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RE: My first trip out with 02 cummins

My dad has an '01 HO dually, 4wd, with 3.55, and has an Edge-EZ. I'm not familiar with the Bully Dog from that era, but do know that the EZ is also boost fooling. With you seeing only 18psi tells me that either the BD is not fooling, or something is wrong with it. Dad's will maintain 31psi on the stock turbo at 2000-2200rpm. Pre-turbo EGT's stay under 1150 unless you start to lug it below about 1850-1900 rpm. For what it's worth, truck had approx 200k miles on it last time I pulled my trailer with it. Without toys my trailer is 5700-5900lbs. Before I got my Dodge (sig), I pulled my trailer a few times with his. The only time I remember being in 5th when climbing is when we were in Cali with their 55mph towing speed limit, and that was only to maintain EGTs. We raced up Cajon Pass in 6th (and above the posted limit) until traffic caused a speed loss but was able to accelerate and get back in to 6th fairly quickly. Same truck has done 26k combined hauling hay, and required 5th gear on a 5% climb. I'm going to think out loud... You should need to run an adjustable boost elbow to keep the wastegate shut longer; threads in to the charge air side (toward the front of the truck) and limits pressure to the wastegate actuator. For a test, crimp off the actuator line (or disconnect and plug the hole on the compressor housing) and go for a full throttle run and see if you can build more boost.
boogie_4wheel 07/01/14 09:28am Towing
RE: Check engine light 4 days away from vacation

How many miles on the Vehicle. Engine lights are programmed to come on about 65K miles or so. Take it to Auto Zone and they will hook it up and tell you the code for free. If they don't know what the code is you can always look it up on the Net. There have been a few good suggestions as well. Don't panic. YET I never heard of check engine lights being programmed to come on every 65k miles, and I've had 6 vehicles post 1996 with well over 100k and never had the check engine light come on. I do agree with bringing it to any auto part store for a scan. It's generally free and they will sell you the parts to make the repair. I've seen 1 do it. Early 90's Mitsubishi Mighty Max. My friend owned it and in high school we stayed out late one night driving around just so it would hit 100k on the odometer. As soon as that 6th digit appeared the CEL came on. I remember helping him tear the dash apart to pull the bulb the following weekend :p
boogie_4wheel 06/25/14 03:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dodge 47RE automatic with 2nd gear lock up

I have a stock 48RE that will lock up in 2nd above 25mph (T/H and manually select 2nd gear). It is a very nice thing to have happen! CumminsForum 47RE Mod for TCC L/U
boogie_4wheel 06/25/14 06:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: EU 3000 Honda

Semi-hijack... While knowledgeable people on the 3000 are here. Is it possible to store it sideways? Would it be easy to empty fuel and carb? It would fit under my hard tonneau cover but only sideways. It could if you emptied everything (fuel and crankcase oil). The gas cap is not sealed, so the tank would need to be emptied. For what it's worth, mine fits under my 'over the rails' hard tonneau cover with about an inch to spare.
boogie_4wheel 06/19/14 07:11am General RVing Issues
RE: Leveling on a Downward Slope

Do you have any ramps that you could take with you? The ones like you would use to change oil... I've used them before on the rear axle of the truck (leaving the trailer connected). Back up the ramps to gain the ~8" of height. It saves time on the jacking of the trailer, or you can even leave the truck connected to help keep the trailer from rolling away.
boogie_4wheel 06/18/14 03:03pm Beginning RVing
RE: Transmission additive good for 2004.5 Dodge Ram Auto Trans?

So is there any way to adjust the bands now without losing all the new fluid in there? Yes there is, just capture the fluid in to a clean container and pour it back in. There is two band adjustments, one external to the pan, and one that requires pan removal (but not valve body removal). Adjustment requires an in/lb wrench, and a person that can read instructions very well. Many forget to back the bolts out, go for a drive and the trans locks up because of the incorrect procedure. Adjusting the bands does not cause issues, it prevents them. It only causes problems if not done correctly.
boogie_4wheel 06/17/14 06:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: Stay away from BFG Commercial T/A Tires

Have you ever weighed your trailer? How many curbs and big pot holes have you hit? Not trying to deminish your tire problems, but there is often more to a story than what is initially told. Wondering this as well. We've had very good luck with the same tire on trucks and trailers. 2 horse trailers, 1 flat bed, and 1 dually currently running 16" BFG-Commercial treads. So that equals 21 tires (truck spare is not matching), and had another dually at one time running these tires as well (up to 27 on the tire count in possession at one time). Have had the occasional loss of air or pitched a tread, but I wouldn't say that they are a poor tire for a truck or trailer.
boogie_4wheel 06/11/14 08:55am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Honda EU3000is Exhaust Issue

double post :R
boogie_4wheel 06/05/14 10:02am Tech Issues
RE: Honda EU3000is Exhaust Issue

Without looking at mine, I'm wondering if you could tap the head to the next size up, then drill the exhaust flange holes to accept the larger stud?
boogie_4wheel 06/05/14 10:01am Tech Issues
RE: 2low and manual lockup

Can this be done on a 2006 Dodge 2500 4x4 manual tranny?? No, not cheaply anyway. You would need to do a free-spin hub kit, which converts the unit bearings on the front end to manual hubs. Currently, your front axle is always engaged (the front driveshaft always spins), and the only disconnect is the transfer case. There is 2-3 different companies offering the kits for our trucks; Dynatrac, Spyntec, and I think Yukon. Cost is about $1800. Some guys are building their own by sourcing some stuff from a Ford Dana 60, but I don't remember the details on them.
boogie_4wheel 06/04/14 03:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: propane Water heater needs more air

Have/had the exact same issue on my SW6! I've managed to pretty much destroy my cover in an attempt to get it to operate with the cover in place; spacing out the hinge rod, using wire cutters to snip up a slot to allow air to the burner tube air inlet orifice, folding in one corner for more air (the things you will attempt when you are far from anything). I talked to a couple techs at one of the local trailer parts places. They said it was more common on the 10gal units, but their solution was to drill some holes along the lower part of the cover to allow more air in. At night I tried my hardest to see what was happening, the flame didn't go orange, it just choked out. I thought it was just a lack of oxygen but acts more like the propane isn't making it down the burner tube. I had disassembled the burner assembly and made sure everything was clean last fall, but it didn't help any. Before I move my trailer I'm going to get me a new cover and then punch a few holes along the bottom of it and cover with a mesh to keep the bugs out. There is no way my cover is going to hold on at 65mph with the current shape it is in!
boogie_4wheel 06/04/14 12:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: 2low and manual lockup

I don't have manual hubs on my '94 Dodge. It's a vacuum actuator kit you can buy or build for any 4X4 with vacuum activated front hubs. What size gasser was that? I'm considering manual lockup on my 6.0 Chevy with 4L60E as I can't stand the "tow haul" mode. Another option to the vacuum interrupt is the posi-lok cable actuated unit. It removes the vacuum actuator on the CAD on the front axle and replaces it with a cable with handle in the cab (kinda like a cable actuated choke). Clicky My '97 was a 350ci/4L60E, so it was pre-tow/haul. A little too much throttle and the TC would just unlock, and it wasn't much extra throttle. I added the switch, selected 3rd on the shifter and once I got up to speed I'd flip the switch to lock the TC earlier and hold it longer. Was also nice to be able to manually select 2nd and lock the TC there on the steeper hills.
boogie_4wheel 06/04/14 10:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2low and manual lockup

Wish I had manual hubs on my Dodge so I could use 2-low, but not spending the money for the conversion. If I had a manual trans on it I would have already installed them. Back in the day on an old Ford I had, I used 2L on it quite often for spotting trailers. As for a manual TCC lockup switch, I had one in my previous truck ('97 GM gas on a 4L60E). Helped keep my trans temps down on a maxed GCW rig.
boogie_4wheel 06/04/14 08:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: Wal Mart Pancakes?

Are those the ones in the plastic bag that you can get plain or blueberry? If so I've got some. They snuff an urge for pancakes but they aren't great. I thaw them the night before in the fridge, then 30sec for the whole stack in the micro, flip and 30 sec more.
boogie_4wheel 05/22/14 12:04pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Trailer marker lights

It is a Ford thing (the parking lights illuminate when a door is opened). The mine site I'm working at is littered with late-model fords and they all do it.
boogie_4wheel 05/20/14 04:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: US189 around Salt Lake City UT?

I'd continue north on the 15 into Salt Lake City, then head east on I-80. Do not take the I-215 EB loop. Here's why: 1. 189 is a twisty climb, but not a hard climb. Nice scenery though (drive right past Bridal Veil Falls). At Deer Creek Resv the road is hilly/twisty. Then you have the stop lights in Heber. Long climb out of Heber as you pass Jordanelle Resv. Depending on time of day you may encounter a bunch of traffic heading home to Heber. 2. Avoid the I-215 EB loop because you will have a climb, followed by a decent that you have to brake on while navigating the exit to access the 80 EB. 3. The I-15 to 80 EB exit is a sweeping turn then you only have one major pull, and that is up Parley's Canyon as you head toward Snyderville. The easiest to navigate, maintain speed, and most likely will warrant the best fuel economy will be the I15 to I80. The most scenic is the 189 route.
boogie_4wheel 05/15/14 10:16am Roads and Routes
RE: Disconnecting Battery - wow! big spark

How would removing the ground cable first negate any sparks? It has to do with current flow. You will almost never get arcing when disconnecting the ground first even if there is a dead short. Steve That doesn't make any sense to me. Arcing is a result of difference in voltage potential and load. If there is an electrical load in the trailer and you pull a battery cable, you will get the same amount of arcing from the pos or neg post. If no electrical devices are on, then no arc (regardless of which is pulled first). The only reason to pull the neg cable first would be so that the tool(s) used on the clamp/post would not ground the battery if they were to contact the trailer frame. If you were to contact the frame from the positive side AFTER the neg cable is removed, the circuit is open and no arc, making this the safer practice.
boogie_4wheel 05/13/14 03:37pm Fifth-Wheels

I wonder about its capacity but, in that it is solid steel I would think that it would handle my 4,800 lb max Airstream with a 550 lb hitch weight. Oh yeah, that is adequate for your trailer weight. Easily adequate.
boogie_4wheel 05/12/14 03:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing in Overdrive??

On the 48RE 2003-2004.5: The shifter stalk button locks the transmission out of overdrive. When pressed, the trans will lock the torque convertor in 3rd (1:1). 2005: The button is a tow/haul button. It does not lock the trans out of overdrive. It does allow torque convertor lock up in 3rd, and lower speed lock up in 4th. Does transmission downshifting while slowing down. Manually selecting 2nd gear will lock the torque convertor above 25mph. 2006+: Press button once to engage T/H (acts same as 2005 model). Press button a second time to lock out OD. Well, since I've got the 05 (and I have not and will not get the computer flash to make my button a lock out only button), I tow in overdrive nearly all the time. My truck climbs all hills at 65 with my sig trailer (~7k with street bike). On heavier trailers I will 'double-tap' to force a downshift to 3rd and let it pull the big hills in 3rd at around 60. So OP, you can safely run in overdrive. The only issue you may have is low boost/higher EGTs with the slower spinning engine.
boogie_4wheel 05/11/14 10:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: hitch help

I had the 4-way Equilizer (E4). I used it on my sig trailer (~6k before toys) pulled by a '97 GMC 1/2 ton. The combo handled VERY well. I ended up with a bigger truck, needed to buy a larger-drop shank for the unit to work, so I ended up giving the E4 to my father in law who uses it on a 3/4-ton Dodge and 26' trailer. He loves it.
boogie_4wheel 05/09/14 12:16pm Towing
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