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RE: Bees in your A/C?

Is Benedryl compatible with people that have high blood pressure I wonder? Check with your doctor. Don't take internet advice on this type of thing. I have high blood pressure. But not all that high. It works for me. But then I need to measure the risk/reward factor. For a little discomfort issue from a bit of itching, I doubt I would try a risky solution. Just tough it out. BTW...Yeah...this hospital really sucks. But convenient. Next closest is an hour away. I could try the ambulance. But here's the deal. Takes them 10 minutes to get to you. They take you to the same hospital for triage. Another 20 minutes. Then if needed, will transport to another hospital by air ambulance. Another 10 minutes to get the helicopter there and then another 20 minutes to the hospital that is just an hour away if I just get in the car and drive there. So add it up. An hour doing it that way with all that crap. And the ambulance ride is $1000. The triage is $5,000. The ER doctor is another $2,000 for Sunday service. The helicopter ride is another 12,000 with ER assistants. Then the last hospital has additional similar costs. So easily, a total cost of $50,000 before any treatment. Sure maybe insurance will pay for some of it. But this is robbery...regardless. And even if insurance/medicare pays...who really pays? It is you. And me. And every other taxpayer in the USA. All for a little hornet sting. Have we lost our minds?
Vulcaneer 08/19/14 07:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Who's got the dealer to actually change the Tires.

Have to agree with Cummins...maybe the dealer will cut you loose and lose a sale..;) Maybe not. As far as the cost ("pay dearly" for the upgrade) - only one way to find out. You give it a try - run the figures, then go accordingly. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!..:S..:S ~ This I agree with. Give it a shot. Nothing to lose. Just be ready to walk or renegotiate without the tire/wheel exchange. And don't let them talk you into junk tires.
Vulcaneer 08/19/14 07:44pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Who's got the dealer to actually change the Tires.

Cummins...Yes I have. And found the result I posted. Not once. Not twice. Several times. That is why I posted this was my experience. Maybe they won't lose a sale. But they won't offer you QUALITY TIRES for a decent price. And to offer quality tires at an acceptable price, they will lose a deal. The dealer will never lose money. You may know people who have made it work. Ever happen for you? Happened for my brothers, neighbors, cousins, aunts, son. Must be true, then.
Vulcaneer 08/19/14 07:40pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Bees in your A/C?

Now to kill the nest....Suit up...and observe. Find the hole and mark it. Locate the secondary escape hole. And mark that one too. Walk into the house...."What the heck are you doin' dressed up like that? ....Oh no you don't! Don't be such an idiot." What if you get stung again? It only takes one." How can you be such an IDIOT? Next one could kill you." "Yeah but the dogs go out there. Don't want them to get ganged up on do you? And what about the grand kids." "Yeah...I guess you're right. Just be careful...you dope. I did buy the stronger Benedryl yesterday. And the liquid is supposed to work faster, too. But if you get stung we're of to the hospital again. You can swig down the Benedryl on the way." So I wait til after dark. Cover their holes with plastic, and weight it down so no escape possible. Hey...it worked on you tube I can see they are ready for a fight. But they can't get out. Cut a slit and plug with funnel with a good strainer. Pour in about a cup of Dawn dishwashing detergent. Followed immediately with 3 gallons of boiling soapy water. Then cover the hole. Few minutes later, flood with garden hose. See the water and larvae, and nest bits come up thru the secondary escape hole. A few suffering hornets too. But they cannot fly. The soap coats their wings. Checked it out the following day. From a safe distance. Pretty much destroyed the nest. A big hole in the ground where the nest was. Some flyers buzzing around. Seems they weren't all at home last night. A few out hitting the bars, I guess. So I won't be mowing the lawn again out there for a while. Will watch them to see where they build their homes next. Who knows?....I might have another colony somewhere. I can see this war is not over yet.
Vulcaneer 08/19/14 02:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bees in your A/C?

More Hornets. Ground nest. Just like Dog Folks predicted. This time one got me. Trip to the hospital. Last Sunday mowing the lawn on the tractor. A beautiful day. Mid 80's, low humidity, sunny. Me in a tee shirt and shorts/sandals. Almost done on the back forty. OUCH...SON OF A....!!!! Stung on right forearm. Put her into over drive. Choke down a few Benedryls. Wife screaming at me to not OD. Only got about 4 down before she grabbed the bottle out of my hand. "OK...Honey. I'm off to the hospital." "Oh NO YOU DON"T STUPID!!!! Wait for me to drive you. You just doped up on Benedryl, A-HOLE. You ain't driving anywhere. All I gotta do is put on my eye makeup." "Yeah....alright....just starting to get a little itchy. So we got some time yet." Ten minutes later..."Hey Hon...we gotta go...NOW!!! Whats taking you so long?" "What....you said we got plenty of time." "Yeah well I'm startin to swell up now." Getting the hives. Itching all over. And lips are getting numb. If you aren't ready, I'm taking off now. I'll call you when I get a chance." "Hold on there cowboy. I'm coming right now. Get in the car. And don't think about driving....Stupid!!!" Get to the ER and they are LOADED. But rush me right in...on the FAST TRACK. Shove an IV into me. Nurses all over me. Watching me swell up and develop welts all over me. "You just lay still until we can get a Doctor to approve the IV. You did say you have insurance, Right?" Lay there for two hours with no doctor and no IV. Itching eventually starts to subside. And welts are looking a little better. Finally, here comes the doctor.... "Hey whats the problem....You don't look so bad." All I need is a friggen shot. And I'll be outta here." "OH no! No shot for you. Not at your age." "Then why are you keeping me then." What are you gunna do? We're gunna dose you up on steroids thru your IV. We'll need to watch you for a couple hours, tho'. But the steroids will take about 6 hours to take effect." "What ?? Six hours? Then why are you going to observe me for a couple hours?" Just to see how you handle the steroids." " Who is your insurance carrier? You got supplemental, right?" "Wait Doc...I think the worst is over. Look my hives are almost gone. The itching has stopped. My lips are less numb, now. I think I don't need your treatment now. Appears the Benedryl is finally kicking in. Get a nurse to unplug me and I am outta here. " I knew I was on the right track, because my wife, and the nurses agreed with me. And they did....And I did. So they really did nothing for me, in the 5 or 6 hours I was there. Three days later and about 20 more Benedryl. And almost no sign of a problem.
Vulcaneer 08/19/14 02:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Who's got the dealer to actually change the Tires.

My experience....The dealer will offer you very little for the junk tires on your trailer. Then will want high dollar for the tires that he will recommend...usually something he has in stock. And will sock you high labor rate for installation, and balancing. By the way, they will usually insist on putting on ST tires, (like Goodyear Marathons) which are no better than what is on there now. Possibly could get them to install Michelins if you push hard. But you'll pay dearly. Best to strike you best deal without the tire discussion, and then go down the street and get your new tires of your choosing put on at a much more reasonable price. You'll come out cheaper and with better tires.
Vulcaneer 08/19/14 02:02pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Well!!! Huh?

I retired at 62 because I saw so many that didn't make it to 65. I sacrificed bigger benefits. But I had enough saved for a comfortable retirement. No regrets. Have done some things that I would not have done if I retired later. When first retired we traveled the country. About 4 months. Then did some local camping with the family. Then some snowbirding for 3 months. Snowbirded for winters at different places each year for a few years. Then found a spot we really liked. We bought an RV pad there. We still travel. But when we snow bird, we settle in at our RV community...which we really love. The point is, it took us several years to evolve to a decision that really defines our enjoyment in retirement now. Waiting longer would have cost us much enjoyment that we never expected would be our new direction. One never knows what is in store for them. But one can do what they can do to control their destiny. Sometimes it works out. Sometimes it doesn't. My take on it is that one wants to avoid doing ANYTHING that could interrupt YOUR life plan.
Vulcaneer 08/14/14 07:41am Fifth-Wheels
RE: U Lounge?

For some reason many bunkhouse models are available with the U-shaped dinette. Many manufacturers have then available in bunkhouse floor plans. While they can accommodate more seats for a larger family, they are not for everyone. Best to play house in one for a week end if you can. Or at least sit in one for a few hours and pretend you are watching TV for the evening. The reason I say that is that I also thought they looked really great. But after spending time in one, I changed my mind. Fine for a short sit. But beyond that...not so much.
Vulcaneer 08/14/14 07:18am Travel Trailers
RE: I'll never do that again

Or, maybe you could try releasing the pressure relief valve by flipping the little lever. Glad you were not hurt. Seems like everyone does this once. Don't let it get to you. Oh...And if you think now that you've done that....Now you know it all. You probably don't.
Vulcaneer 08/14/14 06:50am Tech Issues
RE: Tailgater and Local Stations

I use tailgater in many spots. For locals, I just convert to the over the air antenna. Not a big deal. Just change the source input and hit the amp button on the antenna. If you are camping out of your home area, and have the locals switched by your satellite provider, then your home receivers will lose their local channels. When you get back home, you will need to call the provider to get your locals back on your home receivers. We don't bother with all that. So the OTA antenna works fine (to get locals in the area we are in) for us when we are out of the home area. Actually our OTA antenna, brings in as good a digital picture as our HD Tailgater. So no loss of picture quality by using the OTA.
Vulcaneer 08/12/14 02:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: 2016 Ford Superduty Looks Hot!

Ever since the Pinto flame problem, Ford decided to test more aggressively. If you don't test them, until a few burst into flames...then you just aren't testing them hard enough.
Vulcaneer 08/06/14 07:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Well lets just write 2014 off

Where's RAM???
Vulcaneer 08/06/14 07:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Warning -- wind damage.....awnings!

Have seen too many staked down awnings, get ripped off the side of the trailer/MH. Yeah... the stakes hold just fine. But the pressure just pulls the awning attachment (which is typically weak) off the trailer. I don't think staking down an awning is a good idea. My electric has the gas struts that take a moderate shock. And does it very well. A well thought out design. I have seen it blow up...and settle back down gently in place. Even then, I appreciate the push button convenience to roll it up in threatening weather.
Vulcaneer 08/06/14 06:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bad camping neighbors

What....You don't read RV.net??? Do a search...You'll quickly find the answer. Never mind. I'll tell you, right now. Here is the problem. It's your dogs. Dogs are always the problem. Even moving them to another site. When they come back they'll be digging in the fire pit and chasing kids off your site. It's the dogs, I tell you. Just kidding here...of course.
Vulcaneer 08/03/14 03:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Keystone president,CEO

Just curious...What exactly is the problem with the finish on the front cap. Is it something a little fiberglass restorer might bring back? See this thread??? I can understand why a 2 year old trailer might not be warranteed. With so many things that can be caused by mis applied treatments, or poor maintenance. not saying that is what caused your issues. But lets face it. A lot of people screw up their finishes. And then claim the manufacturer made an inferior product. Here is another thought...Hopefully more constructive. The RV manufacturers don't make the front caps. They are vendor products. And purchased by the RV builder. They come in on a truck, and the RV company just does the "lick em and stick em", thing. So if the customer satisfaction people at Keystone cannot help you. See if you can find out who their vendor is, and go from there. I doubt if any CEO is going to do much for you, if you haven't first gone through (and exhausted) the customer service departments. They will probably tell you to go through them first. Then work your way up the line.
Vulcaneer 08/03/14 03:27pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: residential refrigerator

My guess is that your fridge is maybe bigger than previous models. Maybe a 18CU FT, four door job? While they may have upgraded the fridge, they did not upgrade the inverter. An 800W inverter sounds marginal for a new design fridge. Are you sure it is 800W? Can CC offer an upgraded inverter that will run your fridge? I wonder if that tech gave you good information. Can you get him to send you an e-mail that says, their inverter won't run your fridge? I don't know about your particular fridge. But the residential models that I have heard of, run 12V (off the truck) while towing. And 120V AC when plugged in.
Vulcaneer 08/02/14 10:21am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fixing awning screws

I would think those screws are into a stud in the sidewall. As the siding simply is not strong enough on it's own to hold anything well. So first you need to verify what is holding the screws. Maybe look at it early in the morning when there is a "dew signature" on the sidewall. This will show where the studs are located. Or maybe a studfinder will help you. If they really are screwing into studs, you might just want to screw in the next bigger sized screw diameter. If screwing into only the sidewall, just fill in the holes with matching color sealer. Because those screws aren't helping anything anyway. If you need to have the screws in there for "looks" then the plastic mollies should do it. Just don't expect a lot of support from them.
Vulcaneer 08/02/14 09:09am General RVing Issues
RE: What Was Your Most Valuable Lesson Here?

I learned that most people really don't know how to answer the original posters question. They are great at telling them..."that never happened to me., Why did you do that?, Why don't you do that?. I have been doing it this way for years and it has been just fine. You think that is bad, you should try this., Etc.
Vulcaneer 08/01/14 07:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ford F350 2003 - issues?

The 7.3L is a 180 degrees better than the 6.0L. But just remember the 7.3 is pretty old technology. As in much weaker by todays standards, and the transmission is also not up to todays standards. This doesn't make it a bad truck. And for your smaller/lighter 5'r it will be just great. But could be limited for future and heavier towing needs.
Vulcaneer 08/01/14 05:19pm Tow Vehicles
RE: I should get the Darwin award

I drink beer. And my beer thermometer (mouth and tongue) are usually pretty accurate. I can tell when the fridge is off a couple degrees. Works with Milk too. It's just that I drink more beer. Not sure you are a Darwin candidate. But ask your wife. Sounds like she is the brains of the family. That said you are smarter. And I can prove it. Look who you married.... Then Look who SHE married. See? You are the smarter one, after all. I use this on my wife all the time. It is one time she agrees with me. But she hates to admit it.
Vulcaneer 08/01/14 03:00pm General RVing Issues
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