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RE: People who let their dogs bark constantly...

Some people just can't get it through their head that other people may not want to hear their dog(s) barking. On the other hand, I hate it when a dog sees a stranger and barks - then the dog's owner screams at the dog to "SHUT UP!". I never understood that. Yes, continuous barking is bad, but I've always thought part of a dog's "job" is to warn when unusual things are happening. I actually appreciate it in my neighborhood when a neighbor's dog gives some "who's there?" barks at strangers. Having said that, in a busy campground, you can't have a dog even doing the "who's there?" bark at strangers, as the dog ends up barking all day long. If the dog's owner can't stay with the dog to keep it company, then don't bring the dog camping!!
Tvov 08/17/17 06:08am RV Lifestyle
RE: What Do You do?

This sounds like a thread about traveling after retirement? We are not there yet, but I am beginning to look forward to it. We have limited days, so we travel with a purpose. We usually have a full fridge. I rarely carry water in the camper's fresh water tank. If we really need to use the bathroom in the camper while on the road (on some occasions the wife has refused to use the rest stop bathroom due to its' condition(!)), I've got no problem with using the black tank until we get to the campground - if needed, a bottle of water to help with flushing. Since we rarely have extra time, we don't make detours while traveling to a destination. We do try to keep in mind places / attractions we pass by, for possible future trips. I think I will love the time when we can just stop wherever we happen to be to do whatever we want, without a schedule. Wife and I have started to think about a "retirement" camper. Lots of options and ideas to think about!
Tvov 08/17/17 05:53am Travel Trailers
RE: Settle a "tires" issue

He raised an issue with the tires on my rig. They are LT 285-85-16's -- all 2016 new Michelin's. His take is I should swap them out for an ST over the LT and likely choose the Goodyear Endurance instead. The issue comes down to the fact that the "tag" on the side of the trailer from Nuwa says "LT 285-85-16". Why would even consider your mechanic's opinion over what the manufacturer recommends? I bet that recommendation comes from engineers with college degrees and state licenses as opposed to your mechanic who maybe graduated from high school. Wow. Kinda like the engineers who designed the campers that are constantly complained about on these forums? I don't know about the mechanic being talked about in this thread, but give me an experienced mechanic any day over an over-educated "degree" who has no idea about the real world.
Tvov 08/17/17 05:37am Fifth-Wheels
RE: My 1984 Travel Lite 17 footer

Yes, as CavemanCharlie posted, be careful with the bumper mounted bikes. Do a search on these forums and you will find information on strengthening bumpers.
Tvov 08/15/17 05:55am Travel Trailers
RE: What you do with pet abandon at CG ?

OK, I had to look up the word 'abounded' but still don't know how it fits into your question. I am assuming he meant "abandoned", and auto-correct changed it?
Tvov 08/11/17 06:05am Truck Campers
RE: I just cant understand...

Something else comes to mind... If a black tank ruptures, they consider the contents as hazardous waste and a bio hazard.... But its perfectly ok to throw your waste / feces away in a plastic bag because it is mixed with sawdust or coconut husks?...... Chicago tried that many years back. They freeze dried the poop from the sewage plant and sold it as fertilizer. Only thing was.......it STILL contained bacteria and diseases and they were forced by the Health Department to stop selling the little bricks. I'd like to see the brochures on one of these toilets where they say it is perfectly 'safe' and 'legal' to dump the end result onto the ground. I think you are talking about Milorganite? A customer of mine loved that stuff for his lawn. I haven't looked for awhile - but it is not available anymore?
Tvov 08/09/17 05:24am RV Lifestyle
RE: HELP!! Wheelchair carrier hitched to TT???

Have you thought about a "toy hauler" camper? With the big ramp in the back?
Tvov 08/09/17 04:55am Travel Trailers
RE: Do I need an external surge protector? Other essentials?

Just purchased a 2008 motorhome. Ive heard conflicting things on things that I might need. 1) Surge protector that goes between plug ins and the MH when im at a campground - The MH has a circuit breaker though. Do I need this surge protector for something else? 2) Water pressure regulator - When im on "city" water Im using their water pressure - is it possible for their water pressure to get so high it can damage my things? 3) filter between the hose and the RV when putting water in - I saw a screen over the inlet to the RV, do I need an additional filter to prevent particles from getting in and damaging my things (water pump?) Any other advice on essentials? You don't "need" any of those... but they are good to have! I don't have surge protector / EMS, but we have had brown outs and popped breakers at campgrounds. But, with our simple trailer, compared to a motor home, I am not terribly worried about blowing a breaker, as my way home (our truck) is not plugged in. We have a simple inline water pressure reducer from Walmart - I think it was $9?. I think I water pressure regulator is much better, and if I ever remember I will pick one up. When you look at how lightweight the plastic plumbing is in a camper, you will want some sort of water pressure control. YES to a water filter! Many times, after unhooking from a weekend camping trip, I've seen the simple hose washer screens covered in sand / mud / debris from the "potable" water faucet at the campground. The basic camper water filter available at most Walmarts (just connects to the water hose) will work fine - but a fancier setup is really nice to have. If nothing else, DEFINITELY have the simple hose washers with the screens in your hoses. This is your first time with an RV? Definitely plan a trip to "Camp Driveway" - just camp in your driveway! Cook dinner and breakfast in the camper while you are 20 feet from your house. You will learn quickly what you need. Second trip, if possible, would be at a nearby campground - under 30 minutes away from home, and preferably near a Walmart / shopping center. Bring a second vehicle with you, so you can run out and pick up things. After a few trips, you will quickly fill your camper to overflowing with stuff. Then you will spend the next 10 years pulling it all out. You'll see, lol! See you on the road!
Tvov 08/08/17 05:39am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Downsized the house....now the truck???

Well, if you have to, then you have to - but I lean towards keeping the big truck if possible. Storing at your "secure facility"... make friends with the Security people (if there are any), and / or the maintenance guys. They may be able to tell you where to park that won't bother anyone. Also, as mentioned, find out the "official" rules on extended parking. More I think about it... Where would you store a camper?
Tvov 08/08/17 05:21am Tow Vehicles
RE: How far are you willing to travel?

Here's a question that is similar to the how far do you travel in a day threads that pop up on occasion. Do you have a rule of thumb of how far away to travel based on length of the trip? In other words for example, a 3 day weekend I'm willing to travel 3 hours away or simply put 1 hour away per day of stay. Now even for us there are variables like how much we like a park, things to do, etc. which may effect our willingness to travel. It may even have a sliding scale, longer the trip the more time per day traveled. What say you? Dan I don't think we have a set "rule of thumb". Probably my only preference is staying at least two nights - most times it is not worth loading and towing just to do an overnight. Going to Acadia, Maine is a 9 hour trip for us towing the camper, so I want to stay at least 3 nights, preferably a couple more. Disney World is a long, two day tow along the coast (preferably 3 days to make it easier), so that is a week long stay. A lot of variables, but in general, the farther the destination, the longer I want to stay to make it "worth it".
Tvov 08/08/17 05:10am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Coffee!

shenanigans? Hello? Might just be me, but this may have just been a spam / advertising thread.
Tvov 08/05/17 04:27am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Would you purchase an exstended warrranty for a new truck?

I am a big fan of having a warranty to at least cover the vehicle while you are still making payments. Also, you CAN negotiate the price!! As some have posted, you can actually buy a Ford factory warranty online from a different dealer. Or, at least print out the offers from the internet and use those numbers when negotiating. My last two trucks I got extended warranties for almost 1/2 the price that the dealer first said they would cost - and it was for the same warranty coverage (I made sure they weren't substituting a lesser warranty).
Tvov 08/04/17 05:59am Tow Vehicles
RE: Coffee!

shenanigans, what kind of camper do you have? Do you have stovetop, microwave? Access to electric, or gas?
Tvov 08/04/17 05:47am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Where is there beach camping in the Northeast?

The west jetty of Charlestown Breach way but you need to get a permit. Rhode Island, correct? Have you been there recently? We used to 4x4 on the beach at East Beach / Ninigret State Park. It has been years (decades more accurately) since I've been out there. The last time I went, they had closed off the beach itself due to some bird... so you could 4x4 only on the sand tracks, not the beach. I don't know what you can do these days.
Tvov 08/03/17 04:52am Truck Campers
RE: Ford Explore recall.

Around me, beside the Explorers, Chevy Tahoes are used by a lot of police / emergency departments. I wonder if other SUV type vehicles have the same issues?
Tvov 08/01/17 04:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: adding chip to F250

These people guarantee 20% mileage increase with 120 day money back guarantee. It is not a chip or programmer. duramileagemodules.com If that is not a chip or programmer, what is it? According to the video, the guy says it is "warranty safe" because the vehicles computer will not "know" that the thingamagig is installed - I find that hard to believe. Of course, no where is it said that it is "warranty allowed". Interesting and very careful use of words. That thing might work, but along with most others here I wouldn't put it on an engine that is still under factory warranty. From what I understand it is a computer that ramps the fuel up from the vehicles computer signals. I'm not trying to sell the thing and I don't have one either. I have been thinking about getting one though and trying it out. Not for the claimed fuel mileage increase but for another reason. The reason it is called warranty safe is because it can be unplugged and removed before taking the vehicle in. It is installed after the computer so it don't change any of the computers settings so they say it's untraceable. IDK. It's not "warranty allowed" because anything you put on your truck that is aftermarket has the chance to void some warranty. A simple grill guard could void a warranty. Roger that! I actually did think you had bought one. Thanks for the clarification.
Tvov 08/01/17 04:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: adding chip to F250

These people guarantee 20% mileage increase with 120 day money back guarantee. It is not a chip or programmer. duramileagemodules.com If that is not a chip or programmer, what is it? According to the video, the guy says it is "warranty safe" because the vehicles computer will not "know" that the thingamagig is installed - I find that hard to believe. Of course, no where is it said that it is "warranty allowed". Interesting and very careful use of words. That thing might work, but along with most others here I wouldn't put it on an engine that is still under factory warranty.
Tvov 07/31/17 05:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: Starting a new RV campground...

What would be the best way to go, and what are the benefits and downfalls of starting a newly constructed campground in an underserved area? Franchise vs. Independent urban vs. rustic restrictions vs. inclusions pets vs. no pets Thoughts? We've never based our campground choices on "franchise", it is by internet searching, location, and word of mouth. Actually, we've only stayed in a franchise campground (KOA) once in approaching 20 years of campground camping. "urban" (meaning near cities?) only if you are near things that are a big tourist draw - otherwise, we always prefer out in the woods. "restrictions" - assuming you mean more strict rules? - yes. Unfortunately. People just seem to take advantage of everything they can, and always push the line when it comes to rules. Pets vs no pets - every private campground we've been to allows pets, most state parks we've been to don't allow them. So, you opening a "private" campground, allowing pets will get you much more business at higher rental rates - but, with strict rules. Again, because people always push the line when it comes to rules and being good campers. Ideally, a fantastic private campground would have BIG sites like so many state parks we've been to, with full (or at least water/electric) hookups, while being near or next to something like a lake or attraction - AND not cost a fortune per night. Like I said, ideally!
Tvov 07/31/17 05:00am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Stopping peeping Toms!

Good job! You had a problem and you solved it! Looks nice too. Agree! Looks good and clean.
Tvov 07/31/17 04:44am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Worst dealer offer ever?

What I see, and have run into, as an issue here is the term "trade in". The salesman says a person can "trade in" a camper... but then "charges" the person to pay off the old camper. That's not a "trade in" in my mind, that is paying off the old trailer, by folding in the cost with the new trailer. It is really just semantics and word play, but you have to be careful to really understand all facets of the "deal" you are getting. Seems like tinstartrvlr was doing his homework in going over the "deal". Believe me, I have been snookered with salespeople using shananigans with deals!
Tvov 07/29/17 06:30am General RVing Issues
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