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RE: Electric automatic jacks

My 38 Foot 5'r uses a four post electric jacking system. If it needs to jack a lot, (wheels off the ground) the door will not lock, since the frame flexes too much. But if it just levels while able to keep the wheels on the ground, it works great.
Vulcaneer 10/21/14 01:03pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Open Range 349RLS

I am glad all others like they're Open Range's. I won't ever buy another. And cannot recommend them. I hope mine burns to the ground. I have it insured for full replacement value. I have had several 5'rs. And this is by far, the absolute worse built Piece of cr*p ever. Maybe others are better. But I cannot wait to replace it with something of acceptable quality. The Open Range is very poor. Had a similar girlfriend. Great to look at. But the maintenance and expense of up keep was way more than reasonable. And every day...a new unreasonable problem.
Vulcaneer 10/20/14 06:36pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Last bacon and eggs of the season

I feel very fortunate that we could leave New Hamshire during the autumn season, and setup our camper on our lot in South West Florida. Left NH in 70 degree temps and arrived in FL to 85 Degree temps. Yesterday, I went fishing on the lake, rowed the dogs around a bit, bicycling, played golf, did some sailing on the lake. And the best part is, I can do this all winter long. Oh...when I was younger I sure enjoyed all the good things that the autumn and winter would bring up north, too. Hunting, Snow, skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, etc. But now, my body has adjusted to a different lifestyle. It just that my DW and I are so blessed to be able to do this snowbird thing together.
Vulcaneer 10/19/14 09:35am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Golf Car(t)s

Use our electric Yamaha at our snowbird park. Mostly gets used when DW is going in one direction and I need to go in another direction. The other uses a bike, or the car. With three pools, and three clubhouses a mile apart it does come in handy. And for the other use too...on the golf course. Really works good for that, too. At home we use our gas Yamaha on our acreage. Runs fine. It is handy for running stuff down to the beach, the boats, the lanai. But it does emit 2 stroke exhaust fumes. It does seem to have more power than the electric job. It is about 30 years old, and just keeps on ticking. Never use one when camping. And have been in C/G's where there are many gas carts. You do get sick of hearing them drive by from 7:00AM to 12:00AM. Every 5 seconds.
Vulcaneer 10/03/14 03:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: Open Range Slide @ Myrtle Beach

Check at the C/G office. They usually know of the good mobile techs. Or good local RV shops. Here's the way I check mine. If it moves smoothly and easily, and it seals on the inside (when it's out, and on the outside when it's in). And the cables are not rubbing or fraying, it's good. If it's not good it needs adjustment. I get out my vice grips and 7/6 wrench and adjust til it does as above. Usually about 10 minutes. I found, I can service these slides as well as most other monkeys. Most of them really do not know what they are doing. Finding expertise on these is a real problem.
Vulcaneer 09/29/14 02:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tailgate while towing question?

Tailgate up while towing. Lower it to hitch and unhitch. With my bed tonneau, it allows for minor security while shopping and putting stuff in the bed. Or keeping tools in the bed. Outta sight...outta mind. Downside is that tailgates are high on the stolen property lists. So keep it locked. That might help a little.
Vulcaneer 09/29/14 02:54pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: lippert axles bent on a 2013 shadow cruiser...

You realize of course that as soon as you mention you are taking legal action, you post will be deleted from this forum. It's in the rules. Is you trailer under warranty? If so, why are you calling Lippert? Start with your dealer. They should go to the manufacturer. And then manufacturer should go to the component builder. Should happen in about and hour worth of phone calls. But you really shouldn't need to be involved. If not under warranty, the the above does not apply. You gotta do what you gotta do.
Vulcaneer 09/17/14 04:18pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rant about Rants

If I were a Native American, my name might be. Bald Peak. Or Runs like Chicken. Or Vegetarian...Indian word for Bad Hunter.
Vulcaneer 09/15/14 03:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rant about Rants

Sorry Dutchmen. But I did use short sentences, fairly good punctuation, and appropriate capitalization. And prescribed paragraphing. So because of that it really cannot qualify as a rant. And if I lost you while following reasonable writing skills, I really cannot help you. Which is unfortunate. Oh wait a minute...you are being sacarstic. And you are actually ranting on me. I get it. Good one. You had me there for a minute...LOL
Vulcaneer 09/15/14 02:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rant about Rants

You can't rant on me. I'm Indian. I'll tell. GM If you are Indian, I can rant on you. Now if you are Native American, you are federally protected from rants. However, if you are Indian, but claiming to be Native American, you are guilty of fraud. And therefore, you should be ranted on, as proclaimed by the federal statute entitled...Allowable ranting on non-Native Americans. Now if you are a member of that Washington DC foot ball team, then you are protected from rants, due to the inflammatory nature of slang terms. And as such (sub-section1.101.12) whereby it is stated, that one already persecuted by use of degrading slang terms is protected against any further extension or add-on negative claims towards ones self. Basically it means, enough is enough. You have already been subjected to your share of rants and humiliation. No piling on is allowed under any circumstances. And if this is your claim, you are in violation of the forum rules stating 'No political discussions allowed.' So as such, since you cannot make these claims on this forum, anyone on this forum can rant on you at any time. Basically you are free game. And there is nothing you can do about it. And if you think that is just wrong, this is the way of the white man. Sorry about that...just the way it is. As it was since we took over your country, a few years ago. Chin up though...things are getting better for your people. You can buy firewater now. Due to the fact that you own the casinos. And that in order to get the higher taxes from them, white people had to allow you to sell firewater, so you could attract the white gambler. Thus your buying and selling firewater was to increase your tax liability, and obligation, to further support us whites. And so really, everybody wins. And there are no more wars amongst us. See how it all works out? Can't beat the way you grow corn, though. We have never really figured that one out yet. I do hope you can take the above in the satirical sense the it was intended. I really mean no offense. Only humor. If I have offended you, or others, I sincerely apologize for that. Seriously.
Vulcaneer 09/15/14 10:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Very frustrating situation, going to blow some steam!

My advice...FWIW...Find a good, reliable, local repair shop to fix everything right. Get a good welder to fix those issues. And then enjoy your rig. Might cost a few grand. But it will be done right. And these problems/frustrations will be solved. Buying a new trailer does not guarantee that you won't have problems again. other suggestion would be to just give up on RV'ing. Maybe you'll (understandably) not ever be happy with any RV.
Vulcaneer 09/14/14 03:07pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rant about Rants

"... trying to eek out a happy life for their families..." Your post has no validity since you misspelled "eke..." GM I RANT ON YOU!!! :E And to be clear the above emoticon is spelled "Eek." Not "eke". However, I did use the incorrect possessive for "Family's". But you missed it, so it doesn't count now. You can't call re-do. Not how the game works. Sorry. Rant over now.
Vulcaneer 09/14/14 02:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rant about Rants

Then why do many page long rants appear without even one paragraph break? There are many on this board that really don't have formal writing skills. Just common, every day working stiffs, trying to eek out a happy life for their families. No need to get upset with them. Try to understand. And if you don't want to...or cannot read them, just move on. Practice tolerance and embrace diversity...OMG...I can't believe I just posted that.
Vulcaneer 09/13/14 06:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: hmmm...Info for CDN's heading into the US

I don't care about the story or whether or not it's true. But the rudeness from some Americans toward Canadians is UNFORGIVABLE. I am ashamed to say you people are AMERICANS. What is wrong with you people? The USA is in North America. Canada is in North America. We are all AMERICANS. Maybe some don't like that fact. But I do. And I am proud to call Canada our neighbor. I don't like everybody from Canada all the time. And with these UNWELCOMING posts, I don't like everyone from the USA all the time either. Nor do they like me. But we don't need to treat people that way. And to our Canadian friends, I apologize for the actions of others from the USA. You are all welcomed here any time you want to come here. And other than the few posters here. There are about 299,999,989 others that welcome you here too.
Vulcaneer 09/12/14 08:49am General RVing Issues
RE: hmmm...Info for CDN's heading into the US

What ever happened to needing probable cause for a search? Just say no. And sometimes you'll be asked to wait a while. Be prepared to do that. I have allowed a search...But ONLY after a documented supervisor is on the scene. I have been allowed to leave after a short wait. Probably won't happen all the time. But the one time I was asked to search, that is what happened.
Vulcaneer 09/11/14 11:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Please leave it at home!

Never ceases to amaze me how people on this board can turn on the OP, when he obviously is not the root of the problem. He chose not to report it. So I guess it did not bother him all that much. Nor did it bother anyone else in the park that much either. Even the owner of the dog, 10 sites down. And did anyone complain about the dog whining and barking? I believe it something gets to the point that it bother s someone too much, they'll go over the edge and do something about it. Maybe the right thing. Maybe the wrong thing. But they do something about it. I think the OP is way more tolerant than I. Good for him. And why should he not be allowed to post about it here? And finally, where does he ask for anyones sympathy? Geez, You people. Do some of you ever read what you write? And Yes....I like ham. Especially with eggs. I find when the pan gets to hot the sizzle gets a little noisy. And people sometime show up to tell me they can smell it cooking. I make it a habit to cook a couple extra slices for those people. Especially works with BACON. Made some nice friends that way. Just sayin.
Vulcaneer 09/11/14 09:49am General RVing Issues
RE: Pulling through big cities

The biggest issue in driving on city streets is the dreaded Right Turn. Swing wide to the left before the turn..(even into the opposing lane if you can do that safely) and use the entire road after you make the turn. Many time a street corner will have a sign, a street light, A tree, a group of pedestrians waiting to cross, or something else stuck very close to the road at the corner. A right hand turn, you need to swing wide to get your trailer around that obstacle. If you need to wait for traffic to clear before you can use the opposing lanes....just wait. Put your "hater blockers" on. While most other drivers will be helpful. There is always one that wants to demonstrate his importance to you. I have been in situations where a GPS has put me into a dead end street. Had to back up a half mile to get turned around. Curvy road with cars parked on both sides. People came out of their houses to watch the fun. Kids riding around the street on bikes. I had DW outside with her radio, guiding me back. This is where you take a deep breath and say..."OK calm down. Relax, and we'll get through this." Then go back to the basics and take your time. Slow and steady wins the race. Took us 45 minutes. But we escaped. I learned not to ALWAYS trust the GPS.
Vulcaneer 09/11/14 09:24am General RVing Issues
RE: I Love My Manual Awning

Hey...Maybe I can begin to relate. After racking my brains I found an application where manual is better than electric. It's the can opener. The manual with the little spin handle beats the electric hands down. I hate all the different electrics we have had. Manual is small, easy to use, faster, easily stored, works anywhere, with the twist of the handle. So I guess I can admit that in a few cases manual beats electric. Hey...What about the corkscrew??? Nope...electric rechargeable is better. But this one is close.
Vulcaneer 09/11/14 08:54am General RVing Issues
RE: I Love My Manual Awning

Just when I thought Clip-On Flip-Up sun glasses were an answer to my prayers, they come up with the I-Watch...Ohhhhhh....Now I can activate my E-awning awning from my wrist. Wait til they come up with the I-Awning. You tech haters will eat your hearts out.
Vulcaneer 09/09/14 05:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: I Love My Manual Awning

My mother gave my Grand Daughter a keepsake watch that was her mothers. GD thought it was great that you could wind it and not need to depend on batteries. Until she found out she had to wind it each and every day. And when it ran down, she needed her cell phone to reset the time, and then she would rewind it. A week or so of that and she has her watch in a jewelry box. Seems that great idea for a wrist watch, wasn't so good after all.
Vulcaneer 09/09/14 04:31pm General RVing Issues
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