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RE: Americas Mailbox, Box Elder SD

We've been with America's Mailbox since starting fulltiming. No regrets, no problems, great folks to work with (spelling and punctuation not considered). al
aslakson 03/08/14 02:58pm Full-time RVing
RE: IR Repeater Problem

Brain farts get more frequent with age. :) I know from experience. al
aslakson 03/07/14 06:34am Technology Corner
RE: IR Repeater Problem

First off, it's IR (InfraRed), not UV. And not all IR operates on the same frequencies. So it;s very likely that your IR repeater isn't passing the proper IR frequencies. There is one repeater - Hot Link Pro - that has a much broader frequency range than most others, if upgrading is something you want to do. I use the Hot Link Pro and have no compatibility issues with some gear that other repeaters won't control, but not specifically your receiver. Send Marcus at Hot Link an email - he'll tell you if it will work. That said, it may be the easiest thing is to see if Dish makes an RF remote. I did a quick Google search and found this spendy one, which looks like it has IR emitters. Makes me think that the Dish receiver doesn't natively support RF remotes. Good luck. al
aslakson 03/07/14 05:50am Technology Corner
RE: RV video control center with hdmi input, coaxial output

Under a $100 for the splitter and cable versus a whole more than that for an HDMI modulator made the decision easy. FWIW, take at look at how the electronics stores display their HD sets - there's no HDMI cables back there. Mostly RGB. Once in a while, HD over coax . . . al
aslakson 03/05/14 04:17pm Technology Corner
RE: Spin off Question from " towing a CRV"

We insure our CRV and our RV thru the same agency and same company (Progressive). The question has never come up. al
aslakson 03/05/14 03:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV video control center with hdmi input, coaxial output

We got an DMI splitter from Monoprice.com (around $40) and a 50ft HDMI cable to run to the rear of the rig. Works like a champ, long as you don't want separate programming on the two units. al
aslakson 03/05/14 12:50pm Technology Corner
RE: Streaming with contraints

The RV lifestyle we have chosen requires that we adapt to it. Being in the minority, it's doubtful that the rest of society will bend to us. Streaming is the way of life - but for most of the country, it depends on a solid internet connection, cable or fiber. And in most densely-populated areas, there's plenty of available wifi connected to those cable or fiber lines, so the tablets and phones don't have to use their cellular limits. Until somebody comes up with a more efficient data compression system allowing more data to pass over the same limited cellular networks, those of us who depend on the cellular spectrum will just have to learn to live within our 5gb, 10gb or 20gb limits. All this talk abut a mobile society connected at all times is built on the assumption that we won't all actually be wirelessly connected all the time. Fact is most everybody is on a wired connection most of the time. We RVers aren't. And nobody's going to come up with an affordable solution to give us unlimited wireless bandwidth - there just ain't enough of us. just MHO, FWIW. al
aslakson 03/03/14 08:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: which discount card ?

Good Sam gets you 10% at a lot of RV parks, and discounts at Camping World. But you can generally beat Camping World's prices on-line (amazon.com comes to mind). We find the convenience of Camping World very handy, especially when we're on the move and not necessarily stationary enough to receive shipments. So we use it, and take that 10% when we can. FMCA is not only a great group of people, but the member benefits are really good - especially their Michelin tire program. FMCA also has discounts at a lot of RV resorts not discounted otherwise, but they tend to be higher end, higher priced parks, so the savings are somewhat an illusion (unless you tend to frequent high-price parks). In addition to 1000 Trails and Passport America, we also have RPI and ROD, both of which save us money on RV parks most years. We also have Good Sam, FMCA, and Escapees memberships, all of which tend to pay for themselves most years, if not in actual dollars in the conveniences they offer. The FMCA and Escapees magazines are pretty much the best out there, and the Escapee-owned and affiliated RV parks are really good values if you want to go where they are. No real need to join anything until you think you might get some benefit from it. They all make it easy to give them money. If you're thinking about 1000 Trails, be sure to check the resale market. You'll save a bundle if you can get a membership package with the features you want and/or will use. al
aslakson 03/01/14 08:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: HACKING THEFT Needs Discussion

Google "black box car theft". These have been in the news for about a year. Apparently they work by sucking in the signals from your remote-opening key fob, and then rebroadcasting those signals to unlock the car. Set up in a busy parking lot, you can suck in a lot of signals. Then, it's just a brute force cycle-thru-the-codes until one works on any given vehicle. Only way to defeat it (so far) is to disable the remote entry system on your car, so it only opens with a key in the lock. Kind of like a universal learning remote . . . . al
aslakson 03/01/14 08:42am Tech Issues
RE: Camp Verde to Bullhead City

There's no way I'd run our 32'+toad up 89a through Jerome - way too tight. Signs at the base of the hill say don't do it. Followed a MH and toad thru Jerome once, and you could hear the language two cars back. That said, once you get through Jerome, it's not too bad. We always go up to Flagstaff and then west on 40. So much less stress. If you really don't want to go thru Flagstaff, head south on 17 and then up to Prescott and pick up 89 there. al
aslakson 02/28/14 09:15am Roads and Routes
RE: Price Match

CW says they'll install it for $39. The price difference might be worth it. al
aslakson 02/26/14 02:57pm Camping World Accessories
RE: CRV as a tow vehicle

Our 2012 CRV AWD is towable four-down with minimal setup - there's a two or three minute transmission exercise routine you have to go thru before you set off, and we've found that installing a fuse bypass switch for the entertainment system insures there'll be some battery left when you get there. Other than that, it takes more time to set up the auxiliary brake unit than anything else. As far as ground clearance, we've never bottomed out - even on those nasty roads through Monument Valley. FWIW al
aslakson 02/22/14 09:27am Dinghy Towing
RE: Is there anything other than Disney to do in Orlando?

Depends on what you like to do. Gator World is surprisingly nice and not too expensive. A few miles south is Cyprus Gardens, one of FLA's original attractions, and again not Orlando prices. Drive over to Cape Canaveral - not all that far - and do the NASA thing - a bit spendy, but not as much as Disney or Universal Studios, and very well worth it. The north end of the Canaveral reservation is a national seashore and sanctuary, and very nice, especially if the birds haven't all headed north yet. Just our 2 cents worth. al
aslakson 02/19/14 04:30pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Reputable Solar Installers?

Hands down - AM Solar in Springfield OR. al
aslakson 02/17/14 08:03pm Tech Issues
RE: How long to get card? Update

We've had the Good Sam roadside coverage since 2006. Other than our initial membership, I don't think we've ever had an updated membership card. I think you can print 30-day temp cards on the Good Sam ERS website, if that rings your bell. Actually, other than having a wallet card with the right phone number to call, the card itself is pretty much superfluous. al
aslakson 02/15/14 03:51pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: rexhall aerbus electrical circuit out

On our 2000 Aerbus, there are five outlets (TV, under dash, bathroom, under kitchen cabinet, wall in front of bathroom) that all go thru the GFI outlet. Really dumb wiring, IMHO. Not sure which breaker works that circuit. Maybe the GFI is bad? al
aslakson 02/13/14 02:34pm Class A Motorhomes
Bad Day in West Texas

Came upon this Sunday afternoon on I-10 outside Van Horn TX: http://www.aslakson.net/outgoing/BurnPix/100_6608-2.JPG height=640 I'm guessing that's the driver/owner standing there. http://www.aslakson.net/outgoing/BurnPix/100_6610-2.JPG height=640 Looks like it was a Class C . . . al
aslakson 02/13/14 07:46am General RVing Issues
RE: 2006 E450 Aux imput

It would help a whole lot to know what brand and model stereo you're talking about. If here's an Aux button, there's probably a way to connect to it, but we'd need a whole lot more information.
aslakson 02/07/14 11:37am Class C Motorhomes
RE: firefox 27

Just got the notice myself. I generally wait a few days before updating Firefox to give the plugin and add-on folks a chance to catch up. al
aslakson 02/06/14 09:53am Technology Corner
RE: 211k, cable and OTA

Theoretically possible, but loaded with potential problems. It would take a splitter that would pass power only from one leg to the tailgater, and specifically block the power (and satellite signal) to the other leg. Problem is that it would probably also block the cable signal. And, unless you make sure the satellite receiver (or whatever powers the tailgater) is turned off when you use the connection for cable tv you'd then be feeding power back into the park's cable TV system. They wouldn't like that. For my money, too many possibilities to screw up. Safest bet is a completely separate cable run for the tailgater. Depending on where your satellite receiver is located, shouldn't be a major challenge. Before getting a roof-top satellite dish, I strung a cable thru the firewall under the dash, then up through the pillar column at the end of the windsheld to the sat receiver in the overhead. Just run your tailgater cable into the engine compartment when you use it. Make sure you dress the permanent cable so it doesn't lay on any of the hot things. al
aslakson 02/01/14 03:12pm Technology Corner
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