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RE: Elec Step will not retract

it was the little magnet sensor out of place. Still would like to know about a fuse. And when the amber light below is on
burlmart 03/25/14 10:42am Class C Motorhomes
Elec Step will not retract

We want to get the dogs out to a state park tomorrow, and the step won't go in when emgine is on, nor when it's off and the step switch (and inside white llight) is turned on and I shut the door = no retraction. The amber light under the step is not lit when the inside switch is on. Have 12v in coach. Is nthere a fuse to look for? There is a box under the drivers seat, but I do not know how one gets at it. Sure would appreciate advice.
burlmart 03/25/14 09:55am Class C Motorhomes
RE: If you didn't like Chrome, you may not like Firefox

Yes, you can test the Beta1 version of Firefox v29 separately from your current installed version. http://i.imgur.com/3pyLsD8.png I would select the Custom install option. http://i.imgur.com/iTTnWPg.png And install v29 in a separate folder such as Mozilla Firefox Beta1. Firefox v29 will load your current addons extensions automatically, and can be launched using its own icon. You can then test v29 for compatibility. It will also update separately. Good pointers above. It worked just as you say. It is not so radical a mod, and like you said, you can even get the text menu bar to show. It did not work nearly as well w/ my unique Windows Display settings, especially the large fonts in Windows Classic High Contrast Black and 800x600 res. There was no room on navigation icon bar for icons (plenty of room in v28) Not sure if NASA Night Launch worked. It actually looked like FF was implementing the Windows High Contrast Black settings for the interface (not the web pages - BYM took care of that) The result was that some menues like the Customize Toolbars icon mover were bright white, while some like the bookmark menu were dark background. So for now, v28 is good. I seem to be unable to find the little Ghostery icon anywhere now, though the add-ons list says it is running.
burlmart 03/25/14 02:51am Technology Corner
RE: All You Win XP Stragglers

For $25, Malwarebytes offers XP lifetime security protection on 3 devices. http://www.pcworld.com/article/2110009/a-thin-lifeline-for-xp-users-new-malwarebytes-suite-will-support-the-older-os.html
burlmart 03/24/14 02:59am Technology Corner
RE: If you didn't like Chrome, you may not like Firefox

1492 Thanks very very much. I researched BYM earlier but found nothing that said it would work. I may still stay w/ v28 if NASA Night Launch does not turn that BRIGHT header/toolbar to black. I am unfamiliar w/ the Accessibility Evaluator Toolbar. Can you explain a bit more on the last sentence regarding "you can get the full install file here of Firefox v29beta1" Are you saying I can use that link and have both v28 and v29 on my PC and if v29 is not my thing, just uninstall. Again BIG thanks.
burlmart 03/24/14 02:43am Technology Corner
RE: If you didn't like Chrome, you may not like Firefox

Why not just turn off update I'm not even running version 28 I'm still several versions back I did
burlmart 03/22/14 03:04am Technology Corner
RE: If you didn't like Chrome, you may not like Firefox

Me either - but looks like that add-in was created to address and/or reverse all the skin changes that Firefox will introduce in v29. Ought to be interesting. al The new look is not bad (too Chromeish), but I really have a bad feeling about BYM not being compatible. Hope I'm wrong. I did turn off auto updates
burlmart 03/21/14 03:04pm Technology Corner
RE: If you didn't like Chrome, you may not like Firefox

Maybe this will help you. I'll certainly be looking at it when v29 comes down the pike. al I am not too clear as to what all that means just yet. I was always hopeful for Firefox OS and a 'Mozziebook/box'. Not so much, now.
burlmart 03/21/14 01:33pm Technology Corner
If you didn't like Chrome, you may not like Firefox

A Firefox overhaul in FF 29 Well, I have a feeling FF just kicked me out. I am betting Blank Your Monitor add=on for high contrast black web pages will not be upgraded, and I NEED BYM to see. Chrome doesn't have it. My IE 8 on XP does have native high contrast black as an option, but IE 8 is supposedly very insecure. I may not be XaPpy for long...
burlmart 03/21/14 11:50am Technology Corner
RE: 5 Security Software Myths That Can Prove Dangerous

All the different opinions on AV security remind me of what a fellow said who worked in the Louisiana DOT's asphalt materials research lab. Engineers and technicians would go 'round and 'round for years arguing about the proper mix proportions to get the best asphalt pavement (and I am sure they are still at it). He said "it's just like a bunch of guys sitting around arguing whose jambalaya recipe tastes best - there is no single answer." I will trust that MS is savvy enough to maintain reasonable AV control via MSE and MSRT, and every few weeks I can also do a Malwarebytes full scan. I use FF w/ a few handy add-ons to see it better and block ads and trackers. I feel comfortable w/ this. My nearly 10 y/o single core AMD Athlon XP 3200+ will start bogging w/ any browser VMing or NoScript add-ons. I'm XaPpy, and maybe just clueless enough not to be worried! Will let all know if anything blows up XP-wise. I've started leaving PC on fulltime since the fan sounds smoother than w/ daily wake-ups from hibernation. Ole Nellie may have another year in her.
burlmart 03/20/14 11:45am Technology Corner
RE: Handling: Rocking and Rolling: UPDATE

Be nice if you knew a shop dedicated to servicing U=Haul trucks and talk w/ their Chevy suspension know-it-all.
burlmart 03/20/14 04:14am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Windows 8

I am tired of Windows updates and how slow my lap top is to boot up. My iPad is spoiling me on good soft ware and start up time so I was considering a Mac. Talked to my dad about it as he belong to a compuyor club that is full of gurus. He said Mac was to expensive. I agree. Told me to install a solid state hard drive and install Lenix. He did on his and he said his start up is between 15-25 seconds and is fast. He couldn't be happier. Said one of his guru friends could do it for about $200 Total in about an hour. That sounds like a deal to me. You need to relearn terminology w/r how Linux does stuff on your hardware and on the web. If you have Ccleaner loaded on your PC and you clean up registry connections and clear all the temp files and turn off many of the apps that startup when you reboot, I'd bet you'd be a happy camper w/ what you have. Also do regular Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragments from Windows tools. Are you using a 3rd party AV program. There are options that minimize the CPU usage. MSE is one free one that does not need to run at boot.
burlmart 03/20/14 03:14am Technology Corner
RE: Windows 8

Something I do not get here is why so many companies are so eager to give everybody free security protection (I assume that most never upgrade to the pay versions of the AV software) MS took hits in the past over insecure code, and pushing out MSE makes sense as a way for them to keep close tabs on their software performance in the wild. I get it why they would offer it for free - it makes their stuff more valuable. In past, also, MS would appease and let "partners" like Norton, McAffee, et. al. take on most of the security...maybe MS changed their minds a bit. I have seen articles that suggest MSE's shortfalls are not necessarily as dangerous as comparison test data reports seem to paint it. Statistics can be reported to say anything. Why is there so little info on MSRT vs Malwarebytes - it's like nobody speaks about MSRT? Does it get the big bugs and just not bother w/ the more benign little tracker things that free 3rd party AV apps are happy to report? Full disclosure: I am very unhappy woth how MS is now trashing its popular OS, and find it VERY poor business behavior. To then say "but W7 and W8.x are so secure" - two faced. Who can believe a word they say, and what will they say about W7 and W8 down the road. I do not want another jackhammer Win OS to do the tacky little computer needs I have, but I might be willing to try W9 if that is how I get high contrast black. I am gonna give them the coming year to maybe impress me a bit.
burlmart 03/19/14 05:53pm Technology Corner
RE: Windows 8

I agree w/ those who say W8 is not so bad, and is actually better code than W7 (from articles). But most of us these days probablyonly need a lite weight OS that requires little maintenence and that uses the same MS terminology and structure to which we have become accustomed. If Mozilla came up w/ its version of Chrome OS, I would buy a Mozziebox. Why the Linux distro manipulators did not think this up a year ago is beyond me. They completely let a golden opportunity to capture a good % of the MS crowd - possibly enough to surpass Apple PCs. And Zorin is not what I described above. For any XP hold outs like me who read this thread, consider trusting MS to keep you secure for at least another year (W9 should be a good OS, if history repeats). AFAIU, MSE + MSRT are MS's free versions of antivirus and antimalware, cousins w/ Avast and Malwarebytes, respectively. Comparisons of MSE to stuff like Avast often belittle MSE, but guess what's keeping W7 and W8 secure. Comparisons of MSRT and Malwarebytes are practically non-existent - which tells me something. If MS was doing such a bad job all along, why hasn't malwarebytes ever found anything on my PC? Don't worry, be XaPpy!
burlmart 03/19/14 08:54am Technology Corner
RE: Windows XP

MS Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, MSRT, is a free download that can do a quick or full scan along the lines of Malwarebytes. I think it gets security descriptions via monthly MS Tuesday patches. IT guys....Do I need to run this, or is it already automatically being done by the OS??? Meaning there was no need to download it as Windows KB890830-V5,9.exe Pretty sure MS recently said something about continuing, not just MSE, but also sending the Tuesday security info that MSRT needs. If I am on the right track, and if you trusted that MS does not need to have excessive reports of virus infection and malware, then with the MSE antivirus and MSRT malware detection/removal, an XP user actually has credible security measures in place.
burlmart 03/15/14 11:22am Technology Corner
RE: B+ motorhomes

ecovidual We have the '05 213 ao can probably help answer questions. Not much to point out about it by way of any cautions. If you get any water leak on the passenger side behind the front seat, it is the lag screws that holds the awning to roof and a good caulking w/ dicor RV roof caulk is the fix. A few of us had a leak there, not all of us, though. It's a solid unit that seems to be aging pretty well..
burlmart 03/14/14 07:32am Class C Motorhomes
RE: MSE and Windows 8

1492 OP has Norton already running. Would you recommend he uninstall it and replace w/ bitdefender? I looked at bitdefender's page, and it sounds perfect - security w/ no hassles or prompts, all for free. How do they make money?
burlmart 03/14/14 04:56am Technology Corner
RE: Windows XP

Is EMET functioning (shows as a process in task manager)? What, simply stated, is it doing?. Just out of curiosity, you did configure the specific program(s) in EMET to monitor? Otherwise, it doesn't do anything. Welll, nope. What does it do, and what programa does it monitor? I saw the pdf and GUI for EMET, but do not speak ITese I am such a light user, maybe I should just drop EMET? On Comodo, you once back a while recommended it and I tried it, but it was confusing for me. The sandboxed dragon chrome beowser is too hard for me to see w/o high contrast black. So I am back to MSE, Malwarebytes, and Firefox , and This thing from MS KB890830-V5.9.exe...can you tell me what it does and compare it to malwarebytes?
burlmart 03/12/14 02:52pm Technology Corner
RE: Windows XP

1. A few years back, folks here convinced me to install EMET free from MS online, a MS security program that shows up as an icon in the taskbar tray and, I presume, scans for some type of bugs. I recently updated it, and now, when I right click it, it says "administrative privledges required" I thought I was the admin, even recently set up a password for 'Owner' Is EMET functioning (shows as a process in task manager)? What, simply stated, is it doing?. 2. Relatedly, I recently downloaded from MS online "Windows-KB890830-V5.9.exe" When I run this, it acts like a compact malwarebytes to do a quick or a full scan. Is this the thing that will keep getting security info every month from MS for one ,ore year? What is it in simple talk? Hoping some IT folk can explain these two items, and how they fit in to adding security. May be helpful to us all, here.
burlmart 03/12/14 03:14am Technology Corner
RE: MS to Rush Out New Windows

Seems I read somewhere how W 7 is just Vista code minus some bling. And Vista's main curse was its new departure in code from XP needed all new drivers, but there weren't many around. Seems like all those updates would make Vista more like the now venerable W 7
burlmart 03/09/14 02:05pm Technology Corner
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