing is quicker as the stuff one normally needs to pack into the back of the TV, is likely already in the basement of the 5er! :B Bikes more than two you can use bike racks front and rear on a 5er. Ours is always repacked AFTER the previous trip, cloths washed and returned to the 5er, propane tanks filled. Our storage yard is about 4 miles from home, and home is about 4 miles from work. We have a best time after a Friday morning decision to go out for the weekend, of one hour and fifteen minutes from me leaving work to having installing the hitch and airing up the rear tires, food from home refer in tote and getting the two dogs loaded, 5er hooked up at storage yard, and heading out the gate. UH. I carry TEN / 10 bikes with me. No they won't fit on the front, and rear of a 5er. they will in the bed of the truck I also carry fire wood, and no I won't load it inside the camper, or in the basement of the camper. So I do need the truck bed. But still for me it is the steps
Terryallan 05/04/16 09:16am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Why a 5th wheel over a tow trailer?

For me? I'm old. My legs, knees, and back don't like steps. 5ers are nothing but steps. More steps to get in, and then after you are in. Every where you want to go is up, or down stairs. Kills my legs. TT are flat. That is for me
Terryallan 05/04/16 07:27am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best Selling Pickup Trucks April '16

I don't care which one is on top, just glad to see American auto makers doing better than they were a few years ago! As for pricing, you can easily get them to take $10k off and with used trucks being worth a good amount still your trade sometimes makes it worth while. But 10K off still leaves you at 40 to 60K for a truck that will actually tow a trailer. Yeah, you can get a 30K truck. But it won't tow, or haul.
Terryallan 05/04/16 07:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: Best Selling Pickup Trucks April '16

Two things I don't understand. 1st. Who in the world can afford a new truck? I don't care what brand. They are priced WAAAAAY out of my range. 2nd. Why do Chevy drivers choose Chevy over the GMC. GMCs have looked better than Chevies for decades, and they are the same truck. May as well get the better looing one. And did Honda only make 2 Ridgelines? And sold one?
Terryallan 05/03/16 09:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Bypassing Atlanta

Not sure where you are. But how hard would it be for you to run I-40 to Ashville, to I-26? Then on to Columbia, and then 20 to Florence, to 501 into Myrtle.?
Terryallan 05/03/16 08:54pm Roads and Routes
RE: Towing Overweight???

The TV brakes are designed to stop the GVWR of the TV. That is all. Trailer brakes stop the rest. Of course if you are loaded shy of the TV GVWR, it will stop that amount
Terryallan 05/03/16 05:54pm Toy Haulers
Two found dead in RV at talladega

Two Florida men were found dead in a trailer Sunday at Talladega Superspeedway in Lincoln, Alabama, prior to the NASCAR Sprint Cup GEICO 500. One of the stories stated that carbon monoxide was not believed to have played a role. So let's just wait to see what happened
Terryallan 05/03/16 05:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Beware of manufacture date on replacement tires

We recently had a blowout on our 5th wheel and called GS Roadside Assistance for help. It was 10:00 P.M. on a Saturday night. When the mechanic arrived it was with a four-year old tire (manufacture date stamped on the side of the tire) and our cost was $393 just for the tire and $128 mounting fee (other fees also applied). I called GS later and got about $160 taken off of our $600 bill. Still, what a rip-off. I won't be renewing my GS Roadside Assistance plan. If you accepted the tire. It is on you. All you had to say was that you want a new tire, and you should have done that during the first call. The mechanic is going to bring you what he has in stock. I doubt he even looked at the build date. Next question that begs to be asked. Why didn't you have a spare with you??? Never leave home with out at least one.
Terryallan 05/03/16 10:44am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Towing Overweight???

I know that this has been discussed in length about towing over weight. And it's not towing and moving the trailer but the main issue is stopping. And if you get into an accident you can or will be 100% at fault being overloaded. I am just curious how I see many 5th wheel toy haulers with triple axles being towed by a 3/4 ton truck. I know they have to over their towing limits. How do they get the dealer to sell them these trailers? Reason I ask is the wife and I were looking at a new fiver and the dealer would sell it to use but told us that we'd have to have a truck with the proper towing capacity that we are looking at. I have no intentions of towing out of class, but just blows me away that I see other's doing it. And I'm not talking about 1,000lbs over, it's got to be 3-4,000lbs over. First you have to understand that the Manufacturers stated capacities are NOT LEGAL limits. They are the weight to which the Manufacturer will warranty the vehicle to tow, or carry. So your first statement is well false. You are only 100% at fault IF you cause the accident, and that is if you are under the factory cap, or over the factory caps. Very few TVs, and RVs will be over the DOT weight limits, and that is where the law comes in. DOT sets the weight law, not the manufacturer. Second. "Most" dealers will sell you the TT, or 5er you want. What you tow it with is none of their concern. It is completely the driver's responsibility to use the proper TV. Every thing that happens on the highway falls on the driver's shoulders. Dealers have no control over your TV. They can suggest, but not require you to use a certain TV. You give them your money, and drive away. They are done with you unless you come back for warranty work. It's that simple.
Terryallan 05/03/16 10:08am Toy Haulers
RE: Leaking heater core ???

I would guess it isn't the heater core. You can usually smell antifreeze really strong inside when the heat is on, and the core is leaking. Sometimes you will even get like a fog out of the vent
Terryallan 05/03/16 09:07am Tech Issues
RE: Pulsating brakes

Are you sure it is the TT, and not the TV. Could have warped the rotors a little
Terryallan 05/03/16 08:56am Travel Trailers
RE: Ram 1500 Hemi vs Ecodiesel

I'd like to see real-world tests run at no more than 4000 rpms or so. Why? Why not run the engine up to where the engine makes it's rated power? People really need to get over their fright of high RPM's.. I have a theory about that. Drivers today don't remember the time when our cars had lower gears, and no overdrive, and we ran pretty high RPM at highway speed. They have never heard a engine run as it was designed. All the RPM they have heard is at the shift point. So when they hear an engine running, making good power, running free, and clean, making a little noise, (which I love). It scares them. Most are afraid to use what they got, Never heard it work before
Terryallan 05/03/16 08:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: Best bunkhouse with bathroom entry

I've had two friends with spinning TV's that had them fall apart after a couple of trips. They were not well built. Mine is in it's 4th year. So far so good
Terryallan 05/03/16 08:37am Travel Trailers
RE: Things I don't understand

I have my first TT that I bought in 2012 and swore up and down that I will use everything but the oven. I felt that cooking in it will stink it up and thought that using the oven is something I can not use while camping and only store pots and pans. That was until I camped with a group and it was my turn to make the biscuits. Now I am a biscuit eater. that almost didn't sound good either :W We will use the oven for corn bread. But that is all. We will NOT cook on the stove top. I don't want all that cooking grease in the TT. My TT My rules
Terryallan 05/02/16 07:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: How important is it to access the bed with slides closed?

If a RV limited the use of the RV with the slide in. That would be a deal breaker. I want full use of the camper at all times, Slide in or out
Terryallan 05/02/16 06:25pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best bunkhouse with bathroom entry

First thing to look for is the under 6000#. You are pulling with a 1/2 ton truck. (Sorry! Now I have started something.) I think under 6000 dry is a good idea.
Terryallan 05/02/16 06:15pm Travel Trailers
RE: Things I don't understand

What I don't understand when people who own a camper don't want to learn more about it, how to maintain it, winterize it, fix it, etc My BIL has owned in the same seasonal campground as us for 3 years. He still doesn't "seem" to know how to winterize it. It's appearing as though he thinks "why do this myself, when I can call my BIL and have him blow out the lines". Cause his BIL will. Say no once, and he will learn
Terryallan 05/02/16 06:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: North Carolina

Lived here all my life. You question is impossible to answer. 1 hour from my house in December, it can be below o. In November often snow. 4 hours the other way, on the same day it can be in the 80s. The Gulf Stream keeps the coast reasonable warm. And the elevation keeps the mountains pretty cold. South Carolina is pretty much the same. Not that far apart. So where you wanna go?
Terryallan 05/02/16 08:42am Snowbirds
RE: Things I don't understand

What bothers me. Is people who worry about how other people use their RVs, that they paid for, and have the right to use any way they want. However, I do sometimes wonder why some people go to a CG and never venture outside. But hey. It's their vacation, not mine.
Terryallan 05/02/16 08:36am Travel Trailers
RE: Best bunkhouse with bathroom entry

My Apex has every thing you want, Except power jacks, Well, Mine does. I use a drill. And leds which I don't need.
Terryallan 05/01/16 07:28pm Travel Trailers
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