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RE: Small flat towable trucks

Fire Up, You start a list and the rest of us add to it. That is what forums are all about. You forget something and someone else mentions it. It is all cool! Many people forget about Chrysler motors because they are the third wheel so to speak and have been troubled so many times. Their market share is nothing compared to GM or Ford so it makes sense that folks do not think much about them. One thing that really bothers me about Chrysler is that when they get on to something good they dump it instead of making it better and more popular. They canned the Dakota which is a shame because it outclasses the ford and GM offerings in that model range... PLUS, they just looked cool before the last couple of years changes. You made some great points and brought a lot of information to the discussion which is the most important part of it all. I also want to note that my current campground neighbor found out the hard way that just because a truck has a manual transmission and it is set in neutral does not mean that it can be flat towed. He has a late model Chevy 1500 with manual transmission and burned up the transmission to the tune of 6500 bucks for new tranny, clutch and the works while flat towing it. The only way to flat tow his truck is to remove the driveshaft.
deltamaster 04/16/15 11:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Discovery after Transmission problems

I am registered there. I use America's Mailbox. They started out in Rapid City and outgrew their offices a couple of years ago and built a big facility right off the interstate. Not only do they have the mail room but now they have a small camp ground and a few hotel rooms. They also have an RV maintenance garage. I am not sure but I think it might have a mechanic or you can do repairs on your own. I am not sure.
deltamaster 04/16/15 01:22pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Shower curtain

I still have the OEM shower curtain installed in my eleven year old rig. Generally I let the plastic dry off and stow it with the strap between uses and when moving. This keeps the pleats from stretching and flattening out. The latch started having problems catching a couple years ago and recently it stopped altogether. I found that the screw holding the catch to the shower frame was only long enough to go through the plastic of the frame and was very loose. I got a longer screw that bites in to the wood frame behind the plastic shower frame. The head of the screw is a fraction of a millimeter larger than the latch so it also helps to hold the door latched. Now the door/curtain stays closed during use. If properly maintained and cleaned your curtain should last a long time.
deltamaster 04/16/15 12:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Discovery after Transmission problems

I agree Old-Biscuit. While it cost me money it did not cost me a job and it was a much more pleasant experience than some of the things I have read about on these boards.
deltamaster 04/16/15 12:02pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Small flat towable trucks

Anyway, enough blabbing for now. To make your life simple, the easiest way out for you is the Chevy Colorado or , the GMC Canyon, both in the 4WD versions. And yes, when the TRANSFER CASE is shifted into NEUTRAL, it does disengage the drive train, i.e. front and rear drive axles, from turning the gears etc, in the transmission. And that's exactly what you want. Scott You must have posted this as I was writing mine below. I agree with everything you have written, however I just wanted to add the 1997 to 2014 Dakota to your list of easily flat towable mid-size trucks... IF they are 4X4 and equipped with the transfer case that offers the neutral position pin-button or the lever operated transfer case.
deltamaster 04/16/15 11:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Small flat towable trucks

Always check the owners manual or read the directions as far as flat towing. We have a 2010 jeep liberty limited that is flat towable and does not have a neutral position on the electronic transfer case selector. It does have a tiny button you can press with a ball point pen. A light flashes, it goes "clunk" and the neutral light lites up and off we go. No idea if Chrysler used this transfer case in other vehicles. I also had an 04 Dakota XLT that was towable, it had a knob with a neutral position for the electronic transfer case. That is the same setup as in my '02 Dakota. That is the neutral position but in order to prevent accidental switching in to neutral they elected to use the pen-button.
deltamaster 04/16/15 11:52am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Small flat towable trucks

I tow a 2002 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab SLT, 4X4 V-8 automatic transmission. Before this I towed a 1997 Dodge Dakota standard cab SLT, 4X4 V-6 with 5 speed manual transmission. Both trucks were listed for recreational towing and had instructions in the owner manual to set the vehicle up for flat (recreational) towing. The '97 had a lever shifted transfer case so all I had to do was put the transfer case in Neutral, transmission in second gear and leave the key in the unlocked position. The '02 has an electronic shift transfer case so the procedure is a little more complicated but does the job. I believe that all Dakotas were recreational towable until the line ended a couple years ago. I bought the '97 brand new... special ordered it through AAFES when I was stationed in Germany. I really like the truck but decided that two doors was a little cramped and opted for the four door version when I bought the '02. That was the only reason for buying a new truck. I would have kept the '97 until this day if it had been the quad cab version from the start. Both are nice riding, relatively quiet and comfortable vehicles. The '02 has the 4.7 liter V-8 so it has a bit more power than the '97 which had the V-6. Both tow well behind my rig. The '97 was barely noticeable until I got in to mountains where it naturally put a strain on the RV pulling up grades. The '02 is slightly heavier but still under 5K pounds. On the flats it is barely noticeable but in the mountains it also pulls hard on the grades. Generally I am able to either keep up with or exceed tractor-trailer traffic in the mountains. I would highly suggest purchasing the '97 and up Dakotas. They are a nice, comfortable, well built truck. They can haul a lot of weight and can tow as much as 6000 pounds of trailer. I purchased the '02 used and fortunately the previous owner took care of it so the interior is in great condition. with 113K miles on the clock. The seat fabric is not even damaged or ripped. Cons: The front seat cushions flatten over time. After ten years of regular use the '02 driver seat cushion became flat and uncomfortable. fortunately the fabric is stretched on and held with clips that can be easily removed so the cushion can be replaced easily. Front ball joints go bad after about 70K miles and are a pain to replace because they are installed with cold rivets that must be cut off to remove the upper ball joints. Lowers are pressed in and held with a ring clip so are easier to replace. PAINT!!! both the '97 and the '02 developed clear coat peeling. Mostly confined to the upper surfaces such as the roof, hood and top of the fenders. This is a difficult situation to remedy and looks ugly. The only way to correct this is to remove the OEM paint down to the primer or metal. I really like the Dakotas, especially the '97-'04 models. In 2005 they sharpened all the angles which gave it a more angular look instead of the rounded look of the older models. I did not like that as much but other folks do. I liked the interior design of the '97 better than the '02 just for personal taste. It looked better to me. The '02 interior is nice enough but dis more flattened and spartan than the curvacious nature of the older model. The difference is that the door pockets in the '02 are a bit larger and deeper . Other than appearance there is little else different. Of note: The rear seat of the quad cab models are quite spacious and can accommodate three average adults, shoulder to shoulder. Leg room in the back seat is about average... about the same as a typical mid-size sedan. The front seat accommodates two adults and if it is equipped with the seat that has the flip down center console it can accommodate three if the person in the center is not too big... is about the size of Jackie Kennedy.
deltamaster 04/16/15 11:50am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 80mph gusts wind ..ripped off half roof

Oh, Hey, I was just relaying my experience. Please do not take it to mean that I suggest you get an attorney as that is not what I meant at all. Chances are that the inspector/appraiser will show up and offer a settlement. In the mean time you might want to have someone inspect the roof and determine if the membrane can be reapplied or needs replaced or whatever needs to be done to effect repairs so that you can compare notes with the adjustor
deltamaster 04/16/15 10:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 80mph gusts wind ..ripped off half roof

Yes, when it comes to insurance companies it can be true that the squeaky wheel gets attention. Several years ago I was involved in a car crash with the other driver clearly at fault. Concerning the personal injury portion I was fighting with his insurance company over virtually pennies in the grand scheme of insurance claims. We are talking about less than 2K for doctor visit and medications and the like for the two people (myself and DW) in my vehicle. It ended up with the agent dropping my request in half and me countering with a couple hundred dollar reduction. At the end of it all we were arguing over fifty bucks and I demanded to speak with her boss because it now came down to principal because she had already cut my claim (under a grand for each occupant) by more than a third. She refused to get the boss involved over fifty bucks and my reply was for them to just pay it, then but she refused. I then proceeded to tell her that two grand in a claim such as this was NOTHING to an insurance company because most people would have already hired an attorney by this time and would not have continued to negotiate so much. I then asked her if she wanted me to call one of those TV attorneys and start the negotiations all over with an attorney. I left it at that and hung up. An hour later I had her boss in Los Angeles on the phone and he gladly gave me the fifty bucks we were arguing over. By the time it was all done the insurance company paid nearly 4K for the damage to my pickup and a rental car for a few days. They paid $900.00 for DW and $700.00 for me. The reason she was awarded more was because the doctor prescribed her pain medicine and muscle relaxers. The doctor did not prescribe any medication for me as I was already prescribed pain medications for another condition. Oh, we also had to pay for the urgent care visits which were three hundred bucks each. Now, that is not to say DW and I did not ache like heck for many days after the crash but it was what it was and we suffered through it. After that experience I decided that if I am ever involved in a similar crash I will call one of those TV attorneys. I know that sounds bad but Farmers put me through heck on that one and originally only wanted to pay $300.00 for my claim and $600.00 on DW's. Given the circumstances (an 85 year old driver that had no clue where he was going or what he was doing and should not have been behind the wheel) and the pain and the aggravation I felt that was not enough BUT I was trying to be reasonable. Virtually anyone else would have gone for the 20 or 30K claim but I was asking for a couple grand and settled for less than that but had to fight for a week to get what I got. No. I am not going through that again. Next time I let an attorney handle it and he can add his costs to the claim.
deltamaster 04/16/15 10:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Charging the coach battery

Is this what you mean? Sure Power: 12V 100A Battery Separator - Bi-Directional w/ Aux Start
deltamaster 04/13/15 12:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Discovery after Transmission problems

I just found this link to their Facebook page. Vienna Automotive Center
deltamaster 04/13/15 11:59am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Discovery after Transmission problems

The single best "Transmission problems" thread I have ever read! Thanks for sharing. Thanks. I was thrilled to post it. I was so impressed with the garage and the owners that I felt I HAD to put a plug in for them. They took a weary traveler in a bad situation, treated him right and went above and beyond to be helpful so as to make the "problem" less problematic. I have never met these people before but they made me feel like neighbors and friends. Gives a guy a little hope for America knowing there are still young people like that out on the road!
deltamaster 04/13/15 11:56am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Discovery after Transmission problems

Lady luck was riding with me on that trip. I had three weeks to get to the next work assignment but the park allows us to arrive and camp early so timing for repair work was great! I could take several days and still get here in plenty of time. I stumbled on to a place where a certified Ford mechanic was knowledgeable of the problem and knew a modification to prevent it from happening again. Then I was provided with all sorts of information about places to visit while I was broken down. I would never have visited those places had I not broken down there. AND the price for repairs was reasonable. Turning lemons in to Lemonade!
deltamaster 04/13/15 11:52am Class C Motorhomes
Discovery after Transmission problems

I have the V-10 in my 2004 Fun Mover and on the last trip the transmission started leaking badly. To the point that the overdrive off indicator started flashing. I pulled off the interstate and in to a small town in Illinois called Vienna. The employee at the first gas station sent me a mile down the road to a garage that had opened just a year earlier. Turns out that the owner was a ten year master certified Ford mechanic and as soon as he saw the puddle on the ground he knew what was going on. The front main seal had blown. Then he proceeded to tell me that the main reason for this problem was that under load the pump could not evacuate the fluid as fast as it entered the pump due to the outlet port being too narrow so over time it would cause the seal to fail and fluid would be forced out. He could not get to it that day but let me camp out overnight in the parking lit and even offered me an outlet and WIFI. Then his wife was really good enough to do some research on points of interest in the area and gave me directions to a nice park called the Garden of the Gods. They were really nice people, treated me very well and the cost of the repair was reasonable considering he had to remove the transmission, take it apart, enlarge the outlet port, drain all the fluids, replace the filter and so on. So, if you happen to be on I24 in southern Illinois and find you need some service work on your vehicle give a stop in at the Vienna Auto Center right off the interstate. The trip to the Shawanee National forest and the Garden of the gods recreation area was fantastic. The area was a prehistoric sea bed made from sandstone and there are some really great rock formations as well as some spectacular views. It is well worth a stop off in there if you happen to be going that way as well... even if your rig is not broken! There is also a really nice camp ground up in the recreation area with some fantastic views from the camp sites. Here is a random link to information about the recreation area. Garden of the Gods
deltamaster 04/13/15 10:44am Class C Motorhomes
Discovery after Transmission problems

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 28303984
deltamaster 04/13/15 10:44am Around the Campfire
Charging the coach battery

I have a 2004 Four Winds Fun Mover Class "C" built on a Ford E-450 cutaway van chassis. Recently I have noticed that it appears the coach battery is not charging when the chassis engine is running. I have checked the circuit and found there is a cable from the engine battery that goes to a relay. Then the cable goes to the coach battery. The relay activation circuit is energized in two ways. One is through the emergency start switch on the dash which energizes the relay. The other goes through a small electronic control and then to the ignition circuit for when the key is in the "on" position. When the emergency start switch is depressed the power from the engine battery is sent to the coach battery and back so that power is shared between the two batteries. When the ignition switch is turned on I can hear the relay click on but there is no power on the coach battery side of the relay. It is not until the engine is started that power is present on the coach battery side of the relay. Problem is that with the engine running it seems there is still insufficient power sent to the coach battery. The lights are dimer unless the emergency start switch is depressed. Does anyone here have any information on how this circuit operates and give me some information on what might be the problem. The relay looks like the ones used in golf carts that are open when not energized but closed when they are energized to allow current through them. My experience with them is that they are either open or closed and either supply all power or none. Are these systems different in some way?
deltamaster 04/13/15 10:19am Tech Issues
RE: Factory Decal Removal

I used a variety of methods to get my decals off. Heat gun worked well on the decals that were not to badly cracked. I had to keep the gun moving and not leave it in the same spot too long. Solvents worked to remove the residue but did not work too well to remove the decals. For the decals that were badly cracked I used several eraser wheels on a drill. Thing is that as others mentioned removing the decals takes a lot of time and patience and work.
deltamaster 04/13/15 09:24am Travel Trailers

Speaking for only for myself, we have had the wall in and out THREE times without a problem. Granted,it is thin but very flexible. There is hope. I can certainly understand where you are coming from but in the same respect, I can also understand the shop's point of view as well. There is no telling how brittle the wall is or how it is secured to the backer board/studwall. They have been told that if they break it they buy it and if it were me I would also refuse to do the job as I would not wish to be responsible for that considering that there is a good chance of it breaking on removal.
deltamaster 11/28/14 06:08am Good Sam Extended Service Plan
RE: securing a travel trailer

Solution: Unless you stay in really sketchy campgrounds, no one is going to drive away with your trailer. The vast majority of stolen trailers are in backyards or storage yards where they have plenty of time to case the situation and it will be a long time before anyone notices it's gone. The California State park rangers are trained Highway patrol officers that request assignment as park rangers (or something like that) and are duly sworn officers and have the same responsibilities, priivelages and connections to law enforcement in the state as do any Highway patrol division. Keeping that in mind, several years ago when we were camp hosting in Morro Bay we received an alert through the Ranger staff, through the state Highway Patrol. Apparently California Law enforcement agencies were being alerted to a string of camper trailer thefts that had been occurring across the state. At least a dozen units had been stolen. ALL of them from camp grounds while the owner was out sight-seeing. Private camp grounds as well as state had been hit. Some of the camp grounds were relatively upscale and all of them had staff of some sort on property at all times. A couple of the reports even mentioned the thieves had made contact with staff members and gave a story about the owner either becoming ill or having a family emergency and they were either family or friends of the owner and had been sent to retrieve the unit. Some of the units were later recovered but were totaled as the thieves had used the unit as a mobile lab. At least one of the units was recovered in Nevada. We were instructed to be alert to this type of activity and if someone appeared to be moving a unit without proper authority we were to get the ranger staff involved. The transient nature of camping and the relative anonymity of that transient nature lends well to this type of theft. Most often when someone rolls in to a camp ground, backs up to a unit and hooks it up to their vehicle will draw very little attention as that happens every day and unless the staff know the owner or their vehicle it is quite easy to hook up and drive off with a unit right under the nose of the camp ground staff. It does not matter how plush or ratty a campground may be, they are ALL potential targets for thieves. Maybe the thief will walk or drive through and toss a few unsecured incidentals in their trunk or under their arm and slip away or maybe they will be bold enough to hook up to a rig and drive off with it but the location and type of camp ground does not matter. Even secured camp grounds can fall victim to theft under the correct circumstances. Of course, a persistent thief will not be stopped by basic security measures such as a tongue lock or wheel lock but at least it might slow them down or make them look suspicious. A staff member might not think twice about someone backing up and hooking up to a rig and driving off but if they back up to one rig, then drive a few sites over to another then that is likely to get some attention. Also, a guy futzing with a wheel lock for a while would likely get some attention. If you want to help protect your rig from a would-be thief in a camp ground a tongue lock or wheel lock would be a good choice. at least it will slow the thief down and maybe alert the attention of the staff or fellow campers and prevent the rig from being driven away.
deltamaster 11/23/14 11:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: UPDATE [our travel trailer was stolen]

Not sure I would be sticking my fingers in between seat cushions, latex gloves on or not, after the rig had been stolen and lived in for over a week. You never know what the thief was doing in there and you may end up getting stabbed by a needle or a knife or a razor blade or some such thing that ended up slipping down in between the cushions.
deltamaster 11/23/14 10:35pm Travel Trailers
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