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Norcold moisture reduction heater switch

Just completed our initial checkout of our new KZ Spree 263 RKS on a two day campout. I have been going through all the manuals and was specifically looking for location of the fridge moisture reduction heater switch. The manual for this N811 F mentions the heater but nothing about a switch to disable it like our previous Norcold on our 2007 Spree. Anyone know how to disable the heater to reduce power consumption? Also this fridge appears to have the optional fan that I can hear come on periodically. The schematic shows a temp switch in series so I am assuming this operates when the outside temp goes above a certain set point.
dclark1946 06/11/16 11:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Radiator Hose, 1999 Triton V-10 (Again)

Have you tried to contact Gates or Damon?
dclark1946 06/06/16 06:40am Tech Issues
RE: The China-Bomb debate Put to rest

That is the kind of tire you get when lowest price (and consequently lowest quality) tire is not top priority with the trailer manufacturer.
dclark1946 06/03/16 04:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: The China-Bomb debate Put to rest

There is far to much personal bias one the part of some people to ever admit that the Chinese or other off shore countries can produce a quality product. Of course the gadget they are reading this message on most likely came from there. Add to this the belief that since LT tires are designed to a more robust set of test standards, they must be better than "P" or "ST" tires. Totally ignoring of course, the fact that the same factory turning out poor quality P and ST tires is also making their LT to the same quality level. I have seen lots of opinions on failure rates but I have yet to see any data to support it. It makes little difference anyway; if buying LTs gives a person the illusion of improved safety, they will sleep better no matter what the data says. In the end it is your money and a free country, you are free to buy whatever product makes you happy based on any set of opinions or data you like. The ST vs. LT controversy will never be resolved, it will simply fade away like the bias against the Japanese made product in the 1950's and early 60's. Their is very little bias against products made in China just because they are made there. There are however many personal experiences documented on this forum with issues with ST tires made in China. How can you say there is no data? When the Casita factory changed their tire supplier (due to excessive failures) to a non Chinese brand S/T tire (back when there were such suppliers available)that my friend is data. When it is documented in the news that a Chinese tire company was leaving out critical components of passenger tires causing numerous failures that is also data. You have to look at all the information that is out there and not disregard or blow off what does not support your position.
dclark1946 05/30/16 11:22am Travel Trailers
RE: The China-Bomb debate Put to rest

I am retired from a totally different industry from tires. However, the corporation I worked for had a lot of product manufactured in china. We had some good product made by those folks, and we had some that had to be discarded due to quality issues. The difference ? It was simple in our case: if our quality control folks were on scene in the production facility in china, then we got good product. As soon as we pulled our own folks back home to the USA, the quality slipped. Sent folks back over there, quality came back up. Simple as that. If this same principle applies to the tire industry, it begs the question, does the parent tire company have a good handle on the QC at the tire plant ? We, as consumers have absolutely no way of knowing the answer to that. For those of you who wish to be the beta testers for those tires made there, I say, have at it. Your money, your choice. I prefer to attempt to stack the odds as much in my favor as I can. Most things in life are about "trying to improve your odds". How we go about that is a matter of individual research, understanding, trial and error, and a certain amount of luck. As my lawyer told me one time many years ago, there are no guarantees in life. Do your best in thinking your way thru it, and deal with what happens. As to the LT vs ST "debate", for me personally, there is no debate. I worked thru the debate part of it a long time ago, and am happy with my conclusions. ....let the discussion rage on.....:) I agree and this was the point of my comment. If there were not issues with many of the import tires supplied on new trailers why would Airstream offer Michelin LT tires? Others also have posted that their trailers came from the factory with LT tires. My real world data involves three blowouts on two different trailers. My tires were constantly maintained with the correct tire pressure and checked for cracking and any other degradation issues. In the first case, the Carlisle tires were replaced with Good Year Marathon tires back when they were not made in China. This aligned with the change the Casita factory had made due to numerous Carlisle tire failures. There were no load changes and the trailer was towed in the same manner for several years with no failures. The other trailer had a blow out was a less than a year old 205-75-14 Load range C Tow Master tire. In this case I installed Michelin load range B tires and operated them at 2 PSI above the indicated maximum. I am certain that my original tires were not overloaded or improperly maintained. I operated that trailer for several years with no more issues. Many others on this forum have posted similar experiences and have replaced ST import tires with LT tires with the same load range and with few exceptions have had no unexplained tire failures. Those who choose to ignore this real world data are burying their head in the sand in my opinion. Just because you have not had a bad experience does not mean that there is not a serious quality variation occurring in import ST tire manufacturing. You have been lucky so far. If you have been involved in volume production of any product you would understand this.
dclark1946 05/30/16 09:58am Travel Trailers
RE: The China-Bomb debate Put to rest

Sorry to disappoint but you have not put the China Tire Bomb to rest. There is plenty of real world data out there that many of us have experienced that says otherwise. If you are really an expert in import tires you should know that it is not the country that makes the difference but the consistent quality of materials and manufacturing processes that determines tire quality. It was just a few years ago that a Chinese tire manufacturer was caught leaving out critical materials on passenger tires and people were getting injured or killed. I know China is capable of high quality products but unless you are careful on who your supplier is you may not get consistent quality. I have noticed that the tires coming on new trailers are never any brand that you will recognize and if you check later it is some other unheard of brand. When I was an RV show a few months ago I was looking at a new Airstream trailer and noticed that it had Michelin LT tires. The salesman indicated that option was now available due to tire quality issues with import ST tires. Perhaps the China tire industry has made quality improvements in the last year or so but in my mind the jury is still out on that and as long as I can purchase LT tires for my trailer that is what I will use. I have never had an LT tire fail and I have had several tire explosions with Chinese manufactured tires.
dclark1946 05/30/16 07:14am Travel Trailers
RE: A/C on generator question

Twenty Amps is certainly not enough to run two 13.5 k BTU A/C units. It appears your RV is configured to run only one A/C at a time. You should have enough generator power to run both but not through the 20A breaker. Are you certain neither A/C will run with the 20A breaker off?
dclark1946 05/28/16 06:09am Tech Issues
RE: 13,500 AC replacement

If you have plans to power your a/c unit(s) with a generator, consider looking at 13.5k a/c units with LRA's lower than 60a. You'll significantly reduce startup issues by doing so. I highly recommend the Coleman Power Saver 13.5k 9xx series units (not the older 8xx series). Some of these units have LRA's as low as 50a and can be started/run by one Honda EU2000i.A little HOnda can start and run a 13.5K btu AC, but not dependably . . . All 13.5k BTU a/c units are not created equal. There is a specific reason why some 13.5k BTU a/c's can be reliably started/run with a solo Honda EU2000i while others cannot. The closer a given 13.5k BTU a/c unit gets to 50a of LRA, the odds of a EU2000i reliably starting/running it (with the Eco mode on) go up dramatically. FWIW, the vast majority of OEM 13.5k BTU a/c units have 60-68a of LRA---too high for a solo EU2000i to start/run reliably--even with the Eco mode off. That is consistent with my tests. I was able to reliably start and run our Coleman 13.5 PS with our EU2000 in 97 deg ambient temp.
dclark1946 05/09/16 07:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Solution on where to store receiver hitch

I just leave it attached to the truck. I wipe the ball and spring bar mount holes with a paper towel and apply fresh grease when hitching again.
dclark1946 05/09/16 05:40am Travel Trailers
RE: dry camping needs ??

We dry camp in the Smoky Mtn national park for 2 weeks at a time. We have a single 12V Trojan SCS 200 Gr 27 battery that we recharge every morning with a Honda EU 1000 during breakfast and morning cleanup. Typically a couple of gallons of gas gets us through our stay. We do not have (need) an inverter but do run the ceiling roof fan all night in the summer or the furnace in the morning in the fall. All lighting is led and the other loads are the water pump,fridge and water heater electronics and radio. Solar would be useless where we camp due to the dense tall trees and frequent rain. I do use a solar panel at home in sunny TX to maintain the battery when the trailer is not being used. We camp on loops where generators are allowed and most use quiet type generators that are barely audible by the next adjacent camp site. There are a few who run loud contractor type generators and you can hear them all over the loop.
dclark1946 05/09/16 05:29am Travel Trailers
RE: group 24 & 27 batteries ?

What are your plans for dry camping? Trying to go for extended periods with no generator or minimize how often you have to run a generator? We have been dry camping (typically 2 weeeks at a time)for years with a single quality 12V SCS200 115 AH (Gr 27)Trojan battery but we run our EU1000 generator every morning to keep the battery nearly fully charged. Our power needs are modest since we do not need an inverter but only need power for vent fans (or furnace in the morning depending on the season), water pump, trailer electronic controls and LED lighting. I agree you should have no issues with paralleling two batteries (if you really need the additional capacity)as long as both are in good condition.
dclark1946 04/25/16 05:34am Tech Issues
RE: Ammeter

X2 on the SEARS Craftsman AC/DC 400A Clamp-on Ampmeter82369... This is handheld and comes in a nice carry case. ($60 SEARS-AMAZON) Craftsman also make a AC ONLY model so be sure it is for DC CURRENT... You just simply clamp this test meter around a single wire/cable to read the DC Current http://c.shld.net/rpx/i/s/i/spin/image/spin_prod_1113787012?hei=333&wid=333&op_sharpen=1 height=300 I already have a three panel DC VOLT and CURRENT meter setup in a good view area making measurements right at the output of of my main battery switch but I also like to know how the DC current is being routed around the battery cables inside my battery bank. I have used this test meter since 2008 when I got mine and have been looking for it now over a year in all my places here with no luck. I have probably laid it down on a tree stump on one of my off-road camping trips and run off and left it... For me this is the perfect test meter to measure how much DC current is going into each of batteries in my multi-battery bank when charging. You want to see equal DC Current going into each battery terminal leg. Roy Ken X3
dclark1946 04/06/16 06:56am Tech Issues

We have a new KZ Spree on order which comes with an oven. Shotly after we placed the order KZ changed the oven size from 17 to 22 in based on feedback from RV shows where the factory rep indicated KZ was hammered for having such a small oven. Somebody must like ovens in their RV.
dclark1946 03/25/16 08:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Gauge For Propane Tanks

Twenty pound tanks are now available with a real float guage. I have purchased two for our trailer and another pair for our grill from Sam's made by Worthington. These seem to work well and sure beats taking the tank out to weigh it which is what I have done for years. Not sure why these have not been made available for 30 pound tanks.
dclark1946 03/06/16 07:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Roof ladder, yes or no?

Telescoping ladder easier to climb as it is at an angle, NOT straight up like a mounted ladder. Check your slide topper??..Would you rather place telescoping ladder next to the slide and climb up 5 rungs to check or clean topper OR climb up rear mounted ladder up to the roof, walk over to slide area to check or clean, walk back across roof to rear ladder and climb back down? My telescoping ladder takes up 4 inches of my closet space. I agree. I have had a telescoping ladder for several years that takes very little room and always goes with us when we are camping. We have ordered a new trailer which now has a ladder option but I am getting ours without for two reasons. It is too easy for anyone to get on your roof and I have a wireless weather station that goes up there when we get set up. The other reason was that I saw a used last year model on our dealer's lot and a couple of the ladder attach points had already pulled loose.
dclark1946 02/26/16 04:56pm Travel Trailers

1080 is 1080 even if it's up-converted. All that does is fill in empty space. This is still bleeding edge technology that may never take off just as 3D never did. The manufacturers are all currently looking straight at 8K. I agree. The benefit of 4K is mostly sales hype based on technical articles I have read. Some benefit if you you sit closer than recommended to your screen. It is kinda like the megapixel hype for digital cameras. Your eyes are not going to be able to resolve the difference. Dick
dclark1946 02/20/16 04:02pm Technology Corner
RE: B&N NOOK Out Of Business?

NOOK SUPPORT Start at BN.com. Could be your browser needs updating. I'm using the latest version of Chrome. Your link works fine on my XP machine running latest Chrome version.
dclark1946 02/20/16 06:52am Technology Corner
RE: Replacement Decals

We had to replace the decals on our 2008 KZ Spree for the same reason. I was able to get a graphic shop to make replacement decals based on digital photos of the originals. We were able to closely match the original colors and were also able to select a premium vinyl material that will hold up much better than the originals. That process did run about $1000 but now that we are trading the trailer in it is helping our trade in value. Our dealer remarked how good the decals looked for an 8 year old trailer.
dclark1946 02/15/16 06:13am Tech Issues
RE: Honda eu1000i pull cord seized

Its just so hard to believe the weird stuff I read here,....no other comment. Yup.. :h :B I would not have believed it myself except I experienced it first hand.
dclark1946 01/22/16 08:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Honda eu1000i pull cord seized

I had a similar problem with an EU 1000 I bought on Ebay. I called the seller to tell him he had sold me a defective generator that was locked up and I could not pull the starter rope. He said it had to do with the altitude difference between Colorado and Texas and said to try it again the next day after pressures have equalized. I thought to myself I am not buying that explanation. The next day I tried to pull the starting rope and it worked perfectly.
dclark1946 01/21/16 07:31pm Tech Issues
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