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Coachmen Apex Quality??

We are looking for a possible replacement for our 07 KZ Spree 240 RBS. KZ no longer makes a 24 foot Spree and we do not want to go to the 262 RKS because it has less kitchen counter space than our trailer. We finally found Coachmen Apex 258RKS that has all the features (front cap,floor plan, weight and frameless windows) that we are looking for but do not know anything about the build quality. We have a relative that has a 06 Coachmen that had slide seal issues that caused extensive damage but don't know if that is an isolated data point . Thanks, Dick
dclark1946 03/05/14 06:07am Travel Trailers
RE: EPDM Liquid roof starting to get shallow cracks.

Another coat and another 5 years. How much longer to you plan on keeping your RV? Dick
dclark1946 02/26/14 07:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Salem/McMinnville - where to buy a Honda eu1000i?

We own two Eu1000s and two Eu2000s. When we are dry camping I carry only the Eu1000s because they provide all we need. The second unit is only for backup. The 1000s are much easier on my back taking it in and out of the pickup bed when I use it to charge our battery. Now at home if we have a power outage I prefer the 2000 to run the refrigerator and freezer and any other critical items. With the EU1000 you do really need to be careful with the gasoline as the tiny jets are easy to get clogged. I use Stabile marine (blue) and drain the tank and carb when the unit is not going to be used in a couple of weeks Are you aware that two Honda 1000i's can be paralleled together? In fact two of them in parallel put out more continuous power than a single 2000i does! Because of this, two 1000i Hondas in parallel might just run a 13.5K air conditioner in certain situations in which a single 2000i won't. As you said, two 1000i generators are each one much easier to lift separately than a 2000i and also provide some all-important 120V AC backup in case one should fail. If I was going to ever buy "around 2000 watts" of portable Honda generator power and if could afford it, I'd buy two 1000i generators in a heartbeat instead of a single 2000i. It's strange that you should mention 1000i jets being easy to clog up. For some reason my Honda EX650 has never had a fuel delivery problem. I sometimes leave it sitting for months (years - before we bought our RV) without draining/changing the gas between RV trips and it still starts right up. However, I do keep Stabil in the gas storage container that I fill the generator from. Yes I am aware you can parallel EU1000s. I have even paralleled an Eu1000 with an EU2000 and while it works I could not get the load sharing to work properly. The EU1000 was always carrying more of the total load. Dick
dclark1946 02/25/14 05:59am Tech Issues
RE: Salem/McMinnville - where to buy a Honda eu1000i?

Hi, Why only 1000 watts? Do you intend to do battery charging only? My thoughts also. I find on my rig 2k is just enough to charge batts and run a little extra. I would have no use for a 1k. If you look at what rig we have and what rig y'all have, then you will see that all we need is something to run the furnace and/or keep the batteries charged to run the furnace. We can make 'cowboy coffee' or you a coffee press to make coffee in times of power outages. We do not boondock, therefore only need to keep warm until power returns .. since we have a propane stove, and have batteries for radios - fm/am as well as weather radio, and cell phones. We will do more research, but thought for what we need that a 1K would be sufficient. But definitely will ask around more in the next few months. But have promised our daughters that we will buy a generator to take with us when we return to Central Oregon again next winter. We own two Eu1000s and two Eu2000s. When we are dry camping I carry only the Eu1000s because they provide all we need. The second unit is only for backup. The 1000s are much easier on my back taking it in and out of the pickup bed when I use it to charge our battery. Now at home if we have a power outage I prefer the 2000 to run the refrigerator and freezer and any other critical items. With the EU1000 you do really need to be careful with the gasoline as the tiny jets are easy to get clogged. I use Stabile marine (blue) and drain the tank and carb when the unit is not going to be used in a couple of weeks Dick
dclark1946 02/22/14 08:06am Tech Issues
RE: Need Battery Upgrade Advise

These will become the new standard for high energy users. Dick
dclark1946 02/21/14 05:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar or Generator??

I am not sure what your conservative use of power means but my wife and I camp for over a week at a time in national parks with a single quality Gr 27 battery and a single Eu1000 generator that I run every morning during breakfast and cleanup. We don't use an inverter because we can manage fine without a microwave or electric coffee brewer. We find it fun to figure out different innovative ways to reduce electrical consumption rather than doing the same old way we do when we have electricity at our camp ground. I manage with a clamp on Ammeter and DVM and even make full use of the trailer's led battery monitor. Dick
dclark1946 02/20/14 04:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Replace the water heater

Old Biscuit: we went thru this a few times before. I pointed out that stick and brick homes have water heaters. They came equipped with anode rods. People never think about them and never replace them. Usually there is no room above the heater to drop them in . That is IF you can get the old one loose anyway. I for one would not take wrench to an anode plug in a home and take the chance of breaking or maybe even destroying a working tank. The RV heater is the same thing on a smaller scale. I took mine out in 2007 in Florida because the water stunk so bad. By removing the anode it quit stinking. Anybody looking at my heater would see the bright red handle of the ball valve and see there was no anode. IF they knew there was supposed to be one . Attwood does not use and anode. Aluminum corrodes too, just not so quickly. My heater in now 11 years old and been without rod for 7 going on 8 years. If it fails i'll say too bad and buy a 10 gal one. My house had the water heater fail in 6 years. Did I like it NO. did I cry about it NO . I moved on and replaced it. But the camper did not have stinky water. I suspect that home water heaters fail not long after the anode rod is all used up. Dick
dclark1946 02/19/14 08:06pm Tech Issues
RE: anode rod

I remove the drain plug after each camping trip and there is always some deposits that come out. The anode rod last longer that way and you always start the next trip with fresh water in the tank. I wire brush the anode rod threads and the tank threads and put new Teflon tape on the rod threads before installing before the next trip. Dick
dclark1946 02/19/14 07:45pm Tech Issues
RE: [REPORT] - Norcold 1200 replaced with Fisher & Paykel

Looks great and you were very wise in choosing a company who could do the job right the first time. The cheapest is not always the best! On another note, with the advent of super energy efficient compressor refrigerators, I believe the days of the gas absorption refrigerator are numbered. Not for those who do not wish to install multiple battery banks and large inverters. If my 7 year Norcold were to quit I would replace it in a heartbeat with another absorption unit. I have had zero issues with it. Dick
dclark1946 02/19/14 05:26am Tech Issues
RE: Rechargeable Batteries

I have rechargeables In the DW blood pressure cuff I need some more for my 200 lumen led flashlight we use every night walking the dogs I'm replacing the alkaline every two weeks The flashlight stays on for the whole 15~30 min walk in any quality led flashlight, (Fenix surefire) etc. they strongly recommend against using alkaline batterys, the current drain on high is too much for the alkaline battery's and cause them to leak. flashlights were the first reason i bought enloops. i sometimes kill 4 in an outing.. now to add to this, there are now 2 different sets of enloops the regular white 1800ma min, 1500 recharges and 3 year power, and the newer and more expensive 2500ma min enloop xxx black. they can only be charged about 500 times and only hold for about a year i use xxx in situations where i need longer run time such as flashlights where i use them daily. for most 99% of people will just need the white ones... X2...I use the black high capacity AAs for my headlight and use the white ones for my other electronic applications. I use the Maha charger that has separate charging circuit for each cell so each cell is properly charged. Dick
dclark1946 02/17/14 08:58pm Technology Corner
RE: LT Tire Life

Thanks for the great feedback. I will keep the tire for a little longer. Dick
dclark1946 02/16/14 06:10am Tech Issues
RE: Just Wrong

I sort of feel your pain. While we have not had any real snow we have had day after day of temps in the low twenties and some mid teens in the Dallas area. We are heading out today for a couple of days at Lake Texoma since the highs will now be in the low 70's. We did not even get our trailer winterized after our September camping trip because I thought we would fit one more trip in before winter hit. I have been running an electrical heater and catalytic heaters (when it got really cold) to keep the temp inside the trailer in low 40's. On the bright side you will be able to go camping near where you live in the early summer but it probably will be pushing upper 90's by then here. That is when we leave Texas and head for the mountains. Dick
dclark1946 02/16/14 06:07am Travel Trailers
RE: LT Tire Life

My LT BF Goodrich Commercial TA's turned 5 years old yesterday and have 5,000 miles on them and I intend to go another year or two watching for problems. My rig never sees the sun except when we are using it, it stays under a closed in garage at home and sees very little sunshine when camping as I like shady spots. :) You are fortunate to have a covered parking area for your trailer. Ours is parked in the back yard on a concrete pull thorough. We use a Sunbrella fabric cover for the trailer along with the tire covers when we do not plan on using it for weeks. When we are camping, we go for the shady spots. Elkmont camp ground in the Smoky Mountain National park is my ideal camping environment with it's thick very tall tree canopy and mountain river. Dick
dclark1946 02/15/14 06:40am Tech Issues
RE: LT Tire Life

Covering tires is a good thing to do IF THE COVERS ARE WHITE. Dark color covers may look "kool" but they can bake the life out of your tires based on test data I have collected and published. Yes I use the polar white covers since the Texas sun is brutal. Dick
dclark1946 02/15/14 06:29am Tech Issues
RE: LT Tire Life

IMHO you are doing everything you can. But I jack up the axles with long term storage and take the load off the tires. Oxygen and rubber don't mix but what can a person do? I smear pure lanolin (anyhydrous lanolin) all over the tire. Yes I did that with our first single axle trailer but it got to be more work involved with the bigger trailer. I did not worry about that since I could use LT tires and I was replacing them every three years. Now hat I am retired I am making sure trailer maintenance expenses are justified. Dick
dclark1946 02/15/14 06:28am Tech Issues
RE: LT Tire Life

How far (longest) do you pull your trailer? We typically do 4 short(200 miles round trip) and a couple of (2000 mile) camping trips a year. That will probably increase since I just retired. The trailer typically does not get used from Nov. through Feb. until the weather gets a little warmer. We are heading to the Grand Canyon area (Dead Horse Ranch SP)early March and want to make sure everything is ready for this long trip. We are taking a two day trip starting tomorrow since the day time temps are going to be in the 70's. Dick
dclark1946 02/15/14 06:23am Tech Issues
RE: Too many batteries?

We do fine dry camping for over a week with a single Gr 27 Trojan SCS 200 12V battery(115 AH) but do run the small Honda Eu 1000 every morning to recharge. We run the fantastic fan all night long in the summer and use the furnace in the morning before running the generator in the fall. We just recently switched to LED lighting to provide even more margin. We do not use an inverter so a single high quality battery is great for us. Dick
dclark1946 02/14/14 05:53am Travel Trailers
LT Tire Life

I have always replaced our TT tires every 3 years based on blow outs I had with ST tires. Our current trailer is on it's second set of LT tires and they completed their third season last year. What has been your experience with how long LT tires last in a trailer application with long periods of not being used? The tires were treated with Sunblock for tires when new and are covered when the trailer is being stored outside. I am inclined to use them another year. Dick
dclark1946 02/13/14 09:20pm Tech Issues
RE: honda generators

I have paralleled an Eu2000 and an Eu1000 and run a 13.5K BTU AC with the combination. While it worked, the EU1000 was running at maximum output and the EU2000 was loafing. I was hoping for load sharing proportional to their capacity. I tried switching which generator was the master but the result was the same. Dick
dclark1946 02/13/14 08:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Water Heater Effiency

These water heaters are pretty well insulated so turning it off will not save very much propane. Try turning it off in the morning when you are through using it and see how hot it still is 4 hours later with it off. Of course if it is extremely cold you use more energy. We turn ours off if we are going to be gone for the day but that is more for a safety reason. Dick
dclark1946 02/12/14 07:31am Tech Issues
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