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RE: Have you tested your Emergency Exit?

I keep looking at the size my exit window and thinking there are a lot of people that would not fit through - Have not tried it myself but it might be close.
gheicher 06/08/15 06:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: Known issues with 1997 Aliner

I had a 1994 Aliner and there was some water that entered at the bottom of the door. This caused a soft spot just inside the door which I subsequently repaired - Had no other floor issues. I did experience small leaks around the bubble windows which at that time was secured by screws. I removed the windows, re-caulked and all was good. I owned the Unit from 2004 to 2008.
gheicher 05/10/15 06:56pm Folding Trailers
RE: new Ar-One 15RB

Have a 2011 15RB and all has been good. Needed to make a few mods to make the unit a little more usable for myself. You can see my mods at AR-One 15RB Mods
gheicher 05/02/15 06:41pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Storms

In a storm with high winds a great concern is trees and tree limbs falling on top of your camper. I have had to abandon my campsite due to falling limbs and headed for the nearest motel for the night. When I returned many large trees were down but fortunately not on top of anyone. A limb did penetrate the roof of a hard side camper but fortunately the State Park Rangers had made everyone get into their vehicle and wait out the storm in a field away from the trees. Scary!!!
gheicher 05/02/15 06:32pm Folding Trailers
RE: hauling camper

When the Aliner is folded, the box adds more rigidity to the sides of the unit. The cutout for the door considerably weakens the structure so with the roof not closed there would be considerable flexing of the box going over bumps. I actually added an additional hold-down clamp between the roof and door side of my Aliner so as to further reduce any flexing when towing. I might move my Aliner with the roof up in my back yard or very slowly at a cg but never would go down the road that way.
gheicher 04/16/15 07:10pm Folding Trailers
RE: Another oldie but goodie (not mine)

Beautiful! I wonder how that would fit in a campground with the "10 year" rule. Jut tell them its a new one from Kerola Campers.
gheicher 03/24/15 07:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: Metal RV Shelter or carport in Minnesota?

Have purchased two metal shelters from carports.com. One for a patio cover and the other for RVs. I have been pleased with price, quality and service with both units. The RV shelter is 18' X 21' X 8', however, I installed sides myself with material from local metal roofing/siding shop. http://i273.photobucket.com/albums/jj205/gheicher/RVCarportsm_zps7b0345ef.jpg
gheicher 03/20/15 03:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Just purchased 2007 Coleman/Fleetwood Utah

Living close to both Columbia NorthWest (CNW) and the old "Coleman" factories in southwest PA and knowing some of the factory personnel, the CNW factory now produces a "Coleman" clone named the Somerset. Although CNW did not buy the former Coleman factory, several of the key personnel now work for CNW and many parts used in the Somerset will work on older "Coleman" units. Since many involved with the Somerset line are familiar with the older Coleman unit,contact CNW if you need a part and they may be able to help SomersetRV As far as it being a "Coleman" produced camper, these trailers have not really been a Coleman product since Sheldon Coleman sold the plant to Fleetwood many, many years ago. Fleetwood and subsequently FTCA, who went bankrupt, had total control of the product. Most Coleman products, except gasoline lanterns and coolers, are not produced by Coleman nor are there product design requirements, but rather its now just a "brand" name only with royalty being paid to Coleman Inc. for use of the name. In the case of trailers it cost hundreds of dollars each for just using the Coleman name (which could have been better spent directly on product quality). It was the dedicated employees, not the Coleman name that continued to make it a good product. But years of cost-cutting took its toll until FTCA (Blackstreet Capital) closed the plant, sold off all the tooling and inventory. Regardless of the history, I'm sure you will enjoy camping with your new/old camper. I still see tons of them being used at the campgrounds and the families having a great time.
gheicher 03/14/15 04:57pm Folding Trailers
RE: Chalet/Takena factory

Chalet had some unique features on their A-Frames that Aliner didn't. However, the A-Frame market now is getting a bit crowded with the addition of Jayco and Coachman - That's going to significantly reduce market-share Chalet previously enjoyed. Perhaps they will focus on the Talkena line, however that's another really competitive product area. Even though I'm an Aliner owner, I hope Chalet can get back into the RV market. Be nice if they could do some of the unique stuff we see from Australia.
gheicher 03/12/15 04:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: Newbie Curious About Owner's Experiences with Aliners

I thought I already posted this but must have hit the wrong button!:h Anyhow, I have owned three Aliners over the past ten years with much enjoyment and minimum complaints. All have been pre-owned and the first was a 1994 Classic, no AC or fridge. I did have a couple of small leaks around the bubble windows which was easily repaired. Decided to upgrade to a non-folding TT with AC an a toilet but always missed my Aliner. In addition to my non-folding TT I purchased an Aliner Alite (400 lbs net) for those times I would travel myself. Great for solo use but even though it will sleep two, the complete interior is utilized for the bed. So after a couple of years I just didn't go myself enough to justify it. Sold the Alite and got a 2004 Aliner DL (995 lbs net). Added AC and a cassette toilet and am presently using the unit. Although I also have a Starcraft AR_ONE 15RB hybrid, the Aliner is so easy to tow and being able to see over the trailer thorough the rear-view mirror is great. Good gas mileage, hard sides, and easy setup makes it really nice for long trips. I realize the A-Frame units are not everyone's cup-of-tea, and usually are not used for long term family camping, but they are a really good travel trailer for two. Some have even used them for very extended trips, e.g. Sandi's Route 66
gheicher 03/03/15 03:23pm Folding Trailers
RE: Total Newbie Curious About Aliners

I'm on my third Aliner product in the last 10 years, all pre-owned. The first was a 1994 Classic that we enjoyed but it only had an "ice-box" rather than a fridge. I did have some leaks around the windows that I repaired, then decided to upgrade to a small TT. I missed the ease of towing, especially with my Subaru, so I purchased a slightly used 2004 Aliner Alite (400 lbs net) for those times I would go camping myself. It would sleep two but with the bed set up for two, it took all the interior space. Was great for solo trips but just didn't go often enough myself to justify keeping the unit. The next Aliner was a 2004 Classic (995 lbs net) and becoming older and sybaritic, I added an air conditioner and cassette toilet. While I also have a Starcraft AR-ONE 15RB hybrid TT, the Aliner is great for longer trips since towing is easy, I can see over the trailer with my Ford Explorer's rear-view mirror, and the gas mileage is only slightly less than without the trailer. I know A-Frame campers are not everybody's cup-of-tea, but my opinion is while not the best units for long-term camping, they make great travel trailers with quick set up and no wet fabric to fold after a rain. There are even people out there that full-time in one, e.g., Sandi's Route 66 Trip http://i273.photobucket.com/albums/jj205/gheicher/Misc/Alineranimate.gif
gheicher 03/02/15 06:35pm Travel Trailers
RE: 2013 Starcraft AR One 16 bh

A couple of things to consider with the AR-ONE 16BH or 15RB. They both have small holding tanks. If you are camping without full hookups you need to use the bath facilities sparingly - black water 9 gal & gray water 15 gal. So if you are going to shower it better be the kind they do in submarines. I always try for full hookups but am going to invest in a "blue tote" just in case. One nice feature is the garden hose attachment for the gray water. You can just run a garden hose to the sewer instead of the 4" stinky slinky - The 9 gal black water will last a long time especially if you use the toilet for just #1 like we do. The other downside to these trailers is the 13" tires. The tires are very near the weight limit of the trailer so I upgraded to 14" wheels & tires to add a little more safety factor and the larger diameter tires will turn slower at highway speed thus keeping the bearings a bit cooler also. If buying new I would try to negotiate with the dealer on including the 14 inch wheels & tires. Other than the above, I am pretty happy with the unit but have not used it in real hot weather to see how the window style AC keeps up.
gheicher 03/01/15 11:05am Travel Trailers
RE: 2013 Starcraft AR One 16 bh

I chose a 15RB hybrid over the 16BH. Usually there is only two of us using the trailer but occasionally there are a couple more and the 15RB will sleep 5 which includes the sofa. For us the tip-out sometimes provides extra sleeping area, or sometimes a large storage area while camping, or sometimes we just leave it closed when just staying overnight. The 15RB has a lot more living area than the 16BH, which when we need to spend more time indoors, that's a great benefit. As far as folding up wet fabric on the tip-out, its certainly not any worse than rolling up a wet awning, and nothing like a pop-up camper. Some of my other small campers I have owned can be seen at My Campers.
gheicher 02/27/15 05:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Scamp Owners?

I had a 2005 16 ft Scamp a couple of years ago. It was a nice really easy to tow unit, however, with the rounded corners a lot of interior space is compromised. Also the interior is covered with a furry surfaced insulating material (known affectionately as "rat fur"). The combination of the rounded shape and furry walls, to me, gave it a cave like feeling. The fiberglass people are a loyal group and really love their little "eggs", and the unit appears to be very well built - Just wasn't my "cup of tea". Ive had several small campers over the years that you can see at My Campers PS: Some think because its a fiberglass shell it won't leak. Well there are still roof penetrations and mine leaked at the "Fantastic Fan". I removed the rivets and replaced everything with stainless steel bolts, nuts and butyl calking - That worked.
gheicher 02/12/15 11:21am Travel Trailers
RE: Safe Alert

I couldn't find any Camco RV-Antifreeze and when to auto zone and picked up their brand of RV Antifreeze. I winterized the MH locked it up and went into the house. I keep hearing a beeping sound......... Detectors were going off in MH FROM the smell of the RV Antifreeze. :R Are they touchy? Yes. I kinda like them that way when it comes time to save my butt from dieing in inside the MH come time of a real emergency. :C Mine also went off installing the pink stuff last fall but there have been other smells that set it off also. I read on one of the forums that the detector gets crudded up after a while and then becomes very sensitive. A solution was to blow hot air with a hair dryer for about 5 minutes on the detector - Seemed to work for me on a couple occasions. However, if the CO detector goes off I'm not comfortable staying inside the camper or even at home so I always have a second CO detector available for backup.
gheicher 02/10/15 06:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tongue blocks

I use Lego style Lynx Leveling Blocks with a 6" X 1" wood block on top for the tongue. Works good for me but my tongue weight is only about 250 lbs. However, these plastic blocks appear to be pretty rugged since I used to use them under the tires to level the trailer and never had one damaged. Now I use a BAL Leveler that both levels the trailer and acts as a wheel chock.
gheicher 02/01/15 05:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: What size carport cover do you have?

18' X 21' X 8' carports.com Installed sides myself with material from local metal roofing/siding shop. http://i273.photobucket.com/albums/jj205/gheicher/RVCarportsm_zps7b0345ef.jpg
gheicher 01/22/15 07:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Building a cover for future TT

See my metal shelter at My campers website.
gheicher 10/21/14 07:01pm Travel Trailers

I'm interested in hearing about people's experiences with pop-ups in the rain. How well insulated are they? How warm can yo stay in cool weather? What happens if you decide to move on and have a wet unit? We have almost eliminated pop-ups from consideration, but there seem to be people here who love theirs and we'd love to know more about your experiences. We are in our 70s and are disinclined to wrestle with wet canvas, or whatever it is. So your experiences with these are of interest to us. I have both, a hard side Aliner and a hybrid with a fold out fabric end. The Aliner is all hard side folding unit with limited interior space and amenities. The hybrid has a full bathroom, much more interior storage and the fabric fold out end can be used, for us, either storage or sleeping if we don't want to use the dinette sleep area. I have folded the fabric end wet then just opened it to let dry when I got home - Not a big deal. With the new fabric used on pop-ups, it is much more forgiving than the old canvas material. My problem with most pups is setup time. We are more travelers than campers, thus usually stay less than a couple of days in one place. We too are in our 70s and the Aliner is definitely much easier to handle; towing, setup, and tear down. However, as previously stated there is just not a lot of inside personal space, so be sure you and your partner stay on good terms. For more info see Jerry's Campers.
gheicher 09/29/14 05:34pm Folding Trailers
RE: Any problem with 2006 Aliner?

Purchased a 1994 Aliner in 2004 and I sold it in 2007. The only problem I had was at the door. apparently when it rained some water entered around the door opening and got the plywood floor wet. Over time the floor became soft and I had to make a repair. Also I had small leakage around the windows. The windows then were held in with screws so I removed them and recalked. Other than that every thing was good. Have had two Aliners since, an Alite and presently have a 2004 Aliner DL with no problems with either. See My Campers.
gheicher 09/17/14 05:46pm Folding Trailers
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