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RE: $30 mini batwing at Fry's electronics: update with pictures

Our new TT came with a fixed TV/FM antenna that looks very similar to that. The brand name was Continu.us but I suspect the brand name is whatever you want it to be.
dclark1946 07/24/16 07:07pm Technology Corner
RE: Generator question - let carb run dry or keep it wet?

I can tell you what works for me with my 4 Honda EU generators for many years. I use Stabil marine (blue stuff) with mid octane ethanol laced gas and do not leave any treated gas in the tank for more than a month. When I am through with the generator I siphon all the gas I can from the tank and drain the carb. Then I keep cranking it until it will no longer even try to start. Prior to this procedure I left Stabil treated gas in an EU 1000 for a year and it would not run without the choke on until I had the carb cleaned. I treat my lawn mower a little differently since it is used more frequently. I use the same blue Stabil but at the end of the mowing season (which for me is in December since I am mulching leaves) I fill the tank and it sits unused until March. I have never had any problem starting my mower. I get rid of the gas purchased in the fall and stored over winter by putting it in one of my vehicle's gas tank and buy fresh mid octane gas to continue the spring mowing.
dclark1946 07/15/16 06:35am Tech Issues
RE: Does anyone know what type-Brand Antenna this is?

Your antenna looks like the one that came on our new KZ Spree. It is sold by a company called Continu.us. They do have a web site and technical support. I have talked to their tech support and found them helpful. They sell primarily through distributors directly to RV manufacturers. I have also talked with the distributor that KZ buys this antenna from and found that he did not understand the technical difference between the two models which may be why KZ is selling trailers with no AM radio capability. It is also possible (based on another response to your post) that this style antenna is sold under several brand names from a single supplier in China. I will probably eventually replace ours with a Winegard Sensar TV only antenna since I am adding a conventional AM/FM mast antenna for the radio.
dclark1946 07/11/16 05:26am Technology Corner
RE: Tire Blowout

Certainly no expert, but I had two blowouts on trip at Thanksgiving. One down, one back. Fortunately had spare each time. But, method of elimination: Age OK according to your statement PSI OK ditto Speed OK but, I don't drive over 60 Weight????? Have you pulled on scales at a truck stop? That would be my first guess. The tire shop upgraded all 4 new tires with load range E, I have 15" wheels and 3 different places said no to light truck tires on a 15"wheel. Edited by Barb I have been running LT (load range C currently Yokahamas)tires on my last two trailers with 15 in. wheels with no problem for 8 years with no tire failures. LT tires if they can be found for your load range and wheel size are acceptable and are much better and consistent quality compared to most generic ST tires.
dclark1946 07/09/16 04:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Radio Interference

Sounds like the converter is generating RF interference. :) Are you seeing this problem with AM or FM reception or both? I am working a somewhat related problem with AM reception issues on our TT. The converter is definitely a source of RFI that appears to affect the radio's automatic gain control circuit causing it to reduce RF gain and hence volume. There are other RFI sources such as the fridge when operating on gas for example. If you see this problem on FM then it is probably not an RFI issue.
dclark1946 07/08/16 06:49pm Tech Issues
RE: RV radio mast antenna grounding for AM reception

Good one, a head scratch-er. You could capture a ground from an AC device but a user should have a torroid or other filter to keep the nasties at bay. An alternative would be to run the ground back with the antenna wire to capture ground near the radio. How much better was the reception with ground accomplished? The reception without the antenna gnd wire connected to the aluminum ladder had obvious white noise but you could understand the audio so I had probably a S/N ratio of 5-10 dB. With the gnd wire touching the ladder the white noise was just about undetectable.
dclark1946 07/08/16 04:21pm Tech Issues
RV radio mast antenna grounding for AM reception

This is a followup to my original post about no AM radio reception in our new KZ Spree due to the TV antenna not supporting AM. I purchased an internal car radio antenna from West Marine which is essentially 40 in. of wire attached to a coax cable feeding a Motorola connector that mates to the antenna jack on the back of the radio. This gave good FM reception and some AM reception for strong stations. I also learned a lot about RFI generated by the converter and other appliances. I now have a RV 30 in. mast radio antenna like our previous TT antenna and have started running some tests with it before it is permanently mounted on the roof. This antenna comes with about 9 in. of metal braid with a ground lug attached. In my initial testing it appears that that gnd connection improves AM reception even if only connected to a nearby aluminum ladder. I have not figured out how to get frame ground to the lug yet without running about 8 ft. of wire to a known ground point . My question is where are you supposed to pick up ground within 9 in. of the roof where the antenna is to be mounted? Also does anyone know if the antenna cable shield becomes grounded when it is connected to the radio antenna jack or is the shield part of the connector isolated from 12V ground?
dclark1946 07/07/16 08:36pm Tech Issues
RE: V10 oil capacity

Not sure if your talking Moho or trucks? My 2009 F-250 6.8L V-10 3v takes 7 quarts. X2
dclark1946 07/06/16 07:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Pure Sine Wave vs Modified Sine Wave for fridge

Modified sine wave: Long list of things that do not play nice with it. Can generate major Radio Frequency interference affecting nearby Radios, Televisions, Sat Receivers and audio ampolifers Filtered modified sine wave: Same list of things that do not play nice.. Filtering greatly reduces the radio frequency interference in some cases to the point where it drops below the "noise floor" and is thus undetectable (good thing). True Sine Wave.. Very very short list of things that do not play nice (Entier list: Anything needing more power than it can produce) Very little if any Radio Frequency Interference.. Very clean power. often better than commercial power. Batteries: 2 pair of Trojan T-105 or equal is minimum for a 2KW inverter You have 220 Amp Hours times about 10 for Watt hours there, or 2,200 watt hours Fridge is about 100-300 watts depending on model. that's 10 hours max if your wiring is perfect and you are lucky. This is reduced by other loads (Explosive gas detector for example) and increased by Fridge's "Down time" (when nothing is running) Page 3: Many have run Compressor type (residential) fridges on MSW and no problem... However the manufacturers say "Do not"... Me.. I prefer the absorption fridge cause I can run it on very little 12 VDC plus a tank of Propane if I have to.. and sometimes.. i ahve to. Has anyone looked at the filtered MSW inverter output waveform on an oscilloscope? Depending on the cutoff frequency and the number of poles of the low pass (or bandpass)filter it could be a pretty decent waveform meaning the 2nd and higher order harmonics are attenuated significantly. If however the filtering is only removing much higher (past the 5th harmonic) frequency components such as switching noise then it will probably not act much different than other MSW inverters.
dclark1946 07/03/16 07:25pm Tech Issues
RE: No AM Reception on New Trailer

My thought was to initially either change to the other model TV antenna that supports AM but requires another coax line to be run above the ceiling (no idea how big a problem that will be) or add a conventional whip antenna to fix the AM reception issue. Running wiring/cables through a ceiling and inside interior walls is pretty straightforward. I've also done it in the same model of Spree with romex, coax, HDMI & low voltage wiring from the front to the rear of our Spree and can tell you exactly how and where to run it. Let me know if I can help you. Thanks for the offer on routing cables in the space between the ceiling and the roof. It seems to me it would be tricky to get the cable through the insulation that I think is installed after the wiring is routed. I guess you could attach two new coax cables to the existing coax and pull the original coax out. I will PM you to discuss some more.
dclark1946 06/19/16 06:08pm Tech Issues
RE: No AM Reception on New Trailer

You really need to forget about that brand of antenna. As you know, the antenna is omnidirectional, and will give poor performance with the TV as well. It was installed because it was the cheapest thing that could be found and it looked like a real antenna. Yep I am aware that the installed TV antenna is marginal and not comparable to the Winegard Sensar antenna. The factory and my dealer declined to install the Winegard antenna so I will need to find another RV service center to change that out. My thought was to initially either change to the other model TV antenna that supports AM but requires another coax line to be run above the ceiling (no idea how big a problem that will be) or add a conventional whip antenna to fix the AM reception issue. I think the whip antenna install may be simpler because it can be installed on the roof right over the receiver and the coax line be brought down in a non functional cabinet.
dclark1946 06/19/16 09:48am Tech Issues
RE: No AM Reception on New Trailer

Our trailer is fiberglass with all aluminum frame same as our previous trailer. The receiver has a Motorola antenna jack fed from the external TV antenna with an RF splitter or perhaps diplexer feeding the radio antenna jack. That tells me everything I need to know. The TV antenna is tuned to VHF/HUF not to Am broadcast. It is a very poor choce for AM Broadcast IF you like AM radio, Get the longest Automotive antenna you can lay your hands on and install it. The longer the better.. For FM. it may work, or you can switch back. Exactly. The antenna manufacturer offers another model that does have AM capability. It requires a second coax cable carrying only the AM signal to the TV,FM, distribution box where the AM signal is combined with the FM signal. This combined signal is then fed to the radio receiver. The RV manufacturer chose not to use that model leaving us with no AM capability. I am not sure how difficult it is to pull another coax cable from the TV antenna to the distribution box if we switch to the other model TV antenna.
dclark1946 06/19/16 06:49am Tech Issues
RE: No AM Reception on New Trailer

Soooo, You know for sure there are AM broad casters in your area? The last one in our area shut down about 8 years ago. Just sayin, maybe check with another radio. We have many AM stations in the DFW area and in less populated areas where we camp. I don't listen to those very often. However in some of the National Park camp grounds where we stay AM stations are the only link to the outside world. No TV,FM,cell phone or Internet.
dclark1946 06/19/16 06:34am Tech Issues
RE: No AM Reception on New Trailer

Joe, That antenna looks pretty interesting. Do you know if the description that it swivels 180 deg. means it will lay down on the roof? Well...it looks exactly like the one on our current RV, which does lay flat. Looking closely at the detailed photos, I feel quite comfortable in saying it does lay flat. You are right. I called the the RV store yesterday and the guy checked and confirmed that there is a Phillips screw at the base that you losen and it will lay down flat. Exactly what I will need if I go with a separate radio antenna. Excellent find.
dclark1946 06/19/16 06:21am Tech Issues
RE: No AM Reception on New Trailer

Most car radio antennas have a clamp arrangement that bears against the underside of the fender. Most RVs need an antenna with a mounting flange. Here's one on eBay. The RVs we have owned all had radios built like car radios, with no internal antenna. Joe, That antenna looks pretty interesting. Do you know if the description that it swivels 180 deg. means it will lay down on the roof?
dclark1946 06/18/16 03:59pm Tech Issues
RE: No AM Reception on New Trailer

Ok, since I do not know your trailer.. What is it made of (Siding?) AM radios will not work well inside a metal can.. (ALso known as a Farady Cage) it is possible to make them work but you need an OUTSIDE antenna to do it. Ideally about 75 meters of wire, wrap twice around radio, ground one end, toss the other up over trees.. In practice even 30-50 feet will work or less. Just get it OUTSIDE teh trailer There are also several portable High Performance AM radio antennas you can couple to the radio, Some can be "Remoted" (put outside the trailer) for improved performance.. I suggest a Google Search. Our trailer is fiberglass with all aluminum frame same as our previous trailer. The receiver has a Motorola antenna jack fed from the external TV antenna with an RF splitter or perhaps diplexer feeding the radio antenna jack. I think a more elegant solution to the wire in the trees is an external rv whip antenna feeding the receiver directly (the way our old trailer did it) rather than the current TV antenna on this new trailer.
dclark1946 06/18/16 11:49am Tech Issues
RE: No AM Reception on New Trailer

If you go to KZ's website it says "AM/FM/CD/DVD Bluetooth Stereo w/USB Port" as one of the standard options. I'd sure be making some noise if you don't have AM available because I would say that is deceptive advertising. Maybe this is a change influenced by Thor? In our '14 Spree, we've got the usual whip antenna on the roof with co-ax connection on the back of the Jensen radio. If the dealer does not help, send me a PM and I will give you a couple of contact names at the factory from about 6 months ago. We've been burned by KZ before on a few things. For example, they used to list a "Maxxair fan in bedroom and bathroom". Turns out what they really meant was "or" not "and". We expected both but didn't get anywhere arguing that one. If we ever order another TT again, we're going over each and every item on the manufacturer's brochure list and any optional items and getting the dealer to sign off on them. Thanks. That was going to be my approach also for asking the factory to rectify this no AM reception shortfall. I had already rechecked KZ's web site and verified they claimed both AM and FM capability. I appreciate your offer for a couple of contacts at the factory. I may need them. We wanted two of the Maxxair fans also when we ordered ours but our dealer told us that was extra so that was included in the order and it came in correct. We wanted the frameless windows but not the fold down bike rack and rear ladder that was part of the elite package. The factory got our special order right except we got the frame extension for the bike rack. The factory agreed to send us the fold down bike rack for no charge. They also installed a backer board on the wall behind the dinette so we could install a small fold down table to have a place for a bluray player and a DTV receiver.
dclark1946 06/17/16 03:03pm Tech Issues
RE: No AM Reception on New Trailer

Typically a radio or stereo AM antenna is an internal antenna. Seldom is an external AM antenna used. That is true for non automotive applications but for autos (even before FM became popular)and RV applications the receiver will always have a Motorola coaxial jack in the back for the antenna connection. The Jensen system in our new TT has a single antenna jack for both AM and FM reception. Our 2004 and 2007 TTs had the same setup.
dclark1946 06/17/16 10:05am Tech Issues
RE: No AM Reception on New Trailer

My RV dealer tech called yesterday in response to my question about no AM reception. She confirmed that on another new Spree trailer with the same antenna there was no AM reception. Now I will be be talking to the manager to find out what the factory's thought process was for this design flaw. It looks like my options are to install a separate whip antenna or the other model CA 2500 but that requires another cable to be run from the TV/radio antenna to the circuit board that splits out the radio signal to be fed to the radio receiver. If anyone knows where I can purchase a fold down whip RV antenna like what was installed on our last two trailers I would appreciate the info. My Google search did not yield any sources. The fold down (loosen screw and rotate the whip down to the roof) is important to us since it makes the trailer cover much easier to install.
dclark1946 06/17/16 06:56am Tech Issues
RE: Trailer brake wiring question( Mystery Now Solved)

Another question after crawling around under our new KZ Spree TT. We have a 2014 version of the same Spree model (except it has the different bathroom layout). I would suggest looking at the wiring in the A-frame area. Ours was poorly done. Plenty of corrosion and water trapped in upside down wire nuts inside the 4x4 metal box. The positive wire from the battery was completely loose in a ring terminal and fell right out when I touched it. You may fix the wiring at the brake drums, but you also need the connections from the trailer's wiring to the umbilical cord to work, especially for braking when you need it the most some day. I completely redid the connections and installed a watertight PVC junction box. I also redid ground lugs to the frame due to corrosion. The brakes in our TT are not grounded via the axle tube and have 2-wire cable spliced to the 2 brake wires. The wiring is awfully small gauge though and I plan to upgrade it when I eventually take down the underbelly sheeting. This our 2nd Spree TT and wiring does not appear to be their strong point. Have also found poor AC & DC terminations at the converter/panel (including completely loose wire at a breaker) and a couple of receptacles with reverse polarity. Thanks for the input. I will inspect the wiring and connections to make sure they are going to be reliable.
dclark1946 06/15/16 08:24pm Tech Issues
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