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RE: Towing without a battery

Make sure to tape over the positive battery lead(s) so that it/they do not contact the trailer frame or other wiring.
boogie_4wheel 03/10/14 07:57am Towing
RE: Jumping off the Diesel Bandwagon - UPDATED

I'm jealous! I've been toying with the idea of ditching my 5.9 for a new 6.4. Bigger crew cab for the growing kids, cheaper fuel, air ride rear (need I give a good reason why?)... Ok, off the the RAM website to build me another truck online.
boogie_4wheel 03/05/14 10:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: c1500 advice on towing

Gonna be close. I had a '97 K1500, 5.7/60E/3.73, on stock 265/70R17 pulling my sig trailer. Trailer was/is ~6k (give or take a couple hundred pounds). I think my trailer has a large frontal area (it is tall inside, ~7' inside at the front), so it grabs a lot of wind. Adding an aux trans cooler IS A MUST! Your truck may or may not have the factory aux cooler (passenger side of grille). I added a B&M unit that was piped inline and mounted to the driver's side, and read transmission temperature from the pressure test port (remove plug on driver's side of transmission, located above shifter linkage). The truck will not have a chance of OD unless headed down hill. Lock 3rd. Pay attention to when the torque converter locks in 3rd and try to keep it there. As you start up a hill and apply more throttle the TC will unlock and generate more heat. If you plan on swapping the R&P, go with the 4.10! Peak torque was near 2500-2600rpm, which you wont achieve in 3rd unless your going faster than you should be. The 3.73 were still tall for if I was going to pull the trailer very much. Summer time with a head wind and all I did was stare at my transmission temperature. I never took the trailer far with that truck, ended up selling and purchasing something a little more up to the task. Don't get me wrong, the power was there but the wink link is the transmission/axle gearing. If that truck would have been a 5spd manual I might still have it. My trailer left me with a sour taste toward that truck and pulling a trailer. It just wasn't the right combination, I simply had too much trailer, and bought my trailer knowing that it was going to be close... The 6k weight on a flat bed would have been different since it wouldn't grab near as much wind. I'm sure this muddied the water a little. Don't have high expectations of the truck, and don't expect the trans to live much longer if you do not monitor its temperature. Oh, and of course the sales person says your half ton can pull the trailer. What they are failing to realize is the difference between towing capacities of today's half ton truck versus what they were 15 years ago!
boogie_4wheel 03/05/14 08:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: Goldwing in the garage

I have a VTX1800T (800lbs). I ride in and out. When unloading I have the bike in gear (engine off for me) and drag the clutch and drag the front brake. As already stated, front brake only will slip the front tire... I don't have the bike running to keep clutch wear to a minimum.
boogie_4wheel 02/27/14 10:32am Toy Haulers
RE: Anyone have a RZR XP 4 1000 EPS?

Just go and buy it!!! If it doesn't fit, let the air out of that front tire lol.
boogie_4wheel 02/24/14 12:49pm Toy Haulers
RE: Longest lasting vehicles on the road

I think the list is a little flawed. They should have included vehicle registrations (mileage recorded yearly)... My word of mouth sale of a '97 GMC K1500 with 244k wasn't included. My dad's currently owned '01 Cummins with 257k wasn't included. My '05 Ford Escape with 204k wasn't included. I wonder if the list would be different if currently registered vehicles with over 200k were used.
boogie_4wheel 02/24/14 10:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: What jack do you use in case of a flat?

I have an aluminum floor jack. I pull the handle out of it when in the storage bay so that it isn't so long, and with the handle I have plenty of 'reach' to get the jack under the trailer axle or use it somewhere on the truck. It is faster than a bottle because I don't need to block up the jack or unscrew the adjuster to make up the difference in the gap. The downside is that it takes up a lot more room than a bottle.
boogie_4wheel 02/12/14 06:57am Travel Trailers

Skip, I've had the same problem when the temperature gets around -10*F. I've added a short piece of Easy Heat heat tape to the propane line between the front of the trailer and wrapped it around the regulator. Lucky for me the temps have been in the teens at night and I haven't even plugged in the heat tape yet. I'm hoping it solves the problem. You are not alone!!!
boogie_4wheel 02/07/14 05:29pm Truck Campers
RE: Hot Water Tank.

You are dripping a small amount of water from the pressure relief valve on the outside of the tank? It should only drip as it approaches the shutoff temperature. That is completely normal. It even says so in my Suburban Water Heater owner's manual.
boogie_4wheel 02/07/14 09:43am Tech Issues
RE: Trans running hot on 2005Ram 3500 Auto

I'm going to make many assumptions on this issue. I'm going to assume you are pulling the temperature from the OBD2 port, not the cooler line (hotter), and not the pan (cooler). I'm going to assume that you do have the T/H enabled. For all other replies; the '05 transmission T/H mode does NOT lock out overdrive. It does lock the TC in 3rd and at a lower speed in 4th. freddmc, at what speed are you towing? If you are in hilly winding terrain if you slow down slightly the trans will hold 3rd longer. If you are powering hard out of a turn the TC will wait longer to lock up in 3rd, just ease up to about 20% throttle position then get back on it and the TC will hold. But with all that being said, I doubt it is your driving style. I'm betting that your cooler thermostat is stuck in bypass mode and causing the warmer temps (especially since it is currently winter time). Pop the hood and you have easy access to the secondary cooler (which is not part of the radiator). Read the very first post in the link below about how to access and remove the thermostat. CumminsForum 3rd Gen Trans T-Stat
boogie_4wheel 01/30/14 07:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: aux fuel tank install

My trailer has a KIB# DTM100 '15 Min High Side Driver'. It is about the size of a key fob and has 4 connections. I looked around on line for a couple minutes and couldn't find anything on it. That Wolstentech link that JamesBr posted looks like it oughta work.
boogie_4wheel 01/29/14 06:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: aux fuel tank install

The fuel tank on my trailer has a 15min timer. I will look this evening and get some information off of it if I can find any. It is a momentary rocker that I assume feeds a control module. Pulse once to turn on. Pulse twice to turn it off early. I think it would be perfect for you (except for being able to adjust it). On my dad's trucks we added a led on the dash to indicate when the transfer tank pump was on. Both of us have bathed the side of the truck in diesel before we added the light. The timer would be a lot better. Wonder why I never thought of it...
boogie_4wheel 01/28/14 07:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: Which Truck would you tow with ?

I would sell the gasser and use that money to turbo the Ford. With numbers that low on the 7.3 it must be NA.
boogie_4wheel 01/28/14 06:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: Dodge 2006 5.9L Issues

The early common rail Dodges (03-04) used an external lift pump mounted on the driver's side of the engine (same place as the 2nd Gen) that were more prone to failure, and would interrupt fuel flow. The '04.5+ had in-tank lift pumps that are less likely to fail, and when they do the CP3 will draw fuel through them and get you home. Do not know how it has been taken care of but I thank the 06/07 5.9 is the best truck out there. I have been told by the folks at Dodge the fuel/lift pump is the same that GM uses. red GM's Duramax doesn't use a lift pump from the factory. The CP3 injection pump is nearly identical though.
boogie_4wheel 01/27/14 07:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: Haul Harley and scooter?

I haul my VTX1800T (~800lbs) slightly to the right of center. This places it evenly between the floor rings that are shifted to the right because of the kitchen; I have a shorter trailer. I do not have any issue with the trailer being loaded unevenly side-side. I also do not use a wheel chock. I place the front of the front tire between the two rings then take a strap with one complete wrap around the tire and cinch it down to keep the bars from turning left or right. Then have a strap on each side pulling forward from the bars to the same rings to slightly compress the forks. Two straps pulling on frame backward to keep bike from sliding forward. Then one strap with one full wrap on rear tire to nearest rings to keep back of bike from bouncing/sliding to the side. It takes a little longer (and 6 straps) to secure the bike but I have no issues with anything sticking up to stub a toe on for a wheel chock, but there are many options to secure a chock. Thousands of miles without issue.
boogie_4wheel 01/27/14 07:14am Toy Haulers
RE: Fridge in winter

Keeping the interior of my trailer in the 60* at night and approaching 70* during the day, and the outside temperature falling to single digits at night, my fridge continued to run fine on electric. I did pull the access vent and covered a majority of the vent holes with duct tape to help keep heat at the back of the fridge. Last winter I ran in to issues with the fridge in -20* weather. This year I did the duct tape and added a 75W bulb in the compartment (that is currently not powered). When I expect the temperatures to fall near 0* I will plug in the light to help heat the refrigerant to keep it from freezing. I've heard that running the fridge on gas will help with colder outside temperatures. For your trip, I would run the fridge.
boogie_4wheel 01/23/14 11:01am Tech Issues
RE: Tow Vehicle Gas/Diesel?

For what its worth My trailer is 5800-6200lbs without toys. We did a trip from Salt Lake City Utah to Glacier NP. I pulled 60-65mph (2-lane and interstate) and got 12-14mpg during the trip. Depending on your trailer height, I think I have more frontal area than you (taller interior height) so it grabs more wind.
boogie_4wheel 01/22/14 02:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: When do you actually need a WDH?

I think for the combo a WDH would be a waste of time to install/hookup, and a waste of money for purchase. Ok not a total waste because it would help slightly, but I don't think the benefit would be worth the cost. I have the approximately the same wheelbase as you (crew cab long bed), and two less tires. My trailer is at the 6k mark, and approaches 7k with my bike in the back (and my tongue weight is all over the place), and no WDH since I bought my Dodge. I did use a WDH when I was tugging with a 1/2 ton, the bigger truck handles it better.
boogie_4wheel 01/15/14 07:03am Towing
RE: Let's talk about party decks

...use 2 jack stands and leave out the fence part that goes around the deck/ramp. I do this!
boogie_4wheel 01/13/14 03:33pm Toy Haulers
RE: Cold Weather Diesel Fuel Additive

I've been using Howe's. Kept my truck running in -22*F.
boogie_4wheel 01/05/14 09:48am Tow Vehicles
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