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RE: use of interior portable heater during storage

It takes 15 minutes to winterize once you've done it a time or two. Then it's done. Why waste the energy on running a small heater that won't provide any heat to the underbelly where the water lines and valves are? B.O. Actually the underbelly will benefit from a heater inside the trailer since the heat leaks through the uninsulated flooring into the insulated underbelly. Dick
dclark1946 12/02/15 11:52am Travel Trailers
RE: DOA - Fixed

Check the switch for the brake lights. It may by damaged or misaligned. Even if your brake lights are working correctly, there may be a second switch for the cruise that is stuck or being triggered all the time making the cruise react like you are stepping on the brakes and always disengaging. I had this problem on my 2009 F250. The brake switch that works with the cruise control is a hydraulic switch that screws into the master cylinder. It kept the cruise from activating. The cruise was intermittent just before it failed permanently. New switch and cruise now works fine. Google your model your model to see if there is a similar failure mode. Dick
dclark1946 12/01/15 06:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: Does Using SmartPhone as Hotspot Ruin Battery?

I will keep my Verizon Jetpack with 5G data plan and my small (250 MB) smart phone data plan. The jet pack can run for many hours on a full charge and with Verizon (unlike AT&T)you can not use your phone for any other purpose if you are using it as a hot spot. Dick
dclark1946 12/01/15 06:40am Technology Corner
RE: Tow Vehicle for a Casita

We had a 17ft Casita for 5 years and pulled it with a Ford Explorer with the small V8. If you are going to pull in the mountains you may be happier with an SUV with a small V8 although the newer V6s are probably adequate. The only thing I wish we had done is use an weight distributing hitch to distribute the trailer weight better between the front and rear of the TV. I brute forced the TV squat with Monroe coil spring over shock which was OK but it made the unloaded ride harsher. Ours had the resedential window A/C mounted under the front closet which made the tongue weight higher than the current ones with the roof mount. I would still recommend going with a weight distributing hitch for more enjoyable towing experience. Dick
dclark1946 11/30/15 06:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: 12V vs 6V

You need to look at your power consumption habits when dry camping and determine if you are OK with a generator or solar to recharge. We do fine dry camping for 2 weeks at a time with a well maintained single Trojan SCS 200 12V battery (115AH) but we do run a small quiet 1kW generator every morning to maintain the battery charge. We do not use an inverter but do run vent fans all night in the summer. Many people conclude that a single 12V batery will not work for them based on a bad experience with a generic 12V battery that has been allowed to sulfate and lost much of its capacity. If you are going to run an inverter then you probably will need multiple batteries. Dick
dclark1946 11/30/15 06:03am Travel Trailers

My 32" Insignia LED TV uses around 25 watts. My clamp -on meter registers about 4 amps per hour of use.Sorry I don't know how to say this without sounding crabby. Don't mean it that way. "4 amps per hour of use" is meaningless. "Amps" is an instantaneous measurement. A rough water equivalent statement would be "4 gallons per hour per hour". 25 watts suggests a draw of about 2 amps at nominal 12 volts, which would result in using 2 amp-hours per hour from the power source. My TV and a second RF amplifier run off a separate battery when off grid. Any amp reading is instantaneous but means 4 amps per hour when done without any changes in usage. So what's your problem? I have been doing this way since the eighties (different TV,s, inverters, etc.,) without ever running down batteries. As mentioned earlier TV power needs change with how the TV options are set up for watching. Using a clamp-on meter at any given time is best way to make sure you don't deplete your battery. If you are saying your current draw is 4.0A and will remain steady then you will be comsuming 4 Amp hours in a one hour period or 8 AH in a two hour period (since you multiply the current by the time) not 4 A per hour. Battery capacity is rated in Amp hour not Amps per hour that is why it is much less confusing to readers on the forum if you use the correct terminology so that we are all on the same technically correct page. Dick
dclark1946 11/29/15 06:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery charge/discharg plot

Why does the battery voltage start out at 13.4? Just completed charging or are you just showing off your new A-D? Dick
dclark1946 11/25/15 06:40am Tech Issues
RE: Tires rubbing on underneath of trailer

I had slight contact with the metal liner above the tires on our trailer when I went to slightly larger LT tires when the trailer was brand new. For our trailer, we were able to change the spring attachment to the lower mounting holes which gave an additional 1 inch clearance. Dick
dclark1946 11/21/15 07:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Need some advice with cold weather

I think you will be fine with running some heat and the water heater. We live just north of Dallas and usually don't winterize until after Thanksgiving. It is going to be around 30 deg tonight and I am running a small cat heater just to be sure no freeze damage. Our water heater has been drained as well as the tanks and the low point drains are open. I expect it will be 48 deg or so in the trailer in the morning with outside temp at 30. Dick
dclark1946 11/21/15 07:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: Kirchhoff's circuit analysis for the curious

Cool. Dave is exciting and funny. Spice just shoot nodal analysis out of the water. It's like taking a pea shooter to a gun fight. I recall my nodal analysis to arrive at battery bank current sharing and then you come along with fancy spice graphs. But, there's something to be said about the old school method. Once the machines take over, you can't trust the computer anymore. ;-) You need to understand the theory so you can do a sanity check on the Spice results. I have seen new engineers do an analysis with an input modeling error and get bogus results they took as valid results. Dick
dclark1946 11/21/15 03:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Size of solar maintainer for car battery?

I suspect that your current panel may be marginal but as noted it depends on your parasitic loads. You can monitor your battery volatge in the morning before charging starts for a week or so to determine if it is staying at 12.6 to 12.7 or decreasing. You can also measure your parasitic load and do the calculation of how many AH you will need to maintain your battery. I have maintained a single RV 12V battery in the past here in TX with a 10W panel with some parasitic loads eliminated by pulling a fuse. I think if you go above 5W you should have a controller to prevent overcharging. Dick
dclark1946 11/18/15 05:27am Tech Issues
RE: Battery SG

I never had any luck... They look like they have made a couple of times but when I started my long periods of pulling 20AMPS continuous at 6PM settling in for the evening they always seem to go out on me around 10PM at night. A long slow charge starting with 14.4VDC for a couple or three days is the way I always try to bring them back... Sounds like 13.6VDC eat up some more batteries to me... When I finally bit the bullet and replaced out my new WFCO WF-8945 Converter/charger for the PD9260C converter/charger I haven't boiled out any fluids since then. This was in 2009... You can bet I still do my bi-weekly fluid checks on them when on long charge times sitting here at the house haha... Then ther batteries are expensive to not keep your checks going... Roy Ken I have been checking them on 6 month bases, was doing good at that. This time I went9 months, but I did use them a lot. Will have to rethink that routine. Back to 6months or less. These batteries are not on the solar system. Gary Simce you were using them a lot in the 9 month period how were they recharged? (I am assuming you were doing some dry camping) Were the batteries being charged/maintained by the converter the rest of the time when you were not using the batteries? Dick
dclark1946 11/11/15 04:52am Tech Issues
RE: Refilling propane tanks

Quote: NOT filling by weight regardless of where they are is dangerous. --------------------------------------------------------------- I don't believe a word of it. I been fillin dot cyls for 50 yrs, and I ain't found a place yet in CA or OR, or AZ that even has a scale. Its all done in gallons, or should I say the OPD, or the bleeder valve or both. So what, every filler in 3 states is wrong or illegal, or dangerous ?? Get real. Most real propane dealers I have used open the bleed port and fill until they get a lot of vapor coming from the port. Dick
dclark1946 11/07/15 09:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Thermal Mounting Paste Specifications

What kind of info are you looking for? I assume this is the thermal paste type used for mounting PC processors. How much power does the ss relay dissipate? I assume this will be mounted on some type of heat sink? Does the relay mfg provide any guidance in mounting this component and does it provide theta j-c information so you can calculate junction temp? Dick
dclark1946 11/07/15 05:42am Tech Issues
RE: Winegard TV signal booster not working

Sorry you did that, The Jack is not as powerful as a Sensar IV... But glad you are happy with it. Especially for VHF channels. Dick
dclark1946 11/02/15 07:46am Technology Corner
RE: Solar, Generator or ?

If you do consider solar make sure your camp sites have direct sun available. Where we dry camp the trees are over 100 ft tall and very dense and more than likely it will be raining off and on half the time we are there. There is very little direct sunlight and the rest of the time it is deep shade. I use solar here in sunny TX when the trailer is being stored at home for battery maintenance. For us, a small (1000 W) quiet generator is a good solution with a single Gr27 115AH deep cycle 12V battery. What is extremely important is that you make sure that your battery(s)have been well maintained and are in good condition so that you are getting the energy storage you expect. Dick
dclark1946 11/01/15 11:10am Tech Issues
RE: 30 amp variac instead of an autoformer?

Actually I would not use a Variac. they do a fair job of regulating voltage.. not as good as some other devices but a fairly good job, but they do it by wasting a whole lot of energy.. This means you may plug into a 30 amp park outlet but if you get 25 out of the Variac before you trip the breaker you are doing good (or you don't need it) You might notice the case is well vented and on that size most likely fan forced as well. That said I do have a small one (Two small ones actually) I use in electronic testing.. but These are for the "Test Bench" normally not plugged in. Since a variac is basically an auto transformer, I would expect it to be fairly low loss assuming a large heavy transformer with associated low I^2 R and magnetic loss. Not having ever used or considered one, can you quantify specified efficiency of some available variac examples rather than speaking in general terms? Dick
dclark1946 10/31/15 06:29am Tech Issues
RE: 30 amp variac instead of an autoformer?

Hi GDE, I had already eliminated that unit as it is not quite big enough to handle the surge from the air conditioner. The A/C was tripping the campground breaker not the RV breaker. An Autoformer, line conditioner with AVR will NOT HELP you at all. There is no free lunch, an autoformer may "boost" the voltage on the output but in doing so it requires MORE CURRENT at the INPUT. In many respects it will most likely end up tripping the campground breaker even faster. The device you are seeking would essentially break every known laws of physics.. Those types of devices are known as "Over Unity" devices (IE making energy from nothing).. Many have tried and ALL have failed at making perpetual motion or energy devices. Sorry, but that is the way it works. Seems like it might still work. It is my understanding that an A/C will draw more current when input voltage is low so when it is fed with correct voltage the decrease in input current might be enough to offset the current draw into the AVR which of course will be higher than the A/C current since the AVR is boosting the line voltage. Dick
dclark1946 10/30/15 07:20pm Tech Issues
RE: RV Service in Dallas TX Area

An update: Called several RV dealers/repair shops. Many had really long back logs. Blue Moon did not return my call. Of all the ones I talked to, Hill Top seemed to be a good choice but it would be 3 weeks before they could look at our trailer. They asked me where the trailer was now and I told them the name of the small town dealer where we originally purchased the trailer, they indicated that was still one of the better dealers. Finally got a call from our dealer yesterday after it had been there 8 working days after bringing it in with a scheduled appointment. Their estimate to repair the slide floor damage was pretty reasonable so I will leave it there. Maybe we can squeeze in one more in state camping trip before winter sets in. Thanks for the inputs. I learned about some other viable options based on this research. Dick
dclark1946 10/28/15 07:21am Tech Issues
RE: RV Service in Dallas TX Area

blue moon mobile rv service in denton is the best ive found in that area. good guys to work with. Have you used them recently? Do they have a service center or only mobil? Dick
dclark1946 10/26/15 06:46am Tech Issues
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