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RE: Has anyone used or made or purchased a Genturi exhaust?

Do any of you who use a Genturi see much advantage in using it when NOT in crowded camping conditions.... Sometimes we fire up to make coffee or run the microwave, in those circumstances we do not use the Genturi. If running longer periods like a couple hours for battery charge, I always use the Genturi. We have been gassed by our own generator when wind/breeze conditions were right.
beemerphile1 04/28/17 09:03am General RVing Issues
RE: Dawn Dish Detergent

If you have a problem with grease in the black tank - you should see your doctor.
beemerphile1 04/28/17 05:51am General RVing Issues
RE: power Cords/Cables

Buy most every adapter you can find. I even have an adapter to replace a light bulb and plug in a cord. Used it once to plug into a bath house light fixture.
beemerphile1 04/27/17 01:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Battery question

It probably won't go dead but it will discharge and it will shorten its life. Every day sitting at less than a full charge causes sulfation. Put it where it is coolest, Florida heat is hard on a battery.
beemerphile1 04/27/17 10:45am General RVing Issues
RE: Ceiling fan questions

...without a roof vent I have routinely measured 110 degrees at bed height at 10:30am when it is about 60 outside and sunny. New van already has a vent hole, which is unfortunately nowhere near the bed. I don't think I want to seal up that one and cut another. Have a window at the bed? Install a fan in the roof, close all windows except the one by the bed, run the fan on exhaust, and it will pull the outside air thru the window and across the bed.
beemerphile1 04/27/17 08:06am Tech Issues
RE: generator mount

hi new to trailer towing and just bought a 27' 06 Fleetwood Pegasus. I also just bought a 3500 champion generator. my question is I would like to mount it on my rear bumper with a rack that I could run the gen there or I could lift it off and run it away from the trailer. has anyone else done something like this. my only real concern is if the bumper is strong enough, gen weighs about 130.spare tire is also mounted to the bumper. the bumper seams to be built husky and the square tube is heavy gauge. I haven't look yet but plan on beefing up the mount were the bumper fits the frame. Jay D. Yes, it has been done; http://www.airforums.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=145595&d=1321686984 Not a good idea without significant re-engineering. Most bumpers are nothing but a sheet steel sewer hose carrier.
beemerphile1 04/26/17 01:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Heng's VORTEX?

Our Vortex I with an added cheap China made PWM controller is nearly silent. I believe the speed control was around $4. We chose not to have reverse, only exhaust.
beemerphile1 04/26/17 07:11am Tech Issues
RE: My $35.00 loss at Camping World... I've never run into this.

...the price for either size was the same, well, I was told I could only use coupons "once". That was the first purchase, they could not be used on an exchange or refund.... It is hard to imagine that this is company policy. It is an example of a poorly trained and ignorant employee. If employees are poorly trained and ignorant, whose fault is that? THE BOSS, or would that be, THE PROFIT? :B No, it is company policy. I had the exact same thing happen 2 years ago when I bought a flat insert for my Weber grill. I got the wrong size and lost the $25 value of the coupon when I went to exchange for another size. I haven't shopped at CW since. Losing the coupon value on a return makes sense, there is no logic to it on an exchange. The CW employees are probably running the transaction as a return and purchase rather than an exchange. Again - poor training.
beemerphile1 04/26/17 07:08am Good Sam Club
RE: Ceiling fan questions

You can put a switch anywhere you are able to reach with the wiring. The Fantastic Vent Co. fans are great but also check the Vortex fans for a less expensive option. Search Vortex on here and you will find a number of creative installations and positive reviews.
beemerphile1 04/26/17 05:30am Tech Issues
RE: My $35.00 loss at Camping World... I've never run into this.

...the price for either size was the same, well, I was told I could only use coupons "once". That was the first purchase, they could not be used on an exchange or refund.... It is hard to imagine that this is company policy. It is an example of a poorly trained and ignorant employee. If employees are poorly trained and ignorant, whose fault is that? THE BOSS, or would that be, THE PROFIT? :B
beemerphile1 04/26/17 05:23am Good Sam Club
RE: Heng's VORTEX?

I have the Vortex I and added my own speed control. My understanding is that the extra weight of the II comes from resistors and maybe heat sinks for the speed control. A search on the forum will reveal many discussions of using these fans. Most everyone is happy with them.
beemerphile1 04/25/17 05:24am Tech Issues
RE: Safe Transport/Storage of Aux LP Tanks?

Here is what I was thinking of Cylinder Stabilizer Those things are really flimsy and a milk crate works better if available.
beemerphile1 04/24/17 12:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Clear coat protection

How many trailers need clear coat protection? I have never had a trailer that had clear coat on it. The aluminum ones are a simple baked enamel (no clear coat) and many of the smooth sided ones are gel coat (no paint or clear coat). So which ones could benefit from clear coat protection? BTW, my 2006 trailer has always been outside, never been waxed, and still looks great. Decals have minimal fading and are adhered as well as the day it was built.
beemerphile1 04/24/17 06:51am Travel Trailers
RE: New Gears.... now what???

...I added a cold air intake (CAI) and a cat-back system (dual exhaust) with 40 series Flowmaster mufflers a year ago. Regardless, a custom tune will improve a brand new, factory fresh vehicle over the "canned" tune (one size fits all). Better throttle response, better MPG, better fuel management, crisper shifts, more HP, more torque and a long list of non-performance related items that annoy some people. Now you add more info that you did not offer before. You have started on the right path but aren't there yet. Did you notice that I said you must add increased air flow for a tune to really be beneficial? Add to the other things you have done, performance intake, injection, headers and maybe even a turbo, then you are ready to get real benefit from a tune. Posting quotes from a website that is trying to sell a product is hardly unbiased opinion. I have no dog in the fight, spend the money if you wish, then provide us the before and after dyno results. You do have the dyno results proving that the CAI and Cat-back improved drive-ability and power on your vehicle? Lets see them. ...Do you drive a beemer? I did too at one time but it still broke down like all the rest... If you truly owned a BMW car, you should already know that aficionados refer to the cars as Bimmers and the motorcycles as Beemers.
beemerphile1 04/21/17 11:13am Travel Trailers
RE: TT spare tires

What he said was that the wheel would cost over $300 dollars and the tire (for the wheel) would cost an additional $300 plus dollars. I think he thought I fell off of the turnip truck right out in the street. Not having any idea what you have, a nice aluminum wheel could be $300 retail price.
beemerphile1 04/21/17 07:00am Travel Trailers
RE: New Gears.... now what???

A tune does virtually nothing on a stock (gasoline non-pressurized) engine and is a waste of money. You first have to drastically increase the air flow in and out - then a tune can have a real effect. With stock intake and exhaust a tune is incapable of making any real gains other than increase pollution. Is that a 12' camper that you're pulling with a 1 ton dually. LOL I could see where you might think I was in over my head. Thanks for the chuckle and have a great weekend. Do you really think this is my first (or only) truck and trailer? I have been around the block a few times and was spinning wrenches when you were probably still in diapers. Smart people take advice and are willing to learn from other's past mistakes, other people insist on making the same mistakes themselves.
beemerphile1 04/21/17 05:52am Travel Trailers
RE: TT spare tires

...So to my thinking, they should come with a spare, as stated above, if they don't that is just wrong. Some do and some don't, it is up to the manufacturer.
beemerphile1 04/20/17 11:25am Travel Trailers
RE: New Gears.... now what???

I do a whole lot better with positive feedback so your input is appreciated.... Here is as positive as I can be; you are flushing your money down the toilet if you go further with performance improvements. Fix the speedo/ABS calibration issues and run it till you replace it.
beemerphile1 04/20/17 10:37am Travel Trailers
RE: TT spare tires

I would have to think there was a miscommunication. That couldn't be the price of a tire and wheel.
beemerphile1 04/20/17 10:31am Travel Trailers
RE: Just my opinion

...Now just a question: Did you pay cash for your house? AH! I thought not... Now who is being smug? A house is a purchase that can in all probability be expected to go up in value and financing is reasonable. A new RV will only depreciate. It is irrelevant to the topic but yes, I did pay cash for my house. I now live in the seventh house I have owned, numbers one thru five were financed to some extent.
beemerphile1 04/20/17 10:23am General RVing Issues
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