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RE: Seasonal RV Security?

"Manufactured home park"? Is that a Trailer Park? Or a neighborhood with pre-made homes? Or something else?
Tvov 10/22/17 05:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Why there isn't more State RV Parks. Ranger Says!

I can hear the howls coming from environmental groups if you start bulldozing more state park land to make camping sites for gas guzzling, polluting RVs. Then when government (whatever level) "buys" more land (remember, this is your money), all sorts of restrictions usually come with it. NO ATVs, no hunting, no fishing, no mountain biking, even no camping. Not even HIKING or walking unless you are on marked trails!! Unless you are wearing the latest, expensive outfit to go bird watching, you can do nothing on the land. Unless of course you want a baseball field "for the kids", then you can bulldoze it. In my small corner of New England I see it happen all the time with towns buying up land "for the public". It is for "everyone" to enjoy, but only if you are doing what "we" think is correct. I always get suspicious when anyone says "the government should do something about this".
Tvov 10/22/17 05:32am Fifth-Wheels
RE: First TT

Hi folks, My wife and I are in the process of selling our business and then hit the road. We are looking at TT's for us and the dog. The most important as far as floorplan is, open floorplan with king bed and nice size bath. I think we have narrowed it down to these. Keystone Cougar 24RBS, Cruiser MPG 2250RB, Cruiser Embrace R-23B. Are there others in this size that have king beds? Your thoughts and suggestions are appreciated I am to lazy to look up all those models, but... are they all 24 feet or less in length? The reason I'm asking is that for extended "camping", you might want a little bigger. Especially if it turns into full timing.
Tvov 10/21/17 06:00am Travel Trailers
RE: Fall foliage is not present in Smoky Mts.`

Lots of solid green trees still here in Connecticut, with some color, and a few are bare. Leaves are definitely beginning to fall, but still lots in trees. I don't think this fall will be all that great for colors.
Tvov 10/19/17 05:41am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Should I use cruise control while towing a travel trailer

I use cruise control whenever I can, usually flat and straight sections of highway. Lets me move my legs / knees around - I'm getting new ones (knees) this winter, and it is painful if I just sit without moving for any length of time. When I approach a hilly area I usually just tap the brakes to temporarily shutoff cruise and I control the speed until back to flat section. As others have said, sometimes the truck will seemingly kill itself to maintain the set speed. If there was some way the truck could anticipate a hill it would be great, but until then it seems easier on the engine to "manually" drive the truck on hills. Also, cruise control helps me to drive longer periods without getting sleepy. I think since it removes one stress that you have to constantly monitor, vehicle speed, it just makes driving a little easier and less tiring.
Tvov 10/19/17 05:35am Travel Trailers
RE: Where to buy wood

Be careful using pallets, especially if you don't know what they where used to carry. On the way to the campground, keep you eyes open for the firewood stands on the side of the road. As long as they are near the campground, you are fine burning that wood. Also, it is usually less per bundle, and much larger bundles, than at the campground store. Depending on what kind of camper you are driving, you may want to get setup at the campground and then go back for the firewood. Easiest thing to do, if you are only going to have an evening fire, is to buy the $5 bundles from the camp store. Of course, it usually takes at least two bundles for a few hours fire.
Tvov 10/17/17 05:39am Beginning RVing
RE: Questions about Cargo Trailers behind RV

Now I'm a little nervous about towing it with the MH. When I bought it, I towed it with my van up and down the highway at 70+ didn't have an issue. I don't plan to be driving the MH that fast anyways, uses too much gas. Heaviest thing I'd be putting in the trailer is the spare for the MH, maybe I'll stack it on top of the trailer's spare. Any good ways of measuring the tongue weight? I'm told you should have 10% of the trailer weight as tongue weight. Anyone using bearing buddies? if I'm taking the bearings apart anyways, might be easier to install them. How often do you need to grease or repack anyways? Just think of your camper as a bigger van, you will be fine. All that extra storage space will be awesome for a long trip. You can see the trailer behind your camper while you are driving? You may want to put markers on the back corners, but as long as you know where the trailer is you will be good. Do some test tows with the camper and trailer. You don't have to overload the tongue -- putting the camper's spare on top of the trailer's spare on top of the tongue is probably over loading it. There are instructions somewhere in these forums about how to use a bathroom scale to get your tongue weight. Grease-able (sp? that doesn't look right) bearings are good, usually known as EZ-Lube. Actual "Bearing Buddies" are designed for boat trailers (to keep water out of the bearings). I think the axles need to be designed for the grease nipple? I am not sure if you can just add the grease nipples you will need? "How often do you need to grease or repack anyways?".... "need"? 1,000s of miles and/or many years, all depends on how much driving you do. I see no need to grease the bearings more than once a year, unless you are driving every day for hundreds of miles. Put new greased bearing in and you will be fine. Sounds like a fun trip, keep us updated!
Tvov 10/17/17 05:19am Towing
RE: Is this overpriced because of the cuteness factor???

I think costwise, those campers simply don't sell a whole lot which is why they are expensive for what you are getting. If more people bought them, production savings would kick in and they would probably lower in price... but... I have found that those campers are VERY SMALL when you actually see them in person. All the camera angles, wide lens, moving shots... are designed to, well, deceive you as to how small they are. With the "modular" "systems", everytime you want to do anything, you have lower shelves, move chairs, slide drawers, open compartments, raise roof, lower roof, etc etc. Or, many times, do it outside - whether it is with an awning over an outside kitchen (nice idea unless the weather is nasty), slide out table, movable chairs, etc. Also, with my family, having our own bathroom was a big point. Not just a bathroom, but a usable bathroom with toilet and shower. Notice that none of those mini campers have that. They might have a port-a-jon thing under a seat, but again you have to do the "modular" thing to access it. Just try to be honest about what you are going to be doing with the camper, and whether it will really do what you want, and whether you want to be Comfortable. "Old man" kicking in here - when I was in high school or college, those tiny campers would have been wonderful. I could see myself traveling all over the place, towing with whatever used car I had at the time, sleeping on the side of the road. Young bones would have been fine with hard foam seats/beds that fold down. Bathroom? other side of car works fine, and could go days without a shower. Now? Comfy bed, bath and shower, actual kitchen and table to sit at out of the weather is what I want. Just don't be deceived by advertising. Figure out what you want and need, and find what will work for you!
Tvov 10/16/17 05:39am Travel Trailers
RE: VIDEO: Smoke From Forest Fires_Marion Forks Fish Hatchery

That is crazy with all that smoke.
Tvov 10/15/17 06:04am Truck Campers
RE: Safest route to bar harbor maine

When is your trip?
Tvov 10/15/17 05:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Push and Suck

Try adjusting the tongue weight. Usually more is better (don't overload it). Move some things on the trailer forward. Sometimes just a little will do it. Try putting tire pressures at max, both truck and trailer. What kind of hitch does he have?
Tvov 10/14/17 06:06am Towing
RE: Gen prep packages

Do you really need a transfer switch? When we have used a gen, we just plug into it. For an "on board" gen I can see the transfer switch being useful, especially with a remote start gen. But if you are just going to have the gen sitting outside the camper, just plug it in using the shore power cord and enjoy it. Sounds like the "dry camping package" is not needed for you unless you are going to mount the gen on the camper.
Tvov 10/13/17 04:32am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Family Camping Resorts NY/NJ/CT/PA?

One of the best resort campgrounds we've been to is Lake George Escape at the southern end of Lake George, New York: http://www.lakegeorgeescape.com/ It has been almost 10 years since we've been there, so I hope it is still as good as it was. Tons of things to do without leaving the campground. Also, we loved going to Wawaloam Campground in Rhode Island: http://www.rvparkreviews.com/regions/rhode-island/west-kingston/wawaloam-campground-2501 They have a water slide there, playground, mini golf, etc. Again, though, it has been years since we've been there. One of our favorite family campgrounds is Riverbend in Oneco, Connecticut: http://www.rvparkreviews.com/regions/connecticut/oneco/river-bend-campground-614 Not really a fancy resort campground, but we've always just had a great time there. All the other campers are great and welcoming. The river there is really neat to explore by canoe or kayak. We've had great times at non-resort campgrounds, especially rustic, no hookup campgrounds. It is all what you make of it.
Tvov 10/11/17 05:57am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Nobody Here

I'll probably be in here more often soon. Having both knees replaced this winter... left in December, then right in January. Kinda wanted both done at the same time, or at least within a week or two, to reduce the "rehab" time. Hoping (and assuming) I'll be up and about by March at the latest. Doctor is basically refusing to do both at the same time since it is not an emergency. I kinda laughed, and said it is because in case something goes wrong with the first one, the second one will still be an "original", and he sort of smiled and said yes. So we'll see what happens. Reading positive posts like that from Dutchmensport helps keep my confidence up!
Tvov 10/11/17 05:42am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Where to store the tow hitch and stabilizer bars

Storing the hitch over the winter - hitch head, spring bars, and anti-sway bar sit on the ground in the back of my shed. At a campground - spring bars and anti-sway bars usually just get put into the bed of my pickup truck. If I need the room, I just put them under the camper on the ground. Hitch head usually stays attached to the truck - when we are out "touristing", I try to park on the outskirts of parking lots, backing in, so the hitch is out of the way of anyone. If I need to remove it, I put it in the back of the truck. After 14 years they have barely any rust on them, and considering how thick and heavy they are I am not worried about them.
Tvov 10/11/17 05:11am Travel Trailers
RE: No response from CW service - Cleburne TX

Now I want to know about the "inspection"!
Tvov 10/10/17 04:56am Camping World Service and Installation
RE: toilet smell after TT sitting

When our camper is going to sit for more than a week without being used, I rinse and then "disinfect" the tanks - pour maybe a 1/2 to a cup of chlorine bleach into the black tank (through the toilet), 1/4 cup into the grey tank. Fill them up, let them sit for an hour or so, then drain them. I am able to do this at our house. In the middle of summer, if I don't do this, I definitely smell the tanks after a couple weeks of the camper sitting. We are not seasonal campers, weekend camping only.
Tvov 10/10/17 04:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Tire pressure carrying northern-lite

I've been running 75 front,60 rear which is what the door sticker calls for. 30 lbs in the air bags when loaded heavy. Upper stable loads and Rancho 9000 set to 9.When unloaded,air pressure the same in the tires,5 lbs in the air bags and ranchos at 4front,1 rear. Rides great loaded,rides like a truck empty! Bob Usually tire pressures are more in the rear. Is that right? and/or is that due to using air bags?
Tvov 10/09/17 04:49am Truck Campers
RE: If U tow a TT, Do U have a tonneau or shell and bed slider?

I have a "high" cap for my truck. Rear cap, but about a foot higher than "normal" cab roof height caps. Makes a HUGE difference for access... I can actually get into the bed of truck while crouching a little bit. Also, I have full length flip up side windows - the whole window on the side of the cap lifts up and out of the way when you open it. Again, allows me access to my bed. Also think about getting lights for the inside of your cap... not just the front or rear, but both front and rear. If you find yourself accessing the bed at night, it is really nice to have it lit up! I do love my high cap for utility, but it is not quite as sleek looking as the cab roof height caps.
Tvov 10/08/17 04:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: What do ya call it ?

Actually, I was assuming this was about a hitch when it was not hooked up to a trailer.
Tvov 10/07/17 05:40am Travel Trailers
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