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RE: How young were you when you bought your first DP?

30 now but DW and I have been planning and we should be buying our first used coach in about 5 years.
alexleblanc 08/18/14 06:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 06 Ram Sold-Now What??

i'm somewhat bias to Ford because my local dealer is great and I've had good luck with them but honestly you can't really go wrong with any of the three you listed as long as the specs meet your needs. Drive them all and make a decision on which one feels best. I know everytime I pull a mountain pass with my trailer in tow I get an ear to ear smile hearing that 6.7 make quick work of the hill. I'd think the others aren't too much different.
alexleblanc 08/15/14 06:01am Tow Vehicles
RE: 3.5 Ecoboost vs. 3.0 EcoDiesel MPG Tow comparison

I have a buddy with an ecoboost F150. The lack of any type of engine braking is about his only complaint. this was my only complaint about the EB, very little engine braking - the 6.7 sure is a treat going down hill's now.
alexleblanc 08/13/14 12:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Is there anything worse.....?

when i'm on the road and I see an RV go by I get that feeling like I'm missing on something. Can't wait to retire and do 2-3 month stint's travelling.
alexleblanc 08/07/14 10:49am Travel Trailers
RE: Ford 2.7 Ecoboost - power question

You should try towing with one. I just got back from a 6000 mile trip towing 5000 pounds, and it (3.5ltr) was never close to its "limits". It was a relaxed tow, even up the Ike gauntlet and several other passes. I think opinions would start changing if they came from people that have used them. I've been preaching exactly that. my 800lb/ft 6.7 does not tow 2x as good as my previous 3.5 Ecoboost (420lb/ft) did, nor did it ever feel underpowered for the task. I'm talking same trailer, same road, with both my trucks. the diesel is attached to a better towing platform (Super duty) and requires less fuel to get the same job done, otherwise the EB is really up to the task. Make it an option in the F250/F350 and I will put my money where my mouth is when it comes time to replace this truck.
alexleblanc 08/07/14 08:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: 6.4L Hemi tow report - weights added

that chart shows what I already knew about the towing performance of the Ecoboost, put it in the F250 and i'll buy one as in the real world it'll perform like a smaller diesel without all the running costs.
alexleblanc 08/06/14 05:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: 3/4 ton ever day MILLAGE

around 12 towing, 18-20 empty on the highway and 14 mixed (50/50 city/highway). My truck has the 3.31 gears so it really doesn't turn on the highway.
alexleblanc 08/05/14 12:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2016 Ford Super Duty prototype burns to the ground

Here it is folks, the 2016 SuperDuty unveiled: http://www.roadandtrack.com/cm/roadandtrack/images/XR/023SuperDutyfire-sm.jpg width=640 that's just the leftover mess after they cleaned up the frame, axles, etc.... those parts wouldn't burn into nothing.
alexleblanc 08/05/14 12:27pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2016 Ford Super Duty prototype burns to the ground

probably some of the testing equipment strapped to the truck that caught fire, most time it's a wiring mess on the prototypes. If it isn't that and it's something on the truck, well they just justified the reason for prototype testing.
alexleblanc 08/05/14 11:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: Sorry GM, I switched to RAM

What gears does it have?
alexleblanc 08/03/14 06:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram Eco-Diesel vs F150 2.7 TT - Davis Dam

if the 2.7 has a scaled down version of the 3.5EB's power and torque curve than i'd believe it will outperform most every other 1/2 ton powertrain out there while towing. My 3.5EB pulled my Wildwood trailer up hills and from a dead stop as fast and as well as my new 6.7 does, the only difference is the 6.7 used less fuel and turns less RPM while doing it in a much more solid feeling package. Those Ecoboost engines are towing monsters much like the Big Blocks of yesterday IMO. I'd personally love a 3.5EB in an F250 with the right gears, I think it would be a fantastic combo for those not wanting to pay a premium for diesel.
alexleblanc 08/01/14 06:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: Dirty diesel islands revealed

Diesel fuel pumps are such a PITA, I used to hate fueling up my Golf TDI back in the early 2000's for just that reason. I had forgotten how bad it was until I got my new truck, but I guess the trade-off in power and fuel efficiency is worth it.
alexleblanc 08/01/14 06:26am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2015 F250 super cab, 6.7 diesel w/3.31 locking axle

I've been getting 12-13mpg towing on reasonably flatish terrain and around 19-20 unladen. Very happy with the fuel economy of the 6.7 with 3.31's.
alexleblanc 07/28/14 12:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Have you switched from friction sway control to HA or P#?

I think it's a stretch to call the "bump" a safety defect. Good grief. But since you don't own a HA and towed with one only once for all of three miles, I wouldn't expect you to have an informed opinion about this. As Lantley has said here and in other threads, he used his HA with his exhaust brake with no issues. Slowing the truck does NOT mean the trailer bumps it. Slowing the truck quickly will allow the trailer to bump it IF the trailer brake controller is not set properly. Losing your trailer brakes will cause a problem with any hitch, since the truck brakes are only rated to stop the GVWR of the truck. The downside of the bump IMO is a small trade-off for the rock-solid towing stability that the 4-bar linkage design that the HA and P3 offer. Once you get the hitch and brake controller set up properly it's a non-issue. Of course, I run LT tires on my trailer, so I am living on the edge anyway...:B how dare you bring up actual long term user experience in this thread! My experience has mirrored yours are most every other user's experiences up to date. This includes using my diesel exhaust brake and gearing down on big hills. No bump here.
alexleblanc 07/28/14 12:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: Payload an issue?

While I was shopping for a new truck to haul my 6500 lb TT, I noted that a brand new Ford F-250 Crew Cab with diesel engine only had a payload rating of 1250 lbs! Those diesel engines are heavy and significantly reduce payload. Put 6 people in that truck and you are already at payload. I ended up buying a F-250 with gas engine and payload of 3400 lbs. As others have pointed out, you are wise to realize that payload is the most common rate limiting factor in many trucks. I suspect that as your family grows, and you accumulate more gear to stow in the truck and TT, you will be happier with a payload in the 3K or more range. no way it was only 1250 lbs of payload, my F250 crew cab Diesel has over 2000lbs of payload, adding leather and sunroof to it (the only real weight adders I don't have) would only be maybe 120lbs more if that.
alexleblanc 07/24/14 08:26am Travel Trailers
RE: Travel trailer sway

make sure you have the weight well distributed in the TT so it's not tongue light. That being said, I moved to a Propride 3P this summer towing a similar sized unit and its one handed relaxed driving the whole way now. Food for though.
alexleblanc 07/24/14 06:52am Travel Trailers
RE: Ecoboost out- 6.7L Powerstroke is in!

I made the same move last September, couldn't be happier with the towing performance or fuel economy overall. Great truck, even better powertrain.
alexleblanc 07/22/14 05:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Fun / Projects / with my 1997 America Dream

love the progress you've made. This gives me hope to do something similar in about 10 years based on my wife and i's plans.
alexleblanc 07/22/14 11:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: First Time with ProPride

I'm real interested in the Pro Pride hitch. We're looking at a 35', 8,500 (ish) lb. camper with opposing slides in the rear. So I'm guessing sway is a potential. I have a general idea of how they work but one thing I haven't figured out, having never actually seen one, is with the hitch head attached to the tongue of the camper and the stinger set up, how does the head pivot up and down? For instance when the back of the truck and the nose of the camper are both pointing down. you're towing a very similar setup to mine and after 2000km's of real world towing, hooking/unhooking and overall experiencing the Propride product, i'm 100% satisfied with it. Wind, rain, oncoming trucks really don't hamper the driving comfort anymore. I only drive at speeds up to 60-62mph anyways, but its substantially more stable and comfortable at speed. Anyone who has a hard time hooking up or unhooking needs to both learn how to adjust the tensions on each side to make the head opening close to matching the stinger, that's it. I figured it out in about 30 minutes or playing with it the first time we went out with it. Money well spent. (moreso for me when you add the taxes, duties and shipping I paid almost 3200$ Canadian.) I look forward to my sizeable trip later this summer, we're going from Moncton NB. to Burlington VT, then Lake George Area in upstate NY followed by Cape Cod for a week then back home. nearly 2600km's alone of towing on that trip. https://goo.gl/maps/Ew1SW http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v391/tuned20v/IMG_1199_zps92bc5183.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v391/tuned20v/IMG_1175_zps129c45ae.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v391/tuned20v/IMG_1174_zps5debc974.jpg Alex
alexleblanc 07/18/14 07:35am Travel Trailers
RE: Ventilating Covered Pickup Bed?

I've run trifolds on both my trucks and kept generators in there with fuel cans. There's a ton of airflow from the tailgate and drainage holes. I wouldn't give it a second though.
alexleblanc 07/14/14 11:42am Tow Vehicles
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