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RE: Onan 4K -12V on starter relay-why is it grounded to chassis?

I always try to put shunts (amp meters) in the positive lead, there is almost always more then one ground path. The converter 12 volt ground may be grounded through the AC ground as well. There may be leakage in the fridge and water heater circuits to ac ground also - usually these would trip a shore power gfci.
christopherglenn 11/19/14 12:03am Tech Issues
RE: Possible? Thermal Shade Effect? Panels On Roof?

Yes. I have 10kw on the stick and brick roof. It is *almost* as good as a tree. Figure the panels absorb all the heat from the sun, and radiate 50% back up, the other 50% down into the roof (less convective losses). Even with the ping pong of reradiated heat between the roof and underside of the panels there is still less heat baking the insulation then before. A decent tree will be 4-5 times better at cooling, as there is no real radiation of heat from it to the roof, just OAT's.
christopherglenn 11/18/14 11:58pm Tech Issues
RE: pros and cons of toy hauler

Toy Haulers are one of the most versatile trailers out there. I don't have toys to haul, but a playroom by day / bedroom by night for the little ones, and a large storage area when needed. At some point (likely this summer, anyone got winning lottery numbers they want to share) I am going to have to get toys, as the kids are getting bigger and the cost to rent them is outrageous. In my case the top of the upper cabinets are the only real downside, as it came with a celling fan in the living room so heating is not an issue. I would love to have a third AC in the garage, so I don't need floor fans all summer to cool it down for sleeping.
christopherglenn 11/17/14 11:53am Toy Haulers
RE: Will my space heater shut down my furnace?

Assuming one put the fan on Manual, wouldn't it push whatever heat (be it electric or propane) from the living space to the tanks? Other then the constant noise, assuming shore power - what is the downside?
christopherglenn 11/17/14 11:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Propane hoses leak -- both of 'em

The areas you are having leaks are from the crimp connections. The issue is pivoting the hose around the inner metal piece under the crimp. Once you rotate the hose, they will leak. I opted to get longer hoses (5') to eliminate rotating the hoses to get the tanks in and out of the trailer, as well as have a spare tank on the ground hooked to the pigtail - my version of an extend-a-stay. I can also reach the hose through the frame to reach the onboard spare tank for those "middle of the night the heater just failed and it is snowing" issues.
christopherglenn 11/13/14 05:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: Air suspension advantage or not

Another advantage of OBA (on board air) is the ability to top off air in tires whenever you stop, and not be limited to gas stations. Also useful for the kids toys.
christopherglenn 11/13/14 05:18pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Upgraded to 16" LT tires now a subframe lift?

After I changed from 15 to 16 on my jayco, I had about an inch above the tires. I assume it was on the occasional speed bump in parking lots and edges of gas stations but I had rubber on the underside of the floor directly above the tires.
christopherglenn 11/12/14 05:48pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Active - level rear Air Suspension!

Auto leveling air valves, some have a dump port - are the easiest answer. With just about any onboard air supply, and s single valve located above the diff you have a constant level at the rear. Twin valves located as close to the tire as you can fit them with clearance for chains and flexing will give you side to side leveling as well as a constant rear level. The compressor is the biggest cost, then the valve(s), then air tank (.5 gallon is more then enough for leveling) and a pressure switch (or two). I am running two pressure switches, and two different pressures. The higher pressure rating runs the compressor, the lower one runs a buzzer - if the tank pressure drops below the cut in pressure by x lbs the buzzer starts, and continues until the pressure is above its cut out pressure - the tank compressor continues to run until its higher pressure switch's cut out pressure.
christopherglenn 11/08/14 10:26am Tow Vehicles
RE: I want a super bright Scare light!

If those will auto track the bears, I might take one...
christopherglenn 11/01/14 01:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: solar power battery maintenence

For storage a smallish 10-50 watt will go a long way with ALL loads disconnected. Leave the propane detector powered, and you are closer to 100 watts.
christopherglenn 10/31/14 04:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: USB 120 volt outlet

That one has 2 "apple" ports and 2 " not apple" ports. your guess is as good as mine as to the difference. I ended up getting a pile of these for the TV and cars... 2.1 amps per port, 3 ports, plug anything anywhere.
christopherglenn 10/30/14 09:34pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Any thoughts on this TQ 270 HG hidden garage toyhauler?

We use our garage as a bedroom for the boys by night, and a playroom by day. Not possible if the garage disappeared to get access to the master bedroom.
christopherglenn 10/27/14 09:49pm Toy Haulers
RE: Breaking camp, when to retract slide?

I out the slides out in rest areas, and truck stops without putting down the stabilizers, not really that big on an issue. I raise the stabilizers and hook the trailer (DW prefers pull through spots) then remove chocks, water, etc, and wait for DW to finish to pull power and close the slides.
christopherglenn 10/27/14 09:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: For those who never had the unlimited verizon plan?

$1-2 bucks for RedBox movies. Far less then streaming on cell.
christopherglenn 10/26/14 04:12pm Technology Corner
RE: Changing Fuel Filter

I was amazed this last time I changed the filter on my 07 classic, in and out in under 10 min. I usually spend 10 minutes just fighting with the o-ring on reinstall.
christopherglenn 10/26/14 04:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Interstate vs. secoundary roads?

Your best mpg would be constant throttle, bleeding speed on the up hills, recovering it on the down hills. Ok constant throttle everywhere but the down hills, less throttle there to keep from speeding.
christopherglenn 10/26/14 04:02pm Towing
RE: 2500 vs 3500

There are very few places a 2500 can get that a dually with the same body and bed cannot. The tow mirrors (on both) are wider then the dually fenders.
christopherglenn 10/25/14 10:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: Torque TQ 270 HG - what are your thoughts?

Looks like the entire trailer is at the normal bedroom height on a 5er. It *should have considerable storage underneath, as the entire trailer other then the garage *should have a basement. I assume the garage height in bedroom mode is going to be 2 feet or less, the normal basement height, less what the bedroom lift needs.
christopherglenn 10/25/14 10:40am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Charging Amps engine alternator vs Generator

My inverter/charger routinely hits 150 amps when boondocking off the onan. The initial charge last several minutes, then when the bank hits 14.4 (temp compensated) the amps start to taper. Between 20 and 30 amps I usually shut down. That gives time for the hair drier (for those that still need one), and whatever else is needed to finish breakfast. The first few cups of coffee (keurig) are off the inverter as well as the TV's and the dozen or so chargers for things that kids and teenagers can't be without. FWIW I have 2 10' lengths + & - of 4/0 between the inverter/charger and the battery bank. With 4/0 interconnects between the 3 batteries, and a 4/0 ground to the frame.
christopherglenn 10/22/14 11:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Gas/Diesel and Resulting Transmission Temps

Most (all?) automatics have a cooling loop in the main radiator. Tow packages usually add a oil to air cooler as well. Pulling up a hill, the engine coolant is MUCH hotter, usually hotter then the tranny oil, and is actually heating the oil as it goes through the cooling loop. The aux cooler pulls some of that heat away, but the tranny temps climb. Before you reroute the cooling line to bypass the main radiator, when starting from a stop with a load, or any time the torque converter is unlocked, and you are under power it generates many times more heat then the aux cooler can dissipate, so you NEED the rad cooling loop.
christopherglenn 10/22/14 10:56pm Tow Vehicles
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