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RE: 4,000 - 4,200 RPM?

I would like to see the manufacturer's comments regarding extended high rpm operation not just people's opinion. Dick I think you'd have to find one that considered 4000 to be "high rpm operations" first. Since 2000-2500 is normal highway cruising rpm I would say that 4000 is significantly higher. Dick
dclark1946 09/22/14 08:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 4,000 - 4,200 RPM?

GM would set the rev limiter and other controls at lower rpm's if they were worried about running at 4,000 rpm. On the other hand, they don't have to pay the fuel bill when running at or near full output. We do. All GM (or any other manufacturer) cares is that the engine lasts until the warranty expires. After that you get to pay if the higher wear due to sustained high rpm operation impacts engine reliability. Just because the engine produces max power at high rpm does not mean it is the best for reliability. I would like to see the manufacturer's comments regarding extended high rpm operation not just people's opinion. Dick
dclark1946 09/22/14 04:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Do I Have a Furnace Problem?

trop-a-cal, the battery is three and a half years old and has been run down twice (both times while at a dealer). But it is a marine battery so that shouldn't do the damage it would a car battery. Still, it's shown signs of weakness lately. I'll change it out as a first move. Cleaning the carbon seems like something that should be done anyway. Thanks for letting me know Even a marine battery can be damaged by running it down if it is left in that condition very long. You should invest (and learn to use) in a digital multimeter so you can quickly determine if low voltage is an issue. To quickly eliminate the battery as a contributor you can plug your trailer in to an ad source and let the converter provide power. Dick
dclark1946 09/16/14 06:31am Tech Issues
RE: How do you know when it's time to change trailer shocks?

I just had our 2007 KZ Spree TT shocks replaced. I estimate the trailer has about 30K miles. The original shocks were still fairly functional but two of the four made a gurgling sound when you pulled the shock back from full compression. None showed any sign of leakage but the rubber stud bushings were in pretty bad shape. I also had the leaf spring equalizer bushings and links replaced. They were not in bad shape but definitely showed wear as the holes were elongated. I ordered the shocks from KZ which are made in China. I would have liked to have found a gas charged quality shock but settled for the original type. I saved two of the originals so I can easily measure length and stroke. Dick
dclark1946 09/12/14 07:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar and tt storage

I easily maintain our TT in our back yard with a 55 W panel with a controller. We have a single 12V Trojan SCS battery and have only propane and radio parasitic loads. I used to have just a 10W panel but I was concerned that it was marginal in the winter or rainy spells. I verify proper maintenance charge by checking the voltage in the morning before the panels started charging. I have been using solar for maintenance for many years. I do check parasitic loads and charging current with a clamp on Ammeter. Dick
dclark1946 08/26/14 06:22am Tech Issues
RV Accident I40 East of Memphis

We were heading back from a camping trip in eastern TN and saw a RV accident on east bound I40 east of Memphis on Aug. 20. There was a blue pick up that looked bent in the bed. The truck was upright but the trailer was laying on its side in the wide grassy median. Another truck and fifth wheel was pulled over along with the state troopers. Did a home else see this or have any more info about how that happened? Dick
dclark1946 08/21/14 08:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Help with trailer brakes

My 09 F250 stated giving me trailer connection intermittent error messages.I tried cleaning the contacts but it gradually got worse. I replaced the trailer cable/connector back to the trailer junction box and have no more issues. We just completed a 2000 mile trip with no error messages. Dick
dclark1946 08/21/14 08:11pm Tech Issues
RE: WFCO Converter Longevity

Seven years and still working (except boost mode) on the one in my Northstar. Ours is still working and is on its 7th season. Dick
dclark1946 08/21/14 07:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Blowout

With tounge in check and with no intent of being persoanlly critical, where did you get the tire information that led you to believe and have the confidence to drive a tire 9 years!!!!!!! You need to find some RV friends who have more experience and better knowledge of RV "101".:) I sure agree with that comment if you are using ST tires. Three years is all that you should count on. For LT tires probably 5 is OK. Dick
dclark1946 07/28/14 03:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Cannot run A/C while at highway speeds

I live just south of you in Richardson and have a couple of EU2000s that I store dry fuel wise. I could loan you one for testing if you want to try another generator. I only use these for power outages at home and carry a pair of EU1000s for our dry camping. PM me if you are interested. Dick
dclark1946 07/24/14 08:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Charging RV batteries with EU1000i and Charge Wizard

Hi, The converter with wizard does "look" at the battery voltage when first plugging in. It may start at 14.4 volts if that voltage is too low. However, once it starts at 14.4 in four hours it will drop back to 13.6. That is why I called it more of a timer than a sensor. If recharging is needed from a genny it is more effective to "force" the 14.4 voltage. The generator is more reliable until you run out of gas. My system does 7 amps at solar noon in leafy shade. If I did not use the inverter I would never run out of electricity. I get 8-9 days of dry camping on 2 gal of gas with our Eu1000. Dick
dclark1946 07/20/14 08:50pm Tech Issues
RE: tire question

If you can get LT tires to fit your wheels you will be in much better shape. Switched to LTs 7 years ago and have had no tire issues. ST tires should be replaced every 3 years regardless of what they look like. Dick
dclark1946 07/19/14 07:48am Tech Issues
RE: Bumper Hitch Question

Yep. I hear that noise every time we are towing our trailer in the rain. I don't even give it a second thought anymore. Dick
dclark1946 07/04/14 06:58am Tow Vehicles
RE: 6 volt versus 12 volt HELP

Well, if you have group 24 batteries now then 75 * 3 = 225 A pair of slightly taller six volt is 230 Can you put a 3rd 24,27,29 or 31 in beside them? Yes, you can By the way,, I like to say there are not six volt batteries IN an rv,, In your pick up between the store and RV yes, but in the RV no. Will explain -{GC2}+-{GC2}+ Is the same as -{4-D DEEP CYCLE}+ Both arrangements give you 230 amp hours at 12 volt. the 4D is twice the weight of a single GC-2 however. So can you parallel a BIG 12 volt battery with a small one. YES, is it the best of all possible arrangements, NO, would I do it,,, Well I do it so yes. If you go with a quality Trojan SCS 12V deep cycle a group 24 will be rated 100 AH and if you can fit a group 27 it will be 115AH. So 2 batteries would give you the same as two T105s. Dick
dclark1946 06/21/14 05:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Mobil version of this site?

No. The site as is works well with most tablets. I am posting from a Nexus 7 with Chrome browser. I can handle full web sites with my 7 inch tablet just fine. I find it very annoying when I access a web site and it insists in giving me only the mobil version (which I don't want) because I am using Android device. For me browsing on a smart phone is my last choice. Dick
dclark1946 06/21/14 04:27pm Forum Technical Support
RE: HONDA EU 1000?

So you were getting by with 3A per battery but now you want to charge faster. Have you considered a charge rate lower than 25A per battery so you will have some margin for your EU1000 but still have a much higher rate than with your original setup? Dick
dclark1946 06/08/14 08:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Leave carb drain open on Honda gen in storage?

I always run my EU3000 and my EU2000 Hondas dry then open drain screw and do not start for maybe 5 or 6 months. All ways start right up. I always close the drain screw. I have been doing it this way for years This is essentially what I do except after draining the carb and closing the screw I keep cranking it until it will not try to run. I have not had any trouble running it after 2 years of not using. No need to run these every month just to exercise them in my opinion. When you are ready to use it change the oil and refill with fresh gas with a stabilizer and you should have no issue. Dick
dclark1946 06/03/14 04:45am Tech Issues

Been there, done that, with the Honda Eu1000I generator, which in your case, is the limiting power factor here, the weakest link. You really need 14.8 volts, period. The Progressive Dynamics 9245 at 45 amps, runs fine on the Honda EU1000i, but it runs to 14.4V with the pendulum added. It's amps drop off quickly, but it will make the little Honda work pretty hard up front, so warm the generator up first, before plugging it in and running it in regular mode for a bit before plugging in the charge controller. A better option would be the Iota DLS30 with the IQ4 smart controller, which will give you 14.8 Volts in bulk mode. No matter how you slice it, when you are running on a generator, to a limit, about 14.8 to 15V.... Voltage with a modicum of amps pushed behind it, is what it takes to save generator run time, without overloading the generator. Before you go spending money on a new (gotta have this brand X or you are living in the stone ages)converter, buy yourself a good DC clamp on meter and measure your charging current with the converter. I have a single SCS 200 GR27 Trojan battery and run my EU1000 for about 3-4 hours every morning. It is run in econo mode when I first plug the trailer into the generator the generator speeds up some but before long the engine sound has tapered off as it sips fuel. The initial charging current for the single battery is typically 10-12 A and I let it charge until it gets below 3A. We dry camp for about 8-10 days using this technique when we are in the Smokies. We use about 2 gal. of fuel. Is it the absolute fastest? No. Does it meet our needs? Absolutely. We have been doing this for years and it works well. Our first trailer (Casita)had an old style converter that hummed and made the lights flicker when connected to ac power but I used the same technique even then. Our current trailer has the dreaded (per this forum) WFCO converter and it never goes into bulk mode but it is no big deal. You may find that your converter is adequate for your style and much faster than your 6A charger unless you want to get your charging done in much less time. Dick
dclark1946 06/03/14 04:14am Tech Issues
RE: WFCO Converter/Charger Dead? How to tell?

@MNtundraRet - thanks! I'll do some troubleshooting! You're right, we've mostly relied on the idiotmeter. We have a multimeter onboard, but have generally taken the lazy route (and/or really haven't had much concern about the batteries as we tend to do a lot of driving and they never get very low). I bought one of those little meters that plug into a 12V outlet (which I know also can be problematic relative to accurate readings depending on having charged or used your battery within some period of time), but it turns out I have no 12V outlets in the coach. So, we've just gotten along for the past four years with little muss/fuss other than making sure the water level in the batteries is fine. There is nothing wrong with using the RV battery indicator as your first check on battery voltage. I use mine on a regular basis even though I carry two high quality DMMs. For example, I know that when I am plugged into shore power all the lights should be on. When I get up in the morning with no shore power when dry camping I should have all but one light on. Anything different from these two conditions means I have an abnormal condition and I need to investigate. I can do that all without getting my digital meter out. Incidentally our 7 year old WFCO converter is still function nicely even though it has never gone into bulk mode which is no big deal for me. It charges my battery nicely when we dry camp for over a week Some day when I have nothing better to spend money on I may replace it. Dick
dclark1946 05/10/14 06:12am Tech Issues
RE: WFCO converter & battery questions

I have the same converter on our trailer and have been making it work for us nicely in a dry camping situation. We camp for about 8 days in the Smokies with a single Trojan SCS 200 12V (Gr 27 115AH) deep cycle battery using a Honda EU1000 (also have two EU 2000s but don't take them) that I run for a few hours every morning. When I first connect the generator the charge curent for the single battery is on the order of 12A and when it tapers off to around 3A I shut the generator off. I have been using this technique for over 10 years and always have plenty of battery power. We have the normal trailer loads plus run the Fantastic vent fan all night long when we are there in the summer. Dick
dclark1946 05/07/14 06:17am Tech Issues
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