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RE: Are there any mfrs with bad overall reputations?

All I can say is-I am a tech at an RV dealer. We service "every" make and model (not just what we sell like lots of RV dealers do). We get "hands down" lots more units with the THOR name, than all others combined. More precisely "By Keystone" Thats not saying that every one is bad, just we get more of them for repairs. All repairs. No certain fix, just a variety of problems. But as mentioned above, THOR customer service is relatively good.
chevyman2 11/18/14 07:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Winter camping near north jersey

To the OP--we recently sold our beloved PUP. We bought a HTT (that we use as a TT since we dont need the external bedding anymore, the big dinette makes our bed and the couch serves as seating and dining area) Anyway, we kept the porta-potty that we used in the PUP. Reason I mention this is because now we "can" use our "winterized" HTT by using the porta-potty at night, and CG facilities other times. We can bring in water for other uses (dishes, ETC). Never have to "de-winterize" until spring, and camp all year long.
chevyman2 11/17/14 08:22am Beginning RVing
RE: Would you buy this truck?

Looks like a decent buy. I certainly prefer the 7.3 over the 6.0 YUP Id buy it
chevyman2 11/17/14 08:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: Reeeeally small class Cs in Japan

Winnebago makes the REYO and Thor makes a VEGAS. Both of those could be considered a "Smart Car" on steroids. They are very small (I guess they are considered more of a class B) officially called "RUVs" They are about the same lenght as a full size van, but NOT a "van body" and you can stand upright inside. Yes the Japanese version is indeed smaller, but these little RUVs are a good USA replacement for Japans "K" series RVs
chevyman2 11/17/14 08:08am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Winterized fuel

I would say in OK-YES. In north to central TX-YES. In southern TX-NO. Regardless of what "might" be. Go get some "diesel emergency 911" that stuff is awesome.
chevyman2 11/17/14 07:42am General RVing Issues
RE: LED Tail light bulbs

Foil works well. Simple LED bulbs not as well as foil. However I do like the complete LED light assembly replacements. 1 thing to remember if you swap out assemblies. (Depending on your tow vehicle). Sometimes LED assemblies can cause tow vehicle flashers or (under the hood) fuses to blow more frequently, because the LEDs light up much much faster than standard. I dont pretend to know all the workings and why, I just know that we get blown fuses and flashers every day, almost all of them are pulling trailers with LED taillight assemblies.
chevyman2 11/17/14 07:37am Travel Trailers
RE: Hot water heater full of debris

easy way to flush a water heater is to remove the drain plug (Atwood) or anode rod (Suburban) and plug in the hose to city water, let the water pour. If it is cold or in a place you want to stay dry (or simply want to conserve water). You may place a blow out plug in the city water connection, and let air pour thru the system. Either way, as long as the plug is removed from the water heater, it will clean the heater tank pretty well.
chevyman2 11/17/14 07:29am Fifth-Wheels

From an RV techs perspective. We get several Thor products in for repairs every week. Most of them are fairly quick fixes, but they are notorious for repairs. (And yes we get just as many Fleetwood Discovery, Expedition, and Excursions) also. Working for a dealer that is just 90 miles (or so) from a Camping World. I would never recommend them (when you can drive another 2 hours and buy from us). In all honosty, If you like the AXIS, buy the AXIS! A lot of problems are brought on ourself. If you expect complete perfection. Go buy a Rembrandt! If you are willing to live with a few imperfections. Buy ANY brand! If you are willing to fiddle a bit, then any RV will be good.
chevyman2 11/10/14 03:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Sunseeker 3010DS - question

most class Cs have the fresh water tank and water pump located under the bed on one side, and typical slide out mechanisms on other side. So YES, you should have a little storage, but not alot. In most Sunseekers the main storage is the huge area at the rear on the outside.
chevyman2 11/10/14 03:42pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Winterizing 2014 Coachmen Freelander 31DS

I have winterized a good many Class Cs this year. Not a 14 Freelander though. Every class C that I have winterized has had a open fitting near the water pump (likely under your bed in a small compartment at the head of the bed). This fitting usually has the same plug as an "Atwood" water heater uses for a plug. Any RV shop will carry an attachment that will screw into that fitting (on one end) and allow you to place the other end over a typical hose (like a garden hose). Then just stick that hose in your antifreeze bottle and turn on the pump.
chevyman2 11/10/14 03:38pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Palomino Columbus vs Carriage Carri-lite

Well you certainly can not compare a Carriage to a Forest River, or a Thor. I know we dont have a "Columbus" dealer close, so we dont see many of them, but Forest River is generally a decent-to-good quality unit. (Someone mentiond a Montana). Well we get many many Thor products in for repair. A lot more than any other name BY FAR! Of course Carriage is no longer in business, but we get a few in as a trade, and everyone has been near perfect even a few years old. Basically (to the OP) its your choice. Pick out the one you like the best and go with it. Usually when posts like this are made, it is because they want someone to blame if their decision proves to be bad. Really you can get good and bad in everything, so the one YOU want, is the best one for you. It doesnt matter if it is the one that WE want.
chevyman2 11/10/14 03:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Unusual frame construction - Wildwood

I was going to say that. We have 3 trade in Wildwoods waiting to get the proper PDI treatment. However at a glance during appraisal. I did notice that each has the same fishplating at the 20' mark. So yes it is common on Wildwoods
chevyman2 11/10/14 03:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: How well do used heavy 5ers sell?

In the last 4 weeks, we have had 2 Carri-Lites, 1 Mobile Suite, and 1 Newmar Kountry Star (5er). We still have the Mobile Suite (not ready for sale yet) The other 3 units sold on the service lot, before we even had a chance to PDI them. So yes, if the price is right, they sell fast fast
chevyman2 11/10/14 03:15pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: condensation in t/t

X2 on the "Damp Rid" It sells for $5 for the small container or $10 for the big container at Wally in the camping section near automotive.
chevyman2 11/10/14 03:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Which balance beads where to get installed near Houston, TX

We use them on all of our RV tires. We get them from the Peterbilt dealer near by. They use them on of their Semi Truck tires. Oh Yeah-the bags look just like the picture above
chevyman2 11/10/14 03:04pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ice Maker - What is this!

either remove the icemaker or winterize it. while you still have your siphon hose in the antifreeze, (check the solenoid to determine 12 volts or 120 volts) then make a jumper wire with 2 ends that will fit over a spade. Unhook the wires from the solenoid, plug in the jumper wire and plug the other end of the jumper in to the appropriate power source. (either the 110 receptacle or a 12 volt battery ETC) Let run for a few seconds then go empty the ice tray (if pink) Unplug everything, re-plug original -DONE
chevyman2 11/01/14 05:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Input/Opinions Desired: ALLEGRO BREEZE

I doubt seriously you get 13 MPG. I would bet on 8-10 MPG. Tiffin in general is a fairly good product. The Breeze is not the highest in the food chain, but still a pretty good unit. As with any other purchase, Look close, and TEST DRIVE!! If the seller will not allow a test drive, dont buy! Also see if the seller can arrange a place to demonstrate all major appliances work. I know it takes a while for fridge and water heater to do their job completely on electric, but you can flip each on LP, and give it lots of time to see that the flame stays lit. Worst case senario, you might have to run those on LP, which BTW does not use that much LP.
chevyman2 10/27/14 02:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 94 vectra with 12 volt situation

Could be many things really. As JimM68 said. The engine batteries will be bigger in size and 12 volt (I dont know if your Vectra had 1 or 2 engine batteries) Likely 2. They should be connected pos to pos and neg to neg. The coach batteries could be several 6 volt, or a couple 12 volt. If 2 12 volt, then they are also pos to pos and neg to neg. HOWEVER, if they are a few 6 volt, then they wire pos to neg, and neg to pos, ETC. (ALWAYS TAKE A PICTURE OF YOUR BATTERIES AND WIRING BEFORE REMOVING THEM) Now there is a breaker near the batteries somewhere that could have thrown. (It does not look like a typical breaker) but more like a little black box with a small reset button "generally" on the bottom. Also, find your "battery disconnect" switch. If that is off. You wont have any 12 volt working. Now if you wired everything up right, and your reset is not tripped, and your disconnect switch is "on". Does your engine start? If so, maybe your coach batteries are simply dead. If all is good and your engine starts, Then (while your engine is running) press and hold your "battery boost" or "emergency start" button, and start the generator. (OR) use jumper cables from engine to coach batteries. Remember the Generator starts from the coach batteries. The Emergency start button literally ties coach and chassis batteries together.
chevyman2 10/27/14 02:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Jayco Kiwi Roof

RV roofs are made with rafters made of 2X2 lumber. A piece of 1/2" (floorboard-or-pressboard)covers the entire surface. Then the final covering. (Rubber or fiberglass) thin sheet is applied over the wood. Finally some sort of sealant is applied to all seams. YES you can walk on your roof anywhere you want. Im not sure what the weight limit is, but our roof guy is upward of 300 lbs. and he walks all over the roofs every day.
chevyman2 10/27/14 02:16pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: A.C.E. Motorhomes

for about the same price you can get a Winnebago, Tiffin, Newmar, or Forest River product. The ACE is a Thor product, and Thor stuff is known industry wide for having issues with slideout and leveling jack problems. We get them in daily. BTW, Winnebago actually mounts their front chairs to steel and has the whole front "A to B" pillar section made of steel. All others use fiberglass and wood in this area. Winnebago also uses a 1 piece fiberglass roof. Actually I hope you find the product you like and have the best luck with it (regardless of brand name). If its ACE, then go buy an ACE. I just hope you enjoy whatever you buy.
chevyman2 10/20/14 08:06am Class A Motorhomes
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