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RE: Question on winterizing with a Nautilus P1 system

OP here Can anybody help with the questions I asked? I am really concerned about the black tank flush Thanks!
dpgllg 08/17/17 12:14pm Tech Issues
Question on winterizing with a Nautilus P1 system

Hello, I know its only August but unfortunately winter is coming faster than we want. On my previous 5th wheel I connected a blow plug to the city water inlet and used a small compressor to blow out the water lines. With the new 5th wheel it has a Nautilus P1 water control system where you flip the various levers to perform whatever function needed. My questions: Can / should I blow out the water lines? If yes then should I set the system to winterize for this? How do I winterize the black tank rinse that is part of this system? Can I blow out this line as well? Thanks in advance for your help! Dave
dpgllg 08/15/17 09:28am Tech Issues
RE: Roof Cleaning

Keeping your roof clean is the best way to prevent black streaks down the side of the RV. I also used a roof cleaner and treatment that supposedly had UV protectant in it on my old 5th wheel. We just traded it this summer for a new 5th wheel and the roof on the old one looked great. The old 5er was almost 14 years old. Dave
dpgllg 08/11/17 09:53am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Options for protective storage for winter help

I've been using the the limestone mine in Wampum since 2003. The first seven years was in the general storage area, since 2010 I opted for the climate control storage area. I used charcoal and DampRid while in the general area and never had a problem, I've used nothing in the climate controlled area and have no issues. 2016 - 2017 season was $155.00/mo. for my 40' DP. I've been very satisfied with the underground storage because it eliminates the need to winterize, protects the roof from the expansion/contraction that promotes leaking, and eliminates the damage of UV rays for the five months the rig is in the cave. $155.00 / month may not be bargain basemment pricing, but well worth protecting the large investment you've made in your unit. I have sent you a private message with questions on your experience. Thank you so much for your response! Dave
dpgllg 08/07/17 01:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Options for protective storage for winter help

The cave sounds like your best bet. I pay $375 a year for outside storage. They have several caves around here but they charge by the foot, the last time I checked I believe it was around $20 a foot. If my 5er was new I would consider it. Good luck Just checked two local caves. For my 30 ft. 5er $110 and 150 per month. To rich for my blood. I just got pricing on one of the mines and it would be $340 for October 1st to April 30th. 7 months. That's around $49 a month I am beginning to think that this is the way to go and just put in lots of Damp Rid and Charcoal. I will be able to access the 5th wheel whenever I need to just need to let them know I am coming. That way I can keep the damp rid filled up Dave
dpgllg 08/07/17 07:25am General RVing Issues
RE: Options for protective storage for winter help

Check your local airports and see if anyone has space in a hangar. I'm working on a deal now. The guy has an end T hangar so there's space at the end that the Sahara should fit in. It's just cover. Very few hangars are heated. But it's not outside. I wish there were limestone mines on Cape Cod. That sounds like the best idea. If they provide power, you could run a dehumidifier. Unfortunately there is no power available I would use many Damp Rid buckets and a few bags of lump charcoal. Just not sure what option to do
dpgllg 08/06/17 04:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: Options for protective storage for winter help

We store our fw in a polebarn style facility. Amazing how much cleaner it looks. I've heard to many complaints about the temporary covers. I would love to find a place like this but all of my search methods have failed. It would be great to find a place that I could use year round and keep it under cover. How did you come across your place?
dpgllg 08/06/17 10:57am General RVing Issues
Options for protective storage for winter help

Hello, We got a new 5th wheel this June and I do not want it to sit outside during the winter months here in south west Pennsylvania. My current storage location is great as it has 24 / 7 monitoring and is very close to my house. It just does not have covered storage nor can I erect a carport type myself there. I have been looking for a place to safely store it over the winter and have not found a 100% suitable option. We have no plans to use the RV during the winter but things do happen. Here is what I have found so far: 1. Purchase a high end cover and cover it leaving it in current location. While it would still be close to home and receive some protection I am concerned about the cover rubbing and damaging the exterior of my RV. I believe that I would have to check on it frequently to insure that all straps are snug and cover is not blowing around. It would require that I have help to cover it as I am disabled and getting up on the roof would not work for me, The other negative is cost versus longevity of cover. From my research the covers seem only to last 3 to 5 years. I could be wrong on this. 2. Underground Limestone Mine There are 3 separate facilities within an hours drive of me that store your RV underground in a closed limestone mine. The cost is actually the same or a few dollars less than what I pay now. The temperature remains at a constant 52 degrees so no need to winterize. I would still empty tanks and blow out my water lines. The drawback for these mines is the humidity levels. The humidity is at 65% give or take constantly. I worry about mold and mildew and any other issues the humidity level could cause. I would still have access to inspect my RV as long as I notify the site I am coming. I can even get RV out early if I needed to. 3. Local County Fairgrounds rent under roof space Several of the county fairgrounds rent space in their buildings for winter storage. The cost for this is more money than the mine storage. Cost is aa factor somewhat as I am on a fixed income. Also once your RV is stored you have no access to it until April 1st. You cannot check on it and certainly can't get it out if you needed to. The RV would still need to be winterized which is no problem. I read mixed reviews about storing at these locations with the negatives being rodent infestation roof leaks onto RV and damage occurred while storing. From what I understand the RV's are packed into the buildings as tight as possible to make the most of the space. 4. Find a local garage, barn, or building to rent space from I have been looking for a space to rent but so far have come up empty. I have been searching Craigslist, Google, local papers and riding around the area but have only found space for automobiles. If anyone knows of a website or another method for this approach please let me know. 5. Winterize and leave as is I really do not want to do this as we get lots of snow and rain along with constant freezing and thawing all winter long. I did do this with my old 5th wheel and the weather took a toll on it. What solution makes the most sense to you and why? Is there another solution that I have not thought about? I really want to make a decision soon as places like the mines require a reservation and they fill up every year. Thanks in advance for your assistance! Dave
dpgllg 08/06/17 10:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Solar panel questions

What gauge is the wire? I am not sure of the size of the wire but there is a 10amp inline fuse in place. There was also a defect by Grand Design that put in only 7.5 amp fuse and fuse holders which is a potential problem and would need replaced. I will check these items out the next time I go over to my RV
dpgllg 07/31/17 10:34am Tech Issues
RE: Solar panel questions

OP here On further research I discovered that the maximum size panel that the Furrion port supports is 100 watts do to the wiring and inline fuse. Dave
dpgllg 07/31/17 10:12am Tech Issues
Solar panel questions

We just got our new 2017 Grand Design 27RL 5th wheel last month. It has a Furrion solar panel port on the front basement wall. The dealer briefly explained that I could connect a solar panel to this port to charge my battery. I have looked into the panels that Furrion provide and they are 95watt folding suitcase type and cost around $500.At that amount it is currently beyond my finances so I am looking for a more cost effective solution. Furrion Solar Pane My purpose for adding a solar panel is to maintain the battery while in storage. We do not dry camp or boondock at this time. To access all areas of my 5th wheel I have to put out at least the passenger side slide out. I have no idea what power is consumed by this but do not want to get stuck sometime and not be able to get slide in our out. Or worse only partially in or out. I have located a connector that will work with the Furrion port for $10 so I can wire any solar panel to work with it. The Furrion port DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY TYPE OF VOLTAGE CONTOLLER. This means that any panel I purchase has to have this capability. I am not sure how many watts I would need but the trickle charger panels I saw were from 6 to 10 watts. This is one at Tractor Supply that is 6 watt with overcharge protection. It only costs $60. Tractor Supply Coleman Solar Panel Will this adequately maintain a 12v battery? Do I need a larger more watt panel? Is the overcharge protection that is built in sufficient? It is a Amorphous solar panel while the 95 watt Furrion is a Poly Crystalline. Is one better than other for my needs and why? Thank you in advance for your assistance Dave
dpgllg 07/31/17 09:31am Tech Issues
RE: Protect All Quick Rinseless Wash and Protect All

Sort of off-topic... http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/cnMAAOSw-YVXkwxQ/s-l1600.jpg height=500 width=500 Not hype. The stuff does last a minimum of a year and brother does it make washing and bug removal (sea gull bombing range) a lot easier. There is a world o difference between "wax" and a polymer coating. Is this safe to use on the decals? Will it help protect them?
dpgllg 07/17/17 05:46pm Tech Issues
Need Overnight stop I77 Southbound south of Charlotte

Planning a trip to Hilton Head Island Need an overnight stop to sleep (6 hours max) that is safe and will allow me to put out slide safely on passenger side of 5th wheel. My floorplan does not allow access to the living area without putting out slide. I reviewed all rest areas and looking at them via Google maps none will allow me to put the slide out safely Thanks! Dave
dpgllg 07/16/17 05:44pm Roads and Routes
RE: Adding electric Drain Valve to fresh water drain

OP Here Thanks to all that responded. I opened the Drain Master box and the instructions do indicate use on a horizontal pipe not a vertical. I will look at adding an extension rod to get it closer to the side of the RV at least. Thanks again! Dave
dpgllg 07/16/17 01:54pm Tech Issues
Protect All Quick Rinseless Wash and Protect All

Hello. I am considering using the Protect All Quick Rinse less Wash followed by Protect All All Surface cleaner. I did search the forums and could not locate anything relative to these products, The reason I am interested in these is I have no running water where my RV is stored and these seem like a reasonable way to maintain and protect my 5th wheel. For those of you that have used these products are you happy with them? Thanks! Dave
dpgllg 07/16/17 01:50pm Tech Issues
Adding electric Drain Valve to fresh water drain

Hello, We completed our 1st trip in our new Grand Design Reflection 27RL 5th wheel. I'm already looking at how I can make improvements to make it easier. This 5th wheel has a rapid freshwater drain. It is located under the RV and works just like a manual waste drain valve. This valve drains the tank in just a couple of minutes. What I am considering is replacing this valve with an electric Drain Master Valve. I had just purchased one prior to getting the new 5th wheel to put on our old 5th wheel. (We just went to look is all!) I am disabled and this would eliminate the need for me to get under the 5th wheel to drain the tank. I have attached photos of the current valve. Does this seem like this would work? Anything that I am missing? Thanks in advance for your help! Dave http://i.imgur.com/7FsdQzvl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/CP6869wl.jpg
dpgllg 07/16/17 08:13am Tech Issues
RE: Brand new RV Should I sanitize fresh water lines / tank

I always flush the line before connecting to campground water. As we all know, the water is tested and chlorine is added so it is just as good as bottled water. Here is a photo of a well flushed line that never changed in appearance. http://i.imgur.com/lJcTXS8l.jpg I'm sure it tasted just as good as it looks!
dpgllg 06/18/17 08:47am Tech Issues
RE: Brand new RV Should I sanitize fresh water lines / tank

After you are done making sure you clean out all the faucet airiators, construction debris can clog them. This is a very good point that I had not thought about. I will remove the aerators first along with the shower head before I push any water through.
dpgllg 06/18/17 07:49am Tech Issues
RE: Brand new RV Should I sanitize fresh water lines / tank

OP Here First I am amazed at the response. We don't drink the water because of the taste and no it doesn't taste the same everywhere. It is our personal choice. Second I was really asking if I could trust the dealer to have sanitized when he used the word clean not sanitize Three time was of the essence as we leave today and when I sanitize I like to let the bleach solution sit for a few hours at least and with everything else I was running out of time. Why do people attack like this on the forum? Correct my grammar criticize my choice of what water to drink. What pleasure do you get from this? This forum used to be a helpful resource. Not so much anymore.
dpgllg 06/18/17 04:41am Tech Issues
Brand new RV Should I sanitize fresh water lines / tank

Hello, We picked up our new 2017 5th wheel on Wednesday. The person who did our walk through said that they cleaned and tested all water lines the hot water tank etc. We are leaving tomorrow on our maiden trip and before I just fill the fresh water tank I want to know if I should sanitize the system? I admit I did not ask what Clean meant when he said it. We do not drink or cook with the water in the campground only bath and wash dishes. We don't even give it to our dogs. Thanks in advance for your help! Dave
dpgllg 06/17/17 11:43am Tech Issues
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