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RE: Post your tow vehicle pics here

Wow, look at those mirrors! Nice looking truck! Old rig was an F150 STX... New rig is the Blue Beast http://i60.tinypic.com/2w6cwmp.jpg
Tvov 01/27/15 02:26am Tow Vehicles
RE: Anyone use the RV park at Disney world

Search for threads about Fort Wilderness, and look over sites like Fort Fiends and Disboards. Disney World's Fort Wilderness is considered by many (myself included) to be one of the best campgrounds in the USA. Price varies with the season. Coming from Connecticut, and considering what Fort Wilderness offers, I actually don't consider it over priced at all. It is not cheap, but I think you get a lot in return. When we made reservations, we went through AAA and found it to be very helpful, and got a good discount on one of our trips. Search around a little bit, there always seems to be some sort of deal or promotion going on with Disney.
Tvov 01/25/15 06:05am Family Camping
RE: Free Water Fillup

I don't usually travel with a full water tank, but that is mostly due to where the tank is on my TT. It is in the front left corner of the trailer. 30 gallons of water all in one spot. When I do travel with it full, I try to move some weight to the other side of the trailer and tighten the weight distributing bars a bit. I've not run into the situation of having to fill while on the road, but what about "camper friendly" stores like Walmart, Cracker Barrel, Cabela's, etc? Also, if you ask at a gas station convenience store, remember to BUY something in the store -- long time ago a friend owned a convenience store, and he hated when people came in asking for directions or anything else without at least buying a cup of coffee. Heck, at a gas station, top of your fuel tank and then ask about filling your water tank.
Tvov 01/23/15 05:35am RV Lifestyle
RE: First season with your RV or travel trailer-what did you do?

Cost wise, the weekends you don't use your seasonal spot, you are still paying for that seasonal spot. We camped all over, and never did quite find that perfect campground for a seasonal spot. Seemed that the beautiful campgrounds with all the amenities had seasonal people who were not polite (for a polite description), and the campgrounds where we had the most fun had fewer amenities. Every campground had its pros and cons, and we couldn't quite find that one campground worth spending the entire summer at. We are still looking! lol A friend of ours bought a park model camper for one summer for her and her kids. They enjoyed it and the campground for the summer, and the next spring she sold it. Worked out well for her. I would suggest checking out different campgrounds before committing to a seasonal campsite.
Tvov 01/21/15 05:12am Beginning RVing
RE: New England in the Fall

A neat place to check out in Connecticut is Gillette Castle State Park. No campsites there, but nearby campgrounds. William Gillette, who made his name acting as Sherlock Holmes, built a cool little "castle" over looking the Connecticut River. Great, easy walks around the wooded grounds. Acadia National Park up in Maine is great. You should double check on dates for the campgrounds in that area. Blackwoods Campground in the park is a great, no hookup campground. I am a little confused by "New England is not great for RV'ing"... I have no idea what that means, since this is pretty much the only place we camp in our RV! (technically, our Travel Trailer)
Tvov 01/19/15 05:21am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Not cleaning the rv oven

Our smoke alarm goes off all the time when we cook inside - even when cooking outside, if grilling under the awning and the door is open. Make sure you have the windows opened, and the vent fan over the stove top running (make sure the one way flap outside for the fan can open). We don't use the TT oven that much, usually just for warming pre-cooked dinners.
Tvov 01/19/15 05:12am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Is Ford F 250 with 5.4L enough truck?

Yes, you can tow that weight, but you might be happier with a bigger motor. What is the transmission and rear end ratio? My truck has a 10,000lb tow rating if I remember correctly - 2008 F250, 5.4 engine, 5speed torque shift transmission, 3.73 rear end. My F250 tows beautifully my 5,000lb TT - but you are looking at almost double the weight. I am also not a speed demon while towing, so I don't care if I take awhile to go up a hill. I have to look into the spark plug issue, there seems to be so much conflicting information about it. I'm at 60,000 miles (with absolutely no issues)... I might have a repair garage replace the plugs, so I don't have to mess with them.
Tvov 01/15/15 06:01am Beginning RVing
RE: temperature of house for winterized.

Big plumbing concern for maintaining a low temperature in a house during winter is similar to what was earlier posted - pipes in outside walls or running in unheated areas. I know people who have had burst pipes in some rooms, even while they were living there. They closed off the rooms to "save money", not thinking about the plumbing. Even maintaining around 50 degrees, you should open doors and cabinets of rooms that have plumbing in them, either as bathroom fixtures or running through the walls. Let the air circulate to avoid cold spots. Basements that are kept warm with oil or gas furnaces can still have burst pipes, again the pipes that are in a far corner and/or running along an outside wall. A friend has his house alarm system also monitor the temperature in two places in the house - in the kitchen, and in the "furnace room" (closet where furnace and a lot of plumbing is). It works very well, and has warned him of temperatures getting too low.
Tvov 01/15/15 05:50am Snowbirds
RE: Is it the People or the the Places?

Now that the kids don't camp with us much (sort of "grown out of it"), wife and I are going more and more into the woods exploring, hiking, site seeing. Prefer no hookup state and federal parks now. We'll see what happens down the road!
Tvov 01/12/15 05:25am General RVing Issues
RE: Router hookup to modem question

She might be mixing up her equipment and plug types. She might be looking at the cable plug on the modem, thinking it is the router plug. If she can get access to the internet somewhere else, viewing some youtube videos on how to hookup may help her figure out which plug is which.
Tvov 01/11/15 07:47am Technology Corner
RE: Come on over for campfire coffee

When camping, We use our stainless steal electric corningware percolator, When I make it I'll add about 5 shakes of cinnamon spice and salt to the coffee. For us our morning coffee is a small piece of heaven! At home we been using our Mr, coffee, okay but not as good. Mike Hmmm... I have added some cinnamon and/or nutmeg to the coffee filter, but never heard of using salt! I have heard, but never tried, of adding dry eggshells to the coffee filter. Supposed to "smooth out" the coffee flavor.
Tvov 01/11/15 07:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Come on over for campfire coffee

lol, love all the Folgers... at our grocery store (Stop & Shop) Folgers is the least expensive coffee that still tastes halfway decent. We also use New England Coffee, French Vanilla flavor. Usually we do 50-50 Folgers and flavored. Many times with the flavored coffees the "flavor" is just too strong, so cutting it with regular coffee works very well. At home we have the standard drip coffee make (Black and Decker, cheapest one I could find that had an auto shut off). Camping we use two coffee makers: For a lot of cups, we use a 14+ stainless percolator that I got over 10 years ago. I have to watch it, as it will boil over easily. 20 minutes to heat up water to a boil, turn down heat, 10 minutes of percolating, then coffee. For just a few cups we have a French Press, which we also use at home in the evening again if just a few cups of coffee. The French Press is great because it seems to make great tasting coffee even from cheap coffee. Press also seems quickest, boil the water, add to press, wait 4 minutes, done. Awhile ago I read that the best way to "extract" the flavor from coffee is to start with cold water, bring it to a boil, then make the coffee. The boiling hot water gets the most flavor, at least from what I read. That seems to coincide with the percolators and French Press tasting better than drip. Also, drip coffee makers many times will actually make coffee with much stronger caffeine amount, because of the time that the water takes to soak through the coffee in the filter. I don't usually have cream and sugar with coffee, but recently as time marches on adding cream seems to reduce the need for antacid later. I also used to drink 2+ pots of coffee a day, but have cut back greatly - the caffeine finally seems to affect me more. Used to be that the caffeine really didn't seem to do much to me - having a cup of coffee right before bed didn't seem to affect me. Now I feel it more.
Tvov 01/11/15 07:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Have You Compared Photo Labs?

We have been using Shutterfly for a long time (has to be close to 10 years now), never had any problems. MPIX sounds interesting, need to take a look at that!
Tvov 01/10/15 07:38am Technology Corner
RE: Water Hose Gaskets That Last Longer Than 15 Minutes

I've given up on the white hoses sold by Camping World and WalMart. They leak at the connector after a few uses. I have changed to the blue Camco hoses which I order from Amazon. Much better quality and no leaks. I think the white hoses in my local Walmart are made by Camco. Do you have a link to the hoses you are talking about? And yes, my hoses will leak at the connectors if I am not very careful in attaching them.
Tvov 01/09/15 05:19am Full-time RVing
RE: Water Hose Gaskets That Last Longer Than 15 Minutes

Best results I've had with hoses is when I have to replace a bent end with a plastic repair piece. The plastic repairs ends seem to seal better for me and seem to take abuse better than metal / brass. This is what I mean: http://www.truevalue.com/product/Lawn-Garden/Hoses-Watering/Hose-Parts-Accessories/58-Inch-and-34-Inch-Female-Coupler/pc/10/c/146/sc/2395/13587.uts?refinementValueIds=6702 As to the washers themselves... I find the basic yellow plastic washers seem to seal very well, but also have a tendency to fall out - but I use them mostly. The "natural rubber" washers never work for me, and I avoid them. So I don't have a great answer for a better washer!
Tvov 01/04/15 05:56am Full-time RVing
RE: Trouble with grey tank dumping using garden hose

It sounds like we don't have the same system (we have one grey tank), but I have found that sometimes when I attach a garden hose to the hose adapter on the sewer cap it simply can take awhile for the grey tank to drain.
Tvov 01/04/15 05:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Minimum Wage

I'm not going to Mexico anytime in the foreseeable future, but... So, are you supposed to tip for service? Haggle for price? Just curious.
Tvov 01/02/15 07:13am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Trip Report: The Perfect Family Trip!

After all that, you will post a picture of you guys on the correct corner, right??
Tvov 01/02/15 06:54am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Wheel Bearings Packed? Yearly Maintenance

This thread gave me a chuckle. Most threads about greasing bearings have everyone talking about how you should grease bearings the minute you get home with a new to you trailer, regrease by removing and reinstalling every year, check temps at every rest stop, and half a dozen other warnings and maintenance things. Now people are saying regrease every other year - or longer. I am also surprised at some people saying regreasing the bearings by removing them is an "easy" job... Jacking up a trailer, removing wheels, removing hubs, removing bearings, cleaning everything, greasing the bearings, reinstalling bearings, reinstalling hubs, putting wheels back on, lowering the trailer - not that easy in my mind. And that is for only ONE wheel! lol! I guess compared to some other vehicle work it is an easy job. Also, isn't there a difference between "Bearing Buddy" and "EZ Lube"?? I always thought Bearing Buddy was for boat trailers, with the primary aim to prevent water from getting into the bearings. EZ Lube, I thought, is designed to allow you to lube the bearings, BOTH inner and outer, by simply using the grease nipple and turning the wheel. So, another "when and how to grease bearings" thread is born!
Tvov 12/31/14 05:48am Travel Trailers
RE: 1st time RV project?

I'm a little confused (as usual!)... The RV in the link looks beautiful, and already restored. I don't see what your friend would be "taking on", as all the work seems to be done. If you are talking about buying an RV of that vintage that NEEDS to be restored, then there are a ton of variables, a lot of them being what skills your friend has.
Tvov 12/31/14 05:20am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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