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RE: Now that I have a smart phone..do I even need a GPS device?

I'm still listening to all input. Who else has chucked their GPS and gone to only using their Smart Phones for navigation? When driving the car (as distinct from the MH) I exclusively use Google Maps. As others have noted there has been a lot of misinformation in this thread about the use of smartphone GPS. First of all, anyone who says that it is difficult to get destination information into the phone clearly doesn't know how to use it properly. One of the great benefits of doing GPS with a phone is that all you have to do is do a Google search for your destination--a store, a museum, etc and then touch the resulting listing to begin the navigation process. No typing of address information required. The same is true when using TripAdvisor or Yelp, just touch the listing and begin navigating. Furthermore, if you use Chrome as your browser on your computer and on your phone, the searches you make using your computer will show up on your phone so all you have to do is go to recent search history and select one of them. As for real-time traffic updating, all smartphones with Google Maps installed and their location function working are uploading position information into Google all the time (whether you know it or not). Google ends up with far more up-to-the-minute traffic info than is available with the Navtec system that supplies most standalone GPS's. The things it can do for you when traffic is really messed up can be amazing (we've experienced it). As for the comment that the phone is a slow GPS, all I can think is that you are running on 3G or have a very old underpowered phone. My Galaxy S4 is amazingly fast if I miss a turn and never even has to say "recalculating", it's just ready to keep navigating. Notification of upcoming turns is usually given at least twice in advance and once while at the intersection. Getting a phone call while navigating can be an issue, but all that's necessary is to reject the call and continue the trip. With our phone being integrated with our car via Bluetooth, all that is necessary is to tap the "call end" switch and it will return to the map display. IMO the only thing that keeps me from ditching my GPS for the MH is Google Maps' inability to input vehicle size and weight information. So I continue to use my Garmin 465T to ensure that our route is appropriate for a large vehicle.
docj 11/28/15 08:46am Technology Corner
RE: Happy Birthday, Windows.

I remember that. Wasn't till Win 3.1 before it really caught on, 1992, feels like only yesterday. Yes, there was nothing quite like the "thrill" of loading a new version of Windows 3.x from ~10 floppy disks wondering if it would be successful or if you would have to start all over again. And what about the sick to your stomach feeling you would get from seeing the Blue Screen of Death on your monitor; no horror movie comes close to that feeling! :B What fond memories we have of our early Windows adventures!
docj 11/20/15 07:52am Technology Corner
RE: Direct TV ??

You can use a Slimline multiswitch dish with a SWM8 adapter for a SWM receiver but I believe it's limited to 2 channels. And the SWM8 adapter is not water proof. With all due respect this is incorrect. We have a Trav'ler SK-3005 which essentially is a Slimline multiswitch dish which we have converted to SWM through the addition of a SWM8 and a PI29 power inserter. We have a Genie HR44 in our MH along with a C41 MiniGenie. We can record on all of the Genie's 5 tuners simultaneously. As for the SWM8 it sits on the roof of the MH exposed to the elements; my understanding is that it is fully weatherproof and, since it runs hot, it is better for it to be installed outside.
docj 11/15/15 09:06pm Technology Corner
RE: Windows 10 Update Considerations

I don't call "Cnet" a "reliable source. Will you accept Microsoft as an authority on Windows? Here's a link to a Microsoft Answers URL that provides the same information cited by CNET. Certificate of Authenticity A couple of posts ago you insisted I was 100% incorrect in saying that pc's were being delivered without Windows stickers; now it appears you admit that the major OEMs can do this. Maybe this stuff is your job, but that doesn't make everyone else stupid compared to you. Some of us do know how to do a Google search.
docj 11/14/15 05:05pm Technology Corner
RE: Windows 10 Update Considerations

Windows 8 moves to BIOS-based product keys Docj's post is 100% incorrect. The program Docj linked does not look into the BIOS for the key, it actually looks into WINDOWS that is installed on the PC. That program is useful ONLY if your COA with the license key is missing or destroyed to the point you can not read it. That link also states that the COA is not included with new PCs, that is not true either.. That would be a violation of the manufacturers OEM licensing agreement with MS if they do not include the COA sticker on each PC they load Windows.. Here's an article that explains that Windows 8 pc's do not come with product keys because that information is embedded in the BIOS. I was posting something that I had read in multiple sources. If you disagree with this article please provide your sources. Windows 8 moves to BIOS-based product keys To save you time here's the relevant quote: "One of the improvements Microsoft is making to Activation 3.0 for newly built machines that come preloaded with Windows 8, you won't have a COA (Certificate of Authenticity) sticker attached to the machine anymore. Instead, this will be embedded in the BIOS. This will avoid product keys from being compromised and OEMs will buy what they need." My Toshiba Satellite purchased last year did not come with a Windows sticker or any other authentication information.
docj 11/14/15 01:25pm Technology Corner
RE: Windows 10 Update Considerations

Doing a clean install of W10 involves using my W7 product key. What happens if I want to return to W7 with a clean W7 install? I'd guess there will be activation problems because the W7 product key has been used for W10. Likewise what happens if I want to return to W7 using a disk image? I haven't seen answers to these questions. And with the MS push for W10 I'm at least suspicious of returning back to the prior version. All of this is tied to the free upgrade where the prior W7/W8 product key becomes the W10 product key. The product key for many newer computers is embedded in ROM. In those cases you don't need to do anything to get a fully authorized installation regardless of whether you are upgrading or going backward. To check to see if your computer has an embedded product key you can use this tool: NeoSmart
docj 11/13/15 06:30am Technology Corner
RE: Directv Internet

Believe Dish has internet but not Direct Any satellite internet connection has to have rather different equipment than is used for normal TV viewing. There has to be a transmitter to send information back to the satellite. Dish may have an arrangement with one of the satellite internet providers, but I can guarantee that it requires a lot more than the normal Dish TV equipment.
docj 11/13/15 06:22am Technology Corner
RE: Win7 OEM disks

Many (most?) modern computers designed for Windows have their information embedded in ROM. That way when you do something like upgrade to Windows 10 from either 8.1 or 7 there is no need to verify that you have a license, it has been done automatically.
docj 11/13/15 06:18am Technology Corner
RE: RV Park Reviews

I have no doubt that the administrators at rvparkreviews.com can weed out 99% of the fakes at a moment's glance. I'm not sure we're that good, but we do try. Things get more difficult when people conspire to disguise the fake reviews. We just encountered a park for which every negative review was almost immediately followed by more several favorable reviews by the same set of reviewers. Even though the favorable reviews weren't overly flowery with praise, the very fact that every "negative" was countered with 3-4 "positives" meant that the overall average was being kept artificially high. That one took a bit of detective work to detect.
docj 10/30/15 05:44pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RV Park Reviews

Personally, I dont find anything so special about RVParkreviews.com. All of these "Mob" sites as they are called can be gamed easily by park owners, their friends and family, not only to boost their ratings but to make their competition look bad. I won't deny that people do try to "game" RVParkReviews, but one of the reasons that we have a US-based admin team read every review is so we can try to weed out as many of these fake reviews as possible. We're not perfect and can't catch them all, but at least we try which is more than can be said for some of the other review sites. I only trust rvparkreviews.com for RV park reviews. Thanks for your support! Joel
docj 10/28/15 07:15am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RV Park Reviews

I have a question about the RV Park Reviews summary at the top. My choices are Y, N and ?. Assuming that the info at the top is from the first reviewer to respond, does the question mark mean "I looked and didn't see one" or "I didn't even look for one". I couldn't tell you about any bathroom/shower facilities in an RV park because I have my own, so I don't even look. Maybe a fourth choice of N/E for "Not Evaluated" would help. The summary info can be updated by each reviewer if needed. The '?' simply indicates that you don't know about the amenity, either because you don't know if it's offered, or you didn't use it. In particular, the questions about bathrooms and showers have a "don't know/didn't use" response since many RVers with self-contained RVs don't investigate an RV park's facilities.
docj 10/27/15 06:52pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RV Park Reviews

I wrote this up and the review was rejected with a comment that the RV park manager's behavior was not pertinent. Well, the management and staff are indeed an important factor in the assessment of a park. That was the last time I used rvparkreviews.... 2 1/2 years ago. Actually, your review was returned to you because virtually the entire review dealt with this incident. Our policy is that all reviews have to have at least some information that will help readers decide if a park is suitable for them. Your interaction with the manager relative to your site was definitely upsetting and no one ever said that it couldn't be part of your review. All that was asked of you was that you make it "part" of a broader review of the park and not the entirety of it. You made the decision not to resubmit a revised review; RVPR didn't make a decision not to post your comments.
docj 10/26/15 08:49pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RV Park Reviews

Personally, I dont find anything so special about RVParkreviews.com. All of these "Mob" sites as they are called can be gamed easily by park owners, their friends and family, not only to boost their ratings but to make their competition look bad. I won't deny that people do try to "game" RVParkReviews, but one of the reasons that we have a US-based admin team read every review is so we can try to weed out as many of these fake reviews as possible. We're not perfect and can't catch them all, but at least we try which is more than can be said for some of the other review sites.
docj 10/25/15 09:47am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RV Park Reviews

I had a similar experience with RV park reviews. We stayed at a park with a major moth infestation (hundreds of thousands of Miller moths) which occurred annually. It was a major issue for anyone staying there during that time. The office was well aware of this issue and did not give us the courtesy of telling us about it at check in. As a matter of fact they were working in the dark so not to attract the moths themselves.When I posted a negative review based on our experience and the office non disclosure rvpark reviews refused to post it. Had we known about his issue we would have changed our travel schedule to avoid this CG or time of travel. I won't be posting another review if you can't be honest about your experiences. If your review dealt only with the moth infestation it was returned to you with the recommendation that you add some additional information about the park so that your review would be helpful to others who visited at a time other than when the moths were a problem. In fact, the email that was sent to you about your review said the following: Sorry to hear about the moth problem, but please tell others a bit more about this campground. I don't think this email is impolite nor is it a statement that RVParkReviews doesn't want to post your review. It is simply a request for some additional information about the park. You chose not to respond and, therefore, your review wasn't posted.
docj 10/25/15 07:36am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RV Park Reviews

Its a good site, however it has gotten more and more difficult to post. I posted a couple in June, they did not like them so, okay no big deal. When I did not re-post they emailed me asking me to do so. Once is enough. If your reviews were not accepted by RVParkReviews you would have received an email asking you to revise them and providing guidance for the revision. It is incorrect to say that "they did not like them" as if there was no possibility of your review being posted. Reviews are required to meet certain standards that are posted on the website; if your review didn't meet those standards in some way you are always given a chance to revise them so they do.
docj 10/24/15 09:56pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Directv, Distant Networks and PBS

Does anyone have an easy time of just calling Directv to change locations when you move? Why do you have to report your location if you have DNS? That's the whole point of having DNS in the first place. We have no interest in actually watching local TV; we can get more reliable weather forecasts from Weather Underground. DNS with DirecTV is totally trouble-free. We've had it for five years. It's HD for the "big 4" and SD for PBS.
docj 10/21/15 06:48pm Technology Corner
RE: Directv, Distant Networks and PBS

My guess is that the PBS feed provided to DNS customers isn't the one you would have if you really lived in the NY area. You probably would get a PBS feed if you were actually in the range of the NY spot beam but it's not the one carried on the 101 satellite. DNS is only $15/mo not $20 if you only ask for the Eastern DNS and not both.
docj 10/21/15 12:57pm Technology Corner
RE: DirectTV--getting NBC, ABC

Yes, I am grandfathered into the E/W DNS but a number of posters have reported that they were able to get both by calling and asking the option to be added for the extra $5/month. But, in reality, if you have the NY DNS feed and a Genie DVR with its 5 tuners, there's no particular need to have the LA DNS feed. So your shows all come on real early if you're on the west coast, but you can always record them and watch them later. We rarely watch any shows in "real time" regardless of where we are.
docj 10/13/15 06:05pm Technology Corner
RE: Verizon to up the cost of unlimited data plans

The new Verizon pricing policy gives unlimited plan holders the right to buy new phones and pay for them on monthly plans. Although this isn't a huge benefit, it does reduce the pain associated with upgrading. On other forums some people have speculated that maybe this price increase is a good signal from Verizon that it is no longer trying to end unlimited plans and is willing to "live with them" albeit at higher prices. This may be wishful thinking, but the FCC and the courts made it clear to AT&T last year that they can't change the groundrules on their unlimited customers. In AT&T's case they were throttling speeds for higher data usage customers and were told to stop doing it. Verizon knows that they, too, have to continue to play by the rules of the contracts it signed with customers. With data prices slowly coming down it probably won't be all that long before most "unlimited" customers aren't getting much, if any, discount relative to what they would pay with standard plans. There always will be a few of us using ~75-150 GB/mo but we will be a small minority. JMO.
docj 10/10/15 07:53am Technology Corner
RE: Increase Wifi Hot Spot Reception

Never heard of the Weboost Cell Amp option... looks like they are running around $300 and up..It looks like it is used with a Cell phone? I have a $19 dollar flip open cell phone currently through virgin mobile. I think I might stick with my Net Gear Zing modem through Sprint and go with the LMR -195 cable, WeBoost is the name Wilson now markets its products under. It is one of the best established companies in this business area.
docj 10/04/15 12:42pm Technology Corner
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