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RE: 2500 vs 3500

There are very few places a 2500 can get that a dually with the same body and bed cannot. The tow mirrors (on both) are wider then the dually fenders.
christopherglenn 10/25/14 10:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: Torque TQ 270 HG - what are your thoughts?

Looks like the entire trailer is at the normal bedroom height on a 5er. It *should have considerable storage underneath, as the entire trailer other then the garage *should have a basement. I assume the garage height in bedroom mode is going to be 2 feet or less, the normal basement height, less what the bedroom lift needs.
christopherglenn 10/25/14 10:40am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Charging Amps engine alternator vs Generator

My inverter/charger routinely hits 150 amps when boondocking off the onan. The initial charge last several minutes, then when the bank hits 14.4 (temp compensated) the amps start to taper. Between 20 and 30 amps I usually shut down. That gives time for the hair drier (for those that still need one), and whatever else is needed to finish breakfast. The first few cups of coffee (keurig) are off the inverter as well as the TV's and the dozen or so chargers for things that kids and teenagers can't be without. FWIW I have 2 10' lengths + & - of 4/0 between the inverter/charger and the battery bank. With 4/0 interconnects between the 3 batteries, and a 4/0 ground to the frame.
christopherglenn 10/22/14 11:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Gas/Diesel and Resulting Transmission Temps

Most (all?) automatics have a cooling loop in the main radiator. Tow packages usually add a oil to air cooler as well. Pulling up a hill, the engine coolant is MUCH hotter, usually hotter then the tranny oil, and is actually heating the oil as it goes through the cooling loop. The aux cooler pulls some of that heat away, but the tranny temps climb. Before you reroute the cooling line to bypass the main radiator, when starting from a stop with a load, or any time the torque converter is unlocked, and you are under power it generates many times more heat then the aux cooler can dissipate, so you NEED the rad cooling loop.
christopherglenn 10/22/14 10:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Do you let your TV warm up before towing?

Modern computer controlled diesels tend to pull fuel pressure when cold. At normal pressure you get to much fuel in the cylinder before it starts to burn, and liquid fuel sitting on the piston is bad. Higher pressures help the fuel burn faster, but the lack of heat from compression slows the process far more then the higher pressure could cover for. Older diesels just got really loud when throttled up cold, newer ones just have a total lack of power. I attempt to warm it up to at least 100 degrees, even if it means a quick loop to the CG office and back.
christopherglenn 10/22/14 10:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 42 Foot Toy Hauler with 2063 Pound Dry Pin Weight?

Real world you will be closer to 25% pinweight - of an empty toyhauler. All the heavy stuff occurs on top and behind the axles, which while raising the gross weight, it lowers the pinweight. If it has an onboard genset, it is likely in the 4k+ range empty. The 2k pinweight on the brochure is salesmans speak. TESLA Brochure doesn't list it, but the two listed are 2700 and 3300 lbs.
christopherglenn 10/19/14 01:39pm Toy Haulers
RE: How to reduce generator noise?

I was thinking sound canceling headphones, but the whole watch tv thing kinda makes that not work so well.
christopherglenn 10/16/14 11:26pm Toy Haulers
RE: one year with a 40' fifth wheel and dually

I can get 10-12 running 55 on I5 over several hundred miles. A headwind runs around 8, no wind 10.x tail wind can approach 12. I am running a tune, and that is hand calculated odometer VS diesel pump. I loose ~.2 mpg per mph over 55.
christopherglenn 10/16/14 11:23pm Toy Haulers
RE: 3Tb Hard Drive limit to 2.19Tb on Dell 690 Workstation

Use an aftermarket SATA controller. The onboard one caps at 2 tb. Most any one should work.
christopherglenn 10/13/14 11:51am Technology Corner
RE: Trail Air Pinbox

If you have access to an engine hoist, it makes changing the lower jaw far easier. I pulled the shock and attached the hoist to the lower jaw (which supported it until done). Remove the airbag fill valve on top, and the mounting bolt on the bottom. Once the jaw can swing freely, remove the pins out back. Reinstall is reverse. Before putting the new jaw on, check the location of all the zerk fittings, here are several inside.
christopherglenn 10/13/14 11:42am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Filling Propane Tanks

The proper way is to fill by weight. Tare weight of the cylinder (stamped on the collar) plus weight of the gas. As stated above "filling till it stops" and filling by bleeder (tubes can fall off) are the lazy mans way and can result in an overfill. Can you document ANY tube that fell off while in service?
christopherglenn 10/13/14 11:35am Fifth-Wheels
RE: cell tower construction

AT&T put in a new tower 1/4 mile from here, it was about 30 days from hanging antennas to me having lte inside the house. before it went up, I had to be in the roof for lte.
christopherglenn 10/12/14 10:34pm Technology Corner
RE: Locked inside by entry assist handle

These things are held on with tiny screws. If the rig was on fire, once the door was open a crack, a motivated shoulder will open it one way or another.
christopherglenn 10/12/14 10:15pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Filling Propane Tanks

Every time I fill portable tanks, it is as jus2shy says..
christopherglenn 10/12/14 10:01pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Entry Level Fivers With Man Beds Dont Exist

The electric beds in my toy hauler are queen wide, and almost 8' long.
christopherglenn 10/12/14 09:59pm Fifth-Wheels

I got an oil leak between the upper and lower pans on my 07 classic, they removed the cross member, then the lower pan. In and out in less then 2 hours..
christopherglenn 10/07/14 04:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Chains?

I have them for the truck and trailer. Used them once when towing, it's an experience you likely won't want to repeat. Except for the one time, if we hit snow/ice and "chains required" sign, I just stop at the chain up area, make some coffee and entertain ourselves watching folks chain up. Then proceed when the road is cleared and chains required signs are down. In California on 80 they will ticket you for that. There is a limited amount of area for chaining up, and you are going to burn 50-60 feet of it road is cleared??
christopherglenn 10/06/14 05:50pm Towing
RE: Wind deflectors

For a SUV or pickup with a shell, putting the deflector all the way back can net decent mpgs, 5ers are so far from the cab wall (VS height above cab roof) it is near impossible to gain beyond a few tenths of a mpg. Most people can save that much by slowing down 2-3 mph.
christopherglenn 10/06/14 05:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: Storage - Slides out?

Only reasons I can see is to make it easier to pull the trailer out by having an extra 2-3 feet on each side after pulling the slides in, or because they have to load / unload in the storage yard, and again leave them open to reserve space for later.
christopherglenn 10/06/14 05:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: AT&T's Double the Data Promotion ends Oct. 31

I went into an att store to change my data plan fron 10 gigs to 15 - the minimum to be doubled. Then ended up giving me 25 buck a line discount for all 3 iphones, and charged me 10 bucks for the increase to 15 gigs data. I ended up $65 bucks a month less and triple data..
christopherglenn 10/05/14 10:17pm Technology Corner
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