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RE: You may want to wait on LED's - incandescents might be back!

I wonder how heavy duty that new filament will be? LEDs seem to be able to take a lot of punishment and keep on working. That is an advantage over filaments that people sometimes forget about.
Tvov 04/28/16 05:15am General RVing Issues
RE: You may want to wait on LED's - incandescents might be back!

CFL have mercury in them and should be disposed of safely. Do a search on how to clean up a broken CFL, its a jaw dropper. Due to the "push" to change lightbulbs, the hazard materials rating of CFLs were downgraded. It was "decided" by the powers that be that the environmental advantages of CFLs were better than risk of poisoning by mercury. Of course, growing up as a kid, I remember breaking the silver mercury thermometers and playing with the cool globs of mercury. Didn't seem to have to call out the fire department and seal off the town back then. Oh well. So I don't know what to believe.
Tvov 04/28/16 05:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Removing tires

I use a roller jack under the shackle of the axle, then jackstands and/or wood blocks as needed to secure the trailer while in the air. I did two at a time, off one axle. My local garage suggested I only bring in two at a time, leaving one pair of tires on one axle as an additional safety. I have also used bottle jacks - actually, the tire change jack on my F250 works quite nicely to jack up my TT if needed. You can use a small work block to protect the axle / shackles depending on how your axles are setup. If you have a tire shop do it, better make sure they know how to safely jack up a travel trailer. So many vehicles today just require that the jack be put under the outside edge of the vehicle to jack them up, a tire change place may do that out of habit to your TT.
Tvov 04/28/16 05:01am Travel Trailers
RE: This Was My Dream Custom Build The Day I Saw It At SEMA

There was one of those in Connecticut years ago. Just as cool and odd looking up close as in the pictures! That was a Barrett-Jackson auction... which while fun to watch, I don't know if it reflects an honest value of the vehicle. Of course, with specialty vehicles like that, the value is whatever someone is willing to pay for it!
Tvov 04/28/16 04:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 0-20 Weight Oil

Read your manual closely - yes, it "recommends" synthetic oil, but it may not require it. My wife's new Ford recommends synthetic oil, but in small print it says dino oil is fine, and will not affect warranty. At a minimum, while under warranty I would recommend going with the manual's recommendation. (lots of recommendations being thrown around! lol)
Tvov 04/27/16 04:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Mt.Washington N.H.

Well, this thread made me poke around a bit! There is another campground nearby with great reviews on RVParkreviews, Crawford Notch Campground, but the latest review is from 2008. Anyone been there recently?
Tvov 04/23/16 06:18am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Opinion Needed - Repacking Wheel Bearings and found THIS

That looks pretty chewed up to me. I'd want to have that replaced. When are you leaving? It'll probably be fine for a trip or two, but seems like there would be progressive damage occurring the longer you tow it. How long ago did the damage and "repair" occur? If it was recently, then possibly the bearings just don't show damage yet. Since the previous owner seems like he was honest with you and told you about the repair, I'd leave him out of this and just go get it replaced.
Tvov 04/22/16 05:12am General RVing Issues
RE: Campground tourists?

We (wife and I) don't often drive through campgrounds, but we definitely would be number 3... slow rubberneckers. I drive through campgrounds at idle speed because of kids, and since we are driving through the campground to check it out... we rubberneck! lol While are are camping, we certainly go for at least one walk to check out the campground. And of course to hobnob with fellow campers, and we always see one or two setups that spark my interest - and campers are usually only too willing to talk about their rigs!
Tvov 04/19/16 06:03am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: tips for 1st timer

... My only concern was the tongue jack, the power it needs to hook and un hook. ... I don't have a power tongue jack, so I don't know exactly how much power they use - but, if you leave the camper plugged into the truck while using the power tongue jack, won't that mostly use the power from the truck?
Tvov 04/18/16 05:33am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: tips for 1st timer

Oh, for water while dry camping, in addition to making sure the camper's fresh water tank is full, I bring a 5 gallon water cooler - one of those big orange ones. Use that for drinking water, save the camper water for cleaning / bathroom use. We avoid making things like pasta for meals, as that uses up a lot of water.
Tvov 04/17/16 06:44am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: tips for 1st timer

We dry camp on a regular basis. Our battery easily lasts a weekend... by thinking of the camper as a big tent. Do not use camper lights at all - use battery lanterns and flashlights. Save the camper lights for the midnight bathroom use. Do not use the camper's propane heater if the night is cool - the blower fan uses more energy than you might think. Avoid using the vent fan(s) if possible... but sometimes you have to! Making morning coffee on the stove top with a percolator will usually easily warm up the camper. Always remember to open windows and ceiling vent, at least a little bit, for fresh air. Showers are no problem. Turn on the propane water heater about 20 minutes before your shower. Just turn on the water pump when you need it, off when you are finished. Learn how to do a "Navy" shower - very quick wet down, turn water off, shampoo and soap, turn water on to rinse off as FAST as possible. You might be impressed at how little water you will actually use when you get used to it. I then turn off the water heater - it actually uses very little power, but it is one more thing to save energy by doing. We've gotten to the point where we kind of prefer dry camping, especially in the Spring and Fall (mid summer I am willing to give in and use an air conditioner... lol!). A lot of dry campgrounds have larger campsites, or are nearer to beautiful places to hike and bike. In my state, Connecticut, most state parks do not have hook ups, so dry camping is usual here (this is changing, and the state is adding hookups, and I have mixed feelings about that!). As for your generator, if use the tips mentioned in this thread, you will probably find that you simply will not need to use it.
Tvov 04/17/16 06:40am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Cicadas invasion

The last time we were supposed to have a cicada "invasion" here in Connecticut it was a flop. I am not sure if even one hatched in my town. My understanding is these invasions are usually very localized.
Tvov 04/15/16 05:06am General RVing Issues
RE: Towing MPG???

GA to CO and back. 6 x14, 2800 lbs., 16.2 mpg (hand calc 15.4) ... Two trips, 27.5' camper, 6700 lbs., 12.3 & 11.7 mpg (hand calc 11.7 & 11.1) ... Now that's interesting! I have always found that the computer mpg on my 2008 F250 almost always calculates 1/2 mpg BETTER than my hand calculations... and look at your numbers. I wonder how many other people have similar numbers?
Tvov 04/14/16 04:44am Towing
RE: 2016 half ton IIHS crash testing small overlap

Odd crash test: "small overlap front crash" I love my Fords, but what is with all these individual crash tests? Sometimes it seems like they are tailoring the crash tests to get the results they want. What about taking results from all the different tests and averaging them? Front, rear, 1/2 front, sideswipe, the small overlap test in the original post, etc. Are averaged results of all crash tests available somewhere?
Tvov 04/12/16 05:32am Tow Vehicles
RE: Exact Floor Plan Wanted

I am looking for a short (20-25') class C with a dinette AND a couch, full bath & kitchen, deep pocket in the cab over so I can sit up in bed. Any make, any year, any price. "any price"? Can't you just have one custom made then?
Tvov 04/12/16 05:15am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Is it just me?

American Roadtrip, does the whole campground you are in smell like that, or just your neighbor? If it is just your neighbor, there might be an issue with the sewer connection. If you are in a "normal" private campground, you aren't going to be getting any "fresh air" packed in like sardines. Try State and Federal parks that have more room, or for real fresh air try dry camping in Federal forest land.
Tvov 04/11/16 06:11am General RVing Issues
RE: "White" Hose gets Kink and is Hard to Handle

I thought we were supposed to have a special RV "White" hose - can we just buy any decent hose?\ It's not so much an "RV" hose as it means any water hose marked for 'safe for drinking water'. And are usually white to denote that. These hoses are 'supposed' to have no lead in them. Garden hoses are allowed to have lead. If you don't drink from your RV fresh water tank (I do not) it doesn't make any difference what type of hose you use! :W Never heard about lead in hoses before. I always thought the white drinking water hose was simply designed to avoid making the water taste like it came through a garden hose. It is also nice to have white hose for drinking water, and green hose for other uses, such as washing or as a grey water hose. Even better if you can find grey colored hose!
Tvov 04/09/16 06:16am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Opinion - Tow Mirrors

One thing that is nice about add-on mirrors is that you can then have one mirror aimed down towards the tires of the trailer, which is good for seeing if you are going to hit curbs or obstacles while turning. When I had add-on mirrors in the past I usually aimed the inside (stock) mirrors down a little bit. This is what is really nice about having power mirrors - I can easily change their angle when parking the trailer. Large "towing mirrors" are really nice to have, even if you are not towing all the time. You don't realize how much you use them until you take them off after using them for awhile.
Tvov 04/08/16 06:51am Travel Trailers
RE: GMC 2500HD instead of a Ford F250 for our 5th wheel...

You mentioned ride quality... I am not sure about the newest Fords, but mine (2008) and similar Fords have a rough ride - when they are empty. Loaded up it is great! In my experience Dodge and especially Chevy have a nicer and more comfortable ride when empty.
Tvov 04/08/16 06:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: Leveling a trailer

I used to carry three approx 3 foot 2x8 boards. When I got a couple packs of the plastic blocks, I started carrying two boards. Usually if I have to level more than two boards high, I try to see if I can park the TT somewhere else. But between the boards and blocks, I have been fine so far. If I don't need the blocks for leveling, I can use them under the stabilizer jacks, under the front jack, under the picnic table, to level the grill, etc. I have also found that a simple 2 foot long 2x4 seems to come in handy all the time, usually for grill or table leveling.
Tvov 04/07/16 05:53am Travel Trailers
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