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RE: Disney fort wilderness

With our 21 foot trailer we found the "basic" full hookup sites to be plenty roomy. What size and type of camper are you going to be using?
Tvov 01/16/17 06:21am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Creature Comforts Advice Wanted

Folding camp chair! We went through seemingly dozens before finding comfortable ones for my wife and I. We don't spend much time actually in our camper except for sleeping, or if the weather is bad. We read a lot while camping, and /or sit around the campfire. Took years, but we finally found decent quality comfortable camp chairs. Try different chairs, everyone prefers a different type and the most expensive may not be the most comfortable for you. Wife loves the Coleman Max that I originally got for myself at Walmart. The angle of the seat back is perfect for her. I love the Cabela's high back chair she got for me - Cabela's Max-5 Ergo Chair... I really prefer having some sort of headrest. Visiting a friend's cabin, I brought along the Cabela's chair and he loved it so much he got one as a gift this past Christmas.
Tvov 01/15/17 06:17am Travel Trailers
RE: Overnight Flying J

theron211, do you have a route picked out? And when you are going to be making the trip? When we went down to Disney World, we found South Carolina to be a good area for an overnight - this is coming from Connecticut.
Tvov 01/15/17 06:00am Roads and Routes
RE: New Gas Stations Are Opening

I don't know much about Mexico. So... What is the big deal about gas stations? What was bad about the old ones?
Tvov 01/14/17 06:23am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: RV'ing from Massachusetts to Disney in February

Do you already have reservations for Disney World? February break can be a busy time there. Are you planning on staying in Fort Wilderness - the Disney World campground? I would avoid the GW Bridge, take the Tappanzee. I saw in another thread you have a Class A? Have you planned where you are going to stop along the way? Some people drive none-stop and switch drivers... that sounds like something college age kids would do! Would not be much fun for family. A long driving day will get you to around Georgia, then the second day will be a long day of driving to get to Disney World. These would be long hours of driving, so you may want to take an extra day for driving. 3 days down, and 3 days back up. That is 6 days, and you want at least 4 days in Disney (5 or 6 preferably) so hopefully you will have a couple weeks available? If you can give some more info about how many driving days you want and where you will be staying (both in or near Disney and along the way), you will get more detailed route information.
Tvov 01/07/17 06:58am Roads and Routes
RE: Dining plan or not at Disney

I know this question has been asked a lot. I will be going to fort wilderness in august fo 10 days it will be my wife my 2,6, and 9 year old daughters. Do you think I would be better paying out of pocket or doing the dining plan. We do plan on doing 2 or 3 character dinner. I may have missed this, but when are you going? If it is during the summer, you may want to (as suggested earlier) return to your camper mid-day to relax... in which case, you might want to cook your own meals. It does take a little longer than you might think to go from the campground to the parks - can be an hour between waiting for the bus or boat and then travel time. Your 2 and 6 year olds may get a little overwhelmed at Disney, keep a contingency plan in mind where one parent takes the little ones back to relax at the campground and the other parent goes with the oldest child to stay in the parks. By the way... traveling on the boat from the campground to Magic Kingdom in the morning is REALLY cool! We went in October (back in 2011), and my wife did not want to be cooking and cleaning in the camper. We got the 2 meal a day plus snack plan. Worked out great - we had a simple breakfast in the camper, then lunch and dinner in the parks. Sometimes at the end of the day we would grab a snack at the last minute to bring back to the camper, but we actually had "snack credits" left over that we used to get some snacks on the last day for the ride home. Also, the Trail's End restaurant in the campground has a great "to go" fried chicken meal that is BIG, and great to bring back to the camper. We made reservations at a few "character dinners" well in advance... it would be great if you can do the Cinderella's Castle meal, it is pretty cool to get a picture with Cinderella and then eat in the castle - it is very much geared towards young kids. We also made a reservation at one of the "high end" restaurants, California Grill on top of the Contemporary Hotel. Really good food, and we got to watch one of the nightly fireworks displays from the deck overlooking Magic Kingdom. There are a LOT of restaurants and eating spots in Disney! If you don't have a reservation at a spot, and there is a line for a meal, take a look around - there might be a "counter service" (cafeteria style) restaurant right around the corner that is half empty. The meal plan worked out well for us. Keep an open mind about your schedule, and try not to plan every single second of your day. One day we actually slept in! Gasp! Also... with the meal plan, meals are prepaid, so you don't have to worry about not having money for a meal. For me, it made it nicer to enjoy the place knowing things were already paid for. Feel free to keep asking questions, and check out some the Disney forums on the internet.
Tvov 01/03/17 05:18am General RVing Issues
RE: Should batteries be disconnected when on shore power?

Leave my battery hooked up, the camper recharges the battery. We usually are just weekend camping, so I don't know about extended camping with hookups.
Tvov 12/22/16 06:16am Tech Issues
RE: How to set-up a t@b teardrop trailer in 10 minutes

....... We haven't even had any lesbian jokes yet! Only one "growing a pair" comment. This is success. Love this feed :) oh hey....you ain't seen nuthin' yet :) Wait until you mention tires....or weight distributing hitches.... You haven't really lived until you participate in a Walmart thread!
Tvov 12/22/16 06:10am Travel Trailers
RE: Super Duty #1 stolen truck

Don't Ford's still have the fuel cut off switch? ... Our Fords all have factory fuel pump shutoff switches beneath the dash. A very simple thing to hit the switch, and they are not really "hidden", but most people simply don't know the switches are there. Installing a truly hidden fuel pump shutoff switch seems like it would be the best way to prevent a vehicle from being stolen. The Club, even if it is "easy" to remove, is a good visible deterrent. As stated earlier, it will encourage some kids to move on to another vehicle. Might prevent people from wrecking your door's lock, or ruining the window frame.
Tvov 12/22/16 05:41am Tow Vehicles
RE: Help with new England

I have been using RVParkreviews for years and really like that site, but for some reason people don't seem to review state parks all that much... at least in New England. I have found many great state parks that are not reviewed, by carefully looking over the state's camping information. In Connecticut most state parks don't have hookups, and those that do are usually a limited amount. If you have a medical need for electricity, many state parks have some sites with electric held late for that - they hold them until late afternoonish, then the sites are available for whoever. And YES, it is much more expensive per night up here than in other places!
Tvov 12/22/16 05:28am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Travel trailer "vs" fith wheel --MPG to tow

This has some interesting stuff related to fuel economy https://cumminsengines.com/uploads/docs/cummins_secrets_of_better_fuel_economy.pdf Interesting to read through! It talks about "wide based tires" getting better fuel mileage.... do they mean what I know as "super singles"? This is where you replace a pair of dually tires with a single, large heavy duty tire. Also, I didn't see where the testing included those "air tabs" that go on the back edge of trailers. Just would be interesting to have some sort of "official" test on those.
Tvov 12/19/16 05:25am Fifth-Wheels
RE: WOW, how warm does a F 250 6.7 block heater get?

When I had my 2000 F250 7.3 I would just plug it in right when I woke up. It would be about 2 hours by the time I had to use the truck. It always started much easier after using the heater. One tip I always give - make sure you have some type of warning sign that your truck is plugged in! I always put a work glove on the shifter when my truck was plugged in, reminded me to unplug. I broke a couple extension cords before I learned that lesson. Also, the story about the burning cord reminded me that I did get a heavier duty cord for my truck. Many times heavier duty cords seem to be easier to work with in cold weather - which leads me to recommending getting a "winter" cord, they are designed to stay flexible in cold weather. About newer diesels and cold weather... I've noticed that some new trucks don't have the wait before starting light on the dash? My 7.3 had a light that came on that lasted about 5-10 seconds before going out, then you would start the engine.
Tvov 12/18/16 06:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: Travel trailer "vs" fith wheel --MPG to tow

Dont assume just because its taller a 5er has more air resistance than a TT. 5er and TV act like a single large mass cutting through the air while TT and TV act like two separate masses with a lot of dirty air in between. I would like to see any air flow pattern studies showing this. especially if the TT is roughly the same height as the TV. bumpy I have felt this. Back when we had our 29' TT, some times I would pull with a cap on the truck, sometimes without. It pulled noticeably harder when the cap was off the truck. Mark I've always wondered about that... I have high cap on my F250 (high enough for me to walk in the bed just slouching a bit). When we first got the truck, I towed for a couple years without a cap. It has been 6ish years now with the cap... I don't really remember if there has been a big fuel difference. Actually, since I don't remember a big difference, I don't think there has been one. I've always kept track of my fuel mileage using a calculator. On a lighter note, my F250's "fuel computer" consistently says I am getting 1/2 gallon better fuel mileage than what I figure by calculator - I have no idea what this means! lol
Tvov 12/18/16 06:18am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Harbor Freight Predator portable generator

Another quiet 2000w inverter option - clicky Looks like a good generator. A little annoying how they are claiming that it is "quieter" than a similar Honda. Actually looking at the testing, it is barely quieter, and only under very specific conditions - very obvious how they didn't test under full load. Seems like the generator is good enough on it own merits.
Tvov 12/18/16 06:11am General RVing Issues
RE: The Perfect Family Trip 2017: Can't decide where to go.

This is beginning to remind of a classic Yogi Berraism: "No one goes there anymore because it's too crowded". lol!
Tvov 12/16/16 05:53am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Propane system question/regulator

When one bottle of propane is empty the indicator gauge does NOT flip to red, until both tanks are empty. Then flips to red. If you have both tank valves open and are therefore using the tanks simultaneously with the inidcator lever set mid way between the tanks then of course that indicator will only show red once both tanks are empty. The alternative is to open the valve on just one tank and use them sequentially, setting the lever to point towards the in use tank ... once it empties the indicator will turn red and you'll know to close it's valve, open the second tank valve, and move the indicator lever to new in use tank, at which point the indicator will once again turn green. Surely your dealer must have explained the difference between using your tanks simultaneously or sequentially. That's interesting, because I was told a little differently (but kinda the same?). Point the indicator lever towards one tank - it will use that tank until it is empty, the indicator thingy will go to red, and the inside valve will automatically switch to the second tank... without a person having to move that lever. That way you still have propane, but you know you have to fill up one of the tanks. This may be path1's issue? The indicator should be turning red, while the valve should be automatically switching to the second propane tank? But his valve is emptying both tanks without giving him a warning? As jerseyjim asked: path1, is the indicator valve pointing at one or the other tank, or is it in the middle? I have never actually ran a propane tank empty, so I have no idea if what I am doing is correct! lol!
Tvov 12/13/16 05:32am Tech Issues
RE: Tire chains for 19.5 DRW

As others have recommended go to Les Schwab. Also, if towing you might pick up a set of drag chains for the trailer. What do you mean by "drag chains"?
Tvov 12/11/16 05:32am Truck Campers
RE: Buyer Beware - Adventurer Truck Campers

Im not sure I understand what the issue is. If the rubber bumper works and the friction hinge works, it seems a very good solution. Frankly, I would be happy with it. Did I misunderstand something? If you watch the video, the rubber bumper was not put on correctly - it was out of place by 1/2 inch, which allowed the door to hit the ladder and get damaged. It was obviously a defect from the factory... hard to believe the manufacturer and/or dealer didn't just fix the hole in the door. Is it a great design? Sounds good, but if you've ever opened a camper door on a windy day and have it slam against the side of the camper... it is not such a great design. Especially since the design is touted as preventing that from happening. Which brings up a question - if the friction hinge is so good, why do they need the bumper? Anyways, this seems to be a clear cut case of a factory defect that would be easily fixable and possibly turned into a "Look how this company backs up their product" thread -- but instead has turned into what we have here.
Tvov 12/11/16 05:27am Truck Campers
RE: The 1959 Ford Thames campervan restoration begins.

Yes! How are things going?
Tvov 12/10/16 04:57am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: New Tires for an F-350

Interesting read about OEM equipment vs replacement tires. clicky This is not limited to BMW either, I know Ford, GM, Probably Fiat, and all the luxury brands do this. Tire compound can be customized to create longer wear, less resistance IE better fuel economy, grip in high temps or low temps, etc. This is why the tires that come on your vehicle might not be the best performance indicator of how the 'same' replacement tire from NTB or discount tire will perform. Thank you for that info!
Tvov 11/30/16 05:12am Tow Vehicles
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