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RE: Great time in Myrtle Not so much on the trip home

Hate to hear that. Honestly, with the sound of your health, it might be best in the long run. Some campgrounds (myrtle beach travel park is a good example) will actually rent you a camper that they will set up on site for you. Or, Ocean Lakes Family Campground has hundreds of houses you can rent, some are downright reasonable. Anyhow, good luck! Thank you for your thoughts! We cannot rent as we have dogs and the majority of rentals do not allow pets. Those that do are really not that nice We did this for a number of years before getting the 5th wheel. That is one of the big reasons we started RVing. I am talking with my local RV repair and service guy and we are pursing different possible options. He is a one man self employed shop and can not do these types of repairs. 1. There is a local fiberglass shop that can do the repairs but I would have a seam down the side of the 5th wheel but it would be dry and secure. There is a guarantee on the work. He can't tell me how much until he sees how much has to be removed to get to solid side wall. I have sent him pictures and am now waiting to hear back from him. Initial numbers were promising and not anywhere near the $10,000 amount the insurance adjustor stated. They also have fixed 100's of RV's and this is not something new to them. 2. Sell for scrap and he is looking for a place that would give me the most for the RV. It would not be much money and even may cost me to dispose of it. This is my least favorite option as it means my RV days are done. 3. Find a dry secure indoor storage facility to store it in until I can afford to have it repaired. This at least will protect it until I can decide on the best solution. I would not be forced to make a hasty and possibly poor choice. So it is a waiting game to get the information and see what makes the most sense. Dave
dpgllg 06/23/16 10:39am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Great time in Myrtle Not so much on the trip home

The insurance adjustor just called back and notified me that it is definitely not covered. I can't just put a panel or anything on it because there is plywood missing. The section would have to be cut out and new plywood put in and then covered. I am not physically able to do any type of work like that as I am on disability for heart trouble as well as multiple strokes. I just recently stabilized enough where we could go to myrtle beach last month. In addition, my income on disability is significantly less and we are still paying on medical bills. I do not have thousands of dollars to spend on getting the damage fixed. At this time I will be looking for salvage yards to come and take it from my driveway. I also will be listing my truck for sale as I no longer have a need for a 2500HD Diesel since I have nothing to tow. I want to thank everyone here on the forums for their help over the years. This is a great place for the RV community. Thanks again
dpgllg 06/23/16 07:41am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Great time in Myrtle Not so much on the trip home

Adjustor just left. He can't positively say until he fully reviews my policy but the damage is most likely not covered. There was a crack in the caulking where the front cap meets the roof. That was where the leak was. He states that he will review my policy with his manager and get back to me sometime late tomorrow. He stated that it could be fixed by replacing the side panel all the way back to the slide out. He ball parked the cost to be around $9000 to $10000. I am at a complete loss on what to do next. I can't afford to get it fixed on my own and I just can't let it sit in its current state. Unless you don't have comprehensive coverage, why would this =not= be covered? :h Lyle I have comprehensive coverage but damage caused due to leaks is not covered. Comprehensive claims must meet the criteria of sudden and unavoidable such as a tree falling hail damage theft or vandalism according to the adjustor.
dpgllg 06/22/16 03:49pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Great time in Myrtle Not so much on the trip home

Adjustor just left. He can't positively say until he fully reviews my policy but the damage is most likely not covered. There was a crack in the caulking where the front cap meets the roof. That was where the leak was. He states that he will review my policy with his manager and get back to me sometime late tomorrow. He stated that it could be fixed by replacing the side panel all the way back to the slide out. He ball parked the cost to be around $9000 to $10000. I am at a complete loss on what to do next. I can't afford to get it fixed on my own and I just can't let it sit in its current state.
dpgllg 06/22/16 12:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Great time in Myrtle Not so much on the trip home

What was the outcome....is insurance covering? The appointment is for 11am this morning so won't know until after that.
dpgllg 06/22/16 06:29am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Jayco 5th Wheels Questions

Looking at the options that can be added I have two questions: 1. Is the MOR/Ryde "RPB" Rubber Pin Box at $637.00 a good investment? I understand that it helps eliminate front to back chucking. I am just not familiar with it at all. Can it be added at a later date relatively easy? 2. Will The Dual Pane Frameless Tinted Safety Glass Windows at $1492.00 significantly keep the unit cooler or warmer? I do not anticipate doing much cold weather camping. If it is cold out I want to be where it is warm! Thanks to everyone for all there help Dave
dpgllg 06/21/16 07:55pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Jayco 5th Wheels Questions

I like the HT for 1/2 and 3/4 ton trucks, and you could tow the Eagle, but would be maxed out. I just went to a used HT because I got tired of towing a 12k 5er with a 3/4 ton, and did not want to upgrade my truck. If you get the HT be sure to check the level height of the pin box to your hitch height, and you may need to have the dealer install a Correct Track, and 16" tires to keep from being nose high when hitched. If you check my other threads, you can see what I did to mine to level it out. We are leaning towards a HT 291RSTS model with the options we really want. The must have are 50amp service 2 a/c units and the 16 inch tire option. Next would be the auto level system. I am disabled so the auto level feature would be very helpful for me. The rest such as fireplace and such are negotiable. I to was a little concerned about the Eagle and its size and weight. The Eagle would not fit in my driveway at 37 feet and although my truck is rated at 16,000 for a 5th wheel I'd rather not get close to the limit. I just was not aware that you could add the 50 amp service etc to the HT line. Dave
dpgllg 06/21/16 05:13am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Jayco 5th Wheels Questions

We optioned a lot of the items in your second column onto a 35' Eagle HT BHXB. I didn't want the auto-level, but have almost everything else. We've just had it for a few months, but really love it! I went online and loaded those options we really wanted into the smaller unit and it took the price up 6 grand which is not bad for auto level, 2nd a/c, and fireplace. I also upgraded the windows to frameless dual pane windows as well Also thanks BarryG20 for your feedback. I'm glad your happy with your unit. It makes a person feel better before taking this big of a plunge knowing others that have done it and are satisfied. If I'm going to order a unit I might really consider the 28,5RSTS HT the floorplan is similar but it has an island which the wife prefers. Is there a Jayco Users Forum? I'd like tp look and see what people are saying
dpgllg 06/20/16 02:56pm Fifth-Wheels
Jayco 5th Wheels Questions

We are dealing with the potential loss of our current 5th wheel and currently waiting on the insurance company to determine what if anything they will do. You can see details here: Trailer Damage While we are waiting we started looking at new 5th wheels. The nearest dealer is a Jayco dealer and is where we purchased our current 5th wheel. It is a family run business that has been there for years. The two models that they have in stock are: Eagle HT 27.5RLTS 30"11" GVWR 99950 Eagle 317RLOK 37' GVWR 12,250 We liked both units and obviously the larger unit costs more but offers more as well. Smaller Unit Larger Unit 1 15,000 A/C......................2 15,000 A/c both ducted Electric front and rear jacks.....Electric front and rear jacks No auto level system..............Has auto leveling No outside Kitchen................Outside Kitchen No W/D prep.......................W/D Prep One Awning........................Two Awnings 6 Gallon WH......................DSI 18 Gallon Equiv WH 8 CU Ft Frig......................12 CU Ft Frig 30 Amp Electric...................50 Amp Electric Laminate Counter tops.............Solid Surface Counter Tops No Fireplace......................Fireplace 39 Inch TV in LR..................39" LR 32" BR 24" in Out Kitchen 15 inch D rated Tires.............16 Inch E rated tires The big question is are the extra features on the larger unit worth the $11,000.00 difference in Price? I know we have the final say but looking for constructive advise. Both have the Morryde Suspension System. What is this and what does it do if anything for me? Regarding the water heater what is a DSI 18 gallon Equiv? Is it a 18 Gallon tank? Or does it heat water fast enough that you get 18 gallons an hour? Are there any members that have these units that can share feedback on what they are happy with and what they are not happy with? Are Jayco 5th wheels a quality unit or are they known for problems? Anything at all that we should know good or bad about Jayco? Thanks in advance for your constructive comments! Dave
dpgllg 06/20/16 08:21am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Great time in Myrtle Not so much on the trip home

First look would be a boat repair shop of some type. That's where I would start. Earlier poster's idea about some type of overlay using sheet metal or aluminum would be very cost effective. Wouldn't look as good as fiberglass repair, but a WHOLE lot cheaper. Well I may need to go cheap The insurance adjustor called to schedule a time to look the RV over. He will be here next Wednesday. He stated that he WAS NOT even sure this would be covered. He will make the determination when he sees the RV and reviews my policy. Now I'm just fighting to stay out of panic mode and keep calm. I sure hope that things start looking up
dpgllg 06/16/16 11:42am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Great time in Myrtle Not so much on the trip home

Cut a deal with insurance company. Let them total it then buy it back for scrap. Who cares if the title is "salvage" at that point. It's still yours and you're not going to get rid of it. Take insurance money and spend a few grand letting a good body shop fix it back up. Use it till the wheels fall off that turd or it burns to ground and leave it right there forever. I agree. If insurance co totals it, buy it back. Then find a good fiberglass shop to do the repairs. I had both sides of my 5er repaired. Roughly right down through like where your bedroom window is, on both sides of mine. They cut out the bad and fiberglassed in a new panel. It cost about 7K but that included a new roof also. Check into it. Good luck, John. Where do you look for such a repair facility? Would it be auto body shop or a specialty shop? Still waiting on insurance company to call me back. They said it would be a day at the most and probably before the end of the day Tuesday. My son in law helped me cover it last evening to keep what's left dry. He does a lot for me and when he first saw the damage quipped "I don't think I can buff that out". A little humor never hurts I guess.
dpgllg 06/16/16 07:53am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Great time in Myrtle Not so much on the trip home

You should still plan on seeing whatever you and the wife had on the list. Take the ins money and put it towards your bills and go on your trips. Hotels and BNB's will be fine. Not against hotels etc. but we have three dogs that go wherever we go and most hotels would never accept three. The oldest is going on 13 years old and has never been kenneled or spent one night away from at least one of us. I don't think he would do well in a kennel while we traveled. Can't imagine not having them with us.
dpgllg 06/14/16 09:06pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Great time in Myrtle Not so much on the trip home

That's crazy, did you hit something or did it just come loose and blow off? Just blew off! We did not even notice when it happened. I just saw the wiring blowing around in the mirror. Thank god no one was hurt by the debris or cause an accident. The State Police stopped and then followed my route to make sure nothing was on the road or any accidents etc. Yes it is obvious that there was a leak which frustrates the hell out of me. The roof got cleaned and inspected twice a year. If anything needed addressed I would do it or recently pay to have it done. There were no signs of a leak inside the unit as well. No stains water marks etc. I looked up the NADA value and found that it is worth between $11000 and $12000 dollars. After serious health issues I am now disabled and my income has been cut 40%. We are also paying off the medical expenses that have accrued. A RV payment right now is out of the question and to purchase a $12000 5th wheel I think we would be in for more problems. And remember that $12000 is a value of the NADA guide and may not even be close to what the insurance company offers. So unfortunately it looks like we will be giving up the RV lifestyle. What really hurts is that my wife and I talked last week about how my health has stabilized to a point that I can travel within reason. She will be retiring very soon and we discussed the places we wanted to travel and see together. I am just trying to stay calm as serious stress can cause some nasty problems for me. We just have to wait and see what the insurance company will do.
dpgllg 06/14/16 02:09pm Fifth-Wheels
Great time in Myrtle Not so much on the trip home

Spent a great week in Myrtle at Willowtree Had 5th wheel stored there over winter. Unit needed cleaned and had Keep it Clean come to our site to wash it. Removed peeling decals and adhesive on front, sides and rear. Unit looked good. The tech who cleaned my roof said that the caulking appeared fairly good but there were a couple of places I might want to address nothing serious. I decided to bring RV home to Pennsylvania to get it inspected and possibly go to other locations this summer. Those of you saw my previous posts will know I was also looking to update the RV with new flooring etc. Well about a hour from Willowtree I noticed wires blowing on side of RV. Pulled over and discovered front of side panel tore off. Managed to tape down wires and make it home with the damage. Called and opened a claim with insurance company waiting on an adjustor to get back to me. Talked to dealer where I bought RV and they can not work on it because they are no longer a Forest River dealer. They told me that the entire side of unit will need to be replaced which means removing slide out, compartment doors, and windows. They said Forest River will have to make the side panel and ship it to repair facility. Since the RV is a 2004 and NADA book lists value at around 11 to 12 thousand I'm not sure insurance will want to fix it. Have to wait and see. For now it is in my driveway and I'm working on getting the damage covered and protected. You can see into the bedroom from the outside at the bottom front corner. For those of you that may have dealt with a similar situation what should I be prepared for? I have to say I am literally sick about this. I addressed the maintenance issues on the RV on a regular basis. Roof cleaned twice a year. caulking at least twice frequent washings etc. For now I'm just waiting on insurance company. Dave http://i.imgur.com/oqXKSUjl.jpg "border=0" http://bit.ly/1CIRlV8
dpgllg 06/14/16 10:25am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Replacing linoleum in kitchen and bathroom

If I want to replace both the vinal and carpet how do I handle the slide out? The carpet is split down the middle at the slide and slides across the fixed carpet. I will keep the existing vinal and lay the new over it. Thanks Dave
dpgllg 06/10/16 08:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Vinyl Plank Flooring

For those of you who replaced every thing vinal and carpet how do you handle the slide out? My 5th wheel has a vinal on the kitchen side and carpet on the slide side. The carpet is split down the middle and slides across the carpet when sliding in and out. Thanks Dave
dpgllg 06/10/16 08:10pm Fifth-Wheels
Replacing linoleum in kitchen and bathroom

The linoleum in our 5th wheel is worn and outdated. We would like to replace it with a vial strip flooring. Does anyone have suggestions on how to proceed with this project? Is this a project that can be undertaken by us or is a professional installer required? Thanks Dave
dpgllg 06/10/16 05:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Refrigerator not cooling fully

Is there a tab you can side up and down on the fins inside the fridge? If so slide it toward the bottom of the fin. Moving the thermister up causes more cooling. Thanks guys! I never knew that there was an adjustment inside the frig. The thermistor was all the way down. I slid it up and put a bottle of water in the freezer last night. Frozen water this morning! Frig is much colder too. Thanks again as I was ready to call a mobile RV tech to have it checked.
dpgllg 06/09/16 08:52am Tech Issues
Refrigerator not cooling fully

Our refrigerator is cool but not cold. Freezer can't keep ice frozen. No ammonia smell. I have a fan inside frig running full time. Temps are highs in mid 80's lows in lower 70's. No shade on site. Anything that I can do to make it work fully? Thanks Dave
dpgllg 06/08/16 04:31pm Tech Issues
Forest River Sierra 2013 346RET opinions

Going to look at this RV in a bit and wondered if any one has any feedback good or bad on this particular unit. Thanks! Dave
dpgllg 06/08/16 09:53am Fifth-Wheels
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