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RE: Side emitting LED bulb?

Found this site which has side-emitting LED in some pretty high wattages. LED lights FWIW it appears that the same (or similar) bulbs are sold by Home Depot with wattages as high as 500W. 500W LED bulb
docj 01/20/18 09:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Netflix: disappearing movies

I've used the free app Hola to spoof Netflix so it would think I was in the US while vacationing in Canada so I could get the US Netflix shows rather than the Canadian ones. I've also used it to see some BBC shows while in the US.
docj 01/07/18 05:04pm Technology Corner
RE: Netflix: disappearing movies

All of the streaming services have to pay license fees for the content (intellectual property) they provide. I suspect that if a particular movie or TV show isn't getting watched all that often, it may get cancelled the next time it's license is up for renewal. IMHO it has nothing to do with consideration for customers; it's simply a business decision. Often when Netflix discontinues a show you may be able to find it on a competing service. My Roku can search by name for other places to find a show, or just to a Google search.
docj 01/07/18 09:57am Technology Corner
RE: Windows 10 1709 update messed up my laptop

Installed the latest Windows 10 1709 update to my formally rock solid laptop.Now when I try to restart the computer it comes back up with a blank screen. The only way I can get it back usable is to do a hard restart and that does not always work. Even when I just close the lid the screen will not come up without a hard restart. I have the settings set to when lose lid nothing happens, never sleep. Any ideas? The 1709 update was a problem for both my laptops and several others I have used recently. Once you your computer running take a look at Settings/Update/UpdateHistory. I wouldn't be at all surprised if it shows that a "Restart is needed to complete update" but restarting it won't fix the problem. This was the case with several computers I've worked on. Under updates you can try to see if you are given the option to remove that update; you probably won't be allowed to or even if you are it won't actually do it even though it may act as if it does. What worked best for me was to go to the Windows update site and to manually download and install 1709. Follow this link: Windows 10 Fall Creator Edition and click on Update Now. This will result in the update being installed and I've had much better luck with the success rate. But be forewarned that this will use another 4-5GB of data. There are other things that can be done if the problem isn't licked by this approach, but this worked for most of the computers I used it on.
docj 12/28/17 10:36pm Technology Corner
RE: Internet Speed

Is it really that important when we are all talking about the same thing? Few know the difference (or care). Internet speeds are going to be Mb while storage is going to be MB or GB so if we are talking speed and I say MB....so what, we all know what we are talking about. Bill: IMO I think it matters if someone is posting something quantitative, rather than qualitative. If you post that your connection was blazingly fast and your "download speed was ginormous", no one is going to ask if it was ginormous in "bits" or "bytes." But OTOH if someone goes through the trouble of stating specific speed test results, then I do think that some degree of accuracy is expected. Otherwise, why bother to cite data if it has no meaning? JMO For the specific post in this thread, wa8yxm was making a point about how fast his internet connection was at a restaurant. But because his terminology was garbled it is impossible to know how fast it really was. As a result, the significance of his post is lost--was it just a reasonably fast connection of a few Mbps or was he at a restaurant that had a fiber connection that was truly very, very fast. At present we have no way of knowing. Joel (AKA docj)
docj 11/25/17 08:09am Technology Corner
RE: Internet Speed

Had breakfast at a Denny's with a 5GHZ router and high speed interned. .Hit 4516 EG BYTES Files loaded faster than from the hard drive on my Windows machine (I was using an Android that day and a Chromebook later) Amazing There are a few things wrong with your statement. I'm sure your connection was fast, but it can't have been "4516 EG BYTES". Bytes is a measure of data, not a data rate. "EG" isn't a measure of anything. If you meant 4516 GB Bytes, that still wouldn't be representative of a possible data rate. If you meant 4516 GB per second that would be a physically impossible rate since the fastest network speeds with fiber are on the order of a gigabit. What you probably meant to say was that the rate you measured was on the order of 45.16 Mbps (megabits per second--not bytes per second because that's not the way data rates are measured). It's possible, but not likely, that you measured 451.6 Mbps but that would assume that the restaurant had a fiber connection. I mean you no disrespect, but I'm sure you can see how things can get very confused very quickly if people don't use technical terms correctly. Joel (AKA docj)
docj 11/20/17 04:30pm Technology Corner
RE: percentage of permanent sites.

I know that I would avoid parks with too many 'seasonal' spots just because I find the atmosphere to be rather 'cool' to outsiders. My wife and I are cordial to people we meet at RV parks and campgrounds, but we don't go RVing expecting to make new long-term friends from those who are "just passing through." At places where we stay for a month or more, it seems somewhat presumptuous for someone who is staying for a weekend to act as if we should invite you to join our potlucks or do anything more than smile, say hello and maybe ask "where are y'all from?" JMO
docj 07/07/17 04:51pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Stale technology impacting RV.net forums?

Back in the days when I went to irv2, I learned that they were really run by advertisers. IRV2 has advertising, as do many free websites; that's how it pays its bills (it does take money to pay programmers to keep websites up and running.) The advertisers don't "own the site"; they display ads on forums that are relevant to their product areas and there is a vendor forum where they are permitted to post product notices, etc.
docj 06/27/17 08:07am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Grey water tank sludge

Sounds like the tank needs a thorough cleaning.. but I don't know how that's done. There is a national franchise operation called All Pro Water Flow that cleans both gray and black tanks with a pressure washer and specially designed small nozzles. We had ours down several years ago when we were experiencing what the OP has reported in this thread. It fixed us up, although we do need to have it done again. Those of us who full-time in our RVs and have washer/dryers really can't keep the gray tank valve closed all the time unless we wish to risk washing machine overflow accidents. I don't mind having the tanks cleaned every couple of years as the price I pay for this convenience.
docj 06/18/17 05:55pm Tech Issues
RE: WiFiRanger Core & SkyPro

Can you test the SkyPro without a Wifi Ranger (not a big fan) or is this something that requires that kind or a router? Bill: The SkyPro "is" a WiFiRanger as is the Core. Both are fully functional routers capable of being used separately. The fact that they are linked together in this example doesn't make using them in that configuration exclusively. Joel
docj 06/04/17 03:41am Technology Corner
RE: Rant about fulltimers

One thing that I find interesting about this thread is that, depending on who is posting, the definition of "permanent" or "long-term" changes. To many the word "permanent" connotes people who use their RVs as lodging while working at jobs in the local area. For example, my home base ownership park has several renters who will be here for years working on a major bridge/highway project. I can understand why "vacationers" with families may not feel they have anything in common with such neighbors but the lack of common interests shouldn't necessarily be a pejorative comment about these folks or how they maintain their sites. However, I was more surprised to read in some of the posts, this same hostility being addressed towards RVers who I think of as "seasonal campers" who rent a site for an entire vacation season (either winter or summer) and who may choose to use it only when convenient. Somehow, because they are "taking up" sites that could have been rented to others they are doing something wrong. That logic would essentially make FL or TX snowbirds who go home for Christmas unfair to others who want to take holiday vacations? There was a third perspective voiced by someone who posted that permanents were Ok as long as the RV park wasn't a "destination park" where he wanted to vacation, but, rather an along-the-way park which he used only as a hotel. But, over the years, I've come to realize that a place that might be only a hotel to you might well be a vacation spot for someone else. My totally personal view is that I am most concerned about the appearance of a park. I fully understand the long term resident--tenant issue, but regardless of how long someone stays, IMHO the park has the right to promulgate and enforce its rules. In my experience, many parks tend to "bend" the rules with respect to their permanent residents. "Sure, he's not supposed to have all that stuff under his RV, but he's been here for so long......" Once that sort of thing starts it's a slippery slope and there's no going back. My suggestion is that parks that absolutely don't permit stays longer than 14-30 days ought to post that on their websites. I think there are plenty of RVers who would consider that a big plus. But if you say that then you have to mean it. I used to think of KOA's as parks like that because you couldn't make reservations for stays >1 month on the KOA website. But now, there are lots of KOAs with large percentages of long term residents. I don't think this problem is going to change anytime soon so we all need to learn to deal with it. Not making negative assumptions about the family in the neighboring RV site might be a good way to start.
docj 05/26/17 09:32am Full-time RVing
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