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RE: My opinion on slideouts

After reading year after year of all the problems with slideouts, I have come to the conclusion that they are one big gamble! Any one else think the same ? Jack L So, after 5 pages of posts, have you come to a conclusion about slides? What shows up in these 5 pages is not unlike discussions about tires, hitches and tow vehicles. People who have them feel a need to defend them. Those who don't have them want to be critical. Even those of us who have had both types are split on the issue of being "one big gamble". It all comes down to this, and always will, it is a personal decision and only you can make it. What do you feel comfortable doing in the way of repair and maintenance? One poster mentioned a time when the slide did not retract. He traced it to a loose wire on the fuse block and was an easy fix for him. Well, I know people whose mechanical abilities end at the button on the wall. If it doesn't work then panic sets in. Those folks might be better served with a basic trailer, no toots, no whistles. The rest of us are somewhere up the scale and can handle small issues. So, are they gambles? I say yes, but for many not really that big a deal. And, many have reminded us that everything is a gamble in a trailer. Get what you want, and get what you will feel comfortable with. Plain and simple. Best wishes.
aftermath 06/20/17 09:27am Travel Trailers
RE: My opinion on slideouts

Thanks to bobndot for the summary. I agree with what was posted. Yes, they are a gamble but as others have stated, so are other things. The more complicated your coach is, the more potential for trouble you will have. Automatic awnings and stabilizers are good examples. Get a slide out? It all depends on what your style of "camping" is, how many people are involved and a ton of other issues. I have seen slideouts that provide more space and options to view those large screen televisions. Some even have faux fireplaces! If this is your style of camping then you need a slide out. I had a 21ft. hybrid with a slideout. It was a very small slide in depth but yes, it really did open up the camper. I was amazed. These things really do give you way more space than you can imagine. The issue comes down to need versus want and how much are you willing to expend when problems arise? We had trouble with water infiltration on ours as well as a faulty electrical switch. I know that my water heater will fail at some time as will my furnace and refrigerator. I would venture that my slide out will fail before either of the others. And it did, by the way.
aftermath 06/19/17 09:04am Travel Trailers
RE: Benefit of 50 amp over 30 amp

Only real advantage I know of is to run two AC units. One disadvantage is that the cord is larger and heavier and a bit more of a pain to deal with. Regardless of the amperage it is important to monitor the volatage at the park you are staying in. We were in an older park when the temperature was rising. The park was full of large trailers and a few large motorhomes. As the day wore on our AC became less and less effective. I had it checked and the voltage had dropped into a level that became problematic for the AC. Learned a big lesson that day. Now I have a plug in voltage meter and can watch conditions that do change even at newer facilities.
aftermath 06/19/17 08:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Tires on New Trailer

Tire Max Load Rating is same as or more then trailers axles....... Remember----- Trailer tongue weight is part of trailers GVWR BUT is not carried/supported by trailers axles/tires. Tongue weight goes on tow vehicle SO YES tires are marginal but they cover the axle weight. Axles are probably rated at 3500# each for 7000# also. Thanks for all of your responses. I had forgotten about the tongue weight. I will not intervene regarding his tires. I did tell him about the importance of keeping them pumped up and how heat will also be an issue. Of course driving fast creates more heat, so there you have it. Thanks again.
aftermath 06/16/17 04:03pm Travel Trailers
Tires on New Trailer

A friend of ours just purchased a new Trail Runner 24RK trailer. It has a listed GVW of 7600 pounds. It also came with some off brand tire that is a load range C tire. I believe the max weight as per sidewall information is 1720 or maybe 1740 when inflated to the full 50 PSI. So, even at 1750 per tire it would only cover 7000 pounds. My question is this, is it common practice in the trailer industry to install tires that are underrated for the stated weight rating of the trailer? I would think that such a company could be held liable in the event of an accident caused by the weak tires.
aftermath 06/15/17 10:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Power converter question

Perhaps this might help. I think you can get manuals for your trailer as well as individual systems. Dutchmen support
aftermath 06/12/17 11:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: Would you tow ?

I pulled a 21ft hybrid that was just about 4000 lbs on the road with a short wheel based 4Runner. I had an Equalizer hitch and it really helped with the stability. I had very little payload left over when the family got in so we packed lightly. Drove in some large winds and never experienced any dangerous sway. Wheelbase is an issue but not nearly as big as power and payload. The set up was fine but I did have a bit larger engine. I would think that you could do this but the smaller engine would be a challenge in headwinds and hills. Since you should get a WD hitch even after you get your pickup truck, why not get the hitch now and use in on your Jeep? If you do feel uncomfortable then get the truck. If you feel OK then you can wait a bit like you had planned. Is it perfect? NO Is it the best way to go? NO But, can you do it? I say yes but just remember your limitations.
aftermath 06/12/17 10:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Brand new Kodiak trailer - can't use toilet

At times like these it is hard not to go ballistic. I would request a new trailer or full money back. I would also try to find a lawyer friend to write a letter. This is totally unacceptable and having a black tank that you can not drain completely is not a solution. Good luck. Might be time for the squeaky wheel to get louder.
aftermath 06/08/17 07:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: Hitch Advice

Since you had an Equalizer before I would suggest you get the larger version. With the 1200 bars you should be fine. Your 900 or so pounds of HW is probably under stated. I really like mine and it remains easy to hook and unhook. I have also tweaked mine a few times to get it where I like it. Adding or removing washers is easy. Adjusting the L brackets is not difficult either and the directions from the company make sense and are easy to follow. I also like not having to snap those chains into place. I also believe that you have plenty of truck to tow this trailer as large as it is.
aftermath 06/07/17 08:19am Towing
RE: My first travel trailer

I am of the school that says all trailers should have some sort of anti sway control. Since I have always towed with a half ton the WD is a no brainer for me. Since I had to get a WD hitch I chose to get one with built in sway control. I just didn't want to mess with those add on friction bars. I have a brother that uses one and has told me that he connects it when he thinks he will need it. What? Who can forecast the need? Some folks use two of these bars, some use one, some tighten them up real tight while others "just a little". Then some also require you to remove them before you back up. Get a WD hitch with built in sway control and you will be good to go. There are some good options out there. I like my Equalizer. I used it on both of my trailers. I towed a smaller and lighter hybrid and had to deal with big winds and passing semis. Glad I had it. My current trailer tows much easier. I am not even sure that I "need" it now but I won't give it up.
aftermath 06/06/17 08:45am Travel Trailers
RE: Traveling with refrigerator on gas???

Really folks, it's a personal choice. ... Seriously both sides of this argument seem to be making it a much bigger deal than it is. I totally agree, it is a personal choice and we should all respect everyone's right to camp as they choose. My issue with this ever ongoing debate is when people post that using a fridge as designed is somehow one of the most dangerous things you can do. When I read this forum I realize that there are many new owners checking in for information. Give them the options but don't taint your statements with unfounded fears. I suppose those who speak of food poisoning might fit into that same category. People who say it is dangerous (their opinion), against the law (at best a stretch) and the cause of many fires at gas stations (an unfounded claim) can and do influence trailer owners. It is this idea that makes it a big thing in my book. If you choose to never use the bathroom in your camper then that is up to you. If you don't use your oven then that is OK too. Just don't post that using your oven is dangerous because you know that trailers have blown up because some campers use them.
aftermath 06/05/17 09:06am Travel Trailers
RE: Traveling with refrigerator on gas???

firsttime rver, "What the big problem is" is that when you are on the road for a long period of time, filling your freezer and refrigerator space with frozen bottles of water just does not work for us. We will fill the fridge with food and frozen goods. If I were just to take short trips this would be an option. We spent a goodly sum of money for our trailer and enjoy all the benefits of our coach. I use the shower, the toilet, the furnace, the AC, the television, the stove, the oven, and yes even the refrigerator as it was designed to use. Some folks don't run their fridge while on the road. They wait until they get to their destination and go to a grocery store and stock up. That is a solution but not one I am going to use. Again, to each his own.
aftermath 06/04/17 10:12am Travel Trailers
RE: Need honest opinion on TT choices...New vs used?

My cousin has an Arctic Fox. It is the most solid trailer I have ever spent time in. They are heavy but then quality and solid construction go hand in hand. I would suggest looking at something used. You never really know what you want until you camp in something. Outdoor kitchen? You give up some interior space/options with one of these and you might find that you don't really need one. Best save the depreciation while you look into your interests and needs. I bought a used pop up, took care of it and sold it 16 years later for more than what I paid. I then purchased a new hybrid because I couldn't find a used one that was in decent shape. After a few years in we knew we wanted something larger and hard sided. Took a bath on the sale and then purchased our current trailer used. Saved a ton of money which made up for the mistake with the hybrid. Good luck with your hunt.
aftermath 06/03/17 08:25am Travel Trailers
RE: Traveling with refrigerator on gas???

captnjack, you asked "how many fill caps are close to the fridge?" Not many but this did remind me of a response I got years ago to a similar rant I just made here. An older gentleman was filling his conversion van at a gas station and had the fridge running. He somehow managed to lose control of the hose as he was removing it from the van and also managed to spray gasoline all over the side of the van and covered the vent area of the fridge. Yes, it did catch fire and all of this was caught on security video. Because my fridge is in the trailer many feet behind and above the fill cap I am not really worried. If I were driving a van with a much shorter distance between the two I would probably shut it down before filling. The point that was trying to be made here was that this was "proof" of fires caused by running with the fridge on. Uh....no...this fire was caused by gross negligence of the driver, period.
aftermath 06/01/17 09:25am Travel Trailers
RE: Traveling with refrigerator on gas???

rv experts like rv education 101 people or the rv DR advise against it. As a firefighter for many years I have fought many fires on the freeways and at gas station because of people who use the frig with gas on. You do what you want to but I hope we aren't next to each other at the gas station. I would love to see some justifiable support for this statement. I am sure you have been involved with fires on the highways and probably have also seen a few at the gas station but I really would like to see an authentic link to a fire caused by leaving the fridge on. There is a similar thread running on the Airstream forum and I have asked for anyone to offer up a legit example of this happening. It has been at least 5 years and not a single supporting story has been offered up. If you are worried about this then how do you ever manage to drive your TV with a half tank of gas sitting below you and your family? Where do you carry those little propane bottles for your BBQ? Do you smoke? Do you leave your furnace running at night? Gasoline is far more explosive than propane will ever be but we not only carry that in our gas tanks but many of us also carry an extra can for the generator. If this were a serious problem the manufacturers of our trailers and our refrigerators would not tell you that it is OK to use the appliances as designed. There is also no reason for us to turn off the fridge when we fill up at the gas station. The little sparking device is a good 25 feet from the fill door of the TV. It is also about 6 feet above ground level. Even if there is a spill, the gas accumulating on the floor outside will not provide enough concentrated fumes to be ignited by the fridge. If you want to borrow worry the feel free to do so. If you want to turn off your fridge do that too. If you spend tens of thousands of dollars for a nice trailer and you want to pack the fridge with ice for a long trip then do that as well. But....don't forget to look all around you as you drive the freeways. Lots of old cars with gas tanks, lots of folks pulling trailers with propane tanks right out there in the open and lots of us running with our fridges on. Heaven help us all!
aftermath 05/31/17 09:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: clip on mirrors?

There are CIPAs and then there are CIPAs. I had a pair that clipped on to my existing mirror and used a strap that held them in place. I did not get the slip on type because they, at the time, did not make them for my 4Runner. They were terrible. They vibrated which was not a problem in itself, but the vibration caused them to move so I had to stop now and then and readjust. And, they would make noise. I agree with those who said to look into getting factory original types. If that is not possible, make sure you get something without straps. The slide on ones do look more promising than then ones I used.
aftermath 05/31/17 09:01am Towing
RE: 7 pin wiring

Mowermech is correct, you can wire it up anyway that you want, as long as all the lights work. But......If you plan to get a new trailer, plan to get a new truck or ever imagine towing a friend's trailer it is far easier to wire them up by the standards. This happened to me and it was a real pain. I had a trailer that "worked" but then I purchased a new trailer and I had them both for a short time. It was almost impossible to tow them. And, one time I camped with a friend who had a boat that he towed behind a MH. At the lake we would drag the boat to the lake with my truck. Guess what? What a mess. I will never do that again.
aftermath 05/29/17 10:43pm Towing
RE: they got me

Here is one for you. I hope you can get a laugh out of it as we did.....later. Store the trailer outside in a fenced lot. Always take all food items out of trailer and inspect it each spring. Never saw a thing until the last trip. Went to visit daughter #2 and put my hearing aids on the table before turning in. Got up in the morning and both aids were gone. There was a small pile of remnants of the ear tubes but no hearing aids. As I searched behind the seat cushions I found both of them but all the parts were either gone or all chewed up. We got some traps and baited them with peanut butter. Later that night as we sat in the trailer we saw the little bugger pop out and then run back. Sitting very still I watched him come out again and go for the snack. BLAM, we got him. So, if you have any hearing aids, make sure you put them somewhere secure. I was lucky, it ended up only costing me about $60 to get them working. It could have been much worse if I never found them.
aftermath 05/29/17 10:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Water Line routing.

I installed a hot water system in an old tent trailer in the 90's. The lines, both water and gas, had to go under the floor. We still have the trailer and nothing has leaked. I was a bit concerned about the exposed lines but, it would be an easy fix if one did get damaged. Another issue will be winterizing such a system. You will have to use the pink stuff or use an air compressor to clear the lines. They won't drain very easily. I did not install low point drains so I had to be careful when winter set in.
aftermath 05/27/17 09:23am Folding Trailers
RE: Emergency Brake Cable

I hook it to the safety chain holes on the hitch. I suppose the entire hitch could break off, if it did I suspect it would be the least of my problems at the time. I think the reason for the chains and break way switch are in case of ball failures. If your trailer were to come loose on the road, it would not be "your problem" but rather everyone around you who should be worrying. That said, I can't imagine how the brakes on your trailer would prevent a huge catastrophe. I mean, if the trailer is completely free of the TV then we all have problems. I clip mine to the frame of the truck to keep the lawmen happy and to help me sleep at night.
aftermath 05/10/17 11:18pm Travel Trailers
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