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RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

We're so glad to hear the good news, Dan and Patty. Have a happy Holiday!!
dturm 12/19/14 06:44am RV Pet Stop
RE: What's her name to be

Our perceptions and understanding of what a dog is capable of (as far as thinking, reasoning and language recognition) has changed dramatically since my time in vet school. Did any of you see the 60 minutes segment on the Smartest dog in the world? This dog has over 1000 toys he can find by name and then follow a command with what to do with it. Individual Dogs have different levels of intelligence and different areas where they excel or not. But the bottom line is that they have way more ability that we ever thought. Discrimination between a one or two syllable name seems to be pretty elementary ability most dogs should breeze through. Doug
dturm 12/18/14 08:28am RV Pet Stop
RE: What's her name to be

I like Razz. I see a determined look in her face, she looks like she may be a good agility dog :) Where did you get her? Some of the same line as Breeze?
dturm 12/17/14 01:36pm RV Pet Stop
RE: I don't have a cat . . .

We're missing the point here, people! The point is: WALTER HAS NO CAT! That is clearly unacceptable! Let's all work on a transport relay and get a nice, big ol' fuzzy cat to Missouri! Who's in??? Not a bad idea, BUT the one I'm thinking about is approximately 160 to 170 lbs., and somewhere around 7 to 8 feet long from it's nose to the tip of it's tail. Will definitely need all kinds of paper work, and clearances to transport this kitty. Pops That's OK, I'll sign all the paperwork :) (I'm still legal even though retired!) We're going to have to work quick as word has it that Missouri may have snow this winter and Walter and Garland will probably be somewhere that doesn't. Doug, DVM
dturm 12/16/14 04:43am RV Pet Stop
RE: How Do You Handle Litter Odor?

Henry (cat) goes along with us. Frequent cleaning is a must in such a small confined area. We keep the litter box in the bathroom when under way and in an unobtrusive area when parked. We use a clumping litter and it has fairly good odor control, in fact the fragrance from the litter is potent enough that it is a little offensive when the RV is closed up. We're trying a fragrance free variety and will report back. Doug
dturm 12/15/14 01:34pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Happy story results in question for Dr. Doug

Migration used to be a problem, but I've never heard of one going that far. Most times they used to get down to about the shoulder blade, just far enough that if you didn't cover a wide area with the reader you'd miss it. The newer chips are smaller and are designed with tiny spokes that reduce the chance of migration.
dturm 12/10/14 11:48am RV Pet Stop
RE: Fast eater

...For bloat prevention I would consider feeding two or more smaller meals a day as opposed to one large meal, limiting exercise for an hour or two before/after eating, and avoid allowing the dog to consume a large amount of water within an hour or so of eating. I believe those things are more important than how fast (or not) a dog eats. Good advice. To also reassure you, Wilson is a small dog (Jack/Chi mix - right??) so the chances of a bloat are REAL low. Not impossible but huge percentage of these happen in large and/or deep chested dogs (think Great Danes, Standard Poodles, Shepherds and Retrievers). Most out grow this behavior by the time they get full grown, but some never do.
dturm 12/09/14 02:21pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Pearl Harbor Day

The stories have been very interesting. As many have recounted, my dad also didn't talk much about his service. This is a picture of the ship he was aboard- USS Morrison DD560. It was sunk off the coast of Okinawa 4 May 1945. Four kamikaze planes hit it within about 5 minutes and it sunk killing about half the crew. My dad was a lucky one but spent months in a VA hospital recovering from wounds. He died in 1985 (lung cancer) and I have to believe much of debris, fuel oil inhaled, combustion of toxic fumes contributed to his disease. http://i454.photobucket.com/albums/qq261/dturm/USS_Morrison0556001.jpg width=720
dturm 12/08/14 11:40am Class A Motorhomes
RE: New Prescription Diet woes

If the stools are firming up and he's acting normal there isn't a need to rush to the emergency clinic. I'd continue the chicken & rice or i/d and consult your vet tomorrow.
dturm 12/07/14 06:47am RV Pet Stop
RE: New Prescription Diet woes

Short term any diet that addresses the diarrhea is OK. To me it's more important to eat than be on a special diet for the liver. Lance gave good advice regarding the probiotics, that is worth trying. I've found that dogs with liver issues tend to have very sensitive digestive systems and diarrhea is a pretty common issue even without diet changes.
dturm 12/06/14 11:00am RV Pet Stop
RE: Do you use bone health supplements ?

Yes, prescribed for patients and use on Jill. Dose recommendations start around 15-30 mg/kg (9 lb dog would be around 4 kg). I usually recommend a minimum of 30-60 day trial and if no improvement in symptoms, it probably isn't going to work well in that individual. After that trial period, the dose can usually be cut in half. Doug, DVM BTW, this drug is really hard to overdose, so if you are a little over calculated dose don't worry. We use it in way high doses (like 5-10X therapeutic doses) for certain inflammatory conditions.
dturm 12/05/14 03:50pm RV Pet Stop
RE: New canine distemper outbreak in Texas

There is a mortality rate but it's really hard to establish a reasonable number because most infected are the very young and dogs passing through shelters. Those individuals are seldom treated and are euthanized so establishing a true mortality figure is difficult. Dogs do survive but often have life long issues either neurological tics, vestibular and/or "hard pad" disease. The hard pad is mostly observed as increased tissue (kind of like a callous) on the nose and pads of the feet.
dturm 12/05/14 03:42pm RV Pet Stop
New canine distemper outbreak in Texas

Just FYI, if you are in Texas or heading there, make sure your dog's distemper vaccination is up to date. Canine Distemper outbreak in Amarillo, TX Doug, DVM
dturm 12/05/14 01:30pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Internal Organs pushed towards spine

I guess my first question would have been why doesn't the mass show up on xrays or an MRI? Happy camping!!! See y'all down the road!!! It would show on an MRI, but only specialty hospitals have access. On X-Rays soft tissue tumors often have the same density as all the other soft tissue in the abdomen. Unless there is a gas or fat border to the tumor, it just blends into all the other stuff in the abdomen. We often suspect a tumor when abdominal contents are not where they are supposed to be.
dturm 12/04/14 03:59pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Internal Organs pushed towards spine

When she pushed her abdomen a certain way, Sammie winced in pain. Is the diagnosis most likely a mass? Is there such a thing as positional movement of the organs towards the spine? Isn't the pain significant? With the pain on palpation, 14 year old Boxer and symptoms an abdominal mass would be #1 on my list. Most abdominal masses are spleen or liver (but not all of them). Position can have some effect, but not usually towards spine unless positioning was really skewed. Hard to give any good advice, but the follow up suggestions by the vet are not out of line. Difficult decisions for sure. Doug, DVM
dturm 12/04/14 03:55pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Prayer Wheel for pet found in desert.

Let's stay on topic. Personally, I have no idea what that is, I've never seen anything like it.
dturm 12/03/14 06:19pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Nervous Shiba Inu

Fears and Phobias This is a pretty comprehensive article about fears and phobias with current recommendations for ways to go about treating them. Often a multiple approach including pharmaceutical (either "natural" and/or prescription), something like a thundershirt along with avoidance and training. The biggest factor to consider is to do something before the behavior becomes habitual, then it's really tough to deal with. Doug, DVM
dturm 11/29/14 02:05pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Settling into a new country...

Oh I am so sorry..poor sentence structure...didn't mean to cause concern...I meant she went right over to the ledge and looked over it...if she had went over, I am afraid it would have been a disaster as its 6 floors down to pavement...but the planter boxes have taken care of this problem and the wees are safe ! Kathleen Not to be morbid, but in vet school we learned of "high rise disease" where animals (mostly cats) pushed out screens or went out of open windows. While I have no experience with this particular type of trauma, it was thought that a fall from below 7 floors was survivable given lucky circumstances (soft landing area, etc.), but above 7 was always fatal. Just a stupid factoid. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
dturm 11/27/14 06:04pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A very nice video

dturm 11/26/14 01:16pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Spaghetti eating contest

Love it!!! Walter, you see this???
dturm 11/26/14 12:33pm RV Pet Stop
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