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RE: Returning Phone Messages

The worst situation here, and many of you TVOV just as an example, almost never answer the phone for whatever business reasons you name. THEN, you call me back at your convenience - THEN, if I don't answer because I'm in the shower or whatever, you tell me "call me back" ... WHY would I? If I call you back, I get another message with the same "leave a message, I'll call you'... So we get an unending 'call me back' ... It seems to me - and this is exactly how I do it - I'll call you back until I get you. Medical offices and other businesses always call you back and leave a message but often NEVER actually answer the phone - the mentality is, the machine will get it and I'll call back later, and they call ONCE and think that is OK ... But, when a person calls, they never get an answer, and if they are lucky enough to answer when that person calls, it can get business done. Personally, if I'm calling a small business, I call once, if that person calls and tells me to call back again, I'm on to someone else. Anyone that owns a company and wants my business should return a call MORE THAN ONCE - keep trying until you get the client, don't just call back one time, leave a message (again) to call you back. I won't. Because if you call a couple times, more than likely, you'll get me - but me calling you never gets you. All this electronic "stuff" might SEEM convenient, but most often it just spends a lot of wasted time dialing and listening to extended messages that help no one. There are always different sides of a story. It is also about the size and type of business. I am basically a one man operation (used to have crews). If I actually answered all the calls my business line gets (having it forwarded to my cell phone when necessary), when exactly would I do any work? If I came out to your property to give you an estimate and my cell phone rang, how would you feel if I said excuse me and turned my back to you to have a 20 minute conversation with another customer? I know I get mad when people ignore me, standing in front of them, to talk on their cell phone ... so I don't do that to customers, I let my answering machine pickup. We do the best we can with what we have. Is Spring here yet?
Tvov 02/09/16 06:09am General RVing Issues
RE: Returning Phone Messages

For all the people who hate dealing with answering machines, imagine the small business owner who is flooded daily with robo calling. I have a small landscaping service. If I personally answered all calls, I would get nothing done. Also, most customers calling want an estimate or a date for meeting at their property - things I need to look up, which is easier to do if I don't have the phone jammed under my ear. I prefer people call and leave a message - that way I can research an answer, and be ready for questions when I call them back. You need to leave a message with WHY you are calling! I have had salespeople leave the "Hey, get back to me at xxx-xxxx", and of course it is just a sales call. So I do not return those calls now. Also, for established customers, I almost prefer not talking to them directly - most times I am calling to let them know when we will be there and what we are doing. They can call me back if there are any changes, otherwise we'll just do the work. I tell all my customers that they have to leave a message due to robocalling, and I will pickup if I am next to the phone and hear them. Since I have a business line and want customers to be able to find the number, it is not on the "do not call" list (which is almost impotent now anyways), and it is listed in the phone book and online - which means, I am inundated daily with robo-calling. Multiple calls an hour. I CANNOT answer every call and get anything done! Even if I did have a human receptionist, they would not be able to get anything done if they answered every call! This is why so many businesses have answering systems now, either simple message machine or push button choices. It is the only way businesses can get anything done in today's robo-tele-marketing world.
Tvov 02/08/16 05:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Perking coffee -- how long?

Kroger sells "Wrap Coffee Filters" like Johnson said. Much like standard filters but thinner. Today, most people use drip machines so coffee companies sell their product ground fine. It will stop up the holes in most perk baskets. I make coffee for 2 rv rallies per year and average 250 cups per morning. I always use filters in my four 30 cup electric perks. I think this is related... one thing that happens often with my stovetop percolator is that it will overflow - I have to watch it when it first begins perking. I think this is related to coffee "plugging" up the basket. I think I need to try a paperfilter in the basket.
Tvov 02/07/16 05:26am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Let's talk trash

Dumpsters at the dump site. Drives me crazy when we pack up to leave, put our full trash bags in the back of the pickup truck, and go to the dump site on our way out. Dump the waste tanks, and go throw the trash bags in the dumpster.... IF there is one! Preferably more than one (many times the dumpster, at places with only one dumpster, is full by Sunday afternoon). Having dumpsters at the dump site is just such a logical thing to do, I just don't understand why some campgrounds don't do that. I've driven home with garbage a few times because we either couldn't find the dumpster, or I just wanted to get on the road home. If the dumpsite is not in a convenient spot in the campground, then they should have more dumpsters strategically placed where needed in the campground. It is important to have dumpsters or garbage cans easily accessible in logical places, to avoid people just throwing garbage on the ground (as too many do), or burning in the fire pit, or worse leaving it in the firepit for the next campers to find. Garbage cans should be by bathrooms, rec rooms, pavilions, etc. Recycling is great, but that requires the campground management to stay on top of keeping the separate garbage cans, well, separate - and emptied. Having campsite garbage pickup is nice, but the few campgrounds we've been to that do that inevitably have missed garbage bags, or people leave them out too early, or the pickup crew comes at the wrong time - which all leads to full garbage bags sitting at campsites. Which leads me to believe that is why some campgrounds do the site pickup during the week - so bags aren't left out on the weekends, which doesn't look all that attractive. At least one campground we went to had certain days and/or weekends where they allowed "large" items to be put by the dumpsters - appliances, furniture, etc. This is a great idea, and allowed the campground office to arrange with the garbage company to be ready to pickup more than just garbage. With some thought, garbage disposal can be made easier and simple, and people will appreciate it. (let's not get into the slobs that exist everywhere, you can't do much about that)
Tvov 02/06/16 08:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Traveling with an infant

Most infant carriers are designed to be strapped in using existing seatbelts... pretty much any seat that has seat belts should be able to hold it securely. Is there a third seat in the Freightliner that has seatbelts? That should be fine. If the "toter home" has seat belts for a dinette or something similar, those should work. Fire departments and Police departments are used to "normal" cars when showing how to install infant seats - they may look at your rig with a blank expression, lol! They could very well help you, but you may want to contact the seat maker or Freightliner.
Tvov 02/04/16 05:20am General RVing Issues
RE: Traveling late April

Macidonia SP in Kent Ct is open after opening day of trout fishing in April. It is empty during the week but full on the W\E. I did not know that! We love that place, and go there almost every year. It is "rustic" camping - outhouses, and no water, electric, or dump station.
Tvov 02/03/16 06:41am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Traveling late April

What do you mean by a "try it trip"? Did you get a new camper? Are you planning on renting a camper? Are you going north from Connecticut, or south? Most campgrounds in Connecticut and New England don't open fully until Memorial Day (May). Some may be "dry" camping, no electric or water. Some may have electric only available, no water. Connecticut State park campgrounds aren't open until Memorial Day - the online reservation system may say "unavailable", leading some people to think all the sites are reserved, but in reality the campground is just not open yet. Having said that... some CT state parks are open the weekend before Memorial Day, but it is non-reservation, first come first serve. One problem is contacting someone at the private campgrounds that may rent space during the off season - usually during the off season the "offices" are open randomly, when someone happens to swing by and check messages. Start trying to contact campgrounds now, and be ready for dry camping. Can be a lot of fun, though! I love camping in cooler weather!
Tvov 02/03/16 04:40am Class C Motorhomes
RE: For those of you that have kids or have already raised kids

When our kids were young (up until 10-12 years old), we kept trips relatively simple and fun. We mostly stayed at "resort" campgrounds with all the stuff - pools, mini golf, playscapes, etc. I would usually try to plan some sort of day trip to see something, but always kept in the back of my mind just staying at the campground if that seemed like the thing to do. Early teens, then we started really hitting the historic areas and scenic areas. And... Disney World! I kinda lean towards Disney World really being for 10 years and up to really enjoy it. Certainly young kids have fun there, but ask any 20-something who went to Disney World as a 3 year old if they remember it. "Must see" places... Really, there is usually a reason why someplace or thing is a "must see". Even if you only see it once (Niagara Falls sort of fits that for me). Otherwise, as so many have posted, just camping with the family is worth it. Growing up, my family never camped. I am glad my kids have had the adventures we've had.
Tvov 02/02/16 05:26am General RVing Issues
RE: For those of you that have kids or have already raised kids

This is going to bug me... now I have to remember all our trips! A good "problem" to have. We took our kids to Plymouth Village, Mayflower, and Plymouth Rock. Gettysburg Battlefield was much more impressive that I would have thought. I took my son up to Fort Ticonderoga at the northern end of Lake George, New York. We went to Disney World (still think a camper at Fort Wilderness is the best way to do it!). Acadia National Park is a favorite. We had a great trip to Niagara Falls with two other families that is the type of trip I don't think can ever be repeated. There's got to be a few other "big" trips I'm forgetting... but mostly, just GOING CAMPING as a family is something I'll always be grateful we have been able to do. "Kids" are now both in college, and realistically don't camp with us anymore. They will still stop by to visit us at campsites, but it is nice with just the wife and I. What we missed that I really regret, is going to Washington D.C. - before 9/11, all the local schools had trips to DC... now they don't (in talking to teachers, they are kind of relieved - those trips were always huge undertakings). So my kids have never been to our nation's capitol - we just couldn't get the trips arranged. I also wish we had gotten to Concord / Lexington to see the place where the revolutionary war began. Wife and I are planning a trip there this summer, but kid's schedules probably won't let them come with us. I would have loved to get "out West" with the family, but it just didn't work out. Wife and I are semi-planning to head out there after the kids are out of college - a LOT of things are waiting until after those graduations! Meanwhile, we still seems to find great places to explore nearby (within an hour or two).
Tvov 02/01/16 05:19am General RVing Issues
RE: Huge Electricity Bill - Plot Thickens

I'm a former Meter reader. You read the meter from right to left. Lets say the first dial is a 5. The second dial is then 5 digits away, or forward, from the actual number. so if the second dial is half way between 6 and 7, then it's a six. The third dial is then 6 digits away from the true number. so if its real close to the 3, then its a six digits away from a 2. It's a 2 Remember that the previuos dial tells you how far away from the true number the next dial is. A previous dial of 9 makes the next dial 9 digits away from the real number.. Good thing I wasn't a meter reader... I have no idea what that all means, lol!
Tvov 01/27/16 05:05am General RVing Issues
RE: A letter to my neighbor flying his drone early this morning

LOL! This thread is interesting: http://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/28730433/srt/pa/pging/1/page/1.cfm
Tvov 01/25/16 06:16am General RVing Issues
RE: Who all carries a DRONE while RVing?

This guy fishing doesn't like the drone watching him, so he hucks his line and reels it in! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrzU-MMBGIM That is exactly what is wrong with too many drone operators today. They fly close enough to distract and be noticed by people. I don't know a lot about drones, but do they have some sort of "zoom" on their cameras? If so, why would someone fly it close enough that people are disturbed by it? Seems like it is because a lot of drone operators want the drone to be noticed and people to react. That is what is wrong. If you want to fly your drone, go ahead. Keep it out of my backyard, keep it from looking into my bedroom windows, don't have it hovering over my campsite. It isn't the "safety" aspect of the drones - that is brought up just because the real reason is more difficult to enforce: It is that they are annoying and disturb people going about their business. Like those fishermen.
Tvov 01/25/16 06:11am General RVing Issues
RE: Camping World is No Help after the sale!

Can you bring your trailer to Camping World in the evening / at night? Then they can look at it in the morning. When we have work done on our cars and trucks, I routinely drop them off during non-business hours. I have never heard of a camper dealer picking up a camper to work on it.
Tvov 01/25/16 05:52am Camping World RV Sales
RE: Shamrock RV Park in Biddeford, Maine

Thanks for the info. How long has that video review site been around? Pretty interesting.
Tvov 01/23/16 06:57am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: traveling to Maine

... FYI...if you need to (due to an accident closure etc ) , I use the Garden State Pkwy in NJ towing my trailers . NJ has an RV clause (incls. privately owner,not for hire comm. veh.) to allow it. It overrides commercial restrictions. from Toms River to the NY state border is the section I tow.... Yes, the New Jersey Garden State Parkway is different (as are all things in NJ... lol! ), and more vehicles are allowed on it than other "parkways". P.S. I have relatives in NJ, love the place, and they make fun of CT just as much as I make fun of NJ...
Tvov 01/21/16 04:58am Travel Trailers
RE: traveling to Maine

As to "parkways", I always assume trailers are not allowed, unless I know specifically otherwise.
Tvov 01/19/16 08:19am Travel Trailers
RE: traveling to Maine

My suggestion - Chestertown is on the east side of Chesapeake Bay. Head north on local roads to I95 to the NJ Turnpike. Near Woodbridge NJ, take I287 to the NY Thruway north to I84 to the Mass Turnpike, then I495 around Boston to join I95 into New Hampshire and Maine. Zero low bridges or tunnels on this route. I'll second this route. I95 through NYC is a gamble with traffic. When there is no traffic, you speed up and your TT will bounce all over the place. Odd hours (night, etc) there is usually construction. I don't like towing our 21ft TT through NYC, and avoid it if at all possible. Having said that... I84 can be rough, as can be I495. Okay, all the highways in New England! lol. Massachusettes has come weird aversion to re-paving bridges - the highway will be beautifully paved right up to a bridge, then your TT will bounce over your truck going over the bridge. Having said that that... Have fun! Let us know how the trip goes.
Tvov 01/19/16 08:16am Travel Trailers
Shamrock RV Park in Biddeford, Maine

Anyone been there recently? Just curious, as we are possibly going there this summer partly to visit daughter who will be working nearby at college. Only review for it on RVparksreview is from 2012, gives it an "okay".
Tvov 01/19/16 08:06am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Help with 1st TT

You might find that most of the axle / brake parts are "universal"... you don't necessarily need part numbers, just measure very carefully and get what you need.
Tvov 01/19/16 07:42am Travel Trailers
RE: Help with 1st TT

Is the camper usable right now? You might just want to patch the roof vent and basically try to leave things as they are. If you start opening things up, you'll probably just find more things that could be fixed. What condition are the axles and wheels in? It may be easier to just replace the entire axle / brake (and tires and wheels) assembly - places like Tractor Supply may carry axles with brakes that fit. Let us know how things go!
Tvov 01/19/16 05:00am Travel Trailers
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