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RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Glad you got a better look. Most of us MH owners replace our tires every 6-7 years. Did you get the tire pressure monitoring system? Just did this (got new ones) with my 6 tires. They were almost 9 years old and I've been having them inspected professionally (not breaking them down though) for the last two years. Replacement is not cheap, but budgeted for and with major trips coming up I just couldn't take the chance even though there was little to no dry rot, cracking and uneven wear (except for outer edge of the steer tires). They were original Michelin XRV and I had such good luck that I replaced them with Michelins. Tire threads are so tiresome (pun intended) and you get so many different opinions, and everybody is right in their opinion :) I got a TST pressure monitoring system that I'm installing before our trip. BTW, my new tires were born in the 15th week of 2016, just about our birthdays Richard.
dturm 06/18/16 01:18pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Kodak

Sorry for your loss. The gradual decline makes it hard to know exactly when that time has come. His well being/quality of life was foremost in your thoughts.
dturm 06/16/16 04:08am RV Pet Stop
RE: MarCELL Temperature Power Alarm

Regarding cell signals, I've found that texts go through many times when voice will not. Of course you have to have some kind of connection, but I think it's a better chance with texts, if you're willing to risk it.
dturm 06/15/16 01:44pm RV Pet Stop
RE: The Pet Stop Boards, sure's been quiet, ...

Delete, delete, delete. Poised and ready ----
dturm 06/08/16 05:32pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Thanks in Advance ....

I'm OK with non-presidents. A few Ben Franklins would be nice :B
dturm 05/27/16 05:12pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Many of those bridges are REALLY old. I bet the one at Cairo is similar to the one at Savannah. They are slowly replacing the old steel bridges with much bigger, wider, safer bridges. I've been over the Savannah bridge (in a class c) and the Cairo bridge in a car. I grew up driving on the US 67 bridge between StL and Alton, IL (replaced years ago with an ultra modern beautiful bridge). NO extra width, driving a car and meeting an 18 wheeler was not fun for a new 16-17 year old driver. I have found that towing is a breeze. Just have to watch turns and clearance. We've only been caught a few times (in about 18 years of towing) having to disconnect (can't back up without severe damage to tow bar and/or car). When you're going straight no problem (except a little longer stopping distance - supplemental brakes help that though). I'll drive miles out of the way to avoid one of those old steel bridges, especially in the RV.
dturm 05/27/16 04:11pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Nice pictures Dr. Doug. The last time we were in Branson, Missouri we came home by way of HWY 60 and cut through some back country into Tennessee. We crossed the Mississippi River somewhere around Cairo. This was the most scarcest bridge I have ever crossed in my life. It was so narrow meeting a big eighteen wheeler we had to bring in our side mirrors on the truck and hoped that the oncoming truck and camper didn't touch each other. It wasn't a short bridge either. I don't think I would ever go that way again especially with the motorhome where the outside mirrors are fixed. It was beautiful country with the mighty Mississippi in view. Charles I am thinking about Branson. We will have to go back there sometime in the future. It is such a nice place for family and good wholesome fun. Since we sold our membership I will have to catch someone who is a member to let us come and stay while they are there. Dr. Doug we are getting our Ford Edge ready to be towed behind the motorhome. Hope it all works out.
dturm 05/27/16 04:03pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

We are doing well with the exception of a broken hand (Sandy). Pretty minor (right metacarpal on the 5th digit - little finger), but painful and requires a splint. We just got back from a 3 week trip - essentially boondocking on a property our son has in Jo Daviess county, IL. I really recommend this area - far northwest corner of Illinois. Galena is a neat old town - good tourist area. http://i454.photobucket.com/albums/qq261/dturm/DSCN0064.jpg width=640 We took the drive on the great river road (IL side) from Savannah, IL north. This is the bridge over the Mississippi at Savannah - they are building a new one. http://i454.photobucket.com/albums/qq261/dturm/savannahIL.jpg width=640 We recommend this part of IL. This is a view of the countryside on the way north to Galena. http://i454.photobucket.com/albums/qq261/dturm/DSCN0070.jpg width=640
dturm 05/27/16 12:29pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Older Doggies

Great to hear!! She should be back to normal pretty quick.
dturm 05/24/16 07:16pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Older Doggies

AND yes human hospitals do use a sealed type {laymens term)of procedure when extracting cancerous tumors that the veterinary industry does not use. I was informed of this it by qualified professionals at two different Universities. If your are talking about the sterile adhesive drape commonly used in human medicine, you are correct that it isn't commonly used in veterinary surgery. BUT it has nothing to do with air coming in contact with tumors, just general infection control during surgery. Fortunately, aside from horses, the species we do surgery on are not terribly susceptible to tetanus and peritonitis. Imagine the costs of elective surgery if we instituted those procedures when not entirely necessary. My point was that the assertion that exposing tumors to air leads to more tumors, worse tumors, metastasis is just wrong.
dturm 05/23/16 02:43pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Older Doggies

About tumors. Talk with your vet. I was told by my vet that once you open up a tumor and/or aspirate it to check for cancer cells or to remove it it then spreads like wildfire. I don't have the technical words for it but when tumors are exposed to air is what the culprit is. When tumors are removed on people it is done so in an environment and with special equipment that no air is exposed to it during removal. Vets do not have that type of equipment to do surgery with. Seriously ???? Nor have I met a vet other than my vet that has admitted to that fact and the consequences. Maybe that's because it's BS What can and does happen is that the body is stressed by the surgery (natural dump of cortisone is one consequence), the immune system stressed and less effective and if the tumor removal is not complete what is left tends to grow faster than previous to the surgery. RE: tumor aspiration. It's always better to just guess about what we're dealing with than to get a more definitive answer and make a realistic plan based on facts. (read sarcasm for those of you who can't see that). Doug, DVM
dturm 05/23/16 06:08am RV Pet Stop
RE: Older Doggies

I never brushed any of my dogs teeth and they have always been fine. If they eat the right food I think their teeth get cleaned enough. You've been lucky and just haven't seen enough dogs to disprove your theory. There is a HUGE difference individual to individual. Some dogs that rarely have problems (more or less common in some breeds also), then there are some where problems start at an early age and are a life long health issue. Foods can make a difference, but one size (type of food) doesn't fit all. Again there are big differences individual to individual and diet rarely eliminates the need for dental care throughout the life of a dog or cat. Marketing dental care has become a more prominent item. Some practices push dental care in a method I feel is more like sales than medical care. There are some that push procedures that I'd consider optional rather than necessary. That doesn't diminish the need for dental care, just makes it seem like they are hucksters rather than doctors. Doug
dturm 05/22/16 03:18pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Older Doggies

Without looking, it's hard for me to offer an opinion. But, if your vet thinks this is enough of an issue to recommend a dental and it's not just a "routine" cleaning, trust him/her. Doug
dturm 05/22/16 12:21pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Breeze made the cut

What are the residuals?? Does Breeze get a biscuit every time the ad is shown?
dturm 05/20/16 06:05pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Breeze made the cut

Very nice!!!
dturm 05/19/16 08:36pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Am I the only one bothered by a pet charge at RV parks?

Let's keep this civil. I'd like to keep it open for a while.
dturm 05/16/16 05:34pm RV Pet Stop
RE: I am at my wits end on trying to give meds

You've gotten some very good ideas. Hope one or more of them works. I'd urge you not to try to force a medication, either with your hands or a pill gun as either could result in injury to you or your dog. The idea of food and waiting the dog out might not be the best option. Most medication need to be given or a relatively strict schedule that can be screwed up with irregular dosing. The other difficulty with repeated "fights" in order to get meds into your pet is that this often results in a worse relationship with your dog (or cat). This isn't a desirable outcome and the stress involved for your pet could actually be counterproductive depending on the condition being treated. Talk to your vet and explore other options, transdermals, flavored compounded medications, injections or longer acting medications that need dosing less frequently. Doug, DVM
dturm 05/12/16 07:06pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A question for Dr D

I don't know of an accurate projection. So much depends on dog breed, especially the large and giant breeds. They tend to mature later and put on a greater percentage of weight after 7-8 months where that isn't the case with smaller breeds.
dturm 05/06/16 05:56am RV Pet Stop
RE: A question for Dr D

I've never used them, but the design looks good and it should do what's needed.
dturm 05/05/16 05:03pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Update on Butterscotch

Sorry about Butterscotch, but we now have an answer. I've had a few bladder cancer patients live for a very long (relatively speaking) time while on piroxicam. You absolutely went to the best place in the country regarding bladder cancer, the people at Purdue are considered the authorities. Best wishes for you and Butterscotch. Doug
dturm 05/05/16 07:04am RV Pet Stop
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