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RE: Tent Camping Forum

What is a "chip tent"? If you mean cheap tents, try Walmart.
buta4 07/24/15 11:47am Tent Camping
RE: Chrysler vehicles can be hacked

What with the present computer systems and associated softwares installed in newer trucks and cars, and the soon to be popular (probably) self-driving vehicles, just wait and see what terrorists do with it. And they will, eventually. Picture massive all-of-a-sudden accidents etc. Scary to even think about. :(
buta4 07/22/15 02:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Why you should have a filtration system on your RV..

:h So they had rust in their water system? It's not going to kill you. What are you going to complain about? Bad tasting water? Just what is so bad about drinking rusty water (iron water)? Why does Turtle n Peeps have to respond this way? I have noticed some people on this forum need to work on their netiquette (online etiquette), IMHO. Ahhhhh, I didn't "respond" to anything. :h If you notice, those are question marks in back of my sentences. Sorry about your offence; but those were questions from me, not statements. But "It's not going to kill you." IS a statement, oui?
buta4 07/19/15 11:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: You might be in trouble if.....

I've owned transport trucks and trailers and have been a heavy duty mechanic for 40 years and like the old saying "never judge a book by its cover" is true for repair shops. Seen ones like this and not always but many times have some really good mechanics or owners. Especially when they let you stay there. Try that at any in the city!!! X2! I needed a new exhaust system in a 2006 Hyundai Sonata. My mechanic looked under the hood. He said new exhaust system is needed at $840 for the part plus other sundry parts at $1,300 inc. labor. Internet searches found system and parts alone for $1,500. Went to Auto Zone to see about the part. Auto Zone Mgr said to see HIS mechanic for a second opinion. I went to his mechanic's ramshackle shop with a dozen or so cars in the messy overgrown yard. He put the car on a lift, found the exhaust leak in one of the bellows and repaired it with a new bellows and welded it on. Cost was $150! Got me a new mechanic as of that moment.
buta4 07/14/15 01:20pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Tent Thoughts

I suggest a tent with the following... 1. A FLY. When it RAINS (and it will) and the WIND BLOWS (and it will), a tarp might not survive whereas a fitted fly will. 2. A sewn-in floor to help keep water out and to prevent creepy-crawlies from any surprises. Snakes, insects, racoons, etc. 3.At least full standup height at the center of the tent. One has to stretch out those leg muscles in the morning or during nightly restroom visits or to change clothes. 4. Get your own tent stakes, not the ones that come with any tent. Toss them out. 12" steel spikes work well, to keep tent SECURE. See #1 above. :)
buta4 07/14/15 12:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: CW has our RV for 13 months and counting

Boils down to the Great American Work Ethic. Few care about how well the do their jobs, just gimme the paycheck and no pride on a job well done!
buta4 07/14/15 12:02pm Camping World RV Sales
RE: baltimore harbor tunnel

Just before the tunnel the State Police are standing to wave off campers and such onto a small exit road. Check your license etc. Then direct you to the Key Bridge. Done it-been there.
buta4 07/11/15 06:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: The Battle of Britain

That is Winston's greatest quote in my opinion. He was a very wise and intelligent man, excepting the Galipolli Campaign, and quick-witted also. I remember reading a blurb about Winston and a certain smart-mouthed reporter of sorts at a cocktail party once. The 'reporter' said to Winston (quotes are approximate) ... "I don't drink, I don't smoke, I sleep all night and I'm 100% fit!" To which Winston replied ... "I drink, I smoke, I work mostly at night and I'm 200% fit!" Brilliant comeback. Gotta love that man as one of the century's greatest.
buta4 07/11/15 12:44pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Camping with the Loons?

Loon Mountain, NH?
buta4 07/10/15 07:36pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Public Lands Reference List.

Thank you.:)
buta4 07/10/15 04:09pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
Public Lands Reference List.

Perhaps the following links may be useful to some seeking public camping areas. I'm sure some also already know about these as well. (Sorry, can't do clickies):o WWW.BLM.GOV WWW.USBR.COM WWW.NPS.GOV WWW.RECREATION.GOV WWW.USACE.ARMY.MIL WWW.FWS.GOV WWW.FS.FED.US
buta4 07/10/15 09:40am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Birds tapping at rear RV windows . . . advise please.

Stuffed toy cat in window?
buta4 07/10/15 08:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Moderator pump advice needed

lol ;)
buta4 07/10/15 08:43am Tech Issues
RE: You Know Your A Redneck When...

When you load up the camper and drive out in the back field to camp, after cutting the hay it's like a new place and it just beggs to be camped in. ....even before the hay is cut.... http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j157/geewizard/IMG_3437.jpg High grass and a HOT catylitic converter possibly start a fire under your unit. I saw it happen once in New Brunswick Canada. Just sayin. :)
buta4 07/07/15 08:41am Truck Campers
RE: You Know Your A Redneck When...

As an admitted Redneck, "You Know Your A Redneck When..." leaves the door open for discussion for just about anything. It is my belief and understanding that a Redneck is someone that is not politically correct. If you are not politically correct just about anything you say or think is okay if it is what you believe to be true. You can say what you think, not what people want to hear. It is my belief, the more Redneck you are, the more truthful you are. I will moderate this thread in the spirit of a Redneck. If someone post and hurts your feelings, walk away. Name calling is unacceptable. . As a native Bostonian I find rednecks a hoot and I usually admire their activities. They come up with some practical ideas to make do with less. Ain't gotta hot tub? Just put a plastic tarp in a P/U truck bed and so on. Ideas like that are a great read. :C
buta4 07/06/15 06:06pm Truck Campers
RE: Keeping pets cool while parked, no AC in rig?

Pets in car info Some Temperature info Might want to send Dr. Doug a PM and ask opinion. Moderator of RV Pet Stop Excellent idea. NAIO, Kitty had a paw medical problem and clawed within the cage, that's one reason I posted that comment. Perhaps a softer,cushioned type of enclosure would have been better, except for the added warmth of the padding. Darn tough situation and I hope you can discover a solution.
buta4 07/04/15 04:11am RV Pet Stop
RE: Keeping pets cool while parked, no AC in rig?

Get a small AC for your furbaby PERIOD! Above 80* degrees is dangerous if not deadly. Remember the kitty has a fur coat and requires CLEAN water to drink several times a day. Clipping the heavy coat would help a bit but it's not a cureall. Hot outside air can turn a small camper into a oven I don't care how many fans are running it's still just hot air. Unlike the human body a cat's bodily reserves are much more limited. I lost a kitty (Putzie) when he hid inside a neighbor's hot garage attic and was too scared to come out, in the summer heat, under the floorboards, amongst the hot insulation. Died two days later. I'm just thinking of you kitty, nothing else. PS: "Clawed at the cage all night"?? I could not ever put an animal through that. Just my personal thoughts for what it's worth. I hope you can solve this problem.
buta4 07/03/15 10:09pm RV Pet Stop
RE: snake skin

buta4 07/01/15 06:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: I give up, Bud wins

Bud will eat when he gets hungry. Bill X2 After a day or two and an empty stomach he'll start on the dry food alright. Just takes fortitude and patience on your part. Warning:: Do not look directly at his eyes during this time frame if you choose to do it this way. You'll be dead meat it you do and they darn well know it. ;) You're not "getting" it - Bud eats. The problem is that he eats so slowly, that the other dogs will eat what he leaves behind. Not all dogs wolf their food down all at once. Just a thought here. Perhaps he may have molar problems that make it uncomfortable to eat solids easily? Again just a thought.
buta4 06/27/15 09:25am RV Pet Stop
RE: I give up, Bud wins

Bud will eat when he gets hungry. Bill X2 After a day or two and an empty stomach he'll start on the dry food alright. Just takes fortitude and patience on your part. Warning:: Do not look directly at his eyes during this time frame if you choose to do it this way. You'll be dead meat it you do and they darn well know it. ;)
buta4 06/26/15 10:47am RV Pet Stop
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