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RE: Pulled the trigger

Well after weeks of searching, looking at dozens of travel trailers and visiting 10 dealerships, we finally found "the one." Thanks to those who gave me your opinion on previous posts about my different options. We ended up going with a 2017 Keystone Passport 2810BH Ultra Lite Grand Touring. It has everything the wife and I wanted. The quality seems to be very good, dry weight of only 5200 and tongue weight of 565. Spent a little more than we originally wanted but I think we will be pleased with this one. Now, tell me some absolutes I need to buy for the TT. Things you can't live without in your TT. We are not new to the camping lifestyle, but will be new to doing it in style, lol. 1st. what tires did your new rig come with? E or G rated 12 ply or 10 ply? If not, throw them away and get some good tires or I made it a condition of the sale that they take the "tow master tires" off and replace them with Good Year "G" rated tires or no Deal!! 2nd. Surge protector 3rd. Good Sam Emergency Road Side service and Emergency assistance policy. 4th. Reese Dual Cam hitch 5th. replace the original water pump with a Shur Flow pump to get a quiet and positive pump.
djgarcia 02/21/17 07:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: Possible with younger children?

Hello, seeking some guidance as we have never taken an RV holiday before. We live in Southern California and want to head up the coast (Big Sur and the Redwoods) then across to Yosemite and then back south. But are our kids 1.5 and 4.5 yrs too young? I dont see how to fit a car seat safely in an RV? Thanks for the help, we would really love to do this so are keen to hear other peoples experiences travelling with littler kids. What kind of RV do you drive? If you are driving a trailer then not a problem re seat belts. If in any other type of RV your are going to have get creative in figuring on how to put a seat belt in. RVing with Young children just means a lot more preparation and planning i.e. clothes and food, water, medical perscriptions. Install a medical app "FindER" on your iPhone that will find the nearest medical facility where ever you are located in the event of an emergency. Before you start your trip, check the app CARR for calif. roaditions. i.e. I would not take your trip right now due to all the flooding in Calif. The Big Sur area bridge is closed due to bridge damage from floods.
djgarcia 02/21/17 06:55pm Beginning RVing
RE: Maybe dumb leveling question.

Ok Ive had nothing but trailers. TT and a 5er. Level one side on blocks and raise or lower the front. Now I have a class c. So I can back the rear on blocks to level side to side but what about front to back? If it was only front to back I could run both rears on blocks. If Im sloped to the side and pointing down hill a little then what? Camping world has a tiered living blocks that your can back your front onto at the same time your are rolling onto the flat leveling blocks on the RV's low side.
djgarcia 02/20/17 11:14pm Beginning RVing
RE: I-10 Westbound through Phoenix

We are heading to the Good Sam Rally at the Phoenix International Raceway on thursday morninig and have heard that there is a lot of road construction with detours on the I 10 shortly before the turnoff to the Raceway. Anyone having up to date info would be appreciated, my info packet says we are to use I-10 to go to the track. Thanks Trap I just drove I-10 from Calif. to the area you are going 2 weeks ago and did not run into any road work/construction. Check the source of your info then contact the Ariz. Road dept. for the latest and most accurate info on 1-10 road conditions.
djgarcia 02/20/17 10:49pm Roads and Routes
RE: Houston, we have a weight problem

So looking at a new trailer and I'm thinking there might be a problem, need some feedback from the weight police please! My 15 Ram 1500 has payload capacity of 1260 lbs. You put me, my wife and our tiny chihuahuas in there and we have 400 gone, if we bring a kid or two along (there mostly grown but still around) we add another 225. The trailer we like has an advertised hitch weight of 730. Not sure if that is dry and empty or at full load, but in any case that all adds up to more than 1260 without anything else like a sandwich or a caffeinated beverage. Do we need to find a lighter trailer or just stack everything we want to bring in the back? I'm not buying a new truck..... Thanks in advance for any feedback. New trailer!!!! look at Casita or Scamp or some pop up type trailer. You also need to have some serious discussion with yourself and your family regarding what your expectations about what you want your over all RV experience to be. A 1500 truck will put serious limitations on your goals for RVing. i.e. RVing in mountains.
djgarcia 02/18/17 09:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Roadside Assistance from State Farm vs. AAA RV

If you have AAA, they do not have solid coverage everywhere. In the states where they do, they are great. In the states where they do not, they can maybe help but be ready to do a lot of the foot work on your cell phone. There are three locations that service the less-covered states, and they may be helpful but they can also not be. Matt X1, The major reason for having Emergency Road Service is dependibility and reliability.
djgarcia 02/16/17 04:54pm Beginning RVing
RE: Roadside Assistance from State Farm vs. AAA RV

How do the 2 compare to GS and Coachnet? Either one is better for RVers than State Farm and for sure AAA.
djgarcia 02/16/17 04:48pm Beginning RVing
RE: New to RV world, I have a few questions

Hello, First of all I am very new to the RV world. I am planning to live in a RV for a few years as I am moving from Boston to L.A. I am very much between a TT and Motorhome. I currently own a car. My budget: ~40K loan (will finance everything) Option 1: Sell my car and pay off my car load (I will probably be even on it), buy a truck and a TT (both used) I have found decent TT for around 20K and also either a newer 1/2 truck (2012, 2013) for around 20K or a 3/4 truck (2009, 2010) for about 20K also 33' trailer will need at least a 3/4 ton diesel truck but ideally a 1 ton truck. The difference in ride comfort is minimal. On this option 1 I am looking to get at least 33 foot Trailer and, I was wondering if any 1/2 ton will be able to tow it or I need a 3/4 ton truck after all? I would definitely prefer a 1/2 ton truck because once I get to my destination, I will be using that same truck to drive around, go to work, etc. I think the MPG difference and price difference is quite big between 1/2 and 3/4 truck. Milage is about the same. Option 2: Buy a used Motor Home class A and tow my current car. On this option 2, I would preferred a diesel engine 35-37 footer (like a bus) kind of motor home. I have found one or two 2001, 2002 for 30K. Any RV over 10 yrs. could end up being a "$$$ hole" to keep it maintained. Do not buy a 10 yr. old RV without taking it to your mechanic to check everything out. $200 well spent so you know how much you have to spend to get it on the road i.e. Tires along can be as much as $300 or more. I believe option 2 is a easier transaction because I only need to buy one thing and a relatively simple hitch to pull my car and I am good to go. However, is it a good option if I am planning to live in it and perhaps not drive the motor home at all for 1-2 years ? Leaving a Motor Home sitting for 1 to 2 yrs. not the best way to keep up good maintenance. Too many question to ask but that is pretty much what in my mind at the moment. I hope I made it clear. Thanks for the help in advance and please I want to hear what you think!
djgarcia 02/16/17 04:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: Anything to see in Salt Lake City?

Or is it a place to avoid? I may be going up from the south of Utah to the Grand Tetons in Wyoming which will place me in the vicinity of Salt Lake City. Just wondering if its best to drive around it, or is there any sites worth seeing in the city? "magical silk mormon underware" for men:):)
djgarcia 02/16/17 04:11pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Roadside Assistance from State Farm vs. AAA RV

The only way to evaluate Road Side Assistance Programs is to do a side by side comparison of each one. What is important to me is am I going to be able to get all the services I need in every state, city,county. Also what services are provided in Canada, Mexico and Baja? I don't think that AAA offers the same services in all states.
djgarcia 02/16/17 09:16am Beginning RVing
RE: Best route from Hollister, Ca north to Santa Rosa, Ca

Option 1, your rig is too big to haul through town, pay the toll. Been there, Done that. Our 5er is 37'. Travelon X1, Going through SF would be a night mare especially when you have other options. I have done it once and yes it is doable but in opinion for the typical RVers who has not taken that route and unfamiliar of what to expect, it would not be my choice. IMHO
djgarcia 02/15/17 12:11pm Roads and Routes
RE: Best route from Hollister, Ca north to Santa Rosa, Ca

Option 1, your rig is too big to haul through town, pay the toll. Been there, Done that. Our 5er is 37'. Travelon X1, Going through SF would be a night mare expecially when you have other options.
djgarcia 02/15/17 04:17am Roads and Routes
RE: Summer storage in Arizona

Hello: Don't know if this is the correct place for this question but here goes. We are planning to leave our 5th wheel in Arizona over the summer and am wondering what if anything is suggested for ventilation or leaving water in a bucket for moisture. Thanks. Paul... Suggest you find a storage facility that is covered or enclosed.
djgarcia 02/14/17 09:16am General RVing Issues
RE: Stranded near Sacramento, can anyone help?

Good Sam has a program called "emergency Asslst" that will provide exactly the assistance you need. They will dispatch a proffesional driver who will drive your RV to your home. About $120 per year.
djgarcia 02/14/17 07:53am General RVing Issues
RE: overwhelmed by insurance lowballing

The girl is claiming she wasn't drunk? Was she charged, is there a police report/involvement? It sounds like you really need legal advice. The girl's claim to have an expensive lawyer is just B_ _ _ S_ _ _ _!!!! Her being drunk or not drunk has no bearing on the damage to your RV. Her being drunk will only result in a DUI for her. Your Insurance company should be the one negotiating with her insurance. Talk with your agent
djgarcia 02/12/17 12:04pm Full-time RVing
RE: New line of Goodyear tires with greater capacity and speed

I already run Goodyear G614's. G Rated 14 ply... Love them. X1!!!!! Great tire for towing 5th. wheels and trailers.
djgarcia 02/11/17 12:20pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tell me about the 101 along the coast of Oregon

Try Ecola Beach Park just outside of Cannon Beach. Very camera worthy. Just the Jeep though. I would not recommend the RV park right in Cannon Beach. Designed for small trailers and sites are very close to each other.
djgarcia 02/10/17 05:54pm Roads and Routes
RE: Anyone else not full timing because of the grand kids?

I appreciate the input but first off we are not obsessed with our grand kids by any means and really only see them about once a week. We did not get to see our first two grandbabies but once a year due to my son was in the military stationed overseas. So we only got to see the oldest two once a year till they were 6 and 7. He moved close by us now and they just had the youngest grandbaby about a year 1.5 years ago. We are a very very small family and we all are very close. We all enjoy being with each other when we can but we do not impose or pry in any way. Was just curious how other people deal with the issue of family and to be honest some answers were disturbing but some were very informing and I thank you all. One question, ask your self honestly, does the way you deal with issues of family allow you to have all the RV experiences that you have dreamed and planned for? To what degree are your RV experiences and plans altered????? Just a question?
djgarcia 02/08/17 12:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone else not full timing because of the grand kids?

I can't even convince my wife to make an extended trip because she wants to be home, "just in case" she is needed to babysit 1 or more of the 5 grandchildren ! I would call your wife's choice a "MAS FECA" choice or " HORRAY FOR ME, I GOT MINE, HOW ARE YOU DOING"???
djgarcia 02/08/17 11:53am General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone else not full timing because of the grand kids?

We love our grandkids, and are evening raising our 16 year old grandson due to family issues, but once he flies the coupe we plan to travel FT. We just purchased our first DP MH for that purpose, and will be practice traveling for 2-3 years before selling the house. There will be no "abrogation that allowed others to make off with the proceeds of 28 years of scrimping and saving for a comfortable retirement" in our situation, kids we will spend it all the next 20+ years!! We will travel around the grandkids as much as possible, or Face Time to fill in the gaps. For sure no more cold winters in our future!! Good for you! Could not agree with you more!
djgarcia 02/08/17 11:48am General RVing Issues
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