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RE: King Jack HD RV antenna

I am currently picking up 13 stations in Altoona, Iowa on my 13 year old Batwing that came with the rig with no modifications. I do not have the extra thing that you can get for them to pick up digital signals.
deltamaster 06/11/15 12:28am General RVing Issues
RE: Resealing skylight help needed

Oh, and while you are at it... if your unit has fiberglass siding and is 6 years old you might consider doing ALL of the trim as well. Every place there is trim, there is a seam in the fiberglass panels. I did mine last year and found that the sealant used (butyl tape) was either worn out or inadequate from the factory which allowed water in that damaged the wood laminate under the fiberglass. Mine was really bad in some spots and I had to repair with mesh and marine epoxy. If you do not have any delamination at this time it would be a good idea to pull all of the trim and replace all of the sealant before you do develop delamination from water seeping around the failing or inadequate sealant from the factory. I sure wish I had caught it sooner as the damage is permanent now and even though I repaired a lot of it and have made it water tight I still have some areas of delamination for which I was unable to repair without removing all of the fiberglass sheeting.
deltamaster 06/10/15 09:15pm Travel Trailers
RE: Resealing skylight help needed

Quick work is generally not the best work. It is best to take your time and do the job right the first time by using the correct materials. I just finished resealing my roof openings. I removed the front vent because it had a small leak develop. I removed the vent, applied new butyl tape and then Dicor. Of course I removed all the old material and replaced some of the rusty screws. Same for the DWV pipes and other stuff. It took me a couple of days to do it all. You could do one at a time if you do not have the time to do it all at once. Start at one end and do each opening, one at a time until you get to the other end of the rig. Thing is that if you do not do it properly the first time you will regret it and end up doing the job all over again.
deltamaster 06/10/15 09:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: Toyota Tundra tows boat in more ways than one!

That`s what you get for towing with a Toyota! And yes, we have no idea why the boat was rear ended. my wife rear ended a small dump truck years ago. sure anyone driving by after the accident could`ve said she was on the phone or texting. the reason was she had a cold and reached down for a Kleenex! There are any number of reasons for an accident and unless you were right there in the passenger seat you have no idea what was going on in the drivers seat! I do not intend to come across as being mean because I am not. I am trying to make a point, though. She knew when she got in the car that day that she had a cold so she should have had some Kleenex handy so that she could reach it without taking her attention off the road. Sure, things happen but my point is we need to do our best to prevent things from happening by being prepared. In your wife's case it was a Kleenex and she needed it to deal with her cold... that is one degree of distraction which was somewhat necessary. Thing is that using a cell phone while driving is ABSOLUTELY NOT necessary. Of course we do not know if the woman driving that Ford truck was or was not. Unless the news reports it we will never know. What we DO know is statistics and ever since insurance companies have been recording these statistics it has been found that an increasing number crashes, especially serious crashes, have been the result of one or both drivers using cell phones while operating the vehicle. There have even been studies and tests that show people can not walk and use these devices at the same time. They become unaware of their surroundings and walk in to things or fall in to things or walk out in to busy streets because they are so focused on the call or the text that they do not have a care in the world for what is going on around them. I m currently working at an amusement park. The chair lift is a constantly moving ride that requires the rider to pay attention to and obey the directions given by the staff in order to prevent injury. Yesterday two people ney fell victim to injury and I had to pull three back off the load line because they were too busy on their phones to pay attention to our commands and nearly were injured by the moving chairs. It did not take long for me to start telling people to put the phones away BEFORE they approached the loading area. Some were upset but it is about safety. If you are so busy talking or listening or texting that you can not pay attention to what is going on around you or that you can not obey instructions or you can not see the vehicle stopped in front of you then you should not be performing that distracting task at all.
deltamaster 06/09/15 07:58am Tow Vehicles
RE: Toyota Tundra tows boat in more ways than one!

Man you guys must have ESP or something right? So what was the cause of rear end crashes BEFORE cell phones? Maybe just maybe she looked down at the radio, or she might have looked in the mirror or just maybe the guy in the Toyota's brake lights may not have been working. She may have been distracted but to condemn her sight on seen? Really, Nine out of ten cops I see driving either have a cell phone up to the their ear or are looking at the laptop sitting off to the right in their vehicle. What makes that all right? Don Cops should not do it either! Same for cops. If they cause a crash while using a cell phone then same thing... CRIME and punishment. As to the lady... We merely conjectured based on current human behavior and real live statistics. As to all the other stuff I noted in my rant... I do not care if it was this lady, a cop or anyone else... The driver makes a concious choice to shove it in their ear or hold it in their hand instead of performing the complicated tasks of driving the car JUST as does the drunk driver makes a concious decision to get boozed up and then drive. The worst part is that the person using the phone is not impaired at the time they make th e decision to perform the foolish and dangerous act so they are fully capable of NOT picking up that phone. That is why I believe causing a crash while talking on or texting on a phone should be a crime and should be harshly punished and should demand severe restitution to those injured by the actions of that driver. As to the excuse of the radio and other things... that is a bunch of garbage as well. Stupid car manufacturers build too much distracting junk in to vehicles these days and this should stop. Certainly one could look away long enough to cause a crash by adjusting the radio but that is not as frequent as cell phone distraction is these days. ple need to understand that driving a vehicle is just as complicated and requires just as much attention to the task as does flying an airplane... if not more. You are in control of between two and twenty TONS of machinery careening down the highway at between 40 and 80 miles per hour... PAY ATTENTION or pay the consequences!
deltamaster 06/09/15 07:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: Toyota Tundra tows boat in more ways than one!

Fines and fees should be DOUBLED when it is found that the "INDIVIDUAL" who caused the crash was using a phone at the time of the crash! They should also be charged with a crime and be forced to perform community service. This issue is more dangerous than DUI in that more people are doing it and risking everyone's lives. Several years ago I was nearly run over in a parking lot by a woman backing out of a parking space while talking on the cell phone. She was so busy Yacking that she never looked back while DW and I were walking back to our car and she never even stopped when she bumped in to me. Had I not slammed my fist on the trunk of her car (leaving a dent) she would have driven right over me. She jumped out of the car all ticked off and I yelled to her "Hey, walking here!" Then she was mad about the dent and I told her that if she had waited to complete her call while parked there would be no dent in her trunk. Not my only run-in with cell phone drivers but my most memorable to date. It should be a crime just like DUI. It scares the pants off me. It is inconsiderate and selfish. It is extremely dangerous and often deadly. YET, the violators tend to believe they have done nothing wrong and they are fully capable of operating a complex machine on public streets while staring at a tiny screen or yelling at some fool on the other end of the line.
deltamaster 06/08/15 10:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Generator won't start

I used to have to put a wrench on the end of the Generator and turn it a half to a full turn to loosen stuff up to get it to turn over. Last year I noticed a rattle when starting so I pulled the entire generator out and yanked the cover. I found the bushing on the end of the starter motor as well as the gear were worn and slopping. I replaced the starter motor and she runs fine now. I removed the generator with a floor jack (with wheels) and some plywood. I did the deed outside in the back 40 so I was able to dig a wide trench under the rig to allow the unit to clear the skirting. It was a full day job but worth it. While the unit was out I cleaned everything, serviced the unit, painted all the metal with rust converting paint and then a nice top coat. It was a lot easier to work on the unit while it was out of the RV. My unit was over ten years old when I did this. Now it fires up right away every time just like when it was new. It was a lot of work but well worht it.
deltamaster 06/08/15 09:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Toyota Tundra tows boat in more ways than one!

Then the lady driving the ford parked her truck on the boat trailer! I also give a vote for the lady driving the Ford to have either been texting or yacking on the phone at the time of the crash.
deltamaster 06/08/15 09:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Renting provisioning kit

You do not need a bunch of stuff. A couple of pots and pans from the Goodwill as suggested and disposable everything else such as plates, cups, cutlery and the like. I use plastic cutlery and wash it. Plastic cups the same until they wear out. Paper plates are cheap. Plastic bowls are fine and can be washed as well. When you are finished with it all you can toss it and take the pots and pans back to Goodwill.
deltamaster 06/08/15 09:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Roof top air unit

I have a Coleman that is acting similarly while in the "Low Cool" mode. The fan speed seems to drop a bit and the compressor seems to be dragging. It seems to draw so much power that the refrigerator switches to Gas mode. I would be interested to find out what everyone suggests as well. I used it last year with no problems. This is a new problem. My unit is about 12 years old.
deltamaster 06/08/15 09:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Mt. Rushmore

The Crazy Horse monument was not begun or sculpted by Gutsun Borglum. It was begun by Korczak Ziolkowski and commissioned by Lakota leader Henry Standing Bear. Ziolkowski's heirs have continued the project since his death. Gutson Borglum was the chief carver and artist on the Mt Rushmore project as well as the original Stone Mountain project near Atlanta. The reason that it is still not finished and Mt Rushmore is has to do with federal money. Crazy Horse has been carved solely from private donations while Mt Rushmore was carved with Federal funds Mt Rushmore was never fully complete, however after work was halted due to WW2 it was finally considered completed by congress MANY years later and finally dedicated some time in the mid-1990's.
deltamaster 06/01/15 07:24am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Mt. Rushmore

If you are going in early August be aware that Sturgis has a ten day motorcycle rally in the area and camp grounds for 60 miles around the town of Sturgis are usually quite packed during this time.
deltamaster 05/31/15 08:56pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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