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RE: Brand new RV Should I sanitize fresh water lines / tank

I always flush the line before connecting to campground water. As we all know, the water is tested and chlorine is added so it is just as good as bottled water. Here is a photo of a well flushed line that never changed in appearance. http://i.imgur.com/lJcTXS8l.jpg I'm sure it tasted just as good as it looks!
dpgllg 06/18/17 08:47am Tech Issues
RE: Brand new RV Should I sanitize fresh water lines / tank

After you are done making sure you clean out all the faucet airiators, construction debris can clog them. This is a very good point that I had not thought about. I will remove the aerators first along with the shower head before I push any water through.
dpgllg 06/18/17 07:49am Tech Issues
RE: Brand new RV Should I sanitize fresh water lines / tank

OP Here First I am amazed at the response. We don't drink the water because of the taste and no it doesn't taste the same everywhere. It is our personal choice. Second I was really asking if I could trust the dealer to have sanitized when he used the word clean not sanitize Three time was of the essence as we leave today and when I sanitize I like to let the bleach solution sit for a few hours at least and with everything else I was running out of time. Why do people attack like this on the forum? Correct my grammar criticize my choice of what water to drink. What pleasure do you get from this? This forum used to be a helpful resource. Not so much anymore.
dpgllg 06/18/17 04:41am Tech Issues
Brand new RV Should I sanitize fresh water lines / tank

Hello, We picked up our new 2017 5th wheel on Wednesday. The person who did our walk through said that they cleaned and tested all water lines the hot water tank etc. We are leaving tomorrow on our maiden trip and before I just fill the fresh water tank I want to know if I should sanitize the system? I admit I did not ask what Clean meant when he said it. We do not drink or cook with the water in the campground only bath and wash dishes. We don't even give it to our dogs. Thanks in advance for your help! Dave
dpgllg 06/17/17 11:43am Tech Issues
RE: PDI Checklist for New 5th Wheel

Looks similar to the one I used last year. So comprehensive that it took three hours to complete but I planned on that. The most important thing is to not sign the final purchase document(s) until you're satisfied you can accept the unit because once its off the lot, it's on you. I did sign knowing a couple of simple and not too important items could not be finished in a reasonable time and returned the unit once cor a three day service. I forgot that detail about signing so thank you! I really need to make sure that the unit is ready to go as the dealer is just under 3 hours away and we leave for Myrtle Beach Sunday.
dpgllg 06/12/17 02:02pm Fifth-Wheels
PDI Checklist for New 5th Wheel

Hello, We finally got word that our new 5th wheel will be ready for pickup on Wednesday. We have owned a 5th wheel since 2004 but I want to make sure that I do a complete PDI as the dealer is almost 3 hours away and we leave for Myrtle Beach this coming weekend. I located this checklist but would like comments on what might be missing or overlooked. RV PDI Checklist Our new 5th wheel is a brand new 2017 Grand Design Reflection 27RL. I intend to test everything and not assume that since it is brand new it works. Thanks in advance for your assistance Dave
dpgllg 06/12/17 08:57am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 50 amp cord storage suggestions

Thanks to everyone for their responses! I am going to try and use a Harbor Freight Air Hose Reel. Harbor Freight Air Hose Reel I happened to have a older brand new in box in my work shop and I will mount this on a 1 x 12 board and the screw the board into the floor of my basement storage. I will keep you posted on how it works out Thanks again Dave
dpgllg 06/08/17 11:55am Fifth-Wheels
Lippert Auto Leveling system operating questions

Hello, We will be picking up new 5th wheel any day now and I have been looking at how to use the new options such as auto leveling. I watched a you tube video by Lippert and it showed controlling the front legs from the auto leveling box to unhitch. The video showed front legs with no pins to pull. In looking at photos of our new 5th wheel (2017 Grand Design Reflection 27RL)there are pins on the front landing legs. Can anyone tell me how this system works with pins in the front legs? Thanks! Dave
dpgllg 06/08/17 11:48am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 50 amp cord storage suggestions

OP, there wasn't an option for a cord reel from factory mounted in basement? Seems like there should have been. Old coach, 30A cord--just wiped off w/ rag, coiled by hand and tossed atop storage bins in basement. New coach has 50A and I optioned for a power cord reel. Reel is in LR corner and no loss of space in basement with a manual reel. Course I have 1 15' ext 50A cord along w/ a 25' 30A in bin in basement "just in case" I need them. Not from factory but I'm sure dealer would sell me one. The Morryde reels are selling for $150 to $180 on eBay. I have a Harbor Freight Air Hose reel brand new in box that I never used. Someone here stated that this is what they use. I asked for pictures etc. but have not got a response as of yet.
dpgllg 06/07/17 04:28am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 50 amp cord storage suggestions

I find it easy to coil up my 50 amp cord in a milk crate. Stores easily in my pass through. I then store my adapters in the center of the coil. This sounds like a decent approach? Keeps everything together Thanks! Dave
dpgllg 06/06/17 05:59pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 50 amp cord storage suggestions

I roll my up on a inspensive Harbor Frieght Air hose real , works very well. The real is mounted on a piece od 3/4 plywood that is screwball to the storage bay floor. Dan Any chance you could share a photo of this? What do you do with the ends? Do you have to uncoil the entire cord when you use it? Thanks! Dave
dpgllg 06/06/17 05:58pm Fifth-Wheels
50 amp cord storage suggestions

Hello, We will be picking up our new Grand Design Reflection 27RL next week. My current 5th wheel is only 30 amp and the new one is 50 amp. Obliviously the 50 amp cord is much bigger and heavier. I am looking for suggestions on how to store the cord while protecting it from damage and keeping it clean. Thank you in advance for your suggestions Dave
dpgllg 06/06/17 03:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Getting new 5th wheel Lots of questions!

You need to go over to the GD forum and read about your 5th wheel there. Plenty of GD Reflection owners to help you sort it out. https://www.granddesignowners.com/forum/showthread.php/8531-Poll-How-many-of-you-have-had-your-grease-seals-fail Just registered and waiting for Mod approval. Thanks for the advice
dpgllg 06/04/17 03:02pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Getting new 5th wheel Lots of questions!

Nice aquisition, really like the interior. Look into a sealant instead of wax, better protection and will last longer. Any particular product? I'm thinking that I will purchase the wax/sealer/protectant and have the dealer put it on as part of the purchase. I have to tow it home about 120 highway miles and this way it would be protected before it left the shop They are backed up and said they have several units in front of me but it should be ready in less than 10 days
dpgllg 06/04/17 02:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Getting new 5th wheel Lots of questions!

We looked at a 2017 Grand Design Reflection 27RL yesterday and fell in love with it. Did the paperwork and it should be hitched to my truck in about 10 days I don't think you are asking all the right questions. You will likely be close to or even slightly over your truck's payload capacity with the gross weight of the fifth wheel at just under 11,000 pounds. Add in the hitch weight and 20 percent of the fifth's weight on the pin and you will be at or over 2200 pounds before you put anybody, dogs, bikes, kayaks, bbq, etc into the truck. Went on GM website and here are the numbers from GM Ext cab, long box (4WD)6.6L Diesel: Payload (lb / kg): 2725 / 1236 Trailer towing maximum with fifth-wheel hitch (lb / kg: 4WD w/ 6.6L (3.73 axle): 15700 / 7122 I really do not think that I will be over my payload and definitely not over towing capacity Dave
dpgllg 06/04/17 12:35pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Getting new 5th wheel Lots of questions!

Suggest you join the Grand Design Owners Forum (not run by Grand Design). Lots of helpful folks and advice over there. As for EMS protection (electrical management system - MUCH more than a surge protector)... anyone who says they've never used one and never had a problem has just been lucky. There are many people who have lost appliances (ACs, microwaves, TVs, etc.) to undervoltage (the most common issue), spikes, or nearby lightening strikes (it doesn't matter how good the park power is in that situation). We have had a hard-wired Progressive Industries model with remote display in our Reflection since day one. It has activated and saved us damage on at least three occasions. Rob If I put in a hardwired EMS system will that void my warranty? Is this something I can do myself or best left to a professional? Where is the best place to purchase? Thanks Dave
dpgllg 06/04/17 12:29pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Getting new 5th wheel Lots of questions!

Never used them in over forty years of Rving. I'm sorry but never used what? Surge protector cover etc.
dpgllg 06/04/17 11:53am Fifth-Wheels
Getting new 5th wheel Lots of questions!

We looked at a 2017 Grand Design Reflection 27RL yesterday and fell in love with it. Did the paperwork and it should be hitched to my truck in about 10 days Here is a link to actual RV Grand Design 27RL Now the questions: This RV is 50 amp power and my old is 30amp. I have a surge protector that plugs into the pedestal and then my power cord plugs into the surge protector. I want to know what surge protector I should get to protect the RV. ADDED QUESTION What electrical adapters do I need? I really want to protect this 5th wheel. What is the best wax/polish to use on it? I was using a cleaner and once I got the RV clean Zymol wax. What is best for overall protection and can I go over the decals or not? Speaking of protection should I invest in a cover or not? If yes what brand? I know that there are two schools of thought yes it protects AND it will rub the finish off your RV. Should I put a roof treatment on now or wait until it needs cleaned? What roof treatment is the best? This 5th wheel has auto leveling. What routine maintenance is required of the system? There are two vent openings for the refrigerator since it is in the slide out. Should I have fans installed to help the air circulation? These are just the questions that came to mind overnight and I'm sure we will have more once we get our hands on it. We just went to look is all and WOW! Thanks in advance! Dave
dpgllg 06/04/17 07:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Power stabilizing jacks vs Automatic leveling

You are talking about two different types of systems. Auto Level will level the trailer for you. Stabilizer jacks only stabilize after you are level. You will have to use blocks etc. to get level then use stabilizers. I believe all Reflections now have auto level. Edit: PS the web site is showing "dealer stock only" so that particular model is being discontinued. If you want one you better get it. And it does have auto level as mentioned above. Well we went and looked at a used 2015 Grand Design 27RL and a 2017 27RL. The 2015 did NOT have auto leveling but the new 2017 did. it also had a few other nice options that the 2015 did not have. The two big ones were auto leveling and a 3 year warranty. the 2015 had a 30 day warranty. You are correct they discontinued this model and will be coming out with a ultra light smaller unit to replace it. The dealer only had this one left. We bought the new 2017!!!! I am so excited!!! Pick it up in about 10 days!
dpgllg 06/03/17 06:01pm Fifth-Wheels
Power stabilizing jacks vs Automatic leveling

We are considering looking at a new 5th wheel tomorrow. I am disabled and really would like automatic leveling but all models that I have looked at are too big / heavy or the price is beyond my budget. What do power stabilizing jacks offer? I am assuming not much more than my hand crank rear stabilizers other than push a button vs hand crank. If anyone can recommend a rear living 5th wheel below 36 feet in length and under 13000 pounds that has auto leveling and less than $40000 please let me know. I was looking at a Grand Design Reflection 27rl but I was surprised to see that it does not have auto leveling Thanks! Dave
dpgllg 06/02/17 04:32pm Fifth-Wheels
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