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RE: Creaking sound on one side when arriving/parking

I think you are right to suspect the bearings and/or the brake shoe. You originally mentioned "creaking" and that threw me in the direction of the springs. I had a trailer with springs and every time I returned from a trip it squeaked and creaked as I pulled into home. When you said it was more like a screeching or a metal on metal sound, look at the bearings again. Good luck and please come back and let us know what you found.
aftermath 01/12/17 08:26am Towing
RE: A couple of Evergreen Ever-lite specific questions

Martin, I remember looking at these trailers at a local show years ago. I was impressed. I would not hesitate picking one up as almost all of it can be serviced by any competent shop. "2nd AC Prep" means that the wiring is in place for the second AC and I would also think that the thermostat is ready as well. Can't help you with the height inside. I would think someone will chime in soon. Good luck.
aftermath 01/12/17 08:12am Travel Trailers
RE: Bumper strength

This topic comes up frequently. There are many that insist that it's not safe and many that don't. I installed the MnL Safety Struts and used my bike rack many times and haven't seen any evidence of bumper failure. The Struts seem to support it very well, and I haven't found any cracks on any of the bumper welds. And good for you. The OP simply asked if he could attach a carrier to his bumper. He did not talk about modifications so the answers he received were pretty good. You, by the sound of it, did not "just" attach the bike rack to your bumper. The issue here has everything to do with physics and something I believe is called moment of force. It is like using a lever to lift or move something quite heavy. When you have a lever of any length, the small force you impart on the end is multiplied, depending on how long the lever is, to a point that your small effort becomes quite large, large enough to move the weight. When you place 100 pounds behind the fulcrum it becomes a much larger force when it starts to move up and down. Think of the fulcrum as the place the hitch is attached. Think about what is going on behind your trailer when you hit a bump in the road or a pothole. It is no wonder people lose their bikes and spare tires. If you reinforce the bumper you can mitigate some of these forces but you should know what you are doing.
aftermath 12/29/16 10:48am Travel Trailers
RE: Finding Parts

Believe it or not, I used to own this popup. Was the second owner, purchased it around '86. It was in prime shape and I added a water heater, demand pump and outside shower. We owned it for 17 years and our daughters grew up camping in it. I sold it to a guy in the neighborhood and he sold to another guy who gave it to his SIL. I just happened to see it on Craigs list and went to see it. The outside still looks great and the owner said that it was in "good" shape. I will wait for it to warm a bit and take a look inside. My goal is to bring it back, use it for some fishing trips and loan it to my youngest daughter who now has a family. We loved our years camping and this will be a great opportunity for her to pass this experience to her kids.
aftermath 12/26/16 09:48pm Folding Trailers
RE: Hitch question

I think this has been good information. You "probably" don't really need one. Hook it up and see how it looks and tows. While a WD hitch is not always needed, I am a firm believer that you should always have some kind of sway control. I also have not been a great fan of the add on sway bar. Way back, when I started towing, there were problems with sway bars when it came to backing up. And hooking them up was sort of a "take a guess" when it came to how hard you needed to crank them down. Being rather lazy, I went for a hitch with built in sway control. There are many available today and they come in a variety of prices. Do some research and find one that will work for you. I towed a white box hybrid with a 4Runner and the wind pushed me around a bit. Glad to have my Equalizer. Now, the Airstream doesn't seem to react to the wind that much but I still use the Equalizer but now mainly for the WD function.
aftermath 12/26/16 09:41am Travel Trailers
Finding Parts

Considering picking up a '79 Starcraft tent trailer in pretty good shape. Do any of you out there have some advice about finding parts for a trailer this old? I know that many of the plastic parts are available and interchangeable with newer trailers. But....what about Starcraft specific parts? I have yet to contact the manufacturer. Hoping to find some suppliers that you might have had success using. Thanks
aftermath 12/26/16 09:30am Folding Trailers
RE: Newbie -- Considering Hybrid Purchase

Listen to what Dutchman said. It was a very honest summary. I went from tent, to popup, to hybrid and now finally a TT. We started in the tent with two young children but the rain and confining space took us to our popup. We camped in this for 17 years and loved the extra space and the ability to ride out the storms. Once the girls left we wanted a fridge and a bathroom so we got a 21ft Starcraft hybrid. Man, there was a lot of space inside. We were in our late 50s by now and were looking into traveling after retirement. We tried the travel thing with the hybrid and it was not easy. So, we moved up (?) again to a trailer. I said all of this just to let you know that you should focus on how you camp, when you camp, where you camp and what your camping plans are going to be. I loved our hybrid but here are some things I found to be true. You HAVE to dry it out. Ours had vinyl/rubber tops on the bed ends but the sides were not. Putting it away wet will cause big issues. I live on the dry eastern side of Washington so it was not hard to manage this because we almost always camped during the summer months. Pulling into camp and setting up a hybrid is not difficult but it does take some time. We made a 5 day trip and had to set up and tear down every day. It got a little old. Also, while on the road, accessing the trailer was not easy. Now we can just park and have full use of the trailer and it doesn't matter if it is raining. This was never an issue for us when we were young. It is now.
aftermath 11/09/16 08:51am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: popup camper VS TT

Hi Folks .... They are both vacuum bounded, Please straighten me out.... MWang, I need help with this. Being from the states I have no idea what this means. I also agree with the apples and oranges post. If you have used a class C motorhome you might be more aligned with the TT that the PU. I had a PU for 17 years as our two daughters grew up. We loved it and never worried about bathrooms, storage or anything like that. We camped out and enjoyed the openess of a pop up. As we aged and the kids went off to college our plans and habits changed. We were going to do more traveling with the trailer and not as much camping. The up and down set up became problematic as did the need for a bathroom, shower and a permanent bed. So, a TT and a PU will fit people differently. Decide what your style and choose accordingly.
aftermath 11/03/16 12:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: Weight distribution bars

Thanks 24V, I stand corrected. Today they suggest that you use their bracket jackets on the L brackets. I was dealing with this issue before they became available and at that time I was told that a light covering of grease on the L brackets would do the job. I will look into getting some of the new bracket jackets. Although after about 10 years towing in all sorts of conditions I have yet to have an issue with sway.
aftermath 10/31/16 07:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Weight distribution bars

If it is an Equalizer WD hitch, do NOT grease the bars where they sit on the L brackets. That is meant to be a friction point to stop the sway. If you lubricate, you will nullify the anti sway feature. I cannot speak for other brands that use the chains as I do not know the technical part of how those work. This is an incorrect statement. I have used an Equalizer for many years now and I lube both the socket heads and the L bracket face. I do this because that is what the manufacturer suggests. They do say to lube it lightly and they even have designed a plastic sleeve to fit over the L bracket. I know that it is counter intuitive and that is why I checked with the Equalizer people. A little lubrication is not going to cause a problem.
aftermath 10/31/16 08:14am Travel Trailers
RE: Tandem or single axle

Regardless of what you are using as a tow vehicle a single axle trailer will bounce when you are towing it. I've had single and tandems, and the single will scatter contents around inside. A tandem axle will be much smoother on the contents. JMHO. Al I don't agree with this. I suppose a single axle trailer is lighter but that doesn't mean they all bounce. The ONLY reason a manufacturer goes to a double axle is the weight of the trailer. Bigger heavier trailers need two axles. Some of these large trailers also bounce if not properly designed and set up for towing.
aftermath 09/30/16 07:51am Travel Trailers
RE: Cost of Line X or Rhino

I've had the bedliner in my last 2 trucks. Really a great thing if you have a topper. I would think it would be a great thing if you DIDN'T have a topper. With a topper your bed is sheltered from the sun and rain/snow. I have had Line-X in two pickups and my last one is now 8 years old and in great shape even after lots of use. I really like the spray in liners. I had a truck down on the Oregon coast at the bed had lots of rust because of all the deep scratches. I am sold on liners. I also put in a rubber bed mat to help keep things from sliding and to make kneeling down a lot easier.
aftermath 09/05/16 09:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: TT vs Hybrid purchase

Why has no one mentioned....bears? Because it is really not an issue. We camped in our hybrid through the North Cascades, Banff, Glacier park and even Yellowstone. There is one campground in Yellowstone (Fishing Bridge) that does not allow canvas. In most all of these spots it is easy to find tent campers sharing the same campgrounds.
aftermath 08/25/16 07:55am Travel Trailers
RE: Level Hitches

KrowNB, glad to offer up my "solution". I got all of this directly from the Equalizer website and from experienced owners. There are two areas that create the noise. The first one is the two sockets in the head that accept the WD bars. Grease the top and bottom surfaces of these sockets. When you insert the bar you can see how they move side to side and you will also see the surfaces I am talking about. The friction that controls sway comes mainly from this head unit. There are bolts that need to be torqued to specifications and after the head is loaded, the resistance to sway is quite sufficient. Greasing these surfaces does not lessen the friction in any real way. It does help quiet the head though. The second area is the L bracket. Equalizer has come up with a sleeve that fits on the bracket and the WD bars sits on top of that. Equalizer has also said that you can "lightly" grease the L bracket and this is what I do. I have heard that the plastic sleeve will wear out over time so I chose not to get these. I am on my second hitch and while there is some sound, I would not call it noise. My first hitch was rather loud and it took me a while to follow the suggestions from the manufacturer. I also make sure that I grease the ball like most of us do. Yes, your hitch can be messy to deal with because of all the grease but I keep mine as clean as I can and I don't over grease things. I do have to be careful when handling it but I still really like the Equalizer. As someone as stated, with an electric tongue jack, hooking and unhooking is not a real physical challenge. I don't have to deal with snapping chains into place while under tension either.
aftermath 08/23/16 09:11am Travel Trailers
RE: Towmax PowerKing blow out pics

I had a set of Carlisle tires blow just like yours did. I purchased the trailer new and it wasn't 2 years old. The tires were LRC and were inflated to the max on the sidewall. It was in the 70s and I had just checked them about 15 minutes earlier. When I started looking the weight rating was just SLIGHTLY more than the weight of the trailer. I suppose when you deducted the TW this somehow made the manufacturer feel better putting these on the trailer. So, upgrade to LRD or even LRE and you should not have a problem.
aftermath 08/22/16 10:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: TT vs Hybrid purchase

Matt, I pulled my hybrid with the 4Runner and it did fine. I seem to remember the total weight around 4200 pounds loaded and ready to go. I also seem to remember the 4Runner had a tow rating of 7200 and we sort of knew we were going larger than that so before we got our Airstream I upgraded to a Tundra with the 5.7 V8. This thing has a 10k tow rating so I am good to go. I also loved the 4Runner and if we had stayed with the lighter trailer I would still be driving it. The problem with the 4Runner and your Pathfinder too is that you won't be able to carry very much extra "stuff" with you. That was not a problem with just the wife and I but we always had extra baggage with the two daughters along. Again, nothing is perfect for the long haul. There are some pretty good fits for now. If you think you might want to do something different later, look at good used units now. You might save some dough in the long run. Good luck in your search. Best wishes too. Dick
aftermath 08/22/16 10:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: Level Hitches

There are lots of good hitches out there but they are all different and some work certainly as good or better that others depending on lots of factors. I use an Equalizer and have for many years. I chose this hitch because I did not want to deal with snapping chains into place and I wanted a hitch I could back up a trailer without disconnecting. Today, most hitches have worked out these concerns. I have also noticed that a lot of the newer hitches use the same basic physics employed in the Equalizer brand. The Sway Pro has replaced the rectangular torsion bars that rest on the L brackets with bars that connect with chains. This does reduce the noise factor. There are ways to mitigate the noise in an Equalizer and I have used them and have very little noise in my set up. Again, there are lots of good hitches out there. I would look at many of them and ask how you hook up and unhook. You will find one you like better than the rest.
aftermath 08/21/16 02:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: Another brake thread

I really like my P3, or is it a P2? I read the entire direction manual before setting mine up, and then I read it again. You need to adjust your basic setting before you mess with the boost settings. Once I did that I didn't use my boost at all. After a few trips down long steep mountain passes I realized that I should be using B1 or B2 for some help. This made a big difference in the actual time I spent with my foot on the brakes. So, set it up properly to begin with and then mess with the boost settings. I don't use any boost until I hit the highway. In the passes I will sometimes go into B2. Works for me, no grabbing and I feel safe.
aftermath 08/05/16 12:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Battery charging

Let us know what type of trailer and what kind of converter you currently have. There is a lot that goes into managing a battery so we need more information. There are one stage converters (not inverters) that charge batteries at the same rate all the time. When the battery is charged the converter continues to charge which over charges and will destroy a battery in short order. " I have had issues with dead batteries while boondock camping. I have done current draws and I'm not getting anything but I keep having to replace my batteries and I am using the deep cycle marine units." You have had to replace batteries in the past. How often does this happen? If you let a battery go dead then it will never be able to hold a full charge. Maintaining the battery requires checking the water levels in the cells and careful charging and attention. Get a good deep cycle battery that does not have "marine" on it. A marine battery is for boats and needs to be able to crank the engine. A deep cycle does not have the cranking amps requirement. They are different beasts.
aftermath 08/03/16 09:49am Travel Trailers
RE: Travel Trailer for the long haul

I have heard very good things about the Arctic Fox brand. My cousin has one but his is one of their heavy duty options with thermal glass all around. His is pretty high off of the ground too but man, is it solid. We walk around in it during fishing trips and with three of us, you can't feel it give anywhere. You are right to stay away from ultra lights as your experience tells you. Good luck in the hunt.
aftermath 07/25/16 04:06pm Travel Trailers
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