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RE: Black tank- dump it or leave it?

We don't have a seasonal site... When I park our TT on our property for a few weeks between trips, if I don't thoroughly rinse the black tank, the TT will smell inside. So I vote for draining and rinsing!
Tvov 07/30/16 06:49am General RVing Issues
RE: Generator Gas

Have you seen the Eagle gas cans? About as safe as you are going to get for a gas can. Spring loaded pour spout. Funnel is removable. https://www.amazon.com/Eagle-UI-50-FS-Galvanized-Gasoline-Capacity/dp/B00GVJAXZQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1469790355&sr=8-1&keywords=eagle+fuel+can https://www.amazon.com/Eagle-UI-50-FS-Galvanized-Gasoline-Capacity/dp/B00GVJAXZQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1469790355&sr=8-1&keywords=eagle+fuel+can One thing to keep in mind if and when you setup a system to get fuel from your trucks tank... don't empty the tank! If you don't pay attention, that generator putting away on the other side of the camper (for noise reduction) will suck the fuel tank dry. And then you are really stuck.
Tvov 07/29/16 05:10am Tech Issues
RE: Unique Usage -- Looking to Buy

It is almost always wise to buy used. The first owner gets the "kinks" worked out. Quality control appears to be non existent in the RV market. I'd suggest you rent for one trip to see if this really "fits" your lifestyle. Is this more accurate than the reverse, than the first owner fails to care for the unit? What would you look for when buying a used unit? Only half joking, but you want to buy a used unit from a retired guy who spent all his time maintaining and working on his camper. As to new, Jayco in general is considered pretty good. Other manufacturers have models that are good, you will get plenty of feedback from this forum! A camper is a mini-house on wheels, with pretty much all the same "systems" a house has, just add in bouncing down the road - electrical system, plumbing, air conditioning, cooking stove, refrig, etc. All that has to be built lightweight and survive being dragged behind a truck. So you will have things that need to be adjusted / fixed / replaced... just like a house. When you get your new-to-you camper, plan to spend some time living / camping in it to break it in and learn how everything works. First "trip" should be in your driveway for a couple nights, so you can run in the house to get what you forgot. Second trip, if possible, is a weekend (or week) at a nearby campground or state park (within 30 minutes or less drive time) so you again can return home to get things you find that you need. Also plan to really love Walmart for all the stuff to outfit the camper! lol Then go! And thanks for helping people who need help after a disaster.
Tvov 07/29/16 04:53am Travel Trailers
RE: Can we travel with fresh tank full? We lose half on the way.

Interesting thread! I did not know some campers have this issue. And some good fixes.
Tvov 07/29/16 04:31am Travel Trailers
RE: RV Life

I was amazed, still am, at how much there is to explore in my own little state of Connecticut. Once we got our TT and started looking around, I found all sorts of things / places I didn't know about - museums, town parks, state parks, Corps of Engineer parks (had no idea Connecticut had those!), monuments, forts, walking and biking trails, etc. Every summer we plan at least one "new" place to explore in our own state, or explore more thoroughly where we've been before. Start adding in neighboring states, and there is just so much to explore. People get so used to looking for something to do "over there", they never think to check out their own neighborhood.
Tvov 07/29/16 04:22am RV Lifestyle
RE: What Was She Thinking?

... Walking against the signals, or not using them, is jay walking. Yet, I've NEVER seen it being enforced...even at the intersection 1/2 block down from the police station. Geeze, THAT really gets my goat. ~Rick Didn't New York City start enforcing pedestrian "laws" under Giuliani? Something about the "broken window" initiative - start keeping minor infractions under control, like "minor" vandalism, and that will reduce the big crimes. I think I remember there being a big push back, with people getting upset, and after Giuliani left they have been going back to the old method of ignoring "minor" stuff. A friend of mine lived in NYC during Giuliani's term, and he loved the guy. Said he really cleaned up a lot of NYC. Oh, and just to derail this thread further: A couple weeks ago there was a bicyclist in front of me in full regalia -- brightly colored spandex, crazy sunglasses, molded helmet, gloves, shoes, etc. He came to an intersection with a stop sign.... and STOPPED. I almost drove off the road I was so surprised that he was obeying traffic laws, lol! Drive safe!
Tvov 07/28/16 05:41am General RVing Issues
RE: What Was She Thinking?

"College towns" (or cities) are the worst. The kids just waltz across the street without a care in the world. I have two kids in college, and they confuse their friends by actually looking both ways before walking into a road.
Tvov 07/27/16 05:35am General RVing Issues
RE: Old Generator is tired, 3500 watt enough for TT?

... As for your quiet box, I found a YouTube video where a guy just used sheets of wood (can't recall exactly what he used!!!) and leaned them up against the generator at the top. The sheets were a little longer, guessing 4' or so, and directed the noise into the ground which absorbed a lot of it. I will try to find the video again. My thought was to line the wood with the heat resistant foil probably similar to what you did for your generator box. ... After Hurricane Irene we were without power for 7 days, and I used a "classic" open frame contractor 4,000w generator. LOUD. I used a couple sheets of plywood, leaned up against the frame of the generator, to try to direct the sound away from the house. It helped... but it was still loud. If I still planned on using that 4w gen, I would make the effort to build a "quiet box" with insulation. Now I have a twin cylinder 16hp 9,000 watt generator for the house... which interestingly enough, is quieter and smoother running than the 8hp generator. Still loud, though.
Tvov 07/26/16 04:46am Travel Trailers
RE: Tent Cot Camping

"Room to store your gear & to spread out." How much gear are you talking about? I'm 6ft, tent is 90 inches, which leaves about 18 inches of room according to the Target website. Looks like a great idea for an extra bed for guests when camping!
Tvov 07/24/16 06:39am Tent Camping
RE: Leveling the RV

Stove top! Years ago on these forums someone said to level the stove top... if that is level, everything else is fine. Really annoying to try and cook eggs that keep sliding to one side of the fry pan. When we first got our TT, I leveled it in the driveway using a level on the stovetop and then put stick-on level indicators on the front and side corner of the outside of the TT. Someplace easy to see when pulling into the campsite. I recheck every year or so, but so far so good! If the stove top is level but the refrig is too far out of level to run correctly, then something else is really wrong with your camper!
Tvov 07/24/16 06:08am Class A Motorhomes
RE: fire ban

Bacon! The cause of, and solution to, all of the world's problems. (paraphrasing a popular quote)
Tvov 07/24/16 05:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Water pump

If your water pumps turns on and off for short amounts of time (usually only seconds) when no one is using water, check your faucets and piping for any leaks. It may just be a water faucet not closed all the way, or it may help you find a small problem before it becomes a big problem.
Tvov 07/23/16 07:02am Beginning RVing
RE: PLEASE HELP! Batteries are not operating rig

While you are at it, check the condition of your battery cables too. I struggled a few summers ago with questionable battery power, including buying new batteries ($$) when the "old" ones weren't that old. During one of my many tightening / cleanings of the battery cable connections, I noticed a small amount of corrosion in the wire that the connector was, well, connected to. I ended up cutting off about 2 inches of wire on both the positive and negative cables before getting to mostly clean wire. After reconnecting the connectors, I put a bunch of "liquid tape" on the ends and I haven't had any issues since. Just one more thing to think about!
Tvov 07/23/16 06:49am Tech Issues
RE: fire ban

Does the fire ban include grills? You may be able to have a small wood fire in an elevated grill, like a classic Weber kettle charcoal grill. Try calling the campground and ask.
Tvov 07/23/16 06:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Portable gas can rant, and a really good solution

Link from Tractor Supply: http://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/ez-pour-universal-replacement-spout-kit interesting photo. the ones with black nozzles/spouts are labeled for non-gasoline use. the ones I bought for gasoline have clear/translucent spouts. I "assume" it is exactly the same plastic in them however. I bought my "gas" ones at Ace Hardware in Oxford, NC, as nobody in VA/MD carried them. Ordered others direct from ezpour since I also wanted additional replacement vent fittings. bumpy Yea, I actually bought the translucent spouts. I didn't see the black ones in the local store. I posted the link to the black ones just to be "correct". The spouts are pretty darn nice. Long and flexible, they can reach oddly placed fuel fillers with little or no spillage. P.S. I don't work for Tractor Supply, just that finding those filler replacements has made my life a lot easier!
Tvov 07/23/16 06:32am Tech Issues
RE: Portable gas can rant, and a really good solution

Link from Tractor Supply: http://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/ez-pour-universal-replacement-spout-kit
Tvov 07/22/16 05:28am Tech Issues
RE: Portable gas can rant, and a really good solution

In our fire department, we got rid of all the new "push in nozzle" type "safety" nozzles - they spilled so much fuel they were (and I feel are) dangerous to use. Hard to believe they are mandated. We use the Eagle type steel fuel cans with the spring loaded caps. Also, Tractor Supply carries replacement old-style standard flow nozzles for "old" cans... I wouldn't ever think of putting those nozzles on new cans. No sirree.
Tvov 07/22/16 05:25am Tech Issues
RE: Wheel Bearings

I would think even just giving an EZ-Lube axle a pump or two every trip is way too much grease. Is your husband actually "repacking" the bearings, or just checking them? Maybe he is just checking wheel lug tightness and seeing if there is too much bearing play on a new trailer? First couple trips that is something to do, then after that go to a yearly (or more) schedule as many others here have posted.
Tvov 07/20/16 06:05am Tech Issues
RE: Questions about traveling with grandkids

Buy 'em a T-shirt and a hat and call it good.... Who says memories are made by buying stuff? Go do cool stuff and take pics. Come home and make things with your pics... Calendars, coffee mugs, scrap books. I lean towards this. What kind of trip are you planning? If mostly campgrounds, why so much concern about money? My response to my kids when they want something that I don't want to buy for them is "I don't have money for that", or "Let's wait and come back to buy it if you still want it later - we don't want to carry it around all day". Amazing how often kids later on decide something really isn't all that critical to own. At resort campgrounds we will usually gave our kids $5 or $10 a day to spend on snacks and/or games. Depended on what the campground had and how much things cost. At more rustic campgrounds that didn't have an extensive camp store or recreation hall, there was nothing to spend money on! We just made campfires, hiked in the woods, played frisbie / soccer / wiffle ball, and swam in the river / lake. And if we were with other families, we ate until our bellys burst. If you are planning on camping near tourist destinations (amusement parks, seashore boardwalks, exploring cities, etc), then Yes, have some sort of a budget figured out, but.... plan on "overspending" on your grandkids. Kind of takes away from a vacation if you are constantly worried about money... either plan something less expensive, or just bring the credit cards. Have fun camping!
Tvov 07/20/16 05:53am RV Lifestyle
RE: Old Generator is tired, 3500 watt enough for TT?

You camper has a single air conditioner I assume? I would think the 3,000 watt Champion ought to be able to run that. Have you really gone over the engine? Does the engine possibly have issues from ethanol gas? Clogged fuel line, collapsing fuel line, clogged fuel filter, clogged carb, etc? I noticed the "Brutepower" generator in the link you provided does not seem to list noise level... usually means it is LOUD! Looks like a perfectly good generator, same as all the others of that type (open frame, contractor type).
Tvov 07/20/16 05:30am Travel Trailers
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