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RE: Air in water lines

I use air only every year. Come first use, I just open each faucet (hot then cold) and the toilet to bleed the air from the lines. Never an issue after the few minute procedure.
boogie_4wheel 11/18/14 12:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: trouble loading Harley

I'd block up the ramp a couple inches underneath the feet on the door (2x4, 2x6, whatever scrap you have laying around). My trailer has 3 feet on the ramp, I would just block underneath those to hold the ramp off the ground slightly. You and the bike 'should' be able to climb the quick transition from ground to ramp; it will be just like going up a squared curb onto a sidewalk. The only issue you may have is your leg length if you are a shorter person.
boogie_4wheel 11/18/14 07:01am Toy Haulers
RE: pros and cons of toy hauler

I love the additional height inside my TH. I'm 6'2" and have no issues in the shower with the added height! That was one of the reasons I bought a TH, because I don't have a clearance issue anywhere in my trailer. The only time I have fuel vapor/smell issues is when I load a 'toy' while it is still warm. The heat from the engine will heat the fuel tank. When the tank heats, the fumes expand and are pushed out of the breather, and then it smells like a opened tank of gas. Earlier in the year I was using my trailer for a garage for my street bike while I was working on the road. If I decided to bring the bike in quickly because of weather conditions, I would run a small personal fan right at the engine to help it cool quickly and it solved the fume issue. Be sure to turn off fuel petcocks on the carbureted toys before transport.
boogie_4wheel 11/17/14 11:18am Toy Haulers
RE: Topper (solid) or Cap ?

It really depends on what YOU will be carrying in the truck bed. I've had both; my previous truck was a short bed with a cab-height shell. I loved it. My current truck is a long bed with a hard one piece tonneau (with electric lock tied in to the doors), and I pretty much hate it. My generator barely fits under the tonneau, which is fine, but I'm on my hands/knees to get anything from the front of the bed, can't carry anything taller than the bed sides without removing the cover or hauling it on a trailer, it's generally a pain in the butt. It looks nice though. I'm keeping an eye out for a good deal on a shell and selling this tonneau because it is what I need. I will say that the electric lock on it is a must have!
boogie_4wheel 11/12/14 06:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: A question about trailering a pick up truck

She said, "take the plates off of that truck and put them on the '51, this way I would have 30 days to get it to the inspection. I said, "Is that legal?!" She said yes it is, as long as I have the bill of sale. She told me that being that I have just bought it, I would be legal to drive it back and to the inspection station here legally. I asked her if that would still be legal in Illinois, and she told me that it would, and if I were to get pulled over, I would only have to show them my bill of sale as proof that it was just bought, and tell them that I was transporting it back home. That is worse than just driving a vehicle without any plate at all! Terrible advice!!!
boogie_4wheel 11/05/14 12:54pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Reserve Power..

A friend of mine bought one of those (not a Matco but other brand). Pretty neat little unit. We used it to jump start my neighbor's car once. The price is a little bit steep, but it could easily be very handy. Versatile unit that is extremely portable.
boogie_4wheel 11/04/14 10:13am RV Lifestyle
RE: Double Alternators

Most cases the 2nd alternator will be a waste of money (for the purchase, and for the parasitic drag). With a 'stock' trailer connection on the tow vehicle you can only charge so fast, and the extra output of the 2nd alternator will wasted in most cases. A benefit to the 2nd alternator would be to quickly bring the truck's batteries back to full after a long drag of the glow plugs/grid or extended cranking in cold weather. I recall a few years back Ford had an electric heater for quickly warming the truck that required the dual alt setup.
boogie_4wheel 11/03/14 12:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 16" or 18" tires and how do I match rims

You will most likely have an issue running the smaller 16" wheel; the reason for the larger wheel is for brake clearance (the larger the rotor, the larger the wheel for caliper clearance). That pretty much sums it up, you should go to the 18" wheel. Nitto has a 17" tire with a 3450lb rating if you want to keep the wheels you have now (verify wheel weight capacity).
boogie_4wheel 10/28/14 09:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: Van Dually Tow Vehicle

The teal/silver one is pretty! The drip rail above the doors is stupid looking IMO.
boogie_4wheel 10/08/14 06:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tips, tricks, do's and dont's ....

Everything that is needed for the trailer stays in the trailer. Cooking and cleaning supplies, towels and bedding, dishes, anything that is used or is to be used while in the RV stays in the RV. This way it is never forgotten. The only thing that doesn't stay in my trailer during storage is perishable food.
boogie_4wheel 10/07/14 03:33pm Beginning RVing
RE: how do i tell if 50 amps is coming through plug.

The only way to prove to the customer would be to have him move back to the original space and test the plug, but what would be the point if he's happy leave him there versus moving them back... Load test the plug to ensure that all of the connections are tight. The biggest reason of things to not work is a loose connection, and that could be on your end or on the customer's end. So load testing the plug would prove (at least to you) that your service is good. Voltage testing is not the same as load testing... You could read 120V on each leg but as soon as you introduce a load (fridge or A/C) the voltage could drop.
boogie_4wheel 10/07/14 03:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cold weather skirting around RV

My TH has an open belly and exposed holding tanks. I added 120V Ultra-Heat stick on heaters to my grey and black tanks. I added the Home Depot/Lowes Frost King heat cable to my exposed hot & cold water lines that runs side-side between the two tanks, then covered the lines with foam pipe insulation. I bought the heat cable a few feet longer than needed then taped it to the drain lines of the holding tanks in a loop, then wrapped with leftover fiberglass housing insulation then wrapped with heavy plastic. I skirted my trailer with the thinnest OSB I could get. I backed it with 1" foam insulation (the stuff with the foil on one side). My trailer does not have an overhang/skirt along the sides. I cut ~6" pieces of 2x4 and screwed them along the floor with them being inset slightly from the edge. I screwed the OSB/insulation to the 2x4s, so the outer edge of the OSB is inline with the outer edge of the trailer. Any holes around the skirting (tongue rails, entry steps, ect) I filled with pieces of a foam mattress; squeeze it up and stuff it in the hole and it expands and reduces air flow. My fresh water hose got a length of the Frost King heat cable and covered with foam pipe insulation. My trailer did just fine in -20*F temperatures last winter. The OSB looks like******since it has been exposed to the elements for 12-13mo now, but I never planned on being in the same spot this long. If I would have known I would have been hanging around longer, I would have painted that stuff. It is starting to bow and curl in some spots. I must say I'm on a gravel pad so I dug down a couple inches and stuck the sheets down in the ditch and then backfilled to hold the bottom of the sheets in place. All this cost me maybe $300. Cost is just OSB and foam (however many sheets you need, and depending on how you frame and attach, a few 2x4s). My neighbor just did his 37' FW just like I did, but he is painting his OSB so it will hopefully last longer, as he plans on staying for a few years.
boogie_4wheel 10/07/14 07:50am Toy Haulers
RE: Anyone has taken their turbo apart to clean it? 2003 Cummins

I've had the turbos on a Ford 6.0L apart a few times and it is harder to get them off of the engine than it is to separate the exhaust housing. Scrubbed the vanes and unison ring with a scouring pad and some parts cleaner. It really is an easy process (at least it was on the 6.0L stock turbo), and wouldn't hesitate on yours. In my opinion there is no reason to pull one apart unless you are experiencing sticking issues (overboost/overspeed, or underboost) and could even be causing the engine to defuel. As for tolerances, you must be extremely negligent to get something out of line (drop the turbo while it is apart and bend the compressor or exhaust wheel or even bend the shaft), break one of the wheels and cause an unbalance, ect. The compressor (intake) side stays together, you are opening up just the exhaust side for cleaning.
boogie_4wheel 10/07/14 07:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Am I Nuts?

With my signature trailer weighing approx 6k before any toys, I was on the verge of overloaded with a '97 K1500 (350/4L60E/3.73). GCW was 11600lbs. I had added a B&M cooler IN ADDITION TO the factory aux cooler along with a trans temp gauge that I located in the pressure test port. It was hard to keep the torque convertor locked in 3rd. At 65mph I was a little bit under the peak torque of the engine. If the 6000-6500lb load was on a flat bed and didn't grab much wind it would have done ok, but being an enclosed trailer was just too much work. Engine power output was adequate but transmission is not there. I even toyed with using a manual TC lockup switch just to keep temperatures down. 4.10 gears would have helped but not worth the money to swap out. If my truck would have been the NV4500 5spd man trans I might have kept it a little longer, maybe. Anything other than flat ground and I had one eye glued to the trans temperature. If you plan to go farther than 50mi your transmission is going to hate you and will prove to you the hatred it has in a short amount of time. I bought a larger truck 2 months after buying the trailer. Same drivetrain as you and I have less trailer.
boogie_4wheel 09/23/14 06:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: Looking for a Toy Hauler/Camper for my Harley

My 21' has a front bed, and could squeeze two full sized bikes in there if you get a little creative with strapping. One big bike is no problem. A 24' with my layout would be perfect; the problem is that the kitchen on the left side of the trailer starts 6-6.5' from the back of the trailer, and big bikes are around 7.5' long. Because of this they need to be somewhat offset to the right side of the trailer and strapped well because they are close together. Anything TH you get should have a front bed. This will keep you from having to unload the bike for the night (I know how you HD guys are lol). With my 21', the bike is a little bit in the way of the kitchen but not bad enough to make it unusable. Anything shorter and it would simply be in the way in my opinion. I sometimes wish we had a 23-24' trailer just because of this. I had a '97 K1500 (350, auto, 3.73 axles) when we got our trailer. I quickly picked up a little more truck for the trailer. We were simply underpowered, the chassis handled the weight fine.
boogie_4wheel 09/17/14 04:59pm Toy Haulers
RE: F-150 tows new Cruise Lite 262bh very well, but for sure?

So with a heavier load (going up an incline while pulling), you feel a faint thumping that increases frequency as speed increases and then it disappears? Is the thumping worse with heavier throttle? I'm betting on a worn u-joint on the drive shaft.
boogie_4wheel 09/15/14 03:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Use a toy hauler as a TT? No toys to haul.

I use mine without toys all of the time. It is nice to be able to load a pallet of beer in the back. I already had the toys to load in the back, but we have also set up a pack-and-play for the kids to sleep in while they are little (they will roll off the couch/beds in the back). Or a play area if the weather is bad. Or a really nice large storage area if you stay in the trailer long term. Or a place to carry all your junk if you ever move. I've used my trailer as a garage for the bikes, as a play pen for the kids, as a buffet with the ramp being the entry, as a movie theater with a projector shining against the back wall.
boogie_4wheel 09/15/14 07:51am Toy Haulers
RE: Ford 2.7 Ecoboost - power question

Towing at 23,000lbs GCWR the 2.7 Ecoboost will run right beside me up the "Ike Guantlet" then, right? :h No. Read the brochure a little more for the rest of the numbers. 2.7L = 375ft-lb 5.9L (325hp rating) = 600-610ft-lb
boogie_4wheel 08/07/14 06:58am Tow Vehicles
RE: route from Las Vegas to Panguitch Lake in Utah

14 is a steep climb. I haven't been up it since the road repair a few years ago, but there was a nice long passing lane. The switchback turns are not as tight as they are on 143. After the switchbacks, there isn't much for passing on up to the 148 turnoff, and it will be hard to get your speed back up till you finish the climb. 148 is a pretty drive, but is a hilly and winding road. 143 is also steep near the top, but is a shorter climb. After you pass Brian Head you will climb some more. Loaded heavy I would do 143 (Parowan). With a lighter trailer or just a truck/car I would take 14.
boogie_4wheel 07/31/14 07:27am Roads and Routes
RE: Black tank and toilet paper and chemicals

I use the same TP in the trailer as in the house. I also drop wet wipes in the black tank when used. I've been using my trailer as a weekday residence for nearly 2 years now, and have not had any issues. My opinion is you need to add plenty of water with each flush. Get the tank near full before draining and you will probably not have a problem.
boogie_4wheel 07/28/14 10:35am Travel Trailers
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