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RE: washing and waxing

I have used it on many surfaces inside the RV like the shower and sinks, but not the exterior. It is a good product but I believe that the surface has to be fairly clean before applying. I would not apply it on a dirty surface. I prefer washing first and using a Mequiars product on the exterior. JMO. According to what the item description says This product is for RV exteriors that have more dirt and oxidation as well as black streaks. It is a more powerful cleaner than the RV Wash and Wax product.
dpgllg 05/23/16 10:04am Fifth-Wheels
RE: washing and waxing

Has anyone used this product: Gel Gloss RV Cleaner and Wax It is from the same company that makes RV Wash and Wax. The only difference is that this product is not diluted in water. You use a damp cloth rub it on, let it dry and wipe it off. My RV really needs cleaned and it is stored in Myrtle Beach so I will have to clean it while in the campground. I thought that since this did not require a hose and bucket I could use it and not violate the campground policy of not "washing RV on site". I will check with campground to make sure before I do but thought that since it removes black streaks and oxidation which my RV has That this might be the way to go. Any thoughts?
dpgllg 05/22/16 09:38am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tips for making RV ing easier with disabilties

We use brass quick disconnect fittings between each of our fresh water system components (Y connector @ hose bib, white hose ends, filter, & 90 degree connector @ fresh water intake). All our 30A power cord connectors have Coil n Wrap Plug Dogs handles for ease of removal. We also use their coax quick disconnects for the cable TV connection, on those rare occasions where we find such services these days. We swapped out our Marinco shore power connector & cord with a SmartPlug system. Much easier to plug in and gain a positive connection. Finally, for the sewer connection, we ordered our coach with a built-in Thetford Sani-con macerator. DW can manage 2 21' lengths of retractable 1" hose from her scooter, rather than a single 3" hose. NOTE: These are merely the products we've used; this is not meant as a commercial endorsement. Thank you for the heads up on these items! I have ordered the plug dogs, cable quick connects and will be getting the hose quick connects once I get to the RV. These should all help setting up and tearing down. "We added a Burr Handi-Lift http://www.burractuators.com/lifts/handy_lift.htm Thank you for the information at this time I am still able to get in and out of the RV OK because I have a handle installed. Although my leg is weakened from the stroke I can still navigate with a cane or other forms of support. As long as I don't have further strokes the doctors feel this will not get any worse and might improve slightly over time. "Sounds like a quick way for a teenager, able to follow verbal directions to make a few bucks when needed. Your issues are more severe than mine, but my doctor told me that I could have a severe problem anywhere, anytime and would I like to go when I'm sitting at home or seeing what I can of this country. We kept the RV and have trips planned. Enjoy your travels." I feel the same way. I do not want to spend whatever time I have sitting here at home feeling sorry for myself but rather enjoy what life still has to offer. I have taken steps to minimize any issues if something were to happen and have an envelope with instructions medication list physician contacts etc. for my wife to use in the event it does happen. I have family and friends lined up to get her home and to get my truck and RV back home as well. My will is current and legal and the family is aware of my wishes regarding life support. I am in the process of drawing up a living will with these wishes detailed there as well. "Did you discuss your situation with management at Willowtree? Maybe they can have an employee make the connections for you. Or talk to a neighbor at the CG. I know I don't mind helping, I think most of us feel the same way." Willowtree is a great place and the staff has been excellent to deal with. I'm positive they would help if asked. I was asking because I would like to have as much control as possible. That may be my stubborn and foolish side but I want to be able to do as much as possible. There will probably come a time when I can't do these things but until then I want to be as active as possible. Thanks again for all the responses and I hope to meet all of you sometime on the road!
dpgllg 05/20/16 09:04am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
Tips for making RV ing easier with disabilties

My health has been on a steady decline over the last 2 years to the point that I am now disabled. I suffered multiple heart attacks and strokes. Had open heart surgery and a pacemaker inserted. Three weeks ago the doctors put stents in my carotid arteries to open them back up. I now walk with a cane, the left side of my body is weakened by the strokes, to much exertion causes chest pain so it is slow and steady when doing anything. My wife and I discussed keeping the RV or selling it. It is currently stored at Willowtree RV Resort in Myrtle Beach and we have a trip already scheduled for June 3rd that was planned before the last go around of issues. We decided to still make the trip and decide what to do based on how things go on the trip. The one advantage is that Willowtree pulls the 5th wheel out of storage and puts it on the camp site and puts it back when we leave. I don't have to fuss with the landing legs or un hooking the hitch etc. So for now that is good. We are responsible for making all the connections electric, water, sewer, and satellite. What I am looking for are some tips that can make setting up and tearing down easier for us so that we can continue the lifestyle if at all possible. For example I have found that a pair of Robogrip pliers are very handy for tightening the water and cable connections. I store the electric cable in the compartment right next to the connection so I do not have to lift the entire cable out at once just the ends make the connections and the coil remaining cable on the ground below the compartment. A post here asked about sewer connections and someone advised a strap wrench. So I guess I'm looking for advice from those of you that have found various ways to make the things required for the RV lifestyle a little easier. Thanks in advance for your help! Dave
dpgllg 05/18/16 05:56am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: RV Wash and Wax Service in North Myrtle Beach

Dave, Did you get the message? Yes I got it thank you!
dpgllg 05/17/16 02:25pm General RVing Issues
RV Wash and Wax Service in North Myrtle Beach

Hello, We will be going to Willowtree in the North part of Myrtle Beach on June 3rd. I need to find a reliable and affordable RV wash service. I have suffered multiple heart attacks and strokes that have left me disabled and unable to wash the RV. The RV is stored at Willowtree. Can someone recommend a service and also what should I expect to pay for this. I have a 31 foot 5th wheel with a gelcoat finish Thanks in advance for your help Dave
dpgllg 05/17/16 06:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Old Decal Removal

I rebuilt a Jet Ski and had to remove a lot of decals. I used Sticker Off and it worked great for me. You can find it here on Amazon Sticker Off I bought mine at an auto parts store. This took the decal as well as the adhesive off and did not damage the gelcoat Dave
dpgllg 05/16/16 11:42am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New 5th Wheel ------ Do I pay sales tax in Ohio???

Sales tax is paid to state where vehicle is registered.
dpgllg 01/18/16 01:51pm Fifth-Wheels
KZ Durango 2500 D336RET Feedback

I posted earlier and determined that the Cedar Creek 5th wheel we saw and liked at the Pittsburgh RV show was to heavy for my truck to safely pull. I have a 2013 Chevy 2500HD. My truck is an extended cab 4 wheel drive long bed turbo diesel with the Alison transmission. The 5th wheel towing capacity is 15,700 straight from the manual. Payload is 2,725. I am now looking at the KZ Durango 2500 D336RET. The GVWR on the 5th wheel is 12,500. The UVW is 10,070 and the CCC is 2,430. The dry hitch weight is 1,830. 20% of the GVWR is 2500 for a fully loaded pin weight which is under my payload. I understand that I need to add the weight of passengers and everything else to count toward the payload but I never run with full tanks and it is only my wife and I plus our three cocker spaniels. The two things I am looking at are: 1. Verify that this is not to much weight for my truck. I think It comes in at a safe range. 2, Any feedback on the KZ Durango line as I am not familiar with this brand at all. What is the quality and service like etc.? Thanks in advance for your help! Dave
dpgllg 01/18/16 01:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cedar Creek 34RE questions

OK......it's too much trailer :B What does your truck weigh 'camp ready'.....you/passengers,fuel, etc? How much real payload do you have (camp ready truck vs GVWR)? How much additional weight is available on rear axle? Can your truck carry pin wet of roughly 2800#? Question on the Pin Weight is that the same as the hitch weight? What is the difference?
dpgllg 01/17/16 01:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cedar Creek 34RE questions

That's more than my CC and I pull with a dually. BTW. The 36CKTS you might like better. Larger island and the recliners are directly opposite the TV. Yes we saw that unit as well but ruled it out because it was over 16,000 pounds and an increase in price of $8500
dpgllg 01/17/16 01:04pm Fifth-Wheels
Cedar Creek 34RE questions

Went to the Pittsburgh RV show yesterday and saw this 5th wheel. My wife and I really liked it but I'm afraid it is to heavy for my 2013 Chevy Silverado 2500HD Diesel. My truck is an extended cab 4 wheel drive long bed turbo diesel with the Alison transmission.The 5th wheel towing capacity is 15,700 straight from the manual. Payload is 2,725. The GVWR on the 5th wheel is 15,873. The UVW is 11,955 and the CCC is 3,898. The hitch weight is 1,853. I guess I'm looking for two things: 1. Confirmation that this to much trailer for my truck. 2. Recommendations for another 5th wheel that comes close to the layout and features of this 5th wheel and keeps the weight down. Of course the salesman said my truck would be fine towing this. He said to take the UVW and just add 1,000 pounds to be realistic. I learned my lesson when I bought my current 5th wheel. They told me my 1/2 ton would handle the 5th wheel and it did move it but I only towed it once before I upgraded my truck. Thanks in advance for your assistance. Dave
dpgllg 01/17/16 12:32pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Myrtle Beach Winterizing Question

I would imagine your storage place would have all of that info. Probably a bunch of others there with same problem... We always go to LAKELAND south of Myrtle Beach and there are several storage places there along the bypass... Apparently alot of folks use them as when we are there setup we see the LAKELAND folks pulling trailers from across the bypass road all the time to their place and setting them up. Don't know where your storage place is without looking it up... I'm sure you could call Lakeland Camping Resort and talk with their maintenance folks. They might be setup to fix you up... Roy Ken My 5th wheel is at Willowtree RV Resort which is in North Myrtle and really in Longs SC. I just spoke with them and they are going to email a list of service providers. The lady wanted to discuss first with the gentleman who pulls the RV's in and out of storage. Since I have a bypass valve on the hot water tank this step takes about 15 minutes start to finish. Not a big deal but worth the piece of mind Dave
dpgllg 10/17/15 08:49am Tech Issues
RE: Myrtle Beach Winterizing Question

OP here, First thanks to all who have replied! It seems that I should go ahead and have the pink stuff pumped in. As I live in SW PA and suffering the effects of a recent stroke I will need to hire a service to perform this function. I just can't travel that far for 15 or 20 minutes of work. Now the question becomes can anyone recommend a mobile service to perform this task? Thanks!
dpgllg 10/17/15 07:41am Tech Issues
RE: Myrtle Beach Winterizing Question

Walmart usually has the pink stuff also Ace Hardware. If it doesn't get below 32 F there should be no problem. That's IF... Believe me I tried to find it! Went to Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowe's, and several auto parts stores. None had it and could not recommend a place either. Keep in mind this was with a steady downpour and the police were already closing portions of the roads due to flooding.
dpgllg 10/17/15 06:37am Tech Issues
Myrtle Beach Winterizing Question

My 5th wheel is spending the winter in Myrtle Beach. Specifically at Willowtree storage yard. We were there to winterize when the storms from the hurricane hit. Never saw so much rain! Anyhow I was planning on winterizing it the same I do when stored here in south west Pennsylvania when the weather hit and I also took ill. I normally drain as much water out of the lines as possible, drain the hot water tank, drain the water filter holder, and then pump in the pink stuff. I did everything but the pink stuff. I forgot to take some with me and I could not find it anywhere in the area. My question is will this be enough? I reviewed the weather charts and see the average low temperature is around 32 or 34 degrees while the highs are near 50. Should I get a service to pump in the pink stuff or will it be enough? I am not well enough right now to travel back myself to do anything so it would have to be a RV Service company to perform the task. If a service company is needed does anyone have a recommendation of one to use? Thanks in advance! Dave
dpgllg 10/17/15 06:17am Tech Issues
RE: Blue Beacon Truck Wash - Procedural Question

I'm thinking of using them the next time my 5th wheel needs done. Do they do anything with the roof or just the sides?
dpgllg 08/26/15 12:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Modifying 5th Wheel landing legs

I think your creating work for yourself. Lower the legs a bit. A bit depends on terrain and whether your going to need to raise or drop the nose. Pull the snaps pins. Continue lowering the legs. Eventually the pins will snap into the next available hole. From there continue lowering the legs until you get enough strain to release the hitch. Release and pull out. Once clear raise or lower the legs to make the trailer level. OP Here, You learn something new everyday! I was shown by the dealer when I purchased the 5th wheel in 2006 that you pull out the pins adjust the legs so pins can be reinserted and then proceed to lower legs. Being my first RV I didn't question him as at the time I was able to handle raising and lowering of the legs. I have since replaced the removable pins with the pin locks and just proceeded to continue with the same process. Thinking about it now it does really make sense. I will be adding the eye bolts in the bottom hole to help with the lifting of the legs. Thanks everyone for your help! Dave
dpgllg 08/26/15 11:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question on storing a LED TV

OP Here, Thanks everyone for your responses! My wife was actually insisting that we remove the TV "because it will freeze". I just wanted to leave it so all your responses say it will be fine so it stays As far as theft the thieves would have to break into a fenced locked and camera monitored lot that has someone on site 24 / 7. Then they would have to break into my RV and figure out a way to extend the slide to get to the TV. The battery is disconnected and the slide will not work. Thanks again for all your help! Dave
dpgllg 08/25/15 10:01am Technology Corner
Modifying 5th Wheel landing legs

I am looking for a way to make the process of raising and lowering my landing legs easier on me. I am disabled and have extreme difficulty bending or getting down on the ground to deal with the landing legs. I have the pull pins to drop them but you always seem to need to raise them a bit to get them to lock into the hole. When raising I need to get down and lift them up until they lock. I know expensive rigs have fully automatic systems but I don't have that kind of money available. All suggestions to assist are greatly appreciated Thanks ! Dave
dpgllg 08/24/15 12:56pm Fifth-Wheels
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