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RE: Koehler 5 confidant generator

OK to end the debate Iam going to run one ac at a time, we dont use it that much anyhow so not going to drop a ton of money in it. Its normally just my wife and I and the rear ac will freeze you out in desert heat.otherwise both ac's run ok by themselves while powering everything else. I'm not going to tear into it because those units are a bear to work on. Thanks for all your replys..
donandmax 04/19/14 07:15am Tech Issues
RE: Good sam roadside assistance

Just wondering if anyone has this service and is it worth it. What is the yearly membership. Thanks Dont leave home without it !! We use coachnet but i guess Good Sam is ok too,
donandmax 04/18/14 07:25am General RVing Issues

Nobody answered the "black and cooling" question yet. Does black shrouds effect cooling?? Don't know ?
donandmax 04/17/14 07:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Koehler 5 confidant generator

Again I'm not a generator type of guy, other then I dinged on my Kohler 4K. From that experience I can only SWAG at what might be going on with yours. The Kohler has a computer board in it that senses the voltage and will kill the motor when the voltage gets low enough to damage things. For me it was a bad voltage regulator that was my problem. Kohler's are know for this going bad. Holding down the start button would defeat the board though. I'm guessing that your voltage regulator is working correctly, but the generator might not be putting out the power that it once did to barely (90 volts according to you) run two AC's. Since you have a Kohler RV generator your rig can not be very new, since they got out of the RV business awhile back. I would think things are starting to get weak with the old gal. If you look in the Kohler manual you'll see you need to do a certain amount of maintenance to keep them running strong other then just oil changes. I had very good luck with this business when it came to working on my Kohler A.S.A.P. Give them a call they are very helpful and they know what they are doing.Its a 96 Damon Intruder.. Like I said it runs one ac just fine @ 120 volts. Plus I can run everything else while the on ac is running. I t just wont take two.
donandmax 04/17/14 07:09am Tech Issues
RE: Koehler 5 confidant generator

Simple trick. Plug in a lamp with a 60-75 watt bulb. Turn on one AC and see if bulb dims some. Then turn on the second AC and watch the bulb. My guess is the bulb will dim right down and the generator will shut off. Who knows maybe that Kohler never could run two AC's at the same time. Maybe The idea was you would shut off the bedroom AC/door during the day. Then shut off the living area AC and the bedroom door during the night for sleeping. Did your rig ever run both AC's on the Kohler 5? Never did run both without slowing down to 90 volts,now it shuts immediately down when 2nd ac turned on. But it always dragged the voltage down to where you couldnt dare leave it running at that low of voltage. Everything else runs fine with gen. power either ac runs just fine when operated alone. You may be right about never being able to hold both on but the owners manual says you can run both (gen. only) 30 amp system so you can only run one at a time on shore power.
donandmax 04/16/14 01:23pm Tech Issues
RE: LED light bulbs and electricity savings question

We have a Holiday Rambler fifth wheel permanently parked in a campground near Chautauqua Lake. Electricity costs are quite high in Western New York. So I am always trying to save from our electricity bill. We use shore power 100% of the time! unless there is an electrical outage which is very infrequent. We have several indoor light bulbs that need replaced. They are 1141's and they are very cheap. Amazon has LED replacements for the 1141 in the $10 range. All I have read on LED's is increased battery life. If I purchase LED's for the high use lights, would I ever see an electricity payback? I am fearful that the I would never offset the cost of the LED bulbs with lower electricity. How cost beneficial are LED's when you are on shore/campground power? You wont be able to see as well with LED lights. There just not bright enough for us.
donandmax 04/16/14 10:06am General RVing Issues
RE: As seen on TV

Well, I'm not one for buying these gimmicks. However there was a review on our local news on the green expandable pocket hose " the hose that grows". They gave it a thumbs up last year. While at ACE hardware they had a sale for $15. Yep bought it. If it works as it's claims it'll be handy around the MH for quick cleanups or washes. So what "as seen in TV " things worked out for you?? Bought 3 of these hoses from Walmart, they all leaked from their fittings. Took them all back because of these problems. I do not recommend these until they install better fittings..Wal mart has received a ton of these back because of leaky fittings
donandmax 04/16/14 09:49am General RVing Issues
RE: LEDs for my Class A

The only problem I've had with them is they're expensive to experiment with. I've bought quite a few but have not been pleased with their brightness, so I'm still looking. I have yet to find a replacement bulb that provides the same lumens and color of the halogens. They are energy savers, for sure, but I'm not prepared to have to squint to read a magazine...another source is superbriteleds.com..Dennis superbriteleds.com M4Products EBay - from above post And squint you will with LED's
donandmax 04/16/14 09:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: cops stopping you

Wow... LOL! I'm a retired Felon, and I welcome any LEO to search my RV anytime they want. If you ain't violating the law, who cares? Who cares?? The many reasons above for needing a warrant. You need a warrant period, unless you are very foolish.....
donandmax 04/16/14 09:40am Full-time RVing
RE: PC Cleaner

Never ever, ever, ever buy any computer program that comes to you via a pop up ad. Not only is there the possibility that it is malware, but if you install the program and don't know what you are doing, you will end up with a different search engine and home page and other programs you don't need. It will be almost impossible to get rid of these browser changes without expert help. Yeah that too.Be very careful what you download..
donandmax 04/16/14 08:03am Technology Corner
RE: PC Cleaner

And remember do not ever download anything that is free. Not even an anti virus program they also contain virus's You can really screw your computer up by doing so and allowing annoying ads to come on board that you will have one heck of a time getting rid of. (ask me how I know !!)
donandmax 04/16/14 08:00am Technology Corner

After I turn on the gas portion of the gas ref. When it reaches proper temp.It goes off as it should but when its calling for more cooling it will pop the check light and I have to push the gas switch off then on. It will then light and stay lit till the next cycle then same problem all over again. Any thoughts on this..
donandmax 04/16/14 07:51am Tech Issues
RE: A&E awning to Carefree

Going to wish you had the manual awning back after you change to electric. X-2 for sure. Most people are not happy with the electric ones..
donandmax 04/16/14 07:44am Tech Issues
RE: Koehler 5 confidant generator

What is the voltage and Hertz of the generator with no load. Voltage 120 with one ac going its still 120. Hz ?? havent got anything to measure that..
donandmax 04/16/14 07:42am Tech Issues
RE: Koehler 5 confidant generator

Yes it would help. But you should have them checked. Could be problems your not aware of. The thing is they run perfect by themselves.
donandmax 04/15/14 01:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Koehler 5 confidant generator

Would a quick start cap. help ?
donandmax 04/15/14 07:51am Tech Issues
RE: Koehler 5 confidant generator

Will the rear a/c start and run if you start that one first without the front running? Interesting to see if they behave the same way if you start them in the reverse order, ie, will the front a/c kill the gen if you try to start it with the rear a/c running? He's right if want to test but be carful making the gen die with a load can tear something up in the gen. I would start by testing with a clamp on meter testing ac1 how many amps its pulling at start and how many running and then with ac1 off test the the amp pull of ac2 . Also what else is running while trying to run both ac's . You need to add up amps before you mess something up in the gen. Nothing else running
donandmax 04/15/14 07:49am Tech Issues
RE: Koehler 5 confidant generator

I'd check first with marine shops over RV shops in general if one needed help with these gensets. Kohlers are staples on boats, so a marina or other similar shop would likely have better expertise. I live on the western slope of Co.marinas arnt very popular here.LOL But thanks anyhow.
donandmax 04/15/14 07:47am Tech Issues
RE: Koehler 5 confidant generator

Will the rear a/c start and run if you start that one first without the front running? Interesting to see if they behave the same way if you start them in the reverse order, ie, will the front a/c kill the gen if you try to start it with the rear a/c running? Doesnt matter which one starts first either way it takes the gen. down immediately.
donandmax 04/15/14 07:45am Tech Issues
RE: Is it going to end ?

Try Lake Havasu Az in the summer and Bullhead City. If you want to know what really hot is. How does 115 or higher sound ??
donandmax 04/15/14 07:19am General RVing Issues
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