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RE: First time travel trailer towing question

Georgiadave, Congratulations on the trailer, it looks like a good one. This forum will offer up plenty of "advice" and lots of opinion on anything you want to discuss. I will add mine too. First of all, trailer sway is the thing you want to be concerned with. Whether or not you "need" weight distributing will depend on many factors and I am sure you are aware of that. If the rear of the truck sits too low and the headlights are aiming too high you probably need some WD. Everyone needs to be concerned with sway. The worst example of a swaying trailer I ever saw was when I pulled in behind a small 18 footer that was a rental trailer. It was being pulled by a half ton truck and I wondered why this guy was going 45 down the road. When he sensed I was behind him he sped up and around 50 the thing started to sway. I backed well off, he slowed back down and a disaster was avoided. I pulled a 21ft. hybrid with my V6 Toyota 4Runner. I decided to get a hitch that incorporated both WD and sway together. I didn't like the idea of snapping chains so I went with the Equalizer. Every trailer is different, the weight of the trailer, the distribution of the weight within the trailer, the percentage of weight on the tongue and of course the aerodynamics or lack there of makes a huge difference. Don't let anyone tell you what to do based on weight alone. If you don't want to get a WD/sway system then make sure you know your weights. A friction sway bar can do the job but make sure you have it connected at ALL times. Those who post that they connect their when they know they will need it are either fortune tellers or fools. Come around the corner on a beautiful dry day with no wind and get passed by an 18 wheeler barreling down the road too close to the yellow line and tell me then if you need sway control or not. While I like my Equalizer there are many other systems out there today that are more affordable. Reese and Equalizer are very good but the Anderson gets some pretty good reviews from those pulling lighter trailers like yours. Good luck in your decision. OH, and I wouldn't go out and get a different truck. Tow with yours and see how it goes. You might just be fine.
aftermath 11/25/14 03:37pm Towing
RE: New tow vehicle. Set up equalizer hitch.

Read the directions that came with it. If those are history, go online and download a new set. They are pretty straight forward and easy to follow. If you have questions the folks on the end of the phone can be of great help.
aftermath 11/17/14 03:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: I bought a TT and now more questions

NO, you are not. Without a hitch it will be hard to take your trailer to get it weighed. To get a hitch they want you to weigh your trailer. Sounds like an Alice in Wonderland kind of thing to me. I think most folks use the GVWR of the trailer to estimate the tongue weight just like you have. Decide on what kind of hitch you would like and then come back here with all of your information. Kind of TV, kind of trailer, GVWR of trailer and then ask about what sized bars you should be looking at. My trailer is rated at 7200 pounds max but my tongue weight is closer to 1000 pounds so I went with an Equalizer 10K hitch because it is rated for 1K tongue weight. It works for me even though some have said I should have a lighter hitch because of the aluminum body of the Airstream. When you ask for advice be ready for lots of it.
aftermath 11/17/14 11:14am Travel Trailers
RE: Retracting Slide in Winter Wonderland

I had a trailer with a slide and got caught in the snow during a fishing trip. The snow melted during the day and then froze into a good sized chunk of ice at night. When we were going to leave I couldn't get the slide in AND couldn't get to a place where I could remove it. It was a mess. By the time we finagled a fix, the slide came in and during the trip home the snow/ice melted and made a real mess inside. Also had other trips during heavy rain storms that created similar messes inside along with issues trying to get the slide out on a couple of other trips. Needless to say, I don't have a slide anymore. If there is a chance of warmer weather coming you can heat the inside of the trailer and wait until the snow melts. By the look of the forecasts that might not happen anytime soon. I would get up with a ladder and remove as much as I could. When retracted the snow will melt off but if you are ready with towels it shouldn't be a big thing. Good luck.
aftermath 11/17/14 11:03am Travel Trailers
RE: New Batteries on Travel Trailer

When you plug in your trailer the 110V goes to the converter where it will convert to 12v to power most of the stuff in the trailer. It also powers up your built in charger. Chargers come in different styles and the newer ones are typically better. If you have a single stage charger it will send a charge to your battery which will not change even after the batteries are brought up to full charge. The end result of these types is that your batteries will get toasted. If you have had yours for 7 years without any trouble I doubt that this is your kind of charger. Find the documentation that came with the charger and tell us what kind you have. You should be able to read what kind you have and the more stages (3) are better than the others. I bring my batteries in each year as I live in a very cold climate. If it was warmer, I would leave them in the trailer disconnected.
aftermath 11/17/14 10:53am Travel Trailers
RE: I bought a TT and now more questions

Get a WD hitch with built in sway control. There are many brands of these and they fit into three general categories. 1. Propride and Hensley. These are believed to be the "best" by many on this forum. They are engineered differently and are quite expensive. 2. Mid level hitches that will cost you less than half of those in #1. The big three have already been mentioned, Reese and Equalizer have been around a long time. 3. Less expensive types that usually require an addition of a friction bar for sway. I have had two trailers and both have had Equalizer hitches. I don't know about the others so can't make any suggestions. When I got my first one I stayed away from those that used chains that had to be snapped into place. A long time ago these did not allow backing when hitched and I didn't like the notion of loading these chains under pressure. Today this is not a problem as they have improved them greatly and many use and like them. I like the Equalizer because it works, it is easy to hitch and to unhitch. If I were starting again I would look at all the options. People on the forum have some very strong feelings about "their" hitch. Good luck.
aftermath 11/16/14 05:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Heated underbelly - do we really need ours?

Wow, lots of advice. Negative draft, positive draft, electric heaters, foam insulation, and on and on. Look, it is much simpler than you think. If you are going to camp in cold weather that is ABOVE freezing you really don't need the underbelly heated. If, on the other hand, you find yourself out camping when it is in the 20's(F) then having this feature is a very nice thing. Those who live in Southern California probably don't really need heated tanks but if you live in the Northwest you do. All the electric blankets and space heaters are also a nice option IF you plan to always be hooked up, or like to run your generators 24/7. If you boondock in the cold this won't be a preferable option. Again, don't over think this. Do what will fit your style of camping the best.
aftermath 11/15/14 10:49am Travel Trailers
RE: ducted vs non ducted ac

I had a Starcraft Hybrid with regular air and now have an Airstream with the same. Boy, are they loud. My cousin has an Arctic Fox with the ducted system and it is quiet, like house quiet. I don't know enough about all ducted systems and I am pretty sure that some are better than others but if it is quiet you want, go ducted. Airstream by the way now has ducted air in their 2015 models, but not all as I understand.
aftermath 11/15/14 10:36am Travel Trailers
RE: Is a sway bar hitch necessary for this rig?

I don't know about the sway bar but I don't think he needs a weight distributing hitch. It doesn't look like he has removed any weight from the front wheels. I think he is good to go. Of course he would be better off (perfect some would say) if he had a 3/4 ton with a diesel.
aftermath 11/06/14 03:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Toyota Highlander for towing

A few years back I bought a Toyota 4Runner and towed a tent trailer with it. I was planning on getting something bigger and did when we moved up to a hybrid. I stayed away from the Highlander at that time because it had a unibody versus a frame like the 4Runner. I had a friend that had a Toureg and was told that the unibody was not designed to handle a weight distributing hitch. Since that time I have read conflicting reports of this so perhaps someone can jump in and give some up to date advice. I was not too concerned about the short wheel base of the 4Runner because I had my Equalizer hitch connected to a trailer that was well withing my limits and I was a very cautious driver. It served me well as long as I had it. Toyota makes some very dependable vehicles.
aftermath 11/02/14 04:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: installing a trailer electric jack?

This is one of those things you don't want to go the cheap route. I liked the suggestion about reading the reviews. See what others say about that $65 jack and if they are all good then that is the way to go. On my current trailer I was trying to engage the weight distributing bars while parked on an incline that went side to side. Just as I got the hitch high enough to engage the bars I noticed that I had lifted the rear wheel of my truck off the ground a good 4 inches. Get one beefy enough to take the operator's mental abilities into consideration. I learned a lot that day.
aftermath 11/02/14 04:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: Towing our chosen TT

Pam's Dennis, I feel for you. After posting a nice question about your idea of a TV, it took just 15 posts to convince you that your choice was ALL wrong. This crowd wants everyone to drive a 3/4 ton and preferably a diesel. I did read about some ecoboost issues in the early years but there are far more owners who sing the praises of this truck. Having one guy blast it shouldn't make you go off in a new direction. Hopefully more happy owners will chime in. I don't have a Ford but drive a Tundra and I am happy with it. I also like the half ton but then it fits my style of camping. So, before you go off and get a big truck take some time and think about how you camp, what you take along when you do and what will you do with the truck when you are not hooked up to the trailer. I know nothing about your trailer so the weights there might suggest a heavier truck. When we camp it is just the wife and I, no pets and very little in the bed. I take along a generator and some extra water and, on occasion, a little fire wood. I am close to my limit but the Tundra handles very well and has plenty of power and torque. Hopefully more happy ecoboost owners will post and support your decision. Finding a "good", "slightly used" quality vehicle these days is a real challenge. Good luck in your hunt.
aftermath 11/02/14 04:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: fresh water tank

Where are you spending the winter? If you are down south where freezing is not an issue then it shouldn't matter. If you don't use the water in the FW tank then it might make sense to drain it. Regardless of your choice come spring sanitizing the tank makes sense.
aftermath 11/01/14 07:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Slide don't work

I had a starcraft hybrid that had the same problem. The switch was the issue. It simply reverses the polarity which reverses the direction the motor runs. Mine went out so I took it in and the shop quickly diagnosed the issue. They did not have a factory replacement so put in something that worked but looked really bad. I ordered the switch and replaced it myself.
aftermath 10/24/14 10:32am Travel Trailers
RE: Didn't Believe about the Chinese Tires

I was a victim of Carlisle tires blowing on my new trailer. I had been reading the forum for some time during the height of the China bashing period. I had a new Starcraft and aired the tires up to the max before each trip. I kept my speeds down to under 65 and checked the tires at each break we took. One unraveled on me and did some minor damage to the trailer. I jumped on the bandwagon and agreed with the "anti-China" crowd and even some who used the term "Asian". Looking back, I think my problem had more to do with the class C tire rating and not where it was manufactured. I had just barely enough carrying capacity to cover the GVW rating of the trailer. When people post that they got rid of their "China bombs" they usually describe their new tires and the improved weight rating they went with. Ah, no problems now! Also, be aware that most trailer tires today are made in China or Asia. I run Maxxis now and they are made in Taiwan. Why do they want you to replace trailer tires at 5 years? I did hear an argument that said that your TV tires are constantly being used. The flexing of the tire keeps the oil in the rubber of the tire "working". When you park a trailer for months at a time there is no flexing of the tires and the oil in the compound doesn't behave like in a regular car tire. I don't know if this means they "dry out" or what, but it did make a little sense when people ask why trailer tires need to be replaced regularly.
aftermath 10/22/14 11:32am Travel Trailers
RE: Entry Door Hinges

If the trailer is under warranty you should be able to have it fixed at a local shop. I don't believe you have to return it to the place of purchase but I would check with Starcraft and get their OK.
aftermath 10/21/14 08:19am Travel Trailers
RE: question regarding winterizing TT-Oil-less compressor?

I would most definitely blow out the city water. There is a check valve that can retain water. Some have had this freeze and cause trouble. If your manual says to blow out the flush line then I would do that. Make sure you keep the pressure down to around 50-60 psi unless the manual says otherwise.
aftermath 10/21/14 08:11am Travel Trailers
RE: Maiden voyage was a success

As I look back at our maiden voyage,actually the first three or four trips, I would suggest that you concentrate on the driving and backing in portion. Our first trip went much like yours without the flat tire. We got very good at setting up, breaking down and hooking up. I became a little complacent with the driving part and sure enough, I got into trouble pulling into a tight gas station in heavy local traffic. My focus then became driving and all that entails. Have yet to have a second "issue" in this regard. Best wishes to you as you get out more. We love the lifestyle.
aftermath 10/20/14 09:10am Travel Trailers
RE: question regarding winterizing TT-Oil-less compressor?

Why are you worried about winterizing your tank flush system? Doesn't this valve drain once the water source is removed? This has been discussed on the Airstream forum and the agreement is that the flush system does not need to be winterized. I have never done mine and have not had a problem. It is suggested that the pressure should not be more than 60 psi. There are two arguments here. If it is more than 60 you can damage fittings in the trailer. On the other hand, if you have a built in pressure reducer you should be good to go. The pressure reducer works regardless of it is water pressure or air pressure. I have never heard about any problems using a compressor that uses oil. This has never been discussed regarding "oil taste" in the water lines. Even if this was true, why would it matter when blowing out your black water rinse line? This confuses me.
aftermath 10/20/14 09:03am Travel Trailers
RE: Collision Repair at Camping World

I would think that the quality of the work done would differ from shop to shop, even if it were done by Camping World. See if you can find anyone who had work done at the shop you are looking at. Charging for an estimate? It looks like they really don't want your business.
aftermath 10/20/14 08:53am Travel Trailers
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