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RE: Battery question ? and a note of thanks...

Congrats on joining the TC club. Your right on about the great attributes of having one. As for that wire, we need a bit of information.... Age of your camper Make Model Is there a charge wire or umbilical wire on the outside of the camper to hook to the truck... That would be for charging? Look and see what make/model of charger/converter you have built into the camper. If your camper is an older make/model, pre 90's that taped wire might have been added for charging from the truck. Jim
bigfootford 04/20/14 09:37am Truck Campers
RE: Can't fix Honda eu2000i - please help!

There is a sticky for how to really clean the carb and it's emulsion jet. From you post I do not think you removed that jet, which is easy. It is the only jet in the carb. 99% of the problems like you described is caused by this jet! Follow the instructions in this thread, as have 100's of others and they have resolved the issue like you are describing: http://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/26533119.cfm Jim
bigfootford 04/17/14 09:57am Tech Issues
RE: A simple AGM battery question

My lifeline 100ah battery still has the same AH capacity if not a bit better than it did when it was new, almost 5 years ago... I test my battery's capacity about every 2 mo. I also monitor via my trimetric meter the amp hours drawn from the battery v/s the battery's voltage 2 times a day when camping. My trimetric also records the total "cumulative" AH.... I zero'ed it when my Lifeline was new. So far that Lifeline has produced over 5,000 AH... It is maintained by my Progressive Dynamics 9260... Also by my 200watt solar system when the camper is in the sun. There is no sun in my Bigfoot Cave so I have to rely on the PD to maintain. When we are out with our camper I never plug into shore power unless I want to use electric heat, then I run the fridge on 120vac. There are many folks using PD's, Iota's and Boondockers to maintain AGM's and have had "0" problems.... I will never go back to Flooded Wet Cells.... They require maintenance that is really difficult on the Bigfoot campers.... Pulling the batteries out of the battery compartment is a royal pain in the AXX. Then the mess of watering and measuring Specific Gravity.... UGGGG. I have not pulled my AGM out of the battery compartment since I put it there..... I do look at it to check the connections periodically... As for FWC's I ran 2 group 24's for quite a few years... They would last about 1.5-2.0 years... Have had this camper 14 years. I only have 1 battery now.... After I installed led lights, led tv (had a tube type before), Wave-3 heater I found I did not need 150-200 AH capacity from my batteries. 100AH is fine. We use and average of 10-20/day.. Jim
bigfootford 04/07/14 12:05pm Truck Campers
RE: Bigfoot 11.5 - take #2

So the bulge in the side, which I have seen before on other 1500 11.6's was just the screws coming detached from the inside wood rail? Reddog1's had a bit of a bulge which was caused by a delam of the inside insulating foam... Might be able to pick up a used fridge from a rv junk yard if you have one up there... We have a great one here in Sac... RV Dr. George: http://rvdoctorgeorge.com/ http://img.tapatalk.com/d/13/11/27/puza4epu.jpg Jim
bigfootford 04/02/14 05:42pm Truck Campers
RE: Bigfoot 11.5 - take #2

Excellent! Great job.... Do love them old Bf'ers.. Jim
bigfootford 04/02/14 05:13pm Truck Campers
RE: How much drop should you have?

Air bags level mine. Onboard compressor makes it easy to adjust for camper on or off and mild adjustments when setting up in an unlevel camp site. Jim
bigfootford 03/31/14 09:41am Truck Campers
RE: Very Strange.....or is it?

rick...love the CT reference! I don't like to get involved in these things...but Bryan (bka) is one of the nicest, most helpful Folks on this forum. I think the whole thing got a little off track/misunderstood here... Let's get back to regularly scheduled program....I think we all need a little camping time! I'll buy the beer... Bill Agreed, Bryan's a gem and as for the beer, I'll buy the other 1/2.. Jim
bigfootford 03/24/14 07:34pm Truck Campers
RE: Very Strange.....or is it?

Well if you have the time, on the way back you can take one of several nice routes back home... 395 to 140... 140 to Klamouth Falls, 97 to 139 and see the great National Monument, Lava Beds... Great history there and Tule Lake. I am sure EC will resolve your issues..... Keep us posted. Jim
bigfootford 03/24/14 11:51am Truck Campers

I would not purchase any rv without an inspection new or old.. A couple of years ago I did exactly what was suggested to you. A fella on rv.net, down in Texas asked if there was anyone in the Sacramento area that could go look at a 10 year old Lance. I contacted him and told him I would do it. I went and looked, took a lot of pictures... The inspection did not go well. Jacks were pulling away in the front. Many places in the back of cabinets showed water stains. Ripples in the siding indicating some stress had occurred somewhere. Front window leaking, 2 side windows leaking.... The list went on... I sent him the pictures and a write up... Needless to say, he did not purchase the camper. Jim
bigfootford 03/21/14 09:27am Truck Campers
RE: Ethanol Gasoline Emissions Study I SMELL A RAT

Snake Oil? Just search about it and see... E85 eval from Consumer Reports http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/2011/01/the-great-ethanol-debate/index.htm 23% reduction in town driving 28% reduction Hwy. Overall average 28% reduction! E10 Not as big of a loss but most folks report 5-10%, some even more. OH, our beloved EPA say's 2-3% for E10... And they told us no mileage decrease with MTBE.. Believe them or your pocket book! Nope, not Snake Oil. Jim
bigfootford 03/13/14 09:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Ethanol Gasoline Emissions Study I SMELL A RAT

You can say anything you want but you won't change my mind on 10 % corn gas, I've been using it for years in all my play and work trucks(now just play trucks)with no problems. I also use it in my generators, lawn mowers and outboard motor, the last time I had any problems with a generator was with the varnish regular gas left behind. I've also left in our 01 Alero for just short of 2 years with 10% in it, it started right up and ran fine. Denny . Good for you! So what kind of engine does an 01 Alero have? Fuel injected engines do not suffer from the evaporation of the fuel, leaving the "syrup" residue.... As for your other engines... I too have many working engines, mowers, saws, gen's etc that have not had a problem with sitting 6 mod or so... BUT... Just remove the float bowl and look see..... Take a few oz of 10% ethanol gas and let it evaporate and see what you have ... Do that with 0% ethanol gas and see what you have.... The final thing that many of us are being vocal about is the reduced performance of the ethanol'ed gas... A 10% or more reduction in performance is basely a 10% tax for us! Jim
bigfootford 03/13/14 07:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Ethanol Gasoline Emissions Study I SMELL A RAT

All I know is the rubber membranes in the fuel pumps etc all used to get eat up when the long sitting gasoline turned to turpentine. Now they all go bad when the long sitting gasoline turns to corn syrup. I'm forced to put ethanol in my Honda Generator but try to fill up with good gas once in a while. Roy Ken Right on, a few years back friend was having trouble with his honda carb. We took it apart and found some gooey syrup in his float bowl and in the loop of his fuel line.... I ran a simple experiment. I let a 1/2 oz of fresh gas in a test tube evaporate... There in the bottom was this gooey syrup... I agree with all the posts that describe lower fuel mileage with ethanol... We have had lot's of things stuffed down our throats by our Government... Sad to say the least. Funny thing, MTBE was just as bad... We were told that we would experience no fuel mileage performance reduction etc... Wrong... 10% or more loss. Here in Cali the EPA told CAL's Calif Air Resouces Board that oxygenated fuel was not needed in the Summer but CARB said we will keep Oxygenated rules year round..... OH WONDERFUL. Jim
bigfootford 03/13/14 11:27am Tech Issues
RE: Bigfoot Camper is Hurting Tonight!!

Back a few years ago a tree clobbered a BFoot. The factory replaced the top 1/2 of the camper... Thought that was quite impressive... Over the years I have read of holes being poked in the Fglass tops... Quick cheap repair done and the campers lived. Jim
bigfootford 03/11/14 10:45pm Truck Campers
RE: Bigfoot Camper is Hurting Tonight!!

Ouch.... Fingers crossed for you guys. Minimum damage! Jim
bigfootford 03/11/14 10:29pm Truck Campers
RE: "Shocking" discovery in my AF

No strength in a rectangle.... Simple physics.. Simple bridge construction proves that... Even with tooth picks: http://www.victorianweb.org/cv/models/apg/rrstructures/11.jpg Jim
bigfootford 03/09/14 10:04pm Truck Campers
RE: N.L 2012 10-2qc owners

I have a friend that has on on a 350 4wd diesel.... loves it. Maybe he will chime in. Jim
bigfootford 03/09/14 11:36am Truck Campers
RE: water pump

There will be a fuse for it. Check the voltage like TucsonJim said. Remember, the voltage is switched on and off by the pump switch on your monitor panel or somewhere. If you can not find the fuse I would contact Chalet... You do need to know where your fuses are located. Jim
bigfootford 03/09/14 11:28am Truck Campers
RE: "Shocking" discovery in my AF

Ouch. Seen this before on RV.net....Bottom fell out on my Arctic Fox... Here is a pix of what happened and a link to the thread.. Not for the faint of heart! http://pic20.picturetrail.com/VOL1437/6215710/19441226/312443304.jpg Link here: Bottom fell out of my Arctic Fox Some sad "Crap". Jim
bigfootford 03/08/14 09:36am Truck Campers
A new emerging battery technology

A new battery technology that may cause a revolution. Flow cell batteries From the article: Understandably, Nanoflowcell isn't divulging the full recipe for its flow battery or electrolytes. In its introductory video, it describes the solutions simply as salt water. La Vecchia confirmed that the full truth is a bit more complex, as the electrolytes contain a mix of metal salts and other ingredients. Nanoflowcell explains that its technology boasts five to six times the storage capacity of other flow cell designs or lithium-ion batteries, making it primed for vehicular use. It credits that superior energy density to "an extremely high concentration of ionic charge carriers in the cell system’s electrolyte" and translates it into a 249- to 373-mile (400- to 600-km) driving range estimate. The high- and low-charge solutions are stored in separate 200-liter tanks in the rear of the Quant, being pumped forward through a central cell, separated from each other by a thin membrane. This creates electricity, which flows into two supercapacitors, where it is stored and managed, released on acceleration to power the four three-phase wheel motors. Nanoflowcell says the flow technology operates with 80 percent internal efficiency. Gizmag, a technology online magazine.
bigfootford 03/07/14 06:24pm Tech Issues
RE: PD4045 and AGM's

OOP's double post.. Jim
bigfootford 03/07/14 06:13pm Truck Campers
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