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RE: Emails from RVParkReviews.com

I think you will really like the improvements you will find on the new RVPR website next month. In addition to a more modern interface there will be lots more capabilities including a smartphone app later this year.
docj 08/28/14 03:08pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Emails from RVParkReviews.com

I never got or saw an e-mail from you, so thanks for the heads up. I've been told that they are going out in waves, but some people, including me, have not been getting routine emails from RVPR for several months. We don't know why and, since, we are migrating to a new platform, this has not been the highest priority thing to fix. So it's possible you won't ever receive an email.
docj 08/28/14 12:04pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Emails from RVParkReviews.com

Many people here have probably received an email from RVParkReviews.com asking that you check and verify your user name for that site. This is NOT SPAM. As an admin for RVParkReviews let me clarify this request. The current site software does not associate reviews of parks with a displayed individual's name (obviously, the system knows who submits each review). However, the new software platform we are migrating to next month will display a name for each review in much the same way that TripAdvisor does. Many RVPR's members used their real names when they signed up to join the site. Some took advantage of the ability to create a "display name" but many did not. This didn't matter if names weren't associated with reviews but it might bother some people to have their names publicly linked to some reviews they have posted, particularly unfavorable ones. The purpose of this email is to give members the chance to change the name that will be displayed. It does not require you to make a change; it only notifies you of the right to do so if you wish. Here's the link to the webpage where you can check your RVPR account settings: RVPR account settings
docj 08/28/14 10:26am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Toad Battery going dead!!

If one were to add a dedicated +12V line for battery maintenance, would it not make sense to include a similarly sized extra ground wire? That's correct; I added a pair of heavier gauge wires to mine.
docj 08/25/14 06:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Raleigh NC campgrounds

We just stayed at Jordan Lake, beautiful campground. The gates were not locked until 10 PM when we were there. If you're out and about doing things with family, having to be back at the park by 10pm is an unacceptable restriction for us. JMO
docj 08/25/14 06:17am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Raleigh NC campgrounds

We think the fairgrounds is excellent for a short stay to visit family. Jordan Lake might be interesting but NC state parks have a crazy rule that the gates are locked in the early evening and you can't get in or out.
docj 08/24/14 06:03pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: WiFiRanger Pro

WiFiRanger pro Is it me or is this thing a piece of junk. Bought it for $140.00 in 2011. It was problematic from the start. Now after putting it away for awhile I can not even get to the menu. Am I just to stubborn to accept this is antiquated technology? Thanks, r0n……..:S You do have one of the earlier WiFiRanger models. However, even it can be updated to the latest software. If you are unable to access it via wifi have you tried connecting to it with an Ethernet cable? The online control panel will be at the same IP address as it would be if you were accessing it via wifi.
docj 08/24/14 05:59pm Technology Corner
RE: Wi-Fi Refund

camping and RVing, got along just fine for a hundred years without internet With all due respect this is a classic non sequitur; it is an irrelevant fact. Civilization existed for several thousand years without most of the technology available today but few are advocating returning to life in an earlier age. I find it difficult to understand how someone who moderates an internet forum can state that the internet is a luxury relative to camping and RVing solely because they "got along just fine for 100 years" without it. For many people internet access isn't a luxury, it is very much part of their private lives and careers. This may not be true for you, but it is for more and more of us. As a full-time RVer I don't rely on campground wifi, but I do rely on internet access in one form or another. A campground without at least minimal internet access via wifi or cellular would not be a place we would return to no matter how beautiful it was.
docj 08/24/14 02:54pm Technology Corner
RE: Toad Battery going dead!!

IMO if you're measuring the 12.5V while your MH engine is running, that isn't sufficient for charging purposes. You need a charging voltage >13V. Since you used the "umbilical" cable for the charging current that may be your problem; the wires may be too small and you're suffering voltage drop. I ran a separate 10 gauge wire for my ToadCharge and zip-tied it to the umbilical cable. First thing to do is check all your connections to make sure that something isn't loose. If that doesn't raise your voltage you may need to consider running a new charging wire.
docj 08/24/14 07:08am Class A Motorhomes
RE: HD Satelitte

If you are using a wireless HDMI setup why would you need or want to go through your selector box? A number of the wireless HDMI systems have a loop-through so you can take the output of the receiver through the wireless and then to the front TV. The rear TV would receive the wireless signal. Your switch box is no doubt coax and is pretty much useless in today's world. The limitation of using the wireless HDMI is that the two TVs will have to watch the same program. If you want the TVs to be able to watch different programs then you need two receivers and you would probably want to use an appropriate method for sending a separate satellite signal to the rear TV probably through a new coax from the Trav'ler most likely installed on the roof.
docj 08/23/14 02:23pm Technology Corner
RE: Paint / Clearcoat Recommendation - South Texas

I don't yet have personal experience with these folks, but I've been thinking of calling them when we're in TX this winter: Texas Custom Coach I suspect they won't be cheap, but it's worth asking.
docj 08/21/14 07:22am Tech Issues
RE: crossing the borders (food & fuel)

The origin of the fruit is not a factor. We've had California oranges taken from us when crossing from Canada to the USA. The agents don't care where the product was grown. They do care about where it has been. I'm sorry that isn't true. The case of oranges is specifically discussed on the US Border Protection website. Fruits that are grown in Canada can be brought into the US, but, since oranges don't grow there, you can't bring them into the US unless you can show they were grown in the US in the first place. There are lots of foods that can be brought into the US from Canada that wouldn't be allowed if they came from other companies. Here's the official website that describes what you can bring back into the US from Canada (about halfway down the page): What food can I bring into the US? The Canadian rules for taking food into their country are here: What food can I bring into Canada?
docj 08/18/14 04:06pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Norton 360 via internet download or from Best Buy??

I've been using downloaded Kaspersky for years; Norton should be no different. Pretty much all the software I've bought in the past several years has been downloaded.
docj 08/12/14 08:10am Technology Corner
RE: Car trailer versus flat towing

Top of the line aluminum 6.5 x 14, 7000# trailer (1000# trailer weight); no vehicle wear, a tool that can be used for numerous jobs around the house with an initial cost of $5200. That assumes, of course, you aren't a full-timer and have other uses for a trailer.
docj 08/11/14 07:52am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Advice on dinghy towing a truck please

I was kind of hoping not to have to look up the owner's manual for every type of truck. Remco Towing has an excellent database of what vehicles can be towed and what modifications are needed in order to make others towable. This should keep you from having to look up owner's manuals for each one.
docj 08/09/14 03:00pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Car trailer versus flat towing

We too have a 35' Open Road and tow 14 CRV. Tows wonderfully with the RVI brake system and simple to set up. Got the RVI battery charger kit so no need to pull fuses. With brake close to $3k for everything. Great set up and worth it. We also flat-tow a 2014 CR-V AWD with a ReadyBrute integrated tow bar/braking system. We, too, installed a charging wire; in our case we used the ToadCharge kit. We've towed it ~3,000 miles with no issues. We already had the ReadyBrute and it cost us ~$1,300 to purchase a BlueOx base plate and have it installed along with a wiring harness for the taillights.
docj 08/09/14 02:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wifi question

We were in the Phoenix area (Mesa) last winter. The park only had clubhouse wifi that didn't reach my site. We had to deal with Centurylink which was not easy. Service setup and datarate were slow too. Were it not for the fact that we chew up a lot of bits streaming and surfing, I'd have gone with a mifi or USB aircard. We had CenturyLink DSL in the Corpus Christi area and had similar complaints. I can't remember how many times I called customer service to complain that speed on the line had dropped significantly. Even after the complaint was escalated to a higher level it took several more service calls to get it fixed.
docj 08/04/14 08:16am Technology Corner
RE: Wifi question

I have a DirecTV dish for TV. Free Wifi at campgrounds is slow and/or hard to access. My 5rh wheel came with a Hughsnet dish, but I have not used it. Verizon recommended against using my cell phone as a hot spot because of battery issues. We are looking at snowbirding in Phoenix area this winter, so need reliable Internet. We have Comcast cable at home, but they have no satellite access. My next call is Directv to see if I can get internet as well as TV via that dish. I could also subscribe to Hughsnet. Anyone used either one, or have suggestions? Thanks. Lots of people use their phones as hotspots. All you have to do to solve the battery "issue" is keep it plugged into a charger. It does use a lot of power when operating as a hotspot, but it doesn't hurt the battery. There's no way to get internet using the DirecTV dish. That dish is a one-way system; there is no transmitter to send a signal back to the satellite and DirecTV does not sell internet service. What you occasionally hear is their ads in which they offer bundled service with one of the cellular carriers. In contrast, the Hughesnet dish you have does have a transmitter for sending a signal back to a satellite. But satellite internet is pretty expensive for the service you get. Personally, I would suggest you go the cellular route with Verizon, just recognize that you will have to buy a data plan that matches your needs and that may be difficult to determine at first. A path you didn't mention would be to obtain a MiFi device (a standalone cellular hotspot) from either Verizon or Millenicom (a Versizon reseller). That way you don't have to tie the phone up as a hotspot. Furthermore, if you use large amounts of data Millenicom may turn out to be more economical for you.
docj 08/04/14 05:46am Technology Corner
RE: SL3 SWM Slimeline single line triple LNB failed?

Just a thought for future reference. I find it helpful to use Dishpointer Pro on my Android phone to get a good sense of where the satellites are. That way I'm not too frustrated if my Trav'ler fails to see them through the trees. It also lets me know if it's even worth getting out the tripod. We tend to spend the summers at locations where the satellite elevation is low due to being rather far north and east. With Dishpointer I know in advance if it's even worth trying!How is this app better/different than some other free satellite pointing apps like satellite ar? It uses the phone's camera and superimposes the positions of the satellites on the scene viewed by the camera. It's not perfect but it gives you an instant perspective of whether the tree you're parked next to will be in your way.
docj 07/31/14 06:46pm Technology Corner
RE: SL3 SWM Slimeline single line triple LNB failed?

Just a thought for future reference. I find it helpful to use Dishpointer Pro on my Android phone to get a good sense of where the satellites are. That way I'm not too frustrated if my Trav'ler fails to see them through the trees. It also lets me know if it's even worth getting out the tripod. We tend to spend the summers at locations where the satellite elevation is low due to being rather far north and east. With Dishpointer I know in advance if it's even worth trying!
docj 07/30/14 04:03pm Technology Corner
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