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RE: Who makes a good RV cover?

We are on our third trailer with the current trailer being a '07 model. We have ordered ADCO covers from CW for each one. The first one had a Sunbrella roof and some other light weight fabric on the sides with a latex like coating on the back side. In a couple of years the Texas sun had caused the back side coating to flake off. ADCO redid the sides in Sunbrella and we had no more issues with it. The last two trailers have been all Sunbrella and have held up well. Dick
dclark1946 03/15/15 04:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tires

Please do a search using the function at the top of the page. There are dozens of threads on this subject. General consesus ifnthe tirenis made in China they are junk. Wrong. According to the "consensus" of this forum, EVERY "ST" or Special Trailer" tire is "junk" and that EVERYONE should go to LT load range "E"s even for popups.. The "consensus" of this forum highly ignores that OVERLOADING AND UNDERINFLATION of trailer tires are more likely to cause problems with blowouts.. I have towed with what this forum would consider as THE MOST WORST BRAND (Carlisle) ST tires for the better part of 15 years without a blowout.. Just in the last couple of years my local tire shop didn't have the Carlisle and I ended up with some other china import.. My "secret" is that even though my TT has 7,200 lbs capacity, I DON'T LOAD 7,200 lbs in it! I have a flat bed trailer which has 10,000 lb capacity.. I DON'T LOAD IT TO 10,000 lbs either! My second "secret" is that I INFLATE THE TIRES ON THE TRAILERS TO THE MAX SIDEWALL PRESSURE NO MATTER WHETHER EMPTY OR FULL LOAD. OP, GO AND TOW. Flats and blowouts do happen and often are way outside your control.. Road debris like wood, steel, nails, screws and bolts often are not easily avoided and can cause damage to your tire that may be hidden.. Large deep potholes, jumping or scraping curbs can also cause hidden damage.. Keep a spare, make sure you have a jack, some blocking and a wheel wrench that will work for your trailer and don't worry about what type of tire is "best".. They ALL can and do fail.. What many are overlooking in this discussion is the variation in quality of the off shore trailer tires. Some hold up and others come apart even with careful monitoring tire pressure, holding speed at or below 65 and not overloading. It was just a few years ago that a Chinese tire company was found guilty of leaving out a critical step in passenger tires leading to many tread separation failures. During the peak of the Carlisle ST tire debacle the Casita factory finally switched to Goodyear because there were so many failures. Most who have switched to LT tires of the same load range have had no more catastrophic failures driving the same way with the same trailers. Dick
dclark1946 03/14/15 08:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: Down to a decision, give your vote on electric tongue jacks

Well thanks for the tip. When I pull this model up other places it doesnt look identical. Not sure why that would be unless it was a knock off of some type. Not sure how they could sell it as Barker, but now I'm leary. I think the other one will win. Call Barker and they can help you determine if the jack was made by Barker. Dick
dclark1946 03/14/15 07:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: low(er) wattage hot water heating elements?

Half the voltage = half the amps. Resistance remains fairly constant. Then do the volts x amps = watts. 25% is about right. Or P=V²r Dick
dclark1946 03/12/15 08:30pm Tech Issues
RE: What should I do about generator exercising?

on my 2000's I just drain the carb after use and never exercise it until I'm ready to use it the next time. Exactly but I drain the tank too. That gets it back to the way it was when new. They don't get exercised sitting in the box waiting to be sold. Dick
dclark1946 03/12/15 08:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Rubber roof, recaulk around vents

Someone please explain the advantage of self-leveling Dicor. Thanks It is what the factory uses to seal joints on the roof so it is compatible with the original sealant It provides a nice wide bead of the right thickness so you don't have to be too accurate putting the material down It does not take long to apply It is flexible Easy to apply on top of the original as long as you clean the old sealant and roof properly Dick
dclark1946 03/12/15 08:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Not the problem I was expecting to have

I see you live in Dallas so I know you did not have any steep grades to climb. I agree we need to know if you were having trouble with the trailer handling or the Navigator would not go any faster. I live in Richardson so I could take a look if you wanted and venture an opinion. Also do you know what engine the Navigator has? Dick
dclark1946 02/23/15 06:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: Am stations

Sony used to make a nice portable SW AM/FM radio with an external AM antenna jack and sensitive receiver. Even though it has been discontinued it is still available. I purchased mine this January from B&H Photo Video but it was available from other online sources. The model number is: ICF-SW7600GR This may be more expensive than what you had in mind but this is a really quality radio. Dick
dclark1946 02/22/15 01:00pm Tech Issues
RE: eu2000i

I can't speak for others, but the only thing my EU2000i won't run is my 13.5K Btu AC unit, a Dometic model. It will run easy start 11k units, as well as some of the smaller 8k or 9k Coleman polartec models. My Eu2000i will run my microwave oven. My Eu1000 won't run much of anything except lights, heater that burns propane, and the battery charger. Not even a hair dryer. YMMV. The Eu1000i is most sensitive to crappy gas laden with alcohol clogging it's jets and being a PIA to start and then start hunting or searching with fluctuating rpm's to maintain a load, due to the carb size and main jet size being the smallest. You have to load the gas you buy up with Seafoam and Techron and Blue Marine Sta-bil to keep the jets clean, and turn your gas over frequently, as well as drain the carb anytime you won't be using the /Eu1000i for more than a week. This can mean more frequent carb tear downs, rebuilds, or flat out replacements. It keeps you broke and small gardener shops very busy sucking money out of your wallet to fix or repair, if you yourself are not mechanically inclined. While it is true that the Eu 1000 carb jets are smaller and more prone to get clogged, I have found that with simple precautions fuel problems are eliminated. We use our Eu 1000 exclusively for dry camping even though we own two Eu 2000s. I use Stabile Marine and drain the fuel from the tank and carb when we get back home and store the unit fuel dry. Our Eu 2000 will run our Coleman 13.5 K A/C PS in 100 deg weather in Dallas. This unit pulls about 4A less than a standard 13.5. Dick
dclark1946 02/22/15 07:04am Tech Issues
RE: Decals, graphics

Best bet is to either paint new ones or hire a local graphic shop to custom cut new ones. With the later you can get copies of the digital files to replace the replacements in 5 years. That is what I did with our 2007 KZ Spree. The decals started cracking when the trailer was about 4 years old. I suspect poor quality decals since different colors were much worse than others. There were actually some indications of decal problems when we bought the trailer. I took head on digital images of all six sides and had the decals made from a premium vinyl material. The graphics shop had trouble getting the badly cracked decals off. Once the old ones were off the new install went pretty quickly. Dick
dclark1946 02/05/15 05:45am Travel Trailers
RE: Butane lighters

I have had good luck with the Zippo outdoor (chrome)refillable lighter. I keep a can of butane fuel and always top it off before a trip. Works better than the throwaway ones that seem to stop working even though you can see plenty of fuel in the reservoir. I have found these in some stores like Cabellas but you can also order them from Zippo on their website. Dick
dclark1946 01/19/15 05:41am Tech Issues
RE: Battery Purchase

Not sure how much your furnace is running at night but if it is running very much that of course is a significant load. What are your objectives? Do you want to go more than a day between charging? You did not give the battery group size so not sure if you even have a gr 27. We manage nicely with a single Trojan SCS 200 (Gr 27 115 AH 12V) battery dry camping for over a week in the Smokies during chilly fall weather. We do daily morning charges and run the furnace in the evening and in the morning. It is too noisy to run while sleeping. We use a catalytic heater if it is going to be below 50. Regardless of what battery you have you need to be sure it is in good condition and can hold 12.6 V for at least 24 hours after a full charge and no load. Dick
dclark1946 01/10/15 07:46am Tech Issues
RE: decals

Our 07 Spree decals started going bad after 4 years. One of the colors was much worse than the other colors. I took digital photos of all four sides and had a graphics shop reproduce them. We got to pick the vinyl material and went with the highest quality. These still look like new. Our dealer told us that KZ had changed to different decal supplier due to quality issues. Dick
dclark1946 12/27/14 08:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: Solar as battery maintenance during storage - opinions

I maintain our single Gr 27 AH TT battery with a 55W panel and a small Morningstar controller. You do need to measure your parasitic current draw and estimate how many hours of sun you will average to make sure you have enough AH capacity. I used to use a single 10W panel but I think that was not quite enough in the winter time. The 55W panel is overkill but it was bought for a dry camping trip to the Grand Canyon to supplement our generator since generator hours were very limited in that national park. Dick
dclark1946 12/14/14 09:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Love My 6.0L Ford

A few $10 coolant water filters can prevent the problems that the 6L and 6.4L engines had on them. I put a coolant filter on my 1997 Ford Bounder motorhome with a 460" gas engine in it, and it has had no engine problems whatsoever! I only changed the rotor and spark plug wires on it at around 15 years old, 50,000 miles. Still running the original spark plugs, coil, heater hoses. I did change the radiator to engine 2" diameter hoses at 10 years old, along with it's only coolant change. And I changed both fan belts somewhere outside Yellowstone NP, where one broke in 2006. Not bad for a 18 year old motorhome that is always at 20,000 GCVW. I installed Napa coolant filter #FIL 4070 and kit to install it is FIL 4019. My truck driving buddy highly recommends the coolant filters to me, because they stop minerals from wandering around in the cooling system, clogging the radiator, allowing minerals and dirt to build up on radiator heat exchanger, and keeps wear on the water pump minimal. Hoses and seals also benefit from the coolant filter and the SCA's that come precharged in some of the water filters. Glad that you are having a great time with your truck too! Have fun camping! Fred. I am certainly one that had a really bad experience with my 04 PSD. By year 2 it was consuming a gallon of coolant every time I towed in the mountains. It received all the proper maintenance since it was at the dealer's service department all the time. I traded it in with 35K miles and by then it had had head gaskets twice, EGR coolers 3 times and finally an oil cooler plus it had started to leak oil. About that time Ford sent out a notice about having the coolant checked since it was breaking down and clogging the oil cooler. Mine had so many coolant changes because of the engine repairs it never had a chance to get old. From what I learned from diesel forums, a major contributor to the clogged oil cooler was the Ford coolant breaking down. The International version of the 6.0L engine did not seeme to exhibit this problem and many learned to switch over to the International coolant to mitigate this issue otherwise you had to install a bypss coolant filter. I now have a 09 V10 F250 and have had no issues at all with the engine and it does not even need a coolant filter. I have never regretted getting rid of my 6.0L PSD. Dick
dclark1946 12/12/14 07:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: black and decker 18 volt battery question?

Incidently the B&D 18V products are going away. If you want to keep using your 18V products you should consider buying some replacement batteries while they are still available. I have started rebuilding mine with Sanyo 2.4AH cells. I have done two so far and have enough cells to do two more. Run time has significantly improved compared to the standard B&D 1.5AH battery. I have too many 18V products that I use on a regular basis to switch over to something different. Dick
dclark1946 12/08/14 04:23am Tech Issues
RE: Is there an app for anroid tablets?

Any browser for your Android device will work. I use Chrome on my tablet and smart phone. Dick
dclark1946 12/04/14 04:55pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Astable 555 Timer (Recommended Resistors Are NUTS!)

Mex. try using some Low Self Discharge NiMH batteries. Work great for me. Can leave them for a month in remote and still charged. My suggestion exactly. The Sanyo Eneloop cells have excellent low self discharge characteristics. They are available with two mA capacities. I use both types exclusively for rechargeable AA and AAA applications and am pretty happy with them. Dick
dclark1946 12/02/14 08:28am Tech Issues
RE: Best Long Range Wireless Weather Station?

Check wireless weather systems available at ambientweather.com These are high quality units with a range of 1000 ft. If you need a longer range you can buy a repeater. I have both the Vantage Pro (at home) and Vantage Vue for our trailer. Dick
dclark1946 11/28/14 04:12pm Technology Corner
RE: Gummed Up Honda EU 2000 Gen

Al my small engine stuff i just leave the fuel valve on except when transporting never had an issue with gumming or plugged jets.My honda gen gets used atleast once a month. Most i know who have problems are the ones who drain all the fuel out of carb and let it sit.My guess would be that the carb in mine stays wet vs drying and leaving the residue. Yes, if you use small engines at least once a month, then you don't have to do any special additives or draining. Storing an engine without running it is the issue. Not if you store it properly meaning getting all of the gas out. I have four Honda generators that are not used very often and all of them are stored dry (really dry not just running it until it quits the first time). When I need one I put fresh gas with Stabil Marine in it and crank it 13 times or so and it is off and running. Dick I Okay, I think we are talking in circles now! Ah now we are in agreement. Dick
dclark1946 11/27/14 10:07pm Tech Issues
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