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Omnidirectional TV antenna verses rotor TV antenna

It's time for me to replace my 18 year old TV antenna that has a power rotor. It has served me fine including when we went digital. In looking into antennas to purchase Omnidirectional TV antennas are indeed common. Like most RVers I am rarely near a TV transmission tower and occasionally in a remote area. My antenna mount is 5 feet above the surface of my roof on a raiseable platform. An omnidirectional TV antenna is obviously easier to use. Is the reception of an omnidirectional antenna as good as an antenna with a rotor? I have the wiring in place to put in a rotor antenna. What would you choose? Eric currently in Yuma
cire 03/05/14 08:36am Technology Corner
RE: Best brand of recliner chairs

I bought a Lambright two years ago. The seating suspension stretched for us after one year. (I'm a 260# guy.) This causes you to sit lower in the chair. Last year I tightened the belts up. This year I had to do it again. A pain in the neck. I never had such problems with my Flexsteel. I liked the idea of buying from an Amishman but next time it will be some other brand.
cire 02/08/14 08:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Coach Net vs AAA. An Experience.

In 9 years of full timing I needed to be towed for the first time this past fall. Without dragging you through and explaining all the details in a few words: The Coach Net towing experience was as good as I could have hoped. ALL details went exactly as I expected and could have hoped for. Eric, currently in Q
cire 12/25/13 10:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Poll: How many years have your 6v batteries lasted?

Nine years on 6-Lifeline 4D AGM batteries. They need to be replaced now but since I only dry camp when I overnight at a rest area they are still holding up. I'm sure they would fail a condition test but in the last 12 months I have not did any serious dry camping. The cheap SOB that own's this coach won't replace them until he has to. I'm looking into the cost of AGMs' versus wet cells with a central watering system. I'll decide then when to let loose of $$$. Eric currently in Q (plugged in)
cire 12/23/13 02:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RVer selecting health insurance

After spending a LOT of time evaluating my options I discovered that Nevada does not offer a PPO plan that qualifies for a subsidy. (We qualify for a substantial subsidy.) Even the BCBS MultiState HMO does not work out. This is a much longer story because we feel we must have a PPO plan because we have Doctors in various states and we spend little time in NV. The ObamaCare plans in NV cover only NV locations except for emergencies in other states. Of course everything is more complicated than I am portraying here but you don't want to read 5 paragraphs on the details. Bottom line is I must move my domicile from NV to another state in order to get a PPO plan. Right now Texas looks like a likely candidate. I need more time to evaluate alternative states. Fortunately because changing domiciles is not real hard for us, we can do it. It just that we expect to spend a several hundred hours of work to transfer everything over.
cire 12/18/13 11:16pm General RVing Issues
RVer selecting health insurance

I like many others needs to pick an new insurance carrier quickly. Now that the website is working better I can look at some of my options. Because we're full timers we must have a policy that can work anywhere in the country. First question: How do I find which carrier will cover me when I travel. I'm not afraid of doing homework. I just don't know where to start.
cire 12/17/13 07:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Honda CRV or Subaru Forrester

I'm a CRV owner. I too am looking at new cars. The only two I am considering is a CRV or a Subaru. To me it comes down to one issue. Do I want an automatic or manual? Because I will drive the car till the wheels fall off I will be 75-77 when its time to buy another car. At 75 I don't think I want to play sports car driver with a manual transmission. Just my thoughts.
cire 09/25/13 07:21pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Coach Length

Our motor home is 42' 10". We've full timed in it since 04'. I cannot imagine any difference in driving a 40'er or a 45'er. We have never been in a campground that could not accommodate us. In fact, the great big rigs usually get the extra large parking spots. The only limitation with a big rig is getting into some deep woods forest service campsites. Actually, you would have the same limitations with a 40'er. One issue with a longer rig is you many need a somewhat flatter site than a smaller wheel base rig. It likely takes a bit longer learning curve to learn to back the 45' versus a 40'. When you do get parked the extra few feet is worth the extra effort. IMHO
cire 08/07/13 08:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cleaning fresh water tank

After you bleach the tank I would suggest draining it of as much water as possible and letting the tank dry out. I would add beach to your tank as a last step to draining it. You may have "stuff" growing on the roof of your tank. Also you may have dead bacteria stuck to the walls of your tank. Another more radical step would be to drill precision holes in your pure water tank. With one or two holes drilled, high in the tank, you could get a high pressure water washer and clean your tank. You would likely need special, home made fitting to reach most of the tank. If the hole is large enough you could get a garden hose as well as your arm in the tank. The holes that you drill could be glued shut. A better method, one that I have used in my black tank, is to purchase "test plugs" for the holes that you have drilled. Test plugs are rubber plugs that expand when you tighten a fitting on the outside of the test plug. All the big box hardware stores and most regular hardware stores have these items. This step is the most radical but it is the only method that I can conceive of to aggressively clean the inside walls of your water tank. I put a 4" test plug in my black tank. Long story about why I did it. I have used the test plug annually to clean my black tank thoroughly. I would do it again in a minute.
cire 08/05/13 07:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: CR-V towing with the engine on

There is a reason to consider leaving the engine running while driving. Honda does not recommend towing the CRV at speeds above 65 MPH. There has been reports of transmissions being "burnt up" after being towed at speeds higher than 65 MPH for extended periods. After having replaced my transmission twice since I've been full timing, I would leave the CRV idling if I had intentions of towing it at high speeds for an extended period of time. Idling the engine provides oil circulation within the transmission.
cire 08/04/13 08:20pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Sewer hose length and support recommendation

We're in our tenth year of full timing with a 42' 10" rig. We use only a twenty foot very good quality (not the best, thickest) dump hose. We also carry a cheap highly compressible 10' extension. We have only needed the 10' extension once. That was when I was too lazy to turn my coach around to dump on the road side. The Rhino Flex hoses are nice but they require lots of handling to extend and to compress them. I am loath to handle my sewer hose any more than absolutely necessary. (Just my hangup.) My personal thoughts on a sewer hose support is "why bother". My storage space is precious. Furthermore I don't want a yucky sewer support in my bay. When I am at one of the many CGs' that have a high drain hose fitting I just don't leave my sewer open to the drain. Once every 4 or 5 days I drain my tanks and then lift the hose to drain the water from the hose. Just my thoughts. Good luck on your continuing adventure. Happy trails, Eric, currently outside of Peoria, Il.
cire 07/15/13 06:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Recommend Apps for Android smartphone

x2 for "Raindar" Shows rain and the direction rain is moving in your area or in any other area. (make map smaller/larger or move it to another area.)
cire 07/01/13 11:26am Technology Corner
Can a 15k BTU Duo-Therm a/c work with a 4 button thermostat?

I need to replace one of my three air conditioners. I have a 15k BTU Duo-Therm available to me. I want to replace my first a/c unit with it. I don't want to convert to a 5 button thermostat because of the cost of converting my other two a/c circuit boards to a board that is compatible with a 5 button thermostat. My question is: will a new style Duo Therm work with a 4 button thermostat? Also has anyone encountered any problems when they converted from a 13k BTU air conditioner to a 15k BTU unit??
cire 06/02/13 09:08pm Class A Motorhomes
You cannot use your DirectTV DVR without a satellite signal.

If you have DirecTV with a DVR you can no longer view your pre-recorded programs if you don't have a satellite signal and the power to your DVR has been interrupted. (You move to a new site.) If you want to read details of this problem go to this post in the Technology Forum: "Directv DVR continuously resetting when no signal from sat" After 9 pages the bottom line is: Your DVR will not work if you don't have a satellite signal. (It will work for about 6 minutes then go to searching for satellite.) If you simply interrupt your satellite signal your DVR will work for about 12 hours+/- then it will go searching for satellite. You can try this by disconnecting your satellite, then disconnect the power to your DVR for a while. This is intolerable to all of us who sometimes park under trees. The only solution is to complain to DirecTV. The technician at DirecTV will not believe you. "It always use to work." Yeah, I know. It doesn't anymore. If one day you likely will park under a tree and want to watch your recorded shows.....call DirecTV complain and request a software engineering change. Do this before you park underneath that tree.
cire 05/15/13 05:09pm Technology Corner
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