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RE: F250 Trailer Disconnected Message

Thanks for the information. The next morning after the disconnect message I inspected the trailer plug contacts and there was some green corrosion and dark tarnishing on the contacts. Two of the contacts gap spacing were different from the others. I used a nail emery board cut down to contact width and cleaned the contacts as well as pushing the two contacts with a small flat blade screwdriver. I had no more disconnect messages for the last 100 miles to our destination. Will do further inspection on the trailer wiring since we will be at our site for two weeks.
dclark1946 08/08/17 12:02pm Tech Issues
RE: F250 Trailer Disconnected Message

Your truck is seeing an intermittent connection of the trailer brakes. You need to inspect the trailer plug and brake wiring all the way to the magnets. That includes any wires inside the axles. So you are saying the Ford trailer system is monitoring the brake circuit only to determine connectivity? Is that continuous or only when brakes are applied and the system monitors current draw?
dclark1946 08/06/17 08:21am Tech Issues
F250 Trailer Disconnected Message

We were 25 miles away from our second campground on a 3 day 1000 mile trip when the message center on my 09 F250 indicated "Trailer Disconnected". The trailer running lights were still on and braking felt normal. When we got to the Crossville,TN KOA I checked the trailer plug and it appeared to be properly seated. On restarting my truck the message center indicated "Trailer Connected". Some type of intermittent apparently. Any idea what connection the factory trailer electronics uses to determine trailer connection?
dclark1946 08/06/17 06:11am Tech Issues
RE: Rechargeable Lithium Bright Trouble (flood) Lamp?

Ryobi has a nice compact high power LED flood light in their line of 18V lithium ion products. Their 4AH battery provides the most energy storage. It travels with me on our camping trips along with inflato,fans, hand vac, drill and impact driver.
dclark1946 08/05/17 07:36am Tech Issues
RE: 12 Volt Battery Questions

If he does not mind spending more money he can get two Trojan SCS 150 (Gr 24) batteries and get 200AH capacity with 100 useable.
dclark1946 07/23/17 04:36am Tech Issues
RE: Priming Honda 2000 after draining carb: when is it primed?

If you are a full timer, you probably use the generator and do not need to drain the gas. If you are not a full timer, what do you do about snowblowers, weed whips, chain saws, lawn movers and leaf blowers? I use stabilizer and have not had any issues. I always use stabilizer even if I do not plan on storage. My one data point on that issue was several years ago with one of our EU 1000s that I left with (Stabil added) fuel in the tank and about a year later when I checked it out for another dry camping trip it would not run without the choke on. I tried running it for several hours with a high concentration of Seafoam and then letting it sit overnight but it did not help. Off it went to the Honda dealer for an emergency carb job before we left for our trip. Since that experience I only leave stabilized fuel in it for no longer than a month without draining the tank and carb.
dclark1946 06/13/17 09:32am Tech Issues
RE: Priming Honda 2000 after draining carb: when is it primed?

I don't know about why this is important? My honda 2000 with a drained carb starts in 2 pulls after storage season? I have two EU 2000s and two EU 1000s and none of mine start without at least 10 pulls after draining the tank and the carb. After they are started the first time they usually start on the first pull.
dclark1946 06/13/17 05:20am Tech Issues
RE: Norcold moisture reduction heater switch

Has anyone figured out how to add an on/off switch to the Norcold N811 fridges? I think it would go in the exterior service panel area. I have not got to serious about putting one in since we did ok on our first (for our new trailer)2 week dry camping trip last summer. Our DC current consumption is higher but our battery and daily charging seems to be adequate.
dclark1946 06/08/17 06:40am Tech Issues
RE: Replacing the Winegard Sensar with a King Jack antenna

And as more stations move back to high and low VHF over the next few years, lots of people with under performing on VHF antennas like the Jack are going to be disappointed with their choice. Even some of Winegard's newer antennas have poor low VHF performance.thats what I keep saying and nobody is listening.. OP- suggest you look at the TV Repac plan and see what that area is going to do with the UHF band. At least you will know why your TV went away in a few years when all this shuffling starts. I still don't get how driving wind can bend that antenna. When properly stow'd there should a little to no turbulence on the roof. Did you get caught in a Sacramento tornados? snowlpeke: suggest you do a little research on your comment bucause it's totally incorrect Sound logic and complete correct information do not always prevail on forums.
dclark1946 05/29/17 05:20am Tech Issues
RE: Running fridge while driving

I start mine plugged into shore power on propane a couple of days before we load up. Then battery/propane on the road and shore power/propane at the campground. I've never seen one that runs on 12vdc alone. That is what we do with ours too. Our first trailer(Casita) had a smaller (4 cu. ft.) fridge that was 3 way and used 12V for the heater when the 12V mode was selected. The 12V heater was lower wattage than the 120V heater so even if fed by 12V it did not provide as much heat to the system. I thought that was the way to go when traveling but found that it pulled too much current to operate properly while traveling so we switched to propane. Most absorption RV fridges are too big now to even attempt 12V only operation.
dclark1946 05/22/17 06:26am Travel Trailers
RE: Portable tankless water heaters....

We use the Coleman Hot Water On Demand portable system which I think is still available. It uses the one pound propane tanks and a rechargeable battery to power a water pump and the burner igniter. The pump attaches to a Coleman 5 gallon water bag but you can also buy an accessory that attaches to a water hose. The burner ignites when you turn on the water. Our kids used this in the National Park for showering (using shower attachment that attaches to the faucet)and it worked fine.
dclark1946 05/22/17 05:48am Tech Issues
RE: Reefer operation while covered..?

If you want to use your fridge with the cover on you could cut flaps where the inlet and outlet vents are located so they can function. Then you could use Velcro to close the flap when you are not needing the fridge.
dclark1946 05/06/17 06:53am Tech Issues
RE: Water pump causes led lights to flicker when on Battery

Today I checked battery connections, water pump connections and connections at the converter power supply. All seemed fine. The trailer is a 2017 and has two new batteries. I installed a battery monitor inside the trailer wired directly to the the batteries. When on battery and running cabin led's and the water pump the voltage drops about .08volts on the monitor. The lights only flicker when on battery they don't flicker when plugged into 110. Have you determined if the lighting and water pump are on the same fuse? If so, depending on how the traier is wired, the LEDs may be seeing more voltage variation than your battery monitor is showing. Also how far is the water pump from the power panel and also from the pump switch? The actual instantaneous voltage variation also may be larger than your battery monitor is showing due to the transient high start current pulled by the pump motor as it pulses on and off. You might be able to reduce the flickering by connecting a large (> 100 ufd) capacitor across the pump power and return to provide some of the surge current.
dclark1946 04/26/17 08:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Carpet on fiberglass ceiling? Condensation?

Casita Travel Trailers has been building their fiberglass trailers for years with carpet (plush with foam backing for extra insulation) on the ceiling and walls for many years. We never had any issues with it on ours even in the rainy Smokies.
dclark1946 04/23/17 01:28pm Tech Issues
RE: What can you tell me about my converter/charger?

If you have not already purchased your battery consider a Trojan SCS Gr 31. That series batteries are heavier, better quality and have more capacity compared to generic 12V deep cycles. We do fine with a single SCS 200 Gr 27 and run our vent fan all night when dry camping. Do daily morning charges and monitor voltage and charge current. Been doing this for years.
dclark1946 04/21/17 05:30am Tech Issues
RE: Water pump causes led lights to flicker when on Battery

Since this is a new trailer I assume the LED lights are factory installed. Have you checked the battery voltage at the batteries first and then at the power panel with and without the pump running? Not sure how you are verifying that the batteries are charged and how much the voltage is dropping when the pump is running. You have a long trailer so the wiring could be having larger voltage drops. Is the pump on the same circuit (fuse) as the lights? As others have commented,if the lights do not have drivers then small voltage variations can caused light intensity to change as the pump cycles. The water pump and furnace blower are the two highest current accessories unless you are running an inverter.
dclark1946 04/19/17 07:03am Tech Issues
RE: Having trouble posting -- just testing some workarounds

I have been recently been having problems responding to posts or editing mine. I get a connection error even though I can read posts fine and am not having issues with any other web sites. Logging out and then logging back in has corrected the problem but the next time I try to post a day or so later, I get the same "no connection"" error and I am still logged in. Logging out and then back in again once again allows me to post. What has changed?
dclark1946 04/11/17 07:46pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Late 80's RV Questions

If the rig is destined to be a power pole princess, then 99.99% of the advice given for serious engine alternator charging (upgrades) can be ignored. Late 80's converters were battery boilers. If the converter is a bright brushed aluminum box about the size of a loaf of bread with large red & white wires sticking out of one end and has a fan on the other, let me know -PM- if the owner wishes to upgrade. Easier than watching pretty, colored, monitor lights on a power pole princess, switch on a light, if no light, problem. Both are useless for battery monitoring. The young couple plan on using this motorhome for both on and off grid scenarios and will probably live in it most of the time. They have also expressed an interest in solar power after I mentioned our small (110 W) system. I will check on the converter next time I am over there. The power panel has a brown plastic cover similar to our TT's WFCO converter but not sure if it has been changed out. The RV has not been powered up or connected to city water since their recent purchase. The new owner will be purchasing a new 30A extension cord,new house battery, DMM, RV hoses and pressure regulator so we can complete initial checkout. Thanks for all the helpful information.
dclark1946 04/10/17 01:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Late 80's RV Questions

Thanks for the great feedback. It has helped me understand tech issues that I am not familiar with. I will be getting back with the couple soon since we have a lot more checkout to do before their RV is ready for a shake down short camping trip. We still need to connect city water and check for leaks and functionality, check holding and fresh water tanks, waterpump and apply ac power. This will be interesting and a learning experience.
dclark1946 04/05/17 06:02am Tech Issues
RE: Late 80's RV Questions

New Fords have a relay that is opened/closed with the ignition circuit power (key in run position), don't know how far back that goes. That would isolate the coach battery. Idiot light battery monitors are notoriously bad. Installation of a simple voltage gauge is cheap and fairly accurate. There appeared to be two old type Ford starter relays tucked behind the driver side of the radiator at the top. These appeared to be wired into the large cable(s) eventually going to the house battery positive terminal.
dclark1946 04/04/17 06:25am Tech Issues
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