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RE: The mysteries of Horsepower and other things explained

1. The Tundra is 381 HP, but has 4.30 gears compared to my 3.73. I am also running 285 tires, not the stock 245's. What's the math there? 2. Yes I do. I have 344.5 at the rear wheels. Dynojet 3. I am not sure exacly what RPM he was running. We have made this trip dozens of times. Surely at one poing the max hp was found. How come no one is asking me what my rpm's were? Argument slanted towards gas? So just because you wanted you boosted the HP on the Duramax by 25 and knocked 81 Hp off of the Toyota? I know they aren't the same trucks, but the pulling experience should be somewhat close according to the original statement. They aren't.
davisenvy 01/27/15 06:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: The mysteries of Horsepower and other things explained

The Toyota isn't even close to the Duramax, low or high rpm. Yes two different trucks, but similar hp, one has almost double the tq. The Toyota even has the gearing advantage.
davisenvy 01/27/15 04:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: The mysteries of Horsepower and other things explained

2200 ft and rpm of the Tundra was screaming. Not sure exactly, but over 6k.
davisenvy 01/27/15 03:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: The mysteries of Horsepower and other things explained

Im a bit confused and need some clarification on this subject. I understand the difference between tq and hp. The OP states that HP, HP, HP and according to his theory torque won't help you win a race towing up a hill. I have real life experience with two different trucks pulling the same load up the same mountain. My buddy and I take turns pulling my Bowfishing boat on trips. We go over the same mountains no matter what direction we go. He has a 2014 Tundra Crew Max with 5.7L and I have a 2006 Duramax with a EFI Live tow tune. Both trucks are 400hp (give or take a couple), but mine has 350tq more. His truck has a hard time keeping the speed limit going over the mountain, but with the same boat I can accelerate at will. His Tundra has a 4.30 rear end and my Duramax has a 3.73. Maybe I misread 12 pages, but I think the jist of them was that this wasn't supposed to happen. Can someone explain this to me and please, use little words.:)
davisenvy 01/27/15 03:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Questions on towing with a lifted truck

Lift it! You're on the wrong forum to ask about anyting aftermarket. The group here is "If GM engineers didn't put it there" talk. Call or email Norcaltrucks.com. Nick is very knowlegable, especially when it comes to lifting trucks.
davisenvy 01/12/15 05:44am Tow Vehicles

Until one day you forget and add a little DEF to your fuel tank like another member on here did to his Powerstroke. $12,000 later and a new fuel system he's back on the road.
davisenvy 01/01/15 05:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Pumping gasoline into a diesel tank

A buddy of mine accidentally put gas in his Duramax(about 3/4 tank gas). He called his diesel mechanic and asked what to do. The mechanic told him to put a quart of atf in the tank to aid with lubrication of the injectors and go on about his business. This was well over 70k miles ago and his Duramax is still running strong.
davisenvy 12/29/14 05:13am Tow Vehicles
RE: Duel Exhaust

It won't hurt a thing. He might lose some lower end torque, but will pick up hp at the upper end. Plus it's fun. If he doesn't like it, he can always change it back to stock. He's a kid, let him play.
davisenvy 12/28/14 06:20am Tow Vehicles
RE: Aftermarket Exhaust for Ford 6.7L ??

Again, here's the video of the Dynomax install from EpicCowlick. Link Can someone please explain to me how this violates any emissions laws, cause frankly I surely do NOT see it. And thank you FishOnOne for the link here earlier. Sure made it easy to find. Here's an idea, to self educate yourself. Do a search under EPA or CARB and exhaust system modifications. Try using Google as a search engine, and see what comes up. Instead of looking for loopholes, try looking for enforcement of rules instead. You'll be surprised how you can educate yourself, instead of getting your hands held here. A person that asks for help is dependent, a person who seeks out knowledge on their own and finds it, is independent. Federal regulations aftermarket parts Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance. I can do this too.;) OP, call the guys at XDPdiesel.com or Alligatorperformance.com and talk to them about your wants/needs. Very knowledgable guys at both places.
davisenvy 12/10/14 03:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Aftermarket Exhaust for Ford 6.7L ??

By the time I was 23 and bought my first new car, a VW jetta diesel, back in 1981, I was through with d*cking around modifying exhaust systems, for either appearance or sound. I got through the fart stages, flowing gasses, and H4 halogen headlights phase of manhood rather quickly, as well as even wanting to drive at night to cruise bars, or Van Nuys Blvd, that young men seem to be obsessed with. If you want to flow gasses and worry about back pressure, work on jet engines, or rocket engines with De Laval nozzles installed instead. So the moral of the story is, don't alter your exhaust system at all because you stopped doing it in the 80's, farted your way through manhood, and we should work on jet engines instead? There are plenty of aftermarket emissions legal exhaust systems out there. Look on a Powerstroke forum for real answers. Just remember, whatever you do, if you don't like it you can always put it back to stock and sell your aftermarket exhaust on CraigsList.
davisenvy 12/10/14 10:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: Aftermarket Exhaust for Ford 6.7L ??

The turbo is the muffler on turbo diesels. Much of the exhaust tone can be manipulated using the turbo vanes in the turbo. My truck is an '06 Duramax and I have a straight pipe from the turbo back and tuned with EFI Live. I can have almost stock noise levels at the flip if a switch along with EGT's that are way lower than stock. I wonder why the engineers spending trillions of dollars can't figure this out? A stock truck isn't always the best the truck could be or there would be no aftermarket.
davisenvy 12/09/14 06:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: Diesel Tuners

EFI Live from Nick at Duramax tuner and I get additional 2mpg on economy tune and tow tune Mt EGT's are lower than stock. I have had the tune for 60k miles without problem. If you want real world info go to a forum for your truck and ask there. Talk to the guys that design and actually use a tuner.
davisenvy 11/16/14 07:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2008 Chevy Fuel Tank Question

In my 06 Duramax I have 6 gal when the light comes on. Not hard to restart if you run out especially if you've ever changed out your fuel filter. 20 sec fix, but no matter what vehicle you run empty in....it sucks.
davisenvy 11/14/14 04:56am Towing
RE: 18 mpg Dodge while towing?

My buddy has a 2006 MegaCab 4x4 Cummins. We take turns towing his bowfising boat. My Duramax gets 14mpg hand calculated. His Lieometer says he's getting 26mpg. After doing a trip in his Cummins hand calculated we came back with 14.2mpg. Most inaccurate gauge I've seen on a truck.
davisenvy 11/14/14 04:43am Towing
RE: Raising tires for winter storage.

Excellent advice here from an experienced tire engineer: RVtiresafety.com I like rule #8 in the article. Funny guy!
davisenvy 11/14/14 04:39am Travel Trailers
RE: 2wd vs 4wd

Biggest reason for getting a 4X4 even if you don't need it, is resale value. A 2WD is not much cheaper than a 4X4 when buying new. But when the time comes to trade it in or sell it outright, you can't hardly give the 2WD away, nobody want them, not even the dealers. This exactly! Can't sell a 2WD in my neck of the woods. 4WD is kind of like a diesel as far as resale, pay a little more up front, get a little more in the back. No way you slice it when road conditions are bad the odds are in your favor with 4WD. Ask yourself this, would you rather have your wife driving in the snow in a 2WD or 4WD truck.
davisenvy 11/14/14 04:24am Tow Vehicles
RE: Whats the coldest you've camped w/o problems

Will filling up the onboard water not freeze? My water pump is under the sink, so I'm fairly confident that won't have any problems. I just don't understand why the onboard water is less likely to have problems.
davisenvy 11/11/14 06:37am Travel Trailers
RE: Whats the coldest you've camped w/o problems

Thanks for the replies. Looks like I'm going camping!
davisenvy 11/10/14 02:59pm Travel Trailers
Whats the coldest you've camped w/o problems

Were planning on a camping trip next weekend. The high for the day is supposed to be 47 with a low temp of 26. The campground has already shut off half the parks water because of the cold temps. Would we be OK as long as we had the inside of the TT heated. I am winterized now, and will winterize again before leaving the campground. I've seen the heated hoses, but they are $100 plus. Any tips or tricks would be appreciated.
davisenvy 11/10/14 10:40am Travel Trailers
RE: Cooper AT3 Tires

Most even wearing tire I've had on my truck. I get around 40k out of a set. They do get a little noisy towards the end. I will be getting them again next time around.
davisenvy 06/25/14 04:56pm Tow Vehicles
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