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RE: How do you feel about people walking through your campsite?

We've had people (mostly kids) cut through our sites over the years without permission ... it is very much annoying. We had a little advantage when we started out camping - we tent camped for a few years with a family that had been RV'ing for years. From them we learned all the "unspoken rules" about camping, including not cutting through sites and --- don't ask to use someone else's camper's bathroom! lol Anyways, I think a lot of the site cutting is from people who simply don't know any better, are usually newish campers, and have never had anyone say anything. THIS is one of the reasons that some campgrounds have that multiple page list of rules and regulations that everyone complains about - the campgrounds wouldn't have to do that if people had more common courtesy. We've learned to place chairs / bicycles / vehicles to block our site if necessary. Usually isn't necessary, except at campgrounds where our site happens to be near a bathroom / beach / rec room (as other posters have commented). We also have learned to pick sites not near those things - I also usually prefer back in sites partly due to this reason. We've been to well designed campgrounds where there are very obvious, marked paths for people to get to bathrooms and other common areas. I make it a point to say hello to neighboring campers when we setup. Besides just being friendly, we watch each other's site when people are out doing stuff, and a few times camping neighbor's have told us our kids can cut through their site. A lot of good comes from being polite!
Tvov 05/04/15 06:30am Travel Trailers
RE: External hose water filter suggestions

We also use the basic Camco blue external water filter. Works fine, heavy duty, easy to use. I replace it every spring - I am more worried about the water that is left in the filter after taking it off the camper, sitting all winter in my basement. Actually, the last few years I haven't bothered with the external filter. We use the trailer's plumbing for washing and bathroom. For drinking water (and cooking water if needed), we bring along a Brita filter jug that we keep in the TT's frig. Refilling it from the TT's plumbing seems to work fine. We are weekend campers, somewhere around 5-7 trips a year. If we camped more I might look into a fancier filter system.
Tvov 05/04/15 05:56am Travel Trailers
RE: Bet you never did this before

Glad you got your awning fixed up! My "thing" is not as big or expensive -- the sewer cap. Not long after we bought the TT, I had to buy a new sewer cap because I forgot to put the original one back on after dumping. The replacement came with a neat rubber retainer / hanger (similar to a lot of car fuel caps). Now, seems like every other trip, after I get home I find the sewer cap hanging from that retainer. No, the cap doesn't just come loose - I've got some sort of mind blank about putting it back on after dumping! See you on the road!
Tvov 05/04/15 05:36am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Bucket List - New Yorjk

I've found that New York City is best to see with someone who knows it. There is just so much to see in NYC it is mind boggling... but, most all a tourist sees is tall concrete and glass skyscrapers. Shops, museums... hard to know where to start! I'm into military history, so I found the Intrepid aircraft carrier / museum to be great. The "dinner cruises" that go around the Statue of Liberty are very touristy, but really neat to do at least once! Going to the top of the Empire State Building... kinda cool, but not worth standing in line for 2 - 3 hours (which is average). If there is a short line (good luck!) it's worth it, but otherwise there is just so much other stuff to do. Oh, and the difference in New York between NYC and upstate is amazing. Really two different planets. One is one of the largest cities in the world, and the other is beautiful, hilly, wooded country. Have fun, and keep us updated with a trip report!
Tvov 05/03/15 06:01am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Bucket List - New Yorjk

A big +1 to Fort Ticonderoga, at the northern end of Lake George. If you are at all into colonial history, I found it fascinating. And the drive on route 9A along the shore of Lake George is great -- although, I wasn't pulling a camper at the time (HILLY, winding road that hugs the shore).
Tvov 05/03/15 05:52am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Can anyone tell me what these buttons do?

The left of center deploys the propellers when you drive into a lake or river. The one to the right of that allows you to hear about yourself on the radio news. Matt B LOL! I think we all need to get out camping after a long winter!
Tvov 05/01/15 05:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Storage Shelter Etiquette

Personally, I like communication. I would go up to the person who took the bricks, be friendly, and tell them that it's fine that they have the bricks, I didn't want them, but I feel a little weird that they did not ask me. ... +1 I would do my best to assume that the person just thought you didn't need them anymore. If he is only a few spaces away, I would think he would know you can see the bricks, so it's not like he's really trying to hide them. I'm just guessing about the situation here. Try talking to the person. If you don't get this straightened out, would you really want to continue renting a spot there? Near someone you suspect stole something from you?
Tvov 05/01/15 05:21am General RVing Issues
RE: t shirt for everyone

I'll take a 2XL and a L.... I'm confused, though. You are offering the T-shirts for free?
Tvov 04/30/15 04:52am General RVing Issues
RE: First Trip....Checking Things Out

We love when it rains while we're camping... just makes us remember the times we used a tent in the rain... Speaking of which, remember to vent, vent, vent! Crack open a window and hopefully a roof vent if you can - I can open our bathroom roof vent 1-2 inches and the rain won't come in, but allows fresh air to flow in from another window. You want to avoid a build up of condensation in the camper, and allow venting for propane appliances. And... it is nice having fresh air!
Tvov 04/29/15 05:21am Beginning RVing
RE: Do you drain your hot water tank?

We have well water (non-chlorinated), so we drain the hot water tank and fresh water tank if we aren't going to be camping within 2-3 weeks.
Tvov 04/27/15 05:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Fort Wilderness on 4/24 - 4/26

lol, when we went, at one point my wife asked about why it seemed we were taking so long to get to one of the parks... I had to admit that I had planned out a zig-zag course with the transportation system in order to get the maximum rides on the monorail.... (My Dad has always been a train fanactic, and it has rubbed off some on me!)
Tvov 04/27/15 05:51am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Ford Dealers Won't Service E-450

Are we talking about general maintenance service, or warranty repairs? For just general regular maintenance, pretty much any shop (or yourself) should be able to do it and stay within warranty, as long as you keep ALL paperwork that the service was done. Receipts, work orders, dates, times, etc... and keep the maintenance log in the glove compartment filled out. For actual warranty repairs, you might have to find an "official" shop (usually a dealer) to do the repair. But, even then, an independent garage might be fine, if you once again keep all paperwork and info on the repair. You might have to jump through some hoops to get reimbursed for the work. Speaking of which - you should check with the manufacturer before having the work done at an independent shop. My local Ford dealership works on trucks and ambulances, and I have seen RVs in their shop. They are very happy to bill for work - especially if it is covered warranty work!
Tvov 04/27/15 05:42am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Surprised when I found this shackel bolt

Good reminder to just "tinker" and check things as you walk around your camper. I would just replace the bolt. Inspect the rest of the suspension (which you probably already have), and if there is an ongoing problem then start the hoop jumping with the dealer and manufacturer. If the rest is fine, go camping!
Tvov 04/27/15 05:31am Fifth-Wheels
RE: It's Now or Never - 1 year country tour

Just poking my nose in here to follow your adventures. You are doing what most campers dream about.
Tvov 04/23/15 05:02am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Netflix Buffering

Oh, as to devices you can use for streaming Netflix to a TV, we actually use a Nintendo Wii. So look around, you might be surprised at what can stream movies.
Tvov 04/22/15 08:06am Technology Corner
RE: Netflix Buffering

With a 50m cable connection, I am surprised you get any buffering at all and it should be in HD. My first thought is the cable connection quality - they may be "throttling" usage at certain times, and sometimes cable internet simply can get bogged down during high usage times by everyone in the surrounding area. Are you actually getting 50m speed? Have you tried speedtest.net to check the cable internet speed? If you are willing to do the merry-go-round, call your cable company and double check about your contract to see if it has any kind of speed limit included. Also, if your speed tests are showing you aren't getting the speed your are paying for, is your cable modem updated? If it is out of date, the cable company might replace it for "free" as part of your contract ("might" is the key word...). It is also possible that there is an issue out in the street connections for your cable internet. That has to be determined by a cable tech coming out and testing it - they won't do that until all other options are exhausted. Good luck! and try to keep a good attitude in calling the cable company!!
Tvov 04/22/15 06:14am Technology Corner
RE: In the course of RVing...

Pretty much any meal while I am camping is great! I'm away from work and the house (so I am not bothered with all things I "could be doing"), and just relaxing. We go up to a friends Vermont hunting cabin a lot. I was on the deck with him one morning having coffee. Cheap, basic coffee. That tasted great. We both commented at how everything seemed to taste better up there - similar to camping, everything just seems to taste better.... For breakfast while camping, my wife many times will make buttered, toasted bagels using a fry pan in the morning. It is just something we usually only do while camping, and it always seems to taste great! Best, most memorable meal? Probably two: Back to our friends with the Vermont cabin... we also have camped with them a lot. One time we met them up at Acadia, Maine, at Blackwoods campground. They put together a "seafood boil" -- when done, they basically poured it out onto a table covered in newspaper. We just dug in, eating for what seemed like hours. Fantastic food, fantastic location, fantastic friends. Second. Camping out with same family, plus another, at a campground in Rhode Island. Plus a few kid's friends. Must have had about 15 people total maybe. One morning, we all got together for breakfast. Pulled a couple grills together. Cooked sausage, bacon, biscuits, potatoes, eggs, cheese, toast, ham, steak, and other food, including leftovers from other meals. We have a couple pictures of food piled on grills and tables. Was a fantastic breakfast feast with good company! Even managed to actually fill up teenage boys! Good camping!
Tvov 04/22/15 06:02am RV Lifestyle
RE: Towing above 65

I am not sure why people seem so intent on proving that one accident was not caused by excessive speed, what point are you trying to make? That towing at excessive speed is okay?? Jaycocreek has a description of an accident that, from talking to someone he trusts who was at the accident scene, was caused by excessive speed. For some reason my first thought was not that he was lying to us and creating a whole imaginary accident scene. I don't know what happened at the particular scene, on that date, on that road, in that state that Jaycocreek is talking about... but from towing my self, and having been to accident scenes as a firefighter (and still going to accident scenes as a firefighter), I'll take his explanation at face value. I will continue to tow at what I consider a safe speed for my rig, whether or not some people think I can tow a lot faster. Well, off to read other threads! Happy, and safe, travels!
Tvov 04/22/15 05:37am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing above 65

How did you conclude that the accident was caused by solely by speed and not by equipment failure, improper loading, improper hitch adjustment, driver tuning the radio, or other driver error or equipment problem? My son was there as a first responder and extracted the victims. He was privy to what happened from those involved and who saw it and investigated it. I don't mean to call you a liar, but this smells of nonsense. I worked as a patrol officer for over 12 years and have investigated thousands of accidents, from minor fender benders to multi car fatal collisions. Most jurisdictions have dedicated reconstructionists that actually investigate fatal wrecks. Being a first responder to the scene, like I was, wouldn't make you any more privy to the investigation than some guy standing on the other side of the road watching. Investigations take days or even weeks... its not CSI where everything happens and gets wrapped up in an hour.... .... ....Do you catch my drift? Its super easy to post a picture and an uninformed opinion. Doing so does not make it proof of negligence or speed. I am not sure I would consider it an "uninformed opinion". He said his son is a first responder who talked to the people who actually investigated the accident. I've been to a few accidents, most are "solved" at the scene with the interviews, vehicle positions, damage, etc. What takes days or weeks is the paperwork. Maybe your department had enough personnel to spend weeks solving MVAs, my local PD doesn't have that many people, but then again I wouldn't be surprised if it is just a case of different SOPs.
Tvov 04/21/15 05:52am Travel Trailers
RE: Camping Buddies

One of the families in our "group" grew up camping, and we tented with them a few times until we decided we wanted to get a TT. We "grew away" from that first family, but another family we are close with ended up buying a TT a few years after we did and we ended up camping with them a few times a year, for almost 10 years. Then we had another family join us for a couple trips for a few years. Then all our kids grew up, activities change, weekends just become clogged with other things to do. Our last "hurrah", Memorial Day weekend, is not happening anymore. It is just life. Actually, no one we know well camps as much as we do. Our kids are in college now, and basically don't camp with us anymore. Wife and I are still camping, and we have 5 trips planned for this year. As to meeting people to camp with? Hmmm.... When you go to "kid centric" or "family" campgrounds, many times kids will just start playing with other kids. We've met a few other families when our kids brought over new "friends". Think about buying a bunch of "dollar store" toys that your son can share without worrying about them breaking or getting lost. Go over to the campsite of kids that your son meets, say hello. "Feel them out" a little bit (or a LOT bit) - Invite them for dinner, lunch, or breakfast. Ask if they are going to the Bingo or show or movie the campground is showing. Of course, always compliment and ask about their camper - everyone wants to talk about their camper! One thing to try is consistently going to certain campgrounds. We ended up seeing a couple families more than once over the years because a couple campgrounds we always went to on the same "theme" weekend - Halloween weekends are HUGE around us, and then there is "Christmas in July", and our favorite campground has a "Cowboy Weekend" (yes, kids actually run around with cap guns!). Keep your attitude and campsite open and friendly. I always make a point to at least say hello to our immediate neighbors when we are camping... that way we kind of keep an eye on each others campsites, and our kids will "know" our neighbors for the weekend. Try not to "push" it... you'll run into people and families as time goes on. Some want to be friendly, others just want to get away from their house on the weekend. Just go camping!
Tvov 04/20/15 05:35am General RVing Issues
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