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RE: WFCO Converter Longevity

I had 2 and a friend had 1... they will not boost nor put out any amps. The electronics (capacitors in the primary of the switcher have dried out... A common problem after 3+ years. I nor my friend elected to fix or replace with like... I replaced mine with a Progressive Dynamics 9260. Have had it for 10+ years and it still works... Jim
bigfootford 08/20/14 07:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Another Alaska trip

There was more Bigfoots, Northernlites and Adventurer's than Lances all through the Providences and Alaska.... Incredible. Jim
bigfootford 08/20/14 11:57am Truck Campers
RE: Decision made!! I'm doing it!!!

Dak the anticipation is going to drive you nuts.... Time is going to stand still, just like when we were kids waiting for Christmas... Anticipating a major event makes time crawl! The main reason time flys' for us old folks is that we have nothing to anticipate. Your going to love that camper! Jim
bigfootford 08/20/14 10:12am Truck Campers
RE: Another Alaska trip

Some of you will find it hard to get clear to the beginning of this trip and blog... This picture pretty well sums up the whole thing.... If you are shy about getting your rig really dirty then you should not think about doing the Dalton HWY to Prudhoe Bay or other dirt parts of the Alaska adventure when it is raining! This is the inside of the trailer rims after the round trip to Prudhoe Bay: http://38.media.tumblr.com/15c75821a0f505c05bd923d142007b81/tumblr_na3pw8G6QI1tfw5yxo8_250.jpg This is after we washed the TC and trailer once: http://33.media.tumblr.com/b662747c000eaa7ab81eab99a443d964/tumblr_n9tkfgFfMX1tfw5yxo1_1280.jpg http://31.media.tumblr.com/11dbbd0d8941c29c0dccda254ab25863/tumblr_n9lvqc2nvs1tfw5yxo2_1280.jpg And if that is not enough to discourage anyone here's what I call a mess: http://37.media.tumblr.com/9ffd10c94a48eb607aadff4b2b018e41/tumblr_n9luncTu9e1tfw5yxo3_1280.jpg Today I just finished 3 hrs of pressure washing the undercarriage of the truck...then another couple cleaning the truck body... Camper yet to go. Jim
bigfootford 08/19/14 11:47pm Truck Campers
RE: Another Alaska trip

Janet and I enjoyed all of your beautiful pictures and narrative... The first comment that Janet made was "Where is Molly?" We have never seen you without her being close by. Thanks for sharing your adventure... Seth added a new dimension to our trip reports. It's the only time I've ever looked at a blog. Chet This blog "Tumblr" was a choice that I was not really happy about because the first part is the end. It really takes a bit of work viewing clear to the last picture which is really the beginning of the trip... I had no vote...hahahaaaa, oh these girls in our life's. Tumblr is great for telling friends that you are beginning and to view each day or so to track. But in our case, travel through Canada is difficult for Cell data services and much of the trip was without any service what so ever. When you get cell service and start updating there is not enough bandwidth to really do a good catch up.. AS YOU and JANET already know. Molly left us for the great dog heaven about 1 year ago... We have not yet decided what to do.... DOG BOOT CAMP is about 1 year in duration... Training a dog to be well mannered and 100% obedient under all circumstances is difficult... She was one of those as you know. http://pic20.picturetrail.com/VOL1437/6215710/14774226/222437330.jpg Thanks for the post. Jim
bigfootford 08/19/14 11:26pm Truck Campers
RE: Another Alaska trip

.............Thank you for all those great pics ! I only have one comment , were I planning on riding a bike to Ak , I would pick one with a driveshaft ! How a chain can function with all the road grime on it is a miracle . , jf Son's been riding dirt bikes for pleasure and competition for many years.. 37 years young. He did carry a spare, never needed it and rode it all the way home on I5. Let me tell ya though that bike got real dirty! Chains have rubber "O" rings to keep the gunk from getting inside the rollers. He did spray lube the chain every time he filled with gas. He averaged 70MPG with that Honda. He did change gears and chain when he got home. Jim
bigfootford 08/19/14 07:52pm Truck Campers
RE: Another Alaska trip

Lots of great pics. Thanks. Looks like the motorcycle would be more fun than the truck and camper until it is time to go to sleep. When our son was in camp he slept very comfy in the trailer. We had it all set up for that. It was great for him.. Air mattress and sleeping bag....Lots of room for drying clothes, dressing... Even had his own empty milk bottle latrine.... Jim
bigfootford 08/19/14 07:33pm Truck Campers
Another Alaska trip

Have not posted a trip report in quite a while so although this will not be a posted on rv.net report it will be a link to our blog. The picture sequence starts with the end of the trip and as you move down through the pictures and comments you will finally get to the beginning of the trip. Look at the pictures of the trailer, camper and bike after the Dalton Hwy to Prudhoe bay on page 2 of this thread. The blog starts here: Bigfootfords Alaska trip In March during a family BBQ the topic of Alaska and a trip up the ensued. Seth, our youngest son wanted to ride his Motorcycle up there and back but could not take the necessary time off. Then we discussed how we could join him during his ride with the TC. The plan vacillated around transporting his bike up there shipping it various ways. In the end, we purchased a 5X8 enclosed trailer and the work started modifying it for our truck/camper etc. We extended the tongue about 2 ft instead of extensions and weight distribution. Adding tiedowns on the floor/into the frame and rows of E-track on the walls along with shelves. We carried 2 spares for the truck and a set of spare tires for Seth's Motorcycle. Along with that we carried 4 empty cans for gas... In anticipation of running the Dalton Highway all the way to Prudhoe Bay. With only 2 gas stations along the almost 500mi I wanted to be able to make it back to Civilization if the stations had trouble delivering gas. Seth bought a brand new Honda NC700x and modified it for dual sport. Skid plates, foot rests for distance riding, cruise control, saddle bags, luggage rack and the list goes on. When he was done it looked like a loaded for bear BMW for 1/2 the price. Finally we were all loaded up and off we went toting the Motorcycle and all the equipment and tools needed for camping/fixing/oil changes and the list goes on. Two weeks travel to Anchorage, then Seth flew up and joined us then the real adventure began. Seth did over 2000 miles of dirt road extra on his Honda. Canol Road to Ross River (monster) then Ross river to Watson Lake. Denali Hwy and every side miners trail he could find. Top of the world (with us), Mayo to Keno ( we stayed in Keno). Along with these there were many short trips he made. He did many 1-2 day over night camping along the way... His bike was equipped with food, cooking utensils, clothes (warm and water proof), tools etc. So here's the link to our blog.... enjoy, get ideas for your trip! http://i.imgur.com/HxgMejkl.jpg Bigfootfords Alaska trip Jim
bigfootford 08/19/14 01:03pm Truck Campers
RE: The ace of FT truck campers tells all: Pt. II

Jeffeeeee thanks for providing the link to the interview and Mello Mike for taking the time to present it. Although I have first hand knowledge of Bryan's setup I am still impressed with what he has accomplished with his rig. The words of what he has accomplished to me is flexibility and comfort for his style of full timing. Unless you spend time with him and "discover" his routines one would not begin to understand what he has accomplished. Some of us actually perform the same patterns of full timing although not up to Brian's scale. He actually carries his own washing machine and dryer! Buckets and a clothes line. Wife and I have had many 6+week trips and both of us agree, we could continue for as long as we want. We are comfortable with our rig and we tow a VW Baja or a trailer with bikes, motorcycle(s) and equipment specific for a given trip... I would say that Solar is the best freedom maker that we can apply to our portable cabins that there is. We just finished 6+week 8,000+ mi trip from home clear to Alaska Prudhoe Bay and back..... Never attached to shore power and only ran the Honda 2000i for the Microwave.... Battery charging is out of sight out of mind! Solar charge controller said we used well over 1000ah on the trip. Jim
bigfootford 08/17/14 11:30pm Truck Campers
RE: Plywood & Rubber mat question ( Who's on first )

If you put a thin rubber mat on the bed of the truck, then the plywood with another rubber mat on top of the plywood for the camper to set on, it won't move. Remember, though, that unless the rubber is fairly thin, it'll be heavy. Check McMaster-Carr for thin rubber sheets. This will still stress the cover that is over the tanks. Note the small bottom section of the camper body. It is cut away to allow access to the tanks. There is no support across the bottom of the tanks. Any medium that is soft will give and cause the thin cover 1/16 in fiberglass plate to give, causing the plate to bend upward into the tank area. Mounting screw threads will suffer as will the screws and will give or the holes in the plate will elongate. I have had screws break/shear. In this picture you can see the body frame of the camper. It is cut out to allow for the tanks. The tanks are suspended by straps... A 1 inch foam pad is under the tanks and then the bottom plate is attached. http://pic20.picturetrail.com/VOL1437/6215710/17394578/270265315.jpg Jim
bigfootford 08/17/14 12:10am Truck Campers
RE: Plywood & Rubber mat question ( Who's on first )

Thanks Jim: Just so I clearly understand you put your camper directly on the plywood and not on the rubber mat. Paul Correct. The rubber gets drilled by the screw heads and the perimeter of the camper that offers access to the water and holding tanks. The rubber will actually be ate away by the camper moving around.. The plywood does not seem to do that. Had the same Plywood down for about 5 years. It does have several patterns from different positions the camper was lowered in to. Keep in mind, we have had our camper for 14 years, on 2 trucks... Plywood has been the best medium I have found. Jim
bigfootford 08/16/14 08:19pm Truck Campers
RE: Plywood & Rubber mat question ( Who's on first )

Thanks for all the replys. Today I decided to try a 1 inch sheet of foam instead of plywood. I believe I will put the foam on the truck bed and the rubber on top of it, with the camper on the rubber mat. Hopefully this will work. Paul Paul, I did the foam thing. What you will find is the camper will compress the foam along the areas where the water tank access plate is attached to the outer perimeter of the camper. All the weight on the front and drivers side of the camper is supported by about 2-3 inches of fiberglass around the perimeter. That will put stress on the screws and thin fiberglass plate thus elongating the holes and if not corrected will cause the screws etc to become loose and the glass to wear to the point of not being functional. Along with this issue the camper will finally sit low on the flattened side and will have a tendency to rock. I did the rubber pad thing. The same issue the camper ate into the pad around the same area I described to you.. Best I have found is the 3/4 plywood cut to fit tight in my bed. 5 individual sections. My camper does not move around. the screws have made impressions in the plywood and you can see that the camper is not scooting around. Using the plywood you can not make the camper sit in the exact spot each time you unload it so you will have many screw impressions after a couple of years but who cares. Just my experience. Jim
bigfootford 08/16/14 09:27am Truck Campers
RE: Mounting solar arrays to the roof of a Bigfoot

An update: now driven a few hundred freeway miles, panels appear to be staying put without problems. 200 watts seems to be plenty - even after the heater is run a bit overnight, if it is sunny, by 10 AM all is charged full again. I have actually unhooked the charge cable from the truck (another story) and don't seem to have to worry about power in the camper at all! One of the more worthwhile mods for your camper.... Those extra watts of panels will be nice when the weather is overcast and harvest is way down and you still recover ah used! I removed the fuse for the charge line in my truck instead of disconnecting the charge wire from the truck's charge system. Easy to put it back in if needed. Jim
bigfootford 07/10/14 11:45am Truck Campers
RE: 1141 led lamps

Bought all my lights from www.ledtrailerlights.com and I made a mistake on some of the bulbs. Sent the wrong ones back and they quickly sent me the correct ones with no hassle. I ordered the bulbs that put out the same colour as the old bulbs as I don't like the "white light" look. I did order the "white" for the outside porch light which is very bright. I dry camp a lot and now don't have to think about leaving lights on. Amen to leaving the lights on and not thinking about it.. We mostly boondocks but do have solar.... We use to be paranoid about leaving lights on... Never more. Normal light pulls 2.5 amps X 5 hrs = 12ah.... Just one light! Led .2 X 5 = 1ah... Jim
bigfootford 06/29/14 02:23pm Truck Campers
RE: 1141 led lamps

Where do you buy 12 volt bulbs with a regulator? Most have a simple resistor. The link provided that shows the cost of $14.00. 10-30vdc! Simple resistor circuits can not provide the range of voltage/current control for our application... 12-15vdc... Also the led's will dim at 12.x vdc and be bright at 14+.. Jim
bigfootford 06/29/14 11:07am Truck Campers
RE: Truck Camper Floor Strength

I installed a master cutoff switch for my jack controller. Two reasons for doing so.... If something happened to the controller and one or more jacks started going down while driving, well you all know the answer to that... The next reason is the theft issue. My cutoff switch is not labeled and looks inconspicuous. It is a push pull... Jim
bigfootford 06/29/14 10:06am Truck Campers
RE: 1141 led lamps

As AnEv942 said, the problem the two examples are like comparing apples and oranges. The 10 for $26 AnEv942 no regulation to control the varying voltages we have in our rigs. 12-14.x volts. Some folks have had trouble with the non regulated led lights... They will not just fail right off the bat.. It may take a few months before they die. Led's do not have the 10,000hrs life when pushed with high end of the tolerance current/voltage. A clickable link to the cheap ones: http://www.ebay.com/itm/10-PCS-Warm-White-Car-RV-Trailer-1156-BA15S-5050-18smd-LED-Light-Bulb-7503-1141-/301144033768?pt=Motors_RV_Trailer_Camper_Parts_Accessories&hash=item461d9549e8&vxp=mtr Jim
bigfootford 06/29/14 09:55am Truck Campers
RE: Mounting solar arrays to the roof of a Bigfoot

Nice.... Going to love that solar! Jim
bigfootford 06/23/14 11:35am Truck Campers
RE: All Roads Lead To Roam Part II, Roam Sweet Roam

Just wow! Jim
bigfootford 06/23/14 11:25am Truck Campers
RE: First time out... 3 day trip in the Amerigo

Incredible dedication and workmanship... Many would have given up.. Congratulations! Jim
bigfootford 06/22/14 09:50am Truck Campers
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