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RE: Full Time RVers using mail forwarding and Denied Credit

With credit cards one can have both a physical address and a billing address on file. Call up the CC company's customer service and give them an address for the physical address that they require (it could be the RV park that you are staying at for all they care), then tell them that you have a separate billing address and give them your mailbox's address. I've already gone through this "Patriot Act" stuff with my credit cards. I did the above. My PMB is my billing address. Don't sweat it.
gotsmart 08/13/17 10:57pm Full-time RVing
RE: Swap Pilot for Electronic (Water Heater)?

gotsmart 08/04/17 09:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Neskowin Creek RV Park membership

Neskowin Creek RV Resort is part of Sound Pacific Resorts.
gotsmart 07/24/17 08:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Propane

Hi to all. We are gonna stay the winter in the cg we are in now. We were gonna use electric heaters but found out today the cg owners say no to electric heaters. They watch the electric very close. They have grids and if too much electric is used they will charge ya. We may be the only ones here in the winter in the grid for the area. My question is is the small propane heaters safe for inside. Thanks as usual for yer answers. God Bless. The part that I've bolded reads like a red flag to me of a landlord telegraphing that they have you over a barrel and will return each month with their hand out asking for more money... and they'll have a new excuse every time. Your post implies that the cg may have low occupancy for the winter. This incentivizes the cg to squeeze as much money out of each occupied site as possible. If the cg refuses write a lease for the winter, you're at the cg's whim. Leave. If you do have a lease (or are getting one), have it spell out everything that is included and not included: power, water, sewer, cable TV, WiFi, guest fees, extra vehicle fees, pool/spa fees, additional park fees. If the minimum length of the lease is for more months than you plan to stay then negotiate the termination fees. If the lease includes xxx kilowatt hours of power included per month with xx cents per kWh after that - if your pedestal has a utility meter on it then become a meter reader and write down your power usage. I've heard too many stories from RVers who caught the cg fudging the electric bill.
gotsmart 07/10/17 12:21am General RVing Issues
RE: Ohio to Bar Harbor Maine via Vermont advice

so yes, this is purely to check VT off the list :) by getting coffee or a snack and then getting back on the road. I grew up in South Portland, ME and lived 17 years in Manchester, NH before coming to WA. Assuming the above is all that you want to do in VT... I-90 E to Chicopee, Mass to I-91 N I-91 N to Vermont 5.5 miles into VT is the Guilford Welcome Center Do the VT thing - snack, stretch legs, restroom break continue I-91 N to exit 1, take exit 1 cross under the interstate, take on-ramp to I-91 S I-91 S to Chicopee, Mass to I-90 E I-90 E to I-495 N I-495 N to I-95 N (just south of NH state line) I-95 N to Maine (I-95 in NH is only 15 miles long) Once in Maine you can decide whether to take the Maine Turnpike or the coastal route. If time is of the essence, stay on the big roads in New England. ------------------ Something to consider... In Sturbridge, Mass is Old Sturbridge Village. It is like stepping back in time and walking through history. My parents took the family there several times in my youth. You'd literally be driving right past it. They have RV parking (no overnight parking though). Old Sturbridge Village, the largest outdoor history museum in the Northeast, depicts a rural New England town of the 1830s. You are invited into more than 40 original buildings, including homes, meetinghouses, a district school, country store, bank, working farm, three water-powered mills, and trade shops - all situated on more than 200 scenic acres. Visitors can meet heritage breed farm animals and interact with authentically costumed staff.
gotsmart 06/23/17 01:12am Roads and Routes
RE: FM Radio Static while using generator

I could have a field day making light of talented hamsters (sic) running all day on their treadmills but alas, I live in fear of the 'Maude's.
gotsmart 06/04/17 12:40am Tech Issues
RE: Registration......Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!

I'm a resident of Grays Harbor County in WA state. Several WA counties require passing an emissions test prior to registering (or renewing) a vehicle. Grays Harbor County does not require an emissions test. I purposefully chose Grays Harbor County for this reason. I can renew online and not even be in the state. King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties are also impacted by the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) tax. Even worse is: Sound Transit 3 (ST3). Why am I saying all this? It's not just the state that one must consider. In many cases, counties and municipalities can pile on their own fees to the registration. In Grays Harbor County, WA my annual registrations last March were: 2005 30 foot Class C: $116.75 Registration License - Renewal $30.00 Vehicle Weight - Motorhome $75.00 RV Sanitary Disposal $3.00 Registration Filing $3.00 Registration Service Fee $5.00 License Plate Technology $0.25 Department of Licensing Service $0.50 2009 smart car: $63.75 Registration License - Renewal $30.00 Vehicle Weight $25.00 Registration Filing $3.00 Registration Service Fee $5.00 License Plate Technology $0.25 Department of Licensing Service $0.50
gotsmart 04/30/17 10:41pm General RVing Issues
JC Penny - list of store closures

Most affected stores will begin the liquidation process on April 17. http://www.jcpnewsroom.com/news-releases/2017/assets/0317_list_of_store_closures.pdf
gotsmart 03/17/17 10:40am Around the Campfire
RE: Airline pilot Full Time RV

The park that I am at does not allow unattended RVs overnight. I can only imagine that it is the result of "What If..." scenarios - your RV, your neighbor's RV...
gotsmart 03/12/17 10:10pm Full-time RVing
RE: How to stop neighboring campers from

Put out a lawn sprinkler and water the grass.
gotsmart 03/04/17 01:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Track bar

yes. Trac bars are for controlling tail-wag caused by what is being towed.
gotsmart 03/04/17 01:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Want to Full-Time as a Tech Worker, City to City

I guess I'm not clear on the process here. So, 1) I live in DC, have a permanent address there. 2) Apply for loan with said address. 3) Receive loan, purchase RV, registered to my DC address. 4) Load stuff into RV, leave. 5) Drive to Florida, re-register, obtain forwarding service, establish residency in Florida. How after step 3 is the bank going to be involved again unless I stop making payments? Even when I re-register and the title notes the lien from the bank, so what? How does the bank have the right to tell me what my living arrangements are allowed to be? As long as they're getting their money, what's the issue? Thanks again. 1) I live in DC, have a permanent address there. 1.1) rent private mailbox in the state that you want to domicile in. Sign the 2 USPS forms allowing them (the mailbox provider, aka: CMRA) to receive US Mail on your behalf and to sign for mail or packages for anything with "signature required". To add to what Old Biscuit posted above, don't use the designator "PMB" in your new address. Use APT, #, UNIT. Your mailbox provider won't care as long as your box number is on the address so they don't have to look you up on the computer. It may help you to fly under the radar in places. I use: APT. 2) Apply for loan with DC address. 3) Receive loan, 3.1) you'll need some documents with your new address on them when getting your new driver license. Turn off paperless billing for cell phone bill and a credit card bill, and change the address on them to be your private mailbox. Do this at least one billing cycle before leaving DC. 3.2) purchase RV, Don't register it in DC. If bought from a dealer use the temporary plate. There is something called a "trip plate". It is for moving an unregistered vehicle over the road from point A to point B. There usually is a fee involved. It's something to look into. Here in WA Cruise America had me fill out a form for a 45-day trip plate when I told them I was going to register my MH in Oregon. I later changed my mind and registered it in WA. 4) Load stuff into RV, leave. 5) Drive to Florida, establish residency in Florida. 6) register the MH. Some states require proof of vehicle insurance before it can be registered. 7) register the car. Note, if you have the title some states have high title transfer fees.
gotsmart 03/04/17 12:55am Beginning RVing
RE: 1998 Gulf Stream Conquest help!!

The person filling your propane tank should not care about any master shut off on your house batteries. If there is anything to worry about when filling the propane tank it is those appliances that may be close enough to the propane tank to give the employee concern when filling the tank. These appliances are the fridge, water heater, and furnace. The fridge and water heater have ON/OFF switches and you stop the furnace by setting the thermostat to the OFF position. Shutting them off kills any open flame that would worry the employee. Are your house batteries located beneath the stair treads inside your coach door? Is there a battery disconnect switch hiding in there? Have you asked the seller if there is a battery disconnect switch and where it is located? Was the RV's shore power cable plugged into a pedestal or outlet when you tested the systems? The converter can supply the 12V power to 12V lights and appliances when plugged into shore power. So if the 12V stuff runs when the shore power cable is plugged in but not when it is unplugged then start your investigation by looking at your house battery(ies). Gain access to the house battery(ies) and put a multimeter on them to test the voltage. Questions to answer: 1) are the house battery(ies) good? Do they hold a charge? 2) When plugged into shore power, is the converter charging the house battery(ies)? 3) if 1) and 2) are OK then you may have some other 12V electrical issue.
gotsmart 03/04/17 12:09am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Price check on a used Class C!

linky. 1. Why is there an extension cord coming out of an opening in one of the dinette benches? 2. Is there room between the left hip and wall/door when sitting on toilet? Overhead view seems to indicate: yes. Full-on view seems to suggest otherwise. 3. Toilet paper holder. My back hurts from looking at it. In my RV the toilet paper holder jams you in the left hip, so I bought this from Walmart and hung in on the lip of the medicine cabinet in lower right corner. The door even closes securely with it in place. 4. What are the wires that are coming out of the dash, above the center console? 5. Are the tires original to the RV? It is 2017. If those tires are from 2010 then they most likely need to be replaced. In 2011 I paid $23k and change for a 2004 E450 30 foot Cruise America rental with 109,000 miles on the odometer. Picture link in my signature. My first reaction is $35k feels to be high for the year/mileage/features. Are they throwing anything in for free? New mattress, new tires, new chassis and coach batteries.
gotsmart 03/02/17 03:41pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Frugal RV items - Thrift Stores/Yard Sales

Just hope that those milk crates do not have a dairy's name on them. Why It’s Illegal to Use Milk Crates for Anything Besides Milk I have a couple of replica milk crates that I bought at Home Depot for $9.98. They are identical to milk crates except they have no writing on them. Edit: added Home Depot link
gotsmart 02/25/17 01:47pm Beginning RVing
RE: German Resolution to ban ICE engines by 2030 passes

It will be interesting to see how this affects availability of chassis for class C and B motorhomes. Still thirteen years away but right about then we will be downsizing to a small B class. Might be interesting. This is the only English article I could find on the article. The German article is more encompassing. This follows Norways 2025 and Hollands 2026 plans for the same thing although the details are different. http://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/future-cars/news/a31097/german-government-votes-to-ban-internal-combustion-engines-by-2030/ Big Woof. What's going to change? IMO, nothing. Why? Because if it doesn't ban petrol stations and ICE-based vehicles from being driven on the roads then it is toothless. Drivers and RVers, within and without Germany, will still drive their ICE vehicles in Germany and will need petrol stations. If the EU Commission does not agree with Germany then the only people affected will be German citizens buying new vehicles and Germany-based automobile MFGs. The Germany-based automobile MFGs will still make ICE vehicles - for export only.
gotsmart 02/25/17 01:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: What cars will tow behind a class c motorhome?

I tow a smart car.
gotsmart 02/23/17 05:00pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Amazon packages in Quartzsite

My (PMB) private mailbox provider has told me that they don't care what I do to get my box number on the address, as long as it saves them from having to look me up on their computer to get my box number. They don't care if the address says: PMB, SUITE, APT, UNIT, SITE, BLDG, FLOOR, SPACE, #, .... You get the picture. I would say to use whatever syntax that gets the box number on the address line, and gets the mail delivered to you. I haven't followed the USPS rules for a PMB. I use this format: my name 99 my street name APT 999 My City, XX 12345-6789 If you have a PO Box then I don't know how one could game the address with an online retailer and still get it delivered.
gotsmart 02/18/17 11:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: 2017 Last year for gas smart car in USA and Canada.

The entirety of the national electricity grid in the USA needs to be upgraded to cope with the possibility of every ICE vehicle being replaced with an electric vehicle. The U.S. can't even get the utility companies to upgrade their system software applications to increase security against hacking. If they can't be bothered to upgrade 40+ year old software systems I don't see them increasing their generation capacity to handle 500,000 to 20,000,000 electric vehicles per utility. Not without an act of Congress. IMO change-resistant companies like electric utilities will do "the path of least resistance" route and resort to "Supply and Demand" pricing. As more electric vehicles come online, charging station costs will increase exponentially as grid load reaches capacity. I believe the electric vehicles in the USA will remain a niche market until the electricity industry is forced to change. I don't see that happening for decades.
gotsmart 02/17/17 01:30pm Dinghy Towing
RE: 2017 Last year for gas smart car in USA and Canada.

MB will just shelve the ICE smart car designs until fuel prices rise high enough again to make them worthwhile to sell. at what price point do electric vehicles pay off? assuming an average guess on electricity costs vs. a 25mpg car at $2.50? bumpy I'm not talking: price point. I'm talking economic cycles and human nature. Japan and south east Asia perfected the business model in the years after the fuel crisis of the 1970s. As fuel prices increase, cars get smaller. As fuel prices decrease, cars get larger. Car buyers' purchase preferences also follow the same model. Since there can be a significant difference in profit margin between an ICE car and its electric version, and - the fact that state and federal tax credits for electric vehicles will someday go away, and - as states and fed govt figure out how to collect road usage taxes in lieu of taxes at the gas pump that ICE cars will never fully disappear, but will wax and wane along with the economy. I contend that the ICE smart could very possibly reappear in the future.
gotsmart 02/17/17 10:23am Dinghy Towing
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