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RE: Reese hitch creaks

every hitch pretty much can make noise when dry, when you unhook it go up and move it side to side, back and forth and you'll quickly see where its coming from. Good idea to check it over really good for cracks or damage while you do that. I look over my hitch pretty much everytime we finish a long tow, same goes for my tires and suspension on the truck and trailer - just a habit from an obsessive car guy though!
alexleblanc 08/16/16 06:17am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Name one thing you like best about your TV

eating up hills while towing.
alexleblanc 07/20/16 01:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Small 5th wheel

while I consider my unit to be on the longer side of the short Fivers out there I will say that at 33'10" its perfect for just about any campground I pull into, not sure I'd want one of those 37-40ft units now.
alexleblanc 07/19/16 05:58am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Kyle Busch NASCAR driver

as a way back Kyle fan since 2007 I'm hoping he gets it.
alexleblanc 07/14/16 05:59am Around the Campfire
RE: Is my butt saggy?

my F250 sags similar to yours with my Fiver hooked up, I run airbags with about 22 PSI in them and everything is nice and level - I'd suggest a setup with an onboard compressor and control, its sure nice to be able to adjust on the fly.
alexleblanc 07/11/16 07:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ram 1500 with 3.0 diesel

Especially those ECO BOOST'S! They'd pass me on the flats and i'd pass them on the hills. Eventually they took there proper place behind the ED! While I like the ED and think its a great powertrain, other than MPG the EB will pull as strong up every hill its not stronger than your ED - the numbers are out there to prove this. I hate when people have to post nonsense like that to try an put down other drivetrains instead of posting honest and good facts about how theirs performs.
alexleblanc 07/08/16 12:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Another blow out!

As was suggested, an upgrade to LT225/75r16 E might be a good solution for you as its only 1" OD larger so should fit without issue (I'd measure to make sure you have enough space though) and provide a few hundred pounds more load capacity as well so it's a solid upgrade.
alexleblanc 06/22/16 03:20am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Blackbear tune

I've heard that they are the equal to 5star tuning in the GM world....
alexleblanc 06/16/16 11:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: TT to a 5Th Wheel

Absolutely. Better towing, much easier to hitch and unhitch, more storage, both inside and basement, higher ceilings. everything I think - add to this shorter length while towing then same length TT so its easier to fit in parking lots and such.
alexleblanc 06/15/16 01:22pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: just waxed the fiver

looks great! I did mine a month and a half ago, what a job! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v391/tuned20v/2016-04-17%2015.01.51_zpsbc7sqaqj.jpg width=640 http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v391/tuned20v/2016-04-17%2015.03.22_zps9hkvgn1m.jpg width=640 http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v391/tuned20v/2016-04-17%2015.02.29_zpsm60oymov.jpg width=640 Moderator edit to re-size pictures to forum recommended limit of 640px maximum width.
alexleblanc 06/14/16 01:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Military grade aluminum LOL

:) Hi, you remind me of a guy I met decades ago who said he didn't like Fords and that his experience with Chevys was much better. When I asked about his experiences with these two brands of cars, this is what he told me. "My first car was a Ford. It was twenty years old and very troublesome. I paid $50.00 for it." "My next car was a Chevy; It was two years old and problem free. I'll be making payments on the Chevy for three more years." You remind me of this guy every time you cry about your Ford experiences. Wow really, we have never met and all of my Ford's were brand new and cost me and my wife a lot of hard earned money. The fact that Ford took my money and sold me junk gives me the right to "cry about my Ford experiences". Just like people do about their experiences or their bothers, uncle's sister neighbor :W. You do know if you don't like a post you can just scroll right on by it don't you. Don I'm sorry, but I fail to see how a bad design or overall quality of product from an era long ago has any relevance to the product available now. Name the brand that you like, they have all had era's of junky or problematic products, and if we all had your mentality what the heck would we be driving? Ford, Dodge, GM and the rest have all produced junk at one point or another.
alexleblanc 06/10/16 05:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: Military grade aluminum LOL

You Ram and GM boys need to review the crash test before denouncing the "military grade aluminum" Ford. Pickup crash test. Measures taken from the crash test dummy in all but the F-150 indicated a likelihood of serious lower leg, ankle and foot injuries. "Drivers in these pickups would need help freeing their legs from the wreckage following a small overlap crash. My sympathies when they are trying to free your feet and legs from the wreckage of your trucks with a poor rating. DANG!!!:E..So even those of us who said nothing negative about Ford, it appears as though you're actually hoping we who own a Chevy/GM or Ram may have a wreck and WILL have to be cut out of our trucks with feet and legs mangled..Just my perception of your statement...Pretty sick to the point of being hateful and spiteful, over something as silly as talking about truck beds?!? Who really cares??...Every brand gets slammed in these forums, but very few talk about someone needing to be cut out of their truck with morbid injuries to their feet and legs.....it's gotten that bad:? Jim the facts are right there in the Video, how is that spiteful?
alexleblanc 06/09/16 12:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Military grade aluminum LOL

You can always find ways to make every brand look bad, just adjust the "test" to suit your strength and their weakness. In all fairness every contractor I know has: 1. Spray in bedliner 2. drop in bedliner 3. a bed mat 4. a piece or plywood Treating a truck bed like the one from a commercial dump truck will destroy every brand, not jus the aluminum ford beds. This test is a loser, I give it very little merit because of that.
alexleblanc 06/09/16 07:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: Looking at my first diesel

I own a 2013 super duty with the 6.7, mine has been good to date but I believe maintenance and how it was driven do come into play - I will say that you pretty much never hear of fuel pump failures are issues locally, only what I read online (mostly stateside).
alexleblanc 06/03/16 11:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: Pros/Cons Chevy vs. Ford 1 Ton Diesel 4x4

despite what the internet says, all three are great choices and should provide years of great service. I'm in the construction supply business and get to talk to truck owners of all brands and everybody has their favorite brand, however most if it seems to boil down to where they get the best service and that's what they buy. I drive Fords as my local dealer is a pleasure to deal with and they really go the extra mile for the customer. I was really much more of a GM truck guy back in the day too - in 2011 I ended up with an F150 and also a Chevy Equinox for the wife, two years later she drives a ford due to the excessive amount of issues with the equinox and the extremely poor service from the local GM dealership. I have no direct experience with the Ram brand, but a lot of my customers have 1/2 ton rams and are quite happy with them, I'd imagine the 3/4 and 1 ton are just as good.
alexleblanc 06/03/16 05:32am Tow Vehicles
RE: Dreams do come true...

I've got a garage big enough to park my unit in as well, only problem is 1 Grand National, 1 Mustang, 1 37 Plymouth coupe and a John deere tractor that take up all the space!
alexleblanc 06/03/16 05:19am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Your Rig

Traded our Montana 346 LBQ for a 2016 KZ Durango 2500 D349BHQ. We gave up the outside kitchen for a second slide in the bunk room. Each slide has a sleeper sofa and fold down bunk with cabinets and TV across the rear wall. This will make a great den after the kids grow up. The Auto Leveler is awesome. http://i.imgur.com/KenWwxSl.jpg At the dealer getting my G-rated tires swapped. http://i.imgur.com/AHuqCKFl.jpg At home http://i.imgur.com/bK2mCGql.jpg Setup in camp driveway and now all the fun of loading the stuff we took out of the other one. nice unit! its the full sized version of mine. Looked at one of those at the time too but felt it was too much for my truck. Beautiful layout though.
alexleblanc 05/27/16 08:10am Fifth-Wheels
RE: how much pin box movement is normal?

took the measurements from the points that the Lippert sheet stated and I'm getting less than 1/8" from sitting on the landing gear to sitting on the hitch in difference on one side and 1/4" on the other side. this is the form I'm referring to: http://rvman.net/temp/LippertUpper-Deck-Flex-Measurement-Instructions.pdf
alexleblanc 05/26/16 05:54am Fifth-Wheels
RE: ladder

I'm 6'2" and 220lbs, mine seems to be nice and secure but like everything else on RV's I'm sure it will fail.
alexleblanc 05/25/16 12:42pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: how much pin box movement is normal?

just spoke to my dealer service guy, he pulled out the Lippert upper deck frame flex info and offered to measure it for me or let me do it myself. I told him about the movement I had been seeing and roughly the measurements. He was not overly concerned as that seems to be inline with what Lippert and some of the manufacturers alow for. He did ask me about any caulking that was cracked or cracking, cracks in the fibeglass or any of the interior panels/cabinets or elsewhere. I checked everything very carefully on Monday and could not see anything that was out of place. I'll take the measurements and follow up with him so he can see what KZ says.
alexleblanc 05/25/16 12:11pm Fifth-Wheels
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