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RE: Acadia in September, dinner places?

Thanks for all the replys! I'm getting hungry now...
Tvov 08/31/15 05:07am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Stopped in motor home for going too slow on I-80

The judges decision on this case is available on line. The search was conducted with a search warrant. Also located during the search were "pay-owe" sheets. The pay-owe sheets are not described in the ruling, but what those are is basically financial records that drug dealers keep of their customers and who owes what. Normally hand written on a piece of paper and in many cases very easy to tell what they are referring to. The case was overturned because the Supreme Court made a ruling after this case was initiated that changed the rules on law enforcement detentions during a traffic stop. So in the opinion of the Judge, what the cops did may have been legal at the time they did it, but after the Supreme Court ruling after the fact, it was no longer legal. The subject in question refused to answer questions about the source of the money. He worked selling paddle boards for a company in Maui, according to him. THIS is what pisses off street cops. They use their experience to get drug dealers off the street, then judges let them go... and people make the cops out to be the bad guys! I HATE big government... but when arguing about politics and government, I try not to use an illegal drug dealer to make my point...
Tvov 08/30/15 07:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fridge use with no elec during emergency?

We can camp for almost a week using a single battery, with frig and hot water, if we are very careful about power usage. Nice to have hot water, but using that water pump uses a lot of power so "Navy showers" are shortened even more, lol! If we will be dry camping for more than a few days, I carry a spare battery for our camper. You have to really be careful about power usage... turn NOTHING on if you don't need to. Use battery flashlights / lanterns for interior light. Don't use the vent fan. If you need to use the water pump, turn it on only for as long as you need it (even the little lighted switch for the pump uses power!). Same with water heater - only turn it on 20 minutes or so before you need it. Yes, the actual heat comes from the propane, but the electronics needed to control it use power. You might be surprised how long you can extend the life of your camper's battery. If a friend has a generator you can borrow even for just a short time, you can use that to charge the camper battery - and take nice showers while it is running!
Tvov 08/29/15 07:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Towing Newbie

I would think the tires on the camper will be fine... a 2015? Did you buy it new? Even if it is used with some miles on it, I can't imagine the tires will be in that bad condition. Obviously make sure you have a spare tire - AND the tools to change a tire on your camper - jack, lug wrench, etc that fit correctly. You'll be fine!
Tvov 08/29/15 07:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing Newbie

kvangil mentioned it, but be ready for really low fuel mileage. A V-8 engine vehicle may actually get better mpg while towing.
Tvov 08/29/15 06:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: Prevailing Speed

I rarely ever travel the "prevailing speed limit". It is usually faster than I am comfortable with while towing. I have found that if I don't know an area, traveling the posted speed limit is usually okay for most conditions. This is when I don't know the intersections, corners, etc. This doesn't always work - we were visiting friends in Pennsylvania farm country, and the tight / narrow roads combined with 6-8 foot high corn growing almost to the edge of the road (basically completely blocking sight lines at intersections) made me slow down substantially. If I am holding up traffic, I certainly will pull over when able to let vehicles by.
Tvov 08/29/15 06:49am General RVing Issues
RE: How to visit the East Coast on a 6-month trip

Are you going to have kids with you?
Tvov 08/28/15 05:34am Roads and Routes
RE: How to visit the East Coast on a 6-month trip

In Connecticut, Mystic Seaport is probably the place to check out. There is Gillete Castle State Park and Goodspeed Opera House which are more inland. Don't forget Plymouth Village! Gotta do the "pilgrim thing" and check out the Mayflower II and Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts.
Tvov 08/28/15 05:33am Roads and Routes
RE: Washing during drought

We are allowed to wash our vehicles as long as we use a hose with a shut off device attached This just sounds odd to me... I've never washed a vehicle with a hose that didn't have a nozzle attached to it. Is there a special "shut off device", or does just a normal hose nozzle work?
Tvov 08/28/15 05:26am General RVing Issues
RE: Acadia in September, dinner places?

I just remembered Jordan Pond House Restaurant in Acadia... we've been there for popovers and tea, what do people think about their dinners?
Tvov 08/28/15 05:12am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Acadia in September, dinner places?

Do a Google search for `Arcadia tourism' and read on. Also do another search for `Arcadia restaurants' and take you pick. Of course I can (and probably will) do that... but I am interested in fellow camper's recent experiences.
Tvov 08/28/15 04:54am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Acadia in September, dinner places?

TO THE OP, We're much like you in that we want a great meal in a more casual atmosphere. If it were us, we'd do a daytime dinner (mid to late afternoon) on the deck at Stewman's, overlooking the harbor. The food and the view cannot be beat. If night-time is your preference, they have indoor seating on the lower levels, but we have never been in there, so I can't really comment. Nights in Sept can be cool there, so I'm not sure if the deck is a reasonable option. So, good and bad for Stewman's? If it is "touristy", that might do fine, especially as suggested for a daytime dinner with a view.
Tvov 08/28/15 04:53am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Acadia in September, dinner places?

Tvov, Make reservations for the Reading Room at the Bar Harbor Inn, 207-288-3351. They require a collar shirt and pants, no shorts, but hey this is your anniversary and all gentlemen like to dress properly when they take their spouse out to a special place. You can go on www.barharborinn.com site and look at their property. We are heading up and staying there ourselves, have been going there since the mid-nineties. Enjoy. Hmmm... that might be the place.
Tvov 08/28/15 04:51am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Acadia in September, dinner places?

Heading to Acadia (Maine) in September. Last there a few years ago. Staying in Blackwoods. Any new things to look out for? I'm looking forward to sunrise on Cadillac Mt and Thunder Hole at night. Also, kind of thinking about a nice lobster/seafood dinner at a restaurant. Someplace hopefully within (Bar Harbor) or near the Park. This will be an anniversary dinner, so I am up for spending some $$ for a nice sit down place - but we probably won't have dressy like clothes with us, just maybe a nice shirt type of attire. Thanks!
Tvov 08/27/15 05:40am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: So you are sitting by the fire, and you hear

... So, is "apple at chun" the correct way to pronounce "appalachian"?
Tvov 08/25/15 05:22am General RVing Issues
RE: Fort Wilderness Campground

.... Make sure you do the monorail loop , we usually pick a rain day and stop at every hotel , get off and walk around.. ... lol, my wife caught me at this. Finally, after switching to yet another monorail, wife said "Hey! this is just taking us in a circle!"... I said "yes, yes it is..." Comes from growing up with a railfan for a Dad.
Tvov 08/25/15 05:16am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: When is overprice, a Rippoff ?

Most NAPA stores in my area are marketed toward repair shops and other commercial businesses. They offer delivery, monthly invoicing, and have a broad range of products. At one position I held, our shop ordered almost exclusively through NAPA for the most common items. Their service provided saved us a lot of time and expense. Their pricing reflects those services, IMO. .... Same for my area. If you walk into a local NAPA, you will notice their phones are ringing constantly with delivery orders for local repair garages. A NAPA delivery driver is usually just walking in to get orders, or walking out to deliver orders. I own a small landscaping company, and have had NAPA deliver directly to my house when I needed it. NO extra charge! It would be interesting to see their numbers, but I think "counter sales" are minimal compared to delivery sales. As some others have posted, NAPA may be the last place they call when they can't find a part, but... NAPA will have it or be able to get it. I started buying a lot of basic maintenance supplies at Walmart, but recently they seem to be cutting back on stock dramatically and I find my self going back to NAPA for even basic stuff like oil filters. And according to various people, NAPA oil filters are pretty good. As to pricing of parts, I guess it "depends". A few years ago I wanted to replace the front brakes on my 1987 F350 - the whole shebang, calipers, pistons, etc. I forget the price, but NAPA had entire replacement sets for a remarkably low price from what I could research. They fit perfectly. I may not be buying WD-40 at NAPA, but I buy most of my vehicle parts from them.
Tvov 08/22/15 06:21am General RVing Issues
RE: US 15 in Pennsylvania

15 has numerous gas stations all along the way. PA also has the highest gasoline taxes in the nation, and they will be going up again next year. Yep, welcome to the Keystone State. No kidding! I just visited some friends in PA last weekend, and was surprised that fuel prices were higher than here in Connecticut! I thought Connecticut was King of Taxes (or at least, our exalted leader thinks he is!). I'd recommend filling up before going into PA if possible.
Tvov 08/22/15 06:03am Roads and Routes
RE: Getting peoples attention to pull over?

amazing you were able to notice such fine detail as how a bumper pull hitch was hooked up, or lack there of. Even the "slow" speed of 30 mph is almost 50 feet per second. I keep my eyes forward and glance at the the mirrors while driving. I find myself checking out how other campers are hitched / hooked up. Just a couple glances can tell you about the hitch... no need to stare at it.
Tvov 08/22/15 05:51am Beginning RVing
RE: Getting peoples attention to pull over?

You did what you could. I have no idea why someone wouldn't want to find out why someone else is trying to obviously get their attention...
Tvov 08/21/15 05:27am Beginning RVing
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