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RE: HONDA EU 1000?

So you were getting by with 3A per battery but now you want to charge faster. Have you considered a charge rate lower than 25A per battery so you will have some margin for your EU1000 but still have a much higher rate than with your original setup? Dick
dclark1946 06/08/14 08:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Leave carb drain open on Honda gen in storage?

I always run my EU3000 and my EU2000 Hondas dry then open drain screw and do not start for maybe 5 or 6 months. All ways start right up. I always close the drain screw. I have been doing it this way for years This is essentially what I do except after draining the carb and closing the screw I keep cranking it until it will not try to run. I have not had any trouble running it after 2 years of not using. No need to run these every month just to exercise them in my opinion. When you are ready to use it change the oil and refill with fresh gas with a stabilizer and you should have no issue. Dick
dclark1946 06/03/14 04:45am Tech Issues

Been there, done that, with the Honda Eu1000I generator, which in your case, is the limiting power factor here, the weakest link. You really need 14.8 volts, period. The Progressive Dynamics 9245 at 45 amps, runs fine on the Honda EU1000i, but it runs to 14.4V with the pendulum added. It's amps drop off quickly, but it will make the little Honda work pretty hard up front, so warm the generator up first, before plugging it in and running it in regular mode for a bit before plugging in the charge controller. A better option would be the Iota DLS30 with the IQ4 smart controller, which will give you 14.8 Volts in bulk mode. No matter how you slice it, when you are running on a generator, to a limit, about 14.8 to 15V.... Voltage with a modicum of amps pushed behind it, is what it takes to save generator run time, without overloading the generator. Before you go spending money on a new (gotta have this brand X or you are living in the stone ages)converter, buy yourself a good DC clamp on meter and measure your charging current with the converter. I have a single SCS 200 GR27 Trojan battery and run my EU1000 for about 3-4 hours every morning. It is run in econo mode when I first plug the trailer into the generator the generator speeds up some but before long the engine sound has tapered off as it sips fuel. The initial charging current for the single battery is typically 10-12 A and I let it charge until it gets below 3A. We dry camp for about 8-10 days using this technique when we are in the Smokies. We use about 2 gal. of fuel. Is it the absolute fastest? No. Does it meet our needs? Absolutely. We have been doing this for years and it works well. Our first trailer (Casita)had an old style converter that hummed and made the lights flicker when connected to ac power but I used the same technique even then. Our current trailer has the dreaded (per this forum) WFCO converter and it never goes into bulk mode but it is no big deal. You may find that your converter is adequate for your style and much faster than your 6A charger unless you want to get your charging done in much less time. Dick
dclark1946 06/03/14 04:14am Tech Issues
RE: WFCO Converter/Charger Dead? How to tell?

@MNtundraRet - thanks! I'll do some troubleshooting! You're right, we've mostly relied on the idiotmeter. We have a multimeter onboard, but have generally taken the lazy route (and/or really haven't had much concern about the batteries as we tend to do a lot of driving and they never get very low). I bought one of those little meters that plug into a 12V outlet (which I know also can be problematic relative to accurate readings depending on having charged or used your battery within some period of time), but it turns out I have no 12V outlets in the coach. So, we've just gotten along for the past four years with little muss/fuss other than making sure the water level in the batteries is fine. There is nothing wrong with using the RV battery indicator as your first check on battery voltage. I use mine on a regular basis even though I carry two high quality DMMs. For example, I know that when I am plugged into shore power all the lights should be on. When I get up in the morning with no shore power when dry camping I should have all but one light on. Anything different from these two conditions means I have an abnormal condition and I need to investigate. I can do that all without getting my digital meter out. Incidentally our 7 year old WFCO converter is still function nicely even though it has never gone into bulk mode which is no big deal for me. It charges my battery nicely when we dry camp for over a week Some day when I have nothing better to spend money on I may replace it. Dick
dclark1946 05/10/14 06:12am Tech Issues
RE: WFCO converter & battery questions

I have the same converter on our trailer and have been making it work for us nicely in a dry camping situation. We camp for about 8 days in the Smokies with a single Trojan SCS 200 12V (Gr 27 115AH) deep cycle battery using a Honda EU1000 (also have two EU 2000s but don't take them) that I run for a few hours every morning. When I first connect the generator the charge curent for the single battery is on the order of 12A and when it tapers off to around 3A I shut the generator off. I have been using this technique for over 10 years and always have plenty of battery power. We have the normal trailer loads plus run the Fantastic vent fan all night long when we are there in the summer. Dick
dclark1946 05/07/14 06:17am Tech Issues
RE: Which way to lean a shock

Our KZ Spree factory option dealer installed shocks lean toward the equalizer for both axles Dick
dclark1946 04/21/14 06:18pm Tech Issues
RE: High Efficiency 13.5k BTU a/c = Smaller Generator?

I have had the Coleman 13.5 K PS installed on our last two trailers for that very reason. I have had no issue running my current unit on a single Eu2000 at 97 deg. F in my testing in Dallas. In addition, Coleman indicates that their PS model has more cooling capacity compared to their standard 13.5 K unit. I believe the PS version uses a scroll compressor based on the tall height and small diameter but do not know that for a fact. Scroll compressors do not loss capacity as fast at higher temps compared to conventional piston compressors. Dick
dclark1946 04/10/14 04:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Bridged EU2000s: how long on a tank of fuel?

You may find that your generators don't load share well and one may consume more fuel than the other. There have been post here in the past and I have seen that with my Honda Eu2000s and EU 1000s. Dick
dclark1946 04/10/14 06:19am Tech Issues
RE: PITA Topping Off Propane

"Many propane refillers have stopped refilling propane tanks and in some places it is now illegal to refill a propane tank. If you have a 30lb tank you are out of luck as they only sell exchange full 20lb tanks. In my city of over a million people I only know of Costco refilling tanks. Change is coming." Say what, not around here or any other place I have traveled. I thoughts exactly. I have never had a problem finding a dealer to refill my tanks. I will agree that the tank exchange business must be pretty good but you don't get a full tank with those. Dick
dclark1946 03/28/14 04:59am Tech Issues
RE: Decal Removal

I assume he removed them because they were in bad shape. If you have good digital photos of yout RV you can have the decals duplicated by a graphics shop. I had all of ours removed and replaced by a local sign shop. I got to pick a much better quality decal material for the new ones. Our 7 year old trailer still looks very nice with this issue corrected. Dick
dclark1946 03/28/14 04:48am Tech Issues
RE: Watts H560 water pressure regulator malfunction

We have not had any problem with out Watts water regulator and it is probably 10 years old. It stays in our trailer during the winter off season. I do make sure it has all of the water out of it after each use by disconnecting it from the hose and holding it in both vertical positions. The gage is starting to get a little rusty but it still functions. I may just order a new gage. Dick
dclark1946 03/28/14 04:42am Tech Issues
RE: Good Sam RV Insurance Feedback

We are considering Good Sam RV insurance to cover the chance that our TV or trailer has major issues on the road. We currently have AAA but that would only cover our TV and would not help with getting our TT back to civilization while the TV was being worked on nor would it cover trailer issues. Anyone with experience with this insurance? Thanks;Just join Good Sam, & you'll get all the junk mail you ever wanted concerning Good Sam Roadside Assistance Insurance , I get about 3 offers a week in the mail, I've gotten so many that I know what they are without opening them, so the go directly to the trash unopened. Yes I understand that. We are Good Sam members through Camping World and we get plenty of that type of mail. I have always blown that off but have been rethinking if that might be a good investment. Dick
dclark1946 03/26/14 06:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Sleep Number Mattress Questions

Hmmmm. Interesting input from everyone. Dick
dclark1946 03/26/14 06:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: Sleep Number Mattress Questions

Get an inverter. I considered that but prefer not to add more 12V power draw since we do nicely with a single high quality (Trojan SCS 200) 12V battery. I do carry a small 100W inverter for emergency situations but have used it only once in 10 years. I need to know if there is any reason the mattress needs ac power all the time after you get the pressure set. Dick
dclark1946 03/26/14 10:43am General RVing Issues
Good Sam RV Insurance Feedback

We are considering Good Sam RV insurance to cover the chance that our TV or trailer has major issues on the road. We currently have AAA but that would only cover our TV and would not help with getting our TT back to civilization while the TV was being worked on nor would it cover trailer issues. Anyone with experience with this insurance? Thanks;
dclark1946 03/26/14 10:37am General RVing Issues
Sleep Number Mattress Questions

We are considering purchasing a Sleep Number mattress from Camping World since they currently have them on sale for $800. I know you have to allow for altitude differences but am wondering if once you get to your site and get the pressure set right do you need electrical power. We dry camp a lot in national parks with a generator when needed for recharging the battery but would not want to need ac power all the time. Also have you been happy with the RV version(short queen)? Thanks; Dick
dclark1946 03/26/14 10:31am General RVing Issues
RE: New tow vehicle

Congratulations on your new truck. I would be interested in hearing some mileage data highway w/wo trailer. Also engine rpms and speed on grades. How much weight are you towing and what engine did your F150 have? Dick
dclark1946 03/25/14 05:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Insulating windows

Hi Wayne, Temperature where I am at now is 9 F, out door relative humidity is 79%, indoor relative humidity is 15%. That is an unhealthy humidity . Dick
dclark1946 03/25/14 03:25pm Tech Issues
RE: Insulating windows

What is generating all the moisture? Just the inhabitants or are you cooking with gas? I just got back from a trip to the Grand Canyon and it was so dry I ran a vaporizer or boiled water to raise the humidity level. I was proud to have a little condensate on the window. Dick
dclark1946 03/25/14 06:51am Tech Issues
RE: telescopic ladders

Bought mine several years ago at Camping World (Telestep or something like that). I use it a lot and works perfectly for getting onto the TT roof. I clean the slide roof when camping under messy trees, roof maintenance and putting up my Davis wireless weather station. Dick
dclark1946 03/21/14 04:26pm Tech Issues
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