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RE: Using front hitch on truck to park trailer

Had one on the last truck (and will hopefully be fabbing one up next week for the current truck). Loved using it for spotting trailers, and have a receiver winch mount that I want to use on this truck. Before I made the side gate wider, I had a hard time getting my toyhauler in the back yard (dodging the fire hydrant, the corner of the house, then the narrow gate, all which is on land the shape of a piece of pizza since I'm at the end of a culdesac. I simply couldn't do it with the rear hitch, but the front allowed me to swing the tongue to jack the trailer around the corner of the house and dodge the gate.
boogie_4wheel 11/06/13 10:18am Travel Trailers
RE: problem shifting truck out of park

The correct answer is that the detent ball is wearing in to the valve body casting. Look at this post CumminsForum, Hard To Get Out Of Park It is a very common problem on the 48RE's, mine does it as well (sometimes). When you do find yourself having it bound up, just push up on the shifter, then gently pull down again. Don't get mad at it, just be easy and you will get it out of park like it was brand new.
boogie_4wheel 11/04/13 07:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: new 3500 srw tow vehicle?

You are currently towing with a 3rd gen 2500 with added springs... Why wouldn't the new 3500SRW handle it any better? Based on the numbers you've posted, I wouldn't hesitate one bit!!! That ~2700lb pin has your '03 over the GVWR if you care (it has to, I was at 9800 with 2500lbs worth of rock in the bed earlier this year). I bet you were close to max on the 17" tires! You are buying 'more truck' than you currently have for the same trailer. The larger wheel/tire for the additional weight rating will help.
boogie_4wheel 10/31/13 10:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Need options - carrying motorcycle with TT

If there is enough room, how about replacing the hitch jack with a folding jack. They have them with up to 2000# capacity and they're fairly cheap $30-40. You can give it a try and at worst you might be out the $40. Norm #1 Choice With your bike at an angle in the bed how much of the rear would hang over with no tailgate? Remove the tailgate and get a 4x8x1/2" plywood cut appropriately to make it just long enough to hold the rear tire of the bike. Then are you able to tow your TT? #2 Choice #3 Would be to convert your truck to a longbed :W
boogie_4wheel 10/29/13 03:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trouble deciding 2014 Ram

The short trips are going to cause the DPF to plug, and you are gonna have to get it out on the road to do a regen (but not as much because of the DEF). I would let the size of the trailer determine the powerplant. I'm really interested in the 6.4L. I've been nudging the wife about a new crew cab 6.4L 2500 with the air ride! If I actually had the money I would drop my Cummins for one in a heartbeat, no bigger than my trailer is.
boogie_4wheel 10/29/13 07:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: Who has driven SRW VS DRW In Snow

The duals seem to float on the snow more. And just like carringb said, the rear will not sit in the rut of the front, the inner/outer tires will be riding on the slush pile. In most cases I think the SRW is more stable in a winter environment. My SRW Dodge is way more stable than my parents DRW Dodge (I do have a slightly longer wheelbase that I'm sure contributes).
boogie_4wheel 10/21/13 03:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: making a pvc sewer pipe

I have a rigid pipe adapter for mine. I got it from my local RV dealer. http://www.americanrvcompany.com/Valterra-T1027-Rotating-Rigid-Pipe-Adapter-Camper-Trailer-RV http://www.americanrvcompany.com/assets/images/Valterra/T1027.jpg height=640 width=480 Then I made a trip to Hope Depot/Lowes and got some black plastic sewer pipe and a couple fittings. Glued them together. So far it has survived the sun better than the slinky ever dreamed.
boogie_4wheel 10/17/13 07:50am Travel Trailers
RE: Do I need a WD hitch for this set up?

Ignoring the potential issues with the factory hitch failing... I brought my trailer home without a WD hitch (6k, maybe 650TW, but shorter at 21') on a '97 GMC half ton. Ok, my trip was about 40mi to home... The front end was a little light. I ran 55-60. The steering was a little lazy but otherwise handled fine, no sway, no blowing around... I did buy the Equilizer 4-way for it. I now tow that same trailer with my sig truck without the WD. You and me have diesels (a lot more weight on the front axle), and a longer truck than that half ton I had (more leverage fighting against that tongue weight). Right or wrong, I've run my trailer thousands of miles with nothing more that a 10k rated ball & mount; no WD hitch. My only concern is that extra 8' which is more leverage to cause a potential issue to sway. If I were in your shoes, I would go and pick up that trailer with nothing more than a rated 2 5/16 ball, see how it handles. Maybe I like living on the wild side.
boogie_4wheel 10/17/13 07:27am Towing
RE: 5.7L Vortec vs. 5.3L Vortec

If I end up with the 5.7 truck, it will get intake/exhaust and maybe a cam in the future. A BlackBear tune, the MPFI conversion, and a very mild cam and it would rip! Plus it has a way more useable bed that the Av :B
boogie_4wheel 10/17/13 07:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: 12V source for rear view camera on Ford E350?

My aftermarket backup camera is powered strictly from the back-up lights. Put it in reverse and the camera is powered; I just ran a wire up to a tail light for easy access. I guess the answer to the question depends on the camera and what it requires.
boogie_4wheel 10/17/13 07:02am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 5.7L Vortec vs. 5.3L Vortec

The 5.7L is a 255H/330T. Peak torque is around 2700rpm The 5.3L is a 285H/325T. Peak torque is around 4000rpm. Stock to stock I would rather have the 5.7 personally. The powerband is more useable since it peaks at a slower speed. If that truck has the 4.10 axle, it will be perfect for towing in 3rd in the 60-65mph range! I had a '97 K1500 with the 3.73 and it was a little bit on the tall side. My trailer weighs around 6k and it was a little on the heavy side IMO. I had a hard time keeping the torque convertor locked (so trans heat was an issue) with my tall TH. A more normal height (shorter) trailer would have helped. I did pull a 35hp tractor on a flatbed, prob 7-7500 total weight (very low wind resistance), and it handled it surprisingly well! For me the weak link was the trans. If mine would have been a 5spd manual trans, I would still have that truck. I upgraded only because of my trailer. I don't know if having the 80E over my 60E will make a large difference in trans tuning. I think it will out tow the 5.3; you just don't have to spin it as hard to make the power. I sold that truck with 244k. The low cylinder was 165, the others were 170-175. The weak links are the lower intake manifold gaskets leaking coolant, stupid plastic distributor, poppet injectors that can leak fuel. I feel they are easy to work on. If it is a clean truck, get it. It will do better than the Avalanche.
boogie_4wheel 10/16/13 03:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Cold weather diesel starting

OP it was just cold. It seems like the larger engines have a harder time in the cold weather than the light duty engines. My dad's 01 Cummins and my 05 Cummins do pretty good to about 10*F before they seem to have a 'no-fire' on #6 cylinder (assuming #6 since it is the farthest from the intake grid heater). On my dad's '06 International DT570, it raises all sorts of hell near freezing and almost demands the block heater at 20*F. On mornings you are having a hard time getting it started, cycle the heater twice. After the Wait to Start light goes out, shut the key off then turn it back to the ON position to cycle the intake heater a second time. It will suck in warmer air this way. As for fuel additives, I run Howe's. Kept my '05 alive in Colorado at 11k elevation with -25*F temps, starting without the use of the block heater.
boogie_4wheel 10/16/13 06:59am Tow Vehicles
RE: Winterizing- rv antifreeze vs. blowing out lines

Air only in the lines. AF in the drains. A gallon of AF lasts a couple years for me. Trailer survived -20*F last winter and the water system was fine when I put pressure to it this spring.
boogie_4wheel 10/16/13 06:50am Tech Issues
RE: Plugged into shore power and starting the truck...?

Short answer: no damage could be done Long answer: it's all 12VDC so no damage could be done. Since your solenoid is from a keyed source, I'm assuming that this keyed source is not powered while in the starting position (similar to how the heat/AC blower does not run while cranking). Even if you were on the factory trailer wiring 7pin. The charger on the TC cannot pass enough current through the wiring (the truck batteries will carry most of the load) during starting. The circuit breaker on your firewall would open if there was too much of a load on the wiring anyways. You're fine!
boogie_4wheel 10/14/13 11:14am Truck Campers
RE: 2004 F-450 6.0 DRW Bullet Proof

My parents had an '04 F450 that was 4wd. They have a 4.30 axle ratio. About 60mph was where it wanted to run, and got 10-12mpg running with a 22k combined weight. Handled the 30' horse trailer well. IIRC all the 'bulletproofing' cost $4500-5000 for all the parts (EGR cooler, HPOP, head studs, ect). I think a bulletproofed 6.0L has a lot of potential, with the only weak link after all that being the sticking vanes in the turbo. The turbo can be removed, cleaned, replaced in a few hours (I've done it twice). I'm laughing at the 6500lb trailer; yeah it will be plenty of truck. My dad considered bulletproofing theirs, but then found a deal on a MDT so he went that route instead.
boogie_4wheel 10/11/13 08:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: I'm going to do a 6.0 PSD engine swap!!!

I want to watch this build! Do you plan to ditch the EGR?
boogie_4wheel 10/11/13 06:44am Tow Vehicles
RE: 04 Ram vibration.

If the tires check out ok for balance then look at the carrier bearing on the rear driveshaft.
boogie_4wheel 10/10/13 01:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Winterizing Question - My Grey Drain Line?

Self-regulating tape would be the way to go. Then wrap the pipe with fiberglass insulation, then plastic to keep the insulation dry. If you are finding it hard to come by a short piece of self-regulating tape, the 'Easy Heat' pre-made stuff is simple (it is thermostat controlled) and can be found at Home Depot/Lowes.
boogie_4wheel 10/10/13 10:10am Travel Trailers
RE: opinion on 2006 ram 2500 or 3500

Prices seem a little high. If they are mint condition, then $25k tops (depending on options). I bought mine 2yrs ago (see sig) with 62k on it, mint interior and exterior, and included spray in bed liner, painted tonneau cover, stainless step bars, 4 bald tires, for $24k. The difference between the 25 and 35 is on the 35 you get the rear overloads (that engage after the rear is compressed ~3"). Common problems are the ball joints and panhard bar bushings; the 'death wobble', the loose steering, the sloppy automatic (blame the high stall torque converter and super slushy valve body), the inadequate filtering on the fuel system, the always spinning front drive shaft, and since you are looking at '06+ they are the first year of the TIPM (Totally Integrated Power Module) that likes to flake out and not power important stuff (like your A/C compressor clutch, trailer lights, and turn signals to name a few). I've heard the '06+ interior was not as comfortable as the '03-05... The good... 2006 was the first year of the 'new' ECM that is EFI-Live capable. Was also the first year that you could lock out overdrive AND have a functional Tow Haul mode. There is the '08.5 steering upgrade. You can also buy some somewhat expensive ball joints and then never worry about them again. panhard bar bushings are easy to replace. The death wobble seems to be with people that run lifts and larger tires, or their front ends are already worn out. I've experienced it only once on my dad's '01 (and it had around 230k miles on it when it did it, and hasn't since). The sloppy automatic is somewhat remedied by running with T/H engaged (even empty) because it locks the torque converter at lower speeds. $200 gets you a nice 2 micron fuel filter and mount (and they are easy to change) so that the injectors last longer. Not much you can do for the driveshaft, just make sure you grease it every oil change!!! TIPM 'usually' fails because someone screwed something up when they were dinking around and shorted/overloaded a circuit. But I have read about random and uncalled-for failures, and the TIPM is an expensive replacement. With all that said, I love my '05. If I could have found me a used megacab when I bought mine, I would have gotten it!!!
boogie_4wheel 10/09/13 02:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: hot water heater lights but won't stay lit

Bad thermocouple? Should be 'in' the flame. Is used to sense that the burner is actually lit and if it is not lit (or the thermocouple is bad) then it will shut off the gas supply. You could also try scrubbing the thermocouple with a wire brush or sos pad to knock off the soot buildup that could be on the end. Poor air supply? Run it with the door open, does this help any?
boogie_4wheel 10/08/13 10:56am Tech Issues
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