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RE: Sadness in Ottawa

Indeed, and thank you! We do have a new Canadian hero, a mountie who never fired a shot in his 30 year police career, then took out a terrorist in Parliament with his first shot. It never occurred to me that the ceremonial Sargeant-at-arms carried a gun as well as the mace. http://wpmedia.news.nationalpost.com/2014/10/ottawa_shooting_vickers_20141022.jpg?w=620 Maybe our MPs will behave themselves in the House after this! story here Ain't you glad he had a gun? I'm sure all the people in the building are.
Terryallan 10/22/14 08:17pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Myrtle Beach Travel Park

Yep The ones on the beach side are great. Back right up to the lake. Are in fact choice, much sought after sites. The ones on the other side can be close, and are ok. But a good long walk to the beach.
Terryallan 10/22/14 08:15pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: How far do you go in a day?

you can figure, that counting stopping to eat, fuel, and use the restroom, for you and the dogs. 10 hours for every 500 miles. You can do it faster. But that would be with out stopping to eat, or just stretch your legs.
Terryallan 10/22/14 08:11pm Towing
RE: Tires always lose air in storage is this normal?

Mine don't lose that much. But they do lose some sitting around. And don't fall for that nitrogen thing. Mine came filled with Nitrogen. They still lost air waiting on the next trip.
Terryallan 10/22/14 06:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: Just upgraded to travel trailer

We did the same thing when we got our first TT. IN fact all you need to camp, you already have. Like us. You learned to pack light, meaning the stuff you bought was compact, and lightweight. So you have an advantage over those who start out with a TT. The things you use that weigh 100lbs, and take up little space. For someone who has never pupped. The same items will weigh 300lbs and take up more room. So all you really need to start is a Sewer hose, and of course a properly setup WDH. And maybe a brake controller. Don't know if your pup had brakes or not. But you will need them on the TT. We still use the campstove, And often the cooler stands, and stove stands. Only thing you may no longer need could be the big cooler. The fridge pretty well takes the place of the big cooler. A small cooler for ice for drinks is all we use. If you are like us. At first you will find using the TT a lot more trouble than using the pup. A lot longer to hook up to the truck, and a lot longer to set up at the campground, and of course more stuff to do to break camp. But after a while you will streamline it, and it will get easier. When we had the pup. I could have it leveled, setup, and under the awning in 20 minutes. With the TT it is a lot longer. And towing will be different as well. Not harder but different. You can't see over the trailer anymore. and you will need pay closer attention when passing , and swing out farther when turning. Take it easy, and you will be fine.
Terryallan 10/22/14 08:20am Travel Trailers
RE: winterized.

For someone in NC, you give up early. If I were there, I would RV until December. :) First. My work schedule won't give me a weekend off until the week before Thanksgiving. Second. You couldn't know? But, We often start getting snow after Thanksgiving, and in some parts over Thanksgiving. Contrary to what most think. It does start freezing in this part of NC in November. We are looking for frost this Thursday morning. And besides. If I want to go camping. All I need to do is hookup, and go. I only have $3.50 invested in winterizing. I can do it again for the same. Of course it is too cold to go camping in the mountains. 37F this morning up on the hill. I'm not into camping when the water hose to the TT freezes, and I'm not into sitting in the TT. If I can't be outside. I'd just as soon stay home.
Terryallan 10/21/14 07:17pm General RVing Issues

Sadly the camper is winterized, Drained the low points, drained the water heater. Blew out the lines, and poured so pink into the traps. Also repaired what broke this summer. 1 Rocker switch on a over head light $2.75, and a burned out bulb in the outside light. $1.75. Not too bad. Will need to fill the propane tanks before next season. And am thinking of replacing all the over head lights with LED. But prolly not. Also thinking of replacing the 2 20lb tanks with 2 30lb tanks. It's just sad :(
Terryallan 10/21/14 05:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Getting ready to buy our first TT

have a fun in your new TT
Terryallan 10/21/14 05:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Can a tire explode from Over-inflation?

I wonder. How long had she been driving the van? A hot tire will have a much higher psi than a cold tire. so if the tire were at 35 psi cold. Could they be at 55 psi hot??? We are told to check the tire cold. Airing up a hot tire to the cold psi, will make it have low psi. Just a thought.
Terryallan 10/21/14 03:17pm Tow Vehicles

The Campgrounds all have land lines. It is much more reliable than cell phones. And there is very little cell service at the top od the Blue Ridge. but, but, but, if you spend $400 on your latest electronic toy, you gotta justify it somehow. bumpy I recon so. My phone is one of the FREE every 2 year phones from Verizon. No texting, no games, no internet. If I don't answer. Leave a message. If I want to I'll call you back. I'll not be tied to a phone on a camping trip
Terryallan 10/21/14 03:10pm Family Camping

I would love to think I can be without my cell phone. Not since that fateful day last year when a boy at our campground almost lost his life due to severe burns from a campfire explosion. Access to 911 saved him. Also, we camp with folks with existing health problems. Camping somewhere without cell service is not an option and would be irresponsible. I can turn off my cell phone, but it will always be within reach. The Campgrounds all have land lines. It is much more reliable than cell phones. And there is very little cell service at the top od the Blue Ridge.
Terryallan 10/21/14 03:03pm Family Camping
RE: I want a wax that leaves a black haze

Wellllll, I've been driving my van for 16 years so I must be doing something right. we have this nasty thing here called winter, complete with salted roads. I also haven't wasted thousands of hours washing and waxing during those 16 years. Like I said, it looks as good as most any other 16 year old vehicle. Along the original topic, there are colored waxes already. Back in my youth, I had a red sports car and I did wax it a time or two with red wax. Yeah. We just got killer sun
Terryallan 10/20/14 07:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: TV / DVD Player Question

Yep it will pull out. I pulled mine out to hook the TV speakers to the radio. I do have a question. Does the front of the stereo have a panel that you push on, and it flips open? Or des it have slot to put the disc into? If it has a slot. Then it is prolly a DVD player as well. If it has the panel that flips open. It is prolly just a radio, and CD player
Terryallan 10/20/14 06:01pm Technology Corner
RE: average GPM concerns

Yeah. you better stay home 10 GPM (Gallons Per Mile) sucks. You would have to fill up every 2 1/2 miles. :B
Terryallan 10/20/14 04:39pm Tow Vehicles

Believe it or not. there ARE places where cell phone service is not good, or often not available. Many of the mountain CGs we go to have no service. It's a GOOD thing. Not a bad thing.
Terryallan 10/20/14 03:31pm Family Camping
RE: Can you wax the decals or avoid them

I use combination cleaner/wax from Turtle Wax or Meguires. They have no effect on graphics other than to give them a little shine. The surface of our RV's is nothing special. Any wax will do fine and it doesn't have to be special for "RV's" or "gel coat" or fiber glass. That's just marketing hype. I've used just about everything that's ever on sale and they all work and last the same. Ditto. Been waxing and caring for vehicle finishes for almost 50 years. Started waxing fiberglass boats with Gary's fiberglass wax. Saw wax, and finishes progress to today. Any good automotive wax will do pretty good. A good Cleaner wax will take out most blemishes. however will not last quite as long as say Turtle Wax. None of them will hurt the decals. the only thing wax will do to decals is make them look better longer.
Terryallan 10/20/14 03:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hitch for 3/4 ton TV and 37-ft TT

Much depends on the GVWR of your TV. And the tongue weight rating of your truck. All F250s are not created equal. And 10,000lb is a heavy TT.
Terryallan 10/20/14 03:15pm Towing
RE: I want a wax that leaves a black haze

Have had RVs for over 20 years, have never waxed one. Don't wax cars and trucks either. My 1998 van has never been waxed and looks as good as any other 1998 van. What do you do to keep them shiny and slick? I know some spray on chemicals can make them look shiny, But do not make them slick. I wash the RVs once per year with bleach and LA's Totally Awesome. I wash the other vehicles several times a year with an automobile specific soap product. The occasional wash keeps them shiny enough for me. What is the benefit to being "slick", doesn't seem important to me. My brother is the type that waxes his car monthly and washes every couple days. He finds great self worth in having a clean vehicle. He is a very shallow person. It has always seemed silly and a waste of time to me. Being slick does ac few things. One helps with MPG, 2 helps keep it clean, things don't stick to it as good, and easier to wash off. You don't really wash them with bleach, and Awesome, and not put any protectant back on do you? That stuff takes all the wax, and shine off. Leaves a very rough finish. Dulls the decals as well. I wash my vehicles on a regular basis. I wax my entire TT once a year, and the front cap twice a year to help keep bugs off. I wax my truck, and car when the finish feels rough, and no longer beads water. I have a lot invested in our vehicles, and want them to last, and I want the finish to last as well. My truck is 11 years old. The paint looks as good as it did the day it came off the showroom floor. My previous TT was 10 years old. and the paint again looked like it did the day it came from the factory. They both sat out in the weather 24/7. It's not about being shallow. It's about taking care of your stuff, and making it last. Oh and for me. Waxing a vehicle is in fact relaxing, and takes my mind off of "stuff" And as I have had to scratch, claw, skrimp, and sacrifice to get, and keep the things I have. I have to take really good care of them. The truck, and the TT are at this point not replaceable, at least not by me. If they fall apart, they are just gone.
Terryallan 10/20/14 02:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trying to understand normal tow handling

Honestly. It sounds like your TV is doing a fine job. You will always "feel" trucks pass, and you will always "feel" a cross wind. If they do not move you around. You are good. And you will always slow down on steep hills, and if you read your manual. You may find you are not to use OD when towing, if the trany is hunting. So just lock out OD and enjoy the ride
Terryallan 10/20/14 07:55am Towing
RE: I want a wax that leaves a black haze

Have had RVs for over 20 years, have never waxed one. Don't wax cars and trucks either. My 1998 van has never been waxed and looks as good as any other 1998 van. What do you do to keep them shiny and slick? I know some spray on chemicals can make them look shiny, But do not make them slick.
Terryallan 10/20/14 07:44am Travel Trailers
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