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RE: V-10, She cranks good, but she's a No Start

Dick, yes that is correct. If someone actually gets a full gallon of water in your tank it will take some time to get the water out. And may cause issues until it is gone. My point was ethanol does not cause a water in fuel issue... it resolves the issue. And yes it is still possible to have excess water to cause issues but it is rare today vs the pre-ethanol days. Not trying to be argumentative just technically correct. Again referring to the referenced article regarding small engines and ethanol fuel, the ethanol tends to absorb moisture out of the air so under high humidity conditions (especially with a partially filled tank) the ethanol will increase the water content to the point that phase separation can occur. In the other articles I have read about this issue, phase separation is common especially if the tank is not keep full to minimize amount of moisture laden air. In cool damp weather, you can also have condensation occur adding additional water to the fuel. Dick
dclark1946 05/28/15 03:48pm Tech Issues
RE: V-10, She cranks good, but she's a No Start

Ethanol actually helps water to dissolve into the fuel to burn nicely and go out the tailpipe. You should not have water in fuel issues as we had in the past. Main ingredient to fuel treatments that remove water.... ethanol. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethanol_fuel#Ethanol_fuel_mixtures That is not the whole story. According to the article you referenced, the amount of water that can be handled without phase separation is based on the % amount of ethanol in the gasoline. For El0 there is not enough ethanol present to prevent phase separation if the water content gets to high and the water then causes problems. That issue is addressed in the same article where it discusses the hydroscopic nature of ethanol. Dick
dclark1946 05/27/15 07:01pm Tech Issues
RE: V-10, She cranks good, but she's a No Start

There was no evidence of actual water being in the fuel.This was only a suggestion to drain the tank completely because of ethanol having the reputation of attracting condensation etc. The owner drained the nearly full tank of 2 yr old fuel himself before the mobile tech changed the pump. He has since burned that fuel in his truck, and said it run fine. I myself am still using 3 yr old 40:1 fuel in a little tiller I use a couple hrs every year, and it still runs fine. I don't agree w/ the ones that say ethanol fuel goes bad in 3-6-9 momths,.....or at least I have proved that to be false for myself. Speaking no stabil,.....years ago, 1 yr old leaded fuel would smell bad and only run w/ 1/2 choke. In my experience, todays no lead E-10 is still good after 2 and even 3 yrs. And it does not varnish,.....keeping fuel bowls etc relatively clean. That's not speaking of the added problems that come from condensation, etc, etc. I have not had that kind of experience with leaving fuel in a small engine. Our EU 1000 had to have it's carb overhauled when I left fuel with original Stabil in the tank for a year. I also had a 5 HP tiller that I ran until it ran out of gas not start a year later until it had a carb job. I now totally drain our Honda EU generators when I am through with them even though I use a double dose of Stabil Marine. I do leave my lawnmower with a full tank of treated fuel for a few months between December leaf mulching and March weed mowing. That seems to work ok. Dick
dclark1946 05/26/15 09:35am Tech Issues
RE: V-10, She cranks good, but she's a No Start

Reporting back,........... This did end up being a bad fuel pump, 2001 v-10 w/ only 28,000 miles on it. This is probably an example of non use causing the pump to go bad. They completely drained the tank to get all the ethanol water out of it. Was there really much water in the tank? That usuall means the tank set for long periods of time only partially filled especially in cool damp weather. The vehicle should be stored with a full tank and with a good dose of fuel stabilizer. Even that is only good for 6-8 months. There is also the possibility that the owner got the water from a fuel refill from a staion that was not maintainin their tanks properly. Dick
dclark1946 05/25/15 05:23am Tech Issues
RE: Windows 7 ? Which One To Buy ?

You gotta be kidding. After maybe a year or two I want to erase everything and start fresh. Or when the screen stays blank but the hard drive light blinks three times intermittently, I can use the disc in a replacement. What is that comment in reference to? Dick
dclark1946 05/22/15 05:52am Technology Corner
RE: Windows 7 ? Which One To Buy ?

Most likely cause for a laptop failure is the HDD. I have had good luck cloning the drive when it is healthy and then you have a backup drive ready to go. You of course, will need to backup your data files on a thumb drive or a portable drive. Dick
dclark1946 05/20/15 08:22pm Technology Corner
RE: Cracked Suburban water tank

OK, No It's a 10 gallon tank, is there any reason I can't put in a 10 gallon Atwoond They don't have anodes, right? I like the idea of being able to put in a drain valve, removing the anode to drain the tank is a PITA. Not sure why removing the anode rod is a PITA. I remove ours after each camping trip with a dedicated ratchet wrench and socket that I keep in the cargo compartment. Draining the water heater that way allows a lot of the sediment to flush out. Dick
dclark1946 05/20/15 07:27am Tech Issues
RE: battery operated leaf blower

Been using B&D 18V products for years including the blower. While it is no match for the high power blowers it works for my applications. Started rebuilding the battery packs with 2.4AH Sanyo fast charge cells since the B&D batteries would only last a couple of years. Dick
dclark1946 05/18/15 09:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Cap or Tonneau or Neither?

If I ever had to haul something taller than would fit, I would just rent a utility trailer. Dick that sort of defeats the reason to buy a pickup in the first place. might as well have an SUV if you have to rent a trailer every time you wanted to move something serious. bumpy I bought my truck to haul my travel trailer and my outdoor camping gear mostly and any long stuff that would not fit in my other vehicles. I have never needed to put anything in my bed that would not fit with the cap since 2001. I did haul a partially assembled swing set with fort and slide but that would not have fit in the bed anyway. It took the biggest flatbed trailer U Haul had to carry that.
dclark1946 05/18/15 08:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: ON a NEW WFCO 8955, at what voltage should

2 years ago I purchased a WFO8945 replacement converter from Randy at Best Converter.Did a complete wire upgrade from battery to converter with 4ga. welding cable. Converter would not go into boost mode.Called Randy and he asked me to call WFCO(he gave me a name and number) and explain to him what was going on and then call him back and tell him what the rep. said.Randy said he was getting a ton of returns because of this situation.Long story short the rep. at WFCO said and I quote "You're NEVER gonna see it"-boost mode.He went on to tell me a story about a test they did at the factory with something like 25-100 watt light bulbs and the converter would not go into boost mode. The whole conversation was almost comical because no matter what I said or asked they guy just kept saying "you're never gonna see it" I bought a Progressive Dynamics 4645 w/charge wizard and never looked back.The only knock I have with the PD is that it emits a lot of RFI and my stereo reception took a nosedive compared to the WFCO, but at least it works as it should. I think I will keep my reliable and quiet WFCO converter with gentle (13.6V) daily generator charging and supplement converter battery charging once during a 2 week dry camping session with my Vector smart charger that will charge at a higher rate. That has worked for our camping style for 7 years. Dick
dclark1946 05/17/15 06:04am Tech Issues
RE: Cap or Tonneau or Neither?

The first pick up I bought was preowned and came with an ARE fiberglass cap painted to match the truck's paint color. I am now on my third PU and I have had the same type installed on both new ones I purchased. I rarely need to haul anything tall except a lawn mower and then I use a bungy cord to hold the cap from trying to open to the fully open position. The things I like about the ARE cap is that it has a very robust locking mechanism, you can have lights installed on the underside which is great when you are getting stuff out of the bed at night and it keeps your stuff dry when it is raining (as is often the case when we camp)and you need to have access to the bed. If I ever had to haul something taller than would fit, I would just rent a utility trailer. Dick
dclark1946 05/16/15 06:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: stab jack lube

Regular WD 40 a couple times a year. No issues with dirt attraction. Dick
dclark1946 05/14/15 05:36am Travel Trailers
RE: Never run out of propane again!

The newer 20# tanks are now available with a true float type guage. I have replaced my trailer tanks with them and will do the same for our grill. I would think that there is no reason the 30# tanks could not be equipped the same way. Dick
dclark1946 04/28/15 05:16am Tech Issues
RE: The New Generation Of 12-Volt DC Relays

They do have some not-so-great specs: On resistance: as high as 25 mohm Off leakage current: 2 mA Given time, the leakage current can run down the battery. The on resistance of a mechanical relay may be 10x better. Can you still get latching relays that have all the low contact resistance advantages and only draw power when changing state? Dick
dclark1946 04/19/15 06:34am Tech Issues
RE: Battery SOC Low - Voltage Normal

Your meter showing state-of-charge could be off-it's-rocker. Use a hydrometer to see where the batteries are really at charge wise. Meters are as reliable as using a Fortune Teller. A hydrometer dip will indicate if any of your cells need equalization. I agree with MEX if you are saying that your voltage is holding up under load. Not sure how these battery monitoring systems determine SOC but you need to verify SOC independent of you monitoring system if voltage is holding up normally. Dick
dclark1946 04/15/15 05:08am Tech Issues
RE: House batteries not up to ah rating

85 must be a 100 hour rate. Real world closer to 75 AFAIK. Per Interstate's spec the 5A load capability is 17 Hr for this battery. That is 85 AH at greater than the 20hour load. FYI for what it is worth, a Trojan SCS 150 GR24 is rated at 100 AH @ the 20 hr rate. Dick
dclark1946 04/01/15 05:28am Tech Issues
RE: Would you run these tires?

Yes, st tires are designed to be able to sit idled for longer than lt tires. One of the drawbacks to using a lt tire on a trailer. I have LT tires that are 5 years old that sit on concrete in the TX heat that don't look anything like that. I will be using the trailer this week with those tires and I am generally paranoid about trailer tires having three ST tires come apart on me. I will replace our 5 year old LTs (with another set of LTs) before we do any 1000 mile driving on 100 degree interstates this summer. Dick
dclark1946 03/30/15 06:20am Travel Trailers
RE: Sway Bars - Need One or Two?

Under what conditions are you experiencing sway? Making steering corrections, being passed by a tractor trailer or just going straight down the highway. The term trailer sway is sometimes used rather loosely on this forum? Knowing the conditions you are encountering sway can help provide a better answer. Dick
dclark1946 03/24/15 05:43am Travel Trailers
RE: Microsoft to End Internet Explorer(IE)?

According to what I read today about the release of Windows 10 you will get both IE and Spartan with the new OS. IE is being included for certain business applications built around IE. Personally I have no issues with IE running on our Windows 7 machines. I use Chrome on the two XP PCs we own that are still functioning quite well. Dick
dclark1946 03/23/15 04:25pm Technology Corner
RE: TT Electric battery maintenance

If your trailer is parked outside and gets a decent amount of sun you can also use a solar panel with a controller. I use a 55W panel with a small controller and it does a good job of maintaing our trailer's battery. Of course if you want to use AC power that will not help. Dick
dclark1946 03/22/15 06:16am Travel Trailers
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