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RE: Shifting into neutral

I can't believe all the ninny responses to this. I bet you guys don't remove the tag off your mattress either. You better not or else the flux capacitor will overload flipping world into reverse orbit. It is also against the law to whistle under water in Vermont. Wilber1, I'm with you on this.
davisenvy 04/19/14 07:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: diesel fuel in Florida

Well, if you were riding with me you'd see it. I saw it all day yesterday and today.
davisenvy 04/15/14 05:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: diesel fuel in Florida

Down hill from NC to FL, west wind, and the ambient temp was actually warmer in NC.
davisenvy 04/15/14 09:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: diesel fuel in Florida

I lose about 2mpg loaded or not and it happens every time. I come down here maybe 6 times a year camping/fishing and the mpg difference never. Like I said, it isn't a gradual drop off, its from one tank full to the next.
davisenvy 04/15/14 08:47am Tow Vehicles
diesel fuel in Florida

I live in the mountains of NC. When I travel to Florida my tank will last me just past the Florida line. After I fill up I immediately lose almost 2mpg. This happens no matter where I fill up or what I'm towing. The mpg's don't gradually drop off, it is almost immediately after filling up with FL diesel and my mpg's don't come back until I fill up in GA or NC. Is there something I'm missing?
davisenvy 04/15/14 07:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: How far can my TT lean?

The incline is only for about 20 feet, then levels out again. I keep the TT at my dads, but would be nice if I could get it next to my house to ease loading for trips.
davisenvy 03/31/14 11:32am Travel Trailers
RE: How far can my TT lean?

At a level 100 inches from one side to the other, the board was 14 inches off the ground. 14% grade?
davisenvy 03/31/14 11:13am Travel Trailers
How far can my TT lean?

How far can my TT lean before worrying about it tipping over, frame damage, or something of the like. I have a split driveway and I'm trying to see if my TT can fit in the top part of the split. There is a fair amount of slope to the driveway. I don't know how to explain the severity of the slope or how you would explain this to me. Maybe pictures or some kind of measurement?
davisenvy 03/31/14 10:51am Travel Trailers
RE: Assume diesel and gasser have same torque, compare...

Torque is what moves you, HP is a factor of RPM and torque. You could have an engine that spins 12000 RPM but only makes 75 lbFt of torque (like a motor cycle) and it's not going to pull an RV to the top of the hill even the the HP is a high number. Look at steam engines, HP in minimal but torque is high and that's what moves things. The most powerful locomotive ever built turned about 5000 rpm and was not a diesel engine. The engine that can make the most horsepower will always win period. Torque has no meaning without the time factor and then it is called horsepower. If your 12000 rpm motor only made 425 ft lbs of torque it would be waiting at the top of the hill for any of the current diesel pickups and would have no trouble pulling any RV made up any paved road in the USA. But that's not what I'm talking about. My point shows how it's the work an engine does that matters to someone towing. A steam engine has very little HP but gobs of towrque. That's how it moves a train. HP wins what? Races? That is of little consequence to someone towing. Heck, my Prius will stomp any diesel in a race. Torque is what gets the work done and diesels will always have more of it than gassers. I have "any diesel" and I'll gladly put your claim to the test, tuned or not. This statement is just plain silly. Heck, I'll even pull my boat behind me when we race. Don't recall a Prius being able to stomp much of anything.
davisenvy 03/30/14 06:24am Tow Vehicles
RE: wholesaler price vs. local dealer price

I purchased my TT from a wholesaler and saved around $4000. The two closest RV dealers are 1.5 and 2 hours from where I live. I drove a 700mi round trip to get my TT, but I feel it was worth it. There are two local guys that are certified to work on my brand of TT. Both do great work, both will store my TT in a bay while they have it, and both do better work than Camping World, which is where I purchased my first TT. The local guys fix any problems in a day and are 15 min away. Camping world had my TT for 5 weeks to do a yearly inspection and forgot to tighten the AC unit back after the inspection. The first rain we encountered soaked the inside of my unit. When I called CW, they denied any responsibility. So much for doing business locally.
davisenvy 03/29/14 05:23am Travel Trailers
RE: wholesaler price vs. local dealer price

I bought from a wholesaler last year (www.wholesalervclub.com) and had an awesome experience. I got a great deal and it was a smooth transaction. As far as warranty work, I can fix things better than the dealer can. I bought my last camper from Camping World. I was afraid to drop my camper off there because they would always make the problem worse or screw something else up in the process. There are other authorized dealers to do warranty work on your camper.
davisenvy 03/27/14 03:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Buying a used Diesel Truck

Later model LLY or LBZ Duramax. I doubt you'll find one in your price range unless miles are up there. Second choice would be a 5.9L Cummins. Everyone can compare MPG's, HP, TQ to GM, but there's one thing their truck won't have and that's an Allison. I hate automatic trucks, but this transmission is heavenly.
davisenvy 03/27/14 11:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: Is this enough truck?

I sure wouldn't do it. A buddy of mine has a new 2014 and although they are very nice rides, the suspension is a bit on the soft side. When he pulls my 4000lb bowfishing boat, you sure know its back there. Plus, isn't the payload around 1600lbs?
davisenvy 03/27/14 11:01am Tow Vehicles
RE: Diesel MPG and fuel additives

Several studies have shown that on pre DEF trucks 6oz of two stroke oil to 26g of fuel yields an average of 1mpg. Experiment on your own with DEF approved additives and see for yourself. If you don't see an improvement, then they don't work for you and vise versa. I am a fan of them and will not go a tank without. Go to a Cummins forum and ask this question. People with the same truck have much more experience than the ones speaking out of theory.
davisenvy 03/25/14 07:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: Compare MPG between hills and flats.

Just what the title says. I have only rolling hills in my local towing. I see just a hair under 10mpg, but I'm pulling 4-7% hills for most of it. Of course, that means I'm rolling down hills too. :) So do they basically cancel? Or do the uphills use exponentially higher fuel? Would I see improvement if I were towing all flat? Even if the rolling and wind resistance were equal, all that energy being absorbed by engine braking and the heat going into your service brakes as you control speed going down the hill came out of the fuel burned to get you up the hill. You will never get the same mileage in the hills as on the flat unless you have a heck of a tailwind. EXACTLY! Well said.
davisenvy 03/24/14 04:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Compare MPG between hills and flats.

I go to Crested Butte and Ouray CO every year dirt bike riding. I have gone in a 40ft Motorcoach, Duramax, Powerstroke, and F250 with a V10 all pulling the same trailer. I got better mileage going across Kansas coming and going, than I did once I reached Denver. I have made this trip 15 times and the results are the same every time.
davisenvy 03/23/14 05:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Compare MPG between hills and flats.

Those of you that get better mileage in the Mountains, what's your secret. I've lived in the Smokey Mountains all my life (37yrs) and have always gotten better mpg's on flat ground. The up hill seems to always use more than you gain from the down hill side, going both ways over the mountain, cruise on or off, jake brake, diesel, gasoline. Nothing seems to matter. Gravity works.
davisenvy 03/23/14 04:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Compare MPG between hills and flats.

The hills do not cancel each other out. You will see your bet mpg on the flats.:)
davisenvy 03/23/14 06:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: Cooling your brakes

The idea of repeatedly hitting the brakes hard and then coast back up to speed is nonsense. What you are doing is causing the brakes to go thru exaggerated heat/cool cycles.No it isn't, and perhaps you are, but keeping your brakes cool is of utmost importance. Riding them is a sure road to disaster. Brakes are a heat device. There is no way to use brakes and keep them cool. If you want to slow a vehicle with the brakes, then you will generate heat. The quantity of heat will be the same regardless how you play with the pedal. To generate extreme heat for intermittent periods is a sure road to disaster. WRONG! Advice like this will end up really messing someone up. Whatever you do, DO NOT RIDE YOUR BRAKES. Stab the brakes as mentioned and go down the mountain same gear it took you to get up it, or even a gear lower if concerned. I can ride behind most out of towners and smell their brakes burning. The whole time their brake lights are brightly lit.
davisenvy 03/18/14 03:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Gauges Analog or Digital

$10 pre-paid Android Cell phone $5 Torque Pro $15 Bluetooth OBDII Adapter Analog, or digital, take your pick. Even graph the data and keep min/max. Still uses the primary vehicle computer data vs. secondary measurements. I originally did this before the Edge. It's a good option and works well, but for my 2008 Dodge 2500 CTD it would not show the transmission temp, which is critical to me. I understand it does show the tranny temps for Ford and Chevy, but not for Dodge. It won't show EGT's for Chevy/GMC. My Edge Insight would freeze up about every 6 times I would start the truck. It would also not turn off sometimes. One time I went on a week fishing trip to come back to my Insight still on.
davisenvy 03/14/14 01:33pm Tow Vehicles
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