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RE: Reflections on 6 Months of RV Research! ;)

We, too, are just starting to research what our next rig will be. We're looking five or so years out also. While we currently camp 8 or so weeks a year, once Allison retires it will be more like 4 - 6 months a year. So while the PUP has been great for these "shorter" trips (one month or so), when we head out for two or three months, we'll want something a little different. By that time, our PUP will be 15+ years old with lots of miles -- time for a move. have you looked at trailmanor pup hardside?
burlmart 03/18/15 08:25am Class C Motorhomes
RE: B+ motorhomes

just pulled in from 2 nites of naturizing 3 mutts at nearby bogue chitto sp. we have 43750 miles now after 10 yrs. rig is performing quite well. i still post a lot on C forum.
burlmart 03/17/15 12:19pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: a toad that has AC that runs hours for pets

i cannot thank you enough, silvercorvette!1 i was just looking for something to let me bring anxious-for-the-ride/adventure dogs along all year round at home in car, that's all. something new and safe and legal might come along. i am often able to see the possibilities and probabilities of an idea/solution based on simply conjoining things already out there. this one just seemed TOO possible. i am off to research a sign/thermometer and a volt! (turns out my neighbor's company car is a volt.) awesome!
burlmart 03/14/15 01:55am General RVing Issues
RE: a toad that has AC that runs hours for pets

too many variables: dogs, kids, laws, day-trip-toad, at-home-grocery-trip, cg shore. drycamp genset, restaurant genset, elec battery, diesel engine generator, plus all kinds of safety tech gizmos. for newbies, these may bring up questions not already considered, but it looks like the experienced RVers posting here already know what their pets like and know what safely and comfortably works w/ their pet after years on the road. i was just looking for something to let me bring anxious-for-the-ride/adventure dogs along all year round at home in car, that's all. something new and safe and legal might come along.
burlmart 03/12/15 09:13am General RVing Issues
RE: a toad that has AC that runs hours for pets

I know this is most likely a stupid comment but here goes. I know that those that full time in a RV do not take their pet every place they go and that they do on occasional leave them in the RV. So if you are vacationing and have your pet what is the difference? Rules or no rules about leaving them in the RV. that is a good question,
burlmart 03/11/15 06:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Backup camera

martha is sole driver for our 22' rig. we have a fisheye lens in the rear bath window (where it sounds like a camera could also be placed) along w/ two outside mirrors. how much rear viewing visibility benefit does such a device provide? i don;t think she has ever used one in a vehicle.
burlmart 03/11/15 06:16am Class C Motorhomes
RE: a toad that has AC that runs hours for pets

As other posters have stated-many people would call and report animals left unattended in a car, (AC or not). Also: You should never leave any valuables visible, in your unattended car. I consider my dogs very valuable. I treat my dogs much as I treat young children. Would you feel comfortable leaving children in an unattended car? in general, and maybe especially in cars, i think dogs are better behaved than children:)
burlmart 03/10/15 07:58am General RVing Issues
RE: a toad that has AC that runs hours for pets

You need a car that's been dog tested and dog approved. that's what i am seeking, but its probably a dead end.
burlmart 03/10/15 07:54am General RVing Issues
RE: a toad that has AC that runs hours for pets

this is quite an informative thread. our rv trips keep dogs w/ us at all times unless we go eat, shop, or see something where dogs are non-grata, in which case the genset runs ac and we check on them never more than every 90 min or so: when RVing w/ dog in hot summer places, how do you keep them air-conditioned while you are sightseeing and going in to eat/shop, etc? we got our 22' B+ for this reason only. could never feel good about leaving them alone in a TT or MH while we were far away in a toad or tow vehicle. 43,000 miles and 10 yrs later, can say it was right call. i see from this thread that the only way to properly bring them with us on in-town at home trips in summer is restricted to use of the rv. no reg car will work. we already take monthly rv town runs in summer to restaurants, stores, and city parks w/ mutts mainly to exercise the B+.
burlmart 03/10/15 06:07am General RVing Issues
RE: ? about Itasca 24v 2004

pnichols seems to be impressed with his. $24k may be a sweet deal. pnichols - ". . . We shopped mostly by reviewing the specifications, implementation workmanship, company reputation, and lastly - interior layout ... except for two things we would not compromise on ... we needed as short a possible (to be able to camp "anywhere") and a permanent bed always available (for the DW to quickly give her bad back a rest anytime). I guess you could say we wanted to buy-it-right-and buy-it-once, hence we had long term viability as our criteria and highest priority. " I appreciate your insight. I think you are right. It is important to identify any items in which there is no compromise, such as a permanent bed, length, etc. I also agree that workmanship and company reputation are important to me, recognizing that there are issues with all RVs new and used from time to time. Dean, A very class act on your part ... responding individually to a whole bunch of us posters putting our two cents in! For what it's worth (maybe not much compared to some of the excellent comments in this thread) ... here are some things, in no particular order, that we looked for when shopping for our new Class C or found out were beneficial and wound up with (luckily) after we owned it: - We wanted "good old American iron" in the chassis for easy repair and service everywhere -> so we chose Ford. - We wanted a chassis designed and built to carry a generous overhead of weight above what the coach might actually weigh for extra margin in areas such as brake swept areas, frame material thickness to provide stiffness supporting the coach, less rear end sagging over time, and a lower rear differential ratio to help with engine and transmission cooling on long grades in high temperatures -> so we chose the E450 even though the E350 was rated high enough to carry the coach. - We wanted a one piece fiberglass roof with 3-4 inch rolled edges for leak resistance, that wouldn't dent from freak hail storms (aluminum dents), that was nicely crowned for water runoff and vertical strength to minimize damage from bounching up/down of the air conditioner on rough roads -> so we chose Itasca (Winnebago) with it's 10 year roof warranty. - We wanted the driver's seat to be able to move all the way back when traveling -> not blocked by any furniture or other structures. - We wanted the shower stall to have high headroom. - We wanted room for at least two Group 31 batteries without having to sacrifice exterior storage areas better used for other things. - We wanted two permanent queen size beds in about a 24 foot Class C length. - We did not want slides in order to keep wall shear strength and leakproofness optimized. - We wanted large as possible gas, propane, fresh, grey, and black tanks in about a 24 foot Class C length. - We wanted the fresh water tank and all fresh water plumbing to be contained within the heated interior. - We wound up with aluminum running boards -> fiberglass can crack. - We wound up with an automatic coach step. - We wound up with steel lined fender wells for the rear duallies so that a shredded rear tire would not damage the underside of the coach. - We wound up with steel drawer slides. - We wound up with solid wood drawer fronts. - We wound up with gravity latches for all the drawers that never wear out. - We wound up with an exterior sewer storage bay that can hold the entire 30 foot of sewer hose so no sewer hose tube at the rear of the coach is required. - We wound up with a full size spare mounted out of sight and a huge heavy duty lug wrench to loosen/tighten the wheel nuts. - We wound up with seven steel lined and carpeted exterior storage bays -> with two of them running laterally across the coach width for storage of long items such as fishing poles, shovels, etc.. - We wound up with a black/grey tank emptying valve arrangement that permits off-loading of the grey tank into the black tank in an emergency situation -> where the grey tank is full with the black tank still having some spare capacity. - We wound up with 12 volt electrically heated grey and black tanks for cold weather travel and cold weather hookup camping or drycamping. - We wound up with a built-in Onan generator fueled off the main tank, that is mounted way up so it doesn't show, and is enclosed well enough such that it is low enough in interior vibration and noise that it can be tolerated for hours, if necessary, while living inside the RV. - We wound up with a bunch of interior 12V DC receptacles. - We wound up with a bunch of interior 120V AC receptacles. - We wound up with all interior wiring being neatly bundled. - We wound up with a double galley sink with a single control faucet - We wound up with built-in curtains (so we didn't have to buy them or make them ourselves) to seal off the rear bed area, the cabover bed area, and the cab area -> for added privacy and better heat-loss control in cold weather or better heat-gain control in warm weather. - We wound up with a combination of vinyl and carpeted areas for good ambiance where needed and ease of cleaning where needed. - We wound up with storage areas along the head and along the foot of the cabover bed. - We wound up with good ground clearance to minimize scrape-ing when entering parking lots or traveling off-pavement. The wheel wells also permit larger diameter tires to increase stock ground clearance, if necessary. - We wound up with a water heater drain valve that's very accessible for changing of the sacrificial rod. - We wound up with storage areas under the dinette seats that are fully usable, as no equipment is under the seats -> some Class C designs have the propane furnace there. - We wound up with ducted air conditioning. - We wound up with ducted heating. - We wound up with a built-in fresh water filter. - We wound up with an exterior shower with a remote water pump switch right next to the valves. - We wound up with four rechargeable walkie-talkies in a charging rack accessible right by the exit door. - We wound up with an exterior entertainment center with handy 12V DC and 120V AC receptacles. - We wound up bright chrome wheel liners for good looks. - We wound up with a roof ladder that is well mounted for many years of reliable use in doing roof washing, waxing, and roof equipment servicing or repairs. - We wound up with heavy gauge wiring between the engine alternator and the coach batteries for fast charging with the engine idling and when traveling. - We wound up with grey tank and black tank level sensors that are outside the tanks to keep them from clogging up -> they sense the liquid levels through the walls of the tanks.
burlmart 03/09/15 09:36pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: a toad that has AC that runs hours for pets

Both Advanced RV, and Roadtrek have models that will run the A/C for 5 hours or more using only batteries. They both use Lithium batteries, or large battery banks, Rt uses 8 batteries in their E Trek. They also have under hood generators for recharging while fast idiling. are there any such applications in everyday use vehicles, say a minivan or a tahoe, etc. if it were legal to use keyless entry tech to leave a locked vehicle running the dash air, this would be ideal. in past, it was illegal to leave locked running car because it could be easily stolen, but i gather this not so with keyless entry.
burlmart 03/09/15 09:18pm General RVing Issues
a toad that has AC that runs hours for pets

in this thread about toads, the issue is raised of bringing pets with you in your toad and how to keep them cool in heat while you leave the vehicle to sight see, eat, shop, or anything else where animals aren't allowed. some leave pets at cg in air-conditioned RV and some want pets close at hand as they explore surroundings by toad. i recently learned that some class B vans have enough rooftop solar panels and batteries to run a coleman ac unit 5 hours w/ no generator. Q1. can anyone point me to an everyday vehicle that we could buy today that has this ability? in summers down south we can't bring dogs in car when we go somewhere. we routinely bring them in cool months. Q2. if not above, is there a vehicle and a legal means to run engine and dash ac w/ doors locked for an hour or so?
burlmart 03/09/15 03:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: help w/ coach battery USE/STORE toggle acting up

NEWS for anyone googling this in future, all i said in OP is what was happening EXCEPT there does not appear to be a pale and a bright red, or i could not see it this morning as i repeated all same symptoms as i reported yesterday. i cannot see well and in afternoon light i may have fooled myself and martha. in better overcast morning, i only saw brite (i had called it dark in OP) red. loose battery ground connection it was!! i thank you guys and am amazed you saw that so readily. i was so sure it was a bad solenoid i asked snowman for detailed info based on a previous solenoid event. i learned a lesson today about checking connections. working from y'all's advice i discovered my coach batt strapdown had enough slack to work a bit loose from a somewhat stiff ground cable. thanks, thanks, thanks!
burlmart 03/09/15 10:29am Class C Motorhomes
RE: to toad or not how about you?

We use only a 24 foot Class C for our RV travels. We run all over in it in towns to see the sites. Sometimes that's a slight problem, sometimes it is not a problem. What I DO KNOW is ... it's sure nice having your own rest room, refrigerator, napping bed, and air conditioner with you at all times for quick crashing ... even in towns. We're not into having to "hold it", or coming home all tuckered out after riding around in a cramped passenger vehicle. We get enough of that in our daily living where our stick house is. Sometimes we use campgrounds - not desiring to leave the RV at all - so that we can just crash and lounge around. Where we really like to camp is camp spots with no hookups in the middle of beautiful areas where we only have to walk or hike from the RV, or drive only a short distance to a parking lot right at a point of interest. For what it's worth, we have taken trips as long as 10 weeks in our small Class C without getting tired of it. To us, this is well worth not having to tow something behind. My idea of an RV is to have a fully self-contained and comfortable small house with you all of the time. X2
burlmart 03/08/15 09:54pm General RVing Issues
help w/ coach battery USE/STORE toggle acting up

after leaving shore power on for 18 hours to run a small space heater and charge batteries overnite a couple nites back (lightish freeze to 26 deg), i unplugged shore and disconnected the coach batt using the use/store toggle like i do often. today i went to exercise genset, so i toggle the disconnect switch to USE, primed the genset to 15 clicks, toggle genset switch in at top to start, and after turning a few times, it stopped, and there was no more DC power to coach. this has never happened. so then i plugged in to shore power and toggle to USE, and as normal, toggle light goes from pale to dark red. again had coach juice and genset primed some more clicks. then i unplug shore and genset turns over once and stops, and again, no DC power. i notice toggle red lite is now stuck on pale red no matter how you toggle it - this is the color it has when shore power is on but you do not want to charge batteries and you toggle off to STORE. lite is normally blank if no shore power and toggled to STORE. so next i crank up engine, toggle to USE turn over genset and it starts up fine. after engine is warm turn it off and run genset with some loads for a while. i see w/ voltmeter that coach batt is not charging (12.66V), but chassis is (over 14V). with the BiRD relay on this rig, both batts always charge whenever there is shore or genny AC on. shut off genset and plug in shore with USE toggled and again, only chassis batt is charging (over 13V). at rest, both batts are 12.66V coach and 12.74V chassis. with disconnect switch still toggled to USE with dark red lite, when i turn on 3 hallway lights and within 5 secs we hear the disconnect solenoid thump off and no more lights and toggle lite is now stuck at pale red. repear previous step but turn on half as many hallway lites, and it takes a good three times longer before once more, thump goes the disconnect solenoid. is this typical of bad solenoid, or might i have a blown fuse from the 18 hours of running heater and battery charging from a 50' extension cord 15 amp shore line? (i have done this many times before w/ no issues.) two solenoids, some two prong fuses, and maybe the BiRD relay are in a box under the rig by the coach batt. i can never know if i give TMI to diagnose or what, but i need electrical savvy help here, for sure.
burlmart 03/08/15 04:40pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: to toad or not how about you?

no dog owners so far? when RVing w/ dog in hot summer places, how do you keep them air-conditioned while you are sightseeing and going in to eat/shop, etc? we got our 22' B+ for this reason only. could never feel good about leaving them alone in a TT or MH while we were far away in a toad or tow vehicle. 43,000 miles and 10 yrs later, can say it was right call. (on rental cars, are dogs allowed?)
burlmart 03/08/15 05:47am General RVing Issues
RE: How do I stay under RAWR in Dynamax REV 24RB?

i am not very automotive savvy, but i know 5 or 6 people seated in this REV 24RB rig in transit down hwy are adding more wt. to the front wheels than the rear - certainly no worse than 50/50. to chassis experts: are the safety concerns based on tires in motion? or chassis structure? how much wiggle room (engineering safety margin) in a gwr? to owner: how does vehicle handle on hwy in curves and crosswinds? the ducato (PM) is a chassis that will be bringing the relevance of B+ into focus. it would be useful to do a parousal of the class B forum going back several years where scores of handling issues w/ Bs whose uber expanded sidewalls and roofs created many safety worries from owners. better still, if veterans of these B threads could share related issues.
burlmart 03/07/15 05:54am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Reflections on 6 Months of RV Research! ;)

http://i1.rvusa.com/wm/showimagerv.ashx?id=25402186&t=3 width=500 have you ever looked into this...my floorplan but with bunk beds
burlmart 03/06/15 07:50pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Why is the Class B forum so dead?

thanks. that is good info to have.
burlmart 03/04/15 02:12pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Why is the Class B forum so dead?

rooftop using inverter, or chassis dash w/ engine running? PS. We have no propane or Onan generator. how do you get AC on road in humid south, like for the pets when in a restaurant? does anyone know how long you can run an AC in a rig like davydd 's where there is no generator? i assume it is not legal to leave engine running w/ doors locked and pets inside w/ AC on. I'm guessing I could easily run our air conditioning for 5 hours or so. I have no plans to ever do so.
burlmart 03/04/15 02:54am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
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