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RE: Escapee RV club

Plus they have one of the best RVing magazines going . . .
aslakson 09/21/14 08:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: rv gps

The Garmin will be the most customizable - second vote for the Low Clearances data files. I use them on my laptop with Delorme, but they can also be loaded to a Garmin. Can't speak to weights, etc. Just bought a Garmin for the car and am so far impressed with how it works for that. Don't know if I could make it do for the RV though. al
aslakson 09/21/14 08:02pm Beginning RVing
RE: Thousand Trails, Verde Valley, AZ (Cottonwood) ?

Make a reservation to assure you have a spot. But once you check in, you pick your own site - that's the first-come-first-serve part. We've always stayed in the "H" section right by the family center, mini-golf and restaurant. It's one of our favorite 1000 Trails parks. (and be sure to try the Hog Wild BBQ in Cottonwood). al
aslakson 09/10/14 06:42am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Electronic Or Paper?

All digital for us - there are a few pieces of paper each month that we can't get switched to electronic, and those we scan and store electronically. If we need the paper copies for any reason, we just print them out again. Only actual paperwork we carry as paper are the vehicle registrations and insurance cards and our passports. And we have paper copies of our wills and advanced directives, just in case. al
aslakson 09/07/14 07:54pm Full-time RVing
RE: Lightning Hit Our System Monitor

If you can get behind that front panel and see (or remove) the actual electronics display board, there may be info on it that will enable you to order one. These things are pretty universal - most mfrs just mount them behind their own custom panels. al
aslakson 09/05/14 01:12pm Truck Campers
RE: Dometic Refrig is acting up - what are my options

Full sun or shade on the refer side of the RV? If full sun, try reorienting the RV so the reefer side is away from the sun. Double-check the door seal - even if the gasket is good, if the door isn't closing properly, you will get air leakage. Pay particular attention to the seal at the bottom of the door. Or head for higher elevations and cool off! Good luck. al
aslakson 09/05/14 09:36am Fifth-Wheels
RE: ford f450 v10 fuel/relay fuse location

I have the same engine in a Class A. On ours, the fuse is a 20amp and it and the relay are both in a fuse panel in the engine compartment. The relay is the second from the right at the top of the panel, the fuse is the second from the right in the top row of fuses. Hope that helps. al
aslakson 09/04/14 06:08pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Anyone happy with CW service work?

We've only had work done once at the CW in Burlington, and had zero problems. Everything went very smoothly - in fact, the final price came in under estimate. That was about five years ago, but I'd go back if the need arose. al
aslakson 09/03/14 08:11pm Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Insurance Recommendation

Contact Miller Insurance in Oregon or another RV insurance specialist agent - they specialize in RV insurance, and write policies for almost every carrier and in every state. We have Progressive, and they do raise rates, but so far it's manageable. And every couple of years we ask Miller for a new round of quotes just to see our options. I'd cast a critical eye if looking at Good Sam - they hand off to GMAC, and they're not exactly inexpensive for fulltimers. al
aslakson 09/02/14 09:06am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help me wrap my arms around the full time process

1. We are in our early-mid 60s and in excellent health. So, I would expect we would have a good 10-15 years to full time. Did you sell everything or did you store some "seed" items to restart housekeeping after the road? Unless you're storing antiques, everything you stash will be obsolete by the time you come off the road. And the antiques won't probably handle storage all that well. We gave family and friends their pick and then sold or donated everything else. 2. We are burdened by generations of family stuff plus 40 years of our own collecting and buying and selling. We have everything from a grand piano to a 6 1/2' antique rolltop desk. We have no kids or family that needs or wants our stuff. How long did it take you to sell out your stuff? We made our decision in October. We were on the road the second week of April. 3. How did you get rid of the stuff? I figure some will go on eBay, some at an antique action, some at specialty auctions such as Native American stuff, a couple of yard sales and then a final on site auction to get rid of the lawn mowers, snow blowers and yard tools. We made our decision in October. Our grand piano was gone by Christmas. Judy sold four of her five Celtic harps through various harping groups. We then put together a "moving out" sale. Three days later, whatever was left went to the local thrift store. Computer and A/V gear went to the local schools. What those two didn't want went to the landfill. Our second car actually sold the last day before we hit the road. Your specialty items can best be sold through groups of folks interested in those kinds of things. Don't underestimate the potential value of the tax deductions from those donations - could be more than the cash you'd get by selling. 3. Did you rent a safety deposit box to keep jewelry and important papers or take everything on the road? What about your will? How you handle your will depends on the state it's drawn up in. We made enough copies for all our relatives and heirs, and then put the originals into the hands of our executor. We kept copies with us. Judy picked the jewelry we wanted to travel with, everything else went as per question 2. 4. Did you sell the house or lease it in case you didn't like the road? We took a four-month trip to see how we liked it. Came home to a house full of stuff we hadn't missed and couldn't find each other in. It wasn't until then that we came to the decision to fulltime. Up 'til then, the idea had frankly never occurred to us. We made the mistake of selecting a realtor who was also a rental agent. Plus we listed it the very week the real estate bust happened in 2007. I'd take the test drive for 4-5-6 months and then decide. But if you decide to go fulltime, sell, don't lease. 5. Please share any additional information from you experiences! It helps a lot to have some idea of what you want to do while you're fulltiming. For us, it's travel and sight-seeing (60,000 miles so far). For some, it's driving around the country looking for someplace to settle down. For others, it's just to get out from under all that stuff. It's a lot easier to get bored in a 350sq ft RV than in something with more distractions if you don't have a general idea of what you want to do. We also spent the time to scan all of our essential papers into PDF files and keepsake photos into jpegs. That happened over time as we traveled - started out with a 2-drawer file cabinet and a big box of pictures. Now it's all on a USB drive (2 copies, plus on-line backups. Most of all, have fun. al
aslakson 09/02/14 08:52am Full-time RVing
RE: Football Junky...but hate DirecTV

If you set up a separate DirecTV account for your RV, you pay just like the home account. Better plan would be to just take a home receiver with you in the RV whenever you leave. You probably won't get your local network stations if you get too far away from home (unless your home market is either New York City or Los Angeles). Using your home receiver won't cost you anything above your regular service. al
aslakson 09/01/14 12:27pm Beginning RVing
RE: Mesa Verde for 1 day...what to see

Book one of their half-day bus tours - covers all the high spots. al
aslakson 08/31/14 04:11pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Mail Forwarding and Home Base

Another vote for Americas Mailbox and SD. Super folks, no problems in 7 years. SD insurance rates are some of the lowest in the country for health and vehicles. But the BBQ is better in NC. :) al
aslakson 08/30/14 10:49am Full-time RVing
RE: Dilemma...good place for thoughts

Have you explored the on-site housing at Tongue Point? My BIL worked there for many years and had a two-bedroom house on base for next to nothing in rent. FWIW. al
aslakson 08/29/14 10:52am Truck Campers
RE: Route to Estes Park, CO

All things being equal, 34 from Loveland is the most scenic. That ride through Big Thompson Canyon is absolutely spectacular. The CDOT website shows there's still construction on Hwy 36 for another month or so. Hwy 34 looks to be good. al
aslakson 08/25/14 08:14am Roads and Routes
RE: Black & Grey tank chemicals - What do you use ?

We use the happy camper powders - first thing we've found that actually does get the tank senors clean. Plus I never see any solids going out when we drain and flush. al
aslakson 08/25/14 08:04am General RVing Issues
RE: 1994 Winnie Chieftan 34 Ford chassis (F53 ?) BRAKES

How about your local Ford dealer - if they service mid-size trucks, they'll know. al
aslakson 08/24/14 11:06am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Annual resort park pass. Is it worth it?

Check the 1000 Trails location maps and see if they have parks in places you want to go and/or spend time. While you can buy zone passes for $500 a zone (or less depending on what they're offering this week), you can also buy a full 1000 Trails membership on the resale market for around $2000 - and that gets you access to parks all through the system, plus no 7 days out of the system, and up to 3 weeks in a park. If you choose a resale system, go for an Elite, VIP or Platinum level, and make sure it includes all of the 1000 Trails sub-systems - Outdoor World, Leisure Time, NACO and 1000 Trails. Your annual dues will probably be under $600 a year. Don't know what the annual dues on a zone pass are. That said, if there's a zone with parks you think you want to spend some time in, buy a zone pass and give it a whirl. 30 days free camping for $500 works out to around $17 a night, which ain't bad compared to the rack rate at most decent public parks. We're fulltimers, and we'll spend around 250 nights in 1000 Trails parks this year - started out in Calfornia, now in Pennsylvania, end the year in Florida. For us it's a no-brainer and makes this lifestyle affordable. Have fun! al
aslakson 08/22/14 04:46pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Slideshow software

Windows picture viewer has a "slide show" button, and comes with every version of Windows I can remember. al
aslakson 08/20/14 04:05am Technology Corner
RE: You might be an RVer if.

You might be an RVer if you have to empty the stuff out of the shower before you can take a shower. You might be an RVer if your main TV set is mounted where you can't see it straight on from any of your seats. You might be an RVer if you know what time it is, but aren't sure what day it is.
aslakson 08/19/14 03:24pm RV Lifestyle
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