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How to tell what Refrigerator Vent Cover to buy

Hello, I just got my 5th wheel out of storage last evening. It has been in outside storage for over 2 years while I was dealing with health issues. It of course is filthy and needs some cleaning as well as removal of the front decal which is almost totally gone. I am fortunate that when the RV is in my driveway I can see the roof of it from my front porch. The issue I see is that the vent cover for the refrigerator is broken and needs replaced. I have a Dometic refrigerator in the RV and wanted to know which vent cover to purchase. I can't get up on the roof due to my health so the fortunate thing in paying for 2 daughters weddings is I now have two very healthy son in laws that can do the work for me! Can anyone tell me how to know which cover to order to replace the current broken one? Is it as simple as if you have Dometic frig you order a Dometic cover? Thanks! Dave
dpgllg 05/19/15 07:10am Tech Issues
RE: Help moving trailer

OP Here First I want to thank everyone for their support and offers. I was surprised that in this day and age there are still so many people willing to jump in and help a total stranger. I know I have stepped up to the plate in the past and I was pleased to see that there are others out there as well that actually care about other people. This is what makes this forum and more importantly the people on it so special. I am very happy to report that my brother was able to use a friend's truck to move my 5th wheel. It is now safely parked in my driveway! My hitch will be installed this coming Saturday so I won't get caught again! Thanks again to everyone! Dave
dpgllg 05/19/15 07:01am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Help moving trailer

I just called the RV dealer back and asked again. The gentlemen I talked to lives 5 minutes from my house and said he will move it if I can't find a truck etc. He was very reasonable once I explained my situation and he remembers me from my initial purchase as well as all the parts etc. I have purchased from them. So it looks like I have a potential solution Thanks Everyone! Dave
dpgllg 05/15/15 01:07pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Help moving trailer

Call a local RV dealer, they know people who can move it. I did contact the only local dealer and this is where I purchased it and they could not help me. Thanks!
dpgllg 05/15/15 12:20pm Fifth-Wheels
Help moving trailer

I purchased a new truck last August. Due to serious health issues I was not able to get my hitch installed in the new truck. I need to purchase new rails and have placed the order. My brother has agreed to install the hitch for me once all the parts are here. My problem is that the storage yard where I have it stored is closing down the storage to make room for the Marcus Shale trucks in the area. They have given me to Mid week to have my 5th wheel removed. The total mileage from the storage yard to my house is 6.3 miles and 12 minutes travel time. I have tried searching online but cannot find a rental truck with a 5th wheel hitch. I contacted where I bought the unit and they do not offer that type of service. I live in Washington PA just south of Pittsburgh. Can anyone recommend a rental company or a service that can pull my 5th wheel from the storage yard to my house? Thanks in advance for any help! Dave
dpgllg 05/15/15 12:15pm Fifth-Wheels
Timbrens or Air Bags

In getting my new to me truck ready for towing I want to add Timbrens or a rear air bag suspension system. I had Timbrens on my old truck but I do think it made it ride a little rough. What are your recommendations and why? Also best place to purchase please. My truck is a 2013 Chevy Silverado 2500HD LTZ Diesel Also I replaced the rear shackles to lower the rear 2 inches to gain bed rail clearance. Thanks!
dpgllg 10/29/14 07:20am Fifth-Wheels
RE: I did it again, argh!!!!!!!!

Found This online. Looks like it might help and inexpensive TV Antenna Reminder
dpgllg 10/27/14 07:19am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rodents?

I,ve used peppermint oil for years in my rv and my boats that are stored in a open pole bldg ,never seen a sign of mice. This sounds like a great idea! I use moth balls and I hate trying to get that smell out in the spring. Much rather smell peppermint then mothballs. How do you put it out? In a dish or on cotton balls etc? Dave
dpgllg 10/12/14 08:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Crock Pot Pulled Pork

I have never liked root beer, and have tried it many many times. Does the meat have a root beer flavor? Or try Cherry Coke or Dr. Pepper. OP here, My next batch I will try the Dr. Pepper! Just a note that you cannot taste root beer at all. My youngest daughter eats very little meat at all. She is not a vegan just does not like a steak or stuff like that. When I make this pulled pork she is the first in line when it is ready!
dpgllg 10/06/14 06:29am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
Crock Pot Pulled Pork

I just made this for a get together my daughter was having and thought I would share it with you all. One large pork butt roast (bone in) Crock Pot large enough to hold roast 2 liter bottle of Regular Root Beer Your Favorite pork rub Sweet Baby Ray's Barb B Que sauce I apply a generous amount of the rub to entire roast and place in crock pot. Pour root beer in careful not to wash off the rub. Fill so that roast is almost covered. Turn on crock pot to high and cook for 5 to 6 hours. I do flip the roast once halfway through. You will know its done as roast starts to fall apart. Drain liquid and remove bone. The bone pulls right out. I use my hands (clean of course) and pull apart the meat. Once "shredded" I add the Sweet Baby Ray's to taste and keep crock pot on warm. Serve with a side of cole slaw and it goes over great! Enjoy!
dpgllg 10/05/14 07:23am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Questions on 2 inch drop shackles for my truck

OP here, Just got back from having the new shackles installed. I ordered the Mcgaughys online for $100 and paid a local shop another $100 to install them. I took the truck straight to my RV and I now have just a hair over 6 inches of bed rail clearance. The RV Tech I use will now install my hitch and adjust so I will not be running nose high. He is confident there is enough adjustment in the hitch and pin box to maintain the clearance and keep me close to level. I also found out that Forest River sells a lift kit for my 5th wheel for less than $200. The dealer said it is about 4 hours of labor to install it around $250 or so. When I started to investigate this they would only install a factory authorized lift kit due to liability. I found that to be the case almost everywhere I checked. I will give an update on how things turn out once I get the hitch installed. Thanks! Dave
dpgllg 10/04/14 08:27am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Route from Washington PA to Outer Banks

I-66E to 17 Follow 17 around Warrenton to I95S @ Fredericksburg(17 is also 4 lane and an easy drive) When going south from Warrenton on 17, stay in the right lane thru the intersection/light at OPAL and about 1/4 mile south there will be a right turn swinging back over 29 for east bound 17. initially they had a sign posted to ignore GPS directions. bumpy Thanks for the heads up !
dpgllg 10/03/14 09:36am Roads and Routes
Cleaning Cocker Spaniel Ears

I now am down to 2 Cockers from 4. Two have left with their human mother as she just got married and moved out. My issue is the two here have terrible ears. They smell somewhat and are a little squishey when rubbed. We have tried several products but none seem to dry the ears up. The two here one is all black and the other is chocolate. The two that moved out one is buff and the other is a party red. The interesting thing is even when all the dogs were here under one roof only the two dark have ear issues the two light colored never a problem. Does the color have anything to do? Just curious. If someone can recommend a product to take care of this I really would appreciate it and I know the dogs would as well. For a previous cocker we used a product that went in as a white liquid and dried to a powder. The powder would fall out and take the gunk with it. It smelled like cloves. I don't remember the name. Thanks! Dave
dpgllg 10/02/14 11:16am RV Pet Stop
RE: Vet visit tomorrow - update

We had a Silky Terrier years ago. He would develop those type of patches that you describe. The vets and we saw multiple said it was an allergic Skin condition. We tried several medications and finally changed his dog food to a natural food and that helped. They never seemed to bother him but they were kind of gross looking. My thoughts and prayers is that this is nothing serious for you! Dave
dpgllg 10/02/14 10:27am RV Pet Stop
RE: Cleaning grey tank sensors

You could use the HE washing machine cleaner. You would need more than one pack. Add them to tank and fill to 1/2 or 3/4 full. Drive / tow the RV to your next destination and dump and rinse. These cleaners remove all the scum left inside a washer and it works well for this as well. Dave
dpgllg 10/02/14 09:11am General RVing Issues
RE: Route from Washington PA to Outer Banks

Whiskey River Thanks for your response! I remember driving the DC Beltway in a car and how nerve racking that was! Are these roads clearly marked? I have a Built in Navigation System in my truck but I always like to know the route in my mind.
dpgllg 10/02/14 08:03am Roads and Routes
RE: dump hose

Here is a link to a website that has checklists for stocking your RV as well as pre trip inspections etc. RV Checklists I keep my hoses in bumper and the adapters in a sealed plastic tub. I use the Flush King which allows me to rinse the hose out when done dumping tanks. I also always wear gloves when handling anything related to the sewer system. I occasionally fill the tub with a disinfectant soap and let the stuff soak then rinse then air dry and then back into RV. Never had any issue with smells.
dpgllg 10/02/14 06:09am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Are 5th Wheelers easier to tow & best mfgrs

I had a 1/2 ton truck when I purchased my 5th wheel. The dealer said "No Problem" your 5th wheel is a "1/2 ton towable" unit according to Forest River. I towed it one time and told my wife we either get a bigger truck or sell the 5th wheel. Went to a 2500 and the difference was night and day. I recently upgraded to a new 2500 but this one is now a diesel! If you already have a truck why not post the details here. These guys can slice and dice the information and let you know exactly what if any 5th wheel you might be able to handle.
dpgllg 10/02/14 05:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Replacing front cap decals

I know this isn't what you asked, but I will throw it in anyway. I removed the big main decals off the front cap on our FW. There are stripes that run up the sides and terminate on the cap so I left those. I think it looks better than new. My thinking in taking the big decals off was, after 2 1/2 years the originals looked bad. The cap gets more scrubbing than any other part of the FW, so I figure any decal would wear out fast. This is an option I know. After I remove the remaining decal and try to clean the cap to remove the ghost image I'll see if I am ok with no decal. It is just such a large area of nothing once the decal is gone!
dpgllg 10/01/14 06:04am Fifth-Wheels
Route from Washington PA to Outer Banks

We have always gone to Myrtle Beach for our big summer trip and my wife and were talking about next year. We are considering going to the Outer Banks and staying in one of the 3 campgrounds around Rodanthe. We used to go to the outer banks many years ago and stayed in the Kill Devil Hills area in a rental cottage. The route back then was PA Turnpike to I 70 to beltway around DC then I 95 south to I 64 to Norfolk then Route 158 to 12. I used Google Maps and this is the proposed route: Follow I-68 E/US-40 E to Cumberland. Take exit 43B from I-68 E/US-40 E Get on VA-37 S in Frederick County from WV-127 E and US-522 S Take I-81 S and I-66 E to U.S. 17 S in Marshall. Take exit 28 from I-66 E Get on I-95 S in Hartwood from U.S. 17 S Continue on I-95 S. Take I-64 E, I-664 S and VA-168 S to NC-168 S Follow NC-168 S, US-158 E and NC-12 S Is this a decent route while towing a 31 foot 5th wheel? I remember the tunnel that we went through years ago near Norfolk. Does this route still take me through a tunnel and if so is all I have to do is have propane turned off? Do I have to stop for inspection and if so what is involved with that? Thanks in advance for your help! Dave
dpgllg 09/30/14 09:15am Roads and Routes
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