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RE: Winterizing Atwood Water Heater

Reinstall the plug. Not only will it keep bugs out but will also help prevent the threads from rusting. I like the plastic plug because if I ever cross thread one, it will be the plastic plug that gets damaged. You do not have to get every last drop of water out of the heater. Any water left will have plenty of space to expand when the first freeze comes.
aftermath 10/28/15 10:40am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing without mounting the anti-sway spring arms (bars)

Part of the issue with your post is that I think you are confusing two different components. You mention spring arms (sway bars) in the same sentence implying they are one and the same. They are not. The spring bars as you call them are the weight distribution bars that takes weight off the back axle of the tow vehicle and moves to the front axle. The sway bars are different bars that minimize the back and forth sway of the trailer when towing. I would not tow without the weight distribution bars unless the you are certain it won't create steering issues, meaning minimal weight is moved front to rear without them. I would certainly consider not installing the sway bars for a cross town trip, just make sure you keep your speed down as to much speed will likely initiate sway that could lead to a disaster you don't want. Oh, but they are the same on an E2 hitch. Just like the Equalizer brand, the bars serve both purposes. Once you have engaged the weight distribution, you have also engaged the anti-sway mechanism at the same time. More advanced hitches do not rely on an add on friction sway device.
aftermath 10/28/15 10:25am Travel Trailers
RE: First time winterizing

Do not add antifreeze to your FW tank or HW tank. This stuff is safe but getting rid of the taste takes longer than you can imagine. You have gotten some very good advice. Make sure you take your time and think of all the things that has water run out of them. Make sure the pink stuff runs from each and every one. I missed the sprayer on the sink and had to replace the plastic head before I could head out in the spring. Do you have an exterior shower? Bypass the water heater and drain it by pulling the plug. Replace the plug after it has drained to prevent the threads from rusting. 6 years ago I got my used Airstream. There is no siphon pump in mine and installing one is next to impossible because of the location of the water pump. I asked the dealer what they did and they don't use the pink stuff, other than to pour some down the drains. I just blow my lines, blow them again and make sure everything is free of water. You have to be methodical and careful but it works great, at least for me. It has been 6 years without a problem and I live where it gets very cold in the winter. The pink stuff is the way to go. Drain the lines then blow them then draw the pink through everything. What can go wrong?
aftermath 09/01/15 09:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: Actual Hitch Weight vs Dry Hitch Weight

Basically I need a dry hitch weight of 400 lbs or less. Not much in that category. Take a deep breath, it is not that bad. There are those out here that think that you can't tow anything more than a tent trailer with a half ton. If you look around at any campground you will see many trucks like yours hooked up to all sorts of trailers. Here is my situation. I am towing a 25 ft Airstream with a GVW of 7200 and I am usually going down the road just a tad over 6100. I have weighed my setup and found that the estimated tongue weight as posted in the sales brochure is not all that close to the actual. They state 720 which is 10% of the gross, but when loaded with full propane, a spare tire and two batteries it is just over 1100. The WD hitch transfers enough back to the trailer that my actual tongue weight is 840 lbs. We do travel light since it is just the wife and I. We typically bring along a generator, some camp chairs and occasionally some firewood. We carry most of our stuff in the trailer so we are right at our payload limit. If your truck is designed to "pull" over 10K then all you need to do is to concentrate on your payload numbers. Keep the trailer to around 6000 lbs, get a good WD hitch and look at what the tongue looks like. Are the batteries stored there, is there a spare on the tongue and how many and how big are the propane tanks? If you are planning on bringing tons of stuff from home when you camp you will likely need a bigger truck. I have been doing this with my current combo since '09 and have gone over 30K miles without any issues.
aftermath 08/12/15 09:34am Towing
RE: Minor sway issue

I think the only real way to figure out what is going on is to weigh your truck, your combination W/O WD connected and then weigh it again with the WD hooked up. That way you can determine the actual tongue weight and how much weight is being transferred back to the front axle. This might be the first story of issues with the Hensley/Propride hitch I have ever read. From reading the Airstream forum you would think that it is impossible for this to happen because these hitches are designed "to prevent sway" not just to dampen it down. I do believe this claim but like all hitches, you will have to get it set up properly. You can call Shawn at Propride and he will be able to instruct you as to how the set your hitch up. I have heard lots of good feedback about their customer service. Driving 55 is safe but my sweet spot is right at 65. No sway at all with my Equalizer which is a far inferior hitch when listening to Hensley/Propride owners.
aftermath 08/12/15 09:07am Towing
RE: Stupid question from a total newbie

If you need more current than 30A, sometimes there is an extra 20A outlet on the pedestal next to the 30A one for the trailer. Sometimes they have their own breaker, which gives you 50A total.Sometimes they are on the same circuit breaker as the 30A (not to code) so it won't help you. You can plug things into that if you need to, but you probably won't need to. I think that this is simply wrong. You can't add current to get more. Someone who really knows this should chime in. And.....how would you connect your trailer to two power sources? A 20 amp service will carry a max of 20 amps, likewise with a 30 amp service. If you could somehow connect them, the 20 amp leg could not carry more than 20 amps. Where did you get this idea? Just read it again. You are talking about running a separate cord to power a separate appliance. I suppose you are correct. Sorry, I misread your post.
aftermath 08/11/15 04:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: Anti sway, wt distribution

This debate has been around for a long, long time. It is a hard one when you consider the vast variety of combinations out there. There are the macho types that tow with a one ton diesel and probably don't need a WD hitch. You, and I for that matter are towing with a half ton. Adding springs and shocks might be a way to level out your rig but I am not sure if they actually add weight back to your steer axle. When I started towing I was pulling a 21 ft hybrid with a 4Runner and I really wanted something to prevent sway issues. I went with an Equalizer brand hitch because it had WD and built in sway control. I have never been a fan of the add on sway bars as I feel that they are just another piece that you have to deal with. My brother has them and will often leave them off. He says he hooks them up when he will "need" it. I asked him how he could tell when that might be and of course he really didn't know. My hitch is easy to hook up, I have restored almost all of the weight back to the front axle and the trailer is riding nice and level. I have one less thing to worry about as I go down the road. Some say a properly set up trailer will not sway. Well, how about the handling during a blow out, a passing semi during high wind conditions and the panic evasive move? Hard to predict things like this.
aftermath 08/08/15 10:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: Alternative to an Airstream's quality and beautiful windows?

69, sorry to see you get your bp up. I am an owner and I read the Airstream forum quite closely. I will agree with some of the statements you made regarding frames but you have painted with a broad brush making it sound like all Airstreams will fall apart. Towing with a 3/4 ton. There are many who do this and some even use heavier TVs. Hitching an Airstream is important and care must be taken to match the truck to the trailer. A stiffly sprung truck with a heavy duty hitch can shake the trailer and cause problems. This is something that has happened but it is certainly not the norm. You can read the forum and glean that information for yourself. Don't quote the single case and generalize it. There is an ongoing debate about using a half ton is a bad idea and many say you should move up to a 3/4ton. Weak frames? Yes the frame is weak but an Airstream is not built like a typical white box. The strength comes from the construction similar to an airplane fuselage that you described. The biggest problem with Airstreams is when an owner wants to build a platform on the back to carry their generators and ice boxes. The "frame" will simply not carry the weight. Your white box is simply that. A big box built on a sturdy frame. Have you ever seen the aftermath of a box trailer that has rolled? Small pieces everywhere. I have seen an Airstream just minutes after it rolled and what I saw was a very dented up can on its side. No bits of wood, insulation or other debris visible. Rusting out? Well, like all trailers you need to maintain them and an Airstream will leak if you neglect the roof. When this happens the water makes its way to the floor and serious damage can occur. Most of the cases regarding rusted outriggers are in conjunction to folks rebuilding a trailer that is 30 to 50 years old. I know of two cases where friends had white boxes that leaked and the rot set in to the roof structure and the walls. Why? They did not maintain their trailers like they should. It can happen to all brands. Over the years there have been some bad designs, the latest were the 23 or 22 footers in the early 2000s. They changed the layout and something went wrong with the weight distribution as I recall. Earlier, in the 80's they built a trailer with a rear bath that created a similar weight problem. Yes, these were mistakes but again, don't tell people that all Airstreams have poor floors, can't be towed with a 3/4 ton or any other nonsense by citing rare cases as common experiences. They are certainly not perfect. Show me a brand that is.
aftermath 08/05/15 12:05am Travel Trailers
RE: Alternative to an Airstream's quality and beautiful windows?

This has been a great thread. Lots of views and I agree with almost all of the comments made here and people have been very nice about things which is refreshing I have an '06 25 ft Airstream. I used to have a Starcraft trailer with a slide out. We basically love our Airstream but it isn't perfect by any means. They do sit low to the ground but that helps the whole aerodynamics thing and they have almost NO exterior storage and that is a problem for me. There is plenty of interior storage unless you are the type that likes to tote most of your house with you when you hit the road. I could never imagine full timing in my Airstream, they are a bit cramped. When we park in a private RV park we are usually the smallest trailer in the place. Americans do like their toys big. Quality, well mine is now 9 years old and all the doors, windows and drawers open and close like they were new. Batteries have to be replaced and tires as well but as long as you maintain your trailer, regardless of brand, you shouldn't have much trouble. My Starcraft had drawers that broke, faucets that leaked and a slide out that didn't slide either way. The awning was terrible and the original tires were rather cheap to start with. I do agree with the quality assessment regarding Airstreams. There are some very good trailers out there but I will put my 9 year old trailer up against any other 9 year old for quality issues. My wife was sold on the feeling of openness when we first stepped into our trailer. We have a wall of windows and a skylight along with a wrap around window surrounding the dinette. Lots of light. Good thing because the trailer is small on the inside.
aftermath 08/02/15 10:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: I have a noob question please.

Many of us are towing at or slightly past our payload limits. I am towing a 25 ft. Aistream with a Tundra using an Equalizer hitch. The hitch weight comes in at just about 840 lbs with the WD connected. That alone takes up about half of my payload limit. As long as you are close, you have a good WD setup, your TV tires are up to the job, the brakes on the trailer are adjusted properly and you drive sensibly, I doubt that you will have any problems. The big hitch you purchased will serve you well but it is heavy. When you decide on your next trailer you will have to reassess your TV.
aftermath 08/01/15 08:55am Travel Trailers
RE: WD hitch or not

The issue is not so much the need for the WD as it is the need for some active sway control. A 5er is a different animal than at trailer. Look into getting a WD hitch with bult in sway control. Something like an Equalizer.
aftermath 07/19/15 10:00pm Travel Trailers
RE: To sway or not to sway?

Hope you got your hitch setup corrected. You mentioned easy hookup in your original post. Honestly, a wd hitch setup with built in sway control only takes an extra couple min to hookup. Safety of you and your family is worth a few extra min and it is not difficult work once you get a system down. Ah, but not all hitches are created equal. The Equalizer brand does not have chains to snap into place and can be hooked and unhooked on uneven ground. The "top of the line" Hensley Arrow and Pro Price require the truck to back into the stinger and are difficult to use when on uneven terrain. Those who use these hitches gain the expertise to deal with these challenges in short order but going in, it is a challenge. Some systems take "a couple of minutes" to set up while others take more.
aftermath 07/17/15 09:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: To sway or not to sway?

WSC7050, You have made the right decision. WD and sway are two entirely different issues. Those who to with large trucks claim that they don't really need WD an they are often correct. But then following with they don't need sway control are usually misinformed. While it is correct that properly set up systems reduce the probability of sway, it does not completely eliminate the chance of sway. Extreme weather conditions, passing trucks, blowouts and panic moves are not something we can plan for. Getting a hitch that deals with WD and has built in sway control is the answer as far as I am concerned. There are many hitches out there today that do a good job in both regards. Get one and get it set up correctly and you will sleep much better at night. I have an Equalizer and love it but I have never had anything else so I can not say much about the options. All I know is that mine works for me and after 30K miles, I remain a happy camper.
aftermath 07/17/15 09:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Difference in finding camp spot or towing w/ 28' v 30 v 32'?

Depends where you want to camp. Bingo! This sums it up perfectly. When I read posts about longer trailers it really kills me when people chime in with statements like "I always find places where I want to camp." Well, if this means you always camp at private places like KOAs then you are correct. I can tell you that it is a FACT that when you go up to a 32 you will be limited at national parks and campgrounds. If you research and reserve ahead you might be fine but it is harder to find places for the larger trailers. If you like to just go and find places when you get there you will have some real problems. As far as towing, others have summed it up nicely. This shouldn't be a big issue as long as you have a TV up to the task. The actual driving and backing won't be a problem. By all means, get what you want. But just remember that it will limit you in some regards. It will also provide many benefits in others.
aftermath 07/17/15 09:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: iPad with cellular

We have an iPad 2 Air and 2 iPhones all cellular. The new iPhone 6 are very nice but we still like to have the iPad along on long trips. We download our local paper each morning, post pictures and email them to our kids and grandkids. Your plan is nation wide but be very careful if you get into Canada, or sometimes even real close. I still have a love/hate thing going on with AT&T. Good service most of the time but high prices all of the time.
aftermath 07/13/15 10:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Looking at buying a TT. What size Generator is needed?

To answer your question, you will need at least 3000 W to run your AC. I have a Honda 2000 and it has been a fantastic generator for us. Quiet and dependable but it won't run the AC. We are heading out soon to our favorite lake spot and it is going to be hot! We will just spend lots of time in the lake and sitting in the shade. If I were in the market I would look at a 3000 but the weight would be a big issue for me. The 2 Hondas that can be matched together is a good idea but quite expensive. I would never get one of those loud contractor generators. Nothing like going out in the woods and have to listen to a neighbor run one of those.
aftermath 07/07/15 08:22am Travel Trailers
RE: Trailer sway

I will add my 2 cents worth. Get a GOOD WD hitch with built in sway control and follow the manufacturers directions to set it up. Your truck will tow your trailer just fine once you get it dialed in. Every truck/trailer combination is different. Some have a tendency to be tongue heavy while others are tongue light. Generally speaking, the more weight on the tongue is better. Combine that with a good WD hitch and you should be good to go. I am a believer in the Equalizer brand hitch. I have towed two completely different trailers with an Equalizer and once set up according to factory setting I have never had any issues. Don't EVER listen to those who say you need a huge truck with a diesel engine to tow your trailer. You are on the right track. You are asking for advice and are willing to make things right. Start with the factory suggestions according to you hitch. I this doesn't work, get a better hitch and follow the factory directions there. I really don't think you are that far from a good solution. I have never been a fan of add on anti sway bars.
aftermath 07/06/15 10:47pm Towing
RE: Thinking about going from m MH to TT who makes quality units

"Built by Amish workers". A marketing ploy to rope in the unsuspecting. As if they put trailers together with pegs and hand made nails. Like everything else, some are good, some aren't. The fiberglass trailers like Casitas and the Aluminum Airstreams are all very good units but they are small by today's consumer standards. If you want lots of space, slideouts and built in fireplaces, go somewhere else. My half ton Tundra pulls my 25 ft. Airstream very nicely and I do believe that there are many 26 ft or smaller trailers out there that can be pulled by a half ton. I continue to hear great things about your Ford E150 with the trailer package. I have a cousin with an Arctic Fox and it is a very well made unit. It is also very heavy as others have mentioned. Good luck in your search.
aftermath 07/03/15 05:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: Shadow Cruiser after 1 year of ownership

ADK, they sold out to Thor, which is (I think) the parent of Airstream. So Thor certainly can build good trailers -- the question is whether they will devote the same care to Cruiser. Thor purchased Airstream but they did not change the factory or how it builds trailers. Airstreams have their problems too and many owners do complain about them. Read the Airstream forum and you will see that these trailers are not perfect by a long shot. That said, there is a current thread running that discuses the correlation between heavy vs light weight trailers and the "quality" of each. It is very hard to say that light weight trailers do not match up with the quality of the heavier ones and indeed, there are many light weights that are well built. But, there is a correlation in there that supports the main claim that the lighter the trailer the more prone they are to some of the issues listed in this post. My Airstream is a 2006 and the converter/charger was a piece of junk from the get go. I had to replace that and the fan above the stove is loud and will probably go next. My cabinets have not fallen off the walls, all the doors close nicely and the latches on all of the drawers and doors still function as designed. The build quality is there even though the individual appliances and electronic components are average.
aftermath 06/07/15 08:51am Travel Trailers
RE: Give Advice or Get Told To Mind My Own Business ??

I think the real issue here is trying to help the OP. He feels that parking like the guy is doing is bad for the tires and will be a problem with the trailer down the road. He feels a need to convey this to the neighbor. Here is my take. If your motivation to approach a new neighbor is to criticize him or her then you are on some shaky ground. Like others have shared, get to know the guy first and when the appropriate time comes you can talk about his parking job. I live in an older neighborhood where we have folks that like to stay to themselves while others are quite outgoing. All of them are friendly, you just have to know how to make contact without making enemies. Good luck. This sounds like a learning experience.....for.....you.
aftermath 06/07/15 08:32am Travel Trailers
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