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RE: Toy Hauler for Hunting/Camping

Hi Everyone. Thinking of purchasing a Toy Hauler in the next while for hunting/camping. We are thinking of going with a pull style trailer as the truck has a big lift on it and would probably not be able to get a 5th wheel style. That said here are a few questions for the experts: 1) How well do the toy haulers do on gravel roads...I'm not talking 100km/h...slower speeds up to 100km into bush all gravel road maybe 5 times a year. What little offroad I've taken mine on, it does great. It actually rides very smooth even without 'toys'. I managed to not dump anything in the trailer cabinets/fridge. I once pulled it 350mi and the tv remote stayed on an 8"x24" shelf and never slid off. 2) Do the newer 2014+ campers fit a Ranger 900X utv into the back garage (was thinking of a 10 foot garage...dont want the utv in the living area). 3) How well do the TH pull empty... Pulls great, better than loaded because of the increased tongue weight when empty. My fresh is directly above the axles, black is forward, and gray is more forward. Works out great for me. 4) I realize that the next question is somewhat a matter of opinion...but what make do you guys suggest and what to stay clear off...ex: aluminum frame..... I like a steel frame because I can weld whatever/whenever I want; not that I have done anything special to this trailer though. Think about sleeping count with the toys loaded vs unloaded; do you want to be able to use the trailer with the SxS still in the trailer for any reason? Look at water capacities, aux fuel tank if desired, generator if desired, shower height if you are tall. Do you need an enclosed belly, ducted heat or tank heaters for sub freezing temp use? Thank you in advance.
boogie_4wheel 07/29/15 04:15pm Toy Haulers
RE: Loaded

Make them start riding dirt bikes, they take up less room! Ha ha. Cheap attempt at humor brought to you by a house full of XR's!
boogie_4wheel 07/29/15 02:29pm Toy Haulers
RE: Coil Spring Air bags - what PSI?

The truck still seems to sway back and forth a lot.... Make sure they are plumbed independent of each other, so that you have to fill each side separately. This will help with the side-side motion some.
boogie_4wheel 07/29/15 02:26pm Truck Campers
RE: Cat C7 Diesel Additive for Cold Weather

I run Howe's in my Dodge. Can get it at Walmart, most auto parts stores, most larger fuel stations that sell diesel. Kept me running at -25*F at 11k' in Colorado during the winter.
boogie_4wheel 07/27/15 06:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anybody using a 12v Air Conditioner?

The semi trucks don't have 12 V battery systems; 24V minimum and maybe 48. They are 12V systems. Batteries can be larger, but that depends on the chassis. Our International used 3 car-sized batteries. Military has (had?) 24V power. The lighting was still 12V (peeled from 1 battery), but had 24V starters, alternators, glow plugs.
boogie_4wheel 07/26/15 03:01pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Factory installed wrong size full tank

Brand new '01 Dodge was supposed to have the limited slip 3.55 axle, and said so on the window sticker. It was an open diff. We were always suspect since it didn't work worth a darn. Fluid change time came around and our suspicion proved true. It wasn't worth the fight for the cost of the 'upgrade'.
boogie_4wheel 07/16/15 03:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: ATF Fluid which one

I ran Walmart SuperTech Dex in my '97 GM trans and t-case. Same brand of gearlube went in the differentials of that truck. Truck I have now gets the same Walmart fluids of required type/viscosity.
boogie_4wheel 07/16/15 12:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 3 tow vehicle choices for single long haul tow-need help

Flex all the way. It will be the cheapest fuel wise, and the most comfortable, and the most dependable. The trailer is going to be empty (isn't it?). Flex without a doubt.
boogie_4wheel 07/15/15 02:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 97 Dodge 2500 diesel known problems?

Read http://mopar1973man.com/
boogie_4wheel 07/14/15 03:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dual Axle Leveling help

Scrap lumber for me. If/when they break from being old and dry, they go in the campfire.
boogie_4wheel 07/14/15 03:12pm Beginning RVing
RE: Propane use

When I was in mine solo; washing dishes with hot water, showers (all 6gal of hot water), and cooking, I could go what I remember as at least 2.5-3wks per tank. I think it was a bit more than that sometimes.
boogie_4wheel 07/14/15 03:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: Taking goods and groceries into Canada

I crossed in/out of Canada twice in the last couple months (on my motorcycle though), it was harder to get back into the US than it was into Canada. In to Canada; where I was going and for how long, what for (work visa). Asked about big money once and firearm once. Asked if it was a Utah plate on my bike and if it was registered to me. Anything I plan on leaving or selling in Canada. Back to US; where I was going and why (cuz I live there). What did I get in Canada that I'm bringing back (local brew, t-shirt, and as much maple as I can carry). I'm headed back in a couple weeks in the truck. I'm planning on loading a cooler full of groceries before the crossing; don't ask don't tell.
boogie_4wheel 07/13/15 04:47pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Tranny temps: how hot is too hot?

I'd personally shut down at 230* (stop at a pullout, idle truck to circulate fluid and help cool transmission). I hit 223 the other weekend while pulling in 95-105 ambient. All was well climbing the grade until we caught a motorhome, then a dump truck with a pup, and I was screwed. I was in 1st gear fluid coupling only, not going fast enough to get a decent amount of air across the coolers. We got stopped at some construction for a few minutes so I kicked on the high idle at 1500rpm to spin the fan faster and draw more air across the cooler, helped it cool down about 10*. Once we topped out and got going fast enough to lock the torque convertor again (above 25mph) the trans cooled right off to just under 200. I was pulling only ~6500lbs. I pretty much had worst case scenario.
boogie_4wheel 07/13/15 07:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: Electric for air conditioning

If it was you, I would say just run whatever you need of the 20A and be wise about AC versus microwave versus ect. For your mom for a few weeks, what better reason to install a 50A than now?
boogie_4wheel 07/10/15 12:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Small TT towing with Manual Transmission

Had an '01 Dodge with the 6spd man. Finally replaced the clutch at around 240k mi out of concern (towing most its life, little bump in power over stock). Clutch still looked good but the throwout bearing was getting rough. If I could have bought my '05 with a manual, I would have. But the condition of the truck in general was way more important than the color of transmission. Still drive the '01. Riding the clutch from time to time maneuvering a trailer, and may get a wiff of the burn. I put it in 4lo when I can to reduce the load on it (and get it engaged fully hopefully).
boogie_4wheel 07/10/15 11:06am Travel Trailers
RE: 3/4t vs 1t differences

The similarities and differences between the two depend on the model years and manufacturers. For my 10yr Dodge, the difference between the 3/4 and 1T are the rear spring packs. The wheels and tires, axles and brakes are identical. My 9k GVWR truck has a ~1800 payload rating, and i've had 2500 in the bed and totaled out at 9980lbs; was a little squishy on the rear end but otherwise fine. With the Fords, back in the 90's the 4wd 250 got the Twin Traction Beam with leafs front suspension while the 1T got a solid axle with leafs. The 2wd units were all TTB with coils. The rears were the same axles, same wheels and tires, and different spring packs and blocks. As the years progressed, the 4wd 250 got a Dana 50 solid axle while the 350 got a Dana 60 solid axle. Fast forward to today and there are even more differences, like the Dodge 2500 has a 5-link coil while the 3500 is on leafs. For a few year old truck, the ride is going to be similar between the 3/4 and 1T. The overloads take a couple inches of sag before they are engaged, so the two truck will ride pretty much identical, in most cases.
boogie_4wheel 07/04/15 11:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: Water weight distribution debate question

Adding weight behind the axles will remove some tongue weight.
boogie_4wheel 07/01/15 09:29pm Toy Haulers
RE: Small Toy Hauler - East Coast

I've been absolutely thrilled with my Forest River Shockwave. With the bike (also VTX1800T) I wish I had a few more feet. The bike just comes in to the 'living' area even with it against the back wall. 2 more feet would make all the difference in my trailer. But, I do not have a queen sized bed, and my model doesn't have the drop beds in the rear (only fold down couches that make 2 singles). With just a dirt bike there is plenty of room, both bikes and the rear end is too crowded to get the the cabinets at the back. My trailer is 5yrs old now. I lived in it on weekdays for 26mo straight for working away from home, plus multiple month long trips for work, plus the family camping. The only failure I've had is the fuel pump for the toy tank quit working and I know it is a motor/pump failure. The fridge/wh have burned many gallons of propane without complaint. All the interior stuff has been perfect, no issues with drawers or doors, faucets or cabinets. My trailer has gotten a lot of living use, not too many miles though. Check them out and see if they have a floorplan that fits your needs.
boogie_4wheel 06/21/15 11:19am Toy Haulers
RE: Vernal utah

From what I can remember (3-4yrs ago), climbing out of Steamboat there wasn't any hard curves. There was 1 that made me grab some brake on the downhill side, but remember I was on a bike and was dragging much more than my share of floorboard on the curves. Compared to what you just drove, you shouldn't have any issues on the 2-lane to I-70.
boogie_4wheel 06/20/15 01:16pm Roads and Routes
RE: fuel tank

My dad picked up a combo tool/fuel box from http://www.thefuelbox.com/. His the FTC60. He got the optional plumb it in to your filler neck option. Works great. As the level gets a little below half tank on the truck, the auto-controller fills the truck tank back to about 3/4 full, and continues the cycle until the aux tank is empty. The aux tank level is displayed on the little control box. It requires tapping in to the truck's fuel tank sending unit (easily found in the wire loom running along the frame rail). The spray on bed liner type coating is nice as well. There are other cheaper cost aux tanks out there. This one is an expensive purchase, but money well spent.
boogie_4wheel 06/20/15 01:11pm Fifth-Wheels
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