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RE: The thread on bidets was closed and ancient

My concern with my black tank is filling it with liquid... wouldn't a bidet put more water in the black tank, requiring you to empty it more often? Doesn't using toilet paper use less water? I don't fulltime, just weekends and sometimes a week or so. That may make a difference in tank usage. P.S. I don't see that this is a "troll thread" at all! Questions and answers about installing different types of plumbing in campers.
Tvov 12/08/16 06:50am General RVing Issues
RE: New Tires for an F-350

Interesting read about OEM equipment vs replacement tires. clicky This is not limited to BMW either, I know Ford, GM, Probably Fiat, and all the luxury brands do this. Tire compound can be customized to create longer wear, less resistance IE better fuel economy, grip in high temps or low temps, etc. This is why the tires that come on your vehicle might not be the best performance indicator of how the 'same' replacement tire from NTB or discount tire will perform. Thank you for that info!
Tvov 11/30/16 05:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: camper styling in america 2017

My take....I've worked a lot of years and grown my business to enjoy what my wife and I like. We bought a new Pinnacle last year, and love it. We plan on starting with some 3 or 4 month trips, hopefully in a year or so. I bought the coach because it was the one both of us liked. After a couple weeks, it starts to get small to us. No complaints and would buy again in a heartbeat. We never took expensive vacations, never traded cars or trucks every few years, and worked ourselves to the place we are where we can enjoy what we like, and having a high end coach is what we decided to do. When we do make it to the next phase, yes we will probably buy a new higher trim 3500. Why? I plan on spending a lot of time behind the wheel and I want to be at ease when we are on the road as we do when we are set up. We've owned older, smaller rvs, and for long term traveling I think bigger is for sure better, just my thoughts.... another comment that does make a lot of sense.. thanks to all the comments, even the derogatory comments. I need to learn how to communicate better. Youd think at 51 id have learned. I had a long winded post typed out, then saw you posted this. There are few "derogatory comments" posted here - if any, depending on how you read them. Mine, earlier in this thread, certainly wasn't at all. I had missed where you said you were an American, I thought you were from another country when I read your initial posts. You posted what could be taken as a derogatory post, and then seemingly got offended by the responses. This is an open forum, all different people post all different things. Also, did you really pay $9,000 for a brand new diesel Ford in 1999? I bought a 2000 F250 diesel with 40,000 miles on it in 2005, and was happy paying $10,000. If you bought a used truck, then you should compare the cost of used trucks taking into consideration time - prices do go up over time, especially decades.
Tvov 11/30/16 05:05am Fifth-Wheels
RE: What do you wish you bought sooner?

I bought an extra power cord after our first season camping... I seem to need one a lot! Also, 2 25ft fresh water hoses, 2 25ft "gray" water hoses (basic garden hoses), and the cap for the camper's sewer drain that a hose can attach to in order to use grey water drains at a lot of the campgrounds around me. After all your basics, what I really like is a good quality portable grill. Can be either stand alone or a picnic table top grill. Most camper's kitchens are smallish, and being able to cook the main course outside really gives more room inside. Also doesn't fill the camper with cooking smell everytime you cook something. Keeps grease and mess from things like sausage and bacon from getting all over the inside of the camper. And... a steak tastes much better on a grill!
Tvov 11/29/16 04:43am Beginning RVing
RE: camper styling in america 2017

barchetta1, what is your point? And what kind of "styling" do you want? Are you not originally from USA? You keep saying basically "you Americans". My TT is pretty basic, and works great for us. If you don't want slide outs with huge showers in them, why are you looking at them? Look at the campers that are smaller with fewer options. Cost of trucks - you don't have to buy a $65,000 truck. They still make basic trucks for a LOT less... funny thing is, usually you have to special order them, lol! Camping / RV'ing is basically a hobby... think how much you spend on other hobbys, it adds up quick (don't even think about skiing!). A truck and camper are a cost of the camping "hobby" - and usually will last you a decade or more. I have found that the options and "luxuries" on the newer truck are pretty darn nice to have, and sometimes become almost a necessity. Think of air conditioning, power windows, built in brake controllers, etc. Enjoy camping your own way. Don't worry about what the other guy has or is doing. He's probably jealous of something you have!
Tvov 11/29/16 04:35am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Tires for an F-350

I average about 40,000 miles on my tires. The set I have on now, Firestone Transforce HT, need to be replaced in the spring - almost exactly 40,000 miles old. The Firestones have been fine. I kinda wish they'd last longer, but they've been good, and they are the least expensive name brand tire around me. Oh, the HT are really a highway / road tire as opposed to all season, but they've been fine in the winter. I had a set of HT's on a sprinter van at work, got close to 70K out of them. I would agree on the weather ability. NOT a great snow tire, but work depending upon the snow type you have. Slushy wet snow useless. Dry compacted they would be ok. Marty Not sure if this will help the original poster at all, but... For the winter I replace my rear tires with Firestone Winterforce tires. They are one direction snow tires with deep tread - they are marked for driver side and passenger side. My truck is (gasp!!) 2 wheel drive. I run the winter tires from about Thanksgiving until March, depending on weather. So far they are great in winter, and due to limited use they still practically look new. Again, I bought Firestone because they were the least expensive name brand tire I found. Actually, they were less expensive than most other off brand tires, too!
Tvov 11/29/16 04:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: Disturbed and disillusioned

Why is the OP not in the Service Manager's face 3 times a day instead of complaining on a Forum that could care less? This forum is OWNED by Camping World. Seems a logical place to bring complaints when a local store can't get the job done. I would relate this forum to sending a letter / email to "upper management", only doing it publicly... which most likely gets a quicker response.
Tvov 11/28/16 05:33am Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Solar roads are coming

The problem with "heated" solar roadways to melt snow off is the power usage. The amount of sunlight throughout winter usually drops dramatically, reducing the available solar power. And heating requires a lot of energy. Friends of mine live "off grid" in Vermont with a solar and generator powered house. Usually during the winter, with the combination of snow cover (which has to be cleaned off the solar panels) and especially the regular cloud cover, they need to run the generator more than use the solar. But you know, as nevadanick posted, if the material those panels are made out of can actually stand up to heavy truck traffic more than asphalt, then even without the solar ability the cost savings of using the material would be worth it. And this is a BIG "if".
Tvov 11/28/16 05:12am General RVing Issues
RE: Solar roads are coming

Interesting, but the more I've read about those "solar roadways", the less excited I am about them. The amount of abuse roads take requires the heavy duty plastic / glass panels, which are expensive to buy, and expensive to replace. The will get dirty almost instantly, which would require regular cleaning - somehow. Replacement of the panels? Seems it would be more than just putting down an asphalt patch. And... you have to buy replacement panels, which again the cost just keeps popping up. Wiring and controls have to be buried alongside the roadway, increasing cost of installation. Maybe they will work... but seems to be more negatives than positives. I am waiting for the solar panel roofing shingles - when they figure those out (less expensive, easy to install and replace when needed), that will be a great thing!
Tvov 11/27/16 05:35am General RVing Issues
RE: New Tires for an F-350

I average about 40,000 miles on my tires. The set I have on now, Firestone Transforce HT, need to be replaced in the spring - almost exactly 40,000 miles old. The Firestones have been fine. I kinda wish they'd last longer, but they've been good, and they are the least expensive name brand tire around me. Oh, the HT are really a highway / road tire as opposed to all season, but they've been fine in the winter.
Tvov 11/26/16 05:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: New Tires for an F-350

... Micheblows were the worst, usually less than 30-40K before they literally threw a cord etc. This is using commercial use etc. Marty What?? I think that is the first negative comment about Michelin tires I have ever seen on this forum.
Tvov 11/26/16 05:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: Do mattress toppers make that much of a difference.

The "big" bed in our TT is the dinette table dropped and dinette cushions spread out. It is a bit lumpy, and not very soft. We got a 2" memory foam topper from Walmart and it is a HUGE improvement. It does not move around at all. Having said that... if you are talking about a dedicated bed, I would look into just replacing the mattress with something better. Why bother with a topper? Just get a new mattress. Standard, memory foam, whichever you think will be best for you.
Tvov 11/24/16 05:33am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Gas Choice

All small equipment that I know of is ethanol "compatible" - meaning it will run on ethanol. Ethanol won't damage a running engine. It may not run quite as well, and possibly have less power, but it will run. Many times the difference in power is not really noticeable - until you switch back to "good" fuel and realize how good the engine should run. The big problem with ethanol for small engines is long term storage, and/or intermittent use. As many people have pointed out in this thread for long term storage, extra steps and extra additives should be used to make sure the equipment will start the next time you need it. For my commercial mowers, I have replaced the rubber fuel lines with fuel lines made out of material designed to resist the melting effect of ethanol on rubber (I forget the name of the material). It is always interesting to touch a rubber fuel line and have it collapse with little effort. In my fire department, for small engines we have replaced the fuel lines and cleaned out the carbs (and replaced carbs when needed) over the years and now run all small engines on a specifically designed non-ethanol fuel for use in engines that are stored for long periods, but then need to run instantly when needed. It works out to over $15 a gallon, but so far it has worked as advertised and we are happy with it. The "cost" of running ethanol fuel adds up in all sorts of ways, many of which are not always obvious.
Tvov 11/20/16 06:16am General RVing Issues
RE: Parking the 5er

Good job! And I thought the ending of you post was going to be; "And we found that we were in the wrong parking lot..."
Tvov 11/16/16 04:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Towing speed?

I'm having some odd issues posting. Check drivinglaws.aaa.com , tag trailer speed limits , for info. (I can't seem to post a link)
Tvov 11/15/16 04:08am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing speed?

NY & PA have a maximum towing speed of 55 mph. Few will actually do that speed, but that is what it is. I'm usually at 60. I also tow in NY and PA all the time, and had no idea about a 55mph limit. Average speed on the interstates in my area is usually 65mph, towing or not. I'm off to look that up!
Tvov 11/14/16 04:50am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing speed?

Where were you able to do panic stop testing at 60mph?
Tvov 11/10/16 04:36am Travel Trailers
RE: Northeast Snow Campgrounds Open?

I don't know of any off hand in Connecticut, except to try calling directly (if you can reach anyone) the campgrounds. Some are kinda "open", but don't have running water.
Tvov 11/09/16 04:30am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RV Consumer Group

Never heard of them. Are they new? Who are they?
Tvov 11/08/16 05:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Towing speed?

I think this is my first post, so Hi. I was amazed going through this thread with "most" saying they run in the 60-65 range. I have a 2013 Puma that is 33' long and tow it with a Chevy 2500 6.0 gasser I have found for my travels up and down I75 here in Michigan my sweet spot is 69-71. What I found amazing is all summer long running my 69-71 I get passed quite a bit by other RV'ers and rarely do I pass other Rv'ers. I do wonder about the guy that passes me like I am standing still with his 40' 5er and diesel truck billowing black smoke...... where the heck you going in such a hurry I think "most" of the people who you see flying on the roads aren't big posters in forums like this. I meet people regularly who just bought brand new campers for the first who don't have the slightest idea how they work, including things like tire speed ratings and braking ability. I have directed people to this forum, hoping they will learn a bit about safety and highway driving.
Tvov 11/08/16 05:02am Travel Trailers
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