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RE: aux fuel tank in truck questions

I've made two of them with my dad. 1 for a F450 he had with a 'hauler' style bed, so it was a custom fit. 1 for his 2nd gen. The 'out' side is located on the driver's side of the tank, and pushes toward the rear of the truck along the bed side. A small nipple to a ball valve, so that the tank can be isolated because of a leak, or to remove the tank for any reason. After the ball valve there is an elbow and turns to rubber line that goes the the bed floor, and is protected using a chase-nipple (smooth radius electrical fitting). Goes through an inline fuel filter, then a 12V solenoid operated valve (aftermarket $25 fuel tank selector valve), then a high volume low pressure fuel pump. The tank is piped to a fitting that we welded to the metal part of the filler neck. Keyed source toggle switch on dash energizes the selector valve and pump at same time to pump fuel from the aux to the main tank. Gravity feed was too slow so he added the pump. Here is a link to the increased cost of the selector valve used. You will need to plug up one of the inlet ports (normally open port) so that junk doesn't get inside it. Tank Selector Valve Since you have a camper shell, here is a link to a guy that has one under a shell. http://www.cumminsforum.com/forum/3rd-gen-non-powertrain/557689-homemade-transfer-fuel-tank-help.html#post5798574
boogie_4wheel 08/31/15 07:50am Tech Issues
RE: Hill Climbing on Dirt Road

Go for it. I would probably go to 4-low instead of 4H (depending on the hill length and incline) simply for the reduced strain and to reduce the heat the transmission is going to create at slow speed. By going to 4L you are taking a lot of the load off of the engine and trans, less fluid coupling in the torque converter, and will result in a cooler transmission. If you can't climb out, get a little run at it and/or bleed a little air out of the tires on the truck to increase traction. The only times I've ever had traction issues on hard dirt was with an empty 24' gooseneck flatbed trying to get going on an incline, and when I had a 4-horse bumper pull full of firewood hooked to an empty truck.
boogie_4wheel 08/30/15 11:48am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Safe or scary to roll a big bike up and down an 7' TH ramp?

Ride it on. Have engine running when backing it out and ride the front brake. Be ready for anything. I have mine shut off and in gear when backing out. Hand on front brake, and use it to hold about 50% of the bike; my front tire will slide on the trailer floor (but not the door). I then drag the clutch until the front tire gets on the grippy door lining and then the front holds a majority of the weight the rest of the way out. 800lb VTX1800T
boogie_4wheel 08/25/15 11:47am Toy Haulers
RE: Grey water tank won't drain completely

Are you dumping at the same location? Trailer not level or leaning away from the dump valves?
boogie_4wheel 08/20/15 07:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Guide To Buying a Diesel

$25k, 100k, Dodge or GM It would be a 5.9L Cummins, or a LLY or LBZ Duramax. Whatever nice truck you find. Don't be scared of the 48RE. Add a TransGo shift kit and drive. If you ended up with a 6.7L/68RFE combo, expect less fuel economy, but better towing (power and extra gears). The 68RFE is a very good transmission really, and the 48RE can be built to be super tough, it is just a sloppy unit when stock. Each different year CR Cummins between '03-07 had their little differences and quirks. The '06+ have a different interior than the '03-05.
boogie_4wheel 08/18/15 12:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Overnighting at a rest area

I take a Ranch Exit or a side road before a rest area. By doing this I'm always by myself and it results in a much more quiet night. No reason to unhook, just get it level enough to sleep and go to sleep. With the whole family I will drop the stabilizers to take the bounce out of the trailer, but still attached to the truck.
boogie_4wheel 08/18/15 12:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Cell phone service for Canada -> U.S. if no sim card?

When I went to Canada (been 3 times this year for 2wks per visit), and am going again next week for work; I'm on Verizon and added the $30-month package that includes 250min/250txt/250MB per month. Works for shorter phone calls, but only needs to last me 2wks.
boogie_4wheel 08/17/15 04:20pm Technology Corner
RE: Can we bring meat, bacon , etc .. In freezer

I believe that you can, up to a certain amount/weight per person. With that said, I'm headed into Canada in a week, and I'm bringing a big cooler full of groceries because it is really expensive where I'm staying.
boogie_4wheel 08/14/15 11:43am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Seafoam Treatment

It's definitely a fuel related issue. I'm not familiar with the Onan so bear with me here. Remove the carb drain plug, or open the fuel drain screw. This will be on the bottom of the float bowl. A drain screw would be near a port or hose leaving the bottom of the float bowl. With the drain removed, you should have fuel pouring out since you've already established a good fuel supply to the carb. If fuel is not coming out of the drain, you have a stuck float valve. You may be able to reach in through the drain hole and tap the float, but be careful to not press hard or the float level could be altered. Or remove the float bowl completely (probably require carb removal) and try to exercise the float to dislodge the float valve.
boogie_4wheel 08/13/15 04:07pm Tech Issues
RE: need sanity check on weight calcs

Common practice in the TC community is to ignore GVWR and use axle ratings as your limits. That typically gains you another 1000-2000lbs of payload capacity, so you're no longer "overloaded." Yep. Seen it numerous times, and done it myself a few. Shoot, I filled the back of my dad's '01 dually with 6k worth of gravel, it was at 14.5k with us in it. Truck was still under the tire/wheel ratings even though it was about 3k over GVWR. With the exception of the squat (was not on the bump stops), it drove and stopped quite well.
boogie_4wheel 08/13/15 08:55am Truck Campers
RE: CB Radios

I have a CB on my motorcycle. The only time I hear chatter is when there is a wreck in the immediate area, when multiple rigs from the same company are running together, or when I'm on I-40. I can go over a thousand miles and never hear anything on 19. A few weeks ago I was returning from Canada and called out to a log hauler as things were starting to get out of hand on a 2-lane (slow vehicle, loaded semi wanting to pass, me wanting to pass everybody, busy road), he answered... We jawed with each other for a couple miles until I started to get out of range.
boogie_4wheel 08/12/15 03:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: tires

BFG Rugged Trail if they still make them in a 16".
boogie_4wheel 08/10/15 01:47pm Truck Campers
RE: Different Tire Issue (I think)

So on dead flat ground (scale) you have ~550 lbs of tire capacity remaining. Get it on the road (crowned) or in a side wind and your are going to shift some weight to the side. I think you are overloading a tire slightly and may be the cause of the failures. I've had good luck with General tires (I've owned a few set with different tread patterns) but have never run them near capacity. Go to a different tire size/brand to get a 3450+ tire capacity, or maybe even swap to an 18" wheel for a higher tire capacity.
boogie_4wheel 08/07/15 10:53am Tech Issues
RE: Colorado Driving

You are worried about a 7.3L with 125k on it? Ha ha ha ha. Take your trailer and have fun. I had a '95 PSD that had twice that amount of miles before it finally started to slip the torque converter clutch. Ran like a dream, minus about half the glow plugs being inop. Mileage is like age, it's just a number! You should not be concerned with the elevation, you are turbo charged. Expect a little more smoke before the turbo spools up. Take your combo, unless you don't like your trailer.
boogie_4wheel 08/03/15 08:51pm Roads and Routes
RE: Portable Compressor for Air Bags

Set the bags to the pressure you need, then leave them for the trip. No need to bleed them every day unless you like wasting time. You may need to add some air during the trip if there is a small leak. Any 12V compressor would work. Something cheap from Walmart, there isn't a lot of volume in the bags.
boogie_4wheel 08/03/15 08:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Winter water supply

Spent 2 winters in northern Nevada (-20*F). My trailer is an exposed belly, no frills unit. I used pressured water from the spigot. I added the 'Easy Heat' heat tape to my water hose, and held in place with electrical tape. The t-stat was placed about a foot from the trailer end, went to the trailer city connection and wrapped around the 90* fitting, then back along the hose to the spigot. Had ordered enough to give me a couple feet at the spigot to wrap around the valve and line in to the ground. Hose was then covered with foam insulation, and fiberglassed the water connection and wrapped with a plastic trash bag. I used a stick on holding tank heater to the gray and black tanks from Ultra Heat. 120VAC only for me. I drained only when tanks were full, to keep from possibly icing my drain line. Whole trailer was skirted with the thinnest OSB I could find, and was backed with 1" foil lined styrofoam insulation. I also installed the styrofoam in the windows and entry door, cut to fit, and wrapped the edges with duct tape to keep the foam balls from being everywhere. I also swapped out the single power outlet for a dual unit on the back side of the fridge, plugged in a low wattage bulb and covered a majority of the fridge vents to keep it working properly. I survived.
boogie_4wheel 08/03/15 04:50pm Full-time RVing
RE: Brake controller and 12 volt power line?

My thought was just run a fused 10ga wire from an axillary ignition switched fuse in the fuse box to the trailer plug as it seems that simple but maybe its not? No, run dedicated feed directly from the battery, fused or circuit breaker, to the brake controller inside the cab. Brake controllers are 'hot' all the time regardless of key position. The Taco could be had with a 7-pole from the factory. Look in the wiring loom on the frame rail for additional conductors (red and blue) for the charge line and brake feed. I would probe around above the axle to see if they are there, and then work your way back.
boogie_4wheel 08/03/15 12:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: measuring shock

Typically, you will need: 1) type of mount at each end of the shock (threaded shaft, round bushing, etc) 2) shock length at full compression 3) shock length at full extension If you call Rancho, they may be able to figure it out without you needing to remove it for the measurements (for example, they may know which shock it is by visual construction details of the shock along with the diameter). Steve ^^^ This! Any shock manufacturer can, and any parts store SHOULD be able to get you something based on this information. I remember spec'ing shocks based on this info for custom suspension setups for offroad using books. Page after page, looking at the compressed and extended measurements trying to find something that would fit.
boogie_4wheel 08/03/15 11:26am Tech Issues
RE: Battery cutoff switch

Mine will keep it from charging when open/off. It is in line between the convertor and the battery, located next to the convertor but is separate.
boogie_4wheel 08/03/15 11:23am Travel Trailers
RE: tow truck

Hard to start when cold? glow plug issue! Cummins = Grid Heater Extended cranking/hard starting can point to an injector issue. Leaking injector results in a rail pressure loss, and the computer will not fire them till above 5kpsi. Result is longer cranking times to build fuel rail pressure before fuel is actually injected. It's warm enough now that it should light pretty quickly without any intake heat.
boogie_4wheel 08/03/15 08:39am Tow Vehicles
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