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RE: Towing a travel trailer with a truck camper?

Don't have a tow vehicle yet. Well, actually I'm towing the current popup with either the wife's Highlander or my Sienna. But the Sienna has about 280,000 miles on it and will soon be replaced by a truck. I've been looking at Ford F250 or F350 diesel 4x4 trucks with SRW as I don't want to deal with a dually for my daily vehicle. So that will restrict what kind of 5th wheel or camper/trailer combo I can pull. But just looking around it seems like with a F250 with the camper package and heavy duty tow package I should be way able to put a lightweight popup camper on top like the aluminum 4 wheel model above and then still be able to tow something like a 20' fiberglass camper like perhaps this one: Oliver Legacy Elite II which would give me about 800-900 lbs dry weight for the slid-in camper and about 500 lbs dry tongue weight on the camper which should leave plenty of payload for passengers and gear and maybe also an auxiliary fuel tank. If your plans are to RV for the for unforeseeable future, go with the F350 Diesel. This will eliminate any concerns about what or how much you can tow more the most part.
djgarcia 05/29/15 06:26pm Truck Campers
RE: Where to store and camp by the beach in Southern CA

Hello, We are looking for a place near San Diego,preferably by the beach, where we can store and camp with our trailer. We used to have a place in Rocky Point, Mexico where they would let us leave the trailer and they would just move it to the beach the day before our arrival. Is there such a place in San Diego or somewhere in Southern California. If not, can someone recommend a safe, inexpensive storage place in San Diego 5-10 miles from the beach? Thanks. As has be noted! How big is your wallet???
djgarcia 05/29/15 06:17pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: We Did It

New 5th. wheel== Great looking RV:) Good looking RVers! Keep those wheels rolling on the RV road:)
djgarcia 05/29/15 11:38am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Oregon State Parks....campsite sizes?

Hi all. My wife and I are looking at relocating back to Oregon from Texas. I grew up in Oregon in the 70s and did a lot of camping at state parks along the coast and in other parts of the state in my younger years. But always car camping or backpacking. So I'm pretty familiar with the park system and have my favorite parks. What I don't know because it has never been an issue is how large the campsites are and how accommodating they are to larger 5th wheels in say the 37-38' range. I'm trying to play ahead and make sure something I get for this year in Texas will still be usable for camping mainly in state parks in the Northwest. Any comments? Is there a certain size I want to stay under for maximum use of public campgrounds in the Northwest? Does anyone know of any other sites that are more dedicated to camping in this region of the US where that information might be more available? Thanks! Look up "Travel Life Directory" on the web for each of the parks you are interested in. It will tell you size of the RV sites.
djgarcia 05/29/15 08:06am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Old Man Going I-Phone ------ Advice Please

The iPhone6 is the most user friendly and has the best technical support of all iPhones:):)
djgarcia 05/28/15 10:27pm Technology Corner
RE: 3-4 week trip west... A little nervous!

Sounds like a great trip. To minimize surprises while traveling I have a battery operated Weather radio and a CB radio. The weather radio will warn you about what kind of weather you will be heading into i.e. I remember some ocassional strong winds in Wyoming, Mountana and in some of the desert areas in Calif. The CB radio will allow you to check with the truckers giving you information about road conditions/construction, accidents and possible available detours. Some CB radios have a weather warning system built in. Safe travels.
djgarcia 05/28/15 07:53am Roads and Routes
RE: Rest area dumps and hose fittings

In Calif. it is really inconsistent as to which rest areas have operational dumping/flushing facilities:( My choice is to wait until I get to my next RV Part site where I can take my time and do a thorough flusing. I can go about 8 to 10 days without filling up the black tank and need to dump.
djgarcia 05/28/15 07:38am Beginning RVing
RE: 3-4 week trip west... A little nervous!

We are from Florida and had also never been out west. Once I did our route, I asked people on this forum what routes to avoid. I recommend you stop at a truck stop and purchase a truckers atlas that shows steep grades. With your diesel pusher you should be fine. Go slow going down the mountains. Don't ride your brakes. Use your engine brake if you have one and use lower gears. I-90 is fine. From I-90, I would take US16 west from Buffalo WY, then at Worland, head north to Greybull. There is a KOA in Greybull - a bit tight but call ahead for a longer site if you stay there. In Greybull turn west on 14-16-20 toward Cody. Stop in Cody and see the Buffalo Bill Museum. They also have a rodeo in town not sure what night. There is a state park west of town with limited hookups, or there are commercial parks in town. We stayed at the Yellowstone Valley Inn RV Park and drove into Yellowstone 2 days. Yellowstone campgrounds might be full this time of year. You may have to stay outside and drive in. It's about 35 miles from the east entrance. You can also see the Tetons from that area. We didn't make it to Utah so someone else can get you from Yellowstone to Utah. Relax and enjoy!! It might help to figure out how many days it is going take just driving to Yellowstone or how many hours you plan of driving per day. Given your limited time frame of 4 weeks, I would encourage reservations. How far west are you going?
djgarcia 05/28/15 12:28am Roads and Routes
RE: New Tires

I just replaced the Blowmaxx tires on our Bighorn today. New set of Goodyear G614's. It is worth the peace of mind. I considered the Sailun S637's also for the cheaper price, but went with the Goodyears because of availability. Sailuns are available online but not as easy to get if you have a problem on the road. We could not find anybody within 100 miles of our home that even stocked them. Good Years warranty/road hazard policy is outstanding:)
djgarcia 05/27/15 09:18pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Tires

Agree with Lyle. Goodyear G614's or Sailun S637. Both G rated and both very highly regarded. I had the G614's on my last rig and just put them on my new one. Lots of carefree miles to be had there... X1. Go with the Goodyear G614 E rated. Never had a problem after 10 yrs. and run them at 110psi. That would be G rated... :) Thanks, before they had the curret G rated tire, i ran E rated:)
djgarcia 05/27/15 09:14pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Tires

Agree with Lyle. Goodyear G614's or Sailun S637. Both G rated and both very highly regarded. I had the G614's on my last rig and just put them on my new one. Lots of carefree miles to be had there... X1. Go with the Goodyear G614 E rated. Never had a problem after 10 yrs. and run them at 110psi.
djgarcia 05/27/15 03:32pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Anyone not want to retire?

DW and I both have a remaining parent in nursing homes. Over the past few years, we've spent a lot of time in the homes and have seen what happens to many people when they get old, many with dementia and in wheelchairs not knowing who you are or what month or year it is. It's starting to scare the carp out of me as it won't be a whole lot longer before I could be in a nursing home. It sure isn't how I want to end up and hope I just wake up dead one day in our bed at home or in our TT... X1, I share your feelings 100%. Before I would go into a Nursing Home, I would move to Oregon:) What I find so disturbing about Nursing homes is that at that stage in your life, 2 events happen: 1. we loose the opportunity to make decisions about our life 2. we struggle to maintain control in our daily life decisions:( The Apache indians had the right idea at that stage of our life----take me up in the mountains and lean me against a beautiful tree with a great view, say goodby and then leave:)
djgarcia 05/27/15 10:26am General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone not want to retire?

Retirment---- After most of us reach around 55 yrs. of age, our health is like going to Vegas and playing craps--every year you roll the dice your odds increase that you will roll and 7 or 11 and******out:( Each additional year limits and restricts our physically abilities. I really don't understand the logic of people who say they want to work JUST ONE additional year or so for a higher retirement so they can earn another $100 per month. IMHO, after 60 you are burning up the best years of your retirement life.:) Retired at 59:) On the RV travel road 6 months a year:)
djgarcia 05/26/15 08:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Mt Shasta to Tahoe

Korbe -Thanks for your response. I don't mind it taking time, and doesn't have to be the quickest. I'd rather not drive on sketchy roads with tons of bends and turns. I like what you suggested and will take a look in more detail. Thanks. There is a number of "pull outs" along 50 so you don't get real long lines of cars and angry drivers behind you:):)
djgarcia 05/26/15 05:57pm Roads and Routes
RE: Mt Shasta to Tahoe

thanks. so not i-5 to 50 and up? We are actually staying at Zephyr. OPTION 1 ----Take I-5 to Hwy. 50 out of Sacramento which will drop you right into So. Lake Tahoe. Then just north about 10 miles and you will be in Zepher Groove. Takes 6 to 7hrs. OR OPTION 2 ----Take I-5 to 80 to 395 at Reno, then go south to Hwy 50,( Hwy. 50 is a fairly steep climb for about 8 miles but it is a multiple lane highway, no big deal) turn right and continue until you hit the Lake, then turn left when you hit the Lake , go a few miles and you are right at Zepher Groove. DO NOT take 80 and then turn off at Truckee and then turn RIGHT Tahoe City. Turn left and drive to Hwy. 50, then turn right till you hit the Lake and the turn left to Zepher Groove. Turning right a Tahoe City to get to South Lake Tahoe is a congested cluster of traffic and usual a lot of road construction. When you get to around Meeks Bay you will be climbing hills and switch backs where you can almost look and see the total side of your rear trailer. NOT RV FRIENDLY:(:(:(:( Personally I like 1-5, Hwy. 50 to South Lake Tahoe because the RV park I use is closer. Either way is fine:):):)
djgarcia 05/26/15 05:52pm Roads and Routes
RE: Our families 8 week RV Trip

Main reason for going to SD is going to the Zoo. Like someone said, that Zoo just isn't everywhere. We also planned SD for the 4th of July. That's where we wanted to be to watch fireworks. My main dread in this trip is LA on I5. Is there any way around LA to Yosemite without going to dreaded 120 which I've read isn't RV friendly? Again, my wife and I have to say thank you to everyone for all the info. Wish I had done this sooner before our planning and making reservations. Are there any good places to stay around Yosemite that's not in the park incase we can't get more reservations? Again, we have only 1 night in the park but if we change the sched. and get more time, we obviously need somewhere to stay. Anyone? An alternative to avoid L.A.-- 1. Take i-5 north to Hwy. 57. Continue of 57 to 210 then head west to I-5. Take I-5 over the Grape. You then have a straight shot to Yosemite. Just take your time going over the Grape Vine and use that Exhaust Brake and lower gears going down. When you get to the top of the Grape Vine, get over in the far right hand lane with all the truckers so you can keep your speed down without backing up traffic:)
djgarcia 05/25/15 06:30pm Roads and Routes
RE: Our families 8 week RV Trip

You posted this while I was posting my comments. My responses in red. Thanks for your responses. I understand what everyone is saying. I know my family though and we aren't the type to sit at a campground for a week. This isn't about sitting at a CG for a week. One can spend a week at places like Yosemite and Glacier and only be at the campsite long enough to sleep. These are BIG parks with LOTS to see. When we say sightseeing.... we are talking about going to Kennedy Space Center, kids want to see the Space Needle in Seattle, going to the Carlsbad Caverns, San Diego Zoo, and other places. The kids were very much a part of the planning and that is why some of these things such as Seattle have made it to our list. I don't know how the kids can make an informed decision if they've never been to places like the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Glacier, Mt. St. Helens. I've given you recommendations based on years (oops, decades) of travelling in the west. I've been to all the places you've listed multiple times. When we have company come visit with kids, the kids go home saying it's the most fun they've ever had. The Space Needle is just a tall building. It pales in comparison to the sights that nature provides. We were trying to find a balance between the national parks and seeing some new to us cities. Cities are cities. Glacier, Canyonlands, Arches, the Oregon Coast -- these are wonders far greater than any city.We are planning stays in some state parks in some of the stop overs such as Catalina SP in Tucson, Dead Horse SP in Moab and Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores. We will also take a break from the RV in Vegas and stay at Circus Circus. Again, there are so many much, much, much better places than Las Vegas for kids. Las Vegas . Circus Circus RV Park is just 1 big black top:( When you are there the temp will between 110 to 120 deg.:( Las Vegas is a Disneyland for adults----Gamble & Drink! Your availability of Yosemite reservations does not surprise me at that time of the year. It is a beautiful site to see. Not quite the same, but buy your kids a DVD of Yosemite. Have you considered South Lake Tahoe instead of Yosemite. Many more activities for the kids and the adults can get a night of Gambling/dinner as well. Great biking and walking trails , fishing throughout South Lake Tahoe for parents and kids. Tahoe Lake is beautiful and the kids will love it. There are campgrounds close to the lake. Campground by the Lake RV park is right across the street from the lake. A big difference is the temp. at 5000 ft. sunny but not blistering hot especially at night. If any have suggestions of ways to make slight changes to itinerary(alternate routes) so that we could add a day or two more to Moab, a day for Glacier we would love your suggestions. I'm afraid I can't give slight changes as it will take some significant rearranging to make this trip something I'd want to do. We do realize that some of the stretches a driving are long. We are young and frequent road travels. I am used to driving 9-15 hours pulling a 48 ft trailer with a Topkick 6 times a year over the course of usually 3-4 days turnaround for racing. It's not fun and we wouldn't want to do it everyday but we figured we could handle a few longer stretches here and there to see more of the country. What I'm saying is see more of the country and less of the cities! Thanks again for all your input! On edit, I posted this while you were posting your most recent posts. Glad to see you are considering some changes!! ;)
djgarcia 05/25/15 01:08pm Roads and Routes
RE: Our families 8 week RV Trip

Having lived in Houston for 17 years, I would skip that giant blacktop all together. You didnt mention Brice Canyon and to me its the most spectacular of them all. Do Grand to Bryce to Zion. Stay the night at Zion. X1, it will take you 2 to 3 days just to drive through Texas and I found much of Texas to be long stretches of barren dirt. No disrespect to Texas. I am interested in your definition of "Sight seeing" and agree with another post that some of your RV trip sounds like driving through a MacDonalds car pick up for lunch without turning the motor off:(. i.e. driving from Tucson to San Diego will take 8 hrs. with some potty and stretch stops. San Diego is a real cluster of congested traffic. I live in Calif. and refuse to drive within 50 miles of any where in Southern Calif. From Tucson I would drive around So. Calif. to the Santa Barbara area on hwy. 101 which is a beautiful drive all the way to S.F., then head over to Yosemite to spend 3 or 4 days. Crater Lake is beautiful but given your time frame, I would skip it and get back to Hwy. 101 through Oregon and Washington for a great ocean trip. From Washington I would take a Ferry (with your RV) over to Whidby Island and spend 3 or 5 days exploring. You could take your tow vehicle on a Ferry back to Seattle for a day trip. Seattle is another cluster of congested traffic. Let us know how the trip turns out:)
djgarcia 05/25/15 06:25am Roads and Routes
RE: Our families 8 week RV Trip

Big RV family trip-- 1. First caculate the number of miles between each place you are going to. Now calculate the total number of miles for your whole trip. 2. Now divide the total number of miles between each place you want to visit and then divide that number by 60mph (average speed you will generally be be able to drive). Thats how many of hours you drive each day. 3. Now divide the total number of miles for your whole trip and divide by 60 and that will tell you how many hours your total trip will take. Now decide how many hours per day you want to drive and that will determine how many days you will driving for your whole trip. 4. Generally speaking most RVers drive between 4 to 6 hrs. per day. Can you drive more hours each day, sure but then you have to consider the effects on you and your family! 5. IMHO, I strongly recommend you make reservations for RV parks for your total trip in advance. Reservations will give you a plan to deviate from, Reservations can always be cancelled and rescheduled. 6. Looking at at your itinerary, some of the places you want to sightsee will be packed with tourist, some of the places are limited as far as RV parks i.e. Yosemite, San Francisco ( I live near S.F. and would never drive an RV there!
djgarcia 05/24/15 09:48pm Roads and Routes
RE: Mexico question

We are in the Willcox, AZ area and going to be going to Benson, AZ after here. Which is the biggest, safest Mexico town we can park and walk across? Through Douglas into Agua Prieta or at Nogales? We head north from Benson so will not be in the Yuma area to go to Algodones. Thanks in advance. I would avoid Auga Prieta! It was bad 20 yrs. ago , too many drugs. Wait tip you get a post from one who has crossed at Douglas.
djgarcia 05/24/15 07:59pm RVing in Mexico and South America
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