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RE: Re-purpose TV Cabinet

Looks awesome, wish I would have thought that now I may have to borrow your idea...
clangille 11/03/13 09:06am Travel Trailers
RE: Buying a TT in the US and exporting to Canada

If you go to the CBSA webstie(formerly Customs)cbsa-asfc.gc.ca you can learn all you need to know about importing a vehicle into Canada. Long and short of it, contact RIV with the make and model of the trailer to ensure admissibilty(should not be an issue), ensure there aren't any active recalls, sometimes you can get a letter from the manufacturer. Delcare your exportation with title to US Customs 72 hrs in advance(most dealers do this, for more details contact US CBP). Upon arrival in Canada declare your trailer, present bill of sale with all documentation. Pay your RIV fee, 195 + GST. You will have to pay the PST to the province upon registration. Make sure you bring your CBSA receipt to the Motor Vehicle branch (form B15). Bring your Form 1(RIV form) with you to the MV branch. Importing any vehicle is simple. If you have any questions you can call CBSA border information services and they can help you here is their number 1-800-461-9999. Hope this helps some.
clangille 08/28/13 06:07am Travel Trailers
RE: Peel and Stick Tiles

Try Allure flooring, I am not sure if it's available at Home Depot in the US, but I know you can buy it in Canada. It's a great product, very durable, can withstand water. It is very easy to install, all you need is a sharp utility knife, straight edge and tape measure.
clangille 08/25/13 04:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: Attwood Water Heaters

I have had both Suburban and Atwood water heaters. I prefer Atwood over Surburban. I found that a 6 gal Atwood was able to provide hot water for a longer period. That could be because of the thermostat setting as mentioned by Old-Biscuit.
clangille 08/25/13 01:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: marker lights on while camping

I hope they stay away from me and camp with like minded people. WOW Double WOW WOW, I got a double WOW.:B I admit that was poorly put, but at the risk of withdrawing one foot and inserting two, I’ll try to put it better since these posts sometimes tend to get carried away. There are people who show movies on the side of their rig, play music, run generators to watch tv, light up the campground like a parking lot or Christmas tree and so on. But there are also other people who camp to get away from all the chaos and noise of the city and they like their setting much more natural. For the most part the groups are “like minded” and tend to group together. If there’s any tension I think it’s when there’s no opportunity for the groups to separate. I don’t begrudge the people who like their noise, lighting, and so on. Nor do I think they’re “lesser’ people or “wrong”. I don’t choose to camp there because I like the natural settings. And I think behavior in one setting isn’t necessarily acceptable in another, or put another way, “when in Rome do as the Romans do”. OK, let’s see if I can get a triple WOW.:) Very well said, at the end of the day it all boils down to a simple saying...to each their own.
clangille 08/20/13 01:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: marker lights on while camping

I hope they stay away from me and camp with like minded people. WOW Double WOW
clangille 08/20/13 11:01am Travel Trailers
RE: marker lights on while camping

hope you are joking...ahhh let me see, a large majority of CG's have dirt roads, that combined with a truck and trailer trying to stop quickly is a recipe for disaster...big issue where I camp. Not everyone abides by the common sense rule that our parents taught us. Look both ways before crossing.
clangille 08/09/13 12:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: marker lights on while camping

...you are stupid enough to come into my campsite after midnight and knock on my door to tell me to turn off my lights, then you are risking me putting your lights out. Epic! Where's the "like" button!?:B X2, can't imagine anyone being that anal about lights, worry about speeding through the CG, there's a real issue
clangille 08/09/13 07:15am Travel Trailers
RE: marker lights on while camping

I have done this for years, kids like, neighbours like it, other campers have asked how to do it. Also it's a great way to find your trailer in the dark after a few beer. As other people have said it's an easy way to have lights with out having awning lights. I can't see how amber coloured clearance lights would bother anyone, they aren't spot lights. Clearly there are a vast amount of opinions on this subject, and you know what people say about opinions....
clangille 08/09/13 07:13am Travel Trailers
RE: food restrictions when entering USA.

We live close to the border so we stopped and asked before our trip south what we could bring into the U.S. The supervisor and an officer went through what not to bring and what was allowed and how it needed to be packaged. At the end the supervisor said "but it depends on the officer who is on duty that day". So be prepared to lose it or just don't bring it. Brian I can only assume that he meant how current the officer is on policy changes or new/expired restrictions. Officers don't just seize goods without cause and if there is ever any doubt ask for a supervisor.
clangille 07/03/13 08:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: food restrictions when entering USA.

Best way to be sure of what goods you are allowed to bring across with you is to contact your local CBP office, or check their website, here is a number you can also call 1-877-770-5990. If anyone is crossing into Canada CBSA has a Border Information Service call centre, you can call there to find out what you are allowed to bring in. If calling from outside Canada here are 2 numbers 1-204-983-3500 1-506-636-5064. Just to clarify what the person said about the whatever the agent wants that day. In Canada the officers are acting on behalf of different agencies, restrictions on agriculture products change frequently therefore, if on one day your tomatoes(for example) are allowed and another day the tomatoes are inadmissable that decision would not be made by the specific officer if would be the governing agency. Here is a link to CBP http://www.cbp.gov/xp/cgov/travel/id_visa/arriving_travelers.xml. Here is a link to the CBSA website http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/fpa-apa/regs-eng.html Cheers and enjoy your trip.
clangille 07/03/13 12:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: Laundry chute in a TT

We have 2 in ours, went to Wal Mart and bought a couple cheap laundry baskets, they fit perfect. My trailer has a large pass through so on 1 side I have the laundry basket and a rubbermaid bin and the other side has the laundry basket and cleaning products.
clangille 07/03/13 11:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Great Lakes Windchaser 180FB

Hey I was an owner of a Laurentian Ranger, made by Great Lakes RV, while the build quality seemed great and it had alot of amenities I was also unable to track anything down about the company after their bankruptcy. I have seen several of the Laurentian models on kijiji, the odyssey and ranger series. You may want to check there for what you are looking for if you haven't already.
clangille 06/11/13 02:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: Let's chalk it up to stupidity

Thanks for all the humour. Made for a good laugh. Towels and a hair dryer to dry the carpet. Luckily it's a hide-a-bed sofa so I was able to move it out. Lol. I usually have a couple moments of stupidity throughout the season this year just started a little early. :)
clangille 05/11/13 05:05am Travel Trailers
Let's chalk it up to stupidity

Well it's the first weekend in the new TT. It's been an interesting day. Turns out this Tt is a lot higher than my last one. The deck is too( we are parked seasonally). So the plans were to take the 11 yr old & 3 yr old to the CG for the weekend. I was smart enough to plan for new stairs, measure, Pre cut & bring the lumber and tools. It's challenging to do anything with a toddler. Fast forward stairs are finished, supper finished. So I decided to watch a movie with the 3yr old. Of course I forgot them all so a quick trip to the store is easy. Getting in the car it started to rain. In my hastiness I forgot to close the windows on the side. Well downpour starts and it's almost unbelievable. Arrive back at the CG and I decide to give the little one a bath. She was in the tub & I look over to see water coming in the window and the carpet at the end of the sofa is soaked. Well after a couple towels to soak up everything I feel pretty stupid. So lesson learned, take a breath close the windows and there won't be a mess to clean up later. Chalk it up to stupidity! If there are any spelling errors blame it on the iPhone. Cheers!
clangille 05/10/13 05:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: Hybrid Seasonal Tips/Tricks?

I have used a HTT as a seasonal camper. You have to look at your campground, the thing that most people mentioned to me was security. If you feel that your campground is safe and you are familiar with your neighbours then security is not an issue. As far as worrying about leaving the bunk ends out and damage to the canvas. Drive by any rv dealership and you will see that TT and HTT's both are set up and open for the season. Really they all use sunbrella on the bunk ends now anyways. I left mine out for the season, ultimately my HTT was written off but it had nothing to do with the bunk ends(leaking water line). Clean your ends from time to time. Good luck with your season, enjoy the ease of seasonal camping.
clangille 05/04/13 12:17pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Water heater won't work on electric

Yes its is replaceable. You can buy them from an rv place for about 15$. Go to Home Depot and buy the element replacement tool about 5$. Very simple to replace it.
clangille 05/04/13 09:18am Travel Trailers
RE: TV Mounting help or suggestions

Thanks for all the suggestions. I am thinking I may modify the entertainment centre maybe remove the upper cabinet above the tv space. Get a swing arm tv mount. The only time my slide will be in is at the end of the season. We have done seasonal camping for the last few years.
clangille 04/27/13 03:42pm Travel Trailers
TV Mounting help or suggestions

Just bought a 2006 Pilgrim 312bhss. The entertainment centre is designed to fit a 19/20 inch CRT tv. I have a 26" lcd that I would like to put there. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could do this? Thanks 312bhss example of living entertainment centre
clangille 04/27/13 06:49am Travel Trailers
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