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RE: How to measure DC current

A DC clamp on Ammeter makes it really easy to make current measurements without breaking a connection. Sears sells a really nice DMM combined with DC/AC clamp on Ammeter. I have both the Sears unit and an Extex true RMS clamp on Ammeter. Great for measuring load and charge current. Dick
dclark1946 10/29/14 07:49pm Tech Issues
RE: condensation on windows

Thanks to all for helping. We had virtually no condensation on the windows after cracking a couple windows and the roof vents. We stayed warm for the most part too. That is all you should need to do based on our experience in cold weather camping. No need for a dehumidifier. We do get a little moisture on the windows when we use a catalytic heater (when dry camping) but we have both a window and a vent opened slightly. We do the same with an electric heater except we we don't usually have the window opened until we make coffee and run the bathroom vent fan on low to vent excessive moisture. Dick
dclark1946 10/26/14 06:44am Travel Trailers
RE: Propane tank monitor

Twenty pound tanks are now available with true float guages so surely the thirty pounders will be available with the guages soon. Dick
dclark1946 10/26/14 06:08am Travel Trailers
RE: Didn't Believe about the Chinese Tires

I'm guessing they were original equipment? So 5 yr old tires grenade, don't think it had anything to do with them being Chinese. Just my very humble opinion. I would be surprised if a 5 year old trailer only has 2000 miles but maybe they were originals and the trailer is not used much. My experience is that you can have blowouts with even 3 year old ST tires well maintained and driving at 60 MPH. After switching to LTs I have had no more issues and just completed my fourth season with a 2000 mile trip this summer in upper 90 deg weather. In the past, the quality of China supplied ST tires has been all over the map and you had no way of knowing what you had. On our last trailer we left the dealer with our new trailer and drove directly to a tire store to have the original STs replaced with quality (LT) tires. Dick
dclark1946 10/26/14 05:27am Travel Trailers
RE: New to dry camping, questions?

Here is a suggestion -- just for one night, try to do without the generator. The silence is golden. For your coffee, check out the idea of "pour-over" coffee using boiled water -- it is all the rage these days, and it is delicious, and it uses no electricity. And is it absolutely necessary to use a blow dryer? In dry climates, hair will dry pretty quickly without electricity. (In a wet climate, there may be no other option.) I understand if you and your wife choose to use electric power so that you need a generator. That is your choice. But a lot of folks camp "off the grid" and enjoy the peace and quiet. It is a lot easier than you'd think. Thank goodness it is a free country, and you can do what you please!! Along that same line of thought, my wife and I camp at state parks with electricity but really enjoy national parks which have no electricity and only water at central locations. We find it is rather fun working out alternative approaches (we used to tent camp)to doing things that require significant electric power. While we use an electric drip coffee maker when camping with electricity, we switch over to a stove top percolator when dry camping. The MW becomes a bread box and do fine without using it. We do use a quiet 1 kW generator but it is to recharge the battery which powers the water pump, fridge and water heater electronics, lights and vent fan. Everyone has their own style. We actually saw tent campers once in the Smokies running a loud contractor style generator two or three times a day to power a MW sitting on a table outside.
dclark1946 10/26/14 05:12am Travel Trailers
RE: Verizon hotspot

I use a Verizon Jet Pack with a 5G data plan and leave my smart phone with a 250M data plan for receiving phone calls and texts which you can't do while you are using your phone for a hot spot with Verizon (last time I checked). The Jet pack has a serious battery and can run for many hours rather than draining my phone battery. In addition, the Jet Pack has an RF connector for an external antenna if you are in a weak signal area. Dick
dclark1946 10/25/14 09:12pm Technology Corner
RE: Spring Shackles

I had our 2007 travel trailer springs checked out this year by a truck axle shop. The bolt holes were slightly elongated but the plastic or nylon bushings were not in too bad of shape. Our TT does have shocks which I also replaced so maybe that does help minimize wear. Dick
dclark1946 10/22/14 09:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Getting all the water out of the water heater

Don't leave the drain plug out unless you want bugs in your hot water tank. Been leaving our drain plug out after every camping trip for 15 years and never had a problem. I take the plug out the morning of the last planned day on the road. It helps get a little more water out when the trailer is being towed due to the road crown. Our current trailer is seven years old. If I have to replace the WH now I figure I got my money's worth. Dick
dclark1946 10/19/14 02:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Hot water heater has lumps of clear slime!!

I see that kind of stuff on the anode rod every time I remove it. I drain our water heater and clean the anode rod by wiping it with a paper towel after each camping trip and have never had any issues with smelly water. Dick
dclark1946 10/18/14 03:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Honda 2000

Most posters are giving their opinions based on RV A/Cs. The OP has a portable A/C. My first Eu 2000 was purchased to run the small window unit that our new Casita TT came with. I think it was on the order of 11K BTU. The Eu2000 would bog down (eco mode off) when the unit would first turn on and go into overload. There was no problem when running it off line ac power. This same generator has no problem with our Coleman 13.5K BTU RV A/C on our current RV. I suspect the surge current on some non RV units may be higher. Dick
dclark1946 10/10/14 08:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Doesn't seem to have been many ST tire failures this year.

I forget, I am running something like 205-70-14's on my travel trailer. I do 55 to 58 mph, and always top off the pressure to 55 psi as stated in the instructions. I am at 14,000 miles in 2 years of ownership. So far, so good, but I am checking the tires like a hawk now, every time, before every trip, for signs of delamination. Maybe this isn't such a problem with 3700 # dry weight ultralite travel trailers? I followed all those same precautions you are doing with my two previous trailers with ST tires and had blowouts after the third year. The tires looked great until they came apart on the hot highway. I believe Discount Tire even tells you on their web site that 3 years is the the expected life time for STs. Someone mentioned the improved Carlisle tire with a nylon cap so maybe the new ST tires will hold up better. I switched over to LTs 7 years ago when we got a new trailer with 15 inch wheels and have not had any more problems. Dick
dclark1946 09/27/14 10:56am Tech Issues
RE: 1000 watt Honda gen

I don't think its ever a matter of which is better a 1K or a 2K. That's why they make both,....which ever one fits the bill. In my case,...weight, and physical size means everything, so I love the 1K. If it won't work for you, that's why they made the 2 3 and 4Ks. actually, I have a 1k and a 5,5K. Fuel problems ??? I don't have any, nor have I ever had any. I agree. We own two Eu2000s and two Eu1000s but when we go dry camping the Eu1000s are my choice. The second generator is only a backup which I have never needed. With respect to Eu1000 carb issues, the only time I had a problem with either of mine was when I left gas in it for a year with the original Stabil. Now I use Stabil Marine in all the gasoline that goes in my small gas engines. I drain the tank and carb when I do not plan on using the generator for a month and have had no more carb issues. Dick
dclark1946 09/27/14 06:45am Tech Issues
RE: 4,000 - 4,200 RPM?

I would like to see the manufacturer's comments regarding extended high rpm operation not just people's opinion. Dick I think you'd have to find one that considered 4000 to be "high rpm operations" first. Since 2000-2500 is normal highway cruising rpm I would say that 4000 is significantly higher. Dick
dclark1946 09/22/14 08:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 4,000 - 4,200 RPM?

GM would set the rev limiter and other controls at lower rpm's if they were worried about running at 4,000 rpm. On the other hand, they don't have to pay the fuel bill when running at or near full output. We do. All GM (or any other manufacturer) cares is that the engine lasts until the warranty expires. After that you get to pay if the higher wear due to sustained high rpm operation impacts engine reliability. Just because the engine produces max power at high rpm does not mean it is the best for reliability. I would like to see the manufacturer's comments regarding extended high rpm operation not just people's opinion. Dick
dclark1946 09/22/14 04:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Do I Have a Furnace Problem?

trop-a-cal, the battery is three and a half years old and has been run down twice (both times while at a dealer). But it is a marine battery so that shouldn't do the damage it would a car battery. Still, it's shown signs of weakness lately. I'll change it out as a first move. Cleaning the carbon seems like something that should be done anyway. Thanks for letting me know Even a marine battery can be damaged by running it down if it is left in that condition very long. You should invest (and learn to use) in a digital multimeter so you can quickly determine if low voltage is an issue. To quickly eliminate the battery as a contributor you can plug your trailer in to an ad source and let the converter provide power. Dick
dclark1946 09/16/14 06:31am Tech Issues
RE: How do you know when it's time to change trailer shocks?

I just had our 2007 KZ Spree TT shocks replaced. I estimate the trailer has about 30K miles. The original shocks were still fairly functional but two of the four made a gurgling sound when you pulled the shock back from full compression. None showed any sign of leakage but the rubber stud bushings were in pretty bad shape. I also had the leaf spring equalizer bushings and links replaced. They were not in bad shape but definitely showed wear as the holes were elongated. I ordered the shocks from KZ which are made in China. I would have liked to have found a gas charged quality shock but settled for the original type. I saved two of the originals so I can easily measure length and stroke. Dick
dclark1946 09/12/14 07:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar and tt storage

I easily maintain our TT in our back yard with a 55 W panel with a controller. We have a single 12V Trojan SCS battery and have only propane and radio parasitic loads. I used to have just a 10W panel but I was concerned that it was marginal in the winter or rainy spells. I verify proper maintenance charge by checking the voltage in the morning before the panels started charging. I have been using solar for maintenance for many years. I do check parasitic loads and charging current with a clamp on Ammeter. Dick
dclark1946 08/26/14 06:22am Tech Issues
RV Accident I40 East of Memphis

We were heading back from a camping trip in eastern TN and saw a RV accident on east bound I40 east of Memphis on Aug. 20. There was a blue pick up that looked bent in the bed. The truck was upright but the trailer was laying on its side in the wide grassy median. Another truck and fifth wheel was pulled over along with the state troopers. Did a home else see this or have any more info about how that happened? Dick
dclark1946 08/21/14 08:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Help with trailer brakes

My 09 F250 stated giving me trailer connection intermittent error messages.I tried cleaning the contacts but it gradually got worse. I replaced the trailer cable/connector back to the trailer junction box and have no more issues. We just completed a 2000 mile trip with no error messages. Dick
dclark1946 08/21/14 08:11pm Tech Issues
RE: WFCO Converter Longevity

Seven years and still working (except boost mode) on the one in my Northstar. Ours is still working and is on its 7th season. Dick
dclark1946 08/21/14 07:59pm Tech Issues
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