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RE: went to the scales, what do you think?

Can you tell from these numbers if my WD hitch is set up correctly? No you can't tell because we don't know what the measurements were before you hooked up and before you engaged the WD hitch. From what you said about how nice the trailer tows you probably are just fine. Your numbers only tell us that you are not overloaded. It says nothing about how your WD hitch is adjusted. Without weighing you can estimate by looking to see how level your set up is when hooked up. You can also measure the height of the wheel wells before you hookup and after you engage the WD bars. Weighing will tell you how much weight is removed from the steer wheels and then how much of this is returned after engaging your WD bars.
aftermath 10/16/17 03:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: Airstream vs Lance

It is really hard to compare the two. They are entirely different and each appeals to folks in different ways. There have been a lot of very good statements made. I have a 2006 Airstream that we purchased used in 2009. Buying new was out of the question for us and we were able to get a pretty good deal on the used one. It is now 12 years old and we would be able to get very close to what we paid for it 9 years ago. Airstreams are small and that is a huge drawback for many. Mine has almost NO exterior storage. The inside is fine and the curved upper cabinets are not problematic as some would say. There are no slides and the cost is hugely discouraging. But, after 12 years the original home quality plumbing fixtures still work perfctly, all the doors close and the drawers are still functioning like new. My Starcraft white box that we bought new didn't last a year before stuff like this started to break or cause problems. I would second the suggestion about the Arctic Fox family of trailers. I have been impressed with the build quality in these. Don't have any experience with the Lance.
aftermath 09/27/17 03:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Traveling with long or short t.t.

Going to the Sun does not allow any combination longer than 21feet and wider than 8 ft. That basically keeps all trailers off the road. It is the main path from East to West in the park. There is a road that skirts the park that is open to everyone so you don't have to drive the G to S highway to get around the park.
aftermath 09/23/17 03:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: carbon monoxide/propane alarm

Here is something else to try. I was having trouble with mine as well. The classic alarm going off at 2 AM. I don't know how these things can tell when it is the middle of the night. I read the literature and mine says to press the "test" button regularly. I did this and haven't had a problem since. I test it when I dewinterize just once a season. The tech guy said that dust can build up, along with spider webs and other outside nasty things and the test sequence can clear these things out. If you have power to it you might want to at least give this a try before you replace it.
aftermath 09/23/17 08:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Good weight distribution set up

I'm going to go with the equalizer 1,200 and 12,000lbs bar. I believe you will be very happy with your choice. I have an Equalizer 10k for our 2017 Jayco 28RLS. Works great and rides nice. While lubing the socket pivot points after tightening the socket bolts to 65ft/lbs as per the owner's manual, I break all the rules of planetary alignment and smear a dab of grease on the L bracket surfaces as well. This works well for me in keeping it smooth and quiet while still offering me enough control to eliminate waggle from passing trucks. The right thing to do would be to install Bracket Jackets but I prefer a dab of grease. Others may need the full friction of dry L brackets as is recommended in the owner's manual. Hannibal, I do the same with my setup. Read on the manufacturers page that this is OK as long as you do it, "lightly". I have the 1000/10K set up for my trailer. I run down the road right at 6500 but my TW is pushing 900 pounds. I have dialed it in lightly to get the combination level and lube up the head and the L brackets. Mine makes no noise.
aftermath 09/20/17 09:32am Travel Trailers
RE: To buy used or new?

... IMHO: Buying new is for folks with way too much money... and doing the former will often cure the latter. ...:B This is a GREAT statement and I agree with it....sort of. Buying used is the best way provided all the stars line up. Lots of "ifs" in there. If you can find one you want, if you can settle for something that is close to what you want, if you don't have to drive to the other side of the continent to get it, if it is in good shape, and if you know how to fix things and if you don't mind fixing things. Someone has already posted that he can't find a good one in his area. If you are willing to get a 5 or 6 year old trailer that will probably need new tires and batteries go for it. I did and it took some effort to bring things up to standards. I am still discovering issues because of the neglect from the PO. I just purchased a new truck. Not the best idea financially, or is it? I could not find a gently used truck that I was looking for. Lots of other brands out there but I was not interested. I did not want to buy someone else's problem. Buying a new truck and driving it until the wheels fall off will usually save you money over buying a "new" used care every few years and fixing all the problems. Like in every situation, only you know what you want. Buy new if you want to as long as you can afford it. Going deep into debt for a recreational vehicle is scary. But then, when I spend $500 it is like Trump spending a buck. It is all relative.
aftermath 09/18/17 12:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: Road trip and two blow outs on Goodyear Marathons

Correct! Once the retailer owns the product he/she will attempt to market it. But I have control of my pocket book and have the option of buying a better product or shop for a better price. We are in charge as consumers. If Walmart wants to take the chance of a civil suit knowing they are selling a defective product, that's their business. If I owned the company I would request Goodyear exchange the product for a safer product or loose business at our stores. Goodyear and Walmart are in bed together and depend on each other. I believe that tire failures are mainly due to overloading and/or underinflating. I also think that many manufacturers will put a cheap tire on their trailers to save some money. I had a new tire blow in my hybrid, also new. It was a LRC tire and was just at max payload. I now have a different trailer and it came with Marathons. I replaced them because of age and went with Maxxis without any problems. I replaced them because of age and found that the new Carlisles were a better deal, had a heavier rating (E now) and are listed for 80mph towing which I will never do but I do enjoy all of the weight and speed cushions they provide. Your above post has many issues where I am concerned. First of all Goodyear does not put out a "defective" product. Most times the application for a particular tire is wrong as in putting a LRC tire on a heavier trailer or driving at a too high of speed. Shopping for a better price is what you did and it is why you went to Walmart for such an important purchase. As long as you let purchase price be the main factor you are also in bed with Walmart. You need to do more research before you buy big ticket items. I like Harbor Freight for some things but would never expect a quality tool that would stand up to heavy usage over a long period of time from them.
aftermath 09/18/17 11:35am Travel Trailers
RE: Good weight distribution set up

I agree with bobndot. Get a system with built in sway. I have an Equalizer and am happy with how it performs. There is very little noise from mine. I set it up properly, I lube the friction points as per manufacturers suggestion and it works nicely. When new, they do pop and clank a bit but this can all be adjusted.
aftermath 09/16/17 08:17am Travel Trailers
RE: Distribution hitches ??????

Sound Guy, you are correct. Don't expend much more of your energy. I have an Equal-i-zer brand and am very happy with it. I have actually had two, a smaller one on my first trailer and now the one I am using. Never had a problem with sway, never had a problem hooking or unhooking and always feel at ease towing with it. When I was first looking I didn't like the whole idea of snapping those chains into place and I really didn't like the issue they had with friction sway bars. Back then, you couldn't back up with them and you had to tighten them down. I never could figure out how tight to tighten them and if I needed one or two. Today there are many hitches with built in sway control. Reese dual cam as someone has mentioned is a good example of one. If you have an Equal-i-zer hitch, use it and see how it works for you. Progressive has a website where you can get all the support you need to set it up.
aftermath 09/12/17 04:18pm Towing
RE: 10 year rule for PP tank certification delayed

Use a cheap Harbor Freight engraver. $1.99. Engrave BT1400a212019 or any other combination of numbers and I bet you they will fill it. Just make sure the last numbers are a future date. What a great idea! Next you can change the manufactured date of your trailer tires! And with a little practice you can roll back your odometer too!
aftermath 08/30/17 04:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Should I trust my hitch?

This forum cracks me up sometimes. Send the insurance company a letter putting them on notice? Yeah, that'll scare them into doing the right thing. From my experience, it boils down to the luck of the draw with the adjuster they assign to your case. Sure you can argue with them, point things out, tell them they're wrong, etc. but you'll end up losing. Be nice, point out your concerns to the adjuster, and take what they give you. Unless you want to spend thousands hiring a lawyer trying to be made "whole." I'm sorry you were in an accident, accept it, move on, get camping again, and enjoy life. This is wrong, dead wrong! This is exactly what insurance companies want you to believe. The majority of cases end just like this. The adjuster low balls the injured. They complain but end up settling to take their money and go home. In our state you have the right to contest the claim. You don't need a lawyer but you do need to state your case. My wife was rear ended and her car smashed into the one ahead of her. It was a total loss. The adjuster said so and said they would pay $X. I said I didn't agree. Wrote up my explanation and ended up getting about twice what they originally offered. I was not out of line and backed up my figures with facts. Simple You do not have to go get a lawyer right off the bat.
aftermath 08/23/17 10:10pm Towing
RE: Propane Refill

Mr. Mooky, Wow, that is a deal. Living on the west coast I have always paid by the gallon. I have two larger cylinders on my trailer and when near empty I pay close to $30 for a fill. Propane has been hanging just around $2.90 per gal lately. Reading this forum I learned that there are places where they sell by the pound. Weight the empty, fill it, weigh it again and charge accordingly. This really confused me. Glad that I could get even and confuse someone else. ;)
aftermath 08/17/17 02:00pm Travel Trailers
RE: What is wrong with the new TT

And you are blaming the government for this? Yeah everything is their fault. There have been some good responses if you would read them. The market is driven by demand. There has been a huge increase in "lite" trailers. Weight is being reduced to help mileage for one thing. Reducing weight means you can't put those big tanks in. They have to be supported and that will require heavier framing. I have heard of newer trailers losing a water tank as it drove down the road. Aside from all these "lite" trailers, folks are not camping like they used to. The oven issue is a good example of this. More people don't want an oven, they want a microwave. Well, get a microwave and you will be looking into full hookups, not to mention those air conditioners and the ever important television. More folks wanting more stuff will mean more people will hook up to a water supply. Not as much a need for a larger tank. If the government now "requires" using full tank values to calculate dry weight figures I would agree and even say they should have done this years ago. How many threads do we read where someone buys a trailer and finds out his TV simply won't get it done? Dry weights need to be more realistic along with tongue weight values. Yeah, that government, it is out to get us all!
aftermath 08/16/17 03:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Propane Refill

I would never do the exchange thing. It is an expensive route but it is convenient at times. I always find the discussions about getting ripped off interesting. Some folks are quick to point these kinds of things out. I choose not to get all worked up about this because, if you pay by the gallon you will always pay for what you get, no more or no less. When you trade in you might have1 or 2 gallons left. You trade in for a full 5 gallon tank only to find out that it only has 4.5 gallons. So, you paid full price and only got maybe 3 gallons. Avoid trade ins and you won't have to worry.
aftermath 08/16/17 03:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Help with water pump

I think this is it. An air pocket in your system be it in the HW tank or an accumulator will cause the water pump to run just a bit longer to replace pressure after a faucet is opened. You can't compress water but you can compress air. This will not take a long time but it does take some time. Remove all the air out of the system and the pump returns pressure in a blink of the eye.
aftermath 08/16/17 02:48pm Travel Trailers
RE: Anyone have experience with High Wall popups?

We went from a standard popup to a Hybrid and skipped the high wall. The weight and cost of high walls led us to get a hybrid instead. Cost to do was marginal and the high walls weight required a larger vehicle than a standard popup. So a hybrid made much more sense. More room and faster setup and tear down. Our Starcraft 21SSO weighed 3800# dry and just under 5,000# fully loaded with gear, luggage and water tank filled. I also went from a pop up, although not high walled, to a 21SSO. I question your statement about weight. Even if a tricked out high walled PU weighed a little more than the hybrid I would think that pulling the PU would be a lot easier. You will not have a big white box behind you. When it comes to towing, wind resistance is a much larger factor than weight alone.
aftermath 08/13/17 09:59am Folding Trailers
RE: 30-32' TT - Are they too long, difficult to park, etc?

I find these discussions quite interesting. It is a fact that the longer the trailer, the more difficulty you will have finding a place to camp. Of course as the discussion continues you will start to get all sorts of responses. Yes, you can "always" find a spot if you are willing to go private places like a KOA or reserve well in advance at parks that have sites available. It is also true that state and national campgrounds are slowly changing to accommodate larger RVs. With money drying up for our park systems, this change will be slow. I went from a pop up to a 21ft trailer and now a 25. Each change brought a challenge. We camped at Mt. Rainier and took a spot that would accept our 21ft trailer. It was all I could do to get it in and then I had to park the TV away from our site. All that said, yes, I do think it is getting better out there. A trailer the one you are looking at should not make it impossible but you will have to plan a little on long trips.
aftermath 08/13/17 09:47am Travel Trailers
RE: What can I tow with a Tundra DC?

Dan, I tow with an '08 Tundra with the 5.7. There is a world of difference between the 4.7 and the 5.7. My Airstream goes down the road between 6000 and 6500 pounds. I have weighed it more than once while on trips. I agree with what has been said. Keep it at or under 7000 and the 5.7 will do well. I am so confident in my truck that I just signed papers today on a new 2017. Great truck. Remember though it is a half ton but a very good one at that.
aftermath 07/11/17 11:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: adding an outdoor shower

I'd like to add an outdoor shower to my TT, it did not come with one. Anyone who has done it, is it terribly difficult, what were some hiccups on the install? I think it'd be pretty close to my water pump and hot water heater. Is it pretty much just cut the right size hole, add some tees to the existing water line and that's about it? Yes, that is about it. I did this to a tent trailer I had years ago. I noticed that the same brand of trailer offered outside showers located right next to the HW tank. That is where I put mine in. Cutting the opening in the side was a bit tense but I had faith that these Starcraft trailers had them in that location so I would be fine. I was. Good advice to not put it by the door. Also do keep in mind what you will have to do when it comes to winterizing.
aftermath 07/10/17 10:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: Newbie plumbing questions

Your heater does not have an anode rod. Mine doesn't but I can't remember the brand. The picture is the same as mine, no anode. As far as the bypass goes, the water enters the HW tank at the bottom and exits at the top. Follow this route and look at the valves. In your picture the bottom valve is "open" which allows the water to enter the HW tank. You don't show the valve at the top. If you were to change the bottom valve it would not flow into the tank but go up the bypass pipe. IF the top valve is parallel to the pipe coming out of the tank, the water will not go anywhere. So, if they are both horizontal, the water will enter the tank and exit at the top. If they are both vertical it will bypass the tank. I think this is your situation. As far as the leaking fresh water fill, that is what is sounds like. Where the fill connects to the fresh water tank the water is leaking, especially when you fill the tank and it backs up. If you can gain access to the fill door from inside you should be able to see the problem.
aftermath 07/10/17 10:18pm Travel Trailers
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