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RE: California Towing Speed Limit

I run around 58 to 60 mph and seldom pass a simi, usually they're passing me;) IMHO, drivers who are not driving the "general" speed of the flow of traffic present more driving hazards and potential for accidents than those driving to fast. Driving too slow causes people to constantly adjust their speed and/ or make others make frequent passing lane changes.
djgarcia 08/30/16 11:13am Roads and Routes
RE: California Towing Speed Limit

I have never known a speed limit sign being a "suggestion". I think 5 mph leeway is common and maybe 8-9; usually 10 or more means trouble. At 70 pulling a trailer you are passing the 18 wheelers and just asking for a ticket IMHO. X1 I agree:)
djgarcia 08/30/16 11:07am Roads and Routes
RE: California Towing Speed Limit

I have never known a speed limit sign being a "suggestion". I think 5 mph leeway is common and maybe 8-9; usually 10 or more means trouble. At 70 pulling a trailer you are passing the 18 wheelers and just asking for a ticket IMHO. Consistently passing too many 18 wheelers in a row will increase the probability of getting pulled over by a Ca. Bear. In my experience, running 63-65 is ok except when passing 18 wheelers then I may temporarily hit 70 but then back off after passing. I would never drive without my Valentine Radar on, especially at night. My radar will pick up Bears/radar in all 4 directions front/back, left/right. 1 speeding ticket will buy you a Valentine radar unit:)
djgarcia 08/30/16 09:37am Roads and Routes
RE: Road service

Les Schwab is the only place to buy tires and there are just about everywhere on the west coast. Their service is fantastic:):) That's right! They are up your butt from the time you pull into the parking lot. If you like that part that's great. I want quality work and HONEST people working on my rigs. I can tell you so many stories from people I know including my self it would make you sick. It AINT the same company that Les started. Example below can anyone tell me what is wrong??? http://i.imgur.com/ALYtEzyl.jpg Thats the beauty of living in the U.S., the freedom to choose where and who they give their business to. Karma will always win:):)
djgarcia 08/30/16 09:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Road service

Les Schwab is the only place to buy tires and there are just about everywhere on the west coast. Their service is fantastic:):)
djgarcia 08/29/16 09:40pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Oregon Coast to NAPA, Ca. with 45' MH

Hi all, we will be traveling from Portland, Or down to NAPA, Ca in October. New area for us so I'm hoping to learn if Hwy 101 is good for a large MH. We hope to be able to stay in state parks along the way as well. If anyone has any recommendations for scenic routes and campgrounds they would be much appreciated. Thanks. 1. go west on hwy. 26 to 101 2. turn south on 101 through Oregon and into Calif. 101 will take you right to Napa. 3. I drive a 35' 5th Wheel trailer using 101 north and south once a year. Totally RV friendly. The only issue you will encounter will be tourist RV travelers mixed with local folks. You just have to slow down through the towns but nothing to worry about. I-5 1. Head south on I-5 until the hwy. 2. go south on 505 cut off just past the town of Dunnigan. 3. Go west until you connect with Hwy. 80 to Hwy.37 at Vallejo. 4. Go west until 101 until you reach Napa. there a some back roads off Hwy.37 to Napa, just look at your map
djgarcia 08/28/16 05:57pm Roads and Routes
RE: Itinerary ideas for Oregon Coast

While DH and Grandson's went to that blimp hanger museum, Granddaughter and I went to the Pioneer Museum in downtown Tillamook. Very cool. Cost a whopping $4 for her and zero for me. And let's not overlook the famous Tillamook Cheese Factory.... located on the North end of Highway 101 in Tillamook, just on the east side of the highway. Nice opportunity to view how cheese is made, plenty of free samples, and very nice restaurant featuring Tillamook cheese items, too. .... if you are a cheese lover don't miss it. Plenty of RV Parking available in the RV Lot. Total agree as a place to visit, just be prepared to for zoo full of people and yelling kids:):). About a 1/4 mile south is a great cheese,food and drink factory WITHOUT all the zoo circus full of people and kids:)
djgarcia 08/28/16 12:10pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Very New with 5th wheel

Thank you for the response. I am a Ram fan and was thinking the 3500 diesel. I will definitely take your advice. Glad to meet ya's. X1. you can't go wrong with the Diesel Dodge 1 ton. I prefer the standard 6 spd. manual transmission. Make sure your truck has an Exhaust Brake, if not add one. Going on my 2nd. Dodge diesel truck. The other addition I would make is installing a diesel auxiliary fuel tank to replace your stock fuel tank. I have a 60 gal. diesel tank that fits in the same location as the original from Transfer Flow in Chico Ca.. I pull a 14K 5th wheel when loaded with no problems in mountains 8K grades.
djgarcia 08/28/16 11:48am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Over the top service

Thanks for sharing! X1:):):) After 27 yrs. of being a Good Sam Emergency Road Side service I rate it a big 10+ outstanding!!!!! I find the responses from the Administration team highly valuable:):)
djgarcia 08/26/16 03:22pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Zoning that restricts RV use on your own land

Ring VS Storing--Zoning "I am not particularly interested in what the law is BUT all I really want to know is what the penalty is" If the fine is minimal or less then what it would cost you to store it some where, pay the fine and get on with your RVing on your property:):)
djgarcia 08/25/16 12:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Zoning that restricts RV use on your own land

Have 37 acres in Colorado and the Huefano County land use regulators regard RV use on your own land as camping. They restrict this activity to 7 days out of 30 and 30 days out of the year. Has anyone had experience in dealing with this sort of thing and have you found a way around it? " I am not RVing on my own land!!! I am STORING my RV on my land!!!!" Some one in Colorado needs to get a REAL job and quit hassling property owners. At last resort I would get a lawyer to get you an "exemption waiver" Passed for your property. IMHO:)
djgarcia 08/24/16 09:51am General RVing Issues
RE: To drain or not to drain? Another ice chest question.

So do you drain or not? I do not. It seems to me the ice lasts longer in ice water than exposed to air. I have not tested it tho as I don't have 2 identical ice chests and doing one way at a time would not be accurate due to temperature changes. I only drain them when packing up to leave. Just wondering about your experiences. I drain when the bag or block of ice has melted. Not draining could cause some contents to get soaked and ruined. Not sure have never read about any test research measuring the temp of an ice chest with melted water vs minimal water.
djgarcia 08/23/16 08:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Ownership rv resorts ... Are they all the same?

"Owning RV Parks" unless you are 98% satisfied with the RV park resort, don't buy !!! Just rent a Park model..
djgarcia 08/21/16 09:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Houston to San Fransico

Taking our first long trip in our new (to us) Class A. Just curious what is the best route or most popular to take. Not looking for anything scenic just best roads most expedient route. Laying over at Wal-Mart so where to stay is not an issue. Thanks. Depending on your plans in S.F. and your RV accommodations, you should make reservations at RV parks now. Not all Wal-mart stores allow RVers to stay overnight anymore. I would call any Wall Mart you plan on staying at now to avoid any surprises.
djgarcia 08/18/16 09:44pm Roads and Routes
RE: Houston to San Fransico

I have heard to avoid LA at all cost. Any truth? ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!! I will not drive any where within 50 miles close to L.A. Traffic and people driving in L.A. are dangerious and nuts!!! Either take 110 to I-5 then north or I-10 to I-15 north to Hwy. 58 and then drop into Bakersfield then take Hwy 46 over to I-5 then north to S.F.
djgarcia 08/18/16 09:36pm Roads and Routes
RE: Start-up items needed?

Is there a site that would list items needed for your first time out with a new rv, like wheel chocks, leveling blocks, etc? I have an idea what I need, but it would be nice to have a check list or something so I don't forget an essential item first time out. I'm trying not to find out the hard way..lol Thanks 1. bag of yellow levelers sufficent to raise your RV at least 2" if needed. 2. A CB radio and hand held CB or at least a set of good walkie talkies so you can communicate with the person helping you back in to your site. I like motorola WT. 3. A good set of wheel chocks that fit between the tires not on the ground type. You want to eliminate as much of the trailer rocking as you are walking around inside. 4. Extra batteries depending on the devices you have. A battery charger for your 19v batteries 5. buy an expensive air pressure gauge i.e. Milton 6. buy a small portable Battery charger ---just in case needed. 7. A tube of white lithium grease 8. a spray can of lithium 9. A dozen white hand clothes. 10. A battery operated hand drill with various drill bits. 11. A basic set of tools both american and metric 12. A Good Sam "Emergency Road Side Service" policy. 13. A "Good Sam Travel assist" policy in the event you are unable to drive your rig home and your wife is unable to drive the rig. 14. A pencil tube of wood stain that matches most of your interior wood. 15. A Camping world "sewer attachment slide" to prevent any leakage on the ground after you empty your tanks. Also a clear plastic tube attachment to your sewer tube. This enables you to visually see when your tanks are clear and empty, otherwise you are just guessing. The "light indicator" board on the inside of the trailer are useless at best and generally less than accurate. 16. Buy a Camping World sewer hose that is collapsible, much easier to handle/use and takes much less room to store. 17. Two 15' nylon ratchet straps, it you need to strap down your awing when the wind kicks up.
djgarcia 08/18/16 04:45am Travel Trailers
RE: Mugged by California DMV?

Pardon me if I'm covering plowed ground here, but I couldn't find any threads on this topic... My annual registration renewal is to be $880! I've owned a couple of gas rigs in the past, the last was newer than our "new" diesel, and paid about half or less than the fees of this diesel! Would some diesel owners from Kalifornistan please chime in here and let me know it this sounds similar to what you're paying? Our coach is a 2004 (12 years old!) Winnebago Diesel 32T. It seems to me I'm being mugged and I'd like to know if our $880 mugging sounds similar to your experience. Thanks for any info. -Dale Just out curiosity, ask DMV what the cost would be for a new Winnebago similar to yours???
djgarcia 08/15/16 08:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New to this. Best weather in winter??? Help?

Thanks all. I really dont like humidity. in the SW is there anywhere around 70 most of the time? I dont mind cool nights. You will have to look in the higher elevation mountain locations for those kind of tempetures. You probably do not want to be in the Ariz. valley areas in the months from April through Sept. Too hot!!!! Any particular parks in the SW that are low cost for long termers yet at least clean and friendly? You might want to consider joining the "Escapees" organization for your needs. My husband is a vet who likes to target shoot. Both of us love wildlife and hiking and chatting around a fire with nice people. I am interested in California, but husband is leery, I think, of having a gun in CA. Plus guessing the costs are higher there. RV parks in Calif. are generally higher in price. Look at the RV parks in the Indio, Hemet areas. I avoid the area of southern calif. like a plague. Look for RV parks from Santa Barbara north all the way to the Oregon border. Oregon is great in the spring and summer but too cold and wet for me the rest of the year. Honestly, my biggest thrill will be stopping in Wyoming on the drive down.I cant wait to be there, but it's too cold to stay. Get yourself a Weather Radio so you can be prepared for bad weather, i.e. snow, storms and strong winds. What state do you folks declare residence? South Dakota is suppose to have low resident prices I am overwhelmed by the responses. RVers must be super friendly people. I like that so much. Hope most like animals too.
djgarcia 08/15/16 08:14pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: New to this. Best weather in winter??? Help?

Go to "Good Sam RV parks" application. Start searching in a variety of areas. Make 75 mile circles in a variety of areas and start looking for RV parks that best meet your needs $$$$. Phoenix and Tucson general have parks/resorts that are higher priced. Look in small rural little towns. RV parks in Yuma are general more economical than the rest of Ariz. I would make a list of as many little rural towns you can find and do your searching with Good Sam RV to start doing your comparisons. Stay away from RV parks that have the word "Resort".
djgarcia 08/15/16 08:00pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Why does my rig jiggle?

I have a Rockwood 8299BS 5th wheel. It has the heavy duty jacks (yellow support braces) in the rear of the trailer. After leveling my trailer and setting the rear jacks, my camper jiggles and moves when walking around inside. I'm not sure what else to do to keep the camper steady. I have a tri-pod to attach to the hitch but I can't imagine it will make that much difference in side-to-side motion. Any tips or tricks? It could be the type of wheel chocks you are using. You need a chock that forces itself between the 2 tires. The chock should be located 1/2 way up between the tires.
djgarcia 08/12/16 09:32am Fifth-Wheels
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