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RE: Goodyear pulled a fast one on me. Load rating rant.

I always spec 245/75R16E on my duratrac's for both trucks. At least the g614's on the trailer can't be screwed up..
christopherglenn 04/19/14 03:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Fuzion Toy Hauler Pin weight

Weight at the ramp will shift more pin weight then weight at the front of the garage. If you are lucky you may get 20% of the garage weight off the pin if you stack it directly at the ramp. Real world 200lbs would be a lot to shift..
christopherglenn 04/14/14 09:42pm Toy Haulers
RE: Air ride suspension

I have both Trail Air Tri Glide and Center Point Suspensions. I feel it is worth it as the combination drastically reduces the stresses the trailer frame gets from the roads. Lower stresses from the roads, longer lasting frames in my book. Most railroad tracks are not felt at low speeds, the truck feels them, the trailer doesn't. At parking lot speeds speedbumps feel like hard wind gusts from behind. I out onboard air on the trailer, and have an air fitting with an air chuck on a whip to top off the centerpoint, and I plumbed the trailair into the onboard air with a fill and dump valve. I can do everything standing in one place as far as filling air. The onboard air also fills tires, and pool toys.
christopherglenn 04/14/14 09:35pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: disconnect solar panel when running portable generator

no. The panels don't care, and the charger will shut off when full.
christopherglenn 04/05/14 04:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Will 1K inverter work microwave?

Why are you trying to nuke something off batteries? Are you dry camping? Do you have solar? Do you recharge with a generator? The easiest thing would be to fire up a generator, top off the batteries at the same time you are nuking something, and shut it down. A baby's bottle at 2AM is another thing. The reason I sat to fire up the generator is most times the lights and heater all but drain the batteries with small setups like yours, you can eat up 10% or more of your total bank just reheating something. - you don't want to go much below 50%.
christopherglenn 04/05/14 04:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Stuck in the Mud

I have a similar problem pulling my boat out of the side yard. The grass drains, and excess water flows off.. But when I moved the fence several years ago I found that I could dig beyond 4 feet deep pretty easily with a manual post hole digger. In my case digging to solid earth and filling with gravel would require a backhoe. I tried putting in 18x18 cement tiles, then sunk then cracked..
christopherglenn 04/05/14 04:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Diesel turbo timers

I have a Viper alarm with a remote start. If I hit the remote start with the engine running, it will keep it running with the key removed for up to 10 minutes (programmable timer in the alarm). Also works for starting it as I walk up so the oil has a chance to get everywhere by the time my seat belt is on. Another option...
christopherglenn 04/04/14 08:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How far can my TT lean?

Stack 2 cans of soda/beer on the ground in the worst spot. If it tips over, forget it. I would fill the water tank, to offset the weight of the AC mounted on the roof. If the fridge is uphill it will help, if it is on the downhill side, it will make things worse. Same goes for any slides.
christopherglenn 03/31/14 02:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Anyone using the Trailair Flex air pin box?

Those are two different products. I have the second, the tri glide. It is a replacement lower jaw (you can get them both at the same time) for the trail air pinbox. It is FAR cheaper to get the complete unit, then add it on later (ask me how I know - damn cheep skate). The trailair helped with almost all of the bumps, but the chucking was still there (just not quite as bad). The tri glide added on to it reduced chucking to only the *best* roads Caltrans has - usually construction zones & pavement changes. There are a few spots I still get chucking, but looking at the other traffic on the road, their tires are bouncing up and down in their wheel wells - so the road is junk..
christopherglenn 03/31/14 02:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Diesel MPG and fuel additives

I use howes, I see an improvement every time I use it - but headwind / tailwind / no wind make far more difference.
christopherglenn 03/24/14 10:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 6.6L Duramax Deisel

I had 3, sold one, 2 left. All three have issues in the latest generations. The Ram performed the worst on uphill and downhill towing, in all but one test the GM beat out the Ford. Rumor has it that the Ford engines self destruct if there is ANY water in the fuel - and Ford voids the warranty if it finds any rust in the fuel pump / injectors (which means there was water in the fuel). As far as cruising range, look at Titan tanks, or Transfer flow to see what they sell (there are others) for the year / make / model you are interested in.
christopherglenn 03/24/14 05:39pm Tech Issues
RE: MaxxAir vent covers

Anyone run the maxxfan's with the remotes? My TH roof has 3 vents, I was wondering if a single remote makes all the fans work, or can I turn them on and off one at a time.
christopherglenn 03/24/14 04:52pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: sharp objects

My hatchet is sharp enough to shave with. A sharp tool takes less force to do a job - in almost all cases less force gives you more control.
christopherglenn 03/20/14 05:23pm Around the Campfire
RE: water pooling on my slideout awning

The rope - given enough time & breeze - will cause damage to the edges of the topper. If it is an occupied rv, close the slides and reopen to dump them. If it is in storage, leave the slides in. My big slide is also 10' up and close to 10' long, the balloon idea would take more time then moving the table, cycling the slide, and putting it back.
christopherglenn 03/20/14 05:20pm Tech Issues

Here is a writeup of the duramax's.. wikipedia
christopherglenn 03/20/14 05:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: underinflation

Ohhh... those tires are only flat on the bottom..
christopherglenn 03/20/14 05:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Toy Hauler for Kids....

I will say hi to mickey for you..
christopherglenn 03/20/14 04:56pm Toy Haulers
RE: Fifth wheel with passengers?

People die in train wrecks, plane wrecks, bus wrecks, car wrecks, etc. Have I had people in the 5er on the road - yes. My (then) 15 year old was ill, and spend half the trip in bed on the way home. And for every picture of a wrecked trailer, there are 50 houses burned to the ground, and 500 totaled cars. People are routinely killed in crosswalks - far more people killed then trailers destroyed - yet we have them in front of schools. Would I drive 75 across WY in a windstorm - heck no. FYI in Cali walkie talkies are your best bet - cell phones don't count (no service), or visual signaling (smoke signals?). The idea is to tell the driver to stop when needed.
christopherglenn 03/20/14 04:47pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Am I the only one that doesn't like air ride suspension?

I am a fan on rancho 9000 shocks. you can try cranking them up and see if it helps. At worst you can dial them in to whatever you prefer after putting the stock springs back on.
christopherglenn 03/17/14 10:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Toy Hauler for Kids....

I was bummed when we got out TH that it didn't have the deck / playpen from the dealer. They said I could add it aftermarket, but no go on that. In truth, in the three (almost 4) years we have owned it, the back door has been opened 3 times. Once when we bought it - to prove it worked. Once to load the old tires and rims into the garage when I upgraded to g rated tires, and once to unload them from it. The only time I could really see taking the time to set it up (other then to prove I could) would be to use the trailer as some kind of manned base camp. Like at the lake if there are more people then the boat can hold. For normal camping the effort involved in setting it all up and pulling it all down would get REAL old real fast. A set of jack stands (screw type) would make setting it flat (no playpen) almost as fast as opening it.
christopherglenn 03/17/14 10:40pm Toy Haulers
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