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RE: has anyone removed their awning? is there a simple way?

martha got these pics. label says A&E Systems - i cannot find a odel # in papers. back end overall http://i.imgur.com/aV5keqol.jpg screw in fabric to rail http://i.imgur.com/nJ6P6lRl.jpg bailing wire where I AM GUESSING? pin/nail goes http://i.imgur.com/Ad9fJ3kl.jpg front end shots http://i.imgur.com/GBXAlGhl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/059gM9Il.jpg http://i.imgur.com/fBh23NRl.jpg
burlmart 06/12/15 10:12am General RVing Issues
RE: has anyone removed their awning? is there a simple way?

thanks i will go up to try and get make 'n model and maybe pics
burlmart 06/12/15 08:32am General RVing Issues
RE: has anyone removed their awning? is there a simple way?

great relief from youtubes. both your replies match, and rhey sound easy, like the samboree tech said it'd be. what should i look for as the place to insert a cotter pin/nail?
burlmart 06/12/15 08:09am General RVing Issues
has anyone removed their awning? is there a simple way?

in 10 years of RVing, we've never used the awning. we opened it a time or 2 to inspect it. i would love to remove lag screws to unattach vertical elements and then simply slide the 13' awning tube out of its rail (see sig pic). at a samboree, a tech presenter said it was that simple. but youtube vids show awning is not fully unsprung and it is quite complicated to take off. i want to store it for possible replacement in future.
burlmart 06/12/15 04:29am General RVing Issues
RE: laptop sleeping question

mr wizard are you saying we do not need to let a windows laptop (8.1 in my case) sleep? i am not a fan, so if i can do w/o while not overstressing anything, i'd be happy. if unused for maybe an hour or so, pressing a key or moving the mouse awakens it. after a couple hours, my sleeping pc seems to drift to a DEEP sleep and i have to press the power button to wake it.
burlmart 06/12/15 04:11am Technology Corner
ideas for better kwikee door switch?

the 2 wired plastic magnetic sensor-face of my kwikee step's door switch is double-sided-taped facing the aluminum door casing. the magnet part is glued and screwed to the aluminum screen door so when it closes, it is close to the hidden face, but there is too much between the 2 parts to properly "trip the switch" each time when opening/closing door. i put a strong magnet near the two wire magnet sensor and action is MUCH BETTER. i see no easy mod to improve the setup as is. are there other switches that work better, or mods that are easy and which work every time?
burlmart 06/10/15 04:13pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: O.K. to use a battery terminal disconnect switch?

plugged in to shore and both batteries charged this time. unplugged shore and iso solenoid (top shiny one in pics) stays warm and i read 11.2 v across its two small terminals instead of zero. turn house batt disconnect to STORE and still read 11.2 across small terms. had the idea to toggle the dash emergency start switch, snd solenoid clicked off w/ zero volts across small iso solenoid terminals. i think that the 'failing' solenoid is actually a symptom of a different issue that existed the 10 yrs i have owned the rig. it is only about 5 yrs old and replaces the 5 year OEM relay. i titled this thread "O.K. to use a battery terminal disconnect switch?" i think i would get more of what i need to keep my 2 batteries healthy if i could lose the iso solenoid and charge batts separately as needed while not in use. SOOO...if i simply disconnect rhe two wires from the 2 small iso solenoid terminals, would i get what i want and cause no harm?
burlmart 06/07/15 09:21am Class C Motorhomes
RE: O.K. to use a battery terminal disconnect switch?

i sure have measured a voltage between house batt pos term and the unconnected ground cable before. i may be needing a 3rd solenoid, today i felt the iso solenoid and it was warm. it was not latching to allow shore or genset to charge chassis, only house batt was getting 13.++ i tapped solenoid w/ a tack hammer a few times and it must've latched as chassis batt voltage read 13.xx strange behavior such as needing a quick on/off toggle to reverse polarity and force these BIRD isolator solenoids to unlatch and/or lose 12v between two small terminals after charging was discussed in markopolo's classBforum, so it's not my imagination. DPDT tames BIRD i would dearly love to get to a simpler setup where house and chassis are totally separate like in many older rigs. this can include the qwikee step/ignition and emergency start wiring as well. i just don't know how to safely disengage all this hardware what my rig has. http://i.imgur.com/CA8wJ6ol.jpg http://i.imgur.com/2RKh2ixl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/BH2KD0tl.jpg intellitec SINGLE DISCONNECT BATTERY CONTROL CENTER http://www.intellitec.com/assets/pdf/5301087new3.pdf
burlmart 06/06/15 01:28pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Windows 10 icon

I guess the next question going around the forums is after a year is up maybe we will have to subscribe for the next years use of WIN 10 using money? Like they did with the MS OFFICE 365 thing. a lot of articles are out there trying to second-guess MS's definition of free. it appears they are saying free until your device's lifetime is reached. any vagueness would be w/r physically broken hardware vs too outdated to handle further W10 updates. i am running W8.1 on a 6 month old $230 toshiba C55-B from Bb. it is a much easier to live with rig than my old XP desktop and laptop, both of which physically died. i am looking forward to W10, and scheduled the update as soon as i saw the icon. i sense a very different tone from MS with this icon as compared to the malicious red-X threatening pop-up i got on my XP machines.
burlmart 06/05/15 03:40am Technology Corner
RE: Moving on...

you sound pleased, and that is a great thing. the 213 is built-for-two, no doubt about that...well, two humans and plenty of dogs! enjoy!
burlmart 06/03/15 09:26pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Anyone not want to retire?

500 yrs back, when many of us were young, "jobbe of worke" meant a forceful 'jab' at some piece of work (contrasted with continuous labor). various societies have evolved systems of norms or enen moral codes to facilitate how and which individuals will be expected to do the necessary busy-ness to sustain a given culture. the main function of the cultue is to provide its members with a sense of worthiness, even of heroism. so our ideas about work and career are entwined both with individual personality type as well as what others expect of us. modernity has given some freedom to each 'worker bee' and we are able to opt out of society's business. only you know if your social compensation (pay and appreciation) is balanced with your individual self-worth. if yes, you may retire later on. if no, you have to determne your personal answer to "How much stuff is enoug?" if your answer is '"more", you too may be retiring later, but not as happily as the guy before. if you are expecting to need to be doing this, that, and the other to be a happy retiree, i would point out that in many less frantic cultures - counter to our own - one is urged to "don't just do something, sit there.'
burlmart 06/02/15 06:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone not want to retire?

I've seen discussion threads like this before and they always seem to amaze me. For the sake of getting at the core of the issue in a hurry, consider this scenario relative to yourself: If you were born independently wealthy - would you just for the fun of it work at a job keeping the hours, fighting the traffic, missing the precious moments of your kids growing up, etc. ... for decades just to have something to do? Not me ... not in a million years. If not needing to for financial reasons I would never have worked "at a job", but I would have kept very busy in a hundred other ways. I worked for decades in a high stress job exactly in the field I was educated in and interested in only because it's salary allowed me to provide for our family while at the same time providing for the ultimate situation - not having to work. IAW, my job was a necessary evil and merely a means to an ends. If one really wants to get into it, they can spend a lifetime in very busy activities helping others anyplace in the world, or pursuing hobbies anyplace in the world, or exploring the arts anyplace in the world, or doing a myriad of other things - besides keeping someone else's schedule or meeting someone else's expectations like a "job" requires. this is as i see it...today when i am 60. but it was different in my younger time. i have always been fascinated by work and business (busy-ness) from a philosophy perspective. in my mid thirties, i asked a lot of similar aged friends this somewhat pointed question: if you would be supplied with a comfortable pension starting now with the stipulation that you could not provide any form of service to another, could you live with this deal? no voluntary action for church, hospice, animal shelter, car or house repair, meals for homebound, offering of expert advice, counseling - nothing that is commonly done by employed individuals or businesses. you could only do such supportive activities for yourself. at the time, none of us said we could do this (except one elementary school teacher).
burlmart 05/31/15 08:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trail-lite r-vision VS. Coachman Elite

a lot of members on rv.net have bought used trail lites and give pretty satisfactory reports of them. while fairly budget level, the fiberglass body parts in front cap and back corners + pretty well installed rubber or TPO roofs seem to age well. interiors hold up pretty well, and appliances and chassis are standard across most RV builders.
burlmart 05/30/15 02:12pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Coach Battery

you may have a b.i.r.d. device that un-isolates both batts whenever 1) shore or genset are charging, or 2) when the alternator is charging. it may have failed or maybe one of its 5 or so connectors came loose. http://i.imgur.com/w25f2R2l.png
burlmart 05/29/15 04:06pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: O.K. to use a battery terminal disconnect switch?

seems like after a good 24 hr charge via parallax converter, i unplug shore and toggle house disconnect to STORE. batteries' voltage after a few hours settle in the 12.5-12.6 range. so i disconnect house ground cable and soon hear a clunk. in a few minutes, chassis bat is a happy high 12.68 and rhe house a cozy 12.75. 5 yrs ago i replaced the chassis/house isolator solenoid, but i think it never changed a thing. i am suspicious that the B.I.R.D. gatekeeper is not adhering to its 13.3 v thresholds, and never has. or else trail lite miswired something. if i knew where the bird is, i might figure a way to test it.
burlmart 05/29/15 01:24pm Class C Motorhomes
O.K. to use a battery terminal disconnect switch?

i think my house and chassis batts stay in parallel more than the isolator solenoid and bidirectional isolator relay delay device are supposed to keep them after a charge. i am thinking to put a terminal disconnect knob/switch gadget on the positive terminal of my house batt. i would use it to disconnect the house batt after charging via shore or genset. i will monitor voltages in both batts to determine a good frequency and length of charge. i was wondering if this would have any bad impact on the house batt disconnect solenoid and its STORE/USE toggle, or any detrimental impact on the chassis/house batt isolator solenoid and its B.I.R.D. controller.
burlmart 05/28/15 07:38am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 2004 Georgetown Intellitec Battery Disconnect Switch

i would try running genset or plug in to shore power to see if higher voltages might 'undo' some hangup.
burlmart 05/27/15 01:41am Tech Issues
RE: Surge-gaurd

i often see 'most newer rigs protect against'. what do any of recently widely employed inverters by rvia rv builders have built-in to protect rigs from surge, polarity, hi/lo voltage, bad ground,...?
burlmart 05/24/15 07:09am Tech Issues
RE: Looking at Winnebago View

it is as big as many motel rooms, and it has a kitchen.
burlmart 05/23/15 08:12pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: bidirectional isolator relay delay and voltages

CA, the previous solenoid pic was from 2011 when i was already wondering about a fluxing voltage field of the two batts. i was urged to replace the isolator solenoid. this is the completed replacement today. there was no notable difference before/after switch. http://i.imgur.com/B2qT6mdl.jpg i listed several 'as it should be' things in attempting a clear picture of state of switches when i observe 2 weird results: 1) engine alternator charging chassis batt alone handles house DC, and 2) the spooky 5 sec where non-charging chassis batt could nevertheless power house DC Chris' explanation makes perfect sense w/r my BIRD setup but it is things like 2) that i detect w/ my voltmeter, and as MEXICO says, causes my hail to fall out. i am gonna just stop taking readings, i think. i know that posts of such results is a real turn-off. thanks, guys.
burlmart 05/22/15 07:15pm Tech Issues
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