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RE: Clear coat protection

Like others said. Just wash it, and wax it. Best thing you can do. Keep it waxed, and it will look good for years, and years. Keep it waxed, AND covered, and it will look good forever.
Terryallan 04/23/17 08:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: Looking for first Travel Trailer

What type of lifespan do you end up getting from TTs that get used? I would like our first to last us 5-8 years. That'll put me at the point that I'll be looking at a new truck due to high mileage; at that point I'll probably upgrade to a 3/4 or 1 ton which will open a ton of options to upgrade. Travel Trailer will last a VERY long time IF you take care of it. Meaning, do the required maint. Keep the finish clean, and waxed. not real hard to keep them in good shape. My last one was nearly 10 years old when we sold it, and still looked like new, every thing worked, and it didn't leak. just have to pay it some attention
Terryallan 04/23/17 08:13pm Beginning RVing
RE: 2006 Expedition W/Tow Pkg But No Charge Wire

Agree with others. IF it did not come with the 7 pin. It does not have the tow package. Meaning NO trans cooler, or power steering cooler, and so LESS tow capacity.
Terryallan 04/22/17 08:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How to get rid of birds?

Drop by Lowe's, and buy a FAKE Owl. they have them in the pest section. Set it on top of the 5er, or put it in the rafters of the shed. As dais move it every now and then. Supposed to work, and I can say. I have less birds in my shed this year.
Terryallan 04/22/17 08:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Sway bar for wolf pup?

You prolly don't need sway control in normal driving. however. should you need to dodge a deer, or some other sudden road hazard, a sway control bar comes in pretty handy. Remember. Sway control is not meant to prevent sway. It is NOT anti sway. It is sway control. Sway control is only there to help stop /control sway once it has been induced by a sudden emergency maneuver. And you never know when that will happen. So balance the trailer. Makes sure it tows perfectly in NORMAL driving. Then add sway control, for those time when driving is not normal.
Terryallan 04/22/17 08:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: longer trailer?

Truth is. the only time you will notice a longer trailer, Is when you are doing a sharp turn, backing in, or finding a campsite. On the road. You won't see much if any difference. You will notice it in the mountains or at least you should. You will notice the weight, (long doesn't mean heavier) as you would with any TT. but on a main road, you won't. Now I do agree you will notice it on a back skinny mountain road. some Cg we go to, I have to use both sides, and then some to get thru the 180 curves. You can almost look over and see the TT wheels.
Terryallan 04/21/17 07:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Newbie..Trailer to big?

I drive 65 with the cruise on whereever possible and everything is fine. The truck has no problem pulling the weight even on steep hills where I would put it into tow/haul mode when going downhill so the engine takes the pressure off the brakes. You know the sway control is engaged when the information panel tells you it is operating. It disengages the cruise if it is engaged and brakes gently. After it did it a couple of times and I got used to it I would just immediately re-engage the the cruise since there was no perceptible sway. The system seems very sensitive to sudden but relatively small movements of the trailer probably because I believe the system is designed to detect and react to prevent the sway from properly starting but in the winds I was being exposed to a sudden crosswind only briefly and that initial movement, (barely perceptible by me), must be all it takes to trigger the system. Funnily enough, or the rare occasions when a big truck goes flying by and hits me with the "wind wall" making the trailer "wobble" very perceptibly the sway control doesn't kick in. Hasn't display anything yet...so maybe my wobble is just me being a tad sensitive. Maybe not. Many times. IF the truck sway control kicks in. You are in real trouble already. I've had to jerk mine pretty hared, and it has never came on.
Terryallan 04/21/17 07:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: Newbie..Trailer to big?

so. 65 to 70. That is the top, and over the top speed your tires are rated for. Slow it down. As mentioned. Air your tires, Trailer, and TV to their max PSI. The TT will follow anywhere you want to go.
Terryallan 04/21/17 11:43am Travel Trailers
RE: WDH and Airbags

New to me TT. I pretty much have the WDH dialed in, although still have to get to a scale to verify. I have airbags on the F-150, left over from the old fifth wheel I used to pull. Just pump them up to reduce rear end sag? Or since I'm using a WDH, just leave well enough alone? IF you pump them up and raise the rear end. you will change the setup of the WDH. you will cause it to transfer less weight to the front. IF you want to use the bags. Air them to what you want. THEN setup the WDH. However in truth. with the WDH. You don't need air bags.
Terryallan 04/21/17 11:26am Travel Trailers
RE: longer trailer?

Truth is. the only time you will notice a longer trailer, Is when you are doing a sharp turn, backing in, or finding a campsite. On the road. You won't see much if any difference.
Terryallan 04/21/17 07:35am Travel Trailers
RE: Limited Slip or Open Differential?

I'm looking at the 2017 Ford F350....DRW, F350 diesel is a non-limited slip 3.55 ratio....options are a limited slip 3.55 or limited slip 4.10. Locking differentials are not offered on the DRW. What I am wondering .....if the LSD makes sense. It's an extra $350 to buy the LSD and I hear they need more maintenance. If the truck is 4X4 you can probably get by with an open diff since you can compensate for poor traction with the front axle. If you're getting a 2WD, then an LSD is an absolute must. My previous truck came with an open diff. It was basically a one wheeled wonder on wet grass, slight inclines, and wet boat ramps. Let's just say that axle did me no favors in controlling my anger. I later installed an Eaton LSD and it made a world of difference. I could still get stuck on wet grass on an incline, but boat ramps and most other typical slick conditions were now passable. One of the reasons I got my current truck was for 4X4. I got stuck in a wet campground in 2015 and that was the last straw. In that situation 4X4 was the only solution and I didn't have it. If I were to ever own another 2WD it will definitely have an LSD or electronic locking diff. Believe me, the $350 you'll spend on an LSD will be more than made up the first time you encounter slick conditions. More than likely the LSD will get you through where an open diff will leave you watching the tire with the least grip spin like a treadmill. KJ Just asking, Cause I'm not sure. I know how the old ones work, just not sure about the new ones. However IF the axles are NOT Limited slip, and you then put it in 4x4 would you not only have one front wheel, and one rear wheel pulling? Where as if it was a limited slip. they all would kick in if traction was lost???? Also on my ford. I have a selection that locks up the rear axle, for emergency traction. As for traction control. Not impressed. Seems to only pull back the throttle until it stops spinning. I can do that my self, and in a much safer way.
Terryallan 04/21/17 07:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: Limited Slip or Open Differential?

As mentioned. an open diff will get stuck if you back one wheel off the road. Limited slip is a great thing to have. Wouldn't have another truck with out it. In fact. I had it installed on my last truck.
Terryallan 04/20/17 08:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Buy tires or not

2014, Prolly built in 2013. The tires are more than likely 4 years old. They have never been rolled, but have sat in the sun, wind and rain for 4 years Not a chance they are any good. Get them off now. I wouldn't even drag it home on them. Unless you live really close.
Terryallan 04/20/17 08:20pm Fifth-Wheels

I've never bought an RV from Camping World and until I start seeing posts here by people who had good experiences, I won't. So far it's been all bad. I shopped CW once. Talked to the salesman for a long time, before I figured out that he was trying to screw me over, AND that he knew NOTHING about RVs. Told me my 98 Grand Cherokee could tow a 27' 6000lb TT. Along with many other things that were not true.
Terryallan 04/20/17 08:14pm Camping World RV Sales
RE: Trailer tires, radial vs. bias ply

From what I can see most travel trailers come with bias ply tires. My brother switched his out for automotive radials and claims they pull better and that he has had none of the issues that he had with bias ply, like chunks of tread falling off and blowouts. Is it safe to put radial car tires on a travel trailer? What about the weight ranges, car/truck vs. travel trailer? What brand are you looking at. I haven't seen anything but radials on any of the trailer we have loked at in the past 14 years. From Jayco to Coachmen. but the tires still blow after 4 or 5 years. So far for me. 3 1/2 years is all I'm getting out of radial TT tires, and I take very good care of them.
Terryallan 04/20/17 03:26pm Travel Trailers

I can't believe you took it off the lot. I would have canceled the check, Got back in my vehicle and drove away.
Terryallan 04/20/17 03:15pm Camping World RV Sales
RE: TT spare tires

Can get tire, AND rim at Tractor Supply, or Northern Tool, for $102.00. the bumper mount cost $35.00. Yep. CW is a rip off. Wonder what else CW could be doing to you on the sale.
Terryallan 04/20/17 01:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Good Sam Club and James Island County Park

In the past 8 or 10 years. Many popular parks have dropped Good Sam. After all. Why give a discount when your CG is constantly full. That's a good point terry. It definitely didn't change my mind about going. It is in truth, The main reason I no longer am a Good Sam member. almost none of the CG we go to honor Good Sam. All of the Myrtle Beach CGs stopped years ago, as did most of the NC mountain CGs. With out the GS discount. There is no benefit to joining.
Terryallan 04/19/17 07:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Good Sam Club and James Island County Park

In the past 8 or 10 years. Many popular parks have dropped Good Sam. After all. Why give a discount when your CG is constantly full.
Terryallan 04/18/17 12:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: AC vibrating the whole camper!

Could be a nest, OR, could be the mounting bolts have worked loose. Happened to me.
Terryallan 04/18/17 12:40pm Tech Issues
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