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Drain hose racks, a good thing?

It seems to me that blocking the drain hose so that it is in a perfectly straight line may not be a good idea. I'm sure that it may drain more efficiently, but, you are loosing the natural trap formed by laying the hose on the ground as it needs to go back up at the fitting on the end of the hose. What am I missing here? Bob
bob b 04/11/14 03:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Alberta Gov't just releases this.

There are other issues concerning Canadian health care that need to be understood. I am no expert but here at our park in Mesa,Az. we have had several cases where Canadian snowbirds have had rude awakenings! One guy, a good friend, had a heart problem that required a stint. As soon as he was stable, he was required to return home to Ontario as his insurance would not cover the prescribed drugs here. At first the standard time to remain in Ontario was 3 months without a Doctor procedure or prescription change. Unfortunately, he had an episode with a rapid heart beat due to stress, with no complications. He is now required to stay home for a year or risk having no insurance. A second incident involves a man who fell and broke his leg. He was denied coverage because he had a slightly elevated alcohol level. There have also been problems with ambulances taking Canadians to hospitals that aren't covered by their insurance. Being able to stay for longer periods is a good move but there are other issues that need addressing! Bob
bob b 12/18/13 07:59am Class A Motorhomes
Real hard water here in Mesa, deionize of soften?

We're here for six months and are going to do something about the water quality, just not sure what. It is nearly impossible to wash the coach or car and get it dry without water spots. My question is, which would be the best solution? The Mister clean wash system worked well but I can no longer find chemicals or the cartridge that treated the water so what do you all recommend? Bob
bob b 11/16/13 07:14am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone flat tow a Corvette, Mitsubishi 3,000, GT or a

I just built brackets and hooked up! Bob http://imageshack.us/scaled/thumb/190/p8100081.jpg http://imageshack.us/scaled/thumb/339/p8100080.jpg
bob b 11/10/13 08:05am Dinghy Towing
Anyone flat tow a Corvette, Mitsubishi 3,000, GT or a

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 27347158
bob b 11/09/13 11:15am Class A Motorhomes
Anyone flat tow a Corvette, Mitsubishi 3,000, GT or a

Miata? I know about the lists but they don't always work on older used cars. I'm thinking of replacing my tow, a 1985 Toyota MR2, which I bought new. No one said it was towable four down but it has done well. Bob
bob b 11/09/13 11:15am Dinghy Towing
RE: Damaged RV by dealer

CATS!! A friend of mine who owns a diesel repair shop was working on a high end D/P motor service. He hadn't finished at day's end so he locked the entrance door and went home leaving the bed propped up with the motor exposed. You can guess the damage the cat did after climbing over the Cummins to get inside the warm m/h with all those soft seats and couches to try out. He apparently spent the night going in and out because there was grease on every patch of upholstery. Bob
bob b 09/13/13 08:23am Class A Motorhomes
Norcold leaking water fixed, very curious

Bought an '06 Bus that leaked water daily. I blew or tried to blow, air through the rubber tube that drains water from the catch tray under the fins inside the refer. No flow! I pulled the racks to get the plastic overflow box out to see what was causing the blockage. The nipple that has the hose attached had never been drilled all the way through! Less than 1/8 inch of plastic was all that needed to be drilled but it had been blocking water flow since new! How did the previous owners live with a refer that didn't cool and leaked water all these years? I guess that's why they traded for a new Bus and took a $200,000 hit. Oh well, their loss, my gain. Bob http://imageshack.us/scaled/thumb/845/ycwo.jpg http://imageshack.us/scaled/thumb/443/5owd.jpg
bob b 09/04/13 10:12am Class A Motorhomes
Nevercold now very cold, east fix!

Long story short, bought an '06 Bus from La Mesa Rv in Mesa, Az. They promised to fix refer which would not cool below about 44 degrees no mater the setting. They tried, replaced the thermister, still no luck. They suggested I find a repair facility here in Oregon so I contacted a local mobile rv repair service, Chuck's Mobile Repair. Chuck was GOOD! He removed the circuit board, hot wired the cooling coils directly to 110ac and noted the whole refrigerator became a freezer. It was 24 degrees inside! This proved the cooling unit was not the problem. He then checked the circuit board and determined it was good also. The "fix" came after he looked up at the coils visible from the outside looking up through the access panel. He first used duct tape for a temporary check and we noted the temps inside went right to 34 degrees and stayed there for two days. He came back and replaced the tape with a small piece of sheet metal which is visible in the photo. Problem solved! He said the clearance was too great between the coils and the wood surround which allowed the air flow to bypass the coils entirely. I have searched the forums here and at Tiffin and noted many folks unhappy with their Nocold four door lack of cooling. Some posters have even replaced their cooling units and still had problems. I'm betting this "fix" will repair many of the problem refrigerators. Bob http://imageshack.us/scaled/thumb/30/ler.JPG
bob b 09/04/13 10:08am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How to Run HDMI cable-Southwind

I drilles holes in the cabinets and went through them up high and out of sight. Bob
bob b 09/03/13 08:26pm Class A Motorhomes
Norcold (nevercold) getting fixed?

The typical four door Norcold story, not cold enough. I called a mobil rv tech who pulled the circuit board and jumped the wires so that full ac went directly to the coils to provide max cooling. This morning the temp inside the refer was 28 degrees so I expect that the cooling unit is ok. He is returning this morning and if he doesn't have another solution I will show him the thread with the muffin pan fans installation in the vent. Any more ideas out there? Bob
bob b 08/22/13 09:33am Class A Motorhomes
Update on aiming portable dish with Hopper

On a previous post I complained about the difficulty aiming my carry out dish with the new Hopper DVR. As you may recall there is no aiming angles screen available on the menu. I called DISH technical support asking why and I finally got passed up to a supervisor who told me the Hopper was not made to travel in the RV and that I needed to get a different receiver. We like the Hopper and persevered. I did find a better web page with the aiming angles. http://www.dishnetwork.com/downloads/pdf/dish_pointing_angles.pdf This web site lists all the angles listed by zip code in chart form. The other bit of knowledge that makes it possible to grab all 3 satellites (110, 119, & 129) is the need to be very precise in alining the dish. I use a small squeakier box from Radio Shack that was perfectly adequate to lock down the dish when I heard the squeal with my old 501 receiver. With the Hopper you need to have the dish perfectly alined. I loosen the bolt for elevation and move the dish up and down to get the absolute loudest squeal, highest number on the gage. I also find 129 is slightly to the right of the angle quoted in the web site, at least here on the West Coast.
bob b 08/21/13 09:50pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How much????

There are several potential problems resulting from a poorly designed exhaust manifold used on motor homes. The manifold on trucks is different and not interchangeable. The design to allow normal expansion and contraction from heating and cooling was flawed. The result is cracked manifolds, broken exhaust bolts, and cracked cylinder heads. You may encounter any combination of the three. The price you have been quoted, $1,600.00, seems a bit high. I had mine done at an independent shop for $1,000.00, which seemed high until I watched the technician bending over the motor under the bed drilling out broken bolts. It was very labor intensive with disastrous potential. Trying it yourself, you maybe lucky to find it is just a broken manifold. However, if you get stuck removing broken bolts your only option is to have the motor home towed to a shop. I am glad I paid to have it done professionally. Bob PS There are aftermarket manifolds designed with a "slip" connection in the center that fix the design flaw
bob b 08/16/13 08:59am Class A Motorhomes
Best solution for automatic aiming for DISH reception

I understand that my Kingdome MODEL 9760-9762-LP won't work with DISH network to receive Satellite 110, 119 and 129. I know I can buy a portable automatic aiming device, Tailgator or VuQuve? Ideally it would be a solution with the Kingdome short of replacing it. Please share your thoughts.
bob b 07/12/13 09:34am Class A Motorhomes
Dish "Hopper" has no menu page for aiming angles!

Took our new Hopper on the road, parked and set up, got out my tripod mounted dish antenna, went to "menu" as always to find the aiming angles and was really surprised to find that feature not included! No one mentioned that fact when I was sold the newest, greatest, dvr ever! I did find this website that should solve the problem. http://www.dishpointer.com/
bob b 06/28/13 11:07am Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV camping , NASCAR at P.I.R., Phoenix.

Have not RV'd at Phoenix but the advice on head sets is right on! I have been to many car races around the world but none as noisy as PIR. Even wearing ear plugs my ears hurt from the noise. Not sure why but be sure to wear ear protection. Bob
bob b 06/25/13 09:33am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Does Length Matter?

We just made a similar switch and agree with all previous posts but have one little extra unmentioned problem. When making a 90 degree turn, like into a driveway, you'll need to learn to drive deeper into the corner prior to turning the steering wheel to avoid clipping the curb with your rear tire. Ask me how I learned this lesson! Bob
bob b 06/17/13 06:56am Class A Motorhomes
RE: cars to tow

"There are many options you just need to pick one that fits your needs or hobbies." Good answer! What kind of vehicle do you want to drive around when you unhook and go exploring. How many people are you needing to transport, are you going off road, do you need a truck to cary all the antiques you are going to buy, these are the questions you need to consider. We like a sporty car to zip around in so tow an MR2 Toyota but know this won't work for all. Bob
bob b 06/12/13 08:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Mid Door Beaver

We just replaced our '96 Allergo Bus with a '06. I really miss the mid entry and driver's door. Loading for a trip is a real pain! Jumping out to buy fuel was way easier! Oh well, other wise it was a good move for us. Bob
bob b 06/03/13 08:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ceiling Stains

Our old coach, a '96 Allergo bus, had evenly spaced stains that went across the ceiling about four feet apart. We tried various chemicals and techniques but nothing worked. While at Red Bay in the service area, I inquired about a solution and was told that the ceiling carpet was permanently stained and nothing would work. I cut oak strips about 1/4" X 3" X width of celing and stained them to match the cabinents. Covering the stains was a good solution. Good luck with yours, Bob
bob b 06/03/13 08:21am Class A Motorhomes
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