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RE: Load Range E tire pressure: how do you keep them up?

I fill my once a year. A few pounds over so they last for a year. Never have to add inbetween. Weigh your trailer then go by the tire chart for the correct amount. 80 may be too high.???I'm finding this hard to believe. I air up my Maxxis 8008 tires using my air compressor. I check them every 3-4 weeks, and they are always 5-10 lbs low. Good tires will hold air, what can I say? X2, I have used Good Year LT "G" rated tires for the last 10 years and GY LT "E" rated 10 years before that. My 5th wheel weighs 12K+ when loaded going down the road. Have not had 1 tire problem. GY stands behind the warranty on their tires. My 1st TT came with GY "D" rated tires and I blew them out within 1 year. GY replaced all tires and paid for the damage to my trailer--No cost to me! BUT, I never run without METAL STEMS.
djgarcia 05/24/16 08:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Looking for opinions and advice, please

I sent an email to Primetime Friday regarding the frame flex issue. They have not replied yet. Does anyone know a contact number for Forest River? Turn the damage into your insurance as a claim. The insurance co. will get hold of Rorest River:)
djgarcia 05/24/16 08:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Load Range E tire pressure: how do you keep them up?

Losing air Pressure---- Make sure you add metal stems to your rims before you put your new tires on. I run GY "G" rated tires @ 110lbs. I will loose 1 to 2 lbs. of air in a years time. Rubber stems tend to leak and then rot in time causing your tires to loose air.
djgarcia 05/24/16 05:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: Titan replacement tank

I have to ask, what is the objective/benefit? Wayne For me the benefit was choosing where to fill. Different states have different cost per gallon. Latest average price per gallon according to AAA: AZ $2.164 x 87 = $188 CA $2.655 x 87 = $231 NV $2.483 x 87 = $216 Where would YOU rather fill up? I can fill my 34 gallon OEM tank and put another 53 gallons in my auxiliary tank, if I were completely empty. X2, 1. minimizes worry about finding fuel when you are traveling in areas/states you are unfamiliar with. 2. Traveling in the south west can take you across some areas less populated with min. services. 3. Having the choice of driving 700 to 800 miles with out fueling up is a benefit if I need to. I drive 300 to 500 miles normally. 4. The purpose of an auxiliary larger fuel tank is not to drive "marathons" but rather to just give me options. I stop at every rest stop just to take the "kinks" out of my butt:) 5. My suspicious nature makes me wonder why diesel prices vary so much from state to state??? Who is riping off diesel users and for what reasons????
djgarcia 05/22/16 11:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Titan replacement tank

I have a Chevy 2015 3500 duramax dually. I am looking to replace stock tank with a Titan 62 gallon tank. I have 2 questions. 1) does anyone have one installed and how much below frame does it stick down. 2) also did you put the shield on it. Thanks Dennis Just to give you some comparison, you might Call "Transfer Flow" in Chico and ask them what they have for your truck.
djgarcia 05/22/16 08:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Looking for a campground between Yosemite and Eureka, CA

We are currently in Yosemite NP and will be heading to the redwood forests near Eureka, CA and have a couple days to visit in between. We are looking for a neat place to stay for a couple of days along the route. Here are some more details about us:We just spent a week in San Francisco so we don't really want to go back there on this trip.We have a 45 foot motorhome with all the amenities so we don't need any hookups for the two days.We have two girls 11 and 14 who we homeschool so educational opportunities are nice.We love nature and science.We are fulltimers in no hurry.Any suggestions? From Yosemite go west to I-5. Go north to Hwy. 20 at Williams. Go west on hwy. 20 to Nice which is about 1/2 way to Hwy. 101. Look for a Casino (I think it is called Robinson Rancheria Casino) on the right side of the road. It is just a large black top parking lot with a Casino. They use to allow RVers to park free. I would call them to make sure. From the Casino, continue west to hwy 101 then head north to Eureka. There RV parks along 101, just look in your Good Sam Directory.
djgarcia 05/22/16 10:23am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Redwoods to Yosemite

Google has obviously never driven in SF traffic pulling a trailer! Thats a BIG 10-4:)
djgarcia 05/20/16 10:29pm Roads and Routes
RE: Redwoods to Yosemite

In Williams, try the sandwiches at Granzella's, too -- really good. X2, Great sandwiches, Italian food and full deli.
djgarcia 05/20/16 10:19pm Roads and Routes
RE: What brand/specs of wheels/tires on 2015 Montana 5ers?

They are all 16 inch rims just like everybody else in their class and the tires they use are Trailer King ST E rated 10 ply as the Standard tire and Goodyear GY614's G rated 14 ply 110 P.S.I tires as an option which you should get on ANY brand of RV of that weight,the only exception of maybee keeping the E rated ST tires would be on the Montana High Country line which are lighter than the Big Montana and also like BB_TX said join the Huge MOC Forum(it's free) to find out EVERYTHING Montana related X2; on the GY614 tires. Going on 6 yrs. and not 1 single tire issue with plenty of thread showing. Be sure and get metal stems installed. Rarely do I loose more than 1 or 2 pounds of air after sitting for a couple of months:) Plan of replacing tires this year even though they "appear" I could get a couple of more years. Just don't like to push my luck with trailer tires.
djgarcia 05/20/16 03:21am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Looking for opinions and advice, please

Wow. You definitely have an issue. Have you tried getting the dealer involved? At least the dealer could back up visually what's going on. Sometimes the MFG tends to shrug things off. Also try submitting your problem to Trailer Life magazine. They can be a go between in warranty issues. It's out there for everyone to read. It's in their RV Resolutions section. X2 on reporting the issue to Trailer Life. If no resolution, I would contact a lawyer asking them to send a letter to the MFG.
djgarcia 05/19/16 05:51pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2016 Trip California Orgeon and Washington

God willing and the creeks don't rise will be heading out Saturday morning with a destination of Pacific Beach State Park in Washington. First night out will be at Banning Stagecoach KOA. Second night will be at Ventura Beach RV Resort. Third night will be at Morro Dunes RV Park. Forth night will be staying at Half Moon Bay State Park for the first time. Fifth night at Willits KOA Sixth night at Harris Beach State Park Seventh night at Yachats Sea Perch RV Resort Memorial Day weekend staying at Grayland Beach State Park for the first time. Then to Pacific Beach State Park for the month of June. Hope to be able to post some pictures of our sites as we go. Great trip! I might suggest suggest breaking up your trip with a 2 night stay about 1/2 way up your trip. Give yourself and family time to relax to take some of the strees of out your trip i.e. a 2 nighter at Harris State beach. If possible I would skip Willits KOA then go to Cresent City. Not a big deal but I just try to avoid KOA's, price is too high and they tend to have a bunch of kids running around making noise.
djgarcia 05/19/16 05:43pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Redwoods to Yosemite

The second leg of our upcoming trip is from Jedediah Smith State park in the redwoods to an RV park just west of Yosemite. Google shows going back up through Medford OR and then down I5 through Sacramento and turning east near Stockton onto Hyw 4. Shows only a few minutes longer taking 101 through San Fran. Theres also a number of routes that could be used east of Sacramento. Any suggestions on which is the most enjoyable, scenic, less traffic? Will be towing a 30ft travel trailer with a diesel. Thanks Andy From Jedidiah Smith SP, take 101 south down to Hwy. 20. Head east on Hwy. 20 through Clear Lake then on to I-5 at Maxwell. Go south on I-5 to Hwy. 4 then go east. 101 through San Franciso would be a nightmare for me towing a trailer:( Can it be done? Probably but not a route I would ever consider when towing:( Be sure you already have reservations at Yosemite !!!! You might want to consider picking an RV park near a town near Yosemite. and arrange to take one of their shuttle tour buses/
djgarcia 05/19/16 05:08pm Roads and Routes
RE: Diesel or Gas? Resale value

I had a quick look at Craigslist for Nashville. There is options for sure. With your tight schedule, and need to keep moving, IMHO you might was to go a bit shorter than full size just for the easy of getting in and out of campsites. There is a 2001 Newmar Mountain Aire with V10 gas available. It's $34,000, and is 34 feet long. Certainly Newmars enjoy a positive niche in the market. Getting up into build in laundry might require a bit longer, but like everything, there is a tradeoff. What would you need to tow behind? Certainly, there is diesels to do the job, but the V10 gas engine is pretty easy and quick to fix, versus having to find a CAT shop to work on your diesel. Enjoy the search. Nice music! Thank you! I actually don't need to tow anything. I saw that post on craigslist (Newmar), but if it's $34,000 and it's 2001, do I have to spend some extra money for possible repairs? Any RV that is 15 yrs. old has a high probability of needed some serious $$$$$ to get to the reliable state. I would take the RV to my RV/auto mechanic and pay him $200 bucks to check all the systems i.e. engine, tranny, rear end, RV elec./water, flush tanks, refrig. heater etc etc. before you buy.
djgarcia 05/18/16 08:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Diesel or Gas? Resale value

How fun! I think for what you want your starting budget is a bit low. Yes you can find units that might fit the bill in that range but I thing the reliability won't be there. I also wouldn't lose any sleep over resale value. You will already be doing everything you can to hedge plummeting value by going with one that is already depreciated. Best of luck to you both! Two Jayhawks has good advice and realistic overall perspective on RVing. My thoughts: 1. Class A's sounds like it would meet many of your needs for your touring activities. 2. Unfortunately your current financial funds at this time will be a real limiting factor in your search for a "reliable diesel Class A'. You migh get lucky and find a Class A from a private party who for personal or medical reasons have to give up RVing. You might find a class A for $50K but it will be older and probably need some repairs or have continued maintenace issues 3. Diesel engines is the only way to go IMHO and experience. You also have plenty of pulling power. 4. An alternative plan: a. keep your current trailer or take a look at the Lance trailers. b. then buy a new or used Dodge Diesel truck 2500 min. ideal 3500. No disrespect to Fords or Chevy trucks.:) c. Save some more $$$$$ until you can afford the Class A you really want:) b.
djgarcia 05/18/16 07:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone use covers over there camper?

We're pulling the trigger and buying a new camper and want to keep it looking great. Do any of y'all use a camper cover and if so how do you like it and how long do they last? Thanks My friend used one in Ariz bought from camping world for about $500. Fortunately she bought the 2 yr. warranty for any possible tears etc. for about $100. After about 1 year she went back to get her money back. Their trailer torn a whole in the cover. Take a close look at any sharp areas on your rig. It was also a pain in the butt to install and took 4 people:( The RV was a 34' 5th. wheel.
djgarcia 05/18/16 06:27pm Truck Campers
RE: Ram Truck Owners

Oh Lord I did open a can of worms lol. I have a 2014, 1500 pulling a 27 foot Aspen Trial. Its mainly on the freeway and its not trailer sway I can feel it in the rear end. The sway is not bad but I can feel it every so often especially when being passed by larger trucks. I also added ten ply tires which handle the load a lot better then the factory Firestone tires did. And the reason I said poor design I have owned a lot of pickup trucks over the years and I am a dodge fan, but he coil spring design is not as good for heavy hauling as leaf springs in my opinion. Take a look at the Reese Dual Cam hitch to solve your sway issues. A 1500 truck is pretty light truck to towing a 27' trailer as you have discovered.
djgarcia 05/16/16 11:40am Travel Trailers
RE: Carson city RV park???

Sparks Marina Rv is another good one in the Reno area, thats where we stay. X2, I stayed there with a Heartland Rally group for 4 days. Sites are large, clean, easy to pull through and leave. Young couple just took over as managers who were very friendly and helpful. You need to make sure your GPS is hooked up as you drive there as it is not a direct shot off the freeway. There are a number of large shopping malls within 10 min. Of course Casinos are near by if you like good food and the **** tables:)
djgarcia 05/16/16 10:01am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Fueling DP is SLOWWWWW

HELP!! I've read a lot of post on this subject but most of them are older. I'm hoping something new has come up or someone has a trick for me to try...I have 2003 DP with duel fillers. It holds 100 gallons. I've only filled up twice so far but haven't been able to get it completely full either time. I get to what I think is about 10-15 gallons from full and lose patience! At frustrating... If you are using diesel, try using a the truckers pumps. The nozzles are larger and fuel comes out faster.
djgarcia 05/15/16 09:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Explain this

I have a '11 GMC Sierra 2500 gas. I traded a '09 KZ Spree 261RKS loaded weighed in at 5500 lbs. If I held my speed at 60 I could keep my mileage at 9mpg. Anything over 60 and I would drop to mid 8's. New trailer is a Keystone Cougar 31RKS that is 7 foot longer and weighs 2300lbs more than the Spree. I just towed 600 miles through the Smokies on I75 up the Jellico pass and averaged 65 mph-70 mph and lowest mpg was 9.3 and tops was 9.8. The Cougar has a more aerodynamic front with the enclosed propane bottles. Do you think the front end design can make that much difference that would actually increase mileage on that much bigger and heavier trailer? Thoughts Another big factor is running your tires at max. capacity.
djgarcia 05/15/16 09:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Battery question

My Rv came with two batteries from the factory (2006 Outback 27 rsds). We have used our RV mainly at full hookup spots. My question is, can I just install one battery instead of two? Thank you very much! I think the question you have to ask is "what is the benefit of using only 1 battary"? In my trailer, I need 2 batteries to get my slides in and out when I am not hooked up to electricity. The other benefit of 2 batteries is not getting out on the road with out a back up if one of the batteries dies:(
djgarcia 05/15/16 05:04pm Travel Trailers
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