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RE: Would you run either of these tires?

The 1" gap should be fine.
Vulcaneer 07/27/14 07:51pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: what type of slide is this

I think electric. But ask the dealer. If he doesn't know, ask the factory. Soun ds like the motors are not synchronized. Details on the year and model of trailer?
Vulcaneer 07/27/14 07:38pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Blowing tires on 5th wheel

Electra??? Buy some name brand LT tires. Michelin, Bridgestone, Firestone, Cooper, etc. I wouldn't pay for Goodyears of an type. But others swear by them. They cannot give me, any tire made in China. Regardless of brand name. Because they charge $5.00 to get rid of them. They are not worth that to me. I run Firestone Transforce HT. LT 275x45x16. Run them for 4 years and they're off. In that time usually about 25,000 miles. Replace with same. No more blow outs.
Vulcaneer 07/27/14 07:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Blowing tires on 5th wheel

If they are ST tires, made in China, or over three years old they are a known issue. Most oems use Chinese ST tires. Commonly referred to as China bombs. You problems are rather common among the towable RV community. Don't worry about alignment, unless you are seeing very uneven wear patterns on your tires. And "Don't let us bastards wear you down." Our bark is worse than our bite. We really can help.
Vulcaneer 07/27/14 05:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Would you run either of these tires?

I agree with Allworth. The wave in the sidewall is not considered to be a weakness in the sidewall. Actually, where the sidewall goes inward, is stronger in that area, because that is where the plys are joined. And because they are doubled in that area, they do not expand outward due to the inflation. The area beside that joint, is outward...because it is less strong there. So the wave is considered to be normal for an ST tire. Your tires are almost three years old. I cannot bring myself to recommend using Chinese ST tires. And especially 3 year old ones at that. But the wave is normal per the manufacturing process. If the lower tire was an LT tire, I see nothing in that picture that would prevent me from using it. Certainly the tread is adequate for safe use. But since it is a Chinese ST tire, I would replace it immediately, as I would the other four.
Vulcaneer 07/26/14 07:40pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hasselback potatoes are always a hit...

My family prefers when I coat liberally with seasalt, after coating with the butter/olive oil mixture. Also I re-coat after about 30 minutes in the oven. They start to fan by that time and it helps to drizzle into the folds. I don't know if it makes a difference, but I prefer to set them into a cast iron fry pan for baking in the oven. My mother always did them that way.
Vulcaneer 07/26/14 02:32pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: freezing fresh corn on cob

LouLou Wrote: "How do you know if you have good corn, no bugs etc." Up until the late season, the farms I buy from have very few issues with bugs/worms. Don't even check the ears, until very late in the season. Even then, just to peel back a tiny bit from the silk end. If the end is clear, usually the rest is clear too. Yes. This method will take up more room. But we have a stand alone freezer. So space is not a problem. We do chop off the stalk end to 1" from the cob.
Vulcaneer 07/26/14 02:19pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: freezing fresh corn on cob

My earliest edition suggests blanching for 8-15 minutes(depends on variety) before freezing whilst the '76 edition sez 6-11 minutes (depending on steam vs pot of water blanching. All this only makes me wonder what more recent editions of JOC have to say on the subject:). Blanching for 8 - 15 MINUTES????? Or 6 to 11 MINUTES????? You sure it does not say SECONDS???? Blanching Vege's for more than a couple minutes is Boiling/Par Boiling....Not Blanching. When I steam corn for eating, it takes a total of not more than 5 minutes in the pot. I prefer steaming to boiling. But to boil corn on the cob for up to 15 minutes before freezing. And then to serve, cooking it again seems that there would not be any taste left.
Vulcaneer 07/26/14 01:58pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: freezing fresh corn on cob

Take it from the farm directly to the freezer. Put it in plastic grocery bags before freezing. When ready to cook, remove for just long enough for the ears to be removed from the bags. And shuck off the leaves. The entire cob will be frozen. So you steam/boil for 8 minutes and then eat. Best to sugar the boiling water. The corn kernals (outside) will be fully cooked, hot, and delicious.
Vulcaneer 07/25/14 07:36pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: God love the Queen!

She has escaped her handlers. They have a "Lizzie alert" out for her. Demencia can be a horrible thing. But by the look on her face, appears she is enjoying it. RUN LIZZIE, RUN!!!
Vulcaneer 07/25/14 07:21pm Around the Campfire
RE: Towing Police

If you are selling the trailer for your friend, you might want to advise the buyer of your concerns. If your friend is selling the trailer, and you are simply an on looker, you might want to advise your friend of your concerns. And discuss, that he might want to discuss with the buyer. If I was the buyer, I would appreciate someone informing me of a potential issue. But then again, I would expect that someone buying a living quarter horse trailer, would know the details about towing many different setups. Probably not his first "rodeo."
Vulcaneer 07/25/14 01:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Black Tank Flush

If you can hear the water running, it's working. If you have a clear drain elbow at the outlet, you should watch it to see the fluid go out.
Vulcaneer 07/24/14 04:48pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: offset of studs on 2005 wilderness advantage ax6

Chris and bpounds are both right. Adding to that, my experience is they are on 24" centers when aluminum studs....16" C to C if wood studs. And I think most exterior wood studs are 2X3. While interior studs are 2X2. Not sure of the size of alum. studs.
Vulcaneer 07/24/14 04:39pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Brand loyalty LOL or not

Each different factory has their own standards, and operate independently. The corporation has their own profit goals for that plant. And they may decide the market segment that factory serves to help avoid inter-corporate competition. But yet serve the broader market needs. Entry level, Mid-range, Top of the line, Luxury, etc. And the corporation can sign volume contracts to buy high volumes of appliances, tires, frames, etc. And get lower pricing as a result. This helps the individual plants keep fixed costs under control and profit within corporate standards. Most conglomerates do little to interfere with details of running a successful business that they buy. Now if they buy a failing business that is a completely different thing. Bottom line...One brand can be just great. While another one can be problematic. It just depends on how the individual factory is run.
Vulcaneer 07/24/14 01:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: Making "Run Flat" tires?

Actually I have dismounted many tires with the slime type stuff in them. Really makes no difference to me. Except when a guy comes in and wants a tire patched on the inside and plugged. If his tire is "slimed" I will only plug from the outside. Will not dismount to patch inside with that stuff inside the tire. To be honest, I have never seen that stuff prevent a flat tire.
Vulcaneer 07/24/14 01:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Kitchen with Island pros and cons

We have the center island. The island not only adds counter space. But also adds extra cabinets and drawers. Ours also has the raised breakfast bar on it, too. DW and I use the breakfast bar constantly, in favor of the dinette. but when we have friends in for dinner, our 6 place setting table gets used often too. And the breakfast bar doubles as a food service shelf in those cases. When traveling, we have open access to the 4 door fridge and freezer. Can get to the living area with a 20 second push of a button. But we rarely need that when traveling. The only problem with our set up is that when it comes time to replace our trailer, we'll have trouble finding one with all these amenities. And DW won't want to be without them.
Vulcaneer 07/24/14 09:14am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Who knows what this is? (Hint - Maxxis)

Over the rated speed? The max rated speed is 65 MPH. So 70 MPH is what...7.x % over the rated speed? If you use that for an excuse, there is not much designed in safety margin. Poor design standards. And I don't think Maxxis are of poor designs. And I wouldn't think speed would have any part in the problem. As far as running flat, the OP stated that when he checked before leaving they were up to recommended pressure. I do agree they were run flat. But only after they came apart. Only takes a couple of revolutions to have a steel rim cut through an ST tire. Could have very possibly been up to full pressure before they self destructed. Pure speculation on everyone's part. To me the biggest contributor is age, near, or past, due. But even at that, there does not seem to be much safety margin built in. We can speculate about curb hops, potholes, overloads, road hazards, in the tires history. But a certain amount of reasonable abuse is designed in to a reliable tire. Just my opinion.
Vulcaneer 07/23/14 09:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Would you feel good about selling 3 YO LT Tires?

So you think RV tires that are 3 years old LT's with 10,000 miles on them are safe? Would seem to me that tires that are now rolling every day, and now circulating the "juices" within, might recover some of their usefulness. Hey a couple hundred bucks (for 5 tires...including a new unused spare) towards a new set of tires ain't chump change. This would seem to be another good argument for choosing LT tires. Not that I need another good argument.
Vulcaneer 07/23/14 04:22pm General RVing Issues
Would you feel good about selling 3 YO LT Tires?

Was in a RV tire discussion with a neighbor. We both feel LT's are the way to go on our trailers. He has had good luck taking his tires out to 5 years before replacement. Me? I prefer the 3 year replacement rule. His thought was that if I replace my LT's at three years, I could probably offer them up for sale, to be used on a light pickup truck. It could be a way to recoup some value. If that is the case, he might replace his tires earlier than he does now. Footnote...sometimes some interesting ideas comes out of beer discussions around the campfire. Frankly I never thought about it before. But he could have a valid point. And if the tires then get daily usage, they might actually last until the tread wears out. And at half price (or less), could be a good value to someone that can use them. Then use apply the proceeds to the cost of new tires, so the replacement tires cost less out of pocket. For the way I use my truck, I would never spend the money for used tires like that. But I can see where some local small businesses just might like to have them. And they could work for those applications. What would be your thoughts?
Vulcaneer 07/23/14 03:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Door won't close without slamming it

If it is the entrance door to the camper, We got used to ours being slammed. :R Each season i spray some pam on my finger and rub it on the striker plate and bolt. It will always latch on the first slam then. :B Yup....Me too. Except I don't use PAM. Since I never can find what I need in my tool box or storage area, I usually use olive oil. Coat the striker plate and the latch paul. Works like new for about 4 months. Then it needs a recoat.
Vulcaneer 07/23/14 09:07am General RVing Issues
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