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RE: Pittsburgh RV Show Review

Thanks for posting the information. Was the sales staff using high pressure tactics? I noticed that last time I attended the Hershey RV Show. Paying to go to a show is annoying. But, it's how the venue pays the bills. If it was free to attend, there could be many non-RV types using it for entertainment, or a babysitting service. There were certain dealers such as Camping World and Campers Inn that seemed more in your face but the family run dealers waited for you to approach them or they would just ask if they could help and then move on. I have never attended the Hershey show but would like to some day.
dpgllg 01/07/18 06:30pm Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
Pittsburgh RV Show Review

Went to the Pittsburgh RV Show yesterday. It was bitter cold only 7 degrees and we got there at 10:30 1/2 hour after it opened. I got the last parking spot in the garage attached to the convention center. There was a large crowd. Both of the main exhibit floors were full of RV's only. This is an improvement over years past. They even had a few small RV units in the upper lobby area. There seemed to be more campgrounds represented as well. I talked to the owner of the dealership where I purchased my 5th wheel and asked why they didn't have any Grand Design units. Turns out that the dealers or other powers have an agreement to not overlap makes / models if at all possible. Since my dealer had other makes and models to show they let another dealer show the Grand Design units. I guess this makes sense so that you can see more unique rigs. We enjoyed ourselves and spent about six hours there.There seemed to be many people serious about buying as there were already a few sold signs on some units. The RV show runs from Jan 6th through the 14th Hours are: Monday thru Friday: 4 pm - 9 pm Saturdays: 10 am - 9 pm Sundays: 10 am - 5 pm Ticket prices are: Adults: $12 Seniors 55 and over: $10 Active Military: $10 Children 6 - 16: $5 Children 5 and under: FREE Buy one adult admission, get one free Monday and Tuesday only. Offer NOT valid with any other tickets, coupons or promotions. Discount coupons available at Shop & Save Convention Center Parking is $12 Food and beverages are expensive A bottle of water is $3.50 the website for more info is Pittsburgh RV Show It was a great way to get out of the house and spend some time around other RV'ers and RV's Dave
dpgllg 01/07/18 08:57am Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: Refrigerator Upgrades

OP Here, First thanks to all replied! Second the reason I am considering doing this modification is that in my old 5th wheel I had to replace the cooling unit. I don't ever want to have to deal with that again. I also have been reading that refrigerators installed in slides are more likely to fail because of lack of ventilation. Based on the responses here I am going to wait until I get the RV out of storage and see what my installation looks like before I order any parts. I may or may not need anything Thanks again! Dave
dpgllg 01/07/18 08:40am Tech Issues
RE: Refrigerator Upgrades

No it is a brand new unit we purchased last June. The frig works fine. I had to replace the cooling unit in my old 5th wheel and it was a pain. I just want to make sure this frig lasts with no issues
dpgllg 01/05/18 04:02pm Tech Issues
Refrigerator Upgrades

Hello, I'm sitting here contemplating what upgrades I want to do to my 5th wheel once I pull it out of the underground storage facility in the spring. The frig is in a slide out and from what I have read you should boost the ventilation for this setup Frig Fan I am considering adding this fan and also the baffle pictured. Is this a good idea? Is it enough? I just want to have all parts ready when spring finally gets here. Seems a long way off as it is only 7 degrees here right now. Thanks Dave
dpgllg 01/05/18 03:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Winterizing - Extreme cold winters

I personally used the belt and suspenders approach in my previous 5th wheel. Blow out the lines and then pump in the antifreeze. These RV's are a major investment and $5 or $6 dollars for antifreeze plus the little extra time to blow out the lines is pretty cheap insurance against a possible major expense. I was always concerned that any remaining water in the lines would dilute the antifreeze making it less effective. I have no proof of this but it just makes sense to me. With our new 5th wheel I blew out the lines and drained everything and have already stored it underground in a limestone mine. My storage fee while in the mine is actually less than the lot I use during the summer. It never goes below 54 degrees so no possibility of any freezing plus 5 months of no sun wear or getting wet and freezing etc. Dave
dpgllg 11/13/17 08:10am Tech Issues
RE: Switching from 15 to 16 inch tires

OP Here, Thanks to everyone who responded! The reason I am considering this upgrade is the selection of 15 inch Load Range E tires is limited. Only ST tires The 5th wheel has Westlake tires on it now and I have never heard of them before the purchase. I just think that a LT tire such as a Michelin Defender. I guess I am being proactive in that I want the best tire on the 5th wheel to eliminate any potential problems. Dave
dpgllg 10/19/17 03:50pm Tech Issues
Switching from 15 to 16 inch tires

I am considering switching my 15 inch ST225/75R15 LRE to a 16 inch LRE tire. I want to determine if this is feasible and affordable. I Currently have the above mentioned tires on my 5th wheel. There are few choices in a Load Range E tire in 15 inch. This is what I know I currently have: ST225/75R15 LRE 6 Lug wheels Between 8 and 9 inches between tires 5200 pound axle rating I know I need new rims tires but what other modifications are required? Do I need to replace axels brakes? Do they make a 6 lug rim to fit my current axle? Thanks in advance Dave
dpgllg 10/18/17 05:33pm Tech Issues
RE: hoping for the best preparing for the worst

Op here, Toby is doing much better. No more diarrhea. He is eating and drinking. The big problem is that he is still losing weight. I am looking for a higher calorie food that might help. The vet said that we could bring him back for more tests to prove that it is a form of cancer but my wife and I discussed this and decided that we do not want to put him through a bunch of tests that would not change things. Given his advanced age we will treat things as they come up such as the diarrhea and keep him comfortable. We will enjoy what ever time we have and when he starts suffering we will do the right thing then. Thanks again for your support! Dave
dpgllg 10/07/17 07:25am RV Pet Stop
RE: hoping for the best preparing for the worst

OP Here, Toby has improved in that although he still has significant diarrhea it is no longer bloody. He eats the ground meat and rice without any issue but his drinking is still not back to normal. If I hold a bowl of water for him he will drink but drinking from the water dish not so much. He is still pretty weak but we think he is doing better. He has 5 more days of antibiotics so we will see where we are at then. I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. You all provided support during this time. I wish you all the best! Dave
dpgllg 09/26/17 09:04am RV Pet Stop
RE: hoping for the best preparing for the worst

OP here, Toby is now eating small amounts of the ground meat and rice mixture. He actually looked like he enjoyed it. Still not really drinking though. I just talked to the vet and they suggested getting a large syringe from Tractor Supply and slowly push some water or pedialyte into the side of his mouth. I will be going out shortly to get this. He still has the bloody diarrhea but it seems to be a bit less. I was able to get all the meds in him without any trouble. The fact that he is at least eating makes me feel a lot better. I know we have a long way to go and the end still might not be what I hope for but at least we are doing everything within reason to help him. My wife and I discussed what we will do if this does turn out to be a cancer. We both agreed that given his advanced age that an aggressive treatment such as chemo etc is not in his best interest. I don't want him to suffer through all the testing and treatment just to prolong his life by who knows how long. We are looking to make him as comfortable and happy as we can and still hoping the current treatment makes the difference. Dave
dpgllg 09/23/17 08:06am RV Pet Stop
RE: hoping for the best preparing for the worst

OP here, I got back from the vet a little while ago. After an initial exam it appears Toby has lost almost 9 pounds which is almost 1/3 of his body weight. The vet did a fecal study as well as blood work and there were no parasites and his kidneys and liver results were normal. The vet thinks that it is one of two things. A very severe case of GI trouble or a form of cancer. He has put Toby on an antibiotic and some probiotics. I can only feed him a mixture of boiled ground meat and rice. He says that if he does not improve with this therapy than we can discuss other possible options depending on how aggressive we would want to be. The weight loss is what seems to have the vet the most concerned at this point. I prepared the ground meat and rice and offered him some and he refused to eat. I am going to wait a little and try again once my wife gets home. He has not eaten or drank all day which really has me concerned. All we can do for now is hope he starts eating and drinking and that the medications turn the tide. Time will tell. I will keep you posted Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers. Dave
dpgllg 09/22/17 05:14pm RV Pet Stop
RE: hoping for the best preparing for the worst

OP here, Thanks to all for your kind words and thoughts Thank you Dr. Doug as well I have to report that things have got worse overnight. He now has bloody diarrhea and will no longer follow me from room to room, He has taken up residence in a dog crate that we use for our dogs. While I can coax him out he just goes back in. I will let you know how things go Dave
dpgllg 09/22/17 02:54am RV Pet Stop
hoping for the best preparing for the worst

Hello, My 14 year old cocker spaniel has taken a turn for the worse. He has a multiple issues related to his age and has slowed down considerably. He is deaf. Within the last two weeks he has taken on unusual behavior and other symptoms. He has started to leave the yard which has caused a great deal of concern. He always stayed in the yard he has his route he would follow to the letter. Now he takes off straight away and unless we can get to him first he is gone. I am disabled with heart issues and chasing after him almost put me in the hospital. We have taken to putting him on a run. He hates it. He has not been able to get on the bed for awhile now but now he can not get on the couch which is considerably lower than the bed. My daughter stopped over last evening and commented on his weight loss. When I really looked I can see what she means. Today he is very lethargic and is shaking like a leaf. I called our vet and he will be seen tomorrow afternoon which is the first available appointment. My wife and I checked him over really well and nothing seems to be causing him any pain when we rubbed prodded or poked. He will eat and drink. He has been drinking more than usual not excessive but just more. He is going to the bathroom ok although he looks like bowel movements are an effort. The stool is normal to a little soft. No diarrhea. No vomiting. He has never been one to be held or cuddled but now he wants to be held. I know a lot of this is probably age related but the decline in the past several weeks has been rather dramatic. I'm just afraid that this might just be the beginning of the end. I do not want him to suffer but I'm just not ready to let him go. He came into my life at a very difficult time and has always been there when I needed a friend. Like I said I'm hoping and praying for the best but also preparing for the worse. I will post again after his vet appointment. Dave
dpgllg 09/21/17 11:55am RV Pet Stop
RE: Question on Battery Disconnect

OP Here, Will this switch work well to solve the problem? I would install it by running one positive wire to it from battery and then connect all other positive wires to the switch. Battery Disconnect Switch I saw prices ranging from $5.45 to over $30. Just want to get one that is safe and will not damage anything. Thanks! Dave
dpgllg 09/18/17 09:24am Tech Issues
Question on Battery Disconnect

Hello, My 2017 Grand Design Reflection 27RL 5th wheel has a factory disconnect. I had the power disconnected but my battery drained and needs charged now. I did not turn power on until I tried yesterday. I believe the tech that did our delivery stated that slide 2 will still function even if the power has been disconnected. Could just having this feature cause the battery to drain? Could there be other things such as the CO2 detector etc. still connected? How can I tell? Can I install another disconnect that will totally kill all power? Or modify my current disconnect? Any drawback to killing all power? Thanks in advance for your help! Dave
dpgllg 09/16/17 09:57am Tech Issues
RE: Winterizing black tank using outside shower line

Dave, See my post here: http://www.forestriverforums.com/forums/f22/winterizing-newer-cardinals-with-nautilus-p1-water-management-system-119957.html There is a link in it to the manufacturer of that water management system that has some additional steps to properly winterize the panel itself. I happen to have that same panel in my Cardinal. As for winterizing the black tank flush, I just blow compressed air(at relatively low PSI) through it for a few seconds. Thank you so much for the information. I was not aware of turning those levers to a 45 degree angle. This will be a great help! Dave
dpgllg 08/26/17 01:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Winterizing black tank using outside shower line

First the OEM flush device on my RV was SELF WINTERIZING. Yup there is a Vacuum breaker mounted ABOVE the tank somewhere in the RV. with no pressure in the line this allows water to drain eitehr Inlet to breaker, , back out the inlet Breaker to Black tank.. into the tank. At this point you are winterized, no need to do anything. PERIOD, and it worked just fine the first year that way OP here, How can you tell if your unit has this feature in the black flush line? This new 5th wheel has so many new features over my old one. I never had a flush line or even a water control panel before. I just do not want to miss anything and cause damage to the unit. I forgot to empty the water filter on my old 5th wheel the first winter and it froze and broke. I have the Nautilus P1 water system on this 5th wheel and I was planning on the flowing steps: Empty all holding tanks Fresh, Grey and black Drain hot water tank. Set panel to city water Blow out fresh water line with air compressor set to 40 psi. Open all faucets and low point drains until only air comes out. Set panel to fill fresh water tank and blow out this line. Open drain on fresh water tank. Blow out Black flush line. Drain Black tank Use the winterize function and pump antifreeze until it comes out all faucets, toilet outside shower etc. I do not have a built in fresh water filter on this rig. Connect outside shower to black tank flush and pump in antifreeze to fill this line. Pour antifreeze down all drains to fill traps and some into black tank and then some to cover flap in toilet bowl. I will remove all food items and anything that rodents might be attracted to. Make sure all windows etc. are securely closed shut off propane. Close up unit remove battery to put on a maintainer at home. Wait for spring! If I have missed anything please let me know Thanks! Dave
dpgllg 08/24/17 09:26am Tech Issues
RE: Crock Pot Pulled Pork

Root Beer. Sounds crazy but works great. Pork shoulder in cooker, pour in a bunch of root beer. Cook as long as you like. Pour out rootbeer, add half a bottle of Sweet Baby Rays, give it another half hour, then pull! This is how I always cook my pulled pork. I do rub it with my favorite rub though too. I make it every year for my daughters Oktoberfest party. I started printing the recipe out to give to all the people wanting the recipe. Always a big hit and very simple to make
dpgllg 08/23/17 01:43pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
Winterizing black tank using outside shower line

Hello, I was researching how to winterize our new 5th wheel that has features that our old 5th did not have. I found this you tube video stating that I could use my outside shower connection to pump pink antifreeze into the line Blank Tank Flush Winterizing My concern with this method is contaminating the fresh water system when I connect to the flush. The video states that there is a check valve that will prevent any back flow into the fresh water system. Has anyone winterized this way? Any issues or concerns? Thanks! Dave
dpgllg 08/23/17 07:47am Tech Issues
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