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RE: Maxxis Tires c or d

I have a jayco 2006 29bhs. I need to replace the tires and thinking of using maxxis. the stock rims say they are rated for 1820lbs the stock rims say they are rated for 1820lbs and the c class maxxis tires are the same 1820lbs. would it hurt to move up to the d class rated at 2150lbs. or should I stay with the c class tires? Did I miss something in this thread? If your rims are rated for 1820 lbs as you say, why are you thinking of installing tires at a higher rating? I would think that this could cause trouble down the road. If you are going to replace the rims too then the move up to a D rated tire makes sense. You never mentioned the weight of your trailer. At 1820 per tire (the c rated ones) you would have a max rating of 7280 for the trailer. If you have a light trailer you might be fine with the c version.
aftermath 04/16/14 10:43am Travel Trailers
RE: Route Opinions Please

We did a portion of this trip last summer and we had a great time. After leaving Billings, stop in at the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. It is right off I-90 and worth a visit. We drove into Buffalo on I-90 before turning east for the Devil's Tower area. There is a GREAT steak house right by the freeway. The Winchester Steak House has great food, decent prices and is very casual. Right next door is a very nice KOA so it you can plan a stop this is a pretty good choice. We were not taken by the scenery along I-90 into and past Gillette but as soon as you turn off on 14 at Bancroft it gets very pretty. There are some campgrounds in the Tower area but we stayed at the KOA right at the base of the mountain. We went in late September and worried about the cold nights. You have a good route down to and into Custer State Park. You have to enter from the west so get to 16, follow that east to the town of Custer and then on into the park. This road will take you directly to your campground. I hope you are planning on a few days in the park. We stayed three nights and did a lot of driving around. We followed 16A north and stopped in at Mt. Rushmore. Then we drove the Needles Highway that loops around the north part of the park and takes you through many tunnels with spectacular views all along the way. On the second day we drove the southern loop and saw a lot of wildlife from buffaloes to wild burrows, deer and lots of hawks. On the way in you can stop along 385 and view the Crazy Horse Monument. There are some good vantage points along the highway to see and photograph the mountain without having to pay to enter. After leaving the Rapid City area on I-90 we stopped in at Wall Drug just to say we had done it. From there we took the 240 highway into the Badlands. There is a decent visitor's center where it meets up with highway 44. We then headed south down to Texas but you would take the short drive north to meet up with I-90 again. We were glad to have made the loop and found the badlands quite interesting. Reading more about the area at the visitor's center was also helpful. We were really taken by Custer State Park and the surrounding area. I hope you have good weather and plenty of time to see most everything. Mt. Rushmore was really something. Best wishes for an enjoyable trip.
aftermath 04/06/14 04:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: Sanitize freshwater

All three trailers I have owned spoke to sanitizing the water system each year. While I am not the ultra paranoid type I do sanitize each spring. I drink water from the tap, drink water from the garden hose and run with my fridge on too! Don't worry about the HW tank. Bypass it and clean the FW tank and lines and you should be good to go. The heat of the HW tank will take care of any little bugs that you might miss.
aftermath 03/30/14 10:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: Spare Water Storage

I have two portable jugs that I use. One is a 5 gallon round looking thing that has a nice spigot on the end. When boondocking we usually put this on a table outside and draw from it for coffee and drinking water. I also bring along a 6 gallon plastic jerry can looking tote that I lift up and empty into the trailer water tank. You could put the barrel you describe in the bed of your truck and let gravity do the work. You could build a small platform to put under the water can if you needed more lift. You could also get a 12 volt water pump to do the transfer if you had to. I have a friend that has installed two large tanks in the bed of his truck, one for fresh water and one for gray water. He has a pump that can pump the gray water into the aux tank and he lets gravity pull the fresh water to his trailer. A pretty neat system but it does add a lot of weight to his truck.
aftermath 03/30/14 10:37am Travel Trailers
RE: Long trip issues for Newbie

I am a mathematician, not an engineer, but I did get the OCD gene but I think mine is under control. Someone posted earlier that it is good to use this part of your make up when planning the trip but you should turn it off once you hit the road. Just too many unforeseen options are going to pop up to even get close to planning for all of them. You have received some good advice. I will add two more. Do NOT carry the extra gas cans. You are driving through the middle of America, not forging your way through the jungles of Africa. If you are concerned about gas stations being far apart just make sure you fill up when you see one. As I get older I tend to drive less when on the road. We used to plan 300 miles or so now it is closer to 200-250 and the main reason is that we want to see things along the way. Being retired does change the plans for us. If I were on a schedule I would probably go 300-350 each day. Anything over 300 is tough for me these days. Oh, by the way, I have a 5.7 Tundra and it runs great through the valleys, in the mountains and all places in between.
aftermath 03/30/14 10:30am Travel Trailers
RE: Airstream Question

There is a certain amount of mystique in owning an Airstream. Status perhaps but I think it is more than just that. But what, exactly? Not tryin' to be a smart aleck- you yourself only described the defects you perceive in the trailer....what sets it apart besides the obvious things you name above? I have a very limited set of experiences with only having owned one SOB. The Starcraft hybrid was purchased new and we never abused it. The cabinets were very flimsy and the plumbing fixtures were downright cheap. The drawers under the dinette seats actually fell off the tracks, the slideout was troublesome, the switch burned out and the tongue jack blew a couple of fuses for no reason that I could figure out. The water pump made so much noise I thought the trailer was going to shake itself to death. Cheap materials, cheap construction and very poor quality control in the entire process. I have had the airstream for 4 years now with nary a problem. The quality of the cabinetry is excellent, the fixtures are home grade and everything works and nothing has shaken loose. I do believe that the quality is the best thing. Of course there other brands out there that have figured this out as well so quality is not unique to Airstream. Towing is amazing. My Airstream is 5 feet longer and 2000 lbs. heavier but it is easier to two than my little white box. I get the same gas mileage using the same truck. It sits lower to the ground and is not affected to any large extent by winds either head or side. It is a very well made product. There is also a mystique that I mentioned earlier. When you pull into a campground people usually notice. Many will come up and talk to you, some looking for a chance to blast your choice since they are expensive and they do not offer as much space as the typical box. You get much the same reaction on the forum. I like mine. I works well for us. I plan to keep it for at least another 10 years and will be interested in seeing what other 20 year old trailers will look like at that time.
aftermath 03/29/14 02:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: Airstream Question

There is a certain amount of mystique in owning an Airstream. Status perhaps but I think it is more than just that. Why do some strive to own a Harley Davidson when they can purchase a very good motorcycle for a lot less money? Why do some like Apple computers over a less expensive PC? I owned a Starcraft white box before we got the Airstream. Pulling an Airstream is a totally different experience. We do not live full time in our trailer and usually go out for 6 weeks maximum. When we do camp/travel I don't expect all the comforts of home. If I wanted to sit in front of a fireplace I would not leave home. Our Starcraft also had a slideout and while it did provide lots of room it was also problematic. We are not large people and we travel light. My biggest complaint is that the Airstream does not have much storage, especially exterior storage. Like they say, for the price, you should have a place to store a couple of lawn chairs. As far as a "weak frame" is concerned I really don't agree. They are built different and the strength comes from the shell and the frame acting as one piece. When people try to bolt on or weld additions to the frame to hold things like generators and extra storage containers they are really going to mess things up. The white box is built on a frame and the frame alone has much more strength because it has to hold the entire trailer. As far as having loaded tanks causing frames to break, I doubt that this is a common problem. The shells are made of aluminum but they still can and do leak especially if the owner does not maintain them. The water makes it way down to the wood floor where it will rot out. A big white box can leak too but the rot will usually happen in the roof structure or the side walls first. When stories of rotted floors surface they are usually in older Airstreams but not always. When stories of rebuilding a 65 Airstream surface and talk about rotted floors and rusted frame members are shared please keep in mind that these trailers are almost 50 years old. How many 50 year old regular trailers do you see on the road? The end line is, there are lots of different trailers out there because there are lots of different people camping. I like my Airstream but I will be the first one to say they are not for everyone.
aftermath 03/28/14 05:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: A little help with a tongue jack, please?

Here is another option. I installed a battery disconnect switch on my last trailer. It operated with a key so when I parked I disconnected the entire trailer including the tongue jack. Everything was dead, no worries. On my current trailer I have a battery disconnect switch in the coach but I have found that it doesn't disconnect everything. The alarms and the little board in the fridge still draws some power as does the actual disconnect switch solenoid. It does help me in the case where I leave a light on but I see little else good that it does. My jack works all the time and I am not worried about someone messing with it. I do keep it locked and that should do it.
aftermath 03/24/14 01:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: Do you level under only one axle?

I was wondering about this as well. My question would be, "Is there anything wrong with leveling just one of the axles?" I saw this for the first time last fall and never even thought of the possibility. It looked like it was putting some strain on the suspension of the trailer I was looking at. Is this a good idea? Anyone?
aftermath 03/24/14 08:02am Travel Trailers
RE: Need help with our refrigerator

The real issue is the yellow powder. As mentioned before this is a sign of a failing unit. Since your trailer is new, take it back and demand an answer. You might want to contact Dometic or Norcold and ask them what it means and have them give you the name of a reputable dealer. As for the running of the fridge, it doesn't matter. If "he" told you you had to keep it running to keep it from clogging up, "he" doesn't know what he is talking about.
aftermath 03/19/14 09:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: Battery question

I would suggest that you get it into the shop. Too many questions out there to deal with. You really do need a "smart" charger. I had the same problem when I purchased my current trailer. The batteries were toasted because the PO left the trailer plugged in almost continuously. The shop installed a 3 stage charger for me in the same space that my other one was in. It wasn't a bank breaker as I recall, something like $180 or so and it bought me a lot of piece of mind. With the charred cables, there could be some other issues that a tech can figure out. Good luck
aftermath 03/12/14 07:58am Travel Trailers
RE: Need advice on travel trailer and W/D hitches

First of all, your TV should be able to handle the trailer you are looking at. Whenever someone comes here with a question like yours you can bet money that before the thread runs its course you will be told to get a big diesel and spend thousands for a hitch. Having a hitch with built in sway control and a good proportional controller are good ideas. There are many hitches out there and many have been around for a long time. I bought an Equalizer when I got my first trailer that was about the size of the one you are looking at. I towed it with a 4Runner and I really liked how it felt. Of course, I have never had a different brand so I can't tell you anything about the others. But.....when people want to criticize the Equalizer, I really don't believe much of what they are saying. Go to the Equalizer website and enter your numbers. They will come up with a suggested size. If you have further questions give them a call and they will help. I have a prodigy 2 and it works great. I am not sure if I would like one that applies the brakes whenever I am going down hill. I could imagine a problem with that. The Equalizer, as most others, has a manual lever to engage the trailer brakes independently. I have mine set for normal towing but when I get into the mountains I simply adjust the "boost" feature and it helps on the grades coming down. Equalizer and Prodigy have both been around a long time. They are tested and both work very well. They are not the cheapest options but the Equalizer is no where near the price of the top of the line hitches out there.
aftermath 03/09/14 04:48pm Travel Trailers
RE: Why I DIDN'T take my RV to Camping World..........

While I am of the position that it is better to buy locally, there is a point at which I will go somewhere else. Getting the "lowest price" shouldn't always be the main goal. Dealing locally with a small business does have its benefits. Can you find a good local business is the first question. The second one is just how much more are you willing to spend for the same item you can get elsewhere? I don't consider CW a local business but rather a very large chain whose business decisions are made by folks in far off places. I do believe that they are honest, have a very good inventory of parts and do as good as work as you will find elsewhere. In cases like this, it comes down to price. I just purchased a new toilet for our trailer. CW's price was something like $176 on sale before taxes. I got the exact same unit for $134 including all taxes and shipping. Saving a dollar or two is not a big issue but when it comes to something like this, it is hard to justify buying at CW. I find their catalog filled with overpriced items. Take a look at the price they want for a Honda 2000i generator. Will I shop at CW? Probably yes, but only for small items that they have in stock. It makes little sense to go online for a drawer organizer or a set of salt and pepper shakers if they have the ones you want.
aftermath 02/23/14 08:56pm Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Trying to finance a Travel Trailer under 10k for 144 mths.

$10,000 @ 6% for 144 months will cost you $4,052 in interest. Cost per month will be $98.
aftermath 02/13/14 05:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: weight distribution/sway or not

You might want to take a look at the Anderson hitch. It is relatively new on the market but it does have a pretty good following. First, weight distribution. You might not need it. As long as your loaded set up doesn't drop the rear end of your truck to the point where the front wheels are too light, you should be good. Losing 160 pounds doesn't sound like a dangerous situation to me. Sway control? All trailers are different. Some just tow easier and more stable than others. I tow and Airstream and it really rides nice back there. Do I need sway control? Probably not. I choose to have it since I do need the weight distributing hitch. I am glad that I have it because you just never know what kind of situation you might find yourself in. I was coming down a very long and winding hill in California a few years ago. It wasn't all the steep but at the bottom there was an Airstream on its side in the median with the TV on the right side of the road. He was towing just on the ball and it looks like he lost it to swaying. There were marks on the road that looked like it was going side to side before he lost it. Speed, wind, hills, passing cars/trucks, bad road conditions, rain, snow are all issues that can create sway. Having a good anti sway hitch does not absolve you of all threat but it does help keep things under control better than the alternative.
aftermath 02/03/14 05:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: weight distribution/sway or not

My feelings on the matter is that most people need a weight distributing hitch while all people should have an anti sway hitch. A big 1 ton PU towing a relatively light trailer might not need any weight distributing but.....every trailer should have some anti sway prevention in place. Yes, some trailers are much better than others at the non sway thing but you just never know. Years ago, many years ago, when I was looking for my first hitch I stayed away from anything that you would have to unhook when backing up. At the time this included add on tension sway bars and many hitches like the Reese where you had to snap the chains in place. I got an Equalizer and have been happy ever since. The Reese is a great hitch as are many others and the improvements have been impressive. I think your options today are much better than years ago. I would suggest that you get a weight distributing hitch with built in sway control. I think you will be glad that you did.
aftermath 02/02/14 11:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: What is best hitch and electric brake for 8,000# trailer?

John, I am pulling a 25FB with my half ton Tundra and I use an Equalizer hitch with 1K bars. It works great for me. I am a fan of the Equalizer but there are some issues out there you need to be aware of. On the Airstream forums, the Hensley and its sister the ProPride (I believe) are the consensus go to hitches. If cost is no issue than you should look in this direction. If you go with a more traditional hitch it is very important to get the right sized one. If you "over hitch" your Airstream the forces applied can actually damage the trailer. People can easily pop rivets and even, in some cases, crack the skin if the setup is too rigid. If you have a very stiff 3/4 ton truck you still need sway control but the need for weight distributing might be less than if you have a sissy little half ton like mine. My Equalizer is dialed in nicely. It is easy to hook and unhook and the trailer follows nicely behind the truck in all kinds of conditions. I did not go in the Hensley direction for two reasons. First was the cost and secondly was my perception of the difficulty in hooking up. You don't just drop the trailer on the ball but you have to drive the stinger into the hitch. People who have them say it is easy once you get the hang of it but others say that it is a challenge especially when on uneven ground. Good luck, you are going to like the Airstream. It will be an unbelievable experience towing if you have towed a conventional trailer before. Oh, I am also a big fan of the Prodigy controller.
aftermath 01/21/14 08:35am Travel Trailers
RE: Our trailer

in the states, you go by the rule of the state you are in not from. Most don't allow lengths over 65 ft and most if not all don't allow triple towing with a travel trailer. some states don't allow triple towing at all. Exactly! Motorcycle helmet laws are another good example. It doesn't matter where you are from, it matters where you are. Like they say, ingnorance of the law is no excuse. You really need to check into each state/providence you plan to pull this thing into.
aftermath 01/20/14 10:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: 2015 Ford F-150 unveiled

I own a Ford and love the brand but as my friend who owns his own auto body repair shop said "just wait till someone dents one and gets the bill". I think the benefits outweigh the potential downside though. This was my first reaction to seeing the new Ford PU and hearing how Ford was going to do a little gambling on the all aluminum body. While it is true that body shops are quick to R&R body panels there are cases where fixing a dent or repairing a scrape is still done. Will the cost of the panel go up? Will labor go up when working on aluminum vs steel? Will insurance rates on all aluminum trucks be higher than conventional vehicles? This could be an interesting thing to watch. I am also not a fan of LED lights. Why would you want to pay the extra money? The alternator is producing the current to run the lights, there is no "saving" by using LEDs. I like what Ford is doing. They are getting out front of the innovation curve and offering many options for customers. I am a Toyota fan because the Tundra fits my needs. It would be nice to be able to choose a heavier suspension but that isn't an option. I was looking at the Ford website and saw so many ways to configure a PU I became dizzy quickly. Kudos to Ford. Now watch all the others try to follow. This is why having many brands of successful trucks is a good thing for all of us.
aftermath 01/19/14 10:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: Need Advice - In a Pickle

HyFives, What do you have to lose by giving this a try? I pull a trailer with a GVW of 7200 with my "little" half ton Tundra. Folks on this forum say over and over again it won't work. I especially love the response, "Can you pull it, yes but will you be happy pulling it?" Unless you have a heavy duty 3/4 ton diesel, you should just stay home on the weekends. Towing anything at the limit of the specs will always be a bit iffy. In these cases it would serve you well to really look at how you plan to use your trailer. Are you the type to load the truck heavily with toys, wood, generators and such? Do you drive fast and want to speed up the hills? Well, if so, then you do need to heed the "advice" given by the bigger is better crowd. If not then I would say that the company truck will work for you. Is there a way you can give this a try? What is the chance of talking your boss into a slightly better truck?
aftermath 01/19/14 10:09am Tow Vehicles
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