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RE: Going to a larger wheel size question

Went from 13 in. to 14 in. on my hybrid TT. As stated make sure there is room for the swap. Bought the wheels at Northern Tool and the tires at a local tire shop. Added more load capacity to the tires and as an added bonus the bearing speed is reduced due to a larger circumference of the tire. https://41ef608a-a-62cb3a1a-s-sites.googlegroups.com/site/jhecampers/ar-1-mods/14-inc-wheels/old-new.jpg?attachauth=ANoY7co5ud5w6DD-vJvIDbvsRwyyEMbYb_eFk2QR2IMkB_4N2CZYZOo50NBwS5pcJ7-vwikcKjO4k86B75hZIlFTfh2cN7yGTK1rjnNp_LHWkMpx9E_OCMJGaMUOH6On0Rlotw7NYMwamWapeitIE6dHqi6qpzbMy7pJFJgJUzbXTljaXDO3hlKEQEVDbvJAJfLQYrc_a4ZX4qephZGt9v2uIDcVEGnaciZkYKd40nEug7opTifSdXbIUcKHCpKWyXASBWonePht&attredirects=0
gheicher 04/26/17 06:58pm Folding Trailers
RE: Aliners

I have had three Aliners over the years and have enjoyed them all. My use was not so much for traditional camping" but rather for traveling where I would not stay more than a couple of nights in one place. I have also had other folding and non-folding trailers in the past and they all require maintenance and fixing little things. Personally I like the fact the Aliners setup and fold-up quickly and while not as much space as a square non-folding unit, towing it down the road is a breeze.
gheicher 04/19/17 07:53pm Folding Trailers
RE: Reservations only ??

One reason I bought a TT was to travel without making reservations and as many have pointed out, that is becoming increasingly difficult. The camping business is going the way of the airlines and due to increased volume and tighter profits, for the consumer it is a much less enjoyable experience. Many of us would like to see the "good ole days" but probably not going to happen.
gheicher 04/12/17 09:58am Travel Trailers
RE: Thinking of buying a small popup

Somerset Newport 11 ft box, sleep 6, 1150 lbs.
gheicher 03/20/17 06:37pm Folding Trailers
RE: refrigerator in hybrid

As stated above if, not used for a while may take a couple of minutes holding the button in until the gas gets to the burner. If you have a pizzo-electric ignitor I have had sometimes difficulty igniting the burner with it and wound up using a standard grill lighter. In one case a spider had a small web insider the burner tube which prevented ignition - Cleaned out the spider web and it worked like a charm. Some of the fancier units have electronic spark ignitors and in that case it could be no power or a bad electronic module. Depending what system is on your unit it may be a relatively easy fix or perhaps off to the RV shop.
gheicher 03/09/17 05:45pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Time to downsize, Time to simplify

What are they going for, if you don't mind me asking. I can't find one anywhere. I did find one that was gutted. I have to have a gas furnace and AC. I sold my 2004 Aliner DL for $4500 which was probably too cheap since it sold 20 minutes after posting it on the Aliner Club Swap Shop. The do show up occasionally on Craigslist and at RV dealers, but you have to be persistent and patient. I live in Pennsylvania and the person that bought mine drove from Key West, Florida to get it - Can't imagine I would have been THAT persistent.
gheicher 02/16/17 06:24pm Folding Trailers
RE: Time to downsize, Time to simplify

I would like to find a post 2000 smaller A-liner with AC and furnace to pull behind my Lexus hardtop convertible. They weigh around 1,000 pounds dry. Still looking. My 2004 Aliner DL, I sold just a couple of months ago, had a sticker weight of 995 lbs. Not sure exactly what year they went from aluminum skin to fiberglass, but the fiberglass ones are heavier. Prior to that I had an Aliner-Alite that weighed 400 lbs.
gheicher 02/16/17 03:49pm Folding Trailers
RE: Weight of bed ends

I have a 2011 Starcraft AR-ONE 15RB.The unloaded weight is 2490 lbs and the same unit without the fold-out bunk end would weigh 2260. So for my unit the bunk end would adds approx 230 lbs. This most likely includes the internal bracing needed since the fold down door is relatively light The bunk end adds a lot of inside space which sometimes I just use as storage when camping. Great place to put grand-kids when they come along. I have towed it short distances with my Subaru Forester, but normally use my Ford Explorer. A 2500 lb unit I believe could easily be towed with a Ford Escape or similar SUV. See my 15RB at My Campers.
gheicher 02/06/17 06:24pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: TV suggestions

My vote is a 2017 Subaru Outback - The 2.5i Outback has a maximum towing capacity of 2,700 lbs, while the 3.6R Outback can haul 3,000 lbs. You have an adequate TV while still having a road car for normal driving. The 3.6 engine will work well on most hills. Now if you want to go 65 mph up Pikes Peak you better opt for a diesel pusher.
gheicher 01/19/17 06:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: So whose left making true "Pop Ups" with Hard roofs...

...... Then you have the very rare Somerset brand made by Aliner that is hard to find at all. ..........You would think that Pop Ups would come back with a more inexpensive price but looks like makers just kill them off or clone them under several names. To bad. There is a Somerset Camper dealer near Indianapolis Mount Comfort RV Probably they have none in stock since Columbia Northwest has been running at full production and according to friends that work at the factory they are considering adding a shift if they can find qualified workers (seems to be a problem everywhere now). The inherent design of pop-ups require many more parts than a non-folding unit, so I believe the pop-up will always be more expensive than the same size non-folding ones. That being said, its hard to beat a full size pop-up when camping with a family and the towing low profile is really a big plus. We all would like to see them be more inexpensive, but most likely aint gonna happen.
gheicher 01/08/17 11:35am Folding Trailers
RE: 4 cyl?

Your RAV-4 4-cyl is rated at 1500 lbs. Since you appear to be just considering a non-folding trailer in which you can stand up, the only one of which I am aware is the new Columbia Northwest ASCAPE. At 1350 lbs you are pushing the limit but if most of your travel is on relatively flat roads, you should be OK. The ASCAPE is aluminum, which is lighter, but more expensive than fiberglass. It is similar to the Cabin-A CNW used to make but the ASCAPE is slightly smaller, lighter, and more streamlined. Don't think CNW has it on their website yet. A couple more pictures are shown here at The Small Trailer Enthuiast website.
gheicher 01/06/17 07:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: Won't someone please make rugged small trailers??

Many manufacturers have stopped making small hard-sided trailers with full features (inside kitchen, bath with shower, decent tanks, decent headroom, good insulation). My current trailer, a Fun Finder X-139, fits the bill, but they have stopped making it, and my trailer will not last forever. Starcraft makes a close alternate to the 13 ft FunFinder, 14 ft Autum-Ridge Mini I had a 16 ft FunFinder and it suited my needs fine but I didn't care for the wet-bath. Presently I have a Starcraft AR-One 15RB and have been quite satisfied with it - The dry-bath is much nicer.
gheicher 12/14/16 03:48pm Travel Trailers
RE: Interesting TV / Popup Combos

Columbia Northwest has been interested in this 3500 lb tow market for quit a while. The Aliner Scout-Lite for those wanting a hard side fold-able, the Somerset Newport for those wanting a soft side fold-able, and most recently the ASCAPE non-folding unit which has just been debuted at Louisville RV show. There are also presently choices with other RV manufactures and I suspect the choices will continue to grow - Not everyone wants to own or drive a large tow vehicle.
gheicher 12/03/16 06:54am Folding Trailers
New TT for Compact Cars

Columbia Northwest has just announced a new non-folding travel trailer that weighs under 1500 lbs. The ASCAPE Utilizes a drop-floor to increase headroom while keeping the outside profile low. Being introduced at Louisville show this week. Appears to be targeting small SUV tow vehicles with no more than two people that want to travel.
gheicher 11/28/16 04:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: Aliner copycats

Or they could have been similar to the Chalet A-frame TTs. :@ The Aliner was designed by Ralph Tait in the early 1970s. Living in Oregon he moved the family to PA to begin production of his idea. Chalet was a copy-cat unit built in Oregon and made some nice units before going out of business a few years ago. Ralph retired in 2007 and sold the business to the present owners, but Ralph still comes into the plant occasionally with a head full of ideas. Interest in these units have increased of the last several years and both Forest River and Jayco jumped on the band-wagon. Similar campers, the Avans, are produced by a sister company in Australia. Over the years I have had three Aliners and used them primarily as travel trailers rather than for "camping".
gheicher 11/04/16 06:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tankless Water heater

The problem with electric Tankless (Flash) water heaters is that to have sufficient water flow at a high enough temperature it takes a really large power input. 30A service would most likely not be enough to do what you want the water heater to do and still use other appliances in your unit. My experience with a Bosch 1500 watt unit is the water is barely warm enough to wash your hands with a small flow and if you increase the flow the water keeps getting colder. Oh yes, one in the home, especially when fired by LP or natural gas work great but they are pricey. They are particularly good in remote areas or in buildings where the need for hot water is sporadic.
gheicher 10/10/16 02:41pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: A-liners, anyone?

Over the last several years I have had three Aliners. Like most anything else they have advantages and disadvantages which to a large extent is determined by how you intend to use the trailer. The big advantage of the Aframes is quick set-up / tear-down and that is a big plus if you don't intend on staying in one place for many days. Also the lightweight allows for a smaller more economical tow vehicle. If most of your use will be to go a short distance and camp for a while, you might as well get a box trailer that is more spacious and has a bigger bathroom. I have both an Aliner and a larger non-folding unit. If I plan to travel, the Aliner is great. If I'm going not too far and am staying in one place for a while, I take the non-folding unit. I'm 6'1" and the sloping roof has never been a problem for me.
gheicher 08/15/16 06:25pm Folding Trailers
RE: Towing Aliner with Forester?

My 2004 Aliner DL weighs 1000 lbs unloaded and about 1400 lbs loaded. The newer Aliners are heavier due to a beefier frame and fiberglass exterior instead of aluminum. My 2011 Forester towed the unit pretty well thru the hills of the PA Laurel Highlands but mostly were relatively short trips. Fortunately I also have a V8 Ford Explorer and always used it for longer trips. The tow vehicle is rarely too large and a larger TV reduces the stress imposed on it. So when it comes to tow vehicles, in my opinion, bigger is always better.
gheicher 07/12/16 04:57pm Folding Trailers
RE: Tires

I also had 13 inch tires on our single axle hybrid. I found they were maxed on weight and wore out after one trip from Texas to Colorado. I upgraded to a 14" aluminum wheel and Hankook RA08 195R14C. I personally think it has been one of the best purchases I have made since buying the camper. No more worries about overloading and blow outs. The tires have been great and still look close to new after 3 years and many long trips including a trip to Yellowstone from Texas. In addition to the higher load rating, my other reason for going to 14 inch wheels is that it allows a larger diameter tire. This in turn slows the bearing rotation speed thus reducing heat and increasing bearing life. Also a little more road clearance is another plus.
gheicher 06/23/16 07:12pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Tires

This must be a small Hybrid with tires that small. I have the Towmax on my HTT, and no issues. I also have 2000+ pound of reserve capacity on the tires, so they are not really loaded down. Keep them aired up properly, they both should be ok on a HTT. But personally, if I was to buy new tires for my HTT, I would lean with the Marathons or Maxxis tires. Replaced the 13" wheels with 14" on my AR-ONE 15RB. See My Website for details
gheicher 06/21/16 07:57pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
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