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RE: Pop-Up Camper Pops its Top on Expressway

I was impressed that the car driver did not seem to panic, jerk the wheel, and drive off the road. Not that there was any time to panic! Looks like the driver with the dash cam pulled to the right and slowed down considerably... I would like to assume that the driver saw other people stopping so saw no need to be another vehicle on the side of the road. I just never would have thought about a popup doing that. Interesting how it happened just as it went under a bridge - change in wind or air pressure?
Tvov 06/23/16 04:48am General RVing Issues
RE: First Trip Tips

After I hook up the camper to my truck I like to have someone else look over the hitch. Sometimes it is better if they don't really know what they are looking at - as they question everything. Either way, nice to have someone else check. When I pull about halfway down my driveway I check the brake override on my brake controller. Just go really slowly, slide the brake override bar (or button depending on your setup), and the trailer brakes should activate. Also, at this time I'll stop and get out to check the hitch one last time. Similar to everyone else, I have sort of a checklist in mind when hooking up and unhooking. Important to not get distracted in the middle of it. If something does come up (kids see animals in the woods, wife opens fridge and everything spills out, etc), try to finish the particular job you were doing before going to investigate. When our kids were young, we had a "rule" of no electronics. Bring games, lots of books and magazines, drawing supplies... sidewalk chalk is always fun. As our kids got older we dropped the "no electronics" rule -- but they were so used to it, they kept it anyways! We did use electronics, especially portable DVD players, in the truck on long trips. They were sanity savers on long trips!
Tvov 06/22/16 04:56am Beginning RVing
RE: Horn suggestions?

A friend of mine who commutes an hour for work wanted something with a bit more than the stock horn. He got a "european" style dual horn - loud with an ear screeching tone. Gets the attention of other drivers - when needed.
Tvov 06/21/16 05:18am Towing
RE: Horn suggestions?

I've warned the wife that someday this will be in my truck... but I want to get one with more sounds, especially farm animals. That's important! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLXQgcx8qTI
Tvov 06/18/16 05:01am Towing
RE: Disney! be careful!!!

So... why wasn't Disney sued a week ago for not have gator signs up? Why not a year ago? 10 years ago? It was a horrible accident. Seems these days that "accidents" no longer occur - it is always somebody's fault!
Tvov 06/18/16 04:46am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What do you use for a BBQ?

I am "stealing" 2manytoyz picture: .... http://www.2manytoyz.com/camp/grill2go.jpg ...... Thermos Grill-2-Go. I think they do not make them anymore. It is a "griddle" as opposed to an open flame grill. Very lightweight, and extraordinarily easy to use and clean. Uses the small 1 pound propane bottles. We use it for breakfast / lunch / dinner depending on what we are having. Ours is getting on in age, and I don't look forward to the day we need to buy something to replace it. It is not great for cooking a steak, but for most other things it works fine. Plus, everything tastes great when camping anyways! When we bought our TT (13 years ago now! Hard to believe), it came with the small camper propane grill that attaches to the side of the camper and uses propane from a valve under the camper (from the campers big tanks). It was horrible. Besides filling under the awning - and subsequently into the camper - with smoke, it just didn't get that hot and did not cook well. I gave up on it after two seasons. I am a bit too lazy for the setup and cleanup of smokers and charcoal / wood grills, but I love to be invited over to those who use them!
Tvov 06/16/16 06:05am Beginning RVing
RE: Disney! be careful!!!

I would not have thought of being mindful of gators at Disney World, except for this forum and Disboards forum. During my research for our first trip to Disney World I came across many people talking about gators in the water at Disney. In such an almost totally controlled environment such as Disney it is hard to think of something so dangerous literally right at your toes. Also, much of the "wild" parts of Disney World are considered animal sanctuaries, however that is defined. So they don't just go through them removing animals unless it is considered necessary. One article I read said the child was in just "inches" of water, with the parents sitting on the beach just feet away. Early reports said the family was "wading" in the water. Somewhere in there is what actually happened. Horrible situation.
Tvov 06/16/16 05:40am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Dry camping

Do you have any methane laying around?
Tvov 06/16/16 05:28am Travel Trailers
RE: Dry camping

So, did everything happen finally that wasn't supposed to happen "until the cows come home"??
Tvov 06/15/16 05:22am Travel Trailers
RE: Leaving outside camper lights on?

Thank you but if your outside its ok to leave them on? As long as they aren't bothering anyone Feel free to use lights outside when your are outside and need them! You will see many people using those very bright propane camping lanterns on the picnic tables. Just keep in mind, when it gets late at night (after 10pm or so depending on the situation), you should turn down the light intensity so you don't bother neighbors. Plus, when you are sitting around the campfire who wants bright artificial light? Leaving your "porch" light on under your awning... well, one thing that hasn't been brought up is INSECTS! I only use my porch light when I need it, and shut it off as soon as possible. Mine is a yellow / amber color that isn't supposed to attract insects, but depending on the season all sorts of wonderful flying bugs will show up shortly if the light stays on for any length of time. For some reason, hanging lights off the end of the awning doesn't seem to be as bad regarding attracting insects. We sometimes hang pink flamingo string lights, or spider (Halloween) lights, or just "standard" Christmas lights off the end of the awning for fun. These are much less bright than other lights, but still provide some lighting for the area. As with everything camping, just use common sense and common courtesy. Imagine if you are in the camper or tent next to your campsite - would you want someone's lights on all night next to you? Again - if you need lights at night, use them. Just shut them off when you don't need them.
Tvov 06/10/16 05:54am Beginning RVing
RE: New RV thoughts...

The drop down dinettes that make a bed are kinda comfortable. You will probably, as many have (including us), end up getting a memory foam "topper" for it. Usually about a 2" thick foam that simply sits on the cushions - makes a huge difference in comfort. When you need the dinette table, simply roll up the mattress and put in the truck or wherever.
Tvov 06/10/16 05:36am Beginning RVing
RE: Grey Water Dumping

I often wonder is dumping Grey Water permitted in campsites, if so where. I have never done it but I am curios I assume you mean at a campsite without a grey water drain? Because there are many campgrounds in New England where they have grey water drains at each campsite. These are simply white PVC pipe in the ground that lead to a gravel filled hole in the ground. Usually the PVC pipe is too small a diameter to match a stinky slinky, but easy to use with a garden hose for draining grey water. Combined with having water at the campsite, very convenient as you can then take nice showers without worrying about over filling your grey tank. Otherwise, ASK at whatever campground you are at. Just because you see someone else doing it doesn't mean it is allowed. I agree with those who say they don't want to set up a TT in a spot where the previous camper drained their grey water - even if it was "just dripping".
Tvov 06/10/16 05:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Water in Water Heater

I drain the heater if the TT is going to sit for more than a week without being used.
Tvov 06/10/16 05:08am Tech Issues
RE: planned GPS outage on the west coast

I'm curious how you can "block" GPS only in the air, but not on the ground? Wouldn't anything blocking it in the air, prevent the signal from getting to the ground?
Tvov 06/09/16 04:43am Technology Corner
RE: Leak free water connection

Another thing to look for is decent threads on your hoses and connections. The white hose I got from Walmart for drinking water works, but I have to be very careful screwing it on as the threads are so minimal that it will cross thread very easily -- and leak. Elbows and connectors, get ones that have deep and sharp threads. Many times when you see hoses laying next to each other in the store with different prices, it is very easy to just grab the cheapest one. I bet if you look at the ends, the more expensive hoses have good, deep threads in their connectors. I've bought a bunch of screen washers for my camper's water connections. These are the washers with a screen built in. A little scary when I see the stuff that is sometimes caught in the screens - dirt, rust, jelly blob stuff... If a connection is leaking, first thing I check is if it is cross threaded. Only after that do I check to see if I need to tighten it anymore. If still leaking, I disconnect it and check the washer - replace it if it is at all worn. Also! Does the washer fit snugly? Try a different washer. Even washers that come out of the same package can be slightly different and fit differently. STILL leaking? Stop what you are doing, go around to the other side of the camper, call the wife to get you a beer, and spend the rest of the afternoon in a camp chair.
Tvov 06/04/16 06:49am General RVing Issues
RE: paper plates or doing dishes / wife advice

Traveling from point a to point b. . . I use paper and plastic. If we set up for a time and have hookups, I use real plates. Never reuse water. I'm with the camp that wouldn't like that scummy dirty water in my toilet. Dale lol, you kinda lost me on this one. No problem if you don't want to dump grey water down the toilet... but because it is "scummy dirty"? You don't want that in the toilet? That's fine, everyone does everything their own way!
Tvov 06/04/16 06:27am Beginning RVing
RE: paper plates or doing dishes / wife advice

Some people have mentioned they think this is a "bait post"... bait for what? Seems like a relatively normal question from a newbie. At least he didn't ask about what plates to use while camping at a Walmart...
Tvov 06/04/16 06:23am Beginning RVing
RE: paper plates or doing dishes / wife advice

We use paper plates, but not the thin ones... the Chinette "paper" plates, really thick ones that actually work. When I use the paper thin cheap ones, I always use like 5 or 6 at a time because they are so thin. We also have plastic plates - as someone else posted, we put paper plates on the plastic ones sometimes for strength. When we do dishes / utensil cleaning, we use a small bucket that fits in the sink to catch the wash water. Then we dump that in the toilet. It helps dumping the black tank with soapy water in it. Also keeps food particles out of the grey tank, which can make the grey tank stinky. If you are "dry camping", without any sewer or grey tank dump at your campsite, you do need to stress this - the grey tank will fill up quickly if you aren't careful. Dumping wash water in the toilet will extend how long before your grey tank will fill. Black tanks seem to last a long time before needing to be dumped.
Tvov 06/03/16 04:56am Beginning RVing
RE: Lube Shank Question?

I did it once when everything was new. A little WD-40 in the receiver. After a short while, everything sort of wore in and there has never been a need to since.
Tvov 06/01/16 10:37am Towing
RE: Gettysburg area campground

We went to Artillery Ridge campground about 10 years ago and it was perfect, someone here may have an updated review of it. It is actually in the park - but Gettysburg National Battlefield is HUGE, includes the town and, well, everything in the area. Most people get the CD self tour. Great way to see the park, as you go at your own pace. We made it interesting for our kids by looking for our own state monuments, and monuments of states where we'd been. We also watched the movie Gettysburg (1993) which was good as we then walked the real locations depicted in the movie.
Tvov 05/31/16 05:27am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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