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RE: Faded Decals

I’m the OP on this thread, which seems to have some new life. Yes, the decorations on my 1999 MH are pretty well baked on, cracked, and ugly. They look OK from a distance, but I’d like the old warhorse to look a bit better close up. Judging from the comments here and on Amazon this is a two-step process: one is essentially mechanical, either using a heat gun and a scraper or using a whirling wheel of some kind on an electric drill. This seems to leave behind a residue, and there are various chemicals which will remove this. Any way you slice it, this is clearly a labor-intensive process, so it’s not surprising that it costs quite a bit to have it done professionally. Do I have this about right? Many thanks to those who have taken the time to share their experience and opinions! Rich Rich, I stripped the front, rear and about a 1/3 of the sides of my old 5th wheel. It was labor intensive but I used a adhesive remover I bought at an auto parts store. Aircraft label and adhesive remover I used this along with a razor scraper and I removed all in less than a day. I really helped speed up the job. The other thing you have to consider is where are you going to get replacement graphics. My old 5th wheel was a 2004 and when I contacted Forest River the graphics were no longer available. If I went with a current set of graphics the cost was around $2000 for a complete set. WOW! I agree that you should talk to a local RV dealer that does body work and ask them where they get there graphics from. One other possible solution is a wrap. I have no idea what they cost but I started looking into this for my 5th wheel but we ended up trading it in. Good luck! Dave
dpgllg 04/25/18 10:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Buffalo to Myrtle Beach

I live less than 5 minutes from I 79 and always take I 79 to Route 19 to I 77 to I 74 Route 52 to 73/74 to 74 to I 95 to Route 9 into North Myrtle All good roads 4 lane highways for the most part. Traffic can get just a little heavy in Winston Salem but it keeps moving no delays. Depending on where you are staying in Myrtle you can take Route 9 straight into North Myrtle (good for Myrtle Beach Travel Park) or get on Route 31 which is a four lane bypass which will take you south to Ocean Lakes, Pirate Land or Lakewood. The only big gotcha is coming home on the weekends you will get stuck at the I81 I 77 merge if you hit it in the afternoon. I'm talking complete stop and crawling a few feet at a time kind of stop. Everyone coming north from Myrtle Charlotte etc just jams the merge point. We solved this by traveling home during the week. Regarding campgrounds there is a decent park in Wytheville called Fort Chiswell RV Park. This is definitely an overnight stop but very little if any highway noise has a small pool that was nice. There is not much in the area as far as tourist attractions or fancy restaurants but you can get a good nights sleep there. I highly DO NOT recommend the KOA there. Stayed there only once and it was miserable. Electric hookup was so far away in front of site that I had to purchase another electric cable just to hookup. Staff was miserable and guys riding around in pickups making lewd comments to my two daughters. PM me if you need more details or have questions Dave
dpgllg 04/24/18 09:04am Roads and Routes
RE: Protecting graphics with 303?

Has anyone ever used Rejex? I have two 16oz bottles and was planning on using it to help protect our new 5th wheel. But I'm not sure it has any UV protection in it Can I put the 303 on the graphics and then topcoat with the Rejex? Thanks! Dave
dpgllg 04/22/18 08:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Unreachable sewer valves

My old 5th wheel required me to get down and crawl under to reach kitchen sink valve. I was looking to add electric drain valves but ended up with a new 5th wheel instead! They make extensions and eBay has them 12 inch extension Also electric drain valves Drain Master Barker Drains Either of these could probably solve your problem as well Good luck and happy travels! Dave
dpgllg 04/21/18 07:17am Beginning RVing
Should I Eternabond or lap sealant

I had my son in law inspect my 5th wheel roof and he found only one very small area that might need addressed. My roof and all sealant is Tan in color. Both Dicor and Eternabond come in tan. My question is should I just use some lap sealant to address the area or is it better to remove all the old lap sealant and apply Eternabond around all my vents etc.? My last 5th wheel developed an unnoticed leak and the front drivers side came off. This 5th is new as of last June. I just do not want any issues and would rather be proactive in preventing any problems. Also since I am disabled and can not get on the roof myself I have to rely on my son in law to do whatever needs to be done. So if I am sending him up there I would rather it be a one stop deal. Here is the photo of the questionable area. It is located along the side of my clear skylight. https://i.imgur.com/L6EOoarl.jpg Thanks! Dave
dpgllg 04/20/18 11:17am Tech Issues
RE: Gatlinburg Campgrounds & Trolley questions

You wanting to stay in pigeon forge or gatlinburg? Or does it matter,as for the trolleys they go pretty much everywhere. Cost is .50 cent per person per ride or you can get a all day unlimited ride pass for $2.00. OP here, We have only been there one other time and the park was in Sevierville at a park that was not bad but small sites and a cement factory right next door. Can't remember the name. I really do not care about Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg as long as it is on the Trolley Line. Thanks! Dave
dpgllg 04/17/18 08:13am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Gatlinburg Campgrounds & Trolley questions

Hello, Thinking of taking a trip to Gatlinburg this July / August. I am trying to find a nice campground to stay at and when I went on RV Park Reviews there are 84 campgrounds that come up. WOW! It will be my wife and I and we travel with 3 cocker spaniels. We want a pool and the more room around camp site the better. We are 60 so no playgrounds or jungle jims etc. are required. I want full hookups. water sewer and 50amp electric. I found one that seemed nice the Twin Creek RV Resort and it states it is on the trolley line. Has anyone stayed here recently and how would you rate it? Has anyone used the trolley service and what is it like? costs? Is there a better campground than Twin Creek? Thanks in advance for your help! Dave
dpgllg 04/16/18 03:07pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Battery replacement

Take them to an auto parts store. They have test machines that can test them and let you know the health of the batteries. I use Advance Auto Parts and they test them for free. Dave
dpgllg 04/15/18 12:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Better fire extinguisher than the Kidde replacement?

Here is the link to Mac The Fire Guy's article on RV Fire Prevention. He does a very good job explaining all types of fire extinguishers. Mac The Fire Guy For the person who posted using Halon devices you should read the article on why Halon is not a good choice for outside use. I knew that Halon replaces the oxygen in the area and there fore the fire dies. That means the Halon would be working against all the oxygen outside instead of oxygen in a confined area. What I didn't know was all the poisonous gases Halon produces in a fire! Wow! My family was in the business of fire extinquishers and I know that the extinquishers in RV's today are really only good for a small fire or to get you out of an RV. The ones with a plastic head we would not ever refill. I have the small one in my new RV but I also carry two 10 pound ABC ones as well that are strategically placed in the RV. The other thing is I get them checked yearly by an expert. After a period of time these extinquishers need to be discharged and the tanks tested much like recertification of a propane tank. I have been gone from this so long I do not remember what the time period is. I advise reading the article as he covers all extinuisher types including the new ones and has advice on which to use. When your ready to purchase Google a fire extinuisher service company that not only sells but also services them as well and get them checked yearly. Dave
dpgllg 04/15/18 09:54am Tech Issues
RE: Waxing the nose of my 5th wheel

http://rejex.com/rejex-16-fl-oz-combo-shipping-included/ The last one you'll ever try. Prevents lake stain on your boat too. X2 I just ordered 2 16oz bottles from AutoGeek for a total of $36.02 Rejex at AutoGeek Never have used it before but reading reviews all over the net sems to indicate that this stuff goes on and comes off easily and holds up pretty good. The key is the surface must be clean and free from any oxidation etc. Since my 5er is new the surface just needs cleaned. For those of you that want to use Zep Floor I did that on the back of my old 5th wheel and while I got a shine at first it did eventually turn slightly yellow and then to flake. Getting the rest off was a bear. Maybe I let it go to long but what I read at the time is you need to strip the old off before you apply new. Just like floors. Also it does not provide any UV protection at all.
dpgllg 04/15/18 08:37am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Furrion FOS48TAPK-BL Observation Camera Power Questions

My Furrion pre-wire provides power when the trailer is plugged into the tow vehicle. I have heard from others that it is on whenever there is battery power. Only way to tell is to check for power with a meter when it is not hooked up. Or you can plug in the camera and see if the LED lights up. I believe there is a LED to indicate power. Thanks! Well if I put in a battery disconnect it will take care of this because all other times I will be hooked up to tow or connected to shore power as we do not dry camp Dave
dpgllg 04/13/18 06:47am Tech Issues
RE: Furrion FOS48TAPK-BL Observation Camera Power Questions

Hi Dave, I was looking at these cameras and they look very easy to install. There are installation instructions on their website. The instructions say you can sure them to the marker lights. Thanks for your response! I looked at the instructions and yes it should be very easy to install. Just 4 screws and a electrical plug. Need now to hear about if I need to be concerned about battery drain or not. And if I need to put a shut off switch in.
dpgllg 04/12/18 11:06am Tech Issues
Furrion FOS48TAPK-BL Observation Camera Power Questions

Hello, Tomorrow is the big day as I will be pulling our 5th wheel out of underground storage and begin getting it ready for the upcoming season. We have a Grand Design Reflection 27RL 5th wheel that comes prewired for the Furrion Cameras. Questions: 1. How can I determine where the camera is getting its power from? Running lights tail lights etc. 2 In reading the other forum posts I may need to be concerned that the camera will be a drain on the battery when not being used as it is "always on". What steps can I take to prevent this from happening? 3. How difficult is it to install this system? Are there any tricks or gothcas I need to know about before hand? Thanks in advance Dave
dpgllg 04/12/18 10:29am Tech Issues
RE: Battery Questions

If bad replace with 2 6 volt Golf Cart batteries (wired in series to make 12 volts) from Costco or Sam's Club as enblethen suggested. Why would he do that? :h I never told the OP to waste his money upgrading his battery ... There are several reasons to replace with 2 6v GC batteries instead of a 12v marine battery IF his battery is bad even if you don't dry camp often. Hmmmm ... a contradiction? : For the OP who "never" dry camps a single G27 or G31 will serve his purposes just fine, as it has my own all the years we've been camping. :B Where is the contradiction? Was my post not clear? I said nothing about upgrading his battery. I said IF his battery was bad then replace it. IF it is good there is no need to replace it. Op please let us know if you found your problem. The battery will be placed on a charger later today. Once fully charged I will take it to a local auto parts store to have it tested. I have the disconnect switch That I will be installing to insure the power is fully cut off. I can not do that until after this Friday when my 5th wheel is pulled out of the underground storage facility. I will post once the battery is tested Thanks! Dave
dpgllg 04/07/18 12:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery Questions

Trying to find a way to change the wiring to the slide and whatever else might be drawing current I have decided that since I have a brand new in box Blue Sea Battery disconnect that I purchased to install on my old 5th wheel that I will install this switch directly off the battery cable. Battery Disconnect This will eliminate a draw from the battery while stored. It sure will ... good plan. :B Just keep in mind you need to decide whether to also run the trailer brakes' breakaway system through this switch or whether to wire it directly to the battery. For a number of reasons I chose the former but it does mean I have to ensure the switch is on anytime I tow ... I do, so it's never been an issue but you may want to have this connected all the time so if you do forget your breakaway system will still be functional. I always turn the power on when I tow so the break away will function plus when traveling I run my refrigerator and turn on water pump for bathroom breaks (switch gets turned on then off when done). One other question, should I install the new disconnect on the positive or negative cable? And why if you don't mind explaining. Thanks Dave
dpgllg 04/06/18 11:18am Tech Issues
RE: Battery Questions

OP here, Thank you all for your responses. I now know that I need to address the parasitic load that is draining my battery before I do anything else. I just was not looking in the right direction. I pick up my RV this Friday from the underground storage site. It has been there since the end of October. We did go up and check on it but it isn't the same. I called my dealer and he informed me that the disconnect DOES NOT kill all power. There is definetly power to the one slide that blocks access to the rear of the RV when closed. He claimed that this was intentional as a safety feature. He also suggested a few other things such as the gas monitor. Trying to find a way to change the wiring to the slide and whatever else might be drawing current I have decided that since I have a brand new in box Blue Sea Battery disconnect that I purchased to install on my old 5th wheel that I will install this switch directly off the battery cable. Battery Disconnect This will eliminate a draw from the battery while stored. I will charge my Deka battery and have it tested at a parts store to make sure there is not a dead cell or anything else wrong with it. If there is then I will purchase a new battery at that time. If it tests ok I will keep it and save the money. Thanks again for your help! Dave
dpgllg 04/06/18 10:10am Tech Issues
RE: Battery Questions

WHY? Does everyone have to eat 3 meals a day? I eat once and sometimes not at all. And this is NOT a joke... Inclusive posts are misleading. I would suck a blue spiral battery down to resemble a strip of beef jerky in less than a day. Your mileage may vary. And this is helpful HOW? If the Optima batteries are no good what is better?
dpgllg 04/05/18 02:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery Questions

The only spec you need to look for is Ampere Hours(AH). You have consistently left out that key spec. The OP said he has a Deka Marine Master battery, which really tells us little since there are many different sizes and types of Marine Master batteries. Unless we know precisely which battery he has there's no way to know what it's 20 Hr capacity is, the basis by which batteries suitable for RV use are most commonly compared. I am sorry I did not include the model / make. It is a DP27 Deka Marine Master battery
dpgllg 04/05/18 02:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery Questions

.2 The only spec you need to look for is Ampere Hours(AH). You have consistently left out that key spec. HTH; John I'm sorry if I did anything to offend anyone,. As I stated at the beginning I do not fully understand all of the terms associated with batteries. The information supplied was from the Advance Auto Parts site for the Optima Batteries and the information for the Deka battery was from Atlantic batteries. I listed the specs provided for each battery. There was no AH or Ampere Hours listed just reserve time. Dave
dpgllg 04/05/18 02:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery Questions

deka is a good battery ,something is drawing current on this rv, might try disconnecting right at the battery till you find the problem. look up deka battery there not junk.maybe yours needs a good cleaning check water level and have load tested. The battery is pristine clean and I always check water levels and if needed fill only with distilled water. When I charge the battery I always use the deep cycle setting on my Sears battery charger. I can disconnect the battery as I have thumbscrews on the terminals. How can I determine if I have something drawing power using the battery disconnect? I can take it to be tested but should I fully charge it first? Thanks!
dpgllg 04/05/18 11:54am Tech Issues
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