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RE: Full hook-up with a pop-up?

WOW, thanks a ton bondebond. This is exactly the information I was looking for. I have not been able to spend much time looking at the new trailer but I did take a look under it and saw the line from the sink to the drain, no holding tank to be found. I will start researching holding tanks in hopes that we can add one. I do know that they come in many sizes and shapes. I noticed that you have added a cap that has the garden hose outlet incorporated. This is what I use on my trailer when we are in a place where it is acceptable to drain gray water into the surrounding bushes. Do you see any problems with doing this?
aftermath 08/22/14 08:56am Folding Trailers
RE: Full hook-up with a pop-up?

My daughter and her family just picked up a 2006 Fleetwood Highlander. It is fully loaded with shower, toilet (not a cassette), stove w/oven and microwave. It has a small black tank but no gray holding tank. I am still confused about how you would manage such a trailer. There is a drain with two valves, one for black and one for gray. The main drain is low like you would see on a hard sided trailer. The gray valve is at the end of a drain that runs directly to the sink. So, if you want to use the sink you have to open the valve but where is the water going to go? It is too low for a bucket. Boy, I am confused. Why didn't they put in a gray tank? The unit came with a blue tote and I suppose you are to drain the gray into the tote. On a typical PU, the sink drains into a bucket via a small section of hose. People take the bucket to the nearest bush and empty it. I have seen this over and over again in campgrounds all over the place. If I were to run a hose from my drain to a nearby bush I would probably be arrested. Anybody have one of these trailers? It looks to be a very nice unit but the water management has me a bit confused.
aftermath 08/21/14 10:31pm Folding Trailers
RE: Is a Tundra out of the Question

Jaydub, let me respond as someone who actually tows with a Tundra. My trailer weighs just about the same as yours. I travel down the road just about 6200 lbs with about a half full water tank. It is just the wife and I and we usually always bring the generator and "some" fire wood along with some camping chairs, a small table and some extra blocks for leveling. The 5.7 Tundra is a towing power house. Yes, it is a half ton so you do have to be careful and not pack on a lot of extra stuff. I use an Equalizer and have LT tires that I inflate to 60 lbs when towing. I have traveled extensively throughout the west and have NEVER any trouble. Those who drive big 3/4 ton diesels seem to think that it is the only way to go. Yes, they have a nice weight margin that we don't enjoy but is it safe to tow with a good half ton? Absolutely. My daughter's father in law tows a much larger and heavier trailer than mine and his sits level and pulls just fine. They do not overload it though and I think that is the key to towing with any half ton.
aftermath 07/29/14 11:39am Travel Trailers
RE: Goodyear and/or Maxxis owners

I believe that both are good tires. When I got my 2006 Airstream in 2009 it had the original Goodyears on it. It was very lightly used spending most of its time parked out in the sun. The following year I noticed a significant bulge in the tread, not the sidewall, the tread. I replaced them with Maxxis and have had 4 years and about 20K miles of good use out of them. I think it is important to get your tires from a reputable dealer, keep them inflated properly and inspect them regularly. Goodyear is a big name and Airstream still puts the Marathons on their trailers.
aftermath 07/26/14 09:04am Travel Trailers
RE: Stopped at weight station...Need HELP w/ my Equalizer

I don't think this is a problem with your equalizer. I have mine dialed in and am right at the original front fender height and about 1.5 inches down in the rear. My trailer rides level and I have no problems with sway. I did have a similar issue with the rolling you describe. Mine is a half ton and I was riding on the original P radials. I switched over to LT tires in a load D range and haven't had any trouble since. I would check the tires. How old are they? What is the load range? Do you have them pumped up. Mine ride at about 35 when not towing but when towing, especially in the heat, I run the backs at 60 with the fronts around 55 and it does help.
aftermath 07/24/14 09:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Pop Up

People have listed the pros and cons rather completely and I agree with most of them. Here is my story and it has more to do with aging and the change of outlook than it has to do with pop ups being either good or bad. While in our 20's we tent camped and did a lot of it. Never into backpacking so we camped out of the trunk of a car or the bed of a pickup. When we were in our 30's we had two daughters and continued to tent camp but found it increasingly difficult to pack all the stuff we needed so we got a Starcraft tent trailer of the late 70's vintage. Loved this thing and used it heavily for 17 years. By now we were getting into our 50's and were starting to do some "traveling" which required us to move the pop up a lot. We also were getting into late fall trips as well as early spring fishing trips. The idea of a full fridge and furnace made sense so we jumped into a hybrid. Traveling with one of these is marginally better and the constant set up and tear down started to wear on me. Getting caught in the rain while on a road trip was also an issue so by the time we hit our late 50's the hard sided trailer made more sense. So, our ages and the change in our expectations brought us to the trailer we now have. We have gained a lot in making this change but we have lost a lot as well. I still wish I had my tent trailer parked beside the garage. I would still use it on some fishing trips. But, you can't keep everything so decisions have to be made. We went with what was best for us at the time and chose not to look back. There is no perfect RV. Once you accept that, it makes things a little better. What we have now works for us and we are happy.We also do not condemn others for their choices. If they want to sleep on the hard ground, good for them. If they want to pull one of the huge 5ers that block out the sun, then I am happy for them. To each their own.
aftermath 07/24/14 05:36pm Folding Trailers
RE: Dining Table Slide

Thanks Budrock, we will look into this one. Beerbelly, yes, the indoor facilities do have their advantages for sure. Thanks for the ideas.
aftermath 07/23/14 04:38pm Folding Trailers
RE: Dining Table Slide

The extra counter space makes sense. Why no toilet? We camped out of a PU for 17 years when the kids were young and loved every minute. We were young, camped during the warm months of summer and taught our daughters about "roughing" it, at least to some degree. Now that we are older and camp 3 seasons each year, the inside facilities make lots of sense. I guess it is how you want to camp and whether you are willing to pay extra for features you don't plan on using. I do like the idea of getting some extra counter space although at quite the cost. Thanks for the tip on the Coleman Utah. I do seem to remember seeing some of these years back when they came out. The slide really opens up the inside of the trailer.
aftermath 07/23/14 11:06am Folding Trailers
Dining Table Slide

SIL is looking to pick up a pop up with the dining table slide. So far, all we have found are units that include the built in toilet/shower which he is not interested in. Do they make these or do you have to special order one? Are there any older ones out there that came with the slide but not a toilet? Any information is welcome. And, anyone have any preferences as to brands? Thanks, Grandpa Dick
aftermath 07/22/14 05:33pm Folding Trailers
RE: Propane tank question.

There are various gauges and non of them work very well. I would assume your trailer has an automatic change-over regulator, most do. Connect both tanks, aim the "service" valve toward one of them. You should see a green marker in the clear display window of the regulator. When the service tank is empty the regulator will switch to the other tank and then the marker will show red. This tells you you need to remove the tank the "service" valve is still pointing too and get it refilled. Ahhh...is that how it works? I saw my indicator went red on the last trip, but the "supply" arrow was still pointing to the right tank. I was assuming the arrow would flip when the supply changed, but in the back of my head couldn't figure out mechanically how it would work. Now I get it and it totally makes sense. Thanks for the lesson...guess I better go fill a tank! I have used this system for years without a problem. Start with two full tanks. Open both valves and note which way the "switch" is pointed. When the glass shows red the switchover with happen automatically but the "switch" will not move. Turn off the valve to the empty tank, turn the switch to the full tank and remove the empty one and refill it. Reinstall the tank and open the valve and you are ready to go. Those who don't trust this system simply wait for their tank to run empty and then go out and open the backup tank. This is a great system to insure that you will not run completely out of propane. It isn't such a good system when the tank empties in the middle of a cold,dark and rainy night. Using the automatic switch over could get you in a spot where you run completely out of propane but only if you are not paying attention to the little glass indicator. Both systems are good, it will just depend on how you like to run things.
aftermath 06/17/14 10:56am Travel Trailers
RE: Freshwater Drain on Coachman 291 QBS Freedom Express

The drain for your freshwater tank will not have a hex nut cap on it. Those are low point drains used for winterizing. The drain valve will be some sort of petcock thing with a handle (very small) that allows you to open and close the valve with little work on your part. Look for one of these.
aftermath 06/17/14 10:37am Travel Trailers
RE: Toilet recommendations

Another vote for the Dometic. Easy install and it works great!
aftermath 06/12/14 09:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: Refrigerator

Today's RV fridges are gas or 110 volts. I don't believe you can get a 12 volt fridge any more. The fridge is more efficient on gas. It will cool down faster with a flame than with the element. Once at temperature, either system should work fine. Gas fumes are much heavier than air. At a pump they would collect at ground level and not jump up and into the motor home. Of course there could have been bigger problems like a leak in the tank intake or some other malfunction. Since a trailer does not have an on board gas tank, the chances of a fire or explosion due to the fridge running remains infinitesimally small.
aftermath 06/10/14 11:51am Travel Trailers
RE: Turn off propane at gas stations - DO YOU?

It's amazing to me that some people will not take time to do something so simple. It's not only your life but the lives of everyone else in the area you put in possible danger. Do fires happen often because of this, I'm sure they don't. It only takes once though. I am a mathematician and I understand probability and odds. The chances of your trailer exploding at a gas pump are miniscule when compared to what could happen during a tire blow out or a hitch malfunction. And, lets not forget the probability of getting into an accident while towing through a busy intersection or a high speed highway. Hey, don't forget the chances of trouble during night driving, driving in high winds, hail and rain. All of these would be far more probable that an exploding trailer at a gas station. Could you get into an accident? Could your family be injured? Could there be a loss of life? Absolutely. So why take the chance? Stay home and you don't need to worry. Personally, I run with the propane on and the fridge running. I fuel up with the fridge on. I will obey the laws and turn everything off when required, not just when suggested.
aftermath 06/06/14 08:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: Towing Airstream with Tundra

Stargirl, I am towing a 25FB with my 08 5.7L Tundra. My Airstream has a GVWR of 7300 so we are close. The 5.7 is a towing beast, you won't have any trouble getting it down the road and over the mountains. As someone has pointed out, the issue with ANY half ton truck will be your capacity. Get a good WD set up and pack light. Mine sits level and with only my wife and I we don't take much along. Typically we carry a generator, some wood and that is about all in the truck. The rest, including the bikes go on the back or inside the trailer. I would give it a go before you look into adding extra springs and/or air bags.
aftermath 05/21/14 08:14am Travel Trailers
RE: Load Leveling Weight Distribution Hitch

You might, or might not, need the features of a weight distributing hitch. But, you will (IMHO) need sway control. The best hitches combine the two.
aftermath 05/16/14 09:09am Travel Trailers
RE: How many camping spots are too small for 35' TT

You asked a difficult question since there are many variables involved here. It is a fact that the longer your trailer, the more restrictions you will face. The challenge is for you to decide if these limits will cause you a lot of heartache. Be careful of those who say thing like, "we have never had a problem finding a spot where we wanted to camp". A lot of people do not want to camp unless the spot has full hookups, bathrooms with running water and showers. There is a HUGE difference between an RV Park and a state or federal campground. Also be wary of all the anecdotal evidence you hear. Yes, there are spots in campgrounds (not RV parks) that will handle large units and I am sure that some have stayed in these spots. But to answer your question, "will there be restrictions?", the answer is yes. When we travel we typically use RV parks that we can easily find along the way. Size is seldom a problem with these. When we go camping, we like to stay in state and federal campgrounds and things change. Since we are retired we have the time to research campgrounds and can reserve spots ahead of time. An internet search of campgrounds around you will be invaluable. You can find out about any restrictions here. I am with the group that says get the trailer you want and go from there. If you hate the cramped quarters of a commercial RV park and only want to camp in the national and state park systems then you will need to rethink things, or at least, you will need to spend a lot of time planning trips. Again, lots of variables here. Many posters started with the question, "What kind of camping do you do?" A good question.
aftermath 05/11/14 05:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: Looking for new trailer

I will jump in with the Arctic Fox crowd. I have a cousin as well as a close friend that both have Foxes. Very well built but heavy in the scope of things. I suppose this is part of why they are so sturdy. I am confused about the comment regarding the Airstreams. I have an Airstream but not one with a slide. I have yet to hear of complaints on the Air Forums about troubles with the slides. The issue with Airstream slides is that they stopped making them a few years ago. Apparently they were not big sellers and did add extra weight to the trailers. If he wants an Airstream he will have to look at a used one.
aftermath 05/10/14 08:34am Travel Trailers
RE: Maxxis Tires c or d

I have a jayco 2006 29bhs. I need to replace the tires and thinking of using maxxis. the stock rims say they are rated for 1820lbs the stock rims say they are rated for 1820lbs and the c class maxxis tires are the same 1820lbs. would it hurt to move up to the d class rated at 2150lbs. or should I stay with the c class tires? Did I miss something in this thread? If your rims are rated for 1820 lbs as you say, why are you thinking of installing tires at a higher rating? I would think that this could cause trouble down the road. If you are going to replace the rims too then the move up to a D rated tire makes sense. You never mentioned the weight of your trailer. At 1820 per tire (the c rated ones) you would have a max rating of 7280 for the trailer. If you have a light trailer you might be fine with the c version.
aftermath 04/16/14 10:43am Travel Trailers
RE: Route Opinions Please

We did a portion of this trip last summer and we had a great time. After leaving Billings, stop in at the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. It is right off I-90 and worth a visit. We drove into Buffalo on I-90 before turning east for the Devil's Tower area. There is a GREAT steak house right by the freeway. The Winchester Steak House has great food, decent prices and is very casual. Right next door is a very nice KOA so it you can plan a stop this is a pretty good choice. We were not taken by the scenery along I-90 into and past Gillette but as soon as you turn off on 14 at Bancroft it gets very pretty. There are some campgrounds in the Tower area but we stayed at the KOA right at the base of the mountain. We went in late September and worried about the cold nights. You have a good route down to and into Custer State Park. You have to enter from the west so get to 16, follow that east to the town of Custer and then on into the park. This road will take you directly to your campground. I hope you are planning on a few days in the park. We stayed three nights and did a lot of driving around. We followed 16A north and stopped in at Mt. Rushmore. Then we drove the Needles Highway that loops around the north part of the park and takes you through many tunnels with spectacular views all along the way. On the second day we drove the southern loop and saw a lot of wildlife from buffaloes to wild burrows, deer and lots of hawks. On the way in you can stop along 385 and view the Crazy Horse Monument. There are some good vantage points along the highway to see and photograph the mountain without having to pay to enter. After leaving the Rapid City area on I-90 we stopped in at Wall Drug just to say we had done it. From there we took the 240 highway into the Badlands. There is a decent visitor's center where it meets up with highway 44. We then headed south down to Texas but you would take the short drive north to meet up with I-90 again. We were glad to have made the loop and found the badlands quite interesting. Reading more about the area at the visitor's center was also helpful. We were really taken by Custer State Park and the surrounding area. I hope you have good weather and plenty of time to see most everything. Mt. Rushmore was really something. Best wishes for an enjoyable trip.
aftermath 04/06/14 04:47pm Travel Trailers
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