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RE: Generator keeps auto starting ..

I have the same problem with mine, it starts by itself, but sitting in storage on the side of the house. I notice it when the garage (4 feet from exhaust pipe) co2 detector goes off. Pulled the remote harness at the engine, and no more. Now I have to rewire the remote. FYI the wiring on the slide pump was also involved - as in at Pismo last summer the generator was running, and the slide motor started by itself, I noticed when we smelled smoke inside. Burned up a motor... Everyone should have a drill and whatever is needed to interface it with the slide pump and landing gear.
christopherglenn 04/21/15 09:46pm Tech Issues
RE: The New Generation Of 12-Volt DC Relays

Checked what Crydom has to offer? Been using those for years.
christopherglenn 04/18/15 06:36pm Tech Issues
RE: A/C electrical requirements

My main AC was bad from the factory, no cold air. Other then a thermometer to measure discharge temp, there is no diagnostics or repair. Remove and Replace (R&R).
christopherglenn 04/18/15 06:32pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Uh...O Look what I did

Hang a 2x8 on the garage wall, at bumper height, and lightly touch it when you pull in. That's how the DW gets hers in the garage. After I fixed the drywall...
christopherglenn 04/04/15 10:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: small compressor for Trailair Triglade pinbox

I loosened the screws holding the skin on, gently pried it down 1/4 inch, and fed a wire fish under the skin. There is insulation between the skin and floor along with frame parts. Once I had the gap for the airline, I pushed it in from the generator compartment to the pinbox, then routed the excess across the generator compartment and to the side compartment. The compressor and tank along with valves are in the side compartment under the batteries.
christopherglenn 04/03/15 06:21pm Tech Issues
RE: small compressor for Trailair Triglade pinbox

I ran truck airbrake tubing from the pinbox to the side storage compartment. I have a Viair with a 0.5 gallon tank there. And manual valves to fill and dump the pinbox. The Viair is on a 140 psi pressure switch, and has an air fitting for extension airlines / tools. I use it to fill tires as well. I replaces the Schrader valve on the airbag with a Tee fitting, put the factory Schrader on the front (as a manual fill if the compressor dies) and the airbrake line off the rear.
christopherglenn 04/02/15 10:24am Tech Issues
RE: air bags on truck

Payload, axle ratings, and gvwr/gcvwr are certified ratings. Nothing but recertifying changes those. Adding airbags will only lift the rear of the TV up off the axle, reducing squatting. As far as weight transfer, the airbags themselves weigh far more then the few lbs you might be shifting off the rear axle. The biggest advantage to airbags, other then eliminating squat, is to get you up and off the overload springs. Either totally engaged, or not at all, life is good. Bouncing off them as you drive down the road makes for a VERY rough ride.
christopherglenn 03/20/15 05:48pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Good dealers in NorCal

Manteca trailer in Manteca, and Best RV in Turlock, both off 99 are good places to LOOK at units, I would shop around for price.
christopherglenn 03/19/15 12:49pm Toy Haulers
RE: 2006 Dmax Performance

You are bound by the laws of physics. Heat expands air, which pushes the pistons, which make the engine run. A cold engine absorbs more of the heat before it can do any useful work (push the piston down). Add the energy needed to accelerate a 6000-7000 chunk of metal from a stop several times, and loose it all into the brake disks and pads, 11 mpg is pretty good.
christopherglenn 03/12/15 09:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM to cut powertrain warranty to 60,000 miles

Way I see it, it is either a way to get people to trade earlier, at 60k instead of 100k. Or a way to save cash 4-5 years after a sale on warranty repairs. The article I read seemed to indicate the saved warranty money would go into turning popular options into standard equipment without raising the prices.
christopherglenn 03/12/15 09:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Double towing

Legal issues aside (you seem to have them covered), the only thing would concerned with is weather trailer brakes are required on the second trailer, and weight balance of the first. You are going to want to practice towing doubles before heading to the mountains.
christopherglenn 03/12/15 09:26pm Towing
RE: Sacramento RV show next weekend. hitch weight query.....

If you are close, see if you can find out where the fresh water tank is. If it is behind the axles, traveling with a full tank will (slightly) reduce pin weight. If it is in front of the axles, any water will make it worse.
christopherglenn 02/28/15 07:26pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Installing New Batt in iphone 5?

Apple (at the apple store) changed both batteries in my iphone 5's for free. If your phone calls within a certain serial number spread, they change it free. My wifes phone had the battery swollen, they replaced the phone free - I just had to go home to back it up, then back to the apple store for a replacement. Go to a store, and ask them to check the serial number to see if it qualifies for free replacement. It looks like apple for a bad batch of batteries nov/dec of 2012..
christopherglenn 02/27/15 08:48pm Technology Corner
RE: Need A Winter Tire For The Triple Axle Toy Hauler

I have had good luck with the Goodyear G614 tires, 3750 # @ 110 PSI. Rated for all positions, steer, drive, tag and trailer. I can't fine anywhere that they are rated other then trailer. Where did you see this?
christopherglenn 02/27/15 01:40pm Toy Haulers
RE: Expansion tank addition

Somewhere between the pump and water heater inlet.
christopherglenn 02/23/15 09:19pm Tech Issues
RE: honda eu 3000is

Generators loose power as altitude goes up. A 2k will start most AC's at sea level, a 3k most anywhere reasonable. 10,000 to 15,000 foot mountain peaks aren't what most consider reasonable as far as AC's. They usually aren't needed and even a 3k with a hard start cap on the ac will struggle.
christopherglenn 02/23/15 05:44pm Tech Issues
RE: 2009 GMC Sierra 3500 issue

I would go to dieselplace.com, ask if the forum there. They are one of the duramax boards.
christopherglenn 02/22/15 08:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: Using an alternator to feed your house batteries?

Most high output aftermarket alternators are close to 50% output at idle, VS closer to 20% for small stock alternators. The stock Ford 130 amp alternator in our E450 motorhome's V10 chassis puts out 60-70 amps when the engine is idling, according to Ford's published alternator performance curve for it. This is around the 50% point for the alternator. I have a permanent ammeter installed in our motorhome and with the engine idling I have seen the alternator dump over 50 amps into the coach battery bank when the batteries have been discharged down to around 50% state of charge. We don't have solar on the RV so often when the batteries get low, I hit them with the idling engine and it's alternator for up to an hour before firing up the little portable generator to finish the charging. I would not consider 130 amps small, I was referring to the 60-80 ish amp units that with the heater and lights on, rev the engine and the lights get brighter and the fan speeds up.
christopherglenn 02/20/15 01:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Using an alternator to feed your house batteries?

There are several examples of off grid people mounting a gas engine (think riding lawnmower size) to a high output alternator. They (usually) call them DC generators. Assuming fusing at BOTH ends, go for it. I ran 4/0 for my inverter charger - both ways. Most high output aftermarket alternators are close to 50% output at idle, VS closer to 20% for small stock alternators. I think the 16 HP figure is a bit high, 10hp at full output seems more reasonable. The AC compressor pulls a significant load on the engine and cooling system, with no ill effect (other then mpg's). The solar is a good idea, but 500 watts at 14.4 volts is a whopping 34.7 amps theoretical max at the panels, real world closer to 25-30 amps at the batteries, less if it is overcast.
christopherglenn 02/19/15 09:00pm Tech Issues
RE: 6 Point Leveling Question??

If they are up, the rams won't surface rust.
christopherglenn 02/19/15 08:29pm Fifth-Wheels
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