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RE: Fuel station as aux diesel tank

Don't assume the tanker that delivered diesel this week to your corner station wasn't hauling e85 last week. Don't assume the pipelines from the refinery to the tank farm are dedicated to a certain blend or type of fuel. It is normal for a small amount of just about everything to be mixed in with motor fuels. That said, pump out all you can, add a splash of the new fuel, pump it out (lather rinse repeat) and you will have a fraction of a cup of the old fuel in the tank and pump diluted into (in your case) 30 gallons of diesel. I would dump a bottle of fuel treatment into the tank (just for giggles and extra lubrication_.
christopherglenn 05/23/15 02:29pm Toy Haulers
RE: Air pin boxes

Look at the existing pinbox. There should be a cross reference from whatever the current one is to the aftermarket one.
christopherglenn 05/23/15 02:15pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Air compressors recommendations

I have several Viair compressors. What are you wanting to do with compressed air? The larger Viair compressors are rated to 100% duty cycle up to 100 psi, above that the duty cycle drops. If running air tools, the compressor will need breaks, if filling tires, not so much. The biggest killer of compressors I have noticed is not violating the duty cycle, but running to small of wires for the load. As voltage drops, the amperage increases, given enough time that eats the windings internal to the compressor.
christopherglenn 05/22/15 01:56pm Tech Issues

Just make sure the shampoo is in the front storage..
christopherglenn 05/19/15 09:11pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: What is your BEST words of wisdom?

G.O.A.L. Get Out And Look. If you can't see what is behind your trailer (even backup cameras don't see everything) G.O.A.L. Last thing before you leave is a full walk around, look under everything (nothing left on ground, jacks , toys, chairs, coolers, etc). Look at the sides (have the lights and hazards on) check all the lights are on, and some at the back blink. Make sure the slides and windows are closed all the way, none of the tires are squatting. Look up, antenna down, vents closed, not going to hit that tree on the way out.
christopherglenn 05/19/15 09:08pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: de-humidifier drain line

Is the rooftop AC working properly? Normally they pull most of the water out of the air by themselves. I have never had to run a dehumidifier and AC at the same time - even in FL in July. I DO run one over the winter in storage, and the drain line is into the sink.
christopherglenn 05/17/15 02:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Upside down bathroom skylight?

Has to be more to it then more light.. Why replace the outside bubble if not damaged?
christopherglenn 05/16/15 03:51pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question For AGM Battery Owners...

I am running concorde Sun Xtender AGM's in my TH, as well as in solar projects at work. The oldest in service date is 2004? The RV batteries are 4-5 years old, the only maintenance (other then hosing them off once) was tightening the hold down straps, and plugging the inverter/charger in at the end of trips.
christopherglenn 05/14/15 03:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Upside down bathroom skylight?

Sounds like someone found a tree, and busted the outside dome. When they found out how much the domes cost, they went for a $15 piece of plexi to cover the home, and flipped the inside dome. Replace the outside with the correct piece and flip the inside dome. You will be much happier. Install is easy, remove the flat piece, and whatever sealant they used, clean the area (use rubber roof stuff). RV version of plumbers putty between the new dome and roof, screw to roof. Dicor over all edges and screws. Inside is super easy, pull screws, drop dome, clean both sides of dome, reinstall 'this side up' and screw in.
christopherglenn 05/14/15 03:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Opinions on air bag suspension

Very few 12k fifth wheels can be carried by a 2500 - within ALL the ratings, I have yet to see one (there is always a first) at the 15k mark within ALL of them. My 18.5k toyhauler is near the ratings of my dually. Scale with a full tank of fuel, and whatever carry on luggage in the truck you normally carry. Remember, trailers tend to gain weight with age so leave headroom before deciding you are good.
christopherglenn 05/11/15 08:24pm Towing
RE: Dump Station Problem....

The first thing I added to my trailer was this. It attaches where the hose attaches, and allows you to never have the problem you had again. I pop the cap off, attach the hose, then open the valve. My galley tank valve leaks, so the drain line is always full. Now when I pop the cap there is at best 2 drops of fluid.
christopherglenn 05/08/15 06:19pm Toy Haulers
RE: Extension To Air the Spare

If you are worried about the pressure in the spare, that means you are going to be the one changing it (tow trucks have air tanks). Do you have the tools, and a jack large enough to lift the trailer - in the trailer / TV every trip?
christopherglenn 04/29/15 08:20pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: What battery tolerates winter storage best?

Key words "equivalent to or greater". AGM is a wet cell, the "wet" is absorbed in a fiberglass like mat, and pressed between the plates VS liquid poured between them. A GEL battery is a thick paste injected between the plates. Overcharging will cause H2 and )2 bubbles to form on the plates, pushing the paste away. This effectively reduces the capacity of the battery by reducing the surface area of the plates in contact with the electrolyte (gel). My guess is that is the reference to wet (VS gel).
christopherglenn 04/29/15 08:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing with E rated tires, that DON'T go to 80psi

The E rating is weight capacity, the wider tire needs less air pressure to support the weight. Even though they are 65 psi, they are still "true" e rated tires because they support the weight.
christopherglenn 04/26/15 12:14pm Towing
RE: Generator keeps auto starting ..

I have the same problem with mine, it starts by itself, but sitting in storage on the side of the house. I notice it when the garage (4 feet from exhaust pipe) co2 detector goes off. Pulled the remote harness at the engine, and no more. Now I have to rewire the remote. FYI the wiring on the slide pump was also involved - as in at Pismo last summer the generator was running, and the slide motor started by itself, I noticed when we smelled smoke inside. Burned up a motor... Everyone should have a drill and whatever is needed to interface it with the slide pump and landing gear.
christopherglenn 04/21/15 09:46pm Tech Issues
RE: The New Generation Of 12-Volt DC Relays

Checked what Crydom has to offer? Been using those for years.
christopherglenn 04/18/15 06:36pm Tech Issues
RE: A/C electrical requirements

My main AC was bad from the factory, no cold air. Other then a thermometer to measure discharge temp, there is no diagnostics or repair. Remove and Replace (R&R).
christopherglenn 04/18/15 06:32pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Uh...O Look what I did

Hang a 2x8 on the garage wall, at bumper height, and lightly touch it when you pull in. That's how the DW gets hers in the garage. After I fixed the drywall...
christopherglenn 04/04/15 10:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: small compressor for Trailair Triglade pinbox

I loosened the screws holding the skin on, gently pried it down 1/4 inch, and fed a wire fish under the skin. There is insulation between the skin and floor along with frame parts. Once I had the gap for the airline, I pushed it in from the generator compartment to the pinbox, then routed the excess across the generator compartment and to the side compartment. The compressor and tank along with valves are in the side compartment under the batteries.
christopherglenn 04/03/15 06:21pm Tech Issues
RE: small compressor for Trailair Triglade pinbox

I ran truck airbrake tubing from the pinbox to the side storage compartment. I have a Viair with a 0.5 gallon tank there. And manual valves to fill and dump the pinbox. The Viair is on a 140 psi pressure switch, and has an air fitting for extension airlines / tools. I use it to fill tires as well. I replaces the Schrader valve on the airbag with a Tee fitting, put the factory Schrader on the front (as a manual fill if the compressor dies) and the airbrake line off the rear.
christopherglenn 04/02/15 10:24am Tech Issues
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