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RE: Airtabs on Rubber Roof

I am thinking about mounting a 6" wide strip of lexan to the roof, edge to edge, with a gap in the middle for my skylight. EternaBond it to the rubber, and attach the airtabs to that. The are so expensive for 30' worth... 8.25 per foot (for 3).
christopherglenn 07/29/15 04:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Bath hot water slow, wasted.

You put this valve at all the sinks and shower you want instant hot water at. You plumb this pump between the cold water and water heater feed, pushing water into the water heater. To avoid hot water flow reductions, you can put in a check valve in parallel, so the main water pump bypasses the circulating pump when you use hot water, and the small pump keeps things moving when you are not.
christopherglenn 07/27/15 12:02am Tech Issues
RE: Comcast internet modem

Is there a DOCSIS 3 that (1) works with Comcast, (2) can be bought, and (3) has phone support? I am renting theirs for the landline phone (alarm & kids).
christopherglenn 07/23/15 10:40am Technology Corner
RE: Refrigerator on Propane and stopping for Gas

Real world, unless someone sprays gas all over the side of you rig, you have very little to worry about. Gas vapor is extremely flammable, but only with a fairly narrow range of oxygen. Too rich and it only burns at the edges of the fuel cloud, to lean and it won't burn. 5 feet off the ground, 20+ feet from the pump, a blowtorch wont light it unless there is a pumping incident.
christopherglenn 07/23/15 12:08am Travel Trailers
RE: G614 on 16 x 6.0 rims

You are no where near maxing out those tires with your trailer - 6 inch rims wont hurt. The issue have is axle to axle spacing, rim width doesn't do anything to that. Some people think the tires swell to a larger diameter on a narrower rim, but the steel belts in the tire wont allow that. They do grow when hot, so if you don't have at least about an inch between them cold, running in summer heat will be exciting.
christopherglenn 07/21/15 09:59pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: How to use scales at Pilot

IIRC 20# on most scales.
christopherglenn 07/18/15 10:22pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rear tire pressure dually

There should be a rating stamped into your rims, the lesser of the rims or tires is the limit.
christopherglenn 07/16/15 10:05pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: A/C and an inverter

Isn't that in my signature? Batteries 3 PVX-840T. Inverter XANTREX FREEDOM SW3012. I said it would run it, just not for long. More of a proof of concept, for a day where I have 2+ kw on the roof.
christopherglenn 07/15/15 08:05pm Tech Issues
RE: A/C and an inverter

My inverter is 3kw running 6kw surge. I can start either AC on it, and if I start one, wait until it is up to speed for a few seconds I can start the second one. FWIW I am just under 3kw running both.
christopherglenn 07/12/15 10:40pm Tech Issues
RE: A/C Condensation

Condensation forms on cold things in warm air. Your ceiling should not be colder then the inside air (unless you are running the heater). It sounds like you have a duct leak within the ceiling, causing it to be colder then the inside air. Fix the leak(s), and the problem goes away, and the trailer cools better then before.
christopherglenn 07/12/15 07:25pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: stronger rear end

You said "WE", so the max specs don't apply. The "specs" are for a single driver, in a stripped truck. All weight (spare tire, back seats, etc) added beyond that, and don't forget the passengers and all carry on luggage, as well as the hitch are added to the weight of the truck, which comes off the "specs" weight you can tow. Your best bet - if wanting to stay within "specs" is to load the truck as if you were going camping, put the hitch in the receiver, and go hit a public scale. In this case, the only spec you are working with is GCVWR (the max weight for truck and trailer). Take the scaled weight and subtract it from the GCVWR, that is the MAX weight - dripping wet - of a trailer. Assume the trailers dry weight / shipping weight is a figment of someone's imagination, and go with the gross weight. Assume 15% of that is on the TV as pin / hitch weight. Is the rear axle within specs with 15% of the gross trailer weight? Is the truck within spec with 15% added to it?
christopherglenn 07/12/15 10:49am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Pin lube?

I put a pump of grease on the kingpin and wipe it all over it with a latex gloved hand. Once a season is good for me, as I don't play in the desert much. I wipe it clean with an old rag before putting more on.
christopherglenn 07/12/15 10:31am Fifth-Wheels
RE: DRW disadvantages

The only two disadvantages for me is the 50% increase in tire cost, and the lack of carwashes that fit the truck. So far I have found 1 drive through I cannot fit through, and my wifes 3/4 ton won't fit either. Carls Jr drive through. The outside of the turn is a retaining wall. A standard cab short bed would be fine, the CCLB just isn't going to happen.
christopherglenn 07/08/15 07:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: 12V lights in 2010 blue Ridge 5V dimming/brightening

Unplug AC power, it he dimming continues, it is not the converter, if it stops, like Old-Biscut said, the converter is on its way out.
christopherglenn 07/06/15 11:22pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: solar on/off grid installation

You will need a charge controller for the off grid end of things. A grid tie inverter (here is what I am looking at) to take the panel output and convert it into 120/240 volt AC - and grid tie it. A simple inverter will blow if its output is attached to a live grid. The last thing you will need is a relay or double pole switch to either connect the panels to the charge controller, or the grid tie inverter. A relay with a 120 volt coil on the output of the inverter will do the job, and as soon as you unplug the panels - switch to off grid mode, plug back in and they switch to grid tie mode. Your onboard converter will keep the batteries charged when grid tied (and be powered off the grid tie inverter during the day), and the charge controller will charge them when off grid.
christopherglenn 07/05/15 12:35am Travel Trailers
RE: Tires need a few miles of warmup time?

Try adding or removing 5 psi from the tires, if it makes a difference you have your answer. If not, Terryallan's theory of "settled into towing, and the movements of the trailer become more normal to you" could be correct.
christopherglenn 07/04/15 10:18am Towing
RE: Triple axle question

Other then the 50% upcharge when replacing tires, there is no real downside to triple axle. 99.99% of trailer tires age out, or fail from damage / under inflation. I can't remember the last time I wore out a set of trailer tires on anything camping related within 5-7 years of getting the tires. Jackknife the trailer and anything but a single axle will scrub the tires.
christopherglenn 07/03/15 11:02am Towing
RE: Gasoline Auxiliary Fuel Tank Questions

There are VERY few gas approved transfer tanks, and I have not seen any gas replacement tanks. Years ago the rumor was it had something to do with the EVAP systems..
christopherglenn 07/02/15 10:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: CA Central Valley members?

I am just up the road from you, PM if you need help with anything else..
christopherglenn 07/01/15 08:09pm Towing
RE: Running a generator

I wonder if a layer of dynamat or similar would help that enclosure even more, or does the 3/4? inch osb do a really good job?
christopherglenn 06/29/15 07:46am Travel Trailers
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