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RE: I think we may be done now

Do I ever understand. The DW is struggling more and more with inner ear issues, which causes her to get very ill when riding (as a passenger) in a moving vehicle. However a few years ago we discovered that she does much better when driving. Our TT just frieghtened her silly trying to pull it. We now have a PUP. We have a mid-size SUV with a V8 and this fairly larger size PUP. She drives it all the time and is relieved. (Luckily my health is still decent and I have no problems setting up/tearing down the PUP with her help). I think downsizing your rig "or" getting a permanent/lake site somewhere just might work for you. Seriously, please do whatever you think is best for you. If you end up staying in Motels. Thats OK too. We did that for about 4 years till we decided to try a PUP. Whatever you do. Motel, lake lot, or downsize. I certainly wish you the best, and please be safe at all cost.
chevyman2 03/16/14 09:06pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Disney raises ticket price

Well this is hard for me to reply, because I worked at an amusement park for a couple seasons. The one I worked at had 3000 employees every day the park was open. And consider at (my) park (although Disney is a bit different here), most of the admissions any given day was season pass holders. So in that aspect. The park was not making any real big dollars on a given day, but add up all the operating days and the $10 burgers, ETC. Then yes the parks make big money. IMO the admission (and especially gifts and concessions) are way too high. but they do give you an experience and thrills that leave you talking. I dont see myself going to Disney anytime. Probably not any parks, but maybe SDC. I just cant swing the fees these days.
chevyman2 02/23/14 10:54pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Interesting trip to say the least

Yes please keep the pics comin in. due to $$$ I had to put mine away late Aug. Looks like it may be June before I get her back out. Its all good though Keep campin as often as you can.
chevyman2 02/23/14 10:46pm Truck Campers
RE: Lawnmower Racing

Dont know really. My guess would be to try MAV-TV. That is a TV station that televises all different brands of racing. I think if anyone would have a schedule, MAV will. I assume it is mavtv.com
chevyman2 11/22/13 09:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dehumidifies for truck camper

I go to Wally and buy a bucket called "DAMP RID" it is in the RV accessories aisle and (the one I bought yesterday) cost $9.88. All you do is remove the lid and place on floor. I leave it in all year, and replace it every year at winterize time. You can replace the lid when using the camper, but I forgotten to at times with no negative results. It is calcium chloride (fragrance free) Usually by the end of summer I end up with a very full bucket of partially crystals and partially water. It does work very well in my PUP trailer. Everything ia always dry when we get back in it. And the canvas is dry with no mold or stains.
chevyman2 09/08/13 11:57pm Truck Campers
RE: Dog ran over

Not sure. Im not sure his tail is the thing to be concerned about at this point. I am sure sorry to hear about Dakota. Them pets become a major part of the family, and you hurt as bad as they do in these situations.. Best of Luck with your baby, and prayers of comfort to you all.
chevyman2 09/08/13 11:48pm RV Pet Stop
RE: This is different, what to do with old motor homes.

Well I was going to say. Give the old MHs to Brett Michaels, but maybe giving them to Mario Andretti might work too. heehee
chevyman2 09/01/13 11:14pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Aiming a SWM3 with Genie.

Wow Im glad the beeps are back with the SWM. I now a Genie also at home, but am still using a "non-HD" dish and HD-DVR when camping. No beeps. It certainly takes 2 aiming this setup.
chevyman2 09/01/13 11:06pm Technology Corner
RE: Branson MO

I have been to the Jellystone park there many times. It is real nice. It has also been a few years now.
chevyman2 08/26/13 12:32am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Directv Satellite Question

^^^^^^ The only reason anyone would call Direct to ask their service address be changed would be to recieve the local channels (at the location they are at right then)
chevyman2 08/26/13 12:26am Technology Corner
RE: Where to buy an RV mattress like the bunk mattresses?

We used MERLO MATTRESSES in central Illinois. They manufacture mattresses according to YOUR specs. Thickness, firmness, dimensions. Dont remember the cost anymore, but it was well worth it for us.
chevyman2 08/23/13 11:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Directv Satellite Question

Does an HR22 even have 2 tuners? (2 lead connecters on back of back). It might, I just dont know. Either way, with your HR22 (SWM at home). All you need to camp is a round 18" single LNB (as mentioned above). When you set up at camp. You will need to go into menu/settings/repeat sat setup---hit dash button. let it do its thing, then change "DISH TYPE" to round 18" (Note) -- the switch will change automatically from SWM to multi. Then hit continue and let it do its thing again. After that hit "view sat signal" and go aim.
chevyman2 08/23/13 11:50pm Technology Corner
RE: I have asked this question a dozen times

mikathi, Thank you for your time and post. I will take a look and see if I can help with this matter. Please let me check tomorrow and get back with you. Mark F Marcus' Rapid Response Team goodsamcs@goodsamfamily.com Look at it like this. Mark couldnt possibly give LESS info than Mikathi gave us.
chevyman2 08/18/13 09:17pm Camping World RV Sales
I know where the PUPs are

OK I obviously do not know where "every single" PUP on the entire planet is. My point here is this. On our way back home Sunday from our own camping weekend. I counted 23 PUPs that was being towed down the interstate (opposite direction of what we were driving). Why is this a big deal? 1-I have travelled down interstates for years now and most trips I dont see even 1 PUP 2-We was on the interstate for only 36 miles. 3-That does not include the 5 I seen on the the 20 miles of 2 lane we travelled after turning off the interstate. Funny enough, we was the ONLY PUP at the CG this weekend
chevyman2 08/04/13 11:48pm Folding Trailers
RE: Directv zero signal

Thanks guys. No Bill-it is not set for SWM. Both boxes still do and have since 2007 say multiswitch. Also my HR24 has 2 cables coming in. HENCE I have said very clearly I HAVE NEVER HAD TO MAKE ANY FRICKEN CHANGES!!! Seems everyone wants to make me sound like the fool. Well guess what. Somebody just may be, and it is likely me! But not for the reason you think. Someone told me to recheck the cables. Good advice, also the very first thing everybody thinks of and does. Some mentioned different problems that are related to dishes mounted on the RV roof. AGAIN read my post. How could that possibly relate to my problem? Seriously, I just wanted you guys to READ, READ, READ my post, then give me a logical answer. The only logical posts are the ones that told me of a possible solution. (IE) check cables--warped dish itself. SWM-multiswitch could be a real problem granted, and it makes perfect sense, except, AGAIN if you would have really READ my post, I said I have never made any changes. If the house had been setup for SWM. and my portable setup was not, well then DUH!!! I would have been making changes, but I havent been. Dont missunderstand me, I truly do appreciate your responses, but really just handing out different ideas, without truly understanding what the real problem is, just wastes lots of time and makes the people involved just more angered. AGAIN thank you all very much
chevyman2 08/01/13 03:18am Technology Corner
RE: Directv zero signal

Lonestar--THANK YOU. I have been thinking that myself. John--Well I believe the answer is in the post. Anyone else ever have this problem?
chevyman2 07/29/13 12:34am Technology Corner
Directv zero signal

In a nutshell. At home I have a slimline dish with (SL3 LNB?) I have a HD DVR (HR24) in the living room and a HD box (H21) in bedroom. This was setup buy Direct and all works perfectly fine. When camping I take my bedroom TV with the HD box (H21), and a "multi-satellite" dish with (3 LNB). This has always worked great, never had to make any system changes. Now suddenly, I have zeros all the way across the signal meters, with a message that says "tuner 1 not acquired" I know my dish is pointed close enough to get some signal. (This refers to the camping setup only--home works fine on both receivers) Direct says bad LNB. I have been given 3 different LNBs from friends. (1 identical, 1 3LNB "says slimline", 1 single eye LNB "says multi-satellite compatible") Neither works---With all 4 LNBs I still get "tuner 1 not acquired" --- the dish itself has been kept inside except when camping, and looks almost brand new. Any ideas anybody? (Bill Adams-winegard, PLEASE!!!!) and everyone else with ideas. PLEASE!!! So far I havent spent anything, but I dont want to buy things I dont need. Please help. (REMEMBER) this is the camper setup only. Home still works great--so i know the H21 receiver is good.
chevyman2 07/28/13 11:06pm Technology Corner
RE: There's some nasty people out there

Neither one of my kids would ever do that. At least if they thought they would be caught.
chevyman2 07/28/13 10:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Best place to but a new rv? RV shows, dealer, rallies?

I cant stress "do your homework" enough. Remember NADA does give you RV info also. I usually go in ANY dealership (car/boat/RV/ETC) with the KBB and/or NADA price in my head. I usually have a price that Im willing to pay, yet I offer a price a few hundred lower. Usually we meet somewhere in the middle of those two figures.
chevyman2 07/28/13 12:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Any RVs that can be pulled by a SUV Jeep Liberty V6

yea they make a few different 16-18' TTs nowadays. Ever think about a hybrid? They are pretty nice these days and in the most extreme weather days, you can fold the beds back in and make down the table to sleep.
chevyman2 07/28/13 12:44am Towing
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