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RE: Should I get airbags

One word of advice to the OP, NEVER POST WEIGHTS ON THIS FORUM! Your question will be drowned out by numbers. I started off with Timbrens and didn't like them at all. I then went to airbags and love them. I don't really need them, but the ability to adjust is wonderful. Mine were about $300 and took me 2hrs to install.
davisenvy 01/28/17 06:48am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Andersen Ultimate center of weight vs rear axle

I called Andersen and asked them this same question. They said since their hitch hooked onto the gooseneck ball, that is where the weight is placed not 4in behind the ball as it appears. The "foot" of the Andersen hitch is just for added support, but does not support the weight of the FW, the GN ball does. Hope this answers your question.
davisenvy 01/28/17 06:41am Fifth-Wheels
RE: AC Delco shocks

I knew you were going to say that. Guess I'll order a set today. The rebound being off would be a perfect way to describe how my truck feels. Thanks for the input.
davisenvy 10/10/16 12:40pm Tow Vehicles
AC Delco shocks

I recently replaced the shocks on my 2006 GMC Sierra 2500HD with AC Delco and I think they pretty much stink. My truck drove like a Suburban before and now I don't even want to drive it unless I'm loaded. Is this the norm for these shocks? I figured going with an OEM product would give the the ride the truck came with.
davisenvy 10/10/16 09:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: Andersen Ultimate Coupler

No problem, just curious. The gooseneck ball is over the axles, but the kingpin is back a few inches. I was thinking maybe moving the weight closer to the axle would give an even better ride. I think I'll take timfloods advice and just try it for my self as far as clearances go.
davisenvy 05/27/16 10:43am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Andersen Ultimate Coupler

I wouldn't flip the coupler around unless you have a long bed truck. If you have a short bed leave the kingpin behind the ball So would flipping the coupler affect the way the trailer towed or the handling characteristics of my truck?
davisenvy 05/27/16 09:59am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Andersen Ultimate Coupler

Good call. My actual plan (if it makes a difference) is to use the B&W 4" offset ball with the reversed coupler. This would move my FW 4" closer to the truck. I have 7 inches at almost a right angle from FW to cab and close to 10 with tail gate down. If it doesn't make a difference, I most likely won't mess with it.
davisenvy 05/27/16 09:31am Fifth-Wheels
Andersen Ultimate Coupler

NO FIGHTING PLEASE! I have so many questions about using this hitch and the threads always get closed due to personal opinions. I care about your opinion, just not right now. I currently have the coupler mounted so the pin is behind the ball. This puts the kingpin about 8 in behind the axles. Assuming I had enough cab/nose cone clearance, if I flipped the coupler around so the pin was in the front would this affect towing/ride or even how my truck sits with the FW hooked up?
davisenvy 05/27/16 09:03am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Andersen Hitch Owners

Well you can always wrap a chain lock around the hitch and chain it to a bed tie down on the truck. This is what I came up with also. My wife takes the truck shopping and I'm afraid someone is going to take my hitch. I thought about putting the ball behind the back seat and a cable lock around the hitch locked to the truck bed.
davisenvy 05/24/16 01:56pm Fifth-Wheels
Andersen Hitch Owners

Have you found a way to lock your hitch into your bed yet? My sales rep at Andersen says a lock will only do good on the ball portion and if I had a lock on the bottom pin, it wouldn't matter. I'm thinking the light weight of the hitch might be convenient for more than just me:h
davisenvy 05/24/16 12:03pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Those that have used Anderson Ultimate Hitch

Just a side note for other Jayco HT owners out there. Don't trim the fiberglass to get to the very top hole. There is a metal plate keeping the kingpin from going into the very top hole. I found this out by cutting out a 2" section that exposed the plate. Surprised Jayco didn't know about this when I called them on Friday and asked them about it.
davisenvy 05/14/16 05:43pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Those that have used Anderson Ultimate Hitch

I guess I have to decide weather the 1.5" I'll gain from the new hitch is worth $300. I'm a little concerned lowering the hitch point might cause some bed rail/kingpin clearance. Then if I do rotate the coupler, I might run into cab/nose cone issues. I have decided to trim the fiberglass around the kingpin to give me another inch. That and the spring lift will give me 3 inches closer to level leaving the nose 2 in high.
davisenvy 05/13/16 03:43am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Those that have used Anderson Ultimate Hitch

So raise it on the springs first before spending money and see where you are at. If you have a 20' board that is 5" off level, then raising the center of the board 2.5" will make level, assuming the high remains stationary. Some people are installing the bolt on version of Correct Track, which raises the trailer. http://www.lci1.com/correct-track-ii Chris There is a lower hole on my shackle for the leaf springs. If I drop to the lower hole it will raise my trailer 2". By doing this it might correct more than 2" out of the 5" that I'm trying to achieve? I store my FW on a level concrete pad. I measured the skirt, front and back, and also check with an actual level. My measurements are withing .25" accurate.
davisenvy 05/12/16 08:59am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Those that have used Anderson Ultimate Hitch

The trailer is high 5 inches from the rear to just behind the nose cone. I'm measuring from the the skirt on the FW. I'm going to raise the FW 2 in and lower the nose 2 in.
davisenvy 05/12/16 07:33am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Those that have used Anderson Ultimate Hitch

I decided to lower the spring mounts giving me an extra 2 inches. With the truck loaded with the FW the truck squats 2 in. About 8.25 inch between rear of bed rails and the under side of the FW nose. I can't raise the pinbox any more because the fiberglass on the nose won't allow it. I do have one more hole to adjust up. As is, fully hooked up the FW is nose high 5 inches. My plan is to get the new hitch to lower the nose around 1.5 inches maybe 2 in. Lower the springs giving me another 2 in. This leaves me with 1 inch nose high. I'm going to call Jayco today and see if it will void the warranty to cut the fiberglass to allow the king pin to go up the rest of the way. That would be the last inch to level. Andersen said that if I had pinbox clearance issues, like hitting the bed rails I can switch the coupler on the pinbox around so the ball is behind the pin and it would give me more clearance.
davisenvy 05/12/16 05:15am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Those that have used Anderson Ultimate Hitch

Chris, forgive my ignorance, but what are the jack plates? My plan is to go down some in the front and up some with the leaf springs. This should get me pretty close to level.
davisenvy 05/11/16 07:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Those that have used Anderson Ultimate Hitch

I have the pinbox up as high as the FW will allow and I'm still towing nose high by 5 inches. Soooooo..... If you're 5 inches too high now and you're looking for dead level, then you're screwed. About the best you'll do with a traditional hitch is only going to get you about 3 inches nose high. A modified Andersen will get you close to dead 1-2 inches from dead level, but you're only going to have a little more than 1" clearance which is not enough. I don't mean to sound harsh, but it sounds like your best bet is to raise the trailer. How am I screwed? My thread was about hitch vs hitch towing characteristics. I fully understand my options on getting my FW level. Thanks for your input on the Anderson Ultimate Hitch.
davisenvy 05/11/16 06:40pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Those that have used Anderson Ultimate Hitch

I have 8.5 inches between the bed rails and the under side of the FW. I'm going out this evening to drop the leaf springs to the lower hole bringing up my FW by 2 inches. I have the pinbox up as high as the FW will allow and I'm still towing nose high by 5 inches. I've been over on the Jayco Forum and those guys helped me implement a plan. It seems the Jayco Eagle HT comes from the factory pretty low compared to other FW's. With the new hitch I'll be able to lower the front by 1 1/2, 2 11/16, or 3 3/4 inches. With the current hitch I have 8 1/2, 9 9/16, or 10 3/4 inches between the bed rails and the FW at the low, middle, and high setting on the hitch.
davisenvy 05/11/16 03:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Those that have used Anderson Ultimate Hitch

The dealer just came back with $200 off, so I'm only out $300 additional. I think I'm going to take it. I really like the ease of removal with the Andersen and it sounds like it would suite me best. The DW wouldn't go for the creaking, moaning, and wheezing. I do enough of that without the FW.
davisenvy 05/11/16 02:39pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Those that have used Anderson Ultimate Hitch

Let me see if I understand the OP correctly: You currently have an Andersen UH, but you need the lower version. For $500, they offered to "convert" your existing hitch. Or they're offering to give you some trade-in value on your existing hitch. If that's the case, then here's my take on it. You're going to be hard pressed to find a good used hitch for less than $400 to $500 on CL. You can buy a brand new "decent" hitch for that. But really, your problem is that you're riding too high in the first place. The Andersen is basically designed to be approx the same height as a traditional 5er hitch. So if you buy another hitch, I expect that you're still going to have the same issue. I own a regular 5er hitch for my other TV, and even at its lowest position, it still sits higher than my lowered Andersen UH If I understand your situation correctly, you either need to invest in the lower version of the Andersen UH or perform one of the various trailer-lift procedures. I need the lower version instead of my current steel version. I will be trading in my current hitch and giving $500 to boot towards the new lower hitch making it a total purchase of close to $1,000. I am aware that my FW nose is high and is why I am switching hitches. Anderson Ultimate hitch is not designed to be the same height as a regular FW hitch. The 3225 and the 3220 are designed for a pickup truck bed with a gooseneck ball. The Andersens lowest setting is 16 1/8 in. Most FW hitches start off around 14 in. Also, the coupler that goes on the pin box adds another 7/8 inch. That's 3 inches higher. I am more interested about the towing characteristics between the two. This is my first FW and I have never towed with a regular fifth wheel hitch. Thanks for your input though.
davisenvy 05/11/16 01:45pm Fifth-Wheels
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