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RE: Problem loading motorcycle

A couple wood blocks to lift the ramp slightly can usually be enough to get a cruiser to clear the top. The only time I've ever had an issue is when I'm at an uneven space with the nose of the trailer uphill. I have to drop the tongue down and this causes the increased ramp angle, and my VTX will catch.
boogie_4wheel 04/15/15 04:47pm Toy Haulers
RE: Grand Canyon - Zion (Virgin)

Perfect route. Watch your speed as you approach Hurricane, Ut on the last couple miles. You drop in to a 45 zone and you need to be doing it or a bit slower to not shuffle your stuff around. As soon as it levels out in Hurricane take the first right turn (the street before the 4-way stop sign). This will get you to avoid the light on the main drag and give you more room to make the 2n right to head toward Laverkin. If you miss it, not big deal though.
boogie_4wheel 04/14/15 11:57am Roads and Routes
RE: What to put under tires for seasonal camping?

Mine sat for about a year and a half on dirt/gravel. Just covered the tires to protect from the sun. Then I checked the air pressure and pulled it 300mi home. Is now sitting on gravel at the house.
boogie_4wheel 04/08/15 04:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: Back Up Camera For 2004 3500 Dodge Truck

I already have the Edge CTS in my truck. I got a license plate camera from Amazon for about $30. Pulled the RCA cable to the cab to connect to the back of the CTS unit, and pick up power from the reverse lights (pulled the driver's taillight and tapped the wire there). Works great and I hit the trailers on the first try every time!
boogie_4wheel 04/01/15 04:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing with Overdrive Off

Diesel 3/4ton pulling a 16' trailer...relax put her in overdrive and you will be fine. If you get into the mountains and the tranny starts hunting, then drop out of overdrive but it will probably have to be pretty steep hills before that happens. That's nothing for your truck. I agree. We had a '95 PSD and frequently approached 17k combined. Towed in OD when it would pull it, only downshifted to 3rd on the hills. Trans started slipping in 2nd when it had around 250k on it. With only a 16' trailer, I don't think I would ever push the OD button unless I was in town, even then it's a maybe...
boogie_4wheel 03/31/15 07:07am Travel Trailers
RE: Upcoming mid-size SUV's for towing

I'm really happy with our Buick Enclave. Look at the Chevy Traverse/GMC Acadia twins. 3.6L DI NA, 6spd auto, front or AWD. They have a 5300# capacity, the Buick is limited to a 4500# trailer because of different spring rates on suspension. Our 2012 AWD spits out 24+ on the highway when you stay reasonable (22 at 80+), 20-21 mixed. Our model year engine has peak torque (270ft-lb) at 3400rpm, and it is actually pretty useable (holds gear with a lot of pedal).
boogie_4wheel 03/24/15 11:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: Help with physics of dolly turning

Since I've hit the stops for sure, what is 'giving' that allowed those turns to be made? I'd like to understand the physics to see where the stress goes. The stress is everywhere... The dolly is pushing sideways on the receiver hitch in an attempt to not be turned any sharperThe front tires are being pulled in opposite directions on the car. On a right turn, the driver's tire is being pulled forward, and the passenger tire is being pushed backwardThe dolly tires experience a side load force that would push them to the inside of the turn (a right turn would cause the dolly to want to slide to the right)And the car's rear tires will want to slide to the outside of the turn (slide to the left) Since the lightest axle between the rear of the MH, the dolly, and the car's rear axle, is the car's rear axle. You can expect that on a tight turn the backend of the car will slide to the side, just as a dual axle trailer will scrub one of the axles on a tight turn.
boogie_4wheel 03/24/15 11:37am Dinghy Towing
RE: You picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel

I never lost one (wheel or axle shaft), but I've seen more than once spit the axle shaft on some unloaded vehicles. My dad had a personal experience on an older truck and pulling a horse trailer before I was born. He still wonders how the loss of that 4th leg didn't kill them all including the horse. Ever since that he never had a half-ton. My entire life my parents have always owned 8 lug trucks. Never had a semi-floater parked at the house until I got a half ton when I graduated high school. I'm subscribing for the stories!
boogie_4wheel 03/20/15 12:29pm Truck Campers
RE: Utah: Cottonwood Canyon Road

Grew up in Page, rode/drove Cottonwood Canyon tons of times. It is about 50 miles long from pavement to pavement. Road conditions vary; it is graded but can have washboards for the entire length, and/or washout sections after large rains. Do not travel if there is a chance of rain, or it has rained in the last week; the south half of the road is clay. There is a small creek crossing at the northern part, it may be dry, it may be wet, it may be flooded (see above about rain). Northern part of the road is hardpack dirt. Some blow sand along the edges or off the main road. I've never needed 4wd on this road. Wait, I take that back, I did once when a semi blocked the road on the southern 3rd and I had to get my truck around him. During the summer, you could easily take a small car along the road if you would like. If you like to hammer down, it is faster to take this versus going through Kanab to almost Panguitch and back toward Tropic. But this 'time saver' requires you to kick it up to 50+ in places, which can easily be done when the road is half smooth. I personally wouldn't pull my trailer down that road (very far anyway) unless I planned on camping somewhere along the route. As for an alternate route on your trip with a trailer/motorhome, skip it, unless it is a rental.
boogie_4wheel 03/18/15 07:53am Roads and Routes
RE: New vehicle engine oil- first oil change recommendations

Build tolerances are much much tighter than before. Because of this there is less 'wear in' on all components. Of course there is going to be excessive levels of metals during an oil analysis because it still is a break in, but no where near the quantity or time frame as 20 years ago. I would run the oil to half of the recommended service interval. The do normal service intervals after that. Read closely in your owner's manual. I'm thinking that your 3.6L is the same/similar to what I have in my Enclave, and requires a DEXOS compliant oil.
boogie_4wheel 03/12/15 09:13am Tow Vehicles
RE: 06 Ram (5.9) auto trans cooler and heat??

I pulled the trailer up a steep incline perhaps an eight of a mile on packed snow and ice with chains on and tran in drive. But going very slow. I did a few miles up some switchbacks in the late fall. It was in the 20's outside (not near as cold at you). My speed was around 20mph, and my trans hit 225 via OBD port. That slow of speed just doesn't get the airflow across the front cooler. I haven't been concerned with the operation of the trans cooler, but there might be enough room for a slim electric fan to be mounted between the grille and cooler stack, but it is pretty tight up front. Another option would be to get a universal cooler with a cooling fan mounted to it (look at B&M). I wouldn't worry about it at all if this was a one time thing but if you frequent a steep climb at those speeds, a forced air cooler you might benefit from. If the road is slick, drop it in 4-low, and then lock it in 2nd gear (or 3rd and T/H) and you can still get the TC to lock but at a much slower speed because of being in low range.
boogie_4wheel 03/10/15 07:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: 06 Ram (5.9) auto trans cooler and heat??

...Cold outside temps and slow lugging tyranny temps rises to 220 to 228 degrees. When going slow, manually select 2nd gear. This will cause the torque convertor to lock when you exceed 25mph (assuming 3.73 axle). If you leave it in drive, the TC doesn't lock until the trans is in 3rd and above 35mph when T/H is enabled. There is also a possibility that the thermostat in the front cooler is gunked up and is reducing flow through the cooler (so it is partially stuck in the bypass position), and that could also cause warmer fluid temps.
boogie_4wheel 03/09/15 04:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 3500 MPG

I'm in the passenger seat of a '14 4wd crew dually, flying across New Mexico. Truck has 3.73 and is the 68rfe. Towing a 24' goose with a 40hp tractor (I guess 8k load). Running 75, we have been at 9-10.5mpg. I've covered over 2k in the last week. Running about 50mph brought it up to 12mpg (slick roads and single digit temps). Personally, I'm not too impressed. Wish we would have brought my '05, better fuel economy. I bet my 05 would get 12-13mpg. And this truck has taken 3 2.5g jugs of def on this trip so far, and might have room for a 4th during our 500 remaining miles. Goes like mad up the hills though; we haven't backed out of the throttle the whole trip. This truck normally pulls a horse trailer that is around 16k, and gets about 9 at 60-65, and we are a little more focused on throttle position (fuel mileage). Turns 2k at about 75mph
boogie_4wheel 03/04/15 08:24am Tow Vehicles
RE: Narrow driveway, pull in or back in?

In a perfect world, you will dodge and hit the exact same locations if you are pulling the trailer forward or pushing it backward. Your truck still has the same turning radius going either direction, and your trailer is still the same length. The difference is that while backing up, you can jackknife the trailer and push a short distance before you need to pull forward to straighten out the truck and continue your backing up. If you can back it in, you can pull it out. And if you can pull it in, it can be backed out. I feel that it is easier to pull in to a tight spot, but you still gotta get out of there. An option is to use a front mounted receiver hitch on the truck. This increases the maneuverability of the truck/trailer combo because you can now swing the tongue of the trailer faster by steering the truck. Before I was able to widen my gate I HAD to use my front hitch to get my trailer in to the side yard. I'm at the end of a cul-de-sac so my lot is pie shaped, and I have a fire hydrant in the corner of my driveway. I must dodge the hydrant, then back at an angle to miss the overhang of my garage, then pivot back to keep the trailer from hitting the gate. I couldn't do it with an ex cab short bed truck from the rear. Now I can pull my trailer in/out using the rear hitch of my crew/long truck. It just goes to show the added maneuverability.
boogie_4wheel 02/25/15 09:49am Travel Trailers
RE: Why all the hate on 1/2 ton tvs

I'd much rather tow a 7k trailer that was 18' long vs the same weight trailer that was 30'. There is a lot more leverage on that longer trailer that will push the tow vehicle around. Half ton trucks now exceed the power that BB gas and early diesels were making 20 years ago. That doesn't mean that the current half ton will handle the weight better than a 20yr old 8-lug single wheel, it just means that the half ton might go faster.
boogie_4wheel 02/02/15 02:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Cold (Fridid) Weather Start Diesel?????

I wanted to get in here and brag about my Dodge firing w/o block heater at -25*F, but everybody has already said that you shouldn't have an issue... Did have a '95 PSD that hated cold weather, but it had a number less than 8 of the glow plugs that were functional.
boogie_4wheel 01/28/15 11:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: Headers for a 1988 Ford 460 engine

Banks used to carry a couple kits for the FI 460. I remember looking at them when I had a '90 truck.
boogie_4wheel 01/27/15 07:35am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Leaving seat while driving

Not quite the same, but similar. Back when I was running a tow truck I got a call out. 15 pass Ford van converted to 4wd, one of those adventure style rigs. Family of 4 on a 2-lane road 65mph limit. Wife get's up to prepare the kids something to eat, front tire blows, van rolls killing both parents, kids are fine. The front passenger seat area was perfectly in tact and she would have survived if she would have been in her seat and buckled. The driver's seat however was completely crushed and there was no chance of survival. Each situation and accident is different. The van could have rolled differently and she could have been killed while in the seat but survived because she was loose in the back, surrounding terrain also plays a big roll in an accident as soon as the vehicle leaves the pavement. My wife will not get up to just turn around in her seat to tend to a kid in the crew cab truck. If she can't deal with the issue from a buckled position, we take the next exit.
boogie_4wheel 01/24/15 10:40am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Glacier National Park

We stayed at the Mountain Meadow RV Park near the West entrance. I would easily stay there again; hey would be my first call. Sites are in wooded area, it was quiet but not very far from main road, close proximity to Glacier entrance, FHU, many sites are pull through if that matters to you. Stayed there about 2yrs ago.
boogie_4wheel 01/14/15 04:38pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Route from Salt Lake City to Moab-with 5th wheel

Spanish Fork through Price to Green River to Moab is the route to take. Over half of the route between Spanish Fork and Price is multi lane. Road does get a little twisty on the downhill coming in to Price. There is no reason whatsoever to go down to Cove Fort and take I-70 directly from I-15.
boogie_4wheel 01/13/15 01:48pm Roads and Routes
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