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RE: My thoughts on the "Rapid Response Team"

We've bought just this one RV, but if/when the time comes to replace it, we'll go back where this one came from - Guaranty RV in Junction City OR. As far as independent service is concerned, we can vouch for three places that have been outstanding - Florence RV Service in Florence OR, Porter's RV in Coos Bay OR and Camping Connection in Kissimmee FL. As far as CW Service, we've been treated well and professionally at the CW in Henderson NV, at Myrtle Beach SC (the south store) and at Burlington WA. For the occasional stuff that crops up as we wander, we tend to use mobile RV service folks, and have generally been satisfied - only a couple of bad experiences. When you land someplace new and need some work done, ask at the RV park office for suggestions. You'll get good advice, especially if there are other campers hanging around. :) al
aslakson 05/19/15 05:15pm Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Portable Hard Drive - rejects long file names

Thanks for the tip on robocopy. I'd forgotten about that command line stuff. Now to write some batch files! al
aslakson 05/19/15 05:01pm Technology Corner
RE: Best route to Bellingham, WA from Indianapolis, IN

I'd go I-90 - it's a more direct route. The worst of the mountains will be in western Montana and Idaho, and on the interstates they won't be very bad (and will be very beautiful). And anything you can do to get around Seattle will be a very good thing. As with any big city (and especially Seattle), timing is everything - avoid rush hours like the plague. al
aslakson 05/19/15 01:13pm Roads and Routes
RE: Portable Hard Drive - rejects long file names

The long file name error refers to the entire path name, including folder names. If that whole string exceeds 255 characters, it's too long. I'm guessing that in the copying process you added a folder at the top of the directory tree that pushed it over the limit - maybe just by one or two characters. Checking the obvious - make sure the drive is formatted with NTFS. If it's in FAT32 or some such, it'll max out when the FAT table gets full, whether or not the drive is full. I've had good luck with both Western Digital and Seagate, less with Toshiba, and have about a half-dozen 1gb and 2gb units running right now. Intersting that the Toshiba laptop I'm using now came with a Seagate hard drive, not one of Toshiba's own. If all those drives have failed on the same USB I/O card or hub, I'd get a new card or hub by a different manufacturer. al
aslakson 05/19/15 01:07pm Technology Corner
RE: Internet booster?

Just make sure the Sleek you buy is compatible with your cell provider - there are different models for the different carriers. The newest Verizon versions are awesome and support the latest Verizon 4g+. I strongly recommend the 3gstore.com folks - they stand behind what they sell and are very knowledgeable. The trucker-style Wilson antenna is about the highest gain non-directional mobile cell antenna you can get, and it works great as well. Our Verizon 4G+ MiFi is permanently cuddled into the Sleek cradle, and the Sleek connects to the external trucker antenna. Gives us internet anywhere in the rig. al
aslakson 05/18/15 01:51pm Technology Corner
RE: Best internet

Forget about satellite for internet - way too slow to be productive. We have a Verizon mifi with a 30gb a month plan (shared with our phones, which use none) that costs $130 a month. I don't know if they offer that plan now. Even at that, streaming video doesn't work for us - it takes up too much bandwidth. We've found a very few RV parks where the park WiFi was usable, and even one or two where it was fantastic. And in those parks, figure on paying at least $45 a month for the service. Unless you're addicted to non-broadcast TV which has to be streamed or satellite-delivered, get a decent off-air antenna and pick up the local channels in your area for free. Or stay in an RV park that offers cable TV. al
aslakson 05/18/15 07:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Winegard Traveler

We've been pleased with the service and attitude at CW Henderson the few times we've used them. In one case, we drove in and they fixed the problem while we waited, no appointment. Wish all the CWs were like that. al
aslakson 05/06/15 04:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: now this is weird..

It's an indication of really cheap LED lights - they generate RF interference that you can hear on FM, weather radios, some TV sets, etc. Only solution is to replace the offending LED "bulbs" with some that don't make that kind of electrical noise. Might not be that all the bulbs do that. If you can localize it to just one of a few, it'll be less expensive. We have 3 that make that kind of noise - they're all in the bathroom, so don't create enough of a problem to replace them. All the rest are "clean" . . . al
aslakson 05/05/15 01:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Virtual Private Network (VPN) - Free if possible

A VPN is a private connection between two or more computers you control. I'm not sure how it could be made to work unless it's between your traveling computer and your stationary one back home. Any financial institution will use a secure website - https - for on-line transactions. The chances of having that compromised are almost nil. Of course, if you're going to use a "community" computer like those at a public library while you're on the road, then all bets are off. al
aslakson 05/02/15 05:16am Technology Corner
RE: Draining water heater, put anode back in or not?

Anodes with petcocks are available at Camping World. What you don't get with that smaller opening is the flushing of the crud that accumulates in the bottom of the tank, so you'll need to back-flush the heater. Personally, I don't use the petcock version for that reason. You replace the anode when it's been consumed, or when yiu feel it's time. Personally, I replace the anode when I flush - and I flush it about once a year, or when the hot water starts to smell or taste funny, whether or not it's been consumed. I'd put the anode in after the flush - it's one less thing to have to mess with before you head out the next time. al
aslakson 05/02/15 05:06am Beginning RVing
RE: Motor oil weight for triton v10

Amsoil 5w-20 long-life, good for 25,000 miles. Also Amsoil long-life filter. I carry a case of oil, top it off as necessary (a quar every 1500 miles or so), and get a complete oil and filter change at about a year, which is usually only about 6,000 miles. Being lazy, I figure anything that prolongs the interval is good . . . al
aslakson 04/30/15 02:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Getting to Gettysburg campground from Lancaster?

Good luck - lots of constructions on 30 in downtown. No suggestions, tho - just drove thru in the toad yesterday. al
aslakson 04/30/15 06:15am Roads and Routes
RE: 2001 Bounder windshield repair/replace

Best resin fixers are affiliated with GlasWeld. If there's a tech near you, ask them. Best windshield replacers are RV Glass Solutions. They have installers all over the country. In my experience, if the hole is all the way thru the glass, the resin won't do the trick and you'll need to replace it. If it's just thru the outer layer, then the resin will probably work if it's done right. Your insurance company may want to get involved if the windshield needs to be replaced. Depending on your insurance, it may be less expensive in the long run to pay for the resin treatment out of pocket rather than file a claim. Never know what will trigger a rate increase these days. al
aslakson 04/29/15 06:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Portable sattelite and or antennas

Slingbox requires a good internet connection with a lot of bandwidth. It's generally not a viable option unless you have a solid land-line internet. And, it needs to be installed at a stationary location with an equally solid internet connection to have a signal source - your local cable or antenna. It's the internet connection that's the choke point - you'll be using a LOT of bandwidth to stream video - HD stuff is around 1gb per hour. SD is less, but still a lot. We have 30gb a month on our wireless plan, and we have to keep a close eye on it to avoid overages. Not a lot of youtube in our daily regimen. al
aslakson 04/26/15 05:17am General RVing Issues
RE: TT - Wilderness Lakes reviews please

We like Wilderness Lakes - and while we've not been back since the next door dairy farm closed (the smell is reportedly much different now), when we get back to the west coast we'll be spending more time there in the winter. We've never had a problem getting a spot, although we tend to reserve several weeks out. And once you make your reservation, you'll have your spot for the duration. There are lots of kids in the park when school is closed - none of them ours (we're beyond that). Consider the possibility of buying a full membership on the resale market - one that gets you longer stays than 14 days for zero dollars. Our annual dues are about what your zone pass would cost, and we get 21 day stays, no time out between stays (and usually just 7 days before returning to the same park). And no $3 a day ever. A resale membership can be had for around $2500 one-time. After that, pay your annual dues and stay as much as you want. For a fulltimer, it's the best deal there is. There are several 1000 trails parks within an easy drive of Wilderness Lakes - Palm Springs is great in the winter, and Pio Pico near San Diego is also nice. We've spent several winters in Southern California, bouncing from park to park, with no daily charges at all. al
aslakson 04/26/15 05:05am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Has anyone claimed the tax credit for RV solar installation?

We did when we had the solar panels + inverter + new batteries installed a few years ago. Being fulltimers, the RV is our primary residence. At that time, the credit would also apply to "secondary residences" such as vacation homes or RVs. In our case, it was the cost of the inverter and four deep-cycle gel cells that drove the cost up to the point where the credit was worth filing for. We use TurboTax, and there's a specific set of questions/forms that are used to enter the info. We'd planned the inverter and new batteries, but adding the solar made all that into a "system", and made it all eligible for the credit. The credit ended up being just about equal to the extra cost of adding solar to the other stuff. We had it all professionally installed, and so the amounts we used covered parts and labor. If I recall, the limit on the credit back then was $2000. I think it might be higher now. Don't remember what the credit percentage of total cost was - something around 20%. That was for the Federal taxes - if you file state taxes (we don't), there might be additional opportunities. al
aslakson 04/25/15 07:06am General RVing Issues
RE: Satellite Days

Sign I saw yesterday at a CW said the Satellite Days promotion was "in cooperation with Dish Networks". I'm guessing nobody will be pushing DirecTV anything . . . al
aslakson 04/24/15 04:55am Camping World Accessories
RE: Splitter for Directv Slimline

If it's a SWM dish (has just one co-ax connector at the dish), get a DirecTV SWM Splitter. If it's not an SWM dish (multiple co-ax connectors at the dish), you'll either need separate cables to the dish for each receiver or you'll need to convert to an SWM setup using a SWM multi-switch. al
aslakson 04/19/15 06:28am Technology Corner
RE: Good place between Indianapolis and Louisville??

Ceraland in Columbus IN has it all . . . al
aslakson 04/15/15 07:50pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Denver to Rapid City, SD

We go north on I-25 into Wyoming, then east on US-20, north on US-85, east on US-18 and finally north on SD-79 to Rapid City. Might be a tad longer than some other ways, but the roads are all good and easy. al
aslakson 04/09/15 12:49pm Roads and Routes
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