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RE: Trailer Tires?

Oh, good grief...not the dreaded tire thread again. This is one thread that brings out what you could call the "strongest opinions" and should run at least 6 or 7 pages based on history. Trailer tires need to be replaced at about the 4 - 5 year mark regardless of how great they may look. For whatever reason, they don't hold up like the ones on your car, so just plan to replace about that time....obviously sooner if any sign of problems. FWIW, and these are very rarely mentioned, our HTT came with Greenball Transmasters and they served us very well for about 4 years. Replacement time and we did a thorough search and read a zillion posts. Bought Transmasters again. We had a longer trip coming at about the next 4 year mark on the second set and felt more comfortable knowing we'd be on new tires. They were getting tough to find and DH called the company and they told him that Sam's Club carries them now, so same tires again. So in the 7 years we had our HTT we had 3 sets of the same tire with not a single problem. Right after we bought the last set and with only a few hundred miles on them, we moved to our TT. Have no idea what is on it, but they've done a fine job so far - almost 2 years - and we've just found a new family for Rocky, so he'll be moving very soon. Personal opinion is to be vigilant about checking your tire pressure before every trip and if a longer trip, check daily. While you're at it, check the torque also. Use the pressure rating noted on the tire itself regardless of what others may say. Keep your speed reasonable - most of us feel 55 - 65 max is best - and visually check them regularly. Any signs of cracking or odd wear pattern, find out what the problem is. There are some brands folks wouldn't drive to the end of their driveway on, while others would go cross-country with no problem. Some will swear that ONLY tires made in this country are safe, when truthfully, most tires are made overseas and some brands that were considered USA made a year or two ago are now overseas. Others will swear only Brand X or Y is safe and you're trying to kill your family if you buy others. I once used the word "budget" in a question re tires and had a couple of very nasty replies. Truth is that some of us have a budget for things and $400 vs $800 is sometimes not possible. You need to do your homework, research this thoroughly and buy the best your "B" will allow. Good luck and happy camping. BTW, very cool little camper! X1, I do all the above as far as checking my tires and I also put my hand on the wheel hub to make sure they are just warm not HOT every time I stop at a rest stop. If HOT, have the bearings checked right away.
djgarcia 03/31/15 09:26am Travel Trailers
RE: Stopping Overnight

For just a night I never unhook. You might disconnect the power cord to the trailer if your trailer takes power from the tow vehicles battery and reconnect before taking off the next day. X1, the only thing I do is lower the front jacks just slightly to relieve some the pressure that might occur as you are walking around in the RV.
djgarcia 03/31/15 09:11am Travel Trailers
RE: Family doing 3 month summer trip, Class C or Travel Trailer?

We are a family of four (two small kids), we are planning to do a summer trip around the Northwest US. Couple of points: We do not own a tow vehicle, but can trade in/sell one of the two cars. We need something reliable, to get us thru entire three month trip without giving us too much headache. One thing I do not look forward to is unhooking/packing C-class everytime we want to go grocerry shopping or to a National park for half a day. So, is travel trailer by best option? Or is it? Thanks! If you decide to go with a TT, take a look at the Lance trailers. Good variety of smaller sized trailers and the quality of the workmanship is excellent. With a family of 4, you probably would need their 24' trailer. Where are you planning to RV in the North West? We RV every year in northern calif.,Oregon and Washington. Let me know if you need any ideas of must sees and RV parks, private email. Have a great trip.
djgarcia 03/31/15 08:55am Beginning RVing
RE: Family doing 3 month summer trip, Class C or Travel Trailer?

We are a family of four (two small kids), we are planning to do a summer trip around the Northwest US. Couple of points: We do not own a tow vehicle, but can trade in/sell one of the two cars. We need something reliable, to get us thru entire three month trip without giving us too much headache. One thing I do not look forward to is unhooking/packing C-class everytime we want to go grocerry shopping or to a National park for half a day. So, is travel trailer by best option? Or is it? Thanks! Just some random thoughts and questions- 1. Do you see you and the family RVing in the future after your 3 month trip? The answer might affect what type of RV you choose for this trip and how much you want to spend? 2. With a class C you can always set up your RV so you tow a car behind it. 3. The size of your RV choice should consider and allow for the fact that your kids will require more space as they growth up. 4. Your choice of a 5th. wheel, TT or class A or Class C is really a personal decision based on what meets the needs and your family. Each model of RV has it's advantages and disadvantages or likes and dislikes. Make a list for each of the above models and discuss this with your total family. Then pick the one that our wife wants:):):):) Personally and IMHO, I had a TT for 10 years but it started costing me too much money to maintain it each year. I then switched to a new 5th. wheel 34' based on the floor plans and storage. We spent a year looking at all kinds of 5th wheels with 3 slides and in the end our decision was based primarily on my wife's preference of kitchen floor plans. The 5th wheel is easier to hook and unhook up and tends to be more stable when driving down the road and not as subject to gusts of winds. Class A's was more money than I wanted to spend and then you have to set up so you can have a tow car. Class C's not as expensive but I wanted more living space. What ever you choose, I suggest you buy one that has at least with 2 slides, especially for a family of 4. Let us know what you choose:) If you want more specific personal opinions, email me personally.
djgarcia 03/31/15 08:09am Beginning RVing
RE: Trailer Tires?

Hi All, I just recently acquired an old 1970 (unsure of exact year due to weathering of VIN plate) Fleetwood Wilderness. It's approximately 16' and single axle. I'd like to get some new tires for it as there's just too much dry rot cracking upon close inspection. I was talking to a guy from Goodyear who mentioned what he called trailer tires, which I assume are for utility type trailers, not travel trailers. He said they hold a lot more weight but the disadvantage is they are louder than regular tires. But I was thinking this wouldn't matter since I'll be up in my truck. Is there any reason why this would be a bad choice? Or would they be just fine? I googled 'where to get rv tires installed' but there are not so many listings. Goodyear and Campingworld were the main ones I saw. Is there some other place to go to? I also need to buy a spare and a rim for the spare. http://i60.tinypic.com/qx7v5g.jpg Suggest you find out what the weight of your trailer will be when it is fully loaded. This is a starting point to help you start narrowing your choice of tires. It will help you decide what load rating capacity tire you need, i.e. C,D,E,G. Personally i have had good luck with Good Year tires and I like there warranty polices. I don't know much about tires for TT's. This is my first. Thanks for the help!
djgarcia 03/30/15 09:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Roadside Assistance Fiasco

On 3/28 I contacted road side service to set up a tow between 8 and 9 on 3/30 gave them all the info including a phone number that the text message could be sent to with the service provider info 10/30 voice mail 8 am to call back because they did not have all the info. Called back was told they would need to check the notes. After 10 minutes on hold hung up and called back got a different rep who stated that the other rep was on the phone contacting a service provider and it was now scheduled for 10:45 At 9:50 called the service provider who claimed they had no such call set up At 10:00 called roadside service again and they called the service provider and set up a tow At 10:05 Called service provider to confirm and they confirmed the appointment. At 10:19 Called road side service asked for a supervisor to let them know of the problems and was told A. That if a text had been sent out it was impossible not to have contacted the service provider B. Due to high call volume that the road side assistance operators do not have the time to take all the information when somebody calls in. Yes that is correct I repeated it back to the supervisor twice and he confirmed that was correct Then contacted Good Sam to report this and told the operator that I would like to report a problem with road side services and I needed to talk to someone other than road side services she agreed and then transferred me to road side services At 12:05 tow showed up and had the wrong address of where to take the vehicle and the wrong vehicle to tow. Just thought someone would like to know what is going on or not going on at Good Sam Road Side Assistance Moral of story always call back over and over and over and over and over and repeat this process. shows Call Service provider and confirm that they are indeed coming out and confirm with them the address of where they need to come to. When provider does show up and confirm EVERYTHING with the service provider and then reconfirm with service provider. Note have used Good Sam RA in the past with very good service and results just not this time. I would suggest you call GS and ask to speak directly with Mr. Marcus, the president of GS. He always been response and resolved the issue and then gave a $25 fuel credit card for my problems.
djgarcia 03/30/15 03:51pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: help choosing RV park near Sacramento CA

thanks to all who responded... so nice to have a new bunch of friends! I'm leaning toward the Vineyard Resort in Vacaville especially as it's so close to Travis. (We can't stay on base as we aren't military - son's in Navy) Looking forward to the journey as it will be only our 2nd trip. I will post about the trip and places we stay, so to give our "2 cents worth" to others who are interested. Safe travels! At the Vineyard Resort you are 5 min. from a large shopping mall right off I-80 with many good eating places. I really like the Panera restaurant for breakfast and lunch. There is a local back road to Travis AFB, just ask the RV Park staff for the name of the road.
djgarcia 03/29/15 09:15pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: help choosing RV park near Sacramento CA

Hello all - We are so very new to the RV life and need a bit of help. We are meeting our son & daughter-in-law at Travis AFB in mid April, so need a campground nearby for a couple of nights. We travel with our 85lb. canine buddy so it's gotta be pet friendly! Probably won't have much time for anything except seeing the kids, so surrounding area isn't that important. What we think we like is not too near the city, easy to navigate inside the park (as I said, we are VERY NEW), fairly quiet/private with a bit of elbow room. Hope this isn't too much to ask! ;) I have been looking online for days and it's crunch time! The park I think might work for us is called Sac-West RV Park and Campground. Anyone know of it/stayed there? We welcome all comments, opinions, and general help/goodwill :) Thanks for listening and hope to see you on the road! If you are meeting at Travis, look at the Vineyard RV park right out of Vacaville off of 505. Ask for a post in the new section of the park, the older park sites are a little tight but doable.
djgarcia 03/29/15 07:44pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Would you run these tires?

Discussions and opinions about "Tires" are like talking about politics:):):) Guaranteed to start disagreements and arguments:):) So with that said, I am giving my OPINIONS with no interest in comparing them to anyone else's OPINIONS :):) Every one has an opinion just like every one has a certain anatomical body part:) 1. I have no interest in dealing with blow tires and damage to my RV. The damage to your RV is usually more than replacing a tire. In addition to the time and hassle of getting your RV repaired 2. I choose not change tires when they go bad or blow out---I just call GS Emergency Road Side Service. 3. At approx. 4 to 4 1/2 years, I replace all tires regardless what they look like or how many miles on are them. I am on the road 6 months every year in multiply states with a wide range of weather. 4. I buy the highest and generally most expensive load rated tire that will fit on my RV currently GY 614 "G"rated. Using tires that just ONLY meet the load RV specifications is not my choice, i want all the extra load carrying capacity that I can find. With that said, buy any tire that suits you at any price that suits you:):)
djgarcia 03/29/15 06:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: Road side assistance, 2 thumbs up...

Seems like service is OK when folks are in town. My experience has been excellent irrespective of time of day or night and/or physical location. Fuel pump went out 40 miles from the nearest Dodge dealer, the driver unhooked my trailer, wenches my 1 ton truck onto the truck bed, then backed up and hooked up my trailer, He towed us to the dealer, unhitched my trailer, wenches my truck into the dealer garage, hooked up my trailer again and drove us 20 miles to the RV resort we stay out for the winter. He drove us into the RV resort to our site and backed up the trailer making sure it was straight and level. Drove me back to the dealer so I could rent a car for a few days while my trucked got fixed. I gave him a $20 tip for his great service:):):):)
djgarcia 03/28/15 10:08pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: backing up to the hitch

My hitch is a automatic Pullrite for shortbed trucks To help me backup to the 5er hitch: 1) I put alignment marks on the hitch to center it 2) I put a white mark on the center of the hitch that is visible from the truck 3) Put a white mark on the center of the pin box 4) on the back window of the truck I put two red marks 1/2 inch apart dead center 5) align all white marks inside the red marks; your good to go Right on! the only thing would add: When backing up and the 5th. wheel hitch is about 5 inches from sliding up onto the bed hitch stop, get out and from a side view, make sure the 5th wheel trailer hitch is approx. 3 inches LOWER than the bed hitch/plate, just low enough so the trailer hitch has to slide up onto the truck hitch by pushing the truck hitch down. Just keep backing up real slow until you hear the "clunk" sound. Stop and check that the hitch lock mechanism is secure. Then put a block in front of the rear trailer tire. Make sure the front jacks are extended down about an inch from the ground. Now do the "bump" test buy driving very slowly about 4 inches in order to make sure your truck and 5th. wheel hitch is secure/locked:)
djgarcia 03/28/15 09:40pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Travelling west from I-80 on Calif. hwy 20 to Williams

Yes digarcia 20 takes off of I-80, there are some real tight curves shortly after leaving I-80 so you might check with CA dept of trans for any rectriictions. We have driven it in a 30 MH with a toad with no problems. Dick Yes, my mistake, I forgot about 20 off of I-80 going through Grass Valley. I would take straight through Marysville and Yuba City which then takes you to Williams Hyw. 20. Nice scenic route if you just sit back and smell the roses.
djgarcia 03/28/15 03:08pm Roads and Routes
RE: Travelling west from I-80 on Calif. hwy 20 to Williams

Is it advisable to drive a 40' MH with tow car on Calif hwy 20 from I-80 to Williams? Are there any restrictions? Do you mean 1-80 to I-5 then north to Hwy. 20??? I am not aware of I-80 hooking up directly to Hwy. 20. There are no restrictions on Hwy. 20 other than expect to drive a little slower because of a series of small towns, 2 lane road most of the way and occasional road construction. Tow my 34' 5th wheel all the time on Hwy. 20.
djgarcia 03/28/15 11:43am Roads and Routes
RE: Need suggestions for Nov, Dec & Jan on west coast

We are looking for where we can avoid either freezing or hot weather. Indio looks like it gets cold. San Diego? We are thinking California. Other suggestions? We will want FHU. We could spend each month in a different place. Thanks! You can't go wrong with the coast in central calif i.e. Pismo Beach, San Louis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Morrow Bay,Atascadero. Great place for winter weather typically in the high 60 deg. to low 70 deg,
djgarcia 03/27/15 03:41pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: CB Radios

In order to get current and up to date road condition reports, I frequently will get on the CB radio and ask a south bound trucker if I am going north bound and ask "Breaker Breaker 17 what did you leave behind you?" The trucker will then give me an update on any road conditions or incidents I need to be aware of. This enables me to be aware for about 3 to 5 miles ahead of me. i.e. accidents, trucks or RV's pulled off the side of the road, road construction and sections on the road where the speed limit has been reduced for the safety of the workers. breaker breaker
djgarcia 03/27/15 11:14am Class A Motorhomes
RE: CB Radios

Thanks all. Mainly as many stated here...to find out the stall in traffic, lane closed ahead or what. Maybe I will give it a try. CB Radio I use my CB for the following conditions: 1. monitor road conditions, accidents, alternative routes when traffic is backed up due to an accident or construction. 2. monitor the locations of area "Bears" with info from truckers in combination with my "Valentine" radar detector. 3. Backing into RV sites, using a handheld CB, a person can guide me in centering my RV both on sides and front and back and prevent any accidents, i.e.tree limbs. 4. Road exits to take when in areas unknown to me, what lane to be in when entering congested areas of traffic. 5. Common complaint of "trucker language" is controlled by the "squelch" knob. Personally I have heard as offensive or worse "trucker language" walking around a local High and Jr. schools. 6. I monitor channel 17 on the west coast and ch. 19 over the rest of the country. 7. Don't waste any time with Channel 13, which is supposed to be for RVer's to use. A long time ago, it was an idea to create a separate channel just for RVers to use but the idea never caught on. Some RVers display a channel number that they monitor. BREAKER! BREAKER
djgarcia 03/27/15 07:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: A tire issue..??

Take multiple pictures of each tire thread, then go the local GY dealer. If he resolves your issues to your satisfaction i.e. pro rate your current tires for a new set of tires. If dealer dosen't resolve the issue to our satisfaction then call Customer Service at Good Year Mfg. back east. I think it is Michigan. They will ask you to send the tires or pictures of the tires to them. I had 4 GY tires blow out (not G16 tires) I now run the "GY "G" rated tires and after 3 years no problems. GY had the dealer send the tires back to them and had the dealer install 4 new GY "E" rated tires at now cost to me:) So far GY's warranty policy has been fantastic:):)
djgarcia 03/26/15 10:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Reno Area RV Parks?

Can certainly recommend Sparks Marina park - spent a week there last year visiting family. VERY nice - FHU - pool, rec center, enclosed dog walks, etc. Have also stayed at Bordertown park - that was just an overnight stop, but again, thought it was a nice park. As far as what to see, check out Virginia City - old silver mining town - covered sidewalks and everything! Would NOT recommend driving rig up to it - long steep hill! Depending on how much time you have, head east on Hwy 50 - "Lonliest Road". Some nice places to see within maybe 2 hour drive from Reno. ST X1 on Sparks Marina Park
djgarcia 03/26/15 09:44pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Turning 34' TT in Cludesac?

I am going to pick up my new TT on Monday. I live on a cul-de-sac in Indiana. I think its a "standard" size cul-de-sac but don't want to get down there and not be able to turn around. How can I tell? I thought about driving to an open parking lot and measuring how sharp I can turn. Any suggestions from you pro's. I'm not a complete newbie at this, but I am new at this length. I will be pulling a Forest River Cherokee Greywolf 27RR TH. Measure the curve of the Cul de Sac then take the rv out to a big parking lot and drive the rv as if you were driving into the Cul de sac, when you get about 1/2 way through your turn, stop and masure the distance of the truck and RV from outside to outside. compare the 2 measurements.
djgarcia 03/26/15 05:56pm Beginning RVing
RE: Hwy 20 between Fort Bragg, CA and Willits, CA

Thanks, everyone for the help!! Hwy 20, here we come! Well, sometime in July. Pat Hwy. 20 out of Williams is the best road to get over to 101 when you are towing/driving an RV. Hwy. 20 goes through a few little towns so just sit back and relax and don't expect to be driving 55 to 60 MPH over to 101. There is an Indian Casino on the tight hand side about 1/2 between 1-5 and 101 which you can boondocks overnight, eat a meal and play the slots. Some folks take Hwy 44 over to the coast from Redding but it is not my choice but not as RV friendly as Hwy. 20, some narrow 2 lane sections, few small hills and you have to watch for logging trucks. You have to watch the road and traffic all the way to the coast, not a road to sight see:). Hwy 128 would not be my 1st choice for towing my 34' 5th wheel. Great road in a car or motorcycle with plenty of sights to see.
djgarcia 03/26/15 04:55pm Roads and Routes
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