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RE: Keeping Things Cold on the Road

We tow with our refrig off. BUT... the vast majority of our trips are within a couple hours. We cool down the refrig a couple days before leaving. We usually precook and prefreeze one or two dinners (stew for example) and put those in the refrig just before we leave. We also usually have a few water bottles that we freeze at home and again put them in the frig just before leaving. Most times, when we get to the campground we have to remember to remove the frozen dinner in order to let it thaw enough to be ready for heating up! On our really long trips (to Florida), we just didn't put perishable food in the frig. This was convenient because a couple places on our trip required the propane to be turned off (bridges and tunnels), and the nice lady at the toll booth did ask us if the propane was turned off. So... in my experience, our refrig keeps things plenty cold on short trips while turned off. On long trips, it would warm up a bit, but still keep things cool. It really doesn't bother me if other people tow with the frig on or off.
Tvov 10/30/14 05:16am Travel Trailers
RE: Slammers

Great and humorous thread, by the way!
Tvov 10/29/14 05:15am General RVing Issues
RE: Slammers

I love Open Roads Forum!
Tvov 10/29/14 05:15am General RVing Issues
RE: Cool Mods - Thread restored 10/18/2012

Most of my mods are structural: I had some issues with the used trailer I purchased (click here to read the whole story), so I decided to have a better product after I was done than when the trailer left the assembly line to be sold to the utter moron that sold it to me (with lots of hidden water damage)... I decided to beef up the brackets for the stairs. I didn't like that the bracket was being held up by the floor: I wanted the bracket to hold up the floor. The original bracket didn't have a diagonal piece, and thus would bend under load. The back plate of the bracket didn't even go all the way down to the bottom of the frame it was "screwed" onto. Yes: they used a single metal screw to mount this bracket to the main frame... SMH... Solution: add a 1/4" piece to the back plate to extend it, drill 2 holes in it to accommodate 3/8" bolts, and also add a diagonal piece (I used angle-iron) to make it more solid. ... There was a problem I discovered after installing them: the main frame is not strong (stiff) enough to take that kind of stress (load) on it's side. It's only meant to take a load vertically. When I stepped on my newly-bracketed steps they sagged considerably - enough to make me not want to use the steps until I solved this problem. The solution to this problem came from another problem: the floors are made of sandwiched materials, with the centre portion being a board of foam insulation. As a result of my repair, that panel was no longer offering support, and the 1/32| plywood I added didn't fix the problem. The solution turned out to me a lot better than I anticipated. I had to support the floor from below, but I had to ensure that bottom layer of the floor would not form around the support components. My plan was to use Unistrut that is 1 5/8" wide to make floor joists. I had to find something that could disperse the load over a larger area so that the floor wold not sink around the joist. My solution was to use a sheet of 1/8" thick aluminum. ... The parts partially assembled and not cut to size (I had not figured out the exact placement of my joists at this point. They will be a lot closer when I install them): ... The brackets were made from 1 3/4: wide pieces of 6" x 3/8" thick angle iron: ... What it looks like underneath: ... How it is attached to the frame: ... The added bonus of this repair (and why I call it a modification), is that not only is my floor very sturdy there, it also made my steps very firm and solid. But the true "mod" status is what I get to use the Unistrut beams for: I can hang stuff under them, like a spare tire! :) Excellent! You had what looks like the exact same "problem" I have with my step, and your fix is what I figured would be required. One of these days I'll get around to it. (I edited the re-post to make my response a bit smaller)
Tvov 10/29/14 04:53am Travel Trailers
RE: Propane furnace battery usage

... Nice to know I can make it through a long weekend without hookups without any inconvenience now. Honestly unless we need to run the AC, I'm not even sure I'll bother paying extra for an electrical site anymore. That's kinda where wife and I are right now. Kids rarely camp with us anymore, so we go to all the parks and woods that don't have hookups. Usually enjoy larger campsites and less commotion!
Tvov 10/28/14 04:39am Beginning RVing
RE: Considering Going From 5th Wheel to TT --- Am I crazy?

... So my questions: 1) am I nuts going from a 5th wheel to a TT YES, absolutely! All TT owners are nuts! lol With my limited 5th experience, TT has lower ceiling, and the "feeling" of being smaller. 2) Equiped with a hensley or ProPride hitch, can I expect reasonable similar towing behavior to my Trail Air Tri Glide Equiped 5th wheel? Everyone I've talked to and everything I've read says that 5th wheels tow nicer. With the TT, weight distribution with the TT is EVERYTHING. Not just a "weight distributing" hitch (which you should have), but also where the weight is in the trailer - too much in the front or too much in the back will change towing characteristics. With our smaller TT I put blankets and sleeping bags in the front of the TT just to get that little bit more tongue weight, seems to help with ease of towing. You will figure out what works for your setup. 3) How about mileage? Will I see a drop going to a TT? If anything, you might see an increase in fuel mileage. The TT will probably be a bit lower and possibly less wind resistance. But don't expect a substantial increase. Any inputs would be appreciated... Thanks Dan
Tvov 10/27/14 05:14am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Trip Report: The Perfect Family Trip!

Great photos and trip!
Tvov 10/27/14 04:37am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Warranty Claim Denied

Can you try going to another Ford dealer? Seems like the majority of issues people have with "warranty work" is related to the dealership managers/owners, not the manufacturer, no matter if it is GM, Ford, VW, BMW, etc. My local Ford dealership is very good about warranty work and repairs in general... they aren't cheap, but they are straight forward about what they are doing.
Tvov 10/24/14 05:26am Tow Vehicles
RE: New to the site

My TT has two tall and narrow closets - one for hanging stuff and one that is divided by a shelf. I found the tall "hanging" closet in our TT to be useless, so I added two shelves inside it. That leaves 5 "cubbies"... Myself, mom, son and daughter each get a cubby for clothes, last cubby is for bathroom towels. Shelves are very basic - I used building glue (may have been Liquid Nails) to attach strips of wood to the walls of the closet, then cut plywood to fit and sit on the wood strips. I coated the plywood with a couple layers of polyurethane. We put plates and some cooking utensils in the camper's oven. We rarely use the oven, so it acts as good storage. Obviously you have to remember to remove anything in the oven before lighting it!
Tvov 10/22/14 05:13am Travel Trailers
RE: ......

You are serious about trying to attract a bear to your house? If a bear gets used to finding food at your house, it will actively look for food even if you don't leave any out - meaning it will go through doors. Virtually every time a state Department of Environmental Protection (or Wildlife) has to come to a property to euthanize a "nuisance bear" it is because someone started to feed the bear. Best way to get a bear killed is to feed it. Please enjoy wildlife, but from a distance. Let wildlife be wild.
Tvov 10/22/14 04:56am RV Pet Stop
RE: Propane furnace battery usage

Thick comforters for sleeping! Or just take a sleeping bag and open it up to use as a comforter. Personally, I love sleeping in a cool to cold camper. Wake up in the morning, start the percolator coffee maker on the stove, and camper warms right up. Or - you can do hot water for tea or hot chocolate! On our TT, the furnace fan seems to use more power than the vent fan in the bathroom - or is just less efficient, not sure which (or maybe both). Remember to crack window(s) and roof vent open a bit for venting!! Don't seal up the camper - venting will cut down on condensation, and will give you some fresh air.
Tvov 10/21/14 05:26am Beginning RVing
RE: The 1959 Ford Thames campervan restoration begins.

Great update, and good luck with the house!
Tvov 10/21/14 05:07am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Do you use an outside TV?

No TV allowed while camping. When our kids were young we had a "no electronics" rule. They got so used to it that when they got older they just didn't miss the gadgets. Anyway... Rare for us to want to watch something, but we bring a laptop when we think we might want to. We have small speakers to plug into the laptop if necessary - the laptops built in speakers are almost too quiet outside. We are mostly DVD watching, so I don't know how cable hookup would work (or if it can).
Tvov 10/20/14 06:39am Technology Corner
RE: Gas detector saved my bacon... Whoa!!! I'm Thankful!

I hate to say this, but some of what you are describing - "But for whatever reason, last night my senses were dull. My taster was off too, and even this morning still. Everything tasted bland when I know it wasn't." - might be a mild case of CO (carbon monoxide) affects.
Tvov 10/17/14 07:34am General RVing Issues
RE: Travel during the Fall on the East Coast

Thanks for the info and suggestions. Here is another weather related and "newby" question; as someone who lives in CA, we mostly deal with earthquakes. So what do Rv'ers do when you hear about potential or actual tornadoes and some of these severe storms? Again thanks for any input. Tornadoes are very rare, not really something to worry about. Even severe storms are almost something to look forward to as "fun"... as my wife would say, "Cool! thunderstorm is coming!". Having said that... You will have plenty of warning if a Nor'easter (really bad thunderstorm, kinda like a weak 2 or 3 day hurricane) or an actual hurricane is coming. It is not real common for bad storms, but mostly it is "batten down the hatches", pull in your outside chairs, and sit it out while drinking hot chocolate. A really bad storm may have campground managers / rangers telling people to come into campground buildings for shelter. For a hurricane, campgrounds that are on or within sight of the coast/shore may be evacuated. Again, this is not common at all! I don't think you have to worry about it for a leaf peeping trip!
Tvov 10/17/14 07:23am Roads and Routes
RE: Travel during the Fall on the East Coast

Many private, full hookup campgrounds in New England close at the beginning of October, and/or Columbus day weekend (mid October). In Connecticut, some of the state parks are open until the end of October, but not a lot of full hookup sites (most CT state parks don't have full hookups). It can be difficult to "plan" on prime leaf peeping weeks - kinda like fishing, it was always best last week or will be next week! lol As posted, you can start up in Maine and work your way down.
Tvov 10/16/14 04:44am Roads and Routes
RE: Side work while in camp

Campgrounds will probably have rules regarding doing pay work in the campground. We are weekenders, and probably wouldn't be interested in having any "work" done while camping - we are off exploring during the day, and want to relax at night. Campgrounds with seasonals might be a better place to think about.
Tvov 10/16/14 04:32am Workamping Forum
RE: Cool Mods - Thread restored 10/18/2012

Thanks tenbear, I should have said I dont want to add new outlets, just change one or two in the locations we charge our phones. This just showed up in my email. Here is how its done. That's a good idea.
Tvov 10/16/14 04:29am Travel Trailers
RE: Post your tow vehicle pics here

I don't think I've seen a Nissan setup that way... looks good!
Tvov 10/16/14 04:26am Tow Vehicles
RE: Gas detector saved my bacon... Whoa!!! I'm Thankful!

Most propane gas leak detectors also shut off the propane valve when the detector is going off. You probably had the propane shut off while the detector was also sounding. (they do that) Good think it saved your life. Happy camping! Fred. I did not know that! Learn something new every day.
Tvov 10/15/14 05:31am General RVing Issues
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