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RE: Blinking check engine light

Gde trailer thanks for all your help. Just an update then I'm going to that ford enthusiast page. I got truck in to shop and they scanned, only saw the po300, checked plugs and found to be in good shape. Found nearly plugged fuel filter so replaced. Lol accelerates again. All was well for couple weeks and when passing a car today the light blinked a few times and didn't stay on. I'm gonna check for code with my neat new blue tooth scanner. Thanks again all. What APP are you using with your ELM 327 type OBD2 adapter? I have had good luck with the Torque APP for Android. The APP has explanations for the codes as well as links for troubleshooting the specific code if you have Internet connection. I can also monitor and graph much of the available realtime parametric data such as trim,O2 sensor voltage etc.
dclark1946 09/13/16 06:06am Tech Issues
RE: Charging the battery with generator issue

You really should share your expertise with WFCO tech support so that you can correct them. The WFCO in one of my trailers will not pass convert 12v from my Honda 3000, UNLESS THE GROUND & NEUTRAL ARE BONDED. The same with a neighbor. Remove the bond plug = fail. Reinstall the bond and it works. Tech support advised contrary to your remark so contact them and advise that your advice supersedes. I have nothing else in between the trailer plug and the generator, so please advise why it fails.I'll agree with Mr. Wizard here. If there's no "surge protector" type of device in the RV blocking the AC to the converter, then I'd suspect something like a bad minus connection from the converter output, causing the AC bond to carry the converter's DC output, or alternatively an open neutral at the converter, causing the ground wire to carry the neutral side of the AC power. Easiest way to find the sure answer is to check for AC power at the converter's plug, or run an extension cord to connect the converter directly to the generator. Not sure what is going on with your trailer but we are on our 4th trailer that I have powered the converter with an EU generator by plugging the trailer ac power cord into the generator using a standard plug to 30 A RV adapater. I have two EU 2000s and two EU 1000s and all of them have been used during various dry camping trips to power the trailer and charge the battery. The last two trailers came with WFCO converters.
dclark1946 09/13/16 05:45am Tech Issues
RE: Charging the battery with generator issue

We need more information to help. Do you have any idea how discharged the battery was before you charged it for 2 hours? If it was significantly discharged 2 hours would not have been enough to recharge the battery. You can always use the battery monitor panel in your RV to verify that the battery is being charged. Unless the battery is really discharged all the leds should be lit. Of course this does not mean the battery is charged. To help monitor battery health and converter charging you need a DMM and clamp on Ammeter to prevent unpleasant surprises such as a dead battery in the morning.
dclark1946 09/11/16 09:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Looking For Online Thermal Loss Calculator Tool

If you don't find what you need I have my hand calculations for heat gain in the summer and loss in the winter that I could e-mail you. Once you have the area for your attic, walls and windows it is pretty straight forward. I also have a detailed work sheet that the power company used to provide. I did this back in the first energy crisis around 1976 as a fun engineering project. Based on the calculations, we added more insulation in the attic, installed storm windows and added 2 in. duct insulation over the original 1 in.
dclark1946 09/07/16 09:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Will a small digital meter work for battery voltage?

You don't need a 3 digit for your (and my) purpose. The only good the 3rd digit does it tell you when the 2nd digit is about to change. And accuracy (w/ in 1/10th) is not that important, as long as it is consistent, and most all voltmeters are. Knowing the SOC is easily learned by consistent loads. Like I know what the voltmeter reads when I get up in the morning, and I know what it reads when I go to bed at nite, having the same loads both times. If the fridge happens to be running, that does not change the voltage enuff to change anything. If you must check voltage at other times when heavier loads....like tv, sat DVD etc, then you must put the more loads into the voltage picture. I know my system so well, I have no use for a "monitoring system" I agree with this practical response. I would even add that the battery lights are very useful if you take the time to check the battery voltage with a good digital meter a couple of times for one and possibly two lights off as a rough calibration. For example, I expect that my indicator will have one light off in the morning with basic fridge and water heater loads after a night of running a Maxaire fan. If I go check at the battery test points it will read 12.4V using a Sears DMM. I run the generator every morning so there is no use to check the voltage every morning when a simple push of the monitor button tells me everything is normal. I have never seen less than one light off (except when I had a bad battery) because I charge daily and our daily loads typically do not vary that much. I do check battery charge current both initially after starting the generator and after we are through with breakfast to see if the current has tapered off enough to shut off the generator.
dclark1946 09/06/16 04:54am Tech Issues
RE: Tire Blow Out & TPMS

The statement that "it's not if but when a tire will blow" is true if you're running Chinese made trailer tires. As we've discussed repeatedly, Chinese tires have extremely poor quality. On my last 5th wheel and on my current toy hauler I run Michelin LT truck tires and not once have I worried about a tire issue. I also don't have to baby the tires the way we do ST tires. Have you noticed that it's the trailer tires blowing and not the tow vehicle's tires? X2 Switched to LT tires in 07 and have had no more trailer tire issues after 3 blowouts between our first two trailers. If you have to use ST tires try Maxis or the new Carlisle. Our Doran Pressure Pro is very quick to alert us on pressure loss. Of course in the case of a blowout with a sudden loss there will be a second or so delay in the alert on the Doran system.
dclark1946 09/01/16 08:27pm Technology Corner
RE: high pointe micro

When our High Point MW quit on our trailer I looked at generic replacements but it seemed to me that RV MWs vent to the front and home ones vent to the back. We purchased a replacement unit with a different brand name but identical venting to match with the top front vent in our RV from a RV supply I found on the Internet. The cost was just a little more than a generic one from Walmart or Target.
dclark1946 08/28/16 06:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Converter Running all the time

It is really time to invest in (and learn to use) a digital multimeter or even better to spend some more and get a combined clamp-on DC Ammeter/ digital multimeter like the one Sears sells. By making a few quick measurements (which we can guide you on) you should be able to quickly isolate the issue or issues.
dclark1946 08/28/16 11:42am Tech Issues
RE: Those Square 5-Gallon Collapsible Water Jugs

I think in your initial post you mentioned collapsible water jugs. We use the Coleman 5 gal. cube version to transport water to our trailer from a central water supply while dry camping in the Smokies. We pump this water into our fresh water tank using a bilge pump after dumping the water into an empty ice chest. These containers can be set on a side with the cap/valve at the bottom so you can dispense water as you wish. We used to use a Reliant 2.5 gal version in our tent camping days that has a mounting hole on one corner that you could use a hungry cord to attach it to a tree. It has the same type cap/valve spigot so you could dispense water easily. The Coleman 5 gal. containers have two handles. One for the top for carrying and one on the side for pouring or putting it into position to use the valve/spigot.
dclark1946 08/26/16 06:59am Tech Issues
RE: Fiberglass campers

Our first TT was a 1999 17 ft. Casita that we kept for 5 years. While it was OK I don't think it was any better than our 2007 KZ Spree that we just traded in for a new KZ Spree. The Casita was small and the insulation was marginal and we had some issues with rivets in the bathroom popping loose. We also had a problem with the front finish which Casita finally admitted that they had a top shell mold problem at the time ours was built. I am sure they have made improvements since then but after two tire blowouts on back to back days I decided no more single axle trailers for us plus wanted a real bathroom and a bed that was open on both sides.
dclark1946 08/22/16 10:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Norcold class action settlement

Class Action Lawsuit Lawyer........ http://www.directirrigationtechnology.com/crimeinternational/wheelbarrowofmoney.jpg Class Action Claimant......... http://abovethelaw.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/lawyer-with-empty-pockets-300x200.jpg If the plaintiff loses the case I believe the lawyers don't get any payment for their work. At any rate, the lawyers do provide a needed service since a lot of defective products are put out by manufacturers that only care about bottom line profit.
dclark1946 08/20/16 06:02pm Tech Issues
RE: What a bad start to camping

Did you see the damaged trailer? Another customer may have wanted it bad enough that they sold it to them.
dclark1946 07/28/16 01:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: $30 mini batwing at Fry's electronics: update with pictures

Our new TT came with a fixed TV/FM antenna that looks very similar to that. The brand name was Continu.us but I suspect the brand name is whatever you want it to be.
dclark1946 07/24/16 07:07pm Technology Corner
RE: Generator question - let carb run dry or keep it wet?

I can tell you what works for me with my 4 Honda EU generators for many years. I use Stabil marine (blue stuff) with mid octane ethanol laced gas and do not leave any treated gas in the tank for more than a month. When I am through with the generator I siphon all the gas I can from the tank and drain the carb. Then I keep cranking it until it will no longer even try to start. Prior to this procedure I left Stabil treated gas in an EU 1000 for a year and it would not run without the choke on until I had the carb cleaned. I treat my lawn mower a little differently since it is used more frequently. I use the same blue Stabil but at the end of the mowing season (which for me is in December since I am mulching leaves) I fill the tank and it sits unused until March. I have never had any problem starting my mower. I get rid of the gas purchased in the fall and stored over winter by putting it in one of my vehicle's gas tank and buy fresh mid octane gas to continue the spring mowing.
dclark1946 07/15/16 06:35am Tech Issues
RE: Does anyone know what type-Brand Antenna this is?

Your antenna looks like the one that came on our new KZ Spree. It is sold by a company called Continu.us. They do have a web site and technical support. I have talked to their tech support and found them helpful. They sell primarily through distributors directly to RV manufacturers. I have also talked with the distributor that KZ buys this antenna from and found that he did not understand the technical difference between the two models which may be why KZ is selling trailers with no AM radio capability. It is also possible (based on another response to your post) that this style antenna is sold under several brand names from a single supplier in China. I will probably eventually replace ours with a Winegard Sensar TV only antenna since I am adding a conventional AM/FM mast antenna for the radio.
dclark1946 07/11/16 05:26am Technology Corner
RE: Tire Blowout

Certainly no expert, but I had two blowouts on trip at Thanksgiving. One down, one back. Fortunately had spare each time. But, method of elimination: Age OK according to your statement PSI OK ditto Speed OK but, I don't drive over 60 Weight????? Have you pulled on scales at a truck stop? That would be my first guess. The tire shop upgraded all 4 new tires with load range E, I have 15" wheels and 3 different places said no to light truck tires on a 15"wheel. Edited by Barb I have been running LT (load range C currently Yokahamas)tires on my last two trailers with 15 in. wheels with no problem for 8 years with no tire failures. LT tires if they can be found for your load range and wheel size are acceptable and are much better and consistent quality compared to most generic ST tires.
dclark1946 07/09/16 04:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Radio Interference

Sounds like the converter is generating RF interference. :) Are you seeing this problem with AM or FM reception or both? I am working a somewhat related problem with AM reception issues on our TT. The converter is definitely a source of RFI that appears to affect the radio's automatic gain control circuit causing it to reduce RF gain and hence volume. There are other RFI sources such as the fridge when operating on gas for example. If you see this problem on FM then it is probably not an RFI issue.
dclark1946 07/08/16 06:49pm Tech Issues
RE: RV radio mast antenna grounding for AM reception

Good one, a head scratch-er. You could capture a ground from an AC device but a user should have a torroid or other filter to keep the nasties at bay. An alternative would be to run the ground back with the antenna wire to capture ground near the radio. How much better was the reception with ground accomplished? The reception without the antenna gnd wire connected to the aluminum ladder had obvious white noise but you could understand the audio so I had probably a S/N ratio of 5-10 dB. With the gnd wire touching the ladder the white noise was just about undetectable.
dclark1946 07/08/16 04:21pm Tech Issues
RV radio mast antenna grounding for AM reception

This is a followup to my original post about no AM radio reception in our new KZ Spree due to the TV antenna not supporting AM. I purchased an internal car radio antenna from West Marine which is essentially 40 in. of wire attached to a coax cable feeding a Motorola connector that mates to the antenna jack on the back of the radio. This gave good FM reception and some AM reception for strong stations. I also learned a lot about RFI generated by the converter and other appliances. I now have a RV 30 in. mast radio antenna like our previous TT antenna and have started running some tests with it before it is permanently mounted on the roof. This antenna comes with about 9 in. of metal braid with a ground lug attached. In my initial testing it appears that that gnd connection improves AM reception even if only connected to a nearby aluminum ladder. I have not figured out how to get frame ground to the lug yet without running about 8 ft. of wire to a known ground point . My question is where are you supposed to pick up ground within 9 in. of the roof where the antenna is to be mounted? Also does anyone know if the antenna cable shield becomes grounded when it is connected to the radio antenna jack or is the shield part of the connector isolated from 12V ground?
dclark1946 07/07/16 08:36pm Tech Issues
RE: V10 oil capacity

Not sure if your talking Moho or trucks? My 2009 F-250 6.8L V-10 3v takes 7 quarts. X2
dclark1946 07/06/16 07:13pm Tech Issues
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