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RE: 6 inch Lift, home design and build

The only thing I can suggest is when working with box tubing (or vehicle frames, ect) is to weld a flag on the bolt. Then you can fish the bolt/washer combo into the hole and tighten it without the bolt spinning because the flag will rotate and make contact with the tube. I use any piece of scrap flatbar tacked to the bolt head. Good work!
boogie_4wheel 04/20/18 09:26am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Gauge of Wiring

www.awdirect.com/ramsey-quick-connect-battery-cable-for-front-winch-mounting-20-ft-stc1802005/winch-accessories/ I bought just the connectors (from same website) and made my own for a front hitch mounted winch (Warn M8000). They work great with the exception of the connector contacts get a thin corrosion over time so I have to clean them about once a year.
boogie_4wheel 04/11/18 11:35am Tech Issues
RE: Cold weather refrigerater

Mine was a single recept, I swapped it out for the typical double recept so that I could add an incandescent bulb. A 100W bulb is excessive; watch out for it being near the controller box or any insulation (depending on recept location to everything around it). With a decently heated trailer, and the fridge vents being covered, my fridge worked well with a 25W bulb in -20*F temps.
boogie_4wheel 03/25/18 01:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Another can my truck pull this thread...

I think 3700 lbs is a little extreme. I have been camping for a few years now and if I EVER packed even 500lbs of stuff I would be surprised. What they heck did you pack, a full size car inside the camper...3700 LOL. The camper has GVWR of 9950, so even loaded to its max I can not go over my tow weight capacity and at 12% tonque of max loaded weight, that is 1200 lbs which gives me more than 800lbs of payload for passengers in the truck. That is FOUR 200lb adults, which I will never have. The only limiting factor for my truck is payload and I would literally have to have a FULLY loaded 9950lb camper with 4 full size adults to meet/exceed that capacity, and even then it is still close. 3700 added in the truck AND trailer. 3 more well fed guys 4 bikes (2 being over 340lb dual sports) Generator, water, fuel, 4 gear bags, ect ect ect. All that weight wasn't added to the trailer... add your friends to the truck payload, add their gear bags, add their lounge chairs, add their misc. Maybe you won't load as heavy as we did, but we went into the desert without a visit to town for anything.
boogie_4wheel 03/20/18 05:27pm Towing
RE: Another can my truck pull this thread...

I think you are going to run out of truck payload. My 21' TH has a 1k tongue before toys (that increases throughout the trip since my gray and black are forward of the axle), and can increase with more forward loading of toys and luggage. I'd expect that trailer to have more tongue weight than that; 1300-1400 I would guess. Bringing your buddies and their bikes? You simply don't have enough truck. 4 of us go to Moab every year. 4 bikes, gas, water, beer, generator, chairs, everything we need for the trip is packed. My rig gained 3700lbs worth of bodies and stuff last time we weighed; a little over 17k combined. I don't have the amount of trailer you are looking at, but 3 bikes in the trailer with all of our gear bags and luggage on the front bed. Truck packing the 4th bike, gen, fuel, ect. My truck took on 2400lbs over empty (if I remember correctly). I think you need a shorter trailer.
boogie_4wheel 03/16/18 06:29pm Towing
RE: Ramp vs Door

I have 3 keys; the side door key, the ramp key, and the front storage CH751. I placed them in order on the keyring, front to back. CH751-door-ramp on the ring, then a stupid rubber decorative tab to help identify the order. I never shove the wrong key in the hole anymore. We know the middle key is the door key (middle of the trailer).
boogie_4wheel 03/14/18 09:11pm Toy Haulers
RE: Need route suggestions

I'd run I70 through Denver all the way to Green River Utah, then north through Price to Spanish Fork, then on up to Seattle. Every time I've driven I80 through Wyoming it has been windy and the wind was always out of the West (giving you a headwind). The scenery sucks too. If you are to get in to any weather, they close down the interstate a lot more often in Wy as well. I40 is a lot of extra driving to dodge a storm. Just watch weather predictions and plan accordingly.
boogie_4wheel 03/14/18 09:14am Roads and Routes
RE: Toy Hauler vs Travel Trailer for just dirt bikes? worth it?

If you never plan to haul more 'toys' than what you have now, stay with what you have. I'm a family of 4, but the only one that rides currently. We have plenty of room for kids bicycles or whatever in the trailer. I have a tonneau as a secure place for my generator. When 3 friends and I go to Moab, we can get 3 dirt bikes in the trailer, and the 4th goes in the truck along with the coolers and fuel and misc. When there was just two of us, bikes in the truck and took my friend's tent trailer. If I was strictly a dirt bike guy a travel trailer would be good, but it is easier to load my cruiser in the trailer vs truck. Also, we borrowed a couple 4 wheelers to take to the dunes for a weekend; both in the trailer instead of monkeying around trying to fit a Rancher and Raptor in the bed. I used to use my trailer as a home away from home when I traveled for work. It was nice to use the TH as a garage during the week for the bike. Each have benefits... When we purchased, I didn't have a trailer at all. $15k is expensive for convenience.
boogie_4wheel 03/12/18 12:57pm Toy Haulers
RE: Tow/Haul Mode?

For the acronym impaired, what does TC stand for? It looks like you are just down the road from me. TC = Torque Converter In this context. Sorry for the confusion. Yep. We got a good amount of snow last night :(
boogie_4wheel 03/04/18 08:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tow/Haul Mode?

The 2006 Ram has two T/H modes. IIRC, one locks out 4th and the other allows it but changes shift strategies. Correct. 03-04 was a lockout of 4th gear. 04.5-05 was a T/H; altering the lockup timing of the torque converter clutch. It still allows use of 4th gear. A dealer flash is available to convert to the older style 4th gear lockout. 06-07 has both the T/H and the ability to lockout 4th, because of the added memory of the ECM.
boogie_4wheel 03/04/18 05:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tow/Haul Mode?

I have a 3rd Gen Dodge (just as the OP), I use T/H all the time, not just during towing. This is because the TC in our model trucks are so stinking loose. If I had a tighter aftermarket TC, l might not worry about it. By doing so, I get lockup in 3rd (as low as 35mph). If not, there is no lockup in 3rd. Also, I get lockup in 4th sooner (as low as 43mph) vs 50mph when not engaged. this makes for a much more responsive truck during slower in town driving, and will help with transmission temperatures on a hot day because of the reduced time the trans spends in fluid coupling. Each vehicle/manufacturer has different ways their T/H operates. My work truck (05 V10 Ford) rarely gets placed in T/H (loaded with ~2k worth of equipment) because of the delayed shifts that are not necessary during normal driving. I do engage when in very hilly areas (regardless of travel speed) to reduce shifting.
boogie_4wheel 03/04/18 05:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Another weight question

Travel light? Just pack it how you want it. My truck for comparison has 3100 on the rear axle 'empty'. That leaves you with 3k worth of tire. Truck empty is 7900 (full fuel, driver, toolbox, and tonneau). My trailer has a 1k tongue ready to camp minus toys. Load my wife and 2 kids, generator, wood, extra fuel, misc... 9k is out of the picture. Shoot, I've had 2500lb worth of gravel in mine, but I will admit with that weight the suspension does need a little help with support. If you are trying to stay under GVWR, it isn't going to happen with that combo. Just remember the difference in a 3500 of our era truck is the rear spring pack.
boogie_4wheel 03/03/18 05:55pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Power outage, moving into TT - tractor to charge 12v?

I WOULD use the tractor. You already own it vs making another purchase. I did this very thing one time during a loss of power at a campground during the winter. I hooked a vw bug to the trailer via jumper cables and idled the car all night. While the alternator on the tractor is typically a lower output, I would imagine it to be more than adequate for battery maintaining. Personally; I'd run the tractor speed up a little bit, maybe 1500rpm or block part/all the radiator to get done heat on the engine to reduce cylinder washdown. You're not going to burn enough diesel to equate the cost of a cheap generator.
boogie_4wheel 03/02/18 09:45am General RVing Issues
RE: Exhaust Brake for 05 Dodge

Does your torque converter not stay locked during decel with T/H engaged? Mine does; I'm not the original owner but cannot find any trans control module, and do not have an exhaust brake. Double tap the T/H button (turn off then back on) to force a downshift from 4th to 3rd. Trans will stay in 3rd locked as long as you don't touch the throttle. Mine maintains 4th lockup coasting down to 40mph, and 3rd lockup down to 25. Manually select 2nd and you get 2nd lockup as long as your speed is above 25. That is how my truck acts, I'd like to know if yours does the same. I thought about adding an EB (Pac Brake PRXB) but honestly don't need it for my size trailer.
boogie_4wheel 03/01/18 09:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Boone docking at moab in may

We stayed here last spring for a dirt bike trip. North of Moab on Dalton Well Rd. https://goo.gl/maps/wcoY1pBZyr32 There are plenty of flat area/spots in the area around the dropped pin. You do need to cross a dry sand wash, but the traffic has it packed down really good, 4wd not required. I'd be hesitant only after a recent rain storm since there is a good amount of clay. It is a little way from town, but to be honest the toy traffic was minimal, it was quiet at night, it was DARK, and nobody for 150+yds the whole time during April.
boogie_4wheel 02/26/18 06:22am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Timbrens ride quality?

Timbrens do good with a lot of weight. A light pin/payload will have them near the engagement point and the 'sudden' change in spring rate can create a harsh ride. My experience on a dually with Timbrens; empty truck no issue. ~1500lbs pin and they were terrible and were unbolted and removed during the trip. Over 3000lbs (different trailer) and they were great.
boogie_4wheel 02/15/18 10:15am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Page Arizona to Las Vegas via lower Utah route

Page to Vegas via Kanab/St George is an easy route. 1 good climb between Page and Kanab. The rest just rolling hills. 1 long slow windy decent into Hurricane. Twisties going through the Virgin River Gorge (55mph on the interstate). 1 more climb out of Mesquite. There are no mountain passes. The most likely spot for any snow would be 30mi from Page on toward Kanab. That is the highest elevation, but is still high level desert. It does snow in that area every winter, but quickly melts (usually). Personally, I wouldn't be expecting any snow on the above mentioned route.
boogie_4wheel 02/10/18 10:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Best multimeter

Take a look at Extech... They are on the same level as Fluke in my opinion. I personally have the Extech EX730. This is a meter that will do the 'normal' stuff, plus has a built in clamp that will read up to 800A AC or DC. It will record peak values (perfect for measuring inrush current). It also has a probe for measuring temperature (if you so desire). Back-lit display. Little soft belt-clip carrying case. I've had that meter for about 11yrs now. I packed that meter all over the US on commissioning jobs in the mining industry (Electrical & Control Systems Engineer). I used it for motor testing, on UPS battery banks, simple troubleshooting, ect. A great product in my opinion. The only downside (on this meter anyway) is that it must be manually switched from AC to read DC, but that holds true with most meters anyway. Found my model on Amazon for $131. Take a look at their other meters as well. They have numerous multi-function units with built in clamps, as well as separate clamps. Find whatever you think would work best for you. I'm not knocking Fluke, I have two on my work truck (787 and 175), and have had my hands on everything from the simple T5 to 744 calibrator to 123 scope meters. I just glanced at the Fluke website, a similarly optioned 325 is about $260, and a similar priced 362 doesn't have the same abilities (but you may find it good enough). I'm sure there are other models out there, so don't hold me to just those...
boogie_4wheel 02/10/18 08:30am Tech Issues
RE: Chevy 350 V8 Big Enough engine?

15pass van... We had a rental for work about 5 years ago (Ford F350 with the 5.4L and 3.73 gears). 7-10 adults depending on the day, and it has enough grunt to run 75mph up a 5+%. We were going a little over 300mi to whatever the tank held. Get one, pull out the rear-most seat for luggage, and get on down the road. Everybody stays comfy with the rear heat/AC.
boogie_4wheel 02/08/18 09:00pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 4L60E temp and sensor location

On my '97 4L60E, I installed the probe in the pressure test port located just above where the shifter cable attaches to the trans (driver side). The Autometer gauge I used threaded right in without an adapter, and the gauge was mounted to the A-Pillar with a vehicle specific gauge pod.
boogie_4wheel 01/29/18 08:19am Towing
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