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RE: New 14.8V Progressive Dynanics Converters

Just a note: PD converters don't always start in boost mode. It depends on the battery voltage (I think over a period of time)... Hmm. Good to know. Bigfootford says his always has for something like a decade now. And his is oversized for the bank. Now how would a converter with no power to it know the battery voltage over a period of time? Or do you mean more like a few seconds once you put power to it? Drew is correct... Battery voltage needs to be below 12.4 or so for the PD to drop into boost mode. Any standard converter, Iota, Parallax, Boondocker, Wfco, PD will be alive and watch the battery voltage even if shore power is not on. They all will switch to Boost when the threshold of low voltage is met. To get most of these converters to get into boost mode you need to remove the battery and shore power and wait until the capacitors bleed off or turn on a light.... PD is one of the few that you can push a button and get the converter into any mode you want. WFCO copied this idea with their most recent panel mounted 89 and 87 series converters from what I have read. Jim
bigfootford 08/26/16 10:40am Tech Issues
RE: Show me your tv's

Here's mine.. I replaced this tv with a 21 in.. Still fit. http://lh4.ggpht.com/_lAsuwHaXHEs/S1oY1UhAf_I/AAAAAAAAAeU/lualzQu9Odc/s800/100_2846.JPG width=640 http://lh5.ggpht.com/_lAsuwHaXHEs/S1oYyLDup1I/AAAAAAAAAeM/0UmJOGgARn4/s800/100_2841.JPG width=640 Here's a couple of threads where folks posted their tv installs: http://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/23940917/srt/pa/pging/1/page/1.cfm http://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/24274948/gotomsg/24275425.cfm#24275425 Jim
bigfootford 08/22/16 10:14am Truck Campers
RE: Camper Garage Progress Report

Very nice Dave. Going to insulate the inside? You are going to enjoy keeping your rig out of the weather. What are the dimensions? Jim Jim, the roof is insulated for condensation. I'll have to see whether I want to insulate the walls. I'm contemplating sheathing them to like 6 or 8' with plywood. 24'W X 36'L X 15.5'H Good you will like the absence of that condensation. When we had ours built, all metal, we insulated the whole thing. It's really nice! We now have the Camper cave, garage and shop all the same color. Shop has 2 roll up doors. 16x12 and 8x7.... https://goo.gl/photos/kimsVTg64MiaHSWa8 Pretty much moved in to the shop... Note the shiny insulation reflecting the overhead lights. https://goo.gl/photos/QWNMmNHmo2t3pP2k6 Jim
bigfootford 08/17/16 04:43pm Truck Campers
RE: Camper Garage Progress Report

Very nice Dave. Going to insulate the inside? You are going to enjoy keeping your rig out of the weather. What are the dimensions? Jim
bigfootford 08/17/16 09:53am Truck Campers
RE: Vision 19.5's end caps help

So I finally ponied up and got 19.5's. I had Les Schwab install them yesterday and all went well except for the center caps won't fit. My rear ones won't quite fit over the hubs and the front ones need to be open to access and turn my hubs. My questions are can I remove the center piece for the front ones? I tried to turn it and give it a little love without breaking it with no avail. I'm sure I just need new open ones for the front, but looks like they MIGHT pop out? The rears won't fit over the hub. It get's close, but won't go in all the way, rubbing on the inside, hub too big. I'm waiting to hear back from the place I bought them from online and also tried calling vision, all phone #'s disconnected. There are 2 different sizes of Vision caps. The deep ones are 5" tall. Hopefully you have the shallow ones.. I no longer have them so I can not tell you the height. I would guess they were about 4". I ordered my Visions from Les, along with my tires. The caps that came with mine were the shallow ones so Les folks ordered the deep ones for me... You might go to Les and they can get them for you. Jim
bigfootford 08/05/16 09:58am Truck Campers
RE: Honda 2000i Carb Job With Photos Must Read!!!!!

I have a Honda eu1000i generator that has been faithful for a long time. Upon starting it this year, however, it would surge and stop. The key to fixing it was near the end of your eu2000i service tips. The main jet is beneath the float chamber bolt, just as you describe. The gunk in the bowl was obvious, but that main jet was hard to find in the eu1000i tips. It was clogged solid. Cleaning it as you describe has my faithful generator purrrring again. Thank you. Excellent. Many of us have had that condition... Amazing the junk that collects in the bowl. Some of us have added inline filters to catch stuff... Amazing the water that will collect in it. That **** Ethanol will turn to molasses... Just put an oz of E10 gas in a small glass jar, leave the lid off and see what you have after it all evaporates! Jim
bigfootford 08/01/16 10:59am Tech Issues
RE: Happijac or Torklift Turnbuckles?

The HappiJac turnbuckles work fine. I have been using them for 2 decades on 3 different campers, as have many hundreds of thousands of other folks, for the last few decades. Same here, Bought the BF new in 2000 it now has almost 200,000 miles on it and 2 trucks. Same HJ turnbuckles.... We have been on some really rough roads over the years... If I were to do it again I would go with HJ's. Jim
bigfootford 07/25/16 10:07am Truck Campers
RE: Washington Cascades/New TC

What a great adventure to break in your camper. Congratulations!!!! After 16 years our Bigfoot is still a wonderful portable cabin! Jim
bigfootford 07/18/16 12:25pm Truck Campers
RE: Installing batteries in an AF1140 compartment

These 2 27s came from Walmart 5 yrs ago and I had them checked in the spring and there as good as new still.Also only added a small amount of water 2yrs ago and the water level is still were it should be. Sounds like you have a good converter and from your signature Solar! Do you know the brand of converter? Do you have solar for maintaining year round? Many folks have good results with group 27's.... 24's not so good. Just ask me... Jim
bigfootford 07/13/16 05:08pm Truck Campers
RE: Installing batteries in an AF1140 compartment

This spring I filled my batteries that came with my 1150 with distilled water. When the weather got warm my batteries started to puke battery acid and it leaked out all over my brand new trucks dually fender. I now have an interesting water marked looking paint job on the fender. The sealed batteries look like the way to go. What brand are you guys using? I've used the Optima's in my boats and tractors and had no issues but I am curious what ya'll are using:https://www.amazon.com/Optima-Batteries-8016-103-BlueTop-Starting/dp/B00075OSCO/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1468436984&sr=8-7&keywords=group+31+agm+battery For AGM's first choice for me would be Lifeline, some are using Universal battery... Both are avail from Randy at Bestconverter: http://www.bestconverter.com/AGM-Batteries_c_180.html Consideration of the make of your converter should be known when you call him or deal with any AGM distributor. Some converters work great with AGM's some do not. My converter is a Progressive Dynamics 9260 with the remote pendant. http://www.bestconverter.com/9200-Series-Deck-Mount_c_84.html Jim
bigfootford 07/13/16 01:25pm Truck Campers
RE: Installing batteries in an AF1140 compartment

AGM's= out of sight, out of mind.... Have not removed it since install and I think I looked at it a year or so ago. I do check capacity via AH removed (SOC) V/S voltage when out camping. My lifelines 100ah are almost 7 years old... Still has capacity as new... 50% SOC and resting voltage of 12.1 lifeline battery SOC chart Jim
bigfootford 07/13/16 12:22pm Truck Campers
RE: Yellowstone & Grand Teton's - June 2016 Trip Report

What a great trip for a family and the TR... We did both years ago and still have fond memories of that region.. Thanks for sharing! Bryan (bka0721) is a great individual and sure does pop up all over the place.... Jim
bigfootford 07/13/16 12:06pm Truck Campers
RE: Carport opinions

I would get an accurate measurement of your height (when hooked to tow vehicle) and contact the cover supplier to discuss your concerns and find out from the supplier what the minimum height will be to the bottom of the trusses going across the width of the cover. You might also suggest that the clearance height be put in the contract when purchasing the cover. Absolute requirement... Talk to them... Just use the website build program to get the basics then talk... Keep notes! Jim
bigfootford 07/05/16 12:03am Truck Campers
RE: Carport opinions

Thanks guys for the input! When I go 25X25 it jumps up to $2000! I plan on keeping my truck, forever.. I do have a swing tongue and realize things will be tight, I just don't have a lot of room to work with since I have to back up my driveway and turn into it. Back to the height...It says call over 12'. Special order, special price. Man I was hoping 12' with an A-frame and NO gable would accommodate my setup. Anyone else have this setup and know? I'm in gravel, btw. My legs are 13'. So note the truss cross piece is about another 1ft. Although you will not have the extra foot close to the sides. Here is what my trusses look like. http://i.imgur.com/VRKg10ql.jpg Jim
bigfootford 07/04/16 11:58pm Truck Campers
RE: Bigfoot real weights 2500 vs. 1500

2500 9.6 Bigfoot Birth year 2000... Wet weight 2600 Water 50 gal and 2 propane tanks per the label on the camper. Loaded for camping right at 4,000. Camper has traveled almost 200,000 miles on 2 f250's. 2wd. Vision wheels and 19.5.s and airbags along with Bilstein shocks is all we have done for stability. I often thought that the wet weight Bfoot and other Mfg's list does not include the stove, fridge, mattress and anything else you can have on it from the factory. Jim
bigfootford 07/04/16 11:00pm Truck Campers
RE: Carport opinions

I will add this separate: I ordered from United Carports online. This distributor was in San Jose. Just a middle man for my shop. The steel provider was American Steel out of Joshua, Tx The steel order from American Steel was sent to American Steel Carports and the kit was fabricated. Truss's to width, legs to length, siding to length bottom rail to length and with leg stands. All kitted and then their installation team brought the kit on a trailer and assembled. My carport install took about 4hrs. The shop 2.5 days. It was fully insulated too by them. Both experiences were a 10! The shop did take a month longer to arrive due to a mix up in scheduling... It was right around Christmas... The delay did not bother me. Gave the concrete longer to cure!
bigfootford 07/04/16 03:15pm Truck Campers
RE: Carport opinions

I am finally going to pull the trigger on a metal carport and am limited on space. The biggest I can do is right around 24'X 24'. Height is important too and figured 12' with a no gable A-Frame will be enough height for my setup- 4X4 with basement and AC unit? I would hope my AC unit would clear as it would be maybe 13-14' where it would enter??? I also am going to have my boat in here 20'. 24' wide looks plenty and 24' deep is just enough to keep direct rain off of them. This is all new to me so appreciate any opinions, advice or personal experience. Thanks! Having problems entering links. It's through United Carports.com, A frame roof, 24'X24'X12' 14 gauge, no gables, 1 panel each side. About $2800. I have a United Carports shop. 25Dx30D with 13' legs, A frame with a 1 ft gable. I have a 12X 16' rollup door. I would go 25'... The frames from them are set at 5' intervals. 24 is ok too but that extra foot for length is really nice... I also have a 25x14 Camper Cave.... One last recommendation... Get a Vertical Roof.... Rain run off with a horizontal roof will cause a lot of splashing and will really keep the ends wet.... Horizontal sides are cheaper but after a few years moss and dirt will really build up on the sides and in the seams... Vertical sides eliminate this build up... Just saying. My Shop is all vertical, sides and roof. My Camper Cave is horizontal both sides and roof... After 10 years I just pressure washed it and OMG it was a chore because of the horizontal sides and the seams. Washed inside and out. With Vertical roof you can add gutters later if you want to remove all that water coming off the roof. Can not put gutters on a horizontal roof... does not work All that water runs off the ends and boy does it splash. Right after you have the carport built If you are putting it on concrete I would seal the frame to concrete with calk... PM me if you have more questions. Jim
bigfootford 07/04/16 02:48pm Truck Campers
RE: Ram 3500 (6.4 Hemi)3.73 vs 4.10 with TC

You will not regret the 4.10 at all! Congratulations on your choice and persistence to determine what was logical. Jim
bigfootford 07/03/16 08:40pm Truck Campers
RE: Ram 3500 (6.4 Hemi)3.73 vs 4.10 with TC

The lower your gear ratio the harder it is on the transmission during initial take off. The heavier your load the harder it is on the bands and clutches. Couple this with a slight heavy foot and the transmission is not going to last. Heavy foot through gear shifts add to the wear and tear of the TC and the clutches. JimI'm pretty sure you meant to say HIGHER ratio gearing (smaller number, aka 3.73) is harder on the transmission than lower gearing (aka 4.10). :) Yep! hahahaha Mij Jim
bigfootford 07/03/16 08:34am Truck Campers
RE: Ram 3500 (6.4 Hemi)3.73 vs 4.10 with TC

There's only a small rpm difference between those 2 ratios at equal road speeds, with equal tire diameters and transmissions. I would have to do the math to know for sure, but going by memory I think it's only like 300 rpm. The greater torque multiplication of the 4.10 is worth more than the slightly lower rpm of the 3.73This finally helps me understand. But I have a question. I might guess that torque would be in direct proportion to rpm. That the purpose of lower axle ratio is to increase rpm. If it is only slightly more rpm wouldn't that imply only slightly more torque? Or are there other factors other than engine rpm which contribute to torque?The increase in torque comes from 2 factors. One is increased rpm and greater horsepower and torque output from the engine at the increased rpm. The other reason is torque multiplication through gearing. Gears are a simple machine that multiply torque by using the same force (torque output from the engine) and applying it over a longer distance. Gears are like a lever and fulcrum, but they are round, rather than straight. When you want to lift something really heavy and you don't have another guy to help you, find a block and pipe and use the length of the pipe to help increase the force you can apply to the heavy thing you're lifting. So let's say, for sake of example, that you have 400 ft-lbs of torque available from the engine, and you're running in direct gear in the transmission and have 3.73 gears in the axle. You have 400 x 3.73 = 1492 ft-lbs of torque available at the rear wheels. Now lets say you have 4.10 gears and that the engine is also putting out 25 more ft-lbs of torque at the slightly higher rpm it's spinning with the 4.10's at the same road speed. So now you have 425 x 4.10 = 1743 ft-lbs of torque available at the rear wheels, an increase of 251 ft-lbs. So lower ratio gearing is a double-whammy effect on towing power. Using the higher power output range of the engine, as well as multiplying it's output through leverage of the gears. On my gas engine F350, I went from 3.55 to 4.56 gears, which is a huge jump. My little 351 engine puts out about 325 ft-lbs of torque at about 2800 rpm. With the 3.55's I wasn't able to reach 2800+ rpm at speeds I could tow at, without going down to 2nd gear. The 4.56's put me right in the engine's sweet spot, at reasonable towing speeds, in 3rd gear, while also multiplying the engine's higher output. I don't remember the exact numbers, but let's say my engine was putting out 250 ft-lbs of torque at the lower rpm. Multiplied by 3.55, I had 888 ft-lbs at the wheels. With the 4.56's and the full 325 ft-lb output of the engine available, I got 1482 ft-lbs of torque available. That's a HUGE increase (594 ft-lbs)! Now, at those times that I need to shift down to 2nd to climb a hill that's just too much for 3rd, that 1482 ft-lbs is further multiplied by 1.52, which is the 2nd gear ratio of my transmission, while I adjust the road speed so the engine stays in it's max torque rpm operating range. The gears made all the difference in the world in the performance of the truck. Before I did the change, I was going to have to sell the truck and buy another one with a bigger engine because the truck couldn't do what I wanted it to do, anywhere near my satisfaction. It was really depressing. I didn't want to sell the truck though. It was in beautiful condition, with very low miles. So changing the gears was the next best solution. Nice write up! Jim
bigfootford 07/01/16 08:52am Truck Campers
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