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RE: Questions on 2 inch drop shackles for my truck

Little confused in what all you are attempting to accomplish. You want to tow level. Is the trailer high? What change in height will level the trailer? You want to increase clearance. How much clearance are you wanting to add? Drop the pinbox by this amount. Add these two amounts together for total suspension adjustment. You will need to realign your headlights since the truck will probably ride nose high. I have between 31/2 and 4 inches of clearance between truck side rail and 5th wheel right now. I want to get 6 or more inches. This truck is high in the rear end. I could drop it 2 to 3 inches and then it would be level. My pin box is already at the lowest setting and my hitch is at the highest. I know that regardless of the bed clearance my 5th wheel will be riding nose high.
dpgllg 09/14/14 05:46pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Questions on 2 inch drop shackles for my truck

I bought my 4 inchshackles from J.C. Whitney; I do not recall the price I paid but I thought it was reasonable. I did not have to remove my hitch to install them. The only problem was the shackle bolts were installed backwards, i.e. the bolt heads were closer to the inside of the bed and could not be removed with out cutting some metal from the bed seam. I suspect that the bolts were installed in that direction to ensure that they would be retained if the nuts worked their way off. When I replaced the bolts, I installed the nuts inboard, much easier that way. I do check them each time I change the oil. I guess the professional way to secure them would be to drill the nuts and safety wire them, but this ain't aircraft maintenance any more. Check my truck description in my sig. OP here, Did you lower by 4 inches? Was your truck level? I did see one 3 inch shackle set but thought that my to much. Anyone else have an opinion on 2 3 or 4 inch shackles? Thanks! Dave
dpgllg 09/14/14 05:26pm Fifth-Wheels
Questions on 2 inch drop shackles for my truck

I have decided to try dropping the rear of my new to me 2013 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD LTZ. I either have to raise my 5th wheel or lower my truck in order to tow level and to obtain more clearance between truck and 5th wheel. I do not haul heavy loads in the truck other than a load of mulch maybe once a year. It was purchased with the intent of pulling my 5th wheel now and any new 5th wheel in the future. I was researching what is involved and it seems the most difficult portion of this is removing my hitch to install these shackles. Now my question is what brand to purchase? I have found prices at Auto Zone at $30 bucks or so up to $150. Two name brands that came up are Belltech and Mcgaughys. I have no clue what brand or if the no name brand from Auto Zone are good and SAFE. I'm not against paying for what is best but I also do not want to pay for what is not needed. Safety first please! Thanks in advance for your help! Dave
dpgllg 09/14/14 04:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Anderson - Clemson (South Carolina) RV Park

I have never stayed in the area (nice place) in my RV only for business at a hotel. I would use RV Park Reviews to narrow my search and then post specific questions about those parks that seem to meet your needs. Good luck
dpgllg 09/12/14 05:12pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: CG in Ohio... Maiden voyage!

If you don't feel it is to far there some really nice campgrounds in Holmes Co. Largest Amish community. Scenic Hills in Berlin is nice (down in the bottom). If you want amenities then Evergreen Resort on 250 is really nice. Indoor pool, hot tub,fitness room and all paved sites. Also not that far from Amish. Where ever you decide, Happy Camping. X2 on Evergreen very nice park
dpgllg 09/11/14 07:45am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 5th wheel hitch and truck side rail height

2" drop shackles on the rear is a common fix for this. No it doesn't void any warranty. GM HD trucks have about 3" of rake from the factory compared to an F250 that maybe has 1" at most. First a big thank you to Bigfoot for the suggestion and to N-Trouble. I did call the company from the link and was told the same thing regarding the warranty. GM would have to prove that this part was the cause of any failure in order to deny warranty coverage which is very unlikely. For those of you that have done this what tools / equipment are required to attempt this myself? Is this something that can be done in my driveway (truck is too big for my garage)? Or should I take it somewhere? My daughter is getting married this month to an mechanical engineer and a real gearhead so I have the talent I think! Thanks! Dave
dpgllg 09/10/14 02:52pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel hitch and truck side rail height

Going to the 18" wheels and tires does nothing to change the height of your truck. The overall diameter is the same. What you would gain is more weight capacity from the tires AND the wheels in the 18" size. The 20" wheels are not offered on 1 ton trucks. Besides, a 2" reduction in tire diameter would have you turning some serious RPM's when rolling down the hiway and you would really start hating that. X2 the 18" and 20" wheel/tire combination on these trucks are the same diameter. Have you thought about lowering shackles for the rear of the truck? Lowering shackles I have been thinking of doing this with my truck.. My fifth is already lifted and I would like to bring it back down to earth. http://i155.photobucket.com/albums/s281/camaro-affair/IMG_1774_zpse8053101.jpg OP Here, If I go to these shackles will it void my factory warranty on my truck? It seems like an easy swap and affordable as well. Thanks! Dave
dpgllg 09/10/14 01:47pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel hitch and truck side rail height

OP here again, I have been working with Trailer City RV in West Virginia. I contacted Forest River / Flagstaff directly and found out they make / provide a lift kit for my 5th wheel. The young lady attempting to help me could not answer any questions with out putting me on hold and asking someone else. She quoted me over $300 for the kit. I contacted Trailer City who is the closet Flagstaff dealer to me now and they researched further and got a kit in. The cost is $185 for the kit plus three hours labor and I should be out the door for under $500. I'm making arrangements now to get my hitch in the new truck and if I am able to tow it I'll be taking it down to Trailer City. Dave
dpgllg 09/10/14 10:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question on Television wiring in my 5th wheel

1.What if anything am I doing wrong? 2.How can I get this to work if I put in a second TV in our bedroom? Do I need another Dish box? 3.(cable)Under this connection would the 2nd TV in our bedroom work without any issues?1. Sat tv doesn't work with any splitters in the coax between the dish and receiver. 2. If you want to watch a different channel on TV 2, it'll need a separate box and coax feed 3. Yes. I installed cable in my 5ver. From the Dish to a satellite splitter. One goes to the living room and the other to the bedroom. I use a dual tuner receiver and watch 2 different programs on the tv's. One is HD and the other is not. OK so would this setup work for me to be able to watch Dish Network on two TV's and NOT the same channel on both? EBAY listing
dpgllg 09/10/14 07:32am Technology Corner
Question on Television wiring in my 5th wheel

My 5th wheel has a plug on the side wear I attach the cable to for my TV signal. It has three jacks inside the RV one in rear bunk room one in living room and one in our bedroom. We currently have just one TV in the living room. My questions are: I use a satellite dish for the Dish network and can never get the wiring to work for it I have to run the cable through the window and into the dish box to get it to work. What if anything am I doing wrong? How can I get this to work if I put in a second TV in our bedroom? Do I need another Dish box? Now if the campground has cable I hook up from campground post to the side of my RV and I can get a signal inside the RV. Under this connection would the 2nd TV in our bedroom work without any issues? Thanks for your help Dave
dpgllg 09/09/14 01:25pm Technology Corner
RE: Factory Refubished RV on eBay Wonder what was fixed?

NB - the advertisement does say it is a dealer. OP here, I did ask if they were a dealer or not and they are not a dealer. Just selling on behalf of the owners. No financing available and no place to connect to checkout and verify systems. My position No deal Dave
dpgllg 09/08/14 03:49pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question on how long RV Antifreeze is effective in lines

You blew out the lines AND used pink stuff? DO you also hold your pants up with both belt AND suspenders? Seriously, blow it out and leave it full of air, I mean if the air ever freezes..... You will not be worried about the RV. I see nothing wrong with doing both. I had the compressor and the plug costs a couple bucks. The antifreeze I purchase from Tractor Supply every year as they have the best price around here. It takes me 5 minutes to blow out the lines and maybe 10 minutes more to pump fluid through. Total time 15 minutes and $5 to $6 bucks max. I would only save 5 to 10 minutes at most. For me I know my lines pump etc. will not freeze. Not a chance of enough water left to freeze and do any damage. So yes I guess I do use a belt and suspenders when it comes to protecting my investment.
dpgllg 09/08/14 12:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Factory Refubished RV on eBay Wonder what was fixed?

If you were thinking about making an offer on this I would go to the Crossroads owners forum first and do some reading in the Rushmore section. It may change your mind. OMG I'm so glad you pointed me to that site! I know that these sites tend to have more negative posts because happy people don't usually post everything great! BUT within reading for 5 minutes multiple people complaining of holding tanks just falling out, slide failures, and just things breaking I don't think I want to consider this model
dpgllg 09/08/14 12:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question on how long RV Antifreeze is effective in lines

Don't forget to add more to the sink/shower traps and the toilet as it does evaporate in the summer,and if it's gone you get tank smells in the camper that can be hard to get out of fabrics. Good Luck, Mike Yes I keep a bottle on the counter to add a little to each when I inspect it during storage. Thanks to everyone who responded! Dave
dpgllg 09/08/14 11:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Factory Refubished RV on eBay Wonder what was fixed?

OP here, I just got a response back and I'm posting it here. It was sent in to repair/replace some interior trim, fix shelf behind bedroom TV, and replace a slide-out motor that failed. The entire slide-out motor assembly has been completely replaced on both ends of the affected slideout. To err on the side of caution, the entire unit was sent in to ensure that this problem would not happen with any of the other slideouts and do a complete refurbishment since the owner wanted to sell it. In an effort to be transparent and honest, the owner wanted the factory to certify that this unit has been fully inspected, tested, and cleaned for the next owner. I'm researching the make and prices around my area on this unit to see how it compares but still not real sure about this. I did respond asking if they were a RV dealer or just selling for owners and I will let you know what the answer is there.
dpgllg 09/08/14 10:33am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Factory Refubished RV on eBay Wonder what was fixed?

My guess? Leaks. They are stating that it is leak free. For a lot less than $55,000 I would make the assumption that any rig is "leak free". :) Email them and see what they say....... I did message them asking politely what was refurbished. No response as of yet but it has only been a little over an hour or so.
dpgllg 09/08/14 10:15am Fifth-Wheels
Factory Refubished RV on eBay Wonder what was fixed?

While just casual surfing I came across this 5th wheel for sale on eBay. It states it has been Factory Refurbished but not what was corrected or the reason it was refurbished. Wonder what the issue was? I also don't think the seller is a RV Dealer either which makes it even more dangerous in my mind. 5th Wheel for sale listing Would anyone seriously consider purchasing this 5th wheel if you were not in the area to check it out?
dpgllg 09/08/14 10:09am Fifth-Wheels
Question on how long RV Antifreeze is effective in lines

I winterized my 5th wheel last fall by blowing out the lines and using RV Antifreeze. Due to various issues I was not able to take it out at all this year. My question is should I replace the antifreeze with fresh or will it be good for the winter as is. I live about 20 miles south of Pittsburgh so it does get pretty cold here. Was 41 degrees when I got up this morning so the real cold stuff is not to far away. Thanks! Dave
dpgllg 09/08/14 06:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Help! - gash in black tank

You have got several good responses on how to possibly repair the tank. I'd pick the one that you are most comfortable with and attempt it as none are very expensive. Then fill it up with clean water and see if it holds. If it does great if not then you are out only a minimal amount of money and your time. By the way I purchased a roll of the Eternabond tape that is 8 inches wide from a local roofing company very cheap. I would try a patching compound like the JB Weld and then cover it with the Eternabond.
dpgllg 09/02/14 04:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Storing 5th Wheel in Myrtle Beach area and live in PA

We did this in a campground in Roanoke Rapids, NC 2 years ago. It was well worth it and convenient too. OP here, Are there any extra steps I would need to take? Extra insurance etc. Some things that came to my mind: Insurance. Do I need more or any changes to policy? What to do if repairs are needed. I like to get my brakes etc. checked and adjusted at least once a year. I did discover that the Pennsylvania state inspection gives you 30 days to get vehicle inspected when returning to the state. Should I winterize the same since it is further south? I blow out lines and pump RV antifreeze through all currently. Given the location how do I keep unwanted pests and rodents out? I'm sure there is more but these are the few I have thought about. Thanks! Dave
dpgllg 09/02/14 11:28am General RVing Issues
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