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RE: Really bad news about our Trail Lite

ours has always been under an awning, but i have applied dicor here and there from time to time (shower skylight, awning lag bolts, and all across rear fiberglass-to-roof seam that was poorly made at factory). seems like the roof maintenance as 'insurance' you have been paying for should be at issue. also, maybe the prolonged heavy rain and closed windows caused prolonger inside humidity to condense on walls. maybe just clorox cleaning inside and some good sunshine??? (some kind of inside dehumidification technique might help) call some local dealers to see if this is a common thing this year. i hope there is an easy fix for you
burlmart 11/22/15 02:28am Class C Motorhomes
RE: anyone know of a good basic OTA DVR

not to bore w/ regional cox policy and dated series 2 tivo, but there are quite many of us in this boat, from looking into various help forums. i have found that cox cable here is using the motorolla cisco dta 250 hd 'minibox' for those of us who've hung on to analog cable to the end (1/1/16, here). it has an IR 3.5mm input, and my toshiba rs-tx20 has an IR out. all forms of communication w/ cox and tivo fail at getting the needed 5 digit IR code that would let us run tivo software guided setup to allow tivo to change the tuner of the dta to execute scheduled recordings. many of us have tried, and using a beilen IR cable from amazon, some have had success. cox only wants to give a cablecard w/ tuner adapter, but this tivo unit has no such slot. so they say the'll supply their dvr box instead. we do a lot of time-shifting w/dvr. i want to tell cox where to go, but ota recording, even w/ roamio, is hit and miss... and so it goes.
burlmart 11/15/15 02:50pm Technology Corner
RE: Thor Compass Thor Gemini like Winnebago View Itasca Navion

https://thormotorcoach.com/image/cache/frontend/data/Motorhomes/RVs/Class-B-Plus-RV/2016-Compass-23TR-Waterscape-exterior-700x459.png width=500 diesel transit tows 5000# - winnie trend does 2000# a lot going on in this ruv concept. fwiw, this C is one of the more B-like B+ motorhomes out there. from the video, it seems kinda' cramped. if you want any daylight from the 4 rear windows, you must extend bed slide. tthere seems to be a lot of interior 'finishing' material, which adds to a sense of plushness. didn't see if cab seats swivel. coming from an A, the lack of a solid shower glass door may be an issue. the long wheelbase and close-to-ground door entry may cause some scrapes in urban curbed entryways and/or uneven cg sites. the unit looks fun, especially for a solo traveller.
burlmart 11/15/15 02:59am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Rethinking our Toad plan

We were thinking of moving from our 5th wheel to a class a last summer and in the process looked into towing our manual transmission Subaru Forester and I was shocked at the cost to set the car up , baseplates, tow bar, braking system and lights, and labor had quotes from $3000.O0 on up, of course less costly if I did it myself which I don't feel comfortable doing. We did not make the move since we could not find a class A coach we liked but it was an eye opener. suppose it was only $100 to set up and you found an A you like. what is the significant travel lifestyle change between a trailer/5th wheel + tow vehicle vs motorhome + toad? having access to coach amenities en route seems to be a limited need if what you plan to be doing is to park somewhere and tour the surroundings for a while.
burlmart 11/11/15 02:29pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Cable went up. Again.

luvvin' this thread! i am going nuts trying to come up w/ a works-for-us response to cox's audacity and greed. it occurs to me that all those millenials that never had cable TV, along w/ all who are cutting it off, may be one reason cable costs are skyrocketing.
burlmart 11/10/15 02:16pm Technology Corner
RE: Rethinking our Toad plan

to see things from another angle, 25' delivery trucks run all over urban streets and parking spaces all day long. maybe all that it takes in an intensive immersion in a site-filled place like gatlinburg or san antone to get the hang of it
burlmart 11/09/15 12:10pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Rethinking our Toad plan

"But with the little C, it's not so clear cut." if you were still in the 22' trail lite, would you even consider a toad? i am just guessing, here, but maybe not. but you are only 3' longer now in the sunseeker, and most seasoned C drivers seem to feel that added length has limited impact on driving experience. what has not been mentioned is how day-long tours in the car means all your MH amenities are way back at the c.g., perhaps even your pets. we like having all this w/ us all day on our travels.
burlmart 11/09/15 07:44am Class C Motorhomes
RE: anyone know of a good basic OTA DVR

tivo stopped making roamio OTA (lots of issues), but the base $199 roamio can still do OTA i've been researching roamio and am very wary of its build quality and lifespan (no at all like early on tivos). plus people are being led in circles between cableCARD hookup from cable company and tivo service rep hassles. cord cutting is gaining new devices to bring in OTA with web streaming. maybe in a year or two some robust options will come out then we can cancel cox cable TV -- of course, we'll likey then see our cox broadband double in price :(
burlmart 11/09/15 05:25am Technology Corner
RE: anyone know of a good basic OTA DVR

thanks, john martha would certainly put me on ice for a LONG time if i started posing these techy solutions for combatting arrogant cable giant monopolistic edicts like in my OP i have a happauge usb tuner that we used in our rv for several years w/ win XP. while it was very wonky on our underpowered gateway laptop, i felt its TITAN EPG was quite strong we now just have a 19" insignia with a wingman batwing and a radioshack 'additional' amp for RV OTA TV. no ota recording, as we just go 1 or 2 nites to local SPs. i am seeing that martha is not too enthused when i present her w/ all the possible 'TAKE THAT, COX' options i am generating in response to their non-apologetic destruction of our perfect-for-us-for-a-decade home analog tv and tivo and no cable set top box. i fear we will likely succumb to another $25/mo increase to get their own DVR w/ HD channels l
burlmart 11/08/15 09:26am Technology Corner
RE: anyone know of a good basic OTA DVR

to simplify a bit: what if i use one of the popular converter boxes of the 2008 era (zenith, rca, radioshack) where the tivo might easily have an IR code? i would have to redo my 2004 analog tivo series 2 guided setup and tell it i am using an IR cable box (even if it is actually OTA digital). i would need the IR code for tivo to mate with the converter box. so tivo gets EPG from internet, and via the IR blaster cables positioned above and below the box's remote sensor, it changes the DTV tuner, and either coax or composite cables from DTV to tivo would work? maybe?
burlmart 11/07/15 10:13pm Technology Corner
RE: anyone know of a good basic OTA DVR

thanks guys! yes, that's the unit i remember all of you talk about in the past on this forum. as i am starting to go a little in the weeds w/ this, and as i read the product description, i got an idea flash. my analog 1 tuner tivo needs a way to change the OTA digital tuner channels in order to schedule recordings. basically the same thing i need it to do w/ the cox DTA, right. tivo has lifetime EPG and gets data daily from my broadband. is it possible to use this Mediasonic HomeWorX HW150PVR as the signal i put to my tivo and then get the tivo to change its ATSC tuner?/ please say yes and tell me what i would need to do.
burlmart 11/07/15 02:45pm Technology Corner
RE: Chassis battery

i really try not to disconnect chassis batt. computer loses memory and engine runs horribly for a few minutes when you next start just leave the batt tender on
burlmart 11/07/15 07:58am Class C Motorhomes
anyone know of a good basic OTA DVR

Just need simple single tuner and EPG and compositr red white yellow output. cox is dumping analog and mandating a mini box DTA (by Evolution). our old analog toshiba rs-tx20 tivo has no cableCARD slot. the tivo tcannot change channels in the DTA in order to schedule recordings. there is supposedly a way to connect the IR blaster cable to the front of the mini box and reconfigure tivo settings as 'cable with cable box' and the tivo will work here is where it all stinks...neither tivo or cox will give out thr 5 digit IR code number of the mini box. lots of calls and reading forums show this to be a widespread problem. TIA
burlmart 11/07/15 05:46am Technology Corner
RE: From Windows to Mac--anyone done this?

fwiw, came across the PC stats on OS http://zdnet4.cbsistatic.com/hub/i/2015/11/02/c528b89e-37ef-4d30-8be6-b38bef3a7a4a/b099c9bdf71d21552f22149c28248348/2015-11-0212-18-08.jpg width=550
burlmart 11/03/15 01:23am Technology Corner
RE: From Windows to Mac--anyone done this?

android is 81% vs ios 15%
burlmart 11/01/15 01:04pm Technology Corner
RE: From Windows to Mac--anyone done this?

if you look at the overall user base, the majority choose windows for a PC, and apple for mobile (phone/tablet). Not quite regarding mobile OS, worldwide, Android has a larger user base than iOS. thanks, strollin. i was thinking they were close, and i guess there is just 1 apple making all its stuff, vs a diverse assortment of android device makers. but nevertheless, i'm not even sure if apple outsells samsung's android things.
burlmart 11/01/15 10:07am Technology Corner
RE: From Windows to Mac--anyone done this?

if you look at the overall user base, the majority choose windows for a PC, and apple for mobile (phone/tablet).
burlmart 11/01/15 12:37am Technology Corner
wonder why the BF reorganizers didn't use the transit

burlmart 10/31/15 02:32pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: New Winnebago on Ford Tansit

https://geminimotorhome.com/image/cache/frontend/data/Motorhomes/RVs/Class-B-Plus-RV/2016-Gemini-23TR-Wave-Runner-700x470.png width=500 http://www.rvbusiness.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Winnebago-Transit-4.tif-e1446116678928.jpg width=500 that both the intros are B+ styles, as w/ the Ducato trend, reflects the lighter payloads of these new chassis entries. B+s typically run smaller and have less exterior storage than a family style C that slide on the winnie looks pretty heavy
burlmart 10/29/15 01:14pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Itasca VIVA

gas and diesel
burlmart 10/29/15 02:12am Class C Motorhomes
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