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RE: RV Parks

I wonder if some places have that rule on the books but choose when to enforce it. I think that's the entire point of it. If the rig looks like junk, it won't be allowed in "because it's over 10 years old." But the unit right behind it can look almost new but be 15 years old and they'll get in no problem. They don't want their campground to look like a junk yard.
dieharder 08/27/14 08:28am Beginning RVing
RE: WiFi available, Canada

I am Canadian and will have the same dilemma when I travel to AZ next Feb.....I have cellular internet here in Canada, which I can take in the camper. Roaming to the US will cost too much. Am going to ask my provider (Rogers) if they have something for me without having to remortgage the house You can stop at Wal-Mart once you cross the border and grab a Verizon hot spot and top up card. We got the hot spot there during Black Friday for dirt cheap. Works great!
dieharder 08/25/14 09:38am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Are my turn signals invisible?

Sometimes us "idiots" have to force the issue in response to a traffic directive such as a lane closure when no one will give us room to maneuver. I've generally found OTR truck drivers to be the most considerate in those circumstances. I agree. I seem to remember an incident in Nashville a few months back where the driver of the Class A said that he was not able to switch lanes, because no other vehicle would "let" him in. A young Nashville police lost his life in that case because the RV driver did not force the issue when changing lanes. That is just BS. Had nothing to do with no one letting him over, he went barrelling around a blind corner that said one lane closed and there were 2 lanes closed. He had nowhere to go because the one lane was jacked and he couldn't stop. I guess he was supposed to force the issue and barrel through a few cars...
dieharder 08/22/14 08:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Are my turn signals invisible?

Sorry, but I'm seeing a lot of poor attitudes here behind the wheel of an RV. Regardless of what the driver is doing in the fast lane, you DO NOT have right of way when changing lanes... they do. They do not have to give way to you, or "let" you in. Idiots force the issue as they don't want to lose momentum... well, the other driver doesn't want to lose momentum by getting stuck behind a billboard when they have the right of way. And people wonder why sometimes RV drivers get a bad rap or people think that we should absolutely have to get a special license to drive one. Just maybe A person just doesn't want put it into reverse at a merge. Many times people just won't let you take your turn so you move over slowly and usually they let you in. Look at the truck drivers they have to do it also It doesn't matter what a person wants. When you don't have right of way, you don't have right of way, whether you want it or not. Try to press the issue if you want, as long as you understand that, if there is a collision because the person not letting you in is just as stubborn as you are, you are the one switching lanes so you are the one at fault. Forcing someone to let you in is aggressive driving... aggressive driving in a 20000+lb machine is just not smart.
dieharder 08/22/14 08:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Are my turn signals invisible?

Sorry, but I'm seeing a lot of poor attitudes here behind the wheel of an RV. Regardless of what the driver is doing in the fast lane, you DO NOT have right of way when changing lanes... they do. They do not have to give way to you, or "let" you in. Idiots force the issue as they don't want to lose momentum... well, the other driver doesn't want to lose momentum by getting stuck behind a billboard when they have the right of way. And people wonder why sometimes RV drivers get a bad rap or people think that we should absolutely have to get a special license to drive one.
dieharder 08/22/14 07:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: The ideal GPS route

I honestly don't get the big deal. I love my lane assist when travelling on roads I've never been on before, even if it's telling me to stay straight. Mount it somewhere it's not out of the way and it's just as easy to shoot a glance at it as it is to shoot a glace at your mirrors. Do people "worry" about having to check their mirrors?
dieharder 08/20/14 07:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Grey Tank not draining

Although it could result in a mess, how about undoing a wire coat hanger and sending it up there to see what you poke into. At least it's not the black tank.
dieharder 08/08/14 11:08am General RVing Issues
RE: Good Sam Automatic Renewal

Usually there is a first hit on a card to check if it is good but usually pending. Actually money not taken out. However, that is why I use shop safe. Number goes dead after use. I have had nothing but problems with some companies. Not only GS. They just assume tooooo much and think they are doing there customers a favor by renewing automatically. When these things happen the best thing is to call credit card company and indicate fraud on your card. Most companies figure that out quickly. Where do I find shop safe? I believe it's only Bank of America and MBNA that offer it.
dieharder 08/08/14 11:01am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What's the purpose of this black tank fitting?

I'd hate to use that to back flush... a whole bunch of "stuff" would get in between this and the pull valve, you'll get a bath of it switching this to your slinky. Chunks that might be leftover in the tank might not pass through the hose on this attachment...
dieharder 08/06/14 11:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Been sitting and thinking...

I think that once you start losing confidence behind the wheel, it's time. Whether it's confidence in yourself or others on the road is not important. When getting to your destination and doing what we do isn't fun anymore, then why do it? Until then, enjoy every darn second because we can't predict when that day will be.
dieharder 08/05/14 06:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Another negative recommendation of an RV Park

I'm pretty sure the reason you got the "Oh Well" treatment is because they know darn well that anyone who reads the review is also likely to view their website, where it clearly indicates that the fee is per person. Therefore, if that's the basis of your review, they're not the ones that look like they are in the wrong there. I'm not expecting anyone to treat you any differently when you didn't take the time to look over the rules in the first place. I just don't get people who expect visitors to not pay a fee because they don't use any services. Do you expect someone from the campground to follow your visitor or keep an eye on them to make sure they don't/didn't use the services? Where will they recoup the costs of dedicating someone to do that? Would you even appreciate being kept an eye on while you have a visitor? How else do you expect a campground to know that your visitor(s) did not use any services while someone else's visitor(s) did?
dieharder 08/04/14 09:30am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Falling Waters RV Park Closed?

Awesome for a stop over on the way south. In addition, if you need a tech while there, get a card for the RV Doctor from the office. Very honest guy.
dieharder 07/31/14 05:26pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Walmart and other over night stays.

The only thing you need to keep in mind when overnighting at a Wal-Mart, or anywhere else for that matter, is the lack of rules. If buddy parked beside you wakes at 4am and decides to run his generator to make his coffee, nuke some breakfast and watch whatever might be on tv at that time for a couple of hours, there is not a lick you or anyone else can do about it. To me, it's the only negative about it. I've Wal-Marted and Crocker-Barrelled fairly often.
dieharder 07/31/14 05:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Sale of Canadian Registered RV in USA

I guess I wonder about your declaration when crossing from Canada to the USA, where you state you are not bringing anything into the USA that you will be leaving there. We cross 2-3 times a week and have never been asked that question. I can not remember ever having to state what we are leaving in the US in all the years we've been crossing back and forth. I guess it depends on where you cross. This is covered in the "Anything to declare?" question I get asked every time I cross. But, I do cross at the same crossing every time.
dieharder 07/30/14 08:00pm Snowbirds
RE: Taking a trip from Ottawa, ON to Myrtle Beach route help ?

Personally, to go from Allentown to VA beach, you wouldn't catch me on the 95 through Baltimore and DC. Take your scenic route and cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. I've never been myself, but I plan on it someday.
dieharder 07/16/14 12:55pm Roads and Routes
RE: Pirateland, Myrtle Beach

Watch out you don't get run over by a golf cart. Yep, golf cart heaven. Get used to golf carts rolling by your site blaring all types of music. Seems to be the resident thing to do to show off how "awesome" their cart is to all the visitors. Want to rent one from the campground, you'll pay more than renting an economy car from a car rental place. No joke. The pool and new splash pad are quite a walk from the beach. If you're close to one, you've got a way to go to get to the other. Other than that, it's not a bad place. Oceanside sites are tighter than the interior spots and are wide open, the only shade being under the canopy built on the site and your awning. The beach is awesome and, if they haven't changed the rules since we've been, they allow dogs on the beach.
dieharder 07/13/14 02:19pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Medical Insurance for RVer while in Mexico

The Mexican medical care facilities are state of the art. The costs are very reasonable compared to what Is charged in the rest of North America. From what We have experienced, we would have no problem without having any add on Medical Coverage in Mexico. Pay as We go and submit the paid receipts to Our a Provincial Medical Plan. One important thing though is to separate the pharmaceutical portion from the Medical Bill and submit it to Our Pharmacare plan for reimbursement. This worked fine a couple of Years ago when I got Food Poisoning while in San Carlos! Be very careful with this: BC Medical will cover many Out of Province medical costs BUT ONLY reimburse up to the amount that they would pay to BC Hospitals. No where near US costs and less in some cases than costs in some hospitals in Mexico. A Travel Medical policy is the only safe way to go. Note to other Canadians: Out of Province also means travel WITHIN CANADA. Costs for some procedures in other provinces may not be covered. Nor will be repatriation cost for you to return to BC from another province or country. If due to a car accident in Canada or USA, ICBC insurance will cover medical costs and sometimes repatriation. Really need to pay attention to this right here. This is pretty standard with all the Provincial plans. If something would cost $1000 in your home Province to get fixed but costs $2000 where you're visiting, regardless of whether you're in another Canadian Province or the US, you're on the hook for the extra $1000.
dieharder 06/20/14 10:34am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: roadside assistance/towing

I count on Coach-Net and wouldn't on Good Sam. That's just me. You'll find supporters for Good Sam here too.
dieharder 06/20/14 10:29am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: I don't know much about workamping but....

Just curious... I know there is or may be complications with Canadians workamping in the US. Is anyone aware of potential complications of an American or Canadian workamping in Mexico?
dieharder 06/13/14 10:13am Workamping Forum
RE: I don't know much about workamping but....

If it were me, a workamper opportunity in Mexico, depending on the amenities of your park, I'd expect a swarm of applicants the instant you put it up on sites. If I were in position to (hopefully you'll have an ad up in 11 years!), I'd certainly apply as soon as I saw it, even if it were still summer.
dieharder 06/11/14 09:13am Workamping Forum
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