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RE: What brake controller

I tow with the boost showing both lights lite. I have taken it to the. lower setting if any park was gravel. pull thru site to us means leave boost as it is when towing. chevman When setting up the controller you should turn off the boost and follow the directions provided to set the gain. You need to be able to stop while doing 20mph on level ground using just the trailer brakes. Adjust the gain until you can stop without locking up wheels nor taking too long to bring everything to a stop. If you set this correctly then you shouldn't have to run down the road with two light lit. But, and this is another nice thing about the Prodigy, you can set the boost between one and three to meet your needs. If the original setting is not strong enough then you can boost it to a level that you like better. Pretty flexible and easy to find that sweet spot.
aftermath 02/20/17 09:30pm Towing
RE: What brake controller

I think you guys are nitpicking this just a bit. Mr. Cummings, you obviously did not like your Prodigy. If it did to me what you claim it did to you I would be right there with you. The point is, I like mine and I have had to make one panic stop. Not bad for over 40k miles towed. I stomped on the pedal, the inertia thingy took over and stopped my trailer, and truck, in time. Using the boost feature is quite different. When going down long grades I do not want to stomp on my brake pedal. If I boost the controller then when I tap the brakes, the trailer brakes simply brake with a little more strength. If I had the boost on all the time I would lock them up when driving through town doing 25 mph. This is not a gimmick, and it is not a way to work around a non functioning controller. It is simply a nice feature to make adjustments easy on the go. Perhaps others might chime in and tell me that I am wrong if I am. Again, use what you want to use. I like my Prodigy as do tens of thousands of others. It works for me and I think the OP would be happy using one as well.
aftermath 02/20/17 09:20pm Towing
RE: Half-ton vs 3/4 Ton

Well, it didn't take long before the "get a one ton" crowd along with "get a HA or PP" folks gave you their idea of success. It is really too hard to answer your question because there are many variables. Not all 3/4 tons are rated the same as you know. Bigger engines, more HP, more torque and different payload capacities will all influence your decision. I am guessing that there are a number of trucks out there that will match up nicely with your new under 9K trailer. You say that you travel light. That should increase your options but pay attention to payload numbers. My trailer as a dry weight of 5200 with a GVW of 7300. We travel down the road close to 6500. I have weighed this more than once. They say it has a hitch weight of 720 but mine is very close to 1000 pounds. Two propane tanks, two batteries and a spare tire add up quickly. My Tundra leaves me little once I put the ball down and the wife and I get in. My experience has been very good with this combo but I am not going to tow anything larger. I also have an Equalizer hitch dialed in nicely and have never had any sway even in winds, rains and even a little snow. A good 3/4 ton will serve you well.
aftermath 02/20/17 09:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: What brake controller

Mr. Rightlane I used a P2 in my 4Runner when I towed a hybrid. NEVER had an ounce of trouble with it. When I got my Tundra it came with the plug in pigtail thing. I moved the P2 to the Tundra and hooked it up myself. It was quite easy. I am now towing a heavier trailer and it continues to work flawlessly. I really like the boost settings. When on the road and heading down hills I simply reach down and hit the boost button once. The added braking comes in nicely. It is easy to install, easy to set up and easy to adjust by using the boost. I would think that the P2 would cost less than a P3 but I am not sure.
aftermath 02/19/17 08:49pm Towing
RE: Maxxis M8008 or Carlisle Trail HD

I put a set of Maxxis 8008 LRD on my trailer and had no complaints. Around 4K miles I did develop a slow leak in one of the tires. Was going to replace them after 5 years but went ahead and put on a set of the Carlisle HDs, LRD again. No problems. I did read extensively about the Carlisles because of past problems I had with a set on my Starcraft hybrid. The tire has good reviews, they were less expensive than the Maxxis and were easier to obtain where I live. I wouldn't hesitate with either of your choices. Both are good tires IMO.
aftermath 02/15/17 04:30pm Towing
RE: So whose left making true "Pop Ups" with Hard roofs...

This post has been quite interesting. The OP doesn't like pop ups and wants to rant about poor quality among other things. Anyone who complains that a pop up doesn't have an adequate "entertainment center" is looking at the wrong trailer. Someone wrote that it is important to look at a pop up as basically a tent off the ground. In 1989 we purchased a 1979 Starcraft tent trailer and had it until 2005. Our two daughters grew up in the thing. I did add a HW unit with a demand pump but that was it. Ice box and thin mattresses and we loved every minute in it. We never expected ducted heating, indoor plumbing or a television. When the time came the wife and I purchased a Starcraft hybrid for all of those things. I can tell you that my 1979 was better built than the 2004 hybrid. Our "tent off the ground" served us well. Many nights playing games around the table along with many storms we rode out complete with high winds and driving rains. I do agree that the market for these tent trailers has dropped off over the years. People are more interested in watching their televisions when they go out in the woods. Pretty sad. I just found and bought back our old tent trailer. It remained here locally and is still in good shape. I have been fixing some issues due to neglect but it will be good to go soon. The youngest daughter is more than eager to put her family in it. Camping is a blast even when you don't have hookups, a 2 door fridge and a television.
aftermath 02/15/17 11:52am Folding Trailers
RE: 2011 Rockwood Freedom lift motor

Jeff, I feel for you. This is something I could easily do. If you have two fuses in the line check the one you said checked out OK. Replace both of them with new ones and then give it a try. Is there any sound from the motor at all? If there is then perhaps a shear pin or something similar might be broken. Reversing the polarity, reverses the direction the motor will turn. Reversing the polarity has no effect on the lights, they will work either way. Keep us posted here when you find the solution. Best wishes.
aftermath 02/13/17 09:55pm Folding Trailers
RE: Selling, what needs repair or replacement?

Ah, the psychology of a sale. I agree with most of the posters in that you best efforts to clean and shine the unit will help with the sale. If the battery is working and if the tires are serviceable I would leave them alone. If not, replace them. It amazes me that people are quick to undercut your price. If you have researched the market value you should stick close to your guns. OR, you can do what most people do. Say you want $7K. Price it about $600 above that. If they grumble about the tires you can say you would be willing to knock off $500 to help pay for a new set. Putting tires on a trialer might back fire on you too. Say you put on a new set of brand A tires and the purchaser would rather have brand B then this might be an investment that the purchaser would see as an advantage.
aftermath 02/09/17 09:03am Travel Trailers
RE: found out what my truck is rated for got questions now

Payload is the limiting factor in most of these discussions. Many dealers will tell you your truck can pull 9 or 10K which is very true. Here is the problem you may or may not face. I tow a trailer with a GVW of 7500 and am usually loaded in the vicinity of 6600. My tongue weight is right at 1000 lbs. The specs state 700 "with no options". Well, I have two batteries, two propane tanks and a spare tire on the tongue. So when I hook up my payload available is close to 600 pounds. This will not work for those who travel heavy and like to take all sorts of toys and "stuff" with them. It works for us since we almost always travel light. So, my advice to you is think hard about what you are planning on taking with you when you go out. If you like to take lots of wood, extra water, a generator or two,a family of 4 and two dogs, you might want to think of getting a 3/4 ton. Note, I did not say you have to go with a particular brand. I think they are all good.
aftermath 02/09/17 08:51am Travel Trailers
RE: Creaking sound on one side when arriving/parking

I think you are right to suspect the bearings and/or the brake shoe. You originally mentioned "creaking" and that threw me in the direction of the springs. I had a trailer with springs and every time I returned from a trip it squeaked and creaked as I pulled into home. When you said it was more like a screeching or a metal on metal sound, look at the bearings again. Good luck and please come back and let us know what you found.
aftermath 01/12/17 08:26am Towing
RE: A couple of Evergreen Ever-lite specific questions

Martin, I remember looking at these trailers at a local show years ago. I was impressed. I would not hesitate picking one up as almost all of it can be serviced by any competent shop. "2nd AC Prep" means that the wiring is in place for the second AC and I would also think that the thermostat is ready as well. Can't help you with the height inside. I would think someone will chime in soon. Good luck.
aftermath 01/12/17 08:12am Travel Trailers
RE: Bumper strength

This topic comes up frequently. There are many that insist that it's not safe and many that don't. I installed the MnL Safety Struts and used my bike rack many times and haven't seen any evidence of bumper failure. The Struts seem to support it very well, and I haven't found any cracks on any of the bumper welds. And good for you. The OP simply asked if he could attach a carrier to his bumper. He did not talk about modifications so the answers he received were pretty good. You, by the sound of it, did not "just" attach the bike rack to your bumper. The issue here has everything to do with physics and something I believe is called moment of force. It is like using a lever to lift or move something quite heavy. When you have a lever of any length, the small force you impart on the end is multiplied, depending on how long the lever is, to a point that your small effort becomes quite large, large enough to move the weight. When you place 100 pounds behind the fulcrum it becomes a much larger force when it starts to move up and down. Think of the fulcrum as the place the hitch is attached. Think about what is going on behind your trailer when you hit a bump in the road or a pothole. It is no wonder people lose their bikes and spare tires. If you reinforce the bumper you can mitigate some of these forces but you should know what you are doing.
aftermath 12/29/16 10:48am Travel Trailers
RE: Finding Parts

Believe it or not, I used to own this popup. Was the second owner, purchased it around '86. It was in prime shape and I added a water heater, demand pump and outside shower. We owned it for 17 years and our daughters grew up camping in it. I sold it to a guy in the neighborhood and he sold to another guy who gave it to his SIL. I just happened to see it on Craigs list and went to see it. The outside still looks great and the owner said that it was in "good" shape. I will wait for it to warm a bit and take a look inside. My goal is to bring it back, use it for some fishing trips and loan it to my youngest daughter who now has a family. We loved our years camping and this will be a great opportunity for her to pass this experience to her kids.
aftermath 12/26/16 09:48pm Folding Trailers
RE: Hitch question

I think this has been good information. You "probably" don't really need one. Hook it up and see how it looks and tows. While a WD hitch is not always needed, I am a firm believer that you should always have some kind of sway control. I also have not been a great fan of the add on sway bar. Way back, when I started towing, there were problems with sway bars when it came to backing up. And hooking them up was sort of a "take a guess" when it came to how hard you needed to crank them down. Being rather lazy, I went for a hitch with built in sway control. There are many available today and they come in a variety of prices. Do some research and find one that will work for you. I towed a white box hybrid with a 4Runner and the wind pushed me around a bit. Glad to have my Equalizer. Now, the Airstream doesn't seem to react to the wind that much but I still use the Equalizer but now mainly for the WD function.
aftermath 12/26/16 09:41am Travel Trailers
Finding Parts

Considering picking up a '79 Starcraft tent trailer in pretty good shape. Do any of you out there have some advice about finding parts for a trailer this old? I know that many of the plastic parts are available and interchangeable with newer trailers. But....what about Starcraft specific parts? I have yet to contact the manufacturer. Hoping to find some suppliers that you might have had success using. Thanks
aftermath 12/26/16 09:30am Folding Trailers
RE: Newbie -- Considering Hybrid Purchase

Listen to what Dutchman said. It was a very honest summary. I went from tent, to popup, to hybrid and now finally a TT. We started in the tent with two young children but the rain and confining space took us to our popup. We camped in this for 17 years and loved the extra space and the ability to ride out the storms. Once the girls left we wanted a fridge and a bathroom so we got a 21ft Starcraft hybrid. Man, there was a lot of space inside. We were in our late 50s by now and were looking into traveling after retirement. We tried the travel thing with the hybrid and it was not easy. So, we moved up (?) again to a trailer. I said all of this just to let you know that you should focus on how you camp, when you camp, where you camp and what your camping plans are going to be. I loved our hybrid but here are some things I found to be true. You HAVE to dry it out. Ours had vinyl/rubber tops on the bed ends but the sides were not. Putting it away wet will cause big issues. I live on the dry eastern side of Washington so it was not hard to manage this because we almost always camped during the summer months. Pulling into camp and setting up a hybrid is not difficult but it does take some time. We made a 5 day trip and had to set up and tear down every day. It got a little old. Also, while on the road, accessing the trailer was not easy. Now we can just park and have full use of the trailer and it doesn't matter if it is raining. This was never an issue for us when we were young. It is now.
aftermath 11/09/16 08:51am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: popup camper VS TT

Hi Folks .... They are both vacuum bounded, Please straighten me out.... MWang, I need help with this. Being from the states I have no idea what this means. I also agree with the apples and oranges post. If you have used a class C motorhome you might be more aligned with the TT that the PU. I had a PU for 17 years as our two daughters grew up. We loved it and never worried about bathrooms, storage or anything like that. We camped out and enjoyed the openess of a pop up. As we aged and the kids went off to college our plans and habits changed. We were going to do more traveling with the trailer and not as much camping. The up and down set up became problematic as did the need for a bathroom, shower and a permanent bed. So, a TT and a PU will fit people differently. Decide what your style and choose accordingly.
aftermath 11/03/16 12:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: Weight distribution bars

Thanks 24V, I stand corrected. Today they suggest that you use their bracket jackets on the L brackets. I was dealing with this issue before they became available and at that time I was told that a light covering of grease on the L brackets would do the job. I will look into getting some of the new bracket jackets. Although after about 10 years towing in all sorts of conditions I have yet to have an issue with sway.
aftermath 10/31/16 07:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Weight distribution bars

If it is an Equalizer WD hitch, do NOT grease the bars where they sit on the L brackets. That is meant to be a friction point to stop the sway. If you lubricate, you will nullify the anti sway feature. I cannot speak for other brands that use the chains as I do not know the technical part of how those work. This is an incorrect statement. I have used an Equalizer for many years now and I lube both the socket heads and the L bracket face. I do this because that is what the manufacturer suggests. They do say to lube it lightly and they even have designed a plastic sleeve to fit over the L bracket. I know that it is counter intuitive and that is why I checked with the Equalizer people. A little lubrication is not going to cause a problem.
aftermath 10/31/16 08:14am Travel Trailers
RE: Tandem or single axle

Regardless of what you are using as a tow vehicle a single axle trailer will bounce when you are towing it. I've had single and tandems, and the single will scatter contents around inside. A tandem axle will be much smoother on the contents. JMHO. Al I don't agree with this. I suppose a single axle trailer is lighter but that doesn't mean they all bounce. The ONLY reason a manufacturer goes to a double axle is the weight of the trailer. Bigger heavier trailers need two axles. Some of these large trailers also bounce if not properly designed and set up for towing.
aftermath 09/30/16 07:51am Travel Trailers
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