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RE: hmmm...Info for CDN's heading into the US

...please show me one case where ma and pa were driving their motor home and had their money seized.... Not a MH but aren't the two men carrying money for church use evidence enough of out of control gendarmes? They got the money back but had to fight for it. Tourists whether out of country or out of state are always at a disadvantage. LEOs know that they are much less likely to travel hundreds/thousands of miles back for a court appearance.
beemerphile1 09/12/14 11:49am General RVing Issues
RE: hmmm...Info for CDN's heading into the US

What kcmoedoe refuses to understand is...This is not about a big scoop from "some no account Canadian journalists poorly researched story". He is trying to minimize this as a "Canadian thing". Keep burying you head in the sand. Not buried in the sand, I fear it is far worse than you realize. kcmoedoe has already drunk the kool-aid, it is too late for reasoning. :B
beemerphile1 09/12/14 11:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Battery cable size, need help with please.

4 gauge should work for the converter and inverter and is easy to get. I have found that anything heavier than 4 is harder to find locally. The equal length concept is not extremely important for your situation.
beemerphile1 09/12/14 06:08am Tech Issues
RE: Getting Diesel at service station or truck stop?

Can't answer your question but welcome to the forum. I have enjoyed visiting your community. I particularly enjoyed Bully Hill and the Glenn Curtiss museum. Good luck on your new adventure!
beemerphile1 09/12/14 05:59am Beginning RVing
RE: Sanitize + splashless bleach = suds!

The vinegar worked. When I dumped the bleach/water mixture it was still foamy pouring on the ground. I added vinegar to the rinse water and the water came out foam free. Note to self, it is worth an extra trip to the store to obtain regular bleach rather than splashless.
beemerphile1 09/12/14 05:48am General RVing Issues
RE: Upper Fridge vent blocked off...Why?

It is easy to see the reason for the metal. I did the same thing to my pop up. First off, that is a terrible installation as refrigerators in slides usually are. The upper vent is nowhere near high enough. The sheet metal is an attempt to correct the bad installation. Its intention is to prevent the air flow from exiting under the tube you see just above the metal. By partly blocking the opening the air flow will go higher past the tube. The visible tube is where the ammonia vapor is condensed to liquid. More airflow equals more liquid. More liquid equals better cooling.
beemerphile1 09/11/14 08:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: Battery cable size, need help with please.

I am putting together four series/parallel GC batteries and need some help with cable sizing. Batteries are all side by side, converter will be within 3'of batteries, inverter should be within 4', but the DC fuse board is 15' to 17' away. Am I correct that all "series" lengths need to be the same. And the same for the parallel lengths? And the lengths from the batteries to the converter and inverter? What size inverter? What size converter? Give us something to work with.
beemerphile1 09/11/14 08:00pm Tech Issues
RE: hmmm...Info for CDN's heading into the US

I'm the O.P. and I didn't say I was reporting a theory, I was simply copy/pasting a news story from the CBC, along with the actual link to it. And, from what people have posted as a result, it is obvious that is does happen. There are many trustworthy reported stories of this in the US. Don't yell at someone that posts the info, yell at an department that allows such things. Gary Haupt From the responses it seems that many posters haven't read the article. For those that haven't, there are case examples including named defendants who were law abiding citizens and had their money stolen by the gendarmes. Like I posted earlier, at one time it was so bad along the I-10 corridor that travel agents were telling tourists to avoid the route between Texas and Florida and to go further north. For those that would stoop so low as to make this a Canada vs. USA thing, shame on you. Why would you want to make rude comments toward a country that is an excellent neighbor? There is ABSOLUTELY NO JUSTIFICATION to insult the forum members that are citizens of Canada.
beemerphile1 09/11/14 01:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: small propane leak, HOW to find where?

I've noticed recently that stores like Home Depot now sell LPG sniffers for maybe $20. They used to cost $$$$$$$$$$$.
beemerphile1 09/11/14 12:33pm Tech Issues
RE: hmmm...Info for CDN's heading into the US

I remember years ago one of the television news programs like 20/20 or 60 Minutes ran a piece about cash seizures along I10 in the southern states. At the time many travel advisers were suggesting people not use I10 due to it being such a large problem. Like said, if no crime is being committed, you can get the money back but you have to fight for it.
beemerphile1 09/11/14 10:01am General RVing Issues
Sanitize + splashless bleach = suds!

Water from the tank was tasting a little funky and I am late on doing the mid-season sanitizing of the system. I only had splashless bleach at home. Poured some in the tank and filled with water. As it approached full it had suds pouring out of the gravity port. Anyone else ever use the splashless bleach? I'm thinking of dumping tonight and adding vinegar to the rinse water to cut the suds. What do you think? I know some add baking soda to the rinse water but I doubt that will do anything for the suds.
beemerphile1 09/11/14 08:00am General RVing Issues
RE: New Solar Battery Box by Torklift

For those of you that don't want to put a solar panel on your roof, Torklift makes a nice Solar Panel Battery Box. Now not only can you keep your batteries safely locked up, but charged as well. I think the solar panel is made by Zamp Solar, a well known name! Made in the US of A too! I think I'll be buying one of these ASAP! It will fit my 2 Group 34 Batteries just fine. Power Armor Solar... Box - okay Solar panel on box - waste of money Group 34 batteries - never heard of that size and they won't fit the box anyhow. From your link; "...engineered to hold and protect either Group 24 to Group 31 12 volt batteries or 6 volt T105 or SC2 golf cart batteries..."
beemerphile1 09/11/14 06:30am General RVing Issues
RE: WQho to contact for selling

...Are any of them valid.... Maybe one in twenty. If they want consignment money paid up front they are definitely a scam.
beemerphile1 09/11/14 06:20am General RVing Issues
RE: Registration Fee and Sales Tax

Tax and registration is due in the state in which you live. If you pick up in another state you will still have to pay tax and registration in your state.
beemerphile1 09/11/14 06:18am Beginning RVing
RE: PATRIOT ACT required personal info before you can negotiate?

It may be dealer policy but not law. I wouldn't do business with a company that starts out lying.
beemerphile1 09/11/14 05:43am Travel Trailers
RE: Post Pictures of Your Most Recent Camping Trips Here!

How about you all save others scrolling back and forth to read and the moderator a lot of work resizing pictures? Maximum forum picture width is 640.
beemerphile1 09/10/14 11:58am Travel Trailers
RE: Winterizing the Black Water Tank

Store empty, air won't freeze.
beemerphile1 09/10/14 09:33am General RVing Issues
RE: VEC1093DBD replacement fan?

It would be absurd to dismantle the charger, squirt some lube and put it back together rather than replace an under $10 fan. Unfortunately I didn't write down the original fan. I had to put it back together to use it next week. Don't quote me but I think the original is a 'Xinruilian RDM6020S'. I Googled the original and found no specs on it. It definitely is 20mm thick and I can't find them locally. The local electronics store only stocks 25mm and 15mm thick fans.
beemerphile1 09/09/14 09:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Best Propane Portable Camp Fire.

I really like the realistic appearance of the Fire Dancer. When it came time to make a purchase I decided that I didn't want to deal with the granules and spillage. We bought a Little Red Campfire with ceramic logs. I figure if the logs break eventually I can use lava rocks. I also bought the cook top.
beemerphile1 09/09/14 01:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Good Sam RV Parking Rights Notification for Zip Code: 44272

I didn't know that. Rootstown is only about 15 miles from us and several members of our Good Sam chapter live there. Rootstown is a rural/suburban area. The people we know in the area all have an acre or more of land.
beemerphile1 09/09/14 12:47pm General RVing Issues
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