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RE: Leaving RV fridge on

It depends on how much camping we are doing. If we are going out every weekend, we leaved it on at home and loaded up. If it is going to be a few weeks between trips we empty it out and turn it off.
Tvov 04/23/18 04:39am Fifth-Wheels
RE: WOW! this shouldnt sway!

Not mine, don't know who`s it is. just came across it while searching DP`s. Built in anti sway! to a point. Do you mean because it looks like the axles are set so far back? I think it is just the picture angle, possibly done intentionally to make the camper look bigger.
Tvov 04/22/18 05:10am Towing
RE: Another Tire Blowout

Have you checked that the axles on your camper are properly aligned? And... just to ask, what is your average speed when towing?
Tvov 04/21/18 04:48am Tech Issues
RE: Engines to avoid on F-250?

The only "problem" that I know of with the 5.4l is changing the spark plugs. The way the engine is designed, the plugs can get "carbonized" in place and can be very difficult to remove. I think Ford even has a special tool just to remove those spark plugs. I had a local garage do the spark plug change for me. The mechanic is very experienced, and very experienced with Fords. He still had one of the plugs break when he was getting it out - he warned me that might happen. The dealership warned of that also when I had them give me a quote for the work (which was double what the local garage charged me). Otherwise, my 2008 5.4l runs great and tows fine. Granted, I am not towing at the max rating of the truck - TT is 4600lbs dry weight, truck is rated for 10,000lbs.
Tvov 04/15/18 05:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: No E-start. What?!

I have not heard of an "emergency start" button. How does it work?
Tvov 04/10/18 05:29am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Egglette Advisory

Well, I learned what an "egglet" is! Learn something new everyday!
Tvov 04/10/18 05:27am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: A highway bridge at 7 ft., 7 in. -- what could go wrong?

For anyone who comes to Connecticut, be aware that Rte 15, Merritt Parkway, is a non-commercial vehicle road with low bridges - as far as I know this includes campers not being allowed - but some people argue about that. The Merritt is known for its unique, and low, bridges. Raising those bridges would be a massive undertaking. During repair / reconstruction of it years ago there was a lot of meetings about how to save the bridges. It also used to be very wooded, with trees down the middle between north and south lanes. For "safety" reasons they have cut most of the trees down, and cleared the sides farther back. I know it's for safety, but it is a shame, as it used to be a beautiful road to travel. Now it still is more wooded than a typical highway, but not as nice as it used to be. The biggest problem is how fast people travel on the road. Then during rush hour it is packed with traffic. As I said, I understand the safety part, but it is too bad that so many cool things seem to have to be destroyed or changed in the name of "safety", when the big gorilla in the room is that people don't pay attention while driving and don't use common sense - and don't read the road signs.
Tvov 04/10/18 05:24am Travel Trailers
RE: Who's Getting One??

THAT is cool. And expensive. At a minimum, my small TT (4600ish lbs) would need the middle size, 5,000lb rated, for $3400. I'd almost go with the largest one to give some "safety" room. If they could lower the price (well, a LOT), they would sell like hotcakes. RV dealers could include them as an option when you buy a camper. Things I didn't know I needed....
Tvov 04/07/18 06:11am Travel Trailers
RE: Andersen Hitches

... he even had the forthought of having fake plates for his son to swap out on his truck. I do not understand that. I can kind of see someone, on the spur of the moment, stupidly marking up something. But to plan so far ahead that you have different plates for your vehicle?? According to one report, multiple people told him to stop - but he ignored them. Of course it is not good to do things like that, but in today's "social media" world it is just an incredibly dumb and stupid thing to do.
Tvov 04/07/18 06:00am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Painful Night Rather Than Waste It = Rough Number Crunching

.... Battery technology research has many improvements, some quite stunning, waiting in the wings.... I always thought it was all about storage. You can have all the panels and wind power in the world, but what happens when it is dark and/or not windy? Solar and wind power is here, now. BUT... the battery storage still stinks, and the good batteries are really expensive. If Tesla's "wall batteries" for the home work as promised, that could be huge. I kind of always thought the Tesla cars were just a step on the way for Tesla developing batteries and related technology. I figured Elon Musk planned on having a big car company buy the Tesla car factory years ago, and he would take the money and develop solar related technology. But the big car companies didn't bite, but instead are working on their own hybrid vehicles. One of these days the stock price of Tesla car division is going to drop when people realize the company hasn't made a penny of profit, and there is very few signs that it will ever make a profit.
Tvov 04/04/18 05:10am Tech Issues
RE: Stupidity at its finest

http://finaddicts.us/smf/forums/Smileys/popos/wink.gif http://i265.photobucket.com/albums/ii212/ajgunner/thread_is_worthless.jpg I am going to steal that! I don't really know why, but it is awesome...
Tvov 03/24/18 08:18am General RVing Issues
RE: Campground near Windsor, CT

For a full service campground, Nelson's Family Campground (it's been 5 or more years since we've been there) is large and well run... and about 25 minutes south: http://www.rvparkreviews.com/regions/connecticut/east-hampton/nelsons-family-campground-5572 Funny... all the years I've been camping in Connecticut, by doing a search on RVParkreviews around Windsor (lol, yes, about 25 minutes away), I just found 10 campgrounds I'd never heard of.
Tvov 03/24/18 08:12am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Bye bye, diesel, hello ecoBoost

Very nice truck and got to love those mirrors. Yep! My 2008 F250 has the big ugly Ford towing mirrors.... and I love them! The mirrors on nohurry's truck look like they might be bigger then mine. Are they power mirrors? I've come to regard them as almost needed, as opposed to an option.
Tvov 03/22/18 05:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: De winterize ?

That's a tough one this spring. This March has been COLD - this morning it's 25F. In most years, I'd say no problem, dewinterize.... but you might want to wait until just before you go to check the weather. Safest bet is to "dry camp" as you say. I would think you could still use the toilet, just pour in water from jugs or buckets to flush it - as long as you have somewhere to dump the tanks.
Tvov 03/20/18 04:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Rep. Welch (D, VT) admits government’s flop on ethanol

:h now i am really confused cus i am the one that is laughing all the way home after seeing the $25 a gallon fuel in the small engine shop. I am too old to get into a whizzing contest, so this is my last post on this subject. :Z No need for a "contest", everyone has different experiences. In the power equipment shops and hardware stores around me they have the one quart containers of pre-mixed fuel for small 2 stroke engines, and now most of them carry special non-mixed, non-ethanol fuel for larger 4 stroke engines in quart sizes. These quarts run about $5-8 each - so I just figure that out to about $25 a gallon. The special non-mix fuel is designed for long term storage (years) of engines without harming the rubber parts of the fuel system (fuel line, carb gaskets, etc).
Tvov 03/19/18 04:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Rep. Welch (D, VT) admits government’s flop on ethanol

.... By the way I just cranked my garden tiller up after it sat all winter with 3/4 tank of heavily laced (with my favorite snake oil) fuel and it ran like a wild rabbit. That is why it runs so good - you have to pour additives in the fuel.
Tvov 03/18/18 06:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Rep. Welch (D, VT) admits government’s flop on ethanol

Even Al Gore admitted years ago that ethanol was a flop. If you live in an area where small engine equipment is not routinely stored for a length of time (like over the winter), sure, it'll run okay and you may not know what we are talking about. But where I am, small engine equipment dealers have large signs saying that any fuel related problems are not covered under warranty, and they have large displays selling fuel additives and special "tool fuel", at $25.00+ per gallon, for use in engines that are not used constantly. I don't know what to say to farmers growing ethanol corn, but that fuel is killing my small engines - I own a landscaping / lawn mowing service - and something should be changed. At a minimum, maybe in colder areas allow the sale of "normal" gasoline?
Tvov 03/18/18 06:37am General RVing Issues
RE: Tools

Oh! Don't forget to check the size of your lug nuts. Either get a specific socket for them, or carry a "T" handle that has 4 different sizes, with one to match your truck and one to match the TT (assuming we are talking about TTs).
Tvov 03/18/18 06:16am General RVing Issues
RE: Trailer water issue

.... In feeling around the inside of the frames, doors and walls, I am still confident the frame sealant has worked and it does not appear there is any leaking somewhere else and running into the compartment. It seems as if the water is running into the area where the gasket is located and, funny enough, running/wicking up over the 1/2 inch metal flange that runs around the inside of the frame (to which the lock/handle tabs hook over to secure the door closed). That's the only conclusion I can reach, unless someone has better insight than me. Has anyone else experienced similar problems and is it probable that the water will actually wick up past the gasket and over the noted flange. The gasket has obviously compressed all the way around the frame from the doors being closed, so not sure how this is happening (nor what the heck I can do to stop the water's ingress). .... I had that exact problem, water "wicking" up and over a 1/2 inch flange, with the front window of our TT. Twice it went to a very reputable RV repair garage and no one could figure out what was going on, where water was coming from in the front. Finally one rainy day I went out to the camper and just happened to notice tiny bubbles going up and over the flange at the bottom of the window. Within 1/2 hour I had it at the repair garage, and the owner was surprised at seeing what was happening. In my case, they just caulked the **** out of the non-opening window to solve the issue... I am not sure what to do about a door that has to open. So yes, it certainly can happen. Water can run and leak in ways that is surprising, so keep an open mind when looking for water intrusion.
Tvov 03/17/18 05:32am Travel Trailers
RE: Tools

Im helping a friend set up his new rig and the subject of what tools to carry has arisen. The question is to bring SAE fractional wrenches or sockets, or is everything now metric ? This will be a small to middlin' tool set just for minor repairs and maintenance issues, nothing big and heavy and complicated. Thanks! Bring both SAE and metric. I bought an inexpensive all-in-one toolkit from Walmart when we bought our trailer. It has all the sockets, hammer, wrenches, pliers, some electrical stuff. It has lasted 14 years - I think because I bought the kit, I've hardly had to use it! Actually, the tool I use the most out of it is the small level. Helps me to set up the grill at campsites! I hate leaning grills...
Tvov 03/17/18 05:22am General RVing Issues
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