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RE: No AC.... Deal breaker?

We rarely use our AC... BUT, when we need it, we use it! I take it you are looking at either a used trailer, or a very small trailer? I would be amazed if any new trailers around me didn't come with AC, unless they are very small single axle - but even then, most of those have AC now. Yes, I would consider it a deal breaker.
Tvov 08/01/15 05:44am Travel Trailers
RE: Leasing questions.

As long as you fully understand how a lease works, and what happens at the END of the lease, it can work for some people. It is usually a business deal, though, as the lease payment can be written off 100% as a business expense (it has been awhile, so that may have changed). My brother in law got talked into a lease without realizing it was a lease. They kept talking about a "balloon payment loan"... which is a lease. After making payments for 4 or 5 years, he had to take out another loan for 6 (may have been 5) years to pay for the "balloon" payment of more than $10,000. Yep, he basically did a 10 year loan for his mid size truck. A customer of mine, who specializes in helping car dealerships invest their profits, leased a couple Mercedes... a few years later, they realized they had put almost triple the "allowed" mileage on the cars. He had to trade in the cars, and got a couple used cars with high payments to pay off the leases. He told me to never lease unless someone else is paying the bills... Another friend has leased trucks in the past, but... he works in town, so puts about 5,000 miles at the most on his trucks (many years less than 3,000). He is also fanatical about cleaning and maintaining his trucks. Leasing worked for him. I did a 6 year loan on my truck (not great, I know), but now it is paid off and I own a truck that is in great shape and well maintained.
Tvov 07/29/15 05:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: Dog urinating and defecating on your site while owners watch

... Just curious about what you guys think about people that do this? Last time I had a dog, I thought his stuff stunk really bad. Maybe the owners think their own stuff doesn't? Probably my response would have been to say out the door: "Thank you for picking up!" Then probably say Hello and maybe meet another camping neighbor.
Tvov 07/29/15 05:11am RV Pet Stop
RE: 8 foot bed?

From what I've seen, those trucks are usually crew trucks for utility companies, railroads, or similar large companies. If you know of any vehicle auctions in your area that may be a place to look. One guy I met, many years ago, bought what sounds like you are looking for. He knew a salesman that worked at a car dealership that sold a lot of fleet vehicles to the local utility company. They had two vehicles left over from an order (or they had to be repaired, or something), and he got one for a great price. It wasn't overly luxurious, but it had air conditioning!
Tvov 07/28/15 05:06am Truck Campers
RE: Water Tank Contamination ( Long )

Don't use copper sulphate in your system as it will be corrosive to any metal it comes in contact with unless you use extremely low rates. BTW I sell copper sulphate products but this would not be a good use. Chlorine or hydrogen peroxide would be more efficient. I'm not sure I understand. Is there copper sulfate in camping anti-freeze or something else? I don't think I've seen copper sulfate available for RVs... unless it is in a product named something else? The OP asked about using copper sulphate thus my comment. There are a number of copper sulphate products used in pools and other water treatments, you would never find it in anti-freeze. I completely missed that.
Tvov 07/28/15 04:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Water Tank Contamination ( Long )

Don't use copper sulphate in your system as it will be corrosive to any metal it comes in contact with unless you use extremely low rates. BTW I sell copper sulphate products but this would not be a good use. Chlorine or hydrogen peroxide would be more efficient. I'm not sure I understand. Is there copper sulfate in camping anti-freeze or something else? I don't think I've seen copper sulfate available for RVs... unless it is in a product named something else?
Tvov 07/27/15 06:06am General RVing Issues
RE: KOA ridiculous charge

lol, I'm sitting up here in Connecticut thinking to myself "Wow, $40? that's cheap!"... Assuming the campground didn't cut the camper off from using the bath facilities, laundry, pool, and whatever else - then that is a a good price for a "family resort" campground around my neck of the woods. I assume also he had access to a dump station with fresh water to refill his water tank. Local campground near me, if you just need to empty your tanks, charges $20 JUST TO DUMP if you don't have a campsite. Spending an extra $20 to spend the night and have access to bathroom, showers, and laundry doesn't seem to outrageous for a one time only deal. Yes, $40 seems a lot to spend the night in a parking lot (which is where I assume the overflow spot was), but sometimes it happens. If they charged you $36, would it be better? and would you come back here and talk about the wonderful KOA that helped you out for one night? Or is $34.50 better? It might have been better if you had come on here to start a post simply letting people know how much that particular KOA charges for overflow, as opposed to ranting about them. And... assuming you were coming off a long day of driving, you were tired and cranky, and just needed a place to overnight for a few hours, I can see getting a bit uppity at the price.
Tvov 07/26/15 09:03am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Newbie/ temporary living need advise

Looked at the camper today she winterized it wrong. None of the plumbing is easly acessable the floor has 4 soft spots the roof is ok it has t moved sence 2009. She told me stuff worked but didnt show me as soon as she told me about the toilet bags she was using i was ready to leave $400 would be a better price for having to 1) get it to move 2) cutting into the floor 3) re plumbing Sounds like you know what you are looking for. Keeping looking and asking around.
Tvov 07/25/15 07:12am Travel Trailers
RE: Newbie/ temporary living need advise

The "Big Deal" with used Travel Trailers (or hitch style campers) is a leaky roof. If there are signs of water leaking into the camper, it can be a nightmare. BUT... if you are going to be setting up a semi-permanent campsite / living area, you can simply park the camper under a storage shed or even just cover it with a tarp until you can fix it correctly. $1,000 isn't much for a camper... but you never know, ask around and keep your eyes open! Depending on what your possible camper comes with when you buy it, it will probably have its own "extension cord" - big, heavy 30amp (most likely) cord with boat-like plugs. Actually, pretty much identical to "shore power" cords that boats have. If your camper doesn't come with one, you can buy them at most Walmart stores. If you end up using air conditioning and a microwave, you need the proper amp electric hookup with good, large cords. Water supply - At minimum, buy the white / blue strip freshwater hoses as they help to reduce the rubber hose flavor. Hopefully your camper will have a non-leaking water system, if not, they are just plastic pipes, easy to fix. Black and grey water... black tank (poop tank), you need to figure out how you will empty it. Ideally you position the camper within range of an in ground septic tank, and just have a flexible pipe connecting the camper to the septic. You won't just leave the black tank drain valve open, you will empty every week or so - plenty of reading on these forums about how and when to empty tanks with long term camping. If you can't use a septic tank, you may have to arrange for a "pump out" truck to visit your camper. If you have a friend in the poop truck business this might be easy and cheap, otherwise I am not sure how it works. You can also pack up your camper every so often and visit a campground to dump and rinse out the tanks - this will probably have some fee (usually not expensive, $20 maybe depending). As mentioned previously, zoning laws in your area may be an issue. Many places do not allow extending living in a camper when it is not in an "official" campground. That is up to you how to handle that. Speaking of which - check with any local campgrounds. They may have "seasonal" campers available on campsites for rental or to buy, all set up and ready to move in --- and/or ready to buy and haul to your own (or a friend's property). Good luck!
Tvov 07/23/15 05:43am Travel Trailers
RE: Travel trailer questions from an RV newbie

A couple of questions my husband reminded me to ask: Is boondocking with a travel trailer more difficult than with a Class B or C RV? Are there restrictions on paved roads you can go on with a trailer? Or do certain roads have length restrictions on the trailer? Thanks again, everyone! What do you mean by "boondocking"? If you are thinking about roads and areas where you will be off road and need 4 wheel drive, then in general trailers and RVs are not suitable, although some pop-up campers are suitable. You are getting into Truck Camper territory - the campers designed to slide into the back of pickup trucks. The "trip reports" in the TC (Truck Camper) forums will make you envious of their off road trips. If by "boondocking" you are thinking about camping at places like state parks and forests that don't have electric hookups but do have designated camping areas, trailers are certainly fine for that. We do that more and more now that our kids are grown and we don't need the facilities or hookups of campground resorts. The only length restrictions you might run into on regular roads is when you get into very large campers, and/or "double towing" - attaching another trailer to the back of your camp trailer. An MDX is not realistically capable of towing anything so big that you'd have to worry about that. We haven't full-timed camping, but we have camped with babies, starting with tents. It is a lot of fun, we just made sure to plan out everything and have backup plans if the baby was not in a good mood. One trip we slept part of the night in the car because baby kept waking up and crying - didn't want to bother other campers. Just all part of the experience! Get out and start camping. Try to get some camping in before making the "jump" to full timing, so you get a feel for it, and for what you might want.
Tvov 07/22/15 05:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Flashlight for camping needed

Really? and where'd you buy it... I've never heard of that brand. (this thread still seems odd to me...)
Tvov 07/22/15 05:24am General RVing Issues
RE: Valve stems...do the go bad?

If you replace rubber parts and cores you should be fine. Just be ready if the tire shop says that it will void any warranties if you don't let them replace the whole valve stem with new. Valve stems certainly do wear out... I've had bad "cores", had the rubber stems just fall apart with age, had them crack, had rust / dirt cause leaks at their base, etc.
Tvov 07/21/15 05:16am Beginning RVing
RE: Travel trailer questions from an RV newbie

lol, I just read fallsrider's post... we all camp differently! I actually don't consider an oven essential, other people use it all the time.
Tvov 07/21/15 05:10am Travel Trailers
RE: Travel trailer questions from an RV newbie

How much camping with a RV / trailer have you done? A bathroom large enough to use is really nice... some campers bathrooms look good on the showroom floor, but end up being too small (ours is one of those - very usable, but I would like it slightly larger). We use our oven rarely, but we also only do weekend trips. Having a propane grill with us is great... Which brings me to vehicles. A pickup truck, along with having a higher tow capacity, has that bed which can be filled with stuff (like a grill). I put a cap on the back of my truck (some areas would call it a "camper cap), so now I have basically a huge SUV / station wagon. I would recommend highly a 4 door "crewcab". You may be tempted to get a smaller "extended cab" truck that has some room behind the front seats, but you will outgrow that quickly. Actually, crewcabs have become so common now it may not be an issue. If possible, can you plan some week long trips to "get a feel" for what you are planning?
Tvov 07/21/15 05:07am Travel Trailers
RE: 460 Ford Chassis - new carburetor needed

j-d gave good advice. I have a 1987 F350 (in my sig picture) that has the 460 with the 4 barrel carb. The engine was running rough and no one could figure out what was wrong. I finally found somewhere on the internet people talking about the "power valve". It can rupture, but also some say the rubber parts can simply harden over time. Fortunately I had a friend who knew exactly how to rebuild the carb - he did that, and the truck ran (still does) almost like new. I recommend greatly to get the carb rebuilt by someone who knows about Holley carbs and the power valve before you do anything else to the engine. My F350 cannot pass a gas station, but when pulling / hauling it seems to basically ignore whatever load it has, no matter how much weight. Big, strong engine. P.S. It is kinda weird today how so many repair garages have mechanics who seriously have never seen a carb. Even my local Ford dealer has to call in a mechanic if a carb vehicle shows up.
Tvov 07/19/15 06:09am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Reading the fine print

Hopefully you have a great time! 9pm seems a bit early to me... but I have learned to always ask about check in, check out, and "gate locked" times when we reserve and/or arrive at campgrounds. Many campgrounds we've been to have a 10pm gate locked and guests have to be gone time. Unfortunately, most of those rules come about due to bad experiences in the past.
Tvov 07/19/15 05:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Oh man, got lucky today. And rock guards serve a purpose

et2, I wouldn't say at all that you "screwed up". Looking down at your dash board for a moment doesn't mean you are not paying attention. Sometimes things just happen. You handled the situation, checked out your rig, your rig was setup correctly, systems worked, your rock guard helped prevent more problems... Everything worked as it was supposed to, including you, the driver! Sorry about what happened, but good job with how you handled it, and keep camping!
Tvov 07/17/15 05:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Making the neighbors angry

I hope I don't become a "grumpy old man"... but my wife says it was too late 20 years ago... When we go to a "family campground", I am fully expecting to see and hear kids running around being kids. I rarely ever get annoyed with kids... I will be annoyed with the parents who didn't bother to teach basic politeness if the kids are cutting through sites or are generally rude, but I keep it to myself unless there is an unsafe situation. A few times I remember having adults in neighboring campsites come over to say hello - one time in particular a couple (who didn't have kids with them) came over and asked if they could use their campfire flame-color chips in our campfire as they didn't have a campfire, of course our kids gave a resounding yes. In talking to the couple later, they said it just wasn't as much fun to use stuff like that without kids! When our kids were younger we went to mostly family campgrounds and had a great time... I overhear my now college age kids tell their friends how much fun they had camping. The last few years I've preferred "rustic" campgrounds with no hookups. Funny how the campgrounds seem quieter, even if there are kids around. Seems like the kids are exploring the woods and surrounding area so much that everyone is tired by the end of the day. Just get out camping and enjoy it!
Tvov 07/17/15 05:39am RV Lifestyle
RE: a diamond for the rough...

I have never even considered diamond plating. I have noticed it on a few other trailers, though, because from what I have seen it is rare, so it stands out.
Tvov 07/13/15 05:06am Travel Trailers
RE: Tire Pressure

Make sure your wheels are also rated for the max. I can only go up to 65psi due to the wheels, tires can go to 80psi. From the Carlisle Tire site: "What is the maximum psi limitation for your trailer wheels? Max air capacities are typically a function of the tire, not the wheel. Unlike tires, the load rating of a wheel is not generally dependent on the operating pressure. The wheels themselves are manufactured and tested to a load rating (without consideration of pressure) and can safely support that load. As long as the load is within the limits of our wheel's load rating in pounds, our product will perform as expected."My wheels are stamped with a max PSI of 65, noticed it when I last changed the tires. So yes some wheels do have max ratings. Sorry, you really were shorted....... That is not really all that uncommon, especially when you get to the heavier duty trucks (I'm talking pickup truck, not MDT and HDT trucks). My 1987 F350 dually has 65psi max rated rims, while the tires can go up to 80psi.
Tvov 07/12/15 06:32am Toy Haulers
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