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RE: Trucks 12 volt power lead to trailer battery

Charging is controlled by voltage and current (amps). Think of voltage like water pressure in a pipe, and amps (amp hours) live the volume of water you move from point A to point B. To float the trailer batteries you want somewhere near 13.7 volts, to charge it in a hurry you need closer to 14.4 volts. Imagine 2 55 gallon barrels 100 yards apart, connected by a good garden hose, lets put the full one at the top of a hill and the empty one at the bottom. you will move a lot of water in a hurry and fill the second one fast. Not imagine them on opposite ends of a football field, connected with 1/4 inch drip line. It is going to take all day to fill the empty one. Say we have a hose keeping the first one full (alternator) and the little drip line moving water to the second one. At first the second battle will seem to fill ok, but as the water level rises there is less and less difference between the height of the water in the two barrels. Same issue with charging the trailer batteries. The alternator keeps the trucks battery at 14.x volts, but the long, small wire between it and the trailers battery limits the amount of power that can be transferred. As the trailer battery charges, the (driving) voltage difference between the two batteries shrinks, and the amount of current (amps) that passes drops as well. A severely drained battery (8 or 10 volts) may pop a 30 amp fuse, a mostly charged battery (13+ volts) an amp or two may be all you get. I have a 20 amp buck/boost converter on my trailer, set at 13.5 volts. No matter what the oncoming voltage from the truck is, it pumps it to 13.5 volts and a max of 20 amps into the trailer. When I was dry camping I set it to 14.2 volts, faster charge but higher possibility of overcharging the trailer batteries.
christopherglenn 07/22/17 06:43pm Tech Issues
RE: TH for a family of 4 and NO off road toys - Yes - No?

We have a 40' TH, and no toys. We started with Mickey mouse and Thomas, and are currently stuck on Ipads. My 8 & 10 year old love the garage / bedroom to play in, and my DW & DD love the door to the garage being able to close. At some point we will have toys to put in there, it will probably be a moving van for DD first.. keeping in mind I am almost 60' long, and don't act stupid, I have fit into every campground and resort I have gone to - from Pismo beach to Ft Wilderness..
christopherglenn 07/22/17 06:01pm Toy Haulers
RE: Best loop at Fort Wilderness for 40' 5th wheel

We stayed in the 700 loop a few weeks ago. Tell them what you have when you get the reservation, and they will pick sites you can fit in. I didn't even unhook while we were there, and fir with several room to spare.
christopherglenn 05/24/17 09:25pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Really lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng TH

someone decent with photoshop. Didn't clean up the ground in front of the axles, and a few other spots.
christopherglenn 05/10/17 04:38pm Toy Haulers
RE: DEF - Usage

The DEF is only to reduce NOX emissions. Pre DEF systems did this by delaying injection to reduce peak pressures, and pumping a lot of exhaust back into the engine with the EGR. The DEF and SCR allow lower EGR flows, and more advanced timing, which puts the peak pressure where it makes more power, not less NOX. The DEF system then treats the exhaust to break down most of the NOX, to be below EPS levels. Advancing timing also helps with soot production, as the fuel has longer to burn in high temp / high pressure of the engine, before being shot out into the relatively low pressure exhaust system. Remember, more power for the same fuel is the same as less fuel for the same power.
christopherglenn 03/28/17 11:19pm Towing
RE: Factory GM Brake Controllers

I do a test pull with the IBC in my 16 Silverado before trips. Set it to max gain, and squeeze the tabs together at about 25 (residential street). Just about plants your face in the steering wheel. 18k fusion 405 5th wheel TH. Sounds like a setup issue - if switching controllers fixed it.
christopherglenn 03/23/17 10:34pm Towing
RE: Cap Concrete Block RV Pad

I have clay in the front yard, and back the boat over it to get it out and put away. I was rutting it something fierce. Ended up digging out 8 inches or so, putting in a bit of gravel to level it, and a 5 inch slab of cement, with 1" rebar running end to end. I park my diesel dually on the "path", and no wear / cracking at all. Clay heaves as it dry's out and gets wet again, which is why I went with rebar.
christopherglenn 03/23/17 10:24pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: I'm just gonna leave this here.

Trailer's not level... I wonder if the hitch weight on the uhaul is up or down..
christopherglenn 03/20/17 05:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: 2wd or 4x4?

The first time you get stuck without cell coverage, and without something large enough to drag you out (winch, another truck, etc), the cost difference becomes meaningless. What most people don't realize is once you are not in flat country, snow and ice actually becomes a PITA. Having actually put chains on and off in the Sierra's in slush, I can tell you it is money well spent. If you are never going to get more then a few truck lengths off dry pavement, it is a near total waste. If you plan of covering the sides of the trailer in mud from time to time - or tow on a beach, 4 go tires are better then 2.
christopherglenn 03/13/17 06:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: What's do you store the ladders while in route

The loft ladder rides in the loft, 2-3 inches past of the lip, the bunk ladder rides on the floor. We have a removable table for the couch, that rides wedged upside down between the bottom and back cushions of the couch. All the garage pillows and blankets ride on the bottom bunk, pressed up against the top one. If someone is crashing on the couch, their bedding is in the loft when "up".
christopherglenn 03/13/17 06:30pm Toy Haulers
RE: Lippert air pin box

You need the ACTUAL trailer weight, and the actual truck weight with and without the trailer (rear axle of the truck is what we want). The goal is the rear axle of the truck supports 20-25% of the trailers actual total weight.
christopherglenn 03/01/17 09:31pm Toy Haulers
RE: Lippert air pin box

I put one on my 40' TH and it did help quite a bit. Not fixed, but maybe 1/3 of what it was.
christopherglenn 02/28/17 11:20pm Toy Haulers
RE: 5GHZ wifi at campgrounds

I have a repeater on my TH. 2.4 external to connect with the parks wifi, 5ghz & 2.4 internal. The 5GHZ doesn't get more then 30 or 40 feet beyond the trailer, I have the power on the 2.4 limited to barely get outside the trailer. Always use different channels internal and external. I have hit access points several hundred feet away on the 2.4.
christopherglenn 02/22/17 12:16am Technology Corner
RE: Airing down Sailun Tires ?

I air my g614's to 30 psi at pismo, and still got stuck, closer to 20 and it was fine. Truck was 15-20. Pull a hard turn and the anchor (trailer) will dig in. I ended up making U turns of about 300 feet..
christopherglenn 02/21/17 11:56pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Inverter install question

Remove the AC cable from your power center going to the TV/ SAT and attach it to the AC output of the Inverter / Charger. Run a new AC cable from the old breaker to AC input on the I/C. Run DC power cables from the I/C to your existing batteries. When you have generator or shore power the I/C sill charge the batteries in parallel with your current charger / converter, and pass power to the TV/SAT. When there is no AC power, the I/C will generate AC for the TV/SAT, pulling power off the batteries. Figure 1 amp hour of batteries consumed for every 10 watt hours used. There is also power wasted when the loads are off by the inverter's load sense. Add at least 1 battery to your current bank, and go for it. 100 watts or more of solar on the roof would be nice as well.
christopherglenn 02/05/17 07:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Anyone done the Class A Non-Commercial in Cali?

California requires a class A for all trailers over 10k. There is the exemption with the Restriction 41 for RV 5ers between 10k and 15k. All non rv 5th wheel trailers over 10k require the class A. I was stopped several years ago on the Grapevine with my 40' TH, just to check my license class (I have a class A CDL).
christopherglenn 01/19/17 04:16pm Towing
RE: 30 to 50 amp. Problem adapter/converter melting and failing

Is your electric water heater on? I am currently running my 50 amp trailer off a 30 amp cord, with 2 1500 watt heaters on thermostat's, and a third on low (500 watts). In theory all 3 are 3500 watts when running, and the 30 amp service is 3600. Add in another 50-100 watts for the battery charger, and I am maxed out. The reality is this never happens. I have been using the same 30 amp 50 foot cord to power the trailer in storage over the winter for years. If I am going to use it in storage (at the house) over summer, I drag out the 50 amp cord for the ac's. I would run 2 portable heaters on low (with thermostats) to keep the interior above freezing. If you want it warm to occupy, propane is needed, unless you get more power to the trailer.
christopherglenn 12/21/16 03:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 30 amp for duel AC

I can and do run both AC's off a 30 amp service. The lake does not have 50 amp, so 100+ degree days need both to stand a chance of sleeping. I have to turn off the converter (battery charger) and run a minimum of lights, fridge on propane no microwave or electric water heater. Biggest issue is starting one ac, and letting it run a min before starting the other. Once they start cycling, it gets exciting. I do usually trip the 30 amp breaker once or twice a trip.
christopherglenn 12/15/16 09:26pm Fifth-Wheels
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