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RE: How bad is Verizon 3G?

The answer to the OP's question is that Verizon 3G is a lot faster than Verizon 1XrTT which is only slightly faster than dialup (remember that kind of connection?). People's definition of "is it usable" has changed dramatically over the past couple of years. Those of us who first learned to surf the internet at 29.9kbps rarely complain about connections as fast as 3G! Everything is in the user's perspective.
docj 02/07/16 02:53pm Technology Corner
RE: Have you ever been hacked on an open CG WiFi system?

If someone specifically seeks you out to be hacked, there is ample technology to out there to allow them to do so. HOWEVER, the odds of these criminals targeting campgrounds or McDonald's WIFI are infinitesimally small. The level of paranoia is astounding. If someone hacks your credit card, you are protect by the issuer. If someone hacks your gmail account, change the password or open a new account. Online banking is extremely safe, unless you are stupid when setting your password. If they get into my PC, they're going to get loads of picture of my dogs, grand-kids and not much else. Well said! We seem to live in a society overwhelmed by fear. Yes, it's sometimes possible to encounter wifi system designed to scam users but the chances of finding one at your local campground is next to zero. Any hacker worth his salt is going to want to get a reasonable return on his investment and that's unlikely to be by hacking the emails of a bunch of snowbirds.
docj 02/07/16 07:59am Technology Corner
RE: Camping in Banff

So the questions is....even though it is a really, really big campground, do you still have a certain amount space between sites and still retain a certain amount of outdoorsy/back to nature experience, or is it more like camping in a parking lot? I know this is a subjective question. Take a look at the pictures that you can bring up for each site on the Parks Canada website. The sites at Whistler are enormous and very private. There are tall trees everywhere. We love the place. But, if you haven't yet made reservations to stay there this summer, you better do so ASAP. Reservations started being taken last week and I nearly didn't get one because I was an hour late. There's virtually nothing left all the way through July.
docj 01/17/16 07:15am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Camping in Banff

can food be brought into the country, or does everything have to be bought there? Here's a link to the official Canadian statement of what foods you can bring into Canada from the US. Much of what's posted on these forums about the subject is often incorrect. What foods can I bring into Canada from the US?
docj 01/16/16 07:37pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Camping in Banff

I know things are expensive in Canada, but check what an how much you can take across the border (both directions), lots of regulations. Then you won't get suprised. With the current exchange rate of ~$1 US = $1.42 (C$) things really aren't expensive in Canada. We were there for 3 months last summer and are planning on going back this year. Even gasoline and diesel fuel aren't all that bad with that exchange rate. The current gas price in Jasper is 99.9 cents per liter. This sounds like a lot, but after you correct between the difference between 4 liters and 1 gallon (~7%) and the exchange rate, the price is only ~$2.63/gal which isn't all that awful. I just filled up today for $1.45 a gallon in Ft Worth Texas Sure, I'm not denying that gas is still less expensive in the US, but a year ago we would have thought that $2.63 was a pretty good price. All I'm saying is that on a relative basis it's a lot better than the effective ~$5/gal I paid in Canada three summers ago when the exchange rate was $1.08 the OTHER way. FWIW the exchange rate just went to $1.45 today and some analysts think it will go to ~$1.66 by the end of 2016. It makes trips to Canada far easier to afford.
docj 01/15/16 07:30pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Camping in Banff

I know things are expensive in Canada, but check what an how much you can take across the border (both directions), lots of regulations. Then you won't get suprised. With the current exchange rate of ~$1 US = $1.42 (C$) things really aren't expensive in Canada. We were there for 3 months last summer and are planning on going back this year. Even gasoline and diesel fuel aren't all that bad with that exchange rate. The current gas price in Jasper is 99.9 cents per liter. This sounds like a lot, but after you correct between the difference between 4 liters and 1 gallon (~7%) and the exchange rate, the price is only ~$2.63/gal which isn't all that awful.
docj 01/15/16 04:38pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Enough computer ?

Finally got new top level laptops from QVC and HSN with their easy purchase plans... It is a totally different computer experience now using the latest DELL laptops running Core I7 1.8Ghz CPUs with 8GB Ram and 1TB hard drives. Computers now boot up in less than one minute when first turned on and we get to downstream alot of HDTV now with no problems. I agree. If you really want to experience something spectacular try a new computer with a solid state hard drive (SSD). My new Dell Inspiron 7559 has a 128GB SSD plus a 1TB HDD. That along with 16GB RAM and a Core i7 at 2.6GHz makes for a incredible experience. My ADHD used to hate when I had to restart the computer because of a software change! Now restarting takes less time than it takes to refill my water glass!
docj 01/09/16 09:40am Technology Corner
RE: Amazon Prime TV

Prime Fire stick is also an easy way to rent movies. You will find that the commercials become more annoying after using a streaming service. Haven't seen any commercials using Netflix streaming. Quite honestly, I'd put up with them if all movies were available in HD as part of the membership. Want to get everything commercial free? Prepare to pony up some cash. Hulu is the only streaming service I'm aware of that has repeated commercials. And you can pay extra to avoid those if you wish.
docj 01/09/16 09:31am Technology Corner
RE: HDD backup software

Windows 8.1 and 10 have a file history feature that you can use to automatically make copies of your files anytime you make any changes in them. It works best if you have a network hard drive to save them on but other configurations are possible. What is nice is that you end up with multiple incremental copies of documents so if you're working on something and want to go back to a previous draft it's easily accessible. It doesn't replace true backups or images, but it does provide a different approach.
docj 12/23/15 07:06am Technology Corner
RE: Does Using SmartPhone as Hotspot Ruin Battery?

You are being BSed. Agreed...they must teach that line in Verizon Sales School...I've heard it said more than once...usually when they want me to add another device to my plan... It IS true that a tethered phone will use battery faster than non tethered but it won't ruin it...I equate it to how the battery on the phone goes down faster when you are in an area with no or weak signal and the phone is searching...it is about the same.. And even if battery life is somewhat reduced, you can buy genuine replacement batteries on Amazon at very low prices. They're only expensive when you buy them from Verizon.
docj 12/03/15 11:43am Technology Corner
RE: Does Using SmartPhone as Hotspot Ruin Battery?

So I researched that and it appears the you have to select advanced calling feature and also some cell towers don't support both data and voice at the same time. I got this from the Android forum. Did you have to do anything special to provide this capability? Dick You have to be using 4G for this to work, but that's not much of a limitation these days. I don't make any settings changes on the phone nor have I ever encountered a tower for which this didn't work. Until 4G was introduced only some Verizon phones with dual radios (mostly made by HTC, I believe) were capable of this. Once 4G was available virtually all Androids could handle simultaneous voice and data, but iPhones could not. I believe it was the iPhone 5 that became the first of that series to be able to do it. It's not a matter of doing research to find out the answer, just ask anyone who's been doing it for ~4 years and you'll discover it's true.
docj 12/03/15 07:52am Technology Corner
RE: Does Using SmartPhone as Hotspot Ruin Battery?

(unlike AT&T)you can not use your phone for any other purpose if you are using it as a hot spot. With all due respect this hasn't been true for quite a while for most Verizon phones. Android 4G phones have always been able to handle simultaneous voice and data and newer iPhones can also. We have two Galaxy S4's and use both of them as hotspots. That way when one of us leaves and takes a phone, the other person still has phone and data capability.
docj 12/01/15 04:29pm Technology Corner
RE: Help! New led lights don't work

Would we be able to use a dimmer from Lowes that says LED compatibles, or are our RV 12v lights diff? The dimmers at Lowes and HD are for 120V AC circuits. However, there are plenty available for 12V LEDs but you're not going to find many at your local stores. You do have to make sure that the LEDs you are working with are dimmable. Not all are. You can find some examples of 12V LED dimmers by following this link. I've had multiple dealings with this vendor and have been very pleased. SuperbrightLEDs.com
docj 11/30/15 09:35pm Technology Corner
RE: Now that I have a smart phone..do I even need a GPS device?

I'm still listening to all input. Who else has chucked their GPS and gone to only using their Smart Phones for navigation? When driving the car (as distinct from the MH) I exclusively use Google Maps. As others have noted there has been a lot of misinformation in this thread about the use of smartphone GPS. First of all, anyone who says that it is difficult to get destination information into the phone clearly doesn't know how to use it properly. One of the great benefits of doing GPS with a phone is that all you have to do is do a Google search for your destination--a store, a museum, etc and then touch the resulting listing to begin the navigation process. No typing of address information required. The same is true when using TripAdvisor or Yelp, just touch the listing and begin navigating. Furthermore, if you use Chrome as your browser on your computer and on your phone, the searches you make using your computer will show up on your phone so all you have to do is go to recent search history and select one of them. As for real-time traffic updating, all smartphones with Google Maps installed and their location function working are uploading position information into Google all the time (whether you know it or not). Google ends up with far more up-to-the-minute traffic info than is available with the Navtec system that supplies most standalone GPS's. The things it can do for you when traffic is really messed up can be amazing (we've experienced it). As for the comment that the phone is a slow GPS, all I can think is that you are running on 3G or have a very old underpowered phone. My Galaxy S4 is amazingly fast if I miss a turn and never even has to say "recalculating", it's just ready to keep navigating. Notification of upcoming turns is usually given at least twice in advance and once while at the intersection. Getting a phone call while navigating can be an issue, but all that's necessary is to reject the call and continue the trip. With our phone being integrated with our car via Bluetooth, all that is necessary is to tap the "call end" switch and it will return to the map display. IMO the only thing that keeps me from ditching my GPS for the MH is Google Maps' inability to input vehicle size and weight information. So I continue to use my Garmin 465T to ensure that our route is appropriate for a large vehicle.
docj 11/28/15 08:46am Technology Corner
RE: Happy Birthday, Windows.

I remember that. Wasn't till Win 3.1 before it really caught on, 1992, feels like only yesterday. Yes, there was nothing quite like the "thrill" of loading a new version of Windows 3.x from ~10 floppy disks wondering if it would be successful or if you would have to start all over again. And what about the sick to your stomach feeling you would get from seeing the Blue Screen of Death on your monitor; no horror movie comes close to that feeling! :B What fond memories we have of our early Windows adventures!
docj 11/20/15 07:52am Technology Corner
RE: Direct TV ??

You can use a Slimline multiswitch dish with a SWM8 adapter for a SWM receiver but I believe it's limited to 2 channels. And the SWM8 adapter is not water proof. With all due respect this is incorrect. We have a Trav'ler SK-3005 which essentially is a Slimline multiswitch dish which we have converted to SWM through the addition of a SWM8 and a PI29 power inserter. We have a Genie HR44 in our MH along with a C41 MiniGenie. We can record on all of the Genie's 5 tuners simultaneously. As for the SWM8 it sits on the roof of the MH exposed to the elements; my understanding is that it is fully weatherproof and, since it runs hot, it is better for it to be installed outside.
docj 11/15/15 09:06pm Technology Corner
RE: Windows 10 Update Considerations

I don't call "Cnet" a "reliable source. Will you accept Microsoft as an authority on Windows? Here's a link to a Microsoft Answers URL that provides the same information cited by CNET. Certificate of Authenticity A couple of posts ago you insisted I was 100% incorrect in saying that pc's were being delivered without Windows stickers; now it appears you admit that the major OEMs can do this. Maybe this stuff is your job, but that doesn't make everyone else stupid compared to you. Some of us do know how to do a Google search.
docj 11/14/15 05:05pm Technology Corner
RE: Windows 10 Update Considerations

Windows 8 moves to BIOS-based product keys Docj's post is 100% incorrect. The program Docj linked does not look into the BIOS for the key, it actually looks into WINDOWS that is installed on the PC. That program is useful ONLY if your COA with the license key is missing or destroyed to the point you can not read it. That link also states that the COA is not included with new PCs, that is not true either.. That would be a violation of the manufacturers OEM licensing agreement with MS if they do not include the COA sticker on each PC they load Windows.. Here's an article that explains that Windows 8 pc's do not come with product keys because that information is embedded in the BIOS. I was posting something that I had read in multiple sources. If you disagree with this article please provide your sources. Windows 8 moves to BIOS-based product keys To save you time here's the relevant quote: "One of the improvements Microsoft is making to Activation 3.0 for newly built machines that come preloaded with Windows 8, you won't have a COA (Certificate of Authenticity) sticker attached to the machine anymore. Instead, this will be embedded in the BIOS. This will avoid product keys from being compromised and OEMs will buy what they need." My Toshiba Satellite purchased last year did not come with a Windows sticker or any other authentication information.
docj 11/14/15 01:25pm Technology Corner
RE: Windows 10 Update Considerations

Doing a clean install of W10 involves using my W7 product key. What happens if I want to return to W7 with a clean W7 install? I'd guess there will be activation problems because the W7 product key has been used for W10. Likewise what happens if I want to return to W7 using a disk image? I haven't seen answers to these questions. And with the MS push for W10 I'm at least suspicious of returning back to the prior version. All of this is tied to the free upgrade where the prior W7/W8 product key becomes the W10 product key. The product key for many newer computers is embedded in ROM. In those cases you don't need to do anything to get a fully authorized installation regardless of whether you are upgrading or going backward. To check to see if your computer has an embedded product key you can use this tool: NeoSmart
docj 11/13/15 06:30am Technology Corner
RE: Directv Internet

Believe Dish has internet but not Direct Any satellite internet connection has to have rather different equipment than is used for normal TV viewing. There has to be a transmitter to send information back to the satellite. Dish may have an arrangement with one of the satellite internet providers, but I can guarantee that it requires a lot more than the normal Dish TV equipment.
docj 11/13/15 06:22am Technology Corner
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