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RE: Good customer service

I had an issue a few months back with a Galaxy S5 with Verizon. It was out of warranty, but Samsung authorized a return to their repair center in Texas for a warranty repair (this sounded good). This was a complete disaster and too long to discuss here and even when I got the phone back it didn't work. The USB port was completely dead and that wasn't even the reason it went back. Samsung's offer was to send it back again. I declined that and called Verizon. They shipped me a new phone that same day next day delivery. Thank you Verizon. A couple of weeks later a "supervisor" with Samsung called to ask about my repair experience. He didn't like what he heard. By way of comparison I had a pretty good experience returning my wife's S4 Mini to the same Samsung repair facility. The phone had an intermittant problem which wasn't found the first time it was returned, but when it happened again the CSR I spoke with said "let's just make sure everything gets replaced this time" and that's what they did. The phone has worked without any issues since then.
docj 07/09/15 10:44am Technology Corner
RE: RV route ap?

Go to Virginia and travel between Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown You will find-out what the Colonial Parkway is and it's restrictions on size, height and speed. But as has already been mentioned, the definition of parkway is not consistent throughout the states. For example, the Baltimore-Washington Parkway (MD 295) is a high-speed interstate-quality road that at one time had a no-trucks restriction, but I don't believe that even exists anymore.
docj 07/08/15 06:36am Technology Corner
RE: Rating RV Parks Internet Connections

My guess is that many park owners are "Hobby-ist businesspeople" retired folks that may not be comfortable with technology and have opted for a cheap slow system just to be able to put "Free WiFi" in their promotional media. Another problem is that when you're running a small business the capital improvements "pot" is separate from the monthly cash flow pot. An owner might be agreeable to budgeting money to install a wifi system without fully understanding the monthly costs he is going to incur to maintain a high quality connection to the internet. IMO what is needed is a mix of business models that owners can avail themselves of. At the Canadian park where we are spending the summer, the young owners don't have the $$ to capitalize a wifi system so they're paying a Tengo-like service to lease the equipment and the pipe to the internet. And they've specified the size of the pipe to ensure adequate bandwidth. I know they are paying quite a few $$ per month for the service, but their customers love it. Obviously, they've decided it's good for business.
docj 07/05/15 03:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rating RV Parks Internet Connections

RV parks use Tengo because it is cheap:(:(:( What a total waste of money:(:( You would think that RV Resorts would figure out that in the long using Tengo will come back and bite them on their financial butt:):) Although I'm no defender of Tengonet I do know a bit about their business model. Part of their image problem comes from the fact that they have not be requiring that RV parks buy backhaul capability commensurate with their anticipated data needs. Tengo can design and install an absolutely first-rate network in the park, but if the owner connects it to an undersized pipe to the internet it will appear to users as if the Tengo system doesn't work properly. IMHO there are owners who back away from what they see as high monthly costs associated with purchasing adequate backhaul capacity and there are those whose parks are in places where adequate capacity can't be bought for any price. As a result there are quite a few parks with great internal wifi systems that provide customers horrible internet connections. As an administrator of RVParkReviews.com I can truthfully say that poor wifi is the #1 most frequent complaint by RVers. Maybe when park owners realize that they might be better off ditching mediocre cable channels in exchange for decent wifi, we might see some improvement in the situation. Some CG owners are beginning to get the message. We're at a small, family-owned park in Canada where the young owners pay quite a bit to get excellent wifi in a very rural area. They get lots of business referrals as a result of it.
docj 07/04/15 02:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: KOA Philadelphia/West Chester - PA, Opinions?

I suggest calling the campground for best routing since there one way (from W. Chester I think) there is a low clearance bridge. Check the park's website for detailed directions covering the last couple of miles. Our trucker Garmin went crazy because the park is actually on a truck-restricted route. Until we figured that out we had been following a very circuitous route! :B
docj 06/17/15 02:30pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: How To Identify Computer Speed

My Toshiba was really good for 8 yrs, except both hinges were broke in 3 yrs. For the next 5 years the screen was permanently held open w/ 2 aluminum flatbars screwed into the screen and the base. It won't help you now, but there actually was a class action suit against Toshiba which ended up awarding a couple of hundred dollars to owners of Toshiba Satellites with broken hinges.
docj 06/15/15 11:56am Technology Corner
RE: convert 3g to 4g mifi without losing unlimited Verizon data?

If I was in your shoes, I would be leery of making any changes as that could provide Verizon with a reason to bump you out of your unlimited plan. X2! A few months ago I was in a Verizon store because my wife's S4 Mini wasn't working properly. After the technicians had tested it and agreed that it had a problem, one of the CSRs started to process a the paperwork for a replacement phone. But on the very last step of the process her computer alerted her to the fact that giving me a replacement phone would cancel its unlimited contract (we had bought the phone ourselves for full price). It wasn't such a big deal since the phone was under warranty and Samsung repaired it without any problem, but my message is that you should be careful because almost any change to your service can result in loss of your unlimited plan.
docj 06/12/15 05:32am Technology Corner
RE: Making Android phone hotspot, need help

I have an LG G2 running Android 5.0.2 on Verizon with an unlimited data plan so Verizon won't allow the built-in Hotspot to work. No, Verizon will let your built-in hotspot work if you pay the $30/mo fee. The FCC decision of several years ago said that people with grandfathered unlimited plans do not have the automatic right to tethering and hotspot use that customers with the "share everything" plans do. Personally, it is worth it to me to play by Verizon's rules in order to ensure that I can keep my unlimited plan as long as possible. Therefore, I pay the $30 and use the built-in hotspot. If you do not, that is your choice, but recognize that you are doing something which Verizon could use as a basis for ending your unlimited plan.
docj 06/10/15 04:32pm Technology Corner
RE: Vista Upgrade to Win10?

What a complete Programs menu of ALL of your installed programs without a 3rd party app? Right-click on Taskbar, select Toolbars->New Toolbar... Put "%programdata%\microsoft\windows\start menu\programs" into the folder box (without quotes) and click "Select Folder" button. You'll now have a Programs toolbar on the Taskbar that has all of your installed programs listed on it. As you install new programs they will automatically show up in the menu. Cute trick. My list is a bit long, but it's still useful. Thanks
docj 06/03/15 06:50pm Technology Corner
RE: Vista Upgrade to Win10?

after 9 full days of usage/frustration.. i'm ready to install classic shell It does get easier with time. I have two Windows 8.1 laptops one of which I've had ~2 years and I no longer bother to run Classic Start. A couple of things that you might not yet have discovered: --The hidden menu that pops up with the "Windows key + x" is one I rely on a lot. --Configuring my touchpad to prevent the "charms menu" from appearing except when I want it can greatly reduce your frustration level. --Configuring the Control Panel to display large or small icons rather than categories makes it a lot easier to use. And BTW, the Restore stuff is in the Control Panel under the Recovery icon once you reconfigure it. Don't count on Windows 10 until you check to see if your computer can be upgraded. I've already identified potential problems with mine (my Intel HD4600 display, in particular). Joel (AKA docj)
docj 06/03/15 06:05am Technology Corner
RE: Streaming TV in an RV using a cellular data plan

That is one reason why HBO GO is not using their own infrastructure: they contracted with MLB to use the At Bat tech. Live sports requires even more dedication as a "buffering" message when it is tied up in the 9th with two outs while bases loaded would be pure torture lol. MLB has been a customer of my son's company for many years. They supply MLB with the hardware and software to make this possible. The company is a division of Cisco, previously known as Inlet.
docj 06/02/15 05:26pm Technology Corner
RE: Streaming TV in an RV using a cellular data plan

I do feel confident they will throttle quality on a slow connection. Netflix, Amazon, HBO GO and most of the streaming services use sophisticated dynamic compression algorithms to vary the quality (data rate) of your stream to match changes in your internet connection. This is a key reason why you don't experience nearly as many "Loading" delays as you used to just a few years ago. I happen to be a second-hand expert in this because my computer scientist son works for one of the major players in the business. Lots of effort is being devoted to improving the perceived quality of your video stream regardless of the quality of your connection. These issues aren't nearly as important to someone watching a stream on something like a FIOS connection, but with cellular it's a big deal. Next time you watch a Netflix video and have your resolution set to automatic, watch the details of the image very carefully. Most likely you will see subtle changes in the resolution every couple of minutes; what you are seeing are adjustments to the data rate to compensate for changes in your connection. If you're not a geek like me, it's likely you'll never notice these changes and that's the whole idea.
docj 06/01/15 06:43pm Technology Corner
RE: Vista Upgrade to Win10?

Yes, Windows 10 will be the last numbered version of the OS and going forward it will simply become a ‘Windows’ subscription service. This upsets those who don’t like the idea of a subscription service, but the biggest concern is this: while Windows 10 will seamlessly upgrade to ‘Windows’ – this is a new beginning. Your OS would evolve into a new product for which you HAVE TO PAY Subscription fees Forever Stick With Win 7 Article at Forbes All that's going to happen is that at some point Microsoft won't continue to provide security updates and other patches for earlier Windows systems. Keeping Windows 7 doesn't prevent that from happening. Sure, your system will continue to operate but you will no longer be protected from evolving security threats.
docj 06/01/15 05:47pm Technology Corner
RE: Streaming TV in an RV using a cellular data plan

It helps if you have an unlimited data plan on your phone like I do. If your unlimited data does include delivering it at 4G speeds, then you are one of the very, very, very lucky ones who took advantage of the cellular system owners before they discovered greed. That would be me :) I did all I had to do to hang on that plan for dear life. Yup, grandfathered into an unlimited 4G data plan. My download speeds using my phone's hotspot are almost always faster than the download speeds I get using my home ISP. Just measured ~20Mbps download speed on my grandfathered Verizon 4G plan! Not gloating, just reporting.
docj 06/01/15 05:44pm Technology Corner
RE: Vista Upgrade to Win10?

I surely wouldn't spend ANY money on a computer of the age of one running Vista. To do what you proposed would probably be more than the price of a brand new machine running Win 7 or 8.1. I admit I'm a power user, but I can't even imagine still running a computer of the vintage of Vista which was released in 2007. As I recall computers in those days probably had 1-2GB of RAM and hard drives of 100-250GB and the processors were probably single core Pentium 4's at best. By comparison I just looked at Costco.com and they have a Dell with a dual core Pentium, 4GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive and 64-bit Windows 8.1 for ~$280. That will almost assuredly outperform what you have and will qualify for the free upgrade to Windows 10.
docj 06/01/15 01:52pm Technology Corner
RE: Streaming TV in an RV using a cellular data plan

Streaming video in HD from most any service burns about 3 gigs an hour. Set your netflix account to low res and it burns about 0.3 gigs an hour. It is a huge difference, and is why we have 2 netflix accounts. One for the house is HD, and another account set to low res for mobile use. Why do you need 2 Netflix accounts in order to do this? All you have to do is set change the data settings in the My Account portion of the website? It doesn't take more than a second to make the change and the result, on the TV screen, is pretty much instantaneous.
docj 06/01/15 05:49am Technology Corner
RE: Direct TV (Sat) Question

That's why I pay for the DNS service. I never have to call anyone and I get to be a time shifter by watching the East Coast programming from here on the West Coast. X2; can't understand why people care about local channels, anyway. If I want the local weather I can get it from numerous online sources and the same is true of local news if, for some reason, I want to know it.
docj 05/31/15 10:28am Technology Corner
RE: ***Update*** Adding Canadian service to Verizon plan

Did research getting a no-contract phone when in Canada, but this seems more economical compared to anything else I found. Plus, no need to carry a second phone/tell others of new phone number, etc. ST We have a non-contract Bell Aliant phone that we carry in case we want to make local calls. It costs 20 cents a minute for in-Canada local calls which is fine if we want to call a restaurant for directions or something like that. One thing we do when we are in our MH and have WiFi available to us is make calls using Google Voice. If you don't already have a Google Voice number, they are free all you have to do is sign up. All calls to the US or within Canada are free. You can make calls using your laptop with its speakers and microphone acting as your "phone" or you can use your cell phone which will connect through the wifi rather than through the cellular network. As long as your wifi connection is adequate it works quite well.
docj 05/30/15 06:44am Technology Corner
RE: ***Update*** Adding Canadian service to Verizon plan

We are going to Canada/Cruise/Alaska in a couple of months. While in Canada, we will stay in airplane mode unless at a WIFI hotspot. On the cruise ship, we will stay in airplane mode all the time. In Alaska, we will play it by ear. About half the time, we should have service. We're in Canada at the moment and are also going on an Alaskan cruise in another couple of months. There's really no need to put your phone into airplane mode unless you're trying to deactivate it entirely. We usually just make sure that it can't do data roaming or, if you are really cautious, you can turn off mobile data. We don't mind receiving an occasional phone call if someone really wants to talk to us.
docj 05/28/15 04:20pm Technology Corner
RE: Campground Guide

I've used www.rvparkreviews.com for a long time and frankly, I haven't looked for other sites. The only problem that bothers me some is the list of amenities marked with Y, N, or ?. Does the question mark mean "They have it but I didn't use it" or does it mean "I don't know if they have it". Example: My 'C' has a shower, so I don't look for one in the CG, so "I don't know if they have it." When the RVParkReviews website was updated last year, the number of items in the "amenities list" was significantly increased. That meant that most parks do not yet have data for the newly added items. Slowly, as new reviews are submitted, many reviewers do add to our knowledge of the features and amenities at the parks they review. With over 15,000 parks reviewed, this will be a slow process. Later this year we expect there will be a mechanism by which park owners can access their park's listing and provide this information directly. In the meantime, I suggest that you treat "?" responses as "that information is not known at this time." Thanks for being an RVPR user. Joel
docj 05/27/15 03:50pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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