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RE: Removing Sharp Carousel Micro/convection

Doug, Maybe you could school the folks at Tiffin. I helped a co-worker remove the below Sharp R1875 Convection Microwave from his Phaeton. It died and he bought an identical replacement unit at Home Depot. Tiffin only used the 2 mounting points on the top of the microwave's case in the upper cabinet. No additional screws were added to the top of the case by Tiffin. http://www.homedepot.com/catalog/productImages/1000/fb/fb6517ca-0432-4473-ae45-778b62f25beb_1000.jpg height=480 width=480 When my Sharp R820BK died I opted to chase down the internal fuse instead of wholesale replacement like my co-worker did. Mine had a blown internal fuse, plus I did not want to give it up because it's a grilling convection microwave. The R1875 doesn't grill.
gotsmart 12/06/16 11:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Removing Sharp Carousel Micro/convection

Sharp install manual. -There is a large metal mounting bracket that is secured to the wall. -Inside the upper cabinet above the microwave there should be 2 screws near the front of the microwave - one on the left and one on the right. See step 8 on page 7 of the install manual. The microwave's case is set up for 2 mounting points to the upper cabinet, although, as others have stated, there may be additional screws that are securing the microwave's case to the upper cabinet as well. -Removing the grills from the bottom of the microwave will reveal 2 long bolts that go up at a diagonal that hold the microwave to the metal mounting bracket.
gotsmart 12/06/16 03:21am Tech Issues
RE: Smart Car

I'm on the Olympic Peninsula. See my signature. (below images are clickable) https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8293/7796511834_89e23e1c6c_z_d.jpg https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8437/7796924256_26ac729fc3_z_d.jpg
gotsmart 12/06/16 02:30am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Another freezing water line question

My 30 foot Class C does not have a winter package of any kind. No insulated or heated holding tanks, or thermal windows. No closed underbelly. Vinyl floors. There is no outside shower, and all of the plumbing is inside the coach. In the below picture (at my brother's house) the big door that is next to the red marker light is a pass-through that runs right under the bed. Between the pass-through and the rear wall is the fresh water tank (also under the bed). The little door, above and to the right of the pass-through, is the water fill/shore water. Below the water fill is the water pump. https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8295/7796970206_c2700940e0_z_d.jpg I've been doing this for 6 winters now, on the Olympic Peninsula, with no problems with freezing water lines. https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8298/7796567448_bf63310c08_z_d.jpg https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3833/11748212303_f8482c526a_z_d.jpg
gotsmart 12/02/16 03:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Newer RVs that are hard to winterize.....grrrrr

I agree with Mocoondo on this subject. When I hook up I don't have a water trap in my sewer hose, and the valve on the gray water tank is opened. (This wisdom of this is a subject of another thread) When dumping, I close the gray valve and fill the tank so that I can back-flush the black tank with it. My holding tanks are set up that way. After dumping, the gray valve remains open. Yes, it's closed when driving down the road. I've been doing it this way over 5 years now and the gray valve isn't leaking or worse for wear. In 2013 I did replace the valve on the black tank. It developed a slow leak. I attribute it to operator error - probably from using brute force to close the valve when there was waste material clogging the valve. I no longer (brute) force the valves to close. If either doesn't close easily I investigate. When it happens to the black valve I: 1) leave the black valve open, 2) close the gray tank valve and fill the gray tank, and 3) open the gray valve and back-flush the black tank again. This usually clears whatever is causing the black valve to stick. I could probably achieve the same result with a Flush King - but I don't own one. Below is my new black tank valve (installed in 2013). The gray tank valve (not shown) is just to the left of the sewer hose. https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2843/11499872614_84d3656212_z_d.jpg
gotsmart 12/02/16 02:47pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: LPG Cylinder Swap

I use 20 lb external tanks for my MH because of one thing - the Grill Gauge. linky. In the link, scroll down to the "Product Description" where it talks about why tank exchange companies choose to label their tanks as 15 lb tanks. The take-away for me is I'm beginning to take my Grill Gauge and weigh the tanks after I get them refilled. Why? A few of the stations that I use for propane write the info on a slip of paper that I take to the cashier to pay for the gas. There is a potential for dishonesty buy the merchant. When I am able to I also make a point to watch the gas meter says after the attendant finishes filling the tanks (or the MH's propane tank). I want to make sure that I get what I'm paying for. https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61ehC0POXbL._SL1000_.jpg height=280 width=206
gotsmart 11/18/16 10:11pm Full-time RVing
RE: Happy Camper Tank Additive

I buy RID-X RV at Wally World, but not for its intended purpose. I use it to deodorize the black tank. It has a very nice fragrance. It keeps my neighbors happy because I don't have "stinky tank" wafting from the black tank vent. Each 48oz bottle has 16 treatments. Used weekly, that's 4 months. If it helps break down waste in the tank then that's OK too. https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/81BXPAkcWrL._SL1500_.jpg height=258 width=144
gotsmart 11/17/16 07:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV Club

The URL in your post is bad. Here it is: http://ultimatervcamping.com/ Here is their privacy policy: http://ultimatervcamping.com/privacy_policy.html You give them your email address to get their campground directory and they will fill your email inbox with all kinds of stuff that you most likely don't want.
gotsmart 11/15/16 12:54am RV Lifestyle
RE: Laurel & Hardy Meets US Customs San Ysidro

I thought that getting up out of your recliner was considered: "leaving your galaxy" :W
gotsmart 11/11/16 07:06pm Tech Issues
RE: weather

Check out the north Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.
gotsmart 10/27/16 09:09pm Full-time RVing
RE: Question about PMBs

I have a PMB address and use the PMB syntax whenever it is accepted. When it is not accepted I use: # , APT, SUITE, etc. The parcel store where my mailbox is located has told me that THEY do not care what syntax I use as long as my box number is on the address label so that they don't have to look up my box number. My driver license has a # instead of PMB.
gotsmart 10/19/16 04:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: remove/replace big reefer

In my Class C my Norcold N621 has to come out through the (removed) dinette window as the coach door is too narrow.
gotsmart 10/17/16 08:26am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Refrigerator ran off level

Why can a park model cabin have a factory installed propane stove with a DSI oven and a TT, FW, or MH can't? My guess is the NHTSA (and related agencies) has decided that park model cabins aren't over-the-road vehicles and don't have the same compliance requirements as TTs, FWs, and MHs. The RV industry could use a different fridge design tomorrow, but won't because it doesn't believe the ROI is there for cost of the certification of a new design of an appliance for such a small consumer market.
gotsmart 10/11/16 04:22am Tech Issues
RE: Fantastic fan removable of off/on knob

Check out the below link: 4200, 5200/5300, and 6300/7300 series fans have optional wall controls. Is your fan one of these model series? http://www.fantasticvent.com/fan-tastic-vent-s-oem-controls.html#controller4200series My solution was to replace my fan with one that came with a remote. Granted, it was about a $400 USD solution - but no more reaching for the fan switch anymore.
gotsmart 10/11/16 03:56am Tech Issues
RE: Refrigerator ran off level

hmmm... This is the Norcold N621 in my 2005 rental. I drive down the road with the fridge in AUTO. It's only turned off before entering a station to take on fuel or propane. The manual says that it can be +/- 3 degrees from level. In 2013 I had to make a U-turn on a road on Lake Coeur d'Alene. I pulled the MH onto a gravel side street to unhook the toad so that I could back up the MH into the road and re-hook up the toad. 1. the side street was a gravel hill with about a 30 to 35 degree incline. 2. I was driving by myself at the time. 3. I set the E-450 in Park and set the emergency brake, and chocked the rear tires. 4. I took 20+ minutes to unhook the car because I was having a massive panic attack for having to stand 10 inches from 14,000 lbs (US) sitting on a steep incline on a gravel road. I had flop sweat the entire time. I completed the U-turn and doubled back to the RV park at Black Rock Marina. The N621 never quite or threw a code, nor has it given me any trouble since then.
gotsmart 10/10/16 08:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Fantastic fan removable of off/on knob

This is my Fantastic Vent 6600R. If you remove the trim off of it you may be able to see/access the 12v wiring that powers it. Instead of modifying the fan how about leaving the fan switch turned on and running a new switch off of the 12v power going into the fan. The new switch could be located at wall-switch height. https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7373/13896524228_b58839a4f3_z_d.jpg
gotsmart 10/10/16 07:50pm Tech Issues
RE: 24 Volt 5,000 watt Inverter / CHARGER Facinating...

...and autoformers are the best thing since sliced bread. Right?
gotsmart 10/10/16 07:41pm Tech Issues
RE: A novice's question about towing a car behind a Class C

I drag my 2009 smart. https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8293/7796511834_89e23e1c6c_z_d.jpg
gotsmart 10/10/16 07:34pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Home HVAC Thermostat

Read the manual. Most "intelligent" thermostats say that they require 8 to 10 days to learn the characteristics of a heating/cooling system and will adjust the on/off cycles accordingly.
gotsmart 10/04/16 08:23pm Tech Issues
RE: RV's too old to park in their campground???

Many CGs use such a rule as a gatekeeper to keep out derelicts and some have been known to grant exemptions on a case-by-case basis. If you have not already done so and think that your RV is pretty enough to receive an exemption then send them photos of your RV and ask for an exception to their rule.
gotsmart 10/04/16 08:02pm Class C Motorhomes
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