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RE: Kitchen Smoke Detectors

Well just recently installed a new “Kitchen Rated” smoke detector (about 2 months ago), it is working as claimed. It is designed to have fewer false alarms, and is doing exactly that. About the only thing that will set it off is cooking bacon real crisp without the range hood fan on. If you have lots of false alarms you might think about one. I bought this one earlier this year. First one was bad out of the box, the replacement seems fine. It is recommended for kitchens. From the First Alert description: "The photoelectric sensor detects smoke produced by smoldering fires and minimizes false alarms from cooking smoke or shower steam." https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000MXJ498/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I also changed the location about six feet further from the stove.
beemerphile1 05/27/18 07:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: An awning question

Capillary action
beemerphile1 05/26/18 02:01pm Travel Trailers
RE: batteries

Ground issue maybe. The heavier starting load on a depleted battery system may have caused it to seek a ground anywhere it could causing anomalies. Together with the battery cables I would also be looking at the engine ground and generator ground. I had an old van that had all kinds of gremlins and ghostly effects until I discovered the ground strap between the engine and chassis was broken. Established a good ground between the engine and chassis and all the gremlins went away.
beemerphile1 05/26/18 09:01am Tech Issues
RE: Inverter and/or electric troubleshooting help needed

I was surprised to find out about the KISAE but it was straight from the tech, same inverter with a different label. They will be leaving the state soon. Their home is sold and they are living in the MH. They bought a house in Tenn. But can't take possession yet.
beemerphile1 05/25/18 04:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Replacing black and grey water drain lines

I wish I could just cut the 3" pipe and repair from there but the ABS comes out of the tank at a 45 with another 45 going right into the drain valve which is where the break is located. I have not had any luck locating the exact style of drain valve with the T in the same location so it won't attach back to the 1 1/2" line with out modifications there also and if I do it makes it even farther under the trailer. I am thinking I would like to have it stick out a bit farther as it is a real challenge to get to the black water valve now. I looked and it seems the goop is the soft sealant that was used at the tank so it should come out pretty easy I hope. I figure the unit is 7 years old so it is probably a good idea to change out both valves now before they fail. Would you agree? You can also get rubber no-hub ells.
beemerphile1 05/25/18 01:10pm Tech Issues
RE: generator

My foot hurts, can anyone tell me the next thing to try? :B
beemerphile1 05/25/18 01:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Inverter and/or electric troubleshooting help needed

I never could verify the difference between being on shore power and generator power so here is what I did; Even though I told the owner to purchase a battery charger and charge the batteries, I had to make another trip back over there and do it myself. He purchased a Schumacher charger and couldn't figure out how to turn it on. I verified the charger worked but hooked mine up and told him to get his money back. He doesn't need a charger that is smarter than the operator. :B After two days on my charger I went back to do some diagnostics. I reset the inverter/charger and all seemed to be working okay. It worked in bypass, it charged the battery, and it inverted when shore power was cut. The only problem observed is that it tripped with a load of 1,600 watts which is below the rating. I also got suckered into installing a replacement water heater due to the original not being winterized last fall and rupturing. During the water heater replacement the inverter was in bypass mode for a couple hours and the built in transfer switch overheated throwing a code. I advised the owner we should replace the inverter and after consultation with a tech at donrowe.com decided on the Xantrex XC2000. I will also be installing a subpanel for the two circuits like should have been to start with. The inverter feed is 30a and can bypass the full 30a into the outgoing 12 gauge wires. Unlikely it would happen but it could. A subpanel with two 20a breakers will solve that. I will probably take the old inverter and see if I can either fix it or turn it into a 55a battery charger. The owner needs a reliable automatic system that doesn't require fiddling. BTW, the NaturePower is the exact same inverter donrowe.com sells as the KISAE.
beemerphile1 05/25/18 01:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Invertor Turns on and off frequently

Hello, On our camper last weekend, we noticed when plugged in to elecric, the invertor keeps turing on and off. Very frequently. We going to camping this weekend and it's supposed to 85-90 degrees. Any ideas what is going on? Thanks! You want guesses? What is the brand and model of inverter, maybe give us something to work with?
beemerphile1 05/25/18 08:49am Travel Trailers
RE: Replacing black and grey water drain lines

Just cut the piping where needed and use a no-hub rubber coupler. No need to start at the tank unless that is where it broke.
beemerphile1 05/25/18 08:37am Tech Issues
RE: Mouse poo in shower?

A mouse can squeeze thru a gap as small as 1/4". Rv builders may cut a 4" hole to run a 1.5" pipe which leaves plenty of room for rodents to enter.
beemerphile1 05/25/18 08:34am General RVing Issues
RE: Sap remover

Acetone is too strong, always start mild and work toward stronger. Denatured alcohol Mineral Spirits Lacquer thinner Etc. I would be very reluctant to use anything stronger than alcohol or mineral spirits in your case.
beemerphile1 05/25/18 08:29am General RVing Issues
RE: Trailer jacks

Stack Jacks http://www.camco.net/img/product/44560_2-Z.jpg width=400 http://www.camco.net/ecom/productpage/41d8ce75-24ec-4242-a777-0f2d614657fa?category=8faf31b1-ee75-4e00-aec0-bae1e3cfff71
beemerphile1 05/23/18 07:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Bathroom power vent out of reach

PVC pipe with a slot cut in the end.
beemerphile1 05/23/18 07:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Replace Fresh water drain valve

Got a picture?
beemerphile1 05/23/18 09:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Slight leak, not sure how to fix

First time camping site winter and it appears the cold took a toll on a couple of my pipes. On my outside kitchen taps, I've got a show but steady leak. It appears to be dripping from the silver part of the pipe. As they are outside pipes it leaks onto the grass so not a big deal, but I still want to fix it. What is the best way to go about fixing it? Tightening it won't work based on where the leak is coming from. I've included a picture so you can see what I'm referring to https://i.imgur.com/I0RGget.jpg width=400 Fixed your photo. It appears the silver is a clamp and needs tightened. Get a PEX tool at a Home Depot type store.
beemerphile1 05/23/18 09:06am Tech Issues
RE: Inverter and/or electric troubleshooting help needed

Failure happened between generator time, and pedestal connection? As far as the owner knows it wasn't working when they bought it. They never tried the refrigerator before purchase. After not working on shore power the owner reported that it did work on generator.
beemerphile1 05/21/18 07:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Inverter and/or electric troubleshooting help needed

The manual says in by-pass mode, the AC input is passed to the AC output. It says if in by-pass and overloaded, it will shut down and show error code 03. Some other shutdowns too. It all could be he has too many things on for that inverter (20a max) thinking he is on 50a shore power. He is not, he is on inverter 20a and must reduce the load. It says how to restart the inverter after a shutdown with a the load now reduced. Everything was off and I pushed a 20a reset button on the unit. The reset did nothing. I printed the manual and will go over and look at it in a day or two. Based on the reviews of the thing, I have already talked to them about a separate inverter, converter, and transfer switch. They are onboard with the idea. I still can't make sense of how it could bypass on generator and not on shore power. However, like I said, so far I am taking the owner's word for that. I would have to reconnect and verify to know for sure.
beemerphile1 05/21/18 06:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Inverter and/or electric troubleshooting help needed

OK I read the installation instructions in that manual linked above. (But not the rest) It has an AC input port and AC output ports for hard wiring besides the receptacles. The AC input needs a 30a breaker (not supplied) so is that connected so his 55a charger can work from shore power? (120v I assume) Is there a wire from the output port to the breakers the original inverter used or to a sub-panel? It appears the output may go directly to the receptacles. The wires left the inverter and disappeared into a wall, no sub panel was found.
beemerphile1 05/21/18 06:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Inverter and/or electric troubleshooting help needed

Amazingly bad reviews here (lots of failures): https://www.amazon.ca/Nature-Power-38326-Inverter-2000-watt/dp/B00CBEXUG4 Is there also a second receptacle for the microwave? Can the whole rig be put on original breaker panel, forget the inverter? The gen ran the fridge when the fridge was in the inverter receptacle, so what else does the gen run and not run? One reviewer said the charger still worked after the inverter part quit. The manual linked above must have how you get 120 to the charger (haven't read it yet) Did the charger get 240v? What was plugged into the inverter receptacles and where did that go--sub-panel like Mr Wiz suspects? The microwave does not have any receptacle available other than inverter powered. I did not run the generator so cannot answer. There is a single pole 30a breaker going to the inverter from the main panel. Nothing is actually plugged into the inverter, it is all hard wired. I did not find any subpanel downstream from the inverter.
beemerphile1 05/21/18 05:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Inverter and/or electric troubleshooting help needed

With two outlets for the fridge it would seem the system is not fully integrated into the electric system. You have two separate systems. This is why power does not pass through. You need another transfer switch to automatically select the correct plug for the fridge. Otherwise YOU are the transfer switch. Now with the inverter out of commission I am not sure if that inverter/transfer switch will work or not. In the mean time the battery is desperate for a charge. Get a 10+ amp portable battery charger on the battery asap while you sort this out. Eventually I recommend a replacement stand alone inverter for the fridge, separate converter to charge batteries, separate transfer switches to fully integrate utility power, inverter, and the generator. Reconnect wire as needed to make it all work proper as would be expected by a non-engineer user. I understand what you are saying. I believe the rig originally had an inverter/charger but was replaced by the previous owner. The refrigerator does have two receptacles to choose from but the microwave and another kitchen receptacle do not. The microwave and kitchen receptacle require the inverter and that is why I thought the inverter would be capable of pass thru.
beemerphile1 05/21/18 05:16pm Tech Issues
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